Her Husband's Lusting Boss
(m/f, i/r, cons)
The Samurai Stud
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the young age of 26, Mrs. Melanie Eber was happily married to her husband John and they had recently talked about starting a family.  Happy up until just a week ago, when John royally screwed up in his job and lost a major client for the large Japanese firm that he worked for.

It was quite obvious to Melanie that John was currently under a lot of strain, especially knowing that Mr. Tanaka, the head man of Sato Electronics had just flown into town.  Sitting in before the study desk, dressed in a blouse & shorts, Melanie was worried as she pondered deeply.

Hand on her chin, Melanie could not help but think 'John’s been so scared and depressed the past week!  He thinks Mr. Tanaka flew in today to fire him for losing that big account!  Gosh, I hope that doesn’t happen!’

Not having seen John in such a depressed state before, Melanie could not help but worry.  ‘I just hope John doesn’t go over the deep end if he should lose his job!  I hope Mr. Tanaka will give him another chance!  John has always said that he’s a very fair man!  I wish there was a way that I could help John!’ she thought.

‘I wish Mr. Tanaka could see how distressed John is over this incident!  Maybe, if I tell him how depressed John has felt since that incident, that he’ll have some compassion in his heart!' she wondered.  Realizing that her getting involved would not harm anything, especially if it was a foregone conclusion that John was about to get fired, she picked up the phone book and looks up the number to the hotel where John mentioned where the man was staying.

Dialing the number, she spoke upon getting an answer "Yes, can you connect me to room where Mr. Tanaka of Sato Electronics is staying!  Thank you!"  She shivered in nervousness upon hearing the ring of the room phone and then hearing it being answered, she spoke "Hello!  Mr. Tanaka?  Yes, my name is Mrs. Melanie Eber!  My husband is John Eber who works for Sato Electronics!"

Listening to Mr. Tanaka's response, Melanie replied "Yes, he’s the one you’re meet with this afternoon!  Please don’t tell John that I made this call!  I …….I …………..I was wondering if it was possible for me to meet with you before you see John!  I …………I just wanted to explain how distressed John is right now!"

Biting her lip, listening to Mr. Tanaka's response, Melanie breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing his agreeing to see her.  "Yes ……….yes ………..I’ll be over in an hour!  Thank you for being so kind to see me on such notice!" she advised.  Hanging up the phone, she made her way to the bathroom and began to strip out of her shorts and blouse.  Looking into the mirror, she brushed her hair a bit, then pondered as she told herself  'I’d better wear something really nice, yet conservative in meeting Mr. Tanaka!  I’d better put on a pair of pantyhose to appear very formal!’

Looking at her wardrobe, Melanie selected a nice black dress and an open toe pair of silver heels for the occasion.  Sitting on her bathroom stool, she nervously put on a pair of pantyhose.  Once that was done, she then slipped on her sexy black dress and 3” heels.  Looking into the mirror, checking herself one final time for any needed touch-ups, she pondered ‘Well, Melanie ………….I hope you’re not interfering by meeting Mr. Tanaka!  But with John certain he’ll be fired this afternoon, my meeting him can’t hurt any!’

Getting her purse, she exited the door connecting to the garage and opened the garage door.  Starting the car, she slowly back out of the driveway and proceeded to make her way to the downtown hotel.  Her heart was pounding in nervousness and the dread of John doing something drastic should he in fact lose his job.

Pulling into the visitors parking area, Melanie exited the car and slowly made her way inside the hotel and took the elevator up to the appropriate floor.  Swallowing in nervousness as the elevator came to a stop and the door opened.  Stepping out, Melanie felt a bit shaky as she made her way down the hallway to Mr. Tanaka's room.

Reaching her hand up, Melanie tentatively knocked upon the door, heart pounding in nervousness.  She tried to put on a nice friendly smile as the door opened.  As the door opened, she observed the older but friendly looking Mr. Tanaka, the she spoke “Mr. Tanaka, thank you for seeing me!  I’m Mrs. Eber!”

As the door was opened wide for her, Mr. Tanaka replied “Please, please come in, Mrs. Eber!"  In the hotel room, Mr. Tanaka indicated for her to sit and advised "Have a seat on the comfortable chair!”  Once she was seat, Mr. Tanaka pulled up another chair and sat nearby, advising “It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you for the very first time!  John is such a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife, one who is so concerned about his well-being!  Tell me what is bothering you!  How can I be of help to you!”

Melanie fidgeted nervously in chair, pausing a bit before she nervously began to explain “I ………I came because John is so upset of the error he made that cost the company a major client!  He’s sure you flew in to fire him at this afternoon meeting!”  Looking up pleadingly, blinking back the tears, she then continued “John always said that you are a very fair and understanding man!  Is there any way that you could overlook this incident?”

Now that she had gotten it out, Melanie sobbed as she broke down in tears, face in hands as she sobbed.  Through her sobs, she advised Mr. Tanaka “I’m afraid John will go over the deep end and do something drastic if he loses his job!”  Unable to hold back the tears, Melanie buried her face in her hands as she sobbed.

Unaware of Mr. Tanaka getting up from his chair to approach her, she shivered once she felt his hand upon her back, caressing her soft skin and slow felt her up on the pretense of comforting her.  As her tears subsided, aided by the comforting touch, she looked up as Mr. Tanaka stepped back around to return to his chair.  As he passed, Melanie reached out to grasp his hand with hers, looking up and pleading to him “Mr. Tanaka, pleaseeee!  Isn’t something that will convince you that John deserves another chance?”

Then Melanie was in for an unexpected shock when the man she heard of being so kind and considerate grasped her hand and slowly drew it to his crotch, placing her fingers on his budge.  She gasped in total as Mr. Tanaka brought her other hand to his crotch.  It took a few seconds for the words that he spoke to register.  Then it all filtered through her shocked mind “Well, perhaps there is one thing that would change my mind!  Let’s just say that the answer is right at your fingertips!”

Shaking in nervousness, Melanie looked up and stammered “Surely …….you ……..you can’t mean what I think you’re implying?”   Heart pounding, feeling the bulge expand  further under her fingertips, she now clearly realized that the answer was 'right at her fingertips'.

With Mr. Tanaka holding her hands in his, her fingers were moved about the thick bulge as fear set in as she realized that this foreigner was thicker than her own husband.  Shuddering in horror, Melanie stammered “I ……….I ………..can’t do this!  I ……I’ve never touched anyone but my husband!”Mr. Tanaka held her hands to his throbbing cock, advising the beautiful young wife “Think about it, Mrs. Eber!  It’s a rather small price to pay to save your husband’s job and career in this industry!  Just a little touch, that’s all!”

Unable to think clearly, instinct took over as Melanie panted nervously and slowly let her fingertips trace the outline of the thick bulge.  Mesmerized as she starred ahead, she was vaguely aware of Mr. Tanaka unzipping his pants.  Then Mr. Tanaka grasped her hands to guide them to the opening of his pants.  Shortly, her husband's boss unbuckled his pants, let it fall to the floor as she continued to nervously touch his growing bulge.

Never had Mr. Tanaka seen such a beautiful blonde beauty such as Mrs. Melanie Eber.  He had come here, not to fire her husband but instead to reassure him that his job was not in jeopardy and that he understood how such an error could occur.  Once he had gotten the call from Mrs. Eber and hearing her soft sweet voice, his devious mind began to churn out the possibilities.  Once he had view how beautiful she in fact was, he decided to take advantage of the situation.

Pulling open his underpants, Mr. Tanaka then guided the innocent young wife's soft fingertips to his bared cock.  He shivered with pleasure, cock expanding further, upon the feel of her soft beautiful hands.  He smiled as he looked down upon the panting beauty, watching as she instinctively handled his manhood.  Having a young beautiful blonde beauty handling his cock had always been a fantasy of his and now it was actually taking place.

Now Mr. Tanaka was quite happy that John Eber had screwed up the customer's account.  Otherwise, his long cherished fantasy would never have come true.  It gave him great pleasure in knowing that he would in fact be meeting with John Eber later that afternoon.  He would take great delight in talking to the young man, knowing that young man's lovely young wife had his cock in her hands just hours earlier.  If this all worked out, young Mrs. Eber would have felt his cock with not only her hands.

This young beauty looked so naïve and innocent, giving wonder to Mr. Tanaka whether young John Eber had ever had the pleasure of feeling her beautiful lips and tongue please him.  Regardless, Mr. Tanaka was determined the experience the pleasure of having this beautiful blonde wife satisfy him in such an exquisite manner.  Grasping her long blonde hair tightly, he ordered “Lick it, Mrs. Eber!”  Seeing her eyes widen in horror as she tried to pull away, he held her firmly and repeated "Lick it!"

Melanie was shocked and horrified at the evil man's awful demand.  Touching his penis was one thing, something that she could force herself to do to save her husband's job, but what he was demanding of her now was out of the question.  “Please ………noooo!  I …………….I haven’t even done that for my husband!” she stammered in fear.

Melanie shuddered in revulsion of the horrid request, trying to pull away but the hands tightened its grip in her hair.  She grimaced and closed her eyes tightly as the evil man stepped towards her, her body shivered with disgust as the thick rubbery cockhead brushed up against her innocent pink lips.

About to yelp out in pain as her hair was crudely pulled, the parting of her lips allowed the thick cockhead to part her lips further.  At that point, Melanie tried to put her mind far away, trying not to think of the horrible thing that she was now engaged in.  As her womanly instincts took over, Melanie slowly parted her lips and let her tongue extend out to touch the throbbing cock.  Then the cock was forced into her once virginal mouth and she found what it was like to have her beautiful face fucked to give a man the satisfaction that he craved.

Melanie felt sick to her stomach, wondering just how evil this man could be.  John had often wanted her to please him in such a filthy manner but she had always rebuffed him, telling John that he was really 'sick' if expected her to do such a thing.  She had heard about women going down on a man, pleasing him with her mouth, from her girlfriends in high school and college.  However, her conservative and religious upbringing had her frowning at the thought of doing such an awful thing.

Her mouth watered, getting slick from the ooze of pre-cum leaking from the thick bloated cockhead.  Melanie shuddered as her stomach churned at the horror of having her mouth used as a receptacle for this man's filth.  She felt she would never be clean again, wondering just how she could bring herself to ever kiss her loving husband now that she had her mouth used by another man's cock.

Suddenly, Melanie felt the thick cock in her mouth expand and throb wildly, realizing that this awful man intended on spew his filthy seed into her mouth, that he was not about to pull out as she had expected him to.  Her innocent mind had led her to believe that this awful man would make her stoop so low as to make her keep her mouth on him when he vented his lust.  She thought that he would allow her to remove her mouth from him so he could unleash his lust onto the carpeted floor.

Realizing just how wrong she had been, knowing now the true intent of this lustful man, Melanie put her hand on his thighs and tried desperately to push him away, trying to get her mouth off the cock before it exploded out its hot vile goo.  But with the hands tightening in her hair, she was unable to dislodge the throbbing cock from her lips.

With the thick cockhead at the entrance to her throat, Melanie shuddered and gagged as it suddenly exploded it hot sticky goo right into her throat.  She felt the hot slimy muck slowly making its sickening descent down into her innocent belly.  Meanwhile, the cock had now withdrawn a bit and her mouth began to become filled with the vile goo.  Melanie had never felt so depraved and sick to her stomach, her body shuddering as she gagged and threatened to rebel from the sickening lake building in her belly.

Finally, when her husband's depraved boss had vented his lust in her mouth, her stomach churned and rebelled.  As the hot bile began to make its way back up, Melanie cupped her mouth as she began to spit out the slimy goo.  Crawling quickly over to the trash can, she leaned over and coughed up the vile cum that soiled her mouth.  She shook her hand, trying to off get the copious amount of male spunk that she had spewed into her palm.

As she knelt on the floor, sickened at the ordeal she had just gone through, Melanie felt some relief that what she had just done for this evil man would surely save her John's job.  She wanted to wash her mouth of the awful taste, to get rid of the remnants of this horrible man from her mouth and hand.  She felt that she would never be clean again, no matter what she used to cleanse herself at this point.  She wondered how she could face her husband again, how she could make love to John again now that another man had soiled her.

Before she could get up from her knees, Melanie shivered as she felt Mr. Tanaka's hands on her back again, sliding the straps of her dress off shoulders.  As her black dress had spaghetti, Melanie had gone without a bra and now her dress had been pushed down a bit.  Her breasts had been bared and were now being cupped by rough hands, her stiffened nipples being thumbed and flicked.  Pulled up to her feet, she realized that her ordeal was far from over as her dress was pushed down to her waist.

Pushed onto the bed, clad only in her pantyhose and heels after her dress was stripped from her, Melanie knew that there was no denying his evil man who intended on fucking her.  Whimpering on the bed, she realized that she could not let this man spew his filthy seed into her, especially in view of her recently going off of the pill and the current time of the month.  Looking up at the grinning man, she pleaded " No …….no, not without a condom!"  To her surprise, her ploy to deter Mr. Tanaka from having sex with her was overcome as he tossed a foiled packet onto her belly.

Having helped her husband put on a condom before, Melanie knew it was going to be her job to coat this awful man's shaft if she desired to have the protection of the condom.  Tearing it open, resigning to her fate, she nervously fitted the protective condom onto the cockhead and rolled it down into place. Having accomplished her task, Melanie found herself being pushed back onto the bed as Mr. Tanaka grasped the seam of her pantyhose.  She was shocked as he did not take the time to pull her pantyhose down but merely tore the seam apart to bare her womanhood to him.  Then unceremoniously, the evil man was pushing his sheathed cock into her.  Melanie cringed and grimaced in pain, feeling this awful man's thick cock penetrate her.

Blinking back the tears, not wanting to show any emotion of pleasure, Melanie whimpered as the thick cock was thrust in and out of her body.   Gripping the bedspread tightly with both hands, she refrained from embracing this awful man, now wanting to show him that she was beginning to feel the pleasure being derived from this illicit fuck.

Suddenly she felt him lean back as his cock was eased out of her.  Looking down between them, she saw him pulling at the condom.  "What ……….what are you doing?  No ………..no, not without a condom!  No………!" she stammered as her hips grasped and the bared cock was thrust back into her.  "Ohhhhh ………….ohhhhhhh …………ohhhhhh!" was all she could whimper as this pudgy man fucked in and out of her ravished body.

In and out the thick cock sliced into her, then she felt the heavy body upon her tense and shudder.  She cringed and blinked back the tears as she realized that this awful man had just satisfied himself in her body, flooding her fertile womb with his file seed.  Sobbing, she felt the heavy body lift off of her, feeling the thick cock slowly being pulled out of her.

As the cock withdrew, Melanie lay widespread upon the bed, feeling the thick spunk leak out of her pussylips.  She wondered just how much more remained in deep within her, seeing her husband's boss smirk at the thought of possibly having knocked her up.  Melanie realized that this evil man had taken great pleasure in pulling off the protective condom, that he took great delight in seeding her with his filthy seed in hopes of getting her pregnant.

Having fallen asleep, she awoke to Mr. Tanaka's suckling at her breasts.  Melanie realized this was no dream, that she had allowed this man to have sex with her in exchange for her husband's future.  She had allowed a man other than her loving husband to have sex with her and worst yet he had spewed his lust into her body, threatening to impregnate her with his baby.  Still, she could not deny the pleasures she had derived from having sex with this evil man, even though she had successful refrained from embracing him in her climax, instead she had gripped the bedspread tightly as she orgasmed while he spewed his lust into her.

Turned onto all fours on the bed, she wondered what was in store for her next.  Then she felt him fitting himself between her torn pantyhose, fitting himself back into her ravished.  "Ahhhh ………..ahhhhhh …………ahhhhhh ………ahhhhhh!" she whimpered as his thick cock once again delved between her slick and stretched lips.  Never had John made love to her in such a manner, taking her as if she was a mere bitch in heat.  "Ahhhhh …….ahhhhhhh ………ahhhhhh!" she moaned as the thick cock sliced in and out of her.

Gripping the bedspread, her body shook in a climax, then felt the thick cock within her expand and explode once again.  On all fours, Melanie felt the cock withdraw and felt cum oozing out of her.  She shuddered as a river of goo drooled out of her, dripping down between her widespread legs onto the bedspread.

That night, at the Eber's home, Melanie felt so happy when John arrived home with a smile on his face.  She listened to John as he explained how compassionate Mr. Tanaka was and his understanding how error could occur.  Further, John went on explain how Mr. Tanaka had assured him of his job security and there was no need to be concerned.

In bed that night, John was once again back to his normal self as he embraced her in bed.  Melanie knew that he was in the mood to have sex with her, especially after the trying times since his foul up.  But John was so excited that he came far to quickly to give her any satisfaction at all.

This left Melanie high and dry, leaving her to her thoughts of the numerous times she had climaxed earlier that day, fucked by Mr. Tanaka.  Touching herself, she felt so wicked at what she had done to save her husband's job, using her mouth and lips to bring off a man.  It gave her such a powerful sensation in realizing that she could make a lusting man cum in such a manner.  She felt her cunt muscles clench at the thought of being taken again, just like a bitch in heat.

The next morning, Melanie was unable to get her mind off the illicit sex that she had the other day, recalling the pleasures she obtained by being fucked out of her mind by another man.  Putting on a blue dress with swirls, along with a pair of heels, Melanie got into her car and made the familiar drive to the hotel where Mr. Tanaka was staying at.

Knocking at the door and seeing Mr. Tanaka as the door opened, she smiled and advised "Hi!  Umm ……I wanted to come and thank you personally for not firing my husband!" As Mr. Tanaka opened the door further, she smiled and entered, then watched as Mr. Tanaka went to sit in the chair where she had sat the day earlier.

Smiling, she walked over to him and knelt down on the carpet between his legs.  Then she pulled up her dress and stripped it off.  This time she expertly undid Mr. Tanaka's belt, undid the clasp of his pants and pulled down his zipper.  Pulling down his white underpants, she reached into to fish out his thick cock.  Bending over, she opened her mouth wide, extending her wet tongue as she proceeded to gobble up his throbbing cock.  She felt his hands caressing her arms, touching and grasping her hair, pulling her head to him.

Melanie had no intention of pulling away like she attempted the other, instead she delved her head down to eat him in earnest.  Then she felt the cock throb in mouth as mouthed and sucked at it, feeling it expand and burst it's hot load into her mouth.  Proud that she had managed to keep down his hot slimy load, she looked up at Mr. Tanaka and licked at her cum covered lips.

Stripping off her heels and pantyhose, Melanie stood up and drew down the bedspread and sheets, then climbed up onto the center of the bed on positioned herself on all fours.  Looking back and smiling, she told Mr. Tanaka "I loved it when you fucked me like a bitch yesterday!"  She shivered with pleasure as Mr. Tanaka climbed up upon the bed to give her what she desired.  Reaching down between her legs, Melanie reached back to grasp his cock and fitted to her opening.

"Ohhhh …..ohhhhhhhhh …………….yesssss!" Melanie moaned as she was being fucked like the true bitch she really was.  Then suddenly Mr. Tanaka stopped as his cock plopped out.  Feeling the fumbling behind her, Melanie merely thought that he was refitting himself into her.  Then she realized his true intention as he fitted his cock up against the tight opening of her ass.

"Ohhhh …………….what are you doing?  You can't do that!" she stammered in fear.  "Owwww ………….ahhhhhhh …………..ahhhhh ………….ahhhhh …………ohhhh!" she whimpered in pain as the thick cock was forced up into her virgin ass.  All she could do was whimper in pain as her husband's depraved boss sated his lust in fucking her cherry ass.  Once he was done with her and withdrew from her ravaged rectum, she could feel the cum ooze over pussylips and puddle at the sheets beneath her.

After dozing a bit, Melanie was awakened as she was rolled onto her back as Mr. Tanaka slid his cock into her wet horny slit.  Embracing him, wanting him to fuck her, Melanie wrapped her arms and legs around his pudgy body and arched herself up into him, determined to get the full length of his thick cock into her, she moaned "Oh, yes …….yes!"  She felt so wicked, knowing that this time she was not being forced in any manner to submit to this man.  She just loved the feel of this man's cock in her, wanting him to take her to the again to heights she had achieved the other day, heights that her husband had never taken her to.

As Mr. Tanaka fucked into her, Melanie felt so wicked, wanting her husband's boss to cum in her.  In fact, she goaded him to fuck her and seed her, moaning "Ahhh …….ahhhh ……….teach my husband a lesson for fucking up!"  Wrapping her arms and legs around him, fucking back at him, she chanted "Give me something he'll see everyday ………..a baby!  Give me your seed!"

Arms and legs wrapped tightly around Mr. Tanaka, she continued to whimper as he sliced his thick cock into her.  "Ahhhh ……….ahhhhhh ……….ahhhhhh!" she whimpered as a mind-shattering orgasm racked her young body.  Then she felt him shudder, heard him grunt, then his cock began to belch out its hot seed into her fertile womb.  She knew that he had filled her to the brim with his potent seed.

A month later, sitting at her desk in a white dress, Melanie reached Mr. Tanaka on the telephone.  After greeting him, she advised "That's right, Mr. Tanaka!  I just got back from the doctor and you're going to be the proud father of a bouncing baby boy!"
End of Story