Her Stepson, Her Stud
(m/f,  n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: 'Stepson's Cumming for Christmas'
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At Ron's high school graduation, his father had come alone since he and his mother still weren't on really good terms following their divorce a couple years earlier, with his step-mother not coming as she feared that her appearance would only aggravate things between his father and mother.  As Ron was living in a separate unit above the garage, it was then convenient for his father to stop by to take him out for lunch before making his trip back home, thereby avoiding contact with his ex-wife and not having to go into her home.  Having talked to his father over the phone several times over the past few months, with his father quite excited of his decision to attend State U. near his home, Ron was told that his stepmom had gotten a bedroom all set up for him.  Ron then remembered the advice that his father had given to him during one conversation, that of "Just concentrate on your grades and playing ball when you go to State!  You've got to maintain a certain GPA in order to continue playing sports and doing well in your first three years will determine if you can make it to the next level!  Don't go complicating things for yourself .....................like get involved with too seriously with the opposite sex!  All you need is to get a girl pregnant and get saddled down with a family while you're trying to make it in football!  That's the only advice I'll give you on making it to the next level!  You're eighteen and an adult .....................so I won't lecture you any further on the subject!"  Ron had reassured his father with "Don't worry .................I'm not dating any high school girls!  We just hang out in groups .............lots of the guys on the team and bunch of girls ........................more like a gang of us!  And you're right ....................I sure don't wanna get some teenage girl pregnant and get myself tied down in the family way right now!"           

With his father about to arrive in a few minutes, knowing he'd be upset finding out that Ron was involved and in love with a woman older than him, and thus took her picture off the top of his desk and put it under some papers in a desk drawer.  'Well, I didn't lie when I told him that I wasn't dating any high school girls and that I sure didn't want to get some teenage girl pregnant!  It sure would upset him if he found out that I'm in love with Gwen, an older woman .........................a married woman ...............................that I just learned that she's nearly six months pregnant ............................and she admitted to me that it's my baby!  Her cuckold husband thinks that it's his baby!   At least I won't be tied down in the family way .......................with her hoodwinked hubby's thinking the baby is his and he'll end up caring for the kid and taking care of all the expenses!  Hmmm, maybe Dad would be proud of me instead ...............................a least I don't have a young teenybopper and little kid tying me down and I can concentrate on my game!' Ron mused as he took another look at the beautiful blonde woman that he was in love with before closing the desk drawer.  Although he was madly in love with her, Ron knew that the feeling was not mutual, that she desperately wanted to end things between them, but he was certain that he'd be able to change her mind ..................especially in recalling how he turned her on in bed!  It had been his devious doings that had him scoring with the married beauty, first by handing her a cup of coffee that had been laced with a potent aphrodisiac, then after that initial seduction she refused his advances .....................only to give in unwillingly when he threatened to use the video he had secretly taken of them in bed together!


Mark Pritcher was ecstatic at how fantastic things had recently turned out, how his son Ron had been quite upset with him following the divorce, but things seemed to turn around after he finally convinced his son came out to visit him that past Christmas vacation.  At first Mark was worried that his son would feel uncomfortable visiting him, especially as he had fallen in love and gotten remarried earlier that year.  But his wife had been so helpful in making Ron feel welcome at their home, even being instrumental in influencing his son to take the State U football scholarship so they could take in his games.  Mark had come to learn from his son that it was his wife's bribe to him that helped influence his decision n the choice of college.  Mark chuckled to himself in recalling how his wife tried to play innocent with him as to the bribe used to induce Ron in coming to State U., recalling that night after his son had spilled the beans on his wife's bribe as he relayed to her "Yeah, you know ....................telling him that if he signed with State so father/son could bond after all these years .......................that we'd set up a room for him here at the house so he could come over whenever he wanted to get away from the dorm and for all the holidays!"  And he had then relayed to his wife that "With Ron and I estranged for so long ................so many years .................me remarrying, I just never thought we'd ever get close!  But you made him feel like a son .......................a part of this family ...........................was what did the trick!  And when he told me that .............................he slipped ..........................and referred to you as 'Mom' apparently since you treated him like your own son when he was here!"

Opening the door and welcoming his Dad into his pad, they shook hands and greeted one another, then his father handed him an envelope and a small thin box that was nicely gift wrapped saying that "The envelope's from us for your graduation!  The gift is from your stepmom ........................don't know what it is gave it to me as we were headed out to the airport - said wrapped it up at the last minute!  Beat's me what it is but she said to make sure you got it as its a special graduation present!"  Thanking his father for the gifts, Ron set them down on his desk and advised "We'd better head out to lunch as you've got to head off to the airport soon!"  Going to what was their favorite place to eat back when his dad lived there, his father told him to email him with the date that he wanted to fly out and he'd purchase the plane ticket and email him a copy so he could check in online with the time came.  Planning on making a couple of the upcoming graduation parties with his buddies, Ron advised his father that he'd email him with a date that would be just over two weeks from then.  "Well, Ron ...............................we're looking forward to you spending the summer with us till you had off to State for camp!  I took a look at you room and you'll really like it .............................Gwen did a fabulous job in setting it up for you!"  Upon being dropped of at his place, Ron told his father "Thanks for coming out for my graduation and for the gifts!  Tell Gwen that I said 'Hi' and I'm looking forward to seeing her again!" 

Going to open up the nicely wrapped present from his stepmom, Ron knew exactly what it contained, especially as he had called her early that previous morning.  Having talked to his father the night before, knew of his plans on flying out in mid-morning with Gwen driving him to the airport to catch the flight that would get him in a few hours before the graduation.  His father would be renting a car and making it to the graduation, then meeting up with him for lunch the next day, which had just taken place.  He had called Gwen on her cellphone an hour before she was to drive his dad out to the airport, forced her under the threat of blackmail once again, this time in putting her cell phone under her house dress to show him the panties she was wearing.  Then he had told her "I want those pretty panties as my graduation gift!  Wrap them up and give them to my Dad to take it with him on the flight over!"  Alone up in his pad, Ron opened up his desk drawer and took out the picture he had hidden away before his father showed up.  Setting it back up upon his desk, Ron gazed at the beauty he was in love with .....................................his stepmother Gwen ................................his father's current wife!  At first he had done it merely to get back at his father for divorcing his mother having left them to struggle on their own, although the alimony he paid covered all the expenses, but not having a father around when growing up a teenager sure had made Ron hate the bastard.  Ron had succeeded in his conquest, but her beauty and sweetness made him fall madly in love with her, to the point where he lusted after her and planned on having her no matter what it took .............................first with the drugged coffee and the threat of incriminating video to keep her under his thumb!  Closing his eyes, drifting back to the morning that he had purposely gotten up early after his father had departed for work, making a pot of coffee and having a cup ready for her upon hearing her come down the hallway.  She had readily accepted the cup of coffee, never in her wildest dreaming suspecting that it had been doctored up with a colorless and tasteless liquid, but a very potent aphrodisiac ...............................one that would have her climbing the walls, ridding all of her inhibitions, all in the need to be fucked so badly!  

After that first cup of coffee had been consumed, it became obvious to Ron that the effects were taking hold that he told his beautiful stepmother and he moved forward with "Well, Gwen ....................to be honest, I didn't come here to see him ....................I just wanted to be with ..............YOU!"  Seeing her forehead perspiring as she panted for breath, Ron took the coffee mug from her hand as she made her way to the armchair in the living room while pulling her pink robe together and then grabbing the sash at the back of the robe to tie the front together in a bow.  He had watched as she a she held onto the top edge of armchair to steady herself, trying desperately to figure out what was happening to her, not realizing that her coffee had been laced with a potent drug.  As she panted to regain her composure, her petite body quivering in embarrassment, then Ron moved around her to put his hands on her trim hips as he nuzzled at the back of her neck that caused her to shiver.  His hands then moved forward to grasp the end of the bow that she had tied on her robe, pulling at it till the sash came apart, at which time he whispered in her ear that "This is the only present I was hoping to unwrap this Christmas!"  Robe flowing open, Ron then slid his calloused hands up under her white pajama top, causing his beautiful stepmother to pant out "No .................no ....................this is wrong!  You .....................you shouldn't be touching me like this!"  But Ron did not stop as he used his thick thumbs to flick at her stiff nipples, causing her to pant out "Oh, God ....................oh, God ....................oh, my Goddddd!"                          

After getting her robe off and letting it fall to the floor, Ron then pulled the pajama top over her head and baring her beautiful titties, causing her to she sob out in defeat as cupped the twin beauties and thumbed her stiffening little pinkies.  With his beautiful stepmother under the influence of the potent drug, he bent over to suckle upon one breast and then the other, causing her to pant out loudly "Haa ....................haa ....................ooooohhhhhhh!"  Sliding his thick fingers into the waistband of both her pajama bottoms and the panties that she wore, he then began working them down over her trim hips, and the he was actually stripping her pajama bottoms and panties right off her legs and feet.  Flinging the garments flung aside with a toss of his hand, the pajama bottoms ended up lying on the carpet while her lacy white panties ended up dangling from a branch near the top of the Christmas tree.  With the potent aphrodisiac coursing throughout her petite body, Ron found that agitated slit was already slick with her love juices, and knew just was she was in bad need of.  Pulling her butt to the edge of the armchair, he then bent his knees to get into position to give it to her.  "Ohhhhhhhh .............................ohhhhhhhhh ........................oooohhhhhhhhhhweeeeeeeeeee!" he made her squeal out as skewered his thick cock up into her tight little slit.


'Damn, that day was so fuck'n sweet!  She was so fuck'n tight .................and hotter than hell from that Spanish Fly I slipped into her coffee!  That Spanish Fly was so damn fantastic the way it worked ............................she being so prim and proper, I would never have gotten to first base with her without it!  Yeah, I drugged her and essentially raped her but that was some wild fuck with her creaming like crazy when shot off in her!' Ron admitted to himself, knowing full well that he'd have done it again to get into her panties.  'Damn, that was so fuck'n fantastic ..........................never came so much ..........................sure popped my nuts that day, filled her pussy to overflowing!' he recalled.  Ron now felt bad about what he had done, especially now that he was head over heels in love with her, filled with regret but there was no denying the sexual pleasures he had derived from bedding with her .........................even through his blackmail video to make her keep putting out for him!  But what could he do at this point as he was lust crazy for her!  Every spare moment of the day since returning to school following the Christmas holidays, his beautiful stepmother was all that Ron could think of, and at night she was all that he could think of before dozing on off.  What had initially started off as his means of getting back at his father for divorcing his mother and leaving the family, Ron now regretted the drugging and blackmailing of his beautiful stepmother for sex, but now he was totally hooked and wanted more of her .........................even if blackmail by use of the video was required to get what he wanted!   

It was a long flight from the east coast out to California, but fortunately for Ron his father had sprung for a seat up in the First Class section, and in looking at his watch it'd be just a few more hours before getting to see his beautiful stepmother once again.  Opening up his wallet, Ron took a look at the wallet sized picture of the woman he loved, an identical copy of the picture sitting on top of his desk.  Arriving at the airport in the late afternoon, his father picked him up saying "Perfect time for you to get in as I just got off work and you're right on the way home!  Gwen's cooking up a roast in the oven for our dinner tonight!"  When they finally got to the house due to the slow moving after work traffic, Ron followed his father who was helping carry his backpack up through the garage entrance and into the laundry room area and foyer.  "Honey .........................I'm home!  Guess who I brought home from the airport?" Ron heard his father call out to his wife.  A moment later, smiling as his beautiful stepmother made her appearance, Ron could see her nervousness as he went to give her a hug.  He knew that her opening her arms for the embrace was merely for show in not wanting her husband to detect anything being amiss, but Ron could feel her shudder in nervousness fear.  Though Ron regretted using blackmail as the means of getting Gwen to put out for him, he just couldn't resist the temptation of having her so close to him, that he let his hand wander down to caress her beautiful ass.  His lust for the beautiful woman was just him crazy!

After the unwelcome embrace and fondling of her ass by her stepson, she quickly made her way to the kitchen by using the excuse of needing to check on the roast, Gwen could then compose herself while blinking back the tears as she thought 'Oh, God .....................how am I ever going to get through this summer .....................with the bastard staying right here in the house?'  Finally getting her composure back, Gwen then actually had to go and check on the roast before forcing herself to go out to the den to join her husband and stepson, but she chose a chair as far away from the young bastard as she could.  The time seemed to move so slowly that Gwen used the excuse of needing to rinse the veggies for dinner, but that had really been done beforehand, thus giving Gwen some added time of being alone in the kitchen.  Breathing heavily, her heart thumping madly in her chest, Gwen hoped and prayed that she could at least get through this first night unscathed but for that earlier groping of her ass.  With the roast now ready, Gwen took it out of the oven and set it aside for carving, then got the veggies out of the refrigerator to take out to the dining room.  A bit later they were seated at the dining room table, where Gwen listened and made some small talk, all the while wondering as to how she could further get through the night without any complications.

"I'll clean up the table and take care of the dishes .......................you two go out in the den and catch up on 'guy' talk!" they had been told, thus Ron and his father made their way out from the dining room.  Out in the den, while they talked about football and the upcoming fall camp on campus, Ron knew just why his stepmother had sent them out for 'guy' talk while she took care of the dishes.  From where he was sitting, Ron could sneak himself bit of an angle view into the kitchen, getting himself brief glimpses that made his heart thump harder and his cock twitch with excitement.  'God ...................it's been so fuck'n long ..................I need her so fuck'n bad!  Jeez ....................I gotta get to hold her again ...................get to feel her up against me!  God, she drives me crazy ...........................makes me want to do crazy things, especially when she tries to rebuff me ...........................even to wanting to make her do unreal things, things that freak her out ....................like the day I left here at the end of the Christmas holidays!' he told himself.  As his father rambled on his being here to attend State U., Ron's mind took him back to the morning that he left in early January, when they were about to head off to the airport when his father got an emergency business ...................an instant when he was a bit pissed at his stepmother who was supposedly keeping herself busy in the kitchen, but Ron really knew her motive was to stay away from him!  With his father busy on the phone, it was then that Ron went crazy with lust, made his way into the kitchen  ..................forced Gwen down on her knees, unzipped his pants and made her take him into her mouth ....................but when the time came he yanked it out of her mouth and came all over her beautiful face, leaving her there kneeling upon the floor with her face drenched in his cum as he rushed out of the house with his father!

Ron knew that she hated him for all the things he had done to her, that she would never in her right mind have allowed herself to willingly have sex with him, that it had only taken place due to his drugging her coffee that morning.  After that, with his threat of the video taken, Gwen's submissions were unwilling on her part as he forced himself upon her at the threat of putting them on public display.  Ron had reveled in the fact that he gave his beautiful stepmother mind-blowing orgasms each time they fucked, ignored her weeping in shame each time afterwards, for his demented lust for her had to be sated by any means possible.  Not using any protection, nor allowing her to douche out his hot potent jizz, had left her knocked with his illegitimate baby by the end of the holidays.  He just had to find an opening where he could get her alone tonight ....................he had to get his rocks off .......................'God, I gotta find a way to get her alone tonight' he told himself!  A bit later, Gwen brought two mugs of coffee and condiments for them on a tray, but none for herself as she headed back into the kitchen .........................to which Ron knew was in avoidance of having to be in the same room with him!  A bit later, with the coffee consumed, his father got up and turned on the television set and then handing the remote over to him saying "Watch whatever you want!  I'm gonna take a quick shower and change into more comfortable clothes!" 

Gwen had been trying to keep herself looking busy, looking to avoid joining in on the conversation, for she knew that her stepson's devious mind contained anything but 'good' on her behalf.  Having done the dishes, making coffee and taking it out to the den, Gwen then went from the kitchen into the laundry room to keep busy at the pretense of needing to do the laundry.  Going through the clothes in the basket, Gwen began sorting them by color, then she stopped when the familiar sound of water running caused her to suck in her breath at the thought 'Oh, God ..........................Mark went to take a shower!'  With that thought going through her mind, Gwen turned towards the direction of the footsteps approaching the laundry room.  Her heart thumping with fear as she turned to see her stepson stepping into the laundry room with her, Gwen stammered out "I ....................I .........................the doctor advised against me having sexual intercourse till after the baby is borne!  So .....................do you want to humiliate me like the day you left ......................is that what you want?  You want me down on my knees again ....................so you can cum all over my face?"  "No ...................I want you to take off your panties and use them to jack me off for now!" the smirking bastard advised her.  

It was a long flight and I couldn't think of any thing but you!" Gwen heard her stepson say.  Blinking back the tears as she reached up under the summer dress that she was wearing, Gwen began to work the lacy green panties down over her hips and let them fall to her feet, well aware of the teenage bastard unzipping himself and getting his growing pud out of the opening. After stepping out of her panties and bending down to retrieve them, Gwen trembled as her bastard stepson stepped towards her with his 'thing' jutting straight out at her, stopping just inches away from her.  Upon showing her hesitancy in performing the dirty deed, Gwen was then told by her stepson that "I don't know how long my Dad takes to shower, but you might want to get started or he might just end up walking in here with you wanking me off in your panties!"  The sound of the running water told Gwen that her husband was still in the shower, but for how much longer was the question, and thus she wrapped her silky panties around the thick stem of flesh.  With her fingers closing in upon her panties, Gwen felt the thick flesh throb in her fist, then she began to pump away at it.  Moments later, Gwen heard the running of water come to a stop, relaying to her the fact that meant her husband had just finished showering.  Gripping the pantie clad cock even tighter, Gwen sped up her fisting motions, then she heard her stepson grunting while the crotch band of her panties began to get wet and soggy.

A moment later as her stepson was zipping up his pants, Gwen blinked back the tears as she gazed down upon the soiled panties in her hand, then heard the bastard tell her "Thanks, Mom, that was great!"  She then whispered out "You bastard!"  But she instantly regretted making that comment as her stepson then responded with "I could make you put them back on!"  Fortunately with her cringe of disgust, Gwen saw the smirk of triumph on her stepson's face before he turned and exited the laundry room.  Heart thumping in her chest as she stood there in stunned silence, but her mind was snapped back to reality upon hearing her husband's voice coming from the kitchen, causing Gwen to quickly ball up the soiled panties and turn to stuff the into the laundry basket.  Hearing her husband's voice calling her name at the edge of the doorway, Gwen turned partially to the side in response, keeping her right hand down by her side and out of sight.  After answering her husband's question about going grocery shopping for the kind of food that his son liked, Gwen breathed a sigh of relief, then brought her right hand up to gaze at her all the filthy cum that had seeped out of the crotch band of her panties and onto her manicured fingers.  Turning the hot water in the laundry tub, she then sought to cleanse her fingers of the gooey mess.     

The next day as they were all headed off to the grocery store with Mark driving, Ron was seated in the front passenger seat with Gwen in the right rear passenger seat, when they got into a traffic accident after two cars collided sending one of them into the passenger side of their vehicle.  As the impact was rather serious, an ambulance was called to render aid, with only Gwen being transported to the hospital to be checked out and being held for observation and an overnight stay.  But later that afternoon, a call to the house came in from a nurse saying that Gwen's gynecologist had just done a thorough examination and wanted the husband to come down and be briefed as to his findings as the baby may need a transfusion while still in the womb.  Mark grabbed his jacket and so did Ron as they headed to Mercy Hospital where Gwen had been admitted.  In Gwen's private hospital room, they all listened as the doctor explained that a Ph difference normally did not occur in a woman's first pregnancy such as Gwen's case, but that such could happen if the mother a fall .........................but in this case the severe jolt from the auto accident served as a substitute for such a fall!  The doctor was glad that the condition was caught quickly and explained that a blood transfusion from the father of the baby should resolve the matter for right now, but a subsequent follow up transfusion is normally necessary a few weeks from then.  The doctor then relayed the sex of the baby, telling them that it was a baby boy that Gwen was carrying.  Ron noticed the fear in Gwen's eyes, saw her eyes dart in his direction, knowing that she feared a blood test on compatibility might just reveal the fact that her husband was not the father of the baby she was carrying.  With Mark going out to the nurse's station to complete a form, Gwen was visibly trembling as she whispered to him "Oh, God ......................Mark's going to find out that the baby isn't his!"  Ron slid his hand down, touching hers, then felt her hand clutching onto his for support.

They watched as the doctor went over the sheet that Mark had filled out for the blood transfusion, then there was a concerned look on the doctor's face as he looked up to address Mark "It says here that you were recently on a trip to South America!  That's a real concern due to the Zika epidemic outbreak created by mosquito bites, which is then transmitted by sexual fluids and blood!  It's just too risky to use your blood at this point in time!"  Mark relayed that he had been aware of the virus being sexually transmitted but it hadn't been a concern for them as they were abstaining from sex for the rest of Gwen's pregnancy but hadn't thought of the blood transfusion problem being created.  Ron then quickly spoke up, telling the doctor "I'm willing to donate my blood!  I'm his son and haven't traveled anywhere out of the States!"  The doctor replied "Great ...................being a close relative does make does make chances better of you being a fit donor but it's still not a sure guarantee, even with you being his son!  Let's have you fill out the paperwork and take it from there!"  Going next to the bed, Ron reached down to slide his hand into Gwen's, their eyes met knowing that he would soon be giving his unborn baby boy a blood transfusion.  Paperwork completed and reviewed, the next step was Ron to go downstairs to have his blood drawn and subsequently tested.  An hour later, back up in the hospital room, the doctor returned with the good news that "You're a perfect donor match for the baby, Ron!  Your dad couldn't get any closer in being a perfect match!  We'll have things set up right away .....................probably a bit later this afternoon!"  In giving a secretive look over to the baby's mother, Ron could the quiver of nervousness coursing through her body in fear that the comments just made by the doctor might give their secret away.                 
The next morning, with Gwen dozing off and on from the residual effects of the drug administered during the lengthy procedure performed on the baby, they awaited for the arrival of the doctor along with the results of the blood transfusion.  The doctor eventually arrived and the news was good as to the blood transfusion that had been done, giving everyone a big sigh of relief.  With Ron being unable to sleep at all during the night, feeling so guilty as to what he had done to the woman he had fallen madly in love with, he was hoping to get some time alone in order to talk privately with her.  As he gazed at her sleeping in the hospital bed, she looked like an angel to him, the guilt and remorse that he felt was just eating away at him.  He needed to tell her that he was sorry for all he had done to her, that he was crazy in love with her, that he hoped she could one day come to forgive him.  But Ron's luck was not with him on this day as the doctor came back in, telling them "Both she and the baby are both going to be just fine!  But the best thing you can do is to go on home and get yourselves some rest .........................that will allow her and the baby to rest up also!  She'll be well taken care of by the nurses here and I'll be stopping back late afternoon to check on her!  If all goes well as I'm expecting it will, she's going to be discharged tomorrow morning so come about 9 a.m. to sign the check out papers and take her home!"     

As the doctor had ordered bed rest for an entire week's time, Ron had hoped to get a chance to talk to Gwen without anyone else there in the room, but that seemed to be an impossibility as his father had hired a couple of nurses to handle two eight hour shifts each day.  The woman that he had fallen so madly in love with was just down the hallway but all he could do was just to look in on her for a couple moments each time.  Ron saw that Gwen tried to do as much as she could while getting her bed rest, like watching television or surfing the net and emailing her friends without getting out of bed.  Unable to talk to her alone and seeing her using her laptop, Ron then got an idea that he hoped would work, thus got to work on drafting up a letter to send via email.  His only worry about it was that Gwen wouldn't open it after seeing that it was from him, but he figured that he at least had to give it a try.  Writing it took Ron quite a bit of time, then he read it ...............then again ..............and yet again!  Breathing deeply, trying to build up the nerve to send it, he then just closed his eyes before hitting the send button.  Now all he could do was to hope and pray that Gwen would open up the email and read what he had to tell her. 

Down the hallway, Gwen saw that a new email was in the mailbox and so she went to see who it was from.  In seeing that it was from her stepson who was just down the hallway from her, Gwen was about to delete the email and not read it, but she hesitated at the last minute and just stared at her computer.  Swallowing nervously, Gwen feared the worst, thinking 'That bastard probably wants me to tell the nurse to go and take a break .......................so he can come in here and make me jerk him off!'  In thinking back to the day he left following the Christmas holidays and the night he arrived a few days ago, Gwen found her hand shaking with the jitters, then forced herself to open up the email and see what the bastard was now demanding of her.  Having closed her eyes and taking in a deep breath, Gwen had steeled herself in preparation of what she expected the email contents to consist of.  But upon opening it up, she shivered and found herself swallowing deeply while reading the letter Ron had written to her.  As she began reading the well composed letter to her, it made her jaw drop as well as to bring tears to her eyes, her body shivered as it began with "Dear Gwen, I know you hate me for me for all that I've done to you as well as all the things I've forced you to do against your will ...............................................!"  As it was a lengthy letter, Gwen went over it again, took in her stepson's sorrowful apology and telling her that he'd stay till the baby's transfusion needs were met and then he'd use the excuse of wanting to be closer to the college campus where he'd find another place to stay.  The letter went on that say that she could rest assured that he would never again blackmail her with the video, ending again with a sorrowful apology, then signed 'I love you! Ron!'  Heart thumping in her chest, a feeling of relief coursing through her body, she then reached up to wipe away the tears rolling down both her cheeks.           

The week of bed rest went on by and the follow-up visit to the doctor gave both mother and baby the all clear sign, advising though that the normal procedure in this situation calls for a second transfusion for the baby and that should be scheduled in a couple of weeks, but reassurance was given that the second one would not be as worrisome in view of the baby's successful tolerance of going through the first.  Although Gwen was no longer on bed rest, the doctor suggested that she take it easy for the next couple of weeks, thus the nurses were then replaced with a woman hired for the next month to do all the cooking and cleaning.  Ron had kept himself physically fit by working out but not to overdoing it, determined to be readily available for when the next transfusion procedure was needed.  When not working out at the gym or running on the nearby high school track, he tried to help out with the heavy stuff around the house or whatever needed to be done, but he tried to steer clear of being all alone in a room with the beautiful woman he had fallen in love with.  Ron still had no clue as to whether or not Gwen had even opened up his email, if she had read it or merely deleted it without even seeing it, so that uncertainty really weighed on him.  The plan would be for the nurses to come on back, in addition to keeping the gal doing the cooking and cleaning, for the week following the second transfusion where Gwen would be on bed rest once again.        
As he was the one providing the baby's transfusion needs, Ron was invited to sit in on each meeting with the doctor, and was quite relieved that all had gone well following the second procedure and that no further transfusions seemed to be of need.  It was after that doctor's assessment that Ron decided it was time to make the announcement made in his letter to Gwen, that he had met up with another incoming player on the team, that they'd be getting a small apartment together near campus so they could get in more practice time before fall camp began.  That meeting another player and getting a place together was just a fabricated line that he came up with as the excuse to moving on out of the house, that he'd be making the move in a week's time, which would be about a month before camp started as this was now the first week of July.  As they sat down at the dining room table, about to be served by the gal doing the cooking and who's stay had been extended for several more months and possibly the end of the year, Ron licked his lips as he was about to make the announcement of his move.  But just as he was about to speak, Gwen reached over putting her hand on his and advised "Ron .....................I want to thank you so much for all you've done!  You've literally been a life saver!  I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't been here!  I'm so relieved that you'll be staying right here in the house until fall camp starts, just in case another emergency arises!"  Totally stunned by that announcement, unable able to speak, his body shivered with excitement as the soft manicured fingers moved over his hand in a caressing manner.  Needless to say, Ron never made that planned announcement of his intent to move out before fall camp.     

From the day of the auto accident when she had been admitted into the hospital and the doctor's announcement of the need for the baby to have a blood transfusion while still in her womb, the moment that Ron had stepped up to be the blood donor in helping to save the baby as well as to eliminate the possible paternity discovery, her feelings towards her stepson began to change.  No longer was everything just a negative when it came to her stepson, but that touching letter he had written to her was something that Gwen just could not get out of her mind.  Then came that second transfusion and Ron being so helpful around the house, helping cater to all of her needs, with Gwen becoming aware of one certain aspect .........................that her stepson would always make some excuse of having to leave the room so as not to be left alone there with just her!  Gwen suspected the reason ...................that Ron was afraid of himself or of his possible actions if left alone with her ....................afraid of going back on his word to respect her fully ........................that he would never again to force himself upon her ever again!  Then Gwen reflected back upon the letter he had emailed to her, opening up her computer and scrolling down to the end where he wrote 'I Love You!'  On the evening of the doctor's visit when the second transfusion had been deemed a total success, Gwen was suspecting that Ron was about to follow through with declaring his intent to move out of the house, so she quickly made the 'Thank You' to Ron at the dinner table and purposely put her hand on his to give him the signal that all was going to be fine between the two of them from then on.  

Lying in bed that night, with her husband fast asleep beside her after having taken a couple of sleeping pills, Gwen was wide awake and her mind was filled with larger than life image of her handsome stepson.  Between the auto accident and now, with all that bed rest time in between, it seemed as if all her thoughts were on her stepson after getting the touching letter he had emailed to her.  Her mind racing, Gwen realized that all her thoughts had been on Ron lately, then thought 'I guess he had that similar problem according to his letter to me where he indicated that I was all he could think of after telling his father that he had decided to come to State U.!  He said his mind was only on me from then to coming back out here ................but I guess he had more salacious thoughts going on in that head of his ........................like that of the day he left ..............!'  Gwen shivered before finishing that thought but recalled him smiling before the turned to leave, tried to imagine the sight she was .....................there on her knees on the kitchen floor, looking up at him, her entire face sopping wet with all the cum he had ejaculated on her!  'Is that the image that he likes to think of me by?  Covered with his cum?' she had to wonder, shuddering at the thought that it might just be so.  'He only learned in early May that I was pregnant!  And on the night that he arrived, I told him that intercourse was out!  That must have put a damper on his summer fun plans ......................he's obviously good at improvising, as evidenced that night in the laundry room!' Gwen concluded.

Unable to get her thoughts off her stepson who was in his room just down the hallway, Gwen realized 'My gosh, it's already about five weeks since he arrived!', making her wonder 'With him unable to get me to service him all this time ......did he resort to jerking himself off each night?  Is he going to the bathroom to wank off?  Or does he get off while lying in bed?  Maybe I should put an extra box of tissues in his room?'  Shaking her head from side to side, Gwen tried to clear her head of such thoughts, then chastised herself with 'Shame on you for thinking those things!'  But such thoughts could not be shaken away and Gwen's thoughts became even more provocative and naughty as her next thought was 'Maybe I'll say that I want to try and slowly get back into doing things around the house ...........like doing a batch of laundry!  I could stash the bottle of softener, then later ask Ron if he could get one down from the shelf next time he's back there, as I don't want to use the step stool in my condition!  And on the washing machine will be the laundry basket filled with clothes to be washed ..................with my panties right on the top of it!  Maybe that will make things more exciting for him!'  Gwen just couldn't get her mind off the teenage stud in his room just down the hallway from her, wondering 'Is he really serious?  Has he really fallen in love with me?  Is he thinking of me right now?  Is he wanking off while thinking of me?'

Then Gwen's mind shifted back as to how helpful her stepson had been throughout the ordeal following the auto accident, thinking 'He stepped up right away, as soon as it was feasible, to volunteer to be the blood donor!  That sure saved the day ....................saved the baby as well as to keep the real father's identity a secret!  He followed through on the second procedure and also all that he wrote to me in that beautiful letter!'  'I really need to thank him for all of that!' she concluded, then turned to check if her husband was still fast asleep.  Tossing the covers off of her and sliding off the bed, she quietly moved toward the bedroom door, opening and closing it behind of her.  Making her way down the hallway that was in complete darkness, she then stopped at the closed bedroom door of her stepson's, put her hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it.  The room was in darkness and Ron was already in bed, so she said quietly "Ron .........are you awake?"  With no response, Gwen quietly stepped into the room and closed the door behind of her, then moved towards where the bed was located.  With her eyes now were adjusted to the darkness, Gwen gazed down at the outline of the handsome teen jock, her heart thumping in her chest as she swallowed deeply.

From prior knowledge obtained during the Christmas holidays, Gwen knew that her stepson slept in loose boxer shorts, then wondered once again 'Did he get himself off earlier tonight?'  Heart racing in her chest, Gwen bit her bottom lip, hesitated for a moment before reaching up under her nightie to insert her thumbs into the waistband of her panties.  Seconds later, she was stepping out of the pair of panties that she wore, then knelt down on the carpeting besides them.  Breathing hard, Gwen then reached forward slowly, aiming her fingers toward the mound outlined by the shadows.  Once her fingertips made contact with the boxer shorts, they then seemed to glide right towards the opening and into it, and seconds later her trim fingers were sliding around the thick but flaccid stem of flesh that gave a sudden twitch of life.  With Ron stirring from the touch, Gwen kept herself still, her hand clasping the limp manhood in her closed fist with its head drooped over her index finger.  Moving her fist up and down slowly and gently while tightening her grip a bit, Gwen felt the flaccid manhood give another twitch, then it began to harden and grow in the palm of her hand.  Her hand came out of the opening, pulling along the growing manhood to give it some breathing room, then she began shucking at it a bit faster.  "Hu ................huh?" she heard of her bewildered stepson as he tried to figure out what was happening.  "S.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h ................!" she whispered to him, then added "I just wanted to thank you for what you did!"           

With her stepson now awake, Gwen began shucking at his now jutting cock in earnest, whispering out to him that "I just wanted to do something for you ....................and make you feel good!"  Gwen sensed that her stepson was gripping at the sides of the bed, conflicted at the thought of wanting to pull her hand away so he could maintain him composure, yet not wanting to do so due the pleasure she was giving him.  "Ahhh .......................Gwen ...........................Gwen .............................I .....................I'm gonna cum .......................gonna cummmmmmmm!" he warned her.  Taking her stepson's warning in heed, she needed to do something or he'd be spraying his goodies all over the place, but she was already prepared for it.  With her panties already in her other hand, she reached over to drape them over the top of the bloated cockhead, then encircled her thumb and index finger around the panties beneath the rim to prevent any leakage.  Speeding up the shucking that she was giving him, her bare hand on his fleshy cock, Gwen smiled as she heard her stepson grunt "Ahhhh ....................ahhhhhh .....................Godddddddddd .......................arggghhhhhhhhhh!"  The panties then drooped down over the back of her fingers as the now saturated garment was being weighed down by the added weight of the sticky goo being sprayed onto the crotch band.  A moment later, Gwen eased the panties up over the rim of the bloated cockhead, keeping her thumb and index finger as a ring to prevent any leakage and also using her panties to wipe his cockhead clean of the sticky mess.  Without anything else being said, Gwen was standing in the darkness of the hallway after having closed the bedroom door behind of her.   

A moment later, Gwen was leaning against a wall of the master bathroom, her heart still thumping at the thought of what she had just gone and done.  Shivering at the thought of it, her thumps pulled apart the waist band of the panties she was holding and gazed down to see the sheen from the light upon the sticky wet gooey slush coating the crotch area.  The sight of it now brought her back to the night of her stepson's arrival some five weeks ago, causing Gwen's body to quiver as she recalled him saying to her "Thanks, Mom, that was great!"  Having been forced to do it then, she remembered the anger within her as she hissed her reply out "You bastard!"  Closing her eyes and picturing that event, Gwen quivered as she recalled the regret she had after making that comment, remembered her stepson then telling her that "I could make you put them back on!"  Gwen knew that if he had insisted back then, she would have reluctantly done it ...............putting her soiled panties back on due to the hold he had upon her!  But now it was quite the opposite of what had happened back then, she had made him shoot off in her panties on her own free will, she had not been forced to do it!  'So, not being forced to do it is the key?' Gwen asked of herself as she put her right foot through the pantie leg of her panties.  Seconds later, after stepping her left foot through the other side, she pulled the garment up into place.  After turning off the light, she opened the door, and soon found herself sliding back under the covers to lay on her side to keep the sheets from getting wet.  Quivering from the cold wetness, she reached down to touch the outside of her panties, rubbed the crotch band a bit as it became glued to her matted curls.

That next morning as they all sat around the breakfast table, as her stepson was about to drink his glass of orange juice, Gwen couldn't resist the temptation of asking "Did you get a good night sleep last night, Ron?"  She wanted to laugh went Ron nearly choked and had to wipe the small spill from is chin area before trying to respond normally with "Yeah, sure did!  Got up just one time .............but after that I was totally drained and dead to the world!"  Gwen had to grit her teeth from smiling too widely as she could Ron blushing a bit through the pleasurable ordeal she had put him through.  With her change of attitude towards her handsome stepson, Gwen felt rather naughty and wanted to tease him a bit, first by letting her barefoot touch his leg and then by rubbing the arch of her foot up his calf.  In seeing and feeling Ron literally tremble when she ran her foot up his leg, Gwen had to pretend that she was looking down at her plate to keep from giggling.  With the housekeeper needing to take the morning off that day, Mark got up to get the pot of coffee, at which time Gwen leaned over to ask Ron "Do you remember the night you got in ......................the last thing you told me before leaving the laundry room?"  As Ron was sitting there puzzled and at a total loss, the coffee cups were being refilled, and when her husband left she leaned over to give her stepson a hint by whispering "I did put them back on before I went back to sleep!" 

It suddenly all came back to him, what he had said in the laundry room that night, causing him to quiver at what Gwen had just told him and realized that 'She came into my room and gave me a fantastic hand job ....................then put on those panties and went to bed in them!  Fuck .............I don't fucking believe it!  What's gotten into her?'   Ron just sat there at the table flabbergasted at what had just happened, his father going outside to retrieve the morning paper, while Gwen advised that she felt a bit energetic and wanted to keep busy by doing a load of laundry. Moments later, with his father in the kitchen brewing up another pot of coffee, Gwen reappeared in a summer dress after having changed out of the maternity dress and robe that he had on earlier.  Ron sat frozen to the chair when Gwen put her soft hand on his shoulder and asked "Ron, when you have time .............can you take that bottle of softener down from the shelf above the washer!  I just don't want to take any chances by using the step-up stool that's in there!"  "Sure, no problem!" he advised, about to get up from his chair but felt the pressure of her hand on his shoulder indicating for him to sit there a bit.  Then she bent down to tell him "The red ones are for you to take in your bedroom with you!  I need to wash the pink ones ..........they're a bit crusty ...............if you know what I mean!"  With the hand removed from his shoulder, Ron got up to quickly make his way down to the laundry room, swallowing deeply upon what he found waiting for him on top of the laundry basket.  Though hesitant in taking those lacy red panties with him, he couldn't resist reaching out to touch them, he wondered 'What would she think if I don't take them?' and thus pocketed them.  Opening up the pink panties edged in white lace, Ron opened them up to view all the dried cum flakes covering the crotch band, picturing the garment as it covered those golden curls.                               

It was now the night before camp was to begin, they had enjoyed a night dinner together, and Ron had finished up with getting his car packed up to make the drive over to the campus.  Things had gone as smooth as possible during the past month, as best as could have been hoped for, with just eye contact being made between them ........................no physical contact whatsoever!  Both of them seemed to be extra cautious so as not to make any physical contact, afraid of what that would lead to.  For Ron, it was so hard to not touch his beautiful stepmother, to wrap his arms around the woman who was carrying his baby and to tell her how much he loved her.  As this would be his last night here, Ron felt a bit of relief course though his body as he just had the hardest time from touching the woman he was so much in love with.  'Damn, what a fuck'n mess I've made of things!' he sighed, closing his eyes to get some sleep, all while picturing his beautiful stepmother in his mind.  An hour later, Ron breathed in while enjoying the fantastic dream that he was having and hoping that it would never come to an end, shivering with pleasure from what was taking place in the dream he was having.  'Oh, what a fantastic dream ....................if I can have this dream each and every night!' his conscience told him.  'Oh, this feels so good .......................reminds me of the night I arrived back here, but even better ........................when I made her take off her panties and wrap them around my cock in the laundry room!' he thought while hoping that he'd never wake up from this fantastic dream that he was having.

In this particular dream that he was having, there was one big difference taking place, a difference that made it just so much better than in the laundry room.  Like the night he had arrived here, it was just so fabulous in feeling his beautiful stepmother's petite hand wrapped around her panties that she had wrapped around his cock, with there being one big difference in this dream .............................she was rolling his aching nuts in the palm of her free hand!  Not wanting to have this dream come to an end, Ron tried to slow things down ......................slow it down so his hardon would stay up for another full hour's time!  Try as he might, Ron found that he just could not make things slow down one little bit, instead all the pleasure just kept on building up and his cock felt like it'd erupt at any moment if the fantastic wanking did not stop soon.  Head rolling from side to side on the pillow, Ron mind could rationalize as to what was taking place in his dream, that with Gwen shucking his boner with one hand while rolling his nuts in the other .......................then he'd soon be spraying his jizz all over the place!  It was such a fantastic dream that Ron could picture himself blasting off as she shucked at him, but he needed to warn her ...............then moaned out "Gwen ...............Gwen .....................watch out .............better stop or I'm gonna cum all over the place!"  Everything just seemed so surreal to Ron, as if he knew he was dreaming but had just dived into that dream, as evidence by his hips arching up so his pulsating cock could slice thru the pumping grip of his beautiful stepmother's manicured fingers

As the sunlight crept into his room, Ron began to stir awake, thinking 'Damn, the was the most fantastic dream ever!  If only that would one day come true .....................but that'll never happen!'  Ron put the pillow over his head to block out the light as he tried to relive the events of that unbelievable dream that he had gone through, how his beautiful stepmother had wrapped her panties around his swollen cock as she pumped at it, the taking of his swollen balls and rolling them in the palm of her soft hand.  Ron knew that it had all been just a dream, especially as to how his beautiful stepmother detested having to perform such an act that she considered despicable and demeaning, an example being the day he had departed after the holidays when he had forced her down onto her knees to take his cock into her succulent mouth.  Perhaps it was due to his constant dreams over those months, of enjoying more such pleasurable suck-offs over the summer, that Ron wanting that dream to play out all the way ..........................where his beautiful stepmother allowed him to ejaculate his pent up lust into her sucking mouth!  One thing that Ron came to notice that was quite out of the ordinary, that his boner had not risen to the occasion at the image of the blond beauty forming in his mind, and thus he consciously gave his cock a twitch ....................but it stayed like a limp weenie!  Ron swallowed deeply for the twitch that he had given made his peter seemed as if it was totally drained and his balls had an empty ache.  Reaching down into the opening of his loose jockeys, Ron looked down at his rather limp dick that appeared to have a rather glossy pink look to it beneath the fleshy helmet.  With his cock now so little, all shriveled and wrinkled, Ron did not realize that it was a ring of lipstick residue around his penis.

Joining his father at the breakfast table for some coffee, Ron looked about for his stepmother and was told by his father that "Gwen will be down shortly join us!"  Moments later his stepmother had come into the kitchen behind of him, with Ron turning to look at her after his father commented "Wow, you're looking all prettied up this morning!  Going somewhere?"  "Oh, it's been quite awhile since I did my hair and put some lipstick on!  It feels so good ......................makes me feel like a woman again!  Do you like my new lipstick?" Gwen asked.  "Beautiful!" Mark replied.  "Yeah ..........really nice ..............nice and glossy pink!" Ron added, his cock giving a twitch of excitement as that glossy pink color on her succulent lips was looking so familiar.  Swallowing deeply as he looked down into his cup of coffee, Ron raised the cup up to his lips in order to peeks sideways to his right to gaze upon the woman he had fallen madly in love with and focusing on her succulent pink lips, thinking 'No ................no, she wouldn't have .........................not when she detest it as being foul and degrading .........................it had to be just a dream!'  "Did you sleep good last night, Ron?  Or too excited about your heading off to State today!" his was asked by his stepmother.  "Oh, I was really out last night ............................like I was drifting off in some fantastic dream that hoping that it'd never end!" Ron replied, as if looking for confirmation of his dream being real.  Ron shivered and swallowed deeply again when Gwen asked "Well, did your dream come true ................the way you hoped it did?"  Ron could only nod a 'yes'.  A bit later, it was time for Ron to head off to college, getting a 'goodbye' hug from is beautiful stepmother who whispered into is ear "I love you too!"

With his father helping to carry out bag of clothing as he headed out the door with his hands full, Ron loaded up his car with all of his gear, then heard his stepmother say "I put a drink in a bag of ice and some goodies for you to enjoy once you get unloaded!  Have a nice trip!"  A bit over an hour later, after having unloaded his stuff into the room he had been assigned, Ron lay back on the bed and closed his eyes as he tried to relive the events in the middle of the night now that he had found had not been a dream after all.  And then that morning, her sweet voice had whispered in his ear "I love you too!"  Ron then realized that it was now that she really had feelings for him, feelings that had developed over the summer following the auto accident, that what she did last night was of her own free wild and even discarding her personal feelings about it just to please him.  Ron's mind was just a jumbled mess at this point, wondering as to whether her feelings towards him would allow him to be close to her, to touch and hold her close to him.  Then Ron heard the buzz of his cell phone that indicated he had just gotten a text message.  Picking up the phone, he heart raced in seeing that it was from Gwen, then he quickly opened up the text message that read 'Hope you enjoy the goody bag that I packed up for you!  Love, Gwen!'  Quickly going to get the sack that he had put into the laundry basket of clothes, Ron opened it up to find a clear plastic bag with a sticky note attached that read 'A part of your dream last night!' 

'Oh, man ........................oh, jeez ............................God, she's driving me crazy!' Ron panted as he gazed upon the contents in the clear plastic bag that contained a pair of his stepmother's bright lacy red panties. Taking them out of the plastic bag, Ron held the crotch up to his nose and inhaled her sweet fragrance.  He then picked up his cell phone and texted his stepmother, texting 'Wanted to 'thank you' for the delicate goodies in the bag and how they just smelled so good!  Miss you!  I love you!  Ron!'  That day was the start of their texting one another, several times a day, telling each other how they missed one another and with each message ending with 'I love you!'  A few weeks later, Ron got a text message saying 'Congratulations, Daddy!' with an attachment contained in it.  In opening up the attachment, Ron found that it was a picture of his son in the arms of his beautiful mother!  Before he could send a reply, another text message came in from Gwen saying that she had asked the nurse to take the first picture on her cell phone, that more pictures of 'our' son attached below ...................ending with an 'I love you! Gwen!'  A half hour later, Ron acted happily surprised when his father called to give him the good news of 'him' becoming a father, to which Ron had to hold back his chuckling while congratulating his father while thinking 'Now that's really being a good father .......................taking care of all the bills .......................helping your son out after he goes and knocks a gal up!'       


Having carried little Craig in her womb for that nine months, considering just how much the baby had gone through before birth, her motherly instinct had Gwen very loving and caring for her precious little baby as any mother would.  But deep down, things were so much more complicated for Gwen with all the things that she had to cope with, especially in the fact that her cute little baby had been conceived in a sexual relationship that she had been an unwilling participant.  So many factors weighted upon her: that her husband was not the father of little Craig; that conception was either when she had been drugged or blackmailed into having sex; that her stepson had drugged and raped her first before blackmailing her into having future sexual relationships with him; it was her stepson who had impregnated her during one of those sexual encounters over the Christmas holidays; that she had duped her husband into believing the baby was his doing; that her stepson had saved the day in giving blood for the transfusion as well as to help cover the fact that her husband had not fathered the baby; that her stepson made sure to be on hand when the baby's second transfusion was needed; the email letter that Ron had sent to her in saying that he would no longer blackmail her and would be leaving her alone .....................because he was madly in love with her; and then there were all those memories of the wild fantastic orgasms that she had skyrocketed to, even though she entered the sexual tryst unwillingly each time ..........................fucked each and every time to a wild mind-shattering orgasms by her stepson stud!   

With there being a bye week in the schedule at the end of September, the coaches announcing ahead of time that they'd be given the weekend off, Ron was hesitant at the invite from his father to spend the weekend at the house.  Picking up the photograph that was sitting atop of his desk, Ron certainly wanted to see her up close once again, but then he was afraid of his uncontrollable lust for the beautiful woman taking over control once again.  Ever since that auto accident, he had made it a point to keep his lust in control, had forced himself not to even be in the room alone with her for fear of wanting to pull her into his arms.  Once fall camp started and getting settled in his dorm room, all Ron could think about was those two special nights that his beautiful stepmother had paid him a visit in his room in the darkness, the first being to thank him for saving the baby with the blood transfusion and then the night before he had to head off to State U.  That last night was the only time that he had her touched throughout the summer, caressing her soft silky blond hair, but he actually thought that he was in the midst of a fabulous dream at that time and had not believed it was happening in real time.  On the phone with his father who had invited him over for the weekend, saying that he'd put on some steaks that first night, Ron replied  "Gee, I don't want to be a burden or be in the way ......................it must be quite hectic for Gwen with the baby and all!"  "Oh, don't worry about Gwen ....................in fact, it was her idea and she told me to call you!" his father advised, thus getting Ron to change his mind.        

With the baby now apparently contented, Ron looked up as Gwen exited the baby's room, was then advised that "He finally went down!  I think he got excited seeing you ......................he thinks that his Daddy's going to make him a big brother soon!"  Then his beautiful stepmother was extending her hand out to him, and when he slid in hand into her, Ron found himself being pulled up and being led down the hallway towards the master bedroom.  In the bedroom, Ron could only stand there in disbelief of the total turn off events, then was asked by his beautiful stepmother "Well, have you already forgotten how to do things?"  Speechless and unable to move, Ron trembled as Gwen's hands were on his wrists and pulling them towards her, guided and placed on her soft beautiful ass as she asked him "Now .....................does that help refresh your memory any?"  Indeed it did as Ron couldn't help but to grab as her soft beautiful ass and letting his hands roam about, and just seconds later his hands were still roaming about her sexy as but now his hands had slipped into the waistbands of both her slacks and panties ...........feeling up her beautiful bare butt!  Following an intimate kiss, with their tongues dueling, Ron had his stepmother's black slack and lacy black panties down around her ankles.

Ever since the auto accident, her handsome stepson had turned into the perfect gentleman, so polite and respectful to her as well as being available to help in any way.  She had seen how he desperately tried to avoid being alone in the same room with her, fearful of what he might resort to doing, turning himself into a real gentleman.  She knew that he had struggled greatly from reaching out to touch her all this time, really succeeding as the only time he did touch and stroke her hair was when he thought it was all a dream when she had come into his room and sucked him off as a 'thank you' for all he had done for her and the baby.  The manner in which he was now behaving, grabbing her ass and then pulling her panties down, that of a lusting young stud once again ........................'Is exactly what I want when he makes love to me!' Gwen thought, then correct herself with 'When he FUCKS me!'  She then raised her arms up as the young stud was pulling her red/black sweater top up and off her head.  She gasped when he took a swollen teat into him mouth and sucked once then again, then Gwen gave him a playful slap on the shoulder and teasingly scolded him "That's enough!  Our son is going to be hungry again very soon!  You'll have to find 'something else' to eat if you're hungry right now!"  She smiled in seeing that her stepson was no dummy as he pushed her back onto the bed and was immediately between her legs and mouthing her pussy, causing Gwen to squeal "Oh, yes ..............................oh God, yessssss ..........................eat me .......................eat me!"

Caressing the back of her stepson's head, Gwen raised her knees and planting her feet flat on the mattress, then arched up to rub her mound into her young lover's face as she fed him her sweet honey.  The way in which Ron was going down on her made it seemed that he hadn't had pussy in a hell of a long time, then she realized 'Oh, my ....................if its true what he said in his letter about being in love with me .....................and hasn't scored in college yet, because he's in love with me .........................then he hasn't eaten any pussy for quite some time!'  Slurping sounds emanating from between her legs, the long tongue snaking up into her juicy slit, and then Gwen was going out of her mind as her young stud's tongue began playing with her ultra sensitive clit.  "Oh, God ....................oh, my God .......................oh, God .............................yesssss, eat me .....................eat meeeeeeeee .......................I'm cummingggggggggggg!  Ahhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"  Eaten out to a mind-shattering climax, Gwen was drifting on back down into reality as she observed the handsome young stud kicking off his jeans and jockeys, then he was getting up onto his knees and shuffling up between her widespread legs.  She saw him shuck at his rock hard cock that was jutting out between his loins, felt his large strong hands grasping at her hips as he positioned himself, Gwen then realized 'Oh, the poor thing ...............................he's been abstaining from sex for all this time too!'  She could see that his lust for her was boiling over in his eagerness to make love to her, far from the cool assured smugness and self-confidence displayed over the Christmas holidays.      

Seeing her stepson in motion and his obvious need to possess her, Gwen reached up to put her hands onto his shoulders to have him go slow in penetrating her as the lengthy abstinence had her afraid, but she just did not want to disappoint him in any way.  Instead of putting her hands on his shoulders to make him slow down a bit, she used her hands to caress his biceps to show her handsome stepson that she wanted him badly as he did her.  But what she feared then happened as Ron's lusting need to possess her sent his thick lengthy cock skewering up into tightened slit, the knifing pain caused Gwen's fingers to clutch and dig into his muscular biceps.  "O--h--h--h--h--h--h--h--h--h .............................o--w--w--w--w--w--w--w--w--w--w--w--w--w--w!  Oh--oh--oh--oh--oh--oh--oh--oh--oh!" Gwen cried out, shuddering from the sharp searing pain emanating from her skewered vagina, which had not being penetrated in such a manner for quite some time.  Gwen could not believe the concern that her teen lover showed for her at that moment, stopping himself in mid-stroke out of total concern for her, apologizing "I'm sorry .........................I'm sorry ........................I wasn't thinking ......................I should have gone slowly!"  Appreciating her lover's concern but not wanting to spoil it for him, Gwen slid her hands up his muscular biceps in a caressing manner and told him "I.............I'm ...........fine!  Don't stop .................love me!" while arching her head up some to kiss him.  A deep intimate kiss ensued as they embraced each other as true lovers would in wanting to please the other, and indeed it would turn out to be quite a memorable love making session for both of them.  At the conclusion of the unbelievable fuck session, the two lovers dosed while still embracing and enjoined to one another.

An hour after having dozed off together, they were then simultaneously awakened by the cries of their little baby boy, forcing them to disengage and quickly put on a bit of clothing.  Having grabbed a robe to drape over her, Gwen grabbed her lover's hand as they then headed towards the baby's room, then she reached down to pick up the hungry little guy.  "Oh, my poor baby!  I'm so sorry to take so long to get to you ...........................your Daddy was being a little naughty with Mommy .........................but it was because Daddy was trying to make you a a big brother soon!"  Unashamedly opening her robe in front of her stepson, she then let little Craig suckle on her swollen teat, then all three of them made their way to the master bedroom.  Once little Craig got his fill and was once again sated, it was his Daddy doing his part in burping his son, then they later headed back to the baby's room as his Mommy rocked him back to sleep.  As he was laid down into his crib, his Mommy told him "We promise to come and get you quicker next time, okay!  We'll be right down the hallway, my precious little guy ..............................cause I think your Daddy's anxious to be naughty with Mommy again!"  Upon having been grasped by the hand and being pulled back towards the master bedroom, Gwen smiled widely as the baby's Daddy was indeed wanting to be naughty with her again.  Her robe on the floor as the baby's father wanted again to sample his Mommy's sweet milk, then another fabulous lovemaking session took place before they dozed once again, only later to be awoken with the cries from down the hallway.  Again and again throughout the night the same sequence of events would take place.

With money no object, Gwen told her husband a week later of wanting to keep busy and of the idea that she had come up with that would great for them immediately and in the coming few years, especially as Ron would be playing at State.  As Gwen told her husband, it would make sense on having a place to stay near State U's stadium as the normal thirty minute drive would turn into one of over two hours on game day, that they could make a weekend of it and get to see Ron a lot more during the school year.  The new condominium coming up a block from the stadium that was meant for boosters like them, Gwen took care of all the details, with her husband's involvement only being that of having his signature placed on the contract and getting it back to escrow.  Gwen advised her husband that she wanted the unit all done to perfection before showing it to him, telling him that it'd be just a nice short outing for both her and the baby a couple times each week to work on getting the place furnished, that her goal would be to it completely furnished by year-end as some furnishing that she had chosen were currently on back order.  Using the layouts from the sales brochures to show her husband, Gwen pointed out the two large bedrooms and the third smaller one, she pointed out that one would be the master bedroom while the other similar sized one could be Ron's bedroom and the baby's room the smaller one.  Gwen chuckled when her husband advised "Well, we had better not make it to nice and comfortable for Ron ...........................you know these college kids ....................a football jock with a bachelor's pad .....................it'd be a nice place to use his moves to seduce a gal .........................putting her in the family way!"  "Oh, Mark ......................I think you can trust Ron in not doing that .....................I'm sure he wouldn't bring a college girl up there for that!" she reassured him, thinking that 'He had better not be sharing our bed with a coed!  I'll cut his 'thing' off if he does!'


With little Craig fast asleep in a baby carrier being carried by his Daddy, Gwen showed her handsome young lover around the fully furnished condominium.  All that was needed from Ron was for him to assemble to crib that had just been delivered that day.  After an hour's time, the crib was fully assembled and Gwen watched as Craig's Daddy took his son out of the carrier and gently placed him in the crib.  "Now that little Craig has his crib up and ready for him, it's time to see if Daddy is satisfied with his bed!" Gwen advised as she took her handsome young lover by the hand and led the way to his bedroom.  In the large bedroom with a king-sized bed in it, Gwen turned and was immediately pulled into the arms of the horny young stud who had both of his large hands cupping and fondling her ass cheeks, and then an intimate kiss ensued.  T-shirt, blouse, jeans and slacks were soon in a scattered mess on the bedroom carpeting.  And soon a pair of lacy white panties and matching bra, along with a pair of jockeys were added to the strewn about clothing.  When the kiss ended and still in a loving embrace, Gwen told her stepson that "Your father is afraid that you'll use this like a bachelor's pad and bring all those cute coeds up here so you can bed them!  He's afraid you'll get some girl pregnant!"  She added "I told him that he could trust you in not doing that!", then reached on down to grasp his swollen manhood and shucking it a couple of times before adding "What I didn't tell your father was if you ever did that ............................I'll cut this 'thing' off because there's only one place that it belongs!"  A moment later after being pushed back onto the king-sized bed, Gwen squealed "Ohhhhhh, yes ..................yes, that's where it belongs!  Oh, fuck me .......................fuck me .............................fuck me goooddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhh .....................yesssssssssssssssssss!"                  

To supposedly get the condominium unit fully furnished, Gwen would make the trip across town twice each week, with little Craig with her so he could visit his Daddy.  In reality the unit had been fully furnished a week after the purchase was completed, but in addition to having Daddy see his little boy growing up, it was to give little Craig's Daddy some naughty time with Mommy!  It was the day before Thanksgiving when Ron got to make the drive back to the house again, looking forward to the long four day weekend as there were no classes and no game scheduled, seeing his father first and greeting him with "Hey Dad, good to see you again!"  "Hi, son!  Thanks for helping get the condo set up!  Gwen tells me you've been a big help in getting it set up!  She wants it all set up before she gives me a tour of the place!" his father advised.  "Oh, I'm really happy to help out and my class schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays give me a little free time!" Ron responded.  Then in seeing his stepmother enter the room, he greeted her with "Hi, Gwen!  Wish I could have stayed longer at the condo yesterday!"  "Oh, you were really a big help yesterday!  Thank you so much!" his beautiful stepmother replied while embracing him with a welcome hug, whispering in his ear that "Your son has a little secret to tell you!", all as Ron was slipping the hand away from his father's view over her beautiful ass.  A bit later, after picking up the baby when he got up from his nap, Ron cradled his son while saying "Oh, you miss your Mommy, little guy?  Let's go look for her!"  With Mommy playing with the little guy, Ron listened as his stepmother told the baby "Did you tell Daddy our little secret?  That Daddy went and did it for you ....................next year, near mid-summer, you're going to become a big brother!"  

End of Story.