High School Rape Club – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!  This story
is not intended for minors nor are there any pictures of minors shown in this story.

Hanging out at their regular place near the back of the high school, they peered out to make certain no teacher was coming so they could finish their cigarettes.  School was not really where they wanted to be but it was better than the detention home where each had spent some time in.  But they had to admit that school was looking up, especially as it provided them with what they desired most, a supply of fresh pussy.  They were all black and considered as the hoodlums of the school, thus no decent girl would be caught near them, white or black.

They had been bored out of their minds with every aspect of school until a month ago.  That eventful day had their attitudes changed entirely and from then on they looked forward to coming to school.  They all commented about that event and now wanted more of the same.  Al, the leader of the group, boasted to the guys how it had all been his quick thinking that got them that beautiful piece of white ass.

A month ago, Al had seen Kris Engle leaving school when the student council meeting had just gotten over.  Kris had recently been crowned the homecoming queen over the past weekend and was one of the most popular girls at school.  She was a senior, having just turned eighteen but the same age as the guys in the gang, since each of the guys got held back due to poor grades.  Kris was quite a beauty with long light brown hair, ivory white skin, standing about 5’4” and a trim 115 lbs.

Al had seen Kris walking home once before and knew the general route she would be taking.  Running to the back of the school where his gang was hanging out, he gathered them and they were off.  Exhausted from their all out run, the four gang members hid at the opening of the abandoned house.  If it all worked out, Kris Engle would soon be cutting through the yard as a shortcut to her home.

Things did work out for Al and his gang, all to the demise of the young beautiful girl.  As Kris unsuspectingly walked through the overgrown front yard, she was suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged into the dark abandoned house.  With no homes nearby, her screams went unheard as she was easily overpowered and her clothing stripped from her.

For Al, the beautiful homecoming queen was his first white bitch ever.  To top it off, she was the first cherry he ever plucked.  He, along with the rest of his gang, thoroughly enjoyed the fight she put up but there was no chance for her to escape the four of them.  Her shrill screech of pain, as her virginity was torn from her, had all the gang members cheering their leader on.

One by one, the gang members sated their lust upon the innocent body of the beautiful homecoming queen.  They left her in the abandoned home as they zipped up their pants and made their way back to their hangout at nights.  Along with them they took the homecoming queen’s lacy white panties, laughing as they talked about making a trophy case in which their prize would be the first to adorn it.

The next day, each of the gang members sat in their classes nervously, expecting for the police to show up any moment and haul them out of the classroom.  But as the day ended and they hung out at their usual place, they felt relieved for it became evident that their victim was too ashamed to report the rape.  Obviously she did not want anyone knowing that she had been raped and ‘ruined’ by four black cocks, too ashamed to face her friends and family with her disgrace.

With Al having set the stage for their entertainment, the gang was excited to continue on for more of the same.  Then it was Andre, the shortest of the group who wanted the honor of finding the next victim for the gang.  As Andre always wanted to prove himself to the rest of the guys, they laughed at how he bragged that he’d find another little beauty for them to enjoy.

Throughout the week, Andre did not meet the gang after school, determined to scout out his potential victim.  He did not want to be laughed at by the gang and thus had to get things down to perfection when the eventful day came.  The first two that he had targeted proved too difficult to get close to, as they were always in the company of others and never alone.

Hanging around and watching the football practice, Andre attention was drawn to the cheers and shouts coming from the field across the way.  There he saw the cheerleaders jumping up and down as they cheered on the girls’ softball team that was currently leading the league.  Naturally the cheerleaders consisted of the many attractive girls of each grade level from sophomores to seniors.  He would certainly not go wrong in selecting any of the cheerleaders but which one could he target.

As the softball game came to an end and the crowd started to disperse, Andre watched the cheerleaders as they began to disperse.  As the girls began leaving, he saw Dana Belton wave to the others and begin walking alone toward her home.  Watching from a distance, he observed the cheerleader with honey brown hair make her way along the five blocks to her home.  He made note of potential spots where the gang could hide out and surprise the beauty.

Dana Belton, at 5’3” and 114 lbs, was a junior at Columbia High.  She was in her second year on the cheerleading squad, with a good chance on being the head cheerleader in her senior year.  She was well liked among all the students, in the honor society with a 3.7 GPA, and had just begun dating the star quarterback.  She was feeling sky high as everything was just falling her way.

Andre watched as he followed Dana home, trailing behind by a block or so.  Once he watched her enter her home, he continued on pass her home, then doubled back over the route that took him there.  Going back over a small overpass, he looked down into the shallow ravine.  Looking about to see that no one was watching him, he walked to the side of the roadway and made his way down to the bottom of the ravine.  He smiled as it would be the perfect spot for Dana to entertain them.

Going home that night, Andre pulled out the activity calendar and searched for the next home game for girls’ volleyball.  Seeing a home game set for the next Thursday, he circled it onto his calendar.  He began to think of what he needed or could do to make this exciting event even more pleasurable for the gang.  Now that he had his plan down, he could join the gang after school tomorrow and tell them when the big event would be.

The night before the big event that he was in charge of, Andre borrowed his brother’s car to make a short trip.  First going into the basement, he got the old rolled up mattress and put it into the back of the car.  Also he grabbed a roll of masking tape as it would not be good to have her screaming with houses so nearby.  Driving out to the where the ravine was, he carried the mattress and took it down into the ravine, stuffing it up against the bridge and large rock.  He smiled, wanting Dana to be comfortable on the mattress when he plucked her precious cherry.  Though he could be wrong, Andre felt rather certain that the young beauty had carefully protected her precious gem.

For the first time ever, the gang took in a girls’ volleyball game.  But instead of watching the game, they watched as Dana Belton shook her cute little butt and kicked her long white legs high into the air.  They all drooled and pushed down their throbbing cocks, unable to wait till they had that cute babe stripped of her uniform and having her legs kicking high in the air with their black butts slamming down between them.  As the game ended, the gang quickly exited the gym and headed on out to the ravine.

Andre hid behind a large shrub near the bridge while the rest of the gang waited anxiously under the bridge.  He sure hoped Dana would be walking home like the week before.  Otherwise the gang would never let him hear the end of his failure.  Moments later, he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the beauty in her blue and white cheerleader uniform making her way up the street to where he lay in wait.

Humming the school’s rally song to herself, Dana was not aware of the lurking figure hiding behind the large shrub.  Just as she passed the shrub, her mouth was suddenly covered by a large hand and she was quickly being dragged down the steep ravine.  Her mouth was taped to muffle her screams as she was roughly thrown upon a thin dirty mattress with her hands pinned above her.  She saw four muscular black figures above her but their faces were covered with ski masks.  She panted in fear as she saw that they had removed their clothing and were now stripping off her tennis shoes and uniform.

As Andre had planned it all, he had the honor of going first.  He smiled as Dana was stretched out in all her beauty upon the mattress, held down firmly with her hands over her head and legs widespread.  Kneeling down upon the mattress, he loved the look of fear in Dana’s hazel eyes, then moved down to lick and suck at her soft tender nipples.  His cock was throbbing, anxious to get into his lovely victim, fearing the embarrassment of cumming prematurely and be the laughing stock of the gang.

Shuffling up onto the struggling beauty, Andre grasped her hips and centered his aching cock.  With a vicious lunge, he stabbed into the tight sheath, as Dana struggled with all her might.   “Ah, fuckkkk …….yeah!  Oh, yeah!  Got myself a cherry!” he gleamed excitedly.  The excitement was just too much for him, his body convulsing in spasms as he unleashed his hot cum deep into the cheerleader’s womb.  Finally he pulled out of the crying beauty and proudly displayed his blood streaked cock to the members of the gang.

One by one the gang members lined up for their turn at the beautiful cheerleader.  They were all anxious to get their rocks off, mounting her and fucking her without any thought of giving her any pleasure.  One after the other they filled the womb of the sobbing beauty with their vicious scum.  They knew she couldn’t recognize their faces but as a precaution warned her of the consequences of reporting the rape.  The also told her everyone at school would then learn she was ‘ruined’ by four niggers, taunting her as to what her white boy quarterback would do if he knew his girlfriend’s precious cherry got plucked by a nigger.  An hour after they had dragged Dana down the ravine, the gang made their way back to their hangout.  In their possession was the blue pair of the raped cheerleader’s panties to go into their trophy case.

  After a day went by and the cops hadn’t been called and seeing Dana at cheerleading practice, the gang knew they were in the clear again.  The tallest of the group was Tony, who stood at 6’3” and weighed 200 lbs., who took up the challenge of planning the next event.  Tony was not very bright, barely able to read, but he was strong and the gang members didn’t fool with him.

Over the next few days, while Tony was out scouting, the rest of the gang had their doubts whether Tony was smart enough to pull off such a caper.  Well, they figured that if Tony screwed up and they got caught, it’d only be the detention home again since they were still under eighteen.

After three days, Tony came up empty handed with no ideas at all.  He had seen some cute chicks and followed them about but nothing panned out.  He looked about at the yelling and cheering coming from the soccer field, then moved toward the noise.  A game was going on as the team was hosting Eagleton High.  One cute little beauty caught his attention, her beauty and petite size really had his cock throbbing.  She had light brown hair and her soft skin looked so milky-white and clean that he couldn’t wait to rub his dirty black body up against her.

Being only a sophomore on the varsity girls’ soccer team, Karen Kelly was determined to eventually break into the starting lineup.  But she knew she needed to keep practicing to get better with her dribbling and kicks.  Her speed was an asset, making up for her lack of size as she stood at 5’2” and weighed a trim 112 lbs.  As game came to an end, Tony saw that Karen had remained as the others departed from the field.  With the parents and spectators leaving the bleachers, Tony departed with them so as not to arouse any suspicion.  But from a distance he continued to watch the beautiful brunette dribbling and kicking the soccer ball.  He watched as she ran up and down the field with the ball in order to building up her conditioning.  Looking about, he noticed that now the field was totally deserted other than the cute little redhead.

Once Karen was headed on her way home, Tony went onto the field and checked out the nearby storage shed, where all the players had lined up their bags before practice.  He looked at the lock and figured that the metal cutter he used to break into places would be able to handle the job.  As it was getting dark at this point he decided that his contribution to the gang was now all ready for the plucking.  His cock twitched, knowing he’d be the first in line for that little beauty.

Two days later, the gang anxiously awaited for the girls’ soccer practice to get over, while they remained hidden in the maintenance shed.  They peeked out of the available holes to get a glimpse of Tony’s choice for the gang and they all agreed that he had made a fine choice.  They all gave Tony a pat on the back, anxious to see their big black friend mount the petite redhead.  They felt a bit sorry for pretty Karen Kelly, seeing how tiny she was compared to the muscular Tony.

Finally practice came to an end and Karen was the last one remaining, faithfully continuing her practice to improve her skills.  After an additional fifteen minutes of practice, Karen dribbled the soccer ball over to where her bag was.  Sitting on the ball while retrieving her jug of water, she tilted her head back to quench her thirst.  Suddenly a hand was clamped over her mouth and she was pulled backwards, sliding right off the soccer ball.  Struggling against overpowering strength and odd, Karen was easily pulled back into the darkened shed.

Pinned against the dirty old mattress that Tony borrowed from Andre, Karen blinked madly trying to see in the darkness.  Then the overhead light was turned on and Karen began shaking in fear.  Arms pinned above her, she starred up at the muscular black bodies standing above her, each handling their big black penises.  She was frightened at the hooded assailants, knowing that they intended on raping her.   She shivered in fear, not realizing a penis could look so big and awful, having only seeing that of a little baby’s before.  Then she screamed for help at the top of her lungs but there was no one nearby to hear her.

Tony knelt onto the mattress, pulled off her soccer shoes, then her long blue athletic socks.  Reaching up he grabbed the waistband of her shorts, then began to pull the shorts down along with her lacy white panties.  The gang cheered him on as her red fleece was revealed before their eyes.  Her milky white body had them so horny as they jerked on their tools.  Andre was holding her arms above her head, put his knees upon her arms so he could free his hands, which he used to pull her uniform top up to her chin.  Then Tony reached up to tear off her thin bra, exposing her cherry red nipples.  Karen sobbed and whimpered, ashamed and humiliated as she was being exposed to male eyes for the first time.

Leaning over the struggling beauty, Tony mouthed her tender nipples, nipping them with his teeth as he began biting at them.  Karen’s sobbing grew louder as she pleaded for the torment to end.  Shuffling up, he stretched out to lie upon the wide stretched beauty, who’s legs were being grasped and pulled widely apart by Tony’s cohorts.  As he covered her with his large muscular black body, his gang members released Karen’s trim white legs to allow her to kick and struggle against Tony, knowing her struggles would only make it that much more exciting for Tony.

Reaching down between their bodies, Tony shucked his throbbing cock one last time then rubbed it up and down the dry slit, pushing forward a bit. The hysterical pleas and sobs from the struggling beauty had the gang cheering Tony on.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh ……….arghhhhhhhhhh!” came the scream as Tony lunged forward into the young beauty, tearing through her virgin slit.  Raising up a bit, Tony lunged forward again bringing another shriek of pain from the raped beauty.  Holding still so he wouldn’t lose his load, Tony looked up at his buddies and moaned “I got mine!  I got my cherry!”  Then he began to fuck the young beauty without mercy, unleashing his thick jism moments later.

An hour later, after each gang member unloaded his baby making juice into the cute redhead, they left her sobbing in the maintenance shed as they left with another silky trophy to add to their collection.  After warning the sobbing beauty of the social consequences she’d face with reporting the rape, the gang was confident that they had pulled their caper off successfully.

The next day, as the gang hung out at the usual spot, it was obviously up to Remy to set up the gang’s next entertaining event.  Now Remy had the added pressure of being sure to find a virgin as all the other guys were bragging how great it was to pop a white girl’s cherry.  Thus Remy departed early to begin his scouting.

There was one girl that was in his study hall class, which really was a free period when students of various grade levels reported to one classroom and could do whatever homework they had.  As Remy was not into schoolwork, he normally would find a seat to the side and back of a girl who had attracted him that very first day.  He knew he had no chance of dating such a cute blonde beauty, who he learned was very bright and president of the honor society along with being the vice-president of the student body.  He had lusted after this very intelligent senior for months and now he was determined to get to know the beautiful Julie Wieland.

Whenever the opportunity arose, normally each day after the study hall, Remy would follow the pretty Julie to her next class.  A couple of times he watched her after school was over, watched as she went to the library each day.  Never did he see her intimate or close to any male classmates, friendly and outgoing but apparently did not have a boyfriend.  He felt certain that Julie would fit the bill, cute and virginal.

At the age of 18, Julie was looking forward to completing her senior year of high school.  She had applied for early acceptance into the state university and had been accepted.  She was anxious to start college and join her boyfriend there.  She was madly in love with Brad who she had been dating since her sophomore year in high school.  For the past two years since he left for college, Julie couldn’t wait till the holiday vacations when they could get together again.

Peering into the library, Remy spotted his beautiful prey studying at a table.  He decided merely to wait till she exited the library and then follow her, rather than going into the strange environment of the library.  Not having gone into the high school’s library before, he did not want to attract any attention to himself.  Checking the hours posted on the front door, he found that the library would be open till 5 p.m.

Hanging around at the far end of the hallway, Remy watched as the last remaining students began leaving the library as it was about to close.  From a distance, he watched as Julie made her way out and headed towards the students’ parking lot.  From afar, he watched her walk to a silver Honda, in which she got in and drove off.  Once she was gone, Remy surveyed the area, trying to determine exactly what his plans would be to get the lovely blonde in his arms.  Now with the help of his gang, he’d be able to sample the charms of the blonde beauty who he had lusted after for months.

For the next two days, Remy continued to follow the unsuspecting Julie Wieland, wanting to be certain that his plan of attack would work.  Each day the routine was the same and Remy was now determined to possess the blonde beauty and show his buddies that he too had snatched a white beauty’s precious cherry.

 The next week, Remy and his buddies were sipping beer in the back of his old but well kept van.  With the windows tinted with a reflective coating, no one could see in unless they had their face right up against the window.  Remy kept an eye toward the school from where his lovely blonde prey would be approaching.  He had sprung for the beer to make his day of entertainment a memorable one.

Having parked his van next to Julie’s silver Honda, with the sliding door slightly open, the gang lay in wait.  As 5 p.m. neared, Remy peered out and searched intently about.  Then he spotted her and gave the signal for his buddies to put down their beer, put on their hoods, and get ready to move. As the unsuspecting beauty walked between her car and the van, she was getting her key out when suddenly a hand clamped over her mouth and she was being dragged into the side of the van.  Once they had their prey in the van, the sliding door slammed shut, Remy started the engine and they were off.

As Remy drove off to the far end of the school’s vacant practice field, Andre kept his hand clamped over Julie’s mouth as Tony and Al quickly went about the pleasurable task of stripping off her clothing.  By the time the van was parked, Remy’s prize was already unwrapped for him to enjoy.  He was so horny after all the planning to get between Julie’s beautiful white legs and just couldn’t wait to claim her precious cherry.  Climbing into the back of the van, he crouched before the struggling beauty, leaning over to tongue her soft pink nipples.

Quickly Remy got into position and brutally slammed forward bringing a loud scream from the lovely Julie, who’s mouth was no longer covered by Andre’s hand.  “Oh, Goddd ……….please …….please ……stop ………please don’t rape me!” she cried out.  With another hard thrust, Remy buried his thick cock into the crying beauty.  But his long awaited anticipation of busting her precious cherry never occurred.  She was so tight but her cherry had already been plucked.

Julie sobbed in horror at the brutal rape taking place upon her body.  Never had she been penetrated so deeply by such a brutal object.  She had surrendered her virginity to her boyfriend a year ago and they were intimate whenever possible.  But this was the first cock she was experiencing without the protection of a condom.  She knew she could not tell her boyfriend she was raped and ‘ruined’ by four niggers, nor could she tell anyone of her degrading horror.

“Fucking bitch’s not a cherry!” Remy growled, bringing a laughter from the gang members.  After all that planning and dreaming of snatching the bitch’s precious cherry, Remy was pissed at not having that honor.  He had to do something to make up for that and pulled his cock out of the sobbing beauty.  He flipped her over onto her knees and had Andre hold her shoulders down.  Then he wiggled forward and aimed his slick cockhead at the beautiful white target.

“Oh, please …….please ………….no, no, not there ……….I’ve never done that before!” the beauty sobbed out loud.  That was all Remy wanted to hear.   Cheated out of her precious cherry, he was now intent on claiming her cherry white ass.  Grasping her hips tightly, he slammed forward with all his might, bring a shrieking yell from his victim “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………noooooooooooooooo!”  Proudly, Remy began to hump away at the moaning beauty, all to the applause of his laughing buddies.

An hour later, the van pulled up next to Julie’s parked car.  The sliding door opened to allow the sobbing beauty out in her rumpled and torn clothing, minus her lacy pink panties that would go into the gang’s trophy case.  After the rape of her cherry ass, Andre lay on the van’s carpeted floor as Julie was pulled onto him, taking her second cock up her violated ass.  Tony eagerly stabbed forward into her tight womanhood while Al had the honor giving the blonde beauty her first cock to suck off.

Back at their hangout, the gang members gloated and cheered at their four successful exploits.  Now they were talking about how great it was to be in school.  Where else could they find beautiful white beauties all together where the gang could make their selection from.  They knew they had something going for them and wondered if anything could top nailing the cutest chicks on campus.

Then they heard Dion calling for them, announcing that he was outside of the rundown shack they used as their hangout.  Then they opened the door for Dion, letting him join them and giving him a beer.  Dion was new to the school and wanted desperately to be accepted by them, wanting to join the gang.  But with him being new and not certain how trustworthy he was, they merely let him hang around at times as a possible new recruit to the gang.  However, he had not been invited in on the group’s exciting exploits, with the details of their exploits kept vague whenever Dion was around.

As the gang’s exploits were bragged about to Dion, less the names of the victims, Dion was warned that if he ever let anything spill he’d pay dearly with his balls.  Hearing the exciting exploits of the gang, Dion begged them to let him join.  Then Al told him there was an initiation he’d have to go through before the members voted him in or not.  Eagerly, Dion listened as the gang leader explained what was required of him.  He was to be in charge of the gang’s next function.  He would have to select the gang’s next victim and do all the planning.

Dion wondered just how he’d pull it off, unsure how to go about setting up the caper.  From what he learned, the girls that had been selected were quite attractive and popular girls on campus, all beautiful white chicks.  He didn’t know where to begin and thus would spend the next few days just wandering about campus in search of the gang’s next victim.  He knew he’d have to find someone quite attractive to all the gang members as one ‘No’ vote would prevent him from getting into the gang.

In every class, Dion would search about the room and scan the beauties.  After school, he’d walk the hallways and then drift down to the gym and playing fields.  There were many that he considered but some were eliminated due to the groups they traveled in, some picked up by parents, and various other reasons.

Going to his science class at the end of the day, Dion sat up intently as the principal was there to announce that the regular teacher had taken ill and introduced a stunning beauty as the permanent replacement for the remainder of the school year.  He stared at the lovely teacher with her long blonde hai, pinned up for a conservative look, with beautiful milk-white complexion.  She was neatly dressed in a yellow blouse, white skirt, and white heels.  His cock began twitching in his pants from the intoxicating beauty.  He knew that the gang would love getting to know the beautiful Mrs. Melanie Wilson.  He smiled knowing he’d just found the key to his acceptance into the gang.

In bed that night, he dreamt of the lovely beauty that would be his treat to the gang and he’d definitely become a member.  He wished he would be the first of the group to sample her lovely body but being a mere recruit to the gang, he had learned that Al would be the first to sample the prize since he was the gang leader.  Then the other members would have their turn, leaving Dion with sloppy seconds.  But he knew it was a sacrificed he’d have to make, laughingly he corrected himself and chuckled ‘It’s a sacrifice Mrs. Melanie Wilson would have to make!’

The next couple of days, Dion scouted out the timing that the janitor would do his rounds to chase out all the straggling students.  Then the janitor would let the remaining teachers know that he was locking up, telling them to lock their doors and that they could exit through the side door.  He made note that the janitor quit working at 4:30 p.m. and then locked up before departing.  Also, he made note that the only teacher staying later was the beautiful Melanie Wilson.  With the teacher’s parking lot right out front off a bit to the left, it was right in the view of the busy traffic fronting the school, thus making that area undesirable to waylay the beautiful teacher.

  When the gang heard from Dion who he had targeted as their prize for his initiation, the gang went nuts with worry.  It was one thing pulling off the rape of a teenage girl but now they were talking about raping a teacher.  However, none of the guys complained about who would be the target as they had all seen the beautiful teacher and drooled at the sight of her.  Then the conclusion came that if it was indeed pulled off without a hitch, Dion would definitely be in the gang.

With all the classrooms air-conditioned, all the windows were naturally kept locked throughout the day.  Dion attended Ms. Wilson’s last class of the day and he was seated in the rear of the class right next to the windows.  When class ended, he waited till several girls went up to Ms. Wilson’s desk to chat with her, blocking her view of the back of the room.  Quickly, he moved to the nearest window and unlatched the lock, then departed.

Locking the classroom, Melanie walked over to the office to check her box for any messages or school bulletins.  As she chatted with a few of the other teaches, she was unaware of the unlatched window being opened and the five hoodlums climbing into the classroom.  Going back to her classroom , as she unlocked the door and opened it, the closet door was being closed behind the five invaders, then went to plug in her computer at the worktable so she could correct the recent test and log in the scores into her computer.

For nearly an hour the anxious teenagers waited quietly in the dark closet.  Dion had planned carefully, packing a small pocket flashlight so they could check the time periodically and to survey the closet if necessary without turning on the overhead light.  Then as 4:30 p.m. came, like clockwork the janitor knocked on the door and gave the signal that he was leaving.  They could hear Ms. Wilson yell out “Thank you, Mr. Henderson!  Bye!”  They knew they had about another ten minute wait to give old man Henderson time to lock the front door and then to leave the parking lot.  But now was the prearranged time when they could begin stripping off for action.

While Melanie sat at the work table where she tutored students while updating test scores on her computer,  pondering the possibility of getting on full time at this school but thought maybe it’d be best that she continue with substitute teaching, especially since her husband had agreed to starting their family at this time.  She was so happy that Dave had agreed that since they had been married for two years, the timing was now right for them to have a baby.  It had been two months now since going off the pill and this was the perfect time of the month, especially since the doctor indicated that it took several weeks after going off the pill for her body to adjust.  ‘Ohhhh, when I go home tonight, I’m going to make love to Dave all night long till he’s too exhausted to go anymore!’ she laughed to herself.  Recording of test scores completed, she then turned in her chair go gaze out the window while thinking of the future.

Lost in thought, Melanie was oblivious to the opening of the closet door behind her, nor the slowly approaching intruders just feet behind her.  Suddenly a large hand clamped over her mouth, an arm crossing over her neck and both of arms were being pulled behind her.  Struggling to fight, the movement had her chair moving away back from the desk.  Her eyes widened as two hood figures appeared before her.  Then she saw that the hoods were all that these black intruders had on.  Realizing their intent, she struggled again, trying desperately to get away from these animals.

Al stepped forward in front of the beautiful teacher, slowly pumping his fist up and down his throbbing black cock, causing it to foam at the head.  He enjoyed the look of terror showing in the eyes of the struggling teacher, loved the thought that he was soon going to teach her just what fucking was all about.  To add to her terror and for the entertainment of his gang, Al began to taunt the crying beauty “Time for teacher to get her lesson for the day!  Gonna teach you what fucking is all about, Mrs. Wilson!  Gonna stretch you real good!  Yeah, look at the black piece of meat I got for ya!  Does hubby got anything that measures up to this?  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya teach!  Hubby ain’t gonna be able to satisfy you once ya get a sample of black cock!”

Going to the window, Dion checked the parking lot.  “Good, there goes the janitor!  Only teach’s car is in the lot!  Everybody gone!  Now we can let teach scream all she wants!”  Dion knew that was exactly the thrill the gang wanted, to see and hear the terror of the beautiful teacher when they stuck it to her.  His cock twitched at the thought of Ms. Wilson squealing when he shoved his aching cock into her.

With the hand removed from her mouth, Melanie sobbed and pleaded “Please ……oh, please …….stop …………stop this ……………….you boys will go to jail ………please stop!  Stop, please ……….stop now and I won’t tell anyone ……please!”  She groaned as the hand that had been covering her mouth was now cupping her left breast through her bright green blouse, caressing her and trying to find her sensitive nipple.  She shivered as the unwanted touch began to cause her nipple to stiffen, then being flicked back and forth by a thick thumb.  She sobbed in futility as both breasts were now being fondled and her sensitive nipples were standing at attention.

‘D’ was Dion’s code name in case any talking was to take place without using their names.  With the hoods on covering their faces, the group felt confident they would not be easily identified.  “Hey ‘D’!  Since you gotta wait your turn from some beaver, wanna show teach what ya got?  Give us a show ‘D’!  Looks like we got teach’s nice green blouse all wrinkled up so maybe you oughta starch it for her!” Al laughed.

Dion’s cock was already throbbing at half-mast and was honored to show the guys the kind of tool he possessed.  He smiled, knowing once his big black dick fully erect, it would surely impress the guys and would definitely get the attention of the beautiful teach.  Proudly, grasping his proud tool, shucking it slowly, he stepped forward.  The sight of his beautiful teacher’s horrified face had his cock growing even more rapidly, seeing his cock curve upward from the middle of his long cock and his plum- sized cockhead.

Melanie gasped as this horrid teenager approached, unable to take her eyes off the throbbing black penis.  ‘Oh, God!  It ………..its so big …………….so much bigger than Dave’s!’ she gulped.  “You’re animals ……………….dirty filthy animals!” she yelled at them.  The arms clamped upon her, preventing her from struggling up from her chair.

But this only served to bring laughter from the gang of teens, her fear and humiliation exciting them even more.  “Yeah, teach, you’re right!  We’re dirty filthy animals!  Just like going to the zoo, teach!  Been to the zoo lately, teach!  Ever watch how the animals go at it when they breed?  It’s now breeding time for us filthy animals!” Al laughed, bringing a similar response from the others.

“Oh, teach, you’re damned fucking beautiful!  Can’t wait till I get my chance to put this piece of black meat in ya!  Luv the way you teach but tonight I’m gonna be the teacher!  Gonna make it squirt deep in ya, honey!  Gonna breed ya just like a doggie, teach!” Dion taunted.  He looked into the beautiful hazel eyes as he pumped at his cock.  “Ahhhh, baby ………………ahhh …………….gonna starch your beautiful clothes for ya!” he groaned, shucking his swelling cock madly.

“Nooo ………………noooo ……….what are you doing?  Noooo ………..it’s so filthyyyy!” Melanie screamed as she fought to struggle against her captors.  “Oh, Godddddddddd …………….noooooo ……..………..noooooooooooo!” she screamed as the pulsing black cockhead flared and suddenly began to belch out streams of its thick filth.  Melanie gasped in horror, as the stream shot upward right towards her horrified face, then fell onto her once crisp blouse.  She looked down and shuddered as she viewed the lumpy puddles of slimy goo beginning to soak into her blouse.  Then she began to sob loudly in her shame and humiliation.  “Awwwww ……………..please!”

Melanie screamed as Al grasped the front of her blouse and yanked, tearing the buttons off, exposing her well filled lace black bra.  Then she felt a large hand insert itself into the back of her skirt, followed by a mighty yank upon her skirt.  The button to her skirt snapped and the zipper gave way, causing the skirt to fall and puddle upon her black heels.  Now she was clad only in her lacy black underwear, black hose and heels.

Dion brushed off the books and pencils on the desk, clearing it for the beautiful teacher.  Then he and the gang underlings dragged the struggling beauty onto her desk, holding her widespread for their leader.  With a nod, two of his underlings flashed their sparkling shives before the horrified teacher's face, causing her body to shudder in fear.  "Okay, teach!  Put on a show for us, unless you want us to put these shives to work on you!  Lift up those long sexy legs to show us what we're getting!" Dion ordered.

“Oh, please ……oh, please .…please!” she sobbed as Al stepped forward and  inserted his switchblade under the strap connecting her bra cups.  “Ohhhhhh …………!” she sobbed as the knife sliced through the thin strap, allowing the lacy bra cups to fall and expose her bare breasts to the leering gang.

“Oh, baby!  Beautiful!  Fuck’n beautiful!” Al let out, followed by the hoop and holler’n from his gang.  He watched the beautiful teacher close her eyes and bow her head in shame as he cupped her twin beauties.  “Aw, baby!  That’s what I call perfect twins!” Al chuckled as he manhandled her titties, just as he would in milking a heifer.  The weeping of the lovely woman had Al grinning widely as he pinched and pulled at her tender nipples.

Melanie felt her heels being removed and then the leader’s switchblade slice away the last protective garment she had on.  Struggling against the strong captive hands proved to be useless for Melanie.  With a silent head signal, Melanie was pulled up into a standing position by her captors, as the hot hands on her breasts continued their manipulations.  Then her torn blouse and bra were pulled off her shoulders and strewn onto the floor. "Ahhhhhhhhh, Godddd ……………  noooooooooo!” Melanie shrieked as the leader’s head suddenly began nuzzling itself into the soft fleece of her womanhood.  Her body shook and convulsed in the revulsion of what was taking place.  Never had she allowed her husband to do such a nasty thing to her and now this animal was doing the unthinkable.  “Ohhhhhh, Godddd ………………..arghhhhhhhhh!” she groaned his hot wet tongue began flicking at her sensitive slit, causing her to fallback onto her desk as her knees gave way, where she was again speadeagled.  .

It was a sight to behold with the beautiful teacher held spread-eagled upon the desk from where she taught her students.  Now all her authority had literally been stripped from her, leaving her totally defenseless against her overpowering captors.  Her milk-white body being devoured by the horny teenager slurping between her thighs.  With her arms and legs pinned firmly to the corners of her desk, all the helpless beauty could do was to arch her hips up into the pleasure giving mouth of her assailant.  “Ahhhhhhh …………... ohhhhhhhhhhh!” came the moans as her body shook in convulsions, her love juices flowing and being slurped up by the hungry teen.

Smugly, Al lifted his glistening face from the loins of the sobbing beauty, licking his lips to show his gang members the tasty treat he had just enjoyed.  “Wow!  Sweet as honey!  Pure eating stuff!” he exclaimed to his envious gang.  “Now to make our beautiful teach scream when I shove my proud animal in her!” he laughed.

Moving up onto the desk, Al held himself just above the sobbing beauty, rubbing his thick cockhead into the opening of her slick groove.  He smiled, loving the moment as he heard the frightened teacher plead “Please no ……………please no …………..please don’t rape me .....……..please .....……….please, you’ll get me pregnant!  Please don’t, I’m not on the pill!”  He grinned in triumph, his cock twitched at the thought of impregnating the beautiful teacher with his black baby.

“Ohhhhhh, please …………..nooooo.........!” Melanie pleaded as the thick cockhead nosed itself into her wet slit.  “Oh, please ........... please ………….you don’t have a condom on!” she begged.  She sobbed when the gang leader responsed “Teach, I’m gonna to knock you up good!  Gonna fuck a little black baby in your sweet tummy!  Gonna ‘ruin’ you good, teach!”

With his hands firmly grasping her trim hips, Al positioned his throbbing cock.  Then he slammed forward with all of his might.  With the school vacant, the anguish screams of the beautiful teacher merely echoed unheard down the empty hallways.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeee …….ohhhhh …………arrrrrrrgggghhhh!” Melanie screamed in agony.  “Noooooo ……….arrrggggghhhhhh …......!” she screamed again as more of the thick shaft was brutally thrust into her.

First with small stroking motions, then lengthening his strokes, Al plunged into the sobbing teacher.  Then the sobs began to turn into mewling sounds as the unwanted pleasure began to overtake her lovely body.  Seeing this change, the gang members let go of their grip to see the trim arms grasp their leader and stroke his broad shoulders and the milky-white legs lift up to cross over the humping black butt.

 Melanie was now in another world with the unwanted fuck pleasure she was receiving with every long stroke sliding through her raped slit.   She had always enjoyed lovemaking with her husband but never had she been taken to the heights of pleasure that she was now experiencing.  The burning itch deep within her loins needed to be scratched and the long thick shaft was now meeting that need.  Suddenly everything spun about, her body began convulsing, her cunt muscles desperately squeezing at the thick shaft within her.  Then her arms and legs tightened around the muscular black body as she moaned loudly “Ohhhhhhhhhh, God ……….nooooo ………oh, nooooo ……….I ………….I’m cumminggggggg!”

Never had Al ever experienced such a mind-blowing fuck.  This sure beat raping and humping an inexperienced young teen.  Taking a beautiful and sophisticated woman, who belonged to a white punk, made the thrill of the rape that much more exciting.  Reaching down further, Al grabbed her soft asscheeks in his hands and pulled her towards him as he began to hammer away “Oh, baby …………here it cums ……..here cums my hot jism, Mrs. Wilson!”

Melanie squirmed desperately, trying to push her rapist away “Please ...……oh, please ………..please pull it out!  Please ……………please, you’ll get me pregnant!” she pleaded.  “No …..oh …..oh ….oh ….oh …….!” she then chanted as the teen began to jackhammer her with his rapid thrusts.

 “Ah, yeah ……………..here it is, teach!” Al yelled out, burying his cock in to the hilt.  “Oh, Mrs. Wilson, here I cummmmm........…..!” he groaned, his deeply buried cock exploding his boiling jism deep into her fertile womb.  “What a fuck, teach!  Oh, baby, gonna breed you good!  Gonna give you a bastard baby, Mrs. Wilson!” he happily exclaimed as his cock continued to twitch out its potent seed.

Al finally lifted himself off the weeping beauty, barely able to slide his exhausted body off the desk.  Then, one after the other the gang members stood in line to satisfy their lust for the beautiful teacher.  First, it was Andre, followed by Tony, and then Remy.  After watching their gang leader’s thrilling rape of the lovely teacher, none of them could be expected to last very long.   Once each of them managed to slide his cock into the beautiful teacher, feeling her trim arms and legs respond by gripping them tightly, their cocks spurted very quickly.  Dion looked at the sobbing teacher as she lay widespread upon her desk, cum oozing out of her raped slit and her soft fleece now a matted mess of slimy goo.

The thought of what had been said earlier about fucking like animals had gotten Dion horny at the prospect.  Going to desk where Mrs. Wilson had curled herself into the fetal position, he caressed her soft white ass and turned her over onto her belly.  Then he grasped her hips and pulled her legs down, letting the top half of her body on the desk with only her toes touching the floor.  Edging forward, he wiggled his butt to insert his cock into the soft mushy nest.

As the exhausted gang members looked upon their new recruit getting into position, they began to cheer him on.  They cheered as they watched the long curved cock thrust and begin to slowly disappear into the whimpering teacher.  Faster and faster Dion began to fuck away, just like the animals in the zoo.  Faster and harder he thrust as the beautiful teacher groaned and began to thrust back at him, her arms stretching out fully so her hands could grasp the far edge of the desk for support.

“Ohhh, God …………..ohh ……ohhh …………..ohhhhhhhh!” Melanie crooned.  The sensations of the long curved cock, fucking her in the doggie position, was driving her out of her mind.  It felt like the plum-sized cockhead was right up in the middle of her belly.  Never had she ever felt this wild sensation in her belly, never coming close to feeling such a sensation with her husband.   “Oh, Godddd …………….oh, yessssssssss!” she groaned as the long curved cock sliced in and out of her.  “Ohhhh…….ohhhhhh, God …………….yessssssssss!” she moaned as her body convulsed in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Melanie was thankful that her husband was out of town on a business trip.  It was near midnight before she was able to stagger to her car and make her way home.  For six full hours she had been at the mercy of those awful hoodlums.  She just could not tell her husband of the vicious rape at the hands of five black teenagers, nor could she tell anyone about the shame and humiliation of her debasement.  Her jaw hurt and her stomach felt so queasy from being forced to suck each of their cocks and swallow the filth that they spewed down her throat.  It had been something her husband had always tried to have her do for him but she had always refused.  Now she had become an expert cocksucker from those lusting black teens.  Her body shuddered at the pain in her rectum, hurting from when that long curved cock forced itself into her virgin ass.

Back at the gang’s hangout, the gang members each hoisted up a beer to toast their newest member.  Dion received congratulations from each of the gang members for becoming one of the gang and pulling off the best caper ever.  Dion was especially proud of the various comments made by the gang concerning his wicked pecker.  “Whoa, Dion, you sure had her climbing the walls when you stuck that boomerang up her twat!” Andre laughed.  “You sure gave teach a lesson she’ll never forget, especially the way she begged you for more when you fucked her doggie style with that curved prick of yours!”  With everyone so happy with Dion’s choice of entertainment for the night, he was unanimously chosen to be in charge of their next little caper.

End of Story.