High School Rape Club – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Having been voted into the club for pulling the best caper the gang ever pulled off, Dion knew it'd definitely be a challenge in pulling another caper equal to that one.  The gang had wanted him to pull off another fun time equal to the last one but he needed time to prepare properly.  As the guys didn't want to end up in the detention home or jail for that matter, they reluctantly agreed to give him the time he needed.  It was then that Remy jumped at the chance, saying he'd handle the next 'party'.

Remy was anxious to set up the next victim for the group, especially since he would have the pleasure and opportunity of being first.  He had been so sure that the young beauty he had first selected would have given him the pleasure of busting his very first cherry.  He had felt cheated when he was surprised to find that she was not a virgin as he had expected.  But he made up for that, making her scream like hell when he took her cherry white ass.

Since that day, Remy had been actively searching for the beautiful girl who would be his next choice, the one he hoped would have the prize that he craved for.  He was consumed each day, in every class and as he walked about the school between classes, trying to narrow down his choices.  He was after a beautiful and innocent young beauty, one who hopefully still had her cherry intact.

After nearly a week of eliminating the many candidates, Remy couldn't stop his cock from twitching every time his eyes came upon the beautiful Lori Baxter.  As a sophomore, Lori was a cheerleader on the junior varsity squad and a cinch to be a varsity cheerleader in the upcoming year.  Remy knew she was quite popular, always seeing her among friends at school, but she would never take up with the likes of someone like him.  He watched as she passed him with her friends, wondering how it'd feel snuggling up to her soft silky blonde hair and feeling her soft tender white body under him.  He trailed far behind, noting the time and which classroom she went into, then took in the afternoon basketball game as the lovely blonde beauty would be shaking her pompoms.  But Remy was more interested in seeing her shake that beautiful booty and imagine peeling off the pink bottom of her uniform.


At the end of the next day, Remy watched at a distance as Lori chatted with her girlfriends, then kept his distance as the lovely beauty and a girlfriend began walking home across the field in back of the school.  The edge of the field was lined with trees and shrubs, separating the school property from the nearby subdivision.  Upon reaching the end of the field, the two girls then waved to each other and headed in opposite directions.  As he reached the edge of field, Remy watched the lovely teen turn up the walkway to her home, now giving him the location of her home.

The next morning, Remy was up early and headed off to school, not in a rush to get to class but to find a vantage spot to observe Lori Baxter as she made her way to school.  As she was quite popular, he suspected that she would get to school early to meet up with friends and Remy wanted to get a good idea of her day's schedule.  Sure enough, at 7:15 a.m., he observed Lori exit her home and make her was down to the back of the school.  Remy had picked a spot in the thick shrubbery, out of sight from the approaching beauty.  With school starting at 8 a.m. and most students arriving from the front of the school, no one else was making their way in through the back of the school at this time.

On Thursday after school ended, Remy proudly entered the clubhouse and was greeted by the rest of the gang.  The others knew what he was up to and it was obvious from Remy's smile that he was ready to make a big announcement.  "Guys, we'll going to 'party' tomorrow!  When everyone is busy studying in school, we'll be entertaining pretty Lori Baxter!  She's so fuck'n sweet and innocent, I swear I'll be busting my first cherry tomorrow morning!  God, I can't wait to hear her scream when I cop her precious cherry!" Remy gloated.  Then he laid out all the plans for the gang.

Lori Baxter was so happy at having just turned 18 and being made the captain of the cheerleading squad.  She had brought up in a conservative setting, always attended church, and was happy that she had so many friends at school.  She normally went out in groups but did go out on dates alone.  As she got ready to head on off to school, she began to make that short walk through the back of the school grounds.  Her mind wandered back to the past weekend when she went out on a date with the most popular boy in the school.  She felt giddy as he had asked her out on another day for Saturday night, thinking just how wonderful it'd be go out with him again.  She thought back to the past week when he had walked her to the door.  It was then that she got her very first intimate kiss.

So engrossed in her thoughts, Lori paid no attention to the car parked along the curb with two teens in it listening to music.  Humming a tune to herself as she pictured the guy of her dreams, Lori was totally taken off guard by the teen who sprung at her from behind the shrubs.  A hand over her mouth prevented her from screaming and she felt he legs being lifted into the air.  The teen in the front passenger seat had quickly opened the back door to allow in his buddies and their captive, then he scrambled to pick up the books and purse scattered on the ground.  Seconds later, the car sped on off with Lori struggling against superior odds.

With his left hand covering her mouth and arm firmly securing her head, Remy looked down at the frightened beauty and taunted her "Oh, baby!  We're gonna make some sweet music together!"  He laughed as his comment brought tears to Lori's eyes along with a renewed struggle to free herself.  "That's the way, sugar, struggle all you want!  Gonna love you struggling when I stick my long black cock in ya!" he encouraged her as his right hand moved her left breast and began to feel her up.  The way she fought, realizing that she was about to be raped, Remy just knew he had captured a beauty with her cherry in tack.

As Al pulled his car into the motel, Remy told him to go left and to the end of the motel "Rooms here are all soundproof guys, anyway, that's what my cousin the night clerk says.  Got a good discount on a room where sweet little Lori can entertain us all day!  Make sure no one's outside when we take our little cutie into the room!  There's Andre's car, park to the left of it and it'll only take a couple of seconds to get in!  There's Tony at the window now, okay, that's the signal to make our move!"  In no time, the entire gang was in the motel room, holding their captive pinned to the clean white sheets of the king-sized bed that Andre and Tony had gotten ready ahead of time.

"My cousin had better be right about this place being soundproof, cause I know I'm gonna make little Lori here scream her head off!" Remy bragged as he began stripping off his clothing at the foot of the bed.  He enjoyed seeing the lovely teen sobbing as she was held captive on the bed.  Remy picked up motel's phone, signaled to Tony who knew his cue and clamped a hand over Lori's mouth. Remy smiled at the frightened beauty as he spoke into the phone with a deep voice "This is Mr. Baxter calling in for my daughter Lori!  Yes, I just wanted to let you know she's not feeling well and will be out of school today!  Thank you!  Bye!"

"Please ……..please don't hurt me ………………please let me go!  Please ……….I …………I won't tell anyone ……….please! came Lori's plea when the hand was removed, her body shaking with fear as she watched the black teen disrobing in front of her.  "Please ………..please don't rape me!  Please ………I ……….I'm a virgin!" she sobbed, not realizing it was the worst thing she could have said at that moment.

The guys holding her legs held on tightly as Remy leaned forward to unsnap the top of her jeans.  Then he took great pleasure in grasping the top of her jeans slowly revealed her charms to the delight of the howling gang.  The guys holding legs pulled off her tennis shoes, then her jeans soon followed. The guys holding her arms pulled her sweater and blouse over her head, then tossed them to the side of the room.  Remy was turned on by Lori's sobbing as he signaled the guys to spread her legs apart, allowing room for him to shuffle his naked body up between her.

Remy reached forward to fondle her breast through her soft lacy bra, his thumbs searching for and finding her stiffening little buds, then he grasped the thin bra and seconds later he was holding the trophy high in the air.  Bending down, he quickly stripped off her thin panties and buried in face into her soft silky bush, inhaling the sweet fragrance.  Then he stuck his tongue out in search of the little beauty's sensitive clit, bringing a loud mewling sound from her as she squirmed about to escape his teasing tongue.  Lifting his face from the sweet furry nest, Remy shuffled up into position between her trim white thighs, getting his cockhead at the entrance to her womanhood.  "Going to make a real woman out of you, sweetie!  Get ready, honey, cause Remy's gonna pop your cherry soon!" he taunted the crying beauty.

Lori squirmed to get free but was unable to break away from the many hands holding her down.  She had desperately wanted to preserve her virginity until she got married to the man she loved, not to  lose it to the likes of these hoodlums.  'Oh, God! What if they get me pregnant?  Oh, my God!' she worried, trying again to squirm from their grasps.  "Please …………please don't rape me!" she again pleaded desperately.  .

Remy thought to himself 'My fuck'n cousin had better not have been shitting me about this fuck'n room being soundproof!  Cause if it ain't, this little beauty's screams will be heard a block away when I stick it her!'  With his cockhead inserted, Remy reached down and grasped her soft asscheeks firmly.  "Yeahhhhhhhh ……………!" he yelled as he rammed his cock into the tight resisting slit.  "Oh, fuck!  Oh, yeah, baby!" he groaned.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………..ahh ….ahhh ……..ahhhhh ……….noooooooooo!" came the responding scream of pain.  Lori couldn't believe the agony of the pain shooting through her entire body as her treasured virginity had been so brutally torn from her.  "Oh, please ………………please stop ……….please ……….it hurts so baddddddddd!" she sobbed.

"Oh, fuck, Yesssssss!  Copped my first cherry!" Remy exclaimed with delight.  He withdrew a bit, then looked down between their joined bodies, then cheerfully announced "Yessssss ………..ohhhh, fuck, look at her bleed!  Look at all that cherry juice, guys!" Then he began to pump up and down into the agonized beauty.  "Oh, baby ……………baby, you're always gonna remember who busted your precious little cherry! Oh, baby, we're gonna hang this bed sheet up on the clubhouse wall for everyone to see your sweet cherry juice on it!" he proudly taunted the sobbing Lori, slamming forward to bury himself fully into her.  Having obtained his ultimate goal, Remy could hardly contain himself, his cock was throbbing madly and ready to explode any second.  "Oh, baby …………….gonna cum ……………ahhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as he began spurting his thick seed into her fertile womb.

Once the gang pulled a depleted Remy out of the raped beauty, it was like sharks driven into a feeding frenzy at the smell of blood in the water.  Only with this gang of hoodlums, it was the sight of virgin blood oozing out of Lori's raped slit and had them fighting for the right to plunge his cock into the bleeding slit, with Remy laughingly ask "Okay, who wants to get his cock bloodied next?"  Hands held above her head, unable to move her pain wracked body, Lori then suffered the indignity of having one after the other of the excited black teens satisfy his lust upon her body.

About an hour later, she realized that only the leader had not raped her as yet.  Lori steeled herself to just lay there and not respond in any manner.  She closed her eyes and thought of pleasant things, trying desperately to send her mind far away from this ordeal.  She knew the leader, Al, had something terrible in store for her as he pulled the small table over to the bed and sat down upon it.  She swallowed in fear as Al planted his feet upon the bed, thighs wide spread, as he began to shuck his growing cock.  Her fears were realized when she heard him "Got your hot lunch for you, sweetie!  C'mon over here for some juicy black meat!"  Realizing what she was expected to do had her stomach churning and she put a hand to her stomach to keep from throwing up.

The horror registered on Lori's face, adding to the gang's pleasure of debasing and humiliating a young beauty.  "Don't look like she's hungry, Al!  Maybe she just don't like black meat, huh!" one of the gang members commented from the background.  Then Remy knelt upon the bed and grabbed her by the hair and pulled, "C'mon, bitch, move your ass!  I arranged this little party and it's your job to service all the guests!"  Pulled by the hair to the side of the bed, Lori closed her eyes as she was soon kneeling between the black thighs of the gang leader.  The hands on her head were then replaced by the larger ones of the devious teen sitting before her.

Fingers entwined tightly in her hair, preventing Lori from escaping, Al moved his hips from side to side painting her clenched lips with his leaking jism.  “Time for lunch, little Lori!  Open those sweet lips for me!" Al commanded, pushing his thick cockhead up against her soft lips.  With a sudden yank of her hair, Al caused her to yelp in pain, but that sudden gasp had opened her clenched teeth.  That was all Al needed to thrust forward, forcing his thick cockhead into her open mouth.  He just loved the struggle she put up in her attempt to dislodge his cock from her lips.

With his cock firmly lodged between her tight lips, Al could feel his nuts churning and ready to uncork his pent-up lust.  The look of disgust and humiliation on the beauty's face had him ready to pop his nuts.  His strong hands pulled her to him as he thrust forward with his hips, burying his cock fully into her tight throat.  Al laughed as he saw Lori's eyes roll back and her face turned beet red, a sign that it was obvious she could not get any air with his cock lodged so deeply down her throat.  Fucking in and out of her beautiful face had Al groaning “Oh, baby ………….oh, sweetie ……………….lunch is being servered ………ahhhhhh, yeah ……here it is……………ah, fuck …………. I’m cuminggggggggggg!”  With that, his thick cock exploded deep in down the throat of the now choking beauty.

With his sensitive cock now dwindling, still embedded down the throat of the choking beauty, Al pulled her head back by the hair.  He pulled back some, trying to get his cock out of her tight lips quickly at this point, afraid that she was about to barf all over him.  His withdrawal of his cock now allowed Lori to breathe again but it was obvious she would not be able to keep her rich protein lunch down.  He merely tossed her aside on the bed as he got up from the table.

Lori fell forward onto the bed, head leaning over the side, sobbing and gagging.  "Tony, don't let her throw up on the floor!  My cousin will kill me if we leave this place in a mess!" Remy yelled out.  Tony was just in time, placing the trash on the floor just below her head, just as Lori's body convulsed and she began spewing her guts out, rivers of cum pouring over her soft pink lips.

As her body heaved and convulsed, Remy climbed back up upon the bed and grabbed Lori's trim white hips.  Pulling her hips up, he shuffled forward and thrust into her agonized body.  "Aieeeeeee ……….ohhhhhhh …………noooooooo!" came the painful moans between the gagging.  "Ohhhhh, fuck yesssssssss …………………first her fuck'n cherry  ………………now her cherry white ass!" exclaimed an excited Remy.  "This is a fuck'n day I'll always remember!  And so will sweetie here!" Remy laughed as he humped forward into the sobbing beauty.

One by one, the gang members sated their lust upon the innocent beauty, fucking her in every which way that pleased them.  By early afternoon, Lori was forced to service three lusting teens at the same time, but now it was so different in the way her body responded to the brutal rape.  Lori did not understand what had come over her body, why it was reacting in such a climaxing manner as the black thugs satisfied their lust in and upon her once innocent body.

Just at the time school was letting out, Lori was let out of the car at the back end of the school, from where she would stagger home to cleanse for her ravished body.  As the car sped off, the gang held up their trophies to add to their collection, waving her panties and bra in the air outside of the car's windows.  In the car was the bed sheet that they had stripped the bed of, it was to go up on their wall to display the large dried red stain in the middle of the sheet.  They weren't worried at all, knowing that their victim would too ashamed to report the rape, knowing that she would never want anyone knowing that she had been raped and ‘ruined’ over and over again by vicious black teens.  They knew she would be too ashamed to have her friends and family aware of her disgrace.

Three weeks had elapsed since that fantastic rape job Dion pulled off in the classroom with the beautiful teacher.  Now the guys were bugging him as to what was next on the agenda.  Each day as he went to and from classes, Dion kept his eyes peeled and pondered the possibilities.  As they hung out at their regular place near the back of the high school, Dion responded to the many inquiries, merely telling them that he now was working on a real hot one.

Early that morning, Dion had gotten his next inspiration when his English class was taken to the school’s library.  In the library, Dion's mouth had dropped wide open when the beautiful librarian had been introduced to the class.  The English teacher introduced the librarian as Ms. Evelyn Mason, who was in her first year at the school.  He guessed she was in her mid-twenties, about 5’2” and weighing only about 115 lbs.  Her long black hair and light blue eyes had his eyes riveted to her throughout the period.

As Dion gazed upon her trim white legs in those 3 inch white heels, Dion thought he'd about to bust a nut.  'God, the guys would sure get into a fight over who'd have the honor of being the first to have a crack at this beautiful little bitch.  Man, oh man, think I'm gonna have to reserve a piece of this babe for myself ahead of time.  Ohhhhh, I just gotta get me into that sweet tight ass of hers!' he surmised.

Learning that this was her first job since graduating from college, he guessed she was only about eight years older than the guys in the club, an ideal beauty for the club's next prey.  Having seen the sparkle of her diamond ring when she had passed by, she apparently was already promised to some white dude and it'd be an added bonus for the club to claim some white boy's precious gem.  Dion watch the sweet babe explain the library system to the class and he bit his lip as he imagined her screaming when he shoved his big black cock up her tight little white ass.

On Wednesday afternoon, the guys at the club started bugging him as soon as he entered the clubhouse.  He just smiled at them and told them to grab a book for a change and follow him.  Before they entered, Dion told the guys "This my, friends, is the school library! Just keep your mouths shut and make believe you all know how to fuck'n read!  Wait till you guys get a load of this sweet bitch!"

Sitting around a table, Dion chuckled to himself as he watched the guys all wide-eyed with their tongues hanging out.  When the beautiful librarian was far across the room, Dion bent low over the table and whispered "Remember one thing, guys!  Her sweet white ass is all mine!"  Having staked out the library for three days in a row, Dion advised the guys "It's getting near five o'clock and closing time.  In a few minutes, she'll be going around to tell everyone its closing time.  But watch as she passes the reference room, she'll look from the glass door and if no one's in there, she won't bother going in.  At five, once the last student is gone, she'll lock the door."  As the gang departed a few minutes early, after the librarian passed on by the empty reference room as mentioned, they hung around the outside and watched as everything turned out just as Dion had said.

Back at the clubhouse, Dion laid out the groundwork for their 'party' at the library on Friday.  Al, the leader of the group, spoke up and made his claim "Dion's putting things together and already got his marker on her tight little ass.  Me, I'm gonna be first to get that beautiful bitch screaming when I stretch her out good with my big black cock!"  The rest of the group spread out a deck of cards and it was Tony, the tallest of the group and weighing 200 lbs., jumped up after topping the others with the King of Spades.  "Yeah!  That's me on the card, the 'King of Spades'!  I'm gonna feel like a 'King' when I get her to open her pink lips and choke on my black whopper!" Tony gloated.

Evelyn Mason was still excited about working at the high school, her first job since getting her master's degree in library sciences.  Things were coming alone so nicely and everything was falling into place.  She still felt a bit uneasy being in the high school, though the students that came in to the library were pretty much well behaved and intent on studying.  But earlier today she felt a chill shudder throughout her body when the group of black teens came in and sat about a table.  She did recognize one boy from an introductory class on the library the week before but had never seen the others that were with him.  When she was checking the books out for one of the regular girls that came to the library, she inquired if all the boys attended this school.  Evelyn was relieved to learn they all had the right to be there but she had a strange feeling, as if the boys were staring at her.

In her apartment that night, Evelyn looked down at the sparkling new diamond ring on her finger, the engagement ring that she had anxiously been awaiting from her high school sweetheart.  Now engaged to Dave Trask, she closed her eyes to picture her dream soon coming true, that of being dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown as she walked down the aisle to wed the man she loved for so long.  She thought now that nothing stood in the way of her happiness and what seemed to be the perfect life.  She dreamed of starting a family with Dave, hoping to have three children to fill their happy home.  As she dreamed of that perfect family life, she had no idea that at that very moment she was the 'wet dream' of a gang of black thugs.

On Friday, things were quiet as most students headed home early to start their weekend.  That made it even more surprising to see the same group of black teens enter the library.  Evelyn felt nervous but what could she do as they had a right to be in the library, especially since there weren't making any noise at all.  Still, whenever she passed their table she felt as if all eyes were upon her, feeling as if she was being stripped naked right there in the library.

As the beautiful librarian was assisting another student at the far end of the library, two of the gang members quietly slipped into the empty reference room and crouched down so they could not be seen, hidden from view by some file cabinets.  The rest of the gang had headed to the door, making some noise to attract the librarian, giving her the impression that they had all departed.  They had earlier gone into the reference room and got a stack of reference books, purposely leaving it on the table where they had sat.

Hearing the noise at the doorway, Evelyn looked up to see the last of the black teens departing.  She breathed a sigh of relief, then went back to helping the student she was with.  With Dave already having left already for an out of town conference, she looked forward to the plans they had made for dinner when he returned late tomorrow.  As this was an evening to herself, she had planned to stop off at the mall and then have a quiet evening reading that new novel.

Having assisted the girl, Evelyn found that it was time to close up and began to go around the library to inform everyone of the closing.  She peeked into the reference room and saw no one in there and made her way to the students across the way.  With the departure of the last student, she locked the door and began to clean up the study tables.  Then she came to the table where the black teens were and saw the stack of books that needed to be put back into the reference room.  Picking up the heavy stack of books, she began to make her way to the reference room.

Opening the door, Evelyn pushed the stack of books against the door to push it open wider, then slid sideways into the room.  A hand was suddenly clamped over her mouth and a strong arm wrapped around her waist causing her to drop the books to the floor as she was pulled into the corner.  Then a menacing black teen appeared in front of her, flashing a long sharp switchblade in front of her face, instructing her to keep quiet and be still.  She was held captive by the muscular teen behind her as the one flashing the knife disappeared out the door.  A moment later, she shuddered as the black teen returned, followed by a gang of unkempt black hoodlums.

With the door to the reference room closed, being within the closed library itself, the gang knew that her screams would not carry to the outside.  "HELP! HELPPPPP!" Evelyn screamed as the hand over her mouth was removed and the gang of thugs began closing in upon her.  Then hands came from everywhere, grabbing and pulling at her clothing, tearing it to shreds.  With all her clothing stripped off, she was dragged over to the reference table by the gang members, then pulled onto the large table.  Her white heels were removed leaving her totally exposed before their leering eyes.  Strong hands held her down widespread upon the wide table.

She sobbed in shame, naked before this gang of black thugs, groaning and shuddering in absolute disgust as the leader of the bunch passed his knife to a gang member as he began climbing onto the table with her.  "Please ……………….please …………..please don't rape me!  Please ……….I'm going to be married …………please don't rape me!" she sobbed in terror.  Feeling the muscular body descend upon her, she shuddered in horror and disgust, crying in despair as she felt the probing shaft nuzzle at her most private part.  She tried to struggle, to push this evil teen from her, but the hands of the gang members held her firmly pinned to the table.

Al rubbed his thick cockhead up against her moist slit, forcing his throbbing cock between the librarian's tender white thighs.  Panting in anticipation, a firm grip on her trim hips, Al thrust forward with all his might and groan "Ohhhhhhhh, yeah!"  As his thick cock plunged through the slick folds, it brought a loud shriek from the raped beauty.

"Aieeeeeeeee ………......…….nooooooo, please …………nooooooo ………God, nooooo ……..please!” Evelyn pleaded.  "It hurts …………….it hurtsssssssssssss ……………oh, pleasssseeee!" she sobbed.  But there was no mercy from the lustful teen upon her, lunging three more times without mercy, burying his thick cock deep into her ravished slit.  “Aieeeeeeeee ...……….ohhhhhh, please ……………oh, Godddd ………… nooooo!” she screamed hysterically.  But her screams only had the deviant teen become rougher with his plunges, the gang members now cheering as they liked nothing better than the thrilling sound of a white gal screaming hysterically at her first introduction to a big black cock.

Never had Evelyn been fucked in such a crude and violent manner, the pain shooting throughout her body.  She heard the teen raping her laugh loudly, rotating his hips in violent circular motions to cause her even more pain, causing her to sob in utter despair.  Then she felt her rapist withdraw this thick cock, only to immediately slam back down into her, again and again.  'Oh, God …………..oh, God ………..he's not wearing a condom!' she realized in horror.

Al groaned as he felt the beauty's tight slit begin to contract around his raping cock, her cunt muscles were involuntarily responding, squeezing hard on his raping shaft.  “Oh, yeah ……..baby …………ahhhh, sweetie, yeahhhh ………..milk me ……….squeeze the cum outta me! Yeah, you sweet little bitch ……ohhhhhhh, yeah …………here it cums ……..ohhhhh,  yeah, baby …………….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned loudly.  Al's muscular black body began convulsing in spasms as he spurted his hot cum into the weeping woman.  He enjoyed hearing her sobs, her head turned away, sobbing at the shame of being raped and ‘ruined’ by a black teen.

When the leader lifted himself off her raped body, exiting with a loud popping sound, Evelyn could feel the dammed up filth pour from her raped slit.  She sobbed in shame as the hands holding her down now turned her about till she was on all fours.  She groaned as she felt another teen getting up onto the table with her, realizing that this teen was about to make it with her like little doggies.  In this position, it was so humiliating as the teens holding her began reaching out to fondle her naked body.  She bit down on her bottom lip, willing herself to let him sate his lust upon her body and get it over, telling herself not to show any emotion.

Evelyn gritted her teeth as rough hands grasped her hips to position her, gasping as she felt the thick cockhead moving up and down her messy raped slit.  Then she felt the thick cockhead move out and push against the entrance to buttocks.  Realizing his true intentions, she tried desperately to scramble away, pleading “Oh, God!  No! No ………no ……. please, no ……………..no one's ever done that to me before!”

Dion couldn't be happier with that news, holding her hips tights to prevent her from getting away, bragging to the gang “Can I pick'em or what, huh, guys!  Oh, this beautiful white ass is all mine!  Gonna make her scream when I ream out her cherry white ass!”  Holding on tightly to her hips, Dion slammed forward with all of his might.

“Aiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee……………… God, nooooo   ……………….nooooooooooooo!  Oh, oh …….stop ………….stop ……………it hurts” Evelyn screeched.  Her body shuddered in agony, feeling her rapist pull back, then slamming forward again, ripping through her torn ass.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh ………….ohhhhhh …………stop …………..stop …………..please, stop!" she whimpered as the teen began to hump at her feverishly, intent on spewing his load into her torn ass.

Sobbing, eyes tightly closed to block out the horror, Evelyn was in for a further shock when hands grabbed her by the hair and a thick cock was shoved between her lips.  She shuddered in horror, being made to put her mouth around a filthy penis, a despicable act that she had refused to do for her own fiancé this past weekend.  Her mouth watered in reaction as the thick cock was being forced deeper and deeper into her mouth.  Opening her eyes in horror, she saw that there was more than another six inches of the black cock remaining, feeling the hands on her head pulling her forward as the cock was thrust into her throat.  Then she heard the teen wheeze "That's the way, little lady!  You're sucking on Tony, the King of Spades!  Oh, baby, your sweet lips are gonna blow me away!"

Moments later, the beautiful librarian lay obscenely widespread upon the large reference table.  Thick cum was drooling from all her raped orifices.  The pain that wracked her body, along with total humiliation of the ordeal, made it evident that the raped beauty was now totally defeated and unable to put up any further resistance.  She was now raped and 'ruined' beyond caring any further.

Sobbing and weeping as she lay upon the large table, Evelyn's head was yanked up by her hair, forcing her to look between her widespread legs at what was in store for her next.  It was the shortest of the black hoodlums, who now knelt at the edge of the table, handling and shucking himself in preparation.  She shivered as the cock in his hand grew in size, expanding beyond belief, making it grotesquely out of proportion with the rest of his body.  She shook in fear as she observed just how big and long it had grown, knowing she couldn't take such a monstrosity with it tearing her apart.

Andre loved seeing the fear register on the beauty's face as she saw just what was in store for her.  "Baby, I may be the shortest guy in the gang but wanna guess why I'm called Andre the Giant?" he laughed, seeing her eyes widened in horror as he stroked his throbbing black cock.  "Okay, guys, flip her over!  I'm gonna fuck her like a bitch in heat!" he announced, watching his buddies turn over the struggling beauty, getting her on all fours.  Then he knee-walked up between her trim white legs and fitted the bulb of his cockhead into place.  Grasp her trim white hips firmly, Andre then brutally slammed himself into her.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………..oh, God ………….oh, God ……………oh, please …………..please ……………..oh, you're tearing meeeeeeeeeeeee!" Evelyn shrieked in absolute pain from the brutal intrusion.  Never had she felt such pain as this before, certain that this animal had ripped her insides apart.  "Oh, God ……….stop ………….stop …………ohhhhh, it hurtsssssssssss!" she whimpered.  "Oh, God ……………..oh, let me dieeeeeeeee!" she sobbed, overwhelmed by  the agonizing pain and humiliation of this degrading rape.

 "Oh, baby!  Ohhhhh, feel my proud animal in ya!  Making a woman outta ya!  Ahhhh, you're so fuck'n tight!" Andra bragged as he began to hump her in dog-like fashion.  Leaning forward over her bent form, his left hand released her hip and moved up to cup and fondle her breasts.  His right arm moved around her hip, keeping her in place as his fingers went in search of her sensitive clit as he continued to pump away at her soft body.

The fondling of her breasts, cock slicing in and out of her, and the finger flicking at her sensitive clit sent Evelyn over the edge.  "No ……..no ……….noooooo ………………oh ……….oh, no …………..no, please ……………..ohhhh, God ……….. don't let me ………….cummmmm …….ahhhhhhh!" she groaned as her body went into convulsions, her mind seeing stars, while a warm balm spread from her womb throughout her body.  The animal upon her, shagged her without mercy, its shaft quivering deep in her as it unleashed spurt after spurt of its hot roe.

After suffering the humiliating ordeal from Andre the Giant, Evelyn was oblivious to being taken again and again as the hoodlums took their turns with her, fucking her in any manner they desired.  She was oblivious to embracing those who took her in the missionary style, oblivious to her hands being wrapped around the throbbing cocks, jerking them till it spurted its hot seed onto her body.

When the ordeal was finally over, Evelyn awoke upon the reference table, covered in the drying filth that they had shot upon her.  Cum splattered from head to toe, Evelyn shuddered upon looking down to see the glob of cum covering her diamond ring that served to act as to declaring her 'ruined' status!  In a daze, she managed to put on her clothing as best as she could, minus her undergarments that the gang had taken for their trophy case.  But what was so humiliating at this point was the cleaning of the referenced table.  As she wiped up the puddles of slimy filth, she shuddered in disgust but she could not let anyone discover the evidence of her disgrace.

Six weeks had elapsed since that terrible day in the library and Evelyn was finally getting over the fear of locking up the library and being in there alone, worrying that the same horrible fate awaited her again.  She and Dave had naturally been intimate before the rape, having being sweethearts from high school, but it was reserved for those very special occasions and not just to have sex when they went out together.  It took nearly a month after that fateful day to bring herself to become intimate with Dave again, feeling guilty that she was now giving him 'soiled' goods.  Before the rape, lovemaking with Dave had always brought her to a most satisfying orgasm.  On this occasion, his normal movements within her just didn't generate sensations within her, causing her to hunch up harder to him.  But Evelyn's desperate motions only served to have Dave spurting quickly into the protective condom, leaving her in frustration.

It was a Friday afternoon again but a bit busier than normal as mid-term exams were coming up and more students sought out the library to study.  As Evelyn assisted a student with a research project, she gave a slight gasp when she observed a familiar black teen enter the library and go to an empty table.  A shiver went throughout her body for this was one of the gang members who had raped her in the reference room.  She remembered just how brutal this vicious teen had been with her, how he had taken her like a wild animal.  The worst part for Evelyn was recalling the way in which she had responded to the brutal teen, the one who had gloated "Yeah, bitch, you've just been fucked by Andre the Giant!  I may be the shortest of the gang but baby I've got a fuck'n 'giant' size cock that's certain to 'ruin' ya real good!"  She closed her eyes as another shiver coursed through her body, her thigh muscles clenching tightly as her juices began to flow.

Each night, Andre had jacked off while picturing the beautiful librarian as he fucked her in the school's library, how she responded that second time he raped her that day.  He remembered how she had wrapped her sexy legs around him when that orgasm sent her body into convulsions.  It was definitely the best fuck he'd ever had and he wanted more of the beauty.  With the rape not being reported, he knew that he could safely return to the library at this point but of course it was a big question as to how the beautiful librarian responded when she saw him again.  He figured there was no harm in trying, muttering to himself "Maybe after creaming all over my big boner, the saying is true for her of 'when you go black you can't go back'!"

Evelyn swallowed deeply when the black teen stared in her direction, making eye contact with her.  She couldn't stop the contracting of her cunt muscles, feeling her slick juices now ooze down into the crotch of her damp panties.  With closing time coming, the students began to depart.  She watched as Andre got out of his chair, keeping eye contact with her as he walked into the reference room.  Her heart was pounding as she nervously went about her normal task of advising students that it was closing time.

Passing the reference room, Evelyn nervously glanced in to see the wide grin of the black teen as he smiled at her.  Continuing on, Evelyn made her way around the library as the remaining students began to leave.  Going to the entrance, she locked the door behind the last departing student.  Turning, she leaned her back against the wall, then slowly made her way to the reference room, her mind telling her she was crazy and that she should call security to have the youth removed.  Entering the reference room, she bit at her bottom lip as Andre the Giant grinned widely at her, clad only in his jeans.  She swallowed in anticipation as he moved towards her direction, her eyes going to the movement of his hands going down to unbutton his pants.  Evelyn looked up fearfully, stepping away from him until she was backed up against the metal filing cabinets.
Seeing the reaction of this beautiful woman upon his entrance, the fact that she was here alone with him in the very room where his gang had raped her, he knew she wanted a good fucking.  He knew she didn't want no ordinary fucking but a brutal fucking like he gave her on that eventful day.  He loved the way her body shuddered in fear, the way she bit down on her lip, the way she kept her eyes closed as he neared her.  He loved the way she gasped loudly as his hands closed roughly over her breasts, squeezing and wrinkling her crisp white blouse as he fingered her stiffening buds.

Evelyn gave a loud gasp and her eyes opened wide when the brazen young teen tore open the front of her gray, pushing up her lacy white bra and thumbed her stiff nipples.  "Ahhhhhh ……………..oh, Godddd!" she gasped loudly as a hot wet mouth clamped down upon a pink nipple and began to suck and nip at her tender flesh.  First one nipple, then the other was being suckled by the hungry teen.  Her hands went to the top of his shoulders, her fingernails digging into his muscular body but she made no attempt to push him away.  Then she felt his large hands under her the hem of her dress, moving up, then felt her panties being drawn down her from her hips.  She felt the wispy piece of garment slide down to her upper thighs, fall to her knees, then down onto her black heels.

Moving in, he knew he had her where he wanted her as she embraced him.  Andre easily lifted the beautiful woman, her back up against the metal cabinet as he continued feasting upon her pink nipples.  With her panties now dangling from one black heel, he stepped between her thighs, his cock hidden from view by her dress as he moved his cock into position.  With knees bent a bit, cock nuzzling at her moist slit, he brutally straightened up and rammed his throbbing cock into her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………oh, God ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhh!" she screamed as the teen slammed into her without mercy.  Her fingers tightened upon his shoulder muscles, then her arms moved to circle around the teen's neck, embracing herself to him as he pounded her against the metal cabinet.  "Oh, God ………….oh, God …………….fuck me ……….fuck me hard ………..yes ………yes …………hurt me!" she begged.

"You can't stand not having a big black cock, huh, bitch!  You want more of Andre the Giant, don't you?" he taunted, stabbing his cock deep into the tight moist slit that was contacting tightly against his invading shaft.  "Gonna cum soon!  Do you want me to pull out, bitch?  Or would you like to me to flood your cunt with my hot nigger jism?  Want me to fuck a little black baby in you white tummy?  Want a little black bastard?" he taunted, know full well she did not want him to pull out of her at this point.

Evelyn was desperately in need of sexual relief as she clutched her arms tightly around him, her legs encircling him and locking her heels together with her panties now dangling between them.  "No …….no ………..don't pull out …………..I ………..I need it so badlyyyyy!  Yes …………….yes …………oh, yes ………..cum ……….cum in me ………………yes, fuck your black baby into me …………..knock me up with your little baby!  God …………give it to me ………………ohhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssss!" Evelyn yelled as she saw stars upon feeling the hot explosion deep in her fertile womb.

Slowly, Evelyn began sliding down the front of the cabinet, still pronged by the thick with dwindling black shaft.  Moments later, she lay upon the cold library floor with the heavy teen upon her, his cock slowly sliding out of her with a loud 'pop'.  Then they slowly began to undress each other, exploring each other thoroughly with their hands and lips, at one point ending up in the classic '69' position.

Andre could tell that the beautiful librarian was ready to be taken again, the way she was panting in heat, ready to again be taken in a brutal caveman fashion.  He certainly aimed to please this once naïve and innocent bitch, wishing the white boy who recently gave her the sparkling diamond ring could see how naïve his little innocent beauty was at the moment.  Remembering just how she had responded to the manner in which he raped her six weeks ago, he decided that a repeat performance was in order.

When she was turned over onto all fours, Evelyn felt a shiver go through her as she remember how brutal Andre had been when he had raped her like a bitch in heat.  She recalled the humiliation of the experience, remembering how the rest of the gang had howled like a pack of wolves when Andre had taken her in the doggie position.  She recalled how Andre himself had howled in announcing his victory the moment he had claimed her as he spurted his seed directly into her womb.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhh, Goddddd ……………..ohhhhhh ………..fuck me …………….fuck me like the bitch I really am!" she panted as she thrust herself back onto the thick prong.

Twenty minuets later, it was quite a sight if one was to see the black and white bodies on the cold library floor, collapsed upon one another with arms and legs entwined around one another.  With the trim white arms locked tightly around his neck, Andre got to his knees then stood up, lifting the clinging white beauty in his arms.  He then sat her upon the large reference table, felt her arms tighten around his neck, then they engaged in deep a passionate kiss.  Mouths open wide, tongues teasing each other, Andre felt the arms around his neck tighten further, then her legs encircled him pulling him even closer.

When the passionate kiss broke, Evelyn felt him nuzzling her neck with his kisses traveling down until his mouth captured her pink nipple.  "Ohhhhhh, yessssssss …………….ohhhhh!" she crooned in response to the tonguing of her sensitive nipple.  "Ohhhh, Goddd …………….oh, yesssssss …………yessss ……..that's it ………..bite it ………ahhhhhh!" she moaned as the sharp teeth clamped down upon her, intent on leaving telltale marks.   "Ohhhhh ………..yesssss ………..……bite me …………hurt me ………yes ……..…….…..yesssssss!" she moaned as her other breast was being devoured in similar fashion.

After a third coupling that afternoon, the exhausted lovers broke their embrace and the lovely librarian was helped from the table onto the floor.  About to step into her pale yellow panties, she hesitated then stood upright and moved up to the teen that had given her the best fucking of her life.  She leaned up, nipping his ear while tucking the panties into his pants pocket, whispering "This is to remind you to come back to the library to do all of your studies!"

Rushing home, Evelyn was just about to step into her apartment when Dave drove up into the parking lot.  In a panic, upon see Dave get out of his car, she yelled down to him "Stay there, Dave!  I'll be right down in a minute!"  Quickly, she got out of her torn dress, then put on a new one.  Going to her dresser, she grabbed a clean pair of panties and stepped into them, feeling her oozing slit immediately dampened the crotch.  Hurriedly, she rushed out and down the stairway to greet Dave, giving him a loving kiss.

That evening, when Dave picked up his radiant fiancée, he was so happy to see her back to her cheerful self.  He had been worried about her, seeing her rather depressed over the past six weeks.  He could not figure out why she had been so down and Evelyn just told him it was the difficulty of her first year at the school.  As they dined together, it seemed like old times and when he kissed her, she responded by darting her tongue in his mouth.  She surprised him as it was normally he who had to initiate things and even more so when she put her hand on his thigh, sliding her hand up till her fingers squeezed at his cock.

After that intimate dinner, Dave anxiously looked forward to being alone with Evelyn, wanting to make love to her.  He took her back to her apartment where the petting and kissing took on a feverish pitch.  In the darkness of the night, he managed to undo her crisp blouse, first fondle her through her blouse and then getting bolder.  He couldn't believe just how hot Evelyn had gotten, grabbing and squeezing his cock as if desperate for it, so different than ever before.

Slipping her bra straps over her shoulders, he eased the lacy bra cups down, then eagerly captured a sensitive nipple into his mouth.  The way he was making Evelyn mewl and squirm as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, Dave believed he was witnessing his lovely fiancee in heat from his expert teasing.  But in reality, his lovely fiancee was squirming about, biting her lips from screaming as he sucked upon her raw and bruised nipples.  It was those painful sensations causing her to squirm and mewl in such a heated response.

Dave slipped his hand down to her panties, feeling the dampness, knowing she was obviously in the mood for lovemaking.  His cock grew as Evelyn moaned in his ear "Oh, Dave!  Oh, honey, feel how wet I am for you tonight!  My panties have been drenched since you picked me up tonight!  Oh, Dave ……….yes ……yes ……..make love to me!  Dave …………Dave …………..wait …..not yet …………..don't forget  to put on a condom, honey!"

End of Story.