High School Rape Club - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘High School Rape Club 3’
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For Gayle Benton, Porterville High had been a dream school to teach at as it was one of the top, if not the top high school in the state academically.  Grades and test scores were outstanding, and the high school was now being balanced by the recent success of the football and basketball teams, giving the student body real enthusiasm at being there.  For Gayle and the other teachers, it was truly enjoyed teaching there at Porterville High.

Gayle had made mention to Principal Graves of her sorority sister Cheryl Dawson, who had graduated from Porterville and hope to return to teach there someday.  Having seen Cheryl at the sorority get-together that past Christmas, Gayle had told her of how nice it was at Porterville and her ‘little sister’ from the sorority had indicated her hope to return to her hometown and teach at her alma mater.  Thus, Gayle assured her that she’d mention it to the principal and call her if she learned of any upcoming openings.

Like any other high school, Porterville also had its share of bad apples, especially those athletically talented like that of the players on the basketball team.  And to make matters worst, those so-called jocks were just not interested in studying, with several juniors of the basketball team having to take her sophomore math class.  She did not believe in giving them passing grades if not earned and Gayle detested those teachers that would do so just so that those jocks could play and win games for Porterville.

Gayle’s no-nonsense policy in the classroom was what had led her to be nicknamed as ‘The Frigid Little Bitch’ by the low-life jocks that were only there to play sports.  Marcus Green, team captain of the basketball team or B-Balls team as he always referred to it, was just interested in doing well in basketball so he could eventually make it all the way up into the big leagues.  But to Marcus, with all the starters on the basketball team being black, B-Balls meant ‘Black Balls’!  And being a real bad ass, Marcus had quite a devious streak and a penchant for ……………………..white pussy!

But for the lovely Mrs. Benton, as the students referred to her, the once dream teaching job suddenly turned into a nightmarish hell on the last day of the school year in June.  Throughout the year, one student in particular had gotten her frustrated time and time again, that being the basketball player named Marcus Green.  She wondered if he in fact was a bit dyslexic, for he always seemed to be getting figures mixed up.

For Marcus Green, team captain of the varsity basketball team or B-Balls Team as he liked to refer to it, there was only one figure that he was interested in the sophomore math class that he attended ……………………..that of the beautiful high school teacher!  Whenever she turned to write on the blackboard, his damned boner grew rock hard as it threatened to bust right through his jeans.  Eyeing up her sexy white legs, loving the 3” heels that she normally wore, and that tight little ass of hers had him muttering ‘I’s gotta git me that piece of ass!’  And then, when he was fortunate enough to gaze at her long trim legs and dangle a heel, Marcus couldn't wait till class was over so he could beat his meat.


And the B-Balls team under Marcus’ leadership had recently began to embark on sport other than just basketball …………………that of laying in wait for their beautiful prey, then springing upon and unsuspecting beauty.  The first unfortunate victim had been Lori Baxter, the sexy blonde cheerleader they had grabbed on her way home at night after the basketball game.  Marcus and the other guys had held her down while Joey ‘ruined’ the hot little bitch, popping her cherry as she struggled to preserve her virtue.  Then Marcus and the other guys got a turn at the cute little beauty bitch, gangbanging her with him buggering her ass while she was forced to straddle one cock and take one in her mouth.

The second had been Julie Norris, a cute little redhead who was quite a speedster on the girls’ track team.  Standing at 5’6” with long trim legs, 115 lb. Julie had just won the district championship meet and looked to be headed for the state title with her speed.  But her speed had not been enough to escape the B-Balls team that had been lying in wait as she had headed for home one day.  But with Toby Franklin having the hots and honor of popping her cherry, Marcus had to clamp his hand tightly over her mouth when the 6’9” 245 lb. center rammed his big black cock up into her tight little twat.

With two successful rapes under the B-Balls team, Marcus was intent on leading his team on to a new adventure, one where he intended on being first in line before the other got a turn.  And the one babe that really had him turned-on was just a no-no and out of the question of him seducing her ……………………….certainly not the beautiful Mrs. Gayle Benton, the sophomore math teacher!  The 28 year old beauty, standing at 5’4” and a mere 116 lbs., Marcus just couldn’t get the hang of math as his mind could only focus on her sexy bod.

After much thought and planning, Marcus had the B-Balls team move their cars out of the student parking lot early.  Then had one of the guys hotwire Mrs. Benton’s SUV and get it out of the teacher’s lot before school let out on the last day of the year.  Once most the cars were gone, especially the teachers’ lot, security would then to a once over check of the halls and classroom doors before they locked up the school and departed.

At the sound of the doorknob of her classroom door being checked, Gayle struggled futilely against the hand clamped over her mouth and hands holding her captive.  Moments later, Gayle shuddered upon hearing one of the hoodlums viewing out the classroom window advise ‘There goes the guard!’  Then she watched in fear and horror as what remained atop of the desk she was emptying being swept off onto the floor.

Sobbing as crying as she was being dragged to her desk, Gayle trembled upon hearing her student Marcus Green whisper in her ear “Yer the most beautiful teacher I’s ever had!  Ya know why I’s could never git math down any?  Cause’s I’s couldn’t fuck’n concentrate on the figures ……………………..not with yer sexy fuck’n figure driving me fuck’n nuts everyday!  Damn, ya’s look so fuck’n sexy when ya’s sit on the edge of yer desk!  Gits me hot and bothered every night picturing ya on yer desk ………….yeah, picturing ya nakkid on yer desk ………………………with me ‘nailing’ ya to it!”

For that last day of school, with it being very warm that summer, Gayle had eliminated the use of pantyhose that day.  Still quite prim and proper, she had worn a long sleeve white blouse, navy blue skirt and 3” navy blue heels.  Squirming about, she desperately tried to stop Marcus’ hands that were now up under her skirt and feeling her up.  Continuing to struggle, Gayle could not prevent the deviant teen from working the waistband of her panties down over her trim hips, down over her thighs and pulled off her navy blue heels.

A moment later, Gayle was so embarrassed to have her baby blue panties being dangled before her while the other members of the gang was sniffing at them like a pack of wild dogs.  Then Gayle found herself being dragged over to her cleared desktop and being forced down upon it.  Trembling and shaking uncontrollably, Gayle sobbed while lifting her head up a bit and seeing the vile teen’s head disappearing beneath her navy blue skirt, wondering as to what he was doing.

Feeling the teen’s wet tongue on her inner thighs and moving upward ever so close to her sex, Gayle was beside herself at the thought that anyone could want to do such a disgusting thing.  But in feeling his hot breath upon her sex, Gayle struggled against the many hands that had her arms and legs spread eagled upon the top of her desk.  “Noooo ………………..no …………………….stop ………………..stopppppppppppppppppp!” she pleaded.

Then Gayle heard one of the on looking teens say “C’mon, Marcus ……………….show us her golden beaver!”  Then came a response from under her skirt “No way, man!  Ya know’s I’s don’t like being watched while I’s eat!”  And that brought a roar of laughter from the teens surrounding her.  “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh, Goddddddddddddd …………………nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she cried out as Marcus clamped his hot mouth upon her sex, something that had never before been performed upon her.

Only able to toss her head from side to side, whipping her long blonde hair about in the process, Gayle’s cunt muscles tensed and squeezed as the wet wiggling tongue up her snatch was driving her out of her mind.  With her heels pressing down upon the corners of her desk, Gayle could not stop the urge of arching her hips up, allowing the devious teen to eat her out.  “Oooooooooh ……………………ooooooooooh ………………oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” Gayle screamed out as she climaxed as never before, right in the teen’s slurping mouth.

Eaten right out of her mind, Gayle was totally helpless as the demented gangs of black teens stripped off her blouse and skirt, yanked off her thin lacy white bra and peeled off her navy blue heels.  Pinned to her desk once again, with arms and legs widespread, Gayle sobbed in fear upon seeing the smirking Marcus Green standing before the desk between her widespread legs, her eyes glued to the huge monstrosity being stroked by his right hand.  Eyes wide in astonishment, Gayle realized that it was so much thicker and longer that what her husband Jim possessed, and he was the only one ever to have had sex with her.

“Please ………………….oh, please ………………..please, Marcus …………..please don’t rape me!” Gayle sobbed as the teen reached over to caress her leg with his free hand.  Then the teen was caressing her legs with both hands as he was climbing up on the desk and settling himself down atop of her trembling body, putting his thick fleshy cudgel at the vee of her legs.  “Please!  Please, Marcus!  Please don’t rape me!  I ………………….I’ve never been with anyone but my husband!” she pleaded.

Hand grasping his boner, Marcus guided his domed cockhead up against her groovy slit, loving the sight of her sobbing as he was about to ‘ruin’ the beautiful teacher.  Cockhead in place, Marcus let go of his cock to grasp her hip.  Then, with both hands on her trim hips, he lunged forward with all of his might, causing the raped beauty to let out a screech “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………..nooooooooo ……………………..noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

“Oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkk!  Teach’s tighter than some of the fuck’n virgins I’ve nailed!  Jezz, she probably married her fuck’n huband cause he’s got a pencil fer a dick!  Damn, teach …………………….I’s gonna ‘ruin’ ya gooooooooood!” Marcus chuckled as he humped into the agonized beauty.  Cock slicing in and out of the ravaged beauty, he bent over to tongue and earlobe, then whispered to her “I’s gonna knock ya up good, teach!  Gonna make yer belly swell’s up with my little black bastard!”

Eyes flooded with tears, unable to prevent this vile rape by her former student from the year before, Gayle could not believe that such a teen could possess such a monstrosity.  Closing her eyes in trying to block out the horror, Gayle’s mind could only relate the size of Marcus’ manhood to that of the donkey that ran about on her grandfather’s farm.  Body racked with pain, Gayle concluded ‘What else can you expect when you’re being raped by someone possessing a donkey-sized penis!’

Feeling torn between her legs by the monstrosity raping her, feeling the teen speeding up and beginning to grunt, Gayle it was as if a barn animal like the donkey was about to reach its climax.  And then it happened, hot splashes of male semen was inundating her fertile womb as she heard Marcus groan out “Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ………….ah, yeah, teach …………………….gonna knock ya up real good!”  “Uhhhhh ………..uhhhh …………..uhhhh!” she heard him groan as the teen rapist continued to spurt his vile seed into her body.

Delirious, mind absolutely horrified with the vile teen atop of her and violating her body, Gayle continued to struggle with all of her might.  Hands clenching and unclenching, but unable to move her arms as her wrists were held firmly to the desk, Gayle had been unaware of the two vile teens above her unzipping and exposing themselves.  Gritting her teeth to stem the pain from the awful rape, she clenched her fist to steel her body, trying to hold on for dear life.  Trying to shut her mind to block out the vile rape, steeling her body, Gayle was unaware that the hard rods she was clutching in her hands were two hard and horny black cocks of the B-Balls team.

Choking back the sobs as the black teen atop of her began grunting as he continued to violate her body, she felt the proud animal in her body beginning to twitch and lurch, Gayle knew the it would soon be doing its vile ‘thing’ in her body.  ‘Oh, God!  Oh, my God!  What if he gets me pregnant?’ she worried.  “No!  No!  Don’t!  Not in me!  Not in meeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Pleaseeeeeeeee!” Gayle pleadingly cried out.

But her pleas were just music to Marcus, causing him to right over the edge as he grunted “Ugh ……………………ugh ………………….ughhhhhhhhhh!”  His body stiffening, then convulsing, Marcus sated his pent up lust as he spew his filth into the sexy white body of his beautiful prim and proper math teacher.  “Ahhh!  Heh, heh …………..gotcha, teach!” he taunted the sobbing beauty as humped his twitching as spurting cock in a bit further into her agonized body, adding “Oh, yeah, Mrs. Benton ……………..drain my black balls!”

Her body trembling and shuddering as the vile teen ejaculated deep in her fertile womb, Gayle then became aware of the slickness in both of her hands, then realized just what had happened during her violation was taking place.  She cringed and shuddered even more as her gooey fingers were being forcibly wrapped around the still spurting penises as the vile teens proceeded to finish themselves off in her hands and manicured fingers, webbing them together with their slimy filth.

Totally defeated, Gayle lay unmoving on the teach from where she taught class each day, semen dripping from between her fingers of both hands onto the classroom floor while cum oozed out of her raped slit onto her desk.  Then another of the B-Balls team, 6’4” forward Joey Thomas was getting up onto the desk and between her legs.  Her head being forcibly turned by Marcus, Gayle felt him prying her jaw apart, then wished she was dead as the vile teen pushed his filthy penis into her mouth.

Legs numb from the brutal rape by Marcus, Gayle merely lay upon her desk as this other teen proceeded to sate his vile lust upon her body.  Worst was the awful penis pumping in and out of he mouth, making her want to throw up as the filthy thing began to harden and expand between her lips and teeth.  Then the vile team captain of the B-Balls team wrapped his thick fingers in her long blonde hair as he proceeded to face fuck her.

With the teen upon her grunting and spewing his vile seed in her, Gayle felt absolutely sick as the thick cock in her mouth continue to grow in length and was now pushing at the back of her throat.  ‘He’s sick!  Totally sick!  How can any male want to do such a filthy thing in making a woman take his penis into her mouth?’ she shuddered.  And as Marcus began sawing faster and faster, cockhead slipping in and out of her throat, Gayle trembled in horror as she realized ‘Oh, God!  Oh, God!  He’s going to do it right in my mouth!’

Seeing the horror in her eyes as he looked down upon her terrified face, Marcus chuckled correctly “Whatsa matter, teach, first time?  Ain’t ya ever sucked her hubby off?  Well, lemme do the honors of me being yer personal teacher in the art of cock sucking, huh!”  As he fucked in and out of her tight mouth, enjoying the feel of her teeth scraping against his bloated cock, Marcus knew that he’d pop his load any second from now as the beautiful teach began gagging.

Fear coursed through her petite body upon hearing Marcus grunting as he rapidly faced fucked her now with short strokes, Gayle knew what it really meant, that the vile teen was about to do his thing in her mouth and she couldn’t do a damned thing about it.  “Uhh ……………………..uhhh …………………..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the loud male groans as the penis in her mouth expanded and lurched time and time again.  Mouth filling with his filthy semen, Gayle shuddered upon hearing Marcus advise “Swallow, teach!  Swallow it all!”

Raped by the last of the group of teens while being forced to give Toby a blowjob as she had done Marcus, Gayle quivered upon feeling her feet being touched and caressed, realizing that such caresses was not by the teens’ hands but their penises.  She heard Marcus chuckling behind her head as she serviced Toby with her mouth, realizing that the vile team leader was recuperating to regain his stamina as he told her “I jist love watching yer beautiful ass when ya’s writing on the blackboard!  Soon I’m gonna sample that beautiful ass of yers!”

A second load of cum deposited in her mouth, another load shot in her pussy, and now cum was dripping from both of the beautiful teacher’s cum covered feet onto the floor.  Smiling and chuckling at the sight, Marcus reached down to retrieve the navy blue heels and then slipped them onto her cum covered feet.  Grabbing her by the ankles, he proceeded to pull the raped beauty down off the side of her desk.  Turning her and pushing her forward, he stepped forward and lunged.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the ear piercing scream as Marcus skewered his cock up into never before penetrated anus.  “Hot damn!  Ain’t ya ever been buggered before, Mrs. Benton?” he asked, knowing full well that her tight little ass was cherry!  “No ……………nooooooooooooooooooooo …………………….stop ………………..you’re killing me!” came the crying reply.  But that only encouraged Marcus to continue sodomizing the beautiful teacher, telling his buddy “Tyrone, hop up on the desk!  With this being your eighteenth birthday, teach here is gonna blow out that candle of yer, heh, heh!  She ain’t gonna bite ya now that I’s got it up her tight little ass!”

Cock reaming her a new asshole, Gayle shuddered as Tyrone's lenghty cock pushed itself down into her gullet and now it was getting hard to breathe.  Then she heard a gloating Tyrone chuckle "Aw, man ............................this is the best fuck'n birthday present anyone's ever given me!  Damn, teach ......................ah, baby ....................................suck me ...............................suck me .....................................deepthroat me, Mrs. Benton!"  Humiliated at having to perform this demean task to the deviant teen for his so called birthday present, something she had deprived her own husband of, it was even more degrading to hear the teen groan "Gonna cum, Mrs. Benton ..................................................gonna cream yer tonsils .......................................ah, yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ...........................eat it ..............................eat it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!" 

Hours later, cowering in the corner of her classroom with cum oozing out of her raped twat onto the floor, Gayle looked at her desk and knew that she had been so proud to teach from each day.  Clad only in the navy blue heels, cum gluing the soles of her feet in it, she just could not find the strength to move and get dressed.  Gayle knew that she could never return here to ever teach again, not with the nightmare the cum-covered desk would remind her of each day from then on.

Gayle was glad that her husband was out of town on a business trip for she certainly did not want him to know of her rape and violation.  ‘Would he still love me if he knew?  Would he cringe at the thought of making love to me if he knew five black teens raped and sodomized me?  What about kissing me if he knew each one of the teens had made take his filthy black penis into my mouth so he could shoot his slimy filth down my throat?’ she pondered.  Prior to the teens leaving, they sought to degrade her status as a high school teacher even further by taking seats in the classrooms chairs while forming a circle, forcing her to her knees and servicing them one by one with her mouth, each not releasing his tight grip on her hair till she swallowed the slimey filth ejaculated into her mouth.

With Jeff having been offered a promotion to the European office and about to turn it down due to her resistance to moving, Gayle had a change of heart as that would be the perfect excuse for her to depart from Porterville High without further explanations.  She did remember having told her friend and ‘little sister’ Cheryl that she would advise her of any openings at Porterville High but there was no way she’d send her friend there, right into the hands of the ‘High School Rape Club’ aka the B-Balls Team!

Six weeks later, Gayle and her husband began searching for a home in London, and also getting recommendations of place to look for furniture.  But one thing Gayle had to do on her own, that of looking for a doctor or clinic to perform an abortion.  Raped on the last day of the school year by the vile B-Balls team, she indeed had been ‘knocked up’ by one of them, just as Marcus Green had gloated that he hoped to do while raping her.

Gayle’s heart sank upon learning that her friend Cheryl Dawson had in fact been the one to replace her and prayed that her friend would not meet the same fate.  She had not forgotten to call her ‘little sister’ when she made the decision to leave Porterville High, but instead had deliberately not called her and hoped that her sorority sister would not hear of the opening at her alma mater.  ‘Should I call and warn her?  Tell her what happened to me?’ she wondered, but the thought of telling anyone of the savage rape and defilement at the hands of the black teens was just too devastating.

End of Story.