High School Rape Club - V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘High School Rape Club 3 & 4’
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Getting her sophomore classroom organized that Friday, Cheryl Dawson was so happy to have landed a job at Porterville High, her alma mater, for it was considered to be the top high school in the entire state for the last ten years or so.  Having taught at the middle school the prior year, she and her husband had been preparing to make the move to Junction City in the southeastern part of the state where her husband Jeff could transfer to another office and where she could break into the high school ranks.

At 25 years of age, married a year ago to her high school sweetheart, Cheryl had submitted her application to Porterville upon her graduation, wanting it to be on file but realistically figured that it’d be five years before she’d even be considered for an opening.  Grades-wise in college, plus being an alumnus of Porterville High, Cheryl felt confident of eventually getting a position at Portville, especially having been a class officer, member of the national honor society and a cheerleader for the school.

With all those credentials, Cheryl felt that it would be just a matter of time for an opening at the school to come up as it still had many people she knew working there.  In fact, she had hoped to be teaching with Gayle Meese, now Mrs. Gayle Benton, her ‘big sister’ in the sorority she had pledged and who had been teaching at Porterville a year after graduating from State U.  Thus, when the call came from the principal of Porterville High in early July, Cheryl was thrilled to hear of the opening and to go in for the interview.

In meeting with Principal Grant, Cheryl had been shocked to learn that it was Gayle Benton who had departed suddenly from the high school, apparently due to her husband getting transferred to the European branch of the company he worked for.  Having seen Gayle at the sorority reunion the past Christmas, her ‘big sister’ had told her how wonderful Porterville High was and would definitely call her if she heard of any upcoming openings.  And so Cheryl had been surprised that Gayle had not called her, and was left to surmise that it had been a very sudden move for her friend as well in having to depart from Porterville.

In actuality, Gayle had not forgotten to call her ‘little sorority sister’ when she made the decision to leave Porterville High, but instead had deliberately not called her and hoped that her sorority sister would not hear of the opening at her alma mater.  For Gayle, Porterville High had been a dream school to teach at, up until that last day of the school year.  One of the top, if not the top high school in the state academically, with grades and test scores outstanding as Gayle had truly enjoyed teaching there.

But for the lovely Mrs. Gayle Benton, her dream teaching job had turned into a nightmarish hell on the last day of the school year in June.  Like any other high school, Porterville had its bad apples too, especially those athletically talented ones like that of the players on the basketball team with all above eighteen years of age as having been kept back due to poor academics in their youths.  And to make matters worst, those so-called jocks were just not interested in studying.  She did not believe in giving them passing grades if not earned, detesting those teachers that would do so just so that those jocks could play and win games for Porterville.

Gayle’s no-nonsense policy in the classroom was what had led her to be nicknamed as ‘The Frigid Little Bitch’ by the low-life jocks that were only there to play sports.  Marcus Green, team captain of the basketball team or B-Balls team as he always referred to it, was just interested in doing well in basketball so he could eventually make it all the way up into the big leagues.  But to Marcus, with all the starters on the basketball team being black, B-Balls really meant ‘Black Balls’ to him!  And being a real bad ass, Marcus had quite a devious streak and a penchant for ……………………..white pussy! Leader of the basketball team, Marcus loved making lay-ups, but best of all laying beautiful white bitches!

The first unfortunate victim had been Lori Baxter, the sexy blonde cheerleader they had grabbed on her way home at night after the basketball game.  Marcus and the other guys had held her down while Joey ‘ruined’ the hot little bitch, popping her cherry as she struggled to preserve her virtue.  Then Marcus and the other guys got a turn at the cute little beauty bitch, gangbanging her with him buggering her ass while she was forced to straddle one cock and take one in her mouth.

The second had been Julie Norris, a cute little redhead who was quite a speedster on the girls’ track team.  Standing at 5’6” with long trim legs, 115 lb. Julie had just won the district championship meet and looked to be headed for the state title with her speed.  But her speed had not been enough to escape the B-Balls team that had been lying in wait as she had headed for home one day.  But with Toby Franklin having the hots and honor of popping her cherry, Marcus had to clamp his hand tightly over her mouth when the 6’9” 245 lb. center rammed his big black cock up into her tight little twat.

As to her friend whose position she was taking, Gayle Benton had deliberately not contacted her to advise of her leaving and that her position was vacant, for Gayle too had unwittingly fallen victim to the vile B-Balls team of Porterville High.  Accosted on the last day of the school year, held captive in her classroom, unspeakable things had taken place that Gayle just could not bring herself to report the attack to the police nor even confide with the best of friends.

Cheryl’s friend and sorority sister had made the move to London in accompanying her husband on his promotion to the foreign subsidiary.  It had been a promotion Jeff Benton was just about to turn down due to Gayle’s unwillingness to go abroad, but his wife’s sudden change of heart had them departing immediately at the end of June.  For Gayle, it was an escape from the horrors that would have awaited her if she did return to teach at Porterville.

Held down upon the top of the desk from where she taught sophomore math, Gayle Benton had been savagely raped and violated repeatedly upon it.  Escaping the clutches of the vile teens by departing Porterville to London had served to relieve her fears and tensions, until weeks later when Gayle discovered that she had been impregnated from the horrid ordeal.  And thus, in addition completing the move and looking for furniture, there was the need for her to research the local laws and learn if and where she could obtain an abortion.

Six weeks later, Gayle and her husband began searching for a home in London, and also getting recommendations of place to look for furniture.  But one thing Gayle had to do on her own, that of looking for a reputable doctor or clinic to perform an abortion.  Raped on the last day of the school year by the vile B-Balls team, she indeed had been ‘knocked up’ by one of them, just as Marcus Green had gloated that he hoped to do while in the process of raping her.

Gayle’s heart sank upon learning that her friend Cheryl Dawson had in fact been the one to replace her and prayed that her friend would not meet the same fate.  She had not forgotten to call her ‘little sister’ when she made the decision to leave Porterville High, but instead had deliberately not called her and hoped that her sorority sister would not hear of the opening at her alma mater.  ‘Should I call and warn her?  Tell her what happened to me?’ she wondered, but the thought of telling anyone of the savage rape and defilement at the hands of the black teens was just too devastating.
Back at Porterville High, having worn tennis shoes and dressed very casually in order to clean the classroom of the dust and dirt settling for the past two months, Cheryl got a wet rag to wipe down the top of her desk.  As she was replacing Gayle’s position and would be teaching in that same classroom, Cheryl realized that she’d now be literally following in the footsteps of her ‘big sister’ from her college sorority.  And in wiping down the top of the desk, Cheryl thought ‘I’m even teaching the math class that she had, right from the desk that she taught from!’

With the wet rag, Cheryl wiped the dust off the desktop and used her long fingernail of her thumb to scrape off a couple dried wet spots that had become stuck to the desk.  Rubbing her fingernail over the spots to scrape them off, she then used the wet rag to clean it off the final remnats.  If Cheryl only knew of the last time that desk had been in use, the last day of the past school year, when her good friend and ‘big sister’ had been stripped naked and held down upon it then gang raped on that very desk.  And those dried spots that she had used her finger to scrape off were actually commingled fuck drippings from that eventful day.

Taking the bucket of dirty water to toss it outside and then to refill it, Cheryl then observed several high school students coming out of the entrance to the gym with one of them continuously flipping a basketball up into the air.  With the four male students coming her way, Cheryl felt a twinge of nervousness in seeing how tall and muscular they all were.  But perhaps it was another factor about them that made her nervous …………for they were all BIG and BLACK!

Cheryl nearly jumped out of her skin when the student tossing the ball spoke to her “Good afternoon, ma’am!  You must be a new teacher here!  I’m Marcus Green, captain of the B-Balls team ………….I mean the basketball team!”  With Marcus then introducing the others to her, Cheryl smiled and replied “It’s nice to meet all of you!  I’m Mrs. Dawson and I’ll be teaching sophomore math this year!”  “Oh, what happened to Mrs. Benton?  Isn’t she coming back this year?” one of the others asked.  “Oh, her husband had a job offer abroad and they apparently had to make the move suddenly!” Cheryl replied.

“Did you know Mrs. Benton?” the fellow named Marcus asked.  “Oh, yes!  In fact we went to college together!” Cheryl responded.  Then Marcus advised “Mrs. Benton was a really good teacher!  Really nice!  We’s all’s ‘had’ her in that classroom ya’s be teaching in!”  Little did Cheryl get the double meaning of the word ‘had’ that had just be spoken, for it did not mean being taught math but they fact that they had raped her beautiful friend right there on the desk that she would be teaching from.  Then the teen named Joey smiled and added in “Yeah, she sure was my absolute favorite!”

After all four team members had politely bid her with a ‘Goodbye, ma’am!’ Cheryl chided herself for initially having felt that twinge of nervousness when she had first seen them approaching.  She was quite surprised that they had all been quite polite for the typical high school students these days and now Cheryl was really looking forward to teaching at her old alma mater of Porterville High.  But Cheryl had been totally duped in the display of friendliness put on by Marcus and his teammates.  Then she had been greeted by a fellow teacher that she had been introduced to earlier, who indicated her surprise at seeing her so early in the summer, to which Cheryl responded “Thought I’d get it done today since my husband is out of town till late tomorrow!”

“Goddamnnnnnn!  That’s one hot little cutie of a teach, mannnnn!  Sweetttttttttt …….jist a little fuck’n sweetie!” Marcus exclaimed to his buddies once the had gotten out of the front door.  “Damn, whadda ya say we’s go back in there and help get her classroom setup ………………..get her desk all laid on out ……………with her squirming buck naked on it!” his buddy Toby advised.  “Fuck man, there’s too many people in there now, getting there classrooms and offices set up for the new school year!  One scream and we’ll be in the fuck’n slammer!  And with me jist making eighteen, that’s up to 20 fuck’n years in the can fer me!” Tyrone advised.

Marcus chuckled, his hand pointing down to the rising bulge under Toby’s shorts, telling the guys “Lookit Toby!  Fucker’s thinking with the wrong fuck’n head as usual!”  Laughing, Marcus told them “With school being out, they ain’t checking as to who parks in the teachers’ parking lot!  So, let’s bring the car on over here, then we’s can follow that sexy bitch on home and maybe git us some sweet nookie over there!  Ya heard her tell that old bitch Norton that hubby’s outta town till later tomorrow!  Damn, she sure looks so fuck’n tender!  I’s jist gotta git me a taste of that tender beaver burger!  Bet it’s all sweet and juicy!”

An hour later, locking her classroom door and taking the bucket and rags that she had brought with her, Cheryl made her way out to the parking lot and proceeded to load the supplies into the back of her trunk of her Lexus.  Getting into the driver’s seat and starting up the engine, Cheryl then proceeded out of the parking lot after having put on her seatbelt.  Check for traffic, she then proceeded to make a right turn to head for her home located three miles away.  But unsuspecting Cheryl had not seen the silver car pulling out of the parking lot after her and was now following at a short distance behind of her.

Marcus had figured that this drive might merely end up being a reconnaissance mission for a later visit to the pretty school teacher, especially if her neighborhood being a difficult one for prowlers.  However, parking at the corner after Lexus and seeing the beauty stepping out of her car in the garage, Toby had his dick whipped out and was stroking his boner in the front seat, not caring if the guys were watching or not as he panted out “God, I’s gotta put my fuck’n meat in that sexy little bitch!  Fer a teach, she sure looks so fuck’n innocent!  Bet she’s way tighter than fuck’n hos we’s been nailing in high school!”  “Fucker, ya’d better not pop now and make a fuck’n mess in my’s car, asshole!” Marcus told his stroking friend.

Going into the kitchen, Cheryl opened the refrigerator and got out the carton of orange juice.  Finishing the refreshing drink that she poured for herself, Cheryl looked out at the lovely flowers that she had just planted in the backyard, then placed the empty glass into the sink before turning to go upstairs to shower off all the dirt and grim from the classroom.  Had she pondered at the kitchen sink for just another few seconds, Cheryl would have seen the intruders scaling the wooden fence and setting foot onto her property.

Having taken off her tennis shoes before coming into the house, Cheryl placed her set of clean clothing down upon the bathroom countertop as she proceeded to take off blouse. Bra undone, then came her slacks and panties as she readied the shower, testing the water to make sure it was just the right temperature before stepping in.  Alone at home, the door to the bathroom had not been locked nor fully closed.  Warm water beading down upon her as she soaped her petite body, Cheryl had her back to the frosted shower door and  was totally unaware of the three vile intruders slipping into the privacy of her bathroom.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………….!” Cheryl screamed when the shower door was suddenly flung open, her scream cut off by the large calloused hand being clamped over her mouth.  Cheryl recognized that it was one of the teens she had met in the school hallway, the one name Toby, who held her captive and was now dragging her out of the shower stall.  Dragged from the stall, shower still running, Cheryl trembled as she was now looking up into the leering face of the leader of the group, the one who had earlier introduced himself as Marcus Green.

“Hi, teach!  We’s here’s the welcoming committee fer Porterville High!  And since ya’s a new teacher here, we’s wanted to make sure ya’s git settled in and git to know us!” Cheryl was told by the devious leader of the pack.  Then as Toby was dragging her out further, she heard Marcus say “Hold up, Toby!  Purty teach here didn’t git her little beaver rinsed out yet!  I’s wanna taste her beaver when I’s eat it out …………..not no fuck’n soapsuds!”  She observed the vile teen cup his hands under the shower spray till they were overflowing with water, then bringing over to her belly and letting the water flow over her crotch.

Rubbing his bare hand over the squirming beauty’s belly and down to her crotch to cup her wet golden fleece, Marcus loved seeing the tears in her frightened green eyes as he slipped his middle finger between the juncture of her trim thighs to rub at her slit and felt her shudder of revulsion.  And as Toby proceeded to drag her out with Tyrone capturing her kicking legs to help his buddy out of the bathroom doorway, Marcus then turned back to turn off the shower before joining everyone in the master bedroom.  Capturing all of the invasion of the bathroom and dragging the beautiful teacher out was Joey, standing at the bathroom doorway from the start, now backing up with camcorder in hand to get it all on disc.

Held firmly upon the king-sized bed, wrists held above her head by the two teens, mouth covered by Toby’s other hand while the other teen was flashing a long sharp switchblade in front of her face as he threatened “Now I’s don’t wanna have to carve up that purty face of yers, teach!  So, ya’s be real quiet, okay!”  Trembling as Toby uncovered her mouth and Tyrone putting the knife on the nightstand, Cheryl shuddered with fear as her inner thighs were then grabbed and legs spread wide apart.

“Oh, God ……………………………….oh, God ……………………………oh, God, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Cheryl sobbed as a nude Marcus appeared from the bathroom and holding up the pair of pink panties that she had disposed into the hamper before stepping into the shower.  Then the teen was holding it up to his face and deeply inhaling her scent from it.  A movement caught her eye, drawn her attention to it as Cheryl took her gaze from the panty sniffing teen to the thick rising shaft between his muscular black loins.  ‘Oh, God, it’s so much bigger than Jeff’s!’ she realized of the young teen’s lengthy ebony phallus.

Eyes widening in total disbelief as the thick black cock continued throbbing and jerking on its own, getting itself all the way up to a 45 degree angle.  Then her pink panties were being wrapped around the thick shaft as the vile captain of the basketball team began shucking himself with them.  “No ……………….no, please …………………please, nooooooo!” Cheryl sobbed as the teen now approached the bed and got up onto it.  She saw that evil smile, the salacious licking of his lips, then recalled that comment that had alluded to him ‘eating her out’.  ‘Oh, God …………..he’s absolutely sick …….absolutely demented!’ she concluded in seeing the disgusting display Marcus was putting on with the flicking of his long tongue.

“Noooooo ………………noooooooo ……………….stop, stopppppppppppppppppp!” Cheryl sobbed out was Marcus placed his hands on her inner thighs and nuzzled his lewdly smiling face up into her sex.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as his thick tongue slid up into her slit.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnn ……………..noooooooooooooooo!” she panted out while tossing her head frantically from side to side, causing her long silky blonde hair to whip about as the earlier tongue display was now taking place up in her sex and literally driving her crazy.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo ……….………………..oh, God ………………oh, my God ………………….oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” Cheryl cried out, hips arching up into wide open mouth that was slurping noisily as the vile teen literally ate her out, giving her a mind-shattering climax in the process.  ‘Lap ………lppppp ……..lpppp lppppp ……..lpppp …………lppppppppp!’ continued the slurping and lapping of her slick slit as she shuddered uncontrollably and unwillingly fed the vile teen the sweet honey nectar that he had been seeking.  And when the lapping between her widespread thighs finally came to a stop, she heard Marcus chuckle in advising his friends “Damn, that sure had to be the tastiest beaver I’s ever ate!  The cleanest, that’s fer sure!”

Now Cheryl was in a dazed stupor from that mind-shattering orgasm from having a tongue wiggling up in her snatch for the very first time.  She was unaware of Marcus sliding off the bed to change places with his buddy Toby, noticing only when there was a changing of hands gripping her wrist and inner thigh.  Opening her eyes once again, Cheryl was now looking up through the ‘V’ of her spread legs at the tall teen named Toby Franklin who was beginning to disrobe.  The tall teen was the center for the basketball team, standing tall at 6’9” and weighing a good 245 lbs.

The loud audible gasp that Cheryl emitted, when Toby pulled his gym shorts down to put his manhood on display, told the entire story.  Afraid of  what she had thought Marcus would be raping her with earlier, what Toby had been packing under the confines of his gym shorts was simply unbelievable to Cheryl’s eyes or imagination.  Both the length and its thickness reminded Cheryl of one thing, that being the rolling pin that she had used the week before to spread the dough when baking cookies for the neighbors.  “Please, oh please ……………no, please ……………….please don’t rape me!  Please ………………..not with that awful ‘thing’!” she sobbed out in fear.

To her right side where Marcus was holding her, Cheryl heard Marcus team captain taunt “Ah, Mrs. Dawson, don’t go and hurt Toby’s feelings!  He’s in bad need right now since he had the hots fer ya back at the school.  With him stroking that monster cock of his in my’s car, jist thinking about ya, I’s thought he was gonna make a fuck’n pop and make a damn mess in my’s car!”  Then she heard Toby boast “C’mon, man, ain’t no ways I’s was gonna pop that quickly!  But I’s sure as hope I’s don’t pop before I’s git to stretch out that tight little pussy of hers!”

“No ……..no …….…no …….…no …………….please …………please ……….please …………..please!” Cheryl whimpered in absolute fear as Toby was now between her widely stretched legs and using the end of his rolling pin sized cock up and down to the entrance of her vagina, which she knew would surely be torn if forced into her tight opening.  “No, please …………..please don’t!  It’s too big!  It’s too big, pleaseeeeeeee!” Cheryl sobbed as the thick bulb pushed forward.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..…………….no …………….oh God, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she shrieked as Toby lunged, spearing several inches of his thick oversized cock into her far too tight slit.

For the onlookers of this violent rape of the beautiful high school teacher, as well as what was being captured on tape, the sight upon the Dawson’s marital bed made quite an erotic scene indeed.  With the long silky blonde hair disheveled and tossing about in the air, the petite beauty of 115 lb. was being forced to except the long thick cock possessed by the 6’9” 245 lb. black giant stud.  They all wondered where that thick monster was disappearing into as the sobbing beauty looked far too petite and tiny to take any more of the monstrous cock, yet over 6 solid inches of black meat remained after Toby had lunged into her several more times.

With Toby lunging hard to force even more of his donkey-sized cock up into the beautiful teacher, Marcus advised “Take it easy, man!  Don’t go and kill her with that fuck’n cock of yers!  We’s went and let ya’s have the honor of ‘ruining’ the purty bitch but don’t kill her with it!  Jesssss, we’s all want at turn at this purty thing!”  Seeing her weeping and hyperventilating, Marcus pushed her arm over and gave Tyrone the signal to hold both her arms above the wrist.  Now using his freed hand, Marcus turned the beauty’s towards him, then pushed his hardon into her open mouth when she gasped with the pain associated with Toby thrusting into her once again.

In the corner nearest the entrance of the bedroom was Joey avidly capturing all the action on his trusty camcorder.  He was not just the typical jock who was only interested in playing ball, for Joey had a passion for filming things with his camcorder and wanted to get a job in the film industry.  He’d seen x-rated videos before, but now he was having his first opportunity to shoot such a flick, even though this was not any act going on but a real live rape of an unwilling victim whose house had been broken into.  But Joey didn’t care, only wanting to be certain that the picture was clear and that he got into the right position and angles for each scene.

‘God, how in the hell is that sexy teach taking all of Toby’s fuck’n big boner up into he cunt?’ Joey wondered, capturing the fantastic rape scene on video from afar, taking in all of the beautiful teachers sexy white legs with toes now curled and pointed across the room as she was forced to accept even more of the lengthy cockshaft.  With her arms held above her head by Tyrone and Marcus now face fucking her, Joey planned on zooming in first at teach’s sexy little white butt as that would give even more emphasis as to how big Toby’s fucking cock really was in comparison to the teacher’s petite body.

Getting down for the right angle, Joey slowly zoomed in for close-up shots of Toby’s donkey-sized cock slicing in and out of the teacher’s raped slit.  ‘Glrkk …………grrk …………….glrkk ………..grrk ………glrkk ………grkk!’ were the alternating sounds being captured at this point, one of them generated by Toby’s cock fucking her cunt and the other of Marcus fucking in and out of her gagging throat.  Now, with both his teammates fucking faster and faster, Joey panned back out in order to capture the ‘money shot’ of the guys popping their nuts and in the throes of pleasure as they ejaculated their hot jizz into the raped beauty.

Moments later, cocks pulled out of her mouth and cunny, Joey then got to capture the most lurid scene as the B-Balls team lifted their latest victim from the bed in a cradling position.  Raped mouth partially open as the beautiful teach was now in a fucked out daze, cum oozing out of the left corner of her lips and down her chin while cum could be seen oozing out of her wide stretched cunny to drip upon the bed.  Then Tyrone was telling his buddies “Put teach down on her knees fer me!  Ain’t nothing I’s like better than putting a purty teach in her place ……..right down on her knees so’s I’s can teach her how to be a hot little cocksucker!”

Cock in hand and held upright, Tyrone grabbed the back of the pretty teacher’s head and pulled her forward into his smelly crotch, ordering her to “Suck’em, teach!  Suck my big black balls!”  As she tried to pull her head back, Tyrone held her firm with his strong hand and thick fingers gripping her silky hair, telling her “C’mon, bitch!  Lick’em!”  A moment later, Tyrone announced his pleasure “Ah, yeah!  That’s it, teach!  That’s it, git yer teeth around my nuts!”

“At a girl, teach, roll my nuts around in yer mouth!  Okay, teach, now reach up with her left hand and grab on to my’s cock!” Tyrone advised.  As it became quite apparent that his innocent victim was mentally in a fucked up daze, Tyrone halted the fisting of cock to reach down to grasp her left upper arm.  Arm limp, getting her to raise up her hand up, Tyrone then molded her beautifully manicured fingers around this throbbing boner.  He smiled as the beautiful teacher then began to instinctively pump at his swollen cock, giving him the delightful view of the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band as she stroked him, a sight that always made his day.

Gritting his teeth at the feel of the soft petite hand pumping him faster and faster, Tyrone groaned out to his buddies “Teach here is a real fast learner!  Ohhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Pulling back some, getting his bloated balls out of her sucking mouth, Tyrone then gave her his licorice lollipop to suck on.  Having watched Marcus and Toby rape and defile the succulent beauty earlier, now having his treat of balls and cock being sucked off, Tyrone was ready to pop.  A beautiful woman, a high school teacher older than he and married to some white punk, it couldn’t get any better other than having hubby watch it all.

Panning back from a close-up shot of Tyrone’s big black boner fucking the between the succulent pink lips as Joey knew that his buddy was on the verge of cumming in the way he was panting and moaning.  Recalling how Tyrone was mouthing off in the car, telling the guys of how he ‘like to cum all over that bitch’s beautiful face’, Joey wondered if his buddy would carry out his fantasy.  Having seen just how much fucking jizz Tyrone could store up in his big black balls, with no man even able to match much less surpass him, a full quart of jizz would be seen shooting out endlessly.  Seeing Tyrone wrapping his hand over the teacher’s trim white fingers, Joey zoomed back a bit more as wanted to capture the entire scene.

Indeed, Joey was right in his suspicions as Tyrone let out a loud groan “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Capturing it all on disc, Tyrone held the teacher’s hand firm as he pulled out of her mouth, not letting her point his boner away from her as he uncorked a torrent of hot jizz right straight again her nose as some went right into her partially opened mouth.  The second squirt had her eyes glued shut as cum streamed down her beautiful face.  Another was then aimed lower, splashing against her trim neck to stream down over her titties. Again and again, it seemed as if Tyrone had an endless supply of the sticky goo.

Getting Tyrone to take over his camcorder as Joey had the other guys get the beauty up onto her bed on all fours, Joey teasingly cussed at his buddy Tyrone “Fuck, ya think I’s wanna git yer fucking nasty cum all over me!”  Giving him quick instructions on how to zoom in and out, Joey then told him of the scenes he wanted to be obtained, first a close-up of what he planned on doing when he got into position and then “Go around to the front and pan out so’s ya can get me into the picture behind of her and still her facial reactions to when I’s bugger her good!  Bet her beautiful ass is cherry and I’s gonna make her jump and squirm!”

Moments later, Cheryl’s fingers were desperately clutching as the thick bedspread as she attempted to crawl away from teen named Joey who was obviously demented as he was trying to shove his ‘thing’ up into her rectum.  “No …………….no ……………….no!” she screamed out as she tried to get away.  But the hands on her hips were gripping her tightly, the bedspread sliding backwards under her as she was pulled back, right onto the long thick spear.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she shrieked out in agonizing pain as her rectum tore from the size of the raping cudgel being brutally thrust up into her.

A bit later, under the warn shower spray, the filthy cum was being washed offer her body by the four B-Balls team members who accompanied her into the shower.  Cheryl soo found herself nailed to the tiled wall of the shower by Marcus as the water sprayed upon them, then made to lean against the tiles with outstretched arms as Joey proceeded to butt-fucked her once again.  On all fours later on, Tyrone fucked her like animal while she was forced to accept Toby into her mouth.  Washed clean once again, Cheryl was then dragged back out into the master bedroom where the fun and games would continue throughout the entire night with a four-man gangbang planned for the innocent high school teacher, everything to be captured on video with the camcorder placed on a makeshift stand.

On edge for the next two weeks, always remembering the phrase “We’ll be seen ya again, real soon, Mrs. Dawson!”, Cheryl had made her mind up that she would have to comply with their vile wishes so as not to have those horrid videos sent to her husband, along with the principal and all the teachers at Porterville High as they had threatened before leaving that day.  Shown the duplicated video discs that Joey had copied on the DVD that Jeff had in his study, she felt that her entire life would be ruined if viewed by anyone else.  Thus, Cheryl had decided to hide her shame at all costs.

Cheryl had been quite thankful for the first few days after Jeff’s return home as he was quite busy at work, getting home late and exhausted each night, then retiring to bed after a late supper.  He even was busy working in the study all Friday night after dinner with the door closed, putting Cheryl mentally at ease for that evening as she was thankful he was busy with paperwork.  She was surprised to hear the lock door to the study turn as Jeff had never before locked himself away in the study, guessing that he must need full concentration with out being disturbed on the project he was doing.

Showering and slipping into bed, Cheryl was just about to doze off when she heard Jeff turning on the shower in the master bath.  Having dozed off while Jeff was showering, she had not noticed him sliding under the covers next to her, awaking suddenly as when Jeff had slipped his hand up under her pajama top and cupping her breast and pressing his rigid hardon between her pajama clad legs.  Never before had she encountered Jeff so antsy for lovemaking after having a long day at work.  But on this night he amazed her with the avid fucking he threw to her, even getting her off when he blew his hot and plentiful cum into her.

Unbeknownst to Cheryl, Jeff had gotten up to lock the door just after he had opened an envelope that was addressed to him and placed in the middle of his desktop drawer.  Not having opened the drawer for days, he wondered who could have put it there as Cheryl would normally place any mail for him in the tray atop of his desk.  The envelope was not stamped so it had not come by mail.  ‘How did it get in my desk drawer?’ he wondered.  Opening the envelope, he found two DVD discs in it, along with a note on which was written ‘Mr. Dawson: Thank you for letting your beautiful wife entertain the B-Balls team in your home!’  Puzzled, Jeff slipped in Disc #1 and turned on the monitor, then quickly got up to lock the door as once the screen lit up with the x-rated video.

His mouth began watering as he watched the screen as two black teens held Cheryl’s arms and legs while a third proceeded to rape her with his giant salami up into his wife’s tight slit.  Shivering at her screams of pain during the rape, only to be silenced by the black cock plugging her mouth shut, yet Jeff could not deny the rigid bone that he was now sporting.  Mouth dropping in awe, Jeff had to replay the scene of his beautiful wife being lifted up by the two thugs, cum oozing out of her pink lips ………..both that of her mouth and ravaged pussy!  Ready to pop his load, Jeff definitely needed a cold shower before sliding into bed with his lovely wife and seeing how much the black bastards had stretched her out.

‘God, that was so fucking good!’ Jeff concluded, enjoying the different feel of his wife’s cunny around his pumping cock.  He had observed only one black cock forced up her tight little twat thus far, but knew that there here three others in the bedroom at the time, with one of them forcing her to blow him while she was being raped that first time on their marital bed.  He’d wait till Cheryl was fast asleep to continue on with the video, picking up where he had turned it off when she was placed on her knees and about to suck off another of the vile B-Balls team member.

Lying in bed, Jeff’s mind was on the video he had watched in his study as well as the note left for him in the envelope.  The teens had not only left a brazen ‘thank you’ note for him, telling him how they had enjoyed the ‘entertainment’ provided by his beautiful wife, but in addition they had left him with a taunting challenge.  And that challenge was stated in the form of: ‘Hey, Mr. Dawson!  Would you like to take in some live action next time we fuck your beautiful Mrs.?  Your charge of admission will be two cases of cold beer on ice!  Just email us at marcusbballs@porterville.edu!’

Back in the study, door locked as Jeff was about to start the video disc once again, he stopped to pick up the note that had accompanied the discs in the envelope.  He notice the smaller and different handwriting at the far bottom of the note, obviously written by another of the black bastards as this handwriting was rather difficult to make out.  It was a P.S. added to the note that read: ‘Where would you like us to fuck that beautiful wife of yours next time?  A sleazy motel room?  Classy hotel?  Maybe your bedroom again?  Or would you like to be hiding in her classroom closet and see us fuck her on her desk?’

Sighing and closing his eyes, Jeff had to think this out.  Deep in thought he pictured ‘Seeing Cheryl nice dressed and going into a really dumpy motel to get gangbanged?  Or showing up in a classy hotel like a professional hooker?  Maybe watch her making the bed we share together after balling the four black studs on it?  Then again, seeing her fucking on the desk she’ll be teaching from sounds like a winner!’

End of Story.