High School Rape Club - VI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘High School Rape Club 3, 4 & 5’
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At their so-called clubhouse that they had setup in an abandoned garage, the B-Balls team members of Porterville High were exchanging high fives for a fabulous school year.  Marcus Green, the captain of the team, was now headed off to college on a basketball scholarship.  Proud of having led his high school team to the state championship, Marcus was even prouder of having successfully capped off an exhilarating school year for both he and his devious teammates.  Bigger in stature, aided by the fact that they were a year or two older than their competitors, each of the starters had been held back in school in their early years due to poor grades.

Marcus Green

With the ice chest kept full of cheap beer, Marcus grabbed the can of beer tossed over to him by Toby, a big strapping teammate of his.  Popping it open and taking a guzzle of the cold beer, he laughed when Toby exclaimed “We sure as hell had us a good time with you as team captain this year, especially after the season got over and when we could concentrate on our scoring ……………………..with some sweet tender white chicks!  And ya sure went and got it started off right fer us on the night we got back from the state tournament!  Yeah, we sure gave that sweet little Kori Kessler more to cheer about that night after spotting her walking on home when bus carrying the cheerleaders pulled up in front of the school!”

Teammate Joey then chimed in with “Yeah, man, it was hard concentrating on shooting free throws with that fuck’n Kori Kessler jumping up and down behind the basket, displaying that sweet little ass of hers when cheering on the crowd!  Every time that sweet little blonde bitch jumped up and down in front of the crowd, my fuck’n boner kept gitt’n bigger and bigger!”   In recalling that eventful night, Joey added “Shit, if’n ya guys hadn’t held her fer me, she’d had jumped right over the hood of the car when I shove my boner up that cherry ass of hers!  That’ll teach the fuck’n bitch from flaunting that sweet little butt at us guys again!”

“But that little honky bitch sure fucked like a bunny rabbit once we got her on the stick!  It was sure sloppy seconds but it worked out jist fine cause that helped grease my dong up fer that little blonde bitch!  And it sure paid off being last in line that night, cause she must’ve creamed three fuck’n times before I went and popped my nuts in her!” Tyrone bragged to his buddies.  Then the guys began chiming in on the fucking each had given to her that night, how they had panting and moaning for them to give her a good fucking.

Tyrone laughed, then added “That Kori Kessler is now hooked on black meat, my man ……………………mine in particular!  After leaving ya guys last Friday, I stopped in fer a slice of pizza and saw the bitch on a date with Dane Morris, the whiteboy playing shortstop on the baseball team!  I was sitting at the counter when she apparently made an excuse to go to the little girls’ room so she could pass by me!  She then told me that Dane was going drop her off at her home in a half-hour as he had an early game the next day!  And when I asked her what she wanted from me, she licked her lips before telling me ………………..your big black cock!”

Continuing on, Tyrone told his interested teammates that “Once the punk headed off, Kori came running down from the front porch to my car that was parked across the street!  Damn, she was jist hot for my black boner, cause she told me to start the car and drive!  Before I was a block away from her home, the bitch had unzipped my fly and pulled my dick outta my jean, then was giving me some real good head!”  Sucking in his breath to a whistle, he then provided his buddies with the following “Fucked that hot little bitch till two in the morning before taking her back home!  She sure ain’t gitting much from the punk she’s going out with, cause she couldn’t git enough of my cock!”

After all the guys gave Tyrone high-fives for his recent success, Joey asked “How about the bitch that we grabbed a few weeks later, the cute nerdy one, the one who got to be Valedictorian at graduation …………………..Erin ……………..Erin Satter!  To be that, she had to be one of the smartest in the entire senior class!  But, man, she sure as hell was a dumb bunny when it came to anything about sex!  Couldn’t fuck’n believe she ain’t never had a cock in her hand till we went and grabbed her that night when she was studying late at the library!  Jezz, fer gitting to be selected as valedictorian for the senior class, she sure as hell didn’t know shit about anything!”

“Oooh, she sure as hell had nice soft purty hands though!  Jeez, I’m gitting a fuck’n hardon jist thinking about having both of her hands wrapped around my fuck’n boner that night when we’s grabbed her and drove off to the empty ballpark!  Did ya guys see the way she went at it, with both hands ………………….trying to git me to pop?” Toby chimed in.  “She was jist scared as hell as to what would happen if she didn’t git ya off with her hands, especially after threatening to ram yer big black dick up her tight little twat and bust her wide open!” Joey chuckled.  Marcus then laughed as he added “Too bad ya gave her that chance Toby ……………….………letting her git ya off that way ……………………….cause I got to pop the bitch’s precious little cherry!”

Tyrone then piped in “Heard that they nearly gave the honor of being valedictorian to somebody else cause the bitch’s grades nosedived towards the end of the school year, right after we gangbanged the bitch!  Appears our partying with the bitch got her all freaked out and depressed, with her grades going straight south!  And that ain’t all, cause I heard a couple of the gals whispering about her when she got up to give her speech at the graduation ceremony!  Appears out gangbang session got the little bitch knocked up by one of us, cause one gal says she noticed a definite bulge in her belly when she was dressing after a PE class!”

“But hell, nothing can compare to the graduation party that ya set up fer us, Marcus!  That was some fuck’n grad party!” Toby advised as the other team members chimed in with their congrats to their team leader.  “Damn, I’s still can’t believe how the hell ya did it!  C’mon, give us the details ………………..tell us how ya did it!  I’s knows ya blackmailed Mrs. Dawson, using the pics and discs of her getting gangbanged by us, into meeting us in her classroom that night!  But gitting her hubby to hide in the storage closet ahead of time so he could watch us bang his bitch live ………….fuck’n unreal!”

Mrs. Cheryl Dawson

Marcus chuckled as he pumped his fist in the air to acknowledge the applause he was getting from his teammates.  “Hey, and don’t forgit the fact that Mr. Dawson had a couple of ice coolers filled with beer fer us!  Fuck’r must’ve really anxious for graduation night to come!” he advised.  Continuing on, Marcus told his buddies that “I made a copy of the dvds of us gangbanging his beautiful wife and left a note if he’d like to be present the next time we banged her!  Told him admission was the two cases of beer fer us!  Taunted him by even asking where he’d like to see her get fucked!”

Shaking his head in disbelief, Marcus advised “Figured he wasn’t going to call the cops on us and report his wife being raped, not with all that publicity and shame his wife would be put through!  So, I wasn’t worried about us being easily identified easily in the dvd!  But I’s never expected him to use the email address in the note and send me a fuck’n email to ask what kind of beer we wanted!  Fuck’r sure turned out to be a fuck’n panty-assed cuckold, huh?  And he wanted to see us gangbang his beautiful wife right in the classroom that she taught us bastards!  Guess he must’ve had a duplicate key made for the classroom door to git in ahead of all of us!”

Joey then exclaimed “Jezz, last Saturday’s grad party was jist fuck’n unbelievable!  I was wondering why Marcus was signaling fer ya guys to grab her wrists when she was stretched over the top of her desk ……………………..with me standing at the front of the desk holding onto the back of her head …………………when she was giving me ‘head’!  I was wondering what the hell was going on when Marcus was looking back towards the storage closet and signaling for whoever was in there to come on out and join the party!  Jezzus, my jaw dropped in seeing Mr. Dawson looking sheepish when he came out of there with no clothes on!”

Continuing on, Joey exclaimed “My God, I thought the bitch was gonna bite my cock off when he stepped up behind her and jist went and buggered his own wife!  What a fuck’n turn-on!  Man, no preliminaries at all, the fuck’r jist rammed his hardon right up into her!  Lucky fer the bastard I had my fingers wound up in her hair as she blew me ………that kept her from turning around and seeing her own husband having a good time at our grad party!”   Laughing aloud, he added “That Mr. Dawson sure was a nice guy ……..getting us all that good beer …………sliding out the coolers from the storage closet so we could continue partying!  Think he really enjoyed seeing his beautiful wife all stretched out on her desk when we gangbanged her!”

“So, what we gonna do now that summer is here, Marcus?  We’s got over two months to kill before ya gotta head off fer college ball!” Toby asked.  “Yeah, man, yer still captain of the B-Balls team till ya leave!  We’s can’t go high and dry through the summer, not after ya’s went and lined up all that white pussy fer us this past year!” Tyrone chimed in.  “Yeah, man ……………….we’s gotta git us some summer fun before ya head on off to college!  C’mon, Marcus, we can’t go high and dry fer the entire summer!” Joey chirped in.  Then all the chimed in at once, chanting “Marcus!  Marcus!  Marcus!  Marcus!  Marcus!  Marcus!”

Raising his arms up in the air as he slowly stood to acknowledge the applause from his B-Balls teammates, then asked “Do you guys think I’d let the horny bastards of my’s B-Balls team down?  Ya guys don’t think I’s took up coach’s invite to workout at the gym jist to keep my bod in shape, do ya?  Well, first off, I’s peeked in on Mrs. Dawson’s classroom but found that she ain’t teaching summer school this year!  But ………….a sweet little babe, that jist got her master’s degree in education, apparently jumped at the summer school opening in hopes of landing a full-time position in the fall!  Damn, what a sexy fuck’n Asian babe!  Dresses real nice …………….trim sexy legs ……………looks jist fuck’n beautiful in the high heels she was wearing!  Fuckkkk ………………….I’m gitting a hardon jist thinking about that sweet little bitch!”

Continuing on, Marcus added “Checked her out the past few days …………Miss Taryn Kubota …………23-24 years old ……………..about 5’2” or so …..………….115 lbs. ………………….33-21-33 ……………………and best of all ---- she’s engaged to be married the first week of August!  Man, when I saw her sitting on her desk through the classroom door, ya guys what muscle of mine was getting a workout looking at her trim sexy legs!”  With the guys clamoring for details on how they were going to get her, Marcus relayed “With summer school classes getting done before noon, that whiteboy she’s gonna marry pick fer lunch each day!  An hour and a half later, he drops her off back at school then heads back to work!  Now, we all knows who’s made a copy of the key that classroom, don’t we?  And once we’s git that key, when Miss Kubota returns from lunch one day next week, she’ll git a nice welcome to Porterville High from the B-Balls team!”

A week later, upon hearing the belling that ended the day’s summer session, Taryn Kubota smiled and bid the students in her class goodbye for the day.  She was quite happy to have gotten the summer school position as it then gave her the inside track in landing a full time position in the fall should a position open up.  There had been several teaching positions available, but all were far out in rural areas, and Taryn so wanted to land a job at the highly rated Porterville High.  With the education system on a decentralized basis, a teacher’s salary depended upon the school district and the taxation of the county where the school was located.

One other factor in putting her hopes on Porterville High was that she’d then be close to home and her handsome fiancé, the man she would soon be exchanging marital vows with.  Plus, with the wedding coming up in just a couple of months, being close to home and taking care of all the wedding details would certainly make things easier.  And instead of being able to see Bert just on weekends, had she taught out in a rural district that require a 2 hour drive each way, they’d be able to see each other for lunch each day with the summer session getting done at 11:30 in the morning.  With Bert having an hour and a half for lunch, she would then come back to the classroom to prepare the next day’s lesson plan.

Advised by Bert the night before that he and his boss were making the three hour drive to Millersburg late the next afternoon, he was taking her to the newly opened Spazzio’s Restaurant for lunch.  Thus, Taryn had dressed nicely for the occasion, wearing a neat pink top over a white blouse with a grey skirt and 3” white heels.  It wasn't too dressy for summer school wear, but also quite adequate to celebrate a special occasion, as this was the day that Bert had proposed to her a year earlier.  It had been a very nice lunch at the swanky place, and as she was technically off work when school ended at 11:30, Taryn had a glass of wine with her lunch.  Such being the case, she locked the classroom door upon her return, not wanting to chat with anyone after having that glass of wine.  Walking over to her desk, she then began to work on the lesson plan for the next day.  Unbeknownst to Taryn, she was not alone in her classroom, for the B-Balls team members were lying in wait for her return.

Everything was suddenly swirling about her and Taryn feared for her life.  She had heard a noise from behind of her where the classroom’s storage closet was located, but before she could even turn around in her chair, the perpetrators were swarming all over her.  Black, all she saw was black bodies, black arms and hands were all over her.  She then tried to scream but a large hand clamped tightly over her mouth, muffling her scream for help.  Taryn trembled with fear as she heard one of her assailants say that “We’s the B-Balls team of Porterville High and we’s here to welcome the purty new teacher to our school!”

All the paperwork on top of her desk were suddenly swept off, by one of the black thugs, ending up strewn about the classroom floor.  But the cleared off desktop was soon to be covered once again …………………….by her squirming body!  Both of her wrists were in the grasp of the muscular and much stronger intruders, then her arms were pulled outstretched above her head.  Her long dark silky hair whipped from side to side as she tried desperately to get out of their grasp.  Now, the assailant to her left was holding her wrist firmly with one hand while using free hand to grasp and fondle a breast through her blouse.  Struggling against the two assailants that loomed above her, Taryn shuddered as a pair of strong hands had each of her ankles pinned to the desk.  But worst of all was feeling the pair of hands caressing her bare legs and now sliding up under the hem of her skirt.

Then she felt hands upon her the waistband of her panties as the unseen bastard was trying to pull them off her.  But in grinding her butt down into the desk to prevent him from doing so, with her legs being pressed down against the desk, the bastard gave up the task and simply ripped the garment to shreds and pulling the torn panties from her.  Then she heard the bastard say “Here ya go, Joey …………………stuff it in her mouth to shut her up!”  Seconds later, the hand came off her mouth and the pair of panties were being stuffed into her mouth.  Legs being pulled apart and spread wide, Taryn the felt the hand sliding under her thighs to lift her from the some, the she felt a hot breath on her exposed sex.

“Nnnnnnnnnn ………………………..nnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnn!” came her muffled screams as she trashed about on the desk in trying to get away.  Struggling with all of her might but to no avail against the bunch of thugs, Taryn’ body shuddered in revulsion as the bastard clamped his hot open mouth upon her sex.  But worst was the thick wet tongue snaking up into her sex, lapping, slurping and wiggling about in her.  ‘How can anyone do such a filthy thing?’ she wondered as her attacker certainly seemed to enjoy mouthing her sex.  Thigh muscles contracting, Taryn fought to keep her inexperienced body from responding, but she was unable to keep the love juices from flowing.  The more she juiced, the louder the slurping sounds became as she was being literally eaten alive!

“Eiiii …………..eiiii …………….eiiii …………..eiiii …………….eiiii …………..eiiii …………….eiiii …………………..eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” came the muffled squeals from atop the desk from where Taryn taught her summer school class as she arched up her hips while climaxing for the very first time in her life.  The group of deviant thugs holding onto her thrashing body laughed as their fearless leader was lapping up her juices like an overheated dog in need of water.  Body convulsing uncontrollably from the mind shattering climax, she slowly began drifting back down from outer space as the sound of a zipper interrupted her descent, then she heard the leader of the pack announced that “Pull her down some guys …………..right to the edge of the desk ………………cause it’s gangbang time fer our purty new teacher here!”

Trying to grab onto something as the hands grasping her by the ankles began to pull her down the desk, Taryn finally managed to grip onto some thick solid objects with both hands.  But then, the thick objects that she was grasping in each hand began pulsating and Taryn horrified upon realizing that she was gripping in each hand …………………..the sticky flesh of a male’s excited penis!  Hands covering hers to prevent her from pulling away, the black bastards towering over he began to fuck their excited cocks in and out of her closed fists, eliciting a panting male to exclaim “That’s it, teach ………………that’s how to shuck cock!  Keep on shucking …………………keep it up …………….keep on pumping ………………..till I’s cum …………………………all over yer beautiful face!”

Panting in desperation, lifting her head a bit, Taryn shuddered in fright upon seeing the muscular black teen standing at the edge of her desk as he was getting out of his jeans.  She took in the two other black thugs standing at the corners of the desk, each holding onto her ankle firmly with one hand while using his other to paw and caress her trembling legs.  Then she saw both thugs holding her legs down smile widely at her while each peeled off a heel.  Taryn then cringed and her toes curled upon feeling the soles of her feet being caressed by the bastards, but being able to see both of their hands, she realized that it was another fleshy part of the bastards’ body that was doing the caressing.

Looking at the thug now standing straight between her body, Taryn realized that it was the fleshy part of the body that the black bastard was holding and pumping with his fist at that moment.  Male phalluses were everywhere at the moment, in both fists and two pumping on her soles, but worst of all was the one that was rubbing itself up and down her sex slit!  Thrashing about on top of her desk but unable to break away from this nightmarish horror, she then heard the leader yell out “Hey, Joey!  Better stuff my jocks in her mouth too!”  And seconds later, this foul smelling garment was being forced into her mouth to accompany her torn panties.

Eyes bulging in absolute horror, Taryn tried desperately to scream for help, but all that came was her muffled “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  Then came an excited male voice exclaiming “Holy shitttttttttttttttt!  She’s fuck’n cherryyyyyy ……………………….was anyway ………………ain’t no more, cause I’s jist went and busted it good!  Jezzzzzzzus Christ, will ya lookit all that fuck’n cherry juice!  Damn, who da hell would’ve believed teach was still a fuck’n cherry!”  The pain was just excruciating, knifing through her body, but worst was the feeling when the deviant bastard began sawing his filthy black ‘thing’ in and out of her ravaged body.

This was the ultimate nightmare for Taryn, far worst than what she could have ever imagined, that of being raped and defiled by vile black rapists.  Gang raped, ‘gangbanged’ as one of her assailants had put it, the one who had mouthed her and then robbed her of her virginity.  ‘Oh, God ………………….I’m no longer a virgin!’ she realized as tears welled up in her eyes.  All those years of self-restraint, those nights when she wanted to let Bert continue touching her, having resisted the temptation of letting her handsome fiancé make a woman of her!  All that was now for naught, all destroyed brutally in an instant!

After the sheer agonizing pain had finally subsided and numbness set in, with her vile rapist still thrust his awful ‘thing’ in her, Taryn prayed that her ordeal would soon be over.  ‘Let it be over …………………..please, God ………………….let be over!’ she prayed.  But then the horror dawned upon her, causing Taryn to fear that ‘He’s not wearing anything ………………….he’s going to shoot his filth in me ……………make me pregnant ……………………….with his black baby!’  Squeezing at the fleshy rods in her fists, Taryn tried to use them to pull herself further up onto her desk, hoping to get herself off the baby-making phallus and prevent from getting impregnated up by the black bastard.

In referring to the ‘filth’ of her black rapist, it was something that Taryn had only read about in the text books and from the tall tales told by her giggling sorority sisters in college.  Gooey, sticky, along with the obvious telltale stench of sex that would permeate the air after copulation were the supposed facts that Taryn had learned about a male’s semen.  She had not actually seen nor touched the real thing, though she had at times fantasized about touching, seeing and feeling Bert love potion spurting from him on their wedding night!  Taryn couldn’t wait for that moment, feeling the essence of the man she loved spurting on and deep in her, impregnating her as a result of their love for one another and through their passionate love-making.

The other month, at a sorority sister’s bridal shower, Taryn had seen a make-believe version of what it was supposed to look like semen coming out a male’s penis – as she had seen it squirting out the rubber phallus six inches or so from its tip that had been used for one of the games at the party!  The toy phallus had also come with rubber testicles attached and could be filled with liquid, similar to that of a child’s water gun.  Only the girls had it filled with a mixture of whipped cream and some corn starch to give it the right texture to supposedly replicate male semen.  The bride had played along in the fun game, opening her mouth wide and then squeezing the rubber testicles to shoot a stream of the creamy stuff into her mouth, then it was passed on down to the other girls.

Taryn realized that these were no toy phalluses that she had in each hand, and with each aimed towards her face, she was certainly glad that they were 18” or so away from her.  In trying to push herself up and away, from the filthy penis slicing in and out of her raped slit, she tried to push against the thick fleshy bones rubbing against the soles of her feet.  Taryn then shuddered for that action with her feet had caused both to spurt out their gooey stuff and now her toes were webbed in their filth.  Before she could give this humiliating experience a second thought, it got even worst for her, for the big black cocks that she had been handling both popped at that very instant.  But the anticipated spurting of 6” or so had been greatly underestimated as the one on her right splattered it goo right on the side of her nose while the one on the left spurted a high arching shot that landed on her upper lip.

Cringing in disgust, stomach nauseated from being despoiled in such a humiliating manner, Taryn eyes then widened in horror as her body froze and gave up its fight upon feeling the gushing flood spurting from the thick manhood that had ruptured her hymen.  Hot, acidly hot liquid was now searing her innards, and so much of it that Taryn feared she would definitely be impregnated by black thug.  With the thick penis stuck in her ruptured slit and with it continuing to ejaculate its filthy goo, her stomach was beginning to bloat up, as if the bastard’s baby was already growing in her swelling belly.  While her rapist was filling her belly, his vile cohorts had shot streams of their vile cum on her face and soles of her feet.

Mind shocked beyond comprehension from the indignities and horror she had suffered through, it was a sense of relief for Taryn as she fell into a state of unconsciousness.  She would not have to suffer through the indignities during this period, that of seeing and hearing the vile gangbangers laugh at her plight while they proceeded to rearrange her body for x-rated poses they were after.  Once arranged in position on her desk, the filming began.  Unconscious as she was with arms outstretched above her, cum in the palm of each hand and fingers webbed with the sticky glue, the filming would then move down her wrinkled outfit to her bared waist and thighs.

With her legs raised and cummy feet placed up on the edge of the desk, her thighs were then spread out wide so the video could capture her blood stained thighs with semen dripping out of her raped slit to drool down the side of her desk.  Then Joey stepped up to the desk, flipping his middle finger to the camera, then proceeded to finger fuck the pretty school teacher as she lay unconscious upon her desk.  An expert finger man, Joey sought and found her ultra sensitive clit, then gave it a good flicking with his finger.  Moments later, seeing and feeling her muscles contract, he pulled out as a gush of cum squirted four inches out of he spasming cunny.  Then another squirt, less powerful this time, came shooting out to the delight of her audience.

Coming out of her stupor some fifteen minutes later, Taryn found herself being manhandled by the gang of black thugs as they stripped off her outer clothing and bra.  Pushed back down, her belly was now down flat at the edge of her desk, with her arms pulled outstretched where her hands were grasping at the far corners of her desk.  Taryn tried to cry out but found that her mouth was still gagged with her torn panties and her rapist jockeys.  “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhh …………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh!” came her muffled scream from the agonizing pain that shot through her body.  As she tiptoed to get away, the thugs holding her wrists at the top of the desk used their free hands to keep her in place by pushing her back at the shoulders.  “Go Toby …………………..bugger the bitch!” came the chant that told Taryn the name of the bastard sodomizing her as she tiptoed and desperately tried to crawl up the desk and away from the cock up her ass.

Once the beauty’s muffled screams had subsided and she lay her head on the desk, sobbing and weeping through her gag with Toby’s cock fucked up her cherry ass, Marcus stepped up to the other end of the desk and grabbed her dark silky hair to lift her head up.  With his out hand, he proceeded to pull out his jockeys and her panties, then re-gagged her by shoving his meaty hardon up into her virgin mouth.  Looking up and giving his buddy at the other end a head signal, they then proceeded to give the raped beauty a synchronized fuck session.  As Toby’s cock was on the backstroke in her ass, Marcus was sliding his cock down her gagging throat.  And when Marcus was on the backstroke out of her mouth, Toby was buggering the bitch.

Buffeted back and forth, cock being shoved up her ass and then followed by another tube of man meat stuffed down her throat, Taryn could not believe this horrible nightmare was taking place in the very first classroom she had been assigned to teach in.  It seemed like her agony would never end as these vile two hoodlums proceeded to rape her mouth and ass while the others looked on cheering “Bugger her ……………..bugger the bitch, Toby!”   “Deep throat her ……………...deep throat teach, Marcus!”  And then both bastards were pushing themselves forward into her body as deep as possible, into her mouth and ass, till balls were bouncing off her chin and asscheeks.

Moments later, with her feet now flatfooted on the classroom floor, Taryn lay limply on her desk with her arms still outstretched and hands resting at the corners of the desk above her head.  From out her partially opened lips cum overflowed to form a puddle on her desktop, and from her widened asshole cum dripped from the male enema she had been given.  Suddenly Taryn felt a lot of hands on her body, grabbing at her, then the thugs were lifting her off the desk and stepping back while carrying her in a sitting position.  She watched as one of the gang members laid himself down in the middle of her desk holding his jutting 12” penis in hand, then was horrified as the gloating bastard told his buddies “Okay, guys …………….lower her away!”

“Ahhhhhh …………..…………..ohhhhhhhhhh ………..…….……….ahhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhh ……………………..ohhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddd!” Taryn groaned as she was lowered down in a squatting position onto the throbbing fuckstick.  Then another gang member was getting up onto the desk behind of her, holding her left hip with one hand while using his other to fit his cockhead into the crease of her ass.  A thrust from behind and she was now impaled by two cocks at the same time.  Next, a student’s stationery chair was being dragged to the side of her desk and a third gang member sought to please himself ……………between her pink lips!  Soon, Taryn once again found herself being buffeted two and fro by he cocks in her ass and mouth, but it was made even more unimaginable as the bastard below her tried to time his trusts exactly to the one skewering her from behind so they would collide again one another with just a thin membrane separating the two.

With one of the gang members taking her car keys from her purse, her car had been driven out of the school’s parking lot and parked across the street, eliminating the chance that the principal would notice something being amiss as he always prided himself in being the last to leave.  That being accomplished, the B-Balls team carried on their welcoming party for the new teacher till it got dark.  It was only after each of them had their balls drained at least four times apiece and couldn’t get it up any more that the party finally came to an end, leaving the raped beauty cowering in the corner to compose herself enough to dress herself and to clean up the mess on her desk and classroom floor.

End of Story.