High School Rape Club - VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘High School Rape Club 3, 4, 5 & 6’
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The B-Balls Team had now been in existence for a number of years, with graduation claiming the founding members but new members from the basketball team continued to replenish the gang.  An exclusive club, with many wondering why no white team member from the basketball team had ever been admitted to the B-Balls Team, it would have been quite simple for the outsider to understand if they came to learn that B-Balls did not for the ‘Basketball’ team but really meant ‘Black Balls’ team.  This inner clique of the basketball team promoted the camaraderie, with the classic slogan of ‘one for all and all for one’!  But an outsider would certainly be shocked to learn that the main goal for the B-Balls Team was that of ‘rape’ ………………not only raping lovely young white bitches that went to school with them but especially that of targeting a beautiful white woman ……………….one that taught them at the high school!

Latrell Smith, an18 year 210 lb. forward, was this year’s B-Balls Team captain and he could sense that something had to be done or he’d be chalked up as the worst team captain that the gang had ever elected.  He’d be graduating in another week, but would retain his team leadership role as ‘captain’ until he left for junior college ball or until the new school year began.  Like several of the other seniors on the team, with the age of eighteen in high school being older than most of their peers, it was due to being kept back in school during elementary school due to poor grades.  But at age 18, he and his teammates were like men among boys in high school basketball competition.  Such applied to the girls at school, and also to the teachers at the high school.

Thinking back, going over the annuls of gang history and comparing feats accomplished by other team captains to the legacy of each, Latrell could easily see where his shortcomings were but now realized that time was rather short to pull off what was needed to make a name for himself.  ‘Yeah ……shit ………………..I’s gotta show these guys that I’ve got the balls too, like the prior team captains of the B-Balls Team!  Guess my planning of getting’em some tender young white pussy was just not enough ………………..they’s jist served as appetizers fer them horny bastards!  They’s wanting what prior B-Balls teams got the gang ……………………..some tender teacher pussy ……………………tender white teacher pussy to be exact!’ Latrell concluded as he reflected back upon the past school year.

The first conquest had been before the season began, with Robo (the 6’8” center of the team) nudging him as the gals on the gymnastic team was finishing up with their floor exercises.  “Damn, that Caitlin Becker sure knows how to raise my pecker, heh, heh!” Robo commented to him.  Latrell had noticed the 5’2” blonde junior before but he had been too busy in getting to know all the new members on the basketball team over the past couple of weeks when the gym team began having practices in the gym.  Reminded of his other duties by Robo’s remark, Latrell had gone to work immediately, tailing the bitch home after practice was over with.

After having different guys on the B-Balls team tail the blonde bitch home on several occasions, it was clear that she had a regular agenda:  gym practice for an hour and half; shower and change out of her gym outfit; putting her gym bag in the trunk of her car; getting her books and spending an hour at the school library before going home.  And so, it was easy for Latrell to figure out that snatching the bitch between her going to her car and to the library would be the ideal time so that no one would be out looking for her for some period of time.  ‘Yeah, that’ll give us an hour and a half with the little blondie ………………enough time for each member of the B-Balls Team to empty his black balls in that purty little bitch!’ he mused.

On that selected gangbang day, several gang members had parked their cars around their prey’s car, figuring that would help to camouflage their movement in the student parking lot when abducting the blonde beauty.  With an old van parked next to Caitlin’s silver Honda, if all worked out as planned, the open sliding door would make it a snap to abduct the petite beauty when she had her back to them while opening the driver’s door.  And it was just like clockwork as Latrell and four other gang members pulled out of the parking lot with the struggling beauty in their grasp as the other gang bangers followed in two other cars.  “No ……………..no ……………please …………………let me go ………..please …………………please let me go!” came the plea from the frightened beauty as she struggled against Latrell and three of his buddies, with the fourth one driving the get away van.

Figuring that since it was Robo who had put him on to this blonde bitch, Latrell figured that he ought to get first dibs and invited “Robo, since ya’ve had yer eye on this sweet little thing fer so long ………………………….ya’s got the honors of gitting to feel her up till we’s git to ‘Humpers’!”  ‘Humpers’ was the name of their secret hideaway or meeting place whenever they got hold of the prey they were after, a nice safe place where the could cut loose and gangbang a beautiful bitch without worrying that her screams would bring the cops down on them.  Pulling out slowly from the parking lot so as not to attract any undue attention, the van headed off to the designated meeting place followed by the two other cars containing the rest of the horny gangmembers.

As the beautiful blonde struggled like crazy when Robo knelt before her to reach out and fondle her tits, she began sobbing “Oh, please …………………please don’t touch me ………………….please ………………please don’t hurt me ………………….……oh, pleaseeeeeeeeee ……………please!”  Buttons of her blouse popping as it was pulled apart by strong black hands, thin bra pushed up to reveal her pink nippies, the blonde bitch whimpered as Robo bent down to suck and bite at her tender titties.  With Robo sucking away at her titties, the frantic beauty looked up pleadingly to Latrell, then sniffled and begged “Please ………La …………..Latrell ……………….please stop him ………………….please ……………..please don’t let …………..Robo rape me!  Please …………..please …………………don’t let him ………………….I ……………….I’m a virgin!”

Latrell merely smiled back at the frantic beauty, for this was just verbal confirmation of what he had Robo had figured all along when planning to grab her.  In fact this was what the had counted on, and with Robo known for his staying power, Latrell and the biggest of the gang members had something really special for this innocent young blonde.  Once they got to ‘Humpers’, a waiting member of the gang signaled that it was all clear for them to get down to business.  And thus the sobbing blonde was hustled out of the van and pulled into their little hideaway.  In seconds, Robo stripped the petite beauty naked as she sobbed in shame as four of the horny black bastards grabbed an arm or leg to stretch her out spread-eagled on the thin mattress that had been thrown on the ground.

With two guys manning the gang’s stolen camcorders, they were going to have the gangbang recorded for prosperity, to be played back at their hideaway and to be shown to prospective new members of the B-Balls team in order to entice them with the benefits of belong to this special group of gangbangers.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the expected scream when Robo did his magic in deflowering the blonde beauty.  In the early stages of planning the caper, with Robo always bragging of his staying power and having seen it first hand, Latrell wanted to make his tenure of captain of the B-Balls Team a memorable one.  Thus, he struck a deal with the big black bruiser in telling Robo that “If’n she’s cherry like we think she is, ya’ll git to pop that bitch’s precious cherry but ya gotta pull out right after popping it ………………..so guys will git their first taste of some pure cherry juice ………………and not a chery/spunk mixture!”

With Robo pulling out to display his blood streaked boner, the guys holding her legs had them raise up to pull her feet above her head as Latrell bent down to lap up some fresh to be visible between her widely stretched legs that quite bloody slit.  Licking his lips as he looked up at his pals, he then announced “Come and git it!  Ain’t nothing like the taste of pure cherry juice, complements to Robo here for popping it open fer us!”  One by one, each of the gang members got a taste before they posed for the camcorders that were placed strategically to capture the shot of them all with lips and chins stained red, along with Robo’s still very swollen bloody dick! And of course, the blonde beauty’s head was lifted up cherry juice bubbling up out of her bloody slit.

Once the posing was done, the camcorders were manned once again as Robo could get back to raping the blonde beauty, and soon he was grunting out his lust as his foot long dong belched out its baby batter into her fertile womb.  With all the guys hot and horny at this point, the raped beauty was lifted up, then set down upon Deshawn’s jutting boner while Latrell grabbed her blonde hair to force her to give him head.  It was Nate grabbing her right wrist to force her to jerk him off as he told “Pump it, bitch …………….pump it till I’s cum all over yer face!”  Then Jake grabbed her left hand up to him, challenging Nate “Bet I’s got more cum in my balls that ya, buddy!  Ten bucks says I give her a better facial that ya!”  Shuffling up behind her upturned as he caressed her soft white buns was Labron, telling his team captain “Better pull out fer a second, Latrell ………………don’t want her biting off her cock when I’s cop her cherry white ass!”

Shortly after Caitlin’s normal time to drive home after studying in the library, she opened her car trunk to retrieve her gym outfit so she could later change out of her torn clothing and make it into the house and to her room without anyone in her family seeing her condition.  She dared not report the rape, not after seeing portions of the taped playback of her rape and the threat of pictures and video being handed out all over campus if she should report the rape.  She didn’t remember the shot of all the B-Balls team posing with their faces blood red with Robo displaying his massive bloodstained cock as they bragged of what they did to her.  Then there was the portion taken at the end of the rape, with two of them cradling her, spreading her legs so all the stored up cum could ooze out of her cunt.

That was just the beginning of Latrell’s tenure as captain, and in finding that the guys just couldn’t believe getting themselves of some pure ‘cherry’ juice, he meant to implement it as a standard for his memorable trademark.  Of course, it would be all for naught if the captured beauty had already lost her cherry.  So, the rule implemented was that the guy whose turn it was to select their prey, would get it go first to pop the bitch’s cherry.  But if the guy made the wrong pick and the bitch had already lost her cherry, he’d be rudely pulled off and out of the whimpering bitch and not be able to get in the saddle to get his rocks off in the bitch till all the other guys got their rocks of and he was the last one in line.

And of course, consequences had to be established by Latrell as to when a guy popped a bitch’s cherry but lost control in the process and diluted the pure cherry juice with his sticky white semen.  Such  ejaculation would require one to eat out all the contaminated cherry juice, meaning that anyone cumming prematurely after popping the bitch’s cherry would have to clean off all the blood with his tongue along with all the gooey stuff that he had filled her up with.  For each of the guys, it would certainly be embarrassing as he had to lick up the mess he had made, amid all the chuckling and ribbing from the rest of the gang, made to suck his own cum out of the weeping bitch and especially with the whoops and hollering going on in calling him a ‘freak’n cum-sucker’!  Thus, some of the prettiest gals were passed on over if she was known to have ‘put out’ for guys, for the members of the B-Balls Team were truly ‘cherry picking’ their rape victims.

That next month, team member Nate Irwin obviously wanted to be right in that his choice got him a cutie that was still cherry as he had never had gotten to pop one as yet.  Rather crass and looking like a hoodlum, no conservative female in her right mind would befriend a male the likes of Nate.  It was a very easy selection for Nate to make, for it was lust at first sight in being in the same homeroom class as her back in their freshmen year of high school, causing him to continuously fantasize of making it with sweet Lindsay Becker.  Other than that homeroom class during that first year, Nate had no other classes with the blonde beauty as she in the advance honors classes while he went into the remedial program just so he had a chance of getting his diploma.  And now, in their senior year, all Nate could do was to look from afar at the brainy blonde who was now president of the student council and she would only nervously respond with a shy nod to indicate a ‘Hi’ when passing in the halls.

It was a bit unclear to the gang members as to whether it was lust or hatred that Nate had made his selection of this sweet little blonde beauty.  As she sobbed and whimpered in the grasp of the guys holding her down, Nate panted out loudly “Oh, baby ………oh, finally …………………after all these years ………………I’s got ‘Little Lovely Lindsay’ in my hands!  Wouldn’t talk to me at all ………..jist a nod in passing!  Ooohh, now’s we finally git to know each other better …………………….way better!  Ohhhhh, so tight ………………so night and tight ………..oh, baby ……………..ooooooooh, yer snatch is so fuck’n tight!”   “No, Nate ……………….no, Nate ………………..please no ………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” the blonde beauty cried out when Nate thrust his proud animal into her, causing blood to gush out from around the fleshy black piston.  And to prove that he too had stamina and will power, Nate pulled out the sobbing beauty so his buddies could again taste sweet red cherry juice.

As Latrell reflected on back over the unfortunate beauties to have fallen into the clutches of the B-Balls Team, he had to stop and chuckle at the first guy who had succeeded in his cherry picking a beautiful little bitch but had then failed to keep himself in check.  It had been Sammy Bryant, who selected sweet and virginal Kelsie Kennedy, got to pop her cherry as she screamed and whined under the assault but then Sammy failed to pull on out and then groaned as he prematurely spunked in the devirginized little beauty.  Kelsie was brainy in math, even volunteering her time to help tutor kids at the nearby junior high, and the gang had been lying in wait for one of those tutoring session to conclude when the snatched when she got into her car.

Latrell and the rest of the gang were stunned at Sammy’s lack of control, for he was always the one lasting the longest, loving to hear the bitch under him whimper and beg him to stop.  In slowly stroking his lengthy boner in and out on a prior occasion, Sammy had managed to keep on boning the raped bitch for twenty minutes straight, forcing the rest of the gang pull on their puds till he was done with his turn.  In seeing that Sammy was going to deprive the guys of the pure cherry juice they sought after, two of the guys had rushed on over to grab Sammy and pull him off before he went and popped his load.  But when they grabbed him Sammy clutched tightly at her asscheeks and held on tightly to the sobbing beauty, keeping his cock buried all the way up her bleeding cunt as his black ass spasmed to clearly indicate what was happening.

With the hips of the raped beauty a foot off the ground, brought up as Sammy clutched her soft white asscheeks to him, they all observed Sammy’s black ass quiver as he loudly groaned “Oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”  The two guys trying to get Sammy off the bitch then let go of their hold as it was now too late as their asshole buddy was obviously spurting his joy juice and spoiling their tasty dessert.  When the quivering of Sammy’s butt ceased, the two guys went back to lift their now limp buddy up and out of the bitch’s bleeding snatch then set him back on down, rubbing his face in the bloody mess so he could clean her up …………….with his mouth!  “C’mon, ya cumsucker ………….clean up the bitch fer the rest of us!  Ya know the consequences fer popping yer load and depriving us from gitting some pure cherry juice!  Eat all yer slimy cum outta the bitch!” Sammy was told as the gang members laughed in seeing their buddy having to eat his own cum out of the bitch’s bloody snatch.  As Sammy began slurping up his cummy meal, Latrell pushed the back of his head down into the bloody mess, then laughed “Ya jist lucky that the bitch wasn’t on the rag too!  That’d have made it perfect, ya cumsucker!”

But now back to his current day problem of creating a legacy that would set him apart from all the other captains, something that he just had to do as he sat fuming while sitting in the classroom to bring up his near flunking grade in math.  According to the junior college coach, it was either raise up his math grade from a ‘D’ that he got for the regular school year to a ‘C’ in summer school or be forced to sit out playing ball his first year till he got his grades up.  ‘A fuck’n ‘D’ for math!  That Mrs Thornby was just an old fuc’n bitch!  I’m gonna kill that fuck’n old bitch if’n she don’t gimme a ‘C’ this time!’ he fumed, wishing that he didn’t have her as the summer school teacher but there was only one course offered and she was teaching it.

Elbow on the desktop, palm propping up his chin on this first day of summer school, Latrell waited for the grey haired old bitty to walk in the classroom door.  But then, his eyes nearly popped out of his head as Latrell nearly fell out of the chair in seeing the appearance of this well-dressed young blonde beauty entering the classroom.  Seeing the way she was all decked out, wearing a red print dress and 3” beige heels, Latrell correctly surmised that teaching high school must be rather new to her, especially in the way that she had dressed for summer school.  Seeing that she was dressed far nicer than the normal teacher, for this lowly rated high school anyway, and she looked pretty young too!

Ms. Teri Harmon

“Good morning, everyone!  My name is Miss Harmon and I’ll be your math teacher for this summer session!  Unfortunately, Mrs. Thornby decided to up her retirement from the end of the year till right the past school year ended in order to take a lengthy cruise!”  the blonde beauty announced to them.  Immediately, Latrell’s mind was going into overtime, churning up the scenario that would etch his name forever in B-Balls history.  Staring ahead as he took in the lovely beauty, he saw her pick up the student list to check off who was present, and saw the sparkle of her shiny diamond on her ring finger.  Most notably was the absence of a wedding band, meaning that she was not yet married.  ‘Damn, she’s got to be right outta college!  Is it possible?  Yeah, possible ………but not very probable ……..not very likely ……………but yeah, possible ……………………..very highly unlikely ……………………that she’s still cherry!’ he pondered.  Then he thought ‘Cherry or not …………………….if’n I’s set up the beautiful bitch to be gangbanged by the B-Balls Team, that’ll git me on the record books!’

For 23 year old Teri Harmon, she had earlier come to face the fact that teaching at the high school level was not her forte.  The one week of student teaching at the high level had just been so nerve wracking for her that she had sworn to avoid that level and concentrate on the middle school level first with elementary her second preference.  Standing at 5’3”, with male students towering over her even with 3” heels on, Teri felt so intimidated and that high school had been considered as one of the elite.  But with cities and counties all facing a budgetary crunch due to the economic downturn, what had promised to be a safe and secure job position in the teaching field now was faced with layoffs and furloughs.

As for Teri Harmon, applying for a teaching position just prior to obtaining her Master of Science degree in education, things were looking rather bleak to get a teaching position for the coming school year.  She did get an interview with Mr. Mark McGruff, the Superintendent of Schools for the area, but was told that everything was locked solid for the middle school and elementary school positions.  Teri was told that she would be placed on the substitute and waiting list for those two levels, but also learned that a dozen or so others were already on the list.  The high school level was discussed but Teri gave a ‘no’, just saying that she found that level of teaching a bit too daunting at the moment, which the Superintendent fully understood in seeing that she was just out of college.

With her wedding date set for mid-August, allowing for a one week honeymoon period and then some rest time before the school year started, Teri had wanted to teach summer school to earn some money to help out with the wedding expenses.  Now, the mid-August timing for the wedding appeared to have been for naught as there was no job position set for the upcoming school year and Teri wondered if she’d end up flipping burgers or cashiering over the summer months.  ‘A college degree ……………….a master’s degree ………………having passed all accreditation exams to teach school ………………..and for what ………………………..I can’t even land a teaching job!’ Teri had sighed in disappointment after leaving from her meeting with the superintendent.

But a week later, Teri’s luck had changed when the call came from Superintendent McGruff who called and asked her to come in again.  Meeting with the superintendent once again, she was advised of the summer school position for remedial math.  The superintendent knew of her wanting only an elementary or middle school position, but she was the only one available and qualified to teach the course at the high school level.  In return for teaching the summer school course of six weeks, Teri learned that she would be placed at the top of the on-call list, thereby having the opportunity to bypass all those ahead of her on the list.  Thus, with that opportunity, Teri took on the summer school position.  But what Teri Harmon considered as her good fortune, that of going to the top of the on-call list of teachers by suffering through six weeks of teaching summer school at the high school level, it would end in pure agony for her.

Sporting a rock-solid hardon throughout the math class, Latrell was certainly interested in learning math from this hot blonde teacher.  The only math that constantly went through his demented mind was ‘Wonder if teach here teaches what ‘69’ really means?’  Going to the library after that first day of summer school, Latrell sat at one of the library computers and got onto the internet, then typed in the city and his pretty teacher’s name.  There came up several relevant entries that had Ms. Harmon’s name: one showing that she was a graduate from the exclusive Lakeside High in 2004; one showing the name of the sorority she belonged to at State U.; then an article on her engagement of last summer that indicated she was at State U. for a master’s degree in mathematics and that an early August 2010 wedding was on the agenda.  ‘Yeah, I’s was right!  She’s jist graduated from college and this is her first teaching job!  Well, maybe me and the gang and teach this purty teach a thing or two!  Yeah, we’ll teach her how to please hubby on the wedding night!’ he figured.

With six weeks of summer school, the only time he enjoyed being in school, Latrell just loved looking at the blonde beauty up in the front of the classroom.  When she had her back to the class while writing on the blackboard, Latrell would be licking his lips as he gazed at the her long sexy white legs, dreaming of having them widespread and wrapped around his black ass.  ‘Damn, she sure looks so fucking na´ve and innocent!  But she’s got to be 22 or 23 years old ………………..ain’t no fuck’n way she’s still cherry!  Wonder when she let the lucky guy she’s gonna marry cop her cherry?  Bet it wasn’t until he proposed to her!  Lucky guy!  But even if’n she ain’t got her cherry, the guys will certainly enjoy holding her down ………………right there on that desk …………..get her to spread her sexy white legs and raping her good!’ he thought.

The gang of hoodlums, known in the school as the infamous B-Balls Team, chuckled among themselves in the confines of the closet as they waited for the beautiful blonde teacher to return to her classroom.  The final day of summer school, classes had ended at 11 a.m., after which all the summer school teachers were having a ‘thank you’ lunch prepared for them in the cafeteria.  With one of Latrell’s buddies having been sent to the principal’s office earlier in the week for swearing in class, he later relayed the posted bulletin advising teachers of the planned luncheon once classes were dismissed on the last day of summer school.  As had been relayed to Latrell, the posted notice of the ‘thank you’ lunch made note reminding the teachers that they were to have their classroom clean and all personal items packed up with 3 p.m. being a firm departure time.

One thing that Latrell had learned over the summer was that Principal Morris, head of summer school classes, kept a close eye for the teachers as he did not want any problems occurring under his watch.  In fact, Latrell had stuck around a few times while watching and waiting for the hot blonde bitch to walk to her car.  It appeared that the principal had told all the teachers that he wanted them out of the school and cars out of the parking lot by 1 p.m., for Latrell saw the majority of teachers leave by that time and then Principal Morris would make his departure.  Once, when there was another car in the lot, he observed the principal check out the car and go back inside the building to see why that teacher was late in departing.  Thus, Latrell had to take all of these factors into consideration if he planned on pulling off the caper in his mind …………….that of grabbing the blonde bitch on the last day of summer school!

Volunteering to help shut and lock all the windows when class let out, Latrell purposely did not lock the corner window before bidding his pretty teacher goodbye as he exited out into the hallway.  Watching from his vantage point by hanging out at his locker, Latrell smiled in seeing his lovely prey, wearing the same red print dress for only the second time during the summer, exiting the classroom without her purse and just putting the classroom key into the pocket of her sweater.  ‘Perfect!  Jist perfect!’ Latrell told himself as he gave a signal to Nate at the far end of the hall.  Moments later, with the classroom door being opened from the inside by Nate who had climbed through the window, Latrell and the rest of the gang slipped in to wait for the beautiful teacher to return.

In the cafeteria, Teri was chatting over lunch with the other teachers and school employees that she had befriended over the summer.  Unbeknownst to Teri, as she sat there eating, a gangbanger from the B-Balls Team was in the process of driving her car out of the parking lot to move it onto the street.  With her fiancÚ Ted taking a few days off work to go up into the mountains with his buddies for a weekend retreat to catch some trout at some godforsaken lake where you couldn’t even call out on a cell phone.  But Teri figured that a little time away from each other might do them some good, especially after nearly allowing him to take her to bed that last weekend.  ‘It’s one less weekend to deal with ………..keeping myself pure for my wedding day!’ she thought.

Having brought back half a sandwich, wanting to get started on the classroom clean-up, Teri sat at her desk and began emptying her drawers.  Turning towards the noise behind her, Teri turned and began to rise up from her chair to investigate but suddenly she was being swarmed upon by students hiding out in the closet ………………….all big and muscular black students!   She attempted to scream for help but was thwarted by a large hand being clamped over her mouth, stifling her cry.  Scared to death, Teri struggled against the teens holding her and then observed one of them stepping forward ………………one whom she recognized ………………one who was in her math class …………………the one who’s eyes always seemed to be disrobing her as she stood before the class ……………..that of Latrell Smith!

With the paper plate containing the half sandwich having fallen onto the floor, Teri heard one of her assailants exclaim “Ah, we’s went and ruined teach’s lunch!  Her ham sandwich fell on the dirty floor!”  Then she heard Latrell tell his cohort “Miss Harmon must be hungry!  We should let teach finish her lunch!”  As the two intruders holding onto her arms, with one having his hand clamped over her mouth, Teri thought that the savages were going to humiliate her by forcing her to eat her lunch right off the dirty classroom floor.  But when the smirking Latrell stepped forward as he began unzipping the front of his jeans, Teri would gladly bend over to eat the strewn sandwich parts right off the floor.  Her worst fears came to overwhelm her as she heard her summer school delinquent advise “Sorry about ruin’n yer lunch there, teach!  But I’s went and brought ya something better than a ham sandwich ……………………got ya a nice hot sausage here fer ya …………….. way more meaty and even tastier fer ya to munch on fer yer lunch!”

Forced to kneel there on the classroom floor, just feet away from the desk she had taught summer school math, a cold chill went over Teri’s petite body as Latrell’s hands were in the process of working down the zipper of his jeans.  Tears welled as her eyes widened in horror, her mind in absolute disbelief as her demented student pulled out his monstrous black penis.  “Mmmmmmffff …………………..mmmmffffffff!” were the muffled cries out from around the large calloused hand over her mouth, preventing her from creaming out for ‘Help’!  She could only stare ahead as he began handling it just inches before her horrified eyes and cringing face as Latrell gloated out “Lunch time, teach!”  Teri cringed and shuddered as a whiff of his filthy crotch hit her nostrils, and then the bloated penis was being rubbed over her cheeks and nose as his companion held her still with a hand still clamped tightly over her mouth.

Seeing his beautiful summer school teacher’s widened eyes looking so full of fear, Latrell grinned as he shucked at his grow black boner.  Seeing the way in which she had cringed with disgust when telling her it was ‘Lunch time!’ he then repeated the phrase and observed her petite body shudder.   In the way she looked and her body trembling so much, Latrell had to wonder if the pretty teach ever sucked cock before.  “What sa mater teach?  Ain’t ya ever sucked a guy’s boner before?” he asked.  He got his answer in seeing her frightened eyes as she struggled against the hand clamped over her mouth to shake her head ‘No’!   Latrell fisted his growing cock up to a rigid bone, with it now a good eleven inches long and still growing, then laughed “Ya did a good job teaching me math this summer, Miss Harmon!  But how’s about raising my ‘C’ up to a ‘B’, huh?  I’s like ‘B’ ……………….cause I’s captain of the B-Balls Team!”

Then came the agonizing humiliation for Teri as Latrell grinned at her and taunted “C’mon, teach!  Git a taste of some juicy dark meat!  It’s jist like eating some of them fancy semi-sweet dark chocolates!  Might be a little bitter at first, but I’s jist knows ya gonna ya’s gonna git to love the taste of it ……….heh, heh!”  The hand clamped over her mouth suddenly slid down a bit, pulling her chin forcibly downward, causing her lips to part open.  Teri’s stomach churned in rebellion as her mouth was suddenly forced open, and with the demented Latrell stepping forward to push his sticky foul tasting flesh tube between her lips, she wanted to throw up.  Immediately, as a reflex action to the sticky tube of flesh pushing into her mouth, her mouth began salivating to make the degrading act even more horrid.

Teri wished that she could die there on the spot as she rebelled against doing anything so filthy, but could only cringe with disgust as a slick salty liquid began oozing out of the tube flesh, mingling with her saliva to have the slick filthy mixture coat the roof of her mouth.  Her fiancÚ’ had tried a couple of times to put her lips on him when they were petting and getting intimate, but that was as close as she let him, always calling an end to the evening at that point before it got carried away.  But now Teri was actually doing it, forced to take a filthy black penis into her virgin mouth, something that she had contemplated ‘maybe’ doing only for the man she loved on their wedding night!

Arms freed, her hands extended and pushing against the muscular black thighs of her deviant assailant, Teri tried desperately to keep him from thrusting his filthy monstrosity all the way down her throat.  Hearing the laughter from Latrell’s cohorts, Teri was sick to her stomach from the humiliation as she realized that six other deviant teens were witnessing her perform oral sex on her now former summer school student, totally unaware of her disgrace being photographed and video taped.  But with thick fingers contracting throat.  Mouth watering, the mixture of her saliva and the leaking pre-cum juice provided Latrell and deviant friends the sounds of ‘Slurp …………..slurp ………………..slurp ………………….slurp …………………..slurp!’tightly wound in her long blonde hair, Latrell was using her face as a sexual fuck object and literally face-fucking her at this point, pushing his bloated cockhead deep into her

Looking down at the lovely blonde teacher, Latrell’s pulsating cock expanded even further at seeing the tears flowing down the beauty’s cheeks, obviously humiliating the soon bride-to-be of some punk whiteboy.  Turning to see the enthralled faces of his on-looking buddies, Leroy chuckled as he faced fuck the beautiful teacher, yelling out “Hey, guys!  Look at teach gobbling up her lunch!  The way she’s slobbering all over it, I’s think she likes dark meat way better than the ham!  And soon she’s gonna find out jist how much more juicy it is!”  With the unbelievable pleasure getting to him, Latrell gritted his teeth in order to prolong this fantastic blowjob, panting out “Oh, teach …………………oh, yeahhhhhhhh ………………….ah …………………..ah …………………ah …………………….argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Totally spent with his balls drained dry, Latrell called out “Nate!” as he pulled Ms. Harmon’s head back by the hair, his dick out of the blurry-eyed blonde.  With workman-like precision, seconds after his cockhead plopped free, Nate had placed the trashcan in front of the shuddering beauty.  Just in time as Latrell then pulled her by her blonde hair over the top of the trashcan when then heard “Pllllaaaaapp ………………….plllaaaapp …………..pllllappppppppppp!” as she upchucked her guts time and time into the metal container.  “Too much protein fer ya, huh, teach?” Latrell chuckled out loudly, causing all the guys in the team to laugh aloud.

Knowing that he needed time to recuperate after blowing his wad, Latrell advised “Yer up, Nate!  Give her a taste of yer black boner!”  “With pleasure!” Nate responded as he grabbed the blonde beauty by the hair, then made her take him into her mouth.   “Ah …………ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhh!” Nate grunted with pleasure.  Five minutes of her pink lips wrapped around his boner, Nate trust faster and faster like a piston and then he popped his load, emitting a loud “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, teach ………………………………eat ittttttt, Miss Harmon …………………….eat it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!”  “Trashcan, Leroy!  Yer up next!”
Body shuddering uncontrollably as her stomach heaved once again, Teri spit out the bile and filthy slime that her belly refused to accommodate, her mind now totally fucked up at the disgusting sex acts that she had been forced to perform.  ‘My God …………they’re nothing but sick animals!  Sick, sick ……………..animals!’ Teri shuddered as she spit out more of the filthy slime into the trashcan.  Suddenly, the trashcan was being pushed aside, thick fingers being wound in the back of her hair to pull her head up as Leroy now moved forward to push the leaking dome of his bloated up against her pink lips.  “My turn, teach!  Damn, yer so fucking purty!” she was told.

Ten minutes later, with Leroy showing his stamina and willpower as he continued face-fucking her, Teri heard one of the gang members yell out that “Most of the teachers have left, only two other cars are in the lot with the principal’s’!”  ‘Oh, God ……………….if and when Principal Morris leaves …………………….there’ll be no one else working at the school ………………till Monday!’ Teri realized.  Then she feared ‘Oh, God!  What if they hold me captive the entire weekend?  Make me do even more unspeakable acts?  Rape me?  Oh, my Godddddddddddddd …………………………..what if one of them gets me pregnant in the process?’

Finally, as her head was in the trashcan after having just sucked off the last of the deviant teens, Teri heard one of her assailants announce that “There’s old Madman Morris getting in his car!  And there he goesssssssss!  No more cars in the lot!  Driving teach’s car out and parking it on the street did the trick as the old boy thinks everyone left!”  Then she made out Latrell’s voice telling her “Perfect timing, teach …………………cause I’s rock solid again!  Ya know what I’s been dream’n about all summer, teach?  Now my dreams will come true ………………………….fuck’n ya right on that there desk of yers where ya taught class from!  Loved it when ya sat on the desk …………….but I’s deamt of seeing ya lying atop of it …………………..butt ass naked!  And best of all, ya can now scream all ya’s want cause no one will hear ya!”

Teri then felt hands on her arms pulling her up and her heels slid backwards along the classroom floor as she was being dragged over to where her desk was located.  She trembled as her deviant summer school student Latrell stood before her, then she could only close her eyes in shame as the black bastard cupped her breasts though her red print dress and the thin bra beneath it.  “R-i-ppppppppppp!” came the sound of her dress being torn and shredded from her body.  “Please …………………..please ………………..don’t do this to me!” she sobbed out.  But there was no mercy to come as Teri felt her bra straps being pulled down over her shoulders and then cool air hit her breasts as the covering bra cups were pulled on down.  She shuddered in revulsion upon feeling Laterll’s calloused hands cupping her bared breasts and her sensitive pink nipples being thumbed by the deviant bastard.

Dress and bra stripped from her, Teri felt herself being dragged up onto the desk that had just been cleared, then felt Latrell’s calloused fingers grasping the waistband of her lacy white panties.  As she tried to kick out at him, others in the gang were grasping her legs and holding her still as her panties were worked down over her hips and thighs.  Panties off her heels, Teri gasped in seeing the lacy white garment being passed from one deviant teen to another, with each holding her panties up to face to inhale her scent.  As she tried to kick out and spike her assailants, Teri felt more hands grasping at her ankles, then felt her beige heels being peeled off her feet.  She now realized that a part of Latrell’s dream had come true, for she was …………..butt ass naked upon her desk!

“No ……….no …………..please …………………no!  No ……………..stop ………………………..stoppppppppppppppppppp!  Please …………………..please don’t rape me …………….please ………….please don’t!” Teri pleaded was she was held spread-eagled upon the top of her desk as a now naked Latrell was climbing up onto it.  “Noooooooooooooooooooo ……………….nooooooooooooooooooooooo ………………………oh, God ……………………………oh,Goddddddddddd ……………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she shrieked upon feeling his muscular body atop of her as he thrust his manhood up into the virginity that she had kept preserved for the man she married.

“Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiit!” Latrell exclaimed upon penetrating the membrane that proved just how innocent and na´ve this beautiful teacher was as he reveled in the exquisite feel of warm blood engulfing his rape stick.  Holding still, needing to keep from popping his load prematurely, he announced “I’s don’t believe it ……………….but I’s think I’s jist went and popped teach’s cherry!  Check it out, guys!”   Then the confirmation came that “Ya got her cherry all right, my man!  She’s bleeding all over her desk!”  Slowly, ever so slowly, Latrell used all his willpower in order to withdraw his rock-solid cock out of the beautiful teacher’s bleeding cunt.  Then he slid his body down the desk, stopping so he could inspect the damage done before clamping his open mouth over her oozing cunny.

Once all his buddies to lap up some of teach’s fresh cherry juice, Latrell climbed back onto the desk and fitted himself up to her still bleeding cunt, knowing that he had only gone in less than half the length of cock and hoped that the tight confines would not have him popping off too soon.  Getting to untouched virgin territory, he then heard the teach’s panicked voice pleading “No ………………..no …………………no ………….….stop ………………………………..it hurts ………………………..it hurtsssssssssssssssssssss!  Stop ……………………..please …………………….it’s too bigggggggggggggggggg!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  “Ah, yeah  ……………….ya got it all now, teach!  Me or one of the guys are gonna give ya a wedding present ya ain’t ever gonna fergit ………………………….a little black bastard!” Latrell taunted, causing the beautiful teacher to sob and wail in despair.

It was sheer agony being held there upon the desk while her rapist sawed his massive manhood in and out of her once untouched vagina.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………………..noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Teri groaned through gritted teeth as her rapist suddenly exploded deep in her fertile womb, spurting his hot slimy filth in her again and again till it was overflowing from where they were joined.  More and more of the sticky seed filled her to the brim, and Teri felt it flowing down over her bloodstained thighs to puddle on the desk beneath her.  Then, as Latrell rocked his muscular body atop of her, Teri felt her ass sliding on the now blood lubricated desk.

With an exhausted Latrell pulling out the manhood that had deflowered her, Teri realized that her ordeal was far from over as Nate quickly climbed up on the desk and proceeded to rape her with his lengthy black spear.  Knifing pain coursed throughout her body for Nate’s cock fatter, though shorter than what had taken her virginity.  Teri could only grit as she tried to survive the agony for Nate showed no mercy as he commenced to jackhammer her once he got himself in her.  This brutal bastard was only interested in his sating his lustful pleasure with her innocent body as pumped his fat cock in and out of her bleeding vagina.  “Nnnnnnn ………….nnnnnnn …………..nnnnnn ………….nnnnnnn …………..nnnnnn ………….nnnnnnn …………..nnnnnn!” was all that could now be heard of her mewling in the classroom besides that of the squishing sounds of cock pistoning in bleeding pussy.

With Nate’s heavy body collapsing upon her atop the desk, Teri felt his still embedded cock twitch once, then again as his potent sperm was freed to assault her fertile womb.  Then Nate’s weight was suddenly gone, only to be replaced by that of another gang member, with this one commenting “Shit, Nate, I’s hate being the one to follow ya!  Talk about gitting some fuck’n ‘sloppy seconds’!”  Then the bastard who was about to rape her called out “Gimme part of her dress so’s I’s can use it to wipe up some of this slop!”  Teri then felt the soft material of her torn dress wiping up oozing cunny.  Hands of this new attacker was now grasping her by her hips, then got to compare the feel of this new cock sliding up into her.

“Nooooooo ……………………..pleaseeeeeeeeee …………………no more!” Teri pleaded after six of the vile animals had obtained carnal knowledge of her most private body parts.  “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she cried out as the last of the gang members got to rape her upon her desk.  It was the newest gang member named Toby, all 6’7” and 260 lbs of him, who thrust his proud animal up into her as he announced that “Oh, mama ……………….this is sweet …………………..ain’t had me no purty teacher before!  Then he began to fuck her without any consideration, determined not only to rut at her and get his nuts off but that “Maybe I’s be the lucky one, teach ………………..the lucky one to knock ya up!”

Allowed to rest atop of her desk for a bit, Teri then felt hands pulling down off the desk.  Feet flat on the floor, she was then pushed forward atop of the desk, causing her to cringe as her face was right in the middle of a puddle of blood and goo.  She did not now which of the gang members had moved up behind of her, but she grabbed at the sides of the desk in order to brace herself as the bastard took her from behind.  And like before, Teri was afraid that this was just the start of it all, that each of the six other bastards would be waiting in line for another shot at her.  ‘When will they let me go?  How long will they keep on torturing me like this?  Raping me?’ she wondered.

It would not be till Sunday morning that Teri would awaken to find herself all alone in the classroom.  She looked around to see the classroom a total mess, empty pizza boxes and soda cans strewn all about, then she recalled how a couple of them would leave to go to the store and then return to the classroom with the food and drinks before assaulting her once again.  Closing her eyes in despair, Teri recalled how each had taken her for his own pleasure time and time again as she could only lay there sobbing and weeping in shame.  Not only had they raped her one by one, they had gangbanged her, making her straddle one of them while one got behind of her while another pulled her head forward to suck him off.

It would not be till Sunday morning that Teri would awaken to find herself all alone in the classroom.  She looked around to see the classroom a total mess, empty pizza boxes and soda cans strewn all about, then she recalled how a couple of them would leave to go to the store and then return to the classroom with the food and drinks before assaulting her once again.  Closing her eyes in despair, Teri recalled how each had taken her for his own pleasure time and time again as she could only lay there sobbing and weeping in shame.  Not only had they raped her one by one, they had gangbanged her, making her straddle one of them while one got behind of her while another pulled her head forward to suck him off.

Fortunately for Teri, each classroom had a small sink in the closet, to be used by the teachers and janitors to wash up or clean the classroom.  With some rags and towels available, Teri spent a good hour or so in wiping all the smeared blood and dried semen off the desktop and then the splotches on the classroom floor.  Pulling up her panties, Teri then put on her tattered dress and used the sweater she had hanging in the closet to cover herself in order to make it home with something covering her.  But now, not being on the pill, she could only hope that a potent douche would be able to keep her from getting pregnant.

Getting married, spending a week on their honeymoon cruise, Teri’s worst fears came to fruition the day after they returned home.  On their wedding night, with her loving husband having had a bit too much alcohol, Teri had feigned pain when he first entered her and had fooled him into thinking that she been a virgin.  Now, with the honeymoon cruise coming to an end, it was six weeks to the day from that last day of summer school.  Six weeks to the day when her virginity was stolen, when she was repeatedly raped by those black thugs, and now her stomach was quite queasy in the morning …………..and as feared, it turned out to be that of morning sickness!  Just a week after becoming Mrs. Teri Baker, her mind was just in shambles as she pondered ‘Can I go through with an abortion?  Against all that’s I’ve been taught and believe in!  Do I dare tell Ted that I’m pregnant and that he’s not the father, that one of the black bastard who raped me is the father?’

Two months later, with an obvious ‘bump’ forming in her belly, Teri sat her husband down for a talk as she tried to blink back the tears.  She asked him not to say anything till she got everything off her chest, then began to blurt out the events that took place when he had gone fishing with his buddies ………….her last day of teaching summer school and the adjoining weekend!   It was such a relieve for Teri when Ted took her into his arms and held her, stroking her hair to comfort her as she sniffled and body trembled.  That night in bed though, Teri did notice a bit of change in her husband’s behavior, for he would normally let her pull away when he nudged his erect penis towards her face.  This time, Ted’s hands were at the back of her head as he pushed his bloated cockhead between her lips.  It became obvious that he wanted to experience some of the pleasure that she had given to the seven gang members ……………….that of making her suck him off till he got to ejaculate his semen into her mouth and having her swallow it all!

Getting that teaching job that she had been waiting for, that of teaching in the middle school grade level, Teri calculated it out and found that she’d be able to teach up until spring break.  She reflected back on all the events, from: the summer school teaching stint; the wedding day; the honeymoon cruise; discovering that she had been impregnated by one of her rapists; confessing it all to her husband; the decision to keeping the baby; right up till current day.  Teri wondered if her husband really was in agreement with her when she told him that she didn’t believe in abortions, that she’d have the baby.  Putting it up for adoption was an option if her husband didn’t agree with her to keep it.  Although her husband advised that he’d do whatever she wanted, Teri could sense that he was apprehensive of them raising ‘a little black baby’ fathered by one of seven gang members who had raped her in the classroom.
Having told her husband all that had been done to her on the fateful weekend at the end of summer school, Teri found that she could not dissuade Ted from their engaging in certain sex acts.  Even if she expressed that she didn’t like it a certain way, like being sodomized brought back horrible memories, Teri found herself held firmly in position as Ted was determined to bone her rearend.  The way he panted and labored behind of her, getting so excited, Teri had to wonder if her husband was picturing images of those black bastards who had buggered her ass as he proceeded to giving her a hot enema.

Although she had confessed all that had happened when summer school had come to an end, Teri had second thoughts of revealing what had happened later, the time between her discovering that she was pregnant and when she had sat her husband down to divulge her pregnancy and how it had happened.  It was just after being called about the teaching position coming open at the middle school, a week before schools in the state were to begin the new school year, when Ted had another fishing weekend over the Labor Day holiday with his buddies.  Through an email sent to her, Teri then came to realize that her rape ordeal and been captured in photos and videos.  Also, if she didn’t want it distributed for public viewing, Teri was park across the school’s parking lot where she’d be picked up ……………for she was to be the guest of honor at Latrell’s going off to junior college party!  And at that party, Latrell thanked her for giving him a ‘B’ for summer school ………………..then Latrell had her showing the party goers what the number ‘69’ really meant!

End of story.