His Boss’s Taste for Asian Stew
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: Tasty Asian Stew IV
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Mel Bradshaw could not believe the generosity of Pete Daniels, the headman of the company he worked for.  What had started out as a nightmare of worry a couple of months ago, now had turned out to be quite a fortunate one for Mel and his lovely new bride at this time.   When Mel had learned of the hijacking of the airline, in which his lovely fiancée Michelle Whang was working on that fateful day, he had shuddered in absolute fear with worry for her safety.  Then came the added concern of everyone in the company when it was learned that Mr. Daniels was on the flight as a passenger.

‘How things have changed from that incident!  Things couldn’t be any better than this!’ Mel thought.  For he and Michelle, they had saved a ton of money on the wedding, all paid for at the insistence of Daniels.  Apparently he had been quite impressed with the way that Michelle had handled herself in the hijacking, that Mr. Daniels even credited her with saving his life.  Wedding paid for by Mr. Daniels, who gave him a raise to boot and after the close call he bought a company plane to transport employees and clients.  Best yet was his insistence of having Michelle be the plane’s flight attendant, doubling the salary she had with Trans Eastern.

Getting back on the morning flight from Denver, Michelle found the company's limo awaiting for her arrival to take her to the Home Office.  Though her newlywed husband was ecstatic about everything as his boss had let on as to his plans of presenting the job offer, the new Mrs. Michelle Bradshaw was far from enthused, taking the job offer not because of the pay or wanting the position but because she was forced to accept it.  It was ‘accept the job or else’ as Mr. Daniels had put it to her.  The threatening tone of the ‘or else’ sent shivers throughout her entire body that day Mel had her come down to his office as Mr. Daniels wanted to talk to her about the position of hostess for the company’s new jet.


As she sat in the blue padded chair across from Mr. Daniels, Michelle shivered as the vile man made no attempt to hide is ogling of her trim legs.  Nodding a ‘yes’ that she would indeed accept the position rather than be faced with the consequences of the ‘or else’, that she would leave her job at Trans Eastern and start the next week as the hostess for the company’s new jet.  Turning to leave Mr. Daniels office, Michelle froze in her tracks as the headman spoke “What do you say we seal this deal formally, Mrs. Bradshaw?”  Turning, Michelle glared at the pudgy old man, wishing that he was dead.  If stares could kill, Mr. Daniels would no longer be there.  “Come on over here, Mrs. Bradshaw!  Come and sit on top of my desk!” she was advised.

Shuddering with fear and apprehension, Michelle forced herself to make her way over to the man, turning the corner of his desk.  She trembled with fear, body quivering upon seeing the man had his pants unzipped and was stroking the erect penis in his right fist.  Biting her bottom lip, Michelle slowly tiptoed on her heels and scooted her butt up onto the man’s desk. She shuddered as Mr. Daniels let go of his now waving cock to reach out and caress her left leg just above the ankle, then he was scooting over towards her as he pushed his wheeled chair closer.

“You know, sweetie …………………..I dream of the hot footjob you gave every night since the hijacking …………..even though you had me wet my pants and humiliated me in front of the hijacker!” Pete Daniels advised as he gave the lovely young wife a sneering smile.  “You’ve got such pretty feet, Mrs. Bradshaw …………………..very sexy feet!” he advised while slipping her black heels off and standing them side by side between his open legs.  Panting for breath as the old fellow slid his hand up under the skirt of her uniform to peel down her pantyhose, Michelle shiver as the nylon garment was rolled down her legs and then her feet.

With her heels and pantyhose removed, the vile man confidently placed her feet flat upon each of his thighs, telling her “C’mon, sweetie ……………………..do me again ……………….this time with your bare feet ...........................without you purposely humiliating me in front of another guy, even if is a hijacker!”  No choice as she feared the ‘or else’ that was hanging over her head, she moved her right foot and placed the middle of her sole atop of the jutting bone of flesh and heard Mr. Daniels give a loud sigh Aahhhhhhhhhhh ………………………yeahhhhhhhhh!”

She too had played back the events of that fateful day, over and over again, every detail of that horrid hijacking etched permanently in her mind.  ‘What made me do that to Mr. Daniels?  Why did I embarrass him in that manner in front of the hijacker?’ Michelle had kept asking of herself.  Forced to then lift her skirt to reveal her panties, then remove her heels to have Mr. Daniels take off her nylons, she had seen the hardon that her fiancé’s boss was sporting.  Upset that her future husband’s boss had gotten excited from her efforts to keep the hijacker from doing harm to him, instead of placing her foot on his chair, she had purposely placed it upon his hardon.


Rubbing her foot over the man’s hardon, she had made him cum in his pants.  With her foot pressing down upon his shrinking cock, she had taunted him with "My pantyhose needs to be removed now, Mr. Daniels!  After all, you've gotten them all wet and messy, you naughty old man!"  Then came the laughter coming from the hijacker behind Mr. Daniels and the embarrassed old codger had turned a beet red in color from being humiliated by her.

Michelle was soon to find that her actions would bring out the wrath of the pudgy old man as he was bent on getting even with her for his humiliation experience.  And Michelle paid quite dearly as her husband’s boss held her down for the black hijacker, encouraging the rape of her innocent young body.  Skirt of her uniform and panties stripped from her as Mr. Daniels pinned her to the floor, the hijacker had put his face down between her legs and Michelle learned what it felt like to be eaten alive.

Then her precious virginity that was being preserved for her wedding night with Mel was plucked away, all while she was being held down by her fiancé’s boss.  As the hijacker proceeded to ‘rape and ruin’ her, Michelle suffered through the indignity of having Mr. Daniels witness it all and even taunting her throughout her ordeal.  Not enough for the vile man, he had then rubbed his testicles over her agonized face and made her take him in her mouth.  ‘Raped and ruined’ by the black hijacker, Mr. Daniels then got in his turn and stuck himself into her bleeding body.

Clasping Mr. Daniels jutting cock between the soft soles of her feet, Michelle then began to give the pudgy old man a footjob.  Though forced to perform this sex act by her husband’s blackmailing boss, the wickedness of the situation had Michelle quivering with unexplained pleasure.  It was like the day of the hijacking all over again, where she was forced to please her captors, plus all those male passengers who were brought up into the first class section for some live entertainment.

Seeing how the lovely young wife was now participating in giving him an arousing footjob, he knew that the once innocent and reserved young beauty had been totally transformed on the day of the hijacking.  Oh, she had cried and whimpered upon the initial rape and defilement of her innocent young body, no doubt about that.  But then, after servicing the first dozen or so guys, it seemed as if the naïve innocent bitch had become transformed into a wanton whore in dire needed more and more cock.

As the bitch pumped at his throbbing cock with those sexy feet of hers, Pete Daniels anticipated that she wanted to end up humiliating him once again, perhaps by releasing his cock when he was about to spew his load, letting it erupt wildly and make a mess atop of his pants.  And so at just the right moment, as the bitch was about to take her feet away in a hurry, he captured her ankles in his hands and kept her from pulling away.  “Ahhhh …………………ahhhhhh, yeah, Mrs. Bradshaw!” he moaned as he coated the bottom of her dainty feet with his hot jizz.

Cum covering the bottom of her feet, dripping down into her heels, Michelle saw Mr. Daniels’ deviant smile as he reached down to retrieve her left heel and put it on her foot.  Then the same was done for her right heel being fitted onto her foot.  Michelle saw Mr. Daniels tucking his cock into his pants and zipping up, then was grasping her at the elbow to pull her off the desk and commenting “We had better get down to your husband’s office before he wonders about our luncheon today!”

Hurried out of Mr. Daniels office, cringing at the feel of the man’s slimy cum he head deposited on her bare feet as the gooey substance made walking in her heels rather awkward.  As she neared her husband’s office, Michelle noticed several wet white splotches on the top of her heels, apparently cum drops that had splattered on them.  No chance to wipe up the mess, all Michelle could do at this point in time was to bring her heel back and wipe the splotches off on the back of her left ankle.  She hoped that her husband would not notice that the nylons she had worn into Mr. Daniels' office were no longer covering her legs.

After meeting Mel at his office and heading off to the restaurant Mr. Daniels had made reservations at, Michelle suspected that this had all been planned in advance by her husband’s devious old boss.  Holding onto her husband’s arm as they walked the block and a half to the restaurant, Michelle cringed with every step as her foot felt as if it was sliding back and forth into her normally well-fitting heel, knowing that the slippery cummy substance was the cause of the entire problem.

Lunch in the small cozy booth that Mr. Daniels had purposely requested for the occasion, young Mel Bradshaw had no clue as to what was taking place just a foot away under the confines of the tabletop.  As he chatted with his boss, with Michelle smiling the entire time, Mel did not realize that his lovely wife’s smile was really a forced one, that she was really gritting her teeth while Mr. Daniels had his fingers tracing the outline of her slit through the thin pair of panties that she wore.

With Mel excusing himself to go to the little boy’s room, Michelle was soon to be squirming upon the cushions of the cozy booth as Mr. Daniels had slipped his hand up under the leg band of her panties and had inserted his middle finger right up into her juicing twat.  Thinking that the ordeal would never end, Michelle finally heard Mr. Daniels advise “Well, Mel …………………this is really a first ………….the first husband and wife couple to be employed by Motrin Electronics!  Now, after we get back to the office, I shall have the limo take your lovely wife and I over to the hangar where she can get to see her new mansion in the sky!”

An hour later, with the company jet taking off with Michelle and Mr. Daniels as the only passengers, the announcement came over the intercom advising “Exactly one mile up, Mr. Daniels!”  Pulled to the back of the plane where the private bedroom was located, Michelle was then advised “Just think, sweetie ………………………as hostess, ya’ll be introducing so many into a world never thought of …………………………having them become a member of the ‘Mile High Club’!”

With the pilot announcing “One mile exactly, Mr. Daniels!” the old codger asked Michelle to demonstrate how she’d be introducing new members into the ‘Mile High Club’!  Though she should have been appalled at it all, at the mercy of this man who threatened to reveal all the juicy details of the hijacking to her husband, Michelle instead felt a wicked sensation coursing throughout her petite body.

Boldly, standing up from her chair, Michelle faced the pudgy old man and let her body sway sexually as she ran her hand up the delectable curves.  Hat slowly removed, then her black scarf followed as it fluttered down to the floor.  Undoing the buttons to her white uniform jacket, Michelle slowly gave the old man a teasing look of her bra encased breasts.  Unbuttong the top of her black skirt, she pulled the zipper down slowly before getting it down over her hips and stepping out of them.  Then she teased the old man by slowly swaying while clad only in her lacy undergarments and cummy heels.

Black bra unclasped, then tossed to her husband’s boss, Michelle took pleasure in seeing the old geezer fondling the soft cups of her lacy bra.  She next began swaying her trim hips as fingers in the waistband of her black panties began to shimmy the flimsy garment down.  Panties around her heels, Michelle stepped out of the garment with her left heel, leaving it caught upon the right.  Then, with a flick of her foot, the garment sailed through the air and landed perfectly ……………….squarely upon the face of Mr. Daniels!

As her husband’s boss sat there, inhaling her sweet fragrance, Michelle swayed on over to the sofa armchair.  With a teasing finger, she then traced the outline of the old codger’s hardon the threatened to bust right through is pants.  Boldly, she then placed her knees upon the armrests and her hands atop of the chair next to the old man’s neck.  Michelle worked her way up the chair, then did the unveiling as she removed the panties from Mr. Daniels’ covered face, giving him a close-up view of her sugar bush.

For Pete Daniels, he was absolutely certain that his hot little thing had made the transformation of a naïve innocent beauty into that of a wanton slut and nymphomaniac as a result of the hijacking episode.  He inhaled deeply, taking in her intoxicating perfume emanating from between those sexy thighs as her soft curls tickled at his nose.  Seconds later, with the young wife removing the panties from his face, Pete Daniels was having his nosed tickled by the soft dark curls of her sugar bush.  He then got to inhale the source of the sweet perfume that had scented her lacy panties.

“Oooooooooooooooo ………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ahh  ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Michelle moaned as she settled her juicing twat down on Mr. Daniels wide open mouth.  Rubbing her horny snatch over the face of the pudgy old geezer, the tongue flicking in and out of her hot juicy slit had Michelle going out of her mind.  “Oh, Goddddddddddd ………………………….yesssssssssssss …………………..eat me …………………eat me, Mr. Danieals ……………………..eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Wrapping his arms around the soft trim waist of the hot little bitch, Pete Daniels proceeded to eat out her hot little cunny, slurping up all the sweet honey she was feeding him.  He just wished that young Mel Bradshaw could see his newlywed bride of just a few weeks squirming about on his face as he proceeded to eat her out.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………oh, Goddddddddddddddddd ……………………….cummingggggg ……………………..I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” the hot little bitch screamed out, her body quivering uncontrollable as her juices gushed out into his slurping mouth.

With the young wife going limp atop of him as her body continued to quiver uncontrollably as she enjoyed the mind-shattering climax had her husband’s boss had taken her to.  Unaware and uncaring of what was taking place beneath her, Michelle slid down the chair as Mr. Daniels guided her hips down.   Michelle then gasped loudly as her body began to settle down atop of the fat stump of a cock that Mr. Daniels had bared from his confining pants.

Teeth clamped over her right nipple as the old man tongued her bud, Michelle felt the man’s sharp teeth sink into her breast as Mr. Daniels fucked himself up into her.  Then the same was being done to her left nipple, slobber and biting that would bruises were purposely being created by the old bastard that would force her to keep her titties covered or be discovered by her unsuspecting husband.  With Mel loving to suck upon her breasts in the darkness of the night, Michelle knew that she would have to grit her teeth later that night and hide the fact that even the gentle sucking by her husband would be sheer agony when he mouthed her bitten nipples.

As the hot little nymph began to ride his joystick, Pete Daniels knew that the hot little bitch would be the perfect hostess for the company’s new jet.  “Oh, baby ……….you’re gonna be perfect, you hot little minx!  You’re gonna love your new job, sweetie …………………..the perfect solution to keep that hot little twat of yours well-filled!” he advised has he fucked up into her hot little sleeve that was gripping tightly at his throbbing cock.

Michelle jogged up and down, riding the old man to get the much needed fucking that her body craved for.  The soft, gentle and considerate love-making with her husband just did nothing for her.  It was always in the darkness of the night, always in the missionary position that Mel would make love to her, with her husband always cumming rather prematurely and leaving her high and dry.  This was what turned Michelle on, wild sex forced upon her, to be taken by a man who wanted to degrade and humiliate her.  Then the copulation sped up, faster and faster, with the cock about to blast her out of the sky and causing Michelle to scream out “I’m cumming ……………………….cumming .................................cumminggggggggg …………………….cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!”  Arms clutching at the fat sweat body of her husband’s boss, Michelle felt the fat cock within her body burst, flooding her womb with its hot seed.

That evening over a nice steak dinner, Mel Bradshaw was delighted on hearing that his lovely wife would be working for the same company and being the hostess for the new company jet.  He knew that Mr. Daniels had taken a fancy to Michelle but was unaware of the man’s lust for her sexy body.  As his wife advised him of having taken off in the company jet and given the details of her new job, Mel had no clue just how different this new job would be compared to her prior one.  Oh, being of service to the passengers on the company jet would take on a whole new meaning of ‘service’.

“Oh, Mr. Daniels was very charming, even accompanying back here in the limo!  I was surprised that he’d take the time out to come in for a drink!  Gave him a tour of the house, showing him your office set-up with all the new equipment you bought!” Michelle advised her husband.  But that was as far as she went, eliminating the tour of the master bedroom where most the time was spent in their home.  That their marital bed finally had a change in how it was usually occupied ……………………….how she had climbed up on all fours and fucked doggie style by his anxious boss!

Things happened rather fast, with national news that weekend announcing that the company had purchased the city’s professional basketball franchise.  Michelle’s first assignment on the company jet was to fly to Miami with the basketball team.  Each of the team members would be treated to a private blowjob session with the lovely hostess to take the edge off.  And if they won their away game, Mr. Daniels promised the players a hot gangbang session with their hostess.  It was no wonder that they blew out the opponents by a whopping twenty-points.

Weeks later, with the signing of the promising 7’2” center just out of high school, Mel Bradshaw was excited upon getting the signed autograph that he had asked Michelle to get for him, figuring that it’d be work some bucks in the future.  When asked what she thought of the towering giant, Michelle had merely shrugged her shoulders, advising her husband “”Oh, I don’t think he’s that special!  A real ‘rookie’ as far as I can tell!  Not much experience if you ask me!”

Mel was shocked, telling his lovely wife that she obviously was aware of all the hype about the tall center and how everyone figured he’d be starting that next season.  As far as Michelle was concerned, Jerome Carter needed a lot more experience, especially when it came to women and sex.  “Not enough stamina, from what I’ve been able to observe!” Michelle advised.   “But he certainly is tall, that’s for sure!  His head touched the ceiling of the plane and he had to bend down in getting around!” she advised.

What she advised was quite true as Michelle had physically observed the tall center close-up and the man had buckled at the knees in just two minutes after the blowjob had commenced.  But Michelle had been excited and amazed when the young man had lifted her up into the air.  With her hands up on the plane’s ceiling, Michelle had braced herself as Jerome had fitted his big black boner up into her horny snatch.  It was a fuck she’d never forget, keeping her hands pressed up to the ceiling, pushing upon the ceiling to keep her head from hitting it as the tall center tried to send her right through the roof.

End of Story.