His Employee’s Lovely Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: Bubba’s Conquest
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Rubbing his crotch, Bubba told himself that it was time to sample some tender fresh meat!  At the thought of getting some 'fresh meat', Bubba's mind took him to that trip he took to the office in San Francisco the other week.  That branch office was then celebrating their winning 'Branch of the Year' award and the company had picked up the weekend tab for the employees and families at the plush country club.

One succulent beauty had immediately captured Bubba’s attention, having first seen her at the elegant dinner for the employees and spouses or dates.  His cock had immediately hardened when he was introduced to the beautiful Mrs. Kristi Kawano, the wife of one of the up and coming supervisors in the branch.  Holding the soft petite hand of the sexy Asian beauty, Bubba told himself 'Oh, baby ………………..I just gotta get your sweet little ass in the sack!'  Bubba had never bedded an Asian beauty before, though he had been tempted many a time.  He just loved the oriental culture, the manner in which beauties such as this was so conservative and innocent.

Holding the beauty’s soft pedicured hand in his, Bubba told himself ‘Oh, baby ……………I’m dying to have your hand on my cock!’  Bubba had never bedded an Asian beauty before, though he had been tempted many a time.  He just loved the oriental culture, the manner in which beauties such as this was so conservative and innocent.  Now seeing this sexy beauty, Bubba was absolutely determined to sample some tasty Asian cuisine.  He began to formulate a plan, possibly promoting that young pup of a husband to the Home Office in order to have the beautiful wife right in his clutches.

Bubba began to formulate his devious plan, thinking of feeding the scuttlebutt of that beauty’s young pup of a husband’s possible promotion up to the Home Office, in order to have the beautiful wife right in his clutches.  The next day, at poolside, Bubba did all he could to keep his hardon from showing as he gazed upon the sexy Mrs. Kristi Kawano.  Dressed in a rather conservative blue bikini, Bubba wanted to rip the tiny garments from her sexy bod.  As she appeared a bit shy, Bubba knew that he was right in assuming the beauty's conservative upbringing and the fact that she was indeed quite an innocent young beauty.

The Asian beauty was so tiny and petite, causing Bubba to imagine her lithe little body struggling to get out from under his much bigger and muscular body, trying desperately to keep from being ‘ruined’ by his big black love muscle.  His cock twitched with excitement at the prospect of hearing the sexy young wife scream with pain and fear as he would definitely take great pleasure in 'ruining' the innocent young beauty.  ‘Damn, I wanna hear the little bitch scream like a banshee when I stick it to her!’ he chuckled.

For young Harry Kawano, the thought of getting promoted to the Home Office was the ultimate dream.  When the headman shook his hand on his tour of the office, the day prior to the big celebration, Mr. Grimes had made mention of being impressed with the worked he’d seen from him.  Wanting to make an even bigger impression on the headman, Harry implemented a rather ill-conceived plan the night the office party would celebrate the ‘Branch of the Year’ award.

Though Kristi was a bit reluctant, Harry insisted that his wife wear a dress and heels that would definitely turn heads at the party.  Kristi was shy, a very prim and proper beauty who wanted no part of her aggressive husband's plan.  But she loved him dearly and reluctantly went along with his request that she dress to impress and maybe even flirt a bit with his black boss at the party, though it really wasn’t part of her nature .

But Harry was determined to convince her that it was just a harmless diversion and that it would put him in position to make a good first impression on his boss and pave the way for that promotion to the Home Office.  Reluctantly, Kristi had gone along with the plan, though the very idea of flirting or giving the come-on to her husband's black boss made her cringe in disgust.  Still, she intended on wearing an elegant dress and matching heels to the big event, not wanting to look like a trashy bimbo with nothing upstairs.

Upon being introduced to the succulent Asian beauty, Bubba immediately sensed the lovely young wife's revulsion of him.  But Bubba was struck by both her beauty and her innocence, making his desire to have her even stronger.  He quickly figured out the husband's agenda and just as quickly conjured up a plan to beat Harry Kawano at his own game  ………………………..with the prize being his lovely young wife!  Learning that she was an elementary school teacher, Bubba took note of that as it might just be an element to be used in the devilish plan that began to formulate in his evil mind.
During the party, Bubba played along, conversing with the young couple and even taking up Harry Kawano’s foolish invitation to dance with his beautiful young wife, but being careful to conceal his lecherous desires and intentions.  In fact, he was the perfect gentleman although it took all of his willpower to hold his hormones in check.  With all the branch employees present along with their spouses, it sure wouldn’t look good for him to put the make on an employee’s lovely wife.
When the night was over and they retired to their room in the resort, young Harry Kawano figured he had scored a coup and that the game was over, that he was right up there for the promotion to the Home Office.  But in listening to her husband crow of how successful his plan had been, Kristi shuddered as she breathed a sigh of relief that her efforts to please her husband had helped him.  Being a prim and proper young woman of Asian ancestry, it was just not her nature to do any flirting.

Kristi probably would not have danced with Harry’s rather repulsive black boss had her husband not invited the man to dance with her.  The man was so tall, so much bigger that she was, giving Kristi the feeling that he could crush her with one of his large hands.  She cringed and grimaced at the recollection of being led onto the dimly lit dance floor, where the big man pulled her into him.  She could swear that the man had a hardon and she was pulled up tightly against his muscular black body.
As for Bubba, he had other ideas for as far as he was concerned, the game had just begun.  He had another day out there as all the employees would be staying the weekend.  Over cocktails, Bubba planned on stringing young Harry Kawano along, dangling the promise of the Home Office promotion before him.  Lying in bed as he stroked his rigid boner, Bubba chuckled at the thought of having the succulent Asian beauty in his arms on the dance floor.  Oh, he had felt her trying to push herself away from him as he ground his hardon up against her petite body, but he had held her firmly in his grasp and not let her back away an inch.

The next day, at poolside, Bubba did all he could to keep his hardon from showing as he gazed upon the sexy Mrs. Kristi Kawano.  Dressed in a rather conservative blue bikini, Bubba wanted to rip the tiny garment from her soft sexy body.  As she appeared a bit shy, Bubba knew that he was right in assuming the beauty's conservative upbringing and the fact that she was indeed quite an innocent young beauty.  She was so tiny and petite, causing Bubba to imagine her lithe little body struggling to get out from under his much bigger and muscular body.  His cock twitched with excitement at the prospect of hearing the sexy young wife scream with pain and fear as he 'ruined' her.

Bubba calculated his detailed plan that would have young Harry Kawano packing his bags to help with the audit reviews of some branch offices as grooming for his potential move upward.  He would rollout his plan the following week, sending Harry Kawano out of town on business for an entire week, a week when the lovely Kristi Kawano was home alone with school out on spring break.  Having seen prior expense reports submitted by the young man, there was never parking expenses for the airport and Bubba had learned it was because of Harry being dropped off by his wife each time since they lived just a few miles away.

With the airport being a rather small one versus those in the big cities, Bubba knew exactly what airline young Harry Kawano would be on as the ticket had made through the company’s travel department.  Having learned from the young man himself while chatting at poolside during that weekend getaway, Bubba learned that Harry had his lovely wife drop him off at the street level for arrivals so they could avoid any backlog on the departure level, plus not incurring any airport parking expense for the company.

Having flown in a bit early, Bubba waited at the street for the arrival of the young couple.  Having surveyed the layout of the street level just outside of the baggage claim area, Bubba observed the escalator that led up to the second level that served the passengers departing on flights.  The doorway nearest the escalator would be the ideal spot for him to await the young couple’s arrival.  Having seen the couple depart the resort in a BMW, he figured that he had better keep an eye peeled for that vehicle or a Lexus which he had learned the young pup had bought for his lovely young wife on their first anniversary.

At about the normal check-in time of an hour and a half for the flight’s departure, Bubba observed a black BMW approaching, a vehicle that appeared to be like the one the young couple had departed the resort with.  To his delight, it was in fact the very same vehicle and Harry Kawano was driving with his lovely young wife sitting in the passenger seat.  As the BMW pulled up to the curb and the engine killed, Bubba’s cock gave a twitch as the passenger door opened and the lovely Kristi Kawano stepped out in a nice pastel yellow dress and 3” white heels.  ‘Damn, her legs are flawless ………………..so creamy and sexy ………………….I just gotta feel them wrapped around my ass!’ he thought.

Kristi had dressed nicely for the Women’s League luncheon held in the downtown area, having caught a ride there with another member, then going some of the gals in shopping before being dropped off at her husband’s office.  The plan was for them to then head off to the airport so Harry could catch his flight and Kristi would drive the BMW back home, avoiding the need to park the new car there and also to avoid any of the vandalism that had been reported there recently.

Watching as the beautiful young wife gave her husband a loving good-bye kiss next the car, a wicked thrill coursed through his large frame as Bubba thought to himself ‘If I’s play my cards right, when Harry kisses his lovely wife at the gate upon his return, her kiss would taste quite differently from now!’  As the husband ascended the escalator while the young wife went to the driver’s door of the car, Bubba rushed out to make his appearance, calling out “Mrs. Kawano ………………..hi!”

Turning to look in the direction from where her name had been called out loudly, Kristi was surprised to see her husband's boss smiling and waving at her.  “Hi, Mr. Grimes!  If you’re looking for Harry, he just went up the escalator to check in for his flight to Houston!” she advised.  Then she was advised by her husband’s boss that “Oh, no ……………….I just flew in unannounced to go over some employee problems that the branch manager has recently encountered!  Don’t think it’s anything serious but thought it best I come on over and sit in on the meetings scheduled for tomorrow!”

Being that the man was the head man from the Home Office of her husband’s firm, along with having chatted socially with the man at the celebration party and at the resort’s pool the next day, it would certainly be impolite not to offer to give the man a ride to his destination, even though it’d be out of her way.  Besides, if Harry found out that she didn’t even make an offer or gesture to give the man a ride, Kristi knew that he’d get upset.  It was an awkward situation she was in at this point, wanting to be polite but not wanting to have the big muscular black man in her car.

Kristi then made the gesture of a token offer to give Mr. Grimes a ride to the Branch Office or to his hotel, hoping and expecting him to decline.  She was glad to hear him say “Oh, no …………it’s too far out of your way!  I’ll just take a cab to the Hampton Hotel and get settled in!”  “Oh, it’s really not a problem ……………………I’d be happy to drive you there!” she politely added, much to her regret as Mr. Grimes smiled widely and replied “Oh, that's so nice of you, Mrs. Kawano!”  She was now trapped into driving the rather repulsive man to his hotel, naively unaware that the whole thing was a setup.
As they drove toward the downtown area, Bubba thanked the beautiful wife of his employee, saying how he was tired of traveling and hailing cabs at each city.  “So nice to have someone you know to talk to!” he advised.  Then he looked at the time and casually mentioned that it was dinner time and he was famished, offering to buy her dinner as that was the least he could do to repay her for giving him a lift.  Though she made some lame excuses, Bubba said firmly “Nonsense ……………..I must at least buy you a nice dinner for giving me a lift!”

After receiving compliments from Mr. Grimes on her lovely outfit and heels, Kristi followed the directions he was giving her to take her to a fancy restaurant that he frequented when in the area.  She really didn't want to dine with Mr. Grimes but remembered how Harry wanted her to make a good impression with his boss at the dinner party the other week.  Though the man was rather repulsive, just by his size and looks, Mr. Grimes had already impressed her that he was the perfect gentleman on the ride over and his dinner offer sounded quite sincere.

Kristi now felt a bit guilty about having negative thoughts about the man from the way he had pulled into him and held her firmly against at the party.  She felt now that she owed it to him to be genuinely nice to him this time around.  Over dinner and drinks at the elegant restaurant, Kristi actually felt herself loosen up, thanks in part to the alcohol.  Having already danced Mr. Grimes at the office party, she couldn't very well decline his request to dance as they enjoyed after dinner drinks at the restaurant.
This time though, as they slow danced, there was no denying the fact that Mr. Grimes was deliberately pressing his hardon up against her.  Feeling the outline of thick manhood against her belly ……………………………….it felt enormous ……………definitely ……………………….much larger than her husband's!  Kristi blushed a beet red but was far too shy and innocent to say or do anything about it as the man ground his manhood up against her.

Even worse, to her own shock and horror, she was beginning to respond by feeling a growing wetness and itching between her legs that was driving her crazy.  Kristi had no way of knowing that the evil Mr. Grimes had slipped some potent liquid Spanish Fly into her drink when she had gone to the ladies room.  Returning to the table after the music stopped, Kristi hoped to quell the growing itch between her legs, drinking more than she had intended.

By the time they got up to leave the restaurant, Kristi was a bit woozy and it would have to be left up to Mr. Grimes to drive her home, where the man said that he’d call himself a cab to take him to the hotel.  Or so, that was the outline of his plan at the moment, which she foolishly believed.  Following her directions, Bubba pulled up into the garage and offered to see her safely inside, from where he would call for a cab.

With the beauty needing to go to the restroom and making her way down the hallway, Bubba advised loudly “I’ll just make the call to the cab company and then let myself out!  I’ll be certain to lock the door behind me!”  Pretending to phone for a cab as the young wife disappeared down the hallway, Bubba looked to where he suspected the bedroom would be, towards the direction she had disappeared to.  His devious plan was near its fulfillment, where he’d get to nail the succulent little beauty …………….right on her marital bed!  Now, it was just moments away!

Coming out of the bathroom, Kristi found that the hallway and living lights were turned off and the front door locked as apparently Mr. Grimes had gone out to meet the cab somewhere.  Securing the deadbolt on the front door, Kristi let out a sigh of relief that the repulsive man had left.  ‘There’s no denying that the dance at the celebration was not an accident!  My God ……………………….he was grounding his hard penis up against throughout the dance tonight!’ she thought.

Clenching her thighs, Kristi tried to stem the nagging itch emanating from between her legs, unaware that she was feeling the full effect of the liquid Spanish Fly.  Normally removing her heels and dress before she would lie upon the bed, Kristi lay down and withered upon it as she tried desperately to extinguish the fire between her loins.  Legs bent at the knees with the spikes of her heels dug into the bedspread, Kristi desperately tried to rub her thighs together as her hands moved up to cup her breasts through her dress and bra.

Panting in heat, the itch between her legs becoming unbearable, Kristi reached down with her left hand to pull up the hem of her dress, then used the middle finger of her right hand to press down on her panty covered mound to trace the outline of her puffy and inflamed vagina lips.  “Ohhhhhhh …………………ooooooooooooo ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted loudly as her fingers began to push her panty crotch down into her wet slit.  “Oh, God ……………………….oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddd!” she whined.

From the darkened closet, Bubba smiled as he watched the lovely Asian beauty wither about in desperation to put out the fire between her sexy legs.  Then he saw her look about the room, reach out with her left hand for the hairbrush that lay upon the top of the nightstand.  Legs of the young wife bent and widespread, Bubba smiled with delight as the beauty pulled aside the legband of her panties aside to reveal her dark bush of soft curls.

Hairbrush held by the brush end, the desperate beauty was now inserting the handle up into her flaming cunny.  “Mmmmmmm …………………………ah, Goddddddddd ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the loud moans from the king-sized bed as the young beauty fucked the now slick wet handle of the hairbrush frantically in and out of her gushing slit.  Slowing disrobing in the confines of the closet, Bubba was planning to soon give the young wife what she really needed ………right between those creamy white legs of hers.

Just about to scratch that nagging itch between her legs, Kristi was startled back to reality as the brush end of the hairbrush was being pulled from her hand.  Opening her eyes, blinking them rapidly to dispel what she was seeing ……………………….that large black frame of Mr. Grime standing at the foot of the bed, right between her widespread thighs.  Then it became apparent to Kristi that the repugnant man had not let himself out but was hiding in the closet all the time.  Now he was naked before her ……………..his enormous manhood jutting out from between his thighs.

“Ahhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..nooooooooooooo!” Kristi cried out as the man tossed the hairbrush aside, his hands clamping on the top of her knees to push her legs even wider apart, then he dove down upon her and had clamp his wideopen mouth upon her sex.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..God …………………………oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” she screeched as the hot thick and wet tongue delved into her slit.

Never had Kristi experienced anything like this before, the tonguing of her most private parts sending her out of this hemisphere.  Pushing the spikes of her white heels into the bed, she then arched her hips up to give the man more access to her flaming snatch.  Unconsciously, Kristi’s hands came forward to grasp the man’s head, gripping and clenching hard at this short kinky hair.  “God …………………………..oh, God ……………………….oh, God …………………………don’t stopppppppppppp!  I ……………..………I …………………..I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” she screeched out as the man found and began to expertly tongue her ultra-sensitive clit.

Back down to earth after the mind-shattering orgasm, hitting a magnitude that could not even compare to her prior experiences, Kristi was now at a total loss with her resistance having fully evaporated a this point.  Legs now limp but still bent with the spikes of her heels having dug into the bed, Kristi saw Mr. Grimes shucking at his jutting manhood and knew what she would be in for, yet she was utterly helpless to plead or resist in any manner.  Still she could think rationally, realizing ‘My God …………………….he’s going to rape me that that ………………….awful thing of his!  Oh, God …………what if he rapes me without using a condom ………………………….I …………..I’ll get pregnant …………………with his baby ……………………….his black baby!’

Caressing the trim sexy legs of the lovely young wife, Bubba traced his fingers from her inner thighs down to her heels.  First her left, then her right heel, Bubba peeled them off and tossed them aside as he fondled her pretty petty feet with his hands.  Toes pedicured to perfection, he then brought the soft sexy soles up to his face and rubbed his bearded chin and nose into them.  Tonguing her tiny toes to satisfy his foot fetish, he then drew the beauty’s feet down to his jutting cock.
‘Oh, God …………………he’ll kill me with that thing!’ she fearfully realized as the length of both her petite feet from toe to heel still did not measure up to the monstrous cock that her feet were pressed up against.  With Mr. Grimes grasping her feet to mold the undersides of her feet round his black meat, Kristi watched as the cock sawed between her pink soles as the vile man was getting a footjob for himself.  Realizing the man had a foot fetish, Kriti cupped the soles of her feet together as she proceeded to give him a footjob in the hope of getting him off before he succeeded in raping her ………….better have the vile man shoot his semen off onto her feet rather than where could be utterly disastrous!

“Ummmm ………………………ummmmm!” Bubba groaned softly from the footjob being administered by the young wife.  But Bubba was no fool, he knew that she was only doing it as the bitch realized it might just save her from being ‘raped and ruined’ by ‘Big Bubba’ (his pet name that his high school classmates had given him upon seeing his endowment in the showers).  Jizz now leaking onto the beauty’s pink soles, Bubba knew it was time for the main event before blowing his load right then and there.  ‘Afraid of gitting yerself ‘raped and ruined’, huh, sweetie!  Well, here’s I’s cum!’ he chuckled to himself.

Prying her feet off his pulsating cock and spreading her legs wide, Bubba quickly reached down to grasp the bitch’s lacy white panties at the crotch and tore it rather easily, like pulling a tissue paper apart.  Pushing her knees wide apart till each touched the bed, Bubba got up onto the bed and aimed himself.  In perfect position, he brutally lunged forward with all of his might, spearing the petite young beauty in that one thrust.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………………..ohhh, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” came the high pitched wail of the innocent young wife as she was being raped and plundered by a cock far longer and thicker than ever having experienced before.  Her attempt to prevent the vile rape had been well read by her attacker and now he was penetrating her, going to a depth never touched by any man.  But her experience with men was certainly very limited, only petting some while in high school with the boyfriend of that time, then surrendering her virginity to Harry on their wedding day.  Faithful to Harry throughout their two full years of marriage, Kristi was now being possessed by her husband’s black boss right on their own marital bed.

With the pain between her thighs subsiding and the effects of the potent Spanish Fly once again causing that nagging itch, the sawing motions of the thick cudgel in her twat brought much needed release to her agonized body.  The thickness of the fleshy bone within her, coupled by the faster sawing motion, seemed to ease the nagging itch between her legs.  But Kristi desperately wanted to extinguish that irritating itch, thus reaching up to grasp Mr. Grimes’ muscular biceps as she tried to get her legs around him but that just did not seem possible.

Heels of her feet draped upon the man’s big black ass as he humped into her, Kristi grasp his muscular biceps and spurred the man’s ass with her heels to get him to fuck her harder and faster.  Meeting him thrust for thrust, arching her hips up to get the full length of him into her, Kristi moaned “Fuck me …………………fuck me …………..harder ……………………..faster …………………….faster!  Yes …………..oh, yessssssssssss …………………………..deeper …………………….deeperrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

It was quite a fuck for Bubba as he had turned the previously prim and proper young wife into a wanton slut for black cock.  Oh, he knew very well it was due to the potent Spanish Fly in her system but after a full week of being in that condition, Bubba would be surprised to learn if she went into a bar frequented by blacks and invited any and all of the patrons to sample her goodies when the need arose.

With the lovely beauty arching up to him, even spurring the back of her heels on his ass while clutching him tightly, Bubba kept himself in complete control of the situation.  He wanted to break her once and for all at this point as he humped his rigid meat into her clasping pussy lips.  As she frantically humped back at him, looking for that elusive mind-shattering orgasm, Bubba held himself still and advised “Oh, Mrs. Kawano …………………….I’s gotta stop …………………..or I’m gonna cum in ya!  Gotta stop ……………………………..or I’s gonna cum ………………………and yer gonna end up with a cute little black baby in yer tummy!”

Delirious at that point, so close to having that itch between her legs extinguished, Kristi was frantic as Mr. Grimes held himself still within her confines.  Squeezing her cunt muscles, spurring his ass and arching up onto his pole, Kristi desperately and literally tried to kick start her husband’s black boss back into action and give her the fucking that she so badly needed at this point.

Frantic, afraid that Mr. Grimes would pull his pleasure giving shaft out of her cunny, Kristi tried to lock her heels around him as she pleaded “Please  ……………….please ………………………….don’t stop ………………….please ……………………..I’m so close ………………..fuck me …………………….fuck me!  Cum …………………cum in meeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………give me your little black baby  …………..please …………………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee …………………….squirt it …………..squirt it in meeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Experienced as he was, this was far too much for Bubba to keep under control and hold off fucking the young beauty.  “Want Big Bubba to squirt in ya ……………………want Big Bubba to knock ya up with a little black bastard?  Yer just a whore fer black cock, ain’t ya, bitch?” Bubba taunted as he humped the petite beauty by putting his full weight behind each thrust into her sexy bod.  “Cumming, sweetie ……………………….gonna fill yer twat up with hot nigga jizz, Mrs. Kawano!” he taunted as he cut loose and filled her fertile womb to the brim with his baby making fluid.

With the explosion deep in her womb, the lava flow of hot cum in her tunnel, the once innocent young wife went into uncontrolled spasms as she climaxed with him, screaming “Yes ……………………..oh, God, yesssssssssssssssssss ………………………..fill me …………………….fill meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Clutching at her black master with her arms and legs, it was the crowning moment where the lovely Mrs. Kristi Kawano would forever be changed ………………………….the moment she became a whore for black cock!  Squeezing her cunt muscles tightly around the thick piece of meat, Kristi sought to milk out every drop of hot jizz that served as a relaxing and soothing balm over that once nagging itch between her legs.

As Kristi lay exhausted upon the bed, legs widespread as cum oozed out of her wide-stretched hole, she watched as her husbands’ vile boss went out of the master bedroom, only to soon return as he handed her a strong drink.  She accepted the drink from the man who had just violated her, the man who had sent her out of this world with mind-shattering orgasms, for she was now at his beck and call.

With the potent drug to last for many hours, Bubba knew that the young wife would soon be in need of another good fucking to take care of the itch between her legs.  Still, he was not taking any chances and had laced her drink with another dose of the Spanish Fly.  He was going to keep her jacked up for sex the entire week of her spring break while her young pup of a husband was off on branch audits.  A whole week of having him fucking her inflamed cunt would certainly turn the lovely Kristi Kawano into a slut for black cock!

As the beauty withered upon the bed once again, Bubba knew that she was too ashamed to express her need to be fucked again.  “Need my cock between those sexy legs of yers again, huh, sweetie?” he taunted.  Bubba saw the innocent young wife blink back the tears of shame but then give into her needs as she nodded a ‘yes’.  “Okay, Mrs. Kawano, get off the bed first and give me a nice striptease ………………….I want ya buck naked this time, honey!” he advised.

Exhausted and having fallen asleep after the fourth fuck session, the hand squeezing and pumping at his cock woke Bubba up.  With the hot balm soothing her itch for a bit, Kristi had felt the return of that nagging irritation once again.  She was in desperate need for more of that soothing balm and there was only one place that she could get it.  Shucking at the lengthy black flesh that was flaccid and drooped over her fist, she recalled how good it felt to have a mouth on her sex and wondered if the same applied to a man having a mouth on his thing.

Amused, Bubba merely watched as the lovely young wife licked at her lips and bent over to nibble as his pecker.  Clenching his teeth, Bubba held back a groan of pleasure, not wanting to give away the fact that he was awake.  Again he had to clench his teeth when the beauty stretched her lips wide to encompass his cockhead and dipped her pointed tongue into his pisshole.

Though Bubba did manage to stifle his groan, his cock gave him away by stiffening in the young wife’s mouth, causing her to look up into his eyes as she continued sucking and shucking at his cock.  ‘Shit, she’s better than a fuck’n pro ……………………what a turn-on the way she looks up at me while giving me head!’ Bubba thought as he panted for breath.  Then when at full staff, he watched as the hot little bitch got up to straddle him, holding the base of his cock as she slid her slick sheath down over his pole.  With her back to him as she began to ride him like she would in a derby race to the finish line, Bubba reached out to caress so soft creamy ass.
On the next day, a Monday, Harry had just returned to the hotel room after the first branch audit when his company cellphone rang.  It was quite a surprise for Harry as it was Mr. Grimes calling to tell him of his appreciation for what was reported as a suburb job of auditing the branch office.  “Oh, no problem at all, Mr. Grimes!  I’m only too happy to be a part of the Home Office audit team!” Harry responded.  Then he listened as the head man of the company advised “Harry, I must congratulate you on your choice of the woman you married!  Kristi is a real prize!  Just by chatting with her and having that one dance with her the other week, I knew right then that she is someone very special!  I just wish I can find myself a wife like Kristi, someone so lovely and faithful to the man she gives her vows to ……………………not like the typical gals on the prowl these days!”

The phone call by Bubba Grimes was not only a surprise to Harry Kawano.  Kristi Kawano was even more shocked to hear the phone call taking place, totally unaware of Mr. Grimes even placing the call to her husband.  When the call was being placed, Kristi was quite busy at the time, kneeling on the carpeted floor of the master bedroom between Mr. Grimes widespread thighs as she tried to fit the bulblike cockhead between her pink lips.  Mouth enveloping the bloated cockhead, it was then the she looked up when Mr. Grimes spoke into the phone “Harry, my boy!  I jist wanted to give ya a call to thank ya for helping out on the Home Office audit team this week!”

Kristi cringed at the mention of her name in the conversation, hearing how Mr. Grimes was laying it on as to her being a faithful wife when she had the man’s cock in her mouth right at that moment.  And then her husband’s vile boss was fucking her face, pumping his lengthy cock in and out of her mouth, speeding it all up as the conversation was about to come to an end.  “Have ya called that purty little wife of yers yet, Harry?  No ………………shit, ya give her a call every night ……………….talk as long as ya want …………..that’s what the company cellphone is fer when yer away on a business trip!” he advised.

“Well, Harry …………………….I’s got to git going in a minute as something important looks to be cumming right up!  Now ya do what I’s said and call that purty little wife of yers!  Ya tell her that I’s think she was by far the most beautiful woman there at the party and how much I’s enjoyed dancing with her!  Hold on a second, Harry …………lemme take care of this one thing!” he advised.  Phone held away arms length, Bubba then yelled out loudly “Okay ……………………I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg …………………….right now!”

It was such a humiliating experience for Kristi, forced to suck the man’s big black penis to ejaculation, all while the man was talking to her husband on the phone.  Then, to make it even worst, the man exclaimed that he was indeed cumming as he ejaculated his vile semen down into her throat and then pulling back to fill her mouth up to the brim.  With the man’s large hand holding the back of her head firmly in place, Kristi had no choice but to being swallow on the slick lumpy jizz.

Finally, with the phone conversation coming to an end, Kristi coughed and gagged as the meaty piece of meat was pulled out of her mouth with a long string of cum drooling down onto the carpet.  Kneeling there, panting for breath, Kristi held her stomach in order to keep the slimy contents down.  Swallowing deeply, trying not to throw up the foul tasting slime, Kristi shivered as she was startled by the ringing of the home phone.

Kristi immediately knew that it was Harry calling for her.  She did not want to answer the phone but that thought was quickly dismissed as Mr. Grimes picked up the receiver and handed it to her.  As her conversation with Harry commenced, Kristi was forced to kneel up some by Mr. Grimes.  Then she was being pulled back down by the hands on her thighs, with her dripping crotch ending up right in the hot open mouth of her husband’s evil boss.

Each night thereafter, Kristi always heard from Harry as to how much he missed being with her and wished that he could be there that very second.  She knew Harry would not utter those words if he could what was taking place each time he called home.  Oh, it was to be something different each night and Harry would certainly be able to learn from it ………………..once he got over the shock of seeing his wanton young wife with his black boss!

A summary of the telephone times after the first call went like this:  Tues. night’s call had Kristi in the saddle with Mr. Grimes black prong up her horny twat; Wed. night’s call had Kristi giving Mr. Grimes a footjob, spraying cum all over her the moment she told Harry how much she loved and missed him; Thurs. night’s call fortunately had Harry doing most of the talking as he relayed his exciting workday while Kristi grimaced throughout the conversation due to the sharp pain in her rectum as it was stretched around the invading black cudgel; Fri. night’s conversation ended with ‘I love you’s’ as the cock she had been fisting sent stream of jizz all over her face; the Sat. night had her on all fours while being fucked like a bitch with her climaxing and receiving a load of hot jizz just as the conversation was ending.

Sunday afternoon, with her husband to get home on the 4 o’clock flight arrival, Harry’s black BMW was parked in the shade at the recreation park located right next to the airport.  With the airplane in sight, Kristi was pulled over the console and proceeded to give Mr. Grimes the blowjob being demanded of her.  Jet engines roaring above as the car was right in the flight path, an explosion occurred beneath just as the jet was directly overhead.  The explosion was not from the airplane but from within the car as Mr. Grimes copious roe was spewing into her sucking mouth.

With Kristi gagging on the plentiful gooey substance, she swallowed and stammered in answering the cellphone.  Naturally it was Harry calling to announce that the plane had just touched down so she could get in the car and get there when he got out of the terminal and to the street.  “Hi, honey …………………..sorry ………………..I choked on the tapioca pudding that I was eating when the phone rang!  I’ll be right there to pick you up!” she advised.  Pressing her lips together, as if just having put on a coat of lipstick, she then swallowed the cummy remnants down her throat.

From his vantage point outside of the terminal, Bubba watched as the young man exited the terminal with his luggage as the black BMW approached the curb.  Having told the lovely beauty to be certain to give her hubby a nice creamy kiss, Bubba correctly surmised that the young wife would indeed do so, that she would not take the opportunity to rinse her mouth or wipe her lips even after she had dropped him off before spinning around the terminal alone on the second round.

He watched as the lovely Mrs. Kristi Kawano killed the engine upon pulling up at the curb, then rush out of the driver’s door to throw herself into her husband’s arms.  Bubba’s cock twitched in watching the young couple engage in a deep passionate kiss.  He wondered if the young man would be so enthusiastic as he was now if he knew just why his lovely wife’s lips were so creamy at the moment.

Bubba looked forward to having the lovely Kristi Kawano relocate to the Home Office area, where he had made the needed contacts to get her a teaching position at a nearby elementary school.  With the little bitch now a wild and wanton slut for black cock, Bubba would see that she got her twat filled constantly with what she wanted, only it might not be his …………………….perhaps by one of her husband’s black account holders if he placed a good order with the company!

Once a naïve and innocent young beauty turned into a wanton slut for black cock, Bubba would lose interest in her and look for greener pastures, turning the hot little bitches out to the customers or even right out on the streets.  As for the lovely Mrs. Kristi Kawano, Bubba planned on making her his private whore when she arrived after school came to an end in June, then figured by late August she’d be servicing the company’s well-paying black customers.  ‘Hmmm ………………..maybe first to put her in her place by making her the first prize!  Employee of the month in the company’s auto repair department gets her for a whole weekend!  She oughta be happy as I believe that whole department is comprised of big black bucks!  Better yet, maybe if the department makes the high goal I've set for them, that'll be a good way to introduce the bitch to a nice little gangbang session!' he chuckled.

Bubba smiled to himself in thinking of how the well-paying customers would love the sexy young wife “After all, it’s a win-win situation for all parties ----------company gets some big orders; good customers get to sample some fine Asian cuisine; and the hot little bitch gets her horny little twat filled with some big black cock!  Everyone’s happy ………………..errrrr, unless Harry Kawano finds out that his beautiful young wife isn’t as naïve and innocent as he expects her to be …………..especially if I’s arrange it so he arrives home early one day to finds his lovely young wife already ‘entertaining’ one of his black customers!”

End of Story.