Illicit Holiday Affairs - 2
(m/f, n/c & cons)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Was something in the air during the Christmas holiday season or was it just nature taking its course when the distance separating people no longer existed when everyone got together for family gatherings, meeting of old friends and family, along with the spark of a first time meeting attracting two people?  Christmas parties, gatherings for relatives at the family home or at a resort .....................all served to bring people closer together from their respective dwellings some hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  The thought of making merry and helping others, during the holiday season, were the good intentions of most.  But, then there was a small element of the population that was quite devious and demented or just plain greedy, just wanting to make merry by pleasing himself/herself at the expense of others.   

Christmas season out in Haines County, Arizona:

Both of them seniors at Tempe Tech, Matt Flynn and Alicia Myers had been going together for over two years after having met at the college's Freshmen Dance party.  With Matt having proposed to her on her birthday, of which she accepted, they had spent Thanksgiving Day weekend at her parents place in Vancouver, Washington.  And so for the Christmas season, Alicia began to get a bit jittery at the prospect of meeting her future in-laws for the first time, as she and Matt would be spending the holidays at his parents' place out in the rural area of Haines County, Arizona.  Although they had been dating exclusively for over two years, Alicia's conservative upbringing had her thinking that sex should take place only between two lovers after they got married.  And thus their sexual encounters were merely that of kissing along with some light petting and touching of one another.  Alicia wondered as to what she should expect, only knowing what Matt had told her of his parents, this his mother was a legal assistant and that his father taught high school PE as well as being the football coach. 

After a long drive of nearly five hours, Alicia gazed at the large ranch style out out in the rural countryside of Haines County, then took in the beautiful sight of fields that had just gotten a dusting of snow upon them.  Taking a deep breath as she got out of the car, Alicia felt her heart fluttering with nervousness, desperately wanting Matt's parents to like her.  Upon entering the very nicely kept home, Alicia found herself being warmly embraced by Mrs. Flynn after Matt had made the introductions between the two of them.  Seconds later, Mrs. Flynn went to open the backdoor in order to yell out to her husband "George ....................come on in ....................they're here!"  A moment later, a tall handsome man with a light beard came walking in carrying some firewood in his arms, looking much younger that the mid-fifties that Matt had relayed to her.  Once the firewood had been set down next to the fireplace, Alicia felt her heart racing as the tall handsome man came over to give her a welcoming embrace.  Heart fluttering from the embrace, Alicia then stiffened at the brazenness of the bastard's right hand sliding down from her hip to grab her ass.

Ms. Alicia Myers

'My God!  He just .......grabbed my ass!  Matt's father just went and grabbed my ass!' Alicia blushed, forcing a nervous smile on her face while swallowing deeply to try and compose herself.  Seeing the slight smirk on the bastard's face, Alicia just could not believe the audacity of Matt's father, for surely the way in which he grabbed and fondled her ass had to have been  intentional.  Alicia shifted about nervously as Mrs. Flynn went to get them some cold drinks, wondering just what would Matt say or do if he knew that his father had just felt her ass up, then thought that her fiance and his father could not be any more different from one another.  Breathing hard as her body quivered from unwanted excitement, even though quite appalled at the audacity of her fiance's father, Alicia could not help but to feel attracted to this rather outwardly brazen man.  In comparison to Matt, who was bright and more like a nerd, George (Pop Flynn as he liked to be called) was obviously a womanizer and flirt who had no morals whatsoever, as evidenced by the way in which he had just copped a feel of his son's fiancee. 

As they sat around the kitchen area, Alicia received a text message on her cell phone, to which she looked to see that it was a message from her best friend from high school.  "Excuse me for a bit as I need to respond to this before my good friend boards her flight!", Alicia went to sit at the kitchen counter, then proceeded to send a reply text to her friend.  A few minutes later,after  having sent the text message to her friend, Alicia was about to get up from the kitchen stool and rejoin Matt and his parents.  But just as she was about to stand, Pop Flynn got up from his chair and was approaching the kitchen counter while asking of her "Alicia, would you mind showing me how to send text messages?  Any secrets to it or helpful hints?  I've managed to get a couple done but it seems I'm just all thumbs and hopeless at it!"  With Pop Flynn making such a simple request of her, there was no way in which Alicia could decline such a request, so she sat herself back down onto the stool as the big man approached her.  "S ............sure!" she responded nervously as Pop came around the corner to stand behind of her.  With Alicia sitting at the counter and Pop behind of her, anything below the counter top was not visible from where Matt and his mother were sitting.

George (Pop) Flynn, now at the age of 57 but looking much younger in appearance, was indeed quite a womanizer and totally unlike that nerdy ultra-square son of his.  A hot and horny stud from way back in his teenage years, very compatible with his loving wife of twenty-eight years, old Pop Flynn always had a lusty eye out for a sweet young beauty of which he hoped on getting into her tight little panties.  Being the tall handsome and brazen stud that he was, he had nailed many a young beauty, knocking up more than his share to which he had only stuck secretly having to pay on one paternity claim to keep things under wrap and becoming public.  It was some forty years of his womanizing experience that made him able to read a beautiful bitch and to quickly size her up as to whether he had a chance of scoring, or even whether she'd be remotely susceptible to his come-on strategy.  For Pop Flynn, that roving eye of his had sized up Matt's beautiful fiancee the moment that he spotted her upon entering the door holding the bundle of firewood in his arms.  It had not just been the head on his shoulders sizing up the young beautiful brunette and saying 'I gotta fuck her!', but the head between his thick thighs had begun to immediately throb at the prospect of wanting to 'Slide my throbbing boner between her beautiful pink lips!'

From where Matt and Mom Flynn were sitting, all they could observed was that of Alicia using both hands on her cell phone to demonstrate to Pop as to the use and how sending text a message could be easily done, typing up a text message that she would send to Pop's cell phone as a test.  At that moment, should Matt or his mom look towards the counter, it would only appear that Pop Flynn was leaning over Alicia's shoulder to take in the demonstration that she was giving him.  But in actuality, behind the counter and below the counter top where Alicia was holding her cell phone, neither would be able to observe Pop Flynn's hand caressing Alicia's shapely ass through the white pair of slacks that she was wearing.  With Pop leaning over in pretense of seeing how to do a text message, unseen was his hand moving upwards till his fingers were above the top of the slacks being worn by Matt's beautiful fiancee, then those calloused fingertips were sliding back on down - only this time inside of the top of the pair of her white slacks and also inside the waistband of the lacy white panties being worn.  Seconds later, Pop Flynn was caressing and groping at a bare asscheek of his future daughter-in-law, of which he brazenly whispered "Damn ..........................that's niceeeee fuck'n soft and creamy feeling!  I wanna rub my face up in that beautiful ass of yours!"

"Lift up a bit for me, hon!" Alicia heard Pop Flynn whisper to her as the old boy felt up her shapely ass while her hands were busy in typing up a text message that read on the screen 'You're a dirty old lecherous bastard!'  As she pushed up with her heels upon the bottom rung of the stool, using her elbows on the counter top to support her weight, Alicia trembled as the calloused hand first withdrew itself before sliding back on down inside both her slacks and panties.  The elastic waistband of her white slacks stretched to allow the intrusion, the waistband of her panties cutting into her belly as it was at its breaking point, all while the hand went further and further on down.  The old boy's thick middle finger had gone right down the middle of her slacks, tracking the crack of her ass, with Alicia now shivering as the bastard's fingertip was trying to sliding into the slit of her snatch.  Shuddering, Alicia then sat herself back down onto the kitchen stool, with Pop Flynn's hand between the top of the stool and her bare butt.  But her sitting upon the palm of his hand did not stop his thick middle finger from diddling her, finding her ultra-sensitive clit, getting her to cream in her very first orgasm ever.  And cream she did, shuddering while drenching his intruding digit as well as the crotch band of her panties.  A moment later, with Pop Flynn still next to her side, only now his hand was out of her panties as he rested his chin an the palm of that very same hand .........................with the tip of his middle finger in his mouth as he sucked it clean of her slick juices!

With Alicia trembling so badly, nearly unable to hold her cell phone upright, Pop Flynn smiled and began his departure from the kitchen counter with "Thanks so much for the lesson in texting, Alicia!" It was then that Mom Flynn advised "Matt, you should show Alicia up to her room so she can get into more comfortable clothing!  She's looking a bit flush .................probably exhausted from that long drive!"  With Matt turning towards her, Alicia smiled and nodded to confirm that she would indeed like to go up to her room at that point, for it was definitely a bit uncomfortable with her panties sopping wet and beginning to form a visible wet spot on her pair of slacks.  As she got up from the stool, Mom Flynn advised "We're very casual here till dinner, so dress comfortably, dear!  And if you want, we have the enclosed sun room where you can stretch out and relax!"  With Matt taking her bag and leading the way up the stairs to the guest room, Alicia walked a bit stiffly to keep her thighs together while carrying the lighter clothing hangar bag, not wanting the wet stain to widen on the back of her slacks and was so grateful that no one was bed behind of her to witness her predicament.  All that Alicia could think about was 'I've only just met Matt's father within the past hour and he's already had his hand in my panties .......................feeling up my ass and then fingering me to an orgasm!'

With Matt showing her to her room and then departing to his, Alicia then began to unpack her travel bag and get into some casual clothing before going on back downstairs.  Alicia scoffed as she held up the pair of blue jeans that she initially planned on changing into after her arrival, then laid it in dresser drawer as she wanted something a bit more provocative, one that would surely have Pop Flynn all hot and bothered.  Digging down into her bag, she retrieved a layer of the undies she had packed up, looking for a pair with the widest crotch band - to which she would add a mini pad to help absorb all that leakage that continued to flow from her still pulsating twat.  Finding her skimpy pair of white shorts, the one that she had planned only wearing in the privacy of her bedroom during her stay, was the one that she chose to wear going back downstairs at this time.  Alicia could not understand how she could allow such an absurd thing to happen as what occurred down in the kitchen, nor could she understand the current thoughts that she was having, how she could discard her normal conservatism to wanting to flaunt herself and be a slutty little tease in front of her fiance's father.  From her early teen years, Alicia came to learn that she was endowed with one physical attribute that made guys of all ages turned to look and ogle her legs, many give out wolf whistles as she passed on by.  Many a sorority sister in college had commented to her over the years on "How I wish I had your legs ......................I'd have guys hounding me for dates!"  But such a physical attribute had made her shy and nervous to display her legs in any way, thus she had resorted to rather long dresses or pants for the majority of the time, but now for some unknown reason she was intent on driving her future father-in-law mad with lust for her.

Wearing a long pink blouse that was tied short around her trim waist, along with her skimpy white shorts that would accentuate her long flawless ivory white legs, Alicia grabbed one of the course study books that she had brought on the trip when Matt came to see if she was ready to head on back downstairs.  Seeing where Mom and Pop Flynn were situated when they got back downstairs, Alicia took the same seat at the kitchen counter where all the shenanigans had taken place, but thus far Pop Flynn had not gotten a view of what she was wearing below her blouse.  Continuing to converse with Mom Flynn, complimenting her on the beautiful home that she had, Alicia wanted to play the perfect guest by conversing some before going out onto the sun porch.  Some twenty minutes had gone by, with Alicia sizing up the layout of the sun porch and selected the location where she could mercilessly tease the old boy who had grabbed her ass and diddled her to a mind-shattering orgasm.  Only in the privacy of bedroom had she ever looked and posed sexually in front of the mirror, pretending that she was a sex tease or stripper, showing off her charms to turn men on and get them all aroused.  No man had ever seen her displaying herself so blatantly and sexually, but Alicia was now determined to put that practice into sexually teasing her fiance's father.      

Matt had been sitting nearby in the kitchen area joining in on conversing with his parents, then looked at the time to announce that "The bowl game's about to start!  I'm going to catch it on the big screen in the den!"  Pop then told his son "I'll join you out there soon, Matt!", which served as the time for Alicia to say that she was going to warm up a bit and do some studying out in the sun porch.  Alicia picked her book up from the counter top as she stood up from her stool, then proceeded slowly around the counter to head towards the doorway to the sun porch, all the while watching Pop Flynn's facial reaction to seeing her bare legs and feet exposed to his viewing.  Coming slowly around the corner, with Mom Flynn's back was now to her, but Pop Flynn's widening eyeballs and gaping mouth told it all.  With Pop off to the right side of her, Alicia entered the sun porch and took the lounge chair to the left side of the room, thereby giving Pop a straight shot at her from the open doorway as she adjusted the chair a bit so it was angled right at him.  Sitting down upon the lounge chair and stretching her legs out upon it, she then pointed her toes .................right at Pop!  With Pop Flynn gazing right towards her while licking his chops, Alicia let the games begin by spreading her legs apart, then she slid her right hand on down to slide her fingers over her covered mound as Pop's eyes were transfixed upon her moving fingers.  Slowly rising her right knee up to plant the bottom of her foot onto the lounge chair, such served to work the right leg of her shorts upwards, thereby even revealing more of her bared upper thigh to Pop's lusty gaze. 

"Hey Pop, game's gonna kick-off now!" she heard Matt yell out to his father.  From her vantage point on the lounge chair, she saw Pop Flynn reach out to grab the newspaper from the nearby end table before loudly replying that "No problem ......................I'll be there in a bit!  I wanna check out the morning line for the games today!"  From afar, Alicia watched the old by grab the sports section and then place the rest of the paper over his lap, an obvious attempt to cover up what as rising to the occasion and currently the reason for the rise and fall of the newspaper atop his lap.  Upon seeing that, Alicia had to keep herself in check to keep from laughing at Pop's plight, then drew her left leg back some.  With the wall blocking Mom Flynn's view into the room, Alicia then set the open book down on her chest, spread both knees wide as she proceeded to rub her crotch through the top of her skimpy of shorts.  With Pop staring right at her, Alicia parted her lips as her head rolled from sided to side, making it quite clear that she was in a state of heat.  Although she had a very conservative upbringing and had always lived such a lifestyle, Alicia was not totally naive as the gals in the sorority had exposed her to sexually explicit and lewd acts, especially when they had their 'Sorority Sisters' Special' - a night with just the girls watching sexually explicit - x-rated movies in the basement of the sorority house.  And Alicia was re-enacting such a scene at this moment, withering about on the white lounge chair as she diddled at the itch between her widespread thighs, mimicking those porn stars as she pushed down on the balls of her feet to arch her hips up while touching herself.  With Pop dropping the folded newspaper wide open, holding it at the top with one hand as the bottom of the paper was upon his thighs, Alicia knew just what the old boy was doing with his hidden hand behind the paper shield. 

Some five minutes later, with Pop getting up to go to the bathroom while holding the folded paper in his left hand and wadded up hanky in the right, Alicia gave her fiance's father a wide knowing smile as he passed by the open doorway and down the hallway towards the bathroom.  Upon seeing Pop exiting the hallway, Alicia correctly suspected that the old boy had just disposed of his soiled and wadded up hanky into the bottom of the bathroom's trashcan.  As Pop had sated his lust by the jack-off, she looked up to see the lusty old boy head to the den to join his son in watching the football game on the tube.  As she lay back on the lounge chair, Alicia could not believe as to how or why she had suddenly turned into a teasing little slut within the past few hours, nor the shameful behavior that she had participated in since being introduced to the handsome but brazen Pop Flynn.  She could feel her heart thumping in her chest, still quite excited over the display she had put on to make her future father-in-law so hot and bothered that he had to jack himself off to sate his lust for her.  Suddenly Alicia was startled a bit as her cell phone buzzed to indicate that an incoming text message was coming in.  Picking up her cell phone and observing the number displayed, Alicia realized that it was a number that she had seen just recently .............................when Pop Flynn had sent her a practice text message!  Opening up the text message, it read 'One of Matt's buddies called & wants him to call back!  Guys plan on getting together for some beer tomr nr lunch time!  Mom's off to a luncheon tomr too!  So tell Matt to go, then you & I can get to know ea other better ................much better!'  Doing a quick reply, Alicia texted back 'Pop ...........only if you promise to be naughty!'

Joining Mom Flynn back in the kitchen a bit later, conversing with her as well as helping her prepare a vegetable salad for dinner later, Alicia wanted to create a good impression with her future mother-in-law.  Glancing over towards the den, she saw Matt and his dad watching the ballgame, then shivered at the prospect of being all alone tomorrow with the brazen old boy.  'He'll be in for a big surprise tomorrow!  Would he let me back out if I get scared ...................if I tell him I'm a virgin?  Or will he get pissed off and just throw me down on the sofa or carpeting and rape me ................which I probably would deserve for teasing him mercilessly!  Yeah, I'd deserve it!' Alicia thought as gazed out into the den.  For some unfathomable reason, Alicia could not understand the irresistible attraction drawing her to her fiance's handsome and quite brazen father, a man whom she had only met a mere hours earlier and yet she had already allowed him to touch her in very unspeakable ways.  This older man was no ordinary stranger but her fiance's father, the man who would soon be her future father-in-law, yet she found him so irresistible and had decided that he would be the one ....................................the man who got the honor of deflowering her ..........................popping the precious cherry that was initially to be his son's wedding day gift!

Having put on a nice dress and a pair of heels, Alicia accompanied Matt back downstairs for dinner with his parents, then she helped Mom Flynn prepare the vegetable salad.  Once the table had been set up for the four of them, with two settings set up on each side of the width of the dining room table, she then asked Matt if there was a seating arrangement for dinner.  As Matt indicated where his parents would normally sit at the dinner table, Alicia then knew where she'd be seating herself, right across the table from where Pop Flynn would be sitting.  And when it came time to sit down for dinner, Alicia got to sit right across the table from Pop Flynn, and the old boy got to feel his future daughter-in-law's teasing toes sneak up his pant leg as she passed the vegetable salad over to him.  When she passed the platter of cut pot roast over to him, Alicia smiled as Pop fumbled in getting a piece from the platter onto his plate, his normally sure handedness had turned to being butter-fingered due to Alicia's teasing toes now moving about the bulge of his crotch.  And then she had to keep from laughing aloud when Pop nearly chocked when he took a bite of the pot roast, for evidently it was being caused by her ground the ball of her feet and toes into his swollen boner and balls.                     

It was quite a restless night for both Pop Flynn and his beautiful house guest, each tossing and turning about in their respective beds, anxious for the next morning to come quickly.  When the sun came up and breakfast was being served, Alicia helped Mom Flynn out in the kitchen and was pouring four cups of coffee to take over to the nearby table.  Pop had just sat down at the table while Matt had gone to wash up in the bathroom, so Alicia brushed her tittie up against the back of his shoulder while reaching over to set a cup of coffee before him, then whispered teasingly that "I'm not wearing any panties this morning!"  Looking downward, Alicia smiled in seeing the immediate 'rise' that she got from the old boy.  With snow on the ground, it would take some time to make it to town, thus Matt  and Mom Flynn would be taking one car and planned on leaving shortly after breakfast was over.  Over breakfast, Mom Flynn told Matt that she'd spend time visiting with her good friend once the luncheon was over, and that Matt could take all the time he wanted with his buddies.  Pop then told his wife "I think I've got everything I need to prep the steaks for dinner tonight!  But best to play it safe and call me before you head back home, just in case I need you to pick something up for me!"  But Alicia knew the reasoning as to why Pop Flynn wanted his wife to give him a call before she headed back home, that being to give them adequate time to make things presentable as well as themselves before Mom Flynn and Matt returned home.  And once the car disappeared out of sight, Pop Flynn quickly helped his son's fiancee out of her clothing, finding that she had told him the truth of not having any panties on as he guided her over towards the white sofa.  

"We can't, Pop .....................not there!  It'll get ruined?  I'll bleed all over the white sofa!" Alicia said rather nonchalantly as Pop Flynn got her up from the smaller coffee table and was guiding her over to the more spacious sofa.  That comment had Pop Flynn stopping dead in his tracks, totally taken aback at what he had just learned, questioning her "You're a virgin?  Damn're shitting me, ain't ya?"  To Pop's surprise, Alicia turned to smile at him, telling him that "I want you to be the one ........................the man who does it to me .........................the man who makes me a woman!"  Pop quickly slipped off the long white sleeved dress shirt that he had on, folding it up into thirds, getting Alicia to lie down upon the sofa, then had her lift up so he could tuck the shirt in under her in order to preserve the white sofa.  "Damn .........................a fuck'n virgin?  You sure as hell had me fooled, the way you came on to me yesterday .......................letting me slide my hand down into your panties .........................letting me diddle you till you creamed on my fingers!  That son of mine is sure a fool!  Seeing how dumb he is .......................I think it's only my fatherly duty to help him out ...........................make it easy for him when you two get married he won't need to pop that cherry of yours!"        

"Oh, Pop ..................I'm scared .......................I'm scared!" Alicia whimper out as Pop placed his bloated and throbbing cockhead up against her pink lips, spreading them to envelope the tip as he pushed forward a bit.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she squealed out as Pop went and thrust himself forward into her.  "There!  Got it!  Got it!  I went and popped it!" Pop advised while keeping himself still within her shuddering body, his hands grasping her beautiful ass to keep her from pulling away.  "Owwwww!  Oh, Pop hurts!  It hurts so baddddd!" she whimpered out in pain but thankful that Pop was being considerate as he held himself still and in check while the pain eased.  Slowly, ever so slowly, the excruciating pain began to ease within her pain racked body as Alicia panted out "Ooooh, Popppp ...................oooh, you're so biggggggggggggg  It's too big's tooooooo bigggggggggggggggg!  I ..................I can feel it throbbing .........................throbbing in me .........................oh, my Godddddddd's getting even bigger in me!"  As Pop withdrew a few inches, then sliced his thick cock back in to penetrate her even deeper, Alicia panted out "Oooh, Popppppppp .............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..................................Godddddddddddddddddd!"  Being the expert cocksman that he was, Pop knew exactly how to make it good for a young inexperienced beauty who had just surrender her most precious jewel up to him.  Pop Flynn had more than his fair share of cherry plucking over the years, thus he kept a slow rhythmic motion as he then began to piston in and out of her bleeding slit, sliding his long thick cock deeper and deeper on each stroke till his crotch hairs were mingling with her soft curls. 

Seeing how the sweet young thing was shaking and hyperventilating under him, Pop remained as still as possible in order for her body to get accustomed to the big cock that he had stuck up into her now traumatized snatch, determined to just keep it there till it got better for her.  Although he had somehow caught her fascination, getting to seduce the young beauty who was engaged to be married to his own son, Pop now wanted her to be permanently hooked on his cock!  And what better way to get her hooked permanently, having her think and dream of him day and night, than to make this such a memorable and mind-blowing fuck session for the inexperience young beauty.  With her hyperventilating easing and upon feeling her trim fingers sliding up his biceps, Pop knew that the pain had eased substantially and was now tolerable for her, then showed his concern in asking "You okay, sweetie?  Just be still'll get better every minute!"  "Oh, Pop .....................Pop!" she moaned while caressing his shoulders, basically telling Pop Flynn that she was now his for the taking ..................forever!  Leaning forward, his lips grazing hers, then Pop felt her trim arms encircling his neck as she leaned up to him and an intimate kiss ensued.  When the kiss ended as Pop kneaded her soft shapely ass, he whispered "When you can move your legs, wrap them around me'll make it much better for you!  Trust me .................only when you feel ready!" he added to reassure the inexperienced beauty.  After several hesitating moments and brief movements of her legs rising, Pop felt he sexy legs finally clutching at his sides while her calves and feet crossed over his legs.  As she was now accustomed to the feel of him atop as well as in her, Pop took it very slowly, determined to make this one fantastic moment that she would always remember. 

Not moving atop of her, taking things one step at a time, Pop gave his cock a twitch so it'd inflate within her .....................once and then again ..................and upon the third twitch of his cock within her bleeding slit, he felt the responding squeezing that he had been waiting for!  Gently and slowly lifting up some, withdrawing his member till just the head was still enveloped within her cunny, he then looked down between their joined bodies to gaze upon the evidence of the beauty's innocence that was no more at this point.  Then Pop slowly slid his cock back into the bleeding slit, leaning in a bit further to skewer his cock in deeper, then he withdrew a little faster before slid it back in even deeper.  Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, and then Pop felt the sexy legs tied around his ass and pulling him even deep into her.  Finally the two lovers were clasping at each other as a well-oiled machine with its pistons moving in a synchronized rhythm.  "Popppppp .....................oh, Poppppppppp .........................ohhhhhhhhhh ......................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh .............................yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" came the young beauty's scream as her shuddering body arched up to her older lover.  And when Pop announced "Oh, baby .......................I'm cummingggg!", at which time Alicia must have had a flash of reality as she panted out "Oh, Pop!  Pop, you can't ................I'm not on the pill!"  But her plea came to late as the thick cock exploded deep within her, flooding her fertile womb with his thick seed, as Pop whispered in her ear that "This will make the hurt go all away me, sweetie!"  Spurt after spurt till her cunny was filled and coated all over, the hot thick cream acted a soothing balm to her aching body, as evidenced as Alicia cooed "Oh, Poppppppp're so right feels so good now!  Thank you, Pop ...............thank you!" 

After a much needed rest period while dozing in each other's arms, with Pop Flynn atop and still in his beautiful future daughter-in-law, they both began to stir with the instinctive twitch of his embedded cock and the responding clasping of her cunny around it.  Experiencing the commencing of a second unbelievable fuck session would now certainly set the bar in Alicia's mind as to what lovemaking was all about, something that the man she would soon be marrying should be able to match in view of his much younger age, but to which she would later find to be a totally false assumption on her part.  Their second lovemaking session was even better than the first as the pain associated with the rupturing of her hymen was eliminated, making this a very pleasurable experience that led to a fabulous mind-shattering orgasm, at which time even more of the hot soothing balm came pouring in to drench her pulsating slit.  Moments later, after shuddering when Pop eased his thickness out of her still bleeding slit, Alicia wrapped her arms around his neck when he scooped her up from the sofa along with the blood soaked shirt so as to keep from leaving any bloody evidence along the way to the bathroom.  Panting for breath, Alicia found herself being gently placed down onto her feet in the shower stall, her knees feeling so rubbery as she tried to move her legs.  But Alicia found that she need not worry about anything as Pop Flynn was back in the shower stall with her, adjusting the water temperature and proceeding to help soap her down. 

Using a soapy washcloth to cleanse the young beauty as she stood there in a dazed stupor, Pop scrubbed her blood stained thighs clean, then used the towel to do the same for her matted curls.  Pop could see the mixture of from her broken hymen and the hot water from the shower as it swirled on down into into the drain.  Cupping the palm of his hand till it filled with water, Pop then cupped his hand over her pussy and inserted his middle finger up into her slit as he tried to scoop out some of the mixture of blood and semen, then he watched the water going down the drain become darker red in color as he could feel her cunny get unclogged as ran down the back of his wrist to spatter onto the floor tiles of the shower stall.  A moment later, his son's beautiful fiancee was grasping at the shower's metal handrails as she tried to pull herself up some, panting out "Ohhhhhhhh, Pop ........................Poppppppppppppppp .................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Pop looked up from his kneeling position on the floor of the shower stall to see that the young beauty's upturned head resting against the tiled wall as she gasped for breath, her hands trying to pushed herself further upwards, all this caused by the tip of his thick tongue flicking and playing with her ultra-sensitive clit!  And then she was rubbing her soft fleece to and fro atop of his face, squealing "Pop .................Pop ............................eeeeiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee ............................aieeeeeeeeee .........................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Down both the top of his tongue and its underside flowed the innocent beauty's sweet honey, with a bit of some cherry juice ...................right into his mouth!

After toweling the petite beauty dry with a bath towel, Pop scooped her up along with the towel, then proceeded to take her back out onto the sun porch with her arms around his neck.  "Pop .......................I want you to teach me .................everything!  Will you?" he was asked.  "Even if it hurts?" Pop countered, to which he got the response of "YES .......................because I know you'll make it all better in the end!"  Back in the sun porch, Pop removed the towel from her, folded it in half and placed it upon the white sofa.  Upon the towel she was placed, pussy down upon the middle of the folded towel just so as to not stain the sofa, as her ruptured hymen still trickled out some blood.  With the young beauty lying on her belly and desiring to be taught 'everything', Pop decided that this was the opportune time to introduce her to some 'butt-fucking'!  Having gotten a blue pill out of the medicine cabinet while in the bathroom and down it, he was all primed and ready to go once again, as evidenced by the throbbing and rising of his bloated cock.  Running his hands over the soft creamy ass before him, Pop's cock throbbed to rock hardness, and he then proceeded to guide his hardon up into position.  Suddenly the frightened beauty tried to push herself up, panting out in a panic "Pop, no ........................what are you doing?  You can't want to have sex with me ...............back there!"  His heavier weight upon her kept Alicia from getting up, then Pop used his left hand to stroke her hair and calm her down, whispering to her "Trust me, honey'll just hurt a bit at first ..........................then I'll make it all better for you!"                       


Caressing her beautiful ass once again, Pop then slid his hands beneath her trim hips, knowing full well from his experience that it best be make it quick and fast before she got panicky once again.  With a firm grip on her hips, he then thrust forward with all of his might and weigh behind of him, causing the sodomized beauty to shriek out "Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Pop then stopped dead in his tracks with seven inches of his cock embedded in her bowels, allowing her to get accustomed to invading cock while she sobbed and panted out from the pain in her ass.  As she trembled and quivered from the pain, panting out "Owwww!  Pop .....................Pop hurts back there!"  Stroking the back of her hair once again, Pop whispered to her "You trust me, don't you sweetie?  It'll stop hurting soon!  And then I'll make it all better for you!"  Resting upon her petite body, keeping himself perfectly still, letting the pain ease with time.  But as several minutes went on by and Alicia was still sobbing and shaking like a leaf, Pop became a bit remorseful and asked her "Would you like me to pull it out, honey?  Do you want me to get off of you?  I'll do it if you want me to ..................but I promise it'll get better .................much better!"  To his delight, his son's beautiful fiancee panted out "No ..................don't pull on out .................I trust you!  Do it to me .........................I want you to do it to me up my ass!" 

Pop then complied and began by taking it nice and slow so her beautiful tight ass would get accustomed to the size of his whopper up her chute, and upon sensing from the tone of her moans that the pain was easing up, he then began to pound her butt both harder and faster.   With the petite beauty on her knees the position that she was in served to make her ass that much tighter around Pop's invading cock, gripping him like a squeezing fist and nearly skinning the flesh right off his boner as he butt-fucked her.  Shifting her about on the white sofa, he then grasped her left ankle to pull her leg out and upwards, telling her "Lift up, honey!  Lift your leg up!"  As she assisted him by complying, Pop guided her leg up onto the top of the sofa, then had her lift up her head to get her to rest upon the top of the sofa while spreading her legs much wider apart.  In this position, it was much easier to slide his throbbing boner in and out of her beautiful butt, and she was now enjoying it as evidenced by her panting out "Oh, Pop ....................Pop're so bigggggg!  Fuck me ......................shag me ....................shag my ass!"  Pop smiled upon hearing that and gladly humped at her shapely rump.  Smiling widely at his success, Pop gloated "Oh, sweetie've got a beautiful tight ass ...............................damn, gonna cum soon ................................gonna cum up your beautiful ass!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .......................................argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned out loudly, then exploded his hot soothing cream that would ease the pain emanating from her torn ass.  "Ooooooohhhhhh ...........................Poppppppp's so hot .......................your cum is so hottttttttttttttt!  But you were so right feels so goooooodddddddddddd ...................................makes it all better now!" his future daughter-in-law cooed.

Following another shower, a cool one this time, Alicia remained in casual clothing till Matt and his mother returned.  Rejoining Pop in the den and sitting cozily next to him on the sofa, they would cuddle and kiss till they heard the opening of a garage door, at which time Alicia would make her way to the nearby bathroom to check on her makeup to be sure it hadn't gotten smudged once again.  Forewarned by Matt that his family liked to dress for dinner, Alicia had come prepared by having packed several nice dresses and several pairs of heels for the holiday stay, but for now Pop could touch her up and tease her by slipping his fingers under the edges of her shorts.  Neither could Alicia keep her hands off her fiance's handsome father, letting her hand slide over the big bulge that tented the front of his pants, then she got naughty by unzipping the front of his pants by pulling out his throbbing boner.  Holding his pulsating member in her fist, Alicia bent on over to blow cool air on him, smiled as his penis lurched in her hand.  Continuing to blow cool air on him, pumping her fist faster and faster, Alicia could not believe the power that she wielded at that moment .................................for she could now control everything right there in the palm of her hand! 

"Ohhhh ................ahhhhh .......................damn .........................Jesussssssssssssssss ..............................gonna cum if you keep it up!  Oh, shitttttttttttttttt .............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ................................ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" her fiance's father groaned out loud hot semen spewed up into the air, to end up splattering upon the back of her hand as well as the front of his trousers.  Coinciding with Pop's big moment, as he arched up on the sofa to ejaculate even more of his hot semen up into the air, the sound of the garage door opening made it both a hilarious and scary moment for the two of them.  With Matt and Mom Flynn having gone off to their respective events together in one car, now the garage door opening signal their return. Alicia couldn't help but to giggle as Pop Flynn fumbled at tucking in his still throbbing but now dwindling manhood into his pants opening, then to see him trying to prevent the mess on the front of his pants from plopping down onto the wooden flooring.  As she made her way to the bathroom to wash the thick spunk off her hand, Alicia couldn't help but laugh at Pop's plight as he shuffled about toward the master bedroom to get out of the soiled pair of pants.  With the opening of the door from the garage, Alicia then went to greet her fiance as he stepped into the house, then held his hand while going into the kitchen, wondering 'Would you still be holding my hand now if you knew that your father's thick cum was all over the back of my hand and webbing my fingers together just a minute ago?'

Pop Flynn had put on some steaks for dinner, and at the dinner table Alicia teased him with her toes once again.  After a nightcap of a cup hot buttered rum that Alicia had made for all of them, it was time for them to retire for the night.  In the privacy of her room, Alicia slipped off her heels an got out of her dress, then her lacy black bra before pulling over an over-sized football jersey top that she normally wore to bed.  Turning off the lights, Alicia closed her eyes as memories of that eventful day came to mind, and she couldn't help but to chuckle at the recollection of Pop Flynn  perspiring a lot when she rubbed her foot against his throbbing hardon.  Smiling at the memories of that day, she began to doze and had just fallen asleep when the click of the bedroom door opening startled her awake.  Blinking several times till her eyes could focus, sucking in her breath, the shadow moving towards her became outlined by the light emanating from the full moon coming through her window.  There was no doubt in her mind as to who's shadow it was approaching her, so she whispered out "Pop .........................are you crazy?  Not in here ..............................not right now ............................we'll get caught!"

"No worries!  Remember me taking out the first two cups of the hot buttered rum that you made?  Well, I slipped a 'roofie' into each cup before handing one to Mom Flynn and then to Matt!  With each of them emptying their cups, each of them are in la-la land right now ..........................totally out of it till after the sun comes up!" Pop advised her while pulling off his t-shirt and then pulling down his pajama bottoms.  "I hope you're ready for it, bitch ...........................cause I sure as hell am after you teased the shit outta me at the dinner table!  You're going to get it ............................I'm gonna fuck you good .................real good!" he snarled at her.  "Promises ...................promises!" came the response from down upon the bed, the which Pop answered by grabbing the top of the blanket and bed sheet covering the succulent beauty, and then he was grabbing the bottom of her uniform top to pull it up and over her head.  Grabbing the waistband of her panties, stripping the flimsy garment down her sexy legs and feet, Pop then inhaled the fragrance of the balled up material before tossing them aside as he climbed up onto the bed.  Sliding his rough calloused hands up her smooth legs to grasp onto her trim waist, he moved into position and then thrust his boner on home, enjoying hearing the beautiful bitch squealing out "Oh, Pop ................................Pop ..................................yessssss ..........................yesssssssssss ............................fuck me ......................fuck me good ..................................fuck me like a bitch ..............................make me a bitch ............................make me your bitch!"

With the risk of being caught eliminated by the spiked nightcap, the two lovers rested while still physically enjoined in an intimate embrace, tongues tangling and teasing .............................what would be considered as being passionate between lovers but this was so naughty indeed for a bride-to-be and her future father-in-law!  Introduced into the joys of sex just earlier that day, the once innocent young beauty wanted to experience even more mind-blowing orgasms that had sent her skyrocketing into outer space, as evidenced by whispering to her older lover "Teach me everything, Pop!  Show me all the ways to make love .............................teach me me all the positions my teacher!"  Kissing intimately once again, touching and caressing each other, Alicia shivered as the once long and thick fleshy stem within her had shrived and slipped out of her squeezing confines.  Reaching down to take the now slick piece of meat into her hand, Alicia began pumping at her fiance's father to get his cock back up once again, continuing her ministrations till fill she got a nice rise out of the old boy.  It was then Pop Flynn lay flat on his back and told his son's future bride to "Okay, sweetie ......................swing your leg over and get in the saddle!  You're gonna be my little 'cowgirl' now!"  This sexual position would becomes Alicia's favorite from this night on, loving to be Pop's little 'cowgirl', riding her stallion while her titties were being touched and fondled .........................................but most of all creaming upon her bucking bronco and then getting herself blown right out of the saddle!     

At breakfast the next morning, Alicia wondered as to what Pop Flynn up his sleeve as he had told her to 'play along at her wanting to go snowmobiling' when he brought up the subject.  And then it came about when Pop told his son "Matt, it's a beautiful day out there today!  Snow's beautiful!  You ought to take Alicia snowmobiling out to the river!"  Alicia saw Matt cringe a bit as he responded "It's pretty cold out there and there's a couple of good bowl games on today!"  Alicia then chimed in "Snowmobiling!  Oh, Matt, let's go's sounds so exciting!  I've only seen it on television and it looked quite exciting!"  "Well, I haven't had the chance to make my monthly check on the hunting cabin so if you'd like to join me, Alicia, you can really see how exciting it is go get out there and zip around on a snowmobile!  We'll just make a quick stop at the cabin and then we'll head towards the river where the view there is just fabulous!" Pop advised.  With Mom Flynn having advised earlier that she had a luncheon to attend that day, she advised "I'll have some sandwiches made up along with a thermos of coffee for you two!  You'll really enjoy getting out there in the snow, Alicia!"  With that settled, Alicia let her toes do the talking as they creep up upon Pop's socks and then up inside the leg of his pants. 

Needless to say, the cabin in the woods two miles away was to be the only destination on their snowmobile outing that day, with the agenda being ............sucking and fucking till their hearts content for the three plus hours before having to get dressed to head back to the house!  True to his word, Pop Flynn then began to introduce his son's beautiful fiancee into the many ways of enjoying the art of sex.  First up at the cabin in the woods was Pop getting his future daughter-in-law butt naked and up on all fours on the king-sized bed ...........................where he caressed her smooth beautiful ass as he told her that "I knew you'd be a hot little 'bitch' the moment I laid eyes on you ................................and now I'm gonna make you my little 'bitch'!"  "Oh, Godddd .........................yes ....................yesssssss .........................fuck me ........................fuck me ...........................make me your little 'bitch'!" the beauty panted out as Pop took her doggie style, grabbing her by the hips and giving it to her good.  Every chance there was to make an excuse to go snowmobiling would be used so the two of them could go on off to the hunting cabin, even if it just gave them an hour there, where they could take the edge off with some good fucking and sucking.  It was to be fun in every which way conceivable, like that of:  making love on the sofa; getting it from behind while bent over the back of the sofa; atop of the dining table; learning what the number '69' was all about; learning how to give a good footjob till hot cream webbed her toes together; or jacking Pop off and getting herself a nice creamy facial.  But there was one thing Alicia just could not get accustomed to, perhaps that made Pop Flynn wanting it all the more .............................buggering her up the ass that make her shriek out in pain each time!  "Pop ...................nooooooo always hurts back there hurts when you fuck me up my ass!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..................................eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ....................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she had screamed out that last day up in the cabin when Pop sodomized her good.

A week after returning from the visit to Matt's parent home, Alicia set her plan into motion, making it seem as if she couldn't get enough of Matt and letting him finally seduce her into his bed.  That small vial of blood from her purse allowed her to fool Matt into thinking that he had plucked her cherry, that he had gotten the honor of deflowering her.  With all the sex she had with Matt's father during the holiday stay, and viewing her regular time of the month, Alicia had no doubts of her having gotten knocked up by her future father-in-law.  By allowing Matt to seduce her at this point in time, she could then blame him for impregnating her and get away with it all,  for a baby coming a week or so earlier than the expected date would certainly not be questioned.  One thing that Alicia discovered on this particular night was that Matt was really a 'minuteman', popping in her after just a couple of strokes, leaving her stunned and totally unfulfilled that night, but she did breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that Matt would think he was the father should she indeed have gotten knocked up during the holidays.  
The month long absence away from her older lover had Alicia quite anxious and looking forward to this day after Pop had called the to tell her that he was flying in for the weekend to be with her.  Since he had introduced her to the joys of sex during the Christmas holidays, the month long absence of such pleasure had her in dire needs and wanting to climb the damn walls.  With the nervous edge taken off following two frantic but very enjoyable fuck sessions upon getting into Pop's hotel room, Alicia was so glad that she had made reservations at the 5* restaurant located at the top floor of hotel for their dinner, thereby eliminating the need to drive to and from the hotel.  After Pop had checked in and upon entering the plush suite, once the bellhop had departed they were engaged in an intimate kiss while each was undoing the clothing of the other.  Ten minutes of absolutely wild frenzied lovemaking atop of the king-sized bed had both lovers panting and sweating after the climatic ending as the continued to lie enjoined in the middle of the bed, then they enjoyed another intimate kiss together.  Dozing in together from some twenty minutes while still in that intimate embrace, Alicia blinked her eyes awake at the feel of the fleshy bone expand and throb within her. 

In a corner booth that had been requested on the reservation, the privacy allowed Alicia to snuggle on up next to her older lover and rest her head on his shoulder, then telling him "Pop, that end of summer wedding that Matt and I had been planning going to moved up to the end of spring instead, the week after graduation!"  With a puzzled look showing on Pop's face, Alicia then advised "The date's going to have to be moved up ............................all because of you, Pop!"  As Pop looked even more puzzled at that comment, Alicia then explained "Because, Pop went and 'knocked up' the bride-to-be over the Christmas holidays!"  A wide smile then formed on Pop Flynn face and he then signaled the waiter over to the table, ordering an expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate the good news that he had just gotten, then looked at her in concern as he inquired "Does Matt know you're pregnant?"  "Not yet?  I'll spring it on him when he takes me out for Valentine's dinner!  It'll be perfect, about the six week mark from I pretended to swoon and let him seduce me into bed .....................cause I was quite sure you had done the trick already, especially how many times you did it to me over the holidays!"  Chuckling, Alicia then added "One of my sorority sisters is in the nursing program and always trying to get volunteers for her to practice on!  So more than willing to practice on me, where I got a vial of blood to make it look like I had just lost my virginity!" 

"So how was he bed?" she was asked, to which Alicia smiled widely at her inquiring lover, telling him "Well, let's just say ............................he was very QUICK!" at which point they both chuckled loudly.  "Do you think that Mom Flynn will be shocked and upset of having to move the wedding up ....................because I'm pregnant?" Alicia inquired.  Pop Flynn smiled widely, then began laughing as he told her "I know you worked hard at wiping up the sheets each time, but it didn't fool Mom Flynn!  After you two left to go back to school, she told me that she was pretty sure that you and Matt were getting it on already!  When I asked her what made her think that, she responded with 'Well, I know starched sheets when I see them!  It's all been cleaned and wiped up, but the texture of the sheet at a lot of spots gave it away!'  If she only knew the truth, huh!"  "Yeah, I was kinda worried about the sheets giving things away!  I even stripped the sheets off, even when Mom told me to leave them on, balled them up and put them in the basket in hopes that she'd just put them in the wash!  There was so much to wipe up each morning .........................might just was well have pour a whole carton of milk on the sheets!" Alicia advised.

It was a nice romantic dinner for the two lovers who just could not keep their hands off one another, enjoying the elegant meal of this highly rated restaurant, toasting one another in their celebratory toast of soon becoming parents to a precious little one.  As Pop guzzled down his first glass, he then poured himself another glass of champagne, telling his beautiful companion that "I'm drinking up tonight, especially seeing that I've got a lot to celebrate about .......................not many guys can get to celebrate becoming both a 'father' and 'grandfather' at the very same time!"  With Pop about to fill Alicia's glass, he was told "Just this one glass for me ....................I've got to think of the baby's health and welfare!"  Having skipped dessert and just having some coffee, the two lovers walked arm in arm to the elevator, looking forward to resuming where the had left off before dinner.  This was certainly going to be a fun and active weekend as his future daughter-in-law had brought clothing for three days and would be skipping her first class to take him to the airport for his trip back home.  Entering the hotel suite, Pop was asked "You made me skip dessert, so what's that very 'special' dessert do you have here for me here?"  As he pushed his son's beautiful fiancee down to kneel upon the carpet, Pop then unzipped the front of his pants to present the 'special' dessert that he had for her, and soon he was stroking her silky brown hair moaning "Oh, yeahhhhhhh ..........................................lick it ................................suck it ..........................gobble it down!  Ohhhhhhh, gonna give ya some hot tasty cream soon!  Ahhhhhhhh .............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it it all .............................swallow it all down!"         

Alicia had known very well as to what that 'special' dessert that Pop Flynn had in store for her once they got back to his hotel suite, her mouth had been watering for the past half hour for it got time for dessert to be served up to her, and she found the tip of the upright sugar cone was ready to bubble on up once she began flicking her tongue upon it.  The last time of her getting a taste of Pop's 'special' dessert had been the morning that she and Matt were to depart and head on back to college, when Pop Flynn offered to Alicia "One last chance for some snowmobiling!  We've got time to make a trek to the lake and time before you and Matt have to head on out!"  "That'd be fantastic!  I just can't get over how much fun it is to go riding on a snowmobile!" she had excitedly exclaimed, knowing full well that Matt would rather Pop escort her so he could get in more of the game that was being televised.  Alicia knew full well that there would not be enough time for them to make it to there usual cabin rendezvous, but she certainly knew that just going to the lake and back had been just a ruse, so she wasn't surprised at all when Pop detoured off a bit into the woods once they got over the hill and out of sight.  Moments later, while still clad in her ski clothing and heavy jacket, Alicia was on her knees trying to help Pop Flynn's exposed flesh keep warm ......................with her mouth!  Strong hands were grasping at the back of the hooded portion of her ski jacket as she bobbed her head up and down to keep his blood flowing.  She certainly did a good job as not only did she keep his 'thing' warm but it began spurting out hot globs of its boiling semen, to which Alicia thought 'This is one way to survive if you're stranded out in the cold!  It sure has got my belly all warmed up!'      

End of Story.