Home from the Honeymoon - I
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: ‘Honeymoon Horror 6’
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Checking in at the airline counter for their flight home, Mr. & Mrs. Matt Manning appeared rather solemn for a couple happily celebrating their wedding just a week ago.  However, their honeymoon week at the plush Sea Breeze Resort had been far different from what the newlyweds had anticipated.  The romantic getaway for two had instead been violently intruded up, with Matt being tied up by the intruder and made to watch the horror unfold.

For the beautiful Mrs. Gwen Manning, it was a nightmare of sheer horror throughout the honeymoon week.  Instead of the gentle passionate lovemaking she had anticipated with her handsome husband, surrendering her well-protected virginity to him, she had been subjected to the worst horror one could imagine.  That horrid black had set his eyes upon her, then carried out the evil deed …………………Gwen had been ‘raped and ruined’ by the savage rapist.  Violently raped, bleeding profusely from the tearing of her hymen, she had then been seeded by her black rapist.

As for hubby Matt, although it was sheer horror and a nightmare to see his beautiful bride being ‘raped and ruined’, there was another part of him that apparently felt otherwise.  And that part of him did not hide its emotions, in fact it took it all in while completely standing at attention.  Worst of all, he could not keep his emotions secret, with Gwen witnessing his shameful display.  Oh, he loved his beautiful bride dearly, even after having witnessed her being raped by another man.  ‘Will this marriage last?  Will Gwen ever forget and forgive me?  No words can ever explain it away ………………she saw me sporting an erection while she was being raped ……………….saw me ejaculate up in the air to show my excitement!’ he pondered.

Unable to say much to each other on the flight back, the same continued on for the newlyweds for days after their return.  Finally, they were able to embrace one another and comfort each other, with each promising to put the horror behind them and finally get to start life as husband and wife in their new home.  In bed together, now able to consummate their marriage, for each the lovemaking was rather dull and uneventful in comparison to what had taken place during the honeymoon week.

A week later, both still rather distraught over the terrifying and disastrous honeymoon, Matt and Gwen stared at the brown package that had arrived in the mail.  Looking at one another, they hesitated, knowing who the sender was as the return address was marked with 'The Honeymoon Suite'!  Finally open, the newlyweds breathed a sigh of relief in seeing the address book in tact but remembered that a copy had apparently been made.

Then came the videocassette, contents all too familiar to them, with a note wrapped around it.  Note opened, both stared at the large bold print that read 'Great honeymoon!  Let's celebrate yer first anniversary the same way!  Will make sure to get you a nice a discount off the room!'  Tears flowed down Gwen's face as she stammered "Oh, God ………..Matt ………………he ………………….…he wants to ………………to rape me again ……………….sodomize me again!"  In the embrace of her comforting husband, Gwen froze in horror upon feeling Matt's arousal pressing against her, then recalled how he had gotten himself off in watching the man rape and deflower her.

With Gwen pushing away from him and gasping “How can you?  How can you get excited from this?  You want this to happen ……………………you want to see me get raped and sodomized again, don’t you?  BASTARD!”  Bedroom door slammed in his face and then locked, Matt tried to explain his way out of it “Honey, that’s not true!  That’s not what I want!  I ………………I ………………….!”  With his cock still throbbing in his pants, with Gwen obviously having felt it, Matt was now at a loss for words.

His wife obviously pissed at him, Matt hoped to smooth things over a bit and prepared the seafood pasta dish that she always enjoyed.  Knocking on the door, he announced “Honey ………………….I made a dish of the seafood pasta that you like!  Honey, I’m so sorry …………………..please forgive me!”  A moment later, the doorknob turned and his lovely wife stepped out of the bedroom, only her rather stern face told Matt that he had not been fully forgiven as yet.

Pulling out the chair for her, Matt scrambled about the kitchen, first opening a bottle of white zinfandel and serving it his beautiful yet fuming wife.  Then a small dish of toss greens to be followed by the pasta.  Though Matt tried to make small talk to ease the situation, Gwen’s answers of a mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’ told him that he was still in the doghouse for getting aroused at the thought of her having to submit to the vile rapist once again.

The next morning, a Saturday, Matt tried to maintain his attentiveness to his lovely wife, hoping that she would forgive him for getting aroused at the most inappropriate of times.  A knock on the doorway signaled that arrival of the yardmen as this was the first day that the yard service was to begin.  It was a small father-son operation of Mexican descent, with the quote for the desired yard work quite reasonable meeting with Matt’s budget.  As Matt just hated to do yard work, this was ideal and he could then take in the college football games that he enjoyed watching.

With the yardmen going to the back yard, Matt asked Gwen come outside so he could introduce them to her as they’d be coming over every week at the start and then every other week later on.  In his sixties, Miguel Garcia introduced his son Raoul to them, advising that his son had just graduated from high school and was joining the family business as of this very day.  Today would be lawn mowing and cutting back some of the brush, with Miguel giving Raoul the overall plan.  Raoul would handle the mowing and yard work today as his father had another job in the area to finalize.

Gwen could not but be impressed with the physique of the handsome young man as his muscles just bulged through the t-shirt that he wore.  Shaking the young man’s hand, Gwen commented “My …………….you’ve got a strong grip!  Football player?”  Not pulling her hand out of his grasp but instead purposely holding on to him, Gwen loved his smile as he politely replied “No, ma’am!  Wrestler!”  As Matt talked with Miguel and his son about the yardwork for the day, Gwen used her pail to water some of the flowers, away from where the yardwork would be done.

Back in the house, with Matt going off to the den to watch the football game, Gwen couldn’t help but to stare at the handsome young stud as he mowed the lawn.  As it was rather hot and humid outside, the young man’s gray t-shirt was soon a darker shade due to his perspiration.  ‘Hmmm, so Matt gets turned on at the thought of me being fucked out of my mind by another man!  Ejaculating while I’m being raped ……………..then getting aroused at the prospect of me being forced to have sex once again ………….hell, why should he have all the fun!  It was certainly no fun being raped ………………..but I certainly wouldn’t mind having that handsome young stud pinning me to the mat!’ she devilishly thought. Going to the master bedroom, she slipped out of her summer dress and into a pair of yellow shorts and white blouse.

In the den watching the game, Matt was pleasantly surprised to see Gwen smiling as she brought him a cold drink and a bowl of chips.  Then she was massaging his shoulders, leaning over the sofa to nibble at his ear, whispering “I’m sorry I got upset!  You’re just human …………………….I read an article last night ………………..learned that for men, its often an erotic stimulant to see your spouse or mate being ravished by another man!”

Then, a moment later, Matt was shocked out of his mind and speechless when Gwen advised “And I want to please you, Matt!  So, if it turns you on to see your wife with another man, I plan to make you happy!”  Not knowing what to say as his wife went back to the kitchen, Matt saw Gwen get a tray and pour pop in a glass of ice and put chips in a bowl.  He then realized that Gwen had changed out of the yellow housedress she had on earlier and now had on a conservative white blouse and shorts.  Then he observe her pulling the blouse out of her shorts, pull the front together and tie and knot just below her breasts, then she was undoing the top two buttons of her blouse.  This was far from the conservative outfit of just a few seconds ago.

As he watched Gwen go out the patio door, Matt was speechless after witnessing what his wife had just done.  He then realized that she had obviously altered her clothing to entice the young man working in the backyard.  Peering out of the corner of his window as lawnmower was killed by the teen, he observed his lovely wife set down the tray on the rockwall as she and the teen engaged in a conversation.  The teen had apparently stripped off his sweaty shirt and was now bare-chested.

Matt’s jaw dropped to the floor upon seeing his wife place her manicured hand fully on the teen muscular and sweaty chest, then was slowly wiping the sweat off his body with the palm of her hand.  Crooking his neck, Matt was in total disbelief as Gwen hand had disappeared between their bodies.  But seeing the teen gasp and throw his head back, there wasn’t much to the imagination as to where his wife’s hand currently was.  Watching Gwen grasp the teen’s hand to lead him behind the shed, it was wishful thinking for Matt that his beautiful wife was merely going to show the handsome teen as to what type of yard work was needed.

Wanting to go out into the backyard to see what was going on, Matt dared not draw his wife’s wrath and be accused of checking up on her.  But from what she had told him in the den, plus witnessing what just took place, Matt could not prevent his cock from throbbing with excitement in his pants.  Out of view from his vantage point in the den, Matt mind raced, then he made a dash down to the far end of the house, hoping that the small window in the laundry room would provide him with a view of some sort.

For Gwen, having purposely altered her appearance before going out to bring the teen a cold drink, she was pleased with the immediate effects it had on the handsome young stud.  A brief chat with the young man indicated that he was rather lukewarm about having joined his father’s yard business.  “Pay’s okay, but not much of an incentive!  And ……………you know ……………………not a real prestigious type of job!” Raoul had expressed to her.

“Oh, Raoul ……………..you shouldn’t feel that way!” Gwen seductively cooed.  Then, she reached out to place the palm of her petite flat up against his sweaty but quite muscular chest, adding “I just think it’s fantastic for a young man to follow in his father’s footsteps …………………….no matter what the job!”  Slowly letting her hand move down his sweaty body, tongue slowly tracing her upper lip, Gwen seductively cooed “I’m sure a handsome young man like you will find lots of incentive on the job!”

In the laundry, panting for breath, Matt prayed there’d be a better view from this angle.  ‘What’s that?’ he wondered upon seeing a piece of yellow fabric waving in the air about four feet off the ground just behind the shed.  Leaning forward, realizing just what he was observing, Matt gasped ‘My, God …………….it can’t be!’  With the yellow fabric going up and down, side to side, Matt now realized that his wife’s ankles were entwined around the bronze flesh of the teen’s ass with her panties dangling from her foot.  ‘He’s fucking her right up against the wall of the shed!’ he realized.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………Raoulllllllllllllllll ……………………………..yes ………………….yessssssssssssssssss ……………………..harder ………………deeper …………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Gwen cooed as the energetic teen banged her ass up against the shed.  “Oooooooh, gosh ……………………you’re so big …………………..so gooddddddd ……………………….ahhh, cock me, stud …………………cock meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she panted.

For Raoul, what he anticipated to be the start of a rather boring job sweating out in the hot sun, this certainly was a job incentive that he never dreamed possible.  His father had told him yesterday that it was a new yard they’d be taking on, house recently purchased by a newlywed couple and that he had just met with the husband and given him an estimate.  Having met the beautiful Mrs. Manning that morning, he could only dream of landing such a prize for his woman.

When Mrs. Manning had come outside to bring him a cold drink and some chips, he had immediately noticed the alteration of her attire and made no bones of looking down the opening of her blouse.  And when she put her hand on his sweaty chest, Raoul didn’t care if her wimp of a husband was standing in the back yard right then watching as the beautiful wife let her hand trace its way down to the bulge in his jeans.  He had never banged a bitch standing up and hoped that the shed was sturdy enough as he pounded her ass into the wall.

What a dream come true it was for Raoul!  A beautiful woman, just recently married, a sexy blonde with ivory white skin wanting the likes of a Mexican teen like him.  And he’s scoring on his very first day on the job!  “Ohhhh, Mrs. Manning …………………I’ve got to pull out …………………………..or I’m going to cum in youuuuu!” he shivered, figuring that there was no way this beautiful woman would want him to cum in her.  But to his surprise, feeling her arms and legs tighten around him, he heard her encourage him to “Cum …………………cum in me ………………………fuck your little baby in me!”

Moments later, seeing Gwen reappear from behind the shed, Matt hustled back to the other side of the house and resumed sitting where he had been on the sofa.  Hearing the patio door open, Matt didn’t expect his wife to come into the den, thinking that she’d surely make a beeline to the master bedroom.  He was then surprised upon hearing soft footsteps approaching from behind, with Gwen’s sweet voice asking “Enjoying the game, honey?  Who’s winning?”  Matt could only stammer “It’s all tied up right now!  Just a lot of penalty flags!”
As Gwen wrapped her arms around Matt’s neck from behind the sofa, nibbling at his ear, she saw the screen flash the score: State 14, Tech 0.  Then came the announcer’s voice excitedly announcing “It’s unbelievable!  Totally unbelievable!  Tim Hannigan, the linebacker for State has picked off two passes by Tech’s quarterback and returned both of them for touchdown in the last two minutes of play!  The penalty flag has been waived off and the touchdown stands!”

Feeling her husband tense up with the sports announcer giving him away, Gwen smiled as she continued nibbling at her husband’s ear, knowing full well that he obviously had not been watching the football game.  She knew that the yellow penalty flag her husband had been watching was not on the television set but on waving from behind the shed in the backyard.  “Gosh, it’s so hot and humid outside …………………just a few minutes and I’m all sticky and grimy!  Think I’ll go and take a nice cool shower!” Gwen told her husband.

Obviously caught in a little white-lie on knowing the score of the game, it was as if he had been the one guilty of just being caught having sex with someone else.  ‘Sticky and grimy!  Bet it was due more to that sweaty Mexican stud rubbing his body up against you ………………..banging your beautiful ass up against the side of the shed in the hot sun!’ Matt thought.  Then he wondered ‘My, God …………………..does she know I wasn’t watching the game ………………………because I was trying to watch her with the teenage stud behind the shed?’

In the master bath, Gwen stripped out of her shorts and blouse, a bit dirty since they had been lying in the dirt behind the shed, and tossed them into the hamper.  Unhooking her bra and dropping it into the hamper, she cupped the undersides of her titties, smiling as she observed the hickeys put there by the hungry young stud.  Even the outline of the teeth marks could be observed where the teen had bitten down after devouring her titty.

Then peeling off her panties, Gwen observed a bit of cum on the crotch that had apparently leaked out of her well-fucked twat.  Panty crotch held at her slit, Gwen squeezed her cunny, trying to get even more of the slimy goo onto the crotchhband of her panties.  Finally, with index finger on the outside of her panties, she pushed the crotchband into her slit to dig out more of the spunk.  Now, with a nice layer of spunk covering the crotchband, she tossed it atop the other clothing in the hamper, then tucking in one end into the pocket of her blouse.

Showering, Gwen soaped down her petite body of all the sweat and grime from the fabulous fuck thrown to her.  Rubbing her ass, she flinched and cussed ‘Damn, I think I got a splinter in my ass!’  After telling her handsome teen lover that she couldn’t wait till next week, she was disappointed to learn that the teen was scheduled back two weeks from now for the mowing and heavy work.  Instead, Mr. Garcia would be coming the next week to prune the trees and shrubs.  ‘Hmmm, Mr. Garcia!’ she pondered.

As he sat in the den, Matt heard the faint sound of running water in shower come to a stop.  He wondered ‘Did she make the young stud put on a condom like she makes me do, always saying that she doesn’t want to take a chance on getting pregnant?’  He wanted to rush to the bathroom to inspect her panties but told himself ‘Be patient!  Act cool and nonchalant!  Don’t let her suspect that you know she was outside getting fucked by the Mexican stud!’

With his wife out of the shower and settling down at the counter to look at the morning paper, Matt figured on waiting a few more minutes before feigning his need to use the bathroom.  Then, just before he was about to make his move to the bathroom, Matt heard the soft sounds of his wife’s footsteps approaching from behind.  Soft and sexy hands again circling his neck, he heard his wife coo “Oh, honey …………………could you do me a really ……………..really big favor?”

Though he had lined up an entire day of football games for the day, Matt couldn’t say ‘no’ at the chance of getting back into the good graces of his beautiful wife.  Leaning up towards his wife, he pursed his lips and got a kiss on the lips as Gwen then cooed “Honey, I just read in the morning paper that there’s a 1-day sale on air conditioners at the Z-Mart right down the street!  Do you think you could install a small one in the shed out back for me?  It’s just so hot in there this time of year …………………..it’d be so neat if I could putter around in there without getting all sticky and grimy while puttering around with plants I want to pot!”

Having given up the best scheduled for that Saturday, Matt had gone out to measure the small window at the back of the shed after his wife’s young lover had gone, not wanting to feel humiliated by the muscular stud who had just boned his wife.  Measurement in hand, he then went down to the Z-Mart to purchase an air conditioner that would fit into the slot.  ‘Jeez, guess Gwen don’t like fucking in the hot sun …………………getting her soft little ass banged up again the wall of the shed!’ he concluded.

‘Damn, I bet she wants to take that young stud of hers inside the shed once its air conditioned!  Fuck in comfort!’ Matt thought.  ‘Jeez, and I’ve got to be the one to give up my game and do the installation!’ he hissed.  Outside of the Z-Mart, having loaded up the new air conditioner, Matt looked over to the store down the end of the strip mall, the new electronics store that had recently opened.  ‘Hmmm, maybe I should check it out ……………..never been in there before!’ he thought.

Late Sunday afternoon, Matt entered the kitchen through the back patio door, all sweaty and grimy after having removed the shed’s back window and installing the air conditioner into the opening.  “Got it all done, honey!” Matt happily announced as he leaned forward to kiss his beautiful wife who had been preparing dinner.  “Eeechhhh …………….yuk!  You’re all sweaty and grimy!  Not until you shower and clean up!” he was told as his wife turned away to avoid the kiss.  ‘Not any more sweaty and grimy than that Mexican teen was yesterday!’ he thought to himself.

With her husband off in the shower, Gwen wondered why he seemed so cheerful after spending all day on the project and missing out on the pro football games that he normally watched on Sundays.  Curious, instead of checking out the shed, she went out to the garage where the empty box and packaging of the air conditioner lay before being dumped out on trash day.  Lifting up the foam padding, Gwen smiled in seeing what lay beneath it.  Picking up the partially torn box, she read the front ‘Miniature spy camera!  Easy to install!  Easy to hide!’

Later, with her husband showing her his handy work and how the air conditioning worked in the shed, Gwen looked about for the miniature camera and realized that Matt had indeed done a good job of hiding it.  Having seen the electronic store’s label on the front of the box, Gwen planned on dropping in at the store on her way home the next day to get the lowdown on how it basically worked.

Having got the basics explained to her at the electronics store on Monday after work, Gwen wondered ‘Would he set it up for viewing in his office or right in the den?’  With the den Matt’s favorite place to watch television, also having various recorders and a large flat screen monitor there, the den seemed the most logical spot as he would not have to get up and run off to his office when she made her trek out into the backyard.

First turning on the television set, then playing around with the remotes, she looked for the button that the store clerk had mention.  Finding that video button she pressed it but – nothing!  Then she recalled the clerk saying that if done running through the video recorder to record and display it on the monitor, she needed to turn on the recorder also.  Recorder turned on, pressing the button on the remote once more, and – bingo!  Seeing the interior of the shed, Gwen smiled as she now knew just where to be when she spread her legs open for her Mexican lover.

That next Saturday, hearing a pickup truck pulling up front, Matt was excited at the prospect of watching his lovely wife get a hot tamale shoved up her twat by the young Mexican stud.  Peering out of the window, it was a big letdown to see only Mr. Garcia unloading his equipment from the back of the truck.  Going out front, he greeted the old man and inquired about his son, complimenting on what a great job his son had done the other week.  Then Matt learned of Mr. Garcia doing the pruning this Saturday with his son to return the next week.

As the sound of the electric shears could be heard from the backyard, Matt chuckled to himself as he thought ‘I’m disappointed?  Can’t wait to see Gwen’s face when she finds that her young Mexican stud won’t be here today!’  With his wife putting their wedding album together in the spare room, he went down the hallway and leaned into the doorway to announce “The noise in the back is just the yard service, honey!”  Wife responding “Okay!” with a wide smile on her face, he headed off to the den to watch his football game.

With the television turned on, game having just started, Matt’s mind was picturing how his beautiful was dressed in the spare bedroom.  Yellow blouse buttoned to the top and tucked into her white pair of shorts was what he had taken in.  ‘Wonder how long it’ll take before she goes outside, thinking that stud of hers is in the backyard?’ he pondered.  Then Matt chuckled ‘Can’t wait to see the shock on her face when she finds out the old man is here today!’ ‘Shit, and I busted my ass off last week in getting the fucking air conditioner installed along with that spy camera!  Guess I’ll just have to wait till next week to watch the action and make sure the spycam is positioned right!’ he concluded.

A half-hour later, hearing his wife puttering around in the kitchen, Matt turned to look what she was doing.  He smiled and chuckled upon observing Gwen’s conservative blouse now pulled out of her shorts and the front tied in the front to seductively show a lot of skin, just like the week before.  And from what he could make out, the top two buttons were also undone.  Cold drink and cookies being taken out the patio on a tray, Matt rushed over to window in the den.

With old man Garcia out of sight while pruning a shrub behind the shed, Matt watched as his sexy wife proceeded out towards the sound of the pruning sheers.  ‘Shit, Gwen’s gonna be in for a fucking shock when she finds out it ain’t the young stud of hers!’ he thought.  ‘Jeez, I hope the old geezer don’t get a heart attack seeing her like that!  Wonder if he’s still capable of getting it up?  Bet he’ll definitely get a rise ………………if he ain’t dead from a heart attack!’ he chuckled.

Wife disappearing around the shed, no more sounds of the loud pruning sheers, Matt laughed as he awaited to see his beautiful wife reappear and walk disappointedly back into the house.  ‘Sure pulled a good one on her!’ he chuckled.  When Gwen reappeared, Matt’s jaw dropped wide open upon seeing his beautiful wife pulling the old man by the hand and leading him into the shed.  Quickly, he grabbed the remote for the video recorder that had already been setup and hit the ‘record’ button.

With the shed door being closed, Matt dove for the remote on the sofa, fumbling with the buttons to turn on the spycam.  “Shit, c’mon ……………………..c’mon!  Fuck …………c’mon …………………work ………………………..shit!” he cussed.  Then the football game on the television monitor went off, replaced by the scene depicting the interior of the small shed, with his beautiful wife in an intimate embrace with the old Mexican.  ‘My, God …………………..she’s coming on to him too ……………going to let the old bastard have her!’ he realized.

Matt watched in awe as Gwen fumbled with the man’s belt, the top button of his trousers, then she was pulling down his pair of white jockeys down from his pudgy old body.  Then he observed his beautiful wife drop down to her knees to trace her fingers over the old guy's hardon, cooing "My, Mr. Garcia .................you come well prepared, even keep a thick hose hidden in here!  Would you like to seed my garden today?"   With jockey pulled down, Matt observed her trim fingers grasp the wrinkled but sturdy old cock, giving it several wanks, then leaning forward to take him in her mouth.  “Ma-ma-mia!” the old man exclaimed as he placed his palms on the back of Gwen’s head, then proceeded to fuck her beautiful face.

Disappointed in finding a wrinkled and shriveled old cock, Gwen figured she’d use it to the best of her advantage.  ‘Guess Matt will have to get off on watching me give Mr. Garcia some head!’ she concluded.  ‘Hope that spycam of yours is working, Matt!’ Gwen chuckled to herself.  Oh, she had been aware of Matt watching her as she had prepared the tray in the kitchen, and correctly read his mind in thinking that she would be in for a shock when she had gone out into the backyard.  But it was Matt who would be in for the shock of his life when she seduced the old Mexican.

“Ahhhh ……………….ahhhhhh …………………ohh, suck it, my sweet little puta!” he heard the old man pant as Gwen sucked away at his shriveled cock.  But when his wife slowly pulled her suctioning lips back, Matt leaned forward to stare unbelievingly at the monitor.  What had looked to be an old wrinkled little wiener had now been converted into a lengthy and sturdy cock that would make any man proud.  Then, with Gwen’s lips lifted off the cock, the two were then getting out of their clothing.  Then he saw Gwen pointing to the portable padded cot in the corner of the shed, to which the old man obtained and unfolded.

Wife laying down upon the cot, facing the spycam, Matt’s cock throbbed in seeing his wife lift her widespread legs, her pretty toes curling for the cameras.  Then the pudgy olive-skinned body reappeared, getting settled between Gwen’s sexy white legs.  “Oh, Mr. Garciaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ………………………….oohhhhhhhhhhhhh, so bigggggggg ……………………….so thickkkkkkkkkkkkk!  Fuck me!  Fuck your little puta!” his wife exclaimed.  ‘Damn, that old geezer sure packs a hot pistol on him!’ Matt had to admit.

Hot and frenzied fucking upon the padded cot, Matt could not believe the stamina of the old Mexican geezer as he put on quite a display of cocksmanship!  He knew that his beautiful wife certainly agreed with his analysis, especially the way she panted out “Yes ………………yes …………………oh, so good …………………….so good ………..yes ……………….fuck me ……………….fuck me ……………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  “Oh, Mr. Garcia ……………………fuck me ……………….cum …………………shoot your hot cum in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came Gwen’s frantic plea for his jizz.

Suddenly, the old man stopped in mid-stroke and his body froze.  At first, Matt thought the old geezer was having a heart attack from the unexpected pleasure being derived from nailing a young white beauty, newlywed just back from her honeymoon.  But then the reason became clear as the old man panted out his warning to Gwen “Bambino!  Miguel …………………still can makee little bambino!”  Trim white arms and sexy legs wrapping around the pudgy old man, ankles locking together, Matt then heard his wife’s voice “Cum …………………cum ……………………….make me bambino!”

Matt watched as his wife arched up, screaming “Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ………………………..oh, yessssssssssssssssssss ……………………………..fill me …………………….fill me ……………………………make me a bambinoooooooo!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And from the way in which the pudgy body tensed suddenly, with cock buried fully, Matt knew that the old Mexican was giving his wife exactly what she was begging for.

Cock pulled out of his wife’s well-fucked twat, the spycam showed the view from over the yardman’s shoulder as the sat back on the edge of the cot.  With is wife’s legs still widespread, feet now on the floor of the shed, Matt witnessed the thick spunk just flowing out of Gwen’s gaping slit.  ‘Damn, the old guy sure had his balls churn up a pint of bambino sauce!’ he thought in amazement.  He observed Gwen pushing herself up to a sitting position, then bent forward to take the shriveling Mexican sausage into her mouth to suck off the sauce coating it.

Hearing the patio door open, Matt stared blankly at the game on the television set.  Hearing the soft footsteps approach, he heard his wife ask “Who’s winning?”  ‘Shit, I didn’t even know who was playing!’ he realized as Gwen approached the sofa and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Then his wife was nibbling at his neck, whispering “Enjoy watching the excitement on the tube?”  Matt was then surprised as Gwen advised “I love you so much, honey!”

That was just before she leaned over the back of the sofa, pulling his head back to give him a passionate kiss on the lips.  With her pointed tongue darting out between his shocked lips, Matt then got a good tasty sample of some hot Mexican sauce.  And then his beautiful wife was happily off the master bath for a cool shower.  Running his tongue over his lips, he licked the slimy coating off and got more of a taste of the rather salty fluid.

For the next month, Matt enjoyed the alternating Saturday telecasts of seeing the father/son banging of his beautiful wife.  But as it had been laid out from the start, it would be weekly service for the first month till the yard was under control, then every other week maintenance.  He knew that both Miguel and Raoul wanted to keep on with the weekly service, especially for the fringe benefits obtained in the air-conditioned shed, but Matt figured that he’d just have to go back to watching football games instead.

‘Ah, well, maybe we can resume the weekly service in a few weeks!’ Matt thought, figuring that this next week without the yard service would be ideal, especially since his father would be spending the weekend for a visit.  ‘Well, it’ll be nice getting together with ‘Pop’ when he stops over on his way back from Vegas with his buddies!  Sure glad his old buddies got him to go to Vegas with them!  Hope he gets back to his jolly self ……..its been nearly five years since mom’s passing that had him in a real funk ever since!’ he thought.

Talking over the possible dinner menus for Pop’s visit, Matt expressed to Gwen his hope to see his father back to his jolly self again.  “Maybe he’ll find some nice attractive woman when he’s on the strip in Vegas!  Well, hopefully, anyway!” Matt chuckled to Gwen.  “Well, if not, maybe I can set him up when he comes!” Gwen replied.  “Yeah, isn’t that gal Toni at your office available?  She’s in her late 40’s and still pretty good looking!” Matt responded.

Gwen just gave her husband a wide smile as she thought ‘No, honey ………………..I was thinking of a way to set things up and give him the come-on sign and let him make a pass at me ………………….bet it’ll do him wonders to be in the arms of another woman ………………………even more so if its his own daughter-in-law!  Besides, you paid good money for that spycam toy of yours!  Can’t let it go to waste!’

End of Story.