Honeymoon Cruise
(m/f, n/c, i/r)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Phony Photo Shoot’
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For Kevin Westwood, marrying his beautiful bride Tiffany was a dream come true for him.  From the time they had first met at the university, with his frat brother introducing his little sister to him, Kevin had fallen madly in love with this lovely young beauty.  Meeting when in his senior year while Tiffany was just entering college as a freshman, Kevin couldn’t believe the attractive beauty had also fallen in love with him for she could have had any guy on campus.  He had thought she was a model when he first met her but learned how she was such an innocent naïve young beauty.

The wedding had turned out fantastic, without any major hitch occurring.  But what a hangover he had the next morning, making Kevin wish that he had not partied so much with his frat brothers attending the wedding reception.  He wished that he could recall and savor the experience of making love to his lovely bride for the very first time but all that alcohol made everything that took place up in the honeymoon suite very cloudy.

Closing his eyes, Kevin tried to picture their wedding night together, recalling how great it felt to slip the strap of her nightgown over her shoulders and to caress her soft creamy skin.  Kevin recalled how his cock had immediately risen to the occasion, then cringed at the recollection of how he had fumbled about on the bed, with cock in hand he had tried to penetrate his lovely bride.  But in his haste and being in unfamiliar territory, Kevin bumped up against his bride but missed ……………..several times!

Then Kevin got a surprise, feeling his bride’s hand sliding down between them, taking his penis in her hand and guiding him to her entrance.  Never before had he seen Tiffany act so boldly in a sexual manner, but now that they had tied the knot, it appeared that his lovely bride was willing to let her hair down.  Shivering with pleasure, gritting his teeth to steel himself and keep from cumming prematurely as Tiffany began rubbing his cockhead up and down her slick slit, Kevin then thrust himself forward.

‘Oh, my God …………………….I must have hurt her the way I shoved it into her!’ Kevin thought as he recalled hearing Tiffany’s startled voice crying out “Ooooooh, Kevin ……………………..Kevinnnnnnnnnnnn!”  But that was all he could remember till waking up with a whopping hangover the next morning.  He did recall that moment of sexual bliss, how the life was zapped right out of him when his balls had contracted and cock expanded to blow like a volcano erupting out its hot lava.

Kevin prayed that he had not hurt Tiffany too badly that night, thrusting into her without any foreplay, trying to imagine her pain in having her hymen ruptured by his thoughtlessness.  When he had apologized the next morning and asked if she was okay, Tiffany had merely nodded ‘yes’ as she lay her head upon his chest while mentioning that she had later helped wipe him up since he had totally passed out.  ‘Gosh, I’m sure glad Tiff’s so understanding and not pissed at me, losing her virginity that way and then having to clean both of us up!’ Kevin thought.

For a nervous Tiffany, after having encouraged her newlywed husband to go on and have fun by partaking in the many toasts being hailed by his fraternity brothers, she prayed that Kevin’s sexual inexperience would let her escape having him discover that she had not entered their marriage as the ‘virgin’ he had been expecting.  ‘I can’t let him know that I’ve had sex with another man, even with it being against my will!  I can’t tell him that I’m no longer the naïve innocent girl that promised to give him my virtue, that I was raped by the black bastard who was supposedly a true professional!  And all the horrid things he did to me ………………..made me do to him sexually to keep the sickening photos from being distributed!’ she reasoned.

She was so glad that her prayers came true when Kevin had obviously gotten overexcited with her taking him in hand and rubbing his sensitive cockhead up and down her juicing slit.  And when he had lunged into her, Tiff had then feigned a painful yelp with her body flinching.  Pretending all along, she then had her hands pushing at his shoulders while moaning “Ooooooooooooh …………………..owww …………….ahhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

With Kevin suddenly quivering, feeling his hot spurts in her cunny, she kept still a few moments and then heard him snoring atop of her.  Knowing that he had quite a bit to drink, Tiffany hoped that just fleeting memories of their lovemaking would remain and that her husband would not even realize that her precious hymen had not been intact upon him entering her.  Sliding out from under him, she then got a washcloth to wipe her messy twat and also wipe his penis clean, noting how puny her husband was in comparison to the photographer’s black whopper.

As it was now going into the second day of their honeymoon cruise, Kevin sipped at his drink while sitting in the aft bar of the ship.  ‘Gosh, I should have taken the frat guys up at the bachelor’s party on the ‘Viagra’!  Man, Tiff’s gets me so excited when we get into bed ………….I’ve just gotta keep from popping off so soon!’ he told himself as he recalled having enjoyed feeling Tiffany’s soft hand clasping and stroking him.  During their courting days, Tiffany and stroked him a few times, but always through his pants and jockeys.

Now that they were married, with inhibitions obviously having dissipated, his bride was only to willing to please him.  But never having felt such pleasurable sensations ever before, now with his beautiful bride touching him, Kevin just couldn’t handle it.  He shuddered in embarrassment in recalling Tiff yelling out to him “Kevin …………….no ………………………..not yet!”  He had sensed the disappointment in her voice and couldn’t blame her, not with him spurting his on to her belly and making a mess between her thighs without even getting in her.

Telling himself that he’d eventually get things under control, Kevin thought of more intriguing things at the moment, not wanting to dwell further on his failure as a husband to date.  He was astonished at how things had come about in the past few weeks, with Tiffany stumbling upon a modeling career out of the clear blue and being the cover girl on a national bridal magazine.  Not only was his bride a beautiful model suddenly, but that extra money coming in plus the fact that the expensive tab for the honeymoon was picked up by the magazine, had Kevin on Cloud 9.

Although it meant more time alone, with Tiffany busy with the photographer and his assistant, Kevin didn’t mind at all as he counted up the five grand or so that he had budgeted for the cruise.  And with the expenses to be picked up for their room, including any bar tab, Kevin signaled the bartender for another scotch and water.  He wondered where they were at the moment, wondering what type of poses Tiffany was being asked to do for the photo shoot at that very moment.

As he and Tiff had posed together during the first day while in the pool and walking hand in hand around the deck, Kevin supposed that today’s shoot would be of what a bride would or could want to do on her honeymoon cruise.  ‘Yeah, she’s probably relaxing in the spa right now, getting a massage, or even a facial!’ Kevin thought as he took a sip of his new drink.  With the ship so large, there was no point of him searching for her as he looked at his watch, figuring that they’d be meeting in an hour for lunch anyway.

Indeed, at that very instant, Tiffany was being treated to quite a facial and being photographed in the splendor of the bride getting such treatment.  As she blinked and turned her head a bit, so as not to have any of the facial cream getting into her eyes, Tiffany was receiving the full treatment.  And the photographer’s assistant was then giving instructions “Turn to the right, Mrs. Westwood, you need to apply some of the cream on the bridge of your nose!  Now your eyelids!  That’s right …………..perfect shot for the magazine and video!  Exactly the type of experience a lovely bride should have on her honeymoon cruise!”

But the audience viewing the exciting scene taking place would be enjoyed by the horny men picking up an X-rated magazine or going to a skin-flick as Tiffany was not at the spa nor was it the type of facial one would get while there.  It was so much different, with hot white cream being applied to her beautiful face in spurts ……………..uncontrolled  squirts coming out of the big black cock that was ejaculating just inches away from the kneeling beauty!

Tears of shame coming out of her eyes to mix with the thick cream, Tiffany remained kneeling as the black bastard used his still oozing cock to spread the cream about her entire face while snickering and taunting “If only hubby could see his beautiful bride getting a hot facial on her honeymoon cruise!”  About to raise her hand up to wipe the drying gunk off her face, she was then sharply advised “Put yer hand down, bitch!  Jist stays where ya are till it dries!”

Through her squinting eyes that were partially caked with cum, Tiffany realized that only half an hour remained before she was to meet up with her husband for lunch.  She was glad when Abe advised “Okay, bitch ……………..go and git yerself washed up so ya can go and have lunch with hubby!”  As she got on up, unbuttoning her blouse that was stained with splotches of gooey cum, Tiffany trembled up feeling a large hand at the small of her back as she was advised “Seeing that’s I’s the one who got ya all messy, only fitting that I’s help ya wash up, eh!”

Needing to wash the layer of smelly spunk from her face and neck, Tiffany was left with no choice but to allow the bastard to accompany her into the bathroom.  Hot water on and adjusted, Tiffany got in to the shower and let the spray hit her cum covered face while the black bastard was caressing her asscheeks.  Hands up to her face, she scraped away the cummy layer of smelly semen, hoping that the soap would take away the awful stench.

Face and neck finally cleansed of the mess, but with her hair getting wet in the process,  Tiffany needed to take time to use the hair dryer.  But as she tried to step around the bastard who was continuing to feel her up, she was suddenly pushed up against the shower stall.  Looking up pleadingly, Tiffany saw the smirk on the bastard’s face as his pushed his once again rigid boner up against her belly.  “Please …………please, I need to dry my hair and get dressed!” she pleaded.

Then, with the bastard’s large hands cupping her tender asscheeks, Tiffany was lifted right up off the tile floor.  Three feet off the ground, she was now being eased back down some, right onto the thick black bone that was jutting up at a forty-five degree angle.  “Ooooooooooooh!” she gasped as her cunny spread wide to envelope the bloated cockhead.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she shuddered as she slid down upon the upright prong.

Wrapping her legs around the black bastard, locking her ankles together, Tiff then pushed up on his shoulders and then let go to slide on back down the pleasure giving shaft.  Pushing up, then letting go time and time again, Tiffany was actually doing all the work to get herself the fuck satisfaction that her husband had deprived her of.  “Oh, yes ………………..yes ……………………oh, Goddddddd ……………………yessssssss!” she panted out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..oh, God ………………………oh, Godddddddddddd ……………………arrrrrrrghhhhhhh!” she shuddered in a much needed orgasm.  Swooning in her mind-shattering climax, Tiffany shuddered once again as the big cock swelled and burst deep in her womb.  But the pleasurable sensation quickly dissipated as the bastard taunted “Hey, sweetie, ya had better hurry or yer gonna be late fer lunch!  Heh, heh, heh!”  Lifted off the still upright prong, Tiffany cringed with shame as a large dollop of spunk oozed out of her wide open hole to ‘splat’ down loudly onto the shower stall floor.

Her face and neck clean of the smelly spunk, there just was not enough time to douche out the lumpy jizz that filled her twat to the brim.  Hair wrapped in a towel as she put on a nice clean summer dress, Tiffany scurried about trying desperately to dry her hair and comb it out.  Already late in meeting Kevin, she began putting together her excuse for being late.  Trying to calm herself down as she zipped up her dress, she looked at herself in the mirror and thought of saying ‘Sorry I’m late, honey ………..but the photographer had me do a pose up on a pole and wouldn’t let me get down till he was done shooting!’

Rushing down the deck to where she was to meet Kevin, Tiffany saw him looking about and then waved at her.  Waving back, she hurried on over to give him a kiss and threw caution to the wind in telling him “Sorry I’m late, honey ………..but the photographer had me do a pose up on a pole and wouldn’t let me get down till he was done shooting!”  Mentally she added ‘his hot cum up in me’ to the statement!  Then she went on to ask “Do my cheeks look softer from the hot facial I got this morning?”  She smiled when Kevin advised “You look even more beautiful than ever, honey!”

That night, with the magazine article to do a feature piece on the honeymoon cruise, they were naturally invited to sit at the Captain’s Table.  Along with the photographer and his assistant, Kevin accompanied his wife as they were introduced to the burly Egyptian captain, who was obviously totally enthralled by Tiffany’s beauty.  And just beyond the table was a large glass enclosed poster of the bridal magazine cover that featured Tiffany, thus promoting both the magazine and cruise line.

Over dinner, Captain Omar announced that he would be captaining the cruise line’s new luxury liner that would be sailing around the world on it’s maiden voyage.  And, anyone on the Captain’s table interest should let he or the purser know so that they would be given a fifty percent discount on the forty-five day cruise.  Kevin certainly could not afford such a cruise nor spare the time away from work for such a luxury vacation, and he was surprised to see the photographer chatting with the captain and seemingly quite interested in taking it in, though the guy didn’t seem wealthy enough to afford such an expense.

With dance music on and the photographer wanting a few shots of them dancing, Kevin escorted his lovely wife to the dance floor.  He was glad that those shots were quickly taken and Kevin could enjoy being alone on the dance floor with his bride of two short days.  Glancing over to the Captain’s table, he saw the captain looking their way and smiling while the black photographer kept chewing away at his ear, apparently trying to finagle a free trip out of the guy.  ‘Bet that fucking weasel’s promising the captain a big spread, telling how great he and the cruise ship were for the honeymoon cruise shoot, so he can get a free trip around the world!’ Kevin surmised.

For Captain Omar, he had never before laid his eyes upon such a succulent American beauty.  The poster that he had seen had him excited in meeting the lovely American beauty, but actually getting to see the lovely beauty in the flesh had his cock standing on end.  Gazing out over the dance floor, he thought of how lucky that young groom was to have landed such a succulent prize for his wife.  He just wished that the photographer would go back out there and take more pictures, rather than sitting there next to him and bending his ear in trying to finagle a free cruise around the world.

But the lusty old captain sat and tried to comprehend what had just been asked by the black leech.  Turning to the fellow, taking his eyes off the lovely American beauty for a second, he then heard the photographer again repeat the question “How would you like to bed the sweet little beauty?”  Jaw dropping in disbelief, Captain Omar stammered out “You …………..you can arrange that for me?”  As the photographer smiled and nodded a ‘yes’, he just could not believe that the innocent looking beauty and newlywed was on the cunt market.

Seeing the signal, Jolene turned the camcorder away from the dancing newlyweds to capture the negotiation session taking place at the Captain’s table.  With Abe hot after the captain for that around the world cruise and quickly taking pictures of the newlyweds dancing together, Jolene had corrected guess the cards the conniving bastard would be dealing the lusty old codger who couldn’t take his eyes off the fucking little bitch.  Back to videoing the newlyweds, Jolene smiled and figured that she’d be videoing another dance session in a bit, when Abe would suggest that it’d be good publicity to have some shots of the Captain dancing with bride.

The next morning, Kevin and his lovely bride sat in one of the ship’s eight restaurants eating breakfast and waiting for Jolene the photographer’s assistant to fetch her for the photo shoot planned for that day.  While at the Captain’s table for dinner the night before, they listened as Abe advised that today’s shoot would be to focus on their captain host and his taking them to visit and tour the captain’s stateroom, an area off-limits to the general public.  With the first hour or so to be focused solely upon the captain, the newlyweds could be alone for the breakfast hour.

While they ate breakfast, the display the large bridal cover poster had been moved from the dining room down to be displayed in the spacious captain’s stateroom.  And next to the poster stood Captain Omar, deck out in his all white uniform with gold braids.  A couple of photos of the good captain on each side of the poster, then of him bending across to kiss the poster, right were bride’s lips were.  Then more raunchy ones were taken, such as him reaching over so his hands were cupping the bride’s breasts above the wedding gown.

Entering the luxurious stateroom, Tiffany was surprised to see the captain posing next to the framed poster of the bridal magazine cover that had been set up in the dining room the night before.  Then came another surprise for Tiffany as Jolene unzipped the large garment bag hanging up in a corner of the room, showing her the garment she would be posing in for the shoot …………..her wedding gown!  She was then advised to go into the bedroom and get dressed in her wedding gown, and then it would seemingly be her being superimposed live in replacing the poster.

Once she returned to the stateroom, attired in her wedding gown, Tiffany saw that the poster had been moved a bit off to the side.  Instructed to stand where the poster had been, she was then joined by Captain Omar who came over to stand next to her as he had been when posing with the poster.  The first couple of shots had the captain with his arms straight down along his sides, then Tiffany stiffened a bit upon feeling his arm suddenly around her trim waist, but she refrained from moving or pulling in thinking that the purpose was to make it seem like they were personal friends.

Seeing Jolene taking a video of the session, she then heard Abe yell out from behind the camera “Okay, now give Captain Omar a kiss!”  Grimacing at the instruction as she thought such a scene would be quite inappropriate, Tiffany turned and leaned to give the captain a kiss on the cheek, thinking that was the type of kiss being instructed of her.  But as the camera clicked away a few shots, Tiffany was taken back as Captain Omar advised “Surely the bride has learned a bit more on kissing, especially now that she’s on her honeymoon cruise!”  Trying to break out of the firm grip of the lusty bastard as he sought her lips, Tiffany could not match his overwhelming strength and the bastard was not trying to force his thick fat tongue into her mouth.

Finally breaking away from the awful kiss, Tiffany attempted to slap the bastard but he caught her at the wrist before she could make contact.  “Now, now …………….don’t go acting silly and trying to play the innocent young bride!  You might look innocent and naïve, you’ve even got the newlywed groom totally fooled, but from what I hear you’re one hot little number once you’ve got a cock up that horny little twat of yours!” Captain Omar snickered.  Horrified that the bastard somehow knew, Tiffany tried to pull her hand out of his grip.

Turning and seeing both Abe and Jolene laughing at her plight, Tiffany realized that they must have been in on this and had told the captain all about her.  Her suspicions were confirmed with the captain advising her that “I never planned on giving away any free cruises around the world on the new liner’s maiden voyage next year, but when I learned that you would only be too willing to help your friends obtain their wish, I had to make an exception in this case!”  Captured arm being brought down slowly by the lusting captain, Tiffany trembled as the man would not let her go but was instead drawing her hand down to the front of his uniform.

Closing her eyes in shame, knowing she was at the mercy of the vile photographer, Tiffany knew that she had just been whored out to pay for the deceitful bastard’s desire to take a cruise around the world.  Palm of her hand on the bulging trousers of the horny captain, her instinctive reaction was to squeeze and physically assess the manhood that lay hidden beneath the fabric.  ‘My, he’s pretty big!’ she assessed while squeezing to test the solidness of the meaty boner.

“Now how about a nice big kiss!” she heard the captain say.  Turning back to face him and comply, Tiffany was then advised “Not that kind of kiss!  From what I’ve heard, you really know how to use those pretty pink lips of yours!”  With the captain placing his other hand on her shoulder, there was no mistaking as to just what kind of kiss was being desired.  And pushed down onto her knees, there was no mistaken was to where and what she’d soon be kissing.

Moving to his right, signaling for Jolene to do so with the camcorder, Abe smiled as he focused in on his next shot.  With the lovely bride in her wedding gown kneeling before the horny captain, the background of the large bridal poster was just the perfect setting to capture on film.  ‘Hmmm, if that magazine doesn’t give me any more fuck’n business, this little gem ought to command quite a handsome sum!  Shit, bet it’d command five times what they’ve paid me for this stint to prevent having their covergirl in such a despicable act with the magazine cover displayed so prominently in the shot!’

Looking down at the lovely newlywed kneeling before him, Captain Omar smiled as the supposedly innocent bride reached up with her gloved hands to unzip the front of his uniform pants.  “Ohhhhhh, Allah ………………..yesssssssssssssssss!” he panted out with pleasure as he saw and felt her petite hand reach in and then under his jockeys to grab hold of his rock hard boner.  Cock pulled out of the opening, he smiled upon seeing the white gloved hand shucking at his olive skinned boner.

Though in such a despicable position, Tiffany’s mouth watered as she swallowed at the thought of having the fat olive skinned dome into her mouth and then pushing at the back of her throat.  With the click of the camera nearby, Tiffany thought of her husband whom she had left not a half hour ago, wondering ‘Kevin knew the photo session would be of the Captain and me today ……………..but if he could only see what’s being filmed at this very second!’

‘Oh, she looks so innocent and naïve ……………yet the bitch is going to do it!’ Omar shivered with excitement in seeing the bride’s soft pink lips part and her tongue swiped at this cockhead.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned from the exquisite pleasure.  Calloused hands grasping the back of the bride’s head along with her veil, the good captain had never experienced such a sensation ever before, made especially more fantastic to have someone so young and beautiful as this American bride going down on him.

Abe was enjoying this photo session, loving the sight of the lovely newlywed dressed in her wedding gown with the large bridal poster of her in the background.  With the bride’s white gloved hands on the front of the Captain’s uniform pants and she dressed in her white bridal gown, it made quite a sight of white purity, spoiled only by the thick olive skinned shaft that appeared and disappeared over and over again from the beauty’s pink lips.  And the way burly captain now pumping back and forth while wheezing terribly, it became quite apparent that his churning boilers would soon be rupturing.

“Praise Allahhhhhhhhhhh ………………………….praise Allahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  the bastard shouted out loudly as he threw his head back and hips forward, shuddering uncontrollably as he fed the bride the Captain’s special breakfast dessert.  And then he lunged forward, staying their with the bride’s beautiful face pressed up against his crotch, it was quite evident that what was happening as the bastard’s head was thrown back with mouth wide open as he gasped for air.

For Tiffany, the oiliness of the captain’s spunk did not sit well with her recent breakfast.  Stomach queasy, with lips just enveloping the flange of the thick cockhead at this instant, her petite body lurched as the gooey cum in her throat made its way back up.  With the cock in her mouth becoming flaccid, cum began to escape from around the fleshy stem, oozing down to her chin and then dripping down to soil the front of her wedding gown.  Shivering and shuddering while keeping still, Tiffany let her stomach settle so as not to lose her entire breakfast.

Lifted up to her feet, Tiffany was pulled along to stand next to the bridal poster.  With the captain turning her so that her back was to him, Tiffany felt his fingers unhooking the back of her wedding gown, then heard the zipper being pulled down.  Forced to step out of her wedding gown, the vile captain then hung the dress up on a corner of the bridal poster.  And next, thick fingers were undoing the clasp of her bra, with the straps worked down her arms before the garment was slung over the poster.

Then, thick fingers were in the waistband of her silky white panties were working them down over her trim hips, before that too joined the other removed items.  Blinking back the tears, Tiffany was then posing next to the evil captain and the bridal poster while clad only in her bridal veil, hose, heels, and gloves.  With the captain’s calloused hands on her trim hips, posing as if they were husband and wife, tears of shame streamed down her face.

Seeing the photographer’s hand signals, Captain Omar guided the lovely newlywed, moving behind the back of the nearby sofa.  Then he stopped and turned the lovely beauty to face him, reaching up to cup her breasts and thumb her stiff nipples, enjoying the beauty’s agony and humiliation.  Hands moving down to caress her asscheeks, lifting the petite beauty up slightly to place her cut butt atop the back of the sofa.  Then, with hands supporting her back, he eased her backwards so her back lay upon the cushions and legs up over the sofa’s back support.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ohhhhhhh ………………mmmmmmmmmmm!” Tiffany cried out, reaching out with gloved hands to grasp the cushions as the vile captain had his face between her splayed legs and had clamped his open mouth onto her sex.  Tongue flicking in her snatch, the vile captain showed just how much of an expert he was in cunt lapping as he easily found her ultra-sensitive clit to send her blasting off into outer space.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………..mmmmmmmmmmmmm …………………………….ahhhhh!” she shuddered in a mind-shattering orgasm.

A bit later, the dazed beauty was guided over to the captain’s king-sized bed and made to get up onto the center while on all fours.  Having sized up the captain, both by hand and mouth, Tiffany was not worried about his size for he was not as thick or as long as the fuckstick that the vile photographer possessed.  Feeling the bed sag and then the captain’s calloused hands on her hips, Tiffany felt her slit becoming wet in anticipation, she in fact was now in dire need of a good fuck.

But then, panic set in as the vile captain was trying to insert his fat cock up into her virgin ass.  “No ……………..no …………………not there ………………..no please, I’ve never ………………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Tiffany screamed out in agonizing pain.  It was like a rolling pin being brutally shoved up her rearend as the excited captain could not control his excitement upon learning that her ass was cherry!

“Oh, Goddddddddddddddddddd, stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!” Tiffany cried out in sheer agony as the bastard slammed into her once more, determined to bury his boner all the way up into her tender ass.  “Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned as more of the thick cock was shoved up into her aching body.  “Like a big turd up the shitter, huh, sweetie?” she heard the bastard taunt.  The vile captain obviously knew he had torn her some as he gloatingly taunted “Captain Omar’s tearing the beautiful bride a new asshole for her wedding present, heh, heh!”

On and on it went, just pure unadulterated agony for poor Tiffany as the vile captain had no intention of letting up as he got even more excited upon seeing her in a great deal of pain.  The sadistic bastard loved hearing her sobs as he fucked in and out from between her soft tender cheeks, not giving a damn if she felt any pleasure from being sodomized, for he wanted to make the most out of having the honor of claiming the lovely bitch’s cherry white ass.

“Nnnnn ……….……..nnnnnn …..……………nnnnnn …………..….nnnnnn ………………nnnnnn…….……….nnnnnn ……….………nnnnnn!” came the agonized moans that coincided with the slicing of the raping cock up into Tiffany’s once virgin ass.  And her sodomizer was gloating with a wide smile from chin to chin as he proceeded to bugger the beautiful bitch.  Not one iota of pleasure was enjoyed from this vile violation of her still innocent young body, just pain and agony for Tiffany as she wished that her life would end at that very instant.

Then at last, a soothing balm was coated over her torn tissues to finally ease the awful pain.  Collapsing forward onto the bed, heavy body of her violator falling upon her, Tiffany was soothed some as the creamy balm spreading upon her torn tissues began to ease the pain.  Cock still in her ravaged ass, Tiffany dosed off now that the agony had ended and the awful pain had been soothed some.  Passed out upon the bed, Tiffany was unaware of the video and shots being taken of the smiling captain as he did various poses as conqueror of the beautiful American bitch!

Jolene zoomed on in for a close-up view of the bride’s union with the lusty captain of the ship.  And as the fat cock began withdrawing from the beauty’s tight ruptured ass, it was quite evident that the horny bastard had indeed torn her a new asshole.  The streaks of blood on his semi-rigid cockstem gave proof to that fact and it would be quite exciting for anyone viewing the scene.  Then, zooming back out, Jolene captured the bride’s flawless ivory body curled up with the olive skinned bastard who had brutally sodomized her.

A half hour later, with arms and legs wide open, the bride of two days was being given a captain’s greeting no that no bride on her honeymoon had ever received on board his ship.  The good captain was only too happy to give the lovely American bride a most personal greeting, that by shoving his once gain rigid cock up into her juicy slit.  Feeling her gloved hands embracing his broad shoulders and heels locked around his ass, Captain Omar knew that this little bitch was far from the innocent bride that she portrayed to be.

“Yessssssssssssss, ohhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!  Fuck me, Captain, fuck meeeeeeeee!” Tiffany panted out as the horny captain finally got his cock up into her juicy twat.  Tightening her locked heels, she arched up on each thrust by the burly captain, thereby taking him fully up into her womb, encouraging the lusty bastard by panting “Deeper, deeper, deeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Yes, yes ………………oh, yesssssssssssssssss!”

With the captain jackhammering his thick cock into her horny hole, Tiffany knew that he would soon be unleashing his pent up load into her fertile womb, provided she had not already been put into the family way by the well-hung black photographer.  Still, if not already knocked up, Tiffany did not want this bastard’s olive skinned baby growing in her tummy.  “Wait, wait ………no ……………..you’re not wearing anything!” she panted out in fear.

For horny Captain Omar, this made it even more exciting to hear that the little American bitch did not want his seed to be deposited in her belly.  Grabbing her hips tighter, he humped faster and faster, loving the feel of the bride’s hands on his shoulder in an attempt to push him away with her heels unlocked and drumming at his ass to demand he pull on out before cumming.  And the fuck was made even sweeter in hearing the bitch sob out “Please, no ……………….please ………………..don’t cum in me!  I don’t want your baby!”

“Ah, my sweet American bitch, this shall be a very productive honeymoon cruise for you!  Omar make many babies back in Egypt!  Just as you Americans would describe as a ‘jackrabbit’, hey!” Omar chuckled as he continued fucking away at the now struggling beauty.  With this bride his very first American conquest, he was determined to do his very best in knocking up this beautiful little bitch.  “Ah …………………….ah ………………..oohhh, praise Allahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Omar cried out as his balls contracted and then began to unleash its boiling load of jizz.

Sitting at the Captain’s table for dinne, Kevin watched as Captain Omar and his wife headed off to the dance floor once again.  It seemed that his wife and the good captain had really hit it off on their photo shoot together, and he could see the man totally enthralled by Tiffany’s beauty when the captain told him “You sure are one lucky son-of-a gun to have landed such a lovely beauty as Tiffany for a bride!”  Seeing them on the dance floor, Kevin snickered silently ‘Eat your heart out, you horny bastard!  But that’s as close as you’re going to get into Tiffany’s tight little panties!’

Prior to them leaving for the dance floor, Kevin couldn’t believe what the captain had just bestowed upon them in a advising “Although you can’t take the time away from the job for the around the world cruise next year, I’d like you and you wife to join me on the second leg of the cruise!  It’ll be this time next year, probably just a few days earlier, perfect for you and the lovely wife to celebrate your 1st Anniversary on board the luxury liner!  Then, hop on back home by plane, so your only expense will be the one way ticket back!”

On the dance floor, holding the trembling beauty in his arms once again with her back to the nearby wall, the lusty captain was caressing the newlywed’s aching asscheeks and felt her shudder as he traced a finger up the crack of her ass.  “Still hurting, sweet cheeks?” he asked tauntingly, knowing full well that her torn asshole hurt with her every movement.  “See how quickly hubby was to take me up on that offer I dreamt up just before dinner?  He’s seems to be enjoying the honeymoon cruise!  If’n he only knew how I got to fuck his lovely bride on the second day of the cruise, huh!” he taunted while grabbing her ass.

Seeing her cringe in pain, he chuckled and added “Getting to fuck a beautiful bride on her honeymoon today has been the first for me!  And next year, it’ll be just as pleasurable ……………………….fucking a beautiful wife on the day she celebrates her 1st Anniversary!”  Just two days into her honeymoon cruise and Tiffany had been well-fucked by two horny bastards, giving her the sexual satisfaction that her own husband failed to provide.  ‘What’s in plan for the rest of the cruise?’ she wondered, dancing with the captain of the ship who had been her lover that entire day while her husband looked on.  Dancing in the far corner, Tiffany felt the captain close in to press his rigid boner right up against her belly. 'Surely he can't be wanting it again, not after the entire day, first on the bed and then on the sofa!' she thought in amazement, recalling that last fuck thrown to her on the blue sofa.

Glancing over to the table where Kevin was in conversation with Jolene, Tiffany saw that the black photographer was in deep conversation with the robed Arab sheik who had been introduced as Sheik Al-Hamin of Sudan.  With Abe and the sheik turning to look at her, with the photographer making a gesture with his pointed finger, she worried that the bastard was now trying to get an invite to the sheik’s kingdom in exchange for sampling her charms.  ‘Or is he looking to make himself a fortune ……………………..attempting to sell me into the sheik’s harem?’ she worried.

End of Story.