Honeymoon Horror - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Willie Richmond had been a caretaker at the Palms Golf & Beach Resort for several years.  Few, if anyone, paid him any mind.  At 60 years of age, he was just a harmless old black man to the resort management, or so they thought.  Although he was old, he never tired of seeing the bevy of young brides each year who celebrated their weddings at the luxury resort.  He never tired of looking at the beautiful brides, beautiful white brides, and fantasizing that it was he who would be helping them out of their gowns on their wedding night and his cock that would make a woman out of each innocent young bride.

He had fantasized countless times about nailing one of these beauties, but of course it was just a fantasy and Willie never gave any serious thought to the prospect that his fantasy might someday come true.  In looking at the list of projects that he needed to do for the week, he smiled as he noted  'Wedding reception: Allison Winters/Brian Sanders'.  As there was to be a wedding reception in the main ballroom, he automatically knew what basic preparation would be needed over the week.

Being divorced and with all of his children grown and living in other states, Willie lived alone in a small apartment about five miles from the resort.  He had very few expenses so he could manage on his small salary of a caretaker, needing only enough to cover his rent and of course his liquor bill.  His only luxury was a good television, VCR, camcorder and an expensive 35 mm camera.  Sitting on his recliner, Willie opened up his favorite folder containing photographs taken with his camera, then looked at some recent photos taken.  These were photos that he looked at each night, photos that brought him satisfaction, that he jerked off to before going to bed.  Each was a close-up of photo, taken with his zoom lens, of a beautiful bride that had her wedding reception at the resort.

In charge of setting up the reception hall certainly had its perks.  There was a small upstairs balcony that Willie used during the receptions, a vantage spot that Willie used to relay to the waiters downstairs of any tables needing attention.  But alone upstairs, he always kept his camera, zooming in for various close-up shots of the beautiful bride.  He especially loved the opportunity to take shots of the lovely bride lifting up her bridal gown, revealing her trim long legs encased in white hose all the way up to her thigh, for the tossing of the garter.  How he wished he would be the one to spread those long white legs apart later that evening in the honeymoon suite.

Allison Winters, age 23, 5'3" and 114 lbs, was an especially attractive young brunette that had men's heads turning whenever she passed by.  She certainly turned old Willie's head, causing him to swallow deeply as his mouth began to water.   Willie had seen the groom earlier looking nervous but proud of the coming event.  It was to be a wedding ceremony held in the plush garden setting for this occasion.  Having seen the beautiful bride, Willie now knew why the groom looked so cocky and proud, obviously the gloating that he was the one to claim the lovely beauty as his bride.

In fact, as he had been doing some last minute cleaning of the garden area, Willie overheard the groom bragging to one of the bride's brothers that he and Allison planned to start a family right away.  He heard the groom laugh, telling that it was his goal to 'put a bun in her oven' during the honeymoon and telling the bride's brother that he would soon be an uncle.  Willie was an old man, but he hadn't lost his sense of humor, smiling to himself at the prospect of beating the groom to the punch and putting  a chocolate 'bun' in the pretty bride's oven.  Willie chuckled to himself, shook his head and dismissed the thought.  But that thought or fantasy kept popping back into mind, bringing back the sight of that beautiful bride.  His cock twitched in his pants at the thought of beating the groom to the punch, the thrill of being the one to put the bun in the lovely bride's oven.

During the reception, from his vantage point, Willie observed the waiter who was designated to handle the bridal table.  He always dressed in the same type of uniform as the waiters, a floral logo print of the resort, white pants, assisting if a need came about.  At times, he would step in so the waiters could take a short break so his presence down on the floor would not surprise any of the employees.  He watched as the waiter for the bridal table replenished the glasses on the table and the thought of beating the groom to the punch again came to mind.  It was then that he saw the bride's drink left unattended while she was out on the dance floor.

A plan quickly began to form in Willie's devious mind.  Being that he was an old man, he had some prescription medication that he regularly took and which he carried around with him.  It was a very potent medication, one that would put the unsuspecting bride out like a light.  He would have preferred to feel her squirm and flail under him, wanting her to fight him, but he remembered that saying of 'beggars can't be choosers'.  He was hot and horny, knowing that he had to seal the deal any way he could.  Quickly making his way downstairs, Willie found the waiter he was looking for and told him that he was there to give him a break.

Seeing that the bridal couple was still on the dance floor, Willie seized the moment, refilling the champagne glass.  Holding the medicine vile next to champagne bottle, he easily slipped in the medication before pouring in the champagne to camouflage the drug.  When the dance ended, he watched as the newlyweds returned to their seats, smiling as he watched the beautiful bride sip at her glass of champagne.  Then the waiter returned from his break and Willie slipped off into the shadows to wait patiently for the drug to take effect.

A half hour later, it was evident that the young bride was dazed and disoriented but Allison kept reassuring everyone she that she was fine.  She reassured Brian that she'd soon be fine, that she just felt a bit dizzy and needed to lay down for a few minutes.  She insisted she'd be fine and didn't want the reception to end on such a sour note, especially as she still needed to toss the bouquet.  The bride's father was getting upset with his daughter, not wanting her to embarrass him in front of all the high society friends he had invited to the wedding.  Pulling his new son-in-law aside, he told him to move up the tossing of the bouquet and to take Allison off to a side room to rest.

Once the bouquet was tossed, Willie watched the groom looking about as he assisted his woozy bride.  Willie quickly went up to the couple and asked if he could be of assistance.  Learning that the groom wanted to take his bride off to a side room so she could rest a spell, Willie led the way out a side door and opened a door to a conference room right next door.  The bridal couple was followed by the bride's parents, the best man and the maid of honor as all were concerned about the bride's condition.

Willie listened as the bride's father began bickering with his wife, telling her just how embarrassing it'd be it Allison was to stumble out of the reception in the condition she was in.  "Hell, she's so wasted that she'll never be able to walk out of here without help!  This is so damned embarrassing with all our friends out there!" Willie overheard the bride's father.  Willie smiled to himself and went up to the bride's parents, telling them "I couldn't help but overhear you and the bride doesn't seem to be in too good a condition.  I do have the keys that'll allow us access to the employees' entrance.  I can take them up to their room without anyone seeing them leave here!"

As Willie led the way through the back entrance that was used by employees only, the groom and the maid of honor assisted the bride in making her way.  The best man was following them with two bottles of champagne in hand.  Meanwhile, the bride's parents went back inside to mingle with the guests.  The reception hall had been darkened earlier than planned and the dancing for the guests began.  Whenever anyone inquired about the bride and groom, Allison's parents put on a good front, telling them "Oh, you know how anxious newlyweds are!"

As he led the way, Willie pulled out his cell phone and pretended to make a call.  Pretending that there was someone on the other side of the line, he spoke loudly "Boss, its Willie!  The bride wasn't feeling well and I'm escorting the bridal couple along with some of the wedding party up to honeymoon suite.  Yeah, I'm taking them through the employees' hallway so no one will see them!  Okay, you want me to stay with them so long as I'm needed!  Will do!"

His job as a caretaker consisted of working mainly out in the landscaping areas and assisting in the reception halls.  Willie did not have access to any of the guest rooms and when he arrived at the honeymoon suite, he asked the groom "Do you have your card key, sir?"  With the groom trying to keep a grip on his lovely bride, he fished out the card key and handed it Willie, who opened the door and held it open for the wedding party to enter.  Once they had entered, Willie closed the door behind him and slipped the card key into his pocket.

Once inside the honeymoon suite, the groom lay the lovely bride down onto the honeymoon bed.  Then the maid of honor shooed the groom out, allowing Allison's best friend to get her out of her wedding gown.  The groom exited the bedroom, closing the door behind him.  Meanwhile, Willie opened the drapes to allow a view overlooking the lighted resort.  Then Willie opened the bottle of champagne and poured it into glasses.  The groom told Willie to have a glass with him but Willie played the perfect employee and declined "Oh, thank you sir, but I'm on duty!  I'm here to serve as your bartender so long as needed!  Besides, it sure beats going back downstairs where I'd have to do the clean up!"

Willie knew he had to act fast, knowing that the maid of honor and best man would not be staying much longer, especially with the bride out cold.  Having used most of his medication to knock out the bride, he just hoped that he had enough to put the groom out too.  A short time later, the maid of honor had come out to join them, smiling at the groom and telling him "I've got your beautiful bride all ready for you!"  That drew chuckles from all the men.  Willie handed the maid of honor a glass of champagne, telling her "Here's to your hard work!" and quietly added to himself 'Thanks for getting the pretty little bride ready for me!'

When the best man said "Well, Brian, one last drink and we'll leave you alone with your beautiful bride!"  Willie could see that the groom was feeling the effects of the drug.  He needed to get the remainder of the medication to the groom at this point but he couldn't go over and put it into the glass without being noticed.  As the honeymoon suite was well stocked with a full bar, there were more glasses available.  He opened the remaining bottle of champagne and poured it into new glasses at the bar.  Taking it to them on a tray, he made certain that the groom got the right one.  Then he announced "I guess you no longer need my services so I'll head on out at this point!"  The groom reached into his pocket, handed him a $10 bill with  "Thanks, old timer!"  Once out of the room, he muttered loudly "Fucking cheap bastard!  Lousy $10 tip!  Want a tip buddy?  Never give your card key to anyone buddy boy, especially someone who's out to nail your beautiful little bride!  Old-timer, huh, well this old timer's going to show you how young he is once he's in the saddle!"

Hidden in the shadows, Willie watched as the maid of honor and best man slipped out of the honeymoon suite, the gal giggling about how wasted Brian had gotten.  The best man laughed "What a waste of the honeymoon suite!  All it's going to be used for is to sleep!  Hope Brian made it to the bed, he got so wasted at the end!"

Willie waited another ten minuets, wanting to be certain that the groom was totally gone before he made his move.  Going to the door of the honeymoon suite, he knocked just in case the groom was still awake.  If the groom answered the door, he'd pretend to inquire if he could be of any additional help for the evening.  As there was no response, he got out the card key and slipped it in.  Stepping into the honeymoon suite, Willie looked about the empty living room.  Then he peered into the bedroom and smiled, seeing the groom passed out on the loveseat after removing his pants.  Tucked into bed was the beautiful little bride, unconscious from the potent drug.

Going to the bar, Willie got a clean glass and brought the bottle of remaining champagne with him into the bedroom.  Raising his filled glass, he looked at the bride and groom, then chuckled loudly "Here's to the bride and groom!  Brian, my boy, how are you going to put your precious little bride in the family way like that?  I told you I was here to help and I'm sure as hell am gonna do all I can to help knocking up the pretty little bitch!"  With that, Willie downed his glass of champagne, then began to get out of his uniform.

Throwing his clothing to the side, he noticed a camera bag.  Opening the bag, he grinned "Right on, a fuck'n video camcorder!  A perfect way to remember one's honeymoon!  I'm sure the pretty bride would want to see how she spent her wedding night!"  He then put a new tape into it and placed it in the corner of the room, at an angle that would capture all the events on the honeymooner's bed.

Going to the bed, he pulled down the comforter and sheet covering the beautiful bride, her charms barely covered by the thin negligee that was held together by a tiny bow at the neckline.  "Yes, indeed, your maid of honor sure saw to it that you were all prepared for hubby!  We can't let all her work go to waste, now can we!" he laughed as he glanced over at the drugged groom.  He untied the bow of the negligee and stepped back to admire the sexy beauty, now only protected from view by her lacy pink panties.  Then he bent down to slowly peel down the last remaining garment, revealing the soft fuzzy prize that he was after, the prize that he would soon claim.

Licking his lips, Willie leaned over to get a taste of the sweet little bride, rubbing his nose in her soft dark fur to inhale her intoxicating fragrance.  Rubbing his face in her sweet twat, he dipped down a bit and let his tongue dart out into the slick folds of the tender young bride.  His tongue flicked and nipped at the stiff little clit, causing the sweet honey to flow as Willie slurped up his juicy reward.  Leaning back, he smacked his lips, looking at the groom, chuckling loudly "You sure married a sweet little honey!  Never tasted anything so sweet!"

With his cock as hard as a rock, Willie scooted up with the trim white legs on his broad shoulders till the bride's ankles were on the sides of his neck.  He looked down at the unconscious beauty, then over to her drugged husband, his hard cock beginning to leak jism in anticipation of claiming this innocent little bride.  He looked over at her loving husband and yelled out to him "You cheap son of a bitch!  A fuck'n lousy $10 tip!  It's pay-back time asshole, open your eyes so you can see your precious little wife get ‘ruined’ by a nigger!"

Shuffling forward, Willie fitted his thick cockhead at the entrance to the bride's treasured prize.  Stabbing forward, he looked over at the young husband and groaned "Oh, God, she's so fuck'n tight!  Got my nigger cock in your precious little bride, asshole!  She's got a man's cock in her now!  Your wish is gonna come true, asshole!  Your beautiful wife is gonna get knocked up on her wedding night for sure!"  "Gonna plant a little black baby in her little white tummy! Ahhhhhhhh ………………Godddddddd, yeahhhh!” he groaned, burying his cock all the way in, right in her fertile womb.

With jackhammer speed, Willie thrust his thick black cock into the raped young bride.  "Ohhhhh, buddy boy!  Stretching her out real good for you, 'ruining' her all right, she ain't ever gonna feel your little pecker! Gonna knock her up good!  Gonna plant a little black bastard in her tummy!  Ahhhhhh, yeahhhhh ……………….gonna cum ………….gonna cum in your little bride ………….oh, God ………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Willie groaned as his body convulsed in spasms, emptying his balls into the sweet little beauty.

Two hours later, Willie lifted himself from the soiled body of the young wife as she lay upon the honeymoon bed that she should be sharing with her husband.  He had filled the high society babe's fertile womb with three loads of nigger jism, hot juice that would soon have that 'chocolate bun' rising in the oven.  Shuffling up on the bed, Willie pushed his oozing cockhead between the soft pink lips.  Wrapping his hands in her long silky hair, he began to fuck her face.  Soon he was dripping out all the remaining goo that his black balls could generate, coating the bride's mouth with his slimy spend.

Getting dressed, Willie got the videotape out of the camera and returned the camera into the bag.  He then got the wasted groom up and dragged him over to the bed, tossing him onto it.  He then turned the groom, placing his face right into his bride's messy twat, laughing at the groom "A juicy little snack for you when you get up, you young pup!  Compliments from the 'Old-Timer'!"  He then pushed the groom's head down into the mush and rubbed his face into the slime.  As he was about to depart, Willie tossed the card key onto the groom's pants.  Stopping, he bent over to retrieve the wallet from the pants, then opened it up.  Seeing several twenties and three hundred dollar bills, he took a $100 and looked over to the groom "That’s for the tip and your precious little bride, asshole!"

The next morning, Brian slowly awoke to a strong unfamiliar aroma, stunned that his face was buried between his wife's beautiful legs.  He leaned up to see the soft dark fur matted down in a dried puddle of paste.  'Gosh, I must really have gotten wasted last night!  Can't remember a damned thing!  But, man, I must have shot off some load, look at all my cum!' he muttered to himself.  He looked up to see his beautiful bride and saw that she was still out of it, then remembered how wiped out she had gotten at the reception.

Brian couldn't suppress the wicked thought and scooted down further, the deviously used his thumbs to widen his wife's slit lips.  He smiled as he watched the thick goo drool from the reddened slit, then stuck his tongue into the drool in search of his bride's sensitive clit.  He had always wanted to do this to Allison but she had always put him off, telling him such things were reserved for after the wedding.  As this was after the wedding, he was definitely going to have feast now as he knelt between her knees, cupping her tender ass and lifted her up to his feasting mouth.

"Ohh ……ahh ……ahhh …………………ahhhhh!" Allison groaned as the sensation between her legs stirred her awake.  She tossed her head about on the pillow, then realized she was looking up at the ceiling of the honeymoon suite.  She lifted her head to see her knees bent, seeing the top of Brian's head as he was literally eating her out. "Ohhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhh, Brian!" she moaned, squeezing her sore cunt muscles together in response to his teasing tongue.  'Oh, my thighs hurt like never before ……….Brian must have taken me like a brute last night …………I guess I shouldn't have made him abstain for the past two months!' she pondered.  "Ohhhhhh, God …………….yesssss ………………eat me, Brian!" she moaned as she shuddered in an orgasm.

The next morning, Willie was working in the garden area when he observed the newlyweds about to enter the limo.  He smiled as he observed the beautiful bride snuggle up to her loving husband.  As the honeymoon suite came with the wedding reception, he figured they were off to another destination.  Putting down his garden tools, he approached the young couple "I hope you enjoyed the honeymoon suite!  Where are you headed for the remainder of your honeymoon?"  Hugging his bride close to him, Brian smugly replied "Well, old timer, we're heading off to Acapulco for the remainder of the week!"  "Well, you two come back next year!  Bring your little bambino with you!" Willie laughed.

Two months later, Brian brought a cold towel to Allison as she sat on the couch feeling dizzy.  "Honey, you need to go to the doctor!  You've been ill for several days now!" Brian told his lovely wife.  "You're right, Brian!  I am sick but I think it's a good kind of sickness!" Allison replied, giving her husband a wiley smile.  Then she added "I think it's the bug you gave me on our wedding night, you big ole stud!  I was a bit embarrassed then to tell you just how sore I was but you sure screwed me good that night.  I could barely walk the next day!"

That evening, Brian came home and his lovely wife threw herself upon him, greeting him "Hi, honey!  How was the new daddy's day?"  Allison cuddled up to him, biting his ear, whispering "You, big stud!  You nailed me good on our wedding night!  Knocked me up the day we got married!"  Grabbing his hand, Allison placed it on her belly and laughed "Feel little junior growing in me!  I've got a feeling I'll be as big as a watermelon before it pops!"

With all the gadgets now available, Willie had invested in a computer and an attachment that would freeze frame a video scene and display it on the computer.  He picked up the best printer that he could afford, one that would print out quality color photos.  After a bit of practice, he was quite excited about the prospects that lay ahead.  It had been awhile since the wedding and Willie wondered if he had been successful in making the groom's wish come true.  He smiled, knowing that if he had successfully bred the lovely beauty, her little tummy would soon be puffing up with his little bastard.  He knew she'd abort the baby if she ever learned who the father really was and he'd sure like to see the smile on that white punk's face disappear when he gets a glimpse of the little bastard.

But Willie was desperately in need of getting between the young bride's sweet white legs again, only this time he wanted to see the agony on her beautiful face as he nailed her, knowing how she would cringe in disgust at the very thought of submitting to a nigger.  He just couldn't wait to have her squirming in disgust as he shoved his hot black cock into her.  He had to figure out a way to get into her tight panties once again but just how it was to be done was another story.  He had taken their address and phone number from the luggage tags.  He knew the city where they lived but was unfamiliar with the areas other than the airport and downtown business district.  Even if he did find the area where these society kids lived, he knew he'd certainly draw attention at being out of place there.

Pulling out the list of sister hotel's to the luxury resort, those that reciprocated to fellow employees, he found there was the Plaza Hotel in that city.  The brochure showed that the rate for a room there would be really affordable since he worked for the resort.  He laughed at the thought 'After all, I can't expect a beautiful society babe like that to spread her legs, for the like of me, in some flea-infested dump!  Yeah, nothing but the best for that little beauty!'  With all his years with the resort, he knew the managers very well, doing many favors for them.  They could probably make the contact for him, getting the room as a free comp.

Finally, Willie had the six scenes taken from the video and printed up on his computer.  He put a thin layer of cardboard to protect the photos from bending and slid them into the large envelope that he had obtained from the front desk.  He addressed it to 'Mrs. Allison Sanders' and on the bottom left, he wrote a note saying 'Enclosed are the requested Wedding Photos!'  With the fancy logo and return address of the luxury resort where her wedding took place, Willie knew for certain that she would not toss it aside.

Two days later, Allison went to the mailbox and immediately noticed the large envelope from the resort.  She saw the bottom marked 'Enclosed are the requested Wedding Photos!' and thought to herself  'Gosh, I was so plastered that night, I didn't even know the resort had photos taken that day!'  She sifted through the other mail as she made her way up the walkway and into the house.  Sitting at the sofa, she sliced open the top of the envelope from the resort, excitedly thinking 'Gosh, maybe it'll be some shots of the wedding night that I've never seen before!'

Sitting on the sofa, with the eyes closed, she tried as hard as she could to think back to that eventful day.  Sadly, she could only remember things that occurred till midway through the reception.  After that it was the middle of the morning, in the bed with Brian and they were rushing to check out on time.  Sighing, she thought to herself  'I sure hope I didn't embarrass myself between those times!  Brian never said anything so I guess everything went well!'

Pulling out the clipped material, printed out in bold print was 'Hope you enjoyed your honeymoon!'  Beneath that was a piece of protective cardboard that she removed.  Then she gasped loudly at the large color print beneath it.  The picture clearly depicted her unconscious on a bed, her body bent in two with a unidentifiable naked black man upon her.  She had no clothing on either, legs up upon the broad black shoulders, leaving no doubt whatsoever as to what was taking place on the bed.  In the background, she could make out Brian asleep and slumped in a chair.

It took her several moments before she had the nerve to look at the next picture.  The next showed her naked on the bed, legs widespread with the black man fitting the tip of his large cock at the entrance of her womanhood.  She managed to look at the remaining pictures of her being raped by this devious black man.  Quickly she looked at each picture again and shuddered 'Oh, God!  I was raped and he didn't use a condom!  Oh, my God ……………I …………I must be pregnant with a black baby!'

At the bottom of the stack was another printed sheet, reading 'Meet me Friday night at 7 p.m. at the bar in the Plaza Hotel, unless you want a set mailed to your husband!  Be alone or else!'  Just then, Allison heard Brian's car drive up and a shudder of fear shot through her.  Quickly, she gathered up the photos and put them back into the envelope, then hid it in the bottom of her dresser drawer.

Nervously, Allison picked at her food during dinner, merely telling Brian she wasn't feeling quite up to par.  After seeing the pictures, she knew she wasn't carrying Brian's baby after all.  She swallowed hard, wanting so much to confide in her husband, but she felt so soiled that she had been 'ruined' by a devious black man.  'What would Brian say if he knew?  Oh, God, I don't think he'll ever want to touch me again!  I've got to get an abortion right away and say I had a miscarriage!  I can never let him see those horrible pictures!  But do I dare follow the instructions for Friday night?' she pondered.

Brian had taken his dishes to the sink as Allison continued to pick at her food.  She shivered and tears flowed from her eyes when Brian returned to the table and gave her a hug from behind, telling her she needed to eat all her food.  "After all, honey, you're now eating for two!" Brian commented as his hands roved down to rub her belly.  "Honey, since you'll be out late with the guys on Friday and golfing on Saturday, would you mind if went out with the girls from the office Friday night?  One of the girls lives right in town and said I could sleep over, that way I won't have the make the long drive home at night!" she inquired of Brian.  "Sure, babe!  It'll be good for you to get out with the girls, I know the morning sickness has taken a lot out of you lately!" he replied.

Sitting at the bar in the Plaza hotel, Allison nervously looked about, hoping no one she knew would happen to see her alone there.  It was just past 7 p.m. and there were no black men to be seen in the bar area.  Then the bartender answered the telephone and asked if she was Mrs. Sanders.  Allison nodded and was handed the phone.  "Hel ……hello!" she answered into the phone.  She listened as the male caller spoke "Nice to see you're alone and on time, Mrs. Sanders!  You've got three minutes to get your sweet ass up to Room 810 or hubby will be getting an envelope in the mail!"

Quickly paying the tab, Allison nervously made her way to the elevator and up to the eighth floor.  Then she hesitantly knocked on the door to Room 810.  The door opened for her but the man admitting her was standing behind the door and hidden from view.  Stepping a few feet into the plush room, she turned upon hearing the door close behind her.  She recognized Willie as the man who had come up to them when she and Brian were about to leave in the limo.  "You ……….you raped me!  How could you!  Please …….please ……….you must give me all the pictures and negatives!" she pleaded.

She watched as the smirking black casually walked over to the bar where a bottle of champagne had just been opened and sat chilling in a bucket of ice.  Two glasses were poured and she was handed one.  As her host began sipping his, she took a large gulp of the bubbly drink, needing it to calm her nerves.  Then her host put his glass down on the bar, telling her "Come on over here and give me a kiss, Mrs. Sanders!"  Gulping down the rest of her drink, Allison bit down on her bottom lip and forced herself to move toward this horrid man.

As the glass was taken from her and set upon the bar, Allison closed her eyes and steeled herself for what was to come next.  She had come to this meeting directly after she left her workplace, having worn a nice green dress with black hose and 3" heels.  Her body began to shake in fear and revulsion at the thought of kissing this horrid black man.  Shuddering at the feel of large hands upon her hips, dragging her closer to her blackmailer, clenching her lips tightly together.  Then she felt his thick rubbery lips close upon hers, followed by his thick tongue licking her lips and trying to push itself between her clenched teeth.

She gasped as the hands on her hips moved around her and had grabbed her tight asscheeks, lifting her up onto her tiptoes.  But that gasp was all Willie needed, taking the opportunity to let his tongue dart between her teeth.  He felt her body shudder as his thick tongue explored her resisting mouth.  Allison knew what he wanted but she felt so guilty if she was to return this intimate kiss.  Then she felt the bulge in the front of his pants push up into her, grinding itself into her belly.  Knowing that she had to please this man, fearing the consequences, she gave in and moved her tongue to dally with his.

Allison tried to put the horrid situation out of her mind, telling herself that she was kissing her loving husband in such an intimate manner.  She felt her dress being pulled up, then the hot hands were stroking the back of her thighs, then again cupping her asscheeks with only her panties between them.  The intimate kiss continued and Allison felt her cunt muscles clench in response to the stimulation.  Unknowingly, as she pictured herself with her husband, her arm moved up to clutch at his shoulders, clutched her blackmailer tightly as the wicked situation was taking its effect upon her.  Next she felt the hands slide up, back over her dress and up to the top where her zipper was located.

Skillfully, Willie slid the zipper down the back of the young beauty.  She was really getting into the French kiss with him but he knew very well that she was making believe that she was with her white boy husband.  But hell, he didn't care, enjoying this sweet white beauty returning his kiss.  'Hell, she'll know I ain't her puny white boy once she feels my big dick!  I'll have her screaming to the high heavens when I stick it to her!' he mused.  Slipping his hands into the open back of her dress, he caressed her soft tender body, his cock twitching in anticipation.  Slowly and gently, he pushed the dress apart, edging it off her shoulders.

Seconds later, the dress slipped from her shoulders and was caught at the bent elbows.  Still in the intimate embrace, Allison put her arms down for a second, a movement that allowed her emerald green dress to fall into a puddle upon her black heels.  About to return her hand to the broad shoulders, Allison accidentally brushed against the large bulge that had been grinding itself into her belly.  She caressed the bulge, fondled it, then squeezed the thick muscle that was hidden behind the material.  Now she was cupping the huge bulge with both hands, feeling and squeezing at the hidden monstrosity.

Willie had this little white bitch right where he wanted her, she was like putty in his hands.  In no time, he had her lacy white panties rolled over her trim hips to fall onto her dress and her thin bra lay upon the white carpeting.  He now had this little bitch hot as a firecracker, knowing she was picturing her husband in her mind, but it was his cock that she was now looking for after pulling his zipper down.  It was his mighty cock that the petite white hand was grasping, her hand on his cock that she was now fishing out of his pants, his cock that was now being stroked by her soft hands.

The intimate kiss finally ended, leaving Allison panting for breath with her eyes still closed and head upon the muscular chest.  Still caught up in having willed herself out of reality, she continued to squeeze and shuck at the thick cock that she held in her hands.  'Oh, Brian!  Oh, honey, you're so bigggggg!' she thought to herself.  She felt the throbbing and pulsing of the long thick cock in her hands, making her want to view her husband's cock in such an enormous state.

Opening her eyes, Allison gave a loud gasp at what she saw was in her hands.  Reality set in and she dropped the throbbing black muscle like a hot potato.  But Willie was prepared once he heard her frightened gasp, knew that she had finally come to her senses, that she would be repelled by the situation she found herself in.  He had tightened his grip around the innocent beauty, preventing her from escaping his grasp.  He loved the frightened look on the young wife's face as she put her hands on his chest, attempting to push herself away.

"Please …………oh, please ……………I ………….I can't go through with this!  Please ………..please let me go ……….please don't make me do this ………..please!" she begged, tears now flowing down her cheeks.  As the muscular arms around her loosened their grip, Allison stepped back as she sobbed, trying to cover her nakedness with her hands.  She was totally naked except for her black nylons and heels, with her lacy white panties was caught upon a heel.  She continued to step back as her blackmailer slowly followed her, grinning at the humiliation and fear, watching as her stalker began to disrobe.  Then she found herself boxed into the corner of the wall with the large king-sized bed just several feet away.

Willie smiled as he slowly got out of his shirt, then let his pants drop to the floor and stepped out of them.  He had not worn his jockeys in preparation for this big evening, kicked off his slip-ons and enjoyed seeing the cowering beauty stare at his throbbing erection.  This was exactly what he wanted, having the beautiful young wife cowering in fear and disgust, wanting to see her anguished face when he fucked his big cock into her.  He was looking forward to bonus in store for him when he nailed the bitch this time, the added bonus of having her struggle in his arms and hearing her scream in pain.

"Please ……please, I just can't do it ………..please let me go!” she sobbed, trying to cover herself as she cowered in the corner.  Backed into a corner, the bed on one side and the wall on the other, and her smirking blackmailer blocking her escape. “Please ……….please, I changed my mind ……….I just can't go through with this ………..please, please ……………..I want to go home!” Allison whimpered.

Willie smiled at the distressed young wife, then spoke “Tell you what, sweetie, I just love having a white boy's precious little wife on her knees and jerking me off!"  He watched the horror come across her face at the thought of what he had just proposed to her.  But he knew she'd soon come to realize that she had no other choice.  "Come on, sweetie, come over here and jerk me off with your soft beautiful hands.  If you get me off, just maybe I’ll be too exhausted to do anything else!  What's it gonna be, baby?  Look how hard ya got me bitch, I gotta get my rocks off one way or the other!” he advised.

Allison desperately looked about the room and realized that there was really no where to go, no way out of this horrid predicament.  There was no hope of escaping, not without her blackmailer intercepting her.  ‘Oh, my God, I ……..I can’t do this ……….but ………….but if I don't do as he says, he’s going to rape me!  Oh, Brian, please forgive me!  I ……….I'm doing this for you, Brian ………..I can't let you see those photos!  Maybe if I bring him off this way, he won't touch me!’ she prayed.  Realizing that she really had no alternative, she tentatively took a step towards her blackmailer, shuddering at the thought of having to put her hands on that filthy black penis that throbbed madly before her.

Shaking with fear, Allison nervously took another step towards her tormentor, pleading “Please ……..please don’t make me do this …………..I can't …………..please!”  "Either you get down on your knees or you'll be spreading your sexy legs for me on the bed!" Willie advised.  Panting hard to get he breath, Allison closed her eyes tightly, forcing herself to move closer to the evil man.  Sniffling, eyes still tightly shut, she slowly lowered herself to kneel on the thick carpeting.  'Please forgive me, Brian!  I must do this!  I can't let you see those awful photos!' she muttered to herself as she blindly reached out with both hands in search of the threatening manhood.

She shivered in disgust as her hands made contact with the throbbing black stalk, realizing that her fingers could not encircle the monstrosity.  'Oh, God!  It's enormous!  So much bigger and longer than Brian's, she realized as she pumped slowly on the throbbing shaft.  No wonder I ached so badly the day after the wedding!  It's so big …….I ……..I wonder just how much sperm is contained in it …….in his balls?' came the puzzling questions.  She was determined to save herself and knew that the only way was to handle his cock till it spurted out its strength.  Still, the nagging question remained in the back of her mind.  With the hand nearest the base of his cock, unable to resist the need to get her answer, her hand wander further to cup his balls.  'Oh, my God!  They're the size of walnuts!' she shivered as she rolled his nuts in her hand, then squeezed them.

Willie steeled himself, not wanting the pleasure to overtake him, not yet anyway.  The soft hand squeezing his nuts nearly had him cumming all over the place.  He watched the innocent beauty handle his cock, all the while refusing to open her eyes, loving the sparkle of her diamond ring as her hand slid up and down his throbbing cock.  "Oh, baby!  Oh, yeah, squeeze my nuts!  Oh, yeah, stroke it ……….that's the way …………ohhhhh, what would your hubby say if he could his pretty little wife right now!" he taunted.

Allison prayed ‘Oh, God, let me be able to satisfy him this way!  Oh, why ………why did I come here?  God, let him be satisfied with just this!  Please let this horror end quickly!'  She could feel the power in the thick muscle, feeling it throb madly in her fingers, pulsing faster and expanding even more in girth.  'Oh, God, he's going to cum soon!  I've got to time this right and when he does, I'll aim his filth at the wall!' she planned.

'Man, this is the fuck'n life!  Nothing better than having a white boy's beautiful young wife buck ass naked and on her fuck'n knees!' thought Willie.  Seeing the beautiful young wife cringing and shuddering in disgust gave him such a fantastic feeling.  Her sparkling diamond, the symbol of her love for her husband, sliding up and down his black cock had him ready to bust his nuts.  His body shivered as he tried to steel himself in hopes of prolonging this feeling, but he knew he was about to lose that battle.  "Time to open your eyes, bitch!" he then commanded.

Reluctantly, she opened her eyes to the up close view of a cock so much bigger than her husband's, both in length and thickness.  She saw the tiny opening expand with each pulse, like a black snake about to strike. Feeling the obvious difference in the pulsing between her fingers, Allison squeezed her fingers tighter and began to pump faster, trying desperately to bring this degrading act to an end.

Her hand continued to pump and stroke, feeling the cock pulse and twitch madly, she knew it was now about to explode.  Just as she was about to aim the cock to the side, Allison froze as her blackmailer's hands suddenly were wrapped around hers, preventing her from directing the flow of his hot cum.  With the hands gripping her tightly, she was unable to move away, then she felt the spasm in her hands as the hot filth was about to explode.  The only thing Allison could do was to turn her head to the side, avoiding a face full of cum.

Just as she turned her head, the cock in her hands exploded and the first hot stream of goo caught her just under her chin.   Instead of her plans of directing the flow of filth onto the wall, it was the hands upon hers that were directing the hot spurts, aiming the filth onto her neck and breasts.  Allison shuddered in disgust as she suffered this humiliation, feeling the goo slither down her belly, into her furry nest and down her inner thighs.  She sobbed and began crying, her body drenched in the hot slimy goo.  Feeling the cock in her hands begin to dwindle and soften, she turned back and looked down upon her soiled body.  Her breasts were streaked with cum, her pink nipples covered in a layer of filth, appearing as if the enormous cock had dumped a quart of cum onto her.

Willie was exhausted, falling into a sitting position on the bed once the sobbing beauty released his cock.  He looked down at the sobbing young wife, still on her knees with his cum dripping down her body.  He chuckled, knowing he had thwarted the bitch's plan to have him spurt his cum against the wall.  "That's exactly what a white bitch should always look like, covered with nigger cum!" he taunted the young beauty, enjoying hearing her sobs get louder from his remark.

Slowly, Allison stood up, cringing in disgust as she felt the filthy slime now begin to slither down her calves.  She wanted to get to the bathroom right away, wanting to cleanse herself of the filthy cum. But before she could pass her tormentor, she was grabbed by the arm and pulled down roughly onto the bed.  A moment later, a grimaced as the muscular black body was upon hers, rubbing and sliding upon her.  As she felt the greasy cum being rubbed into her skin, she felt that she would never be clean again.  Her nipples stiffened as the body upon rubbed the slick cum into her made the situation all the more wicked, sending a jolt of unwanted pleasure through her body.

Shivers coursed through her body as she began to move a bit and rub her stiff nipples against her slimy partner, shuddering from the sensations caused by this wicked act.  After five minutes of their bodies rubbing intimately against each other, Allison was stunned to feel a stiff blunt prodding at the entrance to her moist slit.  She couldn't believe this man's stamina, so different from her husband who always wanted to rest up for at least a half-hour between bouts of lovemaking.  'Oh, God!  It's so biggggg!  It'll never fit in me!  I have to prevent this somehow!' she realized, pushing up at her tormentor, trying to push him off.  "Please ………please no …………get off me you bastard ………..get off me!  Please, please …………I did what you wanted ……………you promised!  Please …………..please don't rape me!" she sobbed.

He had felt the way in which she rubbed herself against him, feeling her spreading her legs even wider at one point, but now she was intent of pushing him off her.  This was exactly what he was waiting for, definitely wanting to degrade her and to take her against her will.  As she squirmed and slithered under him, Willie fitted the bulb of his cock into position.  "You dumb fuck'n cunt!  You didn't really think I'd let you outta here without sampling my black cock, huh, bitch?  Time for ya to know what a 'real' man feels like!" he sneered.  "You must be real tight after only having your little white boy since your wedding night!  Gonna stretch you out real good again, bitch!  Right NOW!" he yelled as he slammed forward with all his might.

“Ohhhhhhhh ……………owwwwwwww …………….oh, nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stop, please …………you’re too biggggg!  It hurtssss ………….it hurtssssssss!” Allison yelled, trying to push him away with her hands.  She spread her thighs further, trying to ease the agonizing pain.  She was being stretched beyond endurance, not believing she could accommodate anything so large.  In a desperate attempt to free herself, she kicked at her assailant, spurring him with her sharp heels.

"Owwwww, you fuck'n bitch!  Now you're really gonna get it!" Willie growled as he grimaced in pain from being spiked by her heels.  Actually, the pain really gave him pleasure, enjoying the fight she was putting up.  He reached out to pin her knees to the mattress, preventing her from spiking him again.  Then he reared back and slammed himself down into the bitch.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Allison sobbed as she was speared by the long black cock.  Without any mercy, Willie began to repeatedly withdraw his lengthy shaft till only the bulb of his cockhead remained, then plunged back down with all his weight.  Never had she been taken in such a brutal manner, the pain shooting through her.

For ten full minutes, Allison was hammered without mercy, her arms and legs like that of a rag doll as she was brutalized.  But the long deep plunges and withdrawals began to have an effect on her body, cunt muscles squeezing upon the thick invading shaft, her trim arms and legs now encircling the muscular black body.  Now with in timing of each thrust, Allison moaned “Ohhh …..ohhhh …..ohhhh …..ohhh …..ohhhh ………!”  Her heels locked upon each other, leg muscles squeezing him to her as she thrusts her hips up to him, pulling the thick shaft into her womb.

Willie wanted the beautiful bitch to feel every inch of his long black cock, slowing his strokes both in and out.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhh!” came the beauty's response, her trim white legs now pulling at his pumping ass, locking her ankles to draw him in deeper.  Now he was going to turn the bitch inside out, make her a slave to black cock.  The say that she was moaning and clutching at him, Willie knew he had broken the beautiful bitch.  Now it was time to send her over the edge.

Now Willie began to speed up the fuck again, loving the way she moaned and began to hump back at him. He smiled as he felt the soft white body suddenly tense and shudder in convulsions, hearing the lovely wife cry out “Oh, God …………….oh, my God …………I …………..I’m cumminnggggg!”  As he tried to withdraw his cock, he was taken by surprise as she arched up, clutching him tightly as she was determined to keep his cock deep buried within her.  Willie her quivering asscheeks tightly to him, his cock buried to the hilt as her entire body convulsed in a wild orgasm, one that she would never forget.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhhh!" moaned the young beauty as the thick cock in her began to belch out its hot cream right into her womb.

Throughout the night, Allison awoke from her dazed state at the movement of the muscular body upon her.  'My God, he's inhuman! ' she muttered to herself as she knew what was in store for her once again.  But on each mating, she made no attempt to resist, instead she wrapped her arms and legs around him each time.  She couldn't count the numerous orgasms that had rocked her body, only knowing that she had never before experienced anything like this night.  To get a better locking grip on the man giving her such pleasure, she had kicked off her heels to keep her locking grip from slipping and so she would not spike him again.

In the early morning, Willie stirred awake from the pleasure of soft hands stroking his growing cock.  Pretending to be asleep, he watched the lovely wife move her face close to his pulsing cock as she continued to pump life into it.  He saw her bite her bottom lip and her tongue licking her lips as she opened her mouth as if to measure whether his cock would fit into her mouth.  He observed her open her mouth as wide as possible and place it upon the bulb of his cockhead.  It took a bit for her to stretch her lips wider to be able to fit it into her mouth.  Then he shivered upon feeling her point tongue lap his cockhead, teasing the slit of his cock.

Willie was so tempted to let his cum flow into her hot sucking mouth but he managed to keep himself in check.  He was going to let her do everything on her own, wondering just how hot a bitch he had created.  He was not to be disappointed, watching as she slowly lifted her face off his pulsing cock.  The naïve young wife was obviously in need of sexual relief as she straddled herself over his muscular black hips and centered herself onto the thick black prong.

Gritting his teeth, Willie stifled a loud groan as the young wife speared herself upon his upright shaft.  Still feigning sleep, he watched the trim white body begin to pump itself up and down upon his meaty shaft.  The young beauty now had her eyes closed and her hands on her breasts, touching her pink nipples in stimulation.  He felt her body shudder and when she emitted a moan, he then grabbed her hips and thrust up into her, spurting his hot seed as she hit a mind-shattering orgasm.

When it came near noon, Willie picked up the phone and asked for room service.  He ordered the special of the day for two and a bottle of expensive bottle of champagne.  Covering the mouthpiece, he looked at the young wife and asked "Anything else you want, sweetie?"  He grinned as he saw her smile, shaking her head in the negative while she grasped his cock, she replied "Uh-uh, I'm going to have this prime piece of dark meat for my lunch!"  Willie groaned, his cockhead then being devoured by her sweet hot mouth, with her pointed tongue flicking madly against his sensitive head.

Two months later, Brian wanted so badly to cheer up his beautiful wife, wanting to get her out of the blues since she suffered a miscarriage weeks ago.  He thought it be a good idea if they took a few days off and relaxed somewhere.  He let her chose the location, wanting her to get involved, hoping to take her mind off losing the baby.  When Allison told him it'd be nice to spend a few days back at the resort where they had spent their wedding night, he readily agreed, especially since she told him she was just going to rest up there and that he should keep himself busy on the golf course.

It was a Wednesday morning and Willie was doing some landscaping, he observed a rental car pull up and park in the check-in stall.  He watched as the young couple exited the vehicle, then heard the young man tell his wife "Honey, why don't you check in now!  I'll see if I can have my clubs kept somewhere without having to lug it all around."

Taking his cue, Willie went up to the young man "Hello, Mr. Sanders!  So nice to see you again!  Would you like for me to take care of your golf clubs?"  Learning that Mr. Sanders had a tee-off time in one hour, he advised the young man that he'd take him by cart to the golf course when he was ready and would take care of his clubs till then.  He also advised him to just call when he was done and a staff member would pick him up from the clubhouse.

A half-hour later, Willie drove the young man with his golf club over to the clubhouse in a cart.  Inquiring if there was any special occasion for this visit, he was surprised to hear "Well, my wife had an unfortunate miscarriage a couple weeks ago and she's been depressed ever since!  It was her idea to come here, saying she wants to merely rest up and she insisted I enjoy myself with golf.  Frankly, since my wife got pregnant here on our wedding night, I think she chose to come here again in hopes of getting pregnant again!"

Later that morning, Allison answered the knock on the door.  She smiled widely as she viewed the beautiful arrangement of exotic flowers and the bottle of champagne.  "I brought these to cheer you up!  Mr. Sanders told me you've been depressed since you lost the baby two weeks ago.  He also thinks you chose to come back here in hopes of getting pregnant again!  Is that true?" he inquired.  He got his answer as the lovely wife stepped up to him, ran her hands up his chest and stood on tiptoes to give him a passionate kiss, then he was being pulled towards the king-sized bed.

After helping him undress and pushing onto the bed, the naked buck was stroking his boner as Allison put on a striptease for her admirer.  Licking her lips, she cupped her breasts if offering them to him, then Allsion knelt up on the bed.  Knee walking over above him, she wiggled her hips, then began to ease herself down upon the prong that was now jutting upright.  "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Allison shivered with delight as she got herself skewered onto the stick on the very first try.  "Oh, Willie ...............................fuck me ..............................fuck me ...........................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, God ...............................so bigggggggggggggg ......................................so gooddddddddddddddddddd ....................................oh, yessssssssssssssssssss .................yes ................................yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" she squealed.   

End of Story.