Honeymoon Horror VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

From the instant Deion Bragg saw the wedding announcement in the newspaper, tossed in front of him by Connie, he was more than a willing accomplice to his jealous girlfriend's evil plan.  The photo of the lovely young bride-to-be that was included in the announcement had Deion's mind racing with sexual fantasies about the gorgeous young blonde.  However, Deion was far too cunning to let on that he was completely sold on his girlfriend's vile plot.

 It seemed rather a high risk plan, especially the consequences to kidnapping charges and that of ‘rape’.  But looking at the young innocent beauty’s photo in the newspaper, Deion’s thoughts were now being generated by the throbbing head between his legs.  Frankly, Deion couldn't understand why Connie St. John had gone to such effort and expense to track down her ex-fiancé and to plan such an elaborate scheme to exact revenge for having been left at the  alter.

After all, Connie never really loved the guy to begin with.  She had duped him and played him for a chump.  Her only real interest was in elevating her social status and her standard of living by tricking the naive young punk into marrying her.  Even more, it had been her own carelessness in getting caught cheating on him that had ultimately resulted in her being left at the alter.  Deion knew Connie well enough, however, to know she had a hell of an ego and was a bit of a psycho when it came to getting even with anyone foolish or unlucky enough to cross her.

The wild scheme cooked up by the vengeful Connie would involve the kidnapping of the couple following the wedding, something that made Deion rather nervous but the photo of the pretty little thing seemed to make the risk worth it.  With his vengeful girlfriend telling him that the innocent little bitch was all his to defile, ‘rough and hard’ at first for all she cared, so long as her ex-fiancé got to witness it all.  But then, the goal was for him to systematically transform the young prim and proper, bride into a wanton slut for black cock.  Deion nodded and agreed to serve as Connie's accomplice, pretending that he was strictly doing it as a favor to her and not for any personal gain.
It had all happened just over a year ago, when Mark Morgan was in town on business and staying at the Regency Hotel, the night he met Connie.  Unbeknownst to the naive young business exec, Connie who occasionally moonlighted as a hooker when she needed a little extra cash, was trolling the cocktail bar at the Regency when  she spotted young Mark Morgan sitting at the bar and sized him up to be an easy score.  But as she exchanged idle chit-chat with him at the bar, it occurred to her that Mark Morgan just might unwittingly prove to be the cash cow she'd been looking for.  She just needed to change gears and take it slow.

Soon enough Connie had Mark believing that she was new in town, just a down-home country girl looking to make a life for herself in the big city.  She let on that her biggest dream of all was to someday find her Prince Charming, marry and settle down to raise a family.  She cunningly mentioned that bars were not really the kind of place she tended to frequent, but her boss had asked her to meet a client there tonight to drop off some paperwork for the next morning's meetings.

Connie had quickly added that she'd arrived too late, that the client had already left to meet friends for dinner.  Thus, rather than make the cross-town trip a second time, she decided instead to wait at the cocktail lounge till the client returned and that's when she had spotted Mark and mistook him to be an old school mate from high school in Four Corners, Iowa.  Connie wasn't even sure there was such a place as Four Corners, Iowa, but it would help set up the ruse to pretend she was just a small town girl from Iowa.

Mark gallantly, though nervously, invited her to join him, naively taken in by her clever scam.   During their conversation, Connie cunningly steered the conversation clear of giving out very much information about herself, while she casually probed for background on Mark, making note of any info that she could later use to effectively set up her unwitting victim.  With one drink leading to a second, and then a third, Mark unwittingly divulged much more information about himself than he realized.

Mark confided to the attractive and supposedly country girl from Iowa that he would be in town each weekend for the next several weeks, staying at the Regency to work on the corporate project he was currently assigned.  Connie soon had a pretty good read on Mark's career status and potential, his salary and his personal life, including what he was looking for in a woman.  Having sized up many men, a necessity required in the world’s oldest profession, Connie was good at role playing the type of woman that a particular ‘John’ was desiring.

Mark had gullibly confided that he had a girlfriend, Jessie Vernon, and that he and Jessie had been boyfriend and girlfriend since high school.  But technically, they were more just very close friends, soul mates and confidantes.  Mark wanted more, of course, and had tried to push for more romance (s-e-x) but Jessie was always putting him off in saying they needed to take it slow.  His innocent girlfriend wanted to be absolutely sure for them both, to wait till they were older before becoming more sexually involved.

Connie correctly deduced that Mark was intimating that he and Jessie had never become sexually involved, beyond that of kissing and perhaps a bit of petting.  She listened intently as Mark also confided that he and Jessie had continued dating after high school, but that he had attended college at a local university and Jessie had gone to college out of state.  Now Jessie was completing her advanced degree there, while he had graduated and had begun his career as a corporate executive.  So, their relationship had been pretty much catch as catch can for the past several years.

Connie could read between the lines and realized that Mark still carried a torch for his Jessie.  She could sense his emotional and sexually frustration, that his dream was that Jessie would someday marry him after she completed her studies.  But Connie’s devious mind was into overdrive, wondering if perhaps she could deal herself in before that happened.  Thus, feigning that she was unaccustomed to drinking but that she was enjoying Mark's company so much, she'd consumed a bit more alcohol than perhaps she should have.  She then claimed to feel a bit dizzy and needed to lay down for a bit before driving home.

Mark naively and foolishly offered the use of his hotel room and helped Connie to the elevator.  Once in his room, and as per her plan she’d slowly seduce the inexperienced young pup.  By morning, she and Mark had become lovers, with Connie ‘confessing’ that it was her first time.  She than ‘had to admit’ to the fool that ‘due to the alcohol and that with him being so special’, she couldn’t help but to give into his advances.  She was pretty sure that she had been Mark's first piece of ass as he didn't seem to have a clue about what he was doing, with absolutely no staying power at all.

Connie, however, pretended it had been the most magical and fulfilling experience of her life.  If there was one thing Connie knew about, it was men.  And she could bank on the fact that once a naive and sexually inexperienced young man like Mark Morgan was introduced to sex, he'd take to it like a duck takes to water.  Although Connie was turning Mark every which way but loose in bed, she was very careful to portray herself as the wholesome, loving small town girl she pretended to be.  With Mark only in town on weekends, she had the rest of the week to do whatever she wanted and do whoever she wanted, and Mark was none the wiser.

However, six weeks later came the announcement that Mark would soon be wrapping up the project.  Connie realized that she needed to move things along, and later that night, she declared her love for Mark and added that her period was late.   She also confided that it was against her strong religious beliefs to even consider abortion as an option.  It wasn't long before Mark came around to the idea that he owed it to Connie to marry her, and a wedding was quickly arranged.

Deion listened as Connie gloated about having set up the naive young exec, then reeled him in like a flounder.  However, as the wedding day arrived, Connie admitted that she got a bit too cocky for her own good -- just plain careless.  She had been drinking that morning and as she dressed for the wedding and seeing herself in the white lace wedding gown, she started to feel horny.  Spending her wedding night and honeymoon in bed with ‘Mr.  Quickie Lube’, her nickname for Mark due to his pathetic lack of size and stamina between the sheets, was just not going to cut it.  Stupidly, she decided she needed one good long man-fuck to see her through the ordeal.

Soon, and with the wedding ceremony due to begin shortly, she and Marcus Simpson were in the dressing room, going at it hot and heavy.  Marcus was one of Mark’s frat brothers whom she had met on the night of the rehearsal as he would be an usher.  Connie wanted a thrill and knew that Mark’s black fraternity brother had eyes for her and would not be able to pass up a go with the bride before the wedding ceremony.

As it turned out, Mark's mother had wanted to offer Connie her blessings but as she was about to knock on the dressing room door, she was stopped by the strange sounds she heard.  Fearing that Connie was in there crying, Mark's mother summoned her son and told him he needed to check on his young  bride-to-be, to nurture and assure her, to allay any last-minute fears of  second thoughts.

Disregarding the old adage that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony, Mark burst into the dressing room, expecting to find his bride-to-be alone and crying.  But instead, he found her with his frat brother Marcus who was quite a jock in college, a known womanizer and reputation of bedding many a college gal.  With Connie’s white wedding gown flipped up and her legs draped over the shoulders of his black frat brother, Mark watched as the long thick black cock pumped in and out of her like a jackhammer.

Suddenly, it all came clear.  First, he had been a bit surprised that Connie's bridesmaids and wedding guests looked like a bunch of low life bimbos and trailer trash.  Mark suddenly wondered if Connie had lied to him about her parents having both been killed years ago in an auto accident, which is why she claimed they wouldn't be attending the wedding.  Mark then came to realize that in fact, she had lied to him about everything, including the fact that she was pregnant with his baby.

Mark's reverie was quickly interrupted by Connie calling out to her black lover that she was coming, spurring him to pound her even harder as she panted out “Oh, Marcus ………………..oh, so good!  I wish you’d give Mark some lessons!  Teach him how to make love to a woman!  I can’t stand that ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’!  Oh, God ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  He watched in disbelief as his bride-to-be humped her black lover for all she was worth, then as her eyes fluttered open and she saw him standing there, Mark headed for the hills.

Mark never stopped to tell his family or friends that he was leaving and everyone was left to assume he'd gotten cold feet and simply left his  innocent young bride-to-be high and dry at the alter.  Mark never did tell his family or friends the truth about why he'd backed out, too ashamed and humiliated to confide in anyone, figuring that all would pass in due time.  If anyone asked, he’d just say that he realized that there were just too many differences ……………….that he had simply made a mistake, that it’d be best not to enter into a marriage that would surely end in divorce.

The one person Mark did feel comfortable with was his one true friend …………Jessie!  He called her to set up a time for them to meet so that he could explain it all to her.  To his surprise and delight, he discovered that Jessie did in fact love him and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.  Jessie explained that when she'd heard that he’d planned to marry Connie, she was devastated and she finally realized that Mark was her one true love.

Mark couldn't believe his good fortune and quickly proposed.  First to let some time lapse for his family and friends to get over the recent fiasco, needless to say that time would be needed for Jessie’s parents to get over the news of his leaving the bride at the alter.  Eventually wedding plans were made, announcements went out, but Mark never imagined that Connie was not one to let bygones be bygones.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, even though it was Connie who had lied, cheated and deceived him.  Connie was definitely a true bitch who’s ego and her resolve would not allow Mark to get away with standing her up at the alter.

So, with Deion's help, Connie intended to ruin Mark's wedding day and his dreams of happily ever after.  And she intended on making the man, who left her at the alter, grovel and have him see what a pathetic lover he was in bed.  To prove her point, Mark would be witness that even his prim and proper Jessie, his naive and innocent trophy wife, would soon squeal in delight and beg for more after she got to sample Deion's cock in her.  Connie remembered the look of disgust and disbelief when Mark caught her with Deion, and it was a look she wanted to replicate, only this time around with his precious Jessie on the business end of a big black cock.

On the young couple's wedding night, Mark and Jessie celebrated their extravagant reception at a posh resort, surrounded by family and friends who always thought they belonged together after dating for such a long period of time.  Having reserved the honeymoon suite for the week, after tossing the bouquet, hand in hand the newlywed couple headed off to the honeymoon suite.

A few moments after they arrived at their suite, there was a knock on the door with a man’s voice calling out “Room Service!”  As Mark and Jessie assumed room service was delivering a bottle of champagne to celebrate the big event, the door was opened by Mark without hesitation.  Instead, Mark found himself staring down the barrel of a pistol and into the face of an evil black man.  And behind of him was the bitch he had left at the altar a year ago after catching her fucking his frat brother on the morning of the wedding.

With Jessie frightened out of her wits and cowering in the corner of the room, Mark was then ordered to strip off his clothing.  Forced to comply, he then found himself being gagged and tied up in a chair as Jessie, still dressed in her wedding gown, pleaded for the intruders to help themselves to any money and to please just leave them in peace.  Jessie would soon find out that robbery was not on the intruders’ agenda and that the evil female was the woman Mark left at the altar a year ago.

As Deion popped open the bottle, he began pouring a glass of champagne for the bridal couple, then one for both he and Connie.  He chuckled as Connie began taunting the groom for having stood her up at the altar and that it was now payback time.  At this point, the look on the bride’s face made it clear that Jessie realized that the woman with the gun is in fact Connie, the woman Mark almost married.  With Mark bound and gagged, there was no way Mark can defend why he jilted his deranged ex-fiancée.

With all attention focused on Connie, no one notices Deion add something to two glasses of champagne, an aphrodisiac guaranteed to sexually arouse the newlyweds.  At gunpoint, threatening each that harm would come to his or her spouse if either refused, both bride and groom were forced to drink down the contents.  After a short while, in spite of the awkwardness and stress of the situation, Mark's cock is rock hard, something that Connie immediately noticed and began taunting him about.  Even more, Jessie began squirming as she found herself becoming increasingly sexually aroused, a feeling between her thighs never felt before.

As things progressed with Mark gagged once again, Connie declared “Leave me at the altar, huh, asshole?  Sure, you caught me getting boned by your black frat brother!  But you had me so damned high and dry with your fucking ‘Wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ shit!  You’re limp dick is nothing to be so fucking proud of!  A woman needs a ‘real man’, one who knows how to use what he’s got between his fuck’n legs!  Think I’m just a fuck’n whore, don’t you?  You’ll see what I’m talking about …………………..wait till you get to see your pretty little bride here begging for some licorice cock up her twat!”

Turning to face the bride, seeing her shaking with fear at what was just said, Connie advised “Seeing what a damn wimp you married, I wanted to give you a wedding present that wouldn’t pop off in a minute’s time!  I give you my guarantee on that ………………my friend Deion here’s gonna show you what a real man looks like!”  Gun trained on her husband, the bride visibly shivered as Connie approached her.  Then to Deion, she advised “Why don’t you c'mon over here and kiss the bride ………………..and give her the wedding present that I personally wrapped up earlier!”

Numbed with fear, seeing the vile Connie pointing the gun at her husband’s temple, Jessie forced herself to remain still as the woman stroked her hair and pulled a couple pins to let her hair down some.  Jessie trembled, fighting the urge to get up and run as the black accomplice slowly approached her.  As the muscular black man held her trim waist and bent down to kiss her, Jessie couldn’t help but to shudder in revulsion as the man bent down to kiss her on the lips.  Blushing a beat red, frightened out of her wits,  Nor was she able to stop the vile man from pushing his thick tongue in between her pink lips, forcing her to admit his thick slurping member into her mouth.

Mark struggled against his bonds, wanting to stop all this madness, especially upon seeing Jessie sobbing as she was forced to her knees before the bulky black man.  Then the woman he had jilted laughed and taunted him with “Your pretty little bride’s gonna love the gift I wrapped up for her, Markie boy!”  With the black man quite anxious and Jessie’s hesitant fingers having undone the belt buckle and zipper, Mark and Connie watched as Deion undid the top button and pushed his pants down.

Jessie’s immediate reaction to bolt up from the floor and run for her life had been anticipated and she found herself held firmly by her hair, forced to stare at the man’s throbbing black member that had a big red bow tied around it.  “Oh, God ……………….oh, God ……………………..please ………………………it ………………………it’s grotesque!  Please ………………………..please ………………………..please …………………..no ……………………I don’t want to have sex with him!” Jessie stammered out in fear as she turned to Connie who was calling the shots.

“Well, Markie, my boy ……………………….let’s see if your bride really loves you love!” Connie announced as she took the gun away from his temple and shoved the barrel up into his crotch.  Looking over at the bride, Connie sneered “It’s up to you sweetie!  Either to reach out and grab that wedding present I’s brung you or Mark here’s gonna have his balls blown away!  Gonna count to five ………………….1 ………..2 ………3 …………4 ………!”  Connie then chuckled and taunted Mark by whispering in his ear “Your pretty bride seems to like the wedding present I brought her, huh!  She’s a natural …………………look at how she’s getting it to grow just by shucking it in her fist!  She ever done that for you, Markie boy?”

Jessie’s mind was totally numb as she continued to fist the thick stem, then out of fear obeyed the order barked out by Connie to “Reach up with your left hand and roll his nuts in the palm of your hand!”  Obeying with the order from the other woman, Jessie then heard the woman laugh as she chuckled “Ain’t them the biggest walnuts you ever felt?”  ‘Indeed they were!’ Jessie had to agree as she rolled the man’s large nuts in this ball sac.

Bending down next to Mark’s ear, Connie whispered “Your pretty bride ever go down on you, Mark?”  As the groom visibly trembled from her latest comment, Connie chuckled and added “Deion just loves to get some head ………………..especially from a naïve and innocent young beauty …………………..like your pretty little wife there!  Oh, he’s really gonna love teaching her how to give head ……………….so watch carefully now!”

Then Connie announced “Okay, bridie-poo ………………..give it a kiss!”  “Heh-heh ………………..that’s it Deion …………………….make her give you head!” she laughed as Jessie cringed and tried to back away upon hearing her vile order.  But Deion was clued into the plan of action and was now grasping the bride behind her head and pushing his meaty black prong up against her pink lips.  Though the bride was trying to keep from opening her mouth, a hard yank on her hair had the thick meat sliding up into her virgin mouth.

Hands gripping firming at the stem of the lengthy cock to keep it all from being shoved down her throat, Jessie shivered as the bloated cockhead pushed against the back of her throat while her nose was buried in the fluffy red bow tied around the thick manhood.  Forced to swallow to keep from gagging, Jessie shuddered as the thick bulb slid partially down into her throat, wondering if Mark could see it bulging out in her neck.  Just as she thought she’d pass out from lack of oxygen and die, the cock withdrew into her confines of her mouth as the man above ordered her to “Tongue me, sweetie!”

 “Oh, baby ……………………yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ah, yeah, that’s it ……………suck on it …………………..ah, damn ………………………tongue me ……………….yeah ………………….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Deion groaned with pleasure.  Then he looked over at the poor guy tied up in the chair to advise “Yer purty little bride’s a natural …………………………….damn, ohhhhhh ………………………..the way she’s flicking that tongue of hers all over my cockhead ………………….oh, damnnnnnnn!”

Mark felt the blood drain out of his body as he could only sit in the chair and witness the vile debasement of his beautiful young wife.  First forced to hand the man’s lengthy black penis, then to put it into her mouth, finally degraded with the rapist ejaculating his filthy semen into her mouth and sating his lust in such a vile manner.  And when the man pulled himself from her pink lips, Jessie then lost it all as cum poured out of her mouth and down her chin.

With his bride now kneeling and leaning over into the trashcan, Mark heard her barfing her guts out.  He felt so ashamed, not of what Jessie had been forced to do but of himself at that moment.  He had sported a raging hardon throughout his wife’s defilement but all it took was for that damned Connie to reached down and grasp his cock when Deion was ejaculating into her mouth.  Just two wanks by Connie and Mark and spurted his seed harmlessly up into the air.

Not sure whether to be thankful or not for Connie giving her that glass of water to rinse her mouth out, Jessie could only sob in despair as the vile woman advised “A pretty bride like you needs a man to consummate her marriage with on her wedding night!  Don’t think hubby over there is in condition to do the job ………………….just look at him ………………he’s cum all over the damned chair!”  Turning to see her shamed husband with his head down, his limp manhood and the white splotches on the chair between his legs, Jessie could not believe her eyes.
Told by Connie that she was about to have sex with her black accomplice, Jessie sobbed as she pleaded “Please ……………………..please no …………………….I …………….I’ve saved myself ………………….all these years ……………..for my husband!”  Then Jessie was given a reprieve by Connie who advised “Okay, you’ve got ten minutes to get that limp-dicked husband of yours up and then he can pop your precious cherry!  Time’s starting right now!”

As Jessie hurried over to her tied-up husband, she knelt down before him and reached out to take his limp and slimy cock into her right hand.  With her left hand, she reached out to do as she had learned, cradling his balls in her palm and rolling his nuts.  What felt like walnuts the first time, Jessie found her husband’s more like marbles.  “Please, Mark ……………..get it up for us …………………so we can make love together!  Please ……………….I want you to be the first!” she trembled.

But for Mark, having spurted his load already, it’d be at least another hour before getting a rise out of his pecker again.  And the damn Connie obviously knew it was a hopeless situation for him in proposing such a reprieve to Jessie, evidently doing it just to embarrass him in front of his wife.  “What’s the matter, Mark?  Can’t get that limp dick of yours up again?” the bitch whispered in his ear as they all watched his wife struggle in vain.

Deion felt a bit sorry for the poor bastard, knowing how embarrassed he must be at the moment, all due to that sick and vengeful Connie.  But Deion wasn’t about to complain as he had already gotten the most fantastic blowjob from the beautiful bride.  ‘Yep, ain’t nothing like teaching a newbie how to give head and having her puke her guts out, especially with her man watching on!  Damn, must have cum a pint in her sweet mouth!’ he thought.

Watching the bride’s futile ministrations in getting her husband up, Deion felt his cock rising to the occasion.  Kneeling down behind the bride, he began to undo the back of her low-cut wedding gown and announced “Maybe hubby needs more excitement to get him up ……………………….let him see your titties, sweetie!”  Not only did he pull down the front of her wedding gown, Deion reached around the bride’s petite body and cupped the undersides of her titties to present them to her staring husband.  Then Deion used his thumbs to flick as her nips, feeling the buds harden under his touch.

“Five minutes!” came Connie’s announcement but all Jessie had in her hands was the shriveled and slimy little ‘smokie’ sized sausage that served as the pathetic semblance of her husband’s manhood.  “Please, honey ………………..please ………………….please do what you can ……………………so you can be the one ………………..pleaseeeee!” Jessie pleaded as she felt a rather pathetic twitch in the palm of her hand.  “Honey ……………..it’s a hopeless cause!  Why do you think I had to go and get relief from other ‘Johns’!”

Then it was loudly announced by Connie “Ten minutes are up!”  With that announcement, Jessie felt herself being pulled up by the woman and shoved onto the king-sized bed.  Lying on the bed, she saw Connie reach down to the red bow and announce “You never did get the ribbon off your wedding present, sweetie!  Let me help you with that!“  Off came the bow.  Then the woman’s black accomplice smiled at the treat he was being given as Connie advised “You watching, Mark?  You don’t wanna miss the popping of your bride’s cherry!  And you can learn about the birds and the bees cause Deion is gonna knock your precious little bride up!”

Jessie looked up and pleaded with Connie “Please ……………………please don’t let him rape me …………………….please ………………….please nooooooooooooo, I beg youuuuuuuu!”  But Connie had no intention of backing down, making way for Deion to get onto the bed.  Although humiliated and repulsed by the prospect of having sex with Connie's black accomplice, the potent aphrodisiac had Jessie totally confused by the growing itch between her legs.  Though she tried to will herself otherwise as her wedding gown was stripped from her by Deion and Connie, Jessie was totally unprepared to have the man’s hot mouth clamped over her sex, with his tongue wiggling up an into her slit.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Jessie shivered as unbelievable pleasure coursed throughout her young and inexperienced body.  Off into outer space she shot, experiencing one mind-numbing orgasm after another, compliments of Deion's talented tongue.  Bridal veil, gloves and white heels were all that she had on as Jessie dug the spikes of her heels into the mattress to arch her mound up for more of Deion’s flicking tongue.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..yes ……………………..yes ……………………oh, God yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” she shuddered as yet another orgasm overtook her senses.

With the full effects of the aphrodisiac controlling her petite body, Jessie desperately needed to put that fire out ……………………..to scratch that nagging itch between her withering legs!  And the only thing that long and big enough to scratch that itch was now rubbing itself along her slick slit.  Mind in a bundle of confusion, not wanting this black man to rape her yet needing relief, Jessie gave in and panted “Please ……………..please …………….please be gentle …………………..please put it in meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Hear that Mark?  Your precious little bride wants it …………………………wants Deion’s big black cock up her horny little twat!  Want to tell Deion to stop …………………..or maybe put on a rubber?  Can’t talk with that tape over your mouth?  Here, let me help you!” Connie whispered as she ripped the tape away from Mark’s mouth.

Having witnessed his beautiful wife orgasm time and time again, arching up into Deion’s mouth for more while reaching down to clasp the back of his head down into her, Mark was livid at his wife’s betrayal.  Tape ripped off his mouth, Mark yelled out “Fuck her …………………rape the bitch ………………………..knock the bitch up!”  But his hardon also gave away his excitement as he once again rose to the occasion at the prospect of watching the rape and breeding of his beautiful wife.  Or perhaps it was his embarrassment of not being able to get up when needed that he wanted to take it out on Jessie.

For Deion, that was all the encouragement that he needed.  Grasping the petite bride’s trim white hips in his black paws, cock centered, he lunged with all of his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………arrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!” was the shrill of music in his ears as he deflowered the lovely blonde beauty, popping that precious cherry that she had persevered for all these years.  The wet slushing sounds from between their bodies told Deion how much the bride was bleeding from this rape of her innocent body.

Coming down from that mind-shattering crescendo, guilt immediately set in as to her wanton behavior.  Jessie could not believe what she had done earlier, begging her rapist to put his filthy black penis into her, worst yet to take her virginity.  And Mark’s angry voice came back to haunt her as she recalled how disgusted he was in her betrayal right before his eyes.  ‘I’ll never be able to face Mark again!  He could never love me at that hideous display!’ she concluded as her rapist continued to slice in and out of her raped body.

‘Yes, Mark’s right!  I deserve to be knocked up with a baby fathered by this black rapist!  I deserve it for being such a wanton slut!’ Jessie told herself as her rapist was up to jackhammer speed and bent on spewing his potent seed deep in her fertile womb.  But then she heard grunts coming from the side, grunts that Mark was making.  Turning to the side, Jessie sucked in her breath as Mark was sporting a raging hardon, evidently stimulated by watching her lose her virginity and with the black rapist about to spurt his filthy seed into her body.

Recalling how Mark had gotten off when she had been forced to mouth the black penis, something she had done in order to save him, Jessie was now furious with her so-called loving husband to whom she gave her vows to less than twelve hours earlier.  ‘I saved his balls from being blasted off and he has the nerve to take pleasure in watching me being forced to suck the filthy black penis …………..cock!  And now he’s getting off seeing me being raped …………………….yet he couldn’t get it up so he could be the one to take my virginity!’ she realized.

With Mark shooting his load up into the air, her husband sucked in a breath of air, then their eyes locked upon one another.  Only now, the guilt that had been overwhelming Jessie had turned to that of contempt for her sad sack of a husband.  With the look of scorn on her face as she stared back at her husband, Jessie then wrapped her arms and legs around her black rapist, humping up into his thrusting cock and encouraging him to “Fill me …………………fill me with your cum …………………..knock me up ……………………….knock me up with your little black bastard!  I want your baby ………………..I want your black baby!”

Although the bride may have been shy and self conscious the first time or two she and Deion had sex, there was no denying that the sex had been wild and just unbelievable.  But early the next morning, with Mark untied and allowed to get into the sack with his lovely bride who was now stripped totally naked, being watched while he attempted to consummate the marriage, his cock remained wilted as he was unable to get a hardon.  “I ……………I ............................I’m sorry, honey …………………….it’s just the circumstances …………………..with them watching ……………….with a gun trained on me!” he stammered out as his excuse.

With the young bride unwittingly slipped regular doses of the potent aphrodisiac through the glasses of champagne she consumed in hopes of dulling her senses, she was in constant heat and desperately needed a cock to scratch that nagging itch between her legs.  Each time her husband was untied and given a chance to make love to her, especially when she was in heat from the drug, Jessie would only end up disappointed.  At first she would shudder in horror and disappointment when Deion made the announcement of “Yer time’s up, sonny boy!  Time fer ya to sit down and watch yer beautiful wife git fucked by ‘real man’!”  With Mark retied to the chair and her black rapist joining her upon the bed, Jessie would then get the much needed sexual relief that her body craved.  After several more of such opportunities, each meeting with failure,   With her husband unable to satisfy her needs, Jessie let herself go as Deion began to scratch her itch, panting out “Yes …………………..oh, God ………………..yessssssss ……………….yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

Disgusted after watching her husband shooting off time and again when Deion humped her good, Jessie had seen enough of her faggot husband.  She just could not understand how or why Mark failed to get it up each time he had been given the chance to make love to her.  Sure there was an audience and a gun trained on him but the gun had been trained on him when he got a hardon and ejaculated while watching her being forced to suck Deion off, even more so when she had been brutally raped of her virginity.

Cunt filled to the brim from Deion’s black balls, cum running down her thighs, she then got up from the bed and walked over to the chair Mark was tied to.  First planting one foot on the edge of the chair and then the other, Jessie stood up over Mark and leaned over him advising “Enjoying yourself?  You look thirsty, honey!  Here …………..eat some of this!”  Rubbing her crotch over his face, feeling his tongue up her snatch, Jessie grabbed him by the hair and moaned “Oh, that’s it, Mark!  Without a condom, you’ll have to lick it out, honey ………………lick all that cum out of my cunt or you’ll be the father of a little black baby!”

Unaccustomed to so much alcohol in her system, with several bottles being ordered from room service as well as being plied with drinks from the mini-bar, the combination of the booze laced with the drug had Jessie woozy and in constant heat.  Then, Jessie was shaken awake by Connie and found herself still in the embrace of Deion’s muscular arms following their last hump session, with his thick cock still deeply embedded within her.

Jessie was totally surprised upon hearing Connie announce “Time for you two lovebirds to get up …………………you two have been snoozing for over an hour!  This is your honeymoon ………………….you’ve got to see what this elegant resort has to offer, sweetie!  C’mon, get up and get dressed ……………………cause I’ve made reservations for you and Deion at the swank restaurant!  You two enjoy yourselves ..…………..I’ll order room service for Mark and me.

Forcing herself out of bed to comply with the vile woman’s order, Jessie was then pulled towards the bathroom by Deion after Connie advised “Damn, she looks a bit fucked out!  Better give her a shower to freshen her up, Deion!”  Standing under the hot shower felt so good to Jessie, but so did Deion’s hands caressing her body as he soaped her down.

Bar of soap placed in her hands, Jessie then returned the favor.  When it came to soaping down the cock that had taken her virginity, Jessie noticed the soap suds turning to a pinkish tinge as she scrubbed the base, apparently dried remnants of her lost virginity.  She couldn’t help but to wrap her slippery hands around the thick black bar as she proceeded to soap it down.  But as she watched the thick stem grow in her tiny fist, Jessie began pumping at it in earnest till it was standing at full attention.  Holding in her fist and turning herself about on the gray bathroom tiles, she guided it up to her horny twat.  "Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh .......................fuck me ......................................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Jessie panted out as she leaned her head up against the tiles.

Itch scrathed once again, Jessie was then being towel dried by her black admirer.  She was then handed a box by Connie who advised “Picked this up at the fancy store when you two lovebirds were fast asleep!  This will really look good on you …………………it’ll have all the heads turning!”  Opening the box, Jessie sucked in her breath at seeing the expensive but very sheer see-through halter top.  Then beneath it was a short mini-skirt, one far shorter than any Jessie would contemplate wearing.

“I ……………..I need to get my bra from my overnight bag!” Jessie advised the woman.  “Uh-uh ……………no bra, sweetie!” came the reply.  Stunned, Jessie stammered “I ……………..I can’t wear something like this …………………not without a bra!”  But the scornful look given to her by Connie, Jessie nervously donned the see-through garment.  Turning to the mirror, Jessie shivered as her pink nipples were clearly visible.

Allowed to put on a pair of bikini style panties, Jessie then stepped into the mini skirt.  She trembled nervously as she looked at herself in the mirror, thinking ‘I’ve had more of my body covered with a swimsuit!’  Handed a shoebox, Jessie opened it and found that Connie had purchased a pair of glass heels in her size.  With that on along with the outfit, plus being accompanied by Deion, Jessie knew that everyone would look upon her being a slutty little whore.  Never having gone out in public braless before, coupled with the effects of the drug, the rubbing of her bare nipples against the fabric would have them standing at attention for all to see through her blouse.

Heart pounding from all the stares in their direction, Jessie was thankful for being allowed to wear the thin panties as she couldn’t stop creaming in them.  Dressed like a slutty whore, escorted by the likes of Deion, Jessie certainly felt like a prostitute out on a stroll with her pimp.  First came drinks, followed by a fabulous dinner and dessert, then after dinner drinks after being pulled onto the dance floor by Deion.

Pulled tightly up against her black dance partner, Jessie could just see over his shoulder and saw that all eyes were on them.  She shivered with shame upon feeling Deion’s large hand slip under the back of her mini-skirt and knew everyone was watching him grope her asscheeks.  Returning to the table, Jessie felt even more ashamed when Deion handed her the bill to sign her name and charge it to the honeymoon suite.

Throughout the honeymoon stay, Connie played the part of the young bride in meeting the maid who had come to the door and learning that she would be handling all the needs during the week.  Having obtained a $100 bill from the groom’s wallet, she then tipped the maid in advance, telling the gal to just leave the clean sheets at the door and that the dirty ones would be put out later.  And food was ordered up from room service and Connie would tip the fellow generously at the door, tipping him well with Mark’s money, telling the fellow that she’d wheel the cart in as her husband was not quite presentable.

Except for the occasional bathroom break, Mark spent the duration of his honeymoon naked, bound and gagged in the chair.  He was totally dependant on Connie to feed him and having to endure her taunts that Jessie was just like her, preferring a real cock to the pathetic excuse for a cock Mark had.  Adding that if  Mark was a good little boy, perhaps they could strike a deal for the  incriminating video of Jessie's wanton infidelity, adding that no one  need ever know the truth about just what kind of wanton slut for black cock Mark had married.

Hours before the checkout deadline, assailants departed, as Jessie untied her husband, she asked him “What was the reason you walked out on her on the wedding day?”  That’s when Mark explained the full details, having caught her having sex with his black frat brother on the morning of the wedding.  Sniffling as tears flowed down her cheeks, Jessie shivered as her husband tried to comfort her, telling her “I love you, honey!  I’ll always love you!  We’ll get through this nightmare in time!”

Sniffling, unable to hold back the tears, Mark thought it was due to the shame of raped and debaunched that had his wife so distraught.  That he could understand, after all she had been forced into having continuous sex with the man who had raped her.  Also, Mark had seen Deion spiking Jessie’s drink each time just before giving it to her.  He knew that it was the real reason she had been in constant need of sex.  Having explained why he had left Connie at the altar, Mark would have gotten more of a shock if he could read his wife’s mind as she thought ‘God ………………how I wish I was the one you walked out on!  It’s no wonder she had to get screwed by your black frat brother, you’re so pathetic in bed!’

End of Story.