Hoodwinked Husband – II
(m/f, cuckold)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Classroom Conquest - II
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In the backyard, Dan Wilson slowly tossed the baseball to John, trying to teach his 6 year old son how to catch and throw a baseball.  Having only played one year of little league baseball himself when he was young, Dan hoped he wasn't giving his son any wrong pointers.  He was happy when Diane appeared at the patio door smiling as she watched them tossing the ball about.  Behind his wife was the student that she had been helping prepare for his SAT exam.

As young John wanted to keep tossing the ball around, Dan was happy when 18 year old Cory Scott spoke up "I'll play ball with you, John!"  Handing the glove to the handsome young teen, Dan whispered his 'Thanks!' to the young man.  Arm around his lovely wife's trim waist as they walked back into the house, Dan advised "Boy, I could sure use a cold beer!"  Then he inquired "How's the tutoring going?"

"Oh, with this being the second session of tutoring, I think Cory's finally getting the hang of it!  But, I think he's got to keep preparing each week till the exam takes place, otherwise he may not retain what we've been going over.  What do you think, honey?  The exam is only three weeks away!  Is it okay with you, till then?" Diane asked.

"Well, we don't have anything planned!  He's really a nice young man and he really helped me out that night when my car got stalled.  Besides, he's offered to lube the two cars at no charge in exchange for the tutoring!  Its fine with me, honey, since it's you setting your time aside to tutor him!" Dan replied.  He knew his lovely wife enjoyed her teaching profession, especially how she seemed to be exhilarated in being able to help a teenager like Cory.

That evening, after finishing the great meat that Diane had prepared, Dan went into the study to get some paperwork together for the tax preparation.  He hated doing the taxes each year, trying to get all the information together and jotting down all the potential deductions.  Just about done with the initial gathering of paperwork, he then crumpled up the rubbish generated and tossed them towards the wastepaper basket.

Putting the paperwork away, Dan was about to leave the study but first bent over to pick up the tossed rubbish that had missed their mark.  It was then that he noticed several small white spots on the hardwood floor just beyond the edge of the large throw rug.  This was puzzling as the room had just been cleaned that morning with Diane vacuuming and he followed up with mopping the hardwood floor in the study.  He had done a thorough job in mopping every inch of the room, even inspecting it later to make sure he had not missed anything.

Touching the white spots, Dan found that it was obviously a liquid that had since dried on the hardwood floor.  Using his thumbnail, he scrapped it a bit and observed the stains breaking apart into small white flakes.  He swallowed hard, a shiver coursing through his body, recalling an event that took place in his pre-teen years.  These spots brought back memories of his youth, recalling the time when he had masturbated and later found that his dripping spend had caused a very similar white stain.

Rubbing the crusty flakes between his fingers, Dan knew that young John did not come into the study nor would he be capable of generating such stains.  Following his mopping of the floor, they had eaten lunch out in the patio, then it had been time for his wife to tutor Cory Scott he realized.  'It …………..it's not possible!  Surely, Diane wouldn't get involved with a teenager ………….a student at her school!  She …………….she wouldn't ……….cheat on me!  Not ………..not when John and I are at home, in the backyard!' he thought.

Never would Dan have dreamt that his beautiful wife would be unfaithful to him.  He had to admit that young Cory Scott was a handsome young man but still could not comprehend that his wife would ever be unfaithful to him, especially in view of her conservative and rather religious upbringing.  He did not know how to react, especially as the white stains were not a sure-proof discovery of his wife and the teen having sex.  'Perhaps there's another explanation!  I just can't confront and accuse Diane of being unfaithful based on finding those stains!  What if I'm wrong!  I'd sure look foolish in Diane's eyes if I am wrong!' he told himself.

Later, with Diane already in bed, Dan went to shower in the master bath.  His mind boggled with thoughts as he undressed, he opened the hamper to toss his clothing into it.  On top of the pile was his wife's blouse that she had worn earlier during the day.  Curious, he lifted it up to find her blue shorts lying immediately below it.  He swallowed as he lifted up the navy blue shorts to see the lacy blue garment beneath it.

Slowly reaching into the hamper, heart pounding in his chest, a shiver coursed through his body as his fingers made contact with the stiff balled-up garment.  Dan knew immediately what the cause was for his wife's panties to be in such an unusual state.  His hands were shaking in nervousness as he peeled apart the tiny garment, hearing the crisp sound resulting from his actions as the material parted.

Dan had all the evidence of his wife's infidelity, right there in his hands.  His initial thoughts were to go right into the bedroom and confront Diane with the evidence that he had discovered.  But would result in an immediate divorce and he realized that he still loved his beautiful wife, the mother of the child their child.  Life without her seemed too unbearable to contemplate.  He could not help but to notice the throbbing in his crotch, feeling the excitement build as he pictured his beautiful wife in the arms of the handsome Cory Scott.  He could not blame young Cory for putting the make on an attractive older woman as what normal male teenager wouldn't.

Looking into the soiled pair of panties, he saw the crotch covered with the teen's now dried jizz, wondering how much more remained in his lovely wife at the moment.  'Surely she douched herself out!' Dan told himself.  Thinking back to the other week, he swallowed as he recalled when he was about to make love to his wife, remembering Diane telling him "Hmmm, honey …………….get your fill this weekend, otherwise you'll have to wear a rubber next week!  And we both know you can't get off with a rubber on!"

'She ……………she didn't make him wear a condom!  And this is her worst time of the month!  Is ………….does she want to get pregnant with his baby?' he wondered.  Balling up the stiff panties again, he held it up against his nose and inhaled deeply, taking in the strong aroma of the dried fuck juices.  Moving over to the toilet, Dan wrapped the soiled and stiff garment over his throbbing cock, jerking himself till he exploded into the bowl of water.  Squeezing his cock, he then wiped himself dry with the garment in his hand, adding his spend on the already soiled panties.

Sliding into bed as his wife was reading a book, Dan turned to embrace his beautiful wife.  He took the book from her and set it on the dresser, then gave her a deep passionate kiss.  He touched her breast and caressed her soft sexy body.  "Hmmm, its time to quit reading and get ready for some hot loving!" he told Diane.  But he handed the book back to his wife and settled in for some sleep when his wife responded "Remember what I told you last week, stud!  Only if you put on a condom this week!  Otherwise, we may just have another little mouth to feed!"

With the lights now out, Dan could not get to sleep, picturing his lovely wife undressed and in the arms of that teenage stud.  He could feel his cock growing in his pajamas, getting to where it was stiff and hard as a rock.  Reaching into the opening of his pajamas, he then stroked himself while trying to picture what took place in the study that afternoon.  He wondered if there would be a repeat performance during the next tutoring session.

The next week, Dan tossed the ball back and forth with John in the backyard but his mind certainly not all there.  It certainly was not on the ball when it hit him squarely on the forehead as his mind was obviously elsewhere.  All he could think about and wonder at the moment was the thought of what was taking place in the study just yards away from where he now stood.  His cock throbbed in his pants at what was now taking place, just ten minutes after the door to the study was closed.

An hour later, Dan tossed his glove over to the handsome teen who had just completed his tutoring session.  Going into the kitchen, he was handed a beer from his lovely wife and he commented "Wow, that was sure a workout!  You're so lucky to have been inside with the house air-conditioned!"  Dan looked at his lovely wife, thinking that he would be able to see a change in her, knowing that very little tutoring if any had taken place in the last hour.  But the only change seemed to be a glow about Diane, the glow of being well-fucked.

With Diane having made a picture of iced tea and was in the process of taking it out to the patio, Dan quickly slipped into the study to turn off the camcorder.  He couldn't wait till that evening when he would tell Diane that he would be busy in the study preparing their tax returns.  Instead, Dan planned on getting the tape from the camcorder that he had hidden among the books camouflaging it on the bookshelf.

When the doorbell had rung to signal the teen's arrival, Dan had quickly gone to the study to turn on the camcorder and was back out of the study when his wife and teen were to begin the tutoring session.  That was when he told John "Okay, son, let's go outside and toss the ball around!"  Midway through the hour of tutoring, Dan told his son to take a short break while he went inside to use the bathroom.  The bathroom was located near the study, which was where Dan really wanted to go to.  Pressing his ear up against the solid wood door, he thought he could detect panting and heavy breathing, causing his cock to tent up in his pants.

That night, in the privacy of his study, Dan anxiously opened up the camcorder to retrieve the videotape.  Turning on the television and inserting the tape into  the video recorder, he hesitated as his finger reached for the button to play the tape.  On the screen, the empty study first came into view.  He licked his lips in anticipation as his wife came into view, followed by the handsome young teen.  Then the door to the study was been closed by the young teen.

He gave a slight gasp as he watched his beautiful wife turn towards the handsome teen.  He swallowed as he observed the teen's hands moving to Diane's hips while his wife's arms moved up to encircle the teen's neck.  Dan sat back in his armchair watching the passionate kiss that his wife was engaged in with the teenage lover.  Then the videotape showed the frantic movements of the two as they began to undress each other between kisses.  A moment later, Dan watched his wife rub her sexy naked body up against the bared muscular chest of the handsome teen.  Looking at the screen, Dan cussed 'Damn, picture's really grainy!  I gotta get me one of those new DVDs!'  

Watching the screen, Dan saw the teen grab the small gold and blue pillow that Dan had as a memento of his college fraternity days.  He saw the pillow being tossed to the floor upon the large throw rug.  A moment later, he could see only a small portion of the pillow under the long silky hair of his lovely wife as she lay naked upon the rug, arms upheld to welcome her teen lover to her.

Having turned the microphone all the way up when setting it up in the study, it was able to pick up the sound of a pin drop.  Now turning up the volume on his television set, Dan could even make out the soft whisperings of love and lust taking place in the study.  He could hear his wife's voice being picked up as she whispered to her lover "Oh, Cory, I've missed you so much!  It was so unbearable to see you throughout the week in school but not be able to touch you!  Oh, lover ………..touch me ……………….yes, touch me!"

Watching the two lovers in their intimate embrace, Dan heard the teen's voice "Oh, Mrs. Wilson, you're so beautiful!  I've been going crazy just waiting for the weekend to come!  Ohhhhh, you're so soft and sexy!"  Next he saw Diane's trim sexy legs encircle the teen's waist and heard her say "Oh, Cory …………….please …………….don't make me wait!  Make love to me ……………pleaseeeeeee!  Please ………….make love to me!  Ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh ………..yes ………..yessssssssss!"

"Oh, Mrs. Wilson …………….you're so soft and sexy …………..ohhhhhh, so tightttttt!  Oh, so soft ……………ohhhhh ……………I love you, Mrs. Wilson!  Oh, yesssss ……….I've been dreaming of this all week long ……………………ohhhhhh, Godddddd!" came the teen's voice.  Dan watched as the young teen reared back, withdrawing as much of his cock as possible but not totally, then spearing his manhood deep into his lovely wife.  Over and over again the muscular teen fucked into his wife's soft tender body, eventually hammering into her at jackhammer speed.

"Yes ……….oh, yesssss …………fuck me, Cory …………….fuck meeeeeee!  Ohhhh, so biggggg …………..so deepppppp …………..oh, yesssssss ………..ahhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, Cory …………….Cory ……………I …………….I'm going ……………to ………………….to cummmmmm!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………..mppppppfffff!" Dan heard his wife's soft panting voice that was muffled as she bit into the teen's shoulder to keep from screaming out too loudly.

"Yes …………yes, Mrs. Wilson ……………..squeeze me ………………squeeze me with your tight cunt!  Oh, God ………………you're going to milk me dry with your snapping pussy!  Squeeze me with your sexy legs ……………….ahhhhh …………….gonna cummmmmm …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Dan heard the teen as he observed the teen's ass quiver in spasms.  'It's obvious that the handsome teen is now seeding your beautiful wife with his hot potent cum!' Dan heard a far away remote voice telling him.   'My wife!  My loving beautiful and faithful wife!' Dan said to himself.

He had just witness his lovely wife fucking a handsome teenager but Dan was not upset as he should have been, not upset in the least.  'I wonder?  What would happen if John and I weren't home when a tutoring session took place?  Would they make love in the study again?  Or would she dare take her young stud into the bed that we share together?' he wondered.  'Hmmm, yes, it'd sure be interesting to find out just how far this will go!' he pondered.

As the two exhausted lovers rested on the rug, embracing one another, Dan then observed the virile young teen begin to recover.  The teen was now on his knees, grasping Diane by her hips to turn and raise her up on all fours.  Diane was now facing the direction of the camera with her teen lover mounting her from the rear.  Dan saw his wife's mouth drop open and her eyes roll back a bit as she shudder, then panted "Ohhhh, Cory ……..oh, yesssssss …………….fuck me ………………fuck me like a bitch in heat!"

With the exciting episode on tape coming to an end as Dan watched the couple get back into their clothing, he realized that he had never witnessed anything so exciting as this tape had been.  Watching his now dressed wife bending over to pick up the pillow, he heard her gasp and viewed her stunned face as she looked at the pillow.  "Oh, my God …….it ………….we got wet!  Cory ………be sure to keep my husband occupied for a few minutes while I get a wet cloth to clean the pillow!"

Dan recalled seeing the pillow on the floor as his wife's young stud was fucking her doggie style.  He remembered it being under her, right under his lovely wife, the perfect position to absorb any spillage of their fuck juices.  With the teen out of room and his wife returning with a damp cloth, Dan watched as Diane frantically tried to wipe up the mess on the pillow.  He saw her panting for breath as she placed the pillow back onto the bookshelf.  Going to the bookshelf, Dan took the pillow down and looked at the yellow portion that had been wiped and smiled as he could see the outline of where the juices had spilled upon it.

Hard as a rock, with Diane already in bed and sound asleep, Dan went into the master bath to get some relief.  Opening the hamper, he lifted up the blouse and pair of shorts that she had worn that day.  He smiled as he observed the pair of beige panties that he had seen her wearing on the tape.  Reaching into the hamper for the lacy pair of panties, he smiled as his fingers made contact with the stiffly starched garment, then pulled it from the hamper.

Taking a deep breath with the starched panties up against his face, then like the prior week, he wrapped the soiled panties over his rock hard cock.  Only this time, his spunk was not deposited into the toilet but instead the entire load was shot into the already crusty crotch of the soiled garment.  Panting for breath, having expended a tremendous load, Dan balled the panties back up to replace them in the hamper as he figured that his cheating wife would merely think it had been her teenage lover spunk leaking out of her well-fucked cunt!.

On Sunday, after returning from church, it was then the normal time for Diane to do the week's laundry.  Having taken the hampers from the bathrooms into the laundry room, she began to unload the dirty clothing into the washer.  She had a special filtered bag that she would put her undies in along with any other very delicate items.  With all the other clothing in the washer, Diane was gathering up her panties to put into the special wash bag.

Standing before the open washer, fingering her stiff pair of yellow panties as her mind thought back to the recent tutoring session, Diane was startled by her husband's arms suddenly encircling around her.  Caught totally by surprise, the stiff of panties slipped from her fingers and fell to he floor.  Being balled up and stiff from dried semen, it actually rolled a bit and ended up slightly behind her foot but between she and her husband.  Diane shivered with fright at the thought of the evidence of her infidelity lying on the floor, right under her husband's nose.

Nuzzling at his wife's neck, Dan had deliberately surprised his wife just at this particular moment, watching closely as she was about to do the laundry.  Having helped out with the laundry on occasion, he knew of the special laundry bag in which Diane placed her panties and very delicate garments.  He had seen her load the dirty clothing into the washer, then saw her holding that special garment bag and knew she was about to place her panties into them.

He saw her holding the familiar balled up yellow panties in one hand and the bag in the other, then observed her just standing there looking up at the ceiling as if in a daze.  That was when Dan smiled to himself and moved quietly up behind his distracted wife.  "You ………..you startled me, Dan!" his wife said sharply with a tinge of fear in her voice.  "Oh, I'm sorry, honey!  You looked like you were in a bit of a daze and I just couldn't help myself!" he apologized.

Arms still around his wife, Dan kidded "Hmmm, guess I found a way to make you drop your panties for me!  I'll get it for you!"  Purposely reaching down slowly towards the fallen item, Dan was not surprised that his wife moved it away with her barefoot and quickly reached down to retrieve her balled up panties, stammering "I ……….I got it!"  He watched in amusement as Diane quickly tossed the panties into the bag, then threw the entire bag into the washer and turned the water on.  His hands now on her waist, Dan could feel his wife's body tremble with the fear of nearly having her secret discovered.

During the next week, Dan paid a visit to the electronics store located near his office.  There he looked at all the new camcorders and was amazed just how small in size that they now came in.  Finding a compact camcorder, he purchased it despite the rather expensive price tag on it.  Having looked over the master bedroom carefully the night before, Dan smiled in knowing just where he was going to put his new toy.

As it was now mid-week, Dan mentioned over dinner "Honey, I heard there's a little league game early Saturday afternoon.  Since you'll be tutoring Cory, would you mind if I took John to see a few innings of the game?  It might serve to get him more interested in baseball!  Then there's that new movie that John mentioned now playing at the theater.  It'll be a great father-son outing!"  As expected, Dan got a response from Diane as she readily agreed with him.

Shortly after lunch on Saturday, before Cory Scott's arrival, Dan turned on the hidden camcorders in both the study and master bedroom.  Kissing his lovely wife goodbye, he and his son headed on out to the ballpark.  Then a fearful thought entered Dan's mind 'What if Diane doesn't take him into our bedroom or the study?  What if she feels to guilty in taking her teenage stud to her marital bed?  Damn ……………I don't have a camcorder set up in the living room!"

That afternoon, with his son sitting next to him, Dan's thoughts were miles away from where he sat.  His thoughts went to the new camcorder that he had purchased that week, wondering 'I sure hope I focused it right to get the entire bed in the picture!  Damn, that kid sure is a stud!  Man, I can't believe the size of the wang on that kid!  I couldn't believe the size of his cock when he got done fucking Diane on the floor last week!  Shit, he had cum way earlier but when he pulled out of her, the fucking kid was still longer than when I'm fully stiff!'

Taking his time getting home, wanting to give the two lovers all the time they needed, Dan saw the teen's car nowhere in sight.  Opening the door for his son, Dan entered to see Diane cooking in the kitchen.  Greeting his wife, he went up to hug and kiss her, telling her he'd go up to change and would be right back down to help her.  As his wandering hands moved down to her hips, fingers moving over the front of her shorts, he could feel her nervously move away a bit.  He felt her squirm a bit, chastising his actions "Dan, stop that ………I ………….I'm in the middle of preparing dinner!"

Going upstairs, he turned off the camcorder in the study, then the same followed for the camcorder in the master bedroom.  Going into the bathroom and opening the hamper, a quick search told him that it had indeed been an active tutoring day.  He just hoped that everything was on tape.  Retrieving the new camcorder that was in the bedroom, he took it into the study and put it into his desk drawer for the time being.

It was a delicious dinner that Diane had prepared for them but Dan was antsy, wanting to go into the study to scan the videotapes.  Looking at his beautiful wife sitting across the table from him, he realized how much he still loved her, even with his knowledge that she was an unfaithful bitch that let a handsome teen fuck her right in her own home.  Now Dan could only wonder and wickedly hope that their marital bed had been used for her infidelity so that he had it all on tape for his viewing pleasure.

Finally, with Diane tucking John into bed and going to sleep herself, Dan went to get caught up with his tax returns in the study.  First putting the videotape in the study into the video recorder, he hit the play button and put it on fast forward.  There was absolutely nothing to see on the tape as it finally came to an end.  Then he obtained the tape from the smaller compact camcorder.  As it used a different sized tape, Dan put it into the converter that he had also purchased at the electronics store.

Turning on the bedroom tape, it first showed the empty bedroom, which Dan realized would be expected for a bit.  Pressing the fast forward button while keeping his eyes glued to the television screen, he began to wonder if anything got filmed on this date.  Heart pounding in disappointment, he then hit the 'stop' button as he detected a movement on the screen.  Rewinding the tape a bit, then hitting the play button, Dan watched the tape intently.

Sure enough, as he had expected or rather hoped for, the tape showed Diane entering their bedroom.  Only now, Diane was dressed far differently from when he had left home.  His beautiful wife had obviously changed, putting on a pink dress and her 3" white heels, like how she would dress when going to teach at the high school.  Thinking back to the latter part of the morning, he remembered seeing his wife in the laundry room ironing shirts for him to go to work during the week.  He now recalled seeing a pink dress already ironed and on a hanger, the pink dress that she now had on.

Immediately behind her, hand in hand, Dan watched as his wife's handsome teenage stud followed her into the master bedroom.  Not pressed for time as they were the week prior, the couple on tape slowly began to undress each other, obviously savoring every second of this memorable tutoring session.  Then he heard his wife say "I put on your favorite dress for you!  The one that you say always turns you on in class when I wear it to school!  Are you going to be teacher's pet today or would you like to pet teacher?  Be a good boy and help your teacher take off all her clothing!"

Dan's jaws dropped at what he had just heard.  He knew that Cory Scott was a student at his wife's school but only now did he learn that he was actually a student in her class.  'How long have they been seeing each other?' he wondered.  'No wonder Cory's got the hots for Diane!  Not only is she an older matured and married woman, he's scoring with his fucking teacher!  Shit, can't say as I blame that stud one bit!' he mused.

With Diane's back to the handsome teen, Dan watched as Cory slowly drew the zipper down the length of her back.  Then the teen was pushing the dress from her shoulders and the pink dress slowly slithered down her body to puddle at her white heels.  A moment later, the lacy pink bra that Diane wore was being unhooked and pushed off her arms to fall onto her pink dress.

With her student nuzzling at her neck, Diane's eyes were closed as she leaned her head back against the young teen.  “Ohhhhh, Cory …………….ohhhh, touch me ………..touch me!” she moaned as her sensitive pink nipples being cupped and fondled by her handsome young student.  Then her student was turning her a bit and her pink nipples were being suckled one after the other as her hands held the back of her student's head to her breasts.

Then the screen showed Diane rubbing her hands under Cory's tee shirt, pulling his tee shirt up and off so she could press herself against his bare chest.  Then her hands were between their bodies, fumbling to undo the teen's belt buckle, then unbuttoning his jeans.  Seconds later, Diane could be seen pushing the jeans and jockey shorts over the teen's hips to bare his growing manhood.  In return, the teen was pushing at the waistband his teacher's matching pink panties, eager to display her feminine charms.

Dan sat wide-eyed as he stared at the television set, watching the hottest flicked he had ever seen.  He watched as the teen kicked off his jeans and jockeys while his sexy wife stepped out of her pink dress and attempted to kick off her lacy pink panties.  But her panties got caught on her right heel and Diane let it be so she could concentrate with the task at hand, more correctly the growing tube of flesh in her hands at that very moment.

Knelling down on the plush bedroom carpet, Diane wrapped her two fists around the teen's long thick cock and began to pump up and down.  "Ohhhhhhh ………....ohhhh ………….Mrs. Wilson ……………oh, yesssss!" came the groaning response to her fondling.  Watching the teen's manhood continue to grow in both length and thickness, Dan Wilson couldn't help but mutter out in amazement "God!  That kid is built like a mule!"

Dan watched as his lovely wife licked her lips as her head hesitantly dipped closed to the ever-expanding cock in her hands.  'My, God ……………..is …………..is she going to go down on him?' he wondered.  Feeling his cock throbbing in his pants, Dan had to release the tension and unzipped his pants to pull out his pecker.  Then he observed Diane's pink tongue protrude out from her lips as she leaned even closer to the pulsing flesh.  'Damn!  She …………..she's going to do it!  Shit …………she absolutely refused whenever I tried to get her to put her mouth on me!' he muttered, watching in amazement as his wife ran her tongue up the length of the teen's cock.

 “Ohhhhhhhh, Mrs. Wilson ………………….ohhhh ………………..ohhhhhhhhh, Godddddd!”  Cory groaned loudly as his beautiful teacher suddenly engulfed his thick cockhead in her hot wet mouth.  Feeling the warm pointed tongue dart out to lick his oozing cockhead, Cory went out of gourd from the unbelievable sensations.  Soft hands shucking at him and warm wet mouth sucking at him, Cory went over the edge as he shook and groaned “Ohhhhhhh, Godddd ……………..ahhhhhhhhhh!  Mrs. Wilson ……….I ……………..I'm going to cum!”

Dan watched intently as he witnessed his beautiful wife now speed up her fisting of her teenage student and began bobbing her head faster and faster, her mouth hollowing by the vacuum caused by her sucking.  The teen had his fingers entwined tightly in her long silky hair to keep her from removing her mouth.  But it was quite obvious to Dan that his prim and proper wife had no intention whatsoever in stopping at this point.

Then Dan heard the teen yell out "I'm cumming ……………I'm cumming!  Oh, Mrs. Wilson …………..suck me ………………eat it ……………eat it all …………ohhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  He saw his wife's hands pump even faster at this point, determined to milk the young man of his life giving fluids.  Dan could see his wife's throat move, indicating that she was now swallowing the teen's hot thick roe into her belly.

On the Wilson's marital bed, Dan Wilson observed his lovely wife upon it, now embracing her teen lover as they kissed passionately.  He watched as the muscular teen got into position above his wife, so much like what he had observed in last week's taping of the study.  Then he observed the trim sexy legs spread wide and encircle the teen's buttocks.  This differed somewhat from the week before as his lovely wife had her white heels on with her lacy pink panties dangling from the right one.

Less than a month ago, the thought that his lovely wife would ever cheat on him was the furthest thing from Dan Wilson's mind, something he would never have contemplated.  Yet, the display on the television screen clearly showed his prim and proper wife intimately joined together with a handsome young stud as only a husband and wife should be.  "God, they've been fucking non-stop for hours!" he muttered loudly as he looked at his watch.

Yet Dan was in for still another surprise as he watched the occupants move about on the bed, watching as Diane was now being positioned on all fours.  He froze in his chair, hearing his wife's frantic voice  "Oh, Cory ………no …………noooooooooo ……..not there!  I ………..I've never had it there before!  Stop …………..Cory, please stop!  I ………..I'm scared ……………please!  Owwwwww …………..ohhhhhh, God ………….it hurtsssss …………Cory, it hurts!  Stop ……………oh,God ………it hurts …………………it hurtssssss so baddddddddddddddd!"

Watching the handsome teen gripping Diane's hips, Dan knew there was no way in hell that the teenage stud would be obeying his teacher's commands for him to stop at this point.  Then he heard Cory's voice "Oh, teach ……………..I've been dreaming of your beautiful ass so long!  I can't help but drool whenever I see your sexy ass swishing down between the aisle!  Ohhhh, it's so fucking tight …………….ohhhhhh, I want your sweet sexy ass all for me ………only for me!"  "Ohhhhhh, Cory ……………ohhhhhh …………yes ……………yes …………its yours …………its only for you!" came the response.

With the SAT exam now over and done with, Dan could see his lovely wife getting antsy as she paced about the house during the week, even more so when the weekend came and there was no tutoring session scheduled.  He wondered just how long it'd be before her cravings drove her up the wall.  He decided to let another week go by, then he'd personally help things along.

At dinner one night, Dan asked "Honey, I misplaced that number for Cory Scott!  Do you see him in school?  I wanted to get hold of him to see if he was available on a weekend to do a minor tuneup on my car!"  As he had expected, his wife replied "Oh, I see him passing in the hall from time to time!  I'll make a point of looking for him and asking him for you!"

The next evening at dinner, his wife told him "Oh, I bumped into Cory Scott today and asked him about your car!  He indicated that he's available this Saturday so I gave him the okay!  He told me he's got a tough math test coming up and wondered if I would be willing to tutor him a couple of times!  He said that he'll do the minor tuneup in exchange for the tutoring!"

At that point, Dan advised "Gosh, honey ……………..that would sure save us some money but I can't ask you to give up so much of your free time!"  Biting down to hold back his grin, he got the response he was looking for as Diane replied "Oh, I really don't mind, honey!  It says us money plus I like helping that young man!  He's always so thoughtful and courteous that tutoring him is really a reward for me!  It really makes me feel good whenever I tutor him!"

That Saturday evening, in his study, Dan watched the exciting scenes taken in the master bedroom begin to unfold on the television screen.  It was another video filled with non-stop sex and a display of unbridled lust.  Watching the two lovers kissing in an intimate embrace, Dan was then in for another surprise when the kiss ended and his wife told her teenage lover "Cory!  I've got a surprise for you!  I ……………I'm pregnant with your baby!"

End of Story.