Horny Groom's Downfall
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: Blackmailed for Her Bootie
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Wheeling up to J.J.'s place where all the guys were milling around outside, J.J. got out of the car and staggered a bit, eliciting comments the guys such as "Jeezus Chirst, what the hell happened to you, J.J.!";  "Christ, you look like an 18 wheeler ran over you!";  "How in the hell you going to make it through the wedding, much less last the entire night?"  Billy Ray held back his laughter, trying to look serious, advising "C'mon, guys, lay offa J.J., he's feeling bad enough already!  We gotta get some coffee into him and get him into his tux!"

Downing a couple cups of coffee, J.J. tried to shake the cobwebs out of his head.  With his good friend Billy Ray helping him out of his clothing and into his tux, J.J. was so glad that his over-bearing father owned his own tux and was getting dress at home and would be meeting them at the church.  At least he had some time to make himself look a bit more presentable.

When Billy Ray finally got J.J. to the church, Big John took one look at his son's haggard and disheveled appearance and flew into a rage.  Big John was pissed as his pride and joy, the heir apparent to replace him as CEO, looked like a real piece of shit.  It would really be both embarrassing and humiliating if his son staggered up the aisle in that condition to exchange wedding vows before a church full of snickering guests.

Still suffering the indignity of having been displaced by Billy Ray as J.J.'s best man, Big John began railing on Billy Ray for not taking care of his son.  But J.J. intervened on his friend's behalf, telling Big John that it wasn't Billy Ray's fault, that he simply had a rough night with pre-wedding jitters causing him to be unable to sleep.  Then Big John sneered at Billy Ray, telling him "You had better make sure you keep better tabs on J.J. tonight and make sure he get through it or I'll have your damned ass!"
During the wedding reception, Billy Ray sat next to the groom at the head table, with the matron of honor at the other end.  As prearranged, Billy Ray would see to it that he handled the drinks for the bride and groom, supposedly to make sure the drinks were kept under control.  The bottle of the groom's whiskey was a watered down version, knowing Big John would be snooping about on his son's drinks, while the bride's bottle of wine was really that of a wine cooler.  But as the night wore on, Billy Ray planned on using the bottles next to him, those that were much more potent.

Towards the end of the evening, J.J.'s drink was straight shots of scotch while the bride's remained the same percentage of wine cooler.  The only addition to the wine cooler was a generous dose of the new version of the potent liquid Spanish Fly.  By the time the reception was winding down, the unwitting young bride was visibly squirming, trying to quell her soaring libido.  Billy Ray, being bigger and taller than the others easily caught the garter and couldn't help stealing a peek up under the bride's wedding gown as he slid the garter up her leg, noting a telltale wet spot in the crotch of her white lace panties.

A few moments later, the bride tossed the bouquet, waved a quick good-bye to family and friends, then made a beeline for the honeymoon suite with the anguished groom being assisted by his best man.  With the matron of honor's husband and two little ones also attending the wedding, Michelle had told her best friend to head on home with her family as her little one was getting a bit fussy.
Though she didn't care for the likes of Billy Ray, she was thankful for his help in getting J.J. up to the honeymoon suite.  Once they got up to the suite, Michelle would merely thank Billy Ray for all the help and then dismiss him on his way.  With J.J. soused, unable to find the cardkey that Billy Ray had given to him upon checking in, Billy Ray patted him down to finally locate the cardkey.  However, as they entered the honeymoon suite, they were surprised to find a masked man already there and in the process of ransacking the place.
A 9 mm pistol aimed at them by the masked man, they all obeyed the man's order to raise their hands up in the air.  What J.J. nor Michelle didn't know was that the masked burglar was a cohort of the devious Billy Ray, or that this burglary was merely a ruse.  With J.J. in such a bad shape when they arrived at the hotel, it was Billy Ray who took charge and had the groom wait on the side while he checked in on his behalf.  With the desk clerk chuckling at the groom's condition, he followed the best man's instructions and gave him two cardkeys, one supposedly for the groom and the other for the bride.

Tucking a cardkey into J.J.'s coat pocket, he advised "Now don't lose it ……….cause that's the key to the honeymoon suite!"  Unknown to the befuddled groom was that Billy Ray had already put the other cardkey into his own pocket.  It was a cardkey the devious Billy Ray would be passing on to his cohort in crime to break into the honeymoon suite to make it appear a burglary gone wrong.  With his trusted ally in crime promised a free drug purchase, Billy Ray made sure the pistol was armed with only blanks, just to prevent an unfortunate accident.
With his buddy Rashid waiting in the honeymoon suite, drinking from the minibar, he merely waited to hear the arrival of Billy Ray along with the bride and groom.  Finally, upon hearing the bride and groom at the door, Rashid went into his act to make it appear that he was caught in the act of robbing the room.  Having gun in hand, Rashid did as Billy Ray had instructed, ordering the three to close the door and have a seat.  Briefed on the groom's condition from the night earlier, he was to have it all revealed to the bride.
With the larger gifts loaded up in a couple of vans and transported to the newlyweds home, Billy Ray had the box containing the envelopes of monetary gifts in his custody.  That would serve to be the incentive for his buddy's ………………the burglar's role-playing.  As for Billy Ray, his reward would be to beat the groom to consummate the marriage, even though it would be at gunpoint.
Rashid did as instructed, ordering Billy Ray park his ass down on a chair, then began taunting the bride and groom, especially noting the fact that they were in the honeymoon suite on their wedding day.  "Well, well ……………the groom looks like he's the real boy scout type!" he chuckled.  Gun pointed at the bride, he ordered her up onto the bed.  "Please …………please don't rape me!  I ………………I'm a virgin!" sobbed the anguished bride.  "Aw, honey, I ain't gonna rape ya!  I'm having yer hubby do's the honors!  I's jist luv a good show!" the burglar chuckled.  Tossing some rope over to the groom, he then gave instructions on where to have the bride tied.

"Okay, sonny boy ……………..git outta them clothes!  Let's see the present hubby's got for his purty bride!" J.J. was ordered as he stood there before the bed with all eyes upon him.  Trying to protest in saying that he had too much too drink, J.J. then saw the burglar aiming the gun at his lovely bride, threatening to do her in if he did not comply.  Doing so would mean revealing all the hickeys on his chest and neck but J.J. was forced to comply.  Worst yet, if he had to disrobe completely, the scrapes from teethmarks left by the blonde bitch would reveal his secret tryst.

Standing there before Michelle, who was face level with his crotch, the truth of his night out on the town became quite evident.  Most embarrassing was the fact that he just couldn't get it up as his cock hurt so bad.  Dropping to his knees, J.J. tried to get himself into his lovely bride.  But with a flaccid cock in hand, he was just too limp to get it to go in.  Fisting himself was agonizing, cock expansion meant the scrape marks expanding also and it burnt as hell.  Injured cock wilting before Michelle's face, J.J. wanted to sink through the floor the burglar advised

"Hmmm, yer bride's still cherry, then how do ya explain all them there hickeys?  Is that teeth marks on that tiny pecker of yers?  Damn, ya sure as hell musta had some bachelor party!" the burglar laughed out loud.  "Well, sweetie, looks like yer hubby's here wanted to git in some practice before the big night!  But it sure looks like it was a bit too much at one time!" he taunted.   "Okay, sonny boy, ya might as well sit yerself on down!  That useless thing between yer legs jist ain't gonna cut the mustard tonight!" he laughed.

"You …………….black boy!  Ya the best man?" the burglar directed to Billy Ray, as he had been instructed, tossing a rope in his direction to advise "Tie that useless punk up in the chair!"    With all eyes on him, Billy Ray played the part to the hilt by merely nodding a 'yes' with his mouth wide open in astonishment as he tied J.J. securely to the chair.  "Okay, 'best man', ya git yer black ass up here and let's see if ya can fill in fer the useless groom here!"  As he signaled with his pistol, Billy Ray then got up slowly and walked over to where J.J.'s clothing lay on the floor.

Seeing J.J.'s beautiful bride's horrified face, Billy Ray felt his cock growing rapidly in excitement and anticipation of having the bride see what a real 'man' looked like.  Coat and shirt removed, baring his muscular black chest, Billy Ray played to the hilt.  Acting the part of the true dimwit, as he pulled at his belt buckle, he advised "I's real sorry, Ms. Michelle!  But I's gotta or he'll shoot me!"  He had never addressed her as such but it was an added thrill to make it sound like a slave apologizing to his master.

With the order coming "C'mon, black boy, git outta them pants!" Billy Ray undid his pants and let it fall to the floor.  Seeing the bride's baby blue eyes nearly pop out her skull, his cock lurched in pride.  "Only one thing left, black boy!" the burglar advised.  Seconds later, with jockeys discarded, Billy Ray was proudly fisting his monster cock just a foot away from the bride's beautiful but frightened face.  Then as planned, his cohort began taunting the bride with "Well, well, well ………………looks like our pretty bride will be able to have her precious little cherry popped on her wedding night after all!  Looks like we jist found us the man to do the job and fill in for the useless bridegroom!  That's what a 'best man' is for!"

Having consumed the potent Spanish Fly, Michelle was losing the battle to keep from squirming about in the bed.  Never before had felt in such a way, thinking that it must be all the wine she had consumed during the evening.  Rubbing her thighs together, she desperately tried to get hat that nagging itch between her legs.  Never before had she ever wet her panties but her juices continued to flow, leaking out of her slit onto the crotchband of her white laced panties.

Though she needed it badly, having planned on becoming a woman on this special night, Michelle certainly did not want it happening with the likes of Billy Ray.  "No ………no, please …………….not with him …………………….not with him!" she stammered out.  "Don't tell me our pretty bride here is …………prejudiced!  Don't ya like black boys, sweetie?" she was asked.  "No ……………..no ………………..it's not that!  I ………..I …………………….I just want it to be with my husband!" she stammered.

Fisting himself, priming his boner for the big event, Billy Ray gave his cohort a wink to signal his next order.  Obeying, Billy Ray climbed onto the bed behind the tied beauty, then lifted her wedding gown up over her beautiful white ass.  At that point, he couldn't resist caressing the soft white moons, touching her soft ivory thighs, then pulling her panties down over her hips.  "No ………………no ……………..no, Billy Ray ………………….please don't do it!" he heard the bride cry out.

Looking over to his buddy, the burglar got the hint and ordered "C'mon, black boy ………………..pop the bride's cherry!  Ya can do it ………………….after all yer the 'best man' for the job tonight!"  Rubbing his cockhead up along her leaking slit, he knew that she was in desperate need at this point, heated up by the potent Spanish Fly in her system.  "I's sorry, Ms. Michelle ………………..but he'll shoot me if'n I don't!"

"That's right, black boy!  Either ya pop her cherry or I's gonna blow yer black balls off!" the gun-toting burglar advised.  Unable to hold back any longer, Billy Ray grabbed the trim white hips in his large hands, then thrust forward without mercy.  "Aieeeeeeeeeee ……………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the shriek of pain as the bride's hymen was torn asunder.  Rearing back two of the five inches lanced into the virginal bride, Billy Ray slammed back into her, burying seven inches of his foot long cock.

Fortunately, the honeymoon suite was totally soundproof, with many a shriek anticipated on a bride's wedding night.  Such could be anticipated from a virginal bride, but not with her losing her virginity in such a brutal fashion.  As the bride whimpered and sobbed in pain, Billy Ray fucked in and out of her raped slit, forcing every inch of his cock up into her.  Slowly pulling back, looking at his blood streaked cock, Billy Ray began to stroke ten full inches in and out at a steady pace.  Feeling her body quiver, he slowed the pace just a bit as the bride climaxed on his raping cock, letting her squeezing cunt muscles feel the strength of his pulsating cock.  "Nnnnnnnnnnn …………………hmmmmmmmmmm ………………ooooooooooooooooooooo!" came the mewling of the bride as she shuddered and creamed on his black cock.

As it just wouldn't appear right for the burglar to merely be a voyeur to the action, Billy Ray had given his cohort the okay to get in on the action, but only after he had the first go round and busted the bride's cherry.  With a slight nod of the head, his black buddy moved up to the foot of the bed, reaching up with his free hand to unzip his pants.  Now would come the double team action where the naïve young bride would learn how to fuck and suck at the same time.

Having climaxed for the very first time in Michelle's rather sheltered and naive life, her temporarily muscles squeezed tightly around the huge log still stuffed up her bleeding cunt.  Now Michelle was shuddering from both the pleasure stemming from between her legs as the itch was now sated for the time being as well as the fear of looking at the burglar's coal black cock being shucked just inches from her horrified face.

Pistol in one hand, the intruder grasped the bride's hair and pulled head up a bit, then stepped forward to push his smelly cock up against her cringing face.  Then, as his cockhead was tracing its down over her face and approaching her cringing face with teeth clenched tightly, a well-timed yank upon her hair and his cock slid in between the bride's pink lips.  For the tied-up groom, it was an unbelievable sight in seeing blood dripping from between his beautiful bride's thighs and being forced to take the intruder's black cock between her lips.

Blinking back the tears, J.J. blamed himself for not being the one to make Michelle a woman.  Even though they had been confronted by the burglar with a handgun, J.J. had been given the opportunity to do the deed himself.  Had he not had the tryst the night before with the blonde bitch, J.J. would had be able to get it up when it counted most.  Because of his failure to perform, his 'best man' had been forced at gunpoint to do the honors.

Tied up in the chair, having previously failed to fist an erection up in front of the onlookers, the excitement derived in watching his beautiful bride being defiled had left J.J. with a raging hardon.  As Michelle sobbed and choked upon the cock in her mouth, with Billy Ray's cock still slicing in and out of her ravaged slit, the intruder then turned her head a bit and then advised "Yer hubby couldn't perform earlier but look at him now!  Guess watching his beautiful bride take some black cock is what turns him on, huh?"

Gagging and choking as the thick black cock fucked in and out of her mouth, Michelle's eyes were glued towards the direction of where her husband sat in the chair.  Indeed, it was quite obvious that her husband of less than a day was getting a thrill of seeing her being violated.  "Gaaaaaa ………………..grrrrrraaaaa ……………….grrrrrraaaaa!" she gurgled as the cockhead pushed against the back of her throat and threatened to go deep down into it.  Humiliated and defiled beyond belief, Michelle tried to keep from feeling any pleasure but that nagging itch had once again returned between her legs and she desperately needed Billy Ray's manhood to soothe her once again.

From his vantage point, J.J. watched as his 'best man' shagged at Michelle in earnest as he obviously was building up to where he'd have to end it all.  Realizing that Billy Ray could impregnate his bride, J.J. yelled out "Billy Ray ……………pull it out …………..you've got to pull it out!  You can't do it in her …………….you'll …………..you'll get Michelle pregnant with your baby!"

But that solution was quickly dashed as the intruder pointed the guy at Billy Ray's gut, telling him "I's get to see those black balls of yers dangling behind the bitch's ass and I's be using'em for target practice.  Billy Ray played the part to the hilt, looking over to J.J. in fear, exclaiming "I's sorry, J.J. ………………….I's sorry ………………….but I's don't want him blowing my balls off!"  Slicing in and out of the raped beauty, feeling her ass quiver under his caressing hands once again, Billy Ray knew that she was about to have another mind-shattering orgasm.

There left no doubt in J.J. mind as to what was not taking place on the king-sized bed in the honeymoon suite, especially with Billy Ray's loud open-mouthed moan as he threw his head back and hips forward, burying the lengthy fuckpole up into Michelle's now quivering body.  "Ughhhhhh ………………….ughhhhhhhh ……………..ughhhhhhhh!" grunted Billy Ray.  Then suddenly the intruder began grunting in unison with Billy Ray, filling her mouth with his cum while the 'best man' seeded the bride.

Suddenly the man fucking Michelle's lovely face pulled his cock out of her choking mouth, sending a spurt of jizz square in her face, then turned her face towards J.J. to laughingly taunt "Now give hubby a nice cummy smile!"  Seeing his lovely bride cough, sending cum over her pink lips and down her chin, J.J. lost it as he sent a geyzer of jizz shooting up into the air.  But the pleasure was short-lived for J.J. upon seeing Michelle's eyes glaring as his disgusting performance.

Billy Ray collapsed on the back of the raped bride as the masked intruder used his cock to paint her face with cum.  He wanted to fall back onto the bed in sheer exhaustion but had to wait till his buddy 'forced' him to do so.  With his buddy too busy enjoying himself by rubbing his cockhead on the bride's face, Billy Ray finally the instructions "Okay, black boy, ya slide yerself under the purty bride here!  But I's see those black balls and I's be using'em as target practice!  That's right, git her to sit on it!  Now ……….arms up high and grab the corner posts!"

J.J. watched as Billy Ray's hands were secured to each corner post by a large plastic tie.  With Michelle now on her knees, straddling Billy Ray's waist with his cock still embedded in her, J.J. observed his beautiful wife lean forward to rest her head on her tied hands.  Meanwhile, the masked intruder who had gotten a blowjob of a lifetime, sat himself down across the way and proceeded to pop open the champagne intended for the bride and groom.  Other than the intruder drinking champagne, all else was now still in the honeymoon suite.

But just five minutes later, J.J. observed some movement upon the king-sized bed.  It was not Billy Ray's turning to look at him and shrugging his shoulders a bit, but the movement taking place at the foot of the bed as Michelle began to slide her body back and forth, right upon Billy Ray's dong.  He observed his wife's eyes being closed as her hands clutched at the metal rails, her mouth gaping open as she fucked herself faster and faster upon Billy Ray's black meat.

As intruder was not forcing this to take place, J.J. could only think "She wants it …………………she wants it!"  His jaw dropped open as his lovely bride seemed to be riding home a derby winner, her hands clutching at the reins as she rode the stallion on to the finish line.  "Ohhhh ………………..oohhhh ………………yes …………………yes ……………yes ……………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he heard Michelle moan as she was lifted up into the air by Billy Ray's arching hips.

"Oh, yes ……………….yes ………………………squirt it …………………..squirt it in me ……………..please, squirt it in me!" Michelle unconsciously panted out, leaving no doubt as to what was now happening.  It didn't matter that this had all been force upon, that she had the lowly Billy Ray's black cock up in her ravaged slit, nor that her husband of less than a day was watching it all.  Having consumed so much Spanish Fly had her wanting it constantly, with the only temporary relief being the soothing balm supplied by Billy Ray's big cock.

A bit later, when the fucking once again commenced, J.J. looked up to see the masked intruder deftly untying the ropes binding his wife to the bed.  But the fucking continued as Michelle was oblivious to the fact that she was no longer secured to the bedpost.  Then the intruder raised his arm to wave 'Bye-bye' to him and quietly slipped out of the honeymoon suite.  J.J. was about to call out to advise his wife that the man with the gun had left, but seeing Michelle sliding back and forth on Billy Ray's massive cock, he remained silent.

For the next three hours, J.J. watched as the action continued on with his lovely bride totally oblivious to the fact that she was no longer tied to the bed nor that the intruder had departed.  It seemed as if she was tired as her eyes were closed, her hands grasping the metal bed frame, resting her head on the frame when resting between fuck sessions.  But only after a bit of rest, it seemed that Michelle was needing to be fucked once again as she began riding her black stallion once again.

Finally, need to relieve his bladder badly, J.J. called out "Michelle …………….Michelle ………………come and untie me!"  His calling out to his bride startled her back to reality as she looked down to see that she was no longer bound to the bed.  Then his wife realized that she had Billy Ray's lengthy cock embedded within her and stammered out "Oh, my God ………………………oh, my God!"  J.J.'s jaw dropped wide open as he watched his pretty wife bunch up her wedding gown at the waist while slowly lifting herself off the jutting spike.  Slowly, inch by inch, Billy Ray proud specimen became exposed after many hours of being held captive up in Michelle's tight slit.

With his wife untying the rope binding him, he was asked "When ………………when did he leave, honey?  I ………….I didn't even feel him untying me!"  Think better of it, J.J. responded "Just a few minutes ago!  I wanted to make sure he was gone before calling out to you!"  Already in deep shit for having Michelle learn of his indiscretion the night before, failing to get it up when it counted most, he certainly could not let out that it was hours ago that the gun-toting burglar had departed.

Finally untied, J.J. needed to go to the 'john' desperately.  Getting up, he staggered towards the bathroom while advising his wife to take care of Billy Ray.  Michelle looked towards the bed where Billy Ray lay, swallowing deeply as his big black cock stood up at attention.  Swallowing once again, Michelle could not believe that monstrosity had been all the way up in her.  Going to the bed, eyes glued to the waving fuck-stick, she then got herself up onto the bed.  Bunching her wedding gown up around her waist once again, Michelle then straddled Billy Ray once again.

In the bathroom, J.J. began to relieve his bloated bladder, then cried out "Aieeeeeeeee ……………………oh, shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"  Face covered with perspiration, the agonizing pain from the urine burning at his injured cock, J.J. thought he'd pass out from the ordeal.  Finally done, he stood there panting, trying to get his breath back.  Then, opening up the bathroom door, J.J.'s mouth dropped wide open to see his bride back on the bed once again, in the very same position when he had called out to her.

Walking out slowly, J.J. watched as Michelle proceeded to ride the black stallion once again, using the railing as her reins while she remained in the saddle.  Then he heard Billy Ray moan "Oh ………………ohhhh ………………..I's gonna cum, Miss Michelle ………………….I's gonna cum!"  J.J. was then dumbfounded as Michelle sped up the fuck and responded with "Shoot it ………………shoot it, Billy Ray ………………shoot it in me!  Yes ……………….yes ……………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssss!"

The itch between her legs soothed by the hot balm, Michelle looked up her husband who was standing by the bedside with a shocked look on his face.  "J.J. ……………….what …………….what's the matter?" she asked while feeling Billy Ray's cock throbbing within her.  With no response from her husband, other than his jaw dropping open as if in total shock, she asked again "What the matter, honey?  You did tell me to take care of Billy Ray!"

Michelle was totally confused at this point.  First J.J. tells her to take care of Billy Ray, the best man at their wedding and her husband's black friend who had been forced at gun point to rape her.  And now, her husband acts totally shocked that she complied with his request that she take care of his friend.  Finally her husband stammered out "I …………I meant for you to untie him!"  'Untie him?' Michelle thought as turned back to see that Billy Ray indeed had his hands tied to the bedposts.  Turning back in disbelief and collapsing forward to rest her head on her hands, Michelle sobbed "Oh, my God ……………………oh, God …………………..how could I think that ………..oh, my Goddddddd, what have I done!"

Going to the bathroom, getting a pair of nail clippers from his shaving kit, J.J. returned to cut the plastic ties binding Billy Ray to the bedposts.  He heard Michelle sobbing in despair, apparently quite distraught over what she had misinterpreted of him telling her to 'take care of Billy Ray', but she had lifted herself off of his cock as yet.  Cutting the bindings, J.J. then went to assist his distraught bride, getting her slowly lift up and off the long black cock.

Assisted off the cock that had just sent her out of this world, Michelle sobbed out "I  ……..……….I'm so sorry Billy Ray!"  Tears filled her eyes even more as Billy Ray responded "Don't ya fret none, Miss Michelle ……………………..I assure ya, the pleasure was all mine!"  Finally in the arms of her husband, sobbing for forgiveness, Michelle realized that they had to make Billy Ray's lips remained sealed or their lives would be totally ruined if word leaked out on the events of the night.  With Michelle going to the bathroom for a much-needed shower, J.J. would sit Billy Ray down for a long talk.

Following her shower, Michelle put on the yellow dress she had packed, along with her white heels.  She then sought comfort in her husband's arms as Billy Ray poured them some orange juice that was in the refrigerator.  Though her husband advised that he had a long talk with Billy Ray, Michelle was still very worried about it getting out.  Wanting to talk about it further with her husband, she asked turned to the 'best man' and asked "Billy Ray, can you do me a favor and call room service and order all of us some breakfast!"

With J.J.'s penis aching even more and telling her that he needed to call Dr. Taylor the family physician, Michelle inquired if Dr. Taylor was an old family friend.  Upon confirmation of that fact, Michelle pointed out how embarrassing it'd be if he happened to tell J.J. father of the groom's call the day after the wedding, telling J.J. that there was a clinic with an emergency room at the edge of town.

As Billy Ray was on the phone with room service, Michelle whispered  "When you're gone honey, that'll make it easy for me to have a private talk with Billy Ray!  We really need to keep this under wraps!  I was thinking in the shower that ……………….maybe you can think of a way ………………to get your father to have Billy Ray given a week off …………….maybe to chauffeur us around on the honeymoon ………………or some marketing assignment out here ………………….just so he doesn't go back before we do!"
"After breakfast, honey, I want you to drive down to the emergency room to get some medication!  Then it'll be easier for me to have a private talk with Billy Ray and make sure that his lips are sealed!" she advised.  At that moment, it had been over five minutes since Michelle had down half of the glass of orange juice, enough time for the new dose of Spanish Fly to have her clenching her thighs tightly together.

A quiet breakfast for three in the honeymoon suite, then J.J. was off to get a check-up at the emergency room, leaving his nervous bride alone with his 'best man'.  Throughout breakfast, Michelle was squirming about in her seat, needing desperate to quell the burning itch that had once again returned.  But now that she was alone with Billy Ray to have that private talk, Michelle was at a lost for words.

Having acted sheepish throughout breakfast, merely looking down at his food, Billy Ray held back the smile as he secretly watched the bride squirming about on her chair.  Having asked J.J. if he could drive him to the emergency room, Billy Ray then learned from the groom that Michelle needed to have a 'private' talk with him.  At that instant, Billy Ray knew that once J.J. departed the lovely bride would not be using her lips for talking but to give him a blowjob.

Walking J.J. to the door, Billy Ray returned to the table where the lovely bride was still seated.  Only now, he was not playing the sheepish role, nor did he return to his seat.  He stood behind the lovely bride, enjoying the way she shivered as he played his hands on her bare shoulders.  Boldly, his right hand moved down on her bare flesh, down into the vee of her dress.  "Ooohhhhh ………………..ooohhhhh!" came the moan of pleasure as he fingered her budding nipple.

"Ya need it again, don'tcha?  Need it again ……………….real bad …………huh, bitch?" Billy Ray advised, unzipping the back of her dress and pushing her dress down a bit.  Bra pushed down, Billy Ray finally got a chance to play with her titties, thumbing her stiffening pinkies.  "Ya want my's big black cock stuffed up that hot little pussy of yers, don't ya bitch?  It's all yers, sweetie ………………any time ya want it!  But right now, if'n ya want it again, ya'll gonna have to show me how much ya want it ……………show me by getting down on yer knees and show me how ya like to use those purty lips of yers!"

After leaving the emergency room and making it back to the hotel, J.J. had decided to call Michelle and find out if she needed more time to talk with Billy Ray.  Billy Ray had answered and put his wife on the line.  It had been over since he had left but Michelle advised him to give her another half-hour.  Finally, he returned to the honeymoon suite to find Billy Ray and Michelle sitting out in the balcony and chatting with one another.

It was quite fortunate that J.J. had made the call and not go right on up to the honeymoon suite.  Had he gone up unannounced, J.J. would have walked in to find them back on the king-sized bed, with Billy Ray fully embedded in his lovely bride once again.  With the bride naked and on her back, she was no longer holding back, pleading "Fuck me, Billy Ray ………………fuck me ………………….give me your big black cock!  Shoot it …………………..shoot it in me ………………………I need it ………………….only your hot cum stops the itch …………………shoot ittttttttt ……………..yesssssssssss!  Spurt your hot cream …………………in meeeeeeeee!  Oooooohh ………..good ……………..so goodddddd ……………….yes ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Michelle was happy to learn that J.J. had called Big John before returning, that Billy Ray would be on a so-called assignment while actually going to serve as their chauffeur on their honeymoon.  She would be sure to advise J.J. to have adjoining rooms at the resort, so they could keep a close eye out on Billy Ray.  But that was not the real reason for getting adjoining rooms, as it would be much more convenient for her to slip into Billy Ray's room each night.  Once she slipped one of the 'roofies', that Billy Ray had supplied her with, Michelle could then spend the night with the 'best man' indeed.

End of Story.