Hospital Hunting Grounds
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
                              This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Now nearly twelve months on the job as an orderly at Trinity Hospital, Lebron Jones couldn’t think of a better place to be working at.  Though not that good paying a job, what could he expect for just having a high school diploma and not enough brains to anything but a manual labor type of occupation.  But for Lebron, the fringe benefits could not get any better that what Trinity had to offer.  ‘Shit, where else can I work and be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful women?’ he smiled to himself.  Often he’d go to work early, entering the parking lot to just end up sitting in his car to observe all the beauties enter the parking garage before heading off to the wings that they were assigned to.

‘So many beautiful women to choose from and just ripe for the plucking!’ Lebron chuckled to himself.  With Trinity Hospital being the largest medical facility in five hundred miles, the large ten story hospital building was fully staffed throughout the year, employing over five hundred personnel as the medical and nursing staff covered the three shifts 24/7.  And as the national statistics go, concerning the low percentage of rapes being reported, Lebron could attest to the fact that the same or even less applied here in this facility that was quite highly regarded as to patient care and one not located near the ghettos nor in the lowly downtown area.

Lebron was no mathematical genius, but he could very well figure out for himself that if only one of fourteen rapes were reported to the police, that sure as hell wasn’t a very good figure.  Having played baseball in high school and being a pretty good hitter, Lebron likened the rape statistics to that of a hitter’s batting average.  And if he had gone one for fourteen in batting, his butt would have been getting splinters off the bench that he’d be warming.  And how did Lebron know of the rape statistic at his place of employment, he was the serial rapist committing all those crimes.

Shaking his head, Lebron cussed at his stupidity of the fact that one of those rapes had been reported.  ‘Damn, I’s should have been more careful when I headed on outta the room!  Fucking stupid shit!’ he cussed at himself.  Having found that a bitch wouldn’t normally report being raped, had he been more careful, the bitch wouldn’t have been discovered right then and the rape probably would also have gone unreported if she hadn’t been found in that condition.  But in having accidentally kicked the bitch’s nursing shoe out onto the hallway when making his departure, the bitch would not have been found by the security guard making his rounds.  And, this being the case, there naturally was no chance of it going unreported at that point in time.

Opening up the scrapbook that he had created, Lebron turned to the page containing the picture of Taryn Taylor, R.N., the lovely blonde nurse who had been the victim of that attack.  That had being one time that he had only been using the wrong head of his, that being the one between his legs.  The young blonde nurse worked the night shift and he’d seen her often when wheeling patients to and from the floor that she worked on.  In fact, the nurse seemed rather demure and very conservative, appearing even to want to hide her beauty by wearing very little make up and putting her hair up in a little bun at the back of her head.  But the night that he had brutally raped the blonde bitch, he got turned in seeing a difference in her – correction: a difference on her, that being the sparkling diamond ring placed there just the night before by her now fiancé

Looking at his notes placed below the beauty’s picture, it brought back memories of that night as Lebron read: ‘Slim blonde about 25 years old, 114 lbs., cute but tries to look more of a plain Jane!  Found out that the bitch had gotten engaged just the night before!  Just couldn’t help wondering what that fucking whiteboy would do if the trophy he’d just gotten in his hands got all tarnished that right next fucking night!’  Cock twitching in his pants, Lebron closed his eyes and thought back to how he had gotten off right after the bitch had come on duty when he was about to leave after wheeling up that last patient to the floor where she worked.  He had punched out his timecard and had even exited the parking lot and gone on home.

But with his other head taking control and demanding some relief to its ‘headache’, Leroy had headed on back to the hospital.  At least he was smart enough to realize not to park back in the parking structure at that required the use of his keycard both into and getting out of the building, which if ever scrutinized by the police would show that he had returned to the hospital at that time.  Although the statistics of non-reported rapes were on his side, there was no sense in taking unnecessary risks.  With his orderly uniform still on, he could walk about the grounds without garnering any suspicions and make it up to the floor that the newly engaged nurse worked on.

Back to reading the entries he had made: ‘Got off the elevator on the 6th floor, walked up to the 7th without being noticed and seeing no one out in the hallway, I slipped into the empty room that I spotted earlier that night as it was right across the patient I wheeled up earlier!  Being the night shift and only half the wing filled with patients on this particular night, only sweet Taryn Taylor R.N. was on duty!  Peeking out of the doorway, I finally got to see her going from the nurse’s station to check on a patient at the far end of the hallway!  Slipped over to the room across the hallway and tiptoed in after opening the door, then pressed the call button that was located next to the sleeping patient.  Then closed the patient’s door, went back over to the empty room and lay in wait in the dark!’

More from the diary:  ‘Bitch didn’t know what hit her when I grabbed her from behind with one arm going around her trim waist and my free hand clamped over her mouth to keep her from screaming!  Dragged her back into the empty room and kicked the door shut, putting it pitch black in the empty hospital room.  Unfortunately, there were no beds in the empty room as patients leaving ICU normally are just wheeled in bed and all to keep from having to take the time and having extra personnel moving the patient from bed to bed.  So, the cold linoleum floor would have to do for this blonde bitch!  Loved the way bitch fought, especially after having pulled down her panties and her bare ass hit the cold linoleum floor!’

‘Disguised my voice as I licked the honey’s ear and whispered to her what I was gonna do to her!  Had the fucking bitch shaking like hell, then she began whimpering and sobbing “Please ………………..please don’t hurt me!”   Couldn’t fucking believe it when she told me “Please ………………….I’m a virgin!”  Twenty-five years old and still a fucking virgin!  Damn, I just couldn’t believe my fucking luck!  Didn’t think there was such a thing as a virgin after eighteen!’ Lebron read his diary notes.  He thought back to that night and chuckled “Sure as hell am glad that I kicked the door shut, making it pretty much sound then be cause that bitch screamed bloody murder when I went and stuck it to her!  Still covered her mouth cause the way she was screeching, figured someone might hear her!  Jeez, did she put up a fight all the way!  Popped her fucking cherry and nailed her right to the cold fucking floor!”

Back to reading his diary, it next read:  ‘Fucking bitch kept on fighting, not giving up at all as I went and fucked her good!  Had to pin her wrists above her head with one hand and keep my free hand clamped over her mouth to shut the bitch up!  Damn, she sure as hell bled a lot cause there was so much fucking lube after I popped that cherry of hers!  Just before creaming in the fucking bitch, I whispered in her ear that “I’m gonna knock you up good bitch!”  Man, she put up even more of a fight at that point and nearly bucked me right out of the saddle, but that sure as hell had my nuts popping their load at that point!  Jeez, the bitch must have freaked out when I went and came in her and scared the shit outta me when she went totally limp on me!  Christ, thought she went and fucking died on me at first!’

Lebron breathed a sigh of relief as his thoughts went back to that night, recalling how he had quickly slipped his pants back on and about to make his departure when he peered out to see the security guard making way to the nurse’s station to do his normal patrol duties.  With the guard disappearing behind the nurse’s station to check in on the nurse on duty, Lebron had decided that he had better make his escape at that juncture.  But as he quickly moved towards the stairway door, planning to let the room door close behind him, he had accidentally kicked the bitch’s white nursing shoe out into the middle of the hallway.  It was too risky to run back to get rid of it nd that had led to the guard soon seeing the nurse’s shoe on his return, leading him to finding the bitch unconscious on the floor of the empty room.

Flipping randomly forward of this entry, Lebron looked at the picture he had snapped on his cellphone when he had decided to soon add this other bitch to his list.  He chuckled in thinking how easy it was to get a picture of the lovely nurses, doing so with his cellphone while pretending to be making a call or getting one.  Snapping the picture of the lovely nurse who would soon be adorning a page in his scrapbook, Lebron would pretend to be making a call to his boss to go over some work details as to where he was to pickup and deliver a patient to.  And the picture that he was now gazing upon was that of Kaitlin Reeves, R.N. who worked on the 5th Floor that handled a lot of the elderly patients.

As evidenced by the photograph in the scrapbook, it described the beautiful nurse as being ‘About 26-27 years old, 5’4”, 115 lbs, beautiful red hair tied up in a ponytail!  Skin like ivory!  Beautiful …………..absolutely beautiful!  And, ‘married’ too!  Works the afternoon shift from 3:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.  Walks out with a couple co-workers, with each making sure the all leave the parking lot safely!  Goes home alone and drives a burgundy Toyota station wagon, lic # HJP 564!  Followed her home three times – same route each time – passes a ballpark after turning left off the highway about two miles from her home!  Her two friends don’t turn left but keep on headed down the highway!’

 Note:  One weakness noticed – on each occasion, upon opening her car door, she  waves to the others before getting behind the wheel – each time with out checking  the backseat and floor of her car!

The next paragraph read: ‘Surveillance and notes taken paid off!  Bitch never knew I was hiding behind of her car seat when she got in behind the wheel!  Same route taken and the timing was nearly to the second when she was making that left turn off the highway!  Wore a black hood so she wouldn’t recognize me from the hospital!  Had her scared shitless when I put that knife up under her throat and had her turn off into the deserted ballpark!  “Please …………….please don’t hurt me!  Please …………………….please don’t rape me!” she whimpered when I told her to climb on over into the backseat with me!  Played along with that and told her “Okay, but you’re gonna have to use those soft pretty hands on me so I can get my rocks off!”  Damn, dumb bitch fell for it and grabbed at my bared cock and started pumping away!’

‘After ten minutes of pumping my cock, the bitch finally realized that I wasn’t like the wimpy punk that she was married to and who’d probably have already popped his nuts!  And she didn’t hesitate when I told her to grab my nuts with her other hand and roll’em!  Guess she figured that if’n she wanted not to get herself raped that she had better get me off one way or another.  Bitch didn’t know that a handjob is only a primer for me.  You should’ve seen her face when I told her – “Get your fucking clothes off cause you ain’t gonna get me off that fucking way!”  “No …………….no ……………let me keep trying!” she whined and began crying!’ the diary read.

Cock throbbing in his pants as Leroy recalled that night while continuing to read ‘The look on her face was unreal when I told her to get her mouth on my cock!  Damn, I thought she was gonna puke right then and there!  “Pleaseeeeee ………….……….I ………………..I’ve never done such a thing!” she told me but I wasn’t having anything with that, telling her to either blow me or get her clothes off so we could fuck.  Guess she just didn’t wanna get herself raped so she closed her eyes shut and bent on over to suck me!  That was so fucking good – especially being the very first to get head from this ravishing redhead!’

The diary continued with:  ‘Damn, that was so fucking great – hearing the bitch gag and gurgle when I throat fucked her!  Saw the whites of her eyes when I came in her throat so I pulled back out some to let her breathe as I filled her mouth up to the brim!  She was frantic, trying to push herself away so she could spit out my cum but I held her right there telling her that she had better swallow it all if she knew what was good for her!  After she swallowed it all, her belly began heaving as she was about to lose it all!  Jeez, got that back door opened just in the nick of time for me to push her head outside as she barfed up everything, dinner and all!  Sure didn’t want all that smelly shit in the car at that point since the party had just begun!’

Grabbing his can of beer, Lebron took a guzzle from it, then continued on: ‘While she was busy puking her guts out, I used a long plastic tie to bind her wrists to the armrest on the door!  When she was done puking, I then flipped the bitch over!  Peeled off her nursing shoes and the short stockings that she wore, then worked her blue nursing pants on down along with her lacy white panties!  “No ……………………no ……………………no ………….what are you doing ………………..oh, God ……………… ………………………ahhhhhh …………..………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she whined when I pushed up the bottom of my hood and began eating out her furry red snatch!  Jezzus, she went right out of her fucking gourd when I ate her cause she fucking orgasmed right on my tongue and her honey tasted so fucking sweet!’

Lebron chuckled out loudly “Stupid bitch really thought I’d keep my word and not rape her since she had managed to get me off!”  The diary continued on: ‘Her eyes were wide as saucers when I began shucking my cock and shuffling up into position between her sexy ivory legs!  “No …………what are you doing?  You promised!” the bitch sobbed out.  I remember laughing and telling her ‘Promises are meant to be broken!’  And then tears began rolling down her cheeks as she cried “Please …………………..please use a condom …………………….please ………………………please ………………….I’m not on the pill!”  That gave me the most fantastic hardon ever, and hearing her cry out in defeat when I stuck it to her bareback, making it one unbelievable fuck!’

The next paragraph on the scrapbook page for the lovely Mrs. Kaitlin Reeves, R.N. advised: ‘The pretty bitch kept crying and crying as I raped in and out of that tight little pussy of hers!  And then when I started telling her how I was going to get her ‘knocked up’ with my little black bastard, the bitch nearly got hysterical but that only got me more turned on!  She kept trying to twist and wiggle out from under me as she kept crying “No ……………no ………………….not in me …………………….not in me!”  Damn, that was so fucking great when I held her trim hips tightly to keep her from wiggling away from me, then I hosed her down real good with my hot baby batter!’

Then the details came to an end with: ‘Got dressed to head on out to where I had parked my car earlier that day, right alongside the curb pass the entrance to the ballpark, before taking the city bus to the hospital to find and hide out in her car.  Snipped off the plastic tie so she could get dressed to go on home to that wimp she’s married to.  The way she was still crying and trying to cover herself, figured there was no way the bitch was going through the shameful ordeal of having to blurt out detail after detail of how she had been defiled and violated.  Hell, there’s no way that pretty little redhead will be able to tell hubby that some big black buck went and tarnished his precious little trophy!’

Indiscriminately moving his thumb down further on his scrapbook, Lebron turned to the page and gazed upon the photo at the top.  Below the attractive brunette in the picture was printed the name of Jennifer Ames, R.N.  Then the diary began: ‘About 27-28 years old, married, saw hubby drop her off one day with two little ones in the car waving and saying ‘Bye, mommy!’ to which she responded with a smile and wave back to them.  But that was only that one time.  Followed her after she got off a couple times and she had her car parked in the lot.  She normally drives into work in a dark blue SUV with lic # SBT 279.  Followed her home to 548 Remmington Place.  Two story house, fenced, suburban neighborhood with lots of kids and neighbors around.  Ravine in back – need to check that out!’

Then the diary read: ‘Two whole fucking weeks but it all paid off!  Knew she’d be off from work as I glanced over at the work schedule they keep at the nurse’s station when I delivered a patient to her floor the other day.  Drove by her house that morning she’d be off work.  Saw her backing up out of the driveway to drop her kids off at school.  As the garage door was going down when I passed the house, hubby must have already gone to work as his car was not in there.  Kept at a safe distance while following her car to the school and then when going back to the direction of her home, she turned off into the parking lot of the grocery store.  Watched her get out wearing a white blouse outside of her jeans and she was wearing tennis shoes.  Thought that she’d most likely drive straight home after shopping, so I aimed on beating her back there!’
Continuing on, it read: ‘Parked a couple blocks away, was unseen going through the storm drain and the ravine, then up over the fence and safely into the fenced in backyard of the beauty’s home.  Found a low window and took off the screen and removed the jealousies, then I was walking around in the very nicely kept home of Mrs. Ames and her family.  Checking the layout of the house, there was a doorway from the garage that led past the laundry room and into the kitchen.  Went upstairs to the master bedroom to see where she sleeps with hubby.  Man, does she smell good!  Her pink panties from the hamper had me wanting to taste some of sweet honey – I was determined that I was gonna stick my tongue right in that nest for a taste of it real soon!’

Looking back up to the picture of the beautiful brunette, Lebron licked at his thick lips in recalling just how delicious the sweet honey was.  Recalling that day, he thought ‘Damn, when I’s saw the breakfast dishes in the sink and looked at the dinette set for four in the corner nook, I knew that babe had just served her hubby and kids with their breakfast!  And me not having eaten anything that morning had me so fuck’n hungry!  I’s sure as hell got a fuck’n hardon when I’s got the bright idea to also have breakfast on that very same table!  And that was when the opening of the garage door made me just outta my skin!  Against the inside of the laundry room wall provided me with the perfect hiding spot and I got to surprise the purty bitch when she walked past the doorway!’

Then back to reading his diary notes: ‘Zapped the bitch with my stun gun, causing her to drop the two bags of groceries that she had been carrying!  Then dragged her over onto the table that I had cleaned off earlier in the breakfast nook!  With the bitch zapped out and lying there limp on table, I then peeled off her sneakers – saw her cute pedicured toes, then I started working the jeans down those long sexy legs of hers!  Next, I unbuttoned the white blouse that she was wearing and got that off her before tying her widespread arms and legs to the table legs!  Then I got to touch her soft smooth body all over as she was dressed in only her lacy white bra and panties!  Next, I slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth as a precaution!  Very pretty feet!  Very soft and smooth feeling as I stroked my cock up against her pink soles as a primer to the main event!’

Lebron chuckled to himself in recalling those frightened brown eyes of the lovely wife and mother when she regained consciousness to discover her plight.  Laughing as he could still picture here horrified eyes when she turned to see him standing there buck naked, except for the black hood that he had on while stroking at his jutting hardon.  ‘Damn, she started shaking all over and rattling that table when I’s started moving towards her!  Loved those tears flowing from her eyes when I’s ran my hands all over her legs and belly before cupping her titties over the lacy bra she was wearing!’ he remembered.  ‘Ah, but those nips sure started budding out when I started thumbing them through that thin bra of hers!’ he chuckled.

Back to the diary notes, it read: ‘Deepened my voice, so that she wouldn’t recognize it back at the hospital, when I told her “Sorry I missed the breakfast you prepared earlier!  But don’t worry, I’ll just help myself to the soft juicy fruit you got all wrapped up under here!”  Pushed up her lacy bra, then sucked on those sweet titties of hers and she went crazy wiggling around on the table!  Next, it easy shredding those thin lacy panties of hers and she was bucking like crazy to get me off when I went and clamped my open mouth over her furry muff!  That table started shaking and rattling on the floor when I stuck my tongue in her sweet tasty snatch!’

‘Damn, she really started fighting against those ropes when I stood up and started shucking at my boner, cause she knew what was coming next!   That table wasn’t the sturdiest cause it sure got wobbly when I got up on it with her!’ Lebron recalled.  Then he looked at the next entry that read: ‘Man, her ass felt so soft and sexy when I felt her up to get myself a good grip!  Thank God for the duct tape cause she would have screamed bloody murder when I tried getting my cock up that tight little snatch of hers.  Shit, took me three times to get just three inches fucked up into her twat!  Finally on the fourth try I managed to slam the salami home!’

Smiling as he could still picture her terrified face as she whipped her head from side to side on the table to tell him ‘NO!  Don’t cum in me!’ when he taunted the bitch on how he was gonna knock her up with his little black bastard.  “Damn, that was so much fuck’n fun looking down into her scared face while dick’n her and telling her how I was cum in her and plant me potent seed in her snatch!” Lebron chuckled loudly.  Closing his eyes as he pictured himself back on that kitchen table, Lebron moved back and forth as he began reliving the moment, recalling how he had chanted out “Git ready, sweetie ………cause I’s a cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!”  Lebron remembered collapsing in exhaustion upon his sexy victim, then whispered in her ear “And I’s ain’t shoot no blanks either, honey!”

The last paragraph on this page advised: ‘That bitch ain’t ever want eat at that kitchen table again, not after that day – not after I made her suck me off right after pulling out of he sloppy cunt!  Man, was she choking and gagging when I filled her mouth up with hot jizz!  Bitch was trying to keep from swallowing, thinking that I was gonna pull out of her mouth!  But I pinched her nose and she had to swallow in order to get some air!  Jeez, I thought she was gonna fucking puke when I pulled out but she was having dry heaves in trying to upchuck all that cum in her belly!  Cut the rope on one hand and leg so she could get herself untied after I left!  Ain’t no way that pretty bitch was gonna call the cops, not the way she started bawling when I dared her to “Go ahead and call the cops!  Tell’em how a black bastard raped you on the kitchen table and then how you had to suck it right from outta your cunt!”  There’s no need to worry about her reporting this rape!’

‘Well, one more to look again before bedtime!  Gotta git my’s shut-eye so’s I can git to work early and look fer some new honeys!  Maybe I’ll park in the south lot tomorrow and check out the scenery!’ Lebron told himself.  Already sporting a massive hardon, Lebron figured on looking at one more page and go to bed reliving those four rapes, wanking off in bed would of course give him some much needed relief.  This was now his nightly routine in getting his pleasure and relief, other than when he was after the real thing which couldn’t be beat.  Looking at his scrapbook, Lebron smiled in seeing how thick it had gotten, with only that one rape being reported because the security guard found the bitch when she was unconscious.

Flipping to the final selection for the night, Lebron smiled at picture of the lovely blonde atop of the page.  It was a picture Lebron had taken of Lori Jacobson, R.N. when she was looking at a patient’s x-ray.  ‘Damn, she was a real sweetie!  And a real fighter, too!’ he mused in thinking back to that eventful night when she had nearly escaped the fate Lebron had planned for her.  ‘Sure has hell surprised me nearly threw me when I attacked from the back!  Obviously she had to have taken some self-defense class!  Should’ve used that stun gun of mine!  Lucky thing I’m way heavier and stronger than she is and that helped counter her move in itself and I then managed to take her to the ground and drag her off into the deep brush!’ he recalled.

Looking at his notations in the scrapbook, it reminded him that the beauty was:  ‘About 25-26 years of age, about 5’4”, married, lives in a gated community, works on the first floor in the x-ray/cat scan depts.  Gated community has a guard post up front by the key card gate, thus can’t get to her there!  Might be a real tough one to get to as she’s very cautious as to where she parks, making sure it’s in a well lit area.  Works the day shift and basically heads straight on home each day.  Tailed her four times and this one might just not pan out for me unless I get lucky!’

‘Man-oh-man, was this my lucky day!  Unfuckingbelievable!  That last entry above was done a month ago and I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting to this fucking bitch!  Somebody must be looking after me up there – or down there for that matter!  Shit, who cares so long as someone’s looking after me – shit yeah!  Guess the devil takes care of his own!  She was just driving me fucking crazy, especially as I’d see her at least once a day in the x-ray department delivering or picking up a patient from there!  Just lucked out hearing her talking to another gal at the nurse’s station and heard the bitch ask her co-worker if she was going for her normal walk around Lake Hope as her husband would be working late this evening!’ Lebron had written in his scrapbook entry.

Lebron smiled to himself in recalling the co-worker advise that unfortunately she had promised to take her daughter to some type of recital early that evening and had to go home right after work.  He recalled the co-worker advising “It’s very safe as lots of people go out after work and often the parking lot gets filled up!  Thank goodness we can leave just before 4 p.m. here and that let’s me get a good parking spot before the crowd comes!  That’s what you should do too – leave right after work and get there early!”  Lebron’s cock twitched in recalling the lovely blonde beauty unknowingly set herself up as ‘rapebait’ that afternoon when she thanked her co-worker for that tip.

In his scrapbook, it noted: ‘Got a real bright idea and went to the hospital’s maintenance shop where couple of my buddies worked.  Had one of my buddies make up a sign that looked official or commercially done, stating ‘Caution:  Enter at your own risk!  Mountain lion spotted!’  Attaching the sign to the top of one of those fold up barricade signs with yellow flashing lights, it would appear that the State’s Fish and Game Department had placed it there.  It worked like a charm as I followed the bitch to the lake and parked far away in the lot!  Guess she figured she wasn’t all alone and more people would soon be arriving so she headed out for her walk in her white nurse’s uniform, less the white lab coat that she normally wore at work.  Once the bitch was out of sight, I placed that flashing sign to the right of her car, just in front of the walkway of the trail leading down to the lake!

The diary notes continued with: ‘I’d been to this lake once when I was in high school to rip off cars in the parking lot before when I was a teenager and knew the general layout.  Thus, I ran along on the top trail that overlooked the lake, then went down over the side into the forested area to lay in wait just when she’d be making that first quarter turn.  Went from tree to tree and lay in wait behind the large base of the fir tree that was nearest to the walking path.  Took off my shirt and put on the black hood my head before peering out to check on that little blonde sweetie as she got nearer and nearer to me!  Man, my fucking cock was twitching like crazy in anticipation but I could see that the bitch was getting a bit worried as she kept glancing over her shoulder wondering where all the other walkers and joggers were.’

Lebron was sure glad he had come up with this scrapbook idea as it brought back all the minute details of each caper that he pulled off and he could then replay all the details in his mind.  “Damn, that sign was a stroke of genius!” he complimented himself as he looked back at the scrapbook that read: ‘Timed it just right!  The bitch stopped and turned to look back at the perfect time, allowing me to make my move and grab her!  One hand clamped over her mouth just as a precaution, an arm circling her trim waist – but that’s when she caught me off guard with that elbow to my gut and the move she learned in some self-defense class!  But I managed to overpower her with my size and strength – then that was it – she was all mine at that point as I hauled her off the trail and into the deep brush!’

With this being the fourth caper he’d gone over in his scrapbook, his nuts were churning and in dire need of relief.  Another glance down at the picture of the blonde nurse atop of the page and Lebron then closed his eyes as all the details written were replayed in his head.  ‘That sign sure worked like a charm cause there were no other cars out there when I went back to my car after fucking that bitch!  Shit, it even made the newspaper the next day as it came out that there were really no reports of any mountain lion being spotted at the lake!  Guess someone who came to the lake inquired with the game department to see if it was safe to go back there and the game dept then advised the newspaper that it apparently had been a hoax by a prankster!’

Pumping at his cock, Lebron didn’t need to read the journal further as he could picture the details of the rape in his mind: ‘When I left the bitch in the forest, she was crying like a baby and all curled up in the fetal position!  Wonder if she found all her clothes cause I went and threw it in all directions before leaving, one shoe here and the other in the opposite direction, her uniform pants one way and top the other!  Didn’t throw them too far though but it was getting kind of dark when I got done with the blonde bitch!  Hope she didn’t look for her bra and panties too long cause those items came home with me!’

As Lebron remembered: ‘Once I got control of the bitch and had her arms pinned over her head with my hand clamped over her wrists, she started bawling like crazy as I began pulling off the nursing pants that she wore.  “No ………………….no ……………….no …………………no ……………….no …………………!” was all she kept whimpering as she cried through out the fuck.  Gave each of her titties a good bite – ought to a couple weeks before the bruises from my teeth mark go away!  Damn, was she one tight little bitch!  Really started bawling when I went and stuck it to her – even more so when I told her that I was knock her up and give her a nigger baby – just before I went and creamed in her!  Jezz, that was one time hearing the so-called ‘N’ word sounded so great!  Fuck that was great – hearing a whitie crying at hearing the ‘N’ word!  Fucking great!’

Fist pumping faster and faster, Lebron arched up, needing to cum so badly at this point.  In his mind was that last paragraph on the page of Lori Jacobson, R.N. that read: ‘After getting hard again after raping the crying bitch, I went and straddled her shoulders and gave her my licorice stick to suck on!  Couldn’t believe it when the whimpering bitch told me that she’d never done such a ‘filthy’ thing before!  Shit, my cock was only filthy with fuck juice but it got all clean after she blew me!’  Damn, never seen a bitch cough and gag on cum like that before!  Just too much protein, I guess!’

“Ahhh …………………..ahhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lebron sighed as he got the much needed relief after sending that geyser of cum up into the air.  He thought back to the day after that rape, going to the x-ray department to see if made it in and learned that Nurse Jacobson had called in ‘sick’.  Same thing the following day but she did make it back into work on the third day.  Closing the scrapbook for the night, Lebron soon fell asleep while thinking of how he’d lay in wait for his next victim.

End of Story (for now).