Hotel’s Hidden Horror
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Now at the age of 62, Masao Otake was quite excited at having won the bidding for the Emerald Regency Hotel, using the money from the sale of his boutique electronics firm to a big conglomerate.  Maso knew that he had paid a premium for the property but figured that he’d eventually recoup the cost factor.  The hotel advertised heavily and catered to American businesses, with occupancy high as U.S. companies were flocking into Japan to lock up lucrative big business deals.

Money was not his primary concern nor motive for concentrating his sights on the Emerald Regency, for there was one thing that he lived for or more correctly die for ……………………..and with the Emerald’s current reputation of catering to U.S. companies, all the goodies just would come walking right into his doorway!  The outside of the hotel prsented itself as that of a historic Japanese setting but the interior had all the modern comforts of the current day.  And that incentive was sweet and tasty American pie ………………………..more precisely, beautiful American beauties were what turned on Masao the most!

Always he had to admire them from afar, for what lovely American beauty would find a pudgy old man like him attractive.  He had come to hate American men, having dealt with many who failed to fulfill their promises or abide by the agreement reached.  But Masao had to admire many of the American men, whether or not they had turned out to be lousy bastards, that being that those who had wives under forty years of age had very beautiful wives.

Taking his knowledge of electronics with him would prove invaluable to achieve his devious plan to fulfill his lustful desires.  The rather boutique electronics firm had specialized in creative spyware products and anti-spy devices, all of which he planned on using for his vile purposes.  The sale of his company involved non-compete clauses but also provided him with purchase of the company products at wholesale for his personal usage.  Thus, all the mini-cameras and spyware equipment was available to him at any time and at the cost of the product.

A genius at his trade, Masao had been tinkering with a couple of devices for several years and had not been marketed nor a part of the company sold.  He had been thinking about these items, tinkering with them for so long.  Once he had them perfected, with the buyout offer from the conglomerate and Emerald Regency up on the market, the time was right to reap the benefits.  With the transactions accomplished, Masao then took a hands on approach to retrofit the Emerald Regency, one room at a time.

New paintings were to be put up in each room, all of which had first passed through Masao’s private office for inspection and to apply his special addition.  Many were paintings of animals and to give them a lifelike appearance, a dark glass eye was substituted, giving the painting a somewhat three dimensional look.  But that glass eye was really a miniature camera that would transmit the view right down to his office.

Then he would install a transmitter in the digital desk clock, using the digits of the room number that would activate it when he punched it into his main control box.  With practice, he’d be able to retrofit each room in an hour’s time.  Once Masao punched in the room number, the transmitter would have all three cameras operating and he’d be able to see the view on his monitors.  Removing the double door locks and metal latches, he then replaced them with the retrofitted locks and new metal latches that had thicker metal hinges.  His new inventions had been added into the new locks and the thick metal hinges hid the micro chip in the interior that could be control by a certain frequency on a handheld remote if within a foot of it.

Knowing that hotel guests always would secure their rooms, using their security lock and door latch, Masao’s Emerald Regency would certainly provide them that assurance.  But with his retrofitted locking mechanisms and latches, their safety precautions would only provide them safety from others, those without the special remote designed to override the safety precautions taken.  Sitting back and smiling to himself, Masao rubbed his pudgy hands together, looking forward to putting his new technology to use.

At the hotel, Masao changed things a bit, having a young very pleasant staff at the front desk to assist the guests while he stayed out of sight and coordinated things behind the scene.  Seeing that the majority of flights arrived in the early evening, plus knowing the airlines served fairly decent meals on long international flights, Masao knew that most guests would be headed up to their rooms right away to go over their business plans and prepare for the next day.

Thus, Masao put into effect a policy where each guest checking in would be asked if they wanted a wake up call in the morning and asked for their preference for hot tea or coffee that would be brought up to their room within the next half hour.  And to avoid any suspicion, Masao had his female employees dressed in kimonos to make the delivery of tea or coffee to each room.  But in the background, he was providing instructions as to where each tray was to be delivered.

With ten rooms retrofitted that first day, Masao went over the list of incoming guests, hoping that he would be able to satisfy his building lust to sample a sweet American beauty.  And to increase his chances of scoring that night, Masao had male guests and couples assigned rooms not yet retrofitted.  Only women checking in alone would be assigned the to the rooms and Masao felt certain that he’d be fortunate that evening.  He would now await the return of the hotel’s two shuttles that had recently departed to airport to bring in the arriving guests.

Watching his monitors, taking in the guests checking in, he turned up the volume so he could take in the conversation taking place at the front desk.  Taking notes, licking his lips at the potential prospects, Masao’s cock gave a lurch and his nuts churned when the lovely Kelli Turner hung up her cellphone as she was next in line to check-in.  The name was familiar to Masao as he had assigned the lone female to one of the ten retrofitted rooms.  He listened to her asking for a 6:30 a.m. wake up call and advised that ‘hot tea would be just perfect’.

For Mrs. Kelli Turner, this was quite an exciting trip for her as she had gotten the choice opportunity of making flying over for her company to arrange the purchase of a new product line for the fall.  At the age of 31, Kelli had progressed quickly with McCormick Interiors that distributed home furnishings throughout the nation.  Married for seven years to handsome Mark Turner, Kelli knew that she would miss her husband on this trip, and especially her two little girls Terri (age 5) and Sheri (age 3).  With Mark’s mom staying over to help with the girls, Kelli was relieved to know that her little ones were in good hands.

For Masao, the 5’7” beauty stood far taller than the normal Japanese gal and he was hot and horny to sample this lovely American beauty.  ‘Ah, flaming red hair …………..with such a lovely milk-white skin ……………………..ooooh, you shall be the first American beauty to have the honor of having Masao’s big fat ‘unagi!’ he chuckled, referring his throbbing hardon to that of an eel.  And then he thought ‘Masao shall send the beautiful Mrs. Turner back to America with a slant-eyed little baby growing in her belly, heh, heh, heh!’

Masao was no fool, thinking and planning things out perfectly were one of his traits, with no hesitation to indulge in unscrupulous activities if the need arose.  That was how he had eliminated the competition in the spyware business, forcing one into bankruptcy and having a hitman take care of another.  He certainly did not want his devious caper to come to an abrupt end, wanting to sample a sweet succulent American dish each night, for as long as he did not get caught.

He knew that questions would arrive months down the road ………………nine months from this point in time …………………..when a faithful American beauty gives birth to dark-haired yellow baby!  ‘Sure, that American bitch will swear that she had not been unfaithful to her husband while on her trip!  She’ll then claim that somehow she must have been drugged and raped, getting impregnated in the process!’ Masao figured.  Thus, Masao knew that no telltale signs of any break-in or the rape could be left behind.  He would need to be meticulous in the clean-up and relocking the door and latch when departing.

With the hotel dismissed as the suspected place, the distraught beauty would then surmise that it must have been at one of her dinner business meetings when the crime had been committed.  And with most making the lengthy journey apt to schedule as many business meetings as possible, the raped beauty would then have to search her mind back to all the details of a trip taken nine months earlier and scrutinize her every step.  Knowing this, Masao cock twitched in excitement, thinking ‘I wonder just how many one happy marriages would come to an end with it becoming evident that the pretty American wife had an Asian cock fucked up into her to result in making the little slant-eyed bastard!’

Going out to where the room-service staff was located, Masao went over the items being placed on the trays to be taken up to the rooms of the new guests.  Lifting the cover of the teapot destined from Room 703, that of the lovely Mrs. Kelli Turner, he let the potent herbs slip from his palm into the hot liquid.  Once dissolved, the drug would act similarly to what was known as a ‘roofie’ only not last as long and the victim would remember all that had happened till the point where it would seem like she had just dozed off in exhaustion from the flight or that long business day, with jet lag the obvious blame.

Back in the privacy of his office, Masao watched his monitors that were beamed in on Room 703.  Licking his lips, he observed the lovely red-haired beauty take off the jacket of her blue business suit.  Now the tall American beauty was dressed in a light blue blouse, navy blue pants and matching 3” heels, using her cellphone to make a call.  ‘Soon, my lovely American beauty …………………….you shall make Masao’s dream come true!  And Masao shall give you a gift for making his dream come true …………………….his little bastard to take back to your American husband!’ he chuckled.

“Hi, sweetie!  How are you doing?” Kelli asked her daughter Terri who had answered the phone.  “Yes, mommy just got in to her hotel room!  Is Sheri still up?” she asked.  “Good, put her on so I can say ‘Hi’!  Mommy will call again soon and I’ll make sure to look for that little geisha doll for you!” she advised.  “Hi, Sheri!  How’s my little girl?  Are you behaving for grandma?” Kelli asked her younger daughter who had come on the phone.

Then, after having spoken with her youngest child, Masao heard her say “Okay, bye, sweetie …………………now put daddy on the phone!”  And then he heard “Hi, honey!  How are you and the girls doing with your mom?”  “Oh, good ………………I was worried about the girls giving you a bad time over dinner and taking a bath!”  “Yes, I’m so exhausted from the flight!  I’m going to go over some of my outlines for tomorrow and then take a shower!”

Just as the lovely beauty hung up the phone, room service arrived and a tray with a hot pot of tea and some cookies were placed into her room.  On the monitors, he watched as the American beauty tipped the gal from room service, then followed her to the front door to turn the security lock as well as to latch the metal catch as a safety precaution.  ‘Ah, my sweet American beauty ……………………you will soon be mine!’ he told himself.  Watching the monitor, Masao saw her pour herself a cup of tea, then go and get the laptop computer from its case.

While working on her computer and sipping her tea, Masao watched intently as more and more of the tea was consumed.  And then it was beginning to work as the lovely beauty’s eyelids were getting heavy and her head drowsy.  A moment later, with her head upon her arm, the lovely Mrs. Kelli Turner was out totally from the potent herbal drug.  Getting his things together on another tray, he would bring another teapot to swap with the drugged potion once in the room.  And if he passed any of the staff along, he’d merely say that a guest wanted another pot of tea, telling them that he’d take care of it.

Tray in hand, Masao looked about both ends of the hallway to make sure that no one was around.  Remote held up to eye level where the latch would be, he pressed in the room number and on the back of the door, the latch slowly swung away from the connecting bolt.  Then, using his remote to key in the special code for the unit’s door lock, the unlocking of the security lock could be heard.  And with his master cardkey to all the units, he was entering the drugged beauty’s room.  Walking in, Masao smiled at the scene he had last observed on the monitor with the American beauty’s head still resting on her arm while passed out on the king-sized bed.

First to change the drugged teapot with the new one, Masao then set the tray aside to take with him on his departure.  Though excited and anxious to strip the lovely American beauty, Masao scolded himself with ‘Remember, haste makes waste ……………….and this is not the time to get careless after all that planning!’  He took in the drugged beauty’s position, how she was dressed, planning to recreate her state of dress and her approximate position before he left.

Reaching down, he touched her foot, his fingers drifting from the spiked heel to the soft smooth flesh of her ankle.  Peeling off her heel, Masao then touched her soft pink sole and gazed at her pedicured toes, his cock lurching from the excitement.  And then he did the same to her other heel and foot.  And then he studied her suit pants, making sure that he took in where the button and zipper was located so that he would redress her in the very same manner and the drugged beauty would not know anything had gone awry.

Navy blue pants unbuttoned and unzipped, Masao then began working them down the beauty’s ivory white thighs.  He smiled as her baby blue panties were revealed and he proceeded to pull the pants from her pretty feet.  Reaching up, he grasped the waistband of the lacy garment to work them down over her trim hips.  Masao sucked in his breath at the tantalizing sight of her curls, realizing in awe that this lovely American bitch was a true redhead.   Panties down her long legs and sexy feet, he then held up the silky garment to inhale her sweet fragrance.

Wrapping the panties around his throbbing ‘unagi’, he was now primed and ready for the big event.  Setting the panties down upon her pants, Masao reached up to undo her light blue blouse, then pushed up her lacy bra unveiling her twin beauties capped with lovely red nipples.  Leaning up, he took one nipple into his mouth, gently working it till it hardened in his mouth.  And then the same to its twin, being sure not to bite down too hard and leave any telltale bruises.

And then came the beautiful and sweet smell of the lovely American wife as Masao buried his face into her soft red curls, inhaling the sweet fragrance of the succulent beauty.  Mouth clamped over her sex, his thick tongue began to explore her sweet juicy slit.  Sliding forward, draping the backs of the beauty’s soft thighs over his broad shoulders, Masao was now eating his very first ‘American pie’!  As his exploring tongue found her ultra-sensitive clit, slick juices began flowing into his hungry mouth.

Cock ready to punch a hole in the mattress, Masao lifted his face up from the tasty dish and shuffled forward between the long trim legs of the drugged wife.  “Ah, my sweet American beauty ………………….you shall now have a fat Japanese ‘unagi’ wiggling its way up into your tight little pussy!” Masao gloated as he rubbed his bloated cockhead up against her pink slit.  “Ooooooh ………………………my, my ………………my prettee American flower must have a husband no more the size of Masao’s thumb ……………….heh, heh!” he chuckled at the feel of how tight she was.

For an Asian, Masao’s eight incher would make the normal man proud.  But even more so was his thickness, with his meat going seven and a half inches in diameter.  And as for his swollen balls, one geisha had commented on them being big as kiwis, with the amount of semen generated out of them filling a half cup of goo.  Grasping the soft trim hips, Masao thrust forward, forcing his thick penis into the drugged beauty and felt the warm tight sleeve envelope his manhood.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh ………………………oh, yes ………………..yes, my American beauty ……………………….you shall not leave Japan empty handed!  Masao is quite the Japanese host at his hotel ……………………..he shall see to it that you go home to your husband with a beautiful gift from Japan ……………………..yes, and once you see it, you won’t need a label saying ‘Made in Japan’!” he laughed.  Holding still, cock buried in the raped beauty, Masao needed to compose himself a bit or end it all too soon with a premature ejaculation.

Composed once again, Masao sliced in and out of the raped beauty, grasping one ivory leg at a time to drape them over his back at the knees as he continued to rape her.  Caressing her soft inner thighs, Masao savored this moment, his dream of possessing a lovely American beauty finally realized.  Faster and faster, pumping his big bloated cock into the raped wife, Masao was now building up to his biggest load ever ejaculated from his swollen ‘kiwis’.

“Yes, Mrs. Turner ……………………yes ……………………..yessssssssssssssss ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned, shuddering as spurt after spurt of his Asian hot sauce coated the fertile womb of the raped American beauty.  “Ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhh!” Masao grunted as he continued seeding the lovely young wife, causing him to become concerned he a had apparently filled her womb to the brim as he could feel cum escaping from her raped slit to begin oozing down his swollen balls.

Reaching over, Masao grabbed a tissue from the box nearby, using it to capture the cum oozing down his balls and prevent any telltale stains from forming on the bedspread beneath the raped beauty.  Finally, after easing his spent cock out of the American wife, Masao got the wet towel out of the plastic bag on the tray that he had brought with him, more evidence of his well-thought out plan.

Wiping the cum oozing out of the beauty’s raped slit first, he did her inner thighs as well just as an added precaution.  Then he used the towel to wipe off his messy cock, though he had wanted to savor the feel of the juices drying upon him.  But he wanted and needed to sate another fantasy of his, that of seeing the lovely American beauty’s soft pink lips wrapped around his cock.  It would have been even more satisfying to have the beautiful wife awake to the take of semen in her mouth, to see her face in realizing how she had been defiled by another man.

Shucking his withered old cock, Masao smiled as a pearly drop of cum from his balls formed at the top of his pisshole.  At least now, he’d have the vile satisfaction of knowing that the lovely American beauty would have a taste-test of some potent Asian cum on her trip over to Japan.  Now up on the bed, Masao spread his knees wide to straddle the lovely beauty, he used his left thumb to press down upon her chin.  And with right hand grasping his droopy cock, he eased his fleshy dong between the soft beautiful lips.

Fucking into her beautiful face, Masao leaned back a bit as he wanted to make sure that the hidden camera in the painting to his right captured the view of the American beauty with a mouthful of his yellow cock and his ‘kiwi’ sized balls banging up against her chin.  “Ahhh, my prettee American bitch ………………………if only Mr. Turner could see his lovely wife now!  I know you planned on sampling some authentic Japanese sushi on your trip here, but how about some authentic Japanese ‘unagi’ for starters, huh?  Heh, heh …………………………ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!” he shuddered.

His pudgy body convulsing and nuts churning once again, with cock only at three quarter strength, Masao managed to dribble out what few pearly drops of semen that his aged old balls could generate.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………my sweet American beauty …………………………..I must apologize ………………..just a little for your taste buds ………………………………as your tight little pussy drained Masao’s old balls dry ……………….heh, heh!” he gloated in triumph.

“Ah ……………………..ah …………………..ahhh!” Masao panted and sighed in exhaustion as he eased his spent ‘unagi’ from her lips.  Then, as the idea crossed his evil mind, he chuckled out loud “Hmmm, perhaps you would like to entertain Masao when he comes to America, huh?  Tell Mr. Turner a little white lie so you can join Masao up in his hotel suite!  So much better than having your little girls see pictures of their pretty mommy with Masao’s ‘unagi’ in her mouth, heh ……………….heh, heh!”

Leaning back on his haunches, Masao took in the lovely sight or the American beauty that he had just drugged and raped. He reached over, placing his hand on the soft creamy belly, smiled and was trying to picture it bloating up to watermelon size during the next nine months.  “Ah, my pretty American beauty …………………………months from now, your husband will be caressing your belly like I am doing right now, thinking that his little baby is growing in there ………………………….but what will his reaction be when a little slant-eyed bastard falls into his hands in the delivery room?” he asked of the sleeping beauty.

With time being no problem, Masao then let his caressing hand move up to her right tittie and began caresses her nipple once again.  Once hardened, he moved over to the left.  Then he bent over to suckle upon the hardened buds once again before pulling her lacy bra back down to cover them.  Touching the soft creamy thighs, Masao reached over to grab a tissue as he noticed a pearly drop of his creamy cum about to escape the violated slit of the raped beauty, dabbing at the raw slit to absorb the telltale evidence.  But with still another pearly drop forming on her outer lips, Masao reached over to retrieve the damp towel, pushing it into her raped twat with his middle finger to clean her up a bit more.

Picking up her panties, he looked down for the tag to be certain to pull them back on correctly.  Over one foot, then the other, Masao proceeded to put the panties up her long sexy legs.  Drooping cock brushed against the soft sole of her left foot, causing his dwindled ‘unagi’ to spring back to life once again.  Pumping back and forth, rubbing his growing cock against her soft foot, he got back to the task of getting her panties back into place.

Leaning back while continuing to rub himself against her tender sole, Masao let his hands caress the beauty’s ivory white legs that had given him so much pleasure.  Hands now at her ankles, Masao then brought her sexy feet together as he sought to please himself once again, this time by rubbing letting his ‘unagi’ wiggle all about her soft pink soles.  The thought of doing this at the start had crossed his mind, but he was determined to deposit his hot potent seed in a more ‘productive’ location, knowing that he’d be creaming all over her pretty toes if he’d allow himself that fuck pleasure first.

“Ummmm ……………………ahh …………………ahhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhh ………………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh!” Masao groaned as his pudgy old body shuddered once again.  This time, just a few drops of thin pearly cream were generated out of his old balls.  Using his now limp cock, he smeared the thin layer of cream on her pretty toes, figuring that the thin layer of evidence would dry quickly and go unnoticed.

Reaching for her navy blue suit slacks that were a part of her business suit, he got them over her legs and worked it up to her waist, being sure to tuck her blouse neatly before zipping her up and buttoning the top.  Then, he reached for her heels and put them back on her sexy feet.  Then he turned her on the side, left arm up and head on her arm, then he put her laptop back before her.  After viewing her succulent pink lips, he got another tissue to wipe her upper lip, cleaning off the smudged lipstick apparently caused by the face-fucking he had given her.  Surveying the bed, picturing the scene before the rape of the American beauty, Masao was now satisfied that he had meticulously covered his tracks.

Looking about, Masao retrieved the damp washcloth that he had brought with him and put it on the tray with the drugged pot of tea.  Then, picking up the full pot of regular tea that he had brought with him, Masao poured some out into the drugged teapot as it would be odd for her to still have a full pot of tea when she had consumed two cups.  Again surveying the room after getting dressed, he then picked the tray with the drugged tea and proceeded to the doorway.  Turning back, surveying the rape scene once again, he made sure everything looked in order before exiting.  Then, getting his remote out, he would then close the latch back over the bolt and relock the security knob.

Looking at his watch while checking out the cleanliness of the hotel lobby and the front drive up area, Masao saw that it was nearing that six hour time frame from when the beautiful American beauty had consumed the drugged tea.  Having left the lights on in her room, as they were when he had entered, he figured that the lighting would help bring the sleeping beauty awake only the effects of the herbs wore off.  Another fifteen minutes and then he’d go back into his private office and turn on the monitors in Room 703, hoping to see the raped beauty awake from her slumber and watch her movements.

Monitors to Room 703 now viewed for the past twenty minutes and all was still, exactly as how it was when Masao had exited the room.  Finally, a slight movement as the lovely beauty stirred and head turned a bit.  And then her eyelids were moving, signaling to Masao that the American wife was about to awake.  He anxiously watched in anticipation, wanting to see if the raped beauty would find anything strange or amiss from when she had dozed off.

Head rolling off her arm and onto the bed, Kelli blinked her eyes rapidly to get them focused.  Then she realized that she must have dozed off while going over her work plans for the coming day.  ‘Oh, my gosh …………………it’s 3 a.m.!  That long flight over and time difference must have wiped me out!  I haven’t even gotten out of the clothes I wore or showered yet!’ Kelli realized.  ‘I’d better shower now and get a good rest for tomorrow’s presentation!’ she told herself.

Running her tongue over the roof of her mouth, Kelli noted the slight oily feel and salty taste.  But not ever having had a cock or male semen in her mouth ever before, Kelli merely thought that it was the after taste of the delicious tea cookies she had eaten along with the hot tea that she had consumed.  Getting up off the bed, she closed her laptop and put it away for the morning.  Then going over to her suitcase, Kelli opened it and searched for a pair of panties and her sleeping gown.

Kicking off her heels, Kelli then headed to the bathroom.  But first to double check the door latch and security lock to be on the safe side.  Being in a foreign country, she did not want to take any chances.  Nipples tingling a bit, slit slick, Kelli smiled as she thought ‘Gosh ………………after talking to Mark …………………dreaming of us making passionate love together ……………………it sure must have given me a wet dream!’  Pulling her blouse out from her pants, she then reached over to adjust the hot water in the shower.

It was now the morning of Day 2 and Masao was beaming with the overwhelming success of his new business venture, especially by the special dividends it had paid during the night.  Today, he planned on getting another six to eight rooms retrofitted with his special devices and would go over the list of incoming guests to prearrange the rooms assigned, with of course the retrofitted rooms going to lone female guests checking in.  And for tonight, Masao had his heart set on sampling a lovely American blonde beauty.

For beautiful blonde, blue-eyed thirty-two year old Cheryl Anderson, flying to Japan on a company expense was a dream come true.  ‘What could be better …………………other than having Bob and the boys with me!’ she thought.  With Asian art coming into the scene in the States, she got the assignment as the buyer on this trip.  Representing Stafford Galleries, she would be the one making all the decisions as to pieces of art to be displayed by the company.  She and her husband loved dining at the Japanese restaurant a few miles from the home, so she wanted to compare it to how they served things in Japan.

Looking out from the shuttle, Cheryl was quite impressed at the gorgeous grounds and entranceway to the Emerald Regency.  Wheeling her suitcase with to the front desk, Cheryl proceeded to check-in.  Receiving the cardkey to Room 805, she was quite impressed how efficient the staff was in asking if she desired a wake up and taking care of right then and there.  And when asked, Cheryl was further impressed and responded “Oh, that’s wonderful …………………I’d like to try the Japanese tea!”

“Ah, yes, my lovely American beauty ……………………… shall have some Japanese tea ………………………and me!  Heh, heh …………….Masao’s ‘unagi’, that is!” he chuckled as his cock twitched in anticipation.  Activating the monitor’s in Room 805, he watched as the lovely blonde beauty entered the room with the bellhop bringing in the luggage for her.  Once the bellhop exited, he watched and smiled as the young wife turned the metal latch to bolt the door as well as to secure the security lock.

Then he watched as she unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it over her head to hang it up.  In her slip and undies, the lovely beauty then bent over undo the straps of her white heels and then step out of them.  As she got some papers out of her briefcase and went to the bed, Masao figured that he had better go on out and check on the room service department staff and make sure that they delivered all trays out to the guests.  And of course, he intended on personally seeing to it that the pretty guest in Room 805 got her very special Japanese herbal tea.

Back to his private office and gazing at the monitor, Masao watched as the lovely blonde wife continued on with her paperwork, then continue to look at her wristwatch.  Then she reached for the phone and began punching in the numbers and after a few seconds she smiled and spoke “Hi, Ben ………………….were you good today at school?”  And so the conversation continued as Masao eavesdropped in to hear her later greet her other son Kenny.

Then there was a knock on the door as room service was delivering her herbal tea.  He heard her tell her son to “I need to get the sweetie!  Put daddy on the phone and tell him that I’ll be right back!”    Finally, hubby was on the line as the blonde beauty poured herself a cup of tea and Masao heard her advise “Honey, you’ve just got to be firm with them!  Make them bathe and do their chores before they can watch television!”  Hearing her scold her husband about the boys, Masao mouthed ‘Don’t be a little bitch, sweetie!’

Masao smiled widely upon hearing the lovely wife tell her husband “Hmm, honey ……………………..this Japanese herbal tea so good ……………………really gives you a calming feeling!”  He was delighted in seeing that the teacup was being refilled with even more of the drugged liquid.  Finally, the telephone conversation came to an end with the young wife telling her husband “I love you too, honey!  Miss you!  Bye!”  Telephone hung up, he watched the beauty scan over her paperwork and could see that her head was now getting heavy as the drug coursed through her petite body.

Remote and master key used once again, Masao gained entry into the supposed privacy of the American beauty’s hotel room.  Putting down the tray and teapot that he had brought with him, Masao stood at the edge of the bed gazing down upon the succulent blonde beauty as he began to strip the clothes off his fat pudgy body.  Cock jutting straight out, he moved forward to caress the soft pink sole of her left foot his throbbing ‘unagi’.  Shivering with pleasure, he backed away for fear of spewing his load right then and there, telling himself to proceed as planned and in the same sequence as he had done the night before.

After studying her position and dress for later, Masao then pushed up the hem of her slip and proceeded to ease her pair of white lacy panties from her trim hips and down her sexy white legs.  Inhaling a whiff of her sweet panties, Masao then turned the blonde beauty over to view his golden treasure.  Admiring was one thing but he now just wanted to eat up his succulent prize.  Head in the juncture of her soft ivory thighs, he then rubbed in face in the soft golden curls and began feasting on his dessert for the night.

His lips and chin glistening from the feast he had treated himself to, Masao then pushed her slip up further and pushed up her lacy white bra to sample her tender pink nipples.  Then, turning the beauty back on over, he drew her up at the hips.  Reaching for a pillow, he placed it under her turned face.  Masao chuckled loudly “My blonde American bitch ……………………..scolding your husband like that …………………………sounding like a little bitch ………………………………..well, Masao shall treat you like a bitch ………………………..fuck you like a bitch!”

“Ooooooh, my ………………………… pretty Mrs. Anderson ……………….you likee the feel of Masao’s ‘unagi’ wiggling up your tight little pussy?” he laughed as drove his thick bloated unprotected cock up into her slick sheath.  Humping away, slowing at times to prolong the fuck, Masao wished that her American husband could see all the special attention his lovely wife was being given at that moment.  “Oh …………….ah ……………ohhhhhhhh ……………………Masao shall now give you a present to take back to America with you, Mrs. Anderson ……………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he shuddered as hot potent jizz spurted into her fertile womb.

Then, as planned in advance, Masao enjoyed himself with a mouth fuck followed by a footjob before redressing the raped beauty.  Adjusting her position to that of when he entered, replacing the pillow, Masao went meticulously about changing the teapots and getting himself dressed.  With everything in order, he made his exit and relocked the latch and security lock.  Now to await the time for when the drug should be wearing off and plan for the next day.

End of Story.