Hotel’s Hidden Horror - II
(m/f, n/c, i/r)
The Samurai Stud
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: ‘Hotel’s Hidden Horror – I’
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At mid-morning on Day 3 of his taking over ownership and management of the Emerald Regency Hotel, Masao Otake grinned and gloated at the overwhelming success achieved during the first two days.  No, not the business success of the hotel itself, for that avenue was doing quite well on its own.  With the wealth accumulated in the sale of his electronics firm, Masao’s success was now gauged by another factor ……………….that of his secretly possessing a lovely American bitch.

With his looks, there was no way that Masao’s 62 year old fat and pudgy body would attract any woman, for even the women in his country cringed at his touch.  But the women he craved were lovely American beauties ……………………ones that he knew would definitely cringe and reject him ………………..craving to mount their sexy ivory white bodies.  And he had successfully accomplished his goal on both of the first two nights …………………..first drugging the unsuspecting beauty with a special drug in her tea ………………..then raping her as she slept!

Recalling those past two nights, Masao smiled and relished the memories, gloating at his success and the fact that both raped American beauties had no idea that of what had taken place after they fell asleep.  Licking his lips, Masao chuckled out loud “Ahhh, nothing as sweet tasting as a lovely American bitch!”  Each night, Masao had more than just as taste of the two drugged beauties ……………………..he had eaten out each to his heart’s content!  And then, the bastard had raped them, taking great pleasure in not taking any contraceptive precautions …………………….wanting in fact to send each American beauty home to her husband with a slant-eyed baby growing in her tummy!

Today, he would have even more of the hotel rooms modified to the specifications needed to pull of his dastardly deeds, wanting to eventually have the entire hotel converted.  But till that was accomplished, Masao would be certain to go over the incoming list of guest and assigning the retrofitted rooms to lone female guests.  From there, watching through his monitor of the incoming guests as they checked in, one beautiful unsuspecting guest would become another victim to Masao’s vile lust.

When an interesting prospect would appear in line and then reach the front desk, Masao would turn up the audio to first hear the name she gave upon checking in.  From there, Masao’s computer would show the room she had been assigned to and if she was indeed the chosen one for the night, he would then go to the room service department, making certain that the special brew of tea would be delivered to the unsuspecting beauty’s hotel room.

Once the guests from the flight from Los Angeles arrived, Masao was in the privacy of his office watching with great anticipation.  Eyes widening upon seeing the lovely woman going to the left side of the reception desk to check-in, Masao turned up the volume for the area of Check Stand #4.  “Name please?” the clerk asked.  “Lauren Frosby, F-R-O-S-B-Y!” came the response from the lovely American beauty with silky brown hair.  “Yes, Ms. Frosby …………………I show that you’ll be here till Saturday morning ………………with a non-smoking room!” the clerk advised.

For Mrs. Lauren Frosby, this was quite an exciting opportunity to have her line of jewelry displayed during the week at the Far East Trade Convention.  Tomorrow would be the day to set up her display booth that had been assigned and she had a pretty good idea of what needed to be done after getting the photos of the booth and surrounding layout of the convention hall.  This being her first trip to the Far East, Lauren hoped to learn more of the culture as well as taking in some of the sights.

At the age of 32, Lauren couldn’t be happier with her success in her jewelry line as well as her very joyful family life.  She certainly did miss her six year old daughter Holly and four year old son Kyle, and of course her husband of eight years.  Meeting John Frosby in her sophomore year in college had been her most memorable experience there, with both of them spending as much time with each other as possible.  With her very caring and handsome husband, Lauren had eyes for no other man.

After getting her key to the room on the sixth floor, Lauren looked at the time.  Calculating the time difference, she figured that she had better make the call home right away before the children went to bed.  She then took a seat in the lobby to make the call    “Hi, Kyle!  Were you waiting for Mommy to call?” she said upon hearing her young son answer the phone.  As the conversation continued, she then got up and proceeded up to her room.  Getting to her door, she advised “Hold on Kyle while Mommy opens the door to her hotel room!”

In the room, having closed and locked the door, she chatted with her son for a bit longer before advising “Time for you to go to bed now, Kyle!  Put Holly on now!  Mommy loves you ………….bye!”  And the she began speaking to her daughter who had been anxious waiting next to her brother, telling her “Oh, it was a very long flight!  I’ve just walked into my room and need to shower and change so I can get a good long sleep tonight!”  “Yes, dear ……………….I’ll remember to find you a nice geisha doll with a red kimono!  Mommy’s having a nice pot of hot tea coming to her room soon, so put daddy on the phone!  Okay, you be good …………….study hard ……………….I love you!”

Watching from his monitor, Masao observed the lovely young wife sitting on the bed as she began talking to her husband on her phone.  As she began removing her heels and stretching her long nylon sheathed legs, Masao’s boner twitched in anticipation as she began unbuttoning the top of her black outfit.  Now in just the bottom of her black outfit and white blouse, Masao’s eyes widened as the beauty reached up under her skirt with her freehand to begin working down her pantyhose.

“Oh, my ……………………….oh, yes ……………………..Buddha looks favorably upon Masao for delivering such a lovely American beauty to him on this day!” Masao exclaimed loudly in seeing her flawless white legs being revealed to him.  Licking his lips, he muttered loudly “Ahhhh, soon Masao shall get to taste the delicious dessert that awaits him!”  Mouth watering, he couldn’t wait to bury his face between those soft white thighs and inhale the sweet fragrance of this lovely American beauty.  Reaching down, he grasped his thick boner, chuckling “Masao shall be honored to send this proud American bitch home with a precious souvenir that’s definitely ‘Made in Japan’, heh, heh, heh!”

After chatting with her husband a bit, when the knock on her door came with a female voice announcing that it was room service, Lauren advised “Going to go now, honey!  Room service is here with my pot of tea!  Bye …………….I love you!”  Going to the door and admitting the geisha in with the pot of tea, Lauren then gave the gal a tip before closing the door and putting on the security latches.  Returning to the desk, she picked up the cup of tea that had been poured for her and drank the entire cup of the delicious tea before going to open her suitcase.

Masao watched at the lovely American beauty obtained a pair of lacy white panties from her suitcase along with a red garment that appeared to be her sleeping gown.  He then watched as she disappeared into the bathroom.  ‘Once I finish retrofitting the doors and locks on all the hotel rooms, I must install a hidden camera in the bathrooms!’ Masao told himself as he could only imagine the wonderful sights that he could now be viewing, cock twitching in his pants upon fascinating the sight of the lovely Mrs. Lauren Frosby disrobing and then getting in under the hot shower.

He smiled, thinking ‘My pretty American beauty ……………………..Masao shall soon give you another hot shower soon ………………….a very special one, heh, heh!’  And when the bathroom door finally reopened, he observed the lovely beauty wearing the red nightgown and holding the clothing she had been wearing.  He watched as she hung up the black outfit and put her dirty clothing into one of the dresser draws.  Then, she poured herself another cup of tea before opening her briefcase.

As she took some papers from her briefcase and lay upon the bed, Masao’s cock was at rock-hard status in seeing her ivory white legs moving about behind her.  With more of the drugged tea consumed, Masao could see that the lovely beauty was getting drowsy.  He knew that very soon, the full effects of the drug would be felt and the unsuspecting beauty would be fast asleep.  Having gotten his tray ready while she was showering, Masao was about to claim another American beauty for himself.

Tray in hand with an undoctored pot of tea upon it, along with the other items of his trade, Masao then made use of his electronic genius.  Remote in hand, he pressed the button that would unlock the safety lock, then the one to undo the security latch that the unsuspecting beauty thought would prevent any intruders from gaining entrance to the privacy of her room.  Looking about to make certain no one was observing him, Masao opened the door and slipped on in.

Relocking the doors as a precaution, Masao could see a portion of the bed from his vantage point.  ‘Oooh, myyyyy …………………….what long sexy white legs this American beauty has!  Her husband is so lucky to have those long beautiful legs wrapped around him in bed!’ he thought.  ‘Hmmm, I should certainly give something to that American husband of hers for allowing his beautiful wife to come and stay at Masao’s humble hotel!’ he added.

Moving slowly into the room while taking in the sight of the drugged beauty, Masao thought ‘Yes, it is only fitting that I repay her husband for allowing me a night’s pleasure between his wife’s lovely legs!’  ‘Hmmm, a little slant-eyed bastard falling into his arms, nine months from now, should be a fair trade …………….heh, heh!’ Masao concluded with a laugh.  ‘Made right here in Japan!  Leave it to Masao ………………………for I shall see to every detail!’ he added while reaching down with both hands to caress the soft smooth and creamy legs of the sleeping beauty.

Hands slowly drifting down to her trim sexy feet, Masao’s cock twitched madly due to his foot fetish, sending a tremor of excitement throughout his fat pudgy body.  Having dropped his trousers at the door, Masao then reached down below his burly belly to ease down his jockeys to free his twitching cock.  Stepping forward, he slid his ‘unagi’ up over the soft pink soles of the drugged beauty, causing him to shiver and moan “Ahhhh ……………………………….ooooohhhhhhhhhhh ……………….mmmmmmmmmm!”

Leaning forward, Masao pushed the hem of her red nightie up over the soft curves of her sexy butt, then reached up to grasp the waistband of her lacy white panties.  Panties pulled down to her knees, Masao lay upon the beauty’s trim sexy legs and began to nuzzle his face in her soft creamy butt.  Hands on each tender asscheek, thumbs peeling them apart, he then proceeded to tongue her asshole all while rubbing his excited cock over her tender pink soles.

Having gotten overly excited from first glimpsing at her trim sexy legs and feet, Masao had gone beyond the point of no-return as he continued to tongue the beauty’s tight asshole and rub his pudgy old body up against her soft young one.  ‘Ah, if your American husband could only see how his lovely wife is spending her first night in Japan!’ he chuckled as his cock slid up and down over her soft pink soles.  “Ummmmmmmm …………….ummm ……………………….ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” he shuddered, cock twitching out of control as he tossed his slimy seed upon the beauty’s feet.

Getting up off the bed, he got a few tissues to begin wiping up the mess he had just made, smiling at the sight of seeing the beauties pretty toes all webbed together with his white gooey paste.  Putting the sticky tissues upon the tray he had brought with him, Masao then got the wet washcloth out of the bag and began cleaning up the incriminating evidence.  Going to his clothing on the floor, he searched for the blue pill that he had brought with him, hoping that it would indeed work for him.

Never having tried it before, never having needed to, but now he had prematurely spurted his seed prematurely and was afraid he would not revive adequately to do the job properly.  Pill dissolved in a cup of the hot tea he had brought, Masao drank it down and prayed to Buddha for the ability to humble this American bitch properly.  Back at the bedside, Masao worked the panties off the long flawless legs, then held the silky garment up to his face to inhale her sweet scent.

Turning the drugged beauty over onto her back, Masao smiled at the soft light brown curls that looked like honey and gave promise to him tasting her sweetness soon …………………very soon!  Red nightgown pushed up further to reveal the beauty’s creamy white breasts and lovely pink caps, Masao moved to the side of the bed and leaned over to take one of the tender buds into his hungry mouth.  Once the bud hardened in his mouth, he then proceeded to do the same to its twin.

Cock giving a reviving twitch, Masao smiled in knowing that the blue pill he had read so much about really did work, and by dissolving it first the effects were even far faster than by swallowing the pill whole.  Smiling at the fact that he could now do his dastardly deed properly, Masao lifted the beauty’s limp legs up from under her knees so her feet would be resting flat upon the bed.  Then spreading her knees apart, the feast was about to commence.

“Ahhhhh!  Smells so sweet!” Masao gloated with his face hovering just inches above the drugged wife’s sweet nest.  Wide open mouth clamping down upon her unprotected slit, Masao inserted his thick tongue into the tight little slit.  Now an expert tongue cunt lapper, he soon found he G-spot and proceeded to flick the tip of his tongue over her ulta-sensitive clit.  And soon, Masao was eagerly lapping up the sweet honey that the drugged beauty began instinctively releasing out of her slick and stimulated slit.

Now, Masao’s fat boner was rigid and upright once again, more solid than ever from the assistance of the enhancing blue pill.  Shucking his boner as he shuffled up into position, Masao placed his bloated cockhead up against the tight slit of the drugged American wife.  Having cummed once, with cock skin desensitized, Masao realized that shooting prematurely had been a blessing in disguise, for now this upcoming fuck could last much longer than normal.  Hands grasping her trim hips to keep her in position, he then proceeded on with his devilish plan to rape the lovely woman.

“Ahhhhh, yessssssssssssssssss …………………oh, my sweet American beauty ………………………………….and now to show you Americans what great pride we take in putting the label ‘Made in Japan’ on the products we send on over to you ………………………..heh, heh!” he gloated.  Fat cock half embedded in the raped beauty, reared back some to start jackhammering his way forward till he was fully in her right up to his balls.  Forcing his way forward, it was evident that this raped beauty had never had a cock as thick as his before, causing Masao to gloat ‘Ha, these American boys must have thin chopsticks for peckers!’

Masao was sure glad that he had put the recorders on the mid-level recording speed as that would capture up to four hours on the disc.  With the aid of the pill and his cock desensitized, Masao felt that he could go on fucking this sweet American beauty for hours.  In and out, in and out with short fast thrusts, the rape continued on the soft hotel bed with no letup as it seemed as if Masao was on a mission to set a fuck endurance record for himself.

Finally, forty-five minutes after having forced his fat penis into the unconscious American beauty, Masao was huffing and puffing as his balls tightened to signal to him that the end was near.  Even faster he skewered into the raped young wife, determined to send as much of his explosive charge blasting right out of his old wrinkled balls into her fertile womb.  “Ah ……………….ah …………………banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” he cried out as his balls churned and out spurted a fresh batch of his vile sticky seed.

Looking down, Masao was amazed that his fat cock was still standing upright even though he had spurted his load, totally impressed at the results of the potent pill.  Easing out a bit, seeing her pussy lips red from the lengthy fuck session coupled with his thickness in size, Masao smiled as he exited the raped beauty while drawing a thick thread of his seed with him.  But there was no need to worry about having some go to waste for he had deposited quite a load where it counted most.

Dabbing the beauty’s raped slit with the wet washcloth, Masao then wiped her glazed thighs of the incriminating evidence along with the cleaning of her soft matted curls.  Panties back in place, he then turned the beauty over onto her belly just as she had been when he gained entrance to her suite.  Filling the drugged tea pot up, he then put the partially filled one with straight tea onto the tray while planning to remove the doctored one.

Checking the hallway, Masao then exited the hotel room with tray in hand.  With his special remote, the top safety latch closed back into the secure position, then the same was done to relock the security knob.  And now to return to his office and turn off the records and preserve the tapes that had captured the rape of yet another American beauty.  Having gone through her purse before departing, he had taken down all her vital info, in the hopes of possibly paying her a visit in America one day ……………………..after she birth to his little bastard baby!

Smiling all the way down to his office, Masao thought of his father who had died when he was just a year old.  Father dying a hero’s death as a ‘kamakazi’ pilot in World War II, Masao, he swore revenge “As you died trying to defeat the American bastards, I shall carry on the fight to help defeat them …………………one by one …………..………by sending their pretty wives back to America ………………………….pregnant with a little Japanee baby in their tummies!  We shall see what chaos in America that causes when a slant-eyed little bastard drops out into the proud daddy’s hands!”

That next morning, Masao got quite excited upon receiving a call from the director of operations from Transpacific Air, the airlines that he had approached with bargain room rates for their flight crews.  He had learned that they were under contract with another hotel chain and that he’d have to wait six months and bid for the contract when it came up.  Apparently that hotel had gotten overbooked and the director was asking if the airlines could do busy with his hotel on a spot basis such as this type of situation.

Quite eager for the business of Transpacific Air, Masao jumped at the chance and assured the director he’d only be to happy to do it at anytime, with the rates being the same as what he had proposed to them.  And with the need for eight rooms that night when the flight arrived, Masao advised the director that he’d have a special shuttle at the airport for the flight crew.  He then took down the names of the flight crew to give to the reservation desk.

Another fantasy of Masao’s would soon come true for him, that being the bedding of a lovely American stewardess or flight attendant as they now preferred to be called.  Once it appeared that the hotel was his, Masao had embarked on making bargain hotel rates for the various airlines flying in from America, hoping that he would be able to fulfill his fantasy.  He looked forward to the arrival of Transpacific’s Flight 809 that evening, but first to get to work on setting up mini-cameras up in the bathroom vents so that he could get some added viewing on the five rooms to be assigned to the flight attendants.

With his job done in the five special rooms, Masao had them designated for the female flight crew of incoming Flight 809, then took a nap to be refreshed for his new guests to arrive.  Having set up additional recorders, he could now tape each of the rooms and view them later, even though he’d be passing on the opportunities for the chosen one for the night.  As he lay down upon his bed, Masao smiled at the recollection of fantastic powers of that little blue pill, especially how it got him bone hard in such a short time along with the lengthy time period of maintaining that super-hard boner.

Thinking that his fantasy of bedding a beautiful flight attendant after so many years of dreaming about it, he certainly did not want to pop his load prematurely, which he had good cause to worry about at his ripe old age and the fact that he had done that the night before.  After the fiasco last night, Masao wondered just how long he could prolong popping his initial load if he took the pill beforehand.  ‘Hmmm, a very interesting thought!  Tonight I shall give it a test and see how long my live ‘unagi’ can squirm about in a beautiful American bitch before giving her some hot Japanese semen, heh, heh!’ he chuckled.

Rubbing his sweaty palms as he awaited in anticipation, Masao smiled upon hearing the shuttle bus driver reporting in that he had just picked up the flight crew and would be back at the hotel in fifteen minutes or so.  Meanwhile, he busied himself screening the passengers who had just come in on that same flight.  Although there were several lovely American beauties that he had made note of, tonight was a very special one set aside for Masao to claim his very first American flight attendant.  Any lovely beauties he noted checking in tonight would fill in the remainder of the week, should the unfortunate beauty still be visiting.

‘The Great Buddha is certainly smiling upon Masao ..…………….but what a dilemma he has placed me in!’ he exclaimed upon seeing five beautiful women nicely decked out in the blue flight attendant’s uniforms of Transpacific Air.  ‘How do I choose one, for they are all so beautiful?’ he asked himself while watching as they checked in at the front desk.  As they were all members of the same flight crew, the desk clerk would merely be confirming their names and having the already prepared check-in cards signed be each, thus they were all at the front desk together and being given their respective rooms.

For twenty-eight year old Kimberly Warren, she was quite excited to traveling with her crewmates once again, having taken off work for the past three weeks.  Prior to this trip, Kimberly had last seen her fellow crew members two weeks ago, at the beautiful resort in Laguna Beach help celebrate her wedding.  This was her first day back to work after having spent a wonderful two week honeymoon that had taken she and husband Bret to several European cities.  With her being a flight attendant, traveling on reciprocal benefits afforded by other airlines made the honeymoon expense quite reasonable.

Kimberly was first of the gals in her crew to get married.  Throughout the flight, her crewmates teased her that she wouldn’t be allowed out with them since they were all jealous of her having a sparkling diamond ring on her finger, adding that “Kim, that’ll scare aware all the guys!”  But it was that sparkling diamond ring, along with its matching wedding band, that caught a pair of male eyes watching through the monitor.  Such were the key elements that had the lovely newlywed was thus chosen to serve and sate Masao’s vile lust.

During their three years of dating and a year long engagement, she and Bret had been intimate, but always with the use of a protective condom.  Having discussed starting a family, Kim had not wanted to press Bret but she did want to have his baby and begin their family life once they got married.  Though Bret had always said that they should wait a bit following their marriage, she would often throw out a hint of how nice it’d be to have his baby, telling him that she hoped the baby would have his blue eyes but kidded ‘But certainly not your looks if it’s a little girl!’

And when he had dropped off at the airport for the flight to Japan, Kim had gotten a wonderful surprise when Bret advised subtly that “Do you know that I used the last of the remaining condoms from our honeymoon?  Maybe we ought to save some money from now on!”  With that remark, Kim had broken out in a wide smile and leaned over excitedly to give her handsome husband a deep passionate kiss before getting out of the car.  Prior to closing the car door, she kidded her husband with “Now, I’m going to be quite upset if I return to find that you’ve wasted our hard earned money on those flimsy rubber contraptions!  In fact, if I find any of them, I’ll get a pin and punch holes in them!”

As Kim and the rest of the crew made their way to the elevator and up to their respective rooms, the gals talked of going sightseeing the next day together while the men advised that they were going to check out all the new electronic gizmos as they were much cheaper here, with many items not even out on the U.S. market as yet.  Two of the gals wanted to get a quick bite to eat but Kim and the others advised that they were just too exhausted from the trip and were headed off to bed.

From the privacy of his office, Masao watched intently as his lovely prey entered the door to her hotel room.  Cock hardening as the top of her blue uniform was removed and hung up on the hanger.  And as the lovely Mrs. Warren headed towards the bathroom, Masao quickly switched over to the camera he had installed just that afternoon.  Buttons down the front of her blouse were being undone to reveal her ivory white body.  And then Masao observed the beauty sitting upon the edge of the tub to begin peeling down her black nylon hose.

Excited at being able to watch the lovely American beauty disrobed before him, Masao knew that from now all bathrooms must be installed with a miniature camera.  As the lovely blonde showered, Masao took one of the potent blue pill whole without dissolving it as he had done the night before.  He wanted to see how long it took in this manner before his boner was affected, knowing he had more than enough time as her pot of hot tea would be brought up in about fifteen minutes.

Having been told that a geisha would be up to bring her tea within a half-hour, Kim figured that she could shower and not have to worry about being properly dressed upon the arrival of the gal with the tea.  It was perfect timing as the knock sounded at  her door just as she exited the bathroom wearing a silk gown that went down to her thighs.  Tipping the gal after she had set down the teapot, then went to her purse to get her cellphone to make a call home to Bret.

Seeing her making the phone call as she sipped at her cup of hot tea, Masao turned up the audio so he could hear in on the conversation that went “Hi, honey!  Ohhh, I miss you so much …………..I wish we were still on our honeymoon!”  “The trip was rather long but the new hotel they’ve put us up in is fantastic!  You’d just love it, especially having a cute little geisha girl delivering hot tea to your room!”  Then, with the American beauty finishing her cup of tea and pouring herself another, he heard “Now remember, no more wasting hard earned money on those flimsy rubber contraptions!”

Puzzled as to that last comment, Masao smiled widely upon hearing her continue on with “Oh, Bret, I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to get back home!  Imagine, it’ll really be the very first time for us!”  After a brief pause, the lovely young newlywed advised “The very first time making love without a condom, silly!”  “Oh, really?  Is that what you’re going to do to me?  Promises, promises!  Well, big boy ……………..let’s see if you really can knock your bride up on the first try without one!”

Seeing the young wife yawn and shake her head to clear the drowsiness, Masao knew that the drugged tea would soon have her in a deep sleep and at the mercy to his vile lust.  And as she yawned and stretched, he heard the conversation ending with “I’m so exhausted from the flight!  I better get some sleep since the gals and I will be doing some sightseeing tomorrow!  I’ll see you soon!  Bye, honey …………I love you!”

After waiting a bit and seeing the drugged beauty motionless on the monitor, Masao picked up the already prepared tray and special remote.  Hallway clear, special remote activated to undo the safety lock and security latch, he let himself into the privacy of the American beauty’s room.  Seeing her sleek and flawless ivory legs outstretched on the bed, Masao’s boner was pushing hard against his tented pants, threatening to break through the fabric.

For Kimberly, having consumed a cup and a half of the potent tea, she was definitely under its influence but not fully unconscious as yet.  Having just talked to her handsome husband of just three weeks, she had drifted off with him in mind and the thought of them soon starting a family together.  As the bed sagged between her legs, it seemed like a dream as Kimberly’s drugged mind was picturing the image of her handsome husband about to make love to her.  Only aware of the pleasure coursing through her petite body derived from the caressing touches upon her thighs, Kimberly next felt fingers at the waistband of her lacy white panties, with the garment then being worked down over her trim hips.

Feeling fingers at the juncture of her thighs, Kimberly felt the warm breath upon her sex and wondered just what ‘Bret’ planned on doing.  Her body twitched and her mind was in disbelief as her ‘husband’ unashamedly put his mouth upon her sex.  Body twitching involuntarily, Kimberly shivered with unbelievable pleasure as her ‘husband’s’ tongue began exploring her slick slit.  And then it happened, tongue flicking upon her ultra-sensitive clit had her climaxing in her ‘husband’s’ mouth.

The next morning, Kimberly awoke and looked about the surroundings of her hotel room.  She realized that she had an erotic dream about her handsome husband making love to her as memories of pleasurable sensations came to mind.  But Kimberly knew that it was just an erotic dream, one that would never take place in real life.  Although madly in love with Bret, she would never allow him to do such a ‘filthy’ thing to her, nor did she suspect that he would want to do such a ‘filthy’ thing.  She chastised herself for having dreamt such a vile act, and more so for dreaming of how pleasure such a vile act would be.

Sitting up on the bed, she reached up to her throat and grimaced at the soreness.  Swallowing, the pain caused her to cringe and grimace once again.  ‘Gosh, don’t tell me I’m coming down with the flu!’ Kimberly thought, hoping otherwise.  Pouring a cup of cold tea from the teapot, she drank it in hopes of quelling the soreness.  Getting out of bed on going to the bathroom, she poured out some mouthwash to gargle in hopes that it would help quell her sore throat.

What had actually taken place during the night, Kimberly had passed out from the drugged tea, with the potent herb taking full effect just when she had skyrocketed into her mind shattering orgasm from actually being ‘eaten’ out by her Japanese host.  And as for her sore throat, it was due to the bastard’s fat bloated yellow cockhead that pushed and pulled out of her too tight throat for a good fifteen minutes straight.  With pudgy fingers wrapped in her silky golden curls, her unseen host had her face pulled up to his fat belly as he violated her virgin mouth and throat time and time again.

As for Masao, he had certainly fulfilled his long time fantasy and had set himself an endurance record in doing so.  With his fat cock just long enough to be able to push his bloated cockhead into the beauty’s throat, Masao enjoyed raping her beautiful face, all while wishing hubby Bret could see his lovely bride at that instant.  Had the sensitivity of his erection not been aided by the wonders of the pill, Masao knew that he would have been clogging the drugged beauty’s throat with a wad of his thick cum way before his easing out her mouth after a lengthy fifteen minutes.

For the endurance record he had set for himself on this memorable night, counting that pleasurable first fifteen minutes of raping her virgin mouth, Masao skewered his fat ‘unagi’ up into the lovely newlywed and was able to slice in and out of her tight slit for another forty-five minutes.  Old wrinkled balls swollen with his pent-up lust, Masao then unleashed a plentiful dollop of his hot sticky seed far up into the American beauty’s fertile womb.  Recalling her conversation with her husband, Masao chuckled loudly “There’s certainly no need for hubby to be buying any more condoms, not with you going back to him with Masao’s baby already growing in your pretty belly!”

Six weeks after the transformation of the Emerald Regency, with attractive rates and exquisite service, many American tourists were keeping the occupancy rate at a very high level.  Those returning to America had quickly spread the word of how wonderful the hotel was, and how fabulous it was to have a lovely geisha delivering a pot of hot tea to the room each night.  For the owner of the hotel, he was quite pleased at his good fortune as well as to have American tourists flocking to his establishment, particularly lovely American beauties.


At this time, from coast to coast, a number of guests having frequented the Emerald Regency that first week were now coming down with similar symptoms of illness.  But as of yet, nor in the foreseeable future, would there likely be any connection of the similar problems taking place with some of the women visitors.  For Mrs. Lauren Frosby of New York and Mrs. Kimberly Warren of Los Angeles, once it had been determined that each was suffering from ‘morning sickness’, it would be joy and celebrating with their respective spouses …………..until seven and a half months later!

End of Story.