Hotel's Hidden Horrors - VI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories entitled: ‘Hotel’s Hidden Horrors 1,2, 3, 4 & 5’
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Licking his lips as he looked at the monitor covering the guests checking in at the reception desk, the sight on the sight made Masao Otake quite hungry ......................................for he once again needed to sate his lust in tasting some sweet American pussy!  The scene at the reception desk was quite a special one for Masao as he watched the two American blond beauties checking into the hotel for the room they had reserved for joint occupancy that contained two queen-sized beds.  What made this check-in so special for him was that it would be a first for Masao as his devious mind was currently churning out the many possibilities that these two American beauties could provide for him ..................................and the head between his legs began to throb and swell up at the thought of raping these identical twins on the very same night!  Thinking back to some of the many beauties he had paid a visit to after they had consumed the drugged tea, Masao chuckled while wondering as to 'How many of them had gone back home to America to learn six weeks later that her little belly would soon be swelling up like a balloon being filled up with water?'  He laughed out loud "Ahhh ...................I hope they enjoyed their visit and took home many souvenirs ............................but the most precious souvenir being the one I planted up in her tight little pussy!  Ahhh, there should be a special stamp made for me ..................with all the little ones I make showing it was 'Made in Japan', heh, heh!'  Smiling to himself, Masao Otake congratulated himself once again for having made his investment into this nice Japanese hotel that catered to tourists from abroad, one with very special rates to attract the lovely beauties from America.  'To have such lovely visitors come to grace my hotel, especially those sweet and lovely American beauties, this hotel is a gold mine ............................cause I just love these golden haired beauties that come to visit!  So beautiful nice ..............................lovely and tender morsels SUCK on some very tender pussy and then hoping to FUCK a baby up in her tummy!  Yes, yes ......................a little baby 'Made in Japan' for her to take back to America!' he mused.  

Masao couldn't take his lusting eyes off the two blond beauties as they checked in, noting that their hair length were identical and that the type of dress were very similar to one another but of a different print.  Seeing a diamond ring and wedding band on each beauty's ring finger, it was obvious that each twin were married and they had traveled together without their spouses as they were sharing a room together.  In typing in the room number they that been assigned to, Masao saw that the room occupants were listed as  Mrs. Keri Thomas and Mrs. Teri Ashton.  Masao smiled widely in seeing that even their first names only differed by the first letter.  With the registration process completed, Masao licked his lips in getting a view of the identical twins when they turned to follow the bellhop as he pushed the cart containing their luggage and leading the way to the elevators.  'Oh, such nice and trim legs ..............................absolutely identical to one another .....................makes me wonder if their pussies will taste exactly the same!  Well, once they get that very special brew of herbal tea tonight before bedtime, I will get to discover if in fact it is exactly the same or if one pussy is sweeter than the other, heh, heh!' he chuckled to himself.  And with his head lurching between his legs, Masao looked down at his tented trousers and admitted that 'Yes, my friend, this is a very special occasion!  And we must indeed make it a special celebration, one to have a separate photo album dedicated to the twin beauties ..........................perhaps with each bound by the ankles to have her legs pulled up and wide while secured to the corner posts keep my hot cum from leaking out of her tight little pussy!'

Identical twins:  Mrs. Keri Thomas (L) and Mrs. Teri Ashton (R)

Listening in on the conversation taking place in the suite occupied by the twin beauties, Masao learned that the blond beauties would be getting into something more casual and comfortable so they could walk around a bit to get their bearings as to where the hotel is located in relation to their surroundings.  A little shopping was the plan and then to find a nice restaurant for dinner that night.  Watching the monitor covering the large hotel room suite, capturing both beds and the nearby closets, Masao felt his boner rising up to the occasion as the beauties each stepped out of her heels and then her dress.  Licking his lips as each got down to her bra and panties, Masao was anxious for that evening to come when they returned from having dinner and then that special brew of herbal tea to be delivered up to their room.  'Oh, to feel up those long sexy white legs .....................and then to feast on some sweet American pussy!' he shivered in anticipation.   

Keri (L) and Teri (R) as Masao viewed them as they dressed to go out shopping.

Upon their return from dinner, through the cameras hidden about at various locations in the hotel suite, Masao watched as each of the twin beauties had two cups of the delicious hot brew of the tasty but drugged herbal tea.  That tea was highly prized and very expensive to purchase, to which Masao added his secretive odorless and tasteless herb found at the foothills of Mount Fuji, a potent drug that would render one into a very deep sleep of eight to nine hours or so after just a cup of the potent brew.  Having assigned a young hostess dressed as a geisha make the tea delivery to the hotel suite, the unassuming twin beauties would not give it a thought that the special herbal tea had been drugged with a very potent laxative that would have each in la-la land soon after consumption of the hot brew.  Seeing each beauty in a similar sleep attire, both with a pajama top and shorts, Masao got to admire their trim and sexy white legs. 

In looking at the monitors, Masao smiled while thinking 'I guess I am partial to the color green that symbolized money!  So I think I shall first enjoy pulling down the green pajama shorts that the lovely beauty is wearing along with her panties so I can enjoy viewing her soft golden curls!  I shall first sample her succulent charms for a few moments before seeing if in fact identical twin pussies to taste exactly alike of if one is sweeter than the other!  And then tomorrow night I's shall make it up to her pretty twin sister by fucking her first ............................doggie style like the true bitch she is!  Ahh, for this very special occasion, I must think up some new and specials ways to display in my scape book dedicated to these lovely identical twin beauties from America!'  

Keri (L) and Teri (R) just prior to sitting down to enjoy the special herbal tea delivered by the geisha 

It was the blond beauties' first night of their four day stay in the beautiful city before taking the bullet train to their next destination.  It was just a dream come true for Keri and Teri to visit this beautiful country, with their twelve day vacation being split equally between Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.  They had checked in after a twelve hour flight, then had taken a walk around their hotel to get accustomed to their whereabouts before settling on a nice sushi restaurant for dinner.  Once dinner was done, the blond twins decided that they had better get themselves a good night's rest as their first day's tour called for them to be picked up in the hotel lobby at 9 a.m.  When they got in and passed the reception desk, the courteous clerk bowed to them and then advised "I shall have a pot of delicious herbal tea delivered up to your room very shortly!"  Twenty minutes later, a lovely geisha showed up at their door to deliver a tray containing a pot of tea and two teacups!  On the tray was an explanation that this was very rare tea, only to be found at the foot of Mt. Fuji, that when consumed it would give the recipient a very relaxed feeling and would help one sleep nicely.  With Keri already having showered and gotten ready for bed, Teri got her things to go into the shower since the tea was quite hot and needed to cool off a bit. 

Forty-five minutes later, some twenty minutes after the hotel room lights were turned off and the twin beauties each were in a very deep drug induced sleep, in walked the devious hotel owner as he boldly flicked on the light switch that had the entire room brightly lit up.  Around the room he went about the room in setting up and positioning the camcorders set upon tripods in order to capture all the events that he had planned out for that night's evening entertainment.  Licking his lips as he surveyed the hotel room and the two sleeping beauties, Masao smiled as he'd would soon be able to get the dessert taste-testing he had come up with, probably a once in a lifetime event as such an opportunity might never present itself at his hotel ever again.  Sipping and downing a shot of sake, rolling the liquid around his mouth to cleanse his palate, Masao then went over to the bed where the lovely Mrs. Teri Ashton lay.  After pulling down the green pajama shorts and lacy yellow panties that she wore, he climbed up upon the bed to push her legs on up and spread them wide.  Head delving down for a minute, then coming back up to lick his lips and savor the sweet succulent taste, Masao then went on back down to eat more of her tasty snatch till it was nice and slick, very juicy at that point.  Sitting in the chair positioned in the center of the room, below the foot of the beds and between them, Masao reached into the bag he had brought to retrieve the bottle of cold sake and a cup.  Some fifteen minutes later, on the bed where the beautiful Mrs. Keri Thomas lay, Masao's head came up from between her milky white thighs to announce "Ohhh, my goodness ......................................sweet like pure honey getting a second tasting out of the very same bottle of an expensive liqueur ..............................................fantastic .........................................absolutely fantastic!  Mmmm ................mmmmm .......................good!"

Getting off the bed, licking his lips to savor the taste, Masao then shucked at his boner to get it nice and stiff as he went back to the first bed.  With her twin sister's sweetness in his mouth, Masao went back down for a few more licks to now get to taste two booties in his mouth.  Back up on his knees, a couple more shucks of his boner, he caressed the beauty's soft thighs and slid his hands up to her trim hips.  Cock primed and ready to go, bumping up against her tight little slit, Masao reared back a bit then lunged on forward to send his spear up into the beautiful American bitch.  With half his cock pronging the beauty, Masao sucked in his breath and beamed with pride as he looked down to view his accomplishment, then up to the sleeping beauty, telling her "Oh, my beautiful Mrs. Aston likee Masao's fat unagi, huh so tight!  American hubby must have small little pecker, huh?  Oh, yesss ..........................Masao give prettee lady nice present to take back home to husband ....................................give you little babee to take back to America with you .................................little babee made right here in Japan!"  Rearing back some till just his bloated cockhead  enveloped in her tight quim, Masao then thrust forward with all his weight behind him to spear his shaft all the way up into her tight little cunt.  Reaching down, bringing up her sexy legs to cradle them as he hooked her under her knees, then began to shag at her in earnest.  At jackhammer speed, he proceeded to rape the beautiful blond from America, determined to knock her up with his bastard baby, Masao then threw his head on back while burying his cock deep yelling "Banzai ........................banzai ....................banzai!" in timing with the first three blasts of his hot seed into the beautiful bitch.

Placing the small towel on the bed and tucking it in under her beautiful white ass, Masao could rest assured that any cum oozing out of her raped slit would not leave an telltale stains on the bed sheet.  Sliding off the bed, Masao got himself on the armchair that he had placed between and at the foot of the two beds.  Pouring himself a shot of sake, popping a blue pill in his mouth, he knew that it would be just a mere 10-15 minutes before his fat but now limp 'unagi' regained its strength and potency.  Chuckling at his improvised 'Banzai' charge a bit earlier, he intended on leading another such charge, an identical one would certainly be appropriate since it would be for the raped beauty's identical twin sister.  Reaching into his bag, Masao retrieved another small towel from it, took another shot of sake and proceeded to wank his 'unagi' as he proceeded to the bed where the lovely Mrs. Keri Thomas lay in wait.  Movingthewhite pajamas shorts and tangled panties aside, Masao the soft sexy white legs wide apart and shuffled up between them, then rubbed his pulsating cockhead up and down her pink little slit.

It was a bit over twenty minutes later that a panting and exhausted Masao looked down at their enjoined bodies while his spent cock twitched out the last dribbles of his baby batter into the raped beauty's tight little cunny.  After having spent his first load a bit earlier, desensitized cock brought back to life with the aid of the blue pill, it naturally would take some time to reach his peak and spray out his seed into the beauty's fertile garden.  And naturally this second go round had him producing noticeably less powerful spurts to accompany his 'Banzai' cry.  But he then promised her that "Masao shall make it up to you tomorrow night for I shall fuck you doggie style first .............................fuck you how an American bitch should be fucked!"  Cock dwindling in her warm gripping snatch, Masao reached over for the towel he had set aside and tucked it in under her ass.  Giving his cock one final twitch before it escaped from the gripping confines, he had made sure every last drop had been depleted from his totally drained balls.  Using the towel to wipe up the cum oozing out of her raped slit, he then wiped his slimy cock before tucking it back in under her ass.  Masao sighed and got off the bed to get himself some sake, needing to get revived to get himself into the clean-up mode so as to not leave any incriminating evidence behind.

On evening number two, Masao was looking forward to the twin beauties to consume the drugged brew in the teapot he again had delivered by a geisha, for soon they would be rendered helpless and unaware of their uninvited visitor entering their hotel room.  As the oldest beauty had been first that past evening, Masao wanted to even things out just in case the potency from his swollen balls decreased after its first ejaculation, and for certain to make up for the lesser quantity of seed planted up in her fertile womb.  So tonight he would let Mrs. Keri Thomas be the first to have his cock and to even things out, making sure she'd get the potency of his jizz at its prime, and she'd now get a dosage and things would even out for the twin sisters.  Sipping on some nice cold sake, Masao watched the monitors showing the twins in the room with their respective white and green pajama outfits on for the evening while sipping the potent hot brew from teacups.  Finally, some ten minutes after the lights had been turned of in the hotel room and each beauty had tucked herself into bed, Masao closed up the sake bottle and put it into the bag of tricks that he had would be taking up with him.  Having planned the events for this evening's activities, not much would be needed other than the camcorders and the two sets of dark brown towels that he had  packed up  in the bag earlier.  Cock twitching with excitement, Masao would wait another ten minutes to be certain that the beauties had been rendered helpless and in a deep sleep after having each consumed two or more cups of the potent herbal tea.

Fifteen minutes after having left his office, everything had now been set up in the well-lit room of the beautiful American twin sisters, and Masao was in the process of stripping off the white pajama shorts and lacy black panties being worn by the lovely Mrs. Keri Thomas.  Maneuvering the petite beauty up pushing her forward so that she was facing the bottom corner of the bed in line with the camcorder resting atop of the tripod.  With the beauty up on her knees and face resting on a pillow, Masao climbed up onto the bed and shuffled forward into position behind of her.  Reaching forward after placing the tips of his rigid cock up against her pink slit, he then grasped her long silky blond hair to pull her head up to have her beautiful face captured in the video ...................................and then he thrust forward to spear his cock up into the lovely American bitch!  He knew that the video would capture the beauty's face and body flinching with every thrust up into her cunny, causing Masao to beam with pride as he panted out "The perfect way to treat an American beauty .............................................fuck her like the bitch she really is!  Ahhh, my prettee Mrs. Thomas ................................Masao shall help you make the perfect little souvenir here in Japan ...........................a little Japanese baby to take back to America with you!" 

With another camcorder capturing the rape on the top side of the bed, resting on a tripod in the corner of the room next to the window, it would capture the rape scene as Masao thrust into the beauty and every withdrawal of his thick fat cock.  One hand holding the bitch by the back of the hair, Masao had his other hand up under her belly to keep her in place as he buffeted her doggie style.  And then he let go of her hair, grasping her trim hips with both hands, he began to jackhammer at the lovely beauty.  The time had finally come and Masao bellowed out "BANZAI ......................................BANZAI .......................................BANZAI!"  Each 'BANZAI' was accompanied with a hot stream of his hot sticky cum being ejaculated deep up into her fertile womb.  Finally he had emptied his quivering balls up in the raped beauty and Masao had to rest there with his withering cock still twitching out the final drips of his vile semen.  Looking over to the camcorder capturing the rape from the back angle, making sure it'd get to capture the droppings from the raped beauty, Masao realized that he'd need to make his withdrawal while moving over some to the left.  As he made his withdrawal, out plopped a dollop of thick cum to fall onto the dark brown towel that had been spread upon the bed below her dripping pussy.  But in seeing her pussy clamming up to keep his cum from oozing out, Masao stuck his middle finger up into her twat to finger the bitch, then laughed as the thick cum began dripping out of her raped slit.  Spreading her knees out further, then her arms up forward, he had her balanced in that position so the camcorder could capture all the drippings from the lovely beauty.  With that done, it was time for Masao to sit down and take a breather, pour himself some sake and down it along with a little blue pill.  Once he got his pecker up once again, the beauty's twin sister would be given the very same treatment ....................................once her green pajama bottoms and panties were removed, Masao then planned on giving it to her like a bitch too ...........................................doggie style!          

That third night, another pot of hot tea was delivered to their hotel room by a geisha, and the twin sisters were ready to hit the sack after having had a full day of shopping and sightseeing at the many sights to be found around the city.  A short while after having consumed the delicious herbal tea and going to bed, it was Teri Ashton's turn to be first victim to provide Masao with his entertainment for the evening.  Green pajama top unbuttoned with a gloating Masao using his pudgy hands to massage her titties and then he began thumbing her pink nipples.  Having removed her green pajama shorts and the beige pair of panties being worn that evening, Masal then grasped the drugged beauty by her trim hips, the thrust his fat unagi up into her slick slit.  Ten minutes later, having hammered his stiff unagi up in her tight slit, Masao then began grunting out his lust while telling the raped beauty that "I shall indeed send you back to America with a very special souvenir from Japan!  One that you can share with that foolish husband of yours!"  Then he grunted out "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................................ughhhhhhhhhh .......................................ahhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"  Panting for breath, his fat body shuddered as he proceeded with emptying his vile lust into the beautiful American beauty, twitching his cock deliberately to deposit every drop of his potent roe into the lovely bitch.  Grabbing the dark brown that he had set upon the bed, he spread it out and tucked it under the beauty's ass, then pulled out his cock with a loud 'pop'.  Wiping his cock clean upon the towel, he then reach out to finger fuck the beauty's raped slit to let the cum ooze out to eventually puddle upon the towel.  After wiping his finger clean on the towel, grabbed a seat that he had set at the center of the room, right at the foot between the two beds, then grabbed the bottle of cold sake from his bag and poured himself a drink.

Several shots later and having downed another of the blue pills, Masao got up from the chair and reached into his bag of tricks, retrieving a pair of ankle ties and a turkey baster.  Moments later, the raped beauty had her sexy white legs pulled up over her head and spread wide, a wide rubber strap wrapped around each ankle and bound to each corner post of the bed.  Ass pointing up to the sky, it was then time for Masao to dip the tip of the turkey baster into the puddle of cum and proceeded to suck up the goo into the instrument.  Then he deviously put the tip of the baster into the beauty's raped slit and injected the still warm and potent cum back into her, laughing at the hilarious sight before him as he withdrew the tip from her slit and began frosting the bubbling slit with his nasty goo.  Seeing that there was just a little bit left over in the nozzle, Masao then moved on up some so he could now insert the baster tip in between the drugged beauty's lips.  Pushing the baster syringe all the way down, he proceeded to empty the slimy goo into her mouth.  Sitting back down into his chair, Masao gazed over at the strung up beauty and felt his cock give a twitch of excitement.  Moments later, after setting down his empty sake cup, Masao shucked at his growing cock as he made his way over to bed where the lovely Keri Thomas lay in her drugged sleep.  With his victims being identical twins, Masao certainly wanted to give each beauty the same identical treatment had gotten, and thus he set down a dark brown towel on her bed before starting to work down her white pajama bottom and the lacy white panties that she wore on this night.

A half hour later, back in his chair once again and sipping on more sake, Masao smiled widely as he gazed from one strung up beauty to the other.  With just a bit more sake remaining, Masao figured he'd finish up the bottle before proceeding with the needed clean up of the cummy mess that he had made.  Seeing a shiny glaze coating each the inner thighs of both raped beauties, Masao got out two wash cloths from his bag as he'd have to wipe off the cummy sheen along with any cum that might ooze on out of their slits when he removed the bindings from their ankles.  Looking at the amount of time the older twin had been strung up, Masao wanted to be sure to give her lovely twin equal time with her cunny being filled to the brim with cum, so would clean up the first raped beauty and tuck her back into bed before proceeding to cleanse the other.  But before proceeding, Masao took one camcorder off the tripod as he wanted to get some zoomed in shots of each beauty while strung up with sexy legs straight up in the and spread wide in a 'V', and a view from between her legs to capture both her face and the cream pie he had made upon her violated sex.  As he was finally about to depart with his bag of tricks in hand, Masao figured that he had better make one final check on what he hadn't done during the clean up, that of seeing that no cum evidence was visible on their pink lips.                                 

Seeing that the wake up call placed on that last night last night of their stay being 9 a.m. the next morning by having listened in on their conversation that the hidden microphones had picked up in the room, Masao learned that the lovely beauties planned on staying till the noon check out time before heading to the train station for their next destination in Japan.  Lacing their nightly tea with an even heavier dose of the potent drug this evening, Masao could then take his time in enjoying his lovely playthings from America, planning on carrying out an even more debasing sex act to have captured on video.  Added to his special bag he'd be bringing up to the hotel suite would be a couple items to sate his hunger when paying the twin beauties another nightly visit as he planned on staying even longer to bid them a special fond goodbye.  Masao chuckled aloud as he watched and waited for them to finish the hot brew that would soon render the succulent blond beauties into a very deep sleep and be unaware of him paying them a visit once again, and this time their uninvited guest planned on staying for quite awhile as he had just order a bento box consisting of rice and a couple nice sized shrimp tempura.  Having been too busy and had to skip dinner that night, Masao was quite hungry to at the delicious looking shrimp that lay atop a bed of rice in the bento box on his desk, but refrained himself till he got up to the hotel suite where dessert awaited him.  Plus he wanted to enjoy his meal while sitting next to the lovely beauties, his cock swelling up in his pants with anticipation of what Masao had sadistically planned for his American guests.

Beauties in their regular PJ's and each deep in her drugged induced sleep, Masao entered the darkened room and flipped on the light switch without any fear while carrying in his bag of tricks and his bento box.  Mini camcorders already attached to tripods, Masao had them set up and positioned around the room in no time at all.  Opening up his bento box, Masao cussed for the sake of the cameras while uttering out "Damn, they're already cold!  Ah shit, I forgot the small cup of tempura sauce on my desk!  Got to heat up the tempura and improvise on the sauce!"  The camera would then capture him going to the younger of the twin's bed to pull away the covers and then begin to work down her white nightie shorts and the pink panties that she wore.  The lovely Mrs. Keri Thomas' legs were then bent at the knees, feet flat upon the mattress, then Masao pushed her knees wide apart.  Right hand clenched and middle finger sticking out, Masao then inserted his finger into the beauty's pink slit, then began to finger fuck her and only stopped to withdraw his finger when it was coated with her slick juices.  Using the fingers on his left hand to her pussy lips wide, Masao then reached over to grasp a tempura battered shrimp at the middle, then slowly began to insert the little morsel up into the blond's slick opening of her twat.  With only the hard shell of the breaded shrimp visible, Masao laughed as he got up to go over to the other twin's bed.  Before long, he had the green PJ shorts and white panties off and lying at the foot of the bed, then when it was time Masao reached on over for the other tempura. 

Going to his bag once again, Masao pulled out a bottle of chilled sake along with a sake cup and then poured himself a drink, then went on over to sit on Keri Thomas' bed.  Setting his drink down on the nightstand, Masao then scooted over a bit on the bed as it was time to retrieve his heated tempura.  Slowly withdrawing the breaded shrimp from between her legs, Masao the faced the camera before tilting his head up and opening his mouth wide.  Half of the dangling shrimp bitten off, Masao played to the camera as his head swooned to indicate how delicious the heated tempura tasted, then commented "Ahhh, this tempura sauce is far better than the one I left on my desk!  Just delicious!  Mmmm ................mmmm .......................good!"  A bit of rice from the bento box, then Masao bit off the remaining tempura just before the hard shell of the tail ..........................the only part that had not been inserted into the drugged beauty!  Downing his sake, pouring himself another vup of sake, Masao then had a bit more rice to eat.  Sake consumed and a new drink poured for himself , Masao then went to Teri Ashton's bed to finish up his delicious dinner.  Licking his lips before the camera after consuming half of the second piece of tempura, Masao then spoke into the camera to advise "Even better when it soaks longer and the batter gets to absorb more of the sweet juicy sauce!"  Shoveling up the rice from the bento box into his mouth, another couple shots of sake and Masao was done with his delicious dinner. 

Finally done with dinner, Masao shucked at his rigid boner, one resulting from the little blue pill he had downed with the sake a bit earlier.  Going to Keri Thomas' bed once again, since she should be first on this night, Masao shuffled up onto the bed to get himself into position, then proceeded to fill the void left by the tempura he had pulled out earlier.  Pushing her white PJ top up, Masao massaged her perfectly shaped titties, then thumbed her nipples to stiffness as he fucked his stiff boner in and out of her raped slit.  With one of the effects produced by the little blue pill, Masao could fuck this beautiful bitch for quite some time without a premature ejaculation, and this the rape of this lovely beauty continued as he sawed his fat cock in and out of her tight little slit.  As he neared the end, Masao gritted his teeth while announcing "Oh, my beautiful Mrs. Thomas will surely have a very special souvenir to take back to America with you ...................................a treat for both you and your American husband ......................................a little baby 'Made in Japan'!"  "Ahhhh ........................ohhhhhh ........................ugggghhhhhhhh ......................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Masao groaned when he went and popped his nuts and ejaculated his slimy seed deep up in the beauty's fertile womb.  Grabbing the dark brown towel he had placed on the side of the bed, Masao then spread it out beneath their joined bodies and tucked it in under the beauty's smooth little ass, and then for the camcorders he slowly pulled is spent cock out of the raped beauty.  Masao smiled widely as a large dollop of cum of gooey cum oozed on out of her raped slit to puddle onto the towel, then he reached on over to bend her right knee upwards and spread wide to allow for more cum to leak out onto the towel.      

Dropping back down into his chair, Masao poured himself another shot of sake and got himself another blue pill to get him up and primed to rape the other blond beauty.  Looking over to the beauty he had just gone and raped, Masao chuckled as a pearly blob of cum came oozing out of her pink slit and began to make its way down to the waiting towel.  Another shot of sake and the twitch of arousal between his legs told Masao that the effect of the pill was beginning to take effect and that it'd be just a few more minutes for him to be full erect once again.  Another matching brown towel was placed on the side of the bed as he then reached over to caress the soft ivory legs of the pretty American visitor.  Spreading her legs wide, he bent over to put his mouth over her sex, then began to lick up his sweet dessert till his tongue got nice and slick with the juices being emitted.  Then Masao pulled his head out from between the widespread legs, puzzled at the two rather odd items on his tongue.  Using his finger to transfer the strange object onto the tip of his finger, he looked down at his finger and saw that it was a flake of breaded tempura that must broken of the from the shrimp tempura her snatch had heated up for him earlier.  Looking over to the other bed, he wondered if any tempura flakes were in that beauty's slit, then gave a shrug as it was too late to try and lick it out with all the cum oozing out of her snatch.  Licking the crumbs off his finger, he then savor the leftovers before swallowing the goodies along with the sweetie's honey.  Giving his cock a shucking, Masao then shuffled on up to grasp the beauty's trim hips, then proceeded to rape the beautiful blond twin.

Some twenty minutes later, Masao was sitting back in his chair and sipping on some sake, smiling widely as he surveyed the hotel room.  On his left nearest the window, the raped beauty had her right leg raised at the knee being tilted towards the window, cum oozing out of raped slit to pool onto the dark towel under her ass.  To his right was the beautiful twin sister, only her left knee tilted towards the closed with cum visibly oozing out her raped cunny to puddle on the towel tucked in beneath her.  Getting up he went over to the bed nearest the window, dipped the tip of his finger into the cum puddle on the towel, then used his other hand to press down upon the beauty's chin and inserted his cummy finger tip in between her parted lips.  Turning to her sister's bed, Masao then performed the deviant sex act upon her, chuckling as he used the back of her bottom teeth to scrape the gooey cum off his finger and into her mouth.  Back in his chair for more sake, Masao then wondered if he could get it up one more time as he wanted to give the beauties a special going away treat.  Using the sake to down another blue pill, he knew it'd take ten to fifteen minutes before he'd see any results.  He tried to twitch his cock at that instant, wondering if he could get his boner to respond but his now flaccid cock remained quite inert with no visible sign of movement.

Fifteen minutes later, Masao smiled as a similar twitch now had him rising up to the occasion.  Another deliberate twitch got his boner a bit longer and stiffer, now looking at each of the prone beauties as that served to stimulate and arouse his now swollen manhood.  Another swig of his sake and then Masao got up from his chair to walk between the two beds as he was now ready to perform his dastardly deed.  At the middle, he reached over to grasp Keri's left wrist and brought her hand over towards him, draping her hand over his boner so her diamond ring and wedding band was visible.  Reaching over to the bed on the other side, he then grasped the beauty's right wrist and brought her soft open hand over to cup his swollen balls.  With his hands upon each beauty's, looking down at the sparkling diamond atop his cock, Masao then began to pump into the soft manicured fingers wrapped about his hardon.  The little blue pill had once again done the trick for him, getting his hardon rigid and hard as a rock, but after having already cum twice before that meant it'd be awhile before he'd be able to shoot off once again.  Finally primed and ready to pop his nuts once again, Masao released the twin sisters' stimulating hands from his boner and balls, quickly shuffled up while holding his boner, then aimed it at the beautiful face of Mrs. Keri Thomas.  "BANZAI!" he yelled out as he ejaculated his sticky cum up the length of her face, then a second stream followed before he gripped his cock to keep it from blowing its load.  Turning and shuffling over to the other bed, he groaned out a loud "BANZAI ..............................................BANZAI!" as he gave Mrs. Teri Ashton a creamy facial.  Cumming over, he proceeded to use his cock like a paint brush up her beautiful face, then when that was done to turned back to the other beauty.     


Back in his chair once again, Masao celebrated his accomplishment with another swig of sake.  Soon the sake bottle was totally drained, causing Masao to sigh as it was now time to clean up and make his departure.  As he surveyed the room, Masao sighed and then chuckled "Damn, what a fuck'n mess!  It's gonna take me some time to clean all that shit up!"  In his bag there were a couple more towels, having prepared for this as he didn't want to leave any evidence behind by using their wash cloths like he had done before.  A bit later, he went to the bathroom with two wash cloths filled with goo that he had to rinse out so he could go back to clean up the rest of the slimy mess he'd made.  Having taken much time to wipe their faces clean, Masao realized that he had get a comb from one of the twin's cosmetic bag in the bathroom, as he needed to comb out the dried cummy flakes that had dried in each twin's silky blond hair.   He now had to wipe their inner thighs to remove the glaze coating them, along with their slick pussy lips coated with his jizz.  Finally everything had been done and his bag of tricks was filled back up with the items he had brought.  Both beauties had been redressed, panties and PJs back in place, and the twin sisters had been tucked back into bed.  With no trace evidence to be found, Masao looked at the time and saw that it was now 3 a.m., time to let the two American beauties have their beauty nap.                      

Nearing six weeks after Keri and Teri's return from their fantastic trip to Japan, it was a Wednesday afternoon when they'd meet at the coffee house to sit and chat to catch up on things with one another.  As Teri's school was closer to the coffee shop by about ten minutes of drive time, she made a quick stop at the drug store to pick up a couple home pregnancy test kits as Teri had felt a bit nauseous the last two mornings.  But Teri did not mention her nauseousness to Keri, not wanting her twin to get excited until the testing could be done.  Unbeknownst to Teri, her twin sister had been feeling the exact same way for the past two days, nor that Keri was planning on stopping at the very same drug store after their coffee.  Later that afternoon, the cashier at the drugstore thought 'My, she must really want to make sure the pregnancy testing is correct, especially since she bought two of the same home pregnancy kits just an hour ago.   That evening, Teri looked at who was calling answered her cell phone with "Keri, I was just going to call you with some fantastic news but you first since you called!"  Keri then took that opportunity to to announce "Sis ..........................I just took a test and 'I'm PREGNANT!'"  "Me too!  I was just about to call you after taking  second test within an hour!" Teri advised.  Then Keri added "Imagine both of us discovering that each of us are pregnant on the very same day!  Wouldn't it be miraculous if we were also to give birth on the same day too?"  As the twin sisters laughed and hoped for such a miracle to happen ........................such a miracle would not seem too far-fetched if each learned how she had gotten herself impregnated .........................................with the dastardly deed being done on the very first night of their stay in Japan .....................................raped and knocked up by the vile and and still very virile Masao Otake!               

At the Good Hope Hospital in the town of Springdale some seven and a half months later, the talk was of all about how identical twin sisters gave birth to baby boys just one hour apart and now the sisters were sharing the semi-private room together up in the maternity ward.  Not only that coincidence but their baby boys could really pass for identical twins themselves, thus forcing the nursing staff to put name tags on opposite wrists on the babies, with the tag on the right wrist belonging to the twin recuperating on the right side of the room and so went that for the baby with the left hand tag.  Although there was no reason to wonder, as one would even think of the possibility of the same man fathering each baby, how would the the DNA of each baby boy match up if ever tested?  With identical twins having the very same genes, if each twin got herself knocked up by the same demented rapist, wouldn't their DNA come as close to being identical twins also?  With Springdale being a small town with a population of eighteen thousand, and with the beautiful Gilber twins having grown up there to become elementary school teachers, their giving birth that very same day to share the same room in the maternity ward certainly made a nice article in the weekly Springdale Chronicle.  Such a news article would be viewed on the internet and the Chronicle would be receiving an odd request for a copy of the publication itself to be sent to far away Japan, the special order being placed by a Mr. Masao Otake .......................of which that news article would be framed and hung on the wall of his office, right below the framed pictures of the twin American beauties!

Having checked out the town of Springdale in the U.S.A. on the internet, when the beautiful twins had their four night stay at his hotel, Masao had discovered the existence of the Springdale Chronicle and found that the town was apparently a small one of just eighteen thousand people.  The weekly paper had articles on various towns people of interest, along with local politics and the usual stuff concerning community.  In typing in the name of Keri Thomas, it brought up an article entitled 'Twin sisters enter same profession as elementary school teachers'!  Masao read the article and found that Keri was the younger twin by four minutes, that they always did thing together for as long as they could remember, had the very same interests but had made the choice of teaching at different schools so the young children would not be confused in school.  With the paper listing many of the social events, Masao had explored all aspects of the news coverage online, finding that it also listed all the births taking place in Springdale, all in chronological order.  Thus he had marked his calender to start researching the paper for any listing of an offspring he had fathered.  And when the vital statistics did get published, it showed that Mr. and Mrs. Ashton had welcomed a new baby boy named 'Eric'.  Further down the list that went alphabetically, it listed that of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas having a little baby boy named 'Derek'.  Masao chuckled in seeing how similar the boys names sounded, just like their mothers, figuring that the twin sisters had evidently done it on purpose.  Indeed these two little boys would be just like twins, making Masao wonder as how identical the boys' DNA would be if ever tested.                

End of Story.