Hubby Enjoys Watching - IV
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon

Mrs. Sharon Gerber
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

John and Sharon Gerber were both 31 years of age, compatibility with one another made their five years of marriage a very happy one, with their pride and joy being little four year old Scott.  John stood at 5'8 and 160 lbs. while Sharon was 5'3 and 124 lbs. with a figure measuring 34-23-34, an attractive couple together and a lot of friends in the community, a couple with a happy family life that many envied.  They first met at a social function in college, a get-together between John's fraternity and Sharon's sorority, and from that first dance together they became an 'item' culminating in a beautiful wedding ceremony a year after they both graduated.  Once out of college, John got a job in operations with a local shipping company and was steadily moving up the ladder of success, with steady increases in pay certainly helping to afford their purchase of a home in a middle income neighborhood several years earlier.   Sharon had gone to work with a company providing assistance to doctors in the handling of insurance claims, then with the recent trend of companies cutting cost where possible by downsizing physical operations, she was allowed to work from home and report in from there.  It all worked out for them as Sharon was home after giving birth, there was no need to look for and expend money for a babysitter, so thing were just as perfect as could be for the couple and their young son.       

John was always a bit on the reserved side, a bit of the opposite of his beautiful wife who was always so bubbly and lit up the room when she entered, with Sharon making friends so readily while he took a bit longer to warm up to another person.  With the old saying that 'opposites attract', then John and his wife would probably be right in that category, with John not one to say anything while Sharon would tell it like it was.  Even when it came to sex, it was the very same, Sharon was quite willing to talk about things such as sexual fantasies, where John really not saying anything as he felt more comfortable to keep it all personal and bottle up within himself.  Such became evident to John from even before they were married, when they had sex for the first time some six months before the big wedding date, with Sharon taking his limp blood stained manhood in her hand and commenting "Look what his naughty little guy went and did!  And I bet he was wondering if I was still a virgin, huh?'  John just swallowed, unable to utter a verbal response, and turned beet red as what Sharon had just expressed was so very true.  With his wife so sweet and beautiful, so innocent looking with her baby blue eyes, her 'tell it like it is' attitude always caught John by surprise but it also sure as hell excited him to no end.                    

Recruited by one of the neighbors to play on a Slo Pitch baseball team, for a league consisting of eight teams from members in the community, John really enjoyed the workout to keep in shape and found it to be an excellent way in which to meet other members living in the area.  One fellow on his team was Leon Sanders (whom everyone called Lee), a well built 220 lb. black stud who worked in construction, and they got along very well as they had the same demeanor and interests.  Leon had a good sense of humor and was a good sounding board for John whenever he had a question regarding fixing up the house.  Leon was a bit older, about 37 and married to Loretta, with two young children ages 5 and 4.  Games were played on Monday and Thursday evenings, but when there was an early evening game, the team would plan a cookout where the wives and kids came to the community park and enjoy playing and watching the game.  Sharon and Loretta got along fabulously, with little Scott friends and playing with their children.  And a couple of times they had invited the Sanders family over for a cookout when a big football game was on, and they had gone over to the Sanders' home a couple of times also.

After one early evening ballgame was over and they were all headed out to the parking lot, Loretta was chasing down her kids to keep them safe, with Sharon holding onto Scott's hand as cars were moving about.  Having had a tiring week at the ship yard, John told Leon that "Think I'm gonna take a long nap once I get home, Lee!  Sure was an exhausting week at the shipyard as they were short handed on the docks and needed every available hand!  Man, don't know how the guys on the dock do it day in and day out!  So much easier being up in an air conditioned office and pushing papers!  Didn't think I'd even be able to play ball today as I'm just deadbeat tired!"  With Sharon and Scott walking some ten feet ahead, Leon advised "Ah, but it's all worth the while to take care of the family!  You're a lucky guy to have a beautiful wife like Sharon and a little guy like Scott!"  In a lower voice, Leon gave a nod of the head signalling him to look ahead, then with his sense of humor added "Well, buddy ........................if'n yer ever to tired and need help to tap 'that thing', you jist give me a call and let me know!"  'That thing' up ahead that Leon was referring to was Sharon's nice round ass that showed its beautiful shape in the pair of white slacks that she had on that night.  John just smiled and gave a silent chuckle at his friend's joking comment.

Although his friend had made that joking comment about his wife, that had set into motion some devious and naughty thoughts in John's head, where he'd often close his eyes and pictured his beautiful wife being seduced into bed with a big black stud his mind that stud always looked so similar to his pal Leon!  At the mere thought of such a sexual tryst taking place, John would often close his office door in the home, giving him the privacy to wank off while picturing his wife's flawless white legs being spread by a big black stud ...........................picturing a big black schlong being pushed up into her tight little cunny!  John wondered if the saying was true about black men being bigger when it counted most, wondered as to how his boner of 5" would measure up to a guy like Leon's manhood, but Sharon had never complained about his lovemaking or size of his rather puny manhood.  Having watched some porn films and seen some pics on the internet, John couldn't really believe how well endowed some black guys were in sporting cocks twice the size of his or even more than that.

Having stumbled across some internet porn sites, he marked them on his computer directory to read some stories and look at some hot pics or flicks, which of course he'd only do in private when his wife was not present.  John enjoyed having a home office was just great, with Sharon using another area of the house for doing her job from home, thus he could always use the excuse of needing to do some work but instead be checking out some porn sites to sate his aroused hormones.  Ever since that night when Leon made his wise ass remark of helping him out with taking care of Sharon if the need arose, John had begun dreaming and fantasizing of his black buddy putting the moves on his beautiful wife, all while he was secretly hidden away and watching his faithful wife being seduced by the muscular black stud.  Whether watching flicks or reading porn stories that involved interracial partners, John found himself substituting his lovely wife for the female character in the story, imagining that it was his wife in the film or story.     Knowing that it was just a fantasy for him, John sigh as he knew that such a fantasy coming true was quite unrealistic, for he had concluded that 'No way will Sharon ever let a black guy touch her ..............much less seduce her into bed with him!'       
Unbeknownst to John, Sharon had a wild streak that she had kept harbored within her upon her going away to college, a very private and rather naughty secret that she kept to herself.  Resolved to enter marriage as a virgin, a resolution that Sharon had made to herself as a budding teen, but she found that she could have fun and enjoy being a teen by being naughty in other ways.  Being far away from home, with no one to spill her little secret, Sharon could easily play the part of a young innocent small town gal who was outgoing but a bit in awe of being in such a big university setting.  Having been invited to join a very popular sorority, Sharon got to meet John at a social function, finding him to be a good catch as he was a bit nerdy but would certainly be a good provider.  With John being a bit nerdy and quite reserved, Sharon knew that it best for her not to talk or let on about her naughtiness during her high school years.  That naughty little secret was that of her having dated a few black guys during her junior and senior years of high school, jocks that were either on the school's football or basketball teams.  Although Sharon had been resolute in not losing her virginity, her black boyfriends in high school certainly enjoyed the handjobs and headers that she provided them.              

She did indeed love John very much, surrendering her virginity to him on their wedding night, but Sharon had to hide her disappointment upon discovering her husband's manhood that measured a mere five inches most ..............when fully aroused!  Sharon had not expected her husband, being a Caucasian male and all, to be as well-endowed at the black studs she had dated in high school ...................but she was really stunned at the size of his puny penis!  The only benefit was that her cherry wasn't brutally popped by a cock twice the size, but Sharon couldn't help but to wonder what it'd feel like to get fucked by a 'real' man's cock!  'God, maybe I should have lost my cherry back in high school, then I'd have let John mess around with me when we were dating ....................and I'd have found what I'd be missing out on!' Sharon often told herself, then consoled herself by adding 'But then I'd wouldn't have precious little Scotty!'  Closing her eyes as she thought back to her days in high school, those times with her boyfriend Issac Williams, like that time before going out to the party and he wanted a blowjob from her.  "C'mon, Sharon .........I need some head again!" Isaac had demanded of her after pushing her down to her knees.  About to meet up with their friends, she replied "Just promise you won't get it in my hair today, Isaac!" in knowing that her boyfriend just loved giving her a hot facial at the climax of her blowing him. 

Although she often dreamed and fantasized of getting herself fucked by a big black stud or down on her knees to blow on a big black boner once again, Sharon took her marital vows very seriously, telling herself that it her own choice that she had made for herself in having chosen John to be the man she married.  But Sharon often wondered to herself 'Would I have married him if I really knew just how 'big' he was?  Or would I have passed on John and moved on?'  'Well, you made your own bed as the saying goes!' she concluded, but she did wish that her husband would be more assertive and forceful with her sexually, secretly wishing John would not always be so considerate and making sure she was comfortable when he was atop of her, that he'd 'Be like my boyfriend Issac in high school ................................just push me down onto my knees and insist that I take you in my mouth and suck you off!  Treat me like a whore!  Degrade me if you want a man and do whatever you please with me .........................make me suck you off ....................or cum right in my face ...................whatever pleases you!'          

Going to a favorite story porn site that he had recently discovered, John was going over this one particular story that he really enjoyed, to which he would imagine that his beautiful and innocent wife was the female character that he was reading about.  The story was entitled 'Hubby Enjoys Watching - 2', where he was imagining that his wife was going outside of the house to give the yardman a cold drink, seeing that the top two buttons of her blouse had been undone and that Sharon had apparently removed her bra.  So engrossed and involved in the story was John that he got startled when his wife opened the door to stick her head in to tell him that "Fred Thomas is at the front door asking if he can borrow the branch cutter from you!"  Although his wife was unable to see what was on the monitor's screen, having purposely set his computer up at this angle for such a surprise intrusion into his office, John quickly moved his mouse over to where he could click and minimize his screen.  Trying to act nonchalantly rather than having been caught on a porn site, John got up from his desk and proceeded out to see his neighbor.  With her husband visibly startled by her and quickly trying to change the computer screen that he was looking at, Sharon wondered if she had just caught John doing something naughty while in the privacy of his office. 

As her husband always seemed to put up of what she deemed 'alter boy' type of image, Sharon thought that John would lose such a goody-goody image once they had married, but to her dismay such did not happen and her husband seemed to truly not have any naughty thoughts like a normal man would.  Having gone back out front to tell the neighbor that her husband was on his way, but once John had gone outside to get the branch cutter from the garage, Sharon quickly made her way back to her husband's office.  Moving the mouse to activate the computer screen, she observed the home page that came up, then noticed the icon at the bottom to indicate that a page had been minimized.  Assuming it was the page that her husband had quickly gotten out of when she made her surprise entrance, Sharon then clicked onto it, gasping with surprise at seeing the page that John had been so engrossed in.  It was a picture of a blonde woman having sex with a muscular black man, kissing him intimately with her arms and legs wrapped around her lover's body, the black and white contrast of their bodies being so erotic and intoxicating to her.  Sharon then wondered if John had been imagining that it was her having sex with a big black stud of a man.  

'Is John imagining that it's me in the picture with a big black stud?' Sharon wondered.

Copying down the url of the website, then grabbed a pen and wrote on a sticky note, leaving the site up for when her husband returned and putting the message onto the screen.  Knowing that the monitor would be going to sleep in a minute or two, Sharon smiled to herself as she wished that she could see her husband's face when he got back to his desk, for he'd then see the note in her handwriting say '
PERVERT!  Caught you!'  Back in the master bedroom and having closed the double doors, Sharon then pulled out her laptop and logged on, then typed in the url that she had copied from John's computer and proceeded to read the story that he had been so engrossed in when she popped her head into his office.  Reading the story, Sharon smiled widely, happy to see that her husband was 'human' after all.  The story got Sharon excited herself, wanting once again to have a big black cock in her hands, but the questioned still needed to be answered as to whether or not John was imagining that it was her getting fucked by the big black stud in the story.  'Well, I'll find out soon enough!' Sharon told herself as she proceeded to download the story into her laptop.

Upon going back to his office, John saw that the double doors to the master bedroom had been closed shut, causing him to wonder what was up as those doors were normally never closed.  Entering his office and going behind his desk, he then saw the sticky note posted on top of his monitor, causing John's stomach to turn upon reading
'PERVERT!  Caught you!'  Having to log back onto his computer, the last screen came back up and John sighed in despair, for right there on the screen was the picture of interracial couple having sex on the bed.  It was the screen that he had quickly minimized to hide from his wife when Sharon had surprised him earlier, to which he realized she had come back to his office to see what he had been trying to hide from her.  'Oh, shit that's why the doors are closed .................I got caught!  And now Sharon's so pissed that she locked me out of the bedroom!' John figured, wondering as to just how long he was going to be in the doghouse with his wife.  And then there was a 'ping' sound on his computer that indicated that an email just came in.  Going to his email, John saw that it was from Sharon and the head was in all caps saying 'READ IMMEDIATELY!'  

Closing his eyes, head slumping down as his chin touched his chest, John feared the worst as he thought 'Oh, shit!  Sharon must be so pissed that I had been reading porn and now she wants me out of the house!  Damn .................could she be wanting a divorce from me at this point?''  Heart thumping in his chest, sighing in defeat while proceeding to open up the email from his wife, John feared the worst in thinking that his once happy marriage to his beautiful wife had just come to an abrupt end because of his getting off on reading some hot porn.  But John was indeed feeling quite guilty, for at the very moment that Sharon had popped her head into his office, he had been picturing his beautiful wife's trim white legs wrapped around the big black stud in the picture that had immediately popped up on the screen when he opened up his computer.  Opening up the email from his wife, it read: 'John: I went and read the naughty story that you were trying to hide from me!  And were you imagining that the female character in the story was me?  If so, open up the attachment!'  He could say 'no', that he did no such thing as to imagine that his imagination had not been carried that far, but John had to go and open up the attachment to see what his wife had to say to him. 

Clicking onto the email's attachment, up popped the story that he had been reading, that of 'Hubby Enjoys Watching - II'.  But what was immediately noticeable was the picture of the female character in the original story having been removed, being replaced by a photo of his wife, one that he had snapped of her the other day while she was working at her desk while in a light blue blouse with the top buttons open.  In scrolling down a bit, John realized that his wife and downloaded the story and had made some changes, the most noticeable was that the name of the female character had been changed to 'Sharon' and the husband was now him.  'My gosh, she even left the second and third paragraphs of the story in ......................that of her character having been gang raped by a bunch of blacks!' he realized.  When it came to the yardman's character, the name had been changed to that of Leon Sanders, and Sharon was going out to serve him some lemonade after having removed her bra from under her blouse.  And when it came to the last character Tyrone Banks, only the last name of Banks had been changed to that of Williams, such apparently made to reference to the 26 year old black fellow who played out in left field on his softball team.

With his wife's picture having been inserted into the story, names changed to reflect them both as well as two black players on his softball team, John had unzipped the front of his pants and stroking the mean hardon he had gotten from reading the revised story.  Panting hard, about to grab a couple of tissues from his desk drawer so he could wank off, John then observed the added note that his wife had place beneath the ending of the story.  It read" 'John ..............please hurry to the bedroom as your naughty wife is all hot and bothered from reading the story ......................give your wife a good fucking for being naughty in fantasizing being in bed with one of your black friends!'  Not bothering to take the time to log off, John hustled on down the hallway to the master bedroom, putting his hand on the doorknob and then quickly opened the door. 

John's jaw immediately dropped as his eyes widened in total disbelief at what he was observing upon the bed, that of his quite prim and proper wife withering about while naked on the bed, hardened nipples being caressed by one hand while using the other to frig herself with.  "Oh, John ..................I need it so badly!  Reading that story made me so hot .....................making believe it was me in the story .....................having sex with those men ..................getting 'fucked' by those big black cocks!" John heard his wife panting out to him.  Sporting his stiffest hardon ever, John quickly dropped his pants and shucked at his boner as he made his way to their king-sized bed, then knelled up upon it and spread his wife's trim sexy legs apart.  With his wife in such a delirious state of mind, he rubbed this pulsating cockhead up and down her sensitive slit while asking "You ..................... you want to get 'fucked' by a big black stud that in the naughty story you read?"  "Yes ...............yes .....................but only if you say I can!" his wife panted out to him.  "Oh, honey ....................'yeah' .................definitely, 'yes' you can .....................but only if you let me watch!" John panted out.

"Ohhhhhh .................Johnnnnn're so stiff tonight!  Ohhhhhhh, yesssss ..........................fuck me ......................fuck your naughty wife!" Sharon panted out as her horny husband was all worked up and giving her quite an energetic fucking, the best ever thus far, making it quite obvious that he indeed was anxious to have her take on a big black stud.  This was just how she wanted John to be, hot and horny at the thought of seeing her in bed with a well-hung black, and Sharon was determined to have him begging her to get it on with his friend Lee.  Wrapping her long trim legs around her husband's ass and tightening them as never done before, their fuck session turned out to a wild and fabulous mating that had their marital bed thumping against the wall time and time again.  This was by far the most energetic her husband had ever been in bed with her, and Sharon hoped it'd get even better once John got to actually witness a big black stud atop of her body.  

On Sunday morning, John and Sharon were sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the morning paper.  Then an ad caught Sharon's eye and she began reading about a store opening up at the at the new mall, a store called Spy Hawk that specialized in hidden cameras and the latest equipment to secretly do surveillance.  "John .................John, look at this ....................a store's opening up in the new mall specializing in spy devices!" she excitedly told her husband.  After having shown her husband the ad, Sharon then turned on her laptop computer and went to the store's website so she and John could look at all the possibilities.  Once onto the site, Sharon smiled widely as her husband became intrigued with the spy cams that only required a plug into an electrical outlet to remotely send its broadcast, thus requiring no wiring.          

After hanging up the phone, John advised his wife that Lee had just called and would be stopping on by in an hour's time as he'd had a couple errands to run nearby an then would be stopping over to take a look at the renovations we're planning.  Opening the an hour later to greet his softball buddy, John led the way out to the patio to show him area to be renovated, as Sharon said told him that she'd be out soon after getting some cold drinks for them from the kitchen.  Taking Lee out to the patio area where the renovations were to be made, John began explaining and pointing out as to what changes were desired.  Upon hearing the sliding door being opened, John glanced over to see if his wife was in need of any help with the tray of drinks that she had in her hands, and as she approached them John did notice one slight change in his wife.  It was quite apparent that his wife had removed her bra as the nubs of her nips were clearly visible through her the beige pullover that she wore. 

As his wife was making her way towards them, John turned back to continue to point out more of the thoughts he had on the renovation, then heard Lee stammer out "H .................hi, Sharon!  Nice ............................nice to see ya again!"  With Lee always so glib at the mouth, John wondered as to what was up, then turned to see that his buddy was just starring at Sharon as she leaned over to put the tray onto the patio table.  Upon turning a bit to focus on what his buddy was starring at, John discovered that not only had his wife changed into the dress that she wore, but she had removed the bra that she had been wearing.  It became quite apparent that his wife was excited, as she had confided to him her naughty thoughts when it came to his black buddy who wanted to 'tap' her ass, such evidenced by the hardened buds that were clearly outlined as they pushed against the front of her dress.

Once they had finished their cold drinks, Sharon excused herself to take the empty glass back in.  A bit later, the sliding patio door reopened and John observed his wife having changed into a short house dress as she went to
water the plants out in the backyard, proceeding out into the yard with her bare feet without having slipped on her tennis shoes.  Besides this not being near sunset when his wife would do her watering, she had chosen to do so with the small green bucket and not the hose with a sprinkler as she normally did.  With Lee a bit behind of him and to his left, John could see out of the corner of his eye that his buddy was not looking up at where he was pointing, but instead had his neck crooked to the side in order to eye up Sharon's trim and sexy white legs.  And with Sharon needing to bend over while refilling her little green watering jug, his buddy was getting a eyeful of his wife's shapely ass.  As his wife resumed her watering of the plants, John thought 'Jeez, Lee's gonna have a heart attack the way Sharon's teasing him!'  


After pointing what was desired for the house renovation, the guys went back into the house for a beer while Sharon ended her watering to make some snacks for the men.  As the guys sat at the kitchen counter, she moved about in the kitchen knowing that Lee's eyes were taking her movements in as he sat facing her.  Deliberately bending on over while being straight ahead in his view, Sharon gave her husband's black friend a close up view of her round ass, letting him get a good look as her long trim legs.  Opening the refrigerator, with the door shielding much of her from their guest's view, Sharon thumbed her sensitive nipples to get them up to pointed buds once again, then proceeded to pour herself a glass of white wine before going to join the men at the kitchen counter.  Seated next to her husband, she turned a bit to face Lee, giving him a head-on view to the front of her dress with her hardened nips clearly pointing out towards him.

With Lee departing the head home for dinner with his family, and their son spending the night at a friend's place, Sharon pulled her husband back into the kitchen and over to the kitchen counter where they had been sitting earlier.  Turning to sit herself down upon the counter, right where Lee had been eating his snacks, Sharon placed her feet up onto the stool, pulled up her skirt and spread her legs wide.  Seeing John's eyes widen like saucers upon discovering that she was also not wearing any panties, Sharon then panted out "When Lee was here, I imagined that I was sitting here and he was snacking on me!  I'm on fire honey .....................come and put out that fire!"  Stair pushed away as her husband stripped off his clothing, Sharon wrapped her legs around her husband as they had themselves a fabulous fuck session on the counter, and finally John began hosing out that fire between her legs.

For Leon (Lee) Sanders, always known as a joker among his work friends and softball buddies, he had only been joking around with his buddy John when it came to giving him 'help' with his beautiful wife if need be.  Just seeing the way John had blushed a beet red when kidding him about helping him 'tap' that beautiful ass had made it worth all the while as it had Lee chuckling all along the way to his car that night.  Although just kidding, Lee had to admit that John sure had some sexy wife in Sharon, always thinking to himself that 'I sure would like get that sweet thing in the sack!  Something tells me that she's a wild one in bed ..........................and would like nothing better that a big black dick up in that hot pussy of hers!  But shit, I don't dare make a move on her, not with her being married to my buddy John!'  But in seeing the way she had gone and teased him by going without a bra when he was there today, Lee couldn't help but think 'Damn, that bitch is really asking for it in teasing me like that!  Shit, if John hadn't been there, I'd have nailed her right on the patio table!'

Once Lee had departed, John and Sharon embraced for and intimate kiss, then they began teasing one another as John caressed her beautiful round ass while Sharon was rubbing the front of his pants and rubbing at his boner.  "Did you notice how Lee was stammering when you flaunted those titties in front of his face?  Those buds pointing out the front of your dress sure made it clear that you didn't have a bra on!  Shit,  after that I don't think he even saw anything I was pointing out to him as he couldn't take his eyes off you watering the plants!" John advised.  Then Sharon suggested that they go on down to the store selling the spy devices so that they could embark on the fun adventures they had been talking about, with her having sex with Lee and maybe with other muscular black men, all while he got to watch it unfold before him while he watched from down in the basement.

That next weekend, Lee got his tools packed up to head off to his buddy's and begin with the remodeling project, but he couldn't help but think 'Hope Sharon's home to bring out some cold drinks again!  If she does come out to the patio, hope I'm not using a saw or hammer then, cause I might just lose a finger if'n she's not wearing a bra again!'  Little did he know that upon his arrival Sharon would welcome him in to do the remodel but announce that her husband had to rush on off to jump start his father's car as he was stalled out at their lake house.  John's car was not to be found in the garage to support the fact of him not being home, but it was parked on the street two blocks away, and that John was down in the basement watching the hidden cameras focused in the master bedroom and one in the master bath.  And upon being greeted by his buddy's beautiful wife, it would be readily evident that Sharon was not wearing a bra under the white blouse as it clearly outlined her budding nips!

A bit after having brought in his tools, Lee was looking over the area where he planned on starting first with the remodel.  Hearing the sliding door open and his buddy's beautiful wife coming out towards him, Lee licked his lips as the head between his legs gave a twitch of excitement.  He expected Sharon to ask about the remodeling, but instead she asked "Say Lee, can you also handle a bit of plumbing?  The bathroom faucet continues to leak, even after John worked on it the other day!  But I take it that you already know that my husband is just a klutz when it comes to taking care of such a problem!"  "Sure, no problem!  Let me take a look at it now before I get too involved in the remodel!" Lee replied.  As the blond beauty led the way, Lee couldn't take his eyes off her shapely round ass, licking his lips in wishful thinking of bedding this beautiful bitch.

Down in the basement, John smiled upon seeing his wife entering the master bedroom followed by his black buddy, double checking to see that all the records were on to capture the big event.  Each camera feed led to a separate recorder, assuring that everything would be captured from all angles, and John planned on slicing the video to make a nice movie out of it.  As they neared the master bath, John heard Lee ask as to which faucet was leaking, he observed his wife turning and then reaching out to take Lee's wrist and pulling his hand to her body as she told him "This is really the faucet that keeps leaking and really needs to be worked on!"  For Lee, there was no way in hell that he'd pass up on this golden opportunity, regardless if she was the wife of a good buddy.

Just as John had hoped, his buddy Lee was pulling his wife to him and proceeding to give her an intimate kiss while continuing to rub her up through her slacks and panties.  Then his buddy's large black hands were at Sharon's trim hips and in the process of working down the elastic waistband to both slacks and panties.  It was quite an up close view for John, for his wife had come to a stop right in front of the camera attached and hidden in the folding closet door.  A moment later, with his wife's slacks and panties around her ankles upon the bedroom carpet, John's eyes widened as the large black hand cupped his wife's golden fleece as Lee's thick middle finger was slicing in and out of her leaking faucet. 

Once his wife was stripped naked, John watched as Sharon helped his buddy get out of his clothing, then watched as she pushed the black stud onto the bed as she quickly climbed on to join him there.  Watching intently as his wife straddled his buddy and gripping his massive black cock that had to measure near the 12" mark, John sucked his his breath upon seeing his wife fitting his bloated cockhead up against her slick slit.  Panting for breath, not believing that his faithful wife could be wanting to fuck another man so badly, as being evidenced by her pushing her body downward to capture the thick cudgel up into her snatch.  John swallowed deeply upon hearing his wife exclaim "Oh, Lee ....................oh, my God're so bigggggg!  Fuck me ......................fuck me with your big black cock!"

Cock fully up into her cunny, Sharon leaned on over on the bed, looking back to where a hidden camera was located and wondered 'Is this what you wanted to see John?  Me getting fucked by Lee's big black cock?'  As Lee began hunching up at her, fucking her from his prone position on his back, Sharon then asked herself 'Why did I wait so long to get a big black stud to fuck me?  My God, John's little pecker is like a toy pistol compared to Lee's big gun up in me!  I hope John's not upset that things got so carried away so quickly that I forgot to get a condom from the nightstand and make Lee put it on!'  Getting herself back up to a straddling position, Sharon proceeded to ride her black stud as if she was in a horse race and headed for the finish line.  "Oh, sweetie .................gonna cum .......................gonna cum ......................ahhhhhhhhhhh ..............................argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" her lover groaned as he spurted out a hot geyser up in her cunny.  "Yes ....................yes .................cum in me ..............................fuck a black baby up in me!" she panted out in response.

With the fuck session over and seeing Lee going to the bathroom, John watched as his wife proceeded to pull down the bedspread from their marital bed.  Then John saw his wife scribble down something on a notepad, which she held up next to a hidden camera for him to read 'Honey, you're going to sleep on some starched sheet tonight!'  Once Lee returned, John saw Sharon go up to embrace him, then led him back to their marital bed once again.  Never had John seeing his beautiful wife so eager for another fucking so soon, probably because he always dozed off for at least a half hour after a fuck session, raising her legs up high and wide to hold the back of her ankles in order to spread her sloppy pussy wide for her black lover.  

John then heard his wife begging "Fuck me, Lee!  Fuck it to me!"  And then is softball buddy gave Sharon just what she was asking for, with the headboard thumping loudly each time that Lee shoved his massive boner up into her.  It was quite a sight to see, with John wondering how good a sleep he'd be getting on some stiff sheets that night, all while he excitedly gazed at the gold band and diamond ring that he had placed on his wife's ring finger.  Once their second fuck session was over and the couple rested a bit, John watched as his buddy hustled off the bed and throw on his clothing, then heard him telling Sharon "I'd better get to work on the remodel or John's gonna wonder what I did when I was here!"  With a hammer pounding out in the patio, John heard footsteps coming on down the stairway, then saw his wife with a robe around her.  Moments later, with Sharon telling him that she didn't have a bottle of douche, John had his wife sit up onto his desk as he would eat all the cum out of her pussy in hopes to keep her from getting knocked up with a little black bastard.                     

Over the next three weeks, with one excuse after another as to why John could not be home when Lee came to work on the remodeling, Sharon got herself a good fucking while her husband got off watching them get on.  As the remodeling job would not last forever, also taking into consideration of Lee's own marriage, John and Sharon figured that it best to expand outward for their fun and games.  With the spy cameras remotely transmitting the scene, an exciting idea came to John that would take the excitement once step further, that of him pimping out his beautiful wife and also getting to watch her in the sack with different big black studs.  As everything worked out perfectly in the home, the thought was that it should also work out in different motel rooms, and so the plan was to find a motel near a bar where a lot of blacks hung out.


Taking his wife to the Sunset Bar on the other side of the tracks, with two nearby motel rooms rented for the night, John looked about for the blackest dude in the bar to pimp Sharon off to.  Setting his eyes on a tall 6'8" black stud who looked like a basketball player, John went up to him to point out his wife and told him that for fifty bucks, he could have a go at his beautiful wife for an hour.  The guy's name was Jamal and he was indeed willing to part with a measly fifty bucks for the chance of bedding Sharon.  Deal cinched, John advised that he'd wait outside to give the two of them some privacy, but he soon was in the adjoining room watching and recording all that took place on the bed next door.  "Oh, yes .................fuck me, Jamal .................fuck me with your big black cock!" John heard his wife panting out as the black stud fucked her doggie style with Sharon still in her nylons and black heels.  Once Jamal was done and gone, his wife showered and dressed once again, then they were back in the bar once so John could pimp his beautiful wife out to another big black stud.

End of Story.