Innocent Wife Indeed
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Beauty Blackmailed & Boffed
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Distraught as she rushed home, wanting to beat her husband home and freshen up, Carol stepped on the gas as she looked at her wristwatch.  "Oh, God .................I've got to get home and get into the shower!" she told herself.  Looking into the rearview mirror, seeing lipstick smudged, Carol reached into her purse to make herself look presentable just in case John made it home before her.

Heart pounding, frantic as she observed the traffic up ahead, Carol could not help but to reflect back on the past few weeks.  The horror of the photos filled her mind, realizing 'Oh, John .....................please forgive me ....................I just couldn't let you parents ...............see those awful photos!"  Blinking back the tears, sniffling in shame, Carol felt so soiled as cum from her husband's competitor oozed out of her ravished slit.

So naive and innocent, Carol just couldn't believe that anyone could be as vile and cunning as Rashid Akbar.  Just three weeks ago, when her husband was away at a trade show, Rashid had hired a gang of Asian thugs to break into her home.  Held captive in her home, she discovered that it was her husband's evil competitor who had arranged everything.

With everything being filmed, as she cringed on the living room floor, the vile teens had masturbated themselves in front of her with each teen spewing his filth upon her.  She had turned her face away from the ejaculating teens, causing her dress and blouse to be splattered with the gooey mess, though some of it got onto her face and hair.  Then the evil Rashid had stepped forward to unzip himself in front of her face, pulled that monstrous black cock of his out and shuck it with his hand.  With a teen holding the back of her head steady, her husband's competitor jerked himself off, cumming all over her cringing face.

Having seen several disgusting snapshots on an email from Rashid, taken from the film of her defilement, Carol knew that she could not have those seen by John nor her elderly parents.  She had gone to Rashid's office to plead for the film and any copies, agreeing to help convince her husband to sell the business to him.  Carol shuddered in disgust at what she had been forced to do in order to get Rashid to agree not to send out the disgusting video and pictures.

Carol felt nauseated as she recalled having to get down onto her knees, forced to first handle his filthy manhood, then worst to admit it between her lips.  Never before had she performed such an awful thing, even for her loving husband.  Worst was when she realized that Rashid was intent on finishing himself off into her mouth and held her head forcibly onto his cock, then had erupted and spewed out his gooey mess, forcing her to swallow it all.

Unable to convince her husband to sell the business within the week that Rashid had given her, Carol had been forced to see him again earlier today to negotiate an extension of time for which to accomplish her end of the bargain.  This time, to secure the additional time, Carol found that the price she would have to pay would be much higher ..............much, much higher!  She had to bed the muscular black competitor of her husband ................allow him to copulate with her FUCK her!

Never having experienced the intimate touch much less the cock of a man other than her husband's, Carol was now returning home filled with the vicious spunk of her husband's vile competitor.  Distraught as cum continued to ooze out of her ravished slit onto the crotch of her panties, Carol was even more upset as she chastised herself for allowing her body to react as it had.  'God ................why did I have to respond like that?  Why did my body to betray me so shamefully?' she sobbed.

Turning into the driveway and pressing the remote to open the garage door, Carol groaned at the sight of her husband's car already parked in it.  She prayed that John would be busy in the study or preoccupied so that he would not greet her when she entered.  Pulling up into the garage, Carol then closed the garage door and entered through the connecting door to the kitchen.  She shuddered upon hearing her husband greet her with a "Hi honey!"

Carol feigned a smile as John came up to embrace her with a kiss on the lips.  She shuddered as her thigh muscles tightened instinctively, squeezing out another blob of his competitor's thick cum.  Quickly, Carol broke the embrace in saying "Oh, I need to go to the bathroom right away!  I think I'll take an early shower ...............I feel so sticky and yucky!"  Indeed, she was not lying at all as she was sticky and yucky with Rashid's potent cum.

In the master bathroom, Carol began disrobing, taking off her dress and hanging up on the back of the door.  Unclipping her lacy bra and slipping it off, she looked at her bruised breasts in the reflection of the mirror.  Hands moving up, Carol flicked her nipples with her thumbs, shivering from the tingling sensations that were created as she recalled how avidly her husband's competitor had sucked upon them.  'Oh, God!' she groaned as she noticed several hickey marks on the undersides of each breast.

Peeling off her panties and stepping out of them, Carol picked them up to gaze at the copious amount of cum coating the crotchband.  Fingers squeezing the front of the crotchband, she could feel the squishing of the thick cum through the silky material.  Opening it back up, she slowly moved her other hand near the sticky mess, then dipped her thumb and index finger into the goo to feel its texture.

Rubbing the sticky fluid onto her other fingers, Carol then brought her hand up to her face and inhale the strong odor of male cum.  Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Carol swallowed and spoke to her reflection "You whore!  You let another man fuck you today!  You let another man cum in you!  Worst yet, you had the best orgasm that you've ever had in your life!"

Disgusted with herself, she then rubbed her cum-coated fingers about her chin and upper lip.  "You cheap fucking whore!" Carol chastised herself as she now brought the  crothband and wiped its filthy contents about her face.  Tears in her eyes, she looked at her reflection and commented to herself 'That's the look of a cheap slutty whore ..........covered with filthy cum!'

With her face under the hot spray of the shower, Carol scrubbed the muck covering her face, soaking it over and over to cleanse herself.  Soaking her breasts, she shivered once again from the tingling sensations as her thumbs brushed against her sensitive nipples.  Putting the bar of soap back onto the rack, Carol moved both hands down to her furry black curls, fingers of her right hand moving down slowly to her ravished slit.

With her slit having been stretched so wide earlier, two fingers easily slipped into her sloppy cuntlips.  Having seen how much cum had oozed out of her ravished slit onto the crotchband of her panties, Carol thought that much of Rashid's deposit had drained out of her.  Removing her fingers Carol shuddered as she looked at the thick layer of cum coating her fingers.

Mesmerized, all she could do was to watch as the thick threads of yellowish/white filth flowed slowly to the center of the shower stall, then disappeared down into the drain.  Again and again, Carol repeatedly scooped out the potentially dangerous cum that her husband's competitor had filled her fertile womb up with.  She continued to watch as threads and threads of the thick spunk made their way down into the drain.

Carol could not believe just how much cum had been shot up into her.  She knew that this was certainly no way in which to cleanse herself properly of the potentially hazardous baby-making sperm.  Carol could not help but to mentally picture herself nine months in the future, lying with her legs spread wide, feet tied to the stirrups as the gynecologist worked between her thighs.  Then, with John holding her hand tightly, she would look up into her husband's face to see the shock register as he was the first to observe the end product of this afternoon's horrid mating.

Finally, after having scrubbed herself madly and scooping out all the cum that she could, Carol quickly prepared the potent douche that she prayed would kill any of the live spunk remaining.  Having cleansed herself both inside and out, Carol then returned to join her husband in a drink, needing a stiff dry martini to soothe her shattered nerves.

A couple of days later, snuggling up to John in the den to watch a rented video, Carol stretched out on the sofa and put her head on her husband's lap.  She enjoyed feeling John's hand stroking her head, running his fingers through her silky black hair.  As her husband seemed to be enjoying the show which she had no idea what it was about, Carol wondered just what John would say if he instead were watching the video that was in the possession of his hated competitor.

Wondering how she would convince her husband to sell the business, Carol was a bit hesitant about bringing the subject up again.  They had talked about it briefly the other day but John seemed a bit on edge and didn't want to go too much into the matter.  Moving her hand, fingers touching her husband's shorts that her wore, Carol could not help but think back to the last time her face was so close to a man's crotch.

Stroking the slightly growing bulge beneath her fingers, Carol wrapped her hand around John's cock.  Carol recalled how he had often tried to entice her into kissing his cock, to put it in her mouth, but she had absolutely refused to do such a vile thing.  She wickedly wondered what her husband would think if she were to unzip him and suck him off, showing him what Rashid had taught her.

Squeezing her husband as he watched the television, Carol felt him respond as she toyed with him.  Carol knew that she would find no objection to her slipping her hand into his shorts to fish out his growing cock, something that she had not done before in such a wanton manner.  Watching it grow a bit more as she stroked her husband's cock, Carol then bent her head down to engulf his cockhead.

John Nishimoto was astounded, taken totally by surprise as the actions of his beautiful wife.  She had her head near his cock that John closed his eyes and dreamt that he had convinced his lovely wife to kiss his cock ……………to put it in her mouth.  It was a dream that John could never get out of his mind, always wishing to know what it would feel like to have his lovely wife sucking his cock.  But with her conservative and rather puritan upbringing, John knew that such a thing was just wishful thinking.

A shiver of pleasure coursed throughout his body as his lovely wife's fingers were caressing the bulge of his throbbing cock.  Over the past few days, John had begun to wonder why his lovely and faithful wife seemed so determined that the business be sold.  He knew that she had been reluctant about them working together, having heard how many couples ended up in divorce when the business got to them.

With the point of needing new financing and the current status of the business, John began to think that it would be best if indeed the business was sold.  'Perhaps Carol really wants to go out on her own, as several times she had been approached by various clients to see if she was available to go over their business and make recommendations!' he thought.   'Yes!  That's it!  That's why she seems so anxious for me to sell the company!' he surmised.

Feeling her slender fingers move upon him, John felt his cock respond in anticipation, praying that his lovely wife would play with him.  Never had his normally demure and conservative wife been so bold as now, to reach into his shorts and pulling aside the legband of his jockeys to get at this cock.  Then his cock throbbed in the grasp of his wife's hand as she fished it out of the opening.

Never had John seen his naïve young wife with her face so near to his crotch.  He had dreamt of this so often, wanting her to go down on him, even suggesting such a pleasurable event.  But John always found that Carol was repulsed by such a lewd request, telling him that 'You must be crazy if you think I'll ever do such a filthy thing!'

Having thought about selling the business a lot over the past few days, John had come to the conclusion that it would be best to 'sell'.  Knowing that Carol wanted him to sell, he then came up with the brilliant idea, telling his wife "Oh, honey, that feels so goodddddd!  I know you want me to sell the business …………… set up our consulting business …………….if you're nice to me……..real nice, you might just be able to convince me to sell!"

Excited to hear her husband's proposition, Carol shucked at the growing stem in her hand.  Without it being spelled out for her, Carol knew what her husband was wanting of her.  However, Carol knew that she just could not go down on her husband like an experienced whore, showing that she was already experienced in the art of cocksucking.  She had been taught well several weeks ago by her husband's competitor, taught to suck it all the way down her throat and just how to give 'head'.

"You'll really sell ……………..if …………….if I was to do such an awful thing?  John ………… ………….you know I've never done such a lewd thing!" Carol lied as she purposely stammered to feign nervousness.  Fisting her husband's cock, Carol knew that she could easily perform the task, especially since it was only half the length and thickness as the one she had been taught with.  Bending forward, she stuck her tongue out and her husband's sensitive cockhead a wet swipe, then heard John's moan of pleasure.

Deep down, Carol wanted to compare the feel of having her husband's cock in her mouth with the only other one she had earlier experienced.  Leaning over, with mouth open, Carol engulfed her husband's cock and heard from above "Oh …………yessssssss …….oh, honey ……………suck it …………….suck it!"  Pumping his cock and bobbing her head to take more of him into her sucking mouth, Carol was surprised when she heard "Oh, honey ……………oh, baby ……………..I'm cumminggggggggggggggg!"

Feeling her husband's hand pushing down on her head, not wanting her to stop, Carol swallowed all that he had to offer.  But in the back of her mind, she could not help but to compare her husband's rather pathetic performance as compared to what she had trained upon.  Cock half the size and the amount of cum generated not nearly even a third of what Rashid had force-fed her.

"Oh, honey ………………….that was so good …………………so good!" John exclaimed as his dwindling cock slipped out his wife's still sucking mouth.  Looking down, he saw Carol turn to face him, then observed the smile of her glistening lips.  Never in his life did John expect to see his loving demure wife give him such a fantastic blowjob, just like an experience pro would.

Deep down, John harbored a secret, one that his lovely wife would never learn of.  Though he loved his wife thoroughly, once on a trip to Japan, a client entertained him by taking him to one of the brothels in the famous 'Red Light' district.  Seeing a hooker that resembled his lovely wife, John had picked her out to service him in the manner in which he had always hoped Carol would, that of giving him a blowjob.  Each night during that week long trip, he had gone to the brothel, experiencing blowjob after blowjob from different hookers.  Of course, each time he had pretended that it was his beautiful wife going down on him.

The blowjob he had just obtained was so much better by far, making the blowjobs by the various whores pale in comparison.  The thought did cross his mind 'God!  Carol sucked me off like a fucking pro!  Has she done this before?  With someone else?'  But then he had to conclude 'Naw!  There's no way!  She's so naïve, so innocent!  Plus, Carol would never cheat on me!'  Still, there was no denying the fact that he just had the very best cocksucking ever experienced in his life.

Looking up at her loving husband, Carol licked at her now glossy lips, then told John "Was that 'nice' for you, honey?  Did …………did I do it right?  Remember your promise ……………….and I'll be nice to you all the time!"  Rubbing her tongue about her mouth, savoring the taste of her loving husband, Carol found that it was not nearly as thick nor as salty as his competitor's.
Days later, keeping abreast of what was happening, Carol sighed with relief when John advised her that he would be accepting the offer from Mideastern Trading Co.  Having kept her end of the bargain, Carol would see to it that she got the original tape any copies from her husband's devious competitor.  But she was worried, wondering if Rashid would keep his end of the bargain.

Although Carol planned on being certain that she had the original tape and copies in her possession before the sale took place, there was always the worry that the evil Rashid had another copy stashed away.  Still, Carol knew that it was a chance she would have to take or surely her husband and parents would end up getting to view her horrible defilement.  'At least this nightmare is now over!' she concluded hopefully.

With the sale of the business pending all the legal paperwork, Carol busied herself in talking to the staff in assuring all the employees that the sale had the business operating as a separate division of Mideastern Trading Co. and that all the employees would retain their jobs.  Just she and John would be departing the company once the sale was finalized.

Then, exactly a week after her having 'paid' dearly for that extension to get her husband to sell the business, Carol checked her emails in the early morning.  'Oh, Godddddd!' she shuddered upon seeing that she had an email once again from her husband's vile competitor.  Recalling the filthy email he had sent to her earlier, Carol was hesitant to open it up.

More afraid not to open up the email message, Carol then clicked it on.  She shuddered in reading it "Hi Sweetie!  Your one week extension is up!  Would you like to have it renewed?  If so, call me so we can get together today to negotiate another extension!  Otherwise ………… know what's going out in the mail today!  Luv ya, Rashid"  Beneath the message were the three pictures that had accompanied that first email, the horrid pictures of her being tied up and cummed upon.


Quickly looking up the phone number of Mideastern Trading, Carol placed the call.  "Mr. …………Mr. Akbar ………please!  This …………….this is Carol Nishimoto!" she stammered.  Carol felt a shiver of fear course through her body when the telephone receptionist respond "Oh, Mr. Akbar's been expecting your call!  I'll put you through right away!"

Carol shivered upon hearing the familiar male voice on the phone "Hiya, beautiful!  I've been waiting for yer call all morning!  I take it ya got my email, huh?"  "But ………but …………….I did as you asked!  I …………….I got John to agree to sell the company to you!  He …………….he told me that met and talk to you just days ago and the terms were all agreed upon!" Carol stammered in reply.

Rashid chuckled into the phone, enjoying the frantic voice of sexy beauty on the other end of the line.  "But, sweetie ………….its still not signed and sealed as yet!  Just an oral agreement!  There's only one kind of 'oral' agreement that I accept, honey …………you know what I mean don't ya …………………the type of 'oral' agreement I accepted from you a couple of weeks ago!"

Quivering with disgust, Carol indeed remembered the 'oral' agreement that Rashid was referring to.  'God ………… can I ever forget that awful day?  Forced to get down onto my knees ……………….and please him ……………with my mouth!' she shuddered.  Carol put a hand on her queasy stomach, recalling how she had been forced to swallow his filth and how she had later thrown up in the restroom.

Early that afternoon, having checked for the remainder of the day, Carol nervously made her way to the docks.   Turning into Pier 11, she saw the cargo ship that had been leased by Mideastern Shipping Co.  Parking her car, Carol then made her way to where the gangplank connected the ship and the terminal.  Identifying herself to the fellow at the base of the gangplank, she saw him check his clipboard and then advise "You can find Mr. Akbar two decks below, in cargo hold #3 towards the stern of the ship!"

Hesitantly, Carol made her way over the gangplank, holding onto the railing as she had worn a pair of white heels to work.  Entering the ship, Carol found the stairway and carefully made her way down two decks.  Going towards the stern of the ship, she heard voices coming from nearby, one being the familiar voice of her tormentor.  The other voice sounded a bit familiar also but she couldn't place it.

The clicking of her high heels upon the metal floor had obviously sounded her arrival as Rashid's smiling face appeared at the doorway to greet her "Come in!  Come in, sweetie! You're punctual as usual!"  As she nervously stepped over the high metal threshold of a doorway, Carol looked up at a familiar face smiling at her.  "You know Dave, don't ya, sweetie?" she was asked by Rashid.

Indeed she knew Dave Mathews from when she had taken over the finance department at her husband's company.  Carol cringed as she looked at the arrogant banker whom she despised from the start.  Though Dave Mathews was young and good looking, to Carol he had turned her off, giving her the impression that he thought he was God's gift to women.  Turned off when he made a play for her, Carol had pulled the company's bank account and gone elsewhere.

Now Carol was face-to-face with the man who obviously had a grudge with her.  She recalled how he had called repeatedly to apologize and get back the account but she hung up on him.  Then he had called her husband, trying to gain back the account but John advised that he couldn't do anything as he had promised his wife a free hand in the finance department if she came to work for him.

"Mrs. Nishimoto ……………so nice to see you again!  I haven't had the pleasure of talking to you …………….for quite some time …………….ever since you took over the finance department ……………..and pulled the company account out from under me!  You don't know what I went through after that ………………… nearly cost me my job at the bank ………… you know that, Mrs. Nishimoto?" Dave Mathews questioned with a snicker.

"Dave's my banker for financing this deal, sweetie!  When I mentioned that I needed financing to purchase Nishimoto Trade & Shipping Co., Dave thought I was joking as he figured there was no fuck'n way yer hubby would sell the business to me!  But Davey boy here got mighty interested when I let on that I had some inside help …………..the personal help of John Nishimoto's sexy young wife!" Rashid advised.
Then it seemed as if the world was caving in upon her as Carol heard the sneering banker advise "Mr. Akbar told me you agreed to help him swing the sale ……………… you 'orally' sealed the deal!"  Carol gasped and looked over in panic to the chuckling Rashid, realizing that the arrogant banker knew that she had gotten down onto her knees to suck off Rashid's big black cock.  Blinking back the tears, Carol felt faint, her knees turning to jelly.

Carol was frozen with fear as Rashid moved up beside her and advised "Dave tells me he just might be able to get me a fantastic rate …………….but he needs the right incentive, sweetie!"  Then she felt Rashid's hand upon her ass, squeezing her asscheeks through her dress before he said "Can you think of an incentive that might get Dave to give me that good rate, sweetie?  Why don't you escort Dave to the Captain's cabin towards the bow of the ship and help me convince him on swinging that deal?"  Shuddering with disgust, Carol realized what Rashid was getting at …………..that she was the bargaining chip ………….that he had just prostituted her out in exchange for his support.

A moment later, Carol was stumbling along the alleyway of the ship, led by the elbow by the arrogant Dave Mathews.  Tears flowing down her cheeks, Carol sniffled as she was subject to humiliating taunting "The uppity and faithful Mrs. Carol Nishimoto pulls the company account just because I made a fucking pass at her …………………but she's willing to get down on her fucking knees ……………….and suck off the big black cock of her husband's competitor!  You're a bitch ………..aren't you, Mrs. Nishimoto?  And I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you really are!"

In the rather plush quarters of the Captain's cabin, Carol stood in the center of the room as her snickering tormentor took a seat and ordered "Now, you heard Mr. Akbar!  Convince me!  You can start by peeling off the dress for me!  Show me that sexy bod of yours, you fucking little whore!  Put on a striptease for me!"

Standing in resignation, Carol reached behind her neck and undid the clasp of her light green dress, then pulled the zipper down a bit.  Blinking back the tears, she then reached behind her back to pull down the rest of the zipper.  Carol cringed as Dave Mathews taunted "You fucking little bitch!  Does John he's got a fucking little whore for a wife?  You pulled the wool over his eyes haven't you, bitch?  He thinks you're his sweet and faithful wife!  Thumb your nose up at me, huh, bitch!"
Carol tried to think of other things, trying desperately to put what was happening out of her mind.   Sobbing, Carol let her dress fall from her shoulders to puddle upon the carpet around her heels.  Now she was clad only in her lacy white bra, panties, and heels.  "Now the bra!" her tormentor commanded.  Undoing the clasp of her bra, Carol sniffled in shame as the arrogant man advised "Now show me that pussy of yours, bitch!" Peeling her panties down over her trim hips, Carol let them fall to the floor upon her heels.

"Now, Mrs. Nishimoto, get that sweet little ass of yours up on the bed!" came the next order.  Dressed only in her white heels, Carol moved slowly towards the bed.  "On your hands and knees, bitch!" she was advised.  Head hanging down in shame and humiliation, Carol glanced to her side where the rustling of clothing came from.  She saw clothing being tossed aside as the man was obviously eager to strip and join her upon the bed.   Carol cringed as she felt the bed sag, then hands caressed her ass as Dave Mathews advised "You uppity little bitch!  Gonna fuck ya ………..just like the bitch you really are!"

Caressing the soft creamy ass of the lovely Carol Nishimoto, Dave Mathews could not believe the good fortune that he had been bestowed upon him.  After having nearly lost his job because of this fucking cunt, Dave was going to make this pretty little bitch pay.  "Please ……….......……..please ……........………I'm sorry!  Don't do this to me ………..please!" came the beauty's plea for mercy.  But hearing her sobs and pleas only served to make Dave hard as a rock.  Grasping her trim hips, he lunged forward with all of his might, groaning loudly "Fucking bitchhhhhh!"

"Nooooooooooo …………………….God ……….nooooooooo!" Carol sobbed as the man she despised fucked his cock brutally into her from behind.  "Ohhhh ……….ohhhh ……........….ohhhh …….............….ohhhh ……............….ohhhh …….................….ohhhh ……….!" Carol groaned as Dave Mathews humped in and out of her now juicing slit, his crotch bumping up against her ass with each thrust.  'Oh, Godddddddd ………….........…….noooooooo ……..………don't let me feel anything but disgust!' she prayed as her cunt muscles involuntarily began to squeeze around the throbbing cock within her.

Feeling her cunt muscles clasp and unclasp around his pulsating cock, Dave Mathews taunted the beautiful young wife "Getting to you, huh, bitch?  Oh, baby ………'re really juicing now!  Just like a fucking little whore!" But Dave wanted to make her to always remember this day!  Having learned from Rashid that he was the very first to get his cock between her sweet lips but had not nailed her little ass as yet, Dave figured that it was quite possible that it was still cherry.

A handshake with the devious Rashid had sealed the deal with Dave getting first dibs of fucking the little bitch in the ass in exchange for his placement of the loan at a very favorable rate!  With the beautiful wife thrusting herself back onto his spearing cock, Dave smiled as it would soon be the moment to claim her soft creamy ass.  Caressing her perfect little ass, Dave held her hips firmly as he eased his cock out of her clenching pussylips.

Having just gotten into the rhythm of the fuck, Carol was stunned as the cock was pulled out of her, just as she was about to reach an orgasm.  Panting, she turned to look back but stopped when she felt him shuffle forward a bit, then stilled herself in anticipation of feeling his cock slicing through her once again.  But then she felt him fumbling behind her, pushing his cockhead into the crease of her ass.

"What …………….what are you doing?" Carol asked frantically, turning her head back to see Dave Mathews sneering face.  Hands gripping her firmly at her hips, cockhead pushing against the entrance to her ass, Carol reached up to grab at the bedspread to scramble away.  "Gonna teach you a lesson, bitch!' she heard him scowl from behind.  "Oh, God …………!  Not there …………….please ………….not there …………….I've never had it there before!" she sobbed.

For Dave, that was the best news ever, knowing that he was about to claim the bitch's cherry little ass.  Holding her hips firmly, cock at the ready, he lunged forward with a groan "Oh, yeahhhhh, baby!"  "Aieeeeeeeeeee ……………………stop ………………stopppppppppppppp!" came the shrill cry from the beauty beneath him.  But for Dave, it was sheer music to his ears!  Slamming his throbbing cock up into the now screaming beauty, he laughed at her plight and laughingly taunted "You're nothing but a fuck'n whore, bitch!  Try to screw me in the ass by pulling the company account from me!  Well, look who's getting screwed in the ass now, bitch!"

"Owwwwwww ……………..owwwwww …………..stop …………….please stop ……………it hurtsssssssss!" Carol sobbed.   'Oh, God ……………..oh, God ……………….I can't take it …………………..oh, God ……………….let me die!' she prayed, never having felt pain in her life.  Hearing the laughter from the vile man sodomizing her, Carol knew there would not be an ounce of mercy for her, just more pain and humiliation.  'Oh, God ………………how can anyone be so sick to do this!' she wondered.
"Oh, baby ………………tight ………… fuck'n tight!  You got the prettiest little ass, Mrs. Nishimoto!" Dave taunted as he fucked her once cherry ass.  "Oh, so soft and creamy!  Damn, I can't believe it ……….got your sweet little cherry ass!" he exclaimed.  Humping in and out, hearing the bed squeak from the vicious assault, Dave felt his cock twitch and throb madly.  Then he groaned "Oh, babyyyyyyy …………….yeahhhhhhh ………………..oh, yeahhhh ……………………….cumming in your sweet little ass!"
Frozen with pain, Carol remained on all fours upon the bed, shuddering as Dave Mathews pulled his cock out of her aching ass.  She shivered in humiliation, her ass was being patted as the arrogant bastard chuckled "Now you can take that faithful little ass back to that husband of yours, bitch!  You can tell him that your sweet little ass just helped finance the whole fucking deal!”  Carol's body shook as the pain from her ravaged rectum coursed throughout her body.  The pain was bad enough but the feel of thick cum oozing out of her ass and flowing down her thighs made it unbearable.

"Well, sweetie …………….I gotta get back to the bank and start working on the loan for Mr. Akbar!  That ought to get me a nice bonus for swinging the deal ………..but not as nice as the bonus you just gave me!" Dave Mathews chuckled.  "Oh, Mrs. Nishimoto …….what's the matter?  Can't move a muscle?  Your tight little ass stinging from the reaming I gave it?" he taunted.

Then Dave Mathews stepped around the bed, looking down upon the sobbing beauty, who's head was now just a foot away from him.  Cock hardening as the thought of humiliating the young wife even further stirred the blood in his loins.  Reaching down with both hands, wrapping his fingers in her silky black hair, he chuckled "Got to get my cock cleaned up some before putting my jockeys back on, Mrs. Nishimoto!  After all, it was just up your tight little asshole!"

The sudden yank upon her hair had Carol about to scream out in pain.  But as she opened her mouth, the shit-stained cock was suddenly shoved into her mouth.  The stench and awful taste had her shuddering in utter disgust.  "C'mon, sweetie!  Clean your shit off my cock!" she heard the arrogant man order her before busting up in a roar of laughter as he began to face fuck her.

"Yeah, baby …………….oh, yeah ………………..ohhhh …….........……oh, yeah ….................…..tongue me, baby ……...............…tongue me! Ahhhhhhh, yeah ……..........………….that's it …………...............atta baby! Tongue me, baby ……………………….ohhhhh, baby …................………….yeahhhhh!" Dave moaned with pleasure as the struggling beauty began gagging around his shit stained cock.  This was now the ultimate humiliation that he could bestow upon the beauty that had nearly cost him his job.  He thrust forward further, feeding the struggling young wife several more inches of his throbbing cock.

Stomach churning in revulsion as the awful tasting cock fucked in and out of her mouth, Carol prayed to be put out of her misery, feeling so violated.  'Oh, God …………forced to suck Rashid was one thing!  But this filthy animal has me do after sodomizing me!  Bastard ……………….I should bite his damn cock off and throw it overboard!' she thought.  But that was just wishful thinking on Carol's part, knowing she wouldn't dare.  Instead, she was at this demented man's mercy and began to tongue his sensitive cockhead to get it all over with.

The sudden swiping of the beauty's hot wet tongue had Dave Mathew's shivering with pleasure as he was now ready to 'pop' from the thrill.   “Oh, baby …………............…..oh, sweetie ………..............……’ve got such soft pretty lips ………............…..ahhhhhhhhhh ……...................……ahhh, that’s it ………...............….tongue me! Yeah …..................…oh, yeah ……….............……yessssssssss …….............……….cumming …..................………..I'm cummingggggg!  Oh, baby ….............…………… eat my hot jizz …..................……..suck all the cum outta me ………..................…ahhhhhhhhh, yeahhh!” Dave groaned.

Holding the beautiful young wife firmly by her silky black hair, Dave saw her look up at him pleadingly, trying to twist and turn to dislodge him as he filled her mouth with his hot sticky jizz.  Dave enjoyed the fight she put up to keep from swallowing the slimy spunk that now filled her mouth to the brim.  Then he saw her begin to gag, the whites of her eyes showed as she couldn't breathe.  Dave laughed as the sexy beauty quivered as her face began to pale.

Pulling out his lengthy cock from between her pink lips, he laughed as the beauty clutched at her stomach and gagged, lips parted as she spewed out a continuous flow of his thick cum. Delirious and so repulsed at the degrading act, Carol's stomach rebelled.  Leaning over the side of the bed, her stomach heaved as she was about to toss her cookies.   She would have thrown up all over the floor of the Captain's cabin had her tormentor not grabbed the nearby trashcan to place it beneath her head.

Finally, able to ease her aching body down onto the comfort of the mattress, Carol sniffled back the tears of shame.  Her tormentor had gotten dressed and departed from the ship but Carol could still hear his laughter and taunting of her before he left.  Hearing the opening of the cabin door, she looked towards the door and saw a grinning Rashid as he commented "I hear you Davey boy an 'oral' agreement too!  You're really using that head of yours!  Ready to spread those sexy legs of yours some more?"

Not having achieved any pleasure nor satisfaction from Dave Mathews, Carol could not help but squeeze her thighs, knowing what pleasure could be derived from Rashid's big black cock.  But instead of Rashid stripping off his clothing and joining her upon the bed, Carol found herself being escorted by the elbow down the alleyway, totally naked.  "Please ……………..Rashid ……………where are we going?  Please ……………..let me put some clothing on!  There ……………there …………….someone might see me!" she begged.

Then, as they approached the cargo hold at the far end of the ship, some machinery and men's voices could be heard.  As Rashid stepped in, pushing her into the large cargo hold, Carol tried to cover herself up as she observed six Asian men turn and leer at her nakedness.  All the men's clothing were filthy, covered with dirt and dust from working with the cargo.  The men were covered with sweat and grime from working in the heat.  Then Rashid announced "Break time, guys!  You boys have set a record in unloading a ship the other day!  So, I've brought you boys a pretty little present!"

One man who apparently was the foreman of the group began giving orders, getting the men to lay out a thick green pad upon the ship' s dirty floor.  Cowering and trying to hide her body from the leering men, Carol saw the foreman give a signal and all the men began to disrobe.  Then the grinning foreman came up and grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her over towards the green mat.

As the bystanders clapped and cheered, Carol found herself being pushed down upon the mat.  She could only close her eyes to try and block things out as the foreman grasped her by her knees and pushed her legs wide apart.  "Oh, God ......................ooohhhhhhhh ……………………..oh, Godddddddddd ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she shivered as the foreman clamped his mouth down right upon her sex.  "Oh, God ………………..oh, God ……………….oh, Godddddddddddddddd!" Carol's scream echoed throughout the cargo hold as the man's wet tongue began to lap her out.

A moment later, still being eaten out, Carol felt the foreman moving about on the mat.  Then a hard fleshy bone was pushing at her lips.  Seconds later, she was sucking upon the man's cock as he ate her out.  The audience cheered as they watched their boss get her into the '69' position.  Suddenly Carol felt the foreman turning her about and seconds later she was atop of in the classic '69' position, sucking upon his cock as he ate her out.

The foreman was obviously an expert with the use of his tongue, causing Carol to shiver with excitement as she began to feed him her love juices.  Her moans of pleasure were stifled by the throbbing cock in her mouth as she bobbed her head up on down, reciprocating for the pleasure being given to her.  Moments later, Carol shuddered in a mind-shattering climax as the cock in her mouth suddenly burst.  This time, she swallowed it all without choking or gagging.

With the exhausted foreman needing a breather and scooting off to the edge of the mat, all five of his fellow workers stepped forward onto the mat for their turn.  With one man lying on his back, Carol was assisted by the others to straddle the prone man.  "Ohhhhh …………ahhhhhh!" she moaned as she sat upon the upright prong.  On all fours, a pair of hands were grasping her by the hair, pulling her head forward so she could get her mouth around his cock.

Unable to speak with the cock in her mouth, Carol was now thankful for what Dave Mathews had done earlier as the cock now penetrating her ass was even thicker.  Each of her hands where then grasped by the other men as they wanted her to jerk them off. Carol was now in the perfect position to satisfy all five men at once, something who would not have dreamt possible if she weren't doing it at that very moment.

It would be an afternoon that Carol would always remember.  Having satisfied all five men at the same time, Carol collapsed onto the mat covered with cum.  Ass, mouth and cunt were filled with cum.  As for the two cocks she had been jerking off, their loads ended up covering her face and streaking her silky black hair.

With the foreman getting it up once again, along with two of his virile companions, Carol found herself back onto her knees once again.  Cocks soon filled her mouth, cunt and ass again.  Soon, the other three men were clamoring for their boss and cohorts to hurry as they too wanted seconds.  Carol could not help but to climax over and over again, countless of times, as she was repeated fucked out of her mind throughout the entire afternoon.

The following week, the legal paperwork was to be signed in conference room at Nishimoto Trading & Shipping.  Once signed, it would be followed by an introduction of Rashid Akbar to the employees who had all been made aware of the upcoming acquisition.  Having seen the recent email from her husband's competitor, Carol breathed a sigh of relief in reading the message that Rashid would be stopping by at her office a half-hour before the scheduled meeting to keep his end of the bargain.

Sitting and waiting at her desk, Carol could not help but to reflect back to what all began just two months ago.  She had now lost count on the number of men who had satisfied their lust upon her body in one way or another.  Much had been so dreadful and  humiliating, totally debasing, yet Carol could not deny the fact that she had never soared to such heights as compared to when Rashid had forced his big black cock into her tight slit.

But now, knowing that she had prevented that horrid film from getting out, Carol was determined never let another man touch her other than John.  Then her intercom buzzed and her secretary announced that Mr. Akbar was there to see her.  "Show him in please!" Carol responded into the intercom.  Taking a deep breath, she wanted to look calm and collected for the arrival of her blackmailer.  Still, Carol could not deny feeling the involuntary clenching of her thigh muscles, along with the juices that began seeping out of her loveslit and into the crotch of her panties.

As her husband's competitor entered, door being closed by her secretary, Carol shook with nervousness as the bold man stepped over to the door and locked it.  Then he approached her desk and handed her a gift wrapped box.  With a grinning smile, he told her "As promised, the original and five of the six copies made are in there!  You don't mind if I retain a copy …………strictly for my personal viewing do you?  To assure you it'll never be used to blackmail you with it again, here's a document I drafted up and signed to assure my guarantee to you!"

Reading the document, Carol breathed a sigh of relief as it was on Mideastern stationery, signed by the man and even notarized.  It stated that should any portion of the film that taken of her, on the night of the break-in, be used to coerce her in any way in the future then Rashid would sell back the company to her for 50% of the purchase price.  Though questionable if it'd hold up, it was far more than Carol had hoped for.

Then the intercom came on and her secretary advised "Your husband's on the line!"  Nervously, Carol picked up the phone and answered "Hi, honey!"  Listening on the receiver, she replied "Yes ……………yes, Mr. Akbar is here!  He ………he stopped in early to go a couple items on our books!  But …………its all been squared away!  No ………no need for you to come down!  I …………..I'll show him up to the meeting room shortly!"

Standing up, Carol advised "I'll show you up to the meeting room!"  Then to her surprise, Rashid grasped her by the elbow and slowly pulled her towards him.  Panting, more in anticipation than in fear, Carol looked up pleadingly as he advised "No rush, sweetie!  Meeting's not scheduled for another fifteen minutes!"  As his thick lips descended down upon hers, Carol allowed her lips to part and admit his thick searching tongue.

A moment later, down upon her knees in her office, Carol watched as Rashid unbuckled his pants and let it drop to the floor.  Inches away from her face was the red jockey shorts that he wore, the thick bulge pulsating from what lay beneath it.  Sticking her tongue out, Carol traced the outline of what was held in captivity.  Reaching up with her hands, Carol then pulled the pair of red jockeys down to release the monstrous cock from its confines.  Seconds later, she was bobbing her head up on and down upon it.

Up in the boardroom where the meeting was to take place, Carol sat next to her husband as coffee was being served.  Asked if she wanted any cream, Carol passed on it …………………..for she had enough cream in her belly already, a pint load of hot cream from the balls from the man sitting across from her husband. Licking and sucking at her lips, Carol wanted to be certain that she had gotten all the remnants of copious load that had nearly spilled from her lips down in her office.

Sitting in the meeting to conclude the sale, Carol was surprised that her husband had told Rashid of her plans to be a consultant in the finance industry.  Even more surprised when Rashid advised that he'd like to retain her services as an independent consultant to the firm as she was well aware of how it operated.  Carol knew it was not her mental ability that he was after but more on how well she performed on her knees.

Rashid looked across the table at John Nishimoto and his lovely wife seated beside him.  'If only that fool knew what a hot little bitch he's got for a wife!  Damn ………….that was some fuck'n blowjob she gave in her office!  God ………….she sure looks sexy with her sweet lips glistening with my cum!' he thought.  Seeing the lovely wife constantly licking at her lips, Rashid knew she was savoring the tasty meal he had fed her.

Seeing her nervous reaction upon mentioning he wanted to retain her independent consulting services after the sale was concluded, Rashid suspected that the beautiful wife would later turn his offer down.  With the tape and notarized letter he had given to her, Radhid figured 'The dumb bitch will think she was in the clear!  Oh, I won't use that video or pics from it to blackmail ya with!  Not when I've got video of you down on your knees in my office sucking me off!  That, plus your getting reamed out be Dave Mathews in the Captain's cabin and you getting gangbanged in the cargo hold!' he chuckled to himself.
End of Story