Keeping it in the Family
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Mr. Hideki Fujimoto was quite a successful businessman in Osaka, his company having developed the now leading line of digital cameras.  Now at the age of 50, everyone in Japan looked upon him as a success, a man to be looked up to.  He was proud of that fact but deep down, he was rather despondent of one aspect in his personal life, that of having a son to carry on his bloodline and inherit the business.  In the old oriental custom, if one did not leave things for a descendent to carry on, his existence was a failure.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fujimoto's wife had been unable to conceive and his dream of carrying on his bloodline died with each failed attempt to impregnate his wife.  The thoughts of adopting a child was out of the question, unless he adopted a child given up by one of his family members, as it was 'bloodline' being the all important factor.  With he being the youngest in a family of eight, all the children of his brothers and sisters were over sixteen years of age.

The next alternative for Hideki Fujimoto was to make every effort to groom his nephew Tadao to be the son he never had.  However, much to his disappointment, Tadao just never quite measured up to his impeccably high standards.  Tadao wasn't athletic or a go-getter the way he imagined his own son would have been, but the young man was still his nephew.

Tadao Fujimoto, now at the age of 25, was happy that his parents had allowed him to attend college in the United States.  Wanting to fit in when he arrived in the U.S., Tadao merely went under the name of Tad Fujimoto, giving the appearance that he was not a foreigner.  The preparation that he had received in his schooling through high school had him understanding and speaking English perfectly.  The only things he had to master were the mannerisms and behavior of his counterparts in the U.S.

Having seen his nephew only twice during his college years, upon his short return trips to Japan to visit his family, Hideki made it a point to talk to his nephew as much as possible.  Although it seemed that the young man was interested in taking over the business, Hideki just did not have that close feeling to the young man. Upon Tadao's graduation from college, as his nephew wanted to remain in the U.S., Hideki hired him to start work with his company in the California plant.  At least one of his trusted managers headed up the plant and Hideki could rely upon that manager's input as to how his nephew was really progressing along.

After the first six months, Hideki learned that his nephew was a hard worker, competent but not aggressive nor opportunistic enough to someday run the business.  Not up to Hideki's competitive standards, anyway.  It now seemed that the large company that he had built up from scratch would not survive in the hands of a family member but in all probability be gobbled up by another large industrial company.  How he wished that he had a 'son' to leave his company to.

One day, upon visiting with Tadao's parents, Hideki was asked when he next planned to make one of his frequent visits to the United States.  He then learned that Tadao's parents were trying to coordinate a trip there also to arrange a small gathering to celebrate their son's engagement to an American girl.  Tadao's parents were very open-minded, willing to accept an in-law from of a different nationality, so long as it made their son happy.

This had taken Hideki by surprise, always assuming that his nephew would eventually be returning to Japan and marrying a Japanese girl equal of his stature.  Now it appeared that it would be questionable if Tadao would ever return to Japan, especially if his wife was born and bred in the United States.  Hideki was naturally quite dejected and glum at the news.

When Tadao's mother handed him a picture of her future daughter-in-law, Hideki's eyes widened and his opinion of his nephew took a drastic turn for the better.  Indeed, Tadao's fiancee was young and very attractive.  In fact, it caused Hideki to swallow hard as he gazed upon the beauty with the long flowing golden blonde hair.  Hideki was stunned, by the picture of the lovely beauty, but he showed no outward emotion.  Fortunately, his pants hid the outward emotion that the picture created, hiding the throbbing arousal of his old horny cock.

Weeks later, in attending the gathering at a tea house, Hideki got to meet the beautiful Tifffany Meyers along with her parents and family members.  He was very much smitten with Tiffany's looks, charm and innocence.  Now, Hideki was thrilled with the news that of the engagement.  At the dinner, he could not take his eyes off the lovely beauty, wondering how lucky his nephew could be to land such an exquisite little morsel.

From the moment he met her and held her delicate hand in his, Hideki began to fantasize about her in his dreams at night.  His thoughts and fantasies about lovely Tiffany were decidedly and increasingly sexy in nature, in fact quite wicked and vulgar.  On that evening at the teahouse, she had looked so petite and sexy in the dress that she wore, especially with the accent of her 3" heels.  So engrossed was he during the nights, he knew that he just wanted to see more of her -- much, much more!  He knew that it was wrong, so very wrong to be lusting over another man's woman, especially a lovely young beauty now betrothed to his nephew.  But Hideki could not get the sexy blonde beauty out of his mind, knowing that she would eventually the mother of his nephew's sons, deeply wishing that he could be the father of her babies.

In bed each night, imaging the beauty's long ivory legs, Hideki rubbed his cock faster and faster as he pictured the sexy legs wrapping around him.  The only way that he could finally get some needed rest was the spurting of his pent-up cum high into the air as he pictured his nephew's beautiful fiancee in his evil mind. Though out of the normal Japanese tradition of sending the #2 man off to head up a foreign venture, Hideki had his right hand man step assume running the company from Japan.  With business in the U.S. building up, it was natural to have a U.S. headquarters there also.  But Hideki elected to head it up himself, giving him a reason to get close to his nephew and hopefully even much closer to his beautiful fiancee.

Learning that his nephew's fiancee had also graduated recently, majoring in human resources and now working for a retail company, Hideki decided to make her an offer that she could not refuse.  With the young couple wanting to get married soon, Hideki convinced them that Tiffany should come to work for him at a much higher salary than what she was making and the benefits were significantly more than at her current job.

Little did Tad nor Tiffany realize or suspect his sinister ulterior motive as they graciously accepted the offer.  Thus, before the wedding, Tiffany concluded her job at the retail company and once she returned from her honeymoon she would begin working at her new job.  With just a brief description of the job that Tad's uncle provided her, she did not realize that it had been arranged that she would be working directly 'under' him.  How directly under him - she would soon find out that it was not just under the organizational chart but physically as well!

Back from her honeymoon, Tiffany dressed professionally with a blue outfit and matching heels, knowing that first impressions on her co-workers played a major part of one's perception.  Tad's gracious uncle had advised earlier that she would be involved in 'human resources' since that was what she and majored in, along with having some experience with her previous company.

Upon arriving at the office, the receptionist immediately contacted Mr. Fujimoto's secretary, who came out to escort her back to Mr. Fujimoto's office.  She was a bit surprised at the hospitality shown her, thinking that she'd merely be introduced to the manager of the Human Resources Dept. and then shown to a desk.  Tiffany was glad that she had dressed as she had, now that she was to meet with Tad's influential uncle.

Tiffany was quite impressed with the office of Tad's uncle, looking the part of a rich and influential leader of such a company.  At first, Tiffany had thought that he was a no-nonsense businessman and that he had no time to really socialize.  She was surprised when he asked the secretary to bring in some coffee or whatever she desired to drink so they could chat and he would go into more detail on her job requirements.  She was pleased that he had complimented her professional appearance and added that he hoped she would continue to dress in such a manner.

Then the tour of the office began and Tiffany was surprised that Mr. Fujimoto was personally going to show her around.  Arriving at the Human Resources Dept., Tiffany then was introduced to the manager of the department who gave her a slight bow in the Japanese tradition.  She bowed slightly to acknowledge the man and show her respect.  At this point, Tiffany certainly expected that the manager would take over from Mr. Fujimoto and show her to her desk but Mr. Fujimoto touched her gently at her waist and guided her out of the department to continue their tour.

For Hideki, the brief touch of her trim waist had sent a shiver of pleasure throughout his body and his cock immediately began rising to the occasion.  How he wished that he could slip his hand under her clothing and caress her soft creamy white skin.  'Soon, my precious little American flower ………………..very soon!' he told himself.  'Ohhhhhh ……………..I shall send my useless nephew on many a trip and it will be I who will be here to satisfy your every need!' he added.

As they nearly completed the entire tour, making it fully around the entire floor and nearing Mr. Fujimoto's office, the headman led her to office next to his.  With his hand pointing up to the door, Tiffany gasped at reading her name upon it with the title of Human Resources Director upon it.  Needless to say, Tiffany was totally speechless at this point, entering a beautiful office that had been designed for her.

Then Mr. Fujimoto showed her the large oriental vase and arrangement that was located off to the side behind her desk.  She was surprised to learn that Tad's uncle had it specially made for her while she was on her honeymoon and that it had just been finished and delivered yesterday.  Tiffany just could not believe the treatment she was getting from this wealthy and powerful man, assuming that it must be due to Tad being his nephew.

Again, Tiffany was complimented on her appearance, with Mr. Fujimoto telling her that she would be expected to dress in such an elegant manner each day.  She did notice that his eyes took her in from head to toe and noticed that his gaze seemed to linger on her legs and heels.  She was stunned that he handed her a company credit card, telling her that she had a wardrobe expense account for $3,000.

Finally left alone in her new office, Tiffany marveled at the set up, yet she realized that she still was not sure as to what her job entailed.  Leaning back in her plush chair, stretching her legs out, she then swiveled her chair to look at the impress vase and arrangement back to her right.  'Gosh, Tad's uncle is so generous and so thoughtful!' she thought as she gazed at the carved swans upon the vase, the eyes of the swans looking so real.

Though rather innocent and naïve, being in a college sorority had opened her eyes somewhat, especially that men often had fetishes and lustful desires.  'Hmmm, seeing how he eyed up my legs and heels, I bet he's a leg man!' she giggled to herself.  'I wonder if he liked the nylons I have on?  Or would be even a bigger turn-on for him if I eliminated nylons entirely!' she wondered wickedly.

Sitting in the office next door, Hideki licked his lips as he stared into the television monitor.  Two of the lifelike swan eyes were actually state-of-the-art miniature cameras, which could be zoomed in and out from the control unit that was in the desk drawer.  The long trim legs that he was now staring at had him hot and bothered, causing him to unzip his pants and to shuck at his erect manhood.

Over the next few months, it seemed as if Tiffany was spending more time in the company of Tad's uncle than her husband himself.  With Tad off on so many business trips and conventions, it seemed that her husband was just exhausted whenever he got to return home.  Tiffany was actually thankful for the company of Tad's uncle, lunching with him nearly daily and often dining with him when Tad was away.

Tiffany was proud that Tad's uncle not only sought her advice on things but implemented her suggestions on many occasions.  She was becoming very fond of her husband's kind uncle and now began to look upon the wise man in a fatherly way.  They talked frequently of their lives and she learned how he had wished to have a son of his own, that it was the oriental custom of leaving ones business to that of his descendant, preferably a son.

Often, when they dined together after work, Hideki would try to get her guard down and often subtly pumped her for tidbits of intimate information.  Of course, he was cautious, not wanting to be obvious about his sinister darker side, his lust for her young innocent and sexy body.  He knew it would take time as Tiffany was normally evasive when it came to her intimate secrets with Tad.

Finally, one evening at a teahouse dinner while Tad was off at another convention, Hideki noticed that Tiffany seemed a bit distant in her thoughts.  Normally, Tiffany would have a glass of white wine and would refuse any other intoxicating beverages.  But when Hideki had the geisha girl bring two small bottles of sake, he smiled as Tiffany did not refuse the cup that he handed to her and sipped at the potent contents.

After two small cups of sake, Hideki finally finessed her into naively confiding in him that she was totally in love with his nephew but now he was so engrossed in his work and so often on the road.  Seeing her blink back the tears, she admitted to him that was feeling a bit neglected by her husband as he was so tired when he returned or busy writing up his trip reports.   Tiffany hesitantly advised "Our marriage love life has really begun to suffer!"

"In talking to you and hearing Tad, I know how important it is to an oriental man that he has a son to follow in his footsteps!  I really want to please Tad and do that for him, to make his parent happy that they have a grandson!" Tiffany advised.  "But …………but, it seems that Tad is usually out of town on business or he's just too tired ………when ……..when the timing is right!" she added.

Hideki gritted his teeth to hide his smile, pretending to be sympathetic.  Taking her hand in his, he gave her soothing words to console her, suggesting that "I'll try to limit Tad's business trips in the future!  That will allow you two more time together and hopefully begin your family!"  However, knowing his plan was working out to perfection, Hideki had no intention whatsoever in helping out the young couple in this manner.

On this evening, his nephew's young wife was looking especially attractive in her green dress and the 3" white heels that he had watched her remove upon entering the private room of the teahouse.  Sitting to her side on the floor, they dined at the traditional foot high table.  He had his eyes glued to her trim legs and sexy feet when they had entered the room until she had tucked her legs under her.  How he wished that he could put his hands on her, to spread her soft sexy legs for him.

Tiffany smiled when the geisha came in to see how they were doing.  As she did not understand much Japanese and Mr. Fujimoto was conversing with the gal, Tiffany had no idea that her boss was asking the geisha to have his good friend and owner stop by.  Little did Tiffany suspect the evil and wicked thoughts that were now going through the mind of her boss, her husband's lecherous uncle.

Moments later, the owner of the teahouse appeared with two more bottles of sake and greeted his guests.  The way the owner had greeted them and spoke to her boss, Tiffany guessed correctly that they knew each other from a prior occasion.  Indeed Mr. Fujimoto and the owner of the teahouse knew each other, from as far back as the village they had grown up in.  In fact, Hideki had told his friend each time they would be there for dinner, making sure that his good friend would be there in case the need arose.

For Masa Tanabe, the owner of the teahouse, he smiled as he entered the tearoom and greeted his old friend and his lovely guest.  In English, his old friend introduced him to his nephew's beautiful young wife.  Masa merely smiled and nodded to the young beauty.  Then, in Japanese, Masa chided his friend "You old goat!  Is this the lovely beauty that will be the mother of your child?  Her new bottle of sake will make her drowsy soon and put her into heat!  You will have no trouble in getting her panties down and her sexy legs spread wide open, you old swine!"

Before his friend left the room, in Japanese, Hideki advised his friend of the car driven by the young beauty and that the valet had the keys.  Hideki smiled as his friend advised that he would see to it that the car was dismantled in such a way that the engine would not start.  Hideki smiled and laughed at his friend, shaking his head in the negative when his friend asked what it would take for him to get into the action.

In Japanese, Hideki had advised his friend that "This sweet little beauty is all mine and that soon she would bear me a son!  Look at her long sexy legs!  I am going to fuck her good tonight!  I am going to plant my seed in this lovely beauty tonight!  I hope that in nine months she will be the mother of my child.  My useless nephew will think that he will take over the business but I'm going to live long enough to have my 'son' inherit the business!"

When dinner was done and all the sake consumed, Hideki could see the effects in the lovely young beauty.  Escorting her out to her car, he politely thanked her for having dinner with him and wished her a goodnight.  He held back his smile when the valet could not get her car started.  Playing the part of the perfect gentleman, he graciously offered her a ride home, saying he'd have the car club tend to her car the next morning.

Not suspecting that her car had been sabotaged, nor her boss's ulterior motive, she readily thanked him and accepted his kind offer.  Tiffany advised him, as her husband was off on the trip, she'd merely drive Tad's car to work in the morning.  Not having consumed much alcohol before, the sake was now taking effect rapidly.  She felt relieved that she did not have to drive home this evening. Tiffany thanked her husband's uncle for seeing her safely home, apologizing for the inconvenience she'd caused, advising that she'd never had any problems with her car before.  Upon their arrival at her home, to show her appreciation, Tiffany naively invited him in for a cup or coffee or a nightcap if he preferred.

Hideki graciously accepted a nightcap, planning to ask for a cup of coffee to keep awake if she had not offered first.   As Tiffany made herself a cup of coffee as she was feeling quite woozy, Hideki poured himself a liqueur from the bar.  Looking at the lovely beauty, who's back was to him, Hideki couldn't help but to rub his aching cock in anticipation. As they sat on the sofa, chatting amicably and sipping at their respective beverages, the phone rang and Tiffany excused herself to answer it in the kitchen.  From the living room, Hideki made out that it was his nephew phoning to check in with his lovely and faithful young wife.

Standing in the kitchen, leaning against the wall as she chatted with Tad, Tiffany told him about having dined with his kind uncle and of her car trouble.  She relayed how his uncle had graciously driven her home and how exhausted she was.  Then she asked Tad as to how his day had gone and if the convention was what he had expected.  With her back to the living room, Tiffany didn't realize that her lusting guest was licking his lips as he admired the captivating view of her shapely body and long trim legs as she was still dressed in her fetching outfit and heels from work.

Carefully, eyes on the lovely beauty, Hideki reached for the vial in his coat pocket.  Uncapping it and dispensing what he needed, he smiled and mused 'Ah, yes!  One little white pill for you and one blue one for me!'  Being certain that she was still facing away from him, that little white pill disappeared and began to dissolve in her cup of coffee.  Meanwhile, Hideki put the blue viagra pill in his mouth, chewing it so that it would have a much quicker effect.

Hideki certainly did not have a problem getting it up for the sexy young beauty.  But he had discovered that with the aid of the blue pill, he could keep his hardon up for an hour.  On top of that, with an hour of sexual stimulation, he would build up a massive load of pent-up cum.  Hideki certainly wanted this conquest to last as long as possible, not wanting to cum too soon, enjoying the thought that he would soon be dicking the pretty little thing continuous for an hour.  Eyeing her trim profile, he smiled as he pictured her lovely belly soon bulging with child, his child.

Hanging up the phone and returning to the sofa, Tiffany picked up her cup of coffee and advised that it had been a very productive conference for Tad and that he was already doing his trip report.  "Tad wanted me to also express his appreciation for seeing me safely home!" she advised.

He smiled and advised "Oh, my dear!  I could never have dreamt of leaving you with your car out of commission!  After reading about all the news in this country, I understand that there is much crime in the large cities like this!  The other day I was shocked to read two articles where a beautiful young woman like you had been accosted and made to do unspeakable things!  I would not have been able to live with myself if I had allowed such a thing to happen to you!"

Seeing her flush in embarrassment at the topic of being ravaged, Hideki changed the topic back to how she was enjoying her job.  He was creating a diversion to stall for time, waiting for the pill to take effect.  Meanwhile, as Tiffany sipped her coffee, she unwittingly dangled one of her high heels enticingly on her foot.   At that moment, Hideki was stemming the urge to take her right then and there, to feel her sexy body struggle in his arms. Eyes glued to the swaying of her trim white leg, cock lengthening in his pants, Hideki licked his lips as her heel moved up and down to partially bare her sexy foot.  He was enjoying the show, smiling to himself as the moments passed till he could finally fulfill his most sordid sexual fantasies with the unsuspecting young beauty.

Seeing her blinking her eyes rapidly, trying to focus and stay awake, Hideki knew that the drug was having its desired effect.  Finishing his drink, he stood up and thanked his nephew's wife for the drink and advised that he'd have her car taken care of in the morning.  As she attempted to stand he could see she was wobbly and held her at the elbow to assist her up.

Tiffany unsteadily began to walk her boss to the door, thanking him again for his graciousness in seeing her safely home.  But the room began spinning and she put her hand to her head.  Woozy and a bit unsteady on her high heels, she felt the strong arm on her arm to steady her.  Head spinning, she heard the familiar male voice from a distance asking if she was okay.  Tiffany closed her eyes briefly, trying to shake off the effects of the drug, assuring him that she's fine, saying she's just very tired and admitted that she wasn't accustomed to sake.

Arm on her elbow, Hideki advised her that he'd assist her down the hall and that he would then let himself out and be certain to lock the door behind him.  Tiffany attempted to decline his kind offer, assuring him that she was fine, but on her next step her head begun to spin and she reach up to grasp his arm to steady herself.  "It must be effects of the sake!" she heard Tad's uncle say.  One hand on her elbow, the other on her trim waist, Hideki assisted her down the hallway and to the master bedroom.  He was tempted to run his hand up her sexy body but held himself in check, not wanting to have the innocent beauty suspect his ulterior motive.  As he got her to the edge of the bed where she sat, he then bid her goodnight and that he'd see tomorrow at the office.

Trying to focus, panting for breath as she sat upon the bed, Tiffany saw the light go off in the living room.  Then she head the latch of the front door being opened followed by the door slamming shut.  She could not help but think of how kind and courteous her husband's uncle was, always treating her with kindness and showing her the utmost respect.

Hideki smiled as he closed the door behind him, only he was still in the house facing the light coming from the master bedroom.  Keeping quiet, he knew that it would be just a few more minutes before the lovely beauty would be all his for the taking.  Slowly, his eyes got accustomed to the darkness and his focused so that he would not bump into any of the furniture.  Carefully and quietly, he edged his way towards the lighted room, cock hardening in his pants.  Wanting to be certain that his nephew's young wife was totally out, he angled himself so that he could slowly survey the bedroom without being noticed should she still be awake.  Edging to the side, Hideki could see just the bottom edge of the bed, then moved a bit more.  Holding his breath in suspense, inch by inch, he edged forward as his heart pounded madly in his chest.

Then her white heels came into view as Hideki licked his lips while his cock gave a lurch in his pants.  Edging forward further, the sexy ivory white legs came into view, all the way up her thighs as her skirt had risen up.  He saw that she had managed to remove her yellow blazer before dozing off, leaving her in her crisp white blouse, yellow skirt and white heels. Prior to making his feigned exit, Hideki had been careful not to offer Tiffany assistance in helping undress her for bed, not wanting that memory to stick in her mind when she awoke.  He had merely bid her goodnight, not wanting to create any suspicion from the naïve young wife of anything sordid or improper.  But now, as he saw her sprawled invitingly on the bed, he anxiously waited a bit to be assured that the drug took its full effect before he made his move.

Hoping that the drug had fully taken effect, Hideki leaned over the sprawled beauty, calling to her.   He gave her left shoulder a gentle shake.  With no response, Hideki was now assured that she was now under the full effects of the potent drug, causing him to lick his lips in anticipation.  He let his hand run down her soft arm to her soft petite hand. He knew that the effects would last for many hours and that the young beauty would merely think it had be a dream or that she had hallucinated from the effects of the sake.

The drug that had been slipped into the coffee was one that was derived from potent herbs cultivated in the far recesses in rural Japan, one that Hideki learned of and became a firm believer in.  From his experience with the drug, Hideki knew that there was only one means of having someone respond once the potent drug was consumed.  Indeed, he intended on having her respond by bringing in and out of her deep haze …………… sexual stimulation was the only element that would make one respond once the drug was consumed.

Seeing and touching the beautifully manicured fingers of his nephew's lovely young wife, Hideki couldn't withhold the urge as he undid his zipper with his other hand.  Fishing out his aching cock, he then leaned closer to the bed as he drew the limp hand toward the edge.  "Ohhhhhh!" he groaned loudly, his cock giving a throbbing lurch as the soft pretty hand made contact with his manhood.  Shuddering with pleasure, knowing that it be another ten minutes before the viagra kicked in, he certainly did not want to lose it all prematurely.

Wrapping the trim fingers around him, Hideki fucked into the soft fist, his body shivering with pleasure as he nearly lost his load right then and there.  Steeling himself, the urge to let his seed spew into the soft pretty hand finally waned.  Keeping still, he then peeled the trim sticky fingers off of his throbbing cock, fingers obviously sticky from the film of pre-cum that oozed from the tip of his excited cock.  He would loved to had cum in her beautiful hand but not when he was presented with her lying unconscious before him.

Moving his left hand down, Hideki touched her trim calf, then let his hand move slowly up to her knee and under the hem of her skirt.  "Oh, Tiffany ………… are so soft and beautiful!  My worthless nephew is not worthy of a beautiful woman like you! " he said softly as he gazed upon the unconscious beauty.   Drawing her skirt up with his free hand, he then caressed her soft inner thighs then allowed his fingertips to brush up against the crotch of her lacy white panties.

Wanting to see the splendor of this succulent beauty, his hands went to her waist as he nervously fumbled with the buttons that held her skirt.  Then he was dragging down the yellow skirt to reveal the beauty's sexy thighs, her golden jewel now protected by a sheer pair of lacy white panties.  Moving up alongside the bed, Hideki then began to undo the buttons of her white blouse.  He thoroughly enjoyed the wicked thrill of undressing this sexy young beauty, lifting her up a bit into a sitting position as he slipped off her blouse.

Laying her back gently upon the bed, Hideki could now feel the effects of the blue pill he had taken a bit earlier.  Ever since he had sampled the potent drug, he always made sure he was adequately supplied with it, still not believing the animal prowess that he developed from it.  And that was just what he intended on doing to the unconscious beauty lying before him.  He was about to ravish her, take her over and over again as a lusting wild animal would.

With his prey lying before him at his complete mercy, Hideki moved down to touch her heels, then moved his hands up her trim ankles and slowly up her soft creamy legs.  Up her beautiful legs, touching the panties at her hips, Hideki's hands moved up to the trim waist.  Purposely, he had bypassed the beauty's golden treasure, aiming to literally stake his claim in it later.

Hands cupping the well-filled lacy white bra, Hideki gently but expertly thumbed the beauty's breasts.  Seconds later, his thumbs felt the budding response of the beauty's rising nipples.  Then he gently pinched at the rising buds, getting them to stiffen even more, making them quite visible as they poked up through the thin lacy garment.

Jittery from the anticipation of what lay ahead, heart pounding in his chest, Hideki slowly reached up to the top of the lacy bra cups.  Then he slowly peeled the frilly garment down to reveal the twin beauties, capped by the pointed pink nipples.  Pulling the bra down further to her waist, he then pulled it around so that he could get to the clasp.  Seconds later, the protective garment lay on the bedroom carpet.

Leaning over the prone beauty, he sucked a pointed bud into his mouth, sucking avidly and teasing the nipple with his tongue.  He smiled as the stimulation to the pink bud elicited a soft moan.  "Hmmmm …………….mmmmm!" came the soft moans as he lapped at the stiffening bud.  Next he paid similar homage to its perfect twin, tonguing and teasing the pink nipple.  Hideki then reached to the matching pair of panties that hid the golden jewel.  He sucked in his breath as the silky golden hair began to appear, revealing the beautiful blonde's hidden treasure.

Hideki looked at his nephew's innocent young wife, prone before in all her beauty.  Having been teased earlier with the dangling of her heel, he reached down and slowly peeled off each heel to reveal her sexy feet.  Down the trim ivory legs the lacy panties were drawn, over one pretty foot and then the other.  Matching bra and panties now lay side by side upon the carpeted floor.

Eyes glued to his precious little prize, Hideki began disrobing quickly, anxious to possess his nephew's sexy young wife.  He licked his lips as he stared at the lovely beauty before him, now only adorned by that string of pearls around her neck.  Moving to the bottom of the bed, Hideki gazed up between the sexy legs of the young beauty.  Knowing that he had as much time as he wanted, he was determined to enjoy this tender morsel to the fullest.

Leaning forward, extending his tongue out, he touched her tiny baby toe of her left foot. One toe, then the next and soon his tongue touch her tender sole.  On to the next sexy foot he continued, then proceeded to lick his way up her slender calves and up past her knees.  Licking at her soft inner thighs, edging his way up to the crown jewel, his nose then brush up again the soft golden curls.

Spreading her thighs wide apart, Hideki smiled as he saw 'pink' and his mouth began to water.  Tongue fully extended, he then swiped his hot wet tongue up along the tight groove.  Unable to resist any longer, he dove forward and clamped his mouth over her sex and his tongue burrowed its way into her tight little slit.  He froze for a moment as the young beauty's body stirred instinctively as she emitted a soft moan of pleasure.

Hideki knew that she was coming out of her stupor but her soft moans had him eating her out in earnest.  He felt her body shiver slightly as his tongue flicked rapidly up against her sensitive clit.  "Ohhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh, Tadddddddddd!" moaned the squirming beauty, her hands instinctively moving to grasp the back of his head as she arched up into his slurping mouth.  Hideki smiled as he tasted her sweet honey, hungrily lapping up all her love juices that was being emitted, knowing that in the morning she would believe that his stupid nephew had given her this pleasurable dream.  It was the sweetest and tastiest after-dinner dessert that he had ever sampled.

Then, rubbing his face into her soft golden curls, Hideki began to kiss and lick his way up the soft sexy body of his nephew beautiful young wife.  Soon he was upon her breasts again, suckling and nursing at the rigid pink nipples as she coo with pleasure.  Edging up further, licking at her tender neck, then planted a kiss upon her soft pink lips.  Holding himself just above her body, he enjoyed the feel of her pointed nipples teasing him as he roved gently over her.

Cock stiff and at the ready, Hideki could no longer hold back from possessing this pretty little thing.  Spreading her thighs wider, moving up into position, he reached down to position his stiff and bloated cock.  He knew that he should be gentle so as not to cause her any pain that she might still feel in the morning, not wanting her to think or discover anything afoul.

But Hideki couldn't resist the temptation as he panted for breath, grasping the young beauty by her trim hips, he lunged forward with all of his might.  As he speared forward with his thrust, he loudly gave the infamous Japanese cry of "Banzaiiiiiiiiii!"  Cock embedded half the way, Hideki moaned "Ohhhhh, my sweet little beauty!  You are so tight!  My nephew is also worthless as a man, leaving you as tight as a virgin!"  "Ohhhhh ………….Tad ………….Tad …………… gentle!" came the shuddering moan from the beauty beneath him.

Thrusting into her time and again, Hideki buried his cock fully into her clasping pussy.  "Yes …………oh, yes!  Yes, my sweet little beauty!  Soon you shall bear me the son that I have longed for!  You will be the perfect mother of my son!"  Smiling, he was glad for the benefit of the little blue pill, knowing full well that he probably would have spewed his seed when he had viciously thrust himself into her tender body.

Tongue flicking up in response to the thick tongue in her mouth, Tiffany shuddered as she was penetrated far deeper than ever before.  Breaking the kiss, she tried to open her eyes but everything was floating about.  "Ohhhhhh …………..oh, Tad ………….owww …………..oh, so deep ……………….ohhhh, it hurtsssssss!  Ahhhhhh!  Ahhhhhh!" she groaned.  "Ohhhhh ……………yes ……………..yes …………………I want to be the mother of your child!  Give me your baby!  Fuck your baby in me!" she moaned.

He wished that his nephew were here to see how a sexy little beauty like his wife should be fucked.  In and out, in and out, Hideki sawed his cock into the tight gripping cunt as he stretched her as never before.  "Oh, yes ………………yes …………… tight!  My beautiful American flower …………………….you shall soon have my pollen!" he chanted, slicing into her again and again.

Slowly, Hideki withdrew his swollen cock from her ravaged cunt.  Backing up a bit, he then turned the limp beauty onto her right side.  Moving her left leg forward a bit, Hideki shuffled up into position as he bent her left leg around his waist.  Then his cock pushed its way in again and the fucking continued.  For ten full minutes, his cock fucked in and out of the young wife in this position.  Throughout it all, his nephew's wife cooed and moaned, begging him to keep on fucking her.

Later, turning the sprawled beauty over onto her left side, Hideki then proceeded to take her in that position.  Leaning forward, he licked at her lips, whispering in her ear how much he loved her.  He then proceeded to tell her how proud she'd be when their 'son' would inherit the company and how proud he would be when that day came.

Now it was time to turn her over again, this time Hideki would enjoy screwing his nephew's beautiful wife doggie style.  Looking down at the soft sexy white ass before him, Hideki was so tempted to plunge his cock in but suspected that his idiot nephew never had sought to gain pleasure in such a manner.  He dared not rape her virgin ass, knowing that she would awaken in the morning and know that she had been taken advantage of.  Stabbing into her still tightly gripping snatch, he then sped up the fuck, thoroughly enjoying himself in the tight clasping grip around his cock.

The urge was there but he gritted his teeth and willed himself to hold back once again.  Keeping perfectly still, knowing just a bit more sensation and he would be spewing his pent-up load, Hideki panted as he finally managed to regain control of himself.  Slowly withdrawing his throbbing cock, he shivered as he popped out of the tight gripping sheath.

Taking his time at this point, wanting to make sure he regained his composure completely and not pop off at an inappropriate time, Hideki turned the lovely beauty over and repositioned her onto her back.  Reaching up for one pillow, he lifted the limp beauty and placed the pillow under her butt.  Lifting one leg, he placed her ankle up at his shoulder, then did the same to her other leg.  Leaning forward, Hideki nearly bent her in two as his cock once again speared into her.

Hammering away at the sexy beauty, Hideki was now determined to seed his nephew's lovely wife, to make her the mother of his child.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………..Tiffany ……………….Tiffany!   I will do what my useless nephew is incapable of doing!  You shall soon be the proud mother of our little baby!" he groaned, fucking madly as he now intended on spewing his seed.  Faster and faster he humped, then groaned loudly "Ohhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..yessssssssssss …………..yes ……………….ohhhhh, yesssssssssssssss!"  Burying his cock as deep as possible, Hideki then began to spew spurt after spurt of his hot potent seed into the innocent young beauty.

"Yes ……………..yes ………………..oh, God ……………..yessssssssssssssss!" Tiffany stammered through her tightly clenched teeth, her body arching up in convulsions as a mind-shattering orgasm coursed through out her body.  "Ohhhhhh ………………fill me ……………..fill me with your seed!  Give me your babyyyyyyy!" she shuddered before passing out completely.

Exhausted from the most satisfying fuck, Hideki reached up for the other pillow and placed it under Tiffany's arched hips.  He did not want his potent cum to leak out, not yet anyway, wanting to be certain she was filled to the brim with his seed.  He could not believe the amount of cum his balls had generated, more than ever before.  Proud of himself, he reached over to caress her soft trim belly, praying that it would soon swell up with his baby.

As he finally climbed off the bed, reaching for his clothes, Hideki admired the sexy body sprawled upon her marital bed.  He wished his useless nephew were here to see his lovely wife splayed shamelessly on her marital bed, her pussy oozing a trickle of telltale semen.  Moments later, fully dressed, he got a wet towel to capture any cum oozing out of her ravaged slit once he removed the pillows from under her.

Then Hideki gathered the beauty's clothing from the floor and began to meticulously dress her, not wanting her to suspect a thing in the morning.  Before putting her bra back on, he bent over to suck the pink nipples back into his mouth, tonguing each to stiffness again.  Squeezing her breasts in his hands, he imagined it being swollen with his son getting his nourishment from them.  Glancing over at the alarm clock, seeing it set at 6 a.m. but not turned on, he flicked the switch to activate it.  As he departed, he turned off the bedroom light and made certain to lock the front door on his way out.

At 6 a.m. the next morning, Tiffany's eyes flickered as the constant ringing of the alarm clock began to rouse her.  Looking up at the ceiling, then towards the window and breathed a sigh of relief from the familiar surroundings.  Lying still, she felt a bit of a headache, thinking that it must be from the sake she had drank.

Finally, sitting up upon the bed, she realized that she had not changed from her dress nor even removed her heels before crashing upon the bed.  'Boy, I had better not have any more sake from now on!' she told herself.  Sitting up, Tiffany kicked off he heels and made her way to the bathroom.  Stopping at the mirror, she saw how disheveled she looked, grasping the edge of the sink as she was still a bit woozy.

Tiffany was glad that her boss was off touring a facility that day.  She hoped she had not been an embarrassment the night before, nor a burden to her husband's uncle.  In checking her messages, she heard her boss's voice on a message expressing his concern for her, hoping that the sake wasn't too potent and that he had arranged for her car to be delivered to her home and the keys dropped off at the office.  'Gosh, Tad's uncle sure is kind and considerate!' Tiffany said to herself.

That evening, with Tad still out of town, Tiffany got together with her best friend Gail from both high school and college.  They were like sisters, sharing their innermost thoughts and secrets, knowing that the other's lips were sealed.  Over dinner and a few drinks, Tiffany told her friend of her first experience with sake.  "Gosh, Gail!  I was so wasted that I hit the bed without even getting out of my work clothes!  Whew, that sake packs a wallop!  Not only that, it makes you hallucinate!" she advised.

After another drink, Tiffany confided with Gail that she had quite an erotic dream and it involved her boss.  "Yes, my boss …………….Tad's uncle!  Can you believe it?" she exclaimed.  She went on to tell her friend about how he'd given her a ride home the night before after her car wouldn't start, that he had a nightcap while she had a cup of coffee, and that he helped her to bed after the sake had gone to her head.  "Sometime during the night, I swear I had the most intense, erotic dream about him!  I started off dreaming that I was making love to Tad but then his uncle's face kept appearing before me!  It seemed so real ……..that …………..that we had sex together!  He hovered over me, fucked me with that fat cock of his and gave me one orgasm after another!  Of course, it was only a dream!  When I woke up this morning, I was still fully dressed, so I know nothing really happened!  But it was so vivid, so intense, so erotic!" Tiffany advised.

Swallowing deeply, Tiffany told Gail "I feel so guilty after that dream!  I ……..I feel rather ashamed of having to face Tad's uncle after having had such an intense, erotic dream about having sex with him!  In my dream, I begged Tad's uncle to 'fuck' me ………to shoot his cum in me ………………to knock me up with his baby!"  Tiffany was relieved as her friend reassured her that dreams are something no one can control and that she shouldn't feel guilty or ashamed about the things that occur in her dreams.  "You're right, Gail!  I should just put it out of my mind, go to work and act as though nothing happened!" she said.

Months later, Hideki noticed the change in outfits that Tiffany was wearing.  When she was in his office, Hideki made a passing comment by merely mentioning her new outfit.  He saw Tiffany blush a bit then respond "Well, I'll need to wear a bit of a different type of wardrobe over the next few months!"  Patting her slightly puffed tummy, Tiffany told him "We're going to finally start our family!"

With only two months before the projected date, Tad took his uncle out to dinner after going over the plans for the firm that day.  Over a large bottle of the best sake available at the teahouse, Tad expressed his happiness over his wife's pregnancy, telling his uncle that Tiffany just had a test done the other day.  "It's a boy, uncle!  It's going to be a baby boy!" he exclaimed as he raised his glass up for a toast.

As they continued drinking, Hideki listened to his exhilarated nephew.  Then he got some unexpected news when his nephew advised "I always shrugged at all the oriental customs that we have and all that praying to our ancestors!  Well, Tiffany and I had been trying to start a family right away!  She had a test done and all was fine for her.  My test showed a low count and I was too ashamed to tell her!  I just hoped for the best!   When I was back in Japan and confided in my parents, they had me go to the temple to pray!  Now I firmly believe in the old customs!"

Months later, Hideki had his driver drop him off at the hospital.  Making his way to the maternity ward, Hideki was greeted by his proud nephew who handed him a cigar.  Following his nephew into the room, he smiled as the beautiful young mother was cradling the baby.  "Come and carry him!" Tiffany advised, holding the baby out to him.  Holding the baby in his arms, Tad advised "Uncle, meet John Hideki Fujimoto!"  Hideki smiled widely as Tiffany advised "After all you've done for us, it was only appropriate that we name the baby after you!"
End of Story