Kidnapped in the Country
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Terrified Teacher I
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Sitting behind her desk as she overlooked the students in her class taking a test, Jill reflected back upon the events that had taken place a bit over six months.  She closed her eyes and shuddered, thinking back to the day she had been asked to monitor the far side of the school to prevent students from skipping out after the assembly.  ‘God ………how can life change so drastically in one dreadful afternoon!’ she sighed in wonder as a shudder coursed throughout her body.

‘Just six months ago, I was simply Mrs. Jill Anderson, the innocent 28 yr. old school teacher happily married to a handsome loving husband with two lovely children!’ she thought to herself.  ‘If Bill ever found out that his lovely faithful wife has been changed forever ……..'ruined' ……… longer that pure innocent woman that he deserves to have as a wife!  What would he say or do if he ever learned that his precious wife was ‘raped and ruined’ by the school’s demented black janitor?’ she wondered.

Lost in her thoughts, Jill concluded ‘Bill is so understanding and forgiving that he would be able to overcome the horrid thought of a black man possessing me, especially considering the fact that he raped me!’  Then Jill was transported back to that fateful day, watching as the students all disappeared back into their classrooms.  For her volunteering to watch the far end of the field, the principal had given her the last hour off from school so she would not have to drive back around.  Having heard what sounded like an injured child in the ravine, her concern was only for the child and had quickly rushed toward the crying sound.  Little did she know it was a ruse created by a tape recording by the evil janitor.

Blinking back the tears, Jill vividly recalled taking just two steps down the steep ravine in her white heels when her legs had been swept from under her.  She had been momentarily stunned from the fall and then found herself captive in the arms of the demented man.  She shuddered as she recalled how he had torn her clothing off, then forced to unzip the horrid man and forced to 'handle' him.  ‘Oh, God ………………..Bill would die if he knew what I was forced to do next ……………forced to admit the foul smelling penis into my mouth …………………the man’s big black penis!’ she shuddered.  Then she replayed all the sordid acts that followed as she was raped and sodomized by the evil janitor.

‘Bill would be able to understand it was not of my own free will and would still love me!   But …………….he would never forgive me ………..not for what happen weeks later when the janitor stopped by at our home …………………..never!’ she realized.  The man who had violently raped her in the ravine had merely stood outside of her front door, telling her that he would merely leave if she wanted him to.  ‘And what did I do?  I simply let my panties drop to the floor to welcome him in, then pulling him by his big black cock into the bedroom that I share with Bill!’ she shivered.

Now that the janitor was no longer working at her school and had moved, apparently before the law caught with him due to some forged checks, Jill felt at ease from the worry of her secret being discovered along with the magnetic hold the man seemed to have upon her.  Still, there was no denying the void she felt, something that been created by the devious janitor.  No longer did the soft gentle lovemaking with her loving and caring husband seem to satisfy her.  Each night in bed, Jill recalled the wicked thrill of being taken roughly, forced to please a man in any manner that she chose.

Now, in the middle of summer, Jill was beginning her return to some normalcy as she put that episode in her life far in the recesses of her mind.  She had enjoyed the first six weeks of summer, home with her two children, taking them on various excursions and to the county fair.  Those awful cravings and sexual fantasies began to wane, easing the guilt that was always associated with them.  She now looked forward to having the next week alone with Bill on their planned vacation while the children spent the time at their grandparents.  Having made the trip out to the countryside, midway to the coast, they spent the first night at the country home of Bill’s parents.  The children would remain and stay with their grandparents for the remainder of the week while Bill and Jill continued on to the new luxurious resort on the coast.

The next morning, Jill put on a light blue dress and white heels while her husband dressed nicely, wanting to look appropriate upon their arrival at the plush resort.  It was only to be a ninety-minute drive to the resort as Bill elected to take the shortcut, first taking the rougher unpaved road a bit further beyond his parents' home for the first twenty minutes before taking a connection back to the main highway.

Half way through the back road journey, Jill suggested that they turn back and go on the safer route that they had initially come as the road turned out to be much rougher than even her husband had recalled it being since last traveling upon it.  Bill agreed and was trying to negotiate a turn around when the right rear tire suddenly sank down into a muddy pothole and began spinning without getting any traction.  With very little traffic on this back road, Bill cussed loudly as he viewed how deep the tire had sunk down into the muddy pothole.  Having gotten out of the car and finding a dry spot to stand, Jill got out her cellphone to call Bill’s parents for assistance.  “Oh, no!  Bill, I can’t get a signal on my cellphone from here!” she said in despair.  “Oh, jezz!  Damn, they’ve always had problems out here due to the mountains!” her husband cussed in response.

Twenty minutes later, with no cars having come upon them, Jill moved to a more shady spot while her husband continued his search for small rocks to put into the pothole.  Finally, the rumbling of an approaching car brought them some hope.  Around the bend came an old beat-up jeep driven by an elderly black gent who stopped immediately next to their car.

Sitting behind the wheel of his old beat up jeep, old Amos Brown was surprised to find a new expensive BMW stuck in the roadway.  More surprised was when he spotted the sexy blonde beauty standing under the nearby tree to keep out of the hot sun while her foolish husband fiddled with the stuck auto.  Seeing the sexy blonde dressed nicely in her light blue dress and white heels, Amos felt his cock stir with excitement, a feeling that he had not felt for quite some time.  ‘Damn …………….she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!’ he muttered to himself as he killed the jeep’s engine and got out.

Walking around the BMW, Amos surveyed  the problem, then advised the young husband “Oh, my!  Sure is a deep pothole ya got yerself stuck in!  This beautiful car don’t belong on a beat-up road like this!  Lucky I happened along!  I got a chain at my cabin that’ll do the trick in getting ya out!  I’s jest five minutes from here ………..lemme go and get it!”  After the young man thanked him, Amos smiled and waved to the man’s beautiful who remained standing under the tree.  “Don’t you worry none, pretty lady!  Old Amos will be right back to git ya out!  I’s bring my boy back along with me …………….he’s big and strong as an ox!” he yelled out before getting back into his jeep.

As he drove off, Amos had his eyes glued to the rear mirror as he took in view of the blonde beauty with those long sexy white legs.  ‘Oh, yeah ………………..I’ll bring my son back with me ……………he’ll just luv helping ya out!  Yes, siree ……………’s time Toby got to know what it’s like to be with a woman ………………….and yer a real pretty one!’ Amos thought.  Glancing into the back of his jeep, he laughed as he looked at the chain that he always carried with him to pull out stumps or logs, one that would easily have pulled the BMW out of the pothole.

Arriving back at his cabin, Amos saw Toby dressed in his blue jeans coveralls as he chopped some firewood.  “Good boy!  Nice job ya done on the firewood!  Yer paw's proud of ya and I's got a special surprise waiting fer ya!  Yer pa’s gonna see that ya become a ‘real man’ today!” he advised.  It was good to see his 20 year old son smile with pride, especially since he was rather ‘slow’ upstairs with only a seventh grade education.

Having his son load the tow bar into the back of the jeep, Amos started up the jeep as he and his son proceeded back to where the BMW was stalled.  As they drove, Amos gave his son instructions on what to do when they got to the car.  Arriving near the spot, Amos slowed down and when the sexy blonde beauty came into view under the tree, Amos advised “There’s that pretty little peach that’s gonna make ya a man today, Toby!  Ya like yer little present that yer Pa got fer ya?”  The look on his son’s face as well as the drool from the corner of his mouth told it all.

As Toby was hooking up the tow bar along with the chains, Amos responded to the husband’s inquiry on the use of the tow bar, telling him that it was better to use it versus chains alone as it was less likely to do any damage to the expensive BMW.  Indeed, only the chains were needed to get the car out of the pothole.  But the tow bar would be a necessity in towing the car behind the jeep when they made it back to the cabin.

Watching their car being pulled out of the pothole, Jill gingerly tip-toed as she looked for dry spots to step on so as not to ruin her white heels.  As she neared the car, her eyes still focused on the ground, everything seemed to happen so quickly.  “Whaaaaaaaaaaa …………….!” Jill yelped as she was suddenly in the grasp of the wiry but strong old man.  Helplessly, Jill watched as man’s big strong son held Bill’s limp unconscious body in his right hand as he opened the car trunk with his left.  Then she watched as Bill was easily lifted and put into the back of the BMW’s trunk.

“Here son, ya take this pretty little lady with ya in the comfortable back seat of her expensive car while I tape up her hubby’s hands and legs!” Amos advised as he held the struggling beauty firmly in his arms.  “Pl ………..please …………..please ………what are you doing ………………why are you doing this to us!  Please …………..please ……..we’ll give you money ………………….just let us go!” came the sobbing pleas from the sexy beauty in his arms.

“Ya work any honey?  What kinda work do ya do?” Amos inquired of the shaking beauty.  “Ta …………teach …………..I teach second grade!” came the stammering response.  “Well, well ……………we got us a pretty school marm here, Toby!  What better than to have a pretty school teacher be the one to teach ya all about the birds and the bees, huh!” Amos chuckled as his son took over holding their sobbing captive.

As Amos began taping up the unconscious husband in the car trunk, he heard the car door open and soon slam shut as his son took the weeping and pleading beauty into the back seat of her car.  Slamming the trunk shut, Amos then went to his jeep and started it up.  Putting the jeep into gear, he slowly began towing the BMW and its occupants to his nearby cabin.

Sobbing, Jill could do nothing as the strong muscular young man began to run his big calloused black hands over the skirt portion of her dress, caressing her clenched thighs.  She desperately tried to push his right hand away, shivering as his hand made contact with her bared thigh just above her knee.  She shivered and sobbed as the rather ‘slow’ young man muttered “Soft ……………purty ……………soft and purty teacher!  My paw says I done a good job in cutting the firewood!  He says yer my present fer being a good boy!”
Worried as to Bill's condition, wondering how badly he was hurt, Jill shuddered in revulsion as other hand snaked around over her shoulder, hand going under left arm to cup her left breast through her clothing.  A shiver of unwanted pleasure coursed through her body as fingers sought and found her budding nipple, pinching at it.  Meanwhile, the hand on her thigh was forcing its way up between her legs, with an extended finger rubbing at the crotch of her thin panties.

To her relief, the short drive to the cabin was over.  Then the old man opened the car door from the outside, advising "Get her out of the car, Toby!  I'll escort the purty teacher up to the cabin!  You get her hubby out of the trunk and carry him up!"  As she was dragged along the dirt path, Jill cringed as the wiry old man felt her ass up and crudely commented "Always wanted my boy to become a man with a sexy beauty!  And what better than a purty little teacher like ya!"

Looking about the drab and rather bare cabin walls, Jill cringed at the old and dirty furniture that it housed.  Her back against the wall, she heard the heavy footsteps outside and then big Toby appeared in the doorway with Bill easily slung over his back like a sack of potatoes.  Then the older man was wheeling a dilapidated old office chair over, instructing his son to put Bill in it.  She watched helplessly as her husband was being securely tied to the arms and legs of the chair.

Once Bill was secured to the chair, Jill watched as he was wheeled between an old sofa and an armchair.  Next, she watched as the old man got something from a drawer and opened up the cap before waving it under Bill's nose.  She then saw Bill's head draw back from the apparent potent smell coming from the bottle, then saw her husband slowly regain consciousness.  "Wake up my boy!  Sure don't want ya to miss the show yer purty little wife is gonna put on fer us!" the old man advised.

Feeling the pain in the back of his head, Bill blinked back the cobwebs and wondered where he was at the moment.  Then he saw Jill cowering near a corner, her body shaking as she sobbed in fear.  Concerned for his lovely wife, Bill tried to get up to go to her aid but then found that he had been securely tied to the chair he was in.  Then the old man who had helped get his car out of the pothole appeared at his side, chucking at his situation and saying "Ya've sure got yerself a purty little wife!  Tell her to take her purty dress off for us!"

Struggling against his tight bindings, Bill attempted to get up from the chair but found that he could not budge at all.  Suddenly, fear coursed throughout his body as the old man flicked open a sharp switchblade and pressed it up against his neck.  "Tell her to come over here and give us a nice slow striptease, sonny!  Otherwise, ya'll be breathing through a hole in yer neck!" he was gruffly advised.

Shaking with fear, feeling the sharp blade nicking him to draw some blood, Bill shivered and stammered "Jill ………honey!  Please ………….please do as he asks!  Please take your dress off for them!"  Seeing his wife standing frozen up against the wall and feeling the knife pressing harder against his neck, Bill then pleaded more frantically "Honey ………….please ………..please ………………he ……………..he's cutting me!"

Responding to her husband's pleas and seeing a trickle of blood on his neck, Jill nervously stepped forward and moved slowly toward the men.  As she neared them, the older man told his son "Sit down on the sofa, Toby!  The purty teacher's going to give us a show!  This is what a striptease is all about, my boy!"

Afraid for her husband, Jill then reached to the hook at the back of her neck and undid it.  Then she drew down the zipper at the back of her light blue dress.  Blinking back the tears, she let her dress fall from her shoulders and puddle upon the wooden floor around her white heels.

"Oh, paw ………………she sure is purty!  My pecker's getting bigger and bigger jest looking at her!" Toby advised.  "Ya sit yerself down here on the couch, son!  This purty teach is putting a show on jest fer ya!" Amos told his son.  As his son moved around to sit on the sofa, Amos added "Pull yer pants down so ya don't get a case of blue balls watching the purty lady take her clothes off for ya!  Yeah ………..that's it … her what yer made of!"  Laughing, he bent down next to the husband's head and loudly taunted "Look it!  My Toby's built like a fuck'n mule, ain't he?"

Upon hearing that comment, both Bill and Jill looked over to the couch where Toby sat fisting his monstrous cock.  They both sucked in their breaths at the same instant as the old man certainly had not been kidding them.  Jill was flabbergasted, totally frozen with fear as she heard Bill mutter "Oh ……….my, God!"  Bill's voice was more of astonishment as he viewed Toby's big black cock in hand, one that was twice as long and as thick as to what he possessed.

Sniffling, trembling with fear and embarrassment, Jill stood there before the leering eyes in just her lacy white bra, panties, and heels.  Then she heard the old man whispering softly into Bill's ear and saw her husband look down in despair before telling her "Take ………..take your bra off for them honey!  He …………he wants his son to see your pink nipples!"  Hands shaking, Jill reached up behind her to unhook the clasp of her lacy navy blue bra, then peeled the straps of the loosened garment from her shoulders and let it fall to the wooden floor. 

"Oh, paw!  She's sure got purty little titties!  Is it all filled up with milk?  I'm sure thirsty!  If I suck it, can I get a drink of her milk?" Toby asked innocently.  "No!  No, son!  Its good to suck on but she ain't got no milk in 'em!  She'll only gett'em filled up with milk when she goes and gets herself a baby!" Amos advised.  Then Amos excitedly added "Toby ……..ya and I are gonna help put some milk in them there titties!  Cause it'll be ya and me who'll get to put a little baby in her tiny little tummy!"

Then Jill saw Amos bend over to Bill once again to whisper something else in his ear.  She saw her husband flinch and shake his head slightly, when Amos growled "Tell her or I'll slice ya open, sonny!"  She saw Bill shudder, then stammer "Drop …………….drop your panties for them, honey!  Show them ………..your …………..your beaver!"

Amos laughed aloud "That's right, Toby ………………yer gonna get to see the purty teacher's beaver between her legs!  Then, ya can later stuff that mule cock of yers up into her soft beaver and fuck a baby in teacher's little tummy!"  "C'mon teach, ya heard yer hubby ……………take off them there panties and show us yer furry little beaver!" he ordered.

Sobbing with fear, Jill put her thumbs into the waistband of her lacy white panties.  Then slowly pushed the thin silky garment down over her trim hips, revealing her golden curls to the leering men.  She shivered as she let go of her panties, feeling the flimsy garment slither down her thighs and calves to fall upon her heels.  Now she stood bare naked, except for her heels, in front of the demented old man and his retard of a son.

"Wow!  Have ya seen anything so purty, Toby?  Now, my boy …………….the purty teacher is gonna teach ya the meaning of ABC!" Amos advised.  Amos looked up and saw the puzzled expression on the beauty's lovely face, then explained to her "Ya gonna teach my boy what ABC means, aren't ya, teach?"  Knowing she was puzzled, along with her husband, he added "Ya know ………..ABC …………..All 'Bout Cocksucking!"

Jill looked at the long thick oozing cock that Toby was now shucking up and down in his fist, then looked at Bill who had also been observing what the fisting.  Now their eyes locked together as they realized what was being expected of her.  Looking up at the leering old man, Jill pleaded "Please …………….please ……………..I can't do such a thing!  Not …………not ……………not in front of my husband!"

"What's s'matter teach? Don't ya wanna suck my son's cock in front of yer hubby?" Amos laughingly asked.  Seeing the sniffling beauty shake her head as tears flowed down her cheeks, he pried further "Never sucked yer hubby's cock?"  He smiled as the sexy blonde beauty continued to shake her head 'no'.  "Ya never tasted cock before ……….really?" he asked.  This time, the beauty began sobbing and her face flushed a bright pink in color.

"C'mon, purty teacher!  Get down on yer knees …………..time to teach Toby the meaning of ABC!" Amos ordered.  Watching the pretty young wife crumple to her knees in defeat before his son, Amos instructed "Reach out and grab his cock, Mrs. Anderson!  Grab his cock and stroke it with yer purty hands!"  Seeing the beauty refuse to obey his orders any further, Amos whispered in Bill's ear "C'mon, tell yer purty wife how to suck Toby's cock!"

Having sucked the school janitor had been a totally different thing, it was the first time she had been forced in a similar manner but certainly not like now, not with her loving husband being an eyewitness to her degradation.  Jill just could not let Bill see her handle nor go down on the long thick black cock waving about before her.

"Tell her!" the old kidnapper yelled in Bill's ear, causing him to shudder at the sudden change in his demeanor.  Then the knife at his throat was removed and suddenly plunged down between his legs.  Shuddering as he looked down, Bill broke out in a cold sweat as the observed the sharp blade stuck in the chair, less than half and inch from the seam of his crotch.  "Tell her or the next time ya won' be so lucky!" the old man threatened.

Panting in fear, Bill nearly cried as he stammered "Oh …….honey ………honey ……………please!  Kiss it ………..kiss it …………..oh, God ……………use your lips ……….your ……..your tongue!  Suck it ……………..please, honey ………….put ………….put it in your mouth!  Please ……………please ………….don't let him cut me!"

Turning to see the sudden commotion, seeing the fear in her husband's face and the switchblade stuck in the chair near his crotch, Jill swallowed deeply as she reached out for the giant stem.  'At least I'll now be doing as Bill wants!' she told herself as she grasped the hot black cock in her right fist.  At the touch of the iron hard cock, Jill instinctively pumped it, shucking it up and down - faster and faster!

Hearing her husband's pleas, begging her to do the unthinkable, Jill did not have her conscious to worry about any longer.  She was totally amazed at the size of this young man, who's manhood even outdid that of the school's janitor.  Her heart was thumping in excitement as she watched the cockhead flare open, then a flow of clear sticky pre-cum began oozing from the tip.

All eyes were now upon the oozing cockhead as more of the thick fluid bubbled up from the stem, watching as a slow river formed to ooze down over the flanged rim and onto the white manicured fingers just below.  It became evident that the slick lubricant now eased the sliding of the gripping fingers up and down the thick shaft.  From stem to rim, the fisting speeded up from with the added lubricant as even more of the pre-cum juice flowed.  Now Toby was panting out in pleasure, body trembling as he fought to maintain control of himself.

Mesmerized at the pulsating cockhead before her, Jill watched as the pisshole opened and closed repeatedly as more of the clear slick fluid bubbled up to coat her fingers.  Captivated by the young man's cock, everything else surrounding her was suddenly blocked out of her mind.  Panting for breath, licking her lips, Jill flicked her tongue out as she bent forward.

Nearby, to the side, the two observing men were stunned as they watched Jill flick her pointed pink tongue out to tease the oozing cockhead.  Then they observed the flicking tongue rapidly lap at the bloated cockhead and tease at the sensitive rim.  Both sucked in their breaths as Jill suddenly bent further down to engulf the entire cockhead in mouth.  "Ahhhh …………ahhhhhhhhhh ……………ah, paw …………… feels so gooooddddd!" came a loud groan of pleasure from young Toby.

Amos leaned over to the stunned husband, advising "Ya can't tell me she ain't sucked no cock before!  If yer wife ain't sucked yer cock before, who the hell's cock she been sucking on!  The way she's going at it, she definitely sucked cock before!"  Amos wanted to laugh in seeing the young husband nod his head in agreement.
Watching in total awe, they saw Jill's silky blonde head bobbed up and down on the lengthy cock, getting it all the way down her throat as she released her hand from the base.  Then Jill's head slowly came back up, cheeks indented due the vacuum pressure of sucking the cock deeply till just the cockhead remained captured.  Then Jill's head descended to devour the lengthy piece of meat once again.

Toby's moans of sheer pleasure had the observers nursing their own hardons as the young man arched up into the hot sucking mouth.  "Ahhhh ……..ahhhhh …………oh, paw …………….ahhhhhhhhh, paw …………… good!" Toby moaned as he began fucking into the beautiful teacher's face.  Faster and faster he arched up, grasping desperately onto the silky blonde hair, entwining his fingers in fear that she would stop giving him the fantastic pleasure.  "Paw ……………….paw ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned out loudly as he arched up high, holding the beautiful teacher's face to his crotch as his load erupted from his churning balls, then Toby pulled himself out to spurt a stream of cum in her beautiful face before reinserting himself between her pink lips.

Moments later, both Amos and Bill watched in stunned silence as Jill began to lift her head up from Toby's collapsed and exhausted body. Jill was still nursing the now dwindling cock in her mouth as she brushed her hair back and once again grabbed the base of the still thick cock in her fist.  Cock being withdrawn, a thick sting of cum connected the cockhead to the tip of her tongue.  Splotches of cum could be observed on Jill's cheek from when the bastard had given her a facial shot of his cream.

Staring at the shrinking cock in her hand, Jill licked her lips to savor the salty favor of the young man's cum.  She gave the still lengthy but now rather limp cock a couple of pumps with her fist, only to find it continuing to shrink in her hand.  Then her mind snapped back to reality upon hearing Amos comment "Ya've been suck'n cock before, haven't ya, sweetie!  Maybe not yer hubby's but ya sure as hell sucked sumbody's cock before!"  Realizing just what she had done in front of her observing husband, Jill shuddered and looked down in shame, blushing a beet red in color as the truth had been so obvious from her performance.  "Bill …………..I ………………I ……………..!" was all that Jill could mutter in her useless defense, knowing her performance would belie anything she said.

Next, Jill felt herself being lifted up at her right elbow by the young man's father.  Standing up on her heels, she felt the elderly man escorting her towards the doorway to what apparently was the bedroom in the small cabin.  Then she heard the man tell his son "I'm a bit hungry, Toby!  I'm gonna snack on some beaver burger!"  A moment later, Jill found herself on the dirty rumpled bed with her legs spread wide and the hunger old man feasting between her legs.

"Ahhhhhhh ……………….oh, God ……………….oh, my Godddddd!   Ohhhhhhhh …………….yesssss ………………..ohhhhhhh!  Ahhhh …..ahhhhh ……..ahhhhhh!" the moans of Jill's feminine voice could be heard in the living room of the cabin.  An exhausted Toby felt his cock twitch back to life from the exciting moans and looked over at the stunned face on the woman's husband.  Getting up to his feet and moving behind the tied up man, Toby began pushing the wheeled chair toward the bedroom, telling the woman's husband "I never seen paw ever eat a beaver before!"

Arriving at the doorway, Bill's jaw dropped at the sight of his lovely wife's trim white legs crossed over the back of the elderly black man with her white heels locked together.  Hearing his wife moan with pleasure and seeing her fingers grasping the man's kinky peppered hair, arching up into the man's face, Bill felt his pants tent up with excitement.  Then he saw Jill shudder, arch up into the slurping mouth, screaming "Oh, God …… me ………………..oh, God …………….eat me!  Cumming ………………………I'm cummingggggg ……………….aieeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Moments later, with the beauty's legs limply falling to his sides, Amos got up and smiled in the direction of his audience.  "Ya never fucke'd a woman, Toby!  Lemme show ya how it's done, son!" Amos announced as he shucked at his rigid cock.  "I'll grease her up fer ya!  Without some lube, ya'll surely 'ruin' this purty little thing with that mule cock of yers!" he advised as he climbed up onto the bed between the trim white legs.

"Come closer, Toby!  Bring her hubby closer for a ringside seat!" Amos chuckled as he fisted himself in readiness.  Guiding his cock up and down the lips of the juicing slit, Amos told his son "This is where ya gonna put yer mule cock in to stuff the purty lady's beaver!  Ya and I's gonna fuck a little black baby in her tummy!  Then her titties will get full of milk for the little baby to suck outta!"

Bill could not stop his cock from growing and throbbing in his pants, watching as the elderly black man now threatened to rape his beautiful wife.  His heart was pounding madly, not from fear for Jill but the excitement of watching the man's black cock penetrate his lovely wife who appeared uncaring after receiving that mind-shattering climax from being eaten out.  Bill looked at the old man's cock, realizing that it was no where near that of his retard son's.  Yet, the old man possessed a cock that easily had his own beat, both in length and thickness.

Bill surmised that Amos' cock was 10" in length and 5" in diameter, wondering how his lovely wife would respond to this elderly man.  Then he saw Amos push forward, penetrating Jill with his thick cockhead, causing Jill to emit a soft moan "Ohhhhhhhhhh!"  Bill sucked in his breath as he observed Jill raise her legs to cross over the elderly man's back and lock her white heels together as she tried to pull him deeper into her.

"Ohhhhhh ………….yes ……………yes ………….deeper …………deeperrrrrrrrr!" Bill heard his lovely wife moan as her elderly lover shoved more of his thick cock into her horny hole.  Bill was in total disbelief at his beautiful wife's behavior, never believing her capable of being so wild in bed as she had now wrapped her arms around the old man and clawed at his back while using her heels to pull him in deeper.  "Yes …………….yes ……………..oh, yessssssssss ………………..fuck me ………………….fuck meeeeee!" came his wife's pleas.

Bill couldn't believe how energetic the old guy was, fucking Jill in and out so rapidly like a damn jackrabbit.  Seeing how Jill responded to such fucking, Bill couldn't help but think "Jezz, this old man is damn fuck'n good!  Shit, I wish I could get Jill to respond to me like that!"  Then he heard his wife scream "Yes ………oh, yes ……………..yesssssss …………fuck me ……………..fuck me …………..I ……………..I'm cummingggggggggggg!"

Seeing the entwined bodies trashing about on the bed, it was obvious to Bill that both were now achieving mutual orgasms at exactly the same time.  Seeing the old man's body quiver as it shot it's load into Jill's fertile womb, the horrid thought of Amos knocking her up had him literally creaming in his pants.  Never had Bill seen a wanton display of lust between a man and woman, causing him to lose control of himself in the excitement.

With Amos slowly withdrawing his now withering cock from the raped young wife, he couldn't believe what a fantastic fuck the innocent looking beauty had just given him.  Seeing his son stroking that mule's cock between his legs, Amos could only nod 'yes' when Toby asked "Is it my turn now, paw?  Is it my turn with the purty teach?  Paw, can I stuff her beaver now?"

Delirious from the exquisite fucking old Amos had given her, Jill lay panting on the bed with her legs still widespread as Toby crawled up onto her.  Then a fearful shudder coursed throughout her body as his thick cockhead pressed up against her well-fucked and gushing slit.  'Oh, God …………..he's so much bigger that Leon!' she shivered.  "No ………, Toby ……, please …………'re ………………….you're way ………………way too big for me …………..please!" Jill stammered in fright as she tried to squirm up the bed to escape the plundering.

Looking over desperately towards the young man's father, the man who had just raped her, Jill pleaded "Please …………..Amos …………please stop him ……………he's too big ……………it won't fit ……….he'll ………….he'll tear me!"  Sobbing, Jill pushed at Toby's broad black shoulders as she fought to keep from being torn apart.  Feeling his powerful hands grasping her firmly at her hips, she looked about desperately for help.

Then Jill's resolve was totally destroyed when she heard "Fuck her!  Slam it to her!  Rip her apart!  Rip the little bitch apart ………….'ruin' her good!"  She could have easily have understood Amos cheering his son on with the rape …….but ………….her own husband!  Then she heard Bill add "Fuck that whore I got for a wife!  She's never sucked or fucked for me like that ever!  She's obviously been giving her nookie to other guys!  Fuck her!"

At that point, Jill had given up all hope as she no longer put up any resistance against the eager young man.  Realizing that her husband had obviously seen the 'real Jill' from her performances with both father and son, she felt a bit despondent that her happy marriage to Bill would soon end totally in divorce.  Resigning to her situation, Jill prayed silently 'Do it!  Do it, Toby!  Slam it in ………….rip me apart ……………kill me with your big black cock!  Do it ……………I deserve to die in such an awful way!"
Gripping the crumpled bedsheet in her hands, Jill shuddered in fear as Toby began pushing his bloated cockhead in her obviously too small slit.  "Ohhhhh, God ……………… hurts …………….it hurtsssssssss!  Oohhhhh, its too biggggg ………..too biggggggggg!  No ……….no ………noooooo!  Ahhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhh!  Owwwwwwwww!" she screamed as the pain wracked her body.

"Noooo ……….nooooo ……………ahhh ……….…..ahhhhhh ………….…ahhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhh!" Jill shuddered in pain and fright as Toby slammed his thick throbbing cock into her aching body.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………noooooooooo, stoppppppp!" Jill screamed at the top of her lungs as Toby shoved his mule-sized cock into her petite body.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed as the horny stud thrust up once again, tearing her apart.

Both Bill and Amos were amazed that Toby had managed to get his entire cock into Jill's petite body, both picturing the lengthy shaft now fully up into her belly. Then, both men were surprised as Jill wrapped her arms and legs around Toby as she had earlier done to his father, arching her hips up and down upon his thick prong.  "Give it to her, son!" Amos cheered.  "Knock the bitch up!" Bill added.

Throughout the night, Bill was treated to the erotic entertainment of seeing his beautiful wife sucking and fucking the father/son pair.  First, there was the 'doggie' style that Amos taught his son.  Then, on all fours while sucking one, the other took her like a bitch in heat!  On and on, throughout the entire night, Jill's soft sexy body brought the ultimate pleasure to both father and son alike, all with the encouragement of her supposedly 'loving' husband.

As daylight began to creep into the cabin windows, Jill blinked her eyes awake and then it all came back to her.  She looked about and saw Amos and Toby sleeping dead away, with Amos on the bed and Toby on the floor.  Then she saw Bill still tied to the chair, head slumped as he had also fallen asleep.  Quietly getting out of bed, Jill tried to make her way quietly to her husband, afraid that the old cabin floor would creak and give her away.  Having lost her heels sometime during the night's activities, she slowly walked barefooted on the rough wooden floor toward her sleeping husband.  Reaching the chair Bill was tied to, she moved the chair backwards a fraction of an inch at a time.  She did not wake her husband for fear that his movement might create more noise and awake the sleeping captors.  It took nearly ten full minutes before she had Bill's chair at the opening to the bedroom.

Finally, out in the living room of the cabin, Jill cut away her husband's bindings.  Waking him, she put her index finger up to her lips to signal him to 'be quiet'.  Picking up the peach dress from the cabin floor, Jill wrapped it around her as they quietly made their way out of the cabin.  Once Bill had the towbar removed from the BMW, they made their way out of the hellhole where they had spent the night.  Jill unwrapped the dress around her body and struggled to pull it on over her head.  No words were spoken as each were deep in their own thoughts, both in their own turmoil from their actions.  Both assumed that their marriage to each other was over, unsalvageable at this point in time.

Arriving back at the main country road, Bill and Jill looked at each other in total silence.  Neither wanted to go directly back to the country home of Bill's parents, not wanting to have their children nor Bill's parents see their horrid condition nor learn of their ordeal.  Turning right toward the direction they had initially planned, Bill headed out toward the main highway.  Coming upon the first motel, Bill pulled in and got a room while Jill remained in the car.  Driving around to the front of the ground-floor motel room, Bill got the door opened before Jill quickly got out of the car and ran barefooted into the motel room, holding the dress about her.

Under the hot shower, Jill sobbed uncontrollably in knowing that her marriage was essentially now over.  She realized that she had not been able to control her obvious cravings, even with Amos and Toby forcing themselves upon her.  She would have thought that she could at least have restrained herself from making such an awful display of sheer wanton lust with her husband present to witness her debasement.

Forty-five minutes later, Jill found the nerve to open the bathroom door and go out into the motel room where Bill awaited her.  She was shocked to see her husband sitting at the edge of the bed without any clothing on, stroking his rigid cock in his hand.  Then Jill was totally shocked when Bill spoke "Get on over here and suck me off, bitch!"  Jill didn't know what to think, then wickedly thought 'Well, if our marriage is over …….at least I'll go down sucking!'  Dropping the towel that she had wrapped around her body, Jill padded over to the bed and shuffled over to get her head between her husband's legs.  Then she replaced his hand with hers and bent her head down, expertly slurping his cock into her mouth.

Sucking her husband for the very first time, Jill wished that she had performed this pleasurable act upon her husband from when they first got married.  'Well, I'm going to please him one time at least before he throws me out on my ass!  Hell, I deserve it!  Yes, Bill …………you don't deserve to have a whore for a wife!"  Feeling Bill's fingers entwine in her hair, Jill heard her husband tell her "You're a fucking bitch!  You're going to be my bitch from now on and I'm going to treat you like a fuck'n whore!  We're going to hire a sitter for the kids on Friday nights and then I'm taking you out to the sleaziest motels to peddle your fucking ass!  I'm then going to whore you out to the biggest, ugliest black bastards I can find!  You're gonna start making some real money for us!"

After Bill collapsed back onto the bed when she had sucked him dry, Jill climbed up and straddled his face, asking "You going to suck me out after you pimp me out to those big black bastards?  Want to practice now?  There's still a lot of cum left over from Amos and his boy!"  Jill felt so relieved, knowing that her marriage was intact, as Bill began lapping avidly at her slushy cuntlips.

Hours later, having fucked and sucked to each others content after Jill revealed her involvement with the school's janitor, the Andersons got the suit cases out of the car and donned nice fresh outfits before continuing onto their resort destination.  Checking out of the motel, arm around one another, they kissed passionately.  Then Bill advised "I'm putting your ass out on the market as soon as we get there!  You've got to earn enough to cover the cost of our stay!"

They still had a lot of days remaining on their paid vacation, time to mend their marriage and spice it up a bit.  As they drove up to the front entrance of the resort, they watched as one valet got into the car ahead of them to park it.  Then Jill observed a valet approaching from her right, a big muscular black fellow, then she told Bill "Oh, Bill …………..look at the big black stud that's coming to our car!  Would you like to eat his cum out of my pussy tonight?"
End of Story