Landlord's Lust II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 56, Marvin Brown wished that he had gotten himself a good education when he was afforded the opportunity.  He had it all when Tech had given him that full ride scholarship.  It had been his opportunity to get out of the ghetto, maybe even get into pro ball but he had to first make a name for himself out on the college field and then hopefully get drafted.  Everyone told him he had the makings to make it in the pros if he could just get some attention while playing college ball.

But there were so many that thought he didn’t have a chance of making it, especially since he came from the other side of the tracks, where the men either ended up dead or in jail by the time they hit forty.  Though he had high hopes for himself, Marvin was determined to prove his critics wrong ………………..that he wasn’t going to be another ‘Loser’!

Marvin indeed got himself a lot of attention right off in his freshman year, but it certainly was not the kind of attention that everyone had told him was needed.  It was the kind of attention that the university shunned and had to pay dearly to cover up.  Marvin had come from a high school located on ‘the other side of the tracks’, as people would refer to it.  Very few white students attended the nearly all black high school, with those white students really classifying as white trash.

Being the ‘star’ at his high school, girls were throwing themselves at him, giving him as much free pussy as he could handle.  All the gals hoped to become his girlfriend, a means out of the ghetto by hooking up with a future pro player with lots and lots of money.  But college was a bit different, with most of the students white while blacks being in the minority, as very few blacks could afford to pay for a college education.  Marvin’s ‘star’ status in high school meant very little in college, other than to the coaches who had recruited him, until he proved himself.

Unaccustomed to the lack of pussy available to him, Marvin had to resort to wanking off each night for some relief.  Oh, there were many pretty coeds that caught his eye on campus, but for Marvin these beauties were unattainable ……………………these were pretty white girls!  Desperately in need of pussy, rather than beating his meat, Marvin began thinking with the wrong head, the one located between his legs.  Breaking into the dorm room of the pretty white cheerleader had been the best fuck he'd ever experienced but it was also his undoing.

Faced with a count of trespassing, burglary and aggravated assault, Marvin pleaded guilty to the charges and was handed down a five-year jail sentence.  It was either plead guilty to those charges or face two additional counts of rape, which the cops had the undenying evidence to, except that the girls were rather reluctant to face the public exposure along with the influence of the university to keep things hush-hush.  What was the dumbest thing he’d ever done, causing his capture, was falling asleep on the damn bed after raping the innocent beauty.  Marvin awoke on the bed to find himself being handcuffed by the cops ……………………to the comments of one officer saying “What a total ‘Loser’!  Pulls off the rape, then goes and falls asleep!  What a fuck’n asshole!”

Bounced off the team, spending the next four years in jail before getting out on parole, Marvin returned to his old hometown a total ‘Loser’.  Scrapping around here and there, taking on whatever menial job that he could latch on to, Marvin eventually found that doing some drugs was the best payout.  Now old and the newer gangs taking over the street, Marvin felt quite fortunate to still be alive and having landed the job of managing an aging apartment complex that his now retired drug dealer had bought to launder some of his drug money.

Having kicked out the noisy bum living next to his apartment manager’s unit, Marvin saw to it that it got fixed up nicely, using some of his own money for the extras that he desired.  With a lot of vacancies in the complex, Marvin kept the unit vacant, waiting for that one special tenant, plus there wouldn’t be much noise should it not be rented out.  But now it was still vacant after five months went by.  He hoped to keep at least another unit available at all times so as not to needing to explain why one remained opened to the owner.

Answering the telephone, it was an inquiry to the ad that the owner ran each week so long at there was a vacancy.  The voice on the other end of the line had his blood pumping and coursing throughout his entire body, causing his cock to rise up at attention.  The gal on the line sounded so sweet, so innocent that Marvin could just picture the lovely white beauty in his mind.  He told the sweet sounding beauty that the apartment was still available although he couldn't promise it would be for very long.

The young gal identified herself as Melanie Baxter and pleaded for him to hold the apartment till she could take a cab and get there.  Marvin smiled upon hearing the obviously innocent beauty as she then confided that she was brand new in town and had been staying in a motel near the airport the past few days.  She had seen the ad in the newspaper and the price seemed what she thought she could afford.  Swallowing anxiously, cock throbbing in his pants, Marvin then proceeded on giving her directions.

A short time later, Marvin observed a cab pull up and the young beauty getting out.  He smiled as she paid the cabbie and retrieved her luggage that had been set down upon the curb for her.   Marvin could barely contain himself as the young blonde beauty was even prettier than he imagined and dressed just the way he liked’em.   She was easily a cut above the riff-raff he was used to seeing and renting his rundown, second-rate units to.  The young beauty was definitely a fish out of water and noticeably ill at ease as Marvin opened the front door to greet her, pretending not to notice her uncomfortable tension.

Marvin turned on the charm, introducing himself and offering to stow her luggage in his office while he escorted the young beauty to the vacant apartment, one in which the bathroom was separated only by a wall from his unit.  Along the way, as Marvin inquired as to her profession, she confided to him that she had always dreamt of being an actress.  She went on to tell him of having recently won a local beauty pageant/talent contest in her hometown, with the prize including a modest modeling contract back home, as well as a bit-part in an independent film -- which is the reason why she was now here.  She continued, explaining that she had packed up and moved to be in the movie, admitting it was only a small part, but she was certain it might lead to bigger things.  In fact, she added that she had come out a few weeks early, hoping to enroll in acting lessons to increase her chances of making it as an actress.

As the young beauty was noticeably unimpressed with the apartment, Marvin’s ever-scheming mind quickly outwitted her into taking it.  He lied and told her that he's got another potential tenant who has an appointment to look at the appointment, due within the hour unless I call her to cancel and advise its already been rented out.   He added “Unless yer willing to pay much higher rent, I can assure ya that ya won't find a nicer, cleaner furnished apartment, especially one less than a block from the bus stop!”

Marvin’s ploy worked like a charm as the innocent young beauty reluctantly agreed.  Marvin then invited her back to his office to fill out the application while he phoned the other prospective tenant to tell her the apartment has been rented, one that he naturally would pretend to make.  With the front of his larger apartment unit partitioned and set up as an office had her fill out the application while he made the call.

Returning in a moment, as she filled out the application, Marvin struck up a conversation, eventually bringing up the subject of her modeling experience.  Marvin kept his grin from showing as she blushed, confessing it hadn't really panned out, that although it paid pretty well she just wasn't cut out to be a model.  “And besides, my fiancé doesn't like the idea of me being a model!  But I just might be looking into doing a bit of modeling on the side, just to supplement my funds during my stay in shooting the film and to pay for any acting lessons!”

Adding to his fibs, Marvin advised “I referred a few gals who resided here in the past to some friends in the modeling agency and they managed to get some work!  Do ya have a portfolio that every model seems to have?”  He grinned inwardly as the unsuspecting beauty young reached over to retrieve her modeling portfolio from one of her bags and handed it to him.  It was all Marvin could do to contain himself as he leafed through the portfolio, seeing the young beauty's very impressive photos, including a few in swimsuits and even a couple poses while clad in sheer lingerie.

His mind was already racing with thoughts of those trim gorgeous white legs of hers first draped over his shoulders, then wrapped around his waist to pulling him deeper and deeper into her snug little cunt, begging for him to fuck her out of her mind.  It was obvious to Marvin though that he obviously was not her type, that she would not have or pay the least bit of attention to him.  Actually, he wasn't anyone's type anymore, really ………………………..just a total ‘Loser’!

Well past his prime, about the only sex he got anymore, except with his own hand, of course, was the rare freebie he got from Liz Conners, the overweight, oversexed barfly in 214.  After a few drinks, Marvin was usually able to convince himself that sex with Liz was better than no sex at all -- but just barely!  And now, there was this new innocent girl that had fallen into glitter and web of showbiz – one whom Marvin was determined to claim for himself.

Melanie blushed innocently when she noticed that the apartment manager had reached the final section in her portfolio, the shots of her in sheer lingerie.  Melanie apologized, confessing that she wasn't 'that kind' of girl but that the photographer had insisted and had reassured her that boudoir photography was in vogue.  “They say that any serious model needs at least a few boudoir shots in her portfolio and that boudoir photography paid more than other modeling gigs!” she added.   Melanie blushed and shifted nervously, adding that the 'come hither' look in her eye in those poses was not really her.  She went on to explain that it was the woozy effects from the two glasses of wine the photographer had offered her to help overcome her shyness, before that portion of the shoot.

Marvin kept his composure, though his cock as aching and wanting to bust out its confining space, then changed the topic of conversation to her fiancé.  Marvin gritted his teeth to keep from smiling from ear to ear as she told about him about their upcoming wedding, that her fiancé wasn't as supportive as she wished in her desire to become an actress.  He listened intently as she went on to advise that her fiancé tended to be a bit overprotective and had not been very supportive of her even entering the contest in the first place.

As the innocent young beauty continued on, telling him how she planned to make everything right between them, to prove to her fiancé that she could make it as an actress and that success would not go to her head.  Then came the part that Marvin loved most, when she advised that once the got married and settled down, she’d be the most faithful, loving wife she promised to be when she accepted his proposal.  With that in mind, Marvin was already conjuring up a lurid rewrite of the successful actress and 'happily ever after' script the young blonde was blissfully sharing with him, thinking to himself ‘How about a successful porn actress?  And only too willing to spread yer beautiful legs for anyone since ya need a big cock yer horny little twat!’

With the rental contract signed and Marvin obtaining the first month’s rental and the half-month’s deposit, he helped the young beauty carry her belongings to her new apartment.  On the way over to her apartment, Marvin advised her of the nearest and most reasonable office store in the area.  He learned that his new tenant planned on buying a computer so she could email friends, especially her boyfriend, to order to keep the phone bill down.  Also, it was to help her do research on the internet.  Inquiring of her expertise in using a computer, Marvin was happy to learn that she was quite a novice and that she was used to doing searches on the internet but basically had never set one up herself, and thus Marvin offered his services should she need some help.  One thing he stressed was “Be sure that you keep a notepad in your desk next to your computer and write down your user name and password for any service!”

Being the polite gentleman, Marvin bid his new tenant goodbye and advised her to call him anytime if there was anything she needed, whether regarding the apartment or help with the computer she’d be buying.  Rushing back to his apartment, especially after the beauty mentioned how pooped she was and would freshen up then take a short nap before unpacking her belongings, Marvin brushed off another tenant who wanted him to look at plugged drain.  Back at his apartment unit, Marvin made a beeline to his special ‘entertainment’ room and turned on the numerous monitors mounted up on the wall.

Watching the bedroom monitor, Marvin watched the young beauty open up the small overnight bag that she had carried with her, then smiled upon seeing her take out a small stack of clothing.  Peering closely, seeing a dangling strap mixed in, Marvin suspected it was her bra that was probably accompanied with a fresh pair of panties.  Seeing her untie her sneakers and kick them off, removing her white socks, Marvin waited with baited breath.

As she straightened up, Marvin’s eyes moved to the bathroom monitor and he reached over to press the ‘record’ button of his recorder.  Marvin then hustled to his bathroom, closing the door to keep pitch dark in order to afford him a theatre style viewing of the succulent young beauty.  Unzipping himself, pulling out his pud, Marvin licked his lips as his new tenant reach up to the top button of her blouse.  “C’mon, sweetie!  Show o’l Marvin those pruty little titties of yers!” he mouth in his sound proofed bathroom.

Leaning close up to the two-way mirror, wanting an up-close view of the blonde’s, Marvin stroked his jutting cock as the beauty reached behind her back to unclasp the catch to her bra and then push the thin straps off her shoulders.  Then the lacy cups fell away to reveal the perfect twin pink capped ivory peaks.  Cock lurching in his fist, Marvin licked his lips, wanting desperately to lap at her tender pink nipples.

Then the young beauty was getting out of her jeans, leaving her clad only in a thin pair of lacy white panties.  Fisting himself fast and faster, Marvin was breathless as he waited to see her soft golden treasure.  Panties slowly descending the trim and flawless legs, Marvin knew that he had to have this precious little beauty ………… way or another!  Then his entire body shuddered, having stroked himself to rapidly, Marvin began spurting his thick seed up against the bathroom wall.  “Damn!” he cussed at himself for the mess he’d now have to clean up and for cumming too soon.

Looking about her the bath of the rather run-down apartment, Melanie shuddered a bit, feeling as if someone was watching her.  But she shrugged it off, telling herself ‘Don’t be silly, Melanie!  You’re just uptight about making the move to the big city and not used to such an old cruddy place like this!’  She prayed that she had made the right decision in coming here, telling herself that she just had to prove her fiancé wrong.  Grabbing her undergarments, she put them into the extra pillowcase she had brought to serve as a laundry bag in the interim.

Panting for breath after blowing his wad all over the bathroom wall, Marvin leaned against the nearby wash basin for support.  He continued viewing the petite beauty as she stepped into the shower stall and turn on the water.  Marvin’s eyes then went down to the partially filled pillowcase that lay on the floor, an item that Marvin intended on inspecting privately once the one beauty would be out for awhile.

Later that evening, after his new tenant had unpacked her belongings, Marvin saw her reach into her purse for her cellphone.  With the apartment well-bugged, Marvin went into the ‘entertainment room’ and turned up the volume till he could listen in on her end of the conversation.  The manner in which she was talking, it was evident that she was on the phone with her fiancé, assuring him that she got in fine and had just ‘rented a nice  apartment that was situated in a very safe neighborhood’.

‘Nice apartment’, ‘very safe neighborhood’ Marvin chuckled, his dick giving a twitch of arousal in hearing the innocent beauty give white lies to her boyfriend in order to assure him of her safety, along with her desire to prove him wrong.  Having heard the one-sided conversation, Marvin had been able to learn a lot, one that he could inspect that pillowcase on the bathroom floor when she head out for her 10 a.m. meeting of the cast in which she was to have a bit part in.

Then, apparently her sweetheart must had insecurely mentioned those handsome actors she’d be meeting on the set as she responded “Don’t be silly!  You’re the only guy who turns me on!  I’d never let another man touch me!”  ‘Hmmm, would you also lie to him if and when another man …………..a black man …………..touches you?  Fucks you?’  Marvin wondered.  With the lights out in the new tenant’s apartment, the blonde beauty going to bed after the phone call, Marvin shut off the recorder and turned off the numerous monitors.

Lying in bed, mentally picturing the blonde beauty, Marvin’s lust for white meat had his cock rising to attention once again.  Over the years, Marvin had sated his constant lust by exploring the porn sites available on the internet, even paying for some that depicting white chicks being raped by some big black stud.  Watching and hearing a pretty white bitch struggle and scream on film was nearly as good as having one trying to fight him off.

The only thing that excited Marvin, other than tender white pussy, was money ……….big money to blow, gamble with, and do as he pleased …………………the big bucks that he blew by not keep his pants zipped while in college.  Seeing how much he paid out subscribing so some of the internet porn sites, Marvin wondered ‘Bet there’s some big bucks out there!  A paysite featuring the rape of an innocent white bitch by some big black stud ………………….shit, not some faking wanna be actress on the screen but a real innocent bitch actually being held down and forced to spread her pretty legs!’  Cock hardening like a rock and jutting up out of his jockeys, Marvin’s mind began to churn.

Closing his eyes in the darkness of this bedroom, Marvin once again fantasized about the blonde beauty sleeping just beyond the wall from him.  ‘Oh, sweetie ………………ya gonna be one fine actress!  Yeah, baby ……………..won’t even need any script writers for your lines ………………..ya jist scream yer purty head off when the bro puts the meat to ya!’ he chuckled.  Laughing out loud “Yes, Marvin Brown ……………executive film producer and director!  Melanie Baxter, ya gonna git yer wish ……………….ya gonna be all over the fuck’n screen soon!”

The next morning, once the lovely beauty left her apartment and got into the cab outside, Marvin rushed over and let himself into the apartment with his master key.  Making a beeline into the bathroom, his heart thumped madly with excitement as he reached for the pillowcase lying on the floor.  Reaching, his thick fingers sought and found the soft silky garment that he had been searching for, then brought the garment up to his face and inhaled deeply.

Several more deep breaths to take in the beauty’s sweet smell of honey, Marvin then allowed himself the luxury of engulfing the entire crotchband into his mouth to suck the flavor out of them.  Literally caught with his pants down while in college, Marvin knew better than to wank off in her panties right then, for it would have to wait a bit.  Putting the panties back into the pillowcase, he then returned it to the bathroom floor.

First to get things done right away and then he could come on back to get some relief in her panties.  He had noticed that the beauty’s portfolio had not been taken with her, assuming that it was not needed since she had already won the part in the upcoming film.  Obtaining the portfolio, he took the entire album with him as he headed back to his apartment.  Figuring that he had a lot of time, he then went to his scanner and one-by-one scanned it into his computer.

‘Yes, this is gonna be a real classy operation!  These will be just as if I had the glossy photos in my on album …………..fuck’n fine quality!’ he thought.  ‘Damn, maybe that bit part will get her more roles or on some soaps!  That’d sell even better …………fuck, a mainstream actress really getting raped and I’ll have it all on film!  Gonna make myself a fuck’n fortune!  Damn, Marvin ……yer a fuck’n genius!’ he chuckled.

An hour and a half later, with all the photos neatly back in place, Marvin headed back to the beauty’s apartment with album in hand.  Reentering the blonde’s apartment, he headed towards the bathroom to relieve that ache in his balls.  Panties out of the bag and wrapped around his black cock, the portfolio opened up to his favorite picture, Marvin then began to stroke his throbbing piece of meat over the toilet.

Looking at the sexy picture of Melanie Baxter in a sheer negligee, lying with her long trim white legs outstretched along the length of the couch, Marvin moaned “Oh, Melanie, baby ……………………..I’s gonna make ya famous!  Damn, not only will they pay to into the site, I bet there’s bros out there willing to pay a bundle for me to set it all up fer him!  Double whammy!  Yeah, Marv ………………..ya gonna make a fuck’n fortune on this little bitch!”

Faster and faster he wanked himself as Marvin’s eyes focused on the blonde beauty’s photo.  Just about to cum, he thought “Damn, baby!  In the end, ya gonna be doing tricks fer Marv!”  “Ohhhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as his body shuddered uncontrollably.  Nuts tightening, cockhead flaring wide, Marvin then let loose a burst of hot cum into the water below.  “Dammmmm!” he sighed as the pent up tension was released.  Done, he then wiped his still dripping cockhead into the crotch of the panties before returning it into the pillowcase.
Marvin pondered the details of his devious and most ambitious scheme, determined not to screw up on this and once again be labeled as a total ‘LOSER’.  ‘How do I make this film come across that this is not just a good acting job but a rape right before their eyes?’ he wondered.  ‘Hmmm, with the apartment already bugged with good miniature cameras and transmitters, I’ll first use footage of when she returns home nicely dressed and take it to show her undressing and changing!’ he told himself.

Then Marvin realized ‘Heck, I’ll just film her each day from the time she gets up, gets dressed and leaves!  Then, resume upon her return home in the same outfit and undresses!  I can always splice in the close up of the guys jimmying her lock and slipping into her apartment to hide in the closet, which could be done an entirely different day!  Once she’s undressed, they grab her and from then on the cameras will keep on rolling!’  Marvin smiled, proud of himself in thinking ‘Yes, that’s the way to do it – her departure and return done separately, splice the break-in like it occurred that day, then add the big finale!’

Returning to the apartment building, Melanie was so happy at the way things went on her very first day at the studio.  Everyone was so friendly, welcoming her onto the set and making her feel at ease.  They all knew of her winning the talent contest and the bit-part in the film that came as part of the prize but they all assured her that it’d help lead her to more parts within the film itself and possibly other soaps.  In fact, two of the cast members revealed that they had become regulars on the show after starting off exactly in the same position as she was now.

Bouncing up the front steps to the apartment complex, Melanie smiled upon hearing her apartment manager’s voice greeting “And there she is …………….the new star of the show ………………Miss Melanie Baxter!”  “Hi, Mr. Brown!  Not quite the ‘star’ …………yet ……………but I’m so exciteddddd!” she replied to the grinning manager.  As he seemed quite attentive, Melanie began to blurt out the events of the day, telling him that she hoped everything worked out and she’d maybe this bit-part would lead to a more permanent role.

Marvin smiled widely in seeing the blonde beauty to bubbly and excited, thinking to himself ‘Damn, baby!  I’s sure as hell you land a regular spot on that soap!  Fuckkk ………………..I’ll be able to double the price of the fuck’n video!  The bigger you make it …………………the bigger I’ll make it!  I’m betting those horny bastards out there would shell out a fortune to see a sexy up-and-coming starlet, like Melanie Baxter, screaming her head off when some black bros rape the shit outta her!’

“Congratulations, my dear!  I’m sure ya’ll knock’em dead and ya’ll get yerself a permanent part!” Marvin exclaimed.  As the beauty headed off towards her apartment, Marvin took in the view of her long sexy legs, then yelled out “Oh, Miss Baxter!  I cut out an ad from this morning’s paper and slipped it under yer door!  It shows a big sale on computers at the office supply house that I was telling ya about!  Let me know if ya wanna go this weekend!”  His cock swelled in his pants as the sweet little beauty turned to thank him.

That weekend, Marvin enjoyed having the sexy blonde beauty riding in the car with him.  He could sense her nervousness, innocent and unassuming that only upon entering the car did she realize how awkward it must appear for someone like her to be in the company of a much older black man.  But to relieve her fears, Marvin acted as the perfect gentleman, opening the door for her and keeping an appropriate distance in showing her about the computer section of the store.

Later that day, using his handcart to wheel in the young beauty’s new computer equipment, Marvin then proceeded to help her set it all up.  Once done, he advised her that once the phone company arrived to connect her phone line in the apartment, she could then set up an account with an internet provider and get things rolling.  Of course, Marvin offered to help her with that aspect also, telling her it’s a bit difficult for a novice to set up.

On Monday, having told Melanie that he’d let the phone company into her apartment while she was working on the set, Marvin let the fellow in to hook up the line.  Once the line was activated and the repairman had departed, Marvin needed to get some relieve and went to the bathroom to retrieve the pair of pink panties that the beauty had put into the pillowcase the night before.

Retrieving his prize, Marvin held the tiny garment up to his face and inhaled deeply, taking in all of its sweet fragrance.  Rock hard, he unzipped quickly for a much needed release, wrapping the soft lacy garment around his throbbing tool.  Stroking himself, cockhead nestled in the soft crotchband of the panties, Marvin closed his eyes as the pleasure built up in his balls.  “Ugh ……………ugh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned loudly, nuts churning as his hot sticky jizz exploded and totally saturated the tiny crotchband of the pink panties.

Sighing in relief, Marvin looked down at the mess he had just made in the beauty’s panties.  Getting a handful of tissues, he then wiped the messy crotchband in an attempt to clean up his sticky mess.  Throwing the used tissues into the toilet and flushing them down, he then returned the garment into the pillowcase, figuring that the stain panties would not be discovered at this point.

That afternoon, when Melanie entered the complex, Marvin was pretending to work on the mailboxes in order to greet her.  Marvin advised her of the telephone line being activated and if she wanted, there was still time before the internet provider’s business office closed for the day.  As Melanie was quite excited at the prospect of getting fully set up right then, Marvin followed her back to her apartment.

With the phone call made to the ISP that Marvin recommended, using the speaker phone, Marvin assisted the sexy beauty who was a total novice with computers.  Handing her the notebook they picked up at the office supply house, he whispered to her to write down the user name and password that she chose, telling her not to let anyone know those items.  Handing her the keyboard, he told her to input those items into the computer so she’s the only one who knows what it is, that just in case she forgets then refer to her notebook.

Once online, Marvin departed and wished Melanie a night of fun surfing the web.  He had shown her how to use the email, in fact watched her type in her fiancé’s email address before he got up to leave the beauty in the privacy of her apartment so she could write her lovenote.  Little did Miss Innocent suspect that her notebook and info she had put into it would be viewed the next day when the devious apartment manager let himself in for his daily wankings in her panties.

With the young beauty seemingly happy and expecting to have her bit-part expanded some, Marvin formulated his plan of action to slowly get rid of her fiancé in the process.  Once he got her user name and password, he’d be able to access any incoming mail from her fiancé from his own computer using the dial-up access system, even deleting the entire incoming message so she wouldn’t even get to see it.

Having used the slow dial-up access system when he had gone out of town, Marvin learned that he could also respond using the access code, eventually giving her fiancé the impression that she was falling for one of the handsome male actors.  ‘Hmmm, maybe even letting on that she got the starring role in an adult flick!’ he laughed, thinking ‘Hmmm, maybe I can even get him to pay for the opportunity to see her in the starring role!  Damn, that’d give him the shock of his life ……………..seeing his precious bride-to-be stripped and raped right on screen ……………by some big black bros!’

Putting his devious scheme into action, Marvin had the tape rolling each morning from when the beauty got up till she departed out of the apartment and outside to hail a cab.  He had even upgraded the security cameras out in the hallway, capturing the sexy blonde as she came and departed the complex.  Once she got back, her entrance into the apartment and at least till she changed out of her nice dress and heels into her home clothing, all was captured on film.

One morning, watching the monitor as the unsuspecting beauty began to put on a lavender dress and 3” white heels, Marvin smiled as he then decided that this would be the clip he’d use for the film.  He’d have to be certain to capture her returning home that day, from the moment she stepped out of the cab to make her way up the stairs and all the way to her apartment.  Then to be certain all cameras were working in the apartment to capture her getting out of her lavender dress.

With everything captured on film from when the cab pulled up in front of the apartment building, Marvin smiled with delight as he screened the footage taken that day.  Everything looked great as Marvin planned to start it off with the scene of the sexy blonde putting on her lavender dress, her exiting the apartment and getting into the cab.  To show the time lapse, he next come in with a brief shot of the apartment complex in bright daylight with print saying ‘4:00 p.m. that same day” with the camera going up and in headed towards the beauty’s apartment unit.

What Marvin planned on doing another day, once he selected the beauty’s co-stars, he’d film them kneeling before the front door in their attempt to jimmy the lock.  Of course, with his master key readily available, it’d already open for them.  Then to film them entering the apartment, going through her dresser drawer, holding up some sexy undies, then going to bathroom where Marvin would film them jerking off with her panties wrapped around their lengthy pieces of black meat.

Thinking of the guys he knew with a lot of bucks, along with guys he was heavily indebted to, Marvin wondered just how much he could sell her precious little cherry for.  Squeezing at his hardened cock, Marvin even thought of claiming the honor for himself.  But he told himself it would not be wise for her to point him out as one of her rapists, determined to use the right head this time around.  Armed with his own portfolio of the sexy beauty, comprised of some photos from her actual portfolio, but highlighted with Melanie in various stages of dress or undress that were captured by his hidden cameras.

 Marvin soon found that his planned scheme to hit up the guys he knew had bucks would be as easy as he had thought.  Those guys with the dough basically laughed at his proposal, even after being shown the pics of the sexy young beauty.  It seemed that no one believed he could arrange everything as he indicated, especially where they’d escape getting caught and then being faced with an aggravated rape charge.  For the thousand bucks apiece, the men were naturally apprehensive, especially with Marvin been considered basically as a ‘loser’.

With the guys apprehensive about Marvin’s plans, though if it was to be pulled off successfully, they certainly wanted to the first in introducing the young blonde actress to what fucking was all about.  Then Marvin decided that a sample of what they’d get would be the clincher, telling them that if they each put up a hundred bucks apiece, he’d give them a treat that’d cinch the deal.  Also, he added that if anyone was hesitant and wanted out before the treat was over, he’d walk out with two hundred bucks.

Camcorder in hand, Marvin focused in on the three men he had recruited into his scheme as they jimmied the lock of the beauty’s apartment door.  To be certain no one would be recognized, Marvin had furnished a ski mask to each man before the shooting started.  This was to be the scene Marvin would splice into the film between what he’d taken of the sexy blonde dressing to go to work at the studio and when she returned home and got undressed.  Having gone through with a quick rehearsal, Marvin stopped shooting once the door was opened.  He then went inside the apartment to resume the filming of the intruders entering the apartment.

With two of the intruders flipping through the portfolio of pictures, one had departed into the bedroom and was going through the silky undies and bras in the dresser.  All this was caught on tape as it make good footage for Marvin’s rape flick.  All this preliminary footage would of course be played beforehand but the rape itself would be carried live.  If need be, he’d take some additional footage of what was to soon take place to loop into the scene until the live portion was ready to take place.

Marvin focused the camera on the two men going through the portfolio, as they withdrew on photo in particular while each man rubbed at his bulging crotch.  It was a duplicate photo that Marvin had made from one scanned into his computer earlier.  Then all three men were filmed going into the bathroom, with the photograph shown being laid atop the closed toilet seat.  With each man getting out of his clothing, other than the ski mask, the audience would get a preview of what was in store for the unsuspecting beauty as the men shucked at their growing cocks.

Then the pillowcase was being shaken, emptying all the contents onto the bathroom floor.  This particular day was purposely picked as it was nearly a week since the innocent beauty had done her laundry, giving each of her intruders two pairs apiece of her lacy panties to handle.  Getting into an advantageous position atop a stool, Marvin captured all three men holding a pair of panties up to his face while wrapping the other around his throbbing cock.

Shooting from above, Marvin focused in on the beauty’s photo along with the three wanking black shafts in her panties.  Each man sought to disguise his voice some, wanting to be certain the video would not be traced back to the participants, they commented as to what they’d do when they got the innocent beauty in their hands.  Such comments included:  “Damn, I’s can’t wait ta git my hands on this fuck’n beautiful bitch!”  “Me’s too!  I’s jist can’t wait to hear her screaming when I’s shove my black horsecock up her tight little cunt!”  “Jezz, imagine if that purty little thing’s still cherry!  She’ll really git ruin’d, that’s fer sure!”

Then Marvin heard one man groan from under his mask “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, shit …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  ‘Splat ………splat ……..splat!’ came the loud sound of thick jizz blasting onto the enlarged photograph below.  “Gonna cream on the little bitchhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhh!” came another man’s groan as he too began to unleash his load.  Then came the finale as the third and final guy groaned “Ohhhhhh ……………baby …………..ya look so purty covered with cum!”   He too spilled is load onto the glossy photo.

Focusing on the first cock that had exploded, the camera zoomed in as the lime green pair of panties wrapped around it was used to wipe the sticky cockhead.  Moving along onto the second and now shrinking cock, the lens zoomed in on the pair of lacy yellow panties that was being wrapped around the cockhead to clean up the mess.  Finally, the last man used the pair of lacy black panties to clean up his drooling cock.  With everything clean up and clothing put away, Marvin filmed the men carrying their clothing and going into the closet near the doorway.

So ended the special treat for the men, with none of them wanting out nor their money back, and now Marvin had the entire preliminaries to his rape flick all completed.   It was now just a matter of getting it all set up for the finale and the rape of Melanie Baxter.  Once he had the number of paying subscribers that he was looking for, he’d be planning the big event.  Meanwhile, he’d put up the latest scenes of her daytime soap to keep his audience biting at the bit and waiting for the announcement of when to tune in for the live showing.

So as not to give away too much and get busted before pulling off his vile caper, Marvin did not identify the name of the up and coming soap star but merely displayed her lovely photos on his site in hopes of luring more paying customers.  With his site based in another country, along with the account where the funds were deposited, the chance of being uncovered was minimized unless someone who personally knew the young beauty reported it.

Weeks later, seeing the overseas bank account surpass the six digit mark, Marvin beamed as he was now a rich man.  He wondered how long he could keep the money rolling in before the awaiting customers to the site got antsy.  Also, the costars were getting quite anxious after each had eagerly come up with the nine hundred dollars apiece to costar in the rape flick.  But the timing was forced upon him when the sexy blonde suddenly gave him 30 days notice when the rent came due, advising that with the offer of a role in another, she could now afford to move closer to the studio.

That next week, at the scheduled time, Marvin began playing the pre-shot footage of the young beauty getting dressed in the morning, then her leaving the complex and getting into the cab.  Then would come the scene indicating it was late afternoon, followed by the breaking and entering of the men, their search for her lacy undergarments and wanking off onto her photo.

Fiddling outside of the complex, pretending to be cleaning the property off in a hidden corner, Marvin awaited for the cab to pull up and drop the young beauty off.  As she had been keeping rather regular hours, apparently due to the union demanding set hours, Marvin hoped that this day would not be an exception.  See a cab slowing down, he was quite excited to see the sexy beauty emerge.  As she ascending the stairway, he put the cellphone up to face, advising “She’s coming in now!”

Rushing up into his unit and into his entertainment room, Marvin gazed at the monitors that were already on, watching as the ‘star’ of his porn flick check her mail and went to get a drink of water.  Cellphone still on, he spoke “She’s getting a drink of water right now!  Just keep yer kewl and I’ll let ya know when she goes to the bedroom and takes off her dress!”  Seeing that the footage being televised was now at the point where the intruders were spunking onto her photo, Marvin hoped he had enough extra footage to bide time to cut into the live action.

With the pre-shot film now showing the intruders now going into hiding, Marvin was glad that he had taken the precaution of taking footage of the guys hiding in the closet while stroking their cocks back to hardness.  Then close-ups were made, zooming in on each of the ski masked intruder and recording their rehearsed lines of: “Remember, I’s got first dibs on her tight little pussy!  She looks so fuck’n innocent …………….I bet she’s still cherry!”  “I’s got her purty little ass and I’s knows its gotta be fuck’n cherry!  She’ll be screaming bloody murder when I’s shove my cock up her cherry little ass!”  “I ain’t complaining cause I bet my cock will be the first to touch those purty pink lips!”

Next came the pre-shot filming of the beauty returning home and entering her apartment.  Seeing the beauty enter her bedroom on the monitor, it was be a near perfect timing as she began to take of her dress in real time as the viewers got to see her undress from his earlier shooting.  “Get ready, guys!  Once she hangs up her dress, it’ll be the time to make the move!  Get ready ………………get ready ………………….Okay!  Go!” he yelled into the cellphone.

Wondering what was pounding on her wall, Melanie turned towards the sound, only to find it was the heavy footsteps of three black men entering her bedroom  Three black men ………………..three naked black men!  Gasping in fear, frozen for a split second, Melanie then tried to run toward the window.  It was her only hope, to get out the window and onto the fire escape and call out for help.  But it was too late as her arms were grabbed and then she was being pushed up against the bedroom wall.

Marvin smiled as the men held the quivering beauty up against the wall as she pleaded loudly “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ……………………….pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ……………please don’t hurt me!  Please ………………please leave me alone!”  Having switched from the tape to the live action being captured by a small camcorder that he had hidden in the bedroom this afternoon, Marvin watched the monitor and knew his audience was getting their money’s worth.

Dressed only in a pair of lacy white panties and thin bra, the horrified face of the shuddering beauty made it clear to the viewers that this was no acting job.  The audience watched as each of the two intruders pinning her against the wall used free hand to fondle her breast through the thin lacy bra.  Then the lovely blonde closed her eyes tightly, throwing her head back against the wall as the roving hands pushed her bra cups down to expose her bared breasts.  Then the pink nipples were being pinch and flicked, followed by each nipple begin engulfed by a wet sucking mouth.

The viewers observed the third intruder grasping as the waistband of her panties, pulling the lacy white garment down her and off her flailing legs.  They watched as the hooded man drop to his knees as he pushed the beauty’s trim white legs apart.  Then the man was lifting his ski mask up over his chin and up to the bridge of his nose, to delve forward face first into the beauty’s soft golden treasure.

Melanie was terrified, not believing what was happening to her and could not believe any man would even dream of doing anything so filthy as to put his face into a woman’s sex.  As the demented man nuzzled his face into her soft mound, Melanie shuddered and sobbed “Nooooooooooooooooooo ………………………….nooooooooooooo ………………….ohhhhhhhh, God …………………..stop ……………….stop ………………..nooooooo ……………don’tttttttttttttttt!”
Coming up for air, the man between her legs lifted up to show the lengthy tongue that had been used on the quivering beauty as he licked and savior the juicy spend.  “Hmmm, now that’s what I’s call prime eating stuff!  Man, she’s got one juicy little beaver!” the man chuckled to the laughter of his buddies.  Then, with tongue extended he delved down once again to feast between the beauty’s soft thighs.  Pushing up one sexy thigh, he placed her leg onto his shoulder, then did the same to the other as he commenced to eat her out.

Melanie could only sob in her shame, pinned to the wall with legs resenting on the shoulders of this evil man as kept pushing his flicking tongue up into her sex.  Head tossing from side to side in total disbelief, Melanie shivered as her thigh muscles clenched, emitting a gush of her love juices into the hungry mouth.   “Nooo …………….noooooooooooo........... pleaseeeee …………oh, God ………….ahhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Melanie cried out as her body went into uncontrolled spasms.  She had just experienced her very first orgasm ……………in the mouth of this vile intruder.

Peering into the bedroom, Marvin saw that the beauty was now lying on her bed, arms pinned above her head by two men while the third got into position between her legs.  Having stripped off his clothing upon entering the apartment, Marvin donned a ski mask for himself and entered the bedroom, retrieving the hidden camcorder so he could now get some close up action for his paying customers.  Getting into position, he zoomed in on the anguished face of the young beauty, then focused on the long black bone that was about to spell her doom.

With the muscular intruder kneeling between the forcibly spread thighs, Marv smiled as the young beauty realized just what was about to take place as she pleadingly sobbed out “Please ……………please ……………please don’t ……………..pleaseeeeeee …………….I ……………..I’ve neverrrrrr!  I ..................I’m a virgin!  Please ……… …………….please don’t rape meeeeeeee!”  Marv’s cock throbbed and he could imagine all the viewers taking it all in this extremely rare event, such as which was never viewed live before.

Focusing in on the bloated cockhead nuzzling into her golden twine, the microphone picked up her assailant’s taunting comment “Oh, baby …………..I’s ain’t ever copped me no cherry before!  Gonna make ya scream, baby!  But don’t ya worry, ya can bleed all over me, sweetie!”  And then the thick black cudgel was mercilessly thrust down into the helpless young beauty, causing her to scream out “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………….nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Panning out for an overall shot, getting in the beauty’s anguished face as her precious virginity was destroyed without mercy, Marv then slowly moved downward while zooming in from behind the devious rapist.  Zooming up closer between the trim white legs and that of her rapist, Marv captured the fantastic pumping action of the thick black cock into the tight gripping vagina, showing the captivated audience all the blood gushing up from around the pistoning shaft.  It was like the filming of an oil well, only it was not oil that was gushing up from the depths of the raped beauty.

Out from the joint of their forced union, bright red blood could be seen flowing down the crease of the beauty’s upturned asscheeks to drip onto the white bedsheets.  The pumping black shaft, streaked with blood, now began to piston in and out as it picked up to jackhammer speed.  Then Marv slowly panned the camcorder back out for an overall view, capturing the black buck laboring over the pretty white beauty, then slowly zoomed in to capture a close up on the anguished face of the whimpering young actress.

As her rapist fucked in and out of her petite body, Marv panned back out as the microphone picked up the rapist’s labored muttering of “Oh, jezzz …………….she’s fuck’n bleeding all over me!  Damn, this is fuck’n greatttttttttt!  Popped me my first fuck’n cherry!  Oh, baby ……………..ohhhhh ………… fuck’n tight ……………… fuck’n goooooooooood!  Awwww …………….fuckkkkkkkkkk ……………………………..can’t hold backkkk …………..I …………I gotta cummmmmmmmm!  Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

With the rapist’s big black ass quivering in spasms, no longer pistoning in and out of the raped beauty, it was quite evident what was taking place at that very moment.  In the background, the hysterical weeping of the raped beauty could be heard.  So could the grunts of her vile rapist as he moaned “Oh, babyyyyyyyyyyyyy ………………ahhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….oh, Goddddddddd ………….ain’t ever cum so much!   Ahhhhhhh ………………….oh, baby …………gonna knock ya up real good!”  Then his body collapsed onto the petite body, evident that emptied the vile contents of his big black balls into the raped young beauty.

Raped and ruined, Melanie was totally defeated at this point, unable to struggle against her captors.  Arms now released, Melanie could only sob in shame at her disgrace as the rapist who had stolen her virginity still had his heavy body lying upon her.  The two men at her sides had released her and were now pushing the heavy weight off from her, allowing Melanie to breathe easier.  Unable to move from the pain between her legs, she shuddered and sobbed upon hearing one of the men say “Oh ……………what a fuck’n bloody mess!”

With her rapist pushed off the bed and now leaning up against the wall to recuperate, Melanie found herself being turned over, then pushed up so that she was on all fours in the middle of her bed.  Bed sagging, hands upon her hips, Melanie shuddered at the thought of now being copulated the way animals did it.  Held firmly at the hips, Melanie closed her eyes as the bed sagged above her, suddenly feeling a thick fleshy bone hitting her cheek to realize that the other assailant now had his genitals before her face.

As rehearsed, Marv slowly bent down to get a close up shot of the man behind Melanie, zooming in from the edge of the bed to capture the position of the thick black cock nuzzling up against the beauty’s tight anal pucker.  It suddenly became apparent that the raped beauty realized that she was about to be sodomized, evident by her struggle to get away and her loud whine “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”  As the large hands suddenly pulled the beauty back, the simultaneous thrust of his hips, the loud piercing scream “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” made it evident what had just occurred.

Panning back out, capturing the petite blonde being sodomized by the big black buck, Marv then signaled to the man at her head and began focusing on his grasping of the long silky blonde hair and rubbing his jutting cockhead on her cringing face.  “C’mon, sweetie ……………….open those purty little lips fer me!” the man taunted as he rubbed his leaking organ up against her now glossy pink lips.  As the man looked over towards the camera, Marv nodded his head, signaling the man to give Melanie a hard yank on her hair.

“Arggghh ……………..mmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the partial scream as it was suddenly muffled by the insertion of the thick bloated cockhead into the mouth of the agonized beauty.  Zooming in, Marv smiled upon seeing inch after inch of the black cock brutally being forced down the beauty’s throat.  The lack of oxygen caused the sexy blonde’s eyes to roll, then once the foot long dong was fully engulfed, it was slowly withdrawn to allow her to breathe once again.

Then the two men began to buffet the delirious beauty between, one slamming into her ass while the other fed her his dark meat.  On and on they pummeled the pretty young actress, giving her a fuck she’d never forget.  With the two men moaning loudly, it was apparent that they were in need of cumming.  Marv only wondered if the planned assault would end how they had talked about but could not rehearse, that of them cumming as the same time.


Blonde head pulled forward with cock fully buried in the beauty’s throat, the man’s head thrown back as he uttered “Oh, babyyyyyyyy ……………… it ……………… ittttttttttttttttttttttttt!”, told the audience that he was spewing his slimy seed deep into Melanie’s throat.  Just then, the other man slammed himself into her ass and groaned “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………ohhhhhh, baby ………….what a tight little asssssssssssssssssss!  Ahhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………….yessssss!”

Cocks removed from her mouth and ass, Melanie remained on her knees, with her head falling forward onto the mattress as she sobbed and choked on the sticky cum in her throat.  As the first man now had regained his strength, Marv held the camera steady as he handed it off to the man who had busted her cherry.  That man now focused in on Melanie’s upturned ass as Marv got into the picture and shuffled up onto the bed behind her.

Though Marv had initially planned on just doing the filming, once he had seen the guys grab her, he then realized that he just needed to get his nuts off in the sweet little beauty.  So as not to have her recognize his voice, Marv kept quiet as he proceeded to get his bloody fuck.  Caressing her soft ass, Marv then grasped her trim hips as he pushed his hardon up against her bleeding slit.  With a thrust up into her bloody pit, he smiled as Melanie whined and sobbed out “Please ……………….please ……………… more ………… moreeeeeeee!”

Enjoying the feel of the hot mixture of blood and cum coating his cock, Marv begin to speed up the fuck into the agonized beauty.  Holding onto her hips, Marv leaned back a bit as he continued fucking into her, want to get a look at her cherry juice now coating his cock.  Seeing his cock streaked with blood sent a surge of stimulation throughout his body as he slammed into her time and time again.  Suddenly he saw her hands gripping at the bedsheets, then felt her body quiver under his hands.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………… ……………………….nooooooooooooooooooo!” came Melanie’s whine as she shook and trembled from the unwanted orgasm that he had fucked her to.  Proud that he was the first man to bring her to an orgasm with a cock in her cunt, he pounded at her, slamming himself home and grasping her tightly to him as he spewed his potent seed into her fertile womb.  Spurt after spurt Marv seeded her, determined to give his seed equal chance of knocking her up.

Two hours later, after all four of them had gotten their fill by taking the young beauty two or three at a time, Marv made his leave after setting the camcorder in a position to capture the guys preparing to make their departure.  Retrieving his clothes and going back to his apartment, he then used the hidden cameras to take over as he would then end the video with the prepared credits and note for the audience to email him with their comments and request for future flicks.

The video ended with the scene of the raped young actress lying curled up in the fetal position, still bleeding between the thighs as a result of her torn hymen.  Once the three guys stopped over to drop off the camcorder left in Melanie’s apartment, he invited them in for a drink.  Each guy told him that they were game for more of the same if he could set up the rape-bait like Melanie Baxter, offering to pay him again for the thrill of participating in his flicks.

Once the guys had left, Marv went back into his entertainment room and observed the raped beauty in the same fetal position, apparently now passed out from her ordeal.  Checking his computer for emails, Marv was surprised at the number of messages that waited to be opened.  One by one, each of the viewer commented on his genius work and said they’d certainly partake in the next live video.  One even said he’d fly to wherever the ‘star’ was located and be willing to pay a thousand bucks to fuck her.

Marv sat back, wondering what his next move was with the raped beauty.  ‘Hmmm, I could blackmail her with the flick and could put her out on the streets to do tricks for me!  Or I could send her on her way to the nicer place she’s rented and get more famous as an actress, provided that she sends me a new potential starlet for my next flick!  Yeah, and I can still get her to come here and service me too!’ he thought.  ‘What should I do?’ he wondered.

End of Story.