Lunar New Year Lunatics
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
The Samurai Stud
The Year of the Horse

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

When Grandfather Wing Lan Liu and Uncle Wo Tong Liu received the envelope from America and finding that the correspondence was written in English, they had to wait for the gal (Mei Ling) working for them to return from buying some fish for dinner that night, they looked at the two photographs accompanying the letter.  The envelope had come from America, the return address very similar to that of prior correspondence, thus they assumed that it must be from Thomas as he was the only one from that far away country.  Thomas, previous known as to them as Kwon Won Liu, was the bright one who had taken a job with the National Bank of Shanghai and had assumed his English name upon being assigned to head up the branch to open in San Francisco.  Wing Lan was the father to both Thomas and Wo Tong, but Thomas and Wo Tong were step-brothers as Thomas' mother had passed away from an illness and Wo Tong was the son of Wing's second wife Kwai Soon Lim.  The first picture was that of a male of Asian/Caucasian mixture, and with the name Vincent written on the back made it clear that it was that of Thomas' son.  The second photo had both men licking their lips and each felt a stirring in his loins, and one might think that being an amazing feat for Grandfather Wing Lan as he had just celebrated his 87th birthday.              

Mrs. Julia Liu (fka Ms. Julia Parker)

Alone in the house as Kwai Soon was out in the rice paddies tending to the crop, the two men looked at one another, and they chuckled as Wo Tong moved to set the photograph down.  Once it had been set down between the two of them on the coffee table, they gazed upon the American beauty with long red hair, then each unzipped the front of his pants and pulled out his pud.  Both men, father and son, were old horny lecherous bastards who just lived for pleasures of the flesh.  Having the nicest home in that small country town, thanks to the monthly check of $100 sent by Thomas from America, they lived like kings and could even hire a young pretty nineteen year old to be a live-in maid and cook, with bonuses given each time she would spread her legs or lips to sate their vile lust.  Kwai Soon, in her early 80's dared not make any objection or she would find herself having to find shelter  at the edge of the rice paddies and fend for herself.  Grandfather Wing Lan got his old wrinkled cock up to be solid as a rock upon looking at the photograph, the most solid in quite some time as he wheezed out in Chinese to his son "Oh, she has such beautiful lips!  Oh, what Wing Lan would give to  put his old wrinkled cock into her succulent mouth I can squirt into it!"  Wo Tong, pumping at his aroused cock, then replied in Chinese to his father, telling "Oh, my .....................for me I would love to rub my face in her American pussy ..........................those nice soft red curls of her pussy!  Bet it is really will smell nice and squeaky clean ................................and I bet her honey will be nice and sweet to the taste!"  Then both father and son wheezed at the same instant, each filling the tissue in his other hand with all the hot nasty cum being ejaculated into the tissue so as not to soil the photo itself, thus preserving it for future use.

Pretty nineteen year old Mei Ling Tong was fortunately out doing the grocery shopping for the family that employed her, paying her very well for her work as housekeeper, maid ...........................and to give sexual pleasure to the elderly old man and his deviant son!  She was not proud of what she did but the money allowed Mei Ling to live well and to help out her elderly parents and younger siblings make a go of things at home.  It was the most disgusting part of her job requirements, the aspect that she forced herself to endure in order to help her family out, especially when made to take their filthy cocks into her mouth.  Of course everyone in the village merely assumed that she just worked as the housekeeper and maid for the wealthy family, not knowing of all the other chores that she had to perform to earn her keep.  With mail delivered by the daily courier on a moped, Mei Ling was fortunately out of the house purchasing fresh fish for dinner that evening, otherwise the old boy and his evil son would have placed the American beauty's photograph on the table to get themselves off ...........................only with her aiding their vile lust relief by wanking each off with her fists milking their hardons!  Even worst would have Mei Ling having to lips and tongue on the old boy's shriveled cock or his son's uncircumcised one to get them off while fantasizing over the American beauty.   

On her arrival back at the place of her employment, Mei Ling cringed in disgust at having to pick up the filthy tissues into which the old man and his deviant son had spurted their lust into while fantasizing about the American beauty who had just married into the family.  Reading the letter and translating the contents into Chinese for Wing Lan and Wo Tong, Mei Ling observed the lusty smiles form upon their evil faces in learning that Thomas' son had just married the beautiful American beauty and that they would be visiting various cities in China, with Shanghai being one of them and they would like to stop by one day to meet them.  As the two men expressed their disappointment in just a day's visit, she listened as the devious old bastard and his son conjured up various scenarios in which they could have the newlyweds stay with them during their entire stay in Shanghai.  Seeing the look of just vile lust on the faces of the evil bastards, Mei Ling knew that these assholes didn't just want to have the newlyweds to come to Shanghai so they could meet them ......................................they wanted the beautiful American here in their home sate their vile and evil lust upon the unsuspecting young bride!

Back in America, after his father had gotten the call from Mei Ling from Shanghai expressing grandfather's insistence of their spending their stay at his home, Tim Liu and his then fiancee cancelled their hotel reservations in Shanghai as they felt obligated to accept the invitation to stay at Grandfather Wing Lan's home, wanting to please their ancestors.  Both Tim and Julia had preferred to stay at the 5* hotel where they had made reservations, wanting to be alone on their honeymoon trip, but at the insistence of Tim's father they gave in and agreed to stay with Grandfather Wing Lan's while in Shanghai.  Now two weeks later, following an elegant church wedding and beautiful reception at a plush San Francisco hotel, bride and groom were soon to be off to China for a twenty day honeymoon trip.   But the most important of night, that immediately following the wedding reception, was that of beautiful bride surrendering her precious virginity to the man she loved.   Some three inches in diameter and over five inches in length had the groom claiming the prize as his beautiful bride winced and grimaced as he deflowered her up in the honeymoon suite.  The Great Wall in Beijing was the first on the agenda on their China trip, Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an to follow, and then it would be off to Grandfather Wing Lan's in Shanghai with Tim's grandfather and uncle to take them around with Mei Ling serving as interpreter for them.  After having taken in the sights of Beijing and Xi'an, having enjoyed their honeymoon immensely to date, the honeymooners were both a bit nervous as they boarded their flight to Shanghai. 

The night before the honeymooner were to arrive in Shanghai, Mei Ling sent Tim Liu and email to confirm the time they'd be arriving and advised that she be driving his grandfather and uncle to meet them at baggage claim when they arrived at the airport.  With the arrival of the honeymooners from America, her job was to act as interpreter, translating conversation from Chinese to English and visa versa.  But in knowing the deviant bastards that she worked for, it would be more of an improvisation in telling the young couple what they wanted to hear and not to translate verbatim as to what Wing Lan and Wo Tong was saying to them.  Sure enough, it all began once they spotted the young couple enter the baggage claim area and wave to them, when Wing Lan told her in Chinese "There .......................there ......................there she is .............................there's the prettee American bitch that I'm going to 'eatee' and 'fuckee fuckee' tonightee!  Ahhh, my grandson bringee me prettee little present ..........................makee his grandfather very happy man ...........................yessee yessee, me helpee grandson makee little babee tonightee ....................................fuckee fuckee his prettee wifee, heh, heh!"

Grandfather Wing Lan

With the old man and his son bowing to welcome the newlyweds to Shanghai, the young couple reciprocating in greeting Tim's grandfather and uncle, Mei Ling fought hard to keep from laughing aloud when it came time to act as translator.  The interpretation from the young American couple to the elders was very easy to do, with Mei Ling easily relaying things straight forward to the old geezers.  But when the old man or his son said something in Chinese for her to relay to the young visitors, it was then that Mei Ling had to improvise in what she was to relay to the newlyweds.  Such were some of the translations she made at the airport:  Grandfather to Tim:  "You have found yourself a very beautiful young bride, grandson!  She is so very prettee .........................she makee Wing Lan's eighty-seven year old cockee git very stiffee!  My I have the honor of fuckee your beautiful American bride?"  Mei Ling's interpretation to Tim and his bride was "Welcome to Shanghai, grandson!  It is an honor to have you and your beautiful bride visit with us!"  The straight interpretation had Mei Ling fighting to keep a straight face as she relayed to Wing Lan of Tim's saying "The honor is all mine, grandfather!"

Grandfather to the beautiful bride: "You have such lovely lips, my dear!  I will surely be able to git my old cockee up stiff for you to suckee suckee on it!  You will likee tastee of Wing Lan's cockee in your mouth!"  With the old man grinning widely and bowing toward the American beauty and with her bowing in return, Mei Ling smiled and hid her laughter as she told the bride "Grandfather Wing Lan says that he has never before seen such a beautiful bride as you!  He is so proud to welcome you into the family!"  After relaying a 'thank you' for the compliments to the old geezer, Mei Ling was told to inquire as to when would she be providing him with a great-grandchild.  "Maybe in a few years, grandfather!" was the translation that Mei Ling gave to Wing Lan after the lovely bride responded to the question.   Mei Ling chuckled as the old boy shook his head 'no', then in Chinese he told her to "Tell the bitch that in a few years I might just be dead!  She needs to git herself knocked-up with a little Chinese babee in her tummee before she goes home to America!  We will see if my eighty-seven year old cockee can put the little Chinese babee in her tummee!"  "Grandfather says that you need to speed things up as he may not be alive in a few years!" was the translation that Mei Ling relayed.

With Wo Tong driving the new car, one they could only afford due to the monthly checks from Thomas, Mei Ling sat in the backseat with the newlyweds to continue as translator.  Mei Ling was on the right side with Tim on the left while the beautiful bride sat in the middle.  In Chinese, Mei Ling advise the old boy "Would you turn around and quit trying to look up her dress!  She's going to catch you soon, you stupid old bastard!"  In response, the old man told her in Chinese that "I wonder if her hair is just as red down there like that on her head?  I want to rub my face in those soft sweet red curls between those long sexy white legs of hers!  Then I am going to stick my tongue up into that tastee little snatch of hers and lickee that sweet honey juice for my dessert tonight!  And then I'm going to fuckee fuckee little Chinesee babee into that pretty little belly of hers!  Wing Lan makee great-grandbabee himselfee ............................yes, me fuckee fuckee her .................................fuckee little Chinesee babee in her tummee!"  Mei Ling then relayed to the newlywed "Oh, please excuse Grandfather Wing Lan for staring as he says he as never seen an American lady before and that he thinks you are so very beautiful that he can't take his eyes off you!" 

Learning that the newlyweds wanted to get some pictures developed but had some difficulty in getting the processing done due to the language barrier, Mei Ling advised that there was a film developing company in the town where they resided, Mei Ling advised them that they'd stop to drop off the film or discs so they'd be ready by late afternoon.  In giving Wo Tong instructions as to stopping before going home to drop off the film, Wing Lan told her to go in with the couple, and that she was to instruct them to make an extra copy of any picture with the American beauty in it for his personal pleasure.  After arriving at Grandfather Wing Lan's home, they were given a tour of the home, one that was considered to be quite plush and spacious according to Chinese standards.  With Mei Ling advised that she would have Wo Tong drive her back to pick up the pictures in a couple of hours, Tim naturally gave her a good sum of money to pay for the pictures, unaware that some extras were being developed for his horny grandfather and such pictures of Tim's beautiful wife would help sate his lusty desires.

Grandfather Wing Lan's two favorite pictures that he obtained when the film was developed to wank off to!

With it still being quite cold outside, as instructed by the old boy and his evil son, Mei Ling relayed to the young couple that "Grandmother will make some of the famous bird's nest soup for you two to first warm up a bit!  And as you two must be tired from the long flight over, we've set aside this afternoon for you to rest up so you can relax and rest for a couple of hours!  Grandfather has made reservations for dinner at his favorite place to treat you to the best Chinese food in all of Shanghai!"  In making the translation of what the old boy and his son had told her in Chinese, Mei Ling purposely eliminated the portion of what the bastards were hoping for, that she should tell them that so 'Maybe we shall be luckee to git to watchee the American beautee takee offee her clothes for us!  See prettee bridee takee offee clothes!  Wing Lan want to see her pussee ..........................see her prettee pussee!  Wantee to lickee lickee her sweetee pussee tonight!' 

Sights that Wing Lan and Wo Tong were treated to when Julia went to freshen up!

Told to change into comfortable clothes an then to come down for some delicious soup in about a half hour's time, once the newlywed couple disappeared up into the guest room, Wing Lan went to the kitchen to tell Kwai Soon to have the bird's nest soup ready for their guest in half an hour.  Bowls already taken down from the cupboard, Wo Tong grabbed one of the bowls before he followed his father into the study.  Once they had gotten word of the newlyweds coming to stay with them in Shanghai, Wing Lan and his son had brought in contractors to fix up the place, mainly to install state of the art micro-mini cameras in the guest suite and adjoining bath, all to be transmitted to the monitor in the old boy's study.  Treated to an exquisite sight of the lovely American beauty disrobing on the monitor before them, they hurried on out of the study when the young couple opened the door to come back downstairs for a bowl of the bird's nest soup being prepared for them.  It was Wing Lan bringing out the bowl of the special soup for the American beauty to warm up with, with Kwai Soon bringing a bowl out for the groom.

When Mei Ling asked the couple in English as to how they liked Kwai Soon's version of the famous bird's nest soup, Tim responded that it was "Very good!" while his lovely wife responded "Delicious!  Absolutely delicious!"  Mei Ling then translated their responses into Chinese for others, both Wing Lan and Wo Tong each smiled widely and nodded to the newlyweds, but Kwai Soon remained stoic while give a look of disgust to both her demented husband and son.  What made Kwai Soon so disgusted was the part she had been forced to play in the preparation of the soup for the newlyweds, in particular the bowl of soup that had been served to the beautiful bride from America.  That bowl that had been taken into the study had been returned for it to be filled with bird's nest soup, only it was not quite as empty as when it had been taken from the kitchen.  Knowing very well what her demented husband and son were doing, but afraid to say anything, she had scooped out the hot soup into the bowl and watched as the old bastard gave it a stir to blend it into looking like just the soup itself ..............................the white coloring of the soup remaining near the very same as before ...............................even with foul semen having been added to it!         

Later that night after returning from the restaurant, in the privacy of the study the old boy and his horny son stared at the monitors that captured the various scenes being transmitted from the guest room and the adjoining bath.  "Ahhh .............................lookee, lookee ................................prettee missee takee offee blousee she takee offee bra ..................................showee us bigee titties suckee bigee titties tonightee ..................suckee suckee big red nippies!" Wo Tong exclaimed to his horny father in Chinese as both were stroking their hardons while watching the American beauty disrobe in the bathroom.  Grandfather Wing Lan laughed at seeing how excited his horny son was in wanting to do it to his step-brother's beautiful daughter-in-law from America, then responded in Chinese as to his desire to "Me wantee rapee rapee prettee little American bitchee tonightee ...................................fuckee fuckee her tightee pussee .....................................fuckee little babee in her tummee .........................................fuckee little Chinesee babee in her bellee!  Wing Lan makee his own great-grandbabee!  Fuckee my babee in grandson's Timee's prettee wifee!"

Excitedly staring at the monitor that spied into the bedroom of the newlyweds, Wing Lan and Wo Tong were both licking their lips at the sight of the American beauty slipping out of her high heel shoes and then undoing the zipper of her dress to then step out of that garment.  Now in a pair of matching pale pink undergarments, Wo Tong then pointed out to the monitor's screen, aiming at the bra covering the beauty's left breast before exclaiming in Chinese "Lookee ..........................lookee!  Can see big nipple under bra!  Red like her hair?  Would you likee suckee her tittee .......................or maybe bitee her tittee?  I want to lickee nipple ...........................make it swell by flicking tonguee over nipple ............................make it getee hard and then takee it between my teeth!  Yessee, Wo Tong want to bitee American bitchee's big tittee!"  Then Wo Tang heard the old boy tell him in Chinese "You can go lickee her nipple!  Me want to lickee some place else ........................lickee pussee ................................lickee, lickee sweet pussee ..........................lickee sweet American pussee!"  

Watching the monitor in the other room and having seen the pretty American bride fall into a dead sleep while getting ready for bed and her husband fast asleep at the desk, having dropped the over sized tee-shirt that she normally wore to bed, Grandfather Wing Lan and his vile son smiled and nodded to one another in agreement as it was now time to really give a warm welcome to the American beauty.  "Yesee .................yessee ............................we go now welcome the prettee bride to Shanghai!" Wing Lan advised in Chinese to his only too horny bastard of a son.  Opening the door to the room of the honeymooning couple and peering in, Wo Tong summoned Mei Ling, then quietly instructed her in Chinese to "Go in and get her ready for us!  Remember'll have to git them things back on her when we're finished or dress her for bed!"  Her pink bra and matching panties removed by by Mei Ling, Julia was basically in the very same position as before her undressing, only now her knees were spread wider apart ...........................arranged purposely that way so Grandfather Wing Lan could get to his tasty dessert.  As Tim's grandfather and uncle slowly moved closer to the bed, each of the elders licked at his lips in getting their first glimpse of what a red haired American beauty looked like in all her glory.  Their mouths were watering as they gazed upon her very red nipples and her red fleece between her thighs, with Uncle Wo Tong wanting to kiss her lovely lips while Grandfather wanting to kiss her other pair of pretty lips ......................the pretty ones between her widespread legs!

Moments later both men were kissing his desired succulent lips of the beautiful bride from America, each reaching a calloused hand up to fondle a breast and tease her her budding nipple, and then each bastard was inserting his thick tongue between the lips he was kissing.  A moment later, Wo Tong grasped her right wrist and pulled her arm off the bed, her hand inserted into the cotton pajama pants and her manicured fingers molded around pulsating pecker.  As Grandfather slobbered over his very tasty dessert, Tim's vile uncle was kissing his beautiful wife while continuing to pump his now leaking cock between her warm trim fingers.  On and on both bastards sucked and kissed the beautiful bride's sweet lips, each inserting his long thick tongue to part her pink lips, all while fondling a tittie and its budding nipple.  For Uncle Wo Tong, he now had his left hand bent outside the bed and molding her soft warm fingers around his throbbing hardon while his right hand traveled over her lovely breasts since his father had removed his hand from her left tittie.  Grandfather Wing Lan had removed his hand from his the breast of grandson's beautiful bride, letting his hand caress down her soft smooth left arm till he reached her soft manicured fingers, stopping only upon reaching his goal he could toy with the diamond ring and wedding band on her ring finger ...............................................all while eating out the very sweet and delicious pussy from America!

Some five minutes later, Wo Tong looked over at his lusty father who had just looked up from the flawless white thighs with his mouth and chin glistening with the American bride's slick juices as the horny old bastard announced in Chinese "Ahhh, so sweet ................................even sweeter than my favorite char siu dim sum!"  Wo Tong grinned in seeing Mei Ling zooming in on the camcorder that she was holding, getting in a close up of Wing Lan's wrinkled old face that was just glistening from the sweet juices smeared upon his lips and chin. "How about letting me get a taste now, Father?" Wo Tong asked in eagerness to get himself of the sweet honey being emitted from between her beautiful white legs.  With the old geezer nodding at his evil son's request, both men then got up to exchange places, with Mei Ling focusing between the sleeping beauty's raised knees as Wo Tong inhaled the sweet fragrance before delving down to rub his face in the American bride's soft red curls.  After a bit of slurping being heard from the head buried between the bride's thighs, Mei Ling then turned the camera about to focus on Grandfather Wing Lan giving the bride an intimate kiss.  Mei Ling moved about the bed, capturing the old geezer's right hand caressing the beauty's beautiful breasts and aroused nipples, then she moved further to capture the scene between the bed and where the old boy was kneeling while kissing the bride.  What Mei Ling focused on was the old boy's left hand holding that of the bride's that had been drawn down, with her beautifully manicured fingers wrapped around the bastard's wrinkled old penis, the old boy was getting himself an exciting handjob as his hand guided the stroking of her hand over his leaking pud.

Ending the kiss with his grandson's beautiful bride, Wing Lan then advised for Mei Ling to step back some and get him on film as he slowly stood up alongside with his cock wrapped in the beauty's trim manicured fingers.  Then Wing Lan slowly guided the beauty's right arm back down upon the bed after unwrapping her trim fingers from around his wrinkled old cock.  Left hand on his own cock now, Wing Lan brought up his right hand and used his thumb to press down on the chin of the sleeping beauty to have her part her lips and teeth.  Upon doing so, the old boy shuffled forward a bit, using his left hand to guide his drooping old cock on down between the bride's succulent lips and down into her mouth, then Wing Lan wheezed in pleasure upon feeling the warmth of her mouth on his old pud and at the speculation that it was his cock to be the very first to make it into her unsoiled mouth.  Meanwhile, Wo Tong could be heard slurping at the bride's sweet honeypot, for the beauty's cunny was indeed the best dessert each man had ever tasted in his lifetime.  Wing Lan smiled widely, announcing loudly in Chinese to both Mei Ling and Wo Tong "Praise Confucius!  Wing Lan owes it to my grandson from America in bringing his beautiful bride to see his ancestral home and to meet his grandfather!  It is his pretty American bride that has achieved something Wing Lan has not seen in many a year ....................................I cannot remember how long it has been in getting an erection such as this!  Ohhh, her pretty mouth is like slicing my wee wee into warm melted butter!"

Sawing his now growing cock in and out of the bride's nice warm mouth, Wing Lan sucked in his breath so as not to loose whatever precious yellow seed that was currently being brewed up in his little wrinkled old balls.  For the old boy, being the bastard to introduce the innocent bride to her very first salty taste of cum spraying her tonsils would be quite an honor, but that would have to wait as Wing Lan felt it all the more important to inject the beauty with the most virile and potent semen that he was able to produce as his advanced age as such a production might be his very last one.  Feeling his old balls contract for the first time in many a month, Wing Lan was absolutely determined to have this particular load of semen go to where it would be most productive ...................................far and deep up in the bride's fertile womb!  Indeed, Wing Lan's vile goal was that of knocking up his grandson's beautiful bride while on her honeymoon in Shanghai, for how great honor it would be to father his very own great grandchild ............................along with the exquisite pleasure he would be deriving from such a wicked and illicit mating with the American beauty!

After several minutes of sliding in and out of the drugged beauty's warm succulent mouth, the wrinkled old cock was not so wrinkled anymore as it began to stiffen out to a good six inches in length to become a rather smooth fleshy bone.  Gritting his teeth to keep his pulsating boner from popping off prematurely, for already it was beginning to leak out some precious fluid, Wing Lan then called out to his son, telling him in Chinese "Wo Tong .....................we must switch again right now ........................before I cream in her mouth!"  Immediately both father and son got up from the bed to once again switch positions, with Wo Tong telling his father in Chinese that "I too want to put my wee-wee in her beautiful mouth like you did!"  To that Wing Lan sneered in Chinese to his son that "Don't you dare cum in her mouth, you fuckhead!  I am your elder and I shall be the first to spurt in her pretty mouth!  It is more important tonight that we help knock up the pretty bride while on her honeymoon!"  Meanwhile Mei Ling got herself in position just off to where Wing Lan was kneeling upon the mattress, zooming in on the old man's hand wanking at his stiff boner to keep it in that condition, then zoomed on in as the pulsating cock head moved forward to touching its intended target!

Mei Ling, a very attractive young woman born and raised in Shanghai, had admired the attractive bride from America and was in fact quite jealous of her very white complexion and silky red hair.  Having initially felt inferior to the American beauty upon their first meeting, Mei Ling now felt on equal footing with the American beauty at this point in time, especially in just having witnessed her being so utterly soiled by the filthy old bastard.  She had to wonder as to why her jealousy had raged at this pretty American beauty, was it because she was just so beautiful or was it because of her being married to that very handsome husband of hers, a man the likes of whom Mei Ling had always dreamed of whisking her away from the hell hole that she was forced to live in.  'Would her handsome husband desire her further if he got to witness the prior scene of his grandfather's 87 year cock in her mouth or her about to be raped by the demented old bastard?' she chuckled to herself, even wondering how it compared to that of the bridegroom's, not realizing that the old boy's was actually thicker and even longer than his young grandson's.   

Even Mei Ling grimaced at the thought of the beautiful American bride being impregnated by the filthy old bastard, thinking 'Imagine being impregnated by your own husband's 87 year old grandfather!  Eeeeeyuck, how gross!'  Then she silently cheered to old bastard on 'Do it!  Do it, you dirty old man!  Rape your grandson's beautiful American bride!  Make her belly big with your little kiddee ....................knock the bitch up!'  As she zoomed in on the action, Mei Ling captured the disappearance of the uncircumcised head of the old boy's cock up into the bride's pink slit, then more and more of wrinkled cock vanished up into the raped beauty's sex till the bastard's grey pubic hair meshed with the soft red curls of the American beauty.  Moving about to capture the rape from various angles, it was certainly quite a sight to see as the 87 year old bastard thrust his filthy penis in and out of young bride, the American beauty who was the bride of his own grandson and now getting fucked by the bigger cock between his old wiry legs. 

Wo Tong was now looking up to watch the American beauty being violated, all while his own cock twitched with pleasure in the bride's succulent mouth, then cheered out in Chinese "C'mon old man!  Now's your chance to become a great grandfather!  Fuck her ..........rape her good ...................fuck your great grandchild up in her belly!  C'mon old man, knock the pretty American bitch up!  Fuck your babee in her!  Knock her up good!  Give it to her ......................fuck her good .........................shoot your cum in her ............................see if you can still make babee!"  The salacious grin on the old boy told it all as kept thrusting his wrinkled old penis in and out of the tight confines of the beautiful American bride, and then the old bastard was gloating out in the only bit of broken English he had come to learn for this very special occasion "Cummee ....................cummee soon ............................makee babee ........................makee babee .......................Wing Lan give prettee American beauty little Chinesee babee ............................ahhh ...............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ........................ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Wiry old boy shaking in spasms from head to toe, causing both Wo Tong and Mei Ling to fear that he was having a heart attack at that instant, but it was just Wing Lan in the throes of having the best cum ever .........................that of spurting out his nasty seed up in his grandson's beautiful bride!

Wheezing and then panting for breath, Wing Lan finally got to compose himself as his shriveling old peter twitched out the last few drops of his goodies into the bride's tight little snatch.  "Mei Ling ........................Mei Ling, comee here!  Comee here!  Pichee ...................takee pichee .....................comee takee pichee here!" he panted out in Chinese, pointing to Mei Ling that he wanted her to capture the scene of his old shriveling pecker being pulled out of the beauty's raped slit.  Once Mei Ling was in position behind and off to the right, the old boy then slowly pulled on out while leaning off to the left to provide a clear shot for the video taping of the scene.  "LOOKEE ...........................LOOKEE .....................................LOOKEE!" he announced as a small dribble of his still thick cum oozed on out of the raped slit after he had pulled his cock out.  Reaching out with his middle finger extended, using it to scoop up the thick goo onto his fingertip and holding it up for Mei Ling to get on video, then he went and put his precious spill back into the bride's slit.  Chuckling, Wing Lan then laughed aloud announced in Chinese with a little broken English thrown in that "Must not let any precious cumee go to waste!  Jist might be the cumee that makee babee in her tummee!"  Getting up from the bed and going over to where Wo Tong was kneeling, he motioned for his son to move out of the way, to get his cock out of the beauty's mouth he could replace it with his messy cum laced one!

Cock stiff and hard from being in the warm confines of the bride's succulent mouth, Wo Tong gave his boner a couple of shucks to keep it primed for the big event as he knelt down upon the bed and caressed the soft beautiful white legs of the American bride.  Always having been jealous of his step-brother's intelligence and good fortune in his move to America, Wo Tong smiled widely as he now had the big equalizer in his hand, one that would more than equalize things if it was the one responsible for making his hated step-brother a grandfather.  Touching her pretty feet, finger touching the pedicured toe nails, he then grasped both ankles and lifted her feet to place them upon his chest, then moved her soft pink soles up and down his body.  Bending his head down, Wo Tong took her pretty pedicured toes into his mouth, his tongue licking the undersides of each as he mouthed them.  Finally he slid her pretty pink soles up above his chest to rest place her ankles upon his shoulders, then shucked his cock to bone hard status once again as he rubbed his bloated cock head up and down her slick slit.  Then in Chinese he wheezed "Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, such a nice hot little pussee!  So nicee ......................................tightee .................................ohhhh, so tightee!"

Leaning forward, bending the raped bride in two, Wo Tong fucked his thick eight inch cock as deep as he could till his short black curls mingled with her soft red fleece.  Grinding his hips, going round and round, then he went back to pumping his throbbing fuck stick in and out of the beautiful bride.  Grasping her trim hips in his hands, Wo Tong began to now rape the beauty in earnest, fucking and fucking away at her in determination to shoot his potent hot seed right into her fertile womb.  "Kwon Won or as you prefer your adopted American name of Thomas .......................your lowly step-brother Wo Tong will only be so happy to honor with a grandchild!  I hope to knockee your prettee American daughter-in-law upee with a babee made right here in China!" he gloated, all while slicing his raping cock in and out of the gripping slit.  Looking up at at the old man fucking his shriveled cock in the beauty's mouth, Wo Tong told his father in Chinese that "Wo Tong shall make you a great-grandfather............................if you haven't already knocked up Thomas' beautiful daughter-in-law!"  Going at the succulent American bitch, Wo Tong went to town on her soft beautiful body, getting his fucking up to jack hammer speed, then groaned out "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .......................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......................yesee ..................................fuckeeeeeeeeeee .............................................fuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...............................................babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her tummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  And then his body went into spasms as he ground his cock deep into the raped beauty, all while spewing out his vile seed deep into her fertile womb, and then he groaned out "Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

With Mei Ling now off to the side behind of him, Wo Tong slowly pulled out his now dwindling cock that had now lost its vigor, depleted by the four huge spurts of his baby batter into the American beauty's hot cunt.  Holding her by the ankles up high, ivory white legs up in the air and shaped like a 'V', a gush of cum exited following the withdrawal of his bloated cockhead from her quim.  As it was obvious that he had filled her to the brim with his seed, Wo Tong wasn't worried should some of his seed escaping as it made a fine video shot that he planned on later watching.  Standing up some, lifting the beauty's ass off the ground, Wo Tong then told Mei Ling to get the cushion off of the chair and to slid it in under her butt, chuckling in Chinese that "Don't want any more cum leaking out for now!  Let them little buggers do the job in knocking up this American beauty!"  He then advised Mei Ling to go tell Kwai Soon to prepare them some hot tea and something for them to eat so they could replenish their stamina for a second go round with the lovely American.  As for Mei Ling, she was to prepare two cups of the special herbs for he and his father, a very special and expensive brew that would have a man go quite rigid ......................where it counted the most ..........................putting some lead back in his pencil ..........................making his cock hard and stiff!

With Mei Ling focusing a camcorder on Wing Lan stroking at his stiff pencil that now had some lead back in it, she backed up into the newlywed's bed room with the old boy and his son following her in.  As Wing Lan kneeling at the beauty's trim white legs, running his hands over her soft smooth skin, then reached to grasp both her ankles.  Placing her soft beautiful feet on his belly, loving the feel of her soft pink soles on him, Wing Lan then slid her feet up to his chest and finally up to his face.  Rubbing his wrinkled old face up against her soft soles, he then looked up to the camera as her licked at her pretty toes, telling Wo Tong in Chinese "Oh, so soft and prettee ............................and so cleanee ................................not like Chinesee girls here who walk around barefoot in the countryside and when they work in the rice paddies!"  Placing the back of her trim ankles upon his shoulders, Wing Lan reached on down to put his lead pencil into position, then proceeded to rape his grandson's beautiful American bride as he thrust his cock into her once again.  

An hour later, after Wo Tong got his turn to empty his swollen balls into the American beauty, Mei Ling went to work in cleaning up the incriminating evidence that the vile men had left behind in their wake.  With a pan of warm water and two wash cloths, Mei Ling carefully wiped the glaze off the American bride's inner thighs, cleaning them of the dried and still drying semen.  Wiping her cunny lips of leaking cum, then seeing that there was no cum matting her soft red curls together, Mei Ling then retrieved the beauty's pink panties to redress the raped beauty.  As a precaution, Mei Ling wiped the bride's trim manicured fingers, just in case the old boy or his son had leaked some cum onto them, and so to for the diamond ring and wedding band.  Before dressing the drugged beauty into her nightie shirt, her chin and lips were wiped off also as a precaution. 

Going back into the kitchen where the evil old man and his demented were toasting their accomplishment with some duty-free American scotch given to them by the newlyweds, Mei Ling heard the plans being laid out for the next evening.  Wing Lan told his son in Chinese "Tomorrow night, we shall push the armchair next to the bed!  As this is the Year of the Horse, it is only fitting that I's breed our beautiful American filly like horsee does it!  While me breed her, you my son can lay back on the chair and bed with her sweet warmee mouthee on your cockee!  And when I's done, we changee places so she can suckee on my cummee cockee!"  Hearing that, Mei Ling felt a bit sorry for the American beauty, knowing full well that either the grandson's beautiful bride could very well get herself knocked up by his vile eighty-seven old grandfather or his evil uncle.  Mei Ling cringed at the prospect of the eighty-seven year old bastard fathering his own great-grandchild by raping his grandson's lovely bride.   

Once the men had finished their celebration toast, Mei Ling had them go back into the guest bedroom to help undress the drugged groom and get him tucked into bed next to his raped and inseminated young bride.  Surveying the room to see that it had been tidied up, Mei Ling and the old boys then made their departure, with the the devious Wo Tong knowing that the old boy was done for the night but he certainly wasn't.  For this night, he was planning to slip back in for one final episode of fun with the lovely young bride ................................wanting to feel the beautiful manicured fingers of the bride's left hand wanking on his cock while seeing the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band atop of his swollen cock!  Wo Tong knew that the old boy wouldn't be happy with him if he knew what he was up to but he wanted to feel the pleasure of popping his load to drench her pretty fingers and soft palm with his hot goo .......................planning on bringing a wet wash cloth to clean up his mess before retiring to bed.  It was nearly an hour later, while being certain the bride's fingers and rings were wiped clean, Wo Tong reached out with his hand to touch the soft pink toes of her left foot and planned on webbing her pretty toes the next night.    

On the morning of their departure back to San Francisco, Tim and Julia were startled awake at the sound of firecrackers being set off outside of the home, recalling what Mei Ling had advised the night before of  "For good luck on you having a safe trip back to America, Grandfather has instructed me to start the day by celebrating with lighting off firecrackers for your good fortune!"  And so the reason for being awaken by the sound of fireworks going off was explained, only that Grandfather Wing Lan's plan was simply to have them awaken at the very same instant the staged position of Tim lying on naked his back with his beautiful bride atop of him ............................with her messy crotch in his face!  For the startled Julia, she was startled awake by the firecrackers going off, but even more startled to find herself lying naked atop of her husband ................................with his shriveled cock in her mouth, along with a puddle of sticky goo that he had ejaculated into her mouth.

Each of the newlyweds felt rather ashamed of what they had gone and done the night before, apparently in the throes of heated lust for one another, with each felt it best not to say anything about what they had done.  Tim cringed as his cock slipped out of his wife's mouth, making it apparent that his wife's inexperience had sucked on him really hard, even having bitten and nicked him in the process.  Gritting his teeth and sucking in a breath of air, Tim winced once again in pain, but he dared not complain about it as he had always hoped for his beautiful wife to take his penis into her mouth and didn't want it to end here.  What Tim did not know was that it Mei Ling had given him that blowjob, that she had merely obeyed her masters in sinking her teeth into his then stiff boner, leaving him incapacitated where it matter most for the next several days.  As for Julia, it was her husband's cock that she spat out upon waking, but the cum in her mouth and down in her belly belonged to that of Grandfather Wing Lan and Uncle Wo Tong who both had held her tightly by her silky red hair while fucking her face before ejaculating his hot sticky semen into her mouth.                                        


One morning, a bit over five weeks from when they arrived back home in San Francisco, Julia made her way to the master bath and clutched at her churning stomach.  Nauseous, feeling as if she would soon be throwing up, she raised the toilet seat as she knelt down upon the tiled floor.   As this was the second morning in a row that she had gotten sick during breakfast, Julia shook her head in disbelief, telling herself 'No, it can't be .............................not so soon!  I thought I had planned it right with Tim, without going on the pill ...............................eliminating sex during their stay while in Shanghai, the period that she had deemed to be the most dangerous time of the month while on their honeymoon trip to China.  Julia decided that she had better pick up a home pregnancy test to see if her fear was warranted before breaking the suspected news to Tim, for starting a family this early was not what they had planned on.

Some eight months later, Mei Ling opened up the envelope from America, telling Grandfather Wing Lan that it was from his son Thomas announcing to him that "You are now a great grandfather as you have a great grandson that was borne two weeks ago!  His full name is Ted W.L. Liu, with the child's middle initials standing for Wing Lan after you old bastard!  If your son only knew that it might just have been your wrinkled old cock that put the baby up into his daughter-in-law's tummy!"  Handed a photograph of the young couple and their newborn baby, it was Mei Ling who calculated things out before announcing to Wing Lan and Wo Tong that "This little boy, your great grandson, came into this world exactly nine months to the day that your grandson and his beautiful bride came to Shanghai!  One of you two horny bastards went and knocked up the beautiful American bitch!"  Had a DNA test been conducted with all the men in the Liu family providing a sample, it would have been quite a shock to all that it was the old boy himself who had fathered cute little Teddy, so it was quite appropriate for the little one to have his middle name that of Wing Lan ........................his real father!

End of Story.