Lust for Lovely Ladies
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also
a direct continuation of the earlier stories entitled: Star Player - I, II, III & IV
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Now that he was off to a big time college on a full ride sports scholarship, Lonnie Smith looked back upon his illustrious high school career where he had established state records in all the sports he had participated in.  Lonnie knew that he would certainly miss those days, especially the way in which he used his 'star' status to get what he wanted.  What he wanted most of all was …………………….beautiful and sophisticated …………..white pussy!

All-state honors for three years in a row, Lonnie's 6'6" 225 lbs of solid black muscle had all the college scouts drooling. With his 'star' status on campus, Lonnie could have any teenie bopper at the drop of a hat.  But, for Lonnie, it was the challenge of getting into the pants of a beautiful woman that had his loins stirring ……………..a beautiful woman ………………..beautiful, white and married!  While the coach would be busy evaluating the new players and scouting their abilities, Lonnie would be scouting out the beautiful women in the stands who had come out to watch and cheer their sons on.

Once Lonnie had set his eyes on the beauty he desired to possess, he would then befriend her white boy son and take him under his wing.  That scheme always worked as the young player would only be too happy to have the 'star' help him out and show him some moves.  That would allow him to quickly meet the white boy's family, in particular the player's beautiful mother.  Eventually, that would inevitably lead to an invitation into their home and the access he wanted ………………into the panties of the lovely beauty.  Whether by force or not, Lonnie didn't give a damn as he knew the raped beauty would be too ashamed to report that she had been assaulted and raped.

His thoughts drifted back to his first conquest, that of the beautiful Mrs. Elaine Wagner during the basketball season.  After he had befriended the beauty's freshman son, a rather inept player, he had given the beauty a surprising sight after and outdoor cookout at her home.  With her husband off to attend a club meeting, Lonnie was seated adjacent to the beauty, loungiong at an angle facing her directly.  Wearing a pair of shorts, sporting a hardon with the sexy beauty next to him, he had purposely grasped the edge of his shorts and allowed his pulsating cock to sneak out along a leg opening.

With her son going to the bathroom, leaving them alone at the outdoor table, Lonnie reached over to take the mesmerized woman's hand and placed it on the bared cock that she was staring at.  Preventing her from yanking her hand away, he had her stroke him till he nearly came in her hand.  Had her son not return to the table, he would certainly filled her petite hand with his hot cum.

Mrs. Wagner had then rushed off into the kitchen on the pretense of doing the dishes, but Lonnie knew it was solely to get away from him.  With her son John needing to take his sister in the car and pick up a couple of her friends on their way to a sleepover, Lonnie told them to go ahead as he'd help out with dishes, also using the excuse that the car would be full anyway.

As soon as the car left the driveway, Lonnie went directly into the kitchen and pulled the shaking beauty by the hand, advising "Let's go to your bedroom!"  Reflecting back, he chuckled to himself as he recalled her pleading "No ……….please …………….I ………….I can't ………………..please!"   Though she had made one final attempt to flee at the bedroom doorway, he pulled her into the room, telling her "I'm going to fuck you like you never been fucked before!  Right in hubby's bed!  I'm going to give you a prize too - my black baby juice!"  "No, please ………………..please don't ………….please leave me alone ....………… …………'ll get me pregnant!" she had pleaded.

With the beauty's trim ankles on his shoulders, bent in two, Lonnie recalled seeing her teary eyes as she pleaded "Please ……………stop …………….I ……….. I don't want this …………………….please!"  Her long brown hair whipping back and forth on the pillow, it was the ultimate delight in hearing and seeing the married beauty pleading and begging to be spared as he scooted forward on his knees.  "Please …………….please don't ………..........please don't!" came the desperate plea as Lonnie reared back and slammed forward with all his might.


"Aieeeeeeeeeeee ..…………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh!  It hurts ........................stop ………….nooooo ………… please ............aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed the beautiful Mrs. Wagner, bring sheer music to Lonnie's ears.  "Ahhhh ….....ahhhh …....ahhhh .…….ahhh ……………....argggggghhhhh!" came the beauty's desperate groans as he brutally shoved his oversized cock into the tight gripping sleeve.  Withdrawing until only his thick cockhead was enveloped by the tight by tender walls, Lonnie then slammed forward to bury his massive cock into the hilt.

"Oh, God ………………..….. nooooo ………oh, God ………………I ………I'm
cominggggggggggggg!" Mrs. Wagner had screamed as her body convulsed as if in a seizure.  Seasoned with experience ever since his first hump at the age of twelve, Lonnie gave the married beauty a mind-shattering orgasm as convulsions overtook her delicate body.  Continuing to hammer away into the tight gripping sleeve, feeling her sexy legs wrap around his pumping ass, Lonnie then bent her in two and kept his throbbing cock stuffed in her.
When Mrs. Wagner realized that he was about to unleash his potent cum in her, she had frantically pleaded "No …………….please …………..don't  ………….don't cum in me .........pleaseeeeee ……………..I'm not prepared!  Please ………….you ………… you'll get me pregnant ............arguuhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Having this beautiful married woman pleading with him not to cum in her made it all the sweeter as he then taunted her, telling her how he was going to knock her up and giving her son a 'little black brother'!

Upon the return of his young protégé, after having given the inexperienced beauty her very first blowjob, Lonnie told the unsuspecting teen that his beautiful mother had a queasy stomach and that he had volunteered to do the dishes himself.  In a sense he had not lied, for when he had left the master bedroom, Lonnie had last seen the pretty woman on her knees as she puked her guts out into the toilet.

With basketball season over and baseball season starting up, Lonnie then began scouting out the new prospects ……………..not the players but their pretty mothers!  Setting his sights on a beautiful blonde this time, Lonnie befriended Dave Winters in hopes of putting things into motion so he could later get into the panties of the sexy Mrs. Erin Winters.

An overnight cookout had been planned and Lonnie asked if he could ride along with Dave and his beautiful mom, knowing that Mr. Winters was out of town.  Helping load the van, Lonnie had purposely left behind a large pot of food.  After arriving at their destination and upon the discovery of the missing pot, he had insisted upon accompanying her back to retrieve the food since it readily admitted it was all his fault.  He knew that she did not want him alone in the van with her but that she wouldn't put up too much of a verbal fuss, not in front of all the others.

With his scheme working out perfectly the first time, Lonnie decided not to let a proven technique go to waste.  On the way back, conversing with the nervous woman as he pretended to be looking out at the scenery, his got his lengthening cock to once again peek out of its hiding place.  The effect could readily be seen in the way the van swerved and nearly went off the roadway.

Back at the Winters' home, with the blonde beauty excusing herself to rush off to the bath in the master bedroom, Lonnie gave her a minute's head start before following after her.  As she tried to compose herself before the bathroom sink, Lonnie had stripped off his t-shirt before quietly creeping up from behind. “Get out …………..get out of my bedroom!  Oh God ………..…noooo………...leave me alone!” the lovely blonde beauty had sobbed as he moved up against the surprised woman.

Chuckling to himself as he recalled that eventful day, Lonnie remembered how she had gasped when he reached around to her front of her to untie her knotted blouse.  Then he had boldly moved his hands up under her blouse to cup her bra encased breasts, finding and thumbing her stiffening nipples.  Removing her blouse and tossing it to the floor, he arrogantly advised "You look so sexy in that red bra!  Take it off so I can see your pretty titties!  Show me what you want me to suck on and bite, Mrs. Winters!"  With the lovely woman frozen to the spot in fear and anticipation, he then proceeded to strip off her clothing.


With the beautiful woman mesmerized as if in a stupor, Lonnie lifted and carried her into the bedroom, then unceremoniously dumped the shocked Mrs. Winters down onto her own marital bed.  As reality set in, Mrs. Winters then tried to scramble off the bed and away from him.  Grabbing her by the hips, Lonnie dragged her back to him, aimed his throbbing and bloated cockhead, then lunged into the unprepared beauty!  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeee …………………ahhhh ...............................ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she had screamed as he buried himself deeply into her slick but extremely tight pussy.

Accomplished cocksman that he was, Lonnie had the blonde beauty arching up time and again as orgasm after orgasm rocked her sexy body.  "Ready for my black baby juice, honey?" he smiled, waiting for the words to sink in.  Lonnie was pleased in seeing the sudden fear register on her face.  "Nooooooo ....…………..nooooo …………….take it out!  I …………I'll get pregnant!" she had yelled in fear.  That was exactly what Lonnie wanted as he grabbed her tightly and slammed himself into her once again, taunting "Here it cums bitch!"
Later, after he was revived, Lonnie dragged the sobbing beauty to the center of her bed and got her on all fours.  Leaning over her body, left forearm tightly under her belly, he then placed his cockhead at the entrance to her ass.  Rubbing up against her, indicating where he was aiming at, Lonnie was delighted as the frantic Mrs. Winters realized what was happening and pleaded "No, don't, please no .........I ………I've never had it back there before!"  Covering her mouth with his hand, he muffled her scream of pain "Aieeeeeeeeeeee ..............…………..ohhhhhh ……..……….mmmphffffff!" as he rammed forward without mercy.  The agony displayed as she tried to buck him off only served to spur him more as he reared back and slammed brutally back into her once virgin ass.

Later, once he released his hold upon her, Lonnie watched at the frantic beauty staggered into the bathroom and grab a plastic bottle from the cabinet.  Taking the bottle from her, Mrs. Winters looked up pleadingly and begged him "Please ……..........please ..................I've got to douche .....................before its too late!"   Laughing out loud as she reached out for the bottle, he held her at bay and opened the bottle.  The distraught wife stammered out "No .................what are you doing!  That's the only bottle I have!" as she watched him pour it down the sink.

'Ah, yes ……………baseball was sure a big hit!' Lonnie chuckled to himself.  Then he began to reminisce about spring practice for football once the baseball season was over.  Chuckling, Lonnie recalled how he had managed to get his football coach to help him out.  With the Coach Bates questioning the reason why he wanted the inexperienced young player to back him up, Lonnie had responded "See that redhead under section C with the white blouse and slacks?"

His coach had nodded with a puzzled look and added “God, she’s a real beauty!  I’d give my left nut to nail a beautiful redhead like that!”  Lonnie had responded with a chuckle "Well Coach, that's his mother out there! I want to get into her tight little panties and have those long white legs wrapped around me!"  His disbelieving coach had smiled and chuckled, looking out at the beautiful woman again, then added "Man, she’ll never let you near her without screaming 'rape'!  Okay Lonnie, you got it, provided you let me have her sweet white ass!  Man, I’ve never gotten close to a redhead before!"  The deal had been sealed with a handshake with the beautiful Mrs. Laura Wilson as the prized trophy.

With the freshmen players having a bit longer time out on the practice field, Lonnie managed to get Ron Wilson's keys out of his locker and had a copy of his housekey made at the store across the street.  Later that week, getting the coach to schedule an extra practice session for the freshmen, Lonnie watched the beautiful Mrs. Wilson arrive home as he hid out nearby.  Once the unsuspecting beauty had entered the privacy and supposed safety of her home, Lonnie inserted the duplicate key into the door and let himself in.

In the nearby laundry room, putting a batch of dirty clothes into the washer, Laura Wilson had decided to start a load before going to her bed room to change.  She heard the key turning in the lock, as well as the door opening, but merely it was her son getting home from football practice.  Without looking back, she had called out "Hi Ron, how was practice today?"

His cock twitched with excitement as Lonnie recalled how the stunned beauty had gasped as her body froze with fear when his large hands suddenly encircled her and cupped her lovely breasts.  With perfect timing, he cut off the scream of fear by clamping his hand tightly over her mouth.  Lonnie loved the fight that the beautiful Mrs. Wilson had put up, fighting with all her might as he dragged to her towards the master bedroom.

Reaching the bedroom door, Lonnie had then shredded her pink blouse and lacy pink bra, leaving her white heels scattered in the hallway.  Running his hand slowly over her pink capped breasts, Lonnie loved hearing the beauty sob and cry as he whispered in her ear "I'm going to love fucking my black snake into your tight little pussy!  I’m going to ‘ruin’ you, Mrs. Wilson!  I'm going to give Ron a little black baby brother!"


Lonnie smiled as he recalled her pleading "Please ……………….please ………..nooo .…………don't hurt me …………..please ……………...don'tttttt! Oh, God …..… …………noooooooo ...........please ……………….don't rape me!" But that had only goaded him on, pushing his massive cock into her tight and dry slit, causing her to sob "Oh, please ...…………..don't rape me, please .....…………….please!"  Then she had screamed "Arggggggggggg. ....……….............ohhhh, Goddddddd!" as he slammed into her, tearing her as never before.

Grasping her trim sexy legs that flailed about, Lonnie forced them up and placed her trim ankles upon his broad shoulders.  Then, placing his feet at the bed’s baseboard for leverage, Lonnie withdrew till only this bulblike cockhead remained in the agonized beauty.  With all his might, he slammed forward to bury the foot long monstrosity deep into the womb of the screaming beauty.   “Noooooooo ………….oh, please ……nooooooo ….. …………it hurtssssssssssssss ……… ………………you’re tearing me!” the beautiful Mrs. Wilson sobbed in pain.

For Lonnie, it was an estactic thrill to be fucking into the sobbing wife and mother that he had set his sights upon.  Hearing her anguished sobs and her futile attempts to dismount him, Lonnie gloated as he proceeded to slowly pump his foot long cock into the sobbing beauty.  Feeling the fight ebb out of the once resisting woman, their union becoming slick with the love juices she emitted as she then began to arch up into his thrusts, Lonnie knew he had her right where he wanted her as she screamed out “Oh, god  ……. ooohhhhh, noooooooooo …………..don’t let me ……….. cummmmmm!”
Feeling the sophisticated beauty shudder time and time again from the multiple orgasms racking her sexy body, Lonnie slowed and merely twitched his pulsating cock in her, taunting her "Ohhh, baby …………..wish Mr. Wilson could be here to see ya cumming on a big black cock!  Ohhh, yer pussy's snapping at me ………………ahhhh, yeah ……………gonna cum soon with ya squeezing me like that, Mrs. Wilson!  I's gonna put a little black baby in her tummy!"

“Oh, please, please ……………..pull it out, please ………….don’t cum in me ……………please ………….you …………….you’ll get me pregnant!  Oh, please don’t, please ……………..noooooooo!” she had sobbed and pleaded with him.  At that point, Lonnie grasped her trim ankles to hold her slender legs straight above her head, bending the sobbing beauty in two, then buried the length of his cock deep in her fertile womb. “Oh, Mrs. Wilson, here I cum!  Going to give Ron a little black baby brother!” he yelled as his body convulsed his cock spitted out spurt after spurt of its vicious goo.

Weeks later, paying the apprehensive Mrs. Wilson another visit at her home, Lonnie got her into position between his legs and gave her virgin lips their very first taste of male cock.  Having given his coach the key to the beauty's home, Lonnie held the beauty firmly as his coach slipped into the house and quietly up behind the kneeling woman.  Nodding of their heads was all the communication needed between Lonnie and his coach.

Lonnie had kept up his end of the deal, lifting Mrs. Wilson’s sucking mouth off his cock just as his coach grasped her trim hips and thrust into her cherry white ass, causing her to scream “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………….noooooooooooooooo ………………. God,
nooooooooooo…………..aaaaaargggggggggg!”  When her screams turned to whimpers, Lonnie again fed her his pulsating cock.  With his coach creaming in her ass, Lonnie sought to humiliate the beauty even more by cumming all over her pretty face.

His sharing of the lovely Mrs. Wilson with his horny coach ended up paying him dividends soon after.  With his coach also handling the track team, Lonnie had told him that he needed a break and was going to pass on the track season.  As his coach told him that he fully understood his need for a break, Lonnie was caught by surprise when he was called out of the classroom.  Then the school's secretary gave him instructions to report to the gym immediately and see the coach.

Arriving at the gym, Coach Bates introduced Lonnie to young Bill Adams, his father Mr. Mike Adams, and mother Mrs. Darlene Adams.   When the introductions had been made, the coach had introduced him as ‘Captain’ of the track and field squad.  Thus, Lonnie knew something was up immediately.  Meeting the beautiful Mrs. Darlene Adams, Lonnie knew his coach was deliberately setting things up and this lovely beauty was to be his reward if he stayed on the track squad.

Mrs. Adams was a stunningly beautiful blonde, very prim and proper, the perfect type of woman they'd like to get their grimy hands on.  Lonnie knew exactly what his burly old coach was after and hoping for – that the beautiful woman’s beautiful white ass was cherry!  Lonnie wondered if she'd scream bloody murder when took her cherry ass …….knowing for certain that she indeed would scream her head off.  For Lonnie, the pleasure that he wanted was putting his meat up the beauty tight little pussy and getting the opportunity of knocking her up.

After befriending young Bill Adams, the young teen was careless in retrieving the hidden housekey one day when Lonnie had gone with him to his home.  Taking note of the general location of the key, it would later provide him access into the privacy of the home when the beautiful Mrs. Adams was all alone.

Skipping school one day, he awaited for Bill and Mr. Adams to depart and leave the beautiful woman alone in her home.  Retrieving the hidden housekey, Lonnie entered and quietly made his way up to the master bedroom where he found the unsuspecting beauty still asleep on her bed.  Clamping a hand over the sleeping beauty, Lonnie muffled the expected scream “Mmmmmmmmmmmghh…………!”   As she fought and kicked to free herself, Lonnie taunted her “I’m going to ‘ruin’ you, Mrs. Adams!  I’m going to fuck you with my long black pole!  Want to give Billy boy a little baby brother!”

“Oh, please …….. please, don’t do this to me …… please, I beg you ………….please!  Please, please don’t rape me!  Please!  I’ve never been with anyone but my husband, please!" the blonde beauty had pleaded.  But Lonnie had just laughed at her plight and responded "Oh, baby, you haven’t lived till you had some dark meat!  Got my foot long black pole just for you Mrs. Adams!  All for you and filled with hot black baby juice!  Gonna fuck a black baby in your little tummy, Mrs. Adams!”



Having stripped the frightened woman of her clothing, Lonnie then showed her the manhood that he possessed, bringing about a sobbing plea “Please, I beg you.  Please don’t rape me, please! You’ll kill me with that thing!  Oh, please!  Oh, please ….please don’t rape me …………….you’ll get me pregnant!”  Getting his thick cockhead into her slick folds, the beautiful blonde sobbed  “Oh God!  Please!  Please!  God, it hurts so baddddddddd……………I can’t take anymore!  Please!  Please pull it out!  It’s too big!”

Anxiously, Lonnie then grasped her trim hips with both hands and slammed forward with all his might, causing Mrs. Adams to scream out “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………ohhhhhh …………Goddd …….arrrrrrrrrrrraggggggggggggghhhh!”  Her long sexy white legs flailed about and as she tried desperately to push him away, Lonnie easily overpowered her.  He had buried the entire foot long monstrosity into her with that one mighty thrust, tearing her mercilessly along the way in.  He loved taunting the sobbing beauty with “That’s my 12” black pole deep in your womb, Mrs. Adams!  What would people say if they knew a nigger fucked your pretty pussy, Mrs. Adam?  How does it feel to be ‘ruined’ by a nigger cock?  Gonna make this tiny white belly swell up with a nigger baby, Mrs. Adams!”

Naturally, Coach Bates wanted in on the action.  After all, he was the one responsible for Lonnie to claim the blonde beauty.  This time, it was planned for Coach to walk in just as he was getting it on with Mrs. Adams, then of course he could proceed to claim her sweet white ass.  Lonnie shook his head on how Coach Bates couldn't get enough of the beautiful Mrs. Adams.  For Lonnie, she had been another notch on his gun and he was on the prowl to conquer another beauty.

He thought back to when the new school year began, his senior year, when Lonnie was surprised to learn that young Bill Adams had moved to another state to live with his grandparents.  Then the scuttlebutt around school was that the Adams had separated and that divorce proceedings were underway.  Rumor had it that the reason for the sudden divorce between the seemingly loving couple was Mr. Adams arriving home early from a business trip to find his beautiful wife kneeling up on their bed with Coach Bates's big black boner shoved all the way up her sexy white ass.

Though he was off to a big time school with an excellent football program, there had been many similar offers for even bigger named schools.  But Coach Bates did have some ties to the MSU coach, with both being teammates in college.  After making his decision, Lonnie advised everyone that his high school coach had convinced him MSU was the school for him.  Also, he told people that he had enjoyed the recruiting trip to MSU and was treated exceptionally well there.  After being recruited by both the head coach and the assistance coach in charge of running backs, most of his subsequent contacts were with the assistant coach Nick Foster.

It was following that last recruiting trip to MSU that Lonnie made his decision to attend the school.  With a three-day weekend trip to MSU, the red carpet had been rolled out for him as the coaches were trying their best to lure him to their school.  That first two nights, after being given a tour of the school and facilities, he had a wild time with various players who had been assigned to show him a good time.  But it was the last day and night that would seal the deal for Lonnie.

Having read all the football publications prior to the recent season, Lonnie found that MSU had performed as predicted due the lack of a decent running game.  Several magazines had gone on to indicate that should MSU develop a running game to go with the effective passing game it had, then that might lead to MSU being a contender for the league title.  Having spent time drinking with the players that first two days, Lonnie learned that Nick Foster was a former star running back for MSU and got his current position because of his prior association with the school.

After the MSU's prior head coach had been fired, the university insisted that Nick Foster be kept on by the new head coach since the former star running back was an alumnus.  With Nick Foster being in coaching only two years, he was a bit too young to get the head coaching position.   Thus, Coach Thompson had no choice in who was to be his assistant when taking over the head coach position.  However, the pressure was now on the assistant coach to develop the running game or he might be out looking for a new job.

That last day, Lonnie was picked up at the dorm by the coaches for a sight-seeing tour down the coast.  Then, they would be having a cookout dinner at the assistant coach's home and Lonnie would be spending the night there before being driven back to the airport the next morning.  Lonnie enjoyed the tour and the lunch overlooking the ocean.  Upon returning to the assistant coach's home in the late afternoon, Coach Thompson and he were let out on the driveway while Nick Foster parked the car in the garage.

As Coach Thompson led the way up the path to the nice suburban home, the front door opened for them and Coach Thompson gave a greeting "Hi, Meg!  Meet Lonnie Smith, who we hope to recruit to MSU!"  Lonnie's jaw dropped wide open as he gazed upon the red-haired beauty while his cock got an immediate rise in attention.  Extending his hand out to shake hers, Lonnie's cock stiffened as he touched the soft petite hand of Nick Foster's lovely young wife.

Leaning back in the comfortable leather seat in the plane's first class section, Lonnie reflected back on that particularly enjoyable evening.  'Ah, yes!  That was quite a signing bonus to give my commitment to attend MSU!  Damn, I still can't believe it!' he told himself.  He recalled being out in the backyard as Nick Foster was throwing steaks on the grill while the lovely Meg Foster was busy preparing a salad.  There, Coach Thompson advised him that the lovely Mrs. Foster was a cheerleader for MSU when Nick was playing ball.

Lonnie couldn't believe his ears when Coach Thompson whispered "You know that Coach Bates and I are old friends, don't you, Lonnie?  Well, I was on the phone with my old buddy Coach Bates yesterday and inquired what would get you to commit to MSU!  He tells me you got only one thing on your mind …………..that all your thinking is by that head between your legs!  Look through the window into the kitchen ..……………is that head of yours thinking now?"

Looking over into the kitchen window, then back at Coach Thompson, Lonnie responded "You're shitting me, aren't ya?"  Then the coach responded "Consider it a signing bonus if you give me your commitment now to come to MSU!"  Looking over to the assistant coach standing over by the grill, Lonnie asked Coach Thompson "Ya really think Coach Foster will go along with it?  I don't think his purty little wife will be keen on having me touch her up!"  Coach  Thompson responded "He'll go along with it ………………..or be out of a job!  And she ain't gonna put up a fight …………..not with a 'roofie' slipped into her drink!"


Ready to doze off on the plane, still recalling the memorable evening, Lonnie smiled and shook his head in thinking 'Damn, I still don't fuck'n believe it!  That pathetic white boy knew Coach Thompson spiked her drink but he gave it to her anyway!'  After dinner, once Meg Foster excused herself as she was lightheaded and dizzy, the three men were alone on the back patio.  When Coach Thompson nudged him and said "Lonnie, would you mind checking on Mrs. Foster!  She didn't look well!  Let me talk with Coach Foster here for a bit!"  Lonnie recalled looking over at Coach Foster, seeing how pale he looked with tears in his eyes.  Then Lonnie had gotten up from the table to do as Coach Thompson had asked of him.

End of Story