Lust for the Librarian - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclosure!
This fictional story is intended for the use of adults only!

  The teenager defied authority.  Did not like the teachers at the school nor any adult connected with the school.  He had never had the need to go to the school library nor felt any need to go there.  In his last English class, he was forced to the library along with the other students as the class itself was being held there, with the students required to borrow a book.  This being his sophomore year of high school, he had a glimpse of the old bag running the library in his freshman year and was unaware of the prior librarian’s retirement and replacement.

Just a month into his sophomore year of high school, Josh was only concerned with the important things in life, girls and having a good time.  Having never been in the library before, he had never laid his eyes on this beautiful woman who took over as the librarian for the school.  He was always late getting into class and dashed out of the school when the bell rang.  A sophomore, but Josh was older that his peers which never let on as he had been kept back a couple of years during elementary school. 

Josh dreaded this day of English class.  The entire class had to spend the entire class period in learning how to use the library.  Josh was disgusted at spending the entire hour being bored in a place where everyone was to be quite and learn something he’d never use in life.

When the English teacher introduced the school’s librarian to the class, Josh’s mouth dropped open as he starred at the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on.  He had expected to see the old hag of the prior year but was surprised at the beautiful blonde woman was introduced as the new librarian.  He took in the lovely Mrs. Eileen Hunt and guessed she was about 25 years of age, about 5’3” and weighing about 115-120 lbs.  Her long blonde hair and baby blue eyes had Josh captivated, not to mention her long ivory legs.

  It was but a few minutes in the library that Josh got into trouble and was embarrassed when reprimanded by the beautiful librarian.  Eileen had observed Josh making comments to the friends around him, causing them to break out in a loud laughter and obviously disrupting everyone else.  Thus Eileen decided she had to put a stop to the disruption in the library.  What she didn’t know was the Josh had been commenting to his buddies on how he’d ‘like to have a crack at the librarian’s tight white ass’.

After being embarrassed, Josh was determined to get even and that he would indeed bring her down to his level, to defile her beauty.  She was about 10 years older than he, but her youthful yet mature appearance attracted him.  Seeing the sparkle of her diamond ring had his cock twitching.  He knew she was probably married to some white punk and there was nothing he’d like better than to ‘ruin’ some white punk’s precious little gem.

 Over the next few weeks, Josh often dreamt of the beautiful librarian, seeing her naked and stripped of authority.  He made it a point to go to the library after school each day.  Picking up a book, he feigned reading but his eyes were really glued to the librarian’s every movement.  He learned from other students that she was married and had a young child.  He dreamt of creating another for her.  One to be theirs.  Of course, he knew she would have nothing to do with him.  Thus, there was only one solution, he would have to take her by force, rape the beautiful bitch.

 Staying late at times, Josh watched her every movement.  Watched the procedure at closing time and when everyone had to leave the library.  Exploring the entire library, Josh found a closet that contained mops and brooms, a closet that went unchecked as the lovely librarian told everyone it was time to leave.  Thus, this closet would allow him a place to slip into and go unnoticed.  As for the day, it would have to be a Friday when all the teachers and staff rushed off early to start their weekend.

  The eventful Friday came and everything went according to Josh's plan.  When there was a line to check out books, Josh knew he could make his move without being noticed.  He was hidden away in the broom closet when the lovely librarian began to let everyone know it was closing time.  Peeking out of the closet, he observed everyone filing out of the library and the lovely beauty locking the front door.  The closet door was left open slightly, so he could watch her beautiful body as she went about cleaning up the mess left by students.

Doors locked and windows shut, no one could see in nor hear any noise in the library. From the closet, Josh watched as the beautiful librarian picked up books left on the study tables and cleaned up any mess left.  Then the beauty was approaching the nearby study table that he had been at before slipping into the maintenance closet.  He saw her sigh in disgust when she got to that desk, observing a reference book and candy wrappers that were strewn about.

Eileen had seen the arrogant black student sitting here in the far corner of the library.  She had never seen the student prior to that day he attended that English class in the library.  But now he showed up everyday when classes let out.  She cringed each time she saw him, feeling his stare following her every movement.  Worst, it felt as if his glaring stares were mentally stripping her of her clothing.  Today she felt as if was being stripped naked and shivered, putting on the baby blue sweater over her light blue blouse.

Picking up the candy wrappers, Eileen threw the rubbish in the nearby trash can.  She picked up the large reference book on the study desk.  She gasped when she felt the wetness on the bottom of the book, then used her hands to brush the book in hopes of preventing the liquid from ruining it.  Then she observed a hand written note on the desk, which had been laid under the book.  The soaking wet note read “Here’s a present for you, bitch!”

Eileen picked up the note with her already damp hands to toss it into the rubbish.  As she peeled the wet paper from the desk, Eileen gasped and dropped the book she was holding along with the wet note.  She gulped and shivered in disgust as she observed what lay upon the desk.  “Oh, God, how can anyone do such a filthy thing!” Eileen exclaimed loudly, gazing down at the wrinkled condom as the slimy filth oozed from its opening.

From the closet opening, Josh smiled as the stunned held her right hand near her face, feeling the slimy texture on her fingers and sniff at her lovely hand.  He wanted to laugh aloud as he watched the lovely woman cringe with disgust when the obvious stench told her it was definitely cum soiling her manicured fingers.  He rubbed his bulging cock, wondering just how she’d cringe when his potent cum soiled her where it counted most, right in her fertile womb.

 As Eileen rushed to the small wash basin next to the maintenance closet, she leaned over to turn on the tap and grab the bottle of soap.  So disgusted and preoccupied with washing her hands of the filth, she was unaware of the stalker creeping out from the closet and was now right behind her.

Just as she turned around, Josh grabbed the unsuspecting beauty with his left hand over her mouth and flashing a switchblade in front of her.  Eileen was terrified and paralyzed with fear.  He instructed her to be quiet or she'd be hurt.  Eileen nodded her head in fear.  His left hand left now left her mouth and began to slowly creep down to the perfect breasts that he had wanted so badly to touch.  He squeezed each one through the thin blouse and bra, feeling the beauty shiver from the unwanted touch.

Eileen was hesitant to follow the horrid demands but was too afraid of being sliced with the knife.  Seeing the large black hand holding the knife in front of her, she suspected who had made the  horrid mess on the study table and who held the knife in front of her.  She hesitantly began to obey the demands by peeling off her sweater, then slowly began to unbutton her blouse.  She cringed and shivered in disgust as a black hand slipped into her now open blouse, fingers pushing under her soft lacy bra.  She groaned in shame as a sensitive pink nipple was touched, flicked and then pinched.  First one nipple arose in stiffness then the other arose from the fondling.

Having been brought up in a rather conservative and religious home, Eileen had dated some in high school but never let her date touch her in any intimate way.  She had met her husband Russell in her junior year of college.  Her husband was the first Eileen had ever allowed to intimately touch her breasts.  It was not until their wedding, shortly after they graduated from college, that she had allowed him any further liberties.  Eileen had entered her marriage as a rarity, a pure and untouched virgin.

Her eyes closed in shame as Eileen felt her nipples respond to the undesired stimulation.  She bit her bottom lip, trying desperately to keep her body from responding to the lewd fondling of her body.  She knew this was being forced upon her but yet she was so embarrassed and humiliated that her body was being bared before this black student.

“Please ……….no, pleaseeeeee …………………..please don’t do this to me!  Please, please ……………I beg you!” she whimpered.  She gasped as the knife easily sliced through the thin strip of her bra joining the protective bra cups, revealing her perfect ivory breasts capped by her stiffened pink nipples.  She groaned, her eyes closing, and her head tilted back against her attacker.  “Ohhhhhhhh ……...............….ohhhhhh!” Eileen groaned as both her nipples were being flicked by the thumbs of the threatening student.

“Ohhhhh ….................................………please, don’ttttttttt!” Eileen panted, feeling a roving hand inch its way down to her skirt.  The button to her skirt popped off from a hard jerk.  Then with the zipper pulled down, her grey skirt lay at her black heels.  Her blouse and bra soon dropped to the floor next to her fallen skirt, leaving her only in her lime green panties and black heels.

 Then a black hand began to tease her just above her top of her panties.  Eileen squeezed her legs together in fear, then groaned as the squeezing of her thigh muscles actually squeezed out some love juices into the crotch of her panties.  “Ohhhhhhh ……...............................……ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as the hand moved down over her panties an a finger sought out her stiff clit.  Never had she felt so stimulated sexually, never had she felt this hot and in need of sexual relief with her loving husband.

“Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Oh, pleassssssseeeeeeeee  …..........................…….!” Eileen sobbed as her body shook from the tremors stemming from the rubbing of her sensitive clit.  “Ahhhhhh ……..................……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as her panties were pushed over her trim hips to flutter down onto her fallen skirt.  Completely naked, except for her black heels, Eileen sobbed in embarrassment and fear as a thick black finger dipped in an out of her slick womanhood.

Eileen gasped as she was suddenly lifted in the air, a thick finger buried in her slick twat.  The strong black hands easily lifted her and carried her to the nearby table, the table where she had embarrassed Josh when he had made a disruption.  It was Josh’s intent to embarrass the lovely librarian on the very table that she had embarrassed him in front of the class, telling her "Ya uppity bitch, now ya's gonna git what's coming to ya ........................................right up that bitchy cunt of yers!  Gonna knock ya up bitch .....................................give ya something to make yer hubby happy come nine months from now!" 

Josh had stripped off his shirt prior to exiting the closet.  With no underwear on, he unbuttoned his jeans and let it fall the the floor, kicking it off with his feet.  He peeled off his hood, wanting the lovely beauty to know exactly who was going to 'ruin' her.  Then he turned the lovely librarian around and onto the long table, he smiled seeing her fear when she observed his manhood.  Eileen stared in horror at the big long 12" cock, one that was far longer and thicker than her own husband's, worst of all it was Black.  Eileen pleaded with her attacker "Please let me go, I won't tell anyone.  Don't rape me, please!  I didn't prepare myself for anything like this!  Please, you could get me pregnant!"

 Josh laughed as he stood over the cowering beauty, spreading her long white legs and dragged her till her buttocks were at the edge of the table.  Bending over, he sucked in a tender pink nipple, teasing it to hardness with his flicking tongue.  Eileen's eyes were filled with tears, fearing her young but powerful attacker.  Josh's cock was beginning to leak from his excitement.  Without any preliminaries, Josh lunged forward  "Aieeeeeeeeeeee ....…………………….ahhhhhhhhhh" came the loud scream.  Eileen's tunnel was slick but she was being stretched as never before.

Josh lunged forward twice more, till all 12" were buried in this beautiful woman.  Eileen's legs twitched from the pain.  In and out the cock plunged.  Eileen's beautiful blonde hair whipped from side to side in agony.  Suddenly, Eileen's body stiffened in an unwanted orgasm "Nooooooooo ……............…………ohhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooo ………...........…..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...............................................noooo ................nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" she moaned.

Letting the lovely woman come down from her climax, Josh began to speed up his strokes, building it up to jackhammer speed.  A second orgasm was about to overtake the lovely beauty, when Josh taunted her "Ready Mrs. Hunt? Ready for my nigger cum?  I'm going to make you a baby!"  Eileen recovers somewhat, realizing this was her unsafe period and moans "Nooooooo, pleaseeeee …..............……..pleaseeeeee, nooooooo ………..........…pull it out .......................pull it outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"   Josh pumped forward and jammed his hips forward with all his might, his pulsing cock erupted and began hosing down the orgasming pussy.  Eileen's womb was filled to the brim and began overflowing from the copious amount of baby-making jism.

 Josh pulled out his deflating cock, walked around the desk and wiped the fuck juices off onto Eileen's beautiful blonde hair.  He continued to hold her hair, then began to smack Eileen across her face with his limp drooling prick.  Eileen cringed with disgust, turned and partially fell off the desk, then collapsed to the floor as her aching legs failed to support her.  On her knees, the hands of her rapist now clutching her hair, Eileen shuddered with revulsion as the leaking prong was pushed into her face.

"Suck it!  Suck it, bitch!" Josh ordered.  Eileen clenched her lips tightly and muttered "No, please don't make me do that!  Please, I haven't even done that to my husband!"  Josh was happy with hearing this, knowing he was going to fuck her virgin mouth.  He grinned and told her "Well Mrs. Hunt, you won’t have to find a book to read about how to suck a cock!  I’m only too willing to show you how!”  He yanked on Eileen's golden hair harder and harder till slowly her pink lips opened to allow this his thick black cock to enter.

 Josh began to saw in and out till his cock again was hard as a rock.  Josh’s excitement grew as he sawed in and out of soft pink lips into the hot confines of her lovely mouth.  Josh was about to lose his load and ordered "Look up at me, bitch!  I want to see your beautiful blue eyes when I shoot my cum down your throat!"  Eileen was forced to comply, feeling the mean jerk on her hair.  Eileen's eyes widened when she felt the cock swell and begin to twitch.  Josh groaned and unleashed stream after stream of thick slimy cum down Eileen's gulping throat.  Swallow or choke to death were the only options for the lovely woman, as the thick slimy jism began to slide down her quivering throat.  Cum overflowed her choking mouth and trickled down her chin to drip onto her breasts.  Throughout the ordeal, Eileen pushed at Josh's thighs trying desperately to emit the spasming cock.  The horrid slime caused her to gag as the filthy goo overflowed from her mouth.  Josh held firmly onto her silky blonde hair as he erupted in her choking mouth.

Finally the thick black cock deflated and slipped out of Eileen's mouth, the hands in her hair releasing their grip.  Eileen slid to the floor, her body curled up into the fetal position as she tried to cough up the filthy slime.  Eileen cringed, feeling debased to the ultimate, having sucked a cock for the first time and forced to eat the slimy hot filth from the balls of this evil black student.

 Josh now moved back to Eileen's legs.  Removing her white heels, he licked each thigh down to her sexy white feet.  Then he concentrated on each foot, sucking and cleaning between her tiny toes.  Josh was hard again and inserted his hard cock between Eileen's tender soles.  Holding her feet together, Josh fucked in and out.  He was about to come again.  As the moment arose, Josh held Eileen's feet together and hosed the sexy feet down with slimy white goo.  "Oh God, I'm creaming all over your beautiful feet, Mrs. Hunt! " he groaned.  Grabbing her white high heel shoes, Josh then slipped them onto Eileen's cum soaked feet.  Eileen cringed at the disgusting feel of the shoes being practically glued onto her soiled feet.

 Josh slipped out of the library, leaving Eileen curled up and sobbing on the study table.  Eileen couldn't find the strength to get up, feeling so defiled and humiliated as her slit throbbed in agony and oozed out the evidence of her brutal rape.  Yet it was the overwhelming guilt of the orgasms that had shaken her petite body that caused her even more agony.

 It was an hour later that Eileen finally managed to gather enough strength to get off the table.  She sobbed as she saw the trail of slime that her leaking pussy had left upon the tabletop.  Staggering to the wash basin, Eileen grabbed some paper towels wipe herself down.  Leaning over the wash basin, she felt queasy as the slime in her belly began to make its way back up.  She choked and spat out some of the filth that she had been forced to swallow.  She slipped on her skirt and blouse, then tied the cut ends at the front of her bra that was severed her by her rapist but her matching panties had been pocketed by her vile rapist.  She tried desperately to make herself presentable for she would not be able to beat her husband home.

 Arriving home, Eileen observed her husband’s car parked in the garage.  She checked her rear mirror to make sure she was presentable, brushing her hair to get it back into place and getting out the specks of dried cum.  She hoped her loving husband was busy when she entered so she could rush to the master bath.  She desperately needed to shower away the filth and douche out the potent slime, hoping it was not already too late.

 But Eileen’s hopes were quickly dashed as she entered her home.  Her husband Russell, having had a few beers buddies after work, pulled her into her arms and placed a passionate kiss on her lips.  Eileen quivered and tried to keep her lips tightly closed but her husband’s demand tongue delved between her lips.  She shivered at the thought of her husband’s exploring tongue detecting what the slippery coating and taste in her mouth actually was.

 Eileen cringed as her loving husband ground his pelvis and did some rotating motions.  Her husband’s bulge pushed her emerald skirt up again her sopping quim.  This caused her to react with the squeezing of her thigh muscles together, which only served to squeeze out some of the slimy cum filling her raped pussy.  Once the kiss ended, Eileen quickly turned away from her husband so he would not observe the dark wet spot on her skirt.  She gave the excuse of needing to go to bathroom right away, which was absolutely true but not the reason that her husband thought.

 Rushing to the bathroom, Eileen prayed the douching of her flooded womb would be in time.  She sat and sobbed at the thought of herself as now being ‘soiled goods’.  Raped and ‘ruined’ by a lusting black student.  But how could she let her body react to a young boy like that, clutching his body tightly to her when her orgasms struck.  Looking at her flushed body in the mirror, she was thankful that her husband hand not noticed how flushed she was, feeling so soiled at the moment.  Memories of her wrapping her arms and legs around the muscular black body of the teenage boy made her shudder.

 An hour later, Eileen emerged from the hot shower, her skin pink from all the scrubbing.  Her husband kissed her again, telling her how much he loved her and couldn’t wait till they put their daughter to bed.  She cringed at the thought of her husband wanting to make love to her, dreading the thought of her husband’s penis being soiled in her raped and ‘ruined’ body.  She thought that just perhaps she could feign illness or being too tired when the time came.

 As bedtime came, Eileen didn’t have the heart to disappoint her loving husband.  But she dreaded letting him soil himself in her.  Kissing her husband, Eileen shivered when his roaming hand tweaked at a stiffening nipple.  She groaned and arched up when his hand wandered lower and rubbed her sensitive clit.  When her husband slipped on a safety condom and crawled up between her legs, Eileen was in a panic when she felt him thrust forward into her.

 What frightened Eileen at this point was the fear that the afternoon rape had left her so widely stretched that she barely felt her husband’s penis, for it was normally difficult for him to penetrate her.  Now wanting to discover the change in her, Eileen wrapped her legs tightly around him and arched her body up to him.  Russell was so surprised with his lovely wife’s actions that his cock twitched and spurted into the rubber condom, leaving Eileen to hump back onto his quickly shrinking penis.  Moments later, Russell lay snoring next to his masturbating wife, who desperately rubbed her sensitive clit while remembering her afternoon orgasms.

 For two weeks straight, the love making in the Hunt’s bedroom deteriorated even more.  Russell kept cumming quicker and quicker, unaccustomed to having his lovely wife so aggressive in bed.   Meanwhile, Eileen was getting panicky for she could still barely feel her husband’s penis and felt that she had been ‘ruined’ for life with her pussy stretched forever.  Each night she managed some satisfaction only by masturbating her clit and thinking back to the eventful day in the library.  She silently wept each night feeling so ashamed at reaching a mild orgasm while thinking of the giant black cock plunging in and out of her.

 On Sunday, Eileen made her husband breakfast before he headed out for his golf game.  “Oh Eileen, forgot to tell you that I hired a young boy to come over today to pull out the two small trees and to plant the two potted shrubs in its place.  Seems like a nice strong boy who could use the side money.  He’s supposed to be here about now.  In fact, I think he’s a student at your school.  If he’s late, can you show him the things to be done, honey?”   “Sure, no problem!  Go and enjoy your golf game!  It’ll be fun to play with the baby all day!” Eileen responded, giving Russell a playful kiss on the lips.

 Eileen heard the garage door open and close as Russell backed the car out.  Then she heard the key being inserted into the front door and Russell calling out “Oh, honey, the yard boy just arrived.  Can you come out and show him around.”

 Hearing her husband call out, Eileen put her young daughter down in the crib and walked out to the front door.  As she had planned on staying home, she had merely put on a pair of shorts and a loose blouse.  As she was approaching the front door, wondering which student of her school was hired by her husband, she straightened out her clothing to make it neat.  Turning the corner to meet the student, with her hand out to greet him, her mouth dropped open when she saw who it was.  She didn’t hear what else her husband was saying as a large familiar black hand enclosed over hers.

 Russell rushed back to his car and backed out of the driveway.  A honk of the horn and a wave to his wife brought a wave from both his wife and the new yard boy.  But he had not seen the boy’s other hand, moving about and squeezing the cheeks of his lovely wife’s tight ass.

 As her husband’s car drove off, Eileen heard the cries of her young daughter.  “I …..I …..I have to check on my daughter!” she stammered and rushed off, swinging the front door to close it behind her.  Only, a foot in the doorway prevented it from slamming shut.

 Getting to her crying daughter, Eileen grabbed and shook a rattle to distract and calm her.  The little one started to giggle and look up at her.  Then Eileen froze as she felt large hands on her trim hips.  She began to pant and shake in fear.  The rattle in her hand began to shake as never before, bringing a laugh and giggle from her entertained young infant.  Eileen couldn’t move as she felt her shorts being unbuttoned and then it sliding down her long legs accompanied by her lacy white panties.

The little infant laughed and giggled loudly as her loving mother shook the rattle madly along with the entire crib itself.  The rattle shook in timing with the long black cock slicing in and out of the youngster’s beautiful mother.  Eileen was so ashamed to have her little daughter be witness to her infidelity with a young black student.  Her daughter enjoyed this new entertainment of the mad rattling and crib shaking.  The little girl giggled at the mewling sounds her beautiful mother made above her, giggled at the smiling black face that was making her mother so happy.

 A bit later, the young infant lay contentedly in her crib sucking the milk from her bottle.  In the next room, her loving mother lay on her own bed drinking the thick milk from pouring from Josh’s spurting black cock.  Later, as the youngster lay squirming in her crib, the beautiful mother lay squirming in her bed with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around the young black student.

 That day the Hunt’s bed creaked as never before, headboard continuously thumping against the bedroom wall.  Time after time Eileen’s trim white arms embraced the broad black shoulder while her tiny white feet drummed upon the pumping black ass.  Orgasm after orgasm shook her convulsing body till finally the long black snake in her struck and spit out its vicious venom.

 Russell Hunt was happily enjoying his golf game.  He was trying out his black graphite shaft and was amazed at how sturdy it was.  Meanwhile, back in his bed, his lovely young wife was handling a mighty black shaft and was equally amazed at how sturdy it felt.  On the third hole, Russell’s golf game would have gone down the tubes if he could hear his wife at that very moment “Oh, Josssshhhh …………….. ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss ………………..fuck me Josh ………….fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeee …………..yes, sooooo deeeeepppppppp!  Oh! Oh! ……………oh, yesssssss …………..shoot it in me!  Cum in meeee ……….!  Give me your baby!  Give me your black baby, Josh!  Knock me up, Josh!”

 At 6 p.m., Russell drove up into his garage.  Going to the back yard he was pleased to see the trees pulled out as he wanted and the shrubs planted perfectly.  He smiled as he viewed the rubbish stacked neatly and tied.  He’d have been quite surprised that it had only taken just over an hour for the work to be done.  Even more surprised that the work had only started at 4:30 p.m.

 Entering his home, he was pleasantly surprised as his lovely wife put her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss, delving her creamy wet tongue into his mouth.  “Oh, honey, I’ve missed you!  I’ve thought of you all day.  Feel how wet I am!” Eileen panted, pulling her husband’s hand down to her shorts.  Pulling a leg band up, she groaned as her Russell slipped a finger into her slick cunt.  When Russell removed his finger, he was caught by surprise when Eileen grabbed his hand and put his wet finger up to his lips “Taste me, Russ!”

 Later in their bed, Eileen thought how thrilling it was to make love to her husband on the same sheets that were soiled with a black boy’s dried cum.  As her husband was about to open the foil packet, Eileen put her hand on his and stopped him “Put it in me without the condom!  You can pull out when you’re about to cum!  Feel how hot and slick I am for you!”  If only her husband knew that she had been fucked over and over by the black yard boy, sucked his cum in her mouth, and he was about to stick his bare cock in his wife’s cum drenched cunt.  That his lovely wife never bothered to rinse out her mouth nor douche after her day long episode of non-stop fucking and sucking.

 When her husband was panting and obviously on the verge of cumming, Eileen had him pull out of her.  Russell was thrilled, yet stunned, when his beautiful wife lowered her head to lick then suck his now slick cock.  Never before had he felt the pleasure of his wife’s warm mouth on his cock, for she had always refused saying how filthy it was.  Eileen sucked all the slick juices of her husband’s cock, licking her lips of the mixture of Josh’s tasty cum and her own love juices.  Just as Russell was about to cum, he was deprived of the pleasure of cumming in his wife mouth.  Eileen had quickly taken her mouth away and used her hand to let the cum shoot harmlessly into the air, not wanting to spoil the delicious taste that she already had in her mouth.

 Just before falling asleep, Eileen told her husband “I really liked the job that young boy did today!  You were right in hiring him, as he’s very energetic and could use the extra funds.  I hired him again for next Sunday so he can do some planting!  I want to get my garden planted and help me spread some fertilizer!”  Eileen mentally finished off her thoughts to herself ‘I want him to plant his long black cock deep into my fertile garden and fertilize it with his potent seed!’
End of Story