Lust for the Librarian - II
Black Demon
Standard Disclosure!
This fictional story is intended for the use of adults only!

 Once the school was locked up, seven gang members broke into the well known private school for the fun of it and with the intent on doing some malicious damage. The ragged youths were over eighteen years old, with each and everyone of them held back in grade school and none had gotten a high school diploma as yet.  All had their hair in bushy Afros, all members of a black gang .........................a gang of hoodlums that loved nothing better than to terrorize people!  Each was unkempt to the extreme and smelled of not having bathe for some time.  All of the boys had a dirty leather vest on, the back of which was scrawled “The Black Devils” in bold black letters.  One had a lit joint, taking a deep drag of the weed and passed it around as they sat about in the classroom waiting for darkness to come.

 “I hope Dorky's gets here soon with that supply of weed!” Barf, the tallest gang member bitched.  “Man, I need some decent weed bad!  That stuff Dorky sold me last week was shit!  I feel like wringing his damned neck!”   “Take a pull of this joint, Barf!” said Turd, the heaviest of the gang, weighing in at 275 lbs.  “It'll get you you by for a bit.  Dorky’s stuff was horrible but at least he can get his hands on the stuff.  It's better than nothing!” Turd grumbled.

 The smallest of the group was a boy nicknamed Pukehead stood glancing nervously down the empty hallways of the private school.  He sneered and spat on the floor.  “Damn it, Stork!  What time did Dorky say he’d get here?  Are you sure he can get the stuff?  I need it bad, man!  My insides are churning.  Damn, we gotta pull a job or hit a liquor store so we can get enough bread for some good stuff!”

 ‘The Stork’ was the leader of the group and meanest of the bunch.  At 220 lbs, ‘The Stork’ was pure muscle and no one dared to argue with him for fear of having their heads bashed in.  His nickname was well earned, for every gal he fucked in his early teens seemed a shoo-in to find she was knocked up from the fuck. Now, ‘The Stork’ loved nothing better than fucking a broad, especially if he had to take her by force. “It's five now!” he frowned, drawing out the long knife that was hidden in the back of his trousers.  “Dorky better be here soon or I’ll cut his nuts off!  Let’s relax and give him fifteen more minutes!” he ordered.

 “Okay, Stork!” Stick, 170 lb. and 6’ tall, grinned as he patted his puffed Afro.  “Man, it's bad enough going without sex so long but going without drugs is worst.  We gotta get some bucks fast.  I need a fix soon and then I gotta get hold of some bitch to get my rocks off!”

 “Put the weed out, quick!” ‘The Stork’ ordered, his eyes starring wide out through the crack in the doorway.   The gang members watched as ‘The Stork’s’ jaw dropped wide open as he eyed the beautiful woman locking the door to the school’s library.

 Mrs. Jenny Carson, age 28, 5’4” 118 lbs., was the school’s librarian.  Married now for 3 years, she and her loving husband had thought of starting a family.  She was now closing up the library as the students had all left and the janitor had locked the doors to the school.  Being new to this exclusive private school, Jenny wanted to make a good impression on the school’s administration.  She normally stayed late to clean up the library and get it ready for the next day.  The school and surrounding area was in the upper middle class section of the city and there was not much crime in this part of town.  Thus, she had no concern to get out of the school before the janitor locked up.  Exiting the library and walking down the hall she nervously looked behind her, having thought she had heard a noise.  Seeing nothing, she kept walking, her black high heels making a clicking sound against the concrete floor.

  The entire gang was now peering through the crack in the doorway.  “God, she's a fucking beautiful bitch!” Barf whispered.  “Yeah, we could really have some fun with her!  Man, that’s real classy stuff!” whispered Pukehead.   “Shut up, you guys!  Keep quiet!” ordered ‘The Stork’, as he licked his lower lip.  Stork played with the smooth handle of his knife, as his cock began to twitch in his tight fitting crotch.  Every guy drooled as they saw the trim ivory legs of the beauty wall down the hallway.  “God, I ain’t had no redhead before!  Man, I gotta have those long white legs around me!” Pukehead muttered. “Wonder if her bush is as red as the hair on her head?” chirped Barf.

 Pukehead whispered “The only fucking good thing about these rich private schools is that their bitches are clean and pure as sacrificial virgins!  God, my cock is aching to get into a nice clean white beaver.  Just look at her pretty little ass sway!”  “Shut up!” hissed ‘The Stork’ “The school’s locked up nice and tight.  Let’s wait till she walks by, then we’ll give her a nice surprise!”

 “My black snake knows the tight cave it wants to snuggle in!” Stick, the newest member of the gang snickered.  “Oh man, it wants to snuggle right in between that soft white ass.  That bitch is so damned beautiful!  I hope I don’t lose my load before I get in between her soft white cheeks!”

 “Do that and you’re a fucking loser, Stick!” Nutman laughed softly.  “ Me, I want those hot red lips right wrapped around my long black cock!  I would’ve stayed in school if we had a beautiful bitch like her.  God, I can't stand it!  We gotta get her!”

 Stork glanced away from the crack in the doorway and noticed that Nutman had unzipped the front of his jeans.  Nutman was holding a hell of an erection in his hand and was beginning to stroke it.  Stork wanted to laugh out loud, seeing the effect the beautiful broad had on the gang, knowing the gang would never forgive him if this beautiful bitch got away.

 Jenny knew she had just heard voices and turned in fear, her lips parting in surprise at the sight before her.  Seven black teenagers were at the doorway of the room she had just passed, all the black faces leering at her.  They obviously belonged to a gang and didn’t belong in this school.  She noted the similar attire of each member, that being of jeans and dirty white T-shirts.  So different from the required school attire of shirt and ties for the young men of the school. There were no blacks in this school and the students of this middle school were far younger than these hoodlums.

 “Looks like we just got here in time for us to do some researh in the library!” Jenny heard the leader tell her and his gang.  ‘The Stork’ was standing in front of the gang, standing a good foot taller than her.  “You ……...............….you boys don’t belong in this school!” Jenny nervously spoke, trying to put authority in her voice.   “Please leave this school immediately!” she ordered.  Jenny’s body began to shudder in fear of the obvious danger as the boys moved closer to her, forcing her to step back.

Jenny shivered as the leader smirked and looked over his shoulder to another gang member.  “Awwwwww, shucks!  Me and the boys need to do some research in the library.  Why don’t you be nice and open up the library for us so we can learn some and you can show us how to do research.  Topic we’re interested in is ‘sex education’!  Yeah, we wanna know just how babies are made, wanna know if we can improve our techniques!  Maybe you’d be so kind as to give us a physical demonstration!” laughed ‘The Stork’.

 The gang members all laughed and snickered as they began to move toward her.  Jenny stepped back quickly, almost losing her footing in the high heels she was wearing.  Jenny had never before felt so vulnerable than at this very moment.  From the evil looks on the black faces, she knew of their intent.  Tears welled in her eyes as she thought of her loving husband and what it would do to him if he learned that she was defiled by a gang of blacks.  “Please, please ……I need to get home!” she pleaded.

 The leader’s words made her shiver in horror  “Aw,baby, you can't home just yet.  Not until we finish our research project! We ‘re all here to learn something, ain’t we guys?”  The gang members all nodded their agreement and began walking towards her again, causing Jenny to move back and literally into a corner.  There was now no where to run for her.  “Please ...please  leave me alone .….............………please, I’m married ………..........…..I have a husband …...............….please,  I've got some money in my purse ….................…. you can have it ……................... please don't hurt me!” Jenny sobbed.

 “Aw, you pretty little thing!  Married, huh?  Then you know what to do to make a baby!  You’ve got the perfect body to show us!  And with that bod, we’ll all pay attention!” the leader spoke again, his hand reaching out to the side of her face.  “Now I don’t want to heard any more from you, bitch!  Don’t ya open that fucking mouth of yours again, unless it's to suck a black cock!” Stork ordered.  The rest of the gang all shouted encouragement as their leader pressed himself up against her body, causing Jenny to shudder in revulsion as she felt the throbbing shaft against her stomach.  Stork loved the shuddering and horried look on the beauty’s face as she closed her eyes in shame when he ground his pelvis into hers soft tummy.

 Jenny struggled then, knowing that it was hopeless with the six other brutes ready to pounce upon her.  But she had to try to escape this brutal assualt, knowing they fully intended to rape her with their filthy black cocks, intending to soil her with their filth.  Jenny closed her eyes shivering as she felt the leader’s hands fondling her breasts, squeezing them till it hurt badly.  Jenny cried and tried desperately to push her assailant away from her.  “Let go of me!  Please …..................…..I beg you …........................……..please let me go!” she cried.  Losing her balance as she tried to push the obnoxious leader away, Jenny fell to the floor in the corner of the hallway.

 With a nod of Stick’s head, the gang members edged forward and surrounded the beautiful librarian.  Looking up fearfully, Jenny gulped in fear, she observed a few of the hoodlums already with their flies open, lewdly stroking their thick black cocks.  Jenny shivered in fear, never having seen such lenthy displays of manhood, never before had she ever laid eyes on a black cock before.  She had been brought up in a very conservative home and she had only been intimate with her husband, her sweetheart from high school.

 Jenny scrambled to get to her feet but was brought back down by a hard slap on her face and restraining hands locking onto her ankles and wrists.  “Noooooo ……..........................…noooooooo!” Jenny cried out in desperation, trying to get free.  “Look bitch, if you don't shut up, we'll hurt you real bad.  But if you be real good and help us with our research, you’ll be just fine!  And we’ll give you a present to remember us by!  Yeah, a little bundle of joy that’ll push out of that little tummy of yours in nine months!” he taunted, moving up close to stick his tongue into her ear.   Jenny shivered in disgust, closing her eyes tightly, trying to block out the hoodlum and his awful words.

 Jenny sobbed when she felt the top of her dress being torn open, buttons flying all over the hallway as the front of the dress parted, exposing her lacy white bra covered breasts.  “Damned nice tits!” Barf exclaimed as he fondled a breast.  “Yeah, I bet she got a real tight pussy too!  One that’ll snap at your pecker and eat it alive!” laughed Stick, as he shoved his hand up the hem her dress, pulling her lacy white panties off her trim hips and over her thighs.

 “I got her!” Stork yelled out as he suddenly grasped Jenney around the waist, with one hand covering her mouth.  Then Stork gave the orders “Pukehead, grab her feet and help me carry her.  Stick, get the keys from her purse and open the library door.  I gotta get me a piece of this beautiful white meat.  It's been a long time since I raped a white bitch but I ain’t never fucked a beautiful honky like this before.  I just gotta get a taste of her sweet honey!  Shit, this beautiful bitch has got me so damned horny, my balls ache so bad I’m about to cream in my pants!”

 Jenny tried to scream but it was totally muffled by the hand on her mouth.  Suddenly she felt her legs being lifted off the ground, strong hands around them.  She tried desperately to sink her teeth into the hand over her mouth. She struggled wildly but to no avail as she was carried into the school library.

 Jenny was placed in a standing position, her lacy white panties now lay over her black heels, with the hoodlums surrounding her. Her hand was jerked up suddenly behind her back as she panted for her breath.  Then a hoodlum was leaning over her from behind, licking the back of her ear and taunted her “Hi, honey!  My name’s Nutman!  I’ve got something for ya!”  Then Nutman brought her trembling hand held behind her back to touch his bulging crotch.  “Yeah, baby.  Feel that!  Ever feel a set of nuts that big before, little lady?  That’s the Nutman’s Special!” he laughed.

 “HELP!  HELP....................................................HELP .......................................HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!” Jenny screamed.  Stork had released his hand from the bitch’s mouth, no longer worried that her screams would attract anyone.  Jenny struggled against the hoodlums firm grip, kicked and bit with all her might.  Jenny cringed and wanted to die of shame as she felt rough hands touching and crawling up her legs.  She shuddered as she felt the dirty and grimy hands creep up between her soft white thighs.

 “Ohhhhh, baby!” Pukehead laughed “I bet hubby has to pant like a dog before you let him near that tight little snatch of yours!  Yeah, baby, you got me panting like a dog wanting to sniff at your sweet pussy!”  Pukehead pushed up her white dress, his exploring fingers moving underneath to her unprotected womanhood.

 “Oh, please, stop!  No ….............…..please …................…..nooooooo!” Jenny pleaded. “Don't …......................…..please …..................……….don't!” she sobbed, feeling the dirty fingers stroke through her soft bush.  Jenny could not believe such a nightmare was unfolding before her.  Never had she given the thought of being with a man other than her loving husband.  And now here she was the captive of seven black hoodlums, obviously intent on having their way with her, to rape and fuck her.

 Dropping to his knees, Pukehead began panting like a dog and dipped his head up under the hem of her white dress.  Horrified, Jenny sobbed as the demented beast crawled forward and nuzzled his face into her soft mound.  “Ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddd ...........………..nooooooooooo!” Jenny sobbed.  Ummmmmmmmm .......................ummmmmmmmmm, good ..........................................and no fuck'n bugs!” Pukehead commented from beneath the white dress bringing the gang to laughter.  Then Pukehead’s tongue teased its way into the soft red bush, mashing his lips against the sobbing beauty’s soft muff.  “God, what a sweet cunt.  Aw ................................pure sweet honey eating stuff!” came the rather muffled comments.

 Pukehead drove his long thick tongue between the soft folds of the near hysterical beauty.  His tongue lapped up the sweet nectar being emitted from the beauty’s slick folds.  Pukehead was like a dog gone wild, he was trying to eat his prey alive, slurping and tonguing the sweet nectar.  “Noooooooo............................... please ……...............……oh, God, let me die ……......................let me die!” Jenny whimpered, shocked that anyone could think of doing a filthy act like this.  Jenny was barely aware of being dragged over the sofa in the far corner of the room, the animal’s mouth following her was still glued to her mound, her body shuddering uncontrollably as an unwanted orgasm struck.   Jenny arched up her hips into the slurping mouth, her cunt lips in spasms as her slick nectar began to flow from within.

 "Wanna suck on this, little lady?" Nutman laughed, rubbing the tip of his uncircumcised cock against her soft white belly, pumping the swollen cock into her tiny navel.  Then Nutman knee-walked up, shucking his ever growing black cock till it was right above Jenny’s horrified face.  Jenny’s heart pounded in fear as she struggled to move away from the foul smelling instrument.  Jenny’s body shook in revulsion as she observed traces of dried crud around the head of the penis making her want to gag in revulsion.  Jenny’s heart was beating at a fantastic pace, causing her to pant for breath, horrified that anyone could be so filthy.

 Pukehead laughed aloud as he looked at the beauty’s horrified face, then yelled out “Come on Stork, haul the giant whopper out and show that mighty black baby-maker of yours!  Looks like she ain’t happy with Nutman’s smelly black cock!”  Jenny heard the laughter from the group and then found herself staring at the most immense penis she had ever seen in her life. Jenny could not help but to compare it with her husband’s, which she quickly realized that her husband’s penis was no match for this black monstrosity.  In fact this pulsing black cock before her made her husband’s seem like a little toy.

 “C’mon, little lady!  Just like blowing up a balloon, blow on it and you’re gonna love it when it pops!”  ‘The Stork’ laughed, then ordered his boys to spread the lovely lady out.  Suddenly strips of rope, that each of the gang members carried, were used to tie her wrists and ankles.  Arms and legs pulled wide apart, Jenny was spread-eagled on the large sofa where students could read in relaxation.  Her arms were pulled over her hand and her wrists tied with the ropes fastened to the sturdy legs of the sofa.  Meanwhile, one leg was dragged over the back of the sofa and fastened securely while her other leg fastened to the bottom front of the sofa.   As Jenny tried to scream, her mouth was suddenly covered by the leader’s, making her shudder as the thick invading tongue entered her mouth.

 Pukehead jabbed his finger into Jenny's slick folds, rubbing his finger around, teasing her sensitive clit.  Then he bent over to fasten his mouth on the pink nipple of her left breast, sucking and tonguing the sensitive bud.  Pukehead bit down hard, nipping the sensitive pink nipple with his jaggered teeth into the tender flesh and drew blood.

 Jenny screamed from the sharp pain “Nooooooooo ……...............……..oh, noooooooooo ……...........…..aaaaghhhhhhhhh .............…………it hurstsssssss!”  Jenny screamed and sobbed as Pukehead continued biting at her sensitive nipple, then sucking the blood from her wounds.  She couldn’t believe the agony being inflicted on her by this vicious goon.  She wanted to die than suffer any further disgrace at the hands of these filthy hoodlums.

 Nutman had shuffled back down and was still holding his throbbing black cock.  He nuzzled up between the widespread thighs, lickin at the tender white meat.  Then Nutman leaned forward, aiming his seething cock into the soft mound between the long white legs.  “Nutman’s gonna fuck you good baby!  Gonna make your guts churn when this ole black snake squirms in your little belly!” he taunted. But he needed the permission of his leader to go first “Hey, Stork, lemme go first this time!  Then you can stretch her even more with your black whopper.  C’mon, Stork, I'm gonna pop my load soon!”

  Stork laughed “Hear that, little lady?  Nutman’s got a case of the hots for you!  Let’s hope he doesn’t have a case of the clap for ya!  Time for ya to teach us poor boys how babies are made!  Nothing better than a real life demonstration, huh, little lady?”  Then Stork yelled out “Okay, Nutman, stick your cruddy black snake into the little lady!  Make the little lady squirm on that black snake of yours!”

 All the clothing stripped off, her heels removed, Jenny was totally naked before this gang of deviants.  She groaned and shuddered in disgust as her milk white body was being soiled with Nutman’s filthy body climbing onto her.  The pungent smell of Nutman’s body made her shudder and want to gag. Then Jenny felt the probing jab between her thighs and she could do nothing to prevent this black pervert from ‘ruining’ her with his filthy cock.  She pulled at the bindings desperately but to no avail, laying wide spread and about to be plundered.

 Nutman forced his throbbing black snake of a cock between the tender white thighs.  He was panting in anticipation, this being his chance to go first and break in a new bitch.  And what a beautiful bitch he got the honors of nailing first, the best he’d ever laid his grubby hands on. With hands grasping a firm grip on the sides of the beauty's soft hips, Nutman thrust forward with all his might, throwing his head back at the exquisite feel of the slick folds opening and clasping at his invading cock. He was determined to force his black snake all the way in till he entered her womb.  He was determined to let his snake of a cock spit its potent venom right into her fertile womb.

 “Nooooooo ....…...............….nooooooo, please …….........……please ..................nooooooo …….................…I’m married ….............….I have a husband …...........…..please!” Jenny desperatly pleaded.  Three brutal thrusts and Nutman had succeeded in nailing the lovely beauty with his entire 11”. “Aieeeeeeeee ...……................….ohhhhhh, please …………...........…oh, Godddd ………...............… nooooo!” Jenny screamed hysterically.  The gang was delighted at Nutman’s supurb performance.  Nothing better than the thrilling sound of a beautiful white bitch screaming hysterically as she introduced to the joys of a long black cock.

 Nutman laughed, rotating his hips in violent circular motions, causing Jenny to sob in despair.  Never had Jenny been fucked in such a manner, so crude and so violently.  Then Nutman withdrew and plunged down deep and hard, again and again.  Placing his palms under Jenny’s soft white asscheeks, he thrust deeper into her slick channel.  Nutman groaned as he felt the lovely lady respond with the clasping of her cunt muscles, squeezing hard on his invading cudgel. “Oh, yeah …… …….................……ahhhh, baby ……................…..milk me …..............….milk the cum outa me!  Ah, baby, we’re gonna help you and hubby make a bundle of joy!”

 “Yeah, little lady ……...............……ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh ……...........……here it cumsssssss …...........…...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, baby, baby ………........................…….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Nutman groaned loudly, his black body convulsing in spasms as he unleashed his hot potent jism.  Jenny lay under him, head turned away as she sobbed in her shame.  Shame of being raped and ‘ruined’ by a filthy nigger, but more so due to the fact of her  body convulsing in an orgasm just as the long black cock within her spurted out its hot vicious load.

 “Way to go Nutman!” the gang cheered as they watched the quivering black ass convulse as it emptied its hot goo.  As Nutman’s body finally ceased its quivering, it was obvious that he had shot his entire wad.  Black hands reached out roughly to pull the limp black body off the sobbing beauty.  Nutman groaned as his sensitive cock slipped out of the slick folds and then he fell off the sofa and onto the floor.  The gang all laughed at their exhausted buddy, then cheered as Turd hopped onto the sofa, cock in hand as he leaned forward to spear into the groaning beauty.

 Groaning in shame, Jenny sobbed as she panted for breath, her mouth open as she pleaded for the humiliation to stop.  Then her open mouth was suddenly covered by ‘The Stork’s’, causing her to choke and gag as the thick invading tongue continued its exploration. Her cries of shame was now muffled, her body shook in revulsion as Turd’s shorter but thick cock began to hump in and out of her ravaged cunt.  ‘Oh, God, I’ll never be clean again!’ she thought.

 Trying to breathe and catch her breath, Jenny’s body recoiled at the awful smell of the gang leader.  The stench was overwhelming as ‘The Stork’ had not showered in over a week.  Jenny fought the attempt to kiss her.  She felt ‘The Stork’s’ teeth biting into her tender pink lips and could not escape the probing tongue.  Her lips began to bleed some from her now swollen lips.

 “Go on, Turd!  Give it to her real hard!  Grease her up more for me!  The bitch will need all that lube in her cunt when she gets my black whooper!” Stork laughed.  He watched the expression of horror on Jenny's face as she lay on the sofa, body jerking up and down in timing with the Turd’s lunges into her raped slit.  He looked about and saw Barf handling his black tool, then yelled “C’mon, Barf, get your ass over her and give the little lady a treat of your tasty wang!”  Dropping his pants, Barf hustled over and got up to stand on a small stool.  Barf shuck at his pulsing black cock and placed it on the trembling soft pink lips.  “Turn your head to me bitch. Do it or you’ll lose a lot of your beautiful red hair!” Barf ordered with a vicious yank to the long red hair

 With the vicious yank of her hair, Jenny was forced to admit the foul smelling cock into her mouth.  Jenny closed her eyes and gagged as the taste was something awful, her body shuddered from the horrid taste of the unwashed cock.  Barf laughed at the lovely librarian’s look of utter disgust “What’s the matter honey, don’t ya like my tasty treat for ya?”  All the gang members laughed and Turd commented “Shit, Barf, don’t you ever wash your cock?  Every dame that gets a whiff and taste of your whang wants to barf her guts out!”  To that Barf replied “Man, nothing better than getting some honky white punk’s prize to blow my tasty black cock!  Wait’ll she gets a taste of my hot lumpy load of jism, that’ll get her barfing for sure.”

 With a cock pumping into her belly and another plowing in her face, Jenny was in a dazed stupor.  Jenny could tell that the cock in her raped slit was pulsating madly and nearing its point of eruption.   She moaned at the thought of more black baby sperm would soon be flowing into her fertile womb.  But she was totally unprepared for what happened next.

 Suddenly both cocks in her exploded at the very same moment, sending Jenny over the edge as her body convulsed madly in a mind shattering orgasm.  Trying to breathe, Jenny was forced to swallow the mouth full of lumy goo.  The acrid taste was so awful that she began to gag and spewed up the goodies that had slithered into her innocent belly.  Jenny could only compare the acrid taste that filled her mouth with the taste of spoiled milk.  Barf laughed at the beauty’s distress “Told you guys my cum would make this beautiful bitch barf!  Can’t hold down my liquid protein, can ya bitch?”

 Both Barf and Turd had just cum and wanted to let their cocks dwell in the beauty’s mouth and cunt respectively.  However, the fellow gang members were hot and bothered too, wanting their turn at the innocent white bitch.  Barf and Turd groaned weakly as they too were roughly pushed away, their dicks slipping out with a pop as they fell to the wayside.

 “Okay, guys, now for the main event!  Looks like the little librarian is ready to take on the big whopper!” Stork declared, shucking his 12” dong to rigid hardness.  He crawled up onto the sofa and looked into Jenny’s green eyes, eyes terrified for she had seen the monster cock that ‘The Stork’ possessed.  “Gonna ‘ruin’ ya good, precious!  You’ll never be able to feel hubby’s little cock once ya get stretched by the big ‘Black Whopper’!” he taunted.  Then Stork leaned up onto his knees and shuffled forward to place his oozing whopper against Jenny’s slick entrance.  “Okay, guys, let’s all have the little lady show us a good time together!”

 It was obviously not the first time for this sort of event as all gang members quickly moved about to get into their desired position.  The lunge of Stork’s thick cockhead into Jenny’s tight entrance brought a scream of pain from her, then all the gang members got into the action. Jenny closed her eyes tightly as she was suddenly mounted above her shoulders and a cock thrust into her open mouth.  Her hands that had been clenching and unclenching in her agony, now each fist was clenched around a throbbing black cock.  Her beautiful feet now had its tiny toes curled due the sensations created by black cocks sawing into her soft soles.  Above her crawled another hoodlum who was wrapping her long red hair around his leaking cock.

 Eyes pouring out tears in her defilement, Jenny wished she was dead than to be brutally raped in such a fashion.  ‘How can I ever face my husband again!  He’ll never want to touch me again!  Oh, my God, what if I get pregnant by one of them?  How can I give birth to a black baby?’ she thought dreadfully.

 The agonyzing rape seemed to never end.  Jenny was now delirious from the brutal shagging that ‘The Stork’ was laying into her.   Far away in a distance, Jenny heard the leader of the pack yell out to his gang “Okay, let’s show the lovely librarian what a cum bath is all about!”  A moment later, it seemed that everything had exploded at once.  Jenny’s body convulsed in another wild orgasm when ‘The Stork’s’ whopper popped in her already flooded womb.  Unconsciously her sucking mouth was sucking all the hot cum that poured into her mouth.  Her hands and feet were suddenly drenched in spewing hot slime, bringing off two cocks with her hands while two other cocks had been masturbated to climax on her soft soles.  Her slim white fingers and toes were now webbed together by the sticky goo.  She could feel a rivers of hot jism  flowing from the top of her forehead, flowing onto the top of her head and drenching her hair.

 Jenny turned onto her side and wept when the bonds were released.  She sobbed, thighs and mouth hurting so bad from the brutal stretching.  Though she wished she was dead, she was now thankful that the dreadful ordeal was over.  She groaned loudly as she felt between her thighs to survey the damage, groaning as her delicate fingers felt the copious amount of sloppy goo that covered her, the filth that filled her raped slit to the brim.  Her jaws ached badly, having had to remain wide open as the vicious hoodlums fucked her face.  She could hardly swallow anymore, throat raw and irritated from the long delving cocks.

 But Jenny would soon find that her horrid ordeal was far from over.  Barely aware of the hands upon her again, Jenny was puzzled as to what was happening.  Then she found herself on all fours on the cum slick leather sofa.  She groaned and sighed as she realized that they now intended to rape her like the way animals did it.  She tried to blank out her mind, telling herself what did one more time matter, that they couldn’t degrade her any further.

 A moment later, Jenny’s rude awakening began when she heard the leader’s now familiar voice “Okay, Stick, your turn!  Show the little lady the meaning of your name!”  Then she heard the gang’s laughter and a loud applause as the hoodlum named ‘Stick’ got up on the sofa with her.  Her eyes tightly closed, Jenny felt the large rough hands on her trim hips.  She had now resigned to the fact that she would have to allow this evil boy to stick his penis into her.  Then she felt his his thick cockhead touching her, touching her in a manner she could not contemplate.  ‘Oh, my God!  He’s planning to put it in my ass!’ she realized.

 “Oh, baby, sweet baby!  God, her ass is soft like a baby’s!  Just what I like, soft white buns!  Wonder if the little lady’s got a cherry white ass, huh guys?”  Stick muttered, nosing his cockhead into the tight crevice.  “Ahhhhhh, baby, ready?  Ready for this ‘Stick’ up your beautiful white ass?” he taunted, getting ready to jam forward with his thick round stick .

 “Noooooo ……......................………noooooooooooooooo …….............………..not there ……….................…..I’ve never done such a filthy thing!” Jenny screamed for mercy.  Trying to scramble away, both she and her rider fell off the sofa and landed on the carpeted floor where the evil teen slammed himself into her again.  Stork laughed “Looks like you’ve got yourself a cherry white ass, Stick!  Okay, Stick, ride’m cowboy!”  Stick reared back and slammed forward with all his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……..............…………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……......................…….nooooooooooooo!” came Jenny’s loud scream of pain.

 “Ride’m cowboy!” the gang cheered as they watched the lovely white body buck about in its attempt to throw her rider.  It was just like a rodeo as this wild filly would do anything to get the rider off her.  But Stick was an experienced rider of wild fillies and clamped his knees about the trim white hips and thrust forward to teach the filly just who was boss.  Finally Stick felt the little filly tame down a bit, the lovely white bitch now remained still and merely sobbed in shame.

 Sobbing, Jenny felt hands in her hair, lifting her face.  She opened her eyes to see a skinny hoodlum starring into her eyes.  She swore he looked more like a rat that a human being.  How right she was for this nickname in the gang was in fact ‘Rat’.   She saw him stand and shuck his thin penis at her face.  Jenny knew what was in store for her.  Defeatedly, Jenny closed her eyes and parted her pink lips to admit the foul smelling penis.

 Finally, Stick and Rat were done with their devious deeds.  Then the gang flipped Jenny over again as Pukehead wanted to eat out her messy snatch while she ate him in the classic ‘69’ position.  Thereafter, Jenny was limp as a ragdoll, her spirit broken completely. She thought she was now too numb to care, that she could not feel any more shame, no matter what they did to her.   But Jenny was not prepared for the betrayal of her own body, climaxing each time a cock fucked her and began to spew out its vicious load deep in her womb.  She couldn’t answer why her arms and legs now wrapped themselves around each rapist, why she hunched back at their brutal thrusts, wanting to draw each cock deeper into her womb.

 The gang brutally raped Jenny’s ass until it too was overflowing cum, mixing with the cum still dripping from her widely fucked cunt.  Going through her purse, the gang pocketed the money in her wallet.  After looking at her driver’s license, ‘The Stork’ walked and smiled at the raped beauty.  “Guess we’re now finished with our library research on sex education!  Thanks, it was a hell of an experience!  You sure taught us good on baby-making, especially being so nice as to give us a demonstration!  Take care of our little baby, Mrs. Carson!” Jenny heard the leader say with a snicker and then gave the order to his troops “Let's go guys!  Leave the bitch here, she ain’t gonna run to the cops!  She’ll be to ashamed to tell anyone that she got pumped full of cum by a gang on niggers!” Then she heard footsteps fading away, leaving her in her shame. And then for the next hour, everything went black.

 Dazed, Jenny slowly came back to consciousness.  ‘Oh, God!  What a nightmare I had!’ she thought as she tried to focus in the pitch darkness.  She had been sleeping face down, something she did not normally do.  Putting her palm down onto the leather cushion, Jenny tried to push up to gather her whereabouts.  However, her hand slipped forward in a puddle of slippery muck, causing her to fall face first into another puddle of the slimy goo.  “Oh, God!  It really happened!” Jenny moaned loudly as she then smelled the overpowering scent of raw sex.

 Staggering to get up, Jenny got her keys and managed to make it into teachers’ lounge.  A set of showers were available for the teachers should the need arise from their PE courses or extra-cirricular activities.  This for Jenny would qualify as an extra-cirricular activity.  Under the hot shower she tried to scrub away the evidence of her vicious rape.  Reaching between her thighs, she tried to scoop out the copious amount of cum that filled her cunt to the brim.  She watched as globs of the thick goo slid into the shower drain.  Gathering a couple of towels, she soaked them to be used in wiping down the leather cushions, to remove the many wet splotches of slimy goo and any other evidence of her defilement.

 Fortunately her loving husband was out on the town with his fellow employees.  Jenny managed to stumble into the safety of her home, her clothing torn and covered with cum stains, her body covered in welts.  Her lacy bra and panties were no where to be found, obviously taken by the gang as their souvenirs. Preparing a potent douche, she hosed out her flooded cunt, praying it was not too late.  Again she got under a hot shower, trying desperately to cleanse her body.

 Jenny took a deep breath, sighing at her good fortune that her husband would not be back till late and not observe her condition.  She would feign sleeping upon his return and stay in bed late as it would be a Saturday morning.  Time enough to let her body recover from its ordeal, especially with her husband going to the tennis club in the early morning and not returning to late afternoon.

 A month later, Jenny was still shaken from the rape ordeal.  She felt that she was soiling her husband if she let him make love to her and thus she had put him off each time.  She knew her loving husband was no doubt sexually frustrated at this point and forced herself to appease him.  She did not lie when she told him that he needed to put on a condom this time as this was about the most fertile time of the month.  Although her husband did not like the use of a rubber condom, he complied.

As her husband entered her and began his gentle lovemaking, Jenny was sexually hot, having constant dreams of the orgasms she had reached during the bruatal rape.  She wanted her loving husband to mount her hard and take her like a caveman.  Desperately Jenny wrapped her long trim legs around him and yelled for him to “Fuck me harder!”  This was the first time her husband ever experienced his loving wife being so aggressive and the first time she said the word ‘Fuck’.  Even with the condom on, the new aggressive action caused her husband to convulse and spurt his thick seed into the protective sheath.  A moment later, Jenny lay on the bed astounded that her husband had cum so quickly and left her high and dry as he slipped out of her and began to snore.

Getting up from the bed, Jenny went downstairs.  She had to put out the heat and itch emanating from between her thighs.  Going to the refrigerator, she got out the cumcumber she had just purchased.  Locking herself in the downstairs bathroom, Jenny moaned as the thick cucumber entered her.  Closing her eyes, she groaned as she pushed the pleasure giving instument deeper, all the while picturing the black rapist who had been the first to introduce her to black cock.  She recalled the massive orgasm she had reached when his cock unleashed its hot load deep within her.  Humping the long thick cumcumber finally helped ease the tension as her cuntlips squeezed and clutched at it in a mild orgasm, moaning softly “Oh, fuck me ….....................….fuck me …….............……….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Nutman ……………fuck me!”

The next day, Jenny saw her husband off for his normal Saturday of tennis with his gang.  Jenny had gotten dressed up for a breakfast meeting with the Women’s League, a group of community women that met once a month.  She was well respected among the community and the women had recently elected her to head the league in the upcoming year.

On her way home, Jenny drove her Lexus through the seedy side of town, the part of town she would normally avoid, especially when alone.  She didn’t know what made her drive there but she bit her bottom lip as she passed all the ‘girlie’ shops and porno houses.  Panting in apprehension, she took a deep breath to calm herself, telling herself to go home ‘now’.  As she was about to speed up and head home, she gasped at the sight of the hitchhiker up ahead.

Jenny’s eyes widened, her lips parted sightly for it was ‘Nutman’ trying to hitch a ride.  Immediately her mind thought that she should use the cellphone to call the police and have him arrested for her vicious rape.  Unconsciously she bit her bottom lip and pulled over to the curb, right alongside Nutman, who leaned over and flashed a broad smile showing his big crooked teeth.  Jenny closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the door opened and her passenger seat became occupied.  At the closing of the passenger door, she opened her eyes to blick back the tears as she stepped on the gas pedal.

Nutman had immediately recognized her, as he was not about to forget the most beautiful woman whom he had the honor of introducing black cock to.  His mind flashed back to that memorable night in the library of the private school.  He remembered how this lovely young wife had screamed when he shoved his long thick cock into her.  And now she had stopped on the street to give him a ride.  Nutman knew it was not a ride in the car that she really wanted to give him, but a very different kind of ride.  He had often dreamnt of her since that night, remembering that Stork had called her ‘Mrs. Carson’ before the gang departed.

Panting for breath, the drive home was a blur, the black teenager taunting her with what he was going to do to her, calling her ‘Mrs. Carson’as he intimately touched her body.  She couldn’t concentrate on her driving, not with the large black paw stroking her soft white thigh, large fingers moving up to stoke the vee of her now soaking panties.  Jenny felt so wicked at the moment, a black teenager pawing her body and to add more spice called her Mrs. Carson as he felt her up.  Just as the garage door opened and Jenny drove in, she nearly crashed into the wall as a thick finger inserted itself into her panty leg and began to rub her sensitive clit.  Her heel pressing down onto the brake pedal, Jenny groaned loudly “Ohhhh, Godddddddd ……….............…..oh, Godddddddddddddd!” her petite body shuddering and arching up in a massive orgasm.

The garage door closed as Nutman helped the lovely wife out of the car and into the large suburban home.  Her mind coming down from the heights of the orgasm, reality set in and it was obvious on Jenny’s now horried face.  ‘Oh, God!  What have I done?  Why did I pick him up?  Why did I bring him to my home?’ she thought desperately as she was being led to the master bedroom.

Jenny couldn’t think clearly, hardly able to breathe. “Do you want me to leave Mrs. Carson?  Why did you stop and pick me up, Mrs. Carson?  Why didn’t you call the police and have me arrested when you first saw me?  Does your husband know you bring strange men into your home and bedroom?”  There was no response from Jenny. “If you want me to leave, just say so and I’ll go.  Or would you like a little more of some hard fucking from my big black cock? Do you want me to leave Mrs. Carson, tell me what you want!” Nutman commanded.

 Tears welled in her eyes as Jenny couldn’t speak  But to communicate her desires, her hands slowly reached up under her dress.  She sobbed and closed her eyes in shame.  Nutman smiled as the silky lavendar flag softly dropped at the young wife’s white heels.  A sign of her surrender, a sign of her desperate need for another orgasm that he had fetched from her in the school’s library.  Her eyes opened widely as she heard a zipper opening.  She gasped as she viewed the long black snake, the same black cock that she had dreamt of while masturbating herself.

Now to bring the ultimate humiliation from this beautiful prim and proper white wife, Nutman looked at the beautiful young wife starring at his throbbing black cock.  “Do you want this again Mrs. Carson?” he taunted.  He smiled as the beautiful woman blinked back tears and watched her hand reach out to caress the drooling black cockhead.  “Go and pull down the sheets, Mrs. Carson.  I want to fuck the hell out of you, right there on hubby’s bed.  I’m going to knock you up with a black black baby, Mrs. Carson!  Gonna breed ya right where hubby makes love to you!  You want that, don’t ya?”  he smiled watching as the hesitant wife stepped to the bed and began to pull down the spread and sheets.

 Nutman eased the dress from Jenny’s shoulders as she meekly stood and allowed the dress to fall at her feet.  He then order Jenny to take off her bra.  Next, she was to undress him, making her shuck his long black cock.  To humiliate this innocent young wife, he moved behind her to encircle his arms enclosed around her.  He cupped her perfect white breasts and tweaked her hardening pink nipples, nuzzling her ear as he whispered the degrading things he was going to do to her “Is that the bed you share with your loving husband, Mrs. Carson?  The same bed that you’re gonna spread your long white legs for a nigga to fuck ya, aren’t ya?  Ya gonna spread your lovely white legs open for this nigga and let me breed ya?”  Jenny could only nod her head, too ashamed to answer him verbally.  Ordering her to crawl onto the bed, Jenny obeyed without hesitation, wanting her forbidden dreams and cravings to come true.  Gazing upon the beautiful sight of the lovely white wife, clad only in her white heels, he held her by the hips as he stood alongside the bed.  He smiled as he was going to breed the beautiful bitch right on the very bed that she shared with her white punk husband.

 With Jenny moaning in sexual need on the bed, Nutman rubbed his oozing cockhead up and down the juicy slit.  Jenny groaned and begged “Please, oh please, please be gentle!  Oh, please, don’t rape me again!”  But Nutman knew better, knew that it was the earlier rape that excited her and slammed forward, burying half of his 12” cock in the screaming young wife.  “Oh...........................aieeeeeeeee ….....................……arggggggh...............................oh, Goddddddd!  Stop …...............…stopppp ………............…..oh, God .......................ohhhhhhhhh, yessssssss ………..............fuck me …..........…..fuck me hard …..........…..oh, rape me again.............................harder ……....................…harder …...........………deeperrrrrr!” Jenny screamed as her cunt muscles squeezed hard upon the invading shaft, emitting a slick lubricant to assist the fuck.

 Just as Jenny was about to reach an orgasm, Nutman stopped in midstroke.  The innocent young wife looked up at him and pled with him “Please …………..please ………...................don’t stop, I need to cum!”  “Tell me you want cum, Mrs. Carson.  Tell me you want my black baby, Mrs. Carson!” he demanded.  Jenny desperately began to buck back and forth but she was held tight, unable to get more of the pleasure giving shaft in her.  Then she pleaded “Oh God, fuck me please.  Fuck me please!  Oh, damn you, damn you, damn you!  Oh, God, y-e-s!  Y-e-s, give me your big black cock, give me your sperm!  Fuck your black baby in me! Knock me up with your bastard baby!  Knock me up on my husband’s bed!”

 That day the Carson’s bed creaked and strained, threatening to collapse from the constant humping motion.  Never had it ever been put to such strenuous use.  Jenny had to bite down hard, into her husband’s pillow, to keep from screaming as the thick black cock rammed up her white ass.  Jenny had willingly sucked the black rod back to life on three occasions.  She couldn’t remember how many times that long black cock had emptied itself deep in her womb.  She had discovered that her goading Nutman to ‘knocking her up on her husband’s bed’ sent him into a mad frenzy, with his strokes becoming longer and more violent.  Thus, each time she had begged him to ‘knock me up with your black baby’ ‘knock me up on my husband’s bed’ just before his hot load exploded deep in her womb.

 At 3 p.m., the activity finally ceased.  On the overworked bed, the contrasting bodies on the rumpled bed were a sight to behold.  Nutman’s coal black body was wrapped at the neck by the lily white arms of the once innocent wife.  Her beautiful white feet, long since devoid of her heels, were locked tightly around the quivering black ass in her attempt to squeeze out every drop of the potent baby making juice.

 It was another hour before Nutman slowly withdrew his black baby maker from Jenny’s widely stretched and overflowing pussy.  Jenny was totally exhausted but was thrilled from the numerous climaxes she had reached.  Withdrawing his sensitive but shrinking cock, Nutman reluctantly withdrew from the slick confines of the lovely beauty.  Then he groaned loudly as the once innocent wife enveloped his plum sized cockhead with her sweet lips.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and feeling, this lovely bitch was intent on eating him alive.  Looking down, Jenny had done the unbelievable by swallowing his entire foot long dong.  He wondered how she was able to breathe as she literally fucked her lovely face up and down his thick length.

Then Jenny had to come up for air.  She pulled her head back till only the cockhead remained in her mouth, using both hands to shuck up and down the black stalk.  She began to tease the cockhead with her flicking tongue and playfully teased the cock slit with the tip of her tongue, speeding up her hand motions.  “Oh, you beautiful bitch!  Oh, yeah baby, you’re getting me so hot …...............……………oh, baby ………..............……….I’m gonna cum soon!  Better take your mouth off my cock unless you want to get a taste of nigger cum!”  He looked down and was surprised to see the emerald green eyes looking up at him.  Then he knew this sweet white wife was intent on tasting his nigger cum.  He began to hump forward a little “Oh, baby, baby ……….....................…… it cummmsssssssss ….................…………argggggghhhhhh!”  Looking down, Nutman saw Jenny’s emerald green eyes still glued to his while her soft white hand tightened on his erupting cock.  Erupting right into her tight sucking mouth.

Jenny’s teasing tongue was suddenly coated by a flood of thick jism, her tiny mouth filled to the brim after four additional explosive spurts.  Swallowing deeply, Jenny again shucked at the quivering black snake, trying to milk all the venom it had to spit.  Finally, the quivering snake shook one last time as Jenny allowed the limp and now useless cock to slip from her pink lips.  Looking up at him, Jenny opened her mouth wide and wiggled her pink tongue through the mouthful of thick goo.  Looking directly into his eyes, Jenny closed her mouth and  swallowed hard.  Jenny then smiled at Nutman, opening her mouth again to show that she had eaten his entire load of protein.

Startled by the sudden ringing of the phone, Jenny looked up at the clock and realized it probably was her husband calling to say he’d be having a couple of beers with the guys.  Picking up the phone, Jenny greeted her husband and asked how he had played that day.  “Ohhhhh, honey!  I love you so much!  Can’t wait for you to get home and make love to me!” she crooned, just as Nutman’s long black cock slid up her slick squeezing snatch.  With her husband anxious to tell her of his day, Jenny listened and when the conversation was coming to an end, she told her husband “I love you, honey!”  That last exclamation of her love coincided with Nutman’s long black cock belching out its baby-making goo deep in her fertile womb.

 A few hours later, Jenny greeted her loving husband home.  Her husband gave her a deep passionate kiss, telling her how glowing she looked and back to her old self, for he had been worried about her being so withdrawn over the past few weeks.  Jenny reassured him that she was just fine, admitting she had been a bit down but going to the Women’s luncheon helped a lot and she learned what protein her body was missing.  But Jenny did not tell her loving husband the protein she needed only could come from a black cock.

 After finishing the delicious dinner that Jenny had prepared, her husband grabbed her and carried her to their bedroom.  Jenny pulled down the spread and sheets of the recently made bed.  She looked forward to making love to her loving husband.  Her cunt muscles clenching, excited at the thought of making love to her husband right where Nutman had claimed her that afternoon.  Making love to her husband on sheets still soiled with the dried fuck juices of the illicit mating between her and the black stud.

 As her husband was about to mount her, Jenny grasped his small throbbing penis, reminding him that it was her fertile period and that he mustn’t forget his condom.  Yet Jenny had not made Nutman put on a protective condom, nor did she douche out her well filled cunt when he left her home.  What a thrill it was to make love with her husband, right on the soiled sheets and her cunt filled with another man’s cum, a young black stud’s cum.

End of Story