Lust for the Librarian - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: ‘Lust for the Librarian 2’
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In the basement of the abandon building, Nutman chuckled as he relayed to the gang “Remember that beautiful bitch that we’s caught by surprise and raped the hell out of in the school library months ago?  Guess what happened yesterday when I’s was thumbing fer a ride after hustling some money in the poolhall!  When this new and expensive looking Lexus pulled up to the curb where I’s was, man was I shocked to see the same beautiful bitch behind the wheel!  She was all’s nervous and shaking like a leaf when I’s got in the passenger seat!  I’s knew she’s was fighting her inner emotions in stopping the car fer me, especially how we’s went and gangbanged her, so I’s knew she was in bad need to have my big black cock up in her tight little pussy again!”

With all his buddies filled with envy as they hollered for him to give them the details, Nutman relayed “She was panting all hot and bothered as she drove while I’s put my hand on her leg and started feeling her up!  Damn, she must’ve creamed right in her panties cause they’s were all damp when I’s put my hand on them!  I’s remember her name from back then and started calling her ‘Mrs. Carson’ as I’s felt her up and told her I’s knew her stopping to pick me up had to mean that she wanted to get niggered again!  Man, when I’s rubbed her slit through that wet panties of hers, I thought she’d go outta her fuck’n gourd and crack the fuck’n car up!  That tight little snatch of hers was like a fuck’n snapp’n turtle on my fingers, man!”

Mrs. Jenny Carson

As his buddies clamored for more, Nutman advised “She slowed down when we’s neared a motel and was about to turn in when I’s pushed the wheel to keep her going straight, telling her that ‘If’n ya’s want my big black dick, yer only gonna git it …………in yer hubby’s bed’!  Then I went got my middle finger up under the legband of her panties!  Damn, was she fuck’n wet!  I’s was finger fuck’n the bitch when she pulled up into her garage and she came right then and there!  Shit, she nearly crashed that fuck’n expensive car right of hers into the fuck’n wall!  She was sure a hottie fer black cock cause I’s kept on taunting her as to wanting black cock when we’s got in her house, asking her if’n she wanted me to leave or what!  And she answered me by letting her panties drop to the floor around her high heels!”

After Nutman had relayed the exciting romp with the beautiful bitch on hubby’s bed, the gang members chimed in on their recollection of having gangbanged the lovely librarian right on the study table of the library.  It had certainly been one hell of a fun time for the gang of hoodlums after having broken into the private prep school.  School over and students having departed, the gang had accosted the unsuspecting librarian and had her trapped all alone with them in the privacy behind the locked library doors.  Stripping her first of her clothing, they then proceeded to strip her of her dignity in making her perform deviant sex acts on the guys.

Raped repeatedly, stretched beyond belief as the bastards forced their oversized cocks up into every orifice, her cries for mercy only served to stimulate the gang members to give it to her even harder.  Then one of the gang members yelled out “Hey, Barf, remember when ya went and rubbed the bitch’s face in yer smelly crotch?  God, I’s thought the bitch was gonna barf right then and there, man!”  “Heh, heh, the look on beautiful bitch’s face was fuck’n priceless!” Barf relayed as he rubbed in crotch in remembrance of the sight of the beauty’s face.  Then Barf continued on with “But I’s went and lived up to my name cause the fuck’n bitch barfed all over the place after I’s made her suck my cock till I’s went and popped my load in her mouth!”

Then one of the guys threw out the idea of “We’s gotta look into pulling off another caper like that!  Shit, a fuck’n library is the ideal place once it closes up fer the day, and then we’s got the purty little librarian all’s to ourselves to play with!  Make the library jist like one of them expensive seafood restaurants, with the main course on the menu being some savory ‘blackened white bitch, heh, heh!  And of course, gitting to eat the fresh oyster between her sexy legs is the tastiest ya’ll ever find!”  With all the gang members laughing and clamoring in agreement, Stork took control of the meeting and announce that “Fuck’n great idea and I’s got an idea how’s we go about pulling off another library caper and assure us of having a purty little bitch to entertain us!”

An hour later, after one of the guys had scrounged up a city map, they circled every public library and high school in the area.  Taking charge, Stork gave out the assignments to two of the gang members, telling them that “We’s gonna do this right and not waste time finding a sweet little bitch to gangbang!  Anyway, we ain’t got shit to do but kill time around here right now!  Turd and Rat, ya two guys are tops in collection last month so’s ya’ve got the one of doing the scouting!  Ya two guys hit the library scene with each of ya picking out one piece of ass this month, the rest of us will take up one of yer collection spots and all meet back here at night to see what ya got!  If’n ya see a sweet honey fer us, git all the fuck’n details, like closing time and if’n she’s the last one to close up the place!  And use yer cellphone to git a picture of her so we’s can check her out when ya’s git back here!  And fergit the fuck’n dogs that ya come across!”

That next night, when the last member of the gang got to the hangout, Stick yelled out “Okay, guys …………….time to see what we’s got to look forward to!  Here’s what we’ll do: Turd and Rat will pass the picture on the cellphone and we’ll all git to vote thumbs up or down on her!   Whoever cased the bitch, Turd or Rat, also gits the bonus of ruining the bitch if’n she’s the one chosen!  And same goes to the top two collectors each month from now on!  Okay Turd, give us what ya got!  Show us what little sweetie ya were watching today!”

Turd groaned and threw his hands up, telling the guys “Middleton Library was a real fuck’n disappointment!  What a waste of time!  Here’s what they’s got at Middleton!”  With that, Turd pulled up the picture of Middleton Library’s librarian and passed it on for all the guys to see.  And as each gang member got to see the picture taken of the librarian, a chuckle could be heard with comments immediately following such as: “God, what a fuck’n ugly pig!”  “Jezz, she’s gotta be fuck’n 300 pounds plus!”  “Damn, I’s wouldn’t stick my dick in that fat bitch if’n ya paid me!”   “Damn, Turd, if’n that fat bitch sat on ya she’d break yer fuck’n balls!”

Then, sitting next to Turd, Rat smiled widely as he announced that “I’s ain’t gonna be on the sidelines watching like Turd, cause I’s found us a real honey!  Take a look at this sweet little blonde beauty!”  As he passed his cellphone along so the guys could get a look at the photo he had taken of her, the guys began whistling as Rat added “Looks to be 28 or so, apparently married to some punk whiteboy from the size of the diamond she was sporting!  Nameplate on her desk read ‘Mrs. Jennings!  She was the last one there to lock up the place and she went to her car parked out in the lot!  Basement’s partially above ground and windows kept locked but can be opened from the inside, so we can sneak everybody in before closing time!”  Then he added “Ratman’s gonna love introducing this innocent looking bitch to some black meat!  She’s gonna scream her purty little head off when I’s git to ‘ruin’ her good!”

“Damn, what a sweet little blonde honey, about 5’4” 115 lbs., with her skin so white and flawless!  Dresses real prim and proper, very conservative, jist the kind of innocent bitch that I’s like to introduced to going black!  She was wearing a maroon blouse with a maroon sweater over it, a light print skirt with beige heels, making her long white legs look so fuck’n sexy!  Jezz, I’s jist gonna love hearing her balling her head off when I’s shove my’s big black boner up that tight little snatch of hers!  Yeah, gonna love seeing her stretched out on that big study table, and gonna love seeing the look on her purty face when I’s climb up on the table and make her spread those sexy white legs around my ass!  Jist gimme a couple more days of casing out the joint and we’ll be partying with the beautiful bitch!” Rat added.

Mrs. Keri Jennings

For 27 year old Mrs. Keri Jennings, she loved her job as the assistant librarian at Prinmore Library and in line to take over as head librarian at the end of the year.  Keri was very happy in her two year marriage to her handsome husband Ben, even more so now that he had just agreed that they were now financially stable enough for them to start a family.  In fact lovemaking that past weekend was the best ever, loving the feel of her husband ejaculating directly in her and not in the protective condom that he normally wore.  And wrapping her legs around Ben tightly, something she had never done after he had ejaculated in her, Keri had kept him from pulling away and kept his shrinking penis soaking in her cum laden slit as she drained every drop of baby juice from his churning balls.

Earlier that day, Keri had indeed noticed the young black enter the library and browse about the library.  She had never seen him before, quite certain of that as there weren’t too many blacks living in the area and very few coming to the library to do some research.  Keri had seen him glancing over at her direction several times, which made her feel a bit creepy in the way he looked her over, as if his eyes were slowly stripping her naked.   She couldn’t help but to cringe at the thought of his large calloused hands touching and caressing her as a shudder coursed throughout her petite body.  Then Keri felt self-conscious and a bit embarrassed upon feeling the wetness in the crotch of her panties, realizing that ‘Oh, God!  What did I do?  What was I thinking?’

That next day, Keri shuddered once again as the young black appeared just after 3 p.m. and had to wonder if he was a student at the local high school since school had recently let out and the school’s library was now at half-days.  Still, she could feel his eyes on her body but what could she do as this was a public library and there was nothing she could do about a patron gazing over the top of the book in his hands.  Then Keri noticed him getting up from his chair to slowly walk over to her.  As she looked up, the young black smiled at her and politely asked “Ma’am, I flunked my recent test in remedial science and the teacher told me that I needed to do a paper on human reproduction for extra credit if’n I was to git a passing grade!  Would you be able to help me find some books that I can use fer research?”

Keri smiled and replied “Yes, let’s go over to science section over on this side!”  As she led the way, Keri then surmised that ‘That’s why he’s been looking over my way!   He’s probably was too embarrassed to come over to ask for my help earlier!’  Recalling that he had said remedial science, she turned to ask “How in-depth a research paper are you planning to do?”  Then she was advised “Well, ma’am, something very basic that 8th graders can understand!  I’s went and flunked it last year and I’s really need to get a passing grade now to make it outta high school!  I’s was thinking that maybe I’s can look at the books and draw some illustrations as to how babies are made!”

Having pulled some books and passing it to the young man, Keri smiled as he politely thanked her for her help and went to the study table with them.  After assisting some other library patrons, Keri then sat back down at her desk.  Looking over to where the young black was researching human reproduction, Keri shivered in seeing him looking over at her once again and he gave her a knowing smile.  She wondered how he was doing in his paper and whether the books she had pulled for him were too advanced if he was in remedial science.

Getting up to go over to view his work and to ask if she could be of any further help, Keri was flabbergasted to see the crude pornographic drawings that the young black had lying before him.  The first drawing was crude but well-drawn in detail, in fact it was right down to the kinky hairs and wrinkled ball sac, causing Keri to cringe in seeing the male phallus being labeled as ‘Cock’.  The second was also crude but well-drawn in detail, depicting a woman’s vagina, and that was labeled ‘Cunt’.  Swallowing deeply, Keri couldn’t help but think that ‘He’ll never get a passing grade like that!’  Leaning over, she pointed to the first drawing and whispered “Very nice drawings but you should change the label to read ‘Penis’!”  Then going to the second, Keri whispered “And this should be labeled ‘Vagina’!”

Just when Rat was putting the books back, he observed the old bitty head librarian standing by the sexy bitch as they spoke softly so as not to disturb anyone.  Edging out of the far side in order to get himself closer with drawing their attention to pick up on their soft conversation, Rat got as close as he could with the tall bookshelf blocking their view of him.  Leaning forward as much as he could without giving himself away, he overheard the older woman ask “Any big plans this weekend?  Any chance of you closing up this Friday as my grandson will be paying me a visit?”  Then came the response of “Oh, I’ll be happy to close up on Friday!  There’s nothing planned this weekend as Ben will be leaving for a conference Friday morning!  I’ll just work in the garden this weekend!”

Later that night, back at the clubhouse, Rat relayed to the gang that “Friday’s gonna be party night, guys!  Overheard her telling her coworker that hubby was leaving Friday fer out of town that Friday mornin!  Library closes at five each day and is closed during the weekends!  And the beautiful bitch is the one locking up that day, with her coworker leaving at 4:30!  Followed her home so I’s got where she lives in case we’s wanna take the party over to her house that night and not stay at the library!”  Then Rat relayed that “Fuck’n bitch thinks I’s in high school and doing a paper on how babies are made!”  Holding up his drawings, Rat laughed as he told them “Thought she was gonna come unglued when she saw these!  Told me this should be labeled a ‘Penis’ instead of a ‘Cock’!  And this one is a ‘Vagina’, not a ‘Cunt’!”

Then the gangbanger named Pukehead suggested that ‘We’s oughta put together an illustrative porn book where’s ya flip through it and it’ll be like watching the fuck taking place!  Dorky, Nutman and I’s can put it together and it’ll really make the bitch flip out when she sees the illustrated fucking!”  With all the guys laughing in agreement, Rat smiled had relayed “Good thinking!  It’ll be perfect as we’s ain’t gonna need no color ………………..jist good ole black and white!  Hey, and I’s got a great idea ………..we’s jist make us one good drawing of a black cock and a white pussy, make a slit in the paper and we’s insert cock into pussy inch by inch and we’s got us the book in no time by making copies of each segment!  We’s can break into the copy center tonight and that’ll save us a lot of time, that way we’s only need a couple of drawings to put it together!”

“Good idea, Pukehead!  I’s can use yer help in that area cause I’m gonna be busy doing a sketch of that sweet little beauty so there ain’t no doubt that I’s was thinking of her when I drew the picture!” Rat advised.  And in starting out the sketch, to make absolutely sure the beautiful librarian would have no doubt that the sketch was of her, Rat started off with and the background of the picture with the a label above her entitled ‘Prinmore Library’.  And the sketch that Rat was doing had the beauty seated behind the desk with the nameplate atop of it reading ‘Mrs. Jennings’!  Then Rat yelled out to the guys “Let’s have the illustrated book showing her gitting humped on her desk, with the nameplate of ‘Mrs. Jennings’ clearly visible!”

That Friday afternoon, after restocking the cart of library books returned the prior day, Keri returned to her desk and was surprised to see a nicely gift wrapped box with a small envelope atop of it with her name on it.  Opening the envelope, Keri ruled out the small card and read the note that advised “Dear Mrs. Jennings: Thank you for assisting me on my research paper!  As you inspired me with all the illustrations, I thought you’d like a copy of what I submitted!”  Although there was no name signed to the note, Keri knew exactly who had written it as an illustration was drawn at the bottom that depicted a male phallus and scrotum.  Seeing the illustration, Keri cringed and shuddered as she thought ‘How gross!’

‘My, God ……………… dare he!’ Keri fumed at the thought of the uncouth young man drawing that crude illustration of a male’s genitals as his signature to tell her who it was from.  Grabbing the note, envelope and gift wrapped box, Keri put the items into the trashcan beneath her desk.  Chest heaving as she panted for breath and to regain her composure, Keri then concluded that ‘Well, that illustration sure did tell you who it was from!’  Glancing down at the gift wrapped item, knowing what that it contained ‘filthy’ illustrations, Keri dared not reach down to retrieve the box but then she wondered ‘The box felt really heavy!  There must be a lot of illustrations in there!  Did I really inspire him to do so many?  What did he actually draw?’

Looking about, with no one nearby, her curiosity got the best of her as Keri reached down to retrieve the box.  Pulling the ribbon over the corner, she then used her scissors to cut the tape so she could quietly undo the wrapping.  It was a thick spiral folder with the cover being title ‘Human Reproduction’ and beneath the title in smaller print it read ‘inspired and illustrated with the assistance of Mrs. Keri Jennings!’  ‘How does he know my first name?’ she wondered, then surmised that ‘He must have heard someone on the staff call me by my first name!’  Then in opening the folder, Keri gasped to see a portrait of her with ‘Prinmore Library’ printed at the top.  The next was another illustration of her, only this time lying atop of her desk with her nameplate identical in comparison to the real one reading ‘Mrs. Jennings’.

It was a black and white book of illustrations in the true sense, the first few of her alone and done in pencil on a white paper background …………………and then into the illustrations came the figure of a muscular male that certainly fit the physique of the young black male she had assisted, only she had only seen him fully clothed and had to wonder if his male physique was depicted correctly in the illustration.  Keri was upset and absolutely repulsed at the illustrated pamphlet, but in looking at the oversized cock on the male figure, she had to chuckle in thinking that ‘He sure has a vivid imagination of his male endowment!’  Shaking her head in general disgust, she concluded that it was ‘Just wishful thinking on his part, I guess!’

Stopping at the next illustrated page, Keri saw captions indicating the male figure saying something.  She shivered nervously in reading “Slide up on your desk, Mrs. Jennings!  Then spread those beautiful sexy white legs for me ……………….so’s that I’s can fuck ya!”  With trembling hands, Keri flipped the pages to continue the illustrated book, then stopped to go back to the page that caught her attention, that showing a caption of her uttering something.  Finding that page and opening up to it, she swallowed deeply while shuddering as the caption read “Noooooo …………….………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………’s too biggggggggggggggggggggggggg ……………… big for meeeeeee!”

Breathing heavily after having set the illustrated book down onto her desk, Keri nervously picked it back up and flipped through it to the end.  Setting the book back down onto the desk, Keri leaned back in her chair, then closed her eyes as a replay of what had been so well depicted ran back in her mind.  The x-rated book had so clearly shown the big black stud fucking his monstrous tool in and out of her petite female’s body as she lay upon her desk.  And then came the black stud grunting out when his pent-up load erupted, followed by illustrations of the massive outpour of his overflowing spend from her now ravaged vagina, with the thick stick drool pouring out of her onto the desktop.  Then the thick spend was pouring over the edge of the desk and onto the floor.

Volunteering to close up alone that day as her co-worker had company that evening, it then allowed Keri to retrieve the x-rated book that she had hid in her desk drawer earlier in the day.  Unbeknownst to Keri after locking the front door behind her co-worker, as she sat panting while going over the x-rated illustrated book once again, through a window jimmied open in the basement thug after thug slipped into the building till the entire gang was inside.  And it was when her eyes were closed, thumb on one hand flicking over her hidden nipple and index finger of her other hand tracing the outline of her slip through her panties, that Keri was caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

“I’s see’s yer really enjoying the book I’s sent ya, Mrs. Jennings!” came the familiar voice that snapped Keri back to reality.  Flushed with embarrassment at being caught masturbating, the very first time she had stoop to allow such a naughty thing to happen, Keri gasped in terror upon seeing the gang of black hoodlums surrounding the front of her desk.  Reality sinking in, realizing that somehow these young black thugs had broken into the library to catch her in such a compromising position, she tried to push her armchair back on its wheels to escape from these black hoodlums. But in sliding back just a few inches, Keri found her escape blocked and looked back to the leering black faces gloating overhead.

Afraid for her life, Keri jumped from her chair and tried to make a desperate dash away from the intruders and to safety.  But a number of very large and extremely strong hands were grasping at her from all directions and Keri found herself being lifted, and then being pushed down and stretched out atop of her desk.  “No …………… ……… …………..stop ………………stop …………….let me go …………………let me go ………………….please let me go!” she cried out in desperation.  “Ahhhh, but Mrs. Jennings ………………….from the ways ya were touch yerself up after looking at the book I’s gave ya, ya knows yer dying to git to sample some dark meat!” she was told by the devious teen who had sent her that book.

“Ah, Rat here was sure right when on how beautiful ya are!  Even more so than the picture he showed us!  My name’s Stork and since I’s came up with the idea of finding us a purty librarian, I’s have the honor of having the first sampling!” the big muscular leader of the group advised as he moved to the side of her desk between her restrained legs and began running his large calloused hands over her calves and knees to her upper thighs.  “No ……………..nooooooo …………………please ………………….please don’t rape me ……………………please don’t rape meeeeeeeee!” Keri screamed as she struggled helplessly against the strong hands holding her.

Caressing her trim sexy white legs, feeling the tenseness of her muscles as she fought to get free, Stork laughed as he continued feeling her up. “Don’t ya worry sweetie, I ain’t gonna rape ya ………………..yet!  Rat’s got that special honor fer finding ya but I’s got first dibs on gitting to eat yer sweet little beaver!” Stork advised.  Pushing the hem of her dress up over her trim hips, he then ran his hands up her inner thighs to the edge of her panties, then bent forward to nuzzle his face into the crotch and inhaled deeply before express “Oh, how sweet it is!”  “Pukehead …………..lemme borrow yer shiv for a second!” he advised.  Seconds later, after grasping and slicing the panties through the legbands, Stork was then nuzzling his face into her soft fuzzy fleece.

“Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww ……….…………………….eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the cries from the beautiful librarian as Stork wiggled his tongue up her tight but very juicy little snatch.  As the bitch’s pelvis kept bumping up against his face, Stork cussed out “C’mon, guys, hold her tight …………………….keep the bitch from squirming all over the fuck’n place ………………….shit, she nearly broke my nose the last time!”  Sliding his arms up under his thighs to clamp them over her upper thighs, Stork then went back to town in eating the sweet little bitch out.  “Nnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo ………………….nooooooooooooo …………………….stopppppppppppppp!” his victim cried out in response to being eaten alive.

“Nutman, shut the bitch up!” she heard one of the gang members yell out.  “With pleasure!” came the response from behind of where her head lay on the desk as the bastard and his fellow gang members slid her up the desk till her head hung over it.   Hearing the sound of a zipper being pulled down, it then hit Keri as to what the vile bastard intended on gagging her with ……………….……his dirty smelly penis!  “Nooooooooooooo ……………………nnnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnn ………………………..argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” were the sounds emitted from her initial crying plea, her muffled refusal, then finally the gurgle resulting from her being gagged.

‘This can’t be happening!  This can’t be happening!’ Keri told herself over and over.  She was supposed to be in the safety of library but now she was captive to these filthy hoodlums as they held her down atop of her desk.  Worst was the vile filthy sex act being performed on her as well as her being forced to do, acts that she had refused to do for her own husband or allow him to perform to her.  Then, as if things couldn’t get any worst, the sound of zipper after zipper being undone all about her had Keri scared shitless.  Clenched fists being forced open by two guys restraining her arms, then with stretched fingers released, Keri attempt clench her hands into fists once again but found each hand gripping a thick fleshy bar.

Just as she realized in horror as to what she was gripping in both hands, the hoodlums holding tightly onto her ankles were busy in slipping off the beige heels that she wore on this day and tossed them to the floor.  Unable to jerk her legs away, toes curling as she shuddered in feeling the bastards rubbing their leaking penises against her soft soles to stimulate themselves.  “Ah, ya look so fuck’n beautiful like that, Mrs. Jennings!” came the familiar voice of the black teen she had been in the library earlier during the week, the one referred to as ‘Rat’ by the gang leader.  Then Rat added “Since yer a librarian, this is jist the warm up session, guess ya can label it as a ‘pre-gangbang’!”

As she wanted to scream, both in fear and from the unwanted pleasure shooting through her entire body stemming from the bastard’s long thick tongue snaking all the way up her now juicing cunny, Keri could only emit gurgling sounds around the fat cock stuffed into her mouth.  Then she heard Rat say “Now where’s my manners, Mrs. Jennings?  I’s plum here fergot to introduce myself and my buddies!  I’m called Rat!  Our head man Stork is the tonguing yer juicy little cunt!  In the palm of yer hands, ya’ve got Barfy on the right and Dorky on the right!  And the guys yer giving footsies to are Turd on yer right and Pukeman on yer left!  And waiting in the wings to step right on in is the Stick, and his ‘stick’ is jist waiting fer a chance at yer tight little asshole!”

Head hanging down over the edge of the desk with cock stuffed down in her throat, it was so hideous for Keri in having to inhale the nauseous smell of his foul genitals as well as feeling the bastard’s sticky testicle sac rubbing up against the bridge of her nose and eyes.  Mind now totally in shambles, Keri’s petite body began responding instinctively as a result of the expert tonguing of her snatch, thus causing her to squeeze and jerk at the cocks she was fisting and to rub her soles up and down the stiff leaking shafts.  And then it was as if a switch had been turned on, with Rat ordering “Let the gangbang being, guys!”, then all parts of the gangbang fuck machine began to move faster and faster in unison.

At the sides of the desk, both Barfy and Dork held her tightly at the wrist with one hand while the other was used to keep her fingers encircling his hardened dick, and each getting himself a good hand job from the prim and proper librarian.  At the other end, Turd and Pukeman each had his hands on her ankle to keep her legs from jerking away, all while getting a fantastic footjob by siding their long hard and leaking cocks up against her soft pink soles.  With Stork expertly tonguing her cunny and causing her petite body to quiver, Nutman was pumping in and out of her gurgling mouth as he tried to force it down into her throat.

Once the five cocks were pistoning at or in the quivering beauty at a steady pace, Stork revved thing up another notch by expertly tonguing her ultra-sensitive clit, getting the prim and proper little bitch to go wild.  In her delirious state, the beautiful librarian began pumping at the pulsating cocks in her fists, pressing her curled toes down against the cockheads at her feet while now trying to gobble up the entire cock being pushed down into her throat.  Desk shaking as it rattled back and forth from her frantic movement atop of it, her movements had the five guys whose dicks she was servicing moaning with pleasure as each was not wanting to be the to first to pop his load.

From the sidelines, Rat and Stick were enjoying the show and just hankering to get in on the action, but they cracking jokes the likes of “Which one of ya’s gonna be the little candyass that pops his load before Nutman, huh?  Remember the special rules we went and set up fer this little game with pretty Mrs. Jennings – ya pop off before Nutman cums in her hot little mouth, yer on the outs when it comes yer turn to put yer frick’n little weenie in her purty little mouth – kiss yer turn goodbye in having this sweetie blow ya down!  Ya guys know Nutman, he’s gonna try his damn best to hold out till Stork sends her out of this world with that talented tongue of his!”
From the feel of the way in which she gammed his cock, Nutman raised his hand up and snapped his fingers to get the guys attention, signaling for them to release their hold on her wrists and ankles.  Sure enough, as Nutman had figured, the befuddled beauty’s mind was in total shock and she was obviously trying to black everything out.  Her being so na´ve, her innocent mind just could not handle the fact that she was sucking upon a black male’s fat bloated cock as well fisting two other hard throbbing ones, all while getting her juicing snatch eaten out by the likes of Stork as he wiggled his long tongue up in her groove.  Sure enough, innocent librarian continued on sucking his dick as well as continuing with her fisting of the ones that she gripped tightly in her hands, and with toes curled she pushed down upon the boners rubbing her feet.  Through clenched teeth, Nutman sucked in a breath of air, determined to hold off popping his load until the sexy bitch brought his two buddies off by hand.

Mind just a wreck at this point, feeling so violated from this depravity, Keri tried desperately to block out the horror taking place in the locked library.  Mouth salivating to water down the slime leaking into her mouth from the bastard’s pisshole, it was by sheer instinct that had her clenched fists in continuing their pumping motion upon the long swollen black cocks held in her hands.  With her husband loving the feel of her soft hand on him from way back from when they were dating and ‘making love’ was not yet on the agenda, Keri had often brought Ben off in that manner to temporarily sate his pent up lust for her, cupping his flaring cockhead to allow his sticky cum to web her fingers together.  Even after they got married, mainly when she had her period, Keri would reach under the covers to wank Ben’s cock, letting him cum all over her fingers again.

Hearing a number of the bastards groaning with pleasure about her, Keri felt the cock in her right hand expand to solid rigidity as the bastard attached to it thrust forward and clasp her hand to keep her from pulling away, making it all too obvious that the black bastard was about to pop his load.  “Ahhhh ……………….ahhhhh ……………..ahhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………oh, babyyyyy ………………ohhhhh!” she heard the guy to her right hiss with pleasure.  Then a hand clutched her left fisting hand in a similar manner that guy moaned out “Oh, yeah, sweetieeeeeeeee …………..oh ………………….ohhhhhh ………………………..ah, Godddddd …………………ahhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhh ……………….keep pumping ………………….keep pumping ……………………I’s gonna cum!”

Then the bastard face fucking her reached forward to clasp his large hands at the back of her head as he too was near popping ---only he would be doing so right in her mouth!  Suddenly, the guy to her right grunted loudly, causing Keri to shudder in revulsion as the bastard blasted hot gooey slime on her cheek and neck, then his dwindling spurts landed on the front shoulder area and began to soak into the material of the brown dress that she wore.  And then the guy to her left grunted out in the same matter has his buddy had done, just before ejaculating his sticky cum onto her left cheek and neck.  Then his dwindling spurts began soaking into the material of the left shoulder portion of her dress.  Keri shivered at the feel of the warm liquid oozing down the back of her neck to soak into the material of her dress at the neckline.

With her hands freed once again, Keri’s fingers instinctively began pumping once again at the now deflating penises.  Shrinking cocks still oozing out their stick venom, Keri’s manicured fingers were soon webbed together by the goo as she continued massaging the dark sausages.  As when bringing off her husband by her hand, Keri continued playing with the dwindling cock with her sticky fingers, rubbing the still oozing cum all over the still throbbing meat.  And then the cock in her mouth began acting like the others had done, signaling that it too would be bursting forth with all its sticky goo.  But in trying to pull her head to the side in order to get her mouth off the filthy penis, the hands clasping the back of her head held her in check as the black bastard shoved himself all the way down into her throat, rubbing his short kinky curls against her chin while his walnut sized balls bounced against her nose.

Inhaling through her nostrils, Keri shivered as the heady aroma of his sweaty crotch was rather overwhelming.  Unable to get away, Keri squeezed and pulled at the cocks at hand, then shuddered as her throat was suddenly flooded by the bastard’s hot gooey sperm. The taste it was so awful, made even worst by the slimy texture of it as she was forced to swallow the nasty gooey liquid.  Keri thought that her degradation just couldn’t get any worst as the black bastard proceeded to empty his balls down into her throat --- that is, until the bastard began boasting that “Ya’s jist been fed straight from Nutman’s big nuts sweetie!  Ain’t ya glad ya didn’t eat all yer sandwich?  That oughta fill yer belly till dinner!”

Swallowing was rather difficult with her head tilted backwards at an angle, but with Nutman pushing his thick cock all the way down her throat, he could basically shoot his filthy jizz right down her gullet.  Forced to swallow time and time again, or choke to death on the slimy filth, Keri instinctively continued squeezing at her cocks she held in hand.  So preoccupied with the cocks in her hands and mouth, Keri had not been aware that she had her curled toes pushing down on two other cocks throughout it all.  But with the sudden rush of hot goo on her soles and then the oozing of it between her toes, Keri shivered upon realizing that she had just given footjobs to the two intruders standing at the other side of the desk and that they had creamed all over her feet.

Cock lodged in her cum filled throat, loosing ball sac now covering her nostrils, Keri found it now impossible to breathe.  She was just about to pass out when Nutman finally pulled his spent but still lengthy cock out of her throat, then slipped it out of her pink lips.  Now Keri could get some much needed oxygen and she inhaled deeply to get some precious air.  But seconds later, her petite body lurched as Keri desperately tried to turn onto her side, then she began frantically scrambling to turn as her body lurched once again.  And as Keri managed to turn over onto her belly, she felt some sense of relief in seeing Nutman’s hand sliding the trashcan over under where her head was hanging off the table.  Fortunately, it was just in the nick of time for otherwise the library floor would have been covered with the puke she was now throwing up into the trashcan.

Moments later, with dry heaves now racking her tormented body, Keri sought to regain her breath and compose.  The large unseen hand moving up and down on her back seemed rather soothing as her entire body trembled from having performed the various perverted sex acts for these black bastards, the worst of course in having to take the filthy black penis into her mouth and having to swallow all the filthy spunk that had been ejaculated down into her throat.  Mind in total shambles, feeling ultimately defeated at this point, Keri was not aware that hand caressing her back was now in the process of pulling down the zipper of her dress.  It was ‘Rat’, the young black who had come into the library and sent that book to her that was feigning comfort to her, whispering and telling her “Oh, Mrs. Jennings, the guys went and messed up yer purty dress!  Lemme help ya git yer dress off …………’ll dry quicker that way!”  With her mind not back to reality, Keri put up no resistance to having the unzipped dress to be pushed off her shoulders.  Lying partially on the wooden table, a number of other hands were now stripping the dress from her still trembling body as Rat had gotten the clasp of her bra undone and was now reaching around her body to cup her bared breasts.

Rat slowly brushed his thick thumbs against her sensitive pink buds, feeling them begin to stiffen under his touch, then gently began pinching them between his thumb and forefingers to feel them getting elongated.  Then,  moving his head around her petite body, Rat tongued at her left nipple before clamping his open mouth over the top of her breast.  “Ooooooooooooooh ……………………………ooooooooooooooooooooooh!” he heard her moan under his tonguing.  Turning her a bit, Rat felt her swoon when he moved to tongue her right nipple and nipped it with his sharp teeth, causing her to moan out “Owwwwwwwwwww!  Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!”

Several hands on her body, turning her, Keri found herself being positioned to lie on her back atop the wooden table as a small seat cushion was slipped under the back of her head.  Dazed from her ordeal, Keri blinked her eyes several times as she tried to get them focused.  And then she recognized the young black male that she had helped during the week hovering above her ………………..buck naked with his arm down between their bodies as he tried to fit himself up against her tight little slit.  Then reality set back into Keri’s befuddled mind, getting her to realize that ‘He’s going to rape me ………….with his big black ‘thing’!  “No …………no ……………..please, noooooo ………….please don’t rape me!  It …………it’s …………….you …………….you’re too biggggggggg!  Please …………………..please ………………………..I’m married!  You …………I’m not on the pill!  You ………………….you’ll get me pregnant!” she pleadingly cried out.

For Rat, he grinned from ear to ear in hearing the beautiful librarian’s plea, especially with the guys hearing her say that he was ‘too bigggggggg’ for her tight little pussy.  As he pushed forward, feeling no give, Rat then panted “Oh, baby …………….ya ain’t kidding, Mrs. Jennings ………………….ya’s got one tight little pussy there!  Shit, that hubby of yers must have a pencil fer a dick!”  Keeping his bloated cockhead up against her tight little slit, Rat then placed both hands on her trim hips as his fingers dug into her soft white asscheeks before telling her that “Yer husband had better find another place to sharpen that little pencil dick of his cause he ain’t gonna git it done here after I’s stretch ya open!  Ohhh, Mrs. Jennings ……………Rat’s gonna ‘ruin’ ya good!”

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………..noooooooooooooooooooo ……………………..stop ………………….stopppppppp …………………………….it hurts ………………………it hurtssssss ………………….it hurtssssss so baddddddddd!” Keri cried out in agonizing pain as strong hands held her arms and legs pinned to the table as Rat proceeded to rape her with his oversized manhood.  Stretched wider than ever before, Keri surmised that her rapist had to be built like an animal, something like a horse or donkey in comparison to what her Ben possessed.  “Oh, God ……………….oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddd!” she shuddered as Rat skewered himself at least five solid inches up into her tight slit.  Then, from the gallery she heard them cheering Rat on with the likes of: “Bust her open!”  “Tear that cunt apart!”  “Ruin the bitch good!”  “Knock her up!”  “Knock the bitch up good!”  “Put that black baby of yers up in her tummy!”  Head tossing from side to side, her long silky blonde hair whipped one way and then the other, but Keri was unable to move away as strong hands kept her pinned to the table as Rat skewered his flesh bone a good twelve inches up into her, stretching her cunny as never before.

Buffeted atop of the sturdy wooden table as a number of calloused hands caressed her body, Keri sniffled at the feel of degradation and humiliation, wondering if her loving husband would ever want to touch her again.  Raped and ‘ruined’ as her assailants had cheered and chanted out, Keri then realized that she dared not reveal any of this to Ben as she feared that he would never want to touch her ever again, much less being near to her soiled and violated body.  With Rat’s big black cock sliding its twelve inches in and out of her cunny, with the pain over and a pleasurable shiver now coursing throughout her body, Keri gritted her teeth and prayed that her body would not betray her by responding to her rapist.  ‘No …………….no ………………….don’t let it feel good ……………..don’t let it ……………………..don’t let itttttttttttttt!’ Keri told herself as another shiver of pleasure coursed through her entire body.

“Ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhh ……………..ahhhhh …………..ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhh ……………..ahhhhh ……..ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhh …………..ahhhhh …………………..ahhhhh!” Keri grunted each time that Rat thrust himself up into her.  Eyes closed as she tried to block the rape of her body out of her mind, Keri desperately tried to think of irrelevant things to take her far away, gritting her teeth together as she tried to keep from responding to the rape.  But with her mind now elsewhere, Keri did not realize that hands weren’t holding on her wrists as the spent cocks were shrinking and slipping from her cum laden fingers.  Worst of all, her arms were instinctively rising up to embrace the rabid black fucker atop of her.

Gone also were the hands holding her legs down upon the table.  With her trim sexy white legs and cummy feet rising up to cross over Rat’s tense black ass and ankles locking themselves around him, a viewer to the video being recorder at that moment would have to wonder if in fact the woman being fucked upon the wooden table in the library was being raped, especially as she was now panting out “Oooooooooooooo ………………yessssssssss ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhh …………………yessssss ………………………yessssssssssssssss …………………yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!”  And now the video would show her beautiful white ass lifting off the table on its own accord as she arched upwards in order to take the black spear deeper into her horny cunt.  A viewer now would think that this was one hot interracial video, sure to be hit as now cum could be seen oozing out of her well-fucked twat.

It was obvious that a crescendo was culminating for the black and white couple copulating on the table, especially with the black stud getting up to jackhammer speed as he fucked his beautiful white bitch.  Finally, both bodies tensed and strained against one another with the bull’s big black cock buried up to the hilt, making it quite evident that the horny stud had just succeeded in seeding his bitch.  After two minutes of the black bull seeding his white bitch in this manner, the tense bodies could be seen relaxing some as the glistening ebony shaft began easing out of the bitch’s hole that continued oozing the slimy spend of their mating.  The black bull was moving about, lifting the limp bitch under her trim hips, spreading her sexy legs wide so her cunny was facing the cameras.  Next, the bull was pressing his hand down on her belly, causing a thick flow of cum to ooze out of her widened hole and plop down to pool upon the wooden table top to all the chuckling coming from the gallery.

Turd now wanted in on the action as he muscled his way forward, announcing that “I’m horny!  I’m next!  Any complaints about that?”  Towering over the others at 6’8”, Turd was the biggest bad ass of them all, having gained 30 lbs in the past year and weighing in now at a whopping 305 lbs.  And after stripping off all his clothing, the terrified librarian could only tremble with fear as now the biggest and blackest of the intruders began climbing up onto the table with her.  It was to make quite an intoxicating scene for the video being recorded, especially in seeing the 5’4” beauty squirming in fear upon the 6’ long table as the 6’8” black giant covered her petite body with his pitch-black one.  “Nooooooooo …………………..noooooooooo ……………….don’t ……….don’t …………………don’t let him …………………………don’t let him rape meeeeeeeeee!” came the beauty’s pleas as Turd covered her with is muscular black body.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………… ………………… …………………too biggggggggg ………………’s too biggggggggg!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Keri screamed out in agonizing pain as she got to find that this black giant possessed an ever bigger cock that his buddy Rat.  Keri shuddered as her rapist licked at her earlobe while thrusting even more of his dark meat sausage up into her swollen vagina.  And to make the rape even worst, the Turd whispered in her ear that “Oh, yeah Mrs., ya and me’s gonna make some beautiful music together!  I’s sure as hell hope I’s the one that gits ya knocked on up, sweetie!  I’s make ya and that whiteboy ya’s married to a real nice little black baby to take cares of!”

Skewered so deeply, far deeper than ever penetrated before, Keri felt the bloated cockhead bumping up against the walls at the end of her cunny and seemingly was intent of busting right through the barrier up into her belly itself.  Cock so far up in her, Keri now understood why Ben had not been able to impregnate her thus far in their lovemaking together …………………for his sperm had to travel a bit of a distance in order to reach her fertile egg!  Womb already flooded from the first assault on her body, this lengthy cock was seeing to it that semen was spread throughout every crevice of her womb.  And then, her horror was heightened when the attacker named Turd was grunting out “Ooooh, Mrs. …………………..gonna cum ………………….gonna blast my baby batter deep in yer cunny …………………………..gonna knock ya up fer sure!  I’s promise ya that fer sure!”

With the muscular black giant’s body quivering uncontrollably atop of her, his thrusting suddenly came to an abrupt stop with his crotch right up against hers, causing Keri to try one last time to desperately get out from under her rapist.  But the fight was taken right out of Keri, signaled by the emitting of a loud gasp as her body collapsed limply upon the tabletop, simultaneous with Turd’s loud grunts with his large body spasming as he began ejaculating his hot burning ‘baby batter’ that he promised would do the trick in putting her in the family way!  It was so hot, the acidity of his semen burning her womb, causing Keri to wonder that if it was going to do serious damage and perhaps prevent her from ever bearing a young child.  She just hoped that Turd’s promise was going to be an empty one!

Nearly passing out from the heavy weight crushing her petite body, Keri was relieved to be able to breathe again when Turd’s buddies were rolling him off of her body, and in doing so his lengthy black cock slipped out of her with a loud squishy ‘pok’!  As Turd slipped off the table to stand next to her, Keri heard him tell the guys to “Push her knees up!  Spread’em!”  Feet on the tabletop, knees spread wide, Keri then felt a large hand slip under the small of her back to lift her hips off the table.  Another large hand then began pressing down upon her belly, once and then again as if he hand was acting as a pump.  Felling thick hot liquid oozing down over her butt crack, Keri felt so humiliated in being put on display as Turd commented “Lookit …………………look at all that cum I’s went and pump in her!  And I’s guarantee ya that  there’s  a hell of a lot more up in her cunny …………………where it’ll do the most good, heh, heh!”

Lowered back down onto the tabletop once the disgraceful display having cum pumped out of her pussy, Keri could only sniffle in shame as another one of the black intruders was climbing up onto the table for his turn to ravish her body.  Having observed seven of them in the gang, Keri shuddered as she realized that ‘There’s seven of them!  And they’re all planning on raping me!’  She then wondered ‘Should I make mental notes of each of them?  Then I can identify them when the time comes and put them in jail for the rest of their lives!’  But she realized ‘But that means I have to report this to the police!  That I’ll have to reveal all that they’ve done to me to Ben!  It’ll be like I’m the one on trial ………………….leaving myself open to be attached ……………………enticing them to spend their lust upon me!’

On and on Keri was violated upon the tabletop, till each of the seven intruders vented his vile lust in her body.  After each one had raped her, it was evidently a game to them in pushing her knees back and spreading her legs wide, then the one having just raped her would snicker and brag as to ‘how much’ or ‘how thick’ his cum was as it oozed out of her raped slit to add to the slimy puddle on the tabletop.  But her humiliation was further added to when she was pulled off the table, then laid back down upon it with the belly at one end, and her face pushed down into the large puddle of slimy goo that had puddled on the table top.  As Keri screamed out in pain when one of the unseen bastards shoved his cock brutally up her virgin ass, she shuddered as cum from the table top ended up in her mouth as a result.  And it was during one of these buggerings, with Keri oblivious to anything but the big cock up her ass, that a black felt pen was also being used upon her back.

‘Was I sodomized by all seven of them?’ Keri wondered that next morning, having lost count of how many times and just how she had been violated.  She had been taken time and time again up her rear-end, fucked doggie style at times, then it had been pure gangbang episodes after that.  Keri recalled being forced many times to straddle one of them on the library floor, pulled forward to take a cock in her mouth, then another bastard skewered her ass from behind.  At times, one or two of them wanted in on the action, making her use her hands to bring them off.  And a couple of times, it was her long silky blonde hair that was used to wrap around their cocks where they’d end up adding ‘creamy shampoo’ to her hair!

Fucked out of her mind as she lay there naked on the library floor, Keri prayed they’d just leave when one of them yelled out that ‘We better get out of here while the going’s good!’  “Guys, we’s each should thank the beautiful Mrs. Jennings for showing us a nice time here, huh!” the leader of the group advised.  Blinking her eyes open, Keri sucked in her breath in seeing just how each of the bastards were going to ‘thank’ her.  Closing her eyes tightly, Keri shivered in anticipation as the sounds of their fists beating upon their cocks could be heard.  Amid the male groans, hearing them jocking for position, she heard the first one advise "Move!  Move on over, lemme git up there ...................I'm gonna blow!"  Each of them were evidently wanting to get up to the head of the table when the time came.  Then splat after splat of thick gooey cum began raining down all over her face and hair, with all seven of them giving her an unforgettable creamy facial and shampoo.


There had been a lot of thinking and soul searching on Keri’s part following the vicious gang rape, that of how she could still be deserving of her husband, and also what she should do in case Turd or his other cohorts’ daunting promise came true ………….that of knocking her up with a little black bastard.  Having cleaned up the library after her rapists had departed, leaving not a trace what had taken place there, Keri had put her tattered clothing about her to make it home to cleanse her raped body as best as possible, praying that the potent douche would manage to keep from her being impregnated by one of the bastards.  Being sure to keep her body fully clothed for at least a week, so as not to reveal the number of bruises sustained, this fortunately also covered up the black felt pen markings on her back that she was unaware of.  By chance, it was three days later that Keri got a glimpse of the black markings through a reflection in the mirror.  And it took days of intense scrubbing to erase them off her back.

It was eight weeks after the brutal rape that necessitated Keri to put her well-thought out plan into action.  The timing was also two weeks after she had used the home pregnancy test that she had purchased at the drugstore.  Keri had shuddered in looking down at the test results, her eyes tearing up as her worst fears became a reality.  The test was showing ‘positive’ that she had indeed been impregnated by one of the black bastards and the little black bastard was now growing in her belly.  Although she and Ben had intercourse less than a week before the rape, that there was a slim possibility that her husband had done the deed, it was just too risky for her to chance.  Thus, Keri then followed through with her contrived plan in telling Ben that she was going to visit her sorority sister ‘Jen’ at her new home for a few days.  ‘Jen’ was her best friend from college, one with whom she shared secrets with, one who glad to help out by having her stay a few days to allow her to recuperate from her visit to the abortion clinic.

Weeks later, Ben Jennings couldn’t be a happier man, though he wondered at times as to what made his lovely wife come out of her conservative shell.  But he asked Keri no questions, not wanting to break the ‘magic’ spell that had seemingly transformed her from an innocent rather prudish outlook on sex to coming on to him like a little hottie.  He couldn’t believe it when Keri slid down the bed under the covers that Sunday mornng, taking his cock into her mouth for the very first time.  Ben was ecstatic is seeing top of their blanket where the top of her head was as she bobbed up and down upon him.  Afraid that she’d pull off of his throbbing cock, Ben had grabbed her blanket covered head and kept her there as he ejaculated for the very first time in her hot little mouth.

After her rape ordeal, Keri felt so undeserving of her loving husband, that she was ‘ruined’ and tarnished to be worthy of him.  Not reporting the rape, Keri’s mind was obviously in a state of shambles as she wanted to be deserving of her handsome husband.  Needless to say, Keri’s mind had been literally fucked up by the rape at the hands of the seven black bastards.  No longer wholesome and innocent, Keri now felt that she could only be deserving of Ben by pleasing him sexually, doing anything that he sexually desired of her.  Shortly after sucking him off that Sunday morning, she made no objection when Ben snuggled up behind of her and placed his cock at the entrance to her ass, allowing him to sodomize her for the first time in their marriage.
Feeling deserving of being Ben's wife once again after that occasion, especially in seeing her husband happy and constantly desiring more sex from her, Keri wondered there were new ways in which she could keep him happy.  Closing her eyes, Keri wondered 'What else would Ben enjoy?  Well, would he like a footjob?  Wank him off in my hair?'  Since that first cocksucking performance under the sheets, shyness about it was done away with and Keri had performed the task while looking up at her husband as he got the pleasure of looking down at her while ejaculating his cum in her mouth.

On all fours on the bed, she would wiggled her cute ass at Ben, then grasp his cock by hand to guide him right up into her ass.  And in thinking back, Keri smiled in recalling how much Ben had enjoyed the time she was kneeling on the kitchen floor before him as she unzipped the front of his pants.  On that occasion, it was on the spur of the moment when each of them had gotten home from work, she had jerked on his hardon and tongued at his bloated cockhead.  "Would you like to shoot it all over my face, honey?" she had asked.  Seconds later, cum spurted right in her face, on her hair and then began dripping down to cover the front of her dress.

Walking into her husband's home office on day to call him for dinner, Keri noticed that Ben was preoccupied on the computer and that she had rather startled him, causing her husband to close the screen.  With Ben realizing that he had forgotten to pick up his prescription at the pharmacy that day and headed out right after dinner, curiosity got the best of Keri as she went to her husband's office and open the partially closed laptop.  The home page was showing and Keri pressed the button to take the screen back to where it had been earlier.  'Oh, my!' she thought, licking her lips as she scrolled down a bit, then went back to prior screens viewed on the computer.

Looking up at the internet address, Keri saw it was for the site of
and that when she had called her husband for dinner, Ben had been reading a story about a white couple and the male inviting his black boss over for dinner one night.  Knowing that his boss would make a play for his wife, the black bastard let it be known to the Mrs. that her husband's promotion depended on her, the husband had used the excuse getting an emergency call from the plant but had really parked around the corner and come back to peer in on his beautiful wife fucking his black boss.  Swallowing deeply, Kris wondered to herself 'Is this what Ben would like me to do for him?  Does he want to see me having sex with another man?  A black man?'

A week later, over dinner, Ben mentioned that he was being considered for a promotion but there were others with more time on the job also in consideration.  Days later, her husband mentioned that the head of the department was doing interviews of each under consideration and that it also involved meeting with the employee and spouse as the company really wanted people with stable lifestyles be handling supervisory positions.  It did sound to be a rather contrived excuse of such a need for a meeting with the spouse, especially for such a large company like where Ben worked.

Recalling the story website and pulling it up on her own computer, Keri read the story over once again, taking in all the details and the pictures associated with it.  Keri had never met Mr. Martin, the head man who was in charge of deciding who would be best suited for the promotion, but she was willing to put money on Mr. Martin being!  Keri had to wonder as to what the true scenario was, whether her husband had willingly bargained her assets to Mr. Martin, whether the head man had hinted to Ben as to what was needed to get that promotion, or maybe a combination of the two.  But as her husband certainly could not guarantee her putting out for another man, Keri suspected that at best Ben could only be guaranteeing the guy an open shot at getting into her panties.

A couple of weeks later, as a nice dinner was in the works, Keri was introduced to Mr. Martin in her home.  And he was indeed black …………………a big muscular black man standing at 6’6” and 245 lbs.  And like the story she had first read on Ben's laptop, an emergency call from the plant came just before dinner was over.  Just as the story had gone, while serving Mr. Martin coffee, her husband had to make his departure to tend to the emergency.  It wasn’t very long before Mr. Martin left no doubt of what it would take for Ben to get the promotion as he caressed her hand when she set his coffee cup down.  Glancing out toward the various windows visible from the dining room table moments later after having served the coffee, Keri wondered just where Ben had found a hiding spot and as to whether he had a good view as Mr. Martin having stood up and now his large hands slid down into the scoop neckline of her dress.  Keri clenched her thighs together, shivering as thick thumbs flicked at her budding nipples through her lacy white bra.

In the master bedroom with Mr. Martin, Keri noticed a portion of the closed blinds being a bit out of place from its usual position, leaving just enough for someone standing on the outside to get a good view of the king-sized bed and the goings on upon it.  A bit later, Keri hoped that her husband was pleased in the way she had entertained Mr. Martin in soliciting his bid for the promotion, and the fact that she had not forced the issue of him putting the condom over his big black cock.  And when the deed was done, Keri had positioned herself straight in line with the crack in the blinds, raised her knees up and spread her legs wide for hubby to see her well-fucked hole.  Then she repeatedly squeezed her cunny, knowing that Ben would get a thrill out of seeing his boss's cum oozing out of her slit to puddle on the bed they shared together.

On Monday afternoon, Keri got a call from her excited husband as he announced “I got the promotion, honey!  Mr. Martin said that you were such a great hostess and with you supporting me, I’m the kind of guy the company’s looking for!  Let’s go out to dinner tonight to celebrate!”  In thinking about the prior evening, Keri did indeed correctly surmise that Ben would have gotten the job regardless of her putting out for Mr. Martin, but her doing so cemented it.  Ben could not have guaranteed to Mr. Martin that he’d get her nookie, but he could guarantee finding a reason to be out of the way and allowing the horny black bastard to proposition her.

In bed that night, as Ben snuggled up behind of her, he thanked her once again for having played the ‘perfect hostess’ with Mr. Martin.  It was then that his beautiful and once ultra conservative wife told him that “I’d do anything for you, honey ……………………even sleep with out men!”  Ben could not understand the complete transformation of his once na´ve and innocent young wife, for there had been a complete change in her sexual attitude over the past six months, a change for the better as far as he was concerned.  Before, it was just lovemaking in the missionary position!  But since her transformation began, he got to experience:  the pleasure of getting Keri to suck him off; cum in her beautiful face; cumming in her hair and on her feet; fuck her doggie style as well as up the ass; and seeing her spread her sexy white legs for the horny black bastard in order to help him get the promotion.  “You want to sleep with other guys?” he quizzed.  “Only if you want me to ………….if it’ll make you happy!” came the unbelievable response.

Life changed quite a bit after Ben got his promotion, more entertaining and parties to go to, and of course more to increasing production as the job at the plant also called for more product distribution.  Dressing the part of an innocent and naive librarian wife was a snap for Keri, as that was what Ben wanted, for what lust filled male would then pass up a chance to get into her panties in exchange for placing orders for Ben to supply from his plant.  It was such a great ploy, that of Ben and his client already having a drink at home and about to grill some steaks, with her getting home from working at the library to get the rest of the dinner ready to entertain their guest.

Later, after exclaiming that in her rush she had forgot to pick up the dessert ordered from bakery, Keri would tell Ben “Honey, would you mind running out to the bakery to pick up the dessert on order while I brew the coffee?  I’ll entertain our guest in the meantime!  Use my car ……………the receipt is clipped to the visor!”  With the dessert box sitting right there on the front passenger seat, Ben knew what she had in mind and just needed to back the car out of the garage and park it on the street to make it back with lots of time for him to see what kind of ‘entertainment’ Keri provided to their guest.  Many a time it would be her kneeling before their guest at the dining room table, bobbing her head up on down till a gusher of cum erupted into her mouth.

Playing footsies with their guest seated across of her while having dessert and coffee, Keri would smile in hearing their guest come true with a huge order for Ben to handle.  In bed that night, Keri would fondle Ben’s hardon, asking him “Are you pleased in the way I helped you with your client tonight?  Did you like the way I sucked him off?”  Her husband’s rigid hardon gave her the answer that she needed, and then she’d get him even more excited by asking “Can you take a long lunch break on Wednesday?  Then you can hide in the closet when he pays me a visit at noon?”  Always able to take a few hours off when she needed to, Keri aimed to please her husband, even if it meant spreading her legs for other men so he could watch.

A year later, still no one in the small tight knit community would ever believe the goings on in the private life of the beautiful Mrs. Keri Jennings, the seemingly very prim and proper head librarian working at the public library.  Having spread her legs for countless of men by this time, in her mind doing so as it ‘pleased her husband’, Keri enjoyed having a strange man between her legs while Ben watched secretly from the closet.  What turned out to be particularly enjoyable for her was to straddle one of her husband’s clients as he sat upon the red sofa, straddle and ride the man’s jutting cock, all while looking over towards the closet where their eyes would meet.  Ben watching from his hiding place in the closet was certainly excited, as Keri viewed his rigid boner jutting from his loins as she proceeded to ride his client till he erupted deep in her clasping pussy.

Determined to be worthy of her husband ever since that awful day in the library, Keri was aimed to please her husband's now ever-growing sexual urges, which also were apparently due to now to the open-minded attitude towards sex and her eagerness to please him.  But now, Keri had to wonder if her desire to be deserving of her husband had worked against her.  Recently, Ben had made mention of wife-swapping parties on a number of occasions, hinting that he heard of such from several of his clients.  ‘Will I be jealous in seeing Ben with another woman while I’m having sex with her husband?  Before it was just Ben enjoying watching other men having sex with me ……………..allowing other men to ‘fuck’ me!  I’ve got to do it …………..I’ve got no choice ………………..I need to make him happy, I’ve got to do it!’ she told herself.

End of Story.