Lust for the Lovely Bride
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Jefferson Walker knew he'd hit the mother lode when he landed a job at Kraft Technologies.  From the moment he presented his resume to the secretary, he realized he was home free.  Jefferson had a sixth sense when it came to women and he could read Angie McBride like a book.  The way she kept looking him up and down, staring lustfully at his crotch while they chatted, he knew instinctively that the young beauty had a thing for black cock.
If there was one thing that Jefferson prided himself on, it was the size of his cock and his talent to use it.  As far as Jefferson was concerned, the fact that he'd end up nailing Angie McBride was a foregone conclusion.  It was simply a question of how he could parlay his nailing her that was left to figure out in his cunning mind.  But in having seen all the pretty women coming and going at Kraft Technologies since he arrived a short while ago, it would certainly be a fine place to work at.

The answer quickly came to him as the secretary looked over his resume, then suggested that his resume needed some work if he hoped to land the job.  Jefferson knew that he had the little bitch when with just a suggestion of meeting up with her for a beer and some dancing, in exchange for a few pointers on how he should go about it, the hottie readily agreed to meet with him after work.  ‘Damn, jist like peanut butter …………nice and creamy …………………….and easy to spread!’ he chuckled to himself.

For Jefferson, upon meeting the hottie after work, he knew that he could easily get the little bitch to redo his resume.  Learning that she was the one who would follow up on checking references, no one would ever know that some of the job references were fictitious, even adding some job experience and references that would surely to land him the job.  And Jefferson would coax her into coaching him on what to say during the job interview, making him a shoo-in to get hired.
Of course, Jefferson knew that Angie had her own agenda working but that was just fine with him.  With her help, he was assured that he'd get the job and enjoy a nice hot fuck thrown in as a bonus.  She was no ‘dog’, just a little hottie that needed a good fucking and often was the way Jefferson saw it.  And he was not one to pass up on a fuck with a little hottie, especially a pretty white hottie!
As for Angie McBride, she had been turned on to black cock years earlier.  The problem was that she had an image to maintain at the office and the fact there were so few blacks employed at Kraft Technologies, with no one as impressive a physical specimen as Jefferson Walker.  Surreptitious forays at the black bars across town were just too risky in order to satisfy her craving for black cock.  So, when Jefferson Walker strolled into the office to apply for a job, Angie saw the perfect opportunity to secure herself the steady dose of black cock she craved.
Once Jefferson was hired, he continued to play Angie to his advantage.  In exchange for his taking care of her lust for black cock, she willingly kept him informed of what was going on with the boss, as well as looking out for Jefferson's best interests by seeing to it the easiest projects were assigned to him as well as ensuring that he received preferred consideration for any upcoming promotions.  Keeping the hot little bitch sated with his big black boner, there was just nothing in the world she wouldn't do for him, even if it meant helping him get into another white bitch's panties.

Jefferson now had the world by the tail, with he and Angie being careful to conduct their office affair strictly on the QT.  However, being the opportunistic black stud, Jefferson was never the type to be satisfied with the status quo and was always looking to increase his advantage.  It was at the annual office Christmas party that Jefferson laid eyes on the lovely Ginger Preston for the first time.  The gorgeous brunette was engaged to a fellow employee at Kraft, Mark Griffin.

Although Jefferson had no use for Mark, he certainly had to take his hat off to his co-worker for his taste and talent in landing a gal as lovely and refined as Ginger Preston.  Jefferson heard through the grapevine that Mark and Ginger were engaged, planning to tie the knot in June.  At the party, Jefferson made it a point to introduce himself to the young beauty, flirting with her and checking out the possibility that she, like Angie McBride, had a thing for black cock.

If the pretty little thing did in fact have an itch for some big black cock, Jefferson would've picked up on it immediately and made his move.  But to his disappointment however, Ginger Preston did not seem impressed with or attracted to Jefferson in the least.  In fact, if anything, he detected a bit of fear in revulsion in her, although she seemed genuinely friendly and cordial as they chatted.  The fact that the young beauty was indifferent to him only made him more determined to nail her.  And Jefferson just loved to take up such a challenge.
Jefferson picked up on the fact that the young beauty was quite innocent and naive, guessing she'd lived a rather sheltered life.  He correctly assumed that she'd grown up with very little exposure to blacks, and had obviously never had sex with a black man.  Even more, Jefferson caught himself wondering if she was still in fact still a virgin.  The very thought of being the first to fuck her became an all-consuming fantasy for him, with the thought of hearing her scream in pain from the size of his entry. Jefferson knew that he just had to have her.
Since that party, Jefferson began to formulate his plan to nail her, figuring that the first course of action was to befriend Ginger's fiancé.  Mark was the kind of guy who was the polar opposite of Jefferson, shy, conservative and a hard worker.  It was beyond Jefferson how a wimp like Mark had landed a prize as fine as Ginger Preston.  But, he figured that befriending Mark was the logical first step in trying to wrangle his way into his unwitting co-worker's beautiful bride-to-be's tight little panties.
Mark took the bait, hook, line and sinker.  He was actually thrilled to be befriended by a guy as cool as Jefferson Walker, especially knowing the reputation that Jefferson had built-up during his short stay with the company.  In fact, Mark was soon trying to dress and act more like Jefferson, even hanging out with Jefferson and the 'cool crowd' for drinks after work on Fridays.  Then, he was happy that Jefferson invited him in to join the group for poker night on Wednesdays.
But it was the Jefferson’s cunningly finessing of Angie to make a play for Mark that set the wheels in motion for him to swoop in and score with Ginger.  As far as Angie was concerned, she was not at all in favor of Jefferson's plan. She was already fucking the boss, an unattractive, overweight man in his late sixties, on Jefferson's behalf.   In exchange for granting sexual favors to her boss, Angie ensured that Jefferson got the cushy assignments, preferential treatment and placed at the top of the list for promotion.

Having to do the boss was disgusting and unsatisfying enough, and now Jefferson was pressing her to seduce Mark as well.  However, with her fear that Jefferson might dump her altogether if she didn't comply with his demands, Angie reluctantly agreed to his scheming plan for her to seduce Mark.  Mark, who wasn't a ladies man to begin with, would be easy prey for her.  As per Jefferson's instructions, Angie was to seduce Mark during an after-work office party, thrown to celebrate Mark's upcoming nuptials with less than a week to go before the wedding.
Jefferson, who had been chosen over Mark's own brother to be the best man, had generously offered to drive Mark home after the party as Mark was too drunk to drive.  Jefferson had set it up that way, hoping that during the drive home that Mark would confide in him about having had sex with Angie during the party. And, sure enough, Mark did tell Jefferson all about it.

In fact, racked with guilt in having cheated on Ginger, Mark was in a panic as he explained to Jefferson in great detail that he'd gotten drunk at the office party and somehow he and Angie had ended up in the copy room.  The next thing Mark knew, he had his face in her snatch and then they were having sex, unaware that that Jefferson was banging Angie regularly nor that he had been the one responsible for setting the whole thing up.  Mark swore to Jefferson that he loved Ginger and that he hadn't cheated on her intentionally, but he was drunk and it was Angie who took advantage of him and not the other way around.
Jefferson choked back a laugh as he reassured the unwitting groom-to-be that he'd just done what any other red-blooded man would've done in the same situation.  “Jist one last fling before tying the knot, settling down and beginning married life ………………like any red-blooded American guy!” Jefferson advised as he patted the fool on the back as if in congratulations.  But with his hand on the punk’s shoulder, Jefferson was secretly saying ‘Ya stupid punk!  Fell right into my little trap!’
Then, on the day of the wedding, Jefferson discovered his plan was playing out just as he had drawn in up.  Ginger, looking beautiful in her white lace wedding gown, appeared distraught and Jefferson correctly suspected what was the reason for the pretty bride’s distress.  Swooping in on cue, Jefferson was ready to implement the next phase of his devious plan.  When Jefferson took the young bride-to-be aside to ask if she was okay, the naive young beauty broke down and told him she suspected Mark and Angie were having an affair.  Needing to tell someone, and too ashamed to tell even her closest friend who was serving as her maid of honor, she just didn’t know what to do.  Angie advised that she suspected her fiancé of carrying on an office affair, then expressed her hope that she could trust Jefferson with her secret.  After all, Jefferson was the best man, and someone Mark emulated.  Ginger was hoping that Jefferson would know for sure whether or not her suspicions were based on fact or just her imagination getting the best of her, brought on by a case of wedding day jitters.
Ginger confided in Jefferson that Mark hadn't been himself and had been acting suspiciously for the past several days or so.  In addition, Ginger had received several mysterious and unnerving hang-up calls and just this morning received an urgent phone call from Angie McBride, who was desperately trying to reach Mark.  Ginger explained that Angie refused to elaborate on the nature of the business she needed to discuss with Mark, but it sounded very important -- and it piqued Ginger's concern and curiosity as to whether there was something going on between Mark and Angie.
The distraught bride-to-be had no way of knowing that the concerns she had just shared with Jefferson were in fact orchestrated by him to confuse and upset her as part of his plan to set Ginger up to nail her on her wedding night.  Jefferson shook his head as if in disbelief, then told Ginger that he agreed with her that there seemed to be something amiss between Mark and Angie, advising that he had his own suspicions but he was hoping he was wrong.  As the young beauty sobbed, Jefferson comforted her by pulling her to him, letting her cry on his shoulder.  He soothed her, caressing the soft creamy skin of back between the shoulder straps of her wedding gown, reminding Ginger that there was a church full of family and friends expecting a wedding, pointing out that she owed it to Mark to give him the benefit of the doubt and proceed with the wedding as planned.  However, Jefferson added that he'd keep an ear to the ground during the reception and try to determine if there was anything going on between Mark and Angie.

Jefferson then gave the unwitting young beauty a reassuring hug, telling her to just stick close to him at the reception and he'd take care of everything, sending her off to be with her attendants before the ceremony commenced.  As Ginger marched up the aisle, looking radiant, Jefferson's cock sprung to attention in anticipation of nailing her later that night.  Glancing over at Mark, who was oblivious to his diabolical plan, Jefferson cunningly smiled in knowing his co-worker was clueless to the fact he was being set up to be cheated out of his prize.
During the reception, Jefferson knew that Ginger was looking to him for reassurance and for any insight into whether or not her suspicions were valid.  With that, Jefferson would use that as his in to press his advantage.  And as per his instructions, Angie began flirting with Mark, engaging him in conversation and dancing with him several times during the reception.  She was subtle enough about it to ensure that it didn't raise eyebrows among the wedding guests, but intense and persistent enough to infuriate the bride and to confirm Ginger's suspicions that there was in fact something illicit going on between her husband and Angie.
Jefferson correctly anticipated that Mark would not risk inciting Angie's wrath and causing a scene by rebuffing her during the reception, not after having had sex with her in the copy room just a few days earlier.  So, Mark reluctantly indulged Angie and Jefferson could sense the mounting anger and frustration in Ginger, watching Mark spend time with Angie, talking and dancing.
Jefferson cunningly filled the void as he and Ginger danced time and again.  Jefferson also was careful to keep the bride's glass filled with champagne and the groom's as well.  With all of Mark’s frat brother’s demanding a separate toast with each of them individually, the groom was soon wobbly and obviously near the point of being flat out drunk.  Ginger too was feeling the effects of the drinks, but unbeknownst to her, Jefferson was adding a little something extra to her champagne.
The aphrodisiac was working on the naive young bride, generating a sexual arousal in her that was driving her to distraction.  With her inhibitions suppressed by the alcohol, and her libido soaring into overdrive, Jefferson had things set up perfectly.  Angie had effectively interrupted the newlyweds' one-on-one time, while Jefferson deftly filled in as the bride's dance partner and confidante.
Ginger, her head spinning from the champagne, was now aware that Jefferson was holding her much closer than before.  He had been such a gentleman throughout the evening, dancing with her while Mark danced with the floozy Angie.  He had always kept a proper distance while they danced together but now Ginger trembled, feeling Jefferson pressing his muscular body up against her.  As they slow danced, Ginger could swear that Jefferson was intentionally pressing his manhood up against her.

But rather than shyly pulling away as she had done earlier in the evening if they got too close together, Ginger now found herself grinding against him, savoring the soothing sensation of her crotch pressed to his in rhythm to the music.  With the reception winding down, Jefferson flashed a knowing glance to Angie, who then implemented the next step of the plan.  She pulled Mark off to the side and told him they needed to talk.
The nervous groom read anger and a sense of urgency in Angie's voice and demeanor, and he feared she may fly into a tirade if he refused her request, so he reluctantly obliged her.  Jefferson, who was on the dance floor with Ginger, pretended to look up just in time to see Mark and Angie leave the reception hall together and brought it to the bride's attention.
Once safely out of sight of other wedding guests, Angie went into her act, telling Mark she couldn't stop thinking about him since that night in the copy room.  Mark nervously tried to explain things to her, hoping she could see the logic in the situation and accept his apologies for his unplanned ‘indiscretion’ with her the night of the office party.  As he stuttered and stammered his way through his explanation, Angie pretended not to understand what he was trying to say.  Instead, she kissed him passionately, mussing his hair and then unbuckling his pants.  She was then tugging at his clothes as if she were in a sexual frenzy.
Mark, stumbled back, pulled away and again tried to reason with Angie.  He apologized once more for their indiscretion in the copy room and begged off on her request that they have sex again, right then and there, explaining that it was his wedding day and he needed to return to the reception before he was missed.  Angie shouted that he had some nerve, getting her drunk and fucking her in the copy room.  In her tirade, she cussed at him for just dropping her like a bad habit, marrying another woman as if nothing had happened, telling Mark “But you even told me you loved me …………………when you came in me!”
Once more Mark tried to apologize, then hurried away while tucking in his shirt and zipping up his pants as he went.  Reentering the reception hall, he was still in the process of trying to pull himself together, his hair mussed and clothing disheveled.  Jefferson was still on the dance floor with Ginger at the time and made certain the distraught and confused bride saw Mark return.  Even more incriminating, a few seconds later as per the plan, Angie reentered the reception hall as well.  Angie was smoothing down her dress, with her hair mussed on purpose, with her clothing in disarray.
Jefferson was very much impressed with Angie's performance and knew that the ploy had worked perfectly.  If Ginger had held any doubts that Mark and Angie were having an affair, those doubts had now erased when she saw Mark and then Angie reenter the reception hall looking for all the world like a couple of teenagers emerging from the backseat of a car after having sated their lust with a quickie on prom night.
If looks could kill, Mark would've been a dead man with the glare Ginger game him.  But for the sake of her parents and guests, she managed to keep up appearances as the wedding cake was cut, then the tossing of  the bouquet and garter followed.  By the time the reception broke up, Mark was almost too drunk to stand up due to so many toasts with his frat brother’s, plus keeping them company as an excuse to fend off Angie.

Though it had been Jefferson's subtle quest to keep Mark's glass topped off, he merely smiled in seeing that the frat brothers were taking care of that for him as they wanted the groom plastered as well for the fun of it.  Ginger too, was noticeably tipsy, a result of the numerous champagne toasts and her desire to drown her anguish and hurt in suspecting that Mark had cheated on her with Angie.

Jefferson was well aware of the fact that the combination of alcohol and aphrodisiac had worked like a charm in priming the young bride for her wedding night.  By the time the reception ended, the young innocent bride was so horny she couldn't even think straight.  And with the groom so drunk, it gave Jefferson the ideal situation to play the ‘best man’ role as it had become necessary for him to assist the groom up to the honeymoon suite.
Once there, he plopped Mark down in a chair, then took Ginger by the hand and led her to the bedroom.  A bottle of champagne on ice was waiting for the bride and groom, set up for them right next to the bed.  He poured himself and Ginger a glass, raising his glass in a toast.  Ginger couldn't believe what she was thinking as she raised her glass to Jefferson's.  Here she was a virgin on her wedding night, her husband was passed out drunk in the next room, and all Ginger cared about at this moment was the insatiable itch between her legs and the memory of the thick black cock she'd been rubbing up against all night on the dance floor.

From the way the innocent young bitch was squirming about as she sat upon the edge of the bed, Jefferson knew that the drug had her in heat and there was only one thing that could scratch that itch between her legs.  And he was aiming to scratch that itch for her.  Still, he wanted to make it seem like a seduction and not an out and out rape, figuring that she’d definitely want more after her honeymoon to the fuck’n wimp she had married even if just to get even with him.

Sighing and shaking his head, acting as if he was in total disbelief of it all, Jefferson then advised “I ………………..I don’t know if I should ………………..but ………….no, I’m not certain so it best be left as is!”  And the foolish bride bit for it, responding with “Please ………………….Jefferson, please …………………….tell me!  It’s something to do with Mark, doesn’t it?”

Holding back his smile and acting serious, Jefferson then advised “George, one of the office workers ………………….told me that he had gone out to get a smoke and thought it was Mark and Angie off in the distance ………………………that he was pretty certain that ………….that Angie was giving …………………….giving Mark ………..…..HEAD!”  From the look on the innocent bride’s face, it was obvious that she had no clue whatsoever as to what he was eluding to.

“They were kissing?  He saw them kissing?” Ginger asked of him.  Gritting his teeth to keep from busting out in laughter, Jefferson shook his head ‘no’ and then had to put his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing but acting as if he just couldn’t tell her.  “Please ………………..please tell me what he saw, Jefferson!” came the anguished plea.  Acting with a straight face, he then responded with “No, no ……………….you don’t understand …………………she was kissing him!”

Again, another puzzled look on the bride’s face and Jefferson now was going to lay it right on the line with a lie that would have the little bitch totally unglued.  “Ginger …………………Angie was on her knees giving Mark ‘HEAD’!  She was down on her knees kissing his penis and sucking him …………………… him a blowjob!”  With Ginger’s eyes widening in horror, her body shaking, Jefferson thought the innocent little bitch was going to puke her guts out.

Gulping down her drink, Ginger held her glass out for Jefferson to fill it up again.  Having seen Mark’s condition upon his return to the reception, she had no reason to disbelieve the story that Jefferson had just concocted.  Fuming with anger as she blinked back the tears, Ginger cussed “Bastard!  How dare he cheat on me ………………doing something like that with the little hussy ………………………and on our wedding night to top it off!”

“Bastard ……………………..I should just leave and have our marriage annulled!” Ginger contemplated out loud.  ‘God, why am I feeling like this?’ she wondered, pressing her butt down into the bed, trying to rub her thighs together to quell that nagging itch between her legs.  But how disgraceful it would be, especially for her parents, with them having put so much time and money into the wedding had Ginger beside herself.

Having looked forward to this special evening for so long and now it was all ruined.  Fuming mad with Mark, Ginger kept asking herself ‘How could he?  How could he …………………..on our wedding night!’ Then the thought occurred to her, becoming a ‘woman’ on her wedding night and getting even with her damned cheating husband at the same time.  She shook her head, trying to clear it, squirming about now as she clenched her thighs tightly together.

‘My, God ……………………what am I thinking ………………..letting a black have me?’ Ginger asked herself, a thought that would have been hideous and a nightmare before now.  ‘God, what a disgrace that would be!  But that would certainly be paying Mark back for what he’s done to me!  It would serve him right ……………….not being the first man to make love to me ……………………the honor of having my virginity!  And tomorrow, when he learns I’m not a virgin, I can act as if I’ve been with many a man and have him think that I’ve played him for a fool all this time!’ she thought.

As Jefferson watched the naïve beauty bite at her bottom lip, he could tell she was clenching her thighs and deep in thought.  As she sniffled, eyes teary, it was time for Jefferson to make his move as he put his arm around her shoulders to draw her close.  “There, there ……………….it’ll all be okay tomorrow!  Don’t think about what happened tonight ………………..don’t think about that slut getting down on her knees to take Mark between her lips!” he advised the now sobbing beauty.

“I ……………..I can’t believe ………………any woman could do such a filthy thing!  Do ………………do men like that kind of thing?” Ginger stammered out, wanting to know what a man expected of a woman.  “Jefferson ………………….I know it’s quite personal but ……………..has ……………………have you experienced such an obscene sexual act?  You ……………… don’t have to tell me if ………………….it its too embarrassing for you!” she inquired.

For Jefferson, this was exactly the opening that he was hoping for, a chance to be a real ‘nice’ guy and worm his way into the bride’s tight little panties.  “Well …………….it is a bit embarrassing ………………………..but …………………………..if it’ll help make you understand ……………………..what turns a guy on!  Let me just say that  …………………..a guy likes it when a beautiful woman touches his ………….manhood ……………………and it’s a dream come true to have such a woman ……………..get down on her knees and give him ‘HEAD’!” he advised, enjoying her shocked expression in hearing his blunt explanation.

 Shivering with revulsion, Ginger swallowed deeply and stammered “I ……………….I ………………..I really ……………………..I don’t think I could ever bring myself to do such a thing …………………to please a man!”  What Ginger had not realized when Jefferson had shocked her with his blunt remarks, he had been holding her hand to comfort her but had been slowly drawing over onto his thigh.  And now he was pulling his hand away, letting her palm rest on his ‘thing’ she realized.

‘My, God …………………….it’s huge!’ Ginger shuddered.  But her curiosity had Ginger’s fingers curling around the bulging stem beneath the pants and her womanly instincts that had her squeezing it and moving her fingers to measure its length.  Panting for breath, Ginger realized that the pulsating manhood beneath her fingers was getting even more bloated and still growing in length.  A flashback had her comparing the cock under her fingers to that of a donkey’s dong that she had seen at the zoo when she was a teenager.

“That’s it, Ginger!  That’s what a man enjoys!” Jefferson whispered encouragingly as he caressed the soft creamy skin of her back that was left exposed.  Then he let his hand travel down over her wedding gown, feeling up her sexy body and placing his hand on her trim waist.  “Do it, Ginger!  Don’t be a frightened little girl ………………..become a woman!  Unzip my pants ……………………put your hand inside ………………..this is your chance to learn!” he advised.

Sexually stimulated by the aphrodisiac, along with her curiosity, Ginger complied with Jefferson’s suggestive comments as she reached up to unzip the front of his pants.  As her trim manicured fingers disappeared into the opening, Ginger then gasped in surprise as she came into contact with the bare muscle as there were no jockeys worn.  She squeezed at the sticky flesh, feeling it throb in response to her touch, then began pulling at it upon hearing Jefferson suggestive comments “Pull it out so you can see it, Ginger!  Go on, this is your chance to see a ‘man’ up close!”

“Oh, my God ……………………it’s huge!” the bride said under her breath but loud enough that Jefferson heard the compliment.  “That’s it, sweetie!  Squeeze it …………ooo, yeah …………………..that’s it …………………..shuck it!  Oh, baby ………………….you’re doing good ………………..ahhhhh, pump it …………yeah …………………pump it!” he encouraged as the innocent bride proceeded to give him an handjob.

Leaning over some, staring at the lengthy manhood that she was fisting, Ginger swallowed at the erotic sight of her milky white fingers around the thick ebony flesh.  She observed the thick dome of the bloated cockhead, watched intently as the pisshole flared open.  It was as if it was alive, breathing on its own.  ‘Do I dare?’ she asked of herself.  ‘It would certainly teach Mark a lesson if he learns he’s not the first man I’ve had in my mouth!  That’d certainly put him in his place if I let on that I’ve taken a black man in my mouth!’ she thought.

Seeing the lovely bride leaning over for a closer look, Jefferson caressed her long silky hair, encouraging her “Go on, Ginger …………………learn how to be a seductive woman ………………………………kiss it ……………………………touch it with your tongue!  You want to learn, don’t you?”  With a little pressure on the back of her head, pushing her forward, Jefferson shivered with pleasure upon feeling the contact of the bride’s soft lips on his cockhead.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Jefferson gasped as his sensitive cockhead was enveloped in the bride’s warm wet mouth.  “God, yeahhhhh!” he exclaimed as the innocent beauty began flicking the pointed tip of her tongue over his pisshole.  Stroking her silky hair, Jefferson could not believe how this pretty little bitch was really getting into it.  “Damn, baby …………………you’re good ……………..better than a fuck’n pro!  Ah, yeahhhhhhhhhh ………………………take it ………………..take it all!” he shuddered as more than six inches had now been gobbled and sucked upon.

For Ginger, hearing how Jefferson was moaning with pleasure as she took him into her mouth, it signaled that she had indeed become a seductive woman.  Pulling her head back, then engulfing even more of the length cock, Ginger thought ‘A seductive woman?  More like a damned little ‘SLUT’ would be more like it!’  Then she thought ‘Well, Mark ………………….if you want a slut …………………you’re going to get more than you bargained for!  Humiliating me like that on our wedding night!  You’re going to be sorry!  And that’s a promise!’

Putting the horrible thoughts of having Jefferson ejaculate into her mouth, Ginger forced herself to continue, now wanting to be soiled and to teach her cheating husband a lesson.  ‘What better lesson for Mark to learn, allowing another man use her for his pleasure!’ she thought.  ‘Hell, Mark …………………….this will just be the beginning!  You want a little slut ……………….a whore for a wife …………………….well, your wish is my command!’ Ginger fumed as she proceeded to deep-throat Jefferson’s meaty shaft.

Arching up, holding her head down just in case, Jefferson arched up and groaned “Ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, damnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………… it …………………….eat it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!  Ah, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”  It was the most fantastic ‘header’ that Jefferson had ever experienced, and he had many a ‘header’ over the years.  ‘Damn, this hot little bitch really gets into it once she gets started!’ he realized as the bride continued to suck the jizz out of his balls.

Shuddering at first as she swallowed the gooey burst of male jizz, feeling the hot roe form a lake in her belly, Ginger was so proud of herself that she handled it without throwing up.  In fact, she was enjoying the fact that a grown man was withering uncontrollably just by the grasp of her hand and the mere touch of her mouth and tongue.  ‘Mark ……………………you’re going to be in for a surprise, you bastard!  I’m going to let you catch me going down on a guy on our honeymoon!’ she promised.

Spurting over, cock softening a bit in her mouth, Ginger heard Jefferson moan loudly as she sucked hard to create a vacuum suctioning while pulling her head up slowly.  Licking at her glistening lips, she smiled at her husband’s best man as she thought ‘What a fitting payback it’d be for the bastard I married!’  Looking at the smile she had put on the best man’s face, Ginger smiled and asked “Jefferson, for years I’ve dreamt of becoming a ‘woman’ on my wedding night ………………………….and I still want that dream to come true!”

With the bride now laying herself back on the bed away from him, Jefferson felt her ankle being draped over his thigh.  Her pointed end of her white pump was edging under his spent cock, lifting his drooping meat up atop her heel and she was asking him “Will you be able to get it big and hard again, Jefferson?  Will you make me a ‘woman’ tonight …………………on my wedding night?”  That was all Jefferson needed to hear as his cock throbbed and tapped upon the top of her heel to give her a definite answer of ‘yes’!

With Jefferson removing her heel, Ginger felt the weight of the thick piece of black meat now atop her nylon covered foot.  Sliding her foot a bit further, she felt it throb upon her foot as she nudged his ball sac with her big toe.  Ginger now realized just how much power a woman wielded just by using her petite body parts to the best use.  First her hand, lips, tongue and now her foot could be used to simulate a man to an erection.

With this newfound knowledge, Ginger was now intent on making her cheating husband of just a day pay for his betrayal.  But Mark would not get the benefit of her lovely body.  Instead, she planned to make him pay dearly by leaving clues for him to find of her infidelity.  Ginger knew that his learning of her being with other men would hurt him most, that having an unfaithful wife would help in serving to demean his manhood.

As she toyed with the floppy piece of manhood with her toes, Ginger panted in heat as she desperately needed something to scratch that nagging itch between her legs.  A thick carrot or cucumber would do, even the handle of a hairbrush, but she really wanted to be deflowered by a man’s cock on her wedding night.  Cock rising to the occasion as she played with it, Ginger’s mind began planning ahead, thinking of ways to humiliate her husband.

‘Yes, I’ll leave my panties right atop the hamper for Mark to find ………………..with the crotch covered with another man’s semen!  Or even having my dress covered with the stuff for him to find!  Better yet, now that I’ve learned how to do it, it’d be an even better payback for you to see what you’re missing out when I give ‘head’ to another man!’ Ginger thought.

Tossing her head back onto the bed as she licked the slimy spend that coated her mouth, Ginger then shamelessly lifted up the hem of her bridal gown to rub at her itching slit, hoping that the sight would also serve to arouse Jefferson’s manhood back to life.  Her toes now feeling the best man’s stem standing upright, Ginger traced the length upward, then she went over the top of the bloated cockhead to press the sole of her foot down onto his rigid shaft.

‘My, God ………………’s as solid as a bone!’ she realized after having played with it in the soft rubbery state earlier.  Rubbing her thighs together, wanting to lose her virginity this night, Ginger panted out “Please, Jefferson …………..……………please ……….do it to me ……………… it to me ……………………I’m going crazyyyyy!   Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Please …………………….I want you to do it to me!  Hurry, pleaseeeeeeee!”

With the bride withering about the bed in desperate need, Jefferson needed no further invite.  But first, he was going to make her his whenever and wherever he wanted her.  He knew one thing that would send the innocent young bride skyrocketing into outer space and without any pain associated with it, she would never get it out of her mind and be with her forever.  Undoing her garters, Jefferson took pleasure in stripping her hose off her sexy legs and feet, slipping off her other heel in the process.

And now for the bride’s lacy white panties!  Peeling them down over her trim hips, then down her trim legs and sexy feet, Jefferson brought the soft silky garment up to his nose and inhaled the sweet fragrance.  He then tucked the pair of panties into his coat pocket as a souvenir to remember this special night.  Spreading the tender white thighs apart, the then heard the bride swoon with pleasure as he clamped his hot mouth over her agitated slit.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooo ………………….......................………..oooooooooooooooooooooooo ……………...........……..oh, Jeffersonnnnnnnnn …………………………what are you doingggggggggggg!  Ahhhhhhhhhh ..............................................oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………ooooooooooooooooooooooooo …………………………….yes ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ………………………………yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Ginger cried out as the best man proceeded to eat her out with his long tongue.

With the young bride skyrocketing into out of space in a mind-shattering orgasm, cunny popping like a string of firecrackers going off on the 4th of July, Jefferson knew that she would be crawling back for more from here on after.  And when he got up in the saddle, the bride certainly did not appear to be a frightened little virgin, but in fact was pleading with him “Do it ……………………do it, Jefferson ………………..please …………make me a ‘woman’!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..oh, God ......................................oh, Goddddddddddddd …......................……………………..oh, Goddddddddddd …………………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Ginger screamed out as she was penetrated and her hymen tore.  Panting and perspiring from the painful intrusion, Ginger shivered as her pain racked cunny was stuffed to the brim by Jefferson solid black meat.  ‘Oh, God ………………….he’s so bigggggggggg!  But I’m a ‘woman’ now ……………….........………..a real ‘woman’ ……………...................……..and Mark can go to hell for cheating on me!’ she concluded.

Then it suddenly occurred to Ginger that ‘The condoms ………………….the box of condoms in the overnight bag …………………………to keep from getting pregnant!  He doesn’t have one on!  Jefferson’s in me without a condom!’ But recalling the reason for her anger, with her husband cheating on her, Ginger told herself ‘The hell with it!  It’d be a nice surprise to have Mark accompany me into the delivery room!  Better yet if I give birth to a black baby ………………he’ll be so embarrassed ………………everyone in the delivery room will know that Mark couldn’t possibly have fathered the baby!’

“Oh, Jefferson …………………..thank you ………………………thank you for making me a ‘woman’ on my wedding night!” Ginger cooed as her lover sliced in and out of her bleeding slit.  Having felt Mark’s manhood before, but only through the fabric of his pants and jockeys, Ginger knew that it was nothing as compared to what was now skewering her down into the bed.  ‘Good!  I want to see the shock on Mark’s face tomorrow when we start our honeymoon at the plush resort!  What a surprise it’ll be when he finds out that I’m not a virgin and he’s drowning in my stretched cunny!’ she thought. 

As the momentum of the fucking picked up steam, Ginger wrapped her legs around her black lover, arching back up to him as he thrust into her.  She wanted her cunny stretched out as wide as possible, wanting Mark to flounder in shock and frustration in her deep hole tomorrow when she would gladly submit to him for the very first time.  And if Mark expressed his shock of her not being a virgin, wondering why she had put him off all this time and making him wait till their wedding night, Ginger planned on making it as if she had long ago lost her virginity and had just played him for a fool.

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………..yes ………...............…….yes ......................................oh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss ………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ginger cried out as she shuddering in another mind-shattering orgasm, this time with a cock in her ……………………spurting deep in her fertile womb.  Cunny squeezing at Jefferson’s love-shaft, Ginger was determined to milk him dry, the more semen in her the better the chance of being impregnated on her wedding night.

The next morning, shaken awake by his bride, Mark blinked his eyes rapidly to adjust them to the sunlight coming in through the balcony.  “Aren’t you at least going to shower before Jefferson comes to drive us to the airport!” his bride addressed him rather coldly.  Realizing that he was still in his tuxedo, it was obvious that he had failed to perform his manly duties of consummating their marriage after the reception.  Head pounding with a mean headache, Mark made his way to the bathroom to shower, not wanting to aggravate Ginger any further.

Showering and getting into the clothing he had packed, Mark observed the rumpled bed that his bride had slept alone in during the night.  The thick bedspread had been tossed over the rumbled sheets, hiding the stains of dried cum and blood spilled upon them.  And then there was the knock on the door to the bridal suite, signaling Jefferson’s arrival to take them to airport.  It certainly didn’t help Mark upon opening the door to hear Jefferson comment loudly “Man, ya look all wiped out!  Yer eyes are all bloodshot!”

Never before had Mark been given the silent treatment from Ginger and he was a bit afraid to do something wrong and aggravate the situation.  ‘Damn, she must really be pissed with me!’ Mark thought as he gazed at his wife’s pursed lips and stern face.  With Jefferson playing chauffeur and he and Ginger in the backseat, Mark swallowed nervously as Jefferson cheerfully quizzed him on the ‘big’ night while his wife stared out the window on her side of the car.

Silent treatment continuing throughout the flight, the cab taking them to the resort, Mark realized that this was going to be a rather uncomfortable honeymoon week.  Little did he realize just how uncomfortable it’d be if Ginger followed through with her secret payback plans.  He sincerely hoped that somehow he could smooth things over with his beautiful bride and she would finally allow him to make love to her.  ‘My, gosh ……..the night I had been looking forward to for so long and I go and blow it!  But thank goodness I can still be the one to first possess her …………………to be the one to break her cherry!’ he anxiously thought.

Accompanying Ginger down to the pool, still getting the silent treatment, Mark observed all the men eyeing up his beautiful wife in her pink bikini.  Wanting to please his wife as she lay on the lounge chair, Mark asked “Can I get you a drink from the bar, honey?”  He swallowed nervously upon getting back a rather cold response of “I’ll have a Mai Tai!”  Tail between his legs, Mark scampered off to get their drinks as he wondered how long it’d be before Ginger cooled down and talked to him again.

Bar at the poolside quite busy, Mark shifted from side to side in waiting for the bartender to get to him.  Turning to check on his wife to signal that he was getting their drinks and not have her pissed off any further, Mark did a double take in seeing the handsome teen lifeguard kneeling next to Ginger’s lounge chair and his wife was smiling and chatting away.  ‘Damn, she’s talked more to that lifeguard that she has since I got up this morning!’ Mark thought.  Seeing his wife handing the tube of suntan lotion to the handsome teen, Mark’s jaw dropped wide open as he observed Ginger turn over on the lounge chair.  The handsome stud was now squeezing the tube of lotion onto his palm, rubbing his hands together and then applying the lotion to Ginger’s back.  ‘I should be the one doing that!  Why couldn’t she wait for me to get back?’ he wondered.

Finally, drinks obtained, Mark proceeded on back to where Ginger lay on the lounge chair.  With the lotion applied and the lifeguard needing to get back to his station when he was at the bar, Mark swore that Ginger had placed her hand on the handsome teen’s thigh ………………..high up on his thigh as if flirting with the young stud!  Returning with the drinks, telling his wife “Here’s your Mai Tai, honey!”  But the cold response of “That sure took a long time!” had Mark swallowing deeply in his disappointment in knowing that the silent treatment wasn’t over yet.  And he dared not utter a word of seeing her and the handsome lifeguard.

A quiet dinner at the resort’s plush restaurant, Mark apologized for having spoiled their wedding night.  At least, when he placed his hand on Ginger’s, she didn’t pull away as she had done earlier over lunch.  Feeling her squeeze his hand in return, Mark breathed a sigh of relief in that his lovely wife was no longer giving him the cold shoulder and hopefully letting him off the hook at this point.

Strolling along the walkway of the plush garden, Mark pulled his lovely wife to him and gave her a kiss on the lips.  Feeling her pointed tongue dart out to touch his lips, he proceeded with a passionate French kiss.  Kiss over, with all’s well once again, Mark anxiously led his bride back to the hotel and up to the honeymoon suite.  Cock at its ready-hard state, Mark was now going to claim the treasure promised to him for so long.

Up in their room, kissing passionately as Mark made the move to unzip Ginger’s dress, he then bent to suck her tender nipple once her bra was released.  Then to pay homage to it’s twin.  Mark was surprised upon feeling his wife’s hands unzipping him, thinking that she would be too shy to do it on her part.  Kissing Ginger passionately once again, surprised at how she had expertly slipped her hand in to fish out his cock, it was what he had always dreamed of ……………………having Ginger squeeze her pretty hand on his cock and shucking at it!

In bed, after complying with his wife’s insistence of putting on a protective condom, Mark was surprised as Ginger bent her knees to plant her feet flat on the bed and arch her hips to offer her womanhood up to him.  This was certainly not what he had expected from his virginal wife.  With her hand grasping his member to guide him to her sex, Mark couldn’t believe it as she rubbed him up and down her slick slit.  And when he pushed forward, her cuntlips just flowered open for him, not what one would expect from a virgin!

Penetration of an inch, then another, till all six inches of his erect cock was in and there was no resistance.  Cunt muscles expertly squeezing upon his cock, Mark came to the realization that his innocent young wife was not as innocent as she had led him to believe.  ‘Cherry!  Where’s her fucking cherry?  She’s fucked around before this!’ he concluded.  Pumping in and out of her slick gripping cunny, he then began spurting his seed into the condom as her cunt muscles tightened upon him.

Mark then shuddered with dread upon hearing Ginger’s voice of frustration “Oh, no …………………….not so soon!  Oh, noooooooooo!  Damn!”  Never had he ever heard Ginger swear in all his years of knowing her.  Swallowing nervously upon knowing that she had derived no pleasure from his fumbling and too quick lovemaking, Mark dared not bring into question her so called ‘virginity’.  Glancing down to be certain, there was no blood to be observed and he certainly did not feel any hindrance upon penetrating his ‘virginal’ bride!

As for Ginger, she continued to use her cunny expertly, squeezing upon Mark’s now limp dick to milk it all into the condom that she had insisted he put on before getting into bed with her.  She wanted to laugh out loud upon sensing Mark’s body hold still upon having entered her fully, knowing full well what he was wondering at that moment.  ‘It’s gone, you bastard!  A black cock got there before you ……………………….a way bigger one that you’ve got between your legs!  Feel how wide open I’m stretched?  That’s how big a boner I had inside me last night!’ she chuckled to herself.

In bed, turning to the side, Mark was deep in thought as he played back the events of the day.  Having had the silent treatment for most of the day, he wondered when he would dare bring up the subject of her virginity.  ‘Well, Ginger never did say that she actually a virgin!’ he realized.  But everything had led him to believe that when trying to get beyond first base with her from the time they dated and throughout their engagement.

He had always had his hands pushed away, with Ginger saying something like “I’m not that kind of girl!  Only after we’re married!” or “Will you be gentle with me when we’re married and make love together?”  ‘My, God ………..........………..she’s played me for a fool!  Just how many guys have there been before me?  And today, I swear she was giving that teenage hunk the come-on!  Damn, this is sure not what I expected upon marrying Ginger!  Virgin ........………………fuck!’ he pondered in frustration.

On the other side of the bed, Ginger was smiling widely at the success of her devious plan to emasculate her cheating husband and reduce him down to a damned little wimp.  She knew that Mark and seen the teenage hunk applying the suntan lotion onto her back as she had her head crooked in his direction but had pretended to have her eyes closed.

As to Mark believing that she had placed her hand on the teen’s thigh, she in fact had done so, letting her fingers get ever so close to the teen’s large bulge.  And as the come-on, it certainly was as she learned of the stud’s hours and told the handsome stud to be at the poolside, near the coconut tree, early the next morning at 8 a.m., a half-hour before his shift started.  That spot under the coconut tree provided a direct view from the balcony of the honeymoon suite, from which her wimp of a husband could view her planned antics that next morning.

That next morning, surprised to see Ginger already up and in a yellow bikini, Mark inquired “You’re up already, honey?  I thought we were sleeping in and then going to the restaurant for brunch?”  To which he saw Ginger smile and respond “Just woke up early with the morning sun and couldn’t go back to sleep!  Hadn’t meant to wake you!  I was just going to write you a note that I’d be down at the pool and come up in an hour so we could go have brunch!  Relax and go back to sleep, honey!”

Exiting the door to the honeymoon suite, Ginger smiled to herself, especially having made sure to make enough noise so that Mark awoke in time for her to leave.  She knew that he would still be wondering if she had totally forgiven him or whether he was still in the doghouse from the terrible wedding night.  Having made sure the blinds were open just an inch, she’d then be able to gauge from below if Mark was peering from behind the drapes.

With his wife departing the room to go down to the poolside, something that was made to seem as if it was just at the spur of the moment, Mark had to wonder about the handsome lifeguard who had applied the lotion to Ginger’s back the day before.  Telling himself ‘no’, that Ginger wouldn’t do such a thing, meeting the handsome stud …………….not on their honeymoon!  Two minutes later, getting out of bed, Mark then pulled the blinds open for a view down to the pool.

Hand in hand with the handsome young stud, Ginger leaned back and placed his roaming hands upon her trim waist.  Looking just above the teen’s muscular shoulder, she could see the honeymoon suite and observed the drapes being pulled open a bit.  Winding her arms around the handsome hulk, she then tilted her head up to engage in a passionate kiss with the young stud.  She knew Mark was taking all this in, seeing the stud’s hands sliding up her bared body, and now his hands were cupping the top of her yellow bikini with thumbs flicking at her aroused nipples.

Telling the anxious bull stud to take her to a more private place, Ginger found herself being pulled along in a run down the beach.  She wondered if her watching husband was about to have a coronary at this point.  But now, she really didn’t care about Mark, only wanted what this teenage stud had to offer.  Oh, she had been sure that the view was clear from where the stud kissed her under the coconut tree, also there were no bushes blocking the view to the honeymoon suite as she reached down to cup the teen’s bulging shorts.

Continuing to peer out of the window, looking into the direction that his wife and the handsome hulk had disappeared to thirty minutes ago, Mark’s imagination was running wild.  Then he leaned forward as it appeared the teenage lifeguard was walking toward the pool to his duty station.  But Ginger was nowhere in sight.  The sudden opening of the door to the honeymoon suite had made Mark jump and he quickly pretended to yawn and stretch as if he had just gotten out of bed.

“Hi, sleepyhead!  Guess I got back just in time!” came a seemingly happy comment from his lovely wife who ran up to him, winding her arms around his neck to give him a passionate kiss.  “Did ……………….did you have a good time down at the pool?” Mark inquired when the kiss ended.  “Hmmm, yes, quite delightful!” came his wife’s response.  “A bit humid though, once the sun came above the hillside!  Think I’ll freshen up with a cool shower before we go to brunch!” his wife added.

With his wife out of the shower and changing into he clothing, Mark went into the bathroom to brush up and shave before taking Ginger to brunch.  There on the floor next to the door to the shower stall were the skimpy yellow bikini panties with the matching top above it.  Heart pounding in his chest, Mark could not resist the temptation, one that had been deliberately planted there by his conniving spouse.  Pushing the bikini top off to the side, Mark then lifted a tie-string of the bottom portion.  But instead of it opening up as would be expected, it seemed as if it was glued together in the center.  Using two hands to peel the garment open, Mark swallowed deeply upon seeing the white sticky web that was holding the material together.

There was no doubt in Mark’s mind as to what that sticky white substance was.  But to be certain, he put his index finger into the sticky mess to feel its texture.  Then, bringing the bikini panties up to his face, he then inhaled the essence of what surely was that of male semen.  With Ginger wearing the bikini panties when she arrived back to the honeymoon suite, there was only one way it had gotten there ………………………by leaking out of her well-fucked twat!  Obviously, his wife of just over a day had taken the teenage hunk as a lover, allowing him the honor of fucking her bareback.

With her husband coming out of the bathroom looking rather pale and sickly, Ginger knew that he had found the soiled bikini panties that she had purposely left on the floor next to the shower stall.  But to be certain, just before they were out the door, Ginger made an excuse of having to go make a quick trip to the bathroom to get her lipstick that she had left on the sink.  Having studied the planted garments earlier, Ginger smiled to see that it was not quite in the same layout as she had left them, confirming the fact of Mark finding the cum-filled crotchband.

A week after the wedding, with the honeymoon coming to an end, Mark pondered the future of his married life as he stared out the window while his giddy wife clutched at his arm and rested her head against his shoulder.  “Oooo, I love you so much, honey!” his wife cooed as she clutched his arm tightly.  But Mark could not believe what she was telling him at the moment, not as the vivid memories flashed back into his mind.

It was not seeing her run off with the handsome stud that first morning.  Instead, he kept picturing the scene of the king-sized bed in the honeymoon suite through the slits in the closed closet door.  With Ginger talking him into taking in a round of golf as it would make her feel so much better since she just wanted to enjoy lounging at poolside, it just seemed as if she was trying to get rid of him for a few hours.

Agreeing to take in a round of golf as it would make her happy, after Mark had gotten dressed, they went down in the elevator and then headed off in different directions.  However, once Ginger was out of sight, Mark got back on the elevator and made a beeline back up to the honeymoon suite.  Watching from the window, seeing his wife meet the handsome young stud under the same coconut tree, he then watched as she led the teen around the pool and into the hotel.

Little did Mark know that once he opened up the closet door to get into a hiding place, a small wad of paper placed up against the door would fall to the floor.  That his wife would be smiling inwardly upon seeing the wad of paper on the floor as she led the teenage stud to the king-sized bed.  When they were in bed, Mark’s mind could still hear Ginger’s voice as she cried out “Ohhhhh, yessssssssss ……………………eat me, stud ………………eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Though he was certainly aroused with a hardon, it was quite humiliating to hear his wife tell the teen “Oh, my Goddddddddd …………………….you’re so biggggg!  Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, yes …………………fuck me ……………..fuck me with it!  God ………………you really put my husband to shame!  Oooo ………………if he only was equipped like you!” 

With no mention of the need for a protective condom, plus witnessing the bareback fuck sessions, Mark assumed that he would be able to forget about using a condom from first night on.  But no, on each night, Ginger insisted that he put one on.  Deep in thought, Mark wondered why his wife refused to take him in her mouth, even getting upset with him and yelling “That’s so filthy!  Mark …………………I’m just not that kind of cheap little whore who does such a vile sex act!”  But Mark had to ask himself ‘Then who was that on her knees, just two feet away from me, sucking the teenage stud and letting him pop his nuts in her mouth?’

In his mind, vivid images appeared of his sexy wife in her bikini, dropping to knees before the handsome young stud, eagerly pulling down his swim trunks.  ‘Damn, that stud must have had a real turn-on in having a married woman on her honeymoon get down onto her knees for him, with eyes looking up at him throughout the entire session!  An absolute turn-on with her diamond ring and shiny wedding band glistening in the light as she shucked him with her left hand, opening her lips wide to take him in her mouth, then palming his swollen nuts in her other hand to milk him dry!  The way she licked her lips after having swallowed his entire load, without losing a fucking drop …………she’s obviously blown a guy before!’ Mark concluded.

End of Story.