Lusting for Laura
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

The tall lust crazed black began his stalking of the lovely Mrs. Laura McKenzie today.  Having seen her passing by the last two days, at the same time, it set in motion the evil thoughts that maybe he could get near to her.  She looked so pure wearing a pair of white slacks and blouse the first day he spotted her, followed by her wearing a white dress the next.  To the lusting black, she looked like a pure untouched virgin, yet she was the mother of the three children that met her near the field.  Following her that day following soccer practice, he stopped on the pretense of going into the quick-stop shop while she filled up gas in her car, all he while looking out at her lovely legs while standing next to her car.

He estimated her to be about 5'2" in height, 110 lb., with a very slim waist and petite body.  Skin so white and pure!  ‘Did she pick them up each day and take in the view while they were playing on the field?  Could there be a chance meeting to be near her?’ Toby wondered.  Slandering over towards the parking lot where all the cars had parked before the soccer practice had started, Toby hoped for a close-up viewing of the sexy beauty.  And when practice had concluded and he had gotten a view of the lovely beauty, Toby then got to learn that the beauty’s name was ‘Laura’ when she was greeted by one of the other parents.

Huge Toby Moore, standing at a tall 6'6" and tipping the scales at 275 lb., was just a no-good punk who used as well as pushed drugs.  In the area the other day, one that he did not frequent too often as it was suburbia and out of his element, but the drug deal had offered him a nice pay day from some punk whiteboy.  Besides getting to overcharge well-to-do whiteboys, Toby would even give them some dope in advance of getting all the cash at the time of delivery, thereby getting the enjoyment of whipping a punk with his fists if he failed to cover his debt in time.  And if the whiteboy begged for mercy and more time to come up with the overdue money, Toby would be accomodating ...............................only if the punk took him over to his place for a little booze and entertainment ..............................right between the sexy legs of the reluctant wife, or teenage daughter if'n the old bitch was not to his liking!

It had been one making a delivery to a good paying whiteboy who had been desperate for some dope and would pay extra to get it right away.  Delivery made, Toby had lit up a joint to past the time as the traffic was at its peak, then there were a lot of kids being dropped off at the nearby soccer field.  And that’s when he got to first get a glimpse of the succulent white beauty that got his nuts tied up in a knot.  As she wandered about the outskirt of the field, his lust was building and he knew he just had to sample this lovely trophy wife of some punkass whiteboy.

Stalking her today, the huge big black bastard observed her wandering about enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze.  Every so often, she glanced over at the sports field when there's some cheering.  Strolling along, always smiling, she appeared to have lost herself in paradise.  Little does she know of the muscular black stalker lurking nearby.  The black bastard watched from the corner of his eye, looking across the field as the lovely beauty wandered near the flowers.  Near the beautiful flowers is an overgrowth of high weeds and brush where the field ends, the unsuspecting beauty wanders nearby.  ‘Does she wander there each day?  Maybe, just maybe!  Damn, I’s hope so!’ he thought.

Parking far from the field and arriving early the next day, there is no one in sight.  The huge black stalker strolls down to the brush area, glances around to make sure no one has seen him, then goes about finding a hiding place in the brush.  Now to await the arrival of the beautiful Mrs. Laura McKenzie!  Filled with anticipation, the black bastard's evil mind pictures the lily-white body of the lovely beauty.  Picturing his 12" black cock entering her petite body and mouth almost made him cum.  To debase her pure white body ……………….what a dream come true!  Would this be his lucky day ……………or hers?

An hour later, the field is filled and buzzing with several youth soccer teams playing.  ‘Where is she?’ he wondered.  Heart thumping like Laura!  Disappointment and frustration filled the black stalker’s mind while concealed in his hiding place.  Suddenly, a figure in white arrives at the far end of the field.'s the lovely Mrs. Laura McKenzie!  Watching from his hiding place, the lovely white woman wanders about the field as she liked to do each day.  As time goes by, she slowly drifts down to the flowers nearby.  Ahhhh, to be so close, yet so far!  A slight breeze carries the fragrance of her perfume to the black.  Heart beating like crazy, cock hard as a rock, the stalking black decides to take her ………………right here and now!

Laura hears some cheers from the field, turns to watch and steps back a little.  Moving swiftly from his hiding place while she had her back now to him, the stalker covers her mouth and drags the struggling beauty back into the bushes.  He drags her down onto her back, keeping his hand over her mouth.  Laura tries to scream when she sees and feels the huge muscular black attacker upon her petite body.  But only a muffled sound is uttered due to the hand clamped over her mouth.

Frightened as never before, Laura felt so helpless as the black ripped open her white blouse and began caressing her bra encased breasts.  Her eyes are wide with fear as her assailant is pulling the bra over her breasts, and then he’s bending over to lick each of her tender pink nipples.  Laura moaned and tried to struggle, but to no avail as her attacker is far stronger.  Unable to move or yell out for help, Laura shuddered as her nipples began to harden as her assailant began sucking on them.

The muscular assailant then moved up some and tongued her ear, before whispering “I's gonna ruin you good, bitch!  Then yer’s whiteboy hubby can have his beautiful trophy wife back!”  Hearing this, Laura was terrified and filled with fear as she struggled even more to escape, but with no success.  She realized that this huge muscular black man was planning to RAPE her, defile and soil her body, with his vile intention of leaving her filled with his filthy seed.

Attacker kneeling up before her, the evil black then ordered her to unzip him.  Laura’s eyes widen in absolute horror and she shook her head frantically in refusal of this absurd demand being made upon her.  Then her assailant gruffly tells her that “I’s gonna take my’s hand off yer mouth!  Ya scream and ya’ll be real sorry, bitch!  Ya hear me!”  Fearing for her life, Laura realized that she must obey, or at the very least pretend to obey, until she can escape and run away.  Nodding a ‘yes’ that she had heard him, then her captor slowly began to remove his hand from her mouth.

“Unzip me, bitch!” came the gruff order once again.  Shaking with fear, Laura realized that she had to at least pretend that she would obey.  “Take my cock out, bitch!” she was yelled at.  Fingers trembling, Laura reached up and tried to stall by putting her fingers at the top button rather than her attacker’s zipper.  But then her assailant assisted by undoing the button himself and pushed her fingers down to his zipper tab.  Upon hearing the growling demand being made upon her once again, Laura realized that she had to begin pulling the zipper tap down or face the consequences of his treat to do her harm.

To Laura’s surprise and horror, her assailant was not wearing any underwear, making the inevitable take place right then and there rather than it being prolonged any further.  With her assailant pulling his jeans down suddenly, his long black cock sprung out and nearly struck Laura right in the face.  Never has she seen so large a man’s ‘thing’, a man’s penis, his cock ………………..and a BLACK one at that!  “Touch it!  Wrap yer beautiful fingers around it!” she was ordered.  Cringing with fear, Laura shakes her head frantically from side to side in refusing to do such a vile and filthy thing.  “Please don't make me do such an awful thing!  Please, I’m married …………………… I have a husband!” she pleaded.

But there was no mercy being shown to Laura by the lusting black man as he taunted her “Married, huh?  Ah, I’s sees ya got a real big sparkling diamond from yer hubby!  He sure must be a real great guy, huh!  When ya see hubby tonight, ya oughta give him a real nice kiss, dontcha think, huh?  A real nice juicy kiss!”  Shaking with fear, Laura shuddered as she thought ‘He certainly can’t mean what I’m thinking he’s implying!’  “Do it, bitch!  Or yer gonna fuck’n pay!” her captor growled as he grabbed her long silky brown hair to yank her head back, then let his filthy dangling penis brush up against her cheek.

Fearing the consequences, Laura reached out with her trembling dainty right hand.  But upon her making contact with a slight touch of her beautiful manicured fingers, the thick black cock twitched up against her fingers, causing Laura to jerk her hand away from the stick flesh.  “Do it, ya fuck’n bitch!” her captor growled again, now deliberately brushing his dangling cock up against her pert nose.

This time Laura grabbed at it, partly out of fear but more so she could stop him from rubbing his filthy manhood all about her face.  Wrapping her trim fingers around the massive black, but it was so thick that her fingers couldn’t fully encircle its girth, leaving an inch of space between her thumb and fingers.  “Pump it, honey!” she was ordered.  Shuddering in disgust, Laura began to slowly move her fist up and down the thick lengthy cockstem.

It seemed and looked quite grotesque as the lovely wife had her petite milk-white hand grasping at the base of the thick base of the big black cock, with her manicured fingers unable to encircle the monstrosity.  With her snickering captor chuckling, Laura then heard him say “Better use two hands, sweetie!  Use both hands and shuck me off!”  Afraid of disobeying, she brought her other hand up and now her two hands were grasping the massive prick like one would a baseball bat.

One hand above the other, but still there's another 6” of the filthy stem sticking out at her, with its pisshole opening and closing as if it was actually breathing.  “Maybe I can make him cum and he'll be satisfied!  Better than him doing it in …………………right in my mouth!” Laura thought to herself, shuddering at the gruesome prospect of such letting his awful black relieving himself in such a manner.  Determined to bring him off quickly, her pumping movement sped up, causing her black attacker to his head back and groan with pleasure.

Ready to shoot, Toby’s tall muscular frame quivered as he struggled to control himself, knowing full well what the scared little bitch was up to.  But it was so fucking exciting to see the beautiful young wife’s dainty white hands jerking on his massive black dong as she frantically tried to bring him off, obviously a far better alternative in the beauty’s mind than having to take it in her mouth, a sexual act that Toby suspected she had never performed in view of how prim and proper she seemed to be.

Eyes widening in horror and disgust, Laura watched in disbelief as the bloated prickhead flared and it’s pisshole began to slowly ooze out some of its filthy cum.  Down over the helmet, down the pulsating black stem it drooled, then begin to build up there and threaten to overflow down over her clutching manicured fingers.  She cringed as the thick slimy juice touched her index finger, well up and then began to one fingers after another and the goo escaping from the flaring pisshole just did not seem to end.

Just as the horrified beauty was about to jerk her hands away, Toby grasped her by the wrists, chuckling taunting her with “Ya gonna give up trying to make me cum quickly?  Wanna put my cock in yer purty mouth right now, huh?”  First there was a blank stare before the terrified wife apparently comprehended what he had just said and clutched his cock by wrapping her cum coated fingers around him once again.  A wide grin appeared on Toby’s face in watching lovely Laura’s face cringe with disgust as her now slick fingers slid up and down his lengthy boner, now moving much more smoothly due the aid of the slick lubricant.

Forcing the hot little bitch to continue the pumping action for several minutes, Toby was trying desperately to keep from losing his load, wanting wants to debase her and humiliate this trophy wife of some punk whiteboy.  “Suck it!  Suck it, bitch!” he ordered.  The beautiful green eyes of his captive prey widened in total shock, then began to plead with him “No, please, I've never done this before!  Not even for my husband!”  Grabbing her long silky brown hair and winding his fingers in it, he forced her from turning her face away and ordered her to “Suck it, bitch!  I’s said ……………..suck it!  Open those beautiful fuck’n lips of yers!”

Laura shook her head in defiance but her huge black captor edged himself closer and laughed in delight as he began rubbing the slick head of his filthy manhood up against her clenched lips.  Suddenly the man jerked her hair very hard to get her attention, causing her clenched eyes open to stare up at the black’s grinning lust-filled face and then heard him order “Open your mouth, bitch!”  A painful jerk at her hair had Laura opening her mouth to scream from the pain.  But that's all the black bastard needed as he thrust his hips forward, spearing his cum coated cock several inches into her mouth.

Laura tried to shake her head to dislodge the cock, then began to gag as the bloated tip was at the back of her throat and threatening to slide down her gullet.  Slowly the arrogant bastard began sawing his huge black cock into her gagging mouth as tears poured from her eyes in shame, as Laura wished she would be struck dead at that very instant rather than suffer this indignity.  In desperation, fearing that her attacker would attempt to force his ‘thing’ all the way down her throat, Laura wrapped her fists at the base of the black cock.  She then kept a tight hold on the cock’s base to keep the last 5 inches from being forced into her mouth.  On and on it went, a full ten minutes of having her mouth and face fucked like only a street whore would be willing to do for her ‘John’.

Meanwhile, while forced to perform the foul and degrading act, Laura had closed her eyes and tried to think of other things.  But upon her black captor seeing this, he jerked on her hair and ordered her to “Open your eyes, bitch!  I’s wanna see the look on yer beautiful face when I’s shoot my nigga load down your throat!”  For Toby, having the innocent beauty sucking on his dick felt so fantastic, but it was even sweeter to taunt and humiliate the pretty bitch as her inexperience showed, making it quite obvious that she had never sucked dick before.

Laura's eyes widen even more in horror upon feeling the black’s filthy ‘thing’ swelling even more as it began to expand and twitch uncontrollably.  “I's coming! I’s cumming, bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he suddenly yelled out while tossing his head back and arching his hips further up into her face.  Laura desperately tried to lift her head up and off the thick stem, but her attacker held her hair tightly, forcing his bloated cockhead down into the entrance of her throat.

Shuddering at the urge to gag and retch, Laura felt the cock swell even more in her mouth and throat.  Suddenly Laura was in a real panic, with her mouth and throat flooded by an explosion of hot gooey cum from her black attacker.  Tears pour down her cheeks in utter humiliation as Laura was forced to swallow or drown in the man’s hot slimy cum.  Then she coughed and gagged, with cum overflowing from the corners of her mouth to pour down her chin.  As she gagged and choked, the bastard’s filthy cum still shooting with no place else to go, up it went to fill her nostrils and out of her nose to drool down her to her upper lip.

Balls just about drained, Toby pulled his cock out of the bitch’s gagging mouth and began squirting his remaining jizz about her beautiful face.  He laughed with delight in seeing the three streams of cum that he had just squirted making parallel lines up over the bitch’s beautiful face.  Still holding her silky brown hair with one hand, Toby held his still rigid cock in the other, laughing heartedly as he used it to paint the beauty’s lovely face with his gooey cum.

Laura can only groan and shudder in shame and disgust as her face was soiled in such a despicable manner.  Reeling with disgust, stomach rebelling from the slimy foreign substance she had been forced to swallow after sucking off the black monstrosity, Laura knelt over and began to puke her guts out.  “Too rich for ya, huh, bitch?  It’s good fer ya, ya know …………….lots of protein!” she heard the bastard laugh above.  Laura then collapsed in a heap and curled up like a baby, trying to blot the disgrace she had just suffered out of her mind out, then fainted from the disgusting episode.

With the bitch fainting on him, Toby reached down to remove her white sneakers, white slacks and then her peach colored panties.  Holding the panties to his face, Toby inhaled the sweet intoxicating fragrance of her pussy.  The fantastic smell emanating from the crotch of her silky panties got Toby aroused once again as his black boner gave a mighty jerk in response.  Stuffing the pair of panties into his pants pocket as souvenir for himself, he then spread her legs wide and got between her sexy white legs.

Excitedly, Toby shuffled up between the unconscious beauty’s sexy white legs so that he could inhale the source of the sweet fragrance that he had inhaled on the pair of peach panties.  Inhaling deeply, Toby smiled upon getting the scent, then buried his face into the soft brown fleece to sniff out the beauty’s sweet smelling little pussy, slipping his thick tongue up into her slick groove.  Then, licking the soft lips of her pussy, he expertly found and nipped at her ultra-sensitive clit that caused the beauty to stir.

Moaning as she came out of her faint, Laura slowly began to regain full awareness of her horrid situation, filling her with fear as she tried to back away from the lapping and slurping taking place between her widespread thighs.  But after getting just a foot away, her black captor’s large and strong hands grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her back to where she had been.  “Please, nooooooo!” she begged, pleading with him to “Let me go, I won't tell anyone!  Please let me go!”  Her eyes glued to his hand that now grasped his menacing member and pointing it at her, Laura trembled with hearing his response “Not until I fuck you with this, bitch!  Not until I’s ‘ruin’ ya good!”

Laura's eyes fill with tears upon learning that even after having performed the disgusting indignity of mouthing her attacker and pleasing him in that manner, he was still intent on raping her, giving rise to the horrendous consequences that she might later be facing if this vile mating was consummated.  “Please, no ……………'ll tear me open!  I ………………….I've never had anything that big before ……………please, don’t rape me with that!” she begged.

With the frightened beauty trying again to back away from him, Toby grabbed her by the ankles, then pushed her legs up and thus pinned her shoulders to the ground.  He then moved forward a bit, letting his bloated cockhead brush up against her tight slit and then through her soft brown fleece, getting the panicked beauty to plead “Please don't, please don't rape me!  You'll ………………’ll get me pregnant!  I …………..I can’t have a black baby!”

Slowly rubbing his cockhead at the entrance of her vagina, Toby grasped her ankles tightly as the frightened young beauty tried desperately to squirm out of his grasp in order to preserve her virtue.  As she struggled, her ankles up by his shoulders, Toby turned to rub his face up against the soft pink sole of her right foot, then tongued the undersides of her cute little toes.  Next, he did the same to her other foot, then evilly smiled and told her “Now I'm gonna ram my big black cock up your fuck’n honky cunt and knock ya up with a little black bastard!”

“No …………… ………………please ……………..please don’t rape me!” came the frightened plea from the distraught beauty.  Seeing the beautiful wife in such a terrified state only served to stimulate Toby’s sadistic streak, causing him to laugh and taunt her with “What's yer husband going to say when you give him a little black bastard, huh?”  And with that, Toby lunged forward, spearing 6” of dark meat into her tight pussy.  Luckily, he had been smart enough to cover her mouth at that instant, for her scream of pain would have been heard all the way across the field.

Laura's eyes rolled back in her sockets, whites of her eyes showing, for the pain of being brutally stretched by the enormously thick spear was excruciating.  Slowly, the black rapestick began pushing further into her, agonizingly stretching her as never before and now going to a deeper depth ever experienced.  Then it began to saw in and out, in and out of her tight cunny, until all 12” of her rapist’s black cock was in her.  What was just minutes seemed like agonizing hours to Laura, made so much more agonizing as taunting continued as to how he intended on ‘knocking her up’ with a black bastard child.

As the rape continued, with the long thick cock slicing in and out her pussy, Laura could not stop her slit from emitting her love juices that had begun to flow endlessly and assist her rapist in now fucking her with the ease from the assistance of the lubricant.  What had been agonizing pain had now become unwanted twitches of pleasure.  Having no control of her body at this point, Laura arched her back up against the ground, wrapped her trim feet around the black's neck as she tried now to get his cock in to the hilt.

“Nnnnnnnnnnn …………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!  Ohhhhhhhh ……………ohhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhh!  Agguuuuuhhhhhhhh! I'm comingggggggggggggg!" moaned Laura.  Slowly, her mind began to clear and Laura came to realize that she just had orgasmed from the unwanted stimulation,  all while being raped by a huge muscular black man.  Crying, she shook her head in disbelief but the rape continued as her rapist continue to slide his black meat in and out of her widely stretched twat.  Then Laura realized that he had not shot off yet, giving her some hope that she would not get impregnated if he didn’t do it in her.

“Don't …………………please …………………please don’t cum ………………, please …………………….don't cum in me!”  Laura pleaded with her black rapist.  Horrified at the potential consequences of this unwanted mating, Laura sobbed in anquish “Please …………………… I don't want to get pregnant …………………..not by you!  Please …………….please pull it out!”  But that only seemed to spur on her rapist as he now sliced in and out, faster and faster, determined on depositing his vile seed deep in her fertile womb.

Hearing the beauty’s agonized plea and looking at her tear stained face, Toby was more excited that ever as he sped up the fucking of the sobbing young wife.  And to add to her agony, Toby taunted her throughout it all, telling her “I's going to make a beautiful black baby for ya, bitch!  Gonna send ya home to hubby with my fuck’n seed taking root in yer purty tummy!  Gonna knock ya up real good, bitch!”    And cum he did, with squirt after squirt after squirt being shot out by his big convulsing balls

Horrified, Laura tossed her head from side to side, whipping her silky brown hair back and forth in the process.  “Noooooooooooo ………………….oh, noooooooooooo!” she cried out as her cunny was suddenly inundated with the hot acid like seed that burned her torn tissue.  Filled to the brim, with no place else to go, thick cum began oozing out from the union joint area to stain to flawless white thighs.  Laura could only groan and hide her face in shame, that of being raped, and the shame of being soiled by the seed of a horrid black rapist.   ‘Oh, please …………………..don't let me get pregnant!’ she prayed to herself, knowing full well that she never explain a black baby to her husband.

Resting a while, Toby gazed over at the raped beauty who was now curled up in the fetal position, obviously ashamed of the violation she had suffered.  Observing Laura’s beautiful sexy white body, Toby took in her trim flawless legs and pretty pink feet and pedicured toes.  With a foot fetish obsession, this beauty certainly got him turned on as he scooted over to caress her soft creamy thigh and calf.  Grasping her left ankle, lifting her leg slightly, Toby drew it towards his hardon.

Then, Toby grasped her right ankle and drew that foot to his cock, which throbbed as he caressed her soft soles with his black boner.  “Jerk me off onto your beautiful feet, sweetie!  Then, when ya go on home, yer purty feet will be slipping and sliding on my gooey cum, heh, heh, heh!” he laughed.  Drowsed, Laura didn’t want to do any more to give pleasure to this awful man and tried to jerk her feet out of his grasp.

Jerking her feet out of her attacker’s grasp and away from his sticky manhood, Laura shuddered in disgust at the thought of having to please him again, this time by giving him a footjob.  But Laura’s mind was quickly changed upon hearing him say “Well then, bitch ……………….guess I’s jist gonna fer that sweet little ass of yers!  Huh, want me to shove it up yer tight little ass next, sugar?”  Out of fear, Laura extended her feet back to where they had been, cringing at the feel of the calloused hands on her ankles once again, along with the slimy tube flesh moving along the soft soles of her feet.

Letting her attacker have his way with her, Laura did not attempt to pull away, realizing that pleasing him in this was manner was far better than the other alternative that had been presented to her.  As her attacker held her feet together, cock slicing in and out of her now slick soles, the pumping action became faster and faster as it became obvious to her that the vile man would soon be obtain pleasure once again.  She could only hope that this would drain him totally and then leave her alone.

Finally, the black assailant stroking his filthy member up against the soles of her feet and causing Laura to cringe upon feeling the change of rubbery friction of skin against skin turn to a lubricated piston.  Trembling as her attacker sought to get himself off in this manner, fucking himself faster and faster, Laura then heard him grunting, followed by “Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttt!” as a cupful of his creamy hot sauce coated the undersides of her feet.  “Rub your feet together, sweetie!” she was ordered.  Slowly complying, she cringed at the feel of the slime on her feet.

Heart fluttering from the exhaustive nightmarish experience, Laura had curled up into the safety of the fetal position like a little baby, only to soon be awaken by the smiling black bastard who was again in need of sating his vile lust upon her innocent body.  And Laura could only wonder just what demeaning sex act would now be demanded upon her to perform.  With his manhood once rigid and was pointing right at her face, Laura shuddered as her assailant grasped her long silky brown hair and proceeded to wrap it around his filthy member.

Looking at the beauty’s frightened face, Toby moaned with pleasure as he began using her soft silky to shuck his cock with.  On and on he pumped, his cockhead flaring and turning purple as it was about to burst.  And the lovely beauty obvious sensed it too as she cringed and closed her eyes while trying desperately to turn away.  Yanking hard upon her hair, Toby ordered her to “Look at me, bitch!  I's gonna give yer beautiful
face a nice hot facial!”

Wincing at the pain, afraid not to disobey her obviously much stronger and dominant attacker, Laura felt so sickened at the thought of being humiliated and debased in such an awful manner.  But she was in no position to argue, besides it was now obviously too late as she heard her assailant suddenly announce loudly “I'm coming, sweetie!  Now the sweet little righteous bitch gits her cumuppance, heh, heh …………….git it, sweetie, yer cum-uppance!  Right in yer beautiful fuck’n face!”  Then Laura snapped her eyes shut, but not in time to prevent a gush of hot cum from splashing against her left eye and gluing her eyelids shut.

Cum coating the both of the beauty’s eyelids, Toby jerked her head back, aiming his next spurting deluge of sticky goo up against her nose to seal her nostrils.  And when her lips opened in a gasp for air, he spurted his foul seed into her mouth and stepped forward to spear himself between her soft pink lips.  Desperate to breathe, the beauty had to open her lips to do so, and Toby immediately shot a geyser into her mouth before sealing it shut by plugging it with his cock.  Like a fish wiggling about when caught, Toby enjoyed the sight of this lovely white beauty withering about at the end of his pole.

Having collapsed onto the ground, Laura could only sob from the humiliating and degrading sex acts that she had been forced to endure.  Forced up onto all fours, she then trembled with fear as her attacker clamped a large hand over her mouth for Laura thought that she would then be killed at that instant, thinking that her throat would be slit to prevent her from identifying her assailant.  “Mmmmmmmmmmm …………………nnnn ………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” was all that escaped around the hand clamped up her mouth as she screamed in sheer pain.

But instead of her assailant plunging a sharp knife into her body, Laura’s agony was caused by a long blunt object knifing up into her petite body.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she tried to scream, her body trembling and perspiring as the agony continued, with her attacker once again lunging forward to skewer his lengthy cock up into her rectum.  Never before had Laura experienced such agonizing pain, for never before had she been sodomized, making her wish that her attacked had indeed slit her throat with a knife and end it all.

Shaking like a leaf, Laura continued to tremble uncontrollably from the pain, with her black assailant grabbing her hips and lunging all the way up her bowels.  Laura collapsed face first into the ground, moaning loudly as the black bastard fucked in and out of her tight ass.  Her attacker continued to keep his hand over her mouth, for fear of her agonizing screams being heard across the field.  The rape of her once virgin ass had the thrilled attacker taunting her with “Ya gonna report this to the cops, huh?  Gonna tell hubby how’s I’s went and raped ya, cum all over yer beautiful face, then went busted yer cherry white ass, huh?”  Finally, it ended when a hot balm of slick cream soothed her torn tissues as her attacker flooded her ass with his sperm.

Looking at the beautiful white trim body of his victim curled up in the fetal position, Toby grasped his semi-rigid boner and began to masturbate.  Soon, excited from achieving his goal of defiling this lovely white bitch, his cock was rock-solid once again as he continued stroking himself.  This time, Toby shot his huge and final load all over the beauty’s petite lily-white body.  Then he dressed and strolled off through the brush, leaving the raped beauty lying on her side, her body soiled with his cum.

A half hour later, hearing cheers from the playing fields across the way, Laura awoke slowly.  Looking at her once pure white and flawless body now soiled by drying cum, with a flashback of the black attacker’s rape of her body, Laura could only moan in shame.  Forcing herself up, she began to search for her panties and bra but found them gone.  Reaching for her purse, Laura got out a small brush to try to get the matted cum from her silky brown hair that was all clumped together.

Opening her compact mirror, Laura stared in horror at her cum covered face.  Finding her torn blouse, she used the bottom of it to wipe off as much of the semen as possible.  She realized that had to get back home to cleanse herself as soon as possible, without anyone seeing her in this awful condition, afraid of the vile consequences that could potential result from this horrid mating.  Dressing as quickly as possible into her torn clothing, Laura slipped into her white shoes.  Taking her first step, she then realized she had not wiped off her cum covered feet, drenched when the attacker came on them and forcing her to rub her feet together, causing tears to flow down her face in shame.

Fortunately, Laura managed to get to her car without anyone seeing her, then when practice was over and the children in the car, she hurried on home to cleanse herself.  Upon arriving home, Laura took off her torn clothing and kicked off her cum soaked shoes.  Her dainty white feet were slick and slimy, toes webbed together by white sticky goo.  She quickly showered and disposed of her torn clothing and ruined shoes.  “I'll never be clean again!” Laura said to herself thinking again of her assailant’s sneer before the rape took place, with him gleaming “I'm gonna ruin ya, sweetie!”

In bed that night, Laura shivered as her husband reached over to put his arm around her waist and began to caress her body.  She knew that was that sign that he wanted to make love to her, but Laura felt so dirty and unclean, not wanting her husband to make love to her body had been soiled by a big black rapist earlier that day.  But her husband was not to be discouraged and Laura couldn't help but respond to his advances, however she could only picture the image of the muscular black bastard fucking his thick lengthy cock in and out of her.

Laura felt her husband suddenly shudder, ejaculating far before she even got near to an orgasm, and then he whispered to her “Oh, Laura, I got so excited I didn't wear a rubber!”  Laura could only hope that she hadn't already knocked her up earlier that day, for the horrid possibility would have her giving birth to a little black bastard.  But if impregnated this day, regardless of who knocked her up, she just couldn’t take the chance of carrying it to full term.

For Jack McKenzie, it was a much needed fuck to ease the tension that had him stressed out for a week.  'Ah, to have such a beautiful wife like Laura, great kids, its all worth while to have gone the extra mile to land the Adams account!  That should increase my sale by a good 10% alone!  From what I've learned, if you entertain them well, the amount of sales they throw your way  is more than tenfold the amount spent on them!  So, after I give them the Home Office tour this Friday, I've got a private club all reserved with beautiuful strippers giving them anything they want!' he thought.

Sighing with relief, Jack smiled in thinking 'Thank goodness Bart Sanders knew of this guy who could supply me with the crack needed!  But that guy named Toby Moore sure was a mean and ugly looking son-of-a-bitch!  Lucky think Bart was my connection, otherwise he'd have wanted the ten grand up front rather than the balance in three weeks with a 5% surcharge!  After this party, that Adams' account should put me up in the next commission bracket to cover the balance and even get me a down for another batch!  But maybe I should end the drug bit as that drug dealer gives me the creeps and the risk is so great!'  Then he wondered 'What does that guy Toby do to guys who can't come up with the money due?  Sure wouldn't want to find out!'  

End of Story.