Lusting for Laura - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a
direct continuation of the earlier story entitled: Lusting for Laura I
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Toby Moore shook his head and rolled his eyes in disgust after having slammed the phone down on the punk who had just come up with another fuck'n excuse as to needing 'just a few more days' in which to come up with the dough he owed.  'Fuck'n whiteboy thinks this is jist fun and games when it comes to coming up with the bucks when it's due!  Prick jist pisses me off!  Guess I had better come down with the hammer or everyone's gonna be doing the same think if'n they's learn of this and think I'm going soft!' Toby fumed.  Then he made the decision that it was 'Time to break an arm or leg this weekend!'

Many miles away was Jack McKenzie wringing his hands in nervousness after having the phone slammed upon him by the dope dealer after he had made yet another plea for a few extra days to come up with the money owed.  'Damn, how could everything looks so rosy one moment and turn to shit the next?'  Jack muttered to himself.  He had only gotten himself involved in buying some crack to entertain some bigwigs, going all out on wining and dining the guy in order to land the account.  That party to land the Adams' account had been quite expensive that he held at a private club, complete with strippers and all.  It had been successful and old man Adams had promised him the account once the new quarter began in two weeks, with the fellow advising that he'd instruct his purchasing department that coming Monday.

Celebrating that entire weekend, taking his beautiful wife out to a fabulous dinner the next night and buying her an expensive diamond pendant, Jack figured that his first commission check would be right in time for him to cover paying for the party and all the incidentals, such as what was owed to mean looking Toby Moore.  But when Monday had come, Jack came to learn the news that old man Adams had suffered a heart attack over the weekend and was currently in a coma.  With the purchasing department never having gotten the headman's directive on switching the account over to him, Jack was up a creek and could only pray that old man Adams came out of the coma and still being of sound mind.  'Damn, without that commission check that I was counting on, I'm up a fuck'n creek!'  How in the hell can I come up with that kind of bucks in the next few weeks?' he pondered.

Weeks after the party, Jack was worried sick of after having to confront that mean, 6'6” 275 lb., black bastard and tried to get him to given him a 'few more days'.  That first call for the money had Jack sweating from the tone of Toby Moore's voice but he got the one week extension at the cost of an added 10% rise in interest rate he had already been tacked with.  Now, after getting that second call and Toby hanging up on him, Jack was perspiring with fear after hearing the way the black bastard cussed him out with “You'll be sorry, fucker …..........real sorry!”  'My God, with the way money has tightened up this past year and the value of the house underwater, there's no way I can re-mortgage the house to get the money to pay him off with!' he surmised, trying desperately to find a way to come up with the needed funds.

Trying not to show his nervousness while around Laura, Jack's mind was far off trying to figure out a way in which to come up with the needed money.  Regularly going out for dinner on Wednesday nights with his wife family at a nearby restaurant, Jack had not noticed the black sports car following them and parking at a distance from where he had pulled into the stall.  At first Jack was hoping to just stay a home and maybe order a couple of pizzas but then he figured it'd be best to go out for dinner as usual and he could then get a couple of stiff drinks to go with the meal.  Before leaving home, Jack had poured himself a scotch on the rocks and down it quickly to calm his nerves.

Being at a distance, Toby watched intently as the punk walked around the car to open the doors for his wife in the front and kids in the backseat.  Then as the elegant beauty stepped out of the car and stood, Toby nearly crapped in his pants as he let out a lout “Holy shit!”  He had recognized her immediately, especially after having tailed her around a bit and then grabbing her into the bushes when she had gone for her walk around the soccer field while her kids were practicing with their teams.  His cock throbbed in excitement at is recollection of how he had 'raped and ruined' the beautiful and rather na´ve young wife and mother.  Not only had he raped her good, but Toby had copped her cherry white ass and had her suck him before cumming all over her lovely face.  Then he had made his getaway and days later,  after having seen no newspaper articles on the attack, Toby relaxed in knowing that the bitch had obviously been too ashamed to report her rape.

Cock hardening as he once again got to gaze at the beauty's long sexy white legs, like when he had been casing her, Toby just loved her in those 3” heels as they made her look so elegant and sophisticated.  His devious mind churning, Toby licked his lips as he would like nothing better than another run at that succulent little beauty, especially if hubby was wanting another extension without any hassle.  'Well, buddy, are ya gonna take it like a man when I's break yer fuck'n arm or leg with a baseball bat or are ya's gonna hand me that housekey of yers so I's can pay yer purty wife a visit one night?' Toby pondered, though he had sized the whiteboy up as a sissy assed punk.  'Geez, this can turn out to be real fuck'n hilarious, especially if'n both of them don't know I's knows how I's really knows the other!' he chuckled to himself.

It was late the next afternoon when Jack had used the remote to unlock his car door and about to open it when he gave a yelp as the blow to his arm felt as if his elbow had been shattered.  Having parked in his usual spot in the parking structure, which had a wall to one side, it prevented anyone from seeing him being attacked by a black bastard wielding a baseball bat.  Then he was pushed up against his car door with his badly bruised arm being twisted up behind his back, as he heard the gruff voice of the dope dealer advising “Yer arm's only bruised right now cause I's want ya to really feel and hear it break when I's give it a little twist, punk!  Now where's the fuck'n money ya owe me?”

Toby want to crack up laughing when the punk started sniffling and whining, nearly about to cry like a little baby as he pleaded and begged not to be hurt.  “I'll pay you even more than what I owe you!  Just give me a little more time!  Please …..............please …............I beg you!” the punk whimpered.  Then Toby advised “Yer way overdue, punk!  Word gits out that I's gitting soft and not breaking an arm or leg and there goes my reputation!  Yer lucky yer purty wife and kids were with ya last night as I's didn't wanna have them see what a fuck'n weasel ya really are!”  “Please, please don't break my arm!  Let's work something out that beneficial to you!” the punk whimpered when Toby had added some pressure to his hold.

It had been just the opening that Toby was waiting for and responded with “Well, there's only one thing that I's can think of that would make me willing to give ya another extension and maybe reduce some of the interest ya already owe!”  “Anything …...............anything, just tell me what I can do!” the wimp panted out in desperation.  “Okay, tell ya what …............ya figure a way to get yer kids out of the house this Friday/Saturday …..................get yer purty wife to drive ya somewhere, like to the airport …........................ya leaving the key under the doormat fer me so I's can slip in and give sexy little honey yer married to a little surprise when she returns home!”

There was compete silence from punk after he laid out deal, and after a minute went by, Toby gruffly snarled out “Okay, punk, have it yer way!”  As Toby was rearing back, making it quite apparent that he be breaking the punk's arm in a matter of seconds, Jack McKenzie whimpered out “No … ….............I'll do what you want …...............................I'll do it ….............................I'll arrange for the grandparents to sit the kids …..............................I'll create an emergency for me to have to fly out of state ….......................leave the key for you ….....................................and have my wife drive me to the airport!  I'll do it all ….....................just as you want!”  Then Toby taunted the young punk with “Jesus, what a 'man' ya are, huh …...............................yer gonna lemme rape that beautiful wife of yers jist cause yer afraid of gitting yer ass busted!”

Holding his right arm as he grimaced in pain, Jack’s entire body still shook with fear even after the black bastard had made his departure from the parking structure.  Heart still pounding in his chest, Jack then questioned ‘What did I do?  What did I just agree to?  Oh, God ……………….how could I do such a thing ……………………to save myself?’  Feeling sick to his stomach at the thought of agreeing to give the bastard his house key, allowing him access into the house when Laura would be home alone, Jack knew what horrors that he had just exposed his beautiful wife to.  Closing his eyes, Jack shuddered at the image of the black bastard atop of Laura’s petite struggling body.

And worst of all, there was no way to back out of what he had agreed to in order to save him as Jack recall the ominous threat of “Even if’n ya come up with the money ya owe me before then, yer purty wife is mine for all the hassle ya’ve given me!  Ya renege on this and it ain’t yer arm gitting broken ………………………..I’s gonna cut yer fuck’n balls off ………….real slow and then I’s gonna make ya eat’em!”  Being the wimp-assed little weasel that he really was, Jack then began thinking as how he would go about setting things up, the get the kids out of the house …………………….allowing the big black bastard access into his home …………………….so he could rape Laura against her will!  Also, Jack had to take in consideration as to what was being told to when the bastard nearly broke his arm, of the dope dealer telling him that “I’s jist love seeing a beauty dressed like I’s saw yer wife last night, decked out in a nice dress and heels, especially when she’s undressing fer me!  Ya see to that too, punk!”

Getting back to his car, Toby shook his head laughing at how the punk had nearly cried like a baby when he threatened to break his fuck’n arm.  ‘Wouldn’t surprise me if’n he crapped in his pants, heh, heh!  Or maybe he was jist scared shitless!’ he chuckled.  ‘Damn, I’s gonna love fuck’n that beautiful bitch again …………….she sure as hell put up a fight when I’s dragged hr in the bushes that first time!  This time I’s gonna git to screw her right in her own bed ………………..where she sleeps with her wimp-ass hubby every night!  What a fuck’r she’s married to ………………..letting me rape her so he don’t git himself beat up ………….what a guy!’ Toby laughed.

Trying to think after arriving home and going into his home-office while nursing his badly bruised arm, Jack told a very concerned Laura that he had not been paying attention and had tripped on the stairway of the parking structure.  He needed to figure a way in which to do all that he had agreed to in exchange not getting any bones broken.  Not having looked at the desk calendar for weeks as he had been totally preoccupied with coming up with the money owed, he flipped to that coming weekend and then sucked in his breath before muttering out loud “Oh, shittttttttttttttttt!”  Exhaling deeply in resignation, his head slumped till his chin was on his chest as he had read the note he had written in red on Friday’s calendar ‘Anniversary!’  Jack’s dilemma now seemed to have compounded itself as not only was he sacrificing his beautiful wife but going to allow the black bastard to rape her right on their eight wedding anniversary!

On Friday morning, Laura sat at her desk wondering if her husband remembered that today was their 8th Anniversary as he seemed so preoccupied over breakfast, even more so that he had been over the past few weeks.  It had been obvious that his business had not been going well, especially when that potentially big client has suffered a heart attack right after having promised Jack his business.  With Jack having problems in his job, she had not wanted to add to his burden by mentioning it was their anniversary, but she sure could use a loving embrace from the man she loved.   ‘Oh, Jack, I wished you would hold me in your arms ……………tell me you love me!  I feel so all alone, so unclean and not deserving of you ………………..ever since that day at the soccer field ……………when was dragged into the bushes ………………….and raped …………….by a vicious black animal!’ she shuddered in thought as she reflected back to that awful day.

But a half-hour later, Laura was all smiles when the bouquet of roses from her loving husband was delivered to her desk.  Opening up the card, Laura just could believe what she was reading, thinking that Jack was so thoughtful as it read ‘Happy Anniversary, honey!  Have arranged for my parents to pick up the kids from school today and we’ll get them Sunday afternoon!  Got reservations for dinner, right after you get home, at your favorite restaurant tonight!   No need to change as you looked so beautiful were what you’re wearing!  Then we’ll be all alone to cuddle up!  I love you, Jack!’  All seemed to have cured itself at this point and Laura felt that all would be back to normal …………….especially since taking that home pregnancy test the other day with the result being ‘negative’!  ‘Thank God that black bastard didn’t get me pregnant!  That would have been sheer disaster!’ Laura pondered.  Calling to thank her husband for the flowers and having planned their anniversary celebration, Laura left a message with his secretary of her call after learning that her husband was out of the office for a few hours.  ‘Maybe he’s out planning things for tonight!’ she thought as a wide smile formed on her face.

Indeed, Jack had stepped out of his office in order to get things prepared for that night.  After days of worry and having all those images formed in his mind, an idea had formed in his mind but he wondered if he could really carry it out.  That morning, seeing his lovely wife so beautifully dressed, Jack realized that was exactly how the black bastard wanted to see her that night.  But after days of seeing those images in his head, of his petite wife struggling against the big black bastard, Jack knew that he had to act right away before it was too late and thus told his secretary that he had an important errand and that he’d be out for a few hours.

Looking at the address obtained in the phone book, Jack found the location and turned into the parking lot.  He went in and looked around, then went to look at the glass case where the most expensive ones were kept, miniature spy camcorders that were activated by either movement or sound and wirelessly transmitted to the dvd recorder.  Charging the two grand on his nearly overextended credit card, Jack walked out with three mini camcorders and recorders, then headed on home so he could get everything set up.  After suffering from having all those images of his beautiful wife being raped upon their bed, Jack was determined to have it captured from all angles for his view pleasure later.

As they arrived at the restaurant, Jack held his cellphone in hand as he advised his wife that “I’ve got to keep it on since I’m on call this weekend in case of any emergencies!  I’ll put it on vibrate so it won’t create a distraction!”  His being on call that weekend was just a lie created so that he could later pretend that an emergency call came in and that he had to fly out right away on the next available flight.  Having ordered cocktails and dining on the appetizers ordered, Jack nearly jumped when his phone did begin to vibrate in his pants pocket.  Pulling out his phone, he looked at the screen to see that it was his own home phone number that was calling him, causing Jack’s heart to sink as he knew of only one person who had access to the house at that very moment.

Getting up from the table and going toward the restroom so his talking on the cellphone wouldn’t disturb the diners, he answered the phone to hear Toby’s gruff voice telling him “Damn, got a pair of yer purty wife’s panties outta the hamper and they’s sure smells fuck’n good, my man!  I’s jist can’t wait to git my face up into the real thing!”  Jack’s heart sank further as the bastard continued to taunt him, then was further advised “Tell her that ya should be gitting to wherever ya told her by ten and ya’ll give her a call then!  And when ya hear her voice, see if’n it sounds any different …………….cause she’ll be on all fours in the middle of the bed with my big black cock being fucked up her cunny right then!  Ya stay on the line fer fifteen minutes before hanging on up!  And ya tell her that ya love her before hanging up, cause when she tells ya that she loves ya too ……………………….I’s be cumming in her tight little pussy!  Ya ……..I’s gonna breed that purty bitch of yers!”

Seeing the look on her husband’s face when he returned to the table, Laura could sense that the phone call he had just received had him quite concerned.  Inquiring as to the problem, Laura then learned that her husband had to grab the last flight out that evening due to an ‘accident resulting in a couple of injuries’ at the plant and that he needed to be on the site when daylight came!  “Thank goodness we’re already near the airport and I keep a bag in the trunk with a shaving kit and two sets of clothes for such an emergency!  So, no need to rush home!  We’ve got enough time to finish dinner and then for you to drop me off to get on the last flight!  I’ve already called and got myself booked on the flight!  I should check at the airport motel when I arrive and call you about ten tonight!  From the sounds of it, I probably won’t be back till late Sunday afternoon!” was what her husband advised.

Closing the trunk before stepping up onto the curb to wave goodbye to his beautiful wife, Jack had mixed emotions as he blinked by the tears of shame for what he was doing but his cock was twitching in his pants with excitement.  With his wife driving out of sight, Jack then went downstairs to where the hotel shuttle stopped, then grabbed the one where he had earlier booked himself for the next two nights.  It was 8:30 p.m. now, with it being a half-hour for Laura to make the drive home, meaning it’d be another full hour before it came time for making that call home.  Closing his eyes, Jack then shuddered as he pictured his beautiful wife in their bedroom ………………..naked and on all fours upon the bed, weeping and crying as the black bastard proceeded to fuck her doggie style!

Although disappointed at how their anniversary celebration had gotten interrupted by that phone call, that she had to go home alone on this special occasion, Laura was consoled as she thought that ‘He actually did remember our anniversary!  I’m so lucky to have a handsome husband who’s so thoughtful and loves me so!’  Pulling up into the driveway as the garage door opened, Laura let out a sigh at the thought of having to spend the night alone.  After parking the car, she then got out and headed to the door leading to the kitchen, pressing the remote button to close the garage door as she went into the house.  Turning the lights on, Laura then made her way down the hallway to the master bedroom.

Having heard the beauty’s arrival home, Toby anxiously waited for her to come into the bedroom and give him an exciting show.  Hidden in the closet and peering out through the door slats, Toby heard footsteps coming down the hallway as he stroked his bared boner with a pair of the bitch’s panties that he had retrieved from the hamper.  Toby had to chuckle at how well ‘used’ the pair of panties were: first worn by the petite beauty the other day; providing him with an intoxicating fragrance when he had them up against his face; and now wrapped around his throbbing boner!  Licking his lips, he was building up quite an appetite to get to eat that sweet little pussy of hers!

Wanting an exciting show to be performed for his private viewing, Toby got just that when the beauty came walking in dressed in her elegant black dress and black heels.  As she went to her dresser and began undoing the clasp behind her neck to remove the diamond pendant that she was wearing.  He licked his lips as she then began undoing the clasp at the back of her dress while stepping out of her black pumps.  Dress clasp undone and zipper pulled down, Toby then stretched his neck up to look through a higher door slit as he peered at the mirror’s reflection that showed her reaching up under her dress to work down the top of her smoky pantyhose.  Next she sat down and began rolling the hose down her trim sexy legs to reveal the succulent white meat.  Heart thumping madly in his chest, Toby stroked his throbbing cock with her silky panties as he gazed as the smoky hose was peeled down her sexy white legs.

Dress removed and tossed upon the bed, the unsuspecting beauty then opened up a dresser drawer to obtain a fresh pair of her silky panties.  Back to him as she padded across the room to where the master bath was located, Toby licked his lips while stroking his rock hard boner with her soft silky panties, anxious to once again get to sample her succulent charms.  He watched as she placed her fresh panties atop of the sink, then she reached back behind her back to undo the clip of her bra.  Next, with bra in hand, the lovely wife was bending down to stop out of her panties, giving Toby quite as shot up the lovely crack of her ass.  Bathroom door left open as the beauty presumed she was all alone in her home, the naked beauty then opened the door to the shower stall and stepped on in.

Initially planning on accosting the lovely beauty when she showered and came back into the bedroom, the head between his legs was currently throbbing and demanding attention and immediate satisfaction.  With the shower going, Toby could easily make his way out of the closet without making noise that would startle the unsuspecting beauty.  Unwrapping the silky orange pair of panties from around his dick, Toby tossed the wispy garment atop of the bed as he moved quietly towards the master bath.  Peering in and seeing that the beauty had her back to him while showering, he quietly slipped over to the shower door and reached out for the handle.

“Aieeeehhhhhhhhhh!” Laura yelped in fear upon hearing the shower door opening behind of her.  The bar of soap had slipped from her hand and hit the tile with a thud as Laura raised her arms up to cover her private parts.  “You!” was all she could utter out upon recognizing the black bastard who had raped her in the bushes off from the soccer field.  He was somehow gained access into her home, naked as she was in the confined shower stall, and the bastard was fisting that obscene thing jutting out from between his muscular black thighs.  She had backed up against the shower stall and edged herself along the side of it and now the intruder was standing between her and the hot shower spray.  Trembling with fear, Laura then heard the man who had brutally raped her ask “Ya’s had any more practice cock sucking since I’s went and taught ya how?”  Laura blinked back the tears as she shook her head ‘no’ in response.

“Ya do remember what I’s went and taught ya, don’t ya?” Laura was asked next, to which she nodded a ‘yes’ as she blinked back the tears.  How could she ever forget that humiliating act where for the first time in her life did she have to admit a male’s filthy penis between her lips, forced to use the tip of her tongue on its flaring pisshole, and eventually made to swallow the gooey filth that spurted copiously into her reluctant mouth.  Strong hand clasping upon the wrist of her right, her arm was being pulled down as the gloating bastard advised “C’mon, sweetie …………………it ain’t like I’s never seen’em before!”  Right arm going down to her side, Laura turned her head to the side in shame while removing her left hand that had been shield her most private body part for the bastard’s viewing pleasure.  “Git on yer knees now, sweetie!  Time fer ya to practice yer cock sucking skills!” she was ordered.

Knees buckling with the aid of the strong hand pushing down upon her shoulder, Laura soon found herself kneeling upon the tiles of the shower stall.  Instinctively, she had grasped the gutting bar of flesh with her right hand to keep it from hitting her face.  All those nightmarish dreams of the past weeks came flooding back into her mind, dreams that had haunted her in having been forced to do the unthinkable, that of taking the bastard’s filthy black penis into her mouth and letting him do ‘it’ in there!  With the strong hand at the back of he head pulling her forward, Laura felt her mouth water as she parted her pink lips as they made contact with the rubbery flesh.

“Oooooh, yeahhhhhhhh, sweetie ………………………ya’s remembered what I’s taught ya ………………….that’s it, use the tip of yer talented tongue on my pisshole!  Ohhhhh, damn ……………..that’s so fuck’n goooooooood!” Toby moaned with pleasure.  “Okay, baby ……………… to perfect yer technique …………………bring yer other hand up and grab my balls!” he advised.  “Yeah …………….yeah ……………….cup my balls in the palm of yer hand!  Now, roll’em …………………..roll my balls in the palm of her hand!  Oh, shittttttttt ………………yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Toby panted as his body shivered with pleasure.  “Now one last thing, sweetie ………………..what’ll turn any guy on ………………..look up at me ………………………..that’s it …………..turns a guy on when he gits to look down into the face of a beautiful bitch who’s blowing him and then gits to look in her eyes when he’s cumming in her mouth!” he instructed.

For learning a skill or trade, such on-the-job training being provided to a novice as Laura had her experiencing all the sensations in providing a lusty male with an outstanding blowjob: first was feeling a male’s scrotum and balls contract just before he popped his gooey load; next in seeing the pleasure on the male’s lusty face when he blew his wad in your mouth; and the feel of his bloated cockhead expanding in your throat just before his hot semen erupted again and again, causing her to swallow time and again as there was no place else for the slimy scum to go.  Then, after his last spurt, he made her open her mouth to show him his lumpy spunk before order her to swallow once again.  Still on her knees with her hands on them, with the shower having been turned off, Laura’s head was bent forward with her eyes looking down at the drain while strings of cum dripped from her open mouth into it.

Delirious and defeated as her assailant assisted her up to her feet, Laura could only stand there as the black bastard toweled her dry, and of course copping a feel or two as he did so.  Guided out of the master bath to the bedroom, Laura saw that the bedspread and top sheet had already been drawn down and ready to be occupied, and knew very well that the sanctity of her marital bed would soon be bearing the weight of a heavier man upon it soon …………………..only it would not only be his heavier weight that the bed would have to bear, but the fierce humping upon it that was guaranteed to come!

Standing at the foot of the king-sized bed, Laura recalled how ecstatic she had gotten in discovering that the home pregnancy test proved negative in having gotten impregnated from the brutal rape.  But now, the horror coursing throughout her petite body was at the opposite end of the scale as Laura worried ‘He’s going to rape me right on the bed that Jack and I share together!  What if ………………he impregnates me on it?  What could be worst?’  Panting for breath, now wanting to soil the sanctity of her marital bed, Laura turned to her uninvited guest to plead “Please …………..not here ……………….any where but here!”

But brutally pushed hard at the shoulders, Laura was flung backwards onto the center of the king-sized bed.  Before she knew it, her trim ankles had been grasped by large strong hands and her legs were bent backwards so her knees were raised and feet were flat upon the bed.  Then the strong hands were prying her knees apart and before Laura’s shocked eyes, her assailant was putting his head down to her sex.  She had heard that men liked to do such a thing, even Jack had attempted to nuzzle his face in her fleece but she had always pushed his head away, telling him that it was lewd.  “Ohhhhh ………….ohhhhhh ………………….oh, Goddddddddddddddddd!” she yelped upon feeling the bastard’s hot mouth clamp over her most private part as she flung her arms out, hands desperately clutched at the sides of the bed.

The McKenzie’ marital bed had never before had the lovely wife upon it in such a manner, looking so unladylike as she withered about uncontrollably.  Nor had her voice whined in such a manner as she screamed out “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhh …………..oh, Goddddddd …………………oh, Goddddddddd ………………….oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddd  ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And now, the trim gripping fingers had left the sides of the bed and were now found between her sexy white legs gripping at the kinky black hair of her ravisher.  Soon, she was arching up her hips while still clutching his kinky hair to keep his head between her legs, then she screamed out “Oh, God ……………..oh, God ………………..I’m cummingggggggggggggg ……………………I’m cummingggggggggggggggggggg ………………..oh, God ……………….yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

Having passed out from the exquisite sensations and mind-blowing orgasm, Laura began to stir upon feeling hands on her trim hips as she was turned over onto her belly. Then her hips were being drawn up and back as she was forced to rest her elbows and forearms flat upon the bed.  Laura then sucked in her breath as she felt the bastard’s thick fleshy bulb rubbing up and down the length of her quivering slit.  Trembling with fear, remembering the pain associated when the bastard had raped her in the bushes, Laura steeled her body in anticipation of the rape.  But to her shock, Laura felt her slit flower upon when the fleshy bulb pushed forward, and worst of all her cunny was squeezing upon the invading cudgel as if milking it.

A moment ago, Laura had been fearing the pain of being torn open once again.  But her fear was that of deriving unwanted pleasure from having sex with this black bastard, and now she desperately wished to feel the pain, wanting for him to ‘Hurt me …………make him hurt me ……………….don’t let me feel any pleasure from this!’  Her having that orgasmed and having juiced heavily from being eaten out, Laura was shocked to feel how easily her raped body adjusted to the donkey-sized cock that was making its way up into her cunny, right to the entrance of her fertile womb.  ‘Why are you squeezing on it?  Milking it?’ Laura asked her but her cunny continued on doing it to simulate the big monstrosity that was now starting to fuck in and out of her pussy.

Eyes closed while on all fours, in the middle of her marital bed, Laura was startled back to reality when the phone on the nightstand began ringing.  She looked to the right and her heart sank upon seeing the clock next to the phone displaying the time of 10 p.m.  ‘Oh, God …………….it’s ten o’clock ……………when Jack said he’d call!’ she realized in horror.  ‘I can’t answer it ………………….not while having sex with another man!’ she told herself.  To Laura’s despair, her tormentor chuckled “Must be yer hubby calling at this hour, heh!  Better answer it or he’ll be wondering where ya are!”  Blinking back the tears, Laura couldn’t bring herself to do it and shook her head ‘no’.

Laura shivered as the bastard shuffled up behind her, burying his foot-long cock fully up into her, then to her horror Laura saw him reach out to pick up the receiver and was putting it to her ear.  She now had not choice to answer the phone call.  “Hel ………….hello!” Laura answered, wanting her voice to reflect having been in bed, which in fact was so very true.  Hearing her husband’s voice, Laura then replied “I’m sorry, honey, I guess I must have dozed off wait for your call!’  It was an unbelievably horrid for Laura as far as she was concerned, especially in having to talk to her unsuspecting husband when having her rapist slicing in and out cunny.  Laura tried desperately to listen and comprehend what her husband was telling but it was so difficult with the big black cock skewering deep up in her and feeling the rough kinky hairs rub and down soft asscheeks.

Laura wished that Jack would say that he had to get back to working on the emergency that he had flown off to, for it was just agony and debasing to be talking to her husband while being raped by a black bastard who had broken into their home.  Over ten agonizing minutes and Jack was still on the phone conversing with her, apologizing repeatedly for having to rush on out on their anniversary.  Laura shivered in feeling the bastard licking and nuzzling at her other ear, then whispering “Tell him to call ya tomorrow night at nine ………………cause I’ll be eating out yer pussy when he calls! And before ya hang up …………… sure to tell hubby ‘I love you! Cause that’s when I’s shoot my cum in yer pussy!”

‘How can I do such an awful thing?  How will I ever be able to face Jack again if I do ……………………..telling Jack that I love him …………….just when a black rapist ejaculates his filth into me!’ Laura shuddered in disgust after her body shivered with unwanted pleasure from the shagging she was getting.  ‘Oh, Godgggggggdddddddd ………………….I wish lightning would strike me dead this very instant!’ she quivered, then spoke on the phone to her husband in asking “Will you call me tomorrow so I can hear your voice again, honey!  Nine would be a nice time and I promise not to be dozing when you call!”  Soon, the conversation was finally end after fifteen minutes and hearing her husband tell her “I love you!” Laura panted out “I …...…I …...…love you ...…too!”  Shuddering in disgrace, Laura reached over to quickly hang up the phone.

On the other end of the line, Jack too was panting, his heart thumping madly in his chest as his cock spurting its pent-up load into a couple of tissues.  He swore that he had heard the bastard grunt as his wife moaned just as the phone was hung up on him.  Jack knew exactly what had been taking place on the bed that he shared with his beautiful wife when she had stammered back that “I …...…I …...…love you ...…too!”   He knew that he should be sickened at the thought of it but instead Jack’s spent cock twitched with excitement at the image in his mind of the black bastard ejaculating his hot potent roe into his beautiful wife.  ‘Did the bastard use a condom so Laura won’t get pregnant?’ he contemplated for a second, but Jack knew damn well such was a ridiculous question to even ponder.

That next morning, Laura stirred as she was shaken awake by her bold rapist, who arrogantly suggested that she make breakfast for them.  Laura was so tired that her eyes kept closing, for her sleep had been interrupted several times during night, each because the horny black bastard wanted to fuck once again.  With her husband Jack, it was at most once before going to bed and that was it for the night.  Getting up from bed, grateful that the bastard allowed her to put on an oversized t-shirt in going out to the kitchen, Laura put on some coffee, then got out some bacon and eggs.  It was so surreal in her preparing breakfast for and eating with the bastard who had raped her.

It was evident that the bastard had built up quite an appetite in the way he scoffed down the bacon and eggs that she had served him as he sat in her husband’s chair.  When he told her that he wouldn’t mind some juice, Laura stood up from her chair to get him some from the refrigerator.  But about to pass by his chair, she was grabbed by the wrist and pulled towards the bastard as he easily lifted her by the waist and had her sitting atop of the table.  Then his strong hands had her at the ankles and pushing her knees up, she was told “Ain’t nothing I’s like better than hot pussy juice fer breakfast!  Way better than orange juice!”

Told to ‘lean back’ onto the tabletop, Laura’s mind was frantic as she came to realize what the bastard was going to do ………………… her pussy right where her husband had his meals each day!   Feet pressing against the edge of the table, Laura squealed “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………..ah ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Hands clasping at the back of his kinky head, she arched up her hips as she proceeded to sate his breakfast cravings.  Her petite body trembled, then shivered, followed by uncontrolled spasms as she once again orgasmed right in his open spurting mouth.

Now Sunday afternoon, Laura lay still upon the bed with her rapist’s arm draped over her waist while fast asleep.  She recollected the events of the day before, especially that of being eaten on the dining room table.  Next had come what she had been dreading, that of being sodomized by the black bastard, which had not gotten any better from that time in the bushes off the soccer field.  Clenching the muscles of her ass at the thought of it, Laura winced from the pain that still hurt from the butt fuck she had been given.  Worst of all, she had been made to climb upon Jack’s armchair in the den where he watched television, doing so facing the back of the chair with her kneeling upon the armrests when the bastard took her from behind.  Several fuck sessions later, a couple in the master bedroom and another on the living room couch, then Jack’s call came right at 9 p.m. and it was so hard to even thing straight while shuddering through an orgasm from the long flicking tongue up her snatch.

Laura swallowed and shivered as her thoughts went to early that morning, when she blinked her eyes awake and found her hand resting on the bastard limp but still very lengthy cock.  She had not drawn her hand away but instead wrapped her fingers around the sleeping bastard’s manhood.  Squeezing, then slowly shucking it, Laura felt it stir in her fisting hand.  Turning to look at it, Laura was simply amazed as how it seemed to have a life of its own, and soon it was standing upright on its own as she continued to handle the now throbbing love muscle.  ‘Why did I do such a thing?’ Laura asked of herself, thinking to how she had leaned over to run the tip of her tongue over the flaring pisshole.  And then she had straddled him, getting it at her juicy slit, just when the strong pair of hands was upon her trim waist and pulling her down onto it.

One last fuck session and it was time to head on off to the airport as both she and the black bastard began to get into their clothing, with Laura being told that she was to drop him off near the airport where he’d grab a cab.  Unbeknownst to Laura, the bastard had it all planned out in advance and his car was parked in the short-term lot.  Laura had dressed in a blouse, pair of slacks, and tennis shoes as she would normally for such an occasion.  Turning into the area that was for those awaiting a cellphone call for pickup at the curb, Laura was nervous as the bastard had not yet gotten out of the car and it was very near time for Jack to be calling her.  Then the bastard was unzipping his fly and pulling out his dick, telling her “One last blowjob before I go, sweetie!”

Ten minutes later, with the black bastard finally exiting her car, Laura pulled the mirror down so she could tend to her smudged lipstick.  As she did so, Laura observed the bastard in the mirror as he casually walked down the sidewalk, then saw him getting a cell phone from his pants pocket and making a call.  Doing the best she could with the tissue to wipe away the smudges, Laura swallowed and then ran her lips about her teeth and mouth, shuddering at the after taste of the salty slime spend.  Looking down at her blouse and top of her slacks, she breathed a sigh of relief in seeing that none of the stuff had gotten on them.  Then her cell phone rang and Laura saw that it was her husband calling for her to pick him up at curbside in front of baggage claim.

Unbeknownst to Laura, that phone call she had seen the black bastard making on his cell phone had been place to her husband’s cell, that he was telling Jack to call her then for pick up.  Not only that but the bastard told her husband “Now, when she picks you up, I’s be watching and I’s wanna see ya give her a nice long French kiss!  Put yer tongue in her mouth …………………git a taste of the jizz I’s jist went and spunked in her mouth a couple minutes ago!”  But that was not all as her husband was told “When ya git home, go to that bottom drawer of yer desk ………………I’s left a surprise there fer ya!”  What hubby would find in that drawer was Laura’s orange pair of panties crumbled up in a tight ball and it’d have to be peeled apart as the note atop of it would advise that it was ‘starched together on Friday night at 10:15 p.m.!’
For Toby, the thoughts of having more fun and games with this couple was quite intriguing.  One thought was to take over being the supplier of women when this bastard wanted to set-up something for one of his clients.  A threat, a promise to break an arm or leg, and Toby would be assured both supplying crack and women to the stupid punk.  Toby smiled as he thought ‘And when he calls me to send a gal up to one of his client’s hotel room, little with the punk suspect that it’ll be his beautiful wife who will be pleasing his client!  Heh, heh, sweet!  What a fuck’n caper that’ll be!’

End of Story.