Lusting for Teacher
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
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BD 103 Lusting for Teacher

Happily married to Bill Norton, with two young children in elementary school, everyone was simply amazed at how his beautiful wife Jill obtained her doctorate degree and still managed to raise a lovely family.  Having obtained her master's degree before beginning her teaching profession, Jill had never let the dream fade in obtaining a doctorate degree and pursue her ultimate goal of teaching at State University.

Upon obtaining her PhD in mathematics, a special faculty assembly was held by the dean of the junior college to make the big announcement.  In her classes, many students got wind of her achievement and inquired as to her plans, which she relayed to them of her dream to teach at State U.  All her students wished her well and hoped to be taking her classes there, if and when they managed to get into State U.

But in applying for a position at State U., Jill had been rebuffed with a response that there had been no openings for over a year in the math department and that there were already a number of applications already on file.  Having left her application anyway, she then returned to disappointedly to Delany Junior College to continue her teaching there.

The next year, a student in one of her classes was Lyle Thompson, the star football player for the junior college who had football scholarships coming in from across the country.  He had been nursing a big crush on the beautiful Mrs. Norton ever since taking her class in his freshman year and always jacked off at night with her in mind.  He knew she was happily married with two young children but that didn't stop him from dreaming.  She always appeared so naïve and innocent to him, but he could sense that hidden wild streak within her.  He had sensed her nervousness whenever he was near her and suspected that she had heard of and wondered about the famous myth of black men.

State U. was desperate for Lyle's talent but they, along with most of the recruiting colleges would not or were very careful so as not to violate any recruiting rules.  This especially applied to any under-the-table payoffs to players or family members, knowing all actions involving top incoming talent were heavily scrutinized.   The coach at State U. was hounding him, telling him whatever was possible.  The coach at State advised that he would go out of his way, doing whatever was possible for Lyle if he would give his commitment to State U.

Lyle knew that there was no way anything like cash or a brand new car would be part of his payday.  Smiling to himself as his devious scheme began to evolve in his mind, his cock twitched at the thought of getting the prize he coveted most, that of getting into the panties of the beautiful Mrs. Jill Norton.  Thinking of his beautiful teacher, Lyle pulled his throbbing cock out of his shorts and began stroking himself, closing his eyes as he pictured her trim sexy legs opening wide for him.

It was certainly a highly unusual request but one that the coach would be able to convince the boosters and college administration to grant him.  Especially, as it would not draw any type of investigation by the overseeing organizations.  After all, it was unheard of that one of the conditions made by an incoming college athlete before signing a commitment was that a qualified teacher from the junior college level be hired and also be assigned as his counselor.

The next day, during her office hours, Jill was surprised to have a visit from Lyle Thompson.  When Lyle asked "Will you be applying to State U. again, Mrs. Norton?" Jill sighed a bit in her disappointment.  "Well, I resubmitted my application recently but heard the same thing like last year, that they haven't hired in a bit and don't foresee any openings in the near future!"

Lyle responded "I've been contacted by the coach at State U. for football and have been thinking about going there.  It sure would be great if you were to get a position there.  I'd sure like to be in your classes again!  You never know how things will work out?  Maybe we'll both get to go to State!"  He smiled at his beautiful teacher, feeling his cock twitch upon seeing how uncomfortable she was with him being so close by.  He forced himself to leave at that point, knowing he wouldn't be able to restrain himself from touching her if he stayed any further.

Seeing the muscular football player depart, Jill sat shivering at her desk, panting nervously as she wondered 'God, why do I feel so jittery whenever Lyle is near me?  It's like when I was a teenager wanting to go out on a date and be close to a boy!  But I'm not a teenager!  I'm 28 years old, a high school teacher, happily married with two beautiful young children in elementary school!  Is that myth really true?  Is Lyle's manhood far bigger than Bill's?  I feel so jittery when he's near me!  What would happen if he ever touched me?'

That night, after having lifted some weights, Lyle picked up the letter from the coach at State U.  Seeing the coach's home number also upon it, he figured it was worth the shot as the worst thing that could happen was getting a 'no' as to his demands.  Dialing the number and hearing Coach Daniels voice, he said "Hi, Coach, this is Lyle Thompson!"

Coach Daniels was quite happy to get a call from Lyle Thompson, the number player on his recruiting list.  "Hi, Lyle!  How ya doing?  Gonna come to State?" he asked, hoping that Lyle was about to give his commitment to State U.  With the talents of the likes of Lyle Thompson and a couple other talented recruits, he knew that State U. would be able to compete within the top four spots in the league.

He listened intently as Lyle inquired "Coach, remember you saying you'd do anything to get me to come to State short of getting into any recruiting violations?  Well, there's one thing that would get me to commit to State U.!"  Coach Daniels responded "Fire away, Lyle!  If it don't involve recruiting violations where money or traceable items to family members, then I'll definitely give it my best shot!"

Lyle then gave his proposal to Coach Daniels "There a teacher at my junior college that's been applying for a teaching position in the Math department at State U.  They keep telling her there's no openings and probably won't be any for quite awhile!  Can you do anything about it, coach?"

Coach Daniels was stunned at this request.  He'd had students and parents asking for money, cars, jobs and anything related to some kind of financial gain but nothing of this nature.  "Damn, this is something I've never heard of before!  You'll commit to State U. if one of your high school teachers gets offered a job at State?"  Hearing Lyle respond in the affirmative, he laughed out loud "Damn, Lyle …………….you want to get in her fuck'n panties!  She must be some hot little bitch!  Shit, with your talent on the football field, you'll have all the coeds falling at your feet no matter which college you go to!  Gimme her name!  This might just be something that could be worked out!  Let me get hold of the alumni with a lot of clout and talk to the dean!  Okay …………Mrs. Jill Norton!  Mathematics!  And you want her to be appointed as your tutor and counselor!"

The next week, Coach Daniels had gotten the good news from the dean that everything was in place and that Mrs. Jill Norton had been offered the newly created vacancy in the math department.  Hearing Lyle's voice, he happily made the announcement "Lyle, Coach Daniels at State U.!  Get that pen ready, my boy!  Everything's been worked out in getting that sweetie of yours a position in the Math Department at State!"

Lyle was obviously quite happy at the news, his cock twitching in anticipation of being even closer to his beautiful teacher, far closer than she would ever imagine.  "You got it coach!  Once I hear she's accepted the position, I'll sign the commitment the next day!" he advised.  After hanging up phone, Lyle put fist into the air to celebrate "Yessssss!  Ahhhh, Mrs. Norton …………….soon, your sweet little white ass is gonna be all mine!"

At the end of the school year, while packing up her belongings from her office, Jill felt a nervous shudder course through her body at Lyle Thompson's unexpected arrival.  Stammering a bit, she greeted her student "Hi ……hi, Lyle!  Have you decided upon which college scholarship you're going to accept?"

"Sure did, Mrs. Norton!  Going to be joining you at State U.!" came the response that caught her off guard, especially since she had told no one but the dean.  When Lyle asked if he could be of help, Jill asked if you could help take her car down to her car.  Once her student had departed, Jill was left in shock as to how her student knew of her going to teach at State U.

Taking a break from her packing, Jill leaned back then sat upon the edge of her desk, visibly shaken by Lyle's knowledge of her going to State.  She kept wondering 'How ……………how did he know that I was offered and accepted a position at State U?  It had caught me totally by surprise when the head of the math department at State U. called me, wanting to talk to me about my application!  After more than a year, then all of a sudden I got called!  Did …………….did Lyle have something to do with this?  Oh, God …………..I already told the junior college dean of my job offer and that I'd finish the school year before leaving!  What should I do?  Maybe I'm just imagining all of this!'

Several months later, working a bit late in her office and hearing a knock upon her office door, Jill called out "Come on in!"  She caught her breath and shivered as the familiar grinning face of Lyle Thompson looked in upon her.  Jill swallowed and stammered "H ……Hi, Lyle!  How are you doing on the football team?  Are you ready for the first game?"

"Just stopped by to say 'Hi!' Mrs. Norton!  Didn't know if you were still going be here this late!" Lyle advised, though he had first been certain to check and see that her car was still in the parking lot, thus knowing that she had not gone home as yet.  "Boy, there's sure a lot of construction going on out here in the hallway!" he added having just passed a lot of construction work on the outside.  "Sure am looking forward to it, Mrs. Norton!  You're coming to see me, aren't ya?"

Jill smiled and advised "Oh, I certainly am!  I must see you in your first college game!"  Then Lyle asked "Going to wish me luck, Mrs. Norton?" Jill replied "Of course, Lyle!" and extended her hand to shake his.  A good-luck handshake was all she expected on giving Lyle but it was obviously not what Lyle had on his mind as he grasped her hand firmly and moved forward to plant a passionate kiss on her lips.

Jill was taken totally by surprise and unable to put up any type of fight nor resistance.  She could not help but to melt in his arms, her lips parting to admit his searching tongue.  As the kiss ended, instead of pulling away, she leaned forward and returned his kiss as his hands roamed over her breasts, crinkling the dress that she was wearing.  When the kiss ended, Jill was left panting hard for breath from the intimate touches of her bold student, watching as he left her office.

'Oh, God!  I didn't resist his advances and even kissed him back!  How could I allow him to touch me like that?  No one except Bill has touched me in such an intimate manner before!  Oh, God!  If he hadn't stopped right then, what would have happened?  Ohhhh …………I was putty in his hands!  I wanted him to keep on touching me ……………to touch me without my clothes on!' Jill moaned softly.

Jill closed her eyes and now cupped her breasts, touching herself where Lyle had his hands.  Breathing hard, she caressed her nipples through her dress, moaning loudly 'God, is the rumor really true that Lyle took the scholarship at State only if they hired me and assigned me as his tutor and counselor? Do I owe my job here to Lyle Thompson?'

With the building basically deserted due to the late hour and the condition of the hallway being under construction, Lyle milled around a bit to make sure the coast was clear.  He noticed that due to the construction, the door remained a bit uneven and allowed for one to peek into Ms. Norton's room.  Peering in through the crack, Lyle smiled as he witnessed the display that his beautiful teacher was putting on for him, knowing that his kiss and touch had her in heat.

A week later, again working late in her office, the phone ran as Jill sat while correcting papers.  "Math Department!  Mrs. Norton!" she answered.  "Mrs. Norton ……………..this is Coach Daniels, the football coach!  How is the new job coming along?" she heard on the receiver.  "Fine ………just fine!  Thank you for asking, Coach Daniels!  Can I be of help to you?" she asked, puzzled as this was her first interaction with the football coach.

Coach Daniels chuckled and advised "You sure can, honey!  You've got to take care of that boy of yours!"  He realized that the innocent teacher had no clue as to how she had gotten her job when she asked with a puzzled tone "What?  What are you talking about?"  He wanted to laugh out loud in telling her "Come on, sweetie!  You've got to take care of Lyle!  He's all tensed up with the big game this weekend!  State's counting on you to take good care of its star running back!"

Heart pounding, realizing now just what the coach was referring to, she stammered "I …………..I don't know what you mean?  I'm just his tutor and counselor!"  Her act of innocence in the matter was completely shattered when Coach Daniels replied "C'mon, sweetie …………….don't be so naïve!  How do you think you got the job at State U.?  He's got the hots for you!  I'm sending him over to see you for some special tutoring!"  "But ………..but …………!" was all she could reply when the dialtone could be heard on the receiver, indicating that Coach Daniels had hung up on her.

Jill sat immobile at her desk, clenching her thighs as she now knew the truth that Lyle Thompson was indeed the reason that she was now at State U.  After having tried desperately to put out of her mind the passionate kiss and intimate touches of the other week, she could not shake the image of Lyle Thompson.  Then, wild sensations coursed through her body as she wickedly thought 'Should I repay Lyle for his thoughtfulness?  Do I dare?  Do I dare break my marriage vows to Bill?  Oh, God ……………….I want it so badly!  Married to a loving husband with two beautiful children ……….yet here I am wanting to be taken by a the handsome black jock of State U.!'

Fidgeting nervously at her desk, knowing that Lyle was on her way over to visit her, Jill wanted to look attractive for the person really responsible for her position at State U.  Getting up from her desk, thinking that she had time to make a quick change before Lyle's arrival, Jill slipped out of the dress she was wearing to put on her nice blue dress and matching heels.

The walk from the athletic office, where Coach Daniels had advised Lyle of Mrs. Norton wanting to see him, normally took about fifteen minutes but Lyle literally ran over in his excitement to see the woman of his dreams.  The normal fifteen minute walk had been cut to a mere five minutes due to Lyle's speed and conditioning.  Thus, Jill's decision to change into her sexier blue dress provided Lyle with another teasing view of his sexy teacher through the crack in the doorway.

Watching his beautiful teacher slip on her blue dress and eyeing her ivory white legs as she slipped on her heels, Lyle felt his cock stirring in his crotch, twitching in anticipation.  He knew how hot and bothered she had been the prior week when he had kissed her passionately and caressed her breasts through her dress.  He knew that the reason she was putting on her nice blue dress was solely for his benefit.  If he had his way on this night, he sure as hell intended on stripping that blue dress right off her sexy bod.

Stepping away from his vantage point once Mrs. Norton had sat down behind her desk, Lyle had to calm himself as well as to let that swelling in his crotch go down a bit, a lot to be exact.  Besides, having covered that distance to her office so quickly, he did not want to appear too anxious with his quick arrival.  Deep down, after seeing her changing for his arrival, he knew that her resistance would be minimal at best.  Finally, having calmed down adequately, Lyle knocked on the door before opening it.  Leaning in, he innocently asked  "Mrs. Norton ………….Coach Daniels said that you wanted to see me!"

Shivering at the sound of Lyle's masculine voice, Jill stammered "Come …………come in, Lyle!  Have a seat!  I …………….I just wanted to inquire how you were doing with your courses and if you needed any tutoring!"  In telling Lyle to have a seat, she had actually tapped the top of her desk, wanting deep down to have this young man near to her.

Lyle smiled widely as he had a seat on the edge of her desk as she had indicated.  They chatted a bit about school in general, but the showdown was near when Mrs. Norton mentioned that Coach Daniels had called her to inform her that he was all up tight.  When his teacher told him to turn a bit and then felt her soft hands upon his shoulders to massage his muscles, Lyle knew that the moment of truth was near.

Heart pounding in her chest, Jill nervously got up and looked at the broad muscular back before her.  Panting for breath, she knew that once she put her hands on Lyle's muscular body, she would be hopelessly lost from then on.  Reaching out towards the muscular shoulders of her student, Jill shivered as a course of pleasure shot throughout her body as she made contact upon his tense shoulders.

Lyle enjoyed the shoulder massage that the soft tender hands were administering to him. His cock twitched as he heard her say "'Oh, Lyle ……………you really are all tensed up! Your muscles have all tightened up!"   Smiling, Lyle replied "There's still one muscle that's hard as a rock!" as he grasped her hand and pulled it down to the bulge in his pants.

With her hand now resting upon the bulging crotch of her bold student, Jill could not resist the temptation to squeeze the throbbing mound.  As her other hand was also drawn down to the bulge, Jill was mesmerized as she slowly sank to her knees before State U's football star.

At this point, Jill just had to see for herself just what was creating such a tremendous mound under the pair of jeans.  Panting hard, desperate to get her very first view of a big black cock, her fingers began to unbuckle the belt.  Next, Jill opened the top of Lyle's pants and reached in to fish out the object of his her nightly dreams ever since he had kissed and fondled her.

Lyle groaned with pleasure upon feeling the soft hands of his sexy teach moving up and down the length of his cock.  He caressed her long brown hair, moaning "Oh, Mrs. Norton …………that feels so good!  Oh, yesssssss …………….ahhhhhhhh …………..your hands feel so good, Mrs. Norton!  Ohhhhhh ……………suck it for me, Mrs. Norton!"

Never having done such a thing, Jill was shocked at the request and stammered "Lyle ………..I …………..I can't do that!  I ………..I've never done that before!  Not even for my husband!"  Jill swallowed in nervousness, her mouth watering at the wicked thrill of having a cock in her mouth for the very first time.  Panting in her excitement, lips partially open, she wondered if the thick blunt cockhead would actually fit between her lips.

Lyle sucked in his breath, trying desperately to stem the tide of his churning balls, moaning "Please, Mrs. Norton …………..I've dreamt about you sucking me for years!  I promise ………….I won't cum in your mouth!"  At this point, Lyle would promise her anything just to get her beautiful lips around aching cock.  He knew deep down that once she did put her lips around him, there would be no way in hell he'd be able to refrain from cumming in her mouth.

Jill nervously licked her lips and slowly moved forward a bit, darting her tongue out to touch the thick rubbery cock.  Then, shivering in both fear and excitement, Jill opened her mouth wide to engulf the bulb-like head of the thick cock.  Bobbing her head, she took it deep into her mouth, then shuddered as it threatened to push its way into her throat.

Lyle moaned, wrapping his hands tightly in Jill's long flowing hair, fucking his lengthy cock in and out of her hot sucking mouth.  His body trembled as his cock expanded in her mouth, pumping faster and faster as his body trembled.  Of course he lied about not cumming in her mouth, holding her head even tighter at this point in preventing her from pulling away.

"Oh, teach …………..ohhhhhhh ……………..I'm going to cum ………….going to cum in your sweet mouth!" Lyle moaned loudly.  Looking down at the now struggling beauty, he held her firmly, enjoying the looking of horror with her eyes wide open as she tried desperately to take her mouth off his cock.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned loudly as his cock twitched, then exploded in the hot sucking mouth.

Sighing with relief from the pleasurable sensations in cumming in Mrs. Norton's mouth, Lyle finally eased his now dwindling out of her mouth as she shuddered in revulsion of his slimy spend.  This was absolutely the most thrilling blowjob he had ever experienced, a dream cum true for Lyle.  "Ahhhh, baby!  I'm sorry ………….you just felt so fuck'n gooooddddd!" he apologized.

On her knees, shuddering, Jill could not believe the lewd act that she had just performed on her student.  Her stomach rebelled at the slick and slimy goo, a taste she was not accustomed to.  Shaking, Jill quickly held her hand up to her mouth as she had to spit out the slimy fluid into her open palm.  Grabbing the nearby trash can, she began coughing up the thick spend.  "Lyle ………… ………… promised!" Jill stammered through the sticky spend as her body shook in disgust.

Feeling bad that he had broken his promise to her, Lyle reached down to caress her, then pulled her up to him.  Turning her with her back to him, his arms encircled her as he began to fondle her breasts.  Expertly, he first removed the belt to her dress, then undid the back as he began to strip the dress off her sexy white body.  Undoing the clasp of her black bra, that was soon stripped from her arms.  Cupping her bared breasts, he felt her nipples rise to the occasion as he caressed her.  Then Lyle peeled down her matching panties and that fell to her heels.

Stripping off his own clothing, Lyle laid his beautiful teacher onto her desk.  Slowly, he removed her left heel and kissed her beautiful foot.  Then he followed the same procedure with her other heel.  With the soles of her feet on his shoulders, he eagerly repaid her the pleasure she had given him as he began feasting on her sweet honeypot.

Squirming upon her desktop, panting in anticipation of feeling a man's mouth sucking upon her pussy for the very first time.  "Mmmmm ………………mmmmmmm …………….mmmmmmmm!" Jill mewled as the flicking tongue delved between the lips of her juicing slit.  "Ohhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhh, Godddddddddd!" she panted as she pushed her feet up against his muscular shoulders.  "Mmmmmmm ……….mmmmm ………………ahhhhhhhhh!" she shuddered as her body rocked in a convulsive orgasm.

Feeling the quivering body climax under his slurping mouth, Lyle licked his lips to savor the tasty honey his beautiful teach had fed him.  His cock had risen to attention once again and as he stood up, he found that his jutting cock was at the perfect level to spear right into the woman of his dreams.  Grasping her trim hips, he stepped forward and put this throbbing cockhead right up against her juicing slit.

"Ohhhhh ……………….babyyyyyyy!  Ohhhhhhh ………………….so fuckingggggg .………tightttttt!" Lyle groaned as he forced his bulb-like cockhead into her tight quim.  Rearing back, he slammed his cock into her, pumping his lengthy cock into her over and over again.  Her mewling and moaning had him all jacked up, pumping into her with all of his might.  He wanted her to belong to him as of this moment, taunting her, demanding that she tell him "Who's your daddy, Bitch?"  Lyle knew that she was all his in hearing her response "You are, Lyle!  You're my daddy!" as his fucked deep into her.

Jill had never had such a big cock slicing into her, causing her to squirm about on her desktop.  Spreading her legs wide, she encircled his body and began to fuck back to meet his plunging thrusts.  Jill had not been prepared for such an energetic lover, having only experienced one man in her life till now with her husband always content in making love in the missionary position.  She found that Lyle was not content in fucking her in just one position, soon finding herself being pulled down off the desk and being turned around as her stud was about to fuck her like a true bitch.

"Ohhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………….mmmmmmmmm!" Jill moaned over and over again.  This college jock was certainly giving her the fucking of her life.  Closing her eyes, the image of her loving husband flashed before her, bringing about a rush of guilt as she now allowing a longer and thicker cock to venture into what belonged only to her husband.  But Jill knew that there was no denying the fact that there was no comparison of her husband's manhood to what was screwing her now.  The cock slicing in and out of her at this very moment made Bill's seem like a mere toy in comparison.

Suddenly Jill was pulled at the hips, causing her hands to leave the edge of the desk upon which she had been bracing herself.  Now her back was to both Lyle and the desk, being pulled down to fit her now gaping pussylips onto the thick black prong.  "Ohhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as the pleasure giving shaft once again became a part of her.  Standing on tiptoes, Jill began bouncing her body up and down, fucking herself onto the big black bone.

So caught up in the throes of ecstasy and the need to quell that burning itch between her thighs, Jill bounced faster and faster upon the long thick prong.  "Oh, God ………..oh, God ………………….ahhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhh!  God, fuck meeeeeeeeeee ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed as her body shook and shuddered in the much needed orgasm.  So much in need of this fuck, Jill had thrown all caution to the wind, letting this young college jock spurt his potent seed deep into her womb.  On this day, her most fertile time of the month, Jill was filled to the brim with her student's hot sticky juice.

From this date on, Bill Norton would find his lovely wife dedicating herself her teaching job at State U.  He would find Jill giving up a lot of her time to tutor students, especially the star football player on the team.  But Bill had always been an ardent football fan, especially for State U. which was his alma mater, thus he encouraged Jill to make sure State U's star player kept up his grades.  When mid-season arrived, Bill wanted to shake the hand of State's star player, in fact asking his wife to make the introduction she tutored him each week.

End of Story.