Lusty Father-in-law - I
(m/f, cons, incest)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Jenny and Ted Thompson had been married three years now and their lives together had been one of happiness and love.  Ted was doing very well in his job as an architect, allowing Jenny to work independently at home as a writer for a national magazine.  Jenny loved the feeling of independence, working whenever she had the urge to do an article.

One thing the Thompson’s desperately were having a hard time of was in their desire to start their family.  After testing was done on both of them, it was found that Ted had a very low sperm count.  Though Jenny enjoyed the lovemaking with her husband, since the test results it seemed that Ted was trying too hard and had even a harder time achieving a climax.  Over the past few months, Jenny remained in need of satisfying the itch between her thighs while her loving husband lay snoring beside her.  For the first time since she and Ted dated steadily, wicked thoughts of taking a lover entered her mind, upsetting Jenny for such illicit thoughts.

At the age of 27, Jenny still easily passed for much younger, always being asked for her ID when ordering a drink.  Her long silky blonde hair grabbed men’s attention whenever she passed, not to mention her 5’4”, 118 lb. sexy frame with long white legs.  Having been brought up in a very conservative home environment, Jenny did not flaunt her sexiness but could not help noticing the appreciative stares that she drew.  She had even noticed how Ted’s own father gazed at her, watching her every movement when he thought she wasn’t looking or paying attention.    

Her father-in-law Mike Thompson, whom she referred to as Pop Thompson, was very well built at 6’3” and 195 lb.  He was quite a man, a college football player in his time, with a chest full of curly gray hair.  That last time he had stopped on by in the morning for coffee on his way to visit an old friend of his, then Pop would be stopping back late that afternoon and spending the weekend with them.  Jenny had already gotten dressed for work and in the process of reply to an email from her boss when she could feel Pop eyeing up her legs.  Shivering from the attention, Jenny could not help but to naughtily wonder 'Is Pop dreaming of getting into his daughter-in-law's panties?'  With her left leg crossed over her right, Jenny deliberately pop her left heel and let it dangle from her toes.  At that instant, she heard Pop suck in his breath, causing her bite down on her teeth to keep from smiling.   


As he sipped at his coffee, Pop eyes were riveted to the long sexy legs of his beautiful daughter-in-law as his breathing became labored at the succulent sight.  On each and every visit, or with his son and Jenny visiting, Pop would have to force himself not to stare at his son's beautiful wife.  On many occaison, when in the privacy of a locked bathroom, Pop would wank off to the image of his lovely daughter-in-law that he mentally pictured.  Although he knew that it was an impossiblity, Pop still would fantasize at the prospect of running his hands up her sexy legs, touch her pretty toes, and then making passionate love to her.  'Oh, Jenny .............................I want to fuck you so bad!  Damn, I want you so bad!' he sighed.  

Upon returning home from work late that afternoon, Jenny gazed at her husband puttering in the yard without a shirt on and chuckled at his slim hairless chest.  Closing her eyes, Jenny tried to picture herself naked under the burly body of her rugged father-in-law.  The wicked thought had her squeezing her thighs together in a responsive action, causing her panties to become moist with love juices.  Blinking her eyes, Jenny scolded herself for having such an illicit thought.  'Why am I thinking such nasty thoughts?  You should be ashamed of yourself!  Thinking of another man is bad enough, but my own father-in-law!  You're sick!' she chied herself.

With a party to be held at their home tomorrow, Ted to be out golfing with his boss, Jenny was happy that Pop Thompson had volunteered to help rearrange the furniture.  Jenny thought of the times she had caught her father-in-law giving her body the once over, undressing her with his eyes, but he was always outwardly very respectful to her.  Jenny wondered just how Pop Thompson would react if given an opportunity, then wickedly decided to see if in fact her assessment was correct.

That next morning, knowing that Pop would arrive early, Jenny heard his car drive up and the car door slam shut.  She quickly changed in her bedroom and purposely left her nightgown and panties at the foot of the unmade bed.  When Pop knocked at the front door, she greeted him in an almost see through blouse and extra short white skirt "Hi Pop! I overslept a bit and just 'changed'.  Come have a bite to eat and a cup of coffee with me before we get started."

 As they entered the kitchen, Pop couldn't help but stare at the beautiful trim white legs walking ahead of him.  How he often dreamt of having those legs wrapped around his waist while he fucked away at her tight pussy but kept telling himself it was his son’s lovely wife that he was ogling.  He admired his son for his choice of a wife, eyeing Jenny’s lovely body as she began to prepare breakfast for them.  At the refrigerator, Jenny rubbed her arms “My, its sure is getting cold.  Would you mind getting my sweater for me Pop?  It's hanging in my bathroom".  "Sure, no problem!" Pop replied.

 Pop entered the master bedroom and his heart threatened to explode as he observed the sheer nightgown and pink panties lying at the foot of the bed.  Jenny had mentioned that she had just 'changed' and obviously had just taken off these items.  Pop slowly reached down to touch the nightgown and then picked up the skimpy pair of yellow panties.  He held them to his face, smelling the intoxicating fragrance.  The panties were still warm, the crotch area so intoxicating.  He couldn't get enough of the fragrance as he began to eat the crotch, licking its tasty flavor.  His cock was about to bust open his zipper and Pop quickly went to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.  He whipped out his cock and wrapped the silk panties around his cock.  A dozen strokes and he came into the toilet but in his frenzy of lust, some cum shot onto the crotch of the panties.  Frantically, Pop tried to get his cum off the crotch but it remained damp and sticky.  He hoped it would dry quickly and Jenny would not notice her soiled panties.  He was worried but felt he could keep his daughter-in-law busy and keep her from going to the bedroom till the panties dried.

 Pop exited from the bathroom and was trying to arrange the panties to the same position he had found them.  Jenny stepped out from the closet, where she was watching his every move.  She stood directly behind Pop "What were you doing in the bathroom with my panties Pop?"  Pop turned quickly to face Jenny, his mouth open but no words came out.  He was beet red as there was no way out of the fact he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or actually with his daughter-in-law's panties.

 Jenny walked over to the bed and retrieved her panties from the bed.  She looked down and had to peel the crotch apart, as the thick sticky cum glued it together.  Jenny looked up into Pop's face and gave him a cringing look of disgust.  "You're a filthy old man Pop!  What's your son and Mom going to say when they hear about this?" Jenny quizzed.  Pop sat down on the bed, head hung low as he starred at the floor, his life flashing before him.  Jenny slowly stepped forward to stand directly to Pop's right side, only an inch away.  Though embarrassed, Pop could not help but to glance to his right to take in Jenny's trim white legs and lovely feet.

 "Why is my panties all wet and sticky Pop?  What's that white sticky stuff Pop?" Jenny quizzed, holding the panties six inches from Pop's face. "Did you masturbate into my panties?  Answer me Pop!" Jenny demanded.  Pop could not speak but could only nod.  "You're disgusting Pop!" scolded Jenny.  With that Jenny reached up under her skirt and tugged down her white panties, letting them fall to her feet, then stepped out of them.    Pop starred in disbelief.  "Pick up my panties!" commanded Jenny.  Pop did so, loving the feel of her warm panties.  "Smell my panties, you dirty old man!" demanded Jenny.  Pop happily obeyed.  "Lick the crotch, you pervert!" came the next command.  Pop obeyed.  "Now show me how you masturbated in my panties Pop!"  Pop slowly unzipped his pants and out popped his rigid cock.  He closed his eyes and wrapped the soft panties around his cock.  Jenny smiled and knew Pop wouldn't last too long after this teasing.  "Take your hand off my panties!" Jenny commanded.  Pop did so, his cock slowly pulsing with the silky white flag waving up and down.

 Jenny suddenly knelt down, wrapped her two fists around the panty covered cock and began to pump up an down.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………...." groaned Pop, his body shaking.  Jenny felt Pop's cock expand and twitch, knowing he was soon going to blow his load.  Quickly, Jenny bent her head, looking up into Pop’s unbelieving eyes she bared his cockhead.  “Ohhhhhhhh, honeyyyyy ………..ohhhhhhhh, Godddddd!” Pop groaned as he watched and felt the warm pointed tongue dart out to lick his oozing cockhead.  “Ohhhhhhh, Godddd …….!” Pop moaned and arched his hips as the sucking mouth enveloped the head of the cock.
Pop feel back onto the bed as he groaned aloud and Jenny shuffled up to follow, capturing his cock in her mouth.  Jenny was just in time for the cockhead expanded, then exploded in her mouth, spurting out a cup full of hot lumpy goo.  Meanwhile, Pop continued to groan as his entire body shook in its climax.  Pop had never cum so hard in his life.  The feel of his beautiful daughter-in-law's soft warm mouth was unbelievable.  Jenny drank down all the lumpy goo until Pop's cock shriveled and slowly popped out of her mouth.  Pop lay back exhausted, thinking he had just died and gone to heaven.

 Pop had rested a few minutes.  He gasped as he felt a warm soft hand envelope his shrunken cock, causing his cock limp cock to twitch and quickly rise to attention.  Pop looked down to see Jenny handling his cock and her tongue darted out to lap his cock head.  Pop really thought he was in heaven.  He finally found the nerve to speak "Oh, Jenny you're so beautiful!"  Jenny smiled at him "Take my clothes off and make love to me Pop!"  Pop was quick to react by unbuttoning her blouse and getting it off.  He reached behind her to unsnap her bra.  Pop darted his head down to her soft breasts and began tonguing her pink nipples.  He unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and dragged them over her trim sexy legs.

Panting hard, the constant dreams of touching her smooth sexy legs had Pop besides himself as he ran his hands all over her.  Placing her soft pink soles on his chest, Pop then bent his head and licked at her beautifully pedicured toes.  His daughter-in-law obviously was aware of his fetish and weakness as she lifted each petite foot and rubbed it over his face, and then her heard her commanding him to "Lick my feet, Pop!  You know you want to do it!"  And that was all he needed to begin obeying her commmands.

Cock aching so badly, he had to make his ultimate wish come true at this point before poppin off prematurely ..........................that of fucking his beautiful daughter-in-law!  With her legs spread wide, ankles resting on his upper arms, Pop rubbed is cock up and down her hot little slit and got it centered.   "Oh, Jenny I've dreamed of you each night!  I’ve wanted you since that very first time I laid eyes on you!”  Pop groaned.  Then, he thrust his 10" cock into her welcoming moist pussy, skewering her immediately with half of his fat cock.

 "Oh Goddddddd ………… Pop …………yesssss ………. you're far longer and thicker than Ted!  Fuck me …………ohhhhhhhhh ………..fuck me hard ………..ohhhh, yesssss …………..Popppppp!" Jenny exclaimed.  Long trim white legs wrapped around his aged body, Pop began his long strokes and pumping action into the woman of his dreams, his beautiful daughter-in-law.  As Pop’s hairy body slid up and down the petite body of his daughter-in-law, the thick mat of chest hair tickled Jenny’s pink nipples madly, driving her to hunch back onto the plunging cock.  The marriage bed creaked as never before, for Pop was determined to fuck a baby into his lovely daughter-in-law.

A simultaneous climax was quickly achieved by both as Jenny's pussy overflowed with Pop's thick ropy sperm, then they rested with Pop's shriveling cock nestled in Jenny's warm pussy.  Twice more, Pop's cock rose to attention and pumped its load safely into his daughter-in-law's womb.  As his son had a low sperm count and wanted to start a family, Pop wanted to help in any way possible.  He certainly was doing all he could to knock up his lovely daughter-in-law.

 Ted came home to find his beautiful wife already nicely dressed for the party and his father happily assisting in moving some chairs.  He was so happy that his dad and wife got along so well together and how close they were.  If he only knew how close they were that morning in his own bed, so tightly joined that he would not have been able to pry them apart.  He went into the bedroom to change, where he observed the soiled sheet and his wife's soiled panties.  He naturally thought it was soiled from their lovemaking last night.  He picked up his wife's soiled panties, held them to his face and inhaled.  The pungent smell of sex still lingered.  He licked at the stiff crotch area.  He smiled thinking that he must have shot a load in her pussy to have so much starch leak out.  If he only knew the truth!

 After that eventful weekend, Pop stopped by each morning as his son was leaving, on the pretense that he would help Jenny with the gardening.  Jenny loved to work in the yard and always grew beautiful flowers.  Fortunately his father loved to garden also, as Ted detested yard work.  Little did Ted realize that the garden Pop was plowing was in fact his wife's fertile garden, in which Pop was determined to plant his seed till it took root.

Jenny couldn’t believe Ted was Pop’s son, not the way they compared in the bedroom.  ‘God!’ Jenny thought ‘Ted’s a fucking dud in bed!  He could sure take some lessons from his old man!’  Each morning Jenny eagerly awaited Pop's arrival, brushing her hair and putting on lipstick, with a dab or two of sexy perfume.  Often Pop arrived early and joined them for coffee.  As soon as Ted left for work, Jenny and Pop hurried to the still warm and unmade marriage bed.  But the marital bed was to be occupied by the lovely wife and her father-in-law.

 Several times Jenny had grabbed her husband's pillow beneath her to elevate her pussy.  Each time she reached an orgasm with Pop's cock plowing in her, the pillowcase absorbed the mingled pussy juice and overflowing cum.  Jenny at times did not change the pillowcase, thrilled at the thought of leaving the dried aroma to be inhaled by her husband as he slept.  The marriage bed was being put to good use - a place for Jenny and her husband to sleep and a comfortable place for lovemaking with Pop.

 Both Pop and Jenny couldn’t get enough of each other, desperate for more and more of this illicit mating.  And they found it all the more thrilling to be intimate when there was the risk of being caught.  The idea that Ted or Mom Thompson could walk in and catch them added to their lust and fucking frenzy.

 Once when Pop was over for the weekend, Jenny was still in bed while her husband tinkered with his car in the garage.  Pop crept into the bedroom and slipped into bed with his beautiful daughter-in-law.  Jenny awoke with a start as Pop slipped into her slick pussy from behind.  Jenny thought it was her husband, although he had never before taken her while she slept.  Jenny couldn't help but respond "Oh fuck me!  Oh, honey, you've never been this hard before.  I'm going to ………..cummmmm on your hard cock!  Ohhhhhhh ......yessss ……this is the deepest you've ever been!"  With that her body convulsed in an orgasm and Jenny went delirious as she felt the hot cum erupt in her snapping pussy.  As the cock slipped out of her, Jenny turned to kiss her husband but was in turn surprised and delighted to find out it was Pop who had brought her to this peak.  Her husband was in the garage tuning the engine, while Pop was in his son's bed tuning his wife's purring engine.

 On one occasion when Ted and Jenny were visiting Mom and Pop Thompson, the two lovers were nearly caught by Mom Thompson.  Ted was out hitting golf balls at the driving range while Pop had gone to the market to purchase some fruits and other food items.  Jenny and Mom Thompson were merely relaxing in the patio and chatting.  With the sound of the garage door opening, Jenny told Mom Thompson that she’d go out and help Pop bring in the groceries.

After a long while, Mom Thompson went out to the garage to see if they needed her help.  As she opened the door connecting to the garage, Mom Thompson found that her husband and Jenny were indeed need of help.  Mom Thompson laughed at the sight of her husband looking flustered with a torn paper sack in his hand bending over to pick up a rolling orange.  Meanwhile, Mom chuckled at her daughter-in-law on both knees with her back facing her, trying to reach over to gather in the loose oranges.  Little did Mom Thompson know that her husband was looking flustered from being totally drained physically, the torn paper sack shielding his wet droopy cock from her.  At the same time, her sweet daughter-in-law was desperately trying to swallow the mouthful of hot slimy cum without choking on it.

Two months later, Ted and Jenny entertained Mom and Pop Thompson at their home.  Over dinner, Ted proudly announced that Jenny was expecting their first child.  As Ted had previously advised his parents of the problem with having children was due to his low sperm count, Ted was proudly declaring that he was a true man.  Jenny smiled and openly confirmed “Yes, I’m pregnant all right!  Made pregnant by a ‘real’ stud of a man!”  This was said while Jenny smiled right at Pop Thompson, with her right foot teasingly rubbed at Pop’s leg to tell him he was indeed going to be a ‘Pop’ again.

As Mom and Pop Thompson would be traveling to a festival further south the next day, they would be staying over for the evening and starting out early in the morning.  After coffee and dessert, Mom Thompson quickly fell asleep after taking her sleeping pill.  With Ted going upstairs for a shower, that allowed the new parents-to-be time alone to celebrate the joyous occasion together.

In the darkened den, a passionate kiss was exchanged as they grasped desperately at each other.  “Ohhhhhhhhh …………Pop, hold me tight ……ohhhhh, I need to feel a ‘real’ stud of a man again!  Oh, Pop, this naughty thing is so hard!  That naughty thing of yours got your son’s wife knocked up with your baby!” Jenny teased, clasping tightly at the throbbing bulge.

Pop was desperately in need of relieving his throbbing hardon caused by his sexy daughter-in-law and soon to be mother of his baby.  He turned Jenny around and pushed her against the sofa, opening the buttons toher blouse, telling her to “Bend over, sweetie!  You’re gonna get your wish right now!”  “Oh, Pop, its too dangerous!  Ted normally takes a quick shower to cool off at night and he’ll be out in a minute!” Jenny warned as she leaned over the back of the sofa.

 “Ohhhhh, Pop ………….yesssssssss!   Ohhhhh, yes ………..deeper ……..deeper ………….oh, Godddddd!” Jenny moaned.  “Ohhhhh, baby, you’re my sweet fucking bitch!” Pop moaned as he shagged away in jackhammer speed.  Seconds later, the noise of the shower stopped.

In a moment, Ted walked out into the now dimly lit den.  He smiled at his dad who was sitting on the edge of the sofa, holding a magazine under the lamp while his lovely wife leaned over the sofa to look at what Pop was reading.  He greeted them and began to walk around the sofa to give his lovely wife a hug.  With Ted walking in at this moment, Jenny was thankful that she had just finsished buttoning her blouse up and that the sofa blocked Ted’s view of the fallen panties lying at her feet.

Seeing Ted’s approach, there was no way for her to retrieve her panties and put it back into its proper place.  Shuffling her feet quickly, Jenny managed to step out of her pink panties.  Just as Ted approached the corner of the sofa, Jenny’s toes pushed the tiny wisp of cloth into the small opening under the sofa.  Both Pop and Jenny took a deep sigh of relief.  Without the shielding undergarment, Jenny had to tightly squeeze her cunt muscles together.  It certainly would not be good to have Pop’s thick cum drooling down her legs with Ted stand right next to her.

Shortly after the baby was born, Ted shook his head as he looked at all the toys and clothing that had been delivered to their home.  “Gosh, Jenny!  Can’t believe my parents bought all this stuff for the baby.  They’ve always been very generous but I never expected this from them.  Especially since Pop always preached to me about how a man should always take care of his own children!  Guess when we named the baby ‘Michael’ after Pop, he feels the baby’s like his own son!”

Two months later, Ted had to go away for a three-day business trip.  With the baby being so young, Ted called his parents and asked if they could spend the few days at the house to help Jenny out with the baby.  “Thanks, Pop!  Are you sure it’s okay with Mom?  Great, I know Jenny will be happy having you help her get her garden planted again!” Ted told his dad.

Mom Thompson told Jenny to get some rest since she and little Mikie was up most of the night “I’ll put him in the baby carriage and take him for a stroll in the park.  It’s such a nice day, not too hot for little Michael.  Oh, Jenny, while you were busy changing the baby, Pop wanted to tell you he’s ready to seed and fertilize the garden.  He wanted to know if you had a particular fertilizer in mind.”  “Oh, thanks, Mom!  I do think a nice long stroll will do little Michael some good.  Go ahead and I’ll show Pop what I’d like him to use in the garden.”

Ten minutes later, while Mom Thompson pushed the baby carriage in the nearby park, her beautiful daughter-in-law was telling Pop Thompson exactly how to fertilize her garden.  “Ohhhhh …………yes, Pop …………….deeper ………..deeper ……….yessss!  Ohhhh, Goddddddd …………….yes, yessssssss ………………..ohhhhhh, fuck me, Pop!  Pop ………..Pop …………….yesssssss ………….cum in me ……………shoot your hot potent seed in me!  Plant your seed in my garden again!  Knock me up again, little Michael wants a baby brother!”

Arriving back at the house, Mom Thompson pushed the baby carriage into the back yard.  “Oh, my, honey!  You had better take a break from working in the garden.  You look totally worn out!  You’re perspiring badly and getting your clothing drenched!  I’m sure Jenny wouldn’t want you having a heart attack while fertilizing her garden!”  Mom Thompson exclaimed.  Pop Thompson gulped at that comment, praying that such and event did not occur.  When he had heard the gate to the side yard opening, Pop had scrambled to get into his clothing and had rushed out into the garden area.  Sweating in sheer exhaustion, heart pounding madly, Pop was panting to catch his breath.  The way his cum had exploded from his stiff cock, as Jenny squeezed her trim legs around his ass, Pop was indeed thankful he hadn’t had a heart attack right then.

Six weeks later, while they dined at Mom and Pop Thompson’s home, Ted made another proud announcement that he again had succeeded in getting his beautiful wife pregnant.  Ted laughed “Those darn doctors are so damned costly and they don’t know a damned thing.  Can you believe that they felt my sperm count was so low that they didn’t have much hope in me ever producing a baby?”

Later that evening, while Mom Thompson was rocking little Michael to sleep, Pop gave his son a $100 and told him to go to the nearby store for a good bottle of champagne so they could have a celebration toast.  Once Ted got in the car and left for the store, Pop Thompson and Jenny took a stroll in the back garden, to a spot hidden by the large tree trunk.  There the two lovers exchanged a deep passionate kiss.  “Oh, Pop!” Jenny crooned, “With me pregnant again, don’t you think I should be drinking something more nourishing than champagne?”  “Oh, honey ……….ahhhhhhhhhh!” Pop groaned as Jenny knelt before him, releasing his caged cock and enveloping it in her warm mouth.  A moment later, Jenny swallowed the warm nourishing drink that she had sought, licking her lips to savor its taste.


Grasping the back of his daugther-in-law's head, Pop sucked in his breath as her hot little mouth eveloped itsself right over his inflated cockhead.  "Oh, baby!  Oh, yeah .................................yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, use that talented tongue of your's, sweetie!" he groaned out softly as he began to face fuck his son's lovely young wife.  Even if Mom or his son came back into the room at that instant, there was no way he was going to let this end until he popped his aching nuts into Jenny's hot sucking mouth.  

Moments later, the two couples were in the family den, toasting the happy event.  Jenny took a sip of the bubbly champagne, using the liquid to cleanse her mouth of Pop's sticky essence.  That was quite fortunate for Jenny as Ted then gave her a deep passionate kiss, delving his tongue into her mouth.  The champagne certainly helped camouflage the taste of cum in her mouth, causing Jenny to push her tongue up against her husband's as she wished that 'I should have waited to sip that champagne!  Otherwise you could have gotten a good taste of your father's salty cum in my mouth!' 
End of Story