Lusty Father-in-Law – II
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Honeymoon Horror - V
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It was now a year since Pop Hampton had attended the wedding of Lacey Hinson to his son Dave.  He had always admired his son for landing such a beautiful woman to be his wife, in fact taking a liking to the lovely beauty from when he was first introduced to her when they began dating.  But his admiration for the lovely beauty was more than that of an interested parent, much farther than normal admiration.  That feeling coursing through Pop Hampton's body was one of lust, pure unadulterated lust, especially each night under the shower as he dreamt of the beauty while relieving himself.

Then on the night of the wedding reception, having her in his arms for the very first time as they shared a dance together, he wished it weren't on the terms as daughter-in-law and father-in-law.  Throughout the night, Pop could not take his eyes off the beautiful bride as she danced and celebrated with the invited guests.  He wished that he could have another dance with her but knew it was not a wise thing to do, knowing he would not be able to resist kissing her on her sweet pink lips, giving her a more than just a fatherly kiss.

Thinking back from when he first met her about a year and a half ago till now, he could not get over how she had seemed to blossom from being an innocent young beauty to the hot little sexpot that he was now staring at.  Pop and his wife got to see their son and daughter-in-law often, visiting each other's home for dinner or just to chat.  He could swear that when they had arrived in the late afternoon, the top button of her blouse was not undone as it was now.  Was it just his imagination that his sexy daughter-in-law had bent over a bit more than necessary when bringing him a glass and bottle of beer, providing him an excellent view of her cleavage and breasts.  As he bent forward to take his drink from her, he swore that the glimpse down her blouse had even provided him with a glimpse of her pink nipple.

On this afternoon, his son and daughter-in-law having stopped on over in the afternoon and staying till after dinner, Pop licked his lips in seeing his son's lovely young wife once again.  With his lovely daughter-in-law dressed casually in shorts and a blouse, Pops was so turned on in viewing her long trim flawless legs and beautiful bare feet.  'God, she's got so fucking sexy legs!  What I'd give to get between them, having Lacey wrap her long legs around me!' he thought.  Then he chastised himself 'God, she's your son's fucking wife for christsake!  You're just letting your fucking imagination get carried away in thinking she was giving you a peek at her titties!'  Having invited them over early so they could enjoy the pool if they wanted as the sun was out, Pop really got a hardon when Lacey went to change into the bikini that she had packed.  And the sight of her long flawless legs had Pop wanting to reach into his pants to wank off at the sight.  'Ah, God!  That little bitch is just asking for it!  Shit, it's lucky we're not alone right now ...........................or I'd sure as hell would jump her and spread those beautiful fuck'n legs of hers!' he muttered to himself.

Upon entering her marriage to Dave a bit over a year ago, Lacey indeed had been a naïve little innocent, surrendering her virginity on her wedding night.  So much had happened over the past year that she now looked upon all men in a different light, feeling that all men merely had one thing in mind and that being 'how to get into a woman's pants'.  She had taken a liking to Pop Hampton who always treated her with respect and because he was Dave's father, her father-in-law.

It had been a month ago when Lacey found that Pop Hampton was like any other man, that he indeed had thoughts of bedding her if he could.  Her discovery occurred when she and Dave had been invited over for dinner on a Sunday.  On this day she wore a light summer dress with white heels, eliminating the need for any nylons.  While Dave was chatting with his Mom in the kitchen, she had begun playing with Max, the Hampton's friendly cat.

Max loved to have someone roll a ball to him and he would bat it back with his paw.  To get comfortable and play with Max, Lacey had slipped off her heels and sat on the carpet, rolling the ball to the cat.  Meanwhile, Pop was sitting in the den located behind her.  When she had reached over to retrieve the ball, she had noticed the reflection from the glass hutch a couple of feet behind Max.  In the reflection, she could see Pop looking in her direction.

Lacey realized that in her stretched out position, her dressed had risen up to her thighs and that Pop had a good view of her outstretched legs.  She wondered if it was her imagination or whether Pop Hampton was ogling her legs and trying to get a peek all the way up her dress.  The next time that Max batted the ball off to the side, she then stretched out all the way, pretending to lose her balance a bit.  In this stretch, Lacey reached out all the way on her right side, deliberately spreading her legs as they rose up off the floor a few inches.

As she stretched out, her eyes were focused on the reflection of reflection from the glass hutch.  Seeing Pop bending to the side a bit to get a better view, she had spread her legs even wider at that point, giving him the view he that he sought.  She was shocked as she observed Pop reaching down to rearrange the crotch of his pants, obviously due to his manhood growing in excitement.  Purposely, she lay down to face Max straight ahead, her legs stretched out together pointing directly at Pop Hampton.  On any stretching to reaching the ball, Pop would then have a direct view to the crotch of her panties.

Following the evening with Mom and Pop Hampton, Lacey gave Mom Hampton a hug goodbye.  Then she went to Pop Hampton to give him a hug goodbye.  Pop, as expected, bent down a bit to give her the normal kiss on the cheek.  Just as Pop was about to give her a peck on the cheek, Lacey deliberately turned her face towards Pop and their lips met.  It was a wicked thrill for Lacey, feeling Pop's entire body shudder from the unexpected contact.

In bed that night, after being so naughty and wicked, Lacey needed a good screwing to extinguish that nagging itch between her legs.  However, Dave as usual was just too tired to get it on up.  In their marriage of a year, since surrendering her virginity to him, Dave really turned out to be more of a dud rather than a stud.  Under the covers, Lacey let one hand touch her breast while the other moved down to rub at that nagging itch.  Closing her eyes, she pictured her handsome father-in-law, wondering if he was much more an accomplished lover than this son.

With Mom and Pop Hampton coming over to their place for dinner this night, always dressing for the occasion, wicked thoughts entered Lacey's mind as she recalled how Pop had ogled her body on the last occasion.  Just before their arrival, Lacey had gone into the master bedroom and changed the conservative bra she had been wearing, slipping on a lower cut lacy one.  More importantly was the fact that she adjusted it to a rather loose fitting, where the cup was not tightly molded to her breasts.  She knew that if she should bend forward, the cups would fall a bit and provide a rather tantalizing view.

At the dinner table, Pop was sitting directly across from his lovely daughter-in-law.  He swallowed deeply as he felt her swinging foot brush back and forth across the bottom of his left pant leg.  He wondered if it was accidental contact or if his son's beautiful young wife was giving him the come-on.  He shivered as his cock gave a twitch, wishing that his imagination was not getting carried away in his fantasy of being with his son's beautiful wife.

Following a nice dinner, as they sat for dessert and coffee, Pop felt a tugging on the bottom of his pant leg.  Having brought Max over on this visit, Pop thought it had to be the cat pawing at his pant leg.  Moving back away from the table a bit, peering down beneath the table, Pop caught his breath in seeing that his daughter-in-law had dropped her black heel and that her stockinged toes were making contact with the leg of his pants.  Swallowing deeply, he sat forward again and took a sip of his coffee.  Looking across the table, he saw his son's beautiful young wife smiling at him.  Then he shuddered as her bare foot moved to begin teasing his leg, slipping into the bottom of his pant leg and caressing him.

As they were leaving, Pop watched as Lacey gave Mom Hampton a hug goodbye and was approaching him to bid him farewell.  Just then Mom Hampton remember the plant cuttings that had been set aside next to the garage.  Dave and his mother disappeared around the corner just as Lacey was to hug him goodbye.  With his wife and son out of sight, Pop decided to see just how far he could get.  He bent over to give her a kiss goodbye but he had no intentions of it being a mere peck on the cheek.

It was not the type of kiss that a middle-aged man should be giving his son's beautiful young wife.  Not with their mouths glued to each other's, tongues dallying with one another.  It was the type of kiss that only intimate lovers would engage in.  Only when approaching footsteps on the gravel could be heard did they break the kiss and regain a more respectable appearance.

The next week, sitting at home in the kitchen in the early morning, Pop heard his wife answer the phone with "Hi, Lacey!  How's things going?  Oh, no, don't be silly!  Pop's good at that sort of thing!  Besides, a plumber charges you $50 just to make the drive out there!  Plus Pop's just goofing off today, so I'll have him go right on out there!"  A shiver of excitement coursed through his body when his wife came in to say that Lacey had a leaky faucet and Dave was out golfing.  With Dave not very good at plumbing, it'd be best that he went to check out the problem.

Pop's mind was racing, knowing that he would be all alone with his lovely daughter-in-law.  He closed his eyes, dreaming of that intimate kiss the week earlier and wondered if his fantasy of being alone with her again was getting carried away.  He hoped that there was no plumbing problem, that it was he whom she wanted to be alone with.  Still, just in case he was wrong, he packed up his tool kit.

Nervously ringing the doorbell, Pop was greeted by his lovely daughter-in-law who was still in her robe.  He shivered when she greeted him with "Hi, Pop!  I didn't expect you to get here so soon!  Here I am still in my nightgown and robe!"  His cock hardened and twitched as he wondered how sexy she'd look without the robe on.  When he asked where the leak was, he swallowed as she turned to lead the way, saying "It's the sink in the master bath!"

There was a leak in the faucet for certain as Lacey had seen to it by using a pair of pliers to remove the head of the faucet, then had purposely cut the rubber washer.  She smiled as she heard Pop's slight gasp as he entered the bathroom behind her.  She knew he had seen the pair of lacy panties and bra that she had draped over the towel rack, undies that she had purposely placed there for Pop's viewing.

Turning on the faucet, Pop readily view the leak and spoke "Oh, its probably just a faulty washer!  Got a replacement right here in my tool kit!"  He was finding it difficult to breathe with his son's lovely wife leaning over the counter to his side, watching him repair the faucet.  He could not keep his eyes on what he was doing, not with Lacey's robe falling wide open to reveal her see-through nightie.  Removing the head of the faucet, he looked at the cut washer, commenting "Gosh, normally a washer just gets worn and out of shape.  I've seen one break like this before!"

"Ohhhh, Pop, you're so gooood!" Lacey cooed as she watched her handsome father-in-law expertly repair the faucet.  After making the phone call and hearing that Pop would be coming right over, she changed out of the shorts and blouse that she had on, along with the panties and bra that now were draped on the towel rack.  She then slipped on her sheer negligee along with a robe, intending on giving Pop a good show.

Back in the bedroom, Pop looked at the unmade bed and wished like hell that he was the one sharing it with his luscious little bitch.  When Lacey commented "Oh, Pop, you're a life saver!  How can I repay you for coming out right away, on a Sunday morning, just to help me out!"  Pop thought this was the opportunity to make his move, telling his son's sexy young wife "Well, I think a kiss would be fair payment!"

Lacey teasingly stood on the tips of her toes to give Pop a peck on the cheek, knowing full well what kind of kiss he had in mind.  She knew Pop was not going to be satisfied with that and feeling his hand encircle her waist and pulling her up against him, she knew her assessment had been right.  Then she teased him "Ohhhh, but Pop …………..its not right!  After all, I'm your daughter-in-law!  I don't want you to think that your son married some cheap little slut!"

Rubbing herself up against his muscular frame, Lacey cooed "Well, if you promise you won't think of me as a cheap little floosie, I guess one little kiss won't hurt!"  Tilting her head back, lips slightly open, she was soon engaged in a deep passionate kiss with her husband's handsome father.  Tongues teasing each other, this was the type of kiss that a married woman should only be engaged in with her loving husband, not her husband's father.

Pulling the sash on the robe, Pop untied it, then slipped his hands inside to encircle her waist again.  Now only the thin layer of the sheer negligee separated his hands from her bare flesh.  Then his fingers drew up the bottom of the thin material till it was bunched in his hands.  Sliding his hands down, he was now cupping his daughter-in-law's bared asscheeks, happy to find that she was not wearing any panties.

Lacey moaned "Oh, Poppppp!  What are you doing to me?  Oh, you're being naughty!  You shouldn't be touching me like that, Pop!  You're getting me all hot and bothered!"  She could see that Pop needed no further encouragement as her robe was being peeled from her shoulders, stripped from her to lay in a puddle on the bedroom carpet.  Reaching down between their bodies, squeezing the hard throbbing mound under the fabric of the pants, Lacey cooed "Ohhhh, Pop ………………is that really youuuu!  You're so …………so big ……………..and ……………hardddddd!"

"Oh, Poppppppppp!  Ohhhhhhhhh!" Lacey moaned as the sensations of his hot wet mouth suckling upon her now bared nipple sent her out of this world.  As her thin negligee was being pushed up to her neck, she had unbuttoned Pop's pants and pulled down his zipper, pushing his pants and jockeys over his hips.  Soon her hands were gripping Pop's throbbing bare cock, then she was forced to release one hand after the other as Pop stripped her see-through negligee from her.

As Pop pushed her onto the edge of the bed, Lacey pulled Pop along with her as she kept a firm grip on his thick throbbing cock.  Her legs wide spread in a 'V', Lacey pulled Pop's throbbing cockhead to the center of her being.  She rubbed his thick cockhead up and down her gushing slit, then lightly bit Pop's earlobe, goading him "Ohhhhh, Pop!  Fuck me, Pop …………………..fuck me like your little whore!   Fuck your son's wife, Pop …………………knock your son's wife up!"

Excited at the prospect of screwing his son's beautiful young wife, Pop attempted to lift her up a bit and place her in the middle of the bed that she shared with his son.  Just as he got a firm grip on her tight asscheeks and lifted her a bit off the bed, Pop stepped forward.  But as he did so, the tangle of his pants and jockeys at his feet caused him to trip and fall forward.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhh ……………Poppppppppppp!" Lacey screamed as Pop fell directly upon her, spearing his thick cock into her itching slit.  She was now a foot further up on the bed, her legs draped over the bottom of the bed with her feet unable to touch to carpeted floor.  Spreading her thighs wider, she then encircled her trim legs around Pop's butt, squeezing him deeper into her.  Feeling Pop's cock lunge even deeper into her, she moaned "Ohhhh, Pop ………………..nail me ……………nail me to your son's bed!"

Wrapping her arms around Pop's neck, legs tied around her father-in-law's ass, they then engaged in a deep passionate kiss.  Hunching her hips up and down, she began to fuck herself on Pop's long thrusting cock, moaning "Oh, Pop …………so good ………….so long ………….so biggggg!  Fuck me, Pop ……………….fuck me ……………….treat me like a whore!  Ohhhhh, Godddd …………….yessss ………….yesssssss ………shag me ……..shag me ……………….harder …………harderrrrrrrr!"

"Oh, Popppppppp …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………yessssssss ………………..yessssssss …………….I ………….I'm cumingggggggggggg!" Lacey screamed.  Legs tightening around Pop's humping butt, fingernails digging into the muscular shoulders, Lacey shuddered in an unbelievable climax.  "Ohhhh, Popppp …………………..Poppppppppp ……………….yessssssssssss!" she shuddered as her body quivered, cunt muscles squeezing tightly around the throbbing cock deep within her body.

Tightly clutching at her now shuddering father-in-law, Lacey knew that he was about to cum deep in her womb.  She couldn't believe what a stud Pop was, having given her a mind-shattering climax, so much different from his son.  It was so thrilling to Lacey, so wicked to being fucked out of her mind by her own husband's horny father.  Feeling his throbbing cock expand even further within her, she mouthed "Yes, Pop ………….yes ………..cum ………..cum in me!  Cum in your son's wife!  Knock your daughter-in-law up, right on your son's bed!  Cum ………….cum ……………….do your son's job ……………knock his wife up with a baby!"

Pop Hampton couldn't believe that his fantasy for over a year and a half was actually now a reality.  He was actually fucking his son's beautiful young wife and she obviously wanted him too as they kissed passionately, feeling her arms around his neck and her legs tied tightly around his ass.  He could feel her cunt snapping at this pulsating cock as she encouraged him to knock her up with his baby.  Pop was now over the edge as he slammed himself into his beautiful daughter-in-law, groaning "Oh, baby!  Oh, Lacey ……….I love you!  Oh, baby …………………..I'm cumming in ………youuuuuu!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

The balls of his feet on the carpeted floor, Pop pushed himself deeply into the sexy beauty, grounding his pelvis up against the soft mound, their curly pubic hairs becoming entangled.  Spurt after spurt of his gushing cum spewing deeply into his daughter-in-law's fertile womb, Pop groaned "Oh, Lacey ……………oh, sweetie ……………..gonna make us a little baby in your tummy!  Ahhhhhh ………….ahhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhh!  Oh, baby …………….I wish you were all mine!"

Giving her loving father-in-law a deep kiss, Lacey responded "Oh, Pop!  I ……….I love you too, Pop!  I'm all yours ………………I belong to you!"  Feeling Pop lifting her up a bit in trying to get her further up onto the bed, Lacey unlocked her ankles and legs from around his waist and used her heels to push herself up towards middle of the bed.  With her arms still encircling Pop's neck, acting in unison while still joined together, they soon were embracing again in another passionate kiss on the bed that she shared with his son.

On the Hampton's marital bed, the two Hamptons were joined as only a husband and wife should be, a far cry from the appropriate behavior expected of a beautiful young wife and her father-in-law.  The two lovers kissed passionately with the sexy beauty again wrapping her long trim legs around her elderly, yet quite energetic lover.  The Hampton's marital bed was going through a vigorous test, springs squeaking wildly as the headboard banged loudly and repeatedly against the bedroom wall.

It was nearing noon as the two lovers continued kissing passionately, unable to get enough of one another.  Only after their second bout of lovemaking did Pop ease his shrunken cock out of his daughter-in-law's slushy quim, allowing him to fall off to his side for a well deserved rest.  Suddenly, the two lovers were momentarily startled at the ring of the bedroom phone.

Lacey turned and crawled toward the ringing phone to look at the Caller I.D., then picked it up answering "Hi, Mom!  Oh, yes, Pop's been so helpful!  He's already fixed the leaking faucet that I called about and he's now seeing if anything else that is leaking!"  How true her statements were, for at that very moment Pop hand his hands on her hips, getting her up onto all fours.  Indeed, Pop was using his hands to caress her body and to find and finger her sensitive clit.  Pop could feel the leaking juices oozing from her already well-fucked slit.

"I'll be making lunch for Pop, that's the least I can do!  It looks like Pop won't be done till mid-afternoon, Mom!  He's really working up a sweat right now!" Lacey advised her mother-in-law.  What she spoke of was the absolute truth as Pop now had his hands gripping her hips, thrusting his once again throbbing cock into her mushy slit.  "Oh, yes ………you want to speak to Pop?  I'm on a cordless so …….I'll ………I'll give the phone to him, Mom!" Lacey advised, covering the mouthpiece as she took a deep breath and shivered as Pop pumped his thick manhood into her gushing slit.

Pop took the phone that was being handed to him, panting for breath as he answered "Hi, honey!  Oh, yeah, looks like it'll be another couple of hours before I'm done!  Found this other leaky faucet that's been a real challenge for me!  Had it plugged up twice already but its still leaking and I'm going at it again!"  As he spoke on the phone, Pop sliced in and out of the tightly gripping cunt sleeve of his son's beautiful wife.  "Maybe ………..if I ………lubricate it a bit everything will work properly!" he muttered into the phone as his body quivered, his cock twitching and exploding its hot lubricant into his daughter-in-law's hot cunt.

When his plumbing job was done, Pop took a hot shower to get all the grime and sweaty smell off his body, not to mention the sweet smell of perfume that had rubbed off onto his body.  He loved the soft hands washing his back, then turned to return the favor.  As his daughter-in-law held up the bar of soap for him, he reached for it but lost the slippery bar which fell to the floor of the shower stall.

As Lacey bent over to retrieve the bar of soap that lay at her feet, she then felt Pop's hands upon her hips.  Then a sense of fear coursed through her body as she felt Pop step up closer behind her.  She shivered as she felt his now familiar cockhead butting up against her body, but it was where that cockhead was seeking entrance that caused her some fear.  "Oh, Pop ……………….I ………………..I've never had it there before!  I …………I'm afraid …………………I …………………owwwwwwwwwwww!" she screamed as Pop claimed her virgin ass.

Learning that he was the very first to possess Lacey's tight beautiful ass, Pop couldn't pass up the opportunity, especially since he had never experienced the pleasure of butt fucking.  Stabbing forward, penetrating her cherry ass, Pop moaned "Oh, you little bitch!  You've been naughty cheating on Davey!  This is your punishment for cheating on my son, bitch!  Take it ……….take it ………………….take it all up your tight little ass, you whore ……………my fucking whore!"

"Oh, Pop …………..Pop ……………… hurts …………………it hurtssssssssss!  Oh, Pop ……………fuck me ……………..fuck me …………….fuck your little whore!  Yes ……..hurt me …………..hurt meeeeeeeee!" Lacey panted.  Putting her arms out to brace herself against the shower stall, she quivered as Pop's right hand snaked around her hip to search for and finger her sensitive clit.  "Oh, Pop ……………….Pop ……………..yessss ………..yesssssssss!  Ohhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhh, Goddddd …………..I …………………..I'm cummingggggggg!" she screamed as her body quivered in a wild orgasm just as her ass was being flushed out with hot cum.

Later that afternoon, back at this own home, Pop Hampton sat back in his favorite armchair.  When his wife asked as to what kind of lunch Lacey had prepared for him, he replied "Oh, I had a very tasty burger for lunch!"  Leaning back and closing his eyes, Pop licked his lips as the thought back to the delicious lunch that his daughter-in-law had prepared for him right after they showered.  'Hmmm, yes …………..that was quite a spread she put on for me!' he murmured quietly, picturing how she had spread her long sexy legs wide apart so he could eat his beaver burger.  After getting a taste of his delicious lunch, he then shuffled around the bed, knowing that his daughter-in-law was hungry too.

From this day on, the two lovers just could not get enough of each other, often meeting in motel rooms during the weekdays.  It was quite difficult for each of them whenever they visited each other's homes, sneaking brief unseen touches and eye contact.  With gardening being Lacey's and Pop's similar interest, they would often go outside to the backyard to view the flowers.  But viewing the flowers was the farthest thing from their minds.

It was on one of those occasions that Pop Hampton was nearly caught with his pants down literally.  Mom Hampton had gone out into the yard to have Pop look at the kitchen faucet which had begun spraying water off to one side.  At that very moment, Pop had his pants and jockeys down around his ankles as he nailed his son's beautiful wife to the large tree truck in the backyard.

Panting for breath, body shaking as he emptied his pent-up lust into the sexy young beauty, Pop quickly withdrew his spent manhood and reached down to pick up his clothing.  Pulling up his jockeys and pants, zipping up, he made his way out from behind the tree just as his wife was approaching.  "Where's Lacey?" she asked.  Pop gulped and swallowed, he lied "I think she went to check out the new flowers in the front yard!"

Several months later, Mom and Pop Hampton were over at Dave and Lacey's for dinner.  At the dinner table, Dave made the happy announcement "Mom and Pop, you're about to become grandparents!  Lacey recently went to the doctor's to confirm it!  Looks like the little bundle of joy will here near Christmas!"  Feeling his daughter-in-law's foot caressing his leg under the table and seeing that sly smile on her face with a slight nod in his direction, Pop knew that he was going to more than a grandfather.  Pop knew that he was going to be a father again!

It was right on Christmas Day that little Jimmy Hampton was born.  Pop was so happy to hear from his son, who advised that "Lacey thought we should name the baby after you, Pop!"  James 'Pop' Hampton was estactic at the thought that his grandson was being named after him, but perhaps more so since he was little Jimmy's 'real' father.

With Dave wanting to get a cup of coffee in the cafeteria, Pop told him that he first wanted to say "Hi!" to Lacey and would join him in a few minutes.  Alone in the hospital room, little Jimmy's real parents embraced, then engaged in a deep passionate kiss to celebrate the birth of their healthy baby boy.
End of Story