Lusty Father-in-Law - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  'Twin's Twisted Thoughts';  'Hell of a Honeymoon';
and 'Marriage Made in Hell'
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"Terrel ……………my husband …………….he's expecting me to get home about this time!" she stammered.  As they were to go out to dinner at her in-laws, Lacy realized that she'd never make it if she didn't leave immediately.  "Please, please ………….I have to go …………..we're having dinner at my in-law's home!" she pleaded.  Then Lacy was in for a shock when Terrel responded "Don't worry, honey!  Stacy took your car home for you and will keep your hubby company tonight!"  Stunned at the news, she was speechless and didn't know what to say.  'Oh, my God …………….hasn't Stacy done enough to ruin my life?  God, I hope she doesn't make a scene at his parents' home!' Lacy prayed.

Across town, in the nice upper middle class home of Ted 'Pop' and Doris Richmond, steaks were about to be put on the grill as the couple awaited the arrival of their son and new daughter-in-law.  Both Ted and Doris couldn't be happier with Dave's tying the knot with the beautiful Lacy Hamilton, who was so considerate and kind to everyone around her.

In fact, 'Pop' Hamilton couldn't get over his beautiful daughter-in-law and was quite impressed with the lovely beauty from the moment Dave had brought her to the home that very first time.  That night of the first introduction, after dessert, Dave and Lacy had gone into the den to watch a video while 'Pop' and his wife left the young couple alone and stayed at the kitchen table.  But 'Pop couldn't help but to steal glances out to the den to get another glimpse of the innocent beauty.

Though he always chastised himself, 'Pop' Hamilton had often fantasized that he was young again and that it was he who Lacy was cuddling up to in the den.  Seeing her petite body and long trim legs that were revealed when she dressed more casually, 'Pop' had often taken that image with him to bed at night.  With his spouse of thirty years asleep a few feet away, at times 'Pop' would pull his pud with the image of innocent Lacy in mind.  With hardon in hand, he would then have to rush off into the bathroom to get some much-needed relief.

However, 'Pop' always managed to show and maintain the utmost respect for the lovely blonde beauty, the sweet young thing who now was his daughter-in-law.  When Dave and Lacy arrived, 'Pop' saw that his daughter-in-law was as radiant as ever, wearing a summer dress and 2" white heels.  They were literally greeted with open arms and 'Pop' politely embraced his beautiful daughter-in-law, leaning down to give her a kiss on the cheek.

For some reason, 'Lacy' had turned a bit towards the direction he was leaning to and his lips brushed her soft pink ones.  Frozen to the spot, heart pounding in his chest, Pop swore that it was 'Lacy's' tongue that made a quick dart between his lips.  He was nearly panting for breath as 'Lacy' broke the embrace and went over to embrace Doris in a greeting.

At the dinner table, Pop felt a bit flushed at what had occurred as he sat directly across from his beautiful daughter-in-law. He swallowed in nervousness as he felt her foot brush the bottom of his pant leg, his heart thumping from the contact.   Pop merely thought that it was an accidental contact but it sure did give his aging cock a raging hardon.  He shivered as his cock gave a twitch, chastising himself for letting his imagination get carried away and illicit thoughts entering his mind.

After they had all watched an hour-long television show, they sat back down at the dining room table for dessert and coffee.  Then Pop felt the bottom of his pant's leg being brushed by 'Lacy's' bare foot.   Leaning back away from the table a bit to peer down beneath the tablecloth, Pop caught his breath in seeing that 'Lacy' had removed her heel and was rubbing her foot up against the side of his leg.

Swallowing deeply, Pop sat forward again and took a sip of his coffee, then looked across the table to see his lovely daughter-in-law smiling at him.  Then he shuddered as her nyloned foot slipped under the bottom of his pant leg and playfully caressed him.  At this point, Pop was beside himself, his cock throbbing madly in the crotch of his pants.

Holding his cup up with his right hand to sip some coffee, Pop moved his hand down along the side of his leg to touch and caress his daughter-in-law's petite and sexy foot.  He nearly had to remind himself to breathe as he caressed her sexy foot, running the palm of his hand slowly down over her soft sole.

Suddenly, Pop's exciting venture ended with 'Lacy' pulling her foot out of his hand.  Pop looked over at his lovely daughter-in-law who was now in a conversation with Doris.  He swallowed in disappointment, hoping that he hadn't gone too far by what he had done, especially considering the fact that it was his son's wife whom he had been touching in such an inappropriate manner.

Then, while 'Lacy' was conversing with his wife, Pop froze as 'Lacy's' foot touched him once again.  Only this time, 'Lacy's foot was moving up along his inner thigh and nearing his bulging crotch.  Leaning forward in his chair, as if he was having a hard time hearing the conversation, Pop shivered with pleasure as 'Lacy' caressed his bulge with her sexy foot.  Not believing this was really happening, Pop reached down below the table to caress the sexy leg and foot of his beautiful daughter-in-law.

Unable to think rationally, actually now thinking with the wrong 'head', Pop did the unthinkable as he shifted about in his chair as if to stretch his body.  But with his hands on his lap, slowly so as not to make a sound drawing anyone's attention, Pop began to unzip his pants.  With everyone's attention drawn to a story Dave was telling, Pop reached in to pull out his throbbing cock.

Pop's body shivered with pleasure as 'Lacy's' soft nylon covered sole and toes rubbed up against his bared cock.  Through it all, looking across at his beautiful daughter-in-law, Pop could not believe how composed she looked as she conversed with everyone while playing with his cock.  The illicit act, coupled with the danger of being caught, made it all the more exciting as Pop was afraid that he would be unable to hold back.

Stacy was thoroughly enjoying the charade that she was pulling off in the name of her goody-goody little twin sister 'Lacy'.  She chuckled to herself as she thought 'After tonight, Lacy's going to have her hands full in fending off her father-in-law!  Just a little more and Pop Hamilton will be popping all over my foot!'  Sensing that 'Pop' was trying to regain control of himself, she gripped the tip of his cockhead with her toes and then it happened.

Pop Hamilton went rigid in his chair as his throbbing cock twitched from the exquisite teasing it was receiving under the table.  Hands atop the table, Pop gripped the edge of it to still himself.  Clenching his teeth tightly together, his body shuddered as 'Lacy' pressed her sexy foot up against his now spurting cock.  He was so glad that she had kept her foot up against his cock as he creamed the nylons covering her toes and the sole of her foot.  Otherwise, his cock would have gone off like a loose firehose definitely drawing Doris' and Dave's attention.

Just before the evening was to come to an end, 'Lacy' asked "Pop, I was admiring the beautiful orchid plants that you have!  I've been wanting to learn how to upkeep them!  Could you show me how to transplant an orchid plant when the roots get too big for the current pot!"

Going out into the backyard and in the small dimly lit hothouse, 'Lacy' turned and as she expected, Pop Hamilton had his groping hands around her and planted his lips on hers for a deep passionate kiss.  Returning the kiss, she flicked her tongue out between his lips to let him know that she was respondin.  When the kiss ended, 'Lacy' leaned up and nibbled at his ear, whispering "You naughty man!  You made a mess on my foot!  It feels like its now glued to the inside of my heel!"

When Pop stammered out an embarrassing "I …………….I'm sorry!", 'Lacy' giggled and whispered in his ear "I'm just teasing 'Pop'!  I could never get mad at you …………… matter what you did to me!"  She heard him panting for breath, certain that he had understood the implications of her statement.  Then she took it one step further by asking "Have you dreamt about me at night, Pop?  Have you dreamt about making love to me, Pop?"

As Pop Hamilton nodded a 'yes', 'Lacy' advised "I always dream of you too, Pop!  Ever since Dave told me that he had given you a spare key to the house just in case of an emergency, I've been fantasizing that you put it to use when Dave went golfing on a Saturday!  Then you sneak into the bedroom while I'm still sleeping and get into bed naked with me!"

Licking and teasing his inner earlobe, 'Lacy' then added "I'm surprised and shocked to find you in bed with me and try to fight you off!  But you know I'm just trying to act as if I don't want it!  Then you pin me down to the bed, rip off my clothing and give it to me good!  Make me yours ……………….take me like a caveman!"

Back in the house, bidding their host goodbye, 'Lacy' gave Doris a hug and then went to do the same to Pop.  Embracing him with a kiss on the cheek, she whispered "Dave's going to go golfing again next Saturday!"  With Dave and his mother talking near the doorway and turned away from them, 'Lacy' then reached down to give Pop's hardened cock a squeeze through his pants.

Early in the week, Pop anxiously began to plan out the upcoming Saturday by telling his wife that an old work buddy had called and invited him to go golfing with a group of former retirees.  He had also called his son to find out what course he was playing at so as not to use the same place as the place where he was supposed to play at.  Learning that Dave had an 8 a.m. tee-off time, Pop knew that Dave would have to leave roughly an hour in advance to get there in time.

That Saturday, Pop left early and parked at a nearby street that allowed him a view to where Dave and Lacy lived.  Knowing which direction Dave would be driving to get to the golf course, he had parked in the opposite direction to avoid being seen by his son.  As anticipated, Pop saw his son's car pulling out just after 7 a.m.  Seeing the car disappear, he waited a few minutes before getting out of his car to make the short walk over to where his sexy daughter-in-law awaited him.  In the livingroom, Pop then began to undress, wanting to slip naked into his daughter-in-law's bed.  He then reached into his jockeys to give his old cock a couple of wanks to get it ready.


Stirring earlier when Dave had gotten up with the alarm and go into the bathroom to get ready to go to the golf course, Lacy fell back in to a sound sleep.  She had not heard the door closing when Dave left the house.  Curled up under the warm blankets, she lay in the comfort of the soft king-sized bed in a pair of panties and a oversized cotton pull over.  Feeling the slight movement upon the bed and the body sliding in under the covers next to her, Lacy's foggy mind merely assumed it was Dave.

It felt so comforting to have the strong male hand touching her waist, sliding under her arm as the arm moved up to encircle her body.  Hugging the embracing arm to her body, Lacy thought 'Ohhhh, it feels so good to have Dave hugging and touching me once again!  It's been so long!'  Feeling his hand move to caress her body, Lacy welcomed the touch as she did not want to discourage her husband after all the negatives that had occurred since the wedding.

Then the caressing hand moved down a bit to slip under her pullover top to caress her bare skin.  Lacy lifted her upper arm from her body a bit, allowing the caressing hand free access to move upwards in its exploration.  'It feels so nice to have Dave touching me again!' she thought.  A shiver of pleasure coursed through her body, enjoying the feel of the hand now cupped her breast.

Pop sucked in his breath as cupped his daughter-in-laws' breast in his hand, feel the pink bud immediately hardened in the middle of his palm.  Excitedly, Pop flicked the budding nipple with his thumb, then pinched it gently with his thumb and index fingers.  Then his hand moved towards the twin mound to caress its pink bud to a similar excited state.

Shivering with excitement, with her nipples stiffened to excitement from the caressing touch, Lacy felt the exploring hand drift down over her trim belly and fingertips slip under the waistband of the silky panties that she wore.  Lacy then lifted her left leg a bit, giving that roving hand clear access to her now juicing pussy.  "Ohhhhh …………….oh, Dave ………………that feels so good!" she moaned.

Pop froze momentarily at the mention of his son's name, then concluded that his lovely daughter-in-law was just playing out her fantasy that he had slipped into her marital bed unknowingly when Dave had already gone.  'I wonder when she'll act surprised that its me and if she'll really feign being frightened and force me to 'rape' her!' he wondered.

Touching her soft curls, Pop's middle finger moved ahead in search for the golden treasure.  He smiled to himself as his middle finger dipped into his beautiful daughter-in-law's wet and slick slit.  Hand now cupping her womanhood and middle finger deeply inserted in the cunt of his son's lovely wife, Pop began to finger fuck her.

Lacy shivered once again, squeezing her cunt muscles around the thick finger fucking in and out of her horny twat.  Snuggling back against the masculine body embracing her, Lacy felt a thick rigid probe pushing at the back of her thighs and inserting itself between her legs, then began to pump itself between her inner thighs.

Reaching back behind her, Lacy grasped the thick cock that had been sliding in and out from between her inner thighs and squeezed the thick throbbing shaft.  'Oh, its so good to feel Dave having an erection again!  He's been having such a difficult time lately!' she thought.  Not wanting to ruin everything and have him to cum prematurely, as what had occurred on many an occasion, Lacy slowly stroked his stiff cock in a steady pumping motion.  Soon, her stroking hand was aided by pre-cum juice leaking from the bloated cockhead.

The Hamilton's marital bed began to rock slowly things were building up to where a copulation of the couple would soon be expected to occur.   Only the copulation to take place would not be between a wife and her husband but instead a wife and her husband's lusting father.  The finger frigging of the young wife began to speed up as well as the young beauty's hand on the throbbing cock behind her.  Panting for breath, the beautiful young wife had her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations.

Feeling her body being turned onto her back, with eyes still closed Lacy instinctively leaned her head up for a passionate kiss.  Her instinct was indeed correct as lips covered hers and a searching tongue flicked between her lips.  Still wanking at the cock in her hand while being finger fucked, Lacy opened her lips and flicked her pointed tongue to dally with the one in her mouth.

Having turned over onto her back, Lacy raised her right hand up to embrace her loving husband.  Hand caressing her husband's back in a familiar way from when they first kissed years ago, the touch of his body somehow felt different this time, more soft and fatty.  Pulling back a bit as she opened her eyes, Lacy gasped, then her body froze in total shock.

"POP …………………….Pop ……………….wh ………………what are you doing here?" Lacy stammered out in shock and fear.  Mesmerized as she stared up into her father-in-law's smiling face, Lacy shuddered in horror that it was his cock that she was fondling as well realizing that he was the one finger-fucking her.  Dropping the slick and sticky cock immediately, Lacy had both hands pushing at his hairy chest, pleading "Pop ……………..Pop ……………..stop this ……………….STOPPPPP!"

Knowing that this was 'Lacy's' fantasy, Pop chuckled as he took his finger out of her cunt and used both hands to grab the wrists of his beautiful daughter-in-law and forced her arms up above her head.  Her struggles against him were a real turn-on, even though he realized that Lacy was role-playing, giving him a raging hardon.  His cock throbbed as never before as his son's beautiful wife pleaded "No, Pop …………………no ……………..stopppppppppp!"

With his larger hand now holding both of her wrists together, Pop reached down as 'Lacy' had wanted and savagely tore her thin panties from her struggling body.  He was surprised at the fight she put up, especially since it was role-playing, but figured that the more realistic it was the more turned on she got.  And the same really applied to him as this indeed seemed like an actual rape.

Bending over, Pop sought out Lacy's soft pink lips as she tossed her head from side to side to avoid his kiss.  Finally, capturing her lips with his as Lacy began sobbing, he then tried to force his tongue into her now clenched teeth.  As his daughter-in-law's sexy body thrashed about beneath him, Pop was in a desperate need to possess her body, thrusting forward with his hips.

But haste made waste as Pop missed his mark in his excitement, the underside of his throbbing cock slid up over Lacy's soft golden fleece.  Rearing back, Pop stabbed forward once again, this time his cockhead got nearer but bounced over her cervix.  Another try and then Pop groaned in Lacy's mouth "Mmmmmmmmmm!" as half of his cock slid into the slick womanhood of his son's beautiful wife.  Breaking the kiss, Pop moaned "Oh, Lacy!  Ohhhhhhhhh …………!  Ahhhhhh ………………so good ………………..ohhhh ………..ohhhhhhh!" as he began pump into her raped body.

"Ohhhh …………Godddddddd!  Pop ……………stop ……………stop …………….I'm your son's wife!  This is wrong!  This ……………….this is rape!" Lacy sobbed as she struggled under the man she had thought had actually loved and respected her.  'Oh, God …………Pop's nothing but a filthy old pervert!  Like any other man!  How can he do this to me!' she sobbed and shuddered as Pop pushed his raping cock deeper into her ravished slit.
"Ohhhhhhh, God ………….no………….ohhhhhhh, Pop ……………..noooooooo!" Lacy sobbed. "Ahhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhh …………….nooooooooo!" she groaned in agony as her lusty father-in-law thrust his hips forward, burying the length of his cock into her raped slit. "Ohhhhhhhh, Pop ………….…..ohhhhhhhh ………….….stop …………..…..stop  ………….….please stop!  Lacy pleadingly sobbed.  All she could do was to weep in her despair as the man she so respected and trusted was now violently raping her.

Pop was beside himself, never before experiencing such a fantastic fuck as this was far beyond his wildest dreams. He began to pull his cock out till only his cockhead remained, then slowly dipped his throbbing hardon back into her moist slit.  Then Pop began to speed up the fantastic fuck, feeling his daughter-in-law's trim sexy legs rise up to wrap around his ass as he pounded himself into her body.

Worked up and stimulated from the finger-fucking her father-in-law had given her, Lacy felt so ashamed that her slick juices were now coating the way for his raping cock.  Worst yet, unwanted shivers of pleasure spread throughout her body by the thick shaft that pumped further and further into her.  Gritting her teeth, Lacy tried desperately to will herself to not feel any pleasure from this vile rape by her lusting father-in-law.

Involuntarily, Lacy's cunt muscles squeezed around the invading cock, sending waves of undesired pleasure through her body.  Unconsciously, she squeezed her thighs against his ribs, then arched up a bit in order to tie her legs around him and lock her heels together. "Mmmmmm ………………..mmmmphhhh ………..mmmmm …………..mmmmphhhhhh!" Lacy moaned through clenched teeth as she began to arch up to meet the raping thrusts.

"Ohhh, please ………….Pop …………..stop ………………stop ……………….please, this ……this is rape ………………..I'm your son's wife!" Lacy pleaded.  'Oh, God ……………..oh, God ………….please ……………please don't let me feel any pleasure!' she shuddered as her cunt muscles clenched and unclenched repeatedly around the throbbing cock within her.

Dripping with perspiration from the surprisingly strong fight his beautiful daughter-in-law was putting up in her play-acting role, his wet body slid up and down over her petite one as he sliced in and out of her tight cunt.  Thick cockhead pushing forward into the parting pink treasure, enjoying the warm slick folds squeezing his pulsating cock, he groaned “Ohhhhhhhhhh, baby …………..Godddddddd ………………….dammmmmm …………………this is the best fuck ever!” he groaned.

Pop shuddered and tried to stop the sensations from building too fast, not wanting his sensitive cock to erupt prematurely.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhh!” Pop groaned again as his sensitive cock was drawn into the warm slick folds, aided now as Lacy wrapped her long trim legs around his pumping ass.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, God, baby …………………oh, sweetie ……………….you beautiful baby!” he groaned loudly as his lovely daughter-in-law arched up to envelope more of his pulsating cock.

Then Pop began to hump away in earnest, enjoying Lacy's role-playing role as she moaned “Noooooo, Pop …………………nooooooooooo …………………don't ………………don't cum in me!  You ………'ll could …………….could get me pregnant ……………….with your baby!"  Hearing that exciting possibility, Pop humped faster and faster, wanting to plant his fertile seed deep in his beautiful daughter-in-law.  “Ohhhhh, Godddddd ……………………...oh, Godddddd …………………oh, Lacy …………………oh, babyyyyy!” Pop groaned.  His body shuddered as his cock exploded and began to belch out his thick juice into his son's wife.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh …………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..oh, Pop, noooooooooo ……………………….nooooooooooooo  …………..……………you'll get me pregnant!” Lacy moaned.  But the raping cock in her sensitive cunt had sent her high up in the clouds.  With her father-in-law's cock suddenly exploding its hot goo deep in her womb, Lacy's  body shuddered in a mind shattering orgasm, sending her in to outer space.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddd ……………….I'm ……….cumminggggggggggggggg!" she screeched loudly.

Once her father-in-law pulled his dwindling cock out of her raped cunt and fell over onto his back, Lacy turned away from him and curled up in a fetal position, sniffling and sobbing in shame.  'Oh, God ….................……how could the man I respected and trusted like my own father do this to me?  Rape me!  Raping his own son's wife!' she shuddered.  Lacy quivered as she felt Pop's hand upon her ass, caressing her and then felt him shuffling up to mold his pudgy body up against her.  She froze when Pop told her "Oh, Lacy ……………..I've dreamt of you ever since that first time meeting you!  I'm so glad you told me of your fantasy last week!  Did I fulfill that fantasy?  Did you like the way I took you like a caveman?"

Then Lacy came to realize that her evil twin sister must have set this up by getting Pop to think that she dreamt about him also, that it was her fantasy of him sneaking in when Dave as gone and raping her on her marital bed.  Blinking back the tears, Lacy realized now that Pop did not know that he had actually raped her.  She could only blame him for lusting after her and acting on it when he got the opportunity.  Feeling the pressure of Pop's hand on her hip to pull her back over, Lacy complied to lay back upon her back. She shivered as Pop sucked a pink nipple into his mouth, the flicking tongue getting an immediate rise of her sensitive bud once again.  Then Pop was paying homage to the twin nipple, causing Lacy to instinctively react by raising her hands up from the bed to grasp the top of Pop's head.

As Pop shuffled to get into the saddle once again, Lacy spread her legs wide to accommodate him.  A moment later, she opened her lips as Pop moved up to give her another passionate kiss.  As Pop's tongue slipped between her pink lips, his once again bloated cockhead parted the pink lips between her legs.  The Richmond's marital bed once again began to rock back and forth by the mating upon it, just that it was not between husband and wife.  Only this time, Lacy was able to wrap both arms and legs about her lusting father-in-law.  It was to be a wild illicit mating of the lovely young wife and her husband's father, ending in mutual climaxes for both lovers.

Before Pop bid his goodbye, Lacy felt her hand being drawn over towards him to be wrapped around his now shriveled cock.  Gripping and squeezing it in the palm of her hand, Lacy felt it once again begin to stir back to life.  As it began to grow in size, in both length and thickness, she heard Pop say "Ohhhhh, Lacy ……………would you …….............….I ………...............….I've always dreamt of you ……………..sucking me!"

Hearing that request, Lacy swallowed deeply, not knowing if she could or should bring herself to doing it.  Mind befuddled, realizing that the Pop had 'raped' her in thinking that he was actually making her fantasy come true, even though she had no such fantasy.  Sliding down the bed a bit, Lacy then took Pop's sticky member into her mouth, intent of making his fantasy come true.  With Pop having expended himself twice already, Lacy was surprised at the amount of cum that he could still generate from his aging balls as her mouth was suddenly filled with his sticky goo.

Back in the apartment shared by Stacy and Terrel, Stacy was just too self-absorbed to realize that Terrel was carrying a torch for her sister.  She believed that Terrel had done everything for her: recording the blackmail video; raping Lacy and spending the entire honeymoon with Lacy; allowing her to spend the honeymoon with Lacy's husband to demean him.  Stacy naively thought their subsequent little dress-up sex games and her pretending to be her innocent sister was just a mere turn-on for Terrel.  Stacy thought Terrel loved her and was devoted to her, proving it by raping and defiling Lacy to help her get even with her twin sister.  Stacy's expertise as a lover was undeniable but she did not realize that Terrel much preferred Lacy's warmth, innocence and much tighter cunt.

As Stacy dressed and primped, transforming herself into Lacy for her performance, it was all she could do to contain her excitement, a chance to further damage her sister's reputation and to degrade and humiliate Lacy's wimp of a husband yet again.  She had thoroughly enjoyed deceiving him, pretending to be Lacy, then degrading him and playing him for an utter fool during the honeymoon, reducing him to a frustrated, confused eunuch.

The next week, 'Lacy' showed up unexpectedly at Dave's work, demanding they talk about their marriage and clear the air.  Naturally, Dave was caught completely off guard by this unexpected visit.  However, as he had kept so many thoughts and feelings bottled up for so long, Dave was relieved that 'Lacy' had showed up that day and relieved to hear her tell him that she wanted to talk things out.

'Lacy' choked back a laugh and stood there sternly with her arms crossed, she impatiently tapped a patent leather high-heel shoe on the tile as she demanded to hear what Dave had to say for himself.

Totally fooled by Stacy as she portrayed his wife, Dave opened up to her, unwittingly let the cat out of the bag by apologizing for having been totally unresponsive to her emotionally and sexually since their return from the honeymoon.  He tried to explain his feelings of guilt, shame and humiliation for his shortcomings as a lover.  Dave then hinted that perhaps they hadn't been completely up-front and honest with each other about their sexual experience and expectations before they exchanged their wedding vows.

Dave confessed that he thought the lack of honesty before they had exchanged wedding vows might have contributed, in part, to his inability to perform to her expectations sexually.  He went so far as to suggest they should perhaps enter into marriage counseling, talk through whatever mistakes and misunderstandings that contributed to getting their marriage off to such a rocky start.  Dave further confessed that he still loved her and wanted them to salvage their marriage and that he was willing to do whatever it took, if she too was willing.

Stacy realized she'd need to act quickly if she hoped to keep the newlyweds from repairing the damage that she and Terrel had worked so hard to destroy.  She knew that Dave was hoping for a response of love and compassion, thus she quickly shocked him by flying into a sarcastic tirade, telling him in no uncertain terms that she had no intentions of wasting her time in marriage counseling.  "If you want to save this marriage, the only way is for you to measure up where it counts most …………… bed!" she demanded.

Furthermore, she told him "As far as I'm concerned, whatever had happened before we exchanged our wedding vows is none of your damn business!  I have no intention of ever confessing to you or to any busy-body marriage counselor how many people I've had sex with, nor how many times I've had sex or anything else before we got married!"

Dave was shocked by this tirade, which all but confirmed his suspicions that his supposedly innocent and virginal wife had in fact been sexually active before they were married.  She had effectively pulled the wool over his eyes by putting him off, making him think that she was quite innocent sexually.  Dave tried desperately to calm her down a bit, not wanting his co-workers to overhear her shouting such things, embarrassed by what they might think.  He apologized, assuring her he was not trying to insinuate anything and to please not speak so loudly.

Stacy again choked back a laugh, knowing her performance was causing her brother-in-law intense humiliation.  In fact, she was both emotionally and sexually charged by her sense of power and control over him, having so convincingly deceived him once again.  With that, she lifted her dress and shamelessly demanded "If you truly love me and truly am sorry for the things you've said, if you truly want to salvage our marriage, you'd do it …………right here ………..what you should have done on our wedding night!  Yes ………….that's what I mean ……………get me off for once!"

Dave cringed, hoping his co-workers hadn't overheard that last humiliating outburst. 'What other choice do I have?  She's right!  I haven't been able to please her during our marriage yet ………………haven't proven to her that I'm a 'man', a 'man' worth staying married to!' he thought.  Dave realized that he had to do something to console her, to placate her and at least try to salvage a shred of dignity.  Hopefully, he could convince her that he was sincere and that he still loved her.

Stacy hiked up her dress again, screaming "You've left me high and dry since the honeymoon!  If you aren't 'man' enough to satisfy me right here and now, I don't want you home till you can get it up good and hard!  Well, what's it going to be?"

Dave felt intimidated, awkward at the very thought of having sex with his wife right there in his office, with her forcing these histrionics on him.  Humiliated and blushing a beet red, he looked about, wondering if anyone was trying to peer into his office after hearing that loud absurd ultimatum that 'Lacy' had blatantly demanded of him.

Stacy knew that this certainly wasn't the ideal scenario for the badgered husband to try to consummate his marriage, to salvage his dignity and prove his manhood.  She had cunningly painted him into a corner and she knew she's holding all the aces.  Indeed, the office surroundings along with her berating comments had the desired effects as Dave bent his flushed face down and whispered "We …………please, let's wait till tonight!  I …………….I ……….don't think I can get it up right now!"

Shaking her head in mock disgust, then she pretended to fume in frustration, then commented loudly so it would be heard by others loitering outside the office "Again!  Either you can't get it up or you're shooting off prematurely!  I'm leaving!  Don't bother coming home till I've had some time to sort this out and decide if I still love you enough to want to work things out!  And don't call me!  I'll phone you when I've thought things through!  I'll have your clothes delivered to you here at the office in the morning!"  Storming out of the office, Stacy feigned a stern and disgusted look, taking in the fact that all eyes were focused upon her as she left.  Disappearing down the hall and into an elevator, Stacy laughed at the impressive performance that she had put on.

Stacy laughed uncontrollably as she made her way out to the parking lot.  She couldn't wait to tell Terrel all about it, certain that everyone at Dave's workplace would be buzzing about the marital friction brewing between Dave and Lacy Richmond.  She laughed, knowing that it would be a long, long time before her inept brother-in-law came sniffing after his wife to consummate their marriage.

With the anxiously anticipated news that Stacy had accomplished her mission, Terrel immediately implemented the next critical phase of the plan.  He phoned in, identifying himself as David Richmond and dictated a telegram to be delivered to Mrs. Lacy Richmond at her place of work.

The gist of the telegram is an apology from David, confessing that the marriage was a mistake and that it had been a complete failure for both parties. The telegram further stated "I need some time to myself in order to sort things out and then we can talk!  Please do not try to contact me in person or by phone until I've sorted things out!  I promise I'll call you then we can talk things out!  Please be kind enough to pack up my clothes and toiletries!  I'll send someone by the house to retrieve them in the morning!"

The scam had worked, effectively setting up a separation between the newlyweds.  Though shocked upon receiving the telegram at work, Lacy had been fooled into believing that Dave had walked out on their marriage.  For Terrel, it was the perfect opportunity to move in on the still naïve but no longer innocent beauty lock, stock and barrel!  But there was one thing that would make it the crowning victory for him, that of enjoying the ultimate thrill of fucking the beautiful young wife while her cuckold husband watched.

A few days later, having it all planned out to visit the sexy Lacy again, Terrel told Stacy to once again pretend to be Lacy.  She would then contact Dave and tell him that she has thought things out, deciding that she still loved him and wants to save their marriage.  However, she would make Dave realize that he could never satisfy her sexually and confess that she had been cheating on him since the very start.  She would admit that she had not been a virgin on their wedding night and that she was not as innocent and inexperienced sexually as she had led him to believe.

Meeting one afternoon, 'Lacy' convinced Dave that she still wanted to save their marriage and that her adulterous affairs were purely sexual, to quench her constant need for sex that he could never possibly satisfy.  However, she still professed loving him with all her heart and is sure they can still have everything they'd promised each other in their marriage.  She told a stunned Dave "But …………'ll only work if you agree to allow me to  continue having affairs ……………….to satisfy my sexual needs!"

Stunned by the choice of losing his beautiful wife or allowing her to have flings with other men, Dave was at a total loss.  Rather than losing his lovely wife altogether due to his sexual failures, Dave decided that he loved his wife too much to let her go and reluctantly agreed to her terms.  He shuddered in hearing a demand that he prove that he was okay with her continuing her adulterous affairs by watching her and a lover having sex together.  She would let him know when but that he would have to arrive early and be in hiding so he could watch discreetly as she didn't want to make her lover uncomfortable.

It would actually be Dave's wife who would not know that her husband had arrived earlier and was in hiding, watching her have sex with another man.  Terrel chuckled, wanting Lacy's performance to be genuine and not staged in any way as her husband got to see how hot his beautiful little wife was.  With the separation, Terrel knew that a lonely Lacy would now welcome him with open arms …………..and widespread legs!

After getting the call from 'Lacy' as to the scheduled night, Dave entered and found a hiding place in the closet.  Waiting in the dark, filled with anticipation, Dave felt a twitch in his pants at the thought of secretly watching his beautiful wife take a lover to their bed.  Heart pounding in his chest, Dave came to realize that he was actually quite excited by the prospect of watching another man bed his wife.

Of course, it is just another trick, one that Terrel had concocted.  Terrel convinced Stacy that it would be the ultimate humiliation to have her brother-in-law watch his beautiful wife getting nailed by a black guy.  But in reality, it gave him another night of great fucking with Stacy's innocent twin sister with the added bonus of knowing her cuckold punk of a husband was watching nearby!  'Oh, man!  I'm gonna give that little punk a good show!  Damn, he's gonna cream in his fuck'n pants when he hears that sexy wife of his squeal when I stick it to her!' he thought.

Having enjoyed a nice dinner with Lacy Richmond, Terrel pulled her into his arms for a passionate kiss as they entered her home.  As he had hoped, she pulled him by the hand into her bedroom.  Seeing the closet door slightly ajar, Terrel knew that her punk husband had chosen that as his hiding place.  He pulled the lovely beauty to him once again, this time right in front of the closet door, for another passionate kiss.  "Oh, baby …………….get on your knees and suck me off!” he advised.

In the closet, Dave sat on the small stool with his mouth wide open.  He had been expecting to see his beautiful wife and her lover but had not expected to see that it was to be with Stacy's boyfriend, her big black stud.  He realized that they apparently had gone to dinner together as Terrel was neatly dressed with a leather jacket over his turtleneck with Lacy in her nice yellow dress and white heels.  Hearing Terrel's demand, Dave watched in amazement as his lovely wife slowly knelt before her lover.

Dave was stunned as he watched Lacy reach up with her soft petite hands to unzip Terrel's trousers.  Without any hesitation, he saw his lovely wife reach in to fish out the biggest cock he had ever seen.  Dave shuddered as he heard Terrel groan with pleasure as Lacy's soft hands closed around his cock.  In the darkness of the closet, Dave was mesmerized at the sight of his lovely wife kneeling before the tall muscular Terrel, her hands clasped around his thick black cock, fingers unable to encircle the monstrosity.

Cock growing in his own pants, Dave excitedly watched as Lacy began pumping at the ever-growing cock, then saw his wife lean forward to rub the lengthy cock all over her beautiful face.  “Ya love sucking on my long black cock, don’t ya, sweetie?   That's why you passed on dessert tonight, isn't it?  Ya were wanting a big chocolate bar for yer dessert, weren't ya?  Well, come and get it ………….suck it up good!" he heard Terrel's taunting.

Dave was stunned as he watched Lacy lean forward to rub her pink lips onto the now wet and glistening cockhead, glossing her pink lips with a thick film of the slimy fluid.  Then he saw his wife's pink tongue dart out from her lipstick coated lips to flick madly upon to tease the pulsating cockhead, licking up the oozing pre-cum, trying to insert the tip of her pointed tongue into the slit of the flaring cockhead.  Dave then heard Terrel groan loudly as Lacy opened  her lips wide to enveloped the large bloated cockhead, delving her head down to gobble it up.

In the closet, Dave was flabbergasted at what he was witnessing, watching his beautiful wife down on her knees to give her lover a fantastic blowjob.  His own hardon was pulsing madly within his confining jockeys as he excitedly watched his lovely wife bobbing her head up and down upon the lengthy black cock, obviously intent on devouring it all.

Dave couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the entire length disappear between Lacy's pink lips, making it obvious that it had slid all the way down her throat.  He stared ahead without blinking, watching as Lacy reached up with her hands to grasp Terrel's hips as she fucked her lovely face back and forth onto the rigid pole.

“Ahhhh, Lacy baby ……………gonna cum soon ……………….gonna shoot my hot cum in your sweet mouth! Oh, yeah, baby ………………that's it ……………….that's the way ……………….squeeze my balls ………………roll my nuts in your hand!  Ohhhhhhh, Godddddd ………………..yeahhhhh …………………oh, yeah, baby …………..……yeahhhhhh ………….………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Terrel groaned loudly as his shook in spasms as he lost his load. Reaching out with his hands, his fingers entwined in the silky blonde hair as emptied his load into her sucking mouth.

Moments later, Dave watched as the softening but still thick and long black cock was slowly being withdrawn from his wife’s still sucking lips. Finally the entire length emerged, a thick strand of cum still connecting the drooling cockhead to the soft pink lips.  As a pearl drop of cum formed at the tip of the oozing cockhead, Dave watched in awe as his wife stared at the oozing goo and then her pink tongue darted out to swipe the pearl of cum before it dripped down to the carpet.

Dave excitedly watched as his beautiful wife began to get out of her dress and heels while Terrel began to discard his clothing.  Both naked, he watched as Lacy embraced her black lover for another passionate kiss.  Then he was shocked to hear Terrel comment "Want me to fuck ya again ………………like on yer honeymoon?  That was one fuck'n fantastic week!"  'God ……………she even cheated on me during our honeymoon!' Dave realized.

It was quite a display of wanton lust on their marital bed as his beautiful wife took her lover to bed.  With Terrel's muscular body covering his wife, all that Dave could see of Lacy was her trim white arms and legs wrapped around Terrel's muscular black body.  Never had he heard such a wanton display of lust as Lacy unashamedly moaned out her feelings "Oh, so deepppp ……………..yesssss …………...fuck me ………….….fuck me!  Ahhhhhhhhh …………….…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, Godddd ………….yes …………yessssssssss!"

From the closet, Dave heard his wife exclaim loudly "Oh, Terrel ………Terrel ……………oh, God ……………….I'm …………..……….I'm cummingggggggg!"  Then he heard Terrel ask "Ya on the pill yet baby?  Want me to pull out?"  Dave was shocked to hear Lacy respond “Ohhh, no ………………….noooooooo ……………don't …………………don’tttt pull it out …… ………let me have your cum ………….cum ……….…….cum in me ………..shoot your cum in me! I don't care ………………knock me up …………….knock me up good ……..…………knock me up with a little black bastard!”

Having cum in his pants, Dave dejectedly sat on the stool as the two lovers embraced once again to begin another wild fuck session.  Dave knew that there was no way in hell he could match the performance that Terrel had just put on, not with his cock only half the length and thickness of what Terrel had just nailed his wife with.  But Dave realized that he would be willing to endure Lacy taking on lovers on the side, especially if he could get his kicks watching from the closet.  He waited for the two lovers to fall asleep, then he would proceed with 'Lacy's' instructions to slipped out quietly, leaving the two lovers alone.

The next day, a Saturday, Stacy awaited for her brother-in-law to meet her for lunch as was planned earlier when she had called for him to 'observe'.  Again playing the part of 'Lacy', she awaited Dave to give her his decision as to continuing the marriage on the terms she had laid out, with her taking on lovers on the side.  She couldn't believe how helpful Terrel had been to her, even outlining this upcoming part of the plan that would be the icing on the cake.

Stacy smiled, happy with Terrel's plan to take her sister back to the honeymoon resort to give her a nasty reminder of what took place there.  It would also free up the home for Stacy to pull off the final episode of putting down that wimpy brother-in-law of hers.  Little did Stacy realize that it was just another ploy, by Terrel, to enjoy another day alone with her more elegant and sophisticated sister whom he really desired.

As expected over lunch, Stacy heard the wimp agree to the humiliating terms but to be certain, she advised him that she wanted him absolutely positive that he could handle it, telling him she had another lover coming over the next morning after she got back from church services.  Dave had readily agreed, actually looking forward to watching his lovely wife taking on apparently another one of her lovers.  His cock was already hardening in anticipation as he wondered if her lover would be big and black like Terrel.  'I wonder how many lovers does she have?' he thought.

But what Dave did not know was at that very moment, while he was unknowingly eating lunch with his wife's evil twin, Terrel and Lacy were arm-in-arm checking in at the resort where the honeymoon had taken place.  It was the evil Stacy who would be filling in for Dave's wife once again as she sought to fulfill her dastardly plan, one that would absolutely shock him to the core.

Once lunch was over and Dave departed the restaurant, Stacy chuckled to herself 'Church services ...............right!'  Then she got on her cellphone to make a call.  When the phone answered, in a seductive tone of voice, Stacy sweetly asked "Hi, lover!  I was wondering if you were free tomorrow morning?  Would you like to join me tomorrow for breakfast at this new restaurant that just opened down the street from me?  Just don't order any dessert ……………….cause that will be back at my place ………….a dessert you'll really enjoy ……………..served right in the bedroom!"

On Sunday morning, back in his hiding place in the closet, Dave anxiously awaited the arrival of the two lovers.  Hearing the key being inserted into the lock, Dave heard the door open and footsteps approaching.  But this time, Lacy's lover was standing right up next to the opening of the closet door with his back towards him, making it impossible to see the full view of her lover.  The only thing Dave was sure of was the fact that this lover was white and not black.

Then, from his viewpoint, Dave saw 'Lacy's' legs approaching in her navy blue heels toward the closet to embrace her lover with a kiss.  With 'Lacy' and her lover moving closer towards the bed, Dave watched as 'Lacy' dropped down to her knees facing him with her lover's backside to the closet opening.  Dave watched as his wife smiled while unzipping her lover's pants and fishing out his cock.  Seeing the cock that she was fisting, Dave realized that it was not nearly as big nor long as Terrel's but 'Lacy' apparently didn’t mind as she let the thick cock rub all over her beautiful face, leaving some wet trails on her cheeks.  Then Dave froze rigidly as a shudder of horror coursed throughout his entire body when 'Lacy' looked up and asked "Would you like me to suck him, Pop?"

End of Story.