Manhandled Stewardess
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Subdued Stewardess - II
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Riding in the shuttle bus with the crew to the nearby airport hotel, Melissa sat quietly with her thoughts reflecting back to the flight that had just concluded.  She had not seen him since that night at the 'Cliffs' when she and Bill had celebrated their anniversary.  'Yes, that certainly was a memorable night at the 'Cliffs'!  I can't believe what I did in a public place!  If Bill had come out outside to the restaurant's outdoor viewpoint, he'd have caught me jerking off a black man, making him cum out in a public place!' she recalled.

'Why?  Why did I give him that note on the flight?  Why did I tell him what hotel the crew was checking in to?  Why did I ask him to call me?' she asked herself.  A lot of questions, but she knew the answer to it all.  Simply, she wanted him to fuck her out of her mind again, to make her his whore!  She wondered if he would show up at the hotel.  As the shuttle was waiting for the traffic to clear and make a left turn into the hotel parking lot, she observed a taxi pull up in front of the hotel.  Her thigh muscles clenched as she observed the familiar black figure exit the taxi and walk up the steps into the hotel lobby.

As Melissa and the crew entered the hotel lobby, she observed the passenger who had been on the flight sitting in a lounge chair while reading the evening paper.  As the crew checked in, Melissa got her room number and key.  When a fellow stewardess asked what room she was in and if she wanted to head out for a cocktail, Melissa replied "I'm in room 605 but I'll pass as I want to get into bed right away!"  She had said it loud enough for Archie as he sat and pretended to be reading the paper.  Archie actually was looking at the lovely Mrs. Melissa Weber at the time, seeing her glance at him and smile while making her last comment.

Getting to the elevator with several other crew members, Melissa chatted with them and got off on the sixth for with two fellow stews.  Arriving at her room, she waved to her fellow stews, advising "I'm getting to bed right away!  See you in the morning!"  Entering her hotel room, Melissa wheeled her overnight case into the small closet area, then leaned against the wall with her heart pounding in anticipation.

'God, how can I be doing such a thing!  Happily married with two adorable children in elementary school, yet here I am, waiting for a black man to come to my room and fuck me!  Christ, I must be sick - sickkkkkk - I don't even know his name!' she muttered to herself.  A moment later, the expected knock sounded at her door.  'Don't answer it!  He'll go away if I don't answer it!  You can't cheat on Bill and the children!' she told herself.  But at the same time her hand was reaching for the doorknob.

Then came a second knock.  Hesitantly, Melissa reached for the lock and doorknob, panting for breath as she told herself not to open it.  She closed her eyes, her hands now on the door lock and knob, trying to repel the temptation of opening the door.  Momentarily she thought of her loving husband and young children, telling herself that she couldn't do this to them, couldn't risk her marriage and children.  'Don't jeopardize everything you have!  Don't open the door!  Not for some brief physical pleasure with another man, a black one at that!' she told herself.

As her resolve faded, Melissa clenched her thighs together, biting down on her lip to fight back the urge.  Throwing caution to the wind, she undid the safety bolt, opening the door to admit her muscular black visitor.   In the narrow entranceway of her motel room, she was embraced in the arms of a man other than her loving husband.  Closing her eyes, her lips opened to admit the thick searching tongue as she embraced the muscular body of her visitor.  Deep down she wanted him to dominate her, to force her to do his bidding.  She was not to be disappointed as she felt his hands on her shoulders pushing her down, then heard his gruff voice ordering her to "Get down on your fucking knees, bitch!  Get a taste of a man's cock!"

On her return flight back, Melissa chastised herself for what she had done, cheating on Bill just to satisfy her need.  Her need for black cock, the need to scratch that terrible itch between her legs had gotten the best of her.  But she had to admit, it had been a night she'd remember for a very long time, that itch had been well soothed by the hot cream the stranger had intimately applied directly to that itch.  She recalled waking up in the early morning with the pleasurable feel of the long thick cock pulsing deep between her thighs.  Clenching her thigh muscles at that very moment, she felt some of that hot cream ooze from her well stretched pussy onto the napkin she had used for extra protection from getting her panties sopping wet and in turn soiling her uniform.

Arriving home in the late afternoon, her two little girls came running up to greet her and Bill gave her a passionate kiss to welcome her home.  Emptying her small flight bag, Melissa took her dirty clothes to the laundry room to put them in the wash.  She kept the uniform that she had worn on her prior flight rolled up in a tight ball.  She did not want Bill to see the cum stains that soiled it, caused by the streams of cum that had escaped her lips when she was on her knees in the entranceway of the hotel room.

Alone in the washroom, Melissa unfolded her soiled uniform that brought back the memories of having admitted her visitor into the hotel room.  She had wanted and had begged him to take her to bed, to give her the fucking that she craved for.  After he had pushed her to her knees on the carpeted floor, he had told her of what he desired "You look so beautiful and sexy in your uniform!  I always wanted a beautiful stewardess on her knees, sucking me off!"

Melissa had complied, getting down on her knees to worship his long thick manhood, running her teasing tongue up and down his black shaft.  Then she had opened her mouth wide to engulf his bulb-like cockhead, bobbing her head up and down.  Minutes later, she felt the throbbing shaft pulsing faster and faster in her eagerly sucking mouth.  She had anxiously waited to taste the creamy load of hot protein, with her hands continuing to stroke the lengthy black shaft.  Then she felt the pulsing cockhead expand in her throat, then it was withdrawn a bit to fill her mouth just as it suddenly exploded.  Spurt after spurt of the sticky white goo splattered against the back of her throat, filling her mouth to the brim with sticky goo, escaping the corners of her mouth to flow down her chin and onto her blue uniform.

That night, Bill helped her get the girls to bed, something that she normally did when she was not out of town.  Melissa knew Bill was helping as he was anxious to get her into bed for some lovemaking.  She was eager to please her loving husband, feeling especially guilty of the sin that she had committed upon their marriage during her overnight stay.  In the darkness of the night, she felt Bill's caressing hands upon her body and the gentle way that he normally made love to her.  She had hunched up at him, encircling his humping body to her but it only served to excite him to spurting his love juices that much sooner.  She had clenched her teeth tightly, refraining from yelling out to Bill 'Damn you, fuck me like a 'real man'!'

Moments later, Melissa let go of her arms and legs embracing Bill, who after having shot his load was now about to go to sleep.  Bill's body merely shifted a bit as he rolled off to the side, as her clenching cunt muscles squeezed out his dwindled and now useless cock.  Clamping her legs together to prevent leakage of his watery cum from wetting the bed, Melissa got up to make her way to the bathroom, needing to clean up the mess that her husband had left.  As she cleansed herself, she could not help but to let her fingers move in search of her sensitive clit, needing to obtain relief from the agitating itch started by her husband.  Relief came as she fingered herself while her thoughts went back to her adventure in the hotel room of the night earlier.

Several months later, Melissa was in dire need of getting that itch scratched again.  Having quelled the need for the past three months by constantly fingering herself in the privacy of her bathroom, she had successfully fought back the sinful urges.  Once she had even been tempted to make a trip across town, the raunchy part of town, to go into a sleazy bar to extinguish that itch.  She shivered at the recollection of what had occurred just yesterday, on one of the rare weekends when she had the days off to spend with Bill and the girls.

Shopping for a swing set for the girls, they had stopped in at one store that had a special on all swing sets for the weekend.  Melissa felt flush and nervous when a muscular black salesman, in his late 40's approached to assist them.  Immediately, she clenched her thighs together, trying desperately to block out the evil thoughts that began to flood her mind.  She felt so guilty, thinking such thoughts while in the company of her husband and children.

Lewis Harris had seen that 'look' before, seeing the lovely young wife and mother flush and turn her head away while he began showing them the various sets.  He couldn't believe such a little beauty was in need of a little black 'luving', making him wonder if he was losing his touch in reading that look.  He had seen that look on many women but none so attractive as this young beauty who was in the presence of her husband and young girls.  This was definitely one deal he certainly did not want to lose, figuring he'd need to give the Mr. a sweet deal on the swing set and offer to put it up for him real cheap.

With the girls anxious to try out the sets and their father running after them, Lewis hollered out to let the girls try out the various swings.  Then loudly he said "Oh, Ma'am, let me show you this brochure that shows you some special features of the set!"  Turning to go to the desk, he could see her slowly and nervously begin to follow.  Opening up a brochure, he could see how nervous this beauty was.  In a moment, he'd know if he had read that 'look' right the moment he laid eyes upon her.

Seeing that the lovely woman's back blocked the view of her husband, he opened up the brochure and in handing it to her, deliberately made contact with the gold braclet on her wrist and in the process began caressing her hand with his index finger.  "That's such a beautiful braclet you've got on!" Lewis comment as her sharp intake of breath was quite audible but he also noticed that she had not jerked her hand away in revulsion.  Lewis knew he had read that 'look' correctly as he then boldly grasped her hand in his and to ld her to "C'mon around over here next to me so you can see the pictures in brochure better!"  Looking into her beautiful blue eyes, tugging at her hand, he got her to edge around the work podium so that she was standing alongside of him.

With the wooden counter now shielding them from the waist down, Lewis guided her soft hand over towards him, then molded her trim manicured fingers over the bulge in his pants.  He then told her "Convince your husband to buy a set from me so I can go to your home and help put it up for you!  And you'll jist love the big 'juicy bonus' that comes with it, sweetie!"  Seeing as well as hearing her panting for breath, Lewis boldly advised "Ya want it don't ya bitch?  Right now yer wondering what it'll be like when I's shove my big black cock all the way down yer throat, aren't ya? Bet if'n yer hubby and kids weren't here right now, you'd drop down to your knees and blow me, wouldn't ya?"  Lewis smiled in seeing he had read the bitch right as she as visibly trembling.  

A few moments later, the girls came running up to desk, yelling "Mommy, mommy ….....................…..we want the red swing set!"  Then the father appeared and began to discuss the price with the smiling Lewis, who would now be willing to give the set away for free, just for the chance to get into the beauty's tight little panties.  Suspecting that the husband was one too busy to take off from work, Lewis figured he'd make the pitch that he could have it set up in no time and could deliver the set and set it up anytime.

He had figured it out right when the lovely beauty was asked by her husband "Honey, do you know when you're not flying this week?  What do you think of us spending a bit more to have the set put up for us?"  Lewis felt his cock give a twitch in learning that this lovely beauty was a stewardess, his very first chance to getting into a beautiful stewardess's tight panties.  His cocked twitched again in hearing her stammer "Wednes …..........……Wednesday!  I ...........……I have a red-eye on Tuesday night and I'll get home a bit after 8 a.m.!  I …................…..I think it's a good idea to have the set put up for us, especially since you don't have much spare time!"

On her return flight that Tuesday night, Melissa could not concentrate on her job, her mind a nervous wreck.  Not wanting to see the muscular black salesman for fear of her weakness, she had called Bill in the evening just before the flight took off.  She had asked Bill to mark the area where the swing set was to be placed and to write the instructions down so she could give it to the salesman.

On the drive home, Melissa had planned on locking herself in her home and not venture outside when the salesman showed up.  She'd simply tape the instructions that Bill wrote out onto the front door.  That way she'd avoid having to see or talk to the man.  She planned on taking two sleeping pills once she arrived home.  With the delivery not set till 10 a.m., she'd be able to tape the note to the door and get to sleep before the arrival of the swing set.

Turning into her driveway, Melissa gasped as she observed the delivery truck already parked in the middle of the driveway, blocking her path into the garage.  She observed various parts of the swing set lying upon the driveway and then she saw the grinning salesman appear from the side to wave at her.  With the number of heavy items on the driveway, Melissa realized that it was not feasible to ask him to move things so she could park her car in the garage, allowing her to get into the safety of her home.

Nervously, Melissa got out of her car and began what appeared to be a long walk to the safety of her home.  "I ..............…….I thought the delivery was scheduled for 10 a.m!" she stammered, realizing that all her plans on not seeing or talking to this man had been for naught.  "I'll ..............……I'll get the instructions my husband wrote out for you!" she added as she walked towards the silent but grinning man.

She shivered when she finally head him speak "Good morning, Mrs. Weber!  I got here a bit early cause I wanted to see how beautiful you look in your stewardess uniform!  I must say, it sure was worth my while to come out early!  Plus, I remembering promising you that special 'bonus' in convincing your husband to buy the set and to have me put it up!"  Lewis smiled at the shocked reaction that his blunt words brought to her face.


Melissa hurried up the driveway, heart pounding, intent on getting into the safety of her home.  Fumbling with her keys, she sought to find her house key as she neared the front door.  Then she saw movement of another shadow at her doorway, realizing that the smirking man had followed her up the driveway.  Finally, with the key inserted into the lock, she stammered "Wait …….......……..wait here and I'll be right back with my husband's note to you!"

Quickly, slipping in as the door opened, Melissa turned to shut and lock the door behind her.  But a foot wedged into the open space prevented the door from being closed, then she felt the pressure being applied from the front of the door, a force that she could not match as the door was slowly forced open.  "Please ….......…….please ………........….please leave ……….........…..pleaseeeee!" she sobbed, tears welling her eyes and beginning to flow down her cheeks as her uninvited guest entered her home.

Her body shuddered in nervousness as she saw and heard the door close shut behind the menacing black intruder.  "Please …........…… ….......………please ………...........don't …......…..don't rape me ………....……pleaseeee!" she sobbed, putting her hands out to stop the advancing terror.  But when her hands met the muscular chest, she did not exert much pressure in pushing him away.  She closed her eyes and sobbed, telling herself that she could not do this to her loving husband again, that she had to fight him off with all her might.  She shivered as she felt large hands encircle her wrists, forcing her hands down, down so she would be able to feel his power in her own hands.

Lewis heard her gasp as she made contact with his throbbing cock.  His cock gave a mighty throb when her felt her fingers squeeze at his bulging crotch.  He knew she was his for the taking as he let go of her wrists only to feel her fingers continue to squeeze at his manhood.  But he knew this little bitch wanted to be taken by force, taken by a brute who merely needed to satisfy his lust.  With that, he reached up with both hands and yanked the front of her uniform pullover blouse, tearing it apart, with strips of the material falling to the floor.  A quick twist of his wrist snapped her thin lacy bra, baring her perfectly shaped breasts, upon which he was slobbering on in seconds.

With a slight push, Lewis had the lovely young wife up against the foyer table.  Moving up against the frightened beauty, he grasped her tight asscheeks and easily lifted her up onto the table.  He loved the way she sobbed, frightened yet in dire need for him to fuck her good.  Pulling up the black skirt of her uniform, he reached up and easily tore away her lacy white panties.  He then pulled her to the edge of the table and stepped forward, his thick cockhead parting the slick entrance to her womanhood.

"Nooo …..........……..nooooo ….........…….stop …..........……stop ……...........……please!" Melissa pleaded, trying now to push her uninvited guest away with all her might.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd ….............……..owwwwwww ……….............…ohhhhhhhhhhh ……........………it hurstsssss …..............…….stop …..............stop!" she screamed.  Her hands now moved to clutch at the muscular biceps, feeling the strength of the 'man' that was making her his woman.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …….........…..ohhhhhhhhhh ………..............…….ohhhhhh, God!" she moaned as the thick black muscle slid deeply into her.

Lewis slammed himself forward, plunging his thick black cock into the sobbing beauty, the tabletop banging violently against the foyer wall.  Over and over, he nailed the lovely against the wall, sending all the decorative items on the tabletop down to the floor.  Stabbing into her, Lewis began taunting the moaning beauty "That look in your eye told me you been dying for some good black meat!  Am I right, sweetie?  Bet you've been dreaming of some black luving since the weekend, huh, bitch!  Ya got a 'real' man in your horny twat now, sugar!"  He laughed upon hearing her sharp intake of breath each time he expanded his throbbing cock with a twitch in her gripping snatch.

"Oh, Godddd ……........……….oh, yessssssss ……………............fuck me ……..............……fuck me like the bitch I really am!" she moaned loudly, her fingers digging into his muscular arms as she wrapped her legs around his thick thighs.  "Harder …..........................………harder …….........................…..oh, rape me ……...................….rape me hard!" Melissa groaned, locking her heels to bring him closer and deeper.  "Yessss …...........................…..oh, Godddddd ………........…..ahhhhhhhh …….........…..I ………..............I'm cummmmminggg!" she screamed.

"Rape?  Who are ya kidding, bitch?  Yer jist one hot little slut!  Oh, baby …….................…'re so fucking tight!  Haven't had a 'man' in a long time, huh, Mrs. Weber?  Hubby don't satisfy you with his little weenie, huh, sweetie?" Lewis taunted as he sliced between her slick folds, making her swoon from the pleasure.  "Oh, sweetie!  Got quite to load to give ya, honey!  Gonna fill ya up with some hot cum, hot nigger cum that is!  Oh, baby ……….............…….here it cummmmsssss ….....................…….ohhhh, yeahhhhhhhh!" he groaned as his body shook, emptying his hot load deep in her fertile womb.

As Melissa sat helplessly dazed upon the foyer table, the remaining partons of her uniform top was peeled off her shoulders.  Next, her lacy white bra followed.  With a yank, the button holding her black uniform skirt tore and she was lifted a bit to allow the garment to be pulled from her, sliding down her legs and to the floor.  She remained sitting as hands caressed her thighs, then began rolling down one black nylon after the other to reveal her beautiful ivory legs.  With her nylons and heels now scattered upon the foyer floor, she sat on the foyer table in all her beauty.

A moment later, her trim white arms were around the thick black neck as she was lifted up into his arms, being carried to the bedroom that she shared with her husband.  As they made their way to the bedroom, they engaged in a deep passionate kiss, tongues delving into each other's mouth.  Soon, Melissa lay upon the familiar bed that she shared with Bill, her sexy white legs widespread for a good fucking.  She would get that good fucking but only it was not to be from her loving husband.

It was 10:30 a.m. as Bill Weber got into his car after concluding the big contract that he had been after.  Looking at his watch, he realized that he gotten done with the meeting quite early and had about an hour to kill before his scheduled luncheon with another client.  As he wasn't too far from home, he decided to see if the swing set was being put up in the right place.  'Besides, it'd sure be fun to crawl into bed with Melissa for a quick fuck while someone's working so nearby!' he thought.

Pulling up into the driveway, Bill saw his wife's car parked behind the van with parts of the swing set lying on the driveway.  Walking to the backyard where the swing set was to be put up, he looked about but no one was in sight.  A cold chill went throughout his body, wondering where the black salesman was and more importantly, where was Melissa.  His blood went cold when he heard the familiar voice of his beautiful wife coming from the area of the master bedroom "Ohhhhhhhhh ………..........….God, it hurts ……...............……stop ….............…… hurtssssssssss …...........…'s too ……........……too bigggggggg!"

'I've got to get in there and save Melissa!' Bill's mind raced but he found himself edging to the rear window.  His heart was pounding madly, then a chill had him shuddering upon hearing Melissa moan "Oh, God …………........….yesssss ……............…..fuck my ass ……….........….shove it in ….....................…deep ………..........…deeper ……............….…hurt me ………............…hurt meeeee!"  Bill had been standing off to the side of the window but just had to peer in.  Turning to peek in, he nearly gasped at the sight that was taking place on the bed that he shared with Melissa.  There on the bed was his lovely wife was on all fours, being mounted like a bitch in heat.  Bill listened to his so-called 'faithful' wife nearly scream as she climaxed and heard the male grunting as he exploded deep into his wife's ass.

He watched as her exhausted rider slowly pulled out his still lengthy black muscle, then fall onto his back on the bed. For next  ten minutes, it was been completely silent in the bedroom and Bill anxiously waited for more to come.  Then excitement began to build within him, when he again heard his wife's voice "Oh, you big black stud ………...............fuck me again …........................……give me your big black cock!"  Hearing the rustling of sheets, Bill wanted a better view this time and quickly made his way back around the house.

Turning the knob of the front door, Bill found it open.  Stepping in, his heart was pounding again as he viewed the scattered clothing on the foyer floor.  He surveyed Melissa's airline uniform, her torn blouse and undergarments, heels and nylons.  Then the foyer tabletop caught his attention, causing him to reach out and touch the sticky fluid with his fingers.  Rubbing his thumb over his fingers, Bill knew it was the sticky fuck juices evidencing what had apparently taken place right there.  He held his fingers up to his nose and the acrid smell confirmed his suspicions.

Quietly making his way to the master bedroom, with his cock twitching in anticipation, Bill carefully peered in for a view.  Through the hinged edge of the door, he found he could safely look in with little chance of being seen by the occupants, who were quite occupied and obviously had only one thing in mind.  His cock was rock hard from the exciting sight, seeing his wife's beautiful sexy white body covered by the bigger muscular black one.  It was certainly no rape, Bill realized, not the way in which Melissa's trim white arms and sexy legs were wrapped around the black stud.

Watching the couple mating on the king-sized bed, Bill had to unzip his pants to relieve the pressure on his throbbing cock.  Now, with cock in hand, he began to stroke himself as he watched his lovely wife mate with the big black stud.  Though excited beyond belief, it was quite depressing when he heard his wife say "Ohhh, yes ………......................yesssssssssss ...........................I've been dreaming of this since the weekend!  Yes ….................……..stick it to me ……....…….fuck me good!  It's so big …….....….so much longer than my husband's ……..............… much better!  Ohhhhhhh, yesssss …….........…….you're exactly what I've wanted for a long time ……...........……a 'real man' to fuck me!"

Stroking himself, Bill could not get over the stimulating sight that was taking place on the bed he shared with Melissa.  Then he heard Melissa urging her stud on "Oh, Goddd ...........………..I'm going to cum ……...................……cum with me ..........................cum in me ....................................cummmmm innnnnnnnnn meeeeeeee!  Shoot your nigger cum in me!  Knock me up ........................................knock me up with your little black bastard!"  Then he observed spasms convulsing through the muscular black butt, hearing him grunting, evident of his seeding Melissa's fertile womb.  He saw his lovely wife's body convulsing, her hands clawing at the muscular back and her legs pulling her lover deeper into her.  At that moment, Bill leaned against the wall, his body shaking as he shot his load in the corner of the wall.

With one last look at the entwined bodies on the bed, Bill zipped up his pants and quietly made his exit from the house.  Looking at his watch, he realized that he had better hurry or he'd be late for his lunch appointment.  Passing the scattered pieces of metal on the driveway, he sure hoped that the swing set would be put up in time or his daughters would be in for a big disappointment.  He certainly hoped Melissa would not detract the man too long and allow him to get to his job.

Getting home at his regular time at 5:30 p.m., Bill pulled up into the garage and parked next to his wife's car.  Hearing the girls' laughter coming form the backyard, he wandered in the back and observed the girls having a good time on the new swing set with Melissa pushing the younger one.  He had to admit that his lovely young wife looked more radiant than ever, enjoying the way she ran up to him and greet him with a deep passionate kiss to welcome him home.

"How'd things go with getting the swing set put up?" Bill asked, wondering just what kind of lies his 'faithful' wife would tell him.  His heart sank when he heard "Oh, the fellow came a bit early and he did a real good job!  It's amazing how fast he put it up, once he got started on it!  Oh, Bill, I hope you don't mind but I took the $50 from the dresser to give him a tip for the fantastic job that he did!"  Not only had his lovely wife given her sexy body to the man, she had even used his money to tip him for a job well done!

Once in the house, Bill saw the foyer entirely in order, so different from when he had left that morning.  Entering the bedroom, he observed a new bedspread had been put on to replace the stained one.  The only evidence he observed that took place that morning was the dried cum stains in the corner at the entrance to the bedroom.

In bed that night, Bill couldn't wait to take his sexy wife into his arms for some lovemaking.  When Melissa entwined her trim arms and legs around him, all he could do was to picture the scene of his lovely wife embracing her black stud.  Pumping into her, he just could not make it last, cumming quickly while Melissa pleaded with him to keep on fucking her, feeling her fingers clawing at him and legs squeezing him to her.  He cringed as he could have sworn he had heard his frustrated wife hiss under her breath "Damn, I need a 'real' man!"

Bill knew that he could not possibly compare with the 'real man' that had satisfied her earlier that day.  He just hoped that he could again observe her with the 'real man' that she craved.  Then he began to think of work and the recent opening for a regional manager.  The vice-president in charge of the region was a middle aged black, well-known as a ladies man.  Bill had not thought much about the job position but now that he knew of his wife's cravings for a big black cock, he realized that just maybe he had all the credentials necessary for that job.  All he needed to do was to set it up perfectly, getting the VP to meet Melissa at the next function.  Knowing his wife's weakness for black cock, just perhaps her beautiful white ass might be exchanged for the job position.
End of Story