Manipulated Young Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled: Star Player - II
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At the Sunday luncheon at the women's club, everyone looked highly upon the beautiful Mrs. Erin Winters, electing her as the president of their group.  Accepting the gavel and standing at the podium to give her first acceptance speech, Erin was the envy of all those in attendance.  Those in the audience saw a beautiful, intelligent and happily married woman standing as a pillar of their community before them.  They all envied Erin and wished that they too had her intellect and sexy beauty that had men's heads turning.

Erin looked out at the women in attendance, feeling so guilty and undeserving of accepting this position in the women's group.  This position was on that was conveyed upon the woman signifying the 'Woman of the Year' for the group, one that exemplified a woman of him integrity and morals.  Here she was standing up at the podium, portraying herself as that significant role model, knowing that the women now looking up to her would be absolute shocked if they knew the truth.

Indeed, the women in this community would be totally shocked and not believe that their new leader could have behaved in such a depraved and despicable manner that began two nights earlier and ended just an hour ago.  It was a night that she had driven her husband to the airport to catch his flight out of town for a business conference.  In fact, after this luncheon was over, Erin was to head on back to the airport to pick her husband back up when his return flight arrived.

With her son sleeping over at a friend's place over the weekend, Erin had no one expecting her at home and her husband had advised her he would not be calling her that night since he'd be checking into the hotel late.  Exiting the airport terminal, Erin pulled off onto a side street and got her cell phone out of her purse, then searched for the piece of paper in her wallet.  It was a small piece of paper that she had thought of many times, at times she had even thrown it the trash, only to retrieve it later before the trash was taken out.

Nervously, Erin looked at the phone number written on the slip of paper, then punched the numbers into her cell phone.  Hearing the phone ring, she shuddered at the thought of what she was doing and was about to disconnect the call when she heard that familiar male voice on the other end.  Panting for breath, Erin was going to hang up without saying anything, then drive herself on home.  Then a shiver of fear coursed through her body as she heard the voice on the line say "Hello, Mrs. Winters!  I know its you!  I've got the newest features with Caller I.D., sweetie!  Finally making use of the number I gave you, huh, bitch!  In the mood for some good luving, Mrs. Winters?  Where's hubby, sweetie?"

"Y … ……….yes!" Erin stammered in a whisper into the phone.  "My …………my husband …………….I ……………I just dropped him off at the airport!" she advised in resignation.  "Please ………………….I …………………..I need …………………I need to see you again!  Pleaseeee!" she begged.  "Please ………………please ……………I ………………….I need it so bad!" she sobbed into the phone.  She breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing "Okay, bitch!  I'm having a beer a Joe's Bar & Grill on the corner of Folsom and Carson!  Rent a room at the motel next door, then come and find me!"

Making the drive over to the rather seedy side of town, Erin could not stop the constant clenching and unclenching of her thighs, desperately trying to extinguish the itch between them.  She double checked her doors, making sure they were locked as she was felt quite nervous in being in this unsavory part of town at night.  Then she saw the neon sign that read 'Joe's Bar & Grill', followed by the next sign that gave her a shiver as it read 'No-Tell Motel'!

Looking about the parking lot of the motel, Erin certainly did not want anyone she knew to see her or her car in such an unsavory place.  Thinking of the worst, she then parked her car in a spot not visible from the street.  Quickly and nervously, Erin made her way into front entrance of the seedy motel to get a room, paying cash as she did not want any paper trail of her indiscretion.

With the room key in her purse, Erin looked about from inside the motel before stepping out.  Then she quickly made her way to the back entrance of Joe's Bar & Grill.  Just as she reached for the door, a roar of an airliner overhead blocked out all the noise from the surrounding area.  Her heart pounding with her hand on the door handle, Erin realized that this was her last chance to turn away and head on home.  As the roar of the plane above abated, Erin opened the doorway to depravity, just as her husband's plane departed overhead.

Opening the door, Erin shuddered with her sharp breath intake as she viewed the unsightly bar that was littered with empty beer bottles and rather unsavory characters.  She felt so over-dressed, having going out to dinner with her husband before taking him to the airport, knowing that everyone knew that she did not belong in a place such as this.  She felt so conspicuous as all heads turned to look at her upon her entrance.  She noticed that there were no other women in this establishment, only grimy and unsavory characters that made her shudder in revulsion.

Slowly Erin made her way in the dimly lit bar, nervously peering into each booth as her heart pounded in her chest.  Then as she turned the corner, Erin saw the widely grinning face and a shudder of regret coursed through her body.  She felt so embarrassed, knowing that all eyes in the bar were focused intently upon her as she slid herself into the booth across from the confident teen.  She took the glass of beer that Leon had waiting for her on the table.

Leon grinned widely as everyone in the bar knew that he was really the 'man' that evening.  He always came to this bar as he had managed to get in with his fake identification over a year ago and since then they never checked again.  Following the phone call, he had bragged to the guys in the bar that a classy white chick was coming to see him for some 'black luving'.  He knew the guys in the bar were in total awe of the sexy beauty that had come in to see him, wondering just why a beautiful matured and obviously married white beauty would seek the likes of someone like him.

In fact, he had bartered the beautiful bitch's ass before she had arrived at the bar, announcing that the first guy to come up with two hundred bucks would be the first to score with her.  From then on he told the guys "It'll be a hundred bucks for sloppy seconds!"  He wasn't surprised that all the guys just laughed at his proposal, figuring that he would not be able to produce a classy babe the likes that he was describing to them.

Just a couple of minutes had gone by since Erin was seated in the booth when a tall hulking man appeared at the booth, throwing down two $100 bills onto the table in front of Leon.  "Move on in, Mrs. Winters!  Make room for Trucker Tom here!" Erin heard Leon order her.  Obeying nervously, she slid inside the booth as far as she could till her shoulder met the wall.  She shuddered as the burly man sat down next to her, sliding in till he was brushing up against her.  She gasped and looked at Leon in horror as she felt the large grubby hand placing itself upon her thigh.

"L ……..Leon!" Erin blurted out, staring wide-eyed at the teen across from her, feeling the grubby paw now below the edge of her dress and caressing her bare thigh.  Putting her hand on the large exploring paw, she desperately tried to push it away without any success.  Tears in her eyes, biting her bottom lip, Erin now had her two hands on the wrist of the man pawing at her.  "Please …………I …………….I want to leave!" she sobbed in a whisper, not wanting others in the bar to see her being touched in such an intimate manner.


"What's the matter, little lady?  I done and paid Leroy for first dibs on ya!  I'm entitled to feeling up the merchandise that cost me two hundreds bucks for!  Oh, baby, you and I are gonna make some sweet music together!" he laughed in his gruff voice.  Slipping his hand under the hem of her dress, he laughed at the feel of her shivering in fear.  "Your hubby know you come into such a sleazy bar looking for a young black stud, sweetie?" he laughed.

"Please ………………please …………………I ………..I want to leave!  Let me out ………….please!  I ……….I want to go home!" she sobbed.  But then the teen across from her laid it all out for her "Mrs. Winters, ya ain't leav'n till I say ya can leave!  After all, ya called me!  Trucker Tom's paid a good bundle of bucks for yer company so be nice to him!  'Real' ……nice to him!"

Erin was in total disbelief at this point, realizing how drastic a mistake she had made.  Her husband now up in the air to a far away destination, her son not expecting her home, yet now she was being groped by a burly trucker in a sleazy bar.   She had gone against all her rational thoughts just to satisfy her sexual needs, which now put her in this awful predicament.  The deviant teen that she had come to see was telling her that he had actually 'sold' her to this big burly trucker.

Looking at the smiling young teen, Erin blurted out "You …………'re crazy if ……………if you think I'll do such a thing!  You …………….you can't …………sell me!  I …………I'm not a ……………..a prostitute!"  She shuddered as the exploring hand was now forcing its way higher up under her dress, edging its way towards her panties.

"Quit resisting my friend here, Mrs. Winters!  He just paid me two-hundred bucks for yer sweet tender pussy!  Ya don't want me to get pissed with ya, do ya, Mrs. Winters!  Take a look around the bar, bitch!  Ya don't do as I tell ya and I'll hold ya down on this here table and invite every guy here to have a turn with ya!" Leon threatened.  He grinned as he watched her turn to look about the bar as he had told her, then saw her blink back the tears of shame.  He watched as she closed her eyes then saw her body shudder as she stopped resisting the trucker beside her, know that she was now feeling Tom's hand on her panties.

Reaching over the booth, Leon snatched up the purse and opened it.  Searching inside the purse, he smiled as he found the item he was looking for, then held up the motel room key.  He then slid it over to the big burly trucker, telling him "Why don't ya escort the pretty little lady to her room?  Ya bought yourself an hour and fifteen minutes with the pretty little lady, then I'll expect ya back here with the room key!  Don't be late or ya'll owe me another hundred or get a shiv up yer gut!"

Looking at the frightened beauty, Leon advised "When Tom's time's up, bitch, take a quick shower and get dressed in fifteen minutes cause that's when yer next customer will be arriving!  These guys jest luv having a prime piece of ass strip fer them some might want to help ya!  I've got yer purse and car keys here so don't even think of running out on me, bitch!"

With the big burly trucker's hand firmly gripping her right elbow, Erin was literally pulled out of the booth.  Blinking back the tears, she had no choice but to follow this man as he led her out of the bar.  She was so embarrassed and humiliated as the trucker held up the motel key in his free hand and waved it to the guys in the bar.  Erin shivered in embarrassment as a roar from the crowd erupted with vulgar cheers.

Minutes later, Erin was in the motel room that she had rented, only now she had Trucker Tom leering at her as she reached behind her neck to unhook the top of her blue dress.  She knew now that making the phone call to Leon would be the worst decision in her life, wondering just how many men she would have venting their lust into her body.  'Oh, God …………why ……………why didn't go straight home after dropping Ted off at the airport?  Ted …………..Ted …………..I'm so sorry!' she said to herself as she eased her dress from her shoulders.

Seeing that this lovely woman was obviously not a common streetwalker, Trucker Tom as he was called loved the feel of her shuddering body as he moved up behind her, touching her soft flawless shoulders.  Pushing the straps of her bra over her shoulders, he bent over to nuzzle at her neck, feeling her shiver in response.  With that large diamond sparkling on her finger, along with her wedding band, he knew that she was a married woman and wondered just why some beauty would be on the cunt market.

Letting his arms slide around her petite body, Tom cupped her well-filled lacy bra, thumbing the tips till the nubs began to harden under his intimate touch.  "What's a beautiful young wife doing stepping out on her husband, huh?  Coming out to a raunchy joint where no decent woman would venture!  Coming to see a black boy on top of that!  You must really want it bad, huh, Mrs. Winters!"

"Please ……………please …………….I ……………I don't want this!" Erin sobbed, shivering from the unwanted stimulation caused by the thick thumbs flicking at her nipples through her thin lacy bra.  But the stimulation now had her squirming back against the burly trucker, causing her to close her eyes and moan "Ohhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhh ………ahhhh!"  "Ohhhh ……….ohhhhh, God …………..ahhhhh!" she moaned loudly as her breasts were now being cupped by the rough callused hands.
Before Erin knew it, her lacy bra had been removed and was lying on the motel room floor and the trucker was now before her, slobbering at her stiff tender nipples.  She shuddered from the mouthing of her breasts, feeling her panties being dragged down over her trim hips.  Then the slobbering at her breasts stopped as the man dropped to his knees before her.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..oh, God ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned loudly as the depraved man nuzzled his face into her sex, his tongue sliding into her now oozing slit.

High up in the air and now far from home, Ted Wilson leaned back in his seat on the plane.  He thought of how his lovely wife had changed in the past months, looking sexier than ever and now enticing him to have sex with her.  Throughout their married life together, he always had to be the one to initiate things and it seemed that she merely gave in to please him.  He was so glad that Erin was now coming out of her shell and actually wanting sex.

Now Erin seemed insatiable to him, craving sex, humping back wildly as he thrust himself into her.  Ted felt a bit guilty over his performance last night, petering out so quickly when Erin wrapped her sexy legs around him.  With her legs wrapped tightly around his ass, squeezing him to her, he lost it when she had chanted out "Oh, Ted ………..fuck me ……………fuck me ……………..fuck me like a whore!"  He had spurted his load immediately, not bringing her even close to her climax.  He felt so guilty in having satisfied himself so quickly when Erin moaned "No ………….no, Ted ……… ………………….not …………….not so sooooooooon!"

'Gosh, I've always been able to please Erin before!  Man, I can't believe how quickly I came!  It was so fucking exciting the way she wrapped her sexy legs around me and begged me to fuck her!  Damn, it was like I was fucking someone else, like how I always wanted a hot woman responding to me when I fucked her good!  If only I managed to last a bit longer and satisfied her in the process!  Well, think I'll surprise her with a dozen roses after I get back on Sunday!' he thought.

Ted thoughts remained on his beautiful wife, wishing that he could be with her at that very moment, making love to her and this time lasting long enough to bring her off.  He recalled how lovely she looked that evening when they went to the restaurant, dressed in her royal blue dress and white heels.  He was so happy to have such an attractive and intelligent wife, proud of her accomplishments and the fact that she was about to become president of the Women's League in their community.  She was such a faithful wife, so different from other wives that cheated on their husbands.

He thought of his good friend at work who had just gone through a divorce, having caught his wife in bed with his best friend.  Ted laughed as he thought of his golfing buddy, who caught his wife getting more than tennis lessons from the club pro.  Then he thought to himself 'Gosh, with Erin so hot and horny these days, maybe she'll finally give in and let me go down on her!  God, I'd like to stick my tongue up her juice slit and hear her moan when I tongue her clit and make her cream in my mouth!  Sure wish Erin would let herself go wild and scream but she always tries to remain so prim and proper in our lovemaking!'

At that very moment in Room 8 of the No-Tel Motel, if Ted Winters could have peeked into the room, he would have had a heart attack.  There, his wife's expensive dress lay in a crumpled heap on the dirty motel room's floor atop of her white heels as she lay atop of the bed.  His loving and 'faithful' wife was now displaying her flawless and sexy ivory legs before the burly trucker who had paid for her services.

Now his wife was acting like a true whore as she teasingly wiggled the panties down over her trim hips, raising one leg and then the other to remove her last protective garment for the anxious bastard who was now licking his lips in anticipation.  And then Ted would have seen that his wish did come true in seeing his beautiful wife really letting herself go as the trucker got onto the bed with her.  With her trim fingers wrapped in a burly trucker's long greasy hair, she screamed out loudly "Oh, God ……………….oh, Godddddd …………………..yes me ………....……… meeeeeee!  Oh, Godddddddd ……………...….I ……….....………I ……………I'm ……..............………cumingggggggggg!"
Half way through his flight, Ted Winters relaxed with his eyes closed, seeing the image of his lovely wife in his mind.  'Gosh, I'm so lucky to have married such a beautiful woman!  Such a good mother and loving wife!  I know she'd never cheat on me but it sure is exciting in picturing another man making a play for her.  I bet she'd slap anyone who attempted to get fresh with her!' he told himself, as his fantasy continued in now picturing his lovely wife naked and in bed with a strange man.
Ted Winters would not have to fantasize of his lovely wife had he been lucky enough to see into Room 8 of the No-Tel Motel.  Should he have been able to see what was taking place in the motel room at that very second, he would have had the shock of his life.  On the creaky motel room bed, his lovely wife's petite body was covered by that of a big burly trucker, her trim arms and legs encircling the big man.  It would have been quite a sight to see her trim sexy body, now totally in the buff with the burly trucker pumping his thick cock in and out of his 'faithful' wife's juicing cunt.

With his lovely wife being more free and expressive of herself in their lovemaking, Ted loved it when Erin moaned when he would enter her and thrust into her.  'I wonder if she'll ever be able to just let herself go entirely?  Nah, with her conservative and Christian upbringing, that would certainly be out of character for Erin!' he told himself.  On this point, Ted could never be so wrong, not if he could hear his beautiful wife at that very moment.  "Oh, Goddddd …………'s so thick ………………..ohhhhhhhhhh ……….fuck me!  Fuck meeeeeeeee!  Fuck the slutty whore that you paid $200 for!  Oh, yes ………..deeper …………..deeper!  Oh, God ………..ahhhhh …………ohhhhhhhh!" his lovely wife was chanting to the man who had paid for her services.

Five hours later, having showered after the last paying customer had departed, Erin was again fully clothed as her young pimp entered the motel room.  She moaned as he nuzzled the back of her neck, his arms encircling her body as his hands cupped her breasts.  "You're my whore now, Mrs. Winters!  You belong to me!  Tell me what ya want me to do to ya, Mrs. Winters!" Leon advised, feeling her nipples harden under her dress and bra.

"Oh, Leon ………….please ……………….please ………….treat me like your whore!  Fuck me …………please ……………fuck me …………….I want your big black cock in me!  I'm your whore ……………..I'll …………..I'll do anything you want …………..I'll sell myself to please you!  Please ……………please ………….fuck me …………..fuck me!" she moaned.  "Oh, yesssssss ………………touch me ………….ohhhhhhhhhh …………….yesssssssss!" she swooned as Leon's hand had drawn up her dress and was fingering her through her lacy blue panties.

"God, yer sopping wet bitch!  Yer panties soaking with cum, Mrs. Winters!  I read the newspaper the other day and saw yer picture in there.  Says yer gonna become the president of the women's club!  Wonder what they would all say if they could see their goody-goody leader now, having taken on five paying strangers and now letting a black boy feel ya up?" Leon whispered in her ear.  Pushing her panties over her trim hips, the panties fell to her heels as Leon slipped his fingers into her mushy slit.

"Oh, Leon …………….oh, yes …………..touch me …………….finger me …………oh, yesssssssssss!" Erin moaned, shivering at Leon's expert touch.  She closed her thighs to capture his teasing hand, her thighs muscles squeezing together as she felt thick oozing cum begin to leak out of her.  "Oh, Leon …………………Leon …………………oh ……………….ohhhhhhhhh ……………I …………………….I'm cummingggggggg!" she groaned as thick cum poured out of her, drooling down her thighs with blobs of sticky goo dripping directly onto her fallen panties.

Withdrawing his teasing fingers, Leon held them up and muttered "God, yer jest full of smelly cum, Mrs. Winters!  I ain't sticking my cock into a mess like this!  I ain't into sloppy seconds, bitch!  Let's get a beer before the bar closes, then ya can drive us home so ya can douche out all that smell spunk!  Christ, look at ya! Yer a filthy whore with cum running down yer legs!"  As the beauty bent down to draw up her panties, Leon advised "Uh-uh, strip off yer panties!  I want my fuck'n whore going into the bar with cum drooling down her sexy legs!"

Erin stepped out of her panties without any argument, wanting to please him in his demands.  Her lacy blue panties were sopping wet with blobs of thick cum soiling them.  She balled them up and put the sticky garment into her purse as the young teen escorted her back to the bar.  Blinking back the tears, squeezing her cunt muscles, Erin truly felt like a two-bit whore as more thick cum escaped her cuntlips and began to ooze down her thighs.

Finally, an hour later, Erin was in her bathroom douching out her flooded cunt.  She looked down into the toilet water, amazed at how much of the thick grayish spunk had been shot into her body.  Finally, cleansed of the slimy filth, she donned a sheer white negligee and slipped on her heels before entering the bedroom where her teen lover awaited.

Throughout the night, the headboard of the Winters' king-sized bed thumped against the wall time and time again.  Had Ted Winters been home, he would have gotten his wish in hearing his lovely wife let herself go, shouting "Oh, Leon ………………oh, lover ……….yesssssss …………………fuck me ……………….fuck me harddddddd!  Ohhhh, your cock is so long …………..soooo big ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd ……………yesssssssssssss!"

However, Ted Winters would have been dismayed to hear his lovely wife respond to her teen lover's demand to 'compare me to yer husband'.  "Oh, Leon …………'re so much bigger …………………so much longer ………………….so much better than my husband!  Fuck me ………………..fuck meeeee ………………..harder …………harder ……………..yes …………………..yesssssssssssssss!"


Then the beautiful Mrs. Winters was begging her teen lover "Yes, Leon ……………yes …………….give me your spunk ……………….shoot it in me ………………squirt your hot jizz in me ………………..sperm me!  Knock your whore up …………………knock your slutty whore up with your black baby!"  It was quite a sight of the contrasting figures, a wife's sexy white body covered by her muscular black teen lover with her trim white arms and legs wrapped tightly around the black teen.

With her husband away on business and son sleeping at a friend's for the weekend, the lovely Mrs. Erin Winters kicked the sheet off her body, then turned to see the prone body next to her.  Hungry for breakfast, she leaned over to grasp the soft meaty sausage, then bent over to run the tip of her pointed tongue up its length.

Taking time out for meals only, the Winters' bed remained in constant use throughout the entire Saturday.  At 8 p.m. the phone rang as Erin put her finger up to her lips, indicating for Leon to be quiet.  Crawling upon the cum-stained sheets, she saw the Caller I.D. indicating that it was Ted calling on his cell phone.  Reaching for the phone, she answered "Hi, honey!  How …………how was your trip?" she asked in a stammer as hands were now caressing her soft asscheeks.

"Fine ………………I'm fine, honey!" she replied, shivering as the teen's head slid under her, nuzzling at her well fucked cunt.   Listening to her husband on the line, Erin covered the mouthpiece and shuddered as she emitted a moan of pleasure, feeling the teen's exploring tongue slither up between her cuntlips.  It was such a wicked sensation to be talking to her husband on the phone as this black teen had his face buried in her crotch.  With her husband still talking to her, Erin kept her hand over the mouthpiece to stifle her moan as her body shuddered in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Her husband was excited over a business deal as Erin tried to pay attention to what he was telling her.  Trying to regain her senses, she felt the teen scoot out from under her, then felt his hands again caress her hips.  Hand still over the mouthpiece, she panted in fear, shivering as she felt his thick cockhead nuzzling up against her wet slit.  "Oh, that's nice, honey!" she said into the phone, feeling so wicked as she chatted to her husband on the phone while the teenager's thick cock entered her.  She shivered at the thick throbbing shaft slowly but easily pushed itself deep into her.
It was an exciting thrill for Leon as he began fucking the beautiful wife as she talked to her husband on the phone.  With his hands holding her trim hips firmly, he commenced to fuck her doggie style, slicing into her cunt with long slow strokes.  With the phone being held up to her left ear, Leon bent over to tease her right ear with his flicking tongue, whispering "Tell him ya got a big black cock up yer horny snatch, Mrs. Winters!  Tell him!"

"Oh, Ted …………..I wish you were here …………..making love to me!  I'm so horny ………….I can't wait for you to get home!" she said, hoping her husband would talk dirty to her.  Her ploy worked as Ted laughingly responded "Sweetie, I bet if you were to go down to the bar and show a little leg, you'll get them crawling all over you!"  Erin laughed in her response "Oh, Ted ………….I already did that last night after dropping you off at the airport!  They all lined up to pay for my charms!  I even brought home a  black teenage stud and he's sticking it to me right now!"

Unable to hold out much longer and sensing that the phone conversation coming to an end, Leon sped up his thrusting cock, moaning softly into her ear "Oh, Mrs. Winters …………gonna cum ……………….gonna give ya all my nigger cum …………..gonna knock ya up good!"  As his cock spurted deep into her fertile womb, he felt her cunt muscles squeeze tightly around his spurting cock.

"Oh, Teddy ………………..he's fucking me sooooo goodddd ……………..his big black cock is all the way in me ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Erin moaned loudly into the phone.  She then heard Ted laugh in response just as Leon's cock burst in her.  Shuddering in a mind-shattering orgasm, Erin had to sense enough to gasp out "Pick you up at the airport tomorrow!  Bye, honeyyyyyy!" before hanging up the phone.  She then collapsed upon her bed with the throbbing black cock continuing to twitch out its hot goo.

At 11 a.m. the next day, Erin scrambled about as she stripped off the cum stained sheet to put new ones on.  She had to be at the Women's Club luncheon in an hour.  With her son expected home soon and husband arriving at the airport when the luncheon was scheduled to be over, she realized that she would need to hurry.  Her teen lover and pimp had left through the back door after downing the breakfast that she had cooked, but not before a final fuck on the kitchen table.  Quickly she showered, then grabbed her wallet from bureau, having left it there the night before after taking it from her purse to pay for the pizza that Leon had ordered.

Putting on a white dress and white heels, Erin hurried into the car to get to the luncheon.  Looking in the mirror, making sure her hair was in place, she then put on some lipstick.  Stepping closer to the mirror, she then brushed the corner of her lips that had some white flakes on it, dried cum flakes from cleaning Leon's dwindling cock after that post breakfast fuck.

Having sped along the faster than she would ordinarily drive, Erin pulled up just before the luncheon was to commence, using the apology that she had an unexpected guest that morning.  She then breathed a deep sigh of relief in having made it on time.  Once the luncheon was over, Erin made the drive to the airport, hoping to get there before Ted's plane arrived.

After Ted put his suitcase into the trunk and entered the passenger side, she leaned over for a kiss.  It was a quick but passionate kiss as Ted dipped his tongue between her lips and reached over to cup her breast.  She shivered in response, knowing Ted was horny from her teasing on the phone last night but a twinge of pain shot through her as her nipple was sensitive from all the sucking it received over the past two days.

Back at home, Erin went into the kitchen to prepare the food for a cookout that evening.  Meanwhile, Ted went upstairs to change into something more comfortable.  Hanging his coat up in the closet, he then undid his tie tack and put it on the dresser.  He then took out his wallet to put onto the dresser top along with the coins from his pocket.  As he did so, a coin rolled off the dresser and landed upon the carpet right next to Erin's purse.

Bending over to reach for the coin, a light blue fabric in Erin's purse caught his eye.  Seeing the lace fringe on the garment, a lump caught in his throat and his heart pounded in his chest.  It was as if he had forgotten how to breathe as he stared at the top of his wife's purse.  Slowly his hand reached towards that balled up fabric, wondering if it really was what he thought it to be.  His mind raced, recalling that Friday afternoon when they had gone out to dinner, remembering seeing Erin in her sexy baby blue panties as she slipped on her dress.  'Could it be that same pair of panties?' he asked himself.

Ted's fingers made contact with the stiff balled up garment and withdrew it from his wife's purse.  Reaching over with his other hand, he then pried the garment apart as his heart felt like it would explode in his chest.  Indeed it was Erin's baby blue panties, the same one that she had on when she took him to the airport on Friday.  He shuddered in seeing the once soft garment all stiff and crusted over with white flakes, knowing just what the white flakes consisted of.  'Was Erin actually telling me the truth on the phone last night?' he asked himself.

Then from the hallway, Ted heard Erin's sweet voice say "Honey, I made you a drink so you can unwind!"  Quickly he balled up the pair of panties and replaced them into her purse.  Undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, he took the drink from his wife and bent over to kiss her soft lips.  Placing the drink down onto the dresser, he then embraced his lovely wife, squeezing her tight sexy ass through her white dress and panties.  He wondered just who had been squeezing her tight buns and how he measured up to her lover or lovers.

Holding his beautiful wife in his arms, Ted teasingly inquired "So, did that young black stud put out that fire between your thighs?"  His cock twitched in excitement as Erin responded "Hmmm, he couldn't get enough of me!  We fucked all day and all night, filling me with his hot sticky jsm!  He sure hosed out that burning fire in the nick of time, otherwise I'd be climbing the walls by now!"

When Erin changed into a pair of shorts and blouse, departing to go back to the kitchen, Ted's curiosity led him into the bathroom.  Opening the hamper, Ted discovered the cum stained bedsheets, then looked at the bottom to discover the royal blue dress that his wife had worn on Friday night.  Pulling it out and holding it before him, it was wrinkled but did not reveal anything.  Then he turned it inside out and his stomach went into knots as he viewed the same white crusty evidence that formed a large circle on the inner backside of her dress.  He rubbed the white stains and watched as the flakes slowly fluttered to the bathroom floor.

That night, it was a wild fuck for Ted as he tried to picture the type of lover that his wife would settle for.  He laughed to himself, rationalizing 'Surely she was kidding about bringing home a young teenage stud - a young black teenage stud - to be precise!  There's no way in hell that my naïve and conservative Erin would allow that to happen!  God, that would be so fucking exciting to see - Erin spreading her long sexy white legs for a black cock!  Shit, that'll never ever happen in my lifetime!'  With those thoughts in mind as his lovely wife wrapped her legs and arms around him, he came right away as she moaned "Fuck me ……………fuck me …………….make me forget my big black stud!"

The next morning it was a repeat performance for Ted as his sexy wife had him cumming quickly once she wrapped her sexy legs around him and humped up to him.  The added factor of her again mentioning her well hung black lover had him creaming a huge load, draining his balls totally.  At breakfast, he told Erin "Honey, hate to tell you this but I've got another one of these out of town conferences and business meeting again in two weeks!"  Normally such news of his going out of town brought a frown from his loving wife but there was no frown this time, in fact Ted thought he had detected a smile come across Erin's face.

Two weeks later, packed lightly, Ted advised his wife that he was traveling light as there wouldn't be anything too formal.  He noticed that she had put on a nice green dress and white heels just to take him to the airport but didn't say a word about it.  As he stepped out onto the airport curb, Ted watched as Erin pulled out into the lane of traffic.  He had purposely told wife to drop him off at this particular spot where the cabs awaited across the way.  Quickly, he ran over and hailed a cab, telling the driver he'd get a $20 bonus if he could keep up with the blue car in the distance.

Ted couldn't believe that his beautiful wife was driving in this seedy part of town, then watched nervously as she pulled into the parking lot of the No-Tel Motel.  From a discreet position across the street, he watched his sexy wife go to check in, then observed her enter Room 8.  Minutes later, he observed the door open as his wife reappeared and began walking to the back entrance of Joe's Bar & Grill.

Hustling over across the street, he inquired what rooms were available.  Upon learning that Room 7 was available, he took that Lucky 7.  Once in the room, he emptied the small carryon bag that he had packed for this occasion.  Carefully in front of the mirror, he put on the fake beard that he had purchased.  Then he changed into the old pullover shirt and ratty overcoat that he had purchased from the thrift store.  Finally he put on the old wide brim hat that he also got from the thrift shop.

Making his way across the parking lot with the hat pulled low, Ted Winters entered the raunchy establishment and made his way to the bar.  He pulled up a barstool and sat next to a big burly fellow who was quickly finishing up his beer.  From where he was sitting, he could make out his lovely wife sitting in a booth across the way, hold a black hand that was stretched across the table.  But he could not see any more of the male who's hand his wife was holding.  After ordering a beer, he turned to the big brute next to him and commented "Man, that's some nice piece of ass across the way!"

The man next to him took his final swig of his beer and replied "Trucker Tom's the name!  Man, I've been waiting two long fucking weeks to get another piece of that sexy little ass!  Can you believe I was her first paying customer two weeks ago?  Cost me two hundred bucks but hell, she was worth every fucking penny!  When her pimp told me she'd be here tonight, I jumped at the change to fuck that beautiful bitch again!  Heard she can only get away when her old man's on a business trip!  Her old man's gotta be fucking stupid to leave a fox like that in heat!"

Ted kept his head low with his hat pulled down and watched from the side of his eye as the big burly man made his way to the booth.  He swallowed deeply as he plunked down a $100 bill, then grabbed Erin by the hand and pulled her out of the booth.  A shudder coursed throughout his body as customers in the bar hooped and hollered "Go, Tom, go!  Go, Tom, go!  Go, Tom, go!"  With that cheer, Ted watched as Trucker Tom exited the establishment, pulling his beautiful wife in tow.

A moment later, Ted downed his beer and paid his tab, telling the bartender he'd be back soon.  Then he quickly made his way out of the back entrance and briskly walked to Room 7 of the No-Tel Motel.  Pressing his ear against the wall separating the two rooms, he could faintly make out voices coming from Room 8.  Being in the medical equipment field, Ted had also packed a stethoscope along in his carryon.  It was the most advanced piece of equipment, one that would pick up the faintest of sounds.  Pressing it against the wall, he could hear a male voice say "Get on yours fucking knees, bitch!  Look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of yours when I cum in your hot sucking mouth!"

Having heard it all during that hour, Ted hurriedly made his way back to the bar as Trucker Tom was putting his clothes on in the next room.  He heard the shower start as his lovely wife got prepared for her next paying customer.  Back at the bar, Ted ordered a beer for himself, waiting for Trucker Tom to appear in the doorway.  Once he observed the burly man who had just fucked his wife royally, Ted told the bartender to bring Trucker Tom his usual drink.  Before the burly man returned to the bar, he watched the man go to the booth and slide the motel room key onto the table.

Trucker Tom was surprised that the fellow next to him had already ordered up a beer for him.  "Thanks, buddy!  Man, I swear, that beautiful little bitch is a fucking pro!  Jezz, she just sucked all the cum outta me, looking up at me the whole time with her baby blue eyes!  Chist, my nuts are hurting so bad!  Fucked her real good, 'ol buddy!  You should have heard her begging me to slam it to her!  Man, when she came, her legs had a vice grip around my fucking ass!  I'm coming back here every week and hope she'll be here!"

Bill, the bartender, asked "You guys need anything else right now?"  Ted and Trucker Tom indicated 'no' to the tall 6'6" black bartender who weighed at least 250 lbs.  All the customers looked up when Bill made an announcement in his low gruff voice "All drinks are three bucks apiece for the next hour!  Just come up here and get your own drinks and put your money in this here cigar box!  I'll be back in an hour!  Gotta get me a piece of that beautiful white ass!"  Then Bill took off his bartender's apron and walked over to the booth for the motel room key.

Ted quickly finished his beer, telling Trucker Tom that he had an errand to run and would be back soon.  Quickly, Ted rushed to his motel room, anxious to use the stethoscope to hear into the adjoining room.  He was surprised to hear no fuss come from the adjoining room as obviously Erin had no concern whether her paying customer was black or white.  He could hear the bed squeaking madly as the occupants coupled on the bed.  A shiver ran through his body when he heard his lovely wife voice say "Oh, God ……………your cock is so much bigger than my husband's!  Fuck me …………..fuck me with your big black cock ……………shoot your cum in me ………………………..knock this white bitch up with your black baby …………….give me something to take back to my wimp of a husband!"

Three more times that night, Ted Winters quickly downed his beer to rush on back to his motel room, just a moment or so after a paying customer plunked down his $100 and obtained the motel room key.  As it was not past 1 a.m. he watched the last customer return and slide the key onto the table, then the key was snapped up in a black fist, who's owner remained unseen in the booth.  Looking at the booth, Ted saw a tall black figure sliding out into view, then he gave as gasp upon recognizing just who the teenage pimp was.

Pulling up the collars of his trench coat and turning his head a bit so his wide brim hat hid his face, Ted felt his heart thumping wildly in his chest.  He could believe that it was Leon, his son's teammate approaching the bar, walking with a strut of confidence.  "Hey, Bill!  Lemme use the house phone to call my bitch!" he boasted with a laugh.  Even with his elaborate disguise, Ted had his face turned away from the arrogant teen, though listening intently as he spoke on the phone "Hey, bitch!  Once you shower and dress, get your ass over hear so we can get a drink and you can pick up my bar tab!"

Once Leon hung up the phone, Bill asked him "How do you get such a beautiful white bitch like that to whore for ya?"  Laughing, Leon boasted "Hell, she'll do anything for me!  All she wants is for me to bone her with my big black dick!  What a deal, huh!  I get to keep all the bucks she earns for me on her ass and she still pays for my tab!"

Trucker Tom inquired "So, you gonna bone her good in the motel room, Leon?"  Laughing, Leon advised "Hell, no!  Not with all that messy cum you guys pumped into her!  I'm not one for sloppy seconds!  Gonna have the beautiful bitch take me to her home so she can douche out all that slop, then I'll bone her there!  Hubby's gonna be away till Sunday afternoon so we've got the whole weekend to ourselves!  Tell ya, man …………ain't nothing better than bedding a beautiful white bitch right on the bed that she shares with her old man!  That's fucking half the fun!  She's gonna be in for a surprise tonight ………….gonna make her scream real good when I cop her cherry white ass!"

Once his wife re-entered the bar, Ted watched as she embraced her teenage pimp for an open mouth kiss in front of all the patrons.  As they slid into their booth, Ted then paid his tab and made his way out the front entrance.  Circling around the building, he went to gather his belongings from the motel room.  Later, he hailed a passing cab and headed on home.

Arriving at home, Ted retrieved his comfortable folding chair from the trunk of his car, taking it upstairs with him.  Changing into a t-shirt and pair of shorts, skipping the underwear, he then made room in his walk-in closet for the upcoming entertainment.  Getting his video camcorder from his study, he had it all set up and found a good hiding place for it in the bedroom, making certain that the entire bed would be caught on tape.  He placed a 4 hr tape in the camera and took several other tapes with him into the closet.  Going to the kitchen, he put some beer in a small ice chest and some snacks to take upstairs.

Turning off the lights, he sipped on a beer and waited.  Hearing the garage door open, Ted went out into the bedroom and started the video taping.  Grabbing a bath towel, he went back into the walk-in closet.  There he spread out the bath towel onto the floor before him, knowing it'd come in hand very soon.

Heart pounding in anticipation, Ted's mouth went dry when the bedroom lights went on.  Peering out of the slightly open closet door, Ted viewed his beautiful wife dressed in her emerald green dress and white heels.  Standing next to her was Leon, his son's arrogant but talented teammate.  They were but a mere 5 feet away from where he was sitting in the dark.  He watched as his lovely wife dropped to her knees as the teen commanded "Get on your knees and give me a tongue job, Mrs. Winters!"

Hidden in the confines of the darkened closet, Ted Winters sat in total amazement as his lovely wife made no attempt to keep from performing the sexual act that she had always refused him, saying it was 'so degrading for her to perform such a filth act'!  He watched as her manicured fingers unbuckled the teen's belt, then unzip the bulging jeans to fish out his lengthy manhood.   Seeing the way that Erin looked up at the arrogant teen, all the while licking the length of his black cock with her pointed tongue, Ted knew that the men were indeed correct in labeling his wife as a true 'pro'.

With her petite hand and trim manicured fingers pumping up and down on the thick black cock, Erin moved her head up a bit to capture the now oozing cockhead into her mouth.  Keep her eyes up to look at the moaning teen, she pumped faster and faster, swirling her flicking tongue around the pulsing cockhead.  She could feel the thick shaft throb in fist as more of his slick juices bubbled up from his cockhead.

Ted Winters sat in amazement in the closet, withdrawing his cock from the opening of his shorts and pumping his cock as he watched his lovely wife go down on the young teen.  He heard the teen groan from the excitement, moaning "Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhh ………oh, Mrs. Winters ………………….ya sure have developed into a true cocksucker!  Oh, baby …………..gonna cum real soon!"  Then Ted knew he was in for a real show when Leon mouthed "Gonna cum …………gonna cum!  Take yer mouth off me when I shoot, Mrs. Winters …………….gonna shoot it ……………..all over yer beautiful face!"

"Now ……………take yer mouth off ….now!" Ted heard the teen's order.  He watched as his wife complied, holding the pulsating cock in her still pumping fist.  "Ahhhhhhh ……….fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" he heard the teen groan and watched in disbelief as his lovely wife allowed the deviant teen to spurt his filthy load directly onto her beautiful face.  His body tensed and shivered as he continued to watch the proceedings, his cock twitching in his pumping fist as it unleashed its pent up load onto the bath towel before him.  Then he sat and watched as Erin used the thick blunt cockhead as a paintbrush, spreading out the gooey paste over her entire face, then sucking the remnants out of the still twitching cock.

Face covered with cum, Erin knelt before Leon and looked up at him as she licked her cum-coated lips.  Several strands of cum had dripped from her face to run down the front of her emerald green dress.  She just knelt there as the teen taunted her "Man, yer a fuck'n mess!  Only a fuck'n whore would let a guy cum all over her fuck'n face!  What would Mr. Winters say if he could see ya now, face covered with nigger cum?"  Only when Leon told her to get up and douche did she stand and go into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Erin looked into the mirror and saw the copious amount of spunk that the teen had unloaded on her face.  Instead of being disgusted at what she had just allowed to be done to her, she smacked her lips and licked at her upper lip to get all the cum that she could get.  Using her index finger, she ran it down the bridge of her nose and gathered a tablespoon of cum on her finger.  Then she placed her soiled finger in her mouth and sucked it clean.

Indeed it was an exciting night of entertainment for the peering eyes of Ted Winters.  When his lovely wife came out of the bathroom, he watched as she performed a tantalizing striptease for the leering teen.  It was an awesome contrast of his wife's lily white body being embraced by the muscular black teen, seeing her trim white arms and legs encircling his humping black body on the very bed that they shared together.  Soon Ted spilled another load of his cock juice onto the bath towel on the floor.

Later, Ted knew the promised main event was at hand when he watched the teen position his puzzled wife on all fours.  Erin's head was at the foot of the bed where her face was directly in line with the closet door.  He watched as her eyes widened in horror when she finally realized just what was in store for her.  He saw her turn pale, fingers clutching tightly at the bedspread as the teen wormed his thick cockhead into position.  Fortunately the central air was on and all the windows were sealed shut.  Otherwise, his wife's screams would surely have attracted the neighbors' attention.

Stroking himself, seeing his wife shudder, mouth gaping open as she screamed "Nooooo ……………Leon, noooooooooooo ……………….it hurtssssssss ……………..ohhhhhh ………….you're too bigggggggggg!  Stop …………stoppppp ……………you're ………..tearing meeeeee!  Oh, God ……………….oh, Godddddddd!"  Then he saw the teen reach around his wife's trim hips to finger her, bring about a sudden change as he fingered her sensitive clit.   He saw his wife now panting, moaning "Ohhhhhhhh ……….ohhhhhhhh, Leon …………..ohhhhhhhh ……………I …………………I'm cummingggggggggg!"

The next morning, when the two lovers were having breakfast downstairs, Ted snuck out to replace the tape with a brand new one.  Back in the closet, he used his cell phone to call his home number.  With Erin answering the phone in the kitchen, he asked if she had a good night or if she got horny without him and picked up a stud to fuck her silly.  He heard her giggle on the phone, responding with "I got so horny after dropping you off at the airport that I went straight to a bar and got five guys to sample my charms!  Then I found that hunky black stud again and brought him home with me to service me till you get home!"

Ted laughed in response, knowing that his lovely wife was being totally truthful with him.  Then he advised her "Well, sweetie …………….you can have that stud service your hot body even longer as you won't have to pick me up at the airport tomorrow.  Met one of my competitors who lives just a couple miles from us and he's giving me a ride home from the airport.  Got to run now honey, be sure to change the sheets before I get back ………………I just hate getting into bed when its covered with another guy's cum!"

Sitting in the darkened closet, Ted wondered just how many times he had jacked off over the past 24 hours.  His balls were now aching from all the activity and he wondered if they could generate any more cum.  Watching the numerous positions that Erin and the teen got into, he was truly amazed at how more cum his balls generated from the enticing scenes.  His mind was racing, thinking 'God, with Erin on the cunt market, maybe I can barter her lovely charms for that new position opening!  Bet that horny old bastard of a boss would love to get his grimy paws on Erin sexy little ass!'
End of Story