March Madness
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
Darnell Walker, at the age of 20, was depressed and could not believe his misfortune during his first year of college.  A former high school star in basketball and highly recruited around the nation, he had accepted a college scholarship at one of the elite schools that always made it to the 'Big Dance' each March.  As a starting college freshman, he had gotten a lot of publicity and the outlook for a future professional career was beginning to take shape.

Then at the conference championship game, Darnell had the misfortune of being injured for the very first time in his career, a severe injury to his knee.  The team had made it on the 'Road to the Final Four' but Darnell's injury turned out to be so severe that he would be attending the final tournament games as a spectator on the bench.  With only little improvement over the coming weeks, corrective surgery was then decided upon.  But things all went downhill from there with Darnell failing to make the starting lineup the next year.

All of Darnell's dreams began to fade as his knee continued to give him problems and he never could seem to regain the top level of play that he had earlier achieved.  Hopes of a professional basketball career, the fame and fortune, along with the endless supply of eager young pussy dimmed with the knee injury.  Beer drinking followed to the point that he was hung over each day as he went to class.  Then he was failing most of his classes to the point that he couldn't qualify for the team and his scholarship was revoked.

Dropping out of school after his sophomore year in college, Darnell grudgingly accepted reality and tried to readjust his goals and ambitions.  But he wasn't having much success with a series of unglamorous dead-end jobs just added to his frustration.  His latest job was as a lowly pizza delivery boy where he had to drive around with the embarrassing lighted pizza sign atop of his car.

Out making a delivery run, Darnell cruised into the affluent neighborhood, passing one expensive car after another.  He checked the addresses on the mailboxes in an attempt to find the address and make the pizza delivery.  Darnell couldn't help but feel depressed, knowing that the kind of status and lifestyle that went with living in a neighborhood like this one would now forever allude him.  Carrying the pizzas up the walk, he rang the doorbell and was greeted by a guy who let him in and ushered him down the hall to the posh game room.  Then the fellow was pointing him towards the party's rather cocky and arrogant host.

Darnell observed approximately a dozen guys guzzling beer, cheering and jeering as they watched the basketball game on a bigscreen TV set.  A moment later, Darnell was greeted by the rather aloof and drunk host, who took the stack of pizzas from him, holding them up for everyone to see and hollered "Hey, guys ………….. chow's here!"  Darnell stood there waiting for the guy to pay him, mentally computing his estimated tip but the host seemed more interested in passing out the boxes of pizza and trying to find out if that last basket counted or had come after the whistle.

Finally, the host turned to Darnell with a look of disdain and told him to see his girlfriend for the money, that he'd probably find her in the kitchen.  At that point, Darnell was fuming as he turned and headed off in the direction of the kitchen.  His anger quickly turned to lust at first glance upon seeing the gorgeous blonde busily preparing a tray of snacks.   His cock twitched in his pants for she was absolutely stunning.  All of a sudden he was in no hurry at all to get his money as he just stood there taking in the view.

After a few moments the young blonde beauty glanced up, did a quick double-take and acknowledged Darnell.  She smiled and told him that everyone was in the game room and for him to go right on in.  She had assumed that he was just one of the guys, an invited guest.  At that point, Darnell explained that he was there for the game, but not as a guest as he was part of the hired help, having just delivered the pizzas.

The blonde smiled, introducing herself as Lori McCall, the host's fiancee.  Then she chuckled and commented "I'm also one of the hired help!  I offered to help host this little party!  But, now that the pizzas are here, as soon as I get out this last tray of snacks, I'm officially 'off the clock'!"  Darnell was smitten with the gorgeous young blonde from the get-go, the very type of gal he'd hoped to hook up with after his career as a pro athlete was off and running.  Of course, that wasn't going to happen now but she was definitely just the type of girl he'd fantasized would someday be his, once he had made it as a pro.

Darnell couldn't help but wonder if he might still be able to charm this young beauty, even if he wasn't driving a sports car and rolling in money, so he turned on the charm.  He hoped to impress this sexy blonde beauty and hoped that maybe he might just get lucky.  They exchanged several minutes of banter as she worked on the snack tray, then Darnell asked her "Does all of the girls in this part of town dress as sexy for the NCAA playoffs as you?"  With his comment, he was referring to the fetching green and white sundress and the 3" black strap-on open-toed heels she was wearing.

Lori blushed demurely and explained that she'd been to a baby shower, earlier that day, thrown for a girl friend of hers.  She further explained to him that she hadn't had a chance to change into something else but as soon as she took in the last tray of snacks she was heading straight home to change into something a bit less formal.

Engaged for the past six months to Mark Fuller, Lori McCall wished that she had not volunteered to help out at this little party, especially since Mark started to tie one on even before his friends had arrived.  At the age of 26, standing at 5'5" and weighing a trim 120 lbs., Lori enjoyed working in her profession as an interior designer.  It was through her job that she had met her fiancé while working on picking out furnishings for one of the homes his firm had done the architectural plans for.

As Darnell cunningly continued the conversation, the innocent beauty unwittingly confided that she didn't live there with her fiancé and in fact was actually a bit old fashioned, insisting they not live together until after they were officially husband and wife.  With that inference, Darnell surmised that the sexy blonde beauty and her asshole of a fiancé were not yet sexually involved either.

It indeed was true love for Lori, having come very close to losing her willpower and surrendering her virtue and virginity to her fiancé.  But each time she had found the strength and resolve to fend Mark off, convincing him somehow that they should wait and make their marriage all the more special. Having been brought up in a very conservative and religious household, Lori was proud of herself for having fended off the boyfriends she had in high school and college, determined to bestow the honor to the man she married.

Finally, and sadly for Darnell, she finished preparing the snack tray and reached for her purse, asking Darnell how much she owed him for the pizzas.  Handing her the bill, Darnell then watched the sexy beauty fish through her purse for her billfold, noting the camcorder that had been there, next to her purse.  No doubt it belonged to her, he thought, figuring that she had taken it with her to the baby shower but didn't give it a second thought.

As she counted out some money and handed it to him, Darnell did a slow burn in realizing she'd only added an extra four dollars and change to cover his tip.  He bit his tongue, deciding not to spoil the mood by commenting about the size of the tip.  With that, Lori excused herself to deliver the tray of snacks, telling Darnell that she had enjoyed meeting him.  With Darnell walking out towards the front door ahead of her, Lori bid him a final 'goodbye' as she headed down the hallway to the entertainment room.  Lori had merely assumed that the pizza delivery guy would leave to make his next delivery and that be would be gone by the time she returned.

Ever the opportunist, however, Darnel's thoughts shifted immediately from sex to economics as he turned back to watch her sexy ass sashay down the hall and disappear into the game room.  Making a quick return to the nearby kitchen, Darnell went for her purse, figuring he still had a few dollars coming as part of his tip and maybe a few more for his trouble.

He had just gotten a few bills out of her billfold when the sexy beauty suddenly confronted him.  Darnell had expected she'd be a lot longer in dropping off the snacks and saying good-bye to her fiancé.  He obviously had miscalculated and suddenly he was caught red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar.  His mind raced, thinking up a quick and convincing explanation, hoping to talk his way out of it but he never got the chance.

Suddenly, the blonde beauty turned to call out to her fiancé.  In a panic, Darnell instinctively reacted and lunged to stop her, clamping his hand over her mouth to stifle her attempted shout.  As Darnell held the struggling girl against his body, listening intently for any hint that her fiancé had heard her muffled scream, his attention was focused down the hall to the door of the game room.

Then Darnell felt the struggling young blonde go limp and slump in his arms.  He realized that he must have inadvertently cut off her air supply or perhaps she'd just fainted under the stress of the situation.  Either way, he knew he was in serious trouble at this point.  He realized that running wasn't the answer, knowing the young beauty had seen him removing money from her purse, then assaulting her.  Panting in fear, he instinctively wanted to flee but he knew that he needed to assure himself she wasn't going report him to the police before he made his escape.

Looking about in a panic, Darnell dragged the limp beauty farther away from the entertainment room, down the hallway towards where the bedrooms were located.  All the doors were closed and Darnell slowly opened the door to what was apparently a spare bedroom.  Dragging the limp beauty in and dropping her onto the bed, he tried to collect his thoughts, knowing she'd be regaining consciousness any second.

That's when Darnell looked down at sexy beauty and noticed that the hem of her dress was flipped up to her waist, baring her trim ivory white legs and panty-covered pussy in all their glory.  Already up to his neck in trouble, he thought 'What the fuck do I have to lose at this point?'  He then figured that if he was going to prison for the two crimes he'd already committed, he might as well go with a smile on his face.

Darnell suddenly remembered the camcorder he'd seen in the kitchen and ran to retrieve it, bringing along her purse and a roll of duct tape that had been lying nearby.  When he returned, he locked the door behind him.  He found the stunned and disoriented blonde in the process of regaining consciousness, trying to catch her breath, though obviously not yet quite aware of what had happened to her.  Knowing that he was history already, he turned of the camcorder so he could hopefully use it to keep her quiet about all this.  Then Darnell reached out with both hands to touch and caress her soft creamy thighs, causing his cock to throb immediately in his pants.

With the sexy blonde beauty beginning to stir, Darnell panted in fear as he reached out for the roll of duct tape.  Pulling out a length of tape, he covered the beauty's mouth with it, then lifted her head up to wind it around her head.  Raising her limp right arm up above her head, Darnell wrapped the tape around her wrist several times, then raised her left arm up over her head and repeated the process.  Finally, he secured her taped wrists to the heavy wooden decorative bar that was a part of the headboard above her.

Now Darnell felt a bit more at ease with the blonde beauty secured to the bed and unable to scream for help.  Reaching forward with both hands, he cupped her full breasts through her thin dress and bra.  "Mmmmm!" came a muffled moan from the innocent beauty beneath him as he rubbed his thumbs in search of her sensitive buds, feeling them begin to harden in response to his touch.  This stimulated Darnell even more as his cock twitched in his pants.

Though having had his share of girls and women from even before entering high school, he realized now that in his haste to secure the woman, he now had a problem in undressing her.  Seeing her eyes blinking rapidly, knowing that she was trying to focus and determine where she was, Darnell smiled widely as her eyes focused on him.  The sudden fear reflected in her eyes, along with her struggles against the tape binding her arms to the headboard, Darnell chuckled at his frightened prize.

"Mmmmmpfffffffff …………mmmmpfffffff …………. mmmmpfffffff!" came the muffled screams that Lori tried desperately to emit.  Lori now realized that she had been bound and gagged by the guy who had delivered the pizzas, the thief who she had surprised in the kitchen going through her purse.  Then the horror of her predicament struck her as she panted in fear, thinking 'Why …………….why is he still here?  Why doesn’t he leave and get away?  Oh, God ……………….oh, my God …………….he …………….he's planning to …………to rape me!'

'Mark …………………Mark ………………Mark, help me!' her mind cried out as she could not do so verbally. "Mmmmmpfffffffff …………mmmmpfffffff!" Lori uttered as she twisted and turned upon the bed, trying desperately to get out from under the hands clamped over her breasts.  'Oh, God ……………no ……………….no ………..don't let me respond in any way!' she prayed as unwanted pleasure tingled through her by the thumbs caressing at her sensitive nipples.

To Lori's horror, her captor slid his hands up from her breasts to the neckline of her thin summer dress.  'Oh, God ……………no ……………….no!' she shuddered in terror at the sound of her dress tearing apart under the pressure of the strong hands.  A moment later, her dress had been torn from her body and lay about the bed and carpeted floor in tattered shreds.  Then, with a grasp by her captor and a quick twist of his wrist, her lacy bra was being held dangling in the air before her.

Sitting atop the beauty's thighs to prevent his captive from kicking out at him, Darnell bent over to tongue each of her hardened pink nipples, then nipped at them with his teeth, causing a muffled groan of pain from the captive beauty.  Lifting up, Darnell looked at the beauty's tearing eyes, then was delighted as she tossed her head from side to side in futility.  He smiled as she suddenly froze upon the bed, trying to bury herself into the mattress.

As she looked up at him pleadingly, Darnell merely smiled as he tormented her with the hand that he had placed behind him, fingers that now rubbed her panties along the outline of her slit.  Then his panty covered middle finger pushed between the lips of her slick slit, causing the beauty to renew her futile struggle to get away.  Feeling the slick juices seeping through the silky white panties, Darnell laughed "Ohhhh, baby ………….you're getting nice and juicy, honey!"

Far off in the background, loud cheering could be heard from the men in the entertainment room.  Looking at the tears flowing from her eyes, Darnell taunted "Sounds like that asshole you're going to marry is sure having a lot of fun with the boys!  Gets you to come over and help out but doesn’t give ya the fuck'n time of day!  Don't ya worry sweetie ………………Darnell's here to give ya all the lov'n ya can handle!"

Edging his way back down over her trim legs till he could reach out for her heels, then turned back to his right to undo the straps and remove both heels, effectively preventing her from spiking him with her sharp spikes.  As he reached up to grasp the waistband of her panties, the captive beauty tried to struggle and keep her butt glued to the mattress to fend him from his goal.  But the trim silky garment slid out from under her body.  As she now tried to kick at him with her bare feet, Darnell smiled as he stripped the flimsy garment from her.

Grabbing her at the back of her ankles, Darnell spread the long white legs apart and viewed the golden sight before him.  He licked his lips in hunger, then delved down to taste the sweet honey nectar. "Mmmmmpfffffffff …………mmmmpfffffff …………. mmmpfffffff …………mmmmpfffffff ………….mmmpfffffff!" were the muffled sobs from the beautiful captive struggling beneath him, as her long blonde hair whipped from side to side.

"Mmmmmpfffffffff …………mmmmpfffffff ………….mmmpfffffff ………nnnnnn …………….nnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh!" Lori moaned against the gag.  'Oh, God …………oh, my God …………………how can anyone do something so filthy!' she thought as her innocent body shuddered with unexpected pleasure.  'Oh, God ……..stop …………stoppppppppp!  Oh, Goddddddd ………………..what's happening to meeeee?' she shuddered as her captor literally began to eat her out.

Lori was in total disbelief of what was happening to her as her body was awash with unwanted pleasure coursing through her body.   'Oh, God ………………….. please, pleaseeeeeeeeee ……..noooooooo ………………… Godddddddddd ………………..nooooooooo ……………………don't let me feel any pleasure!' her mind screamed at her.

Never in her life had she felt such a sensation, causing her to bring her legs up, planting her feet flat upon the bed.  Then Lori did the unthinkable, actually pushing up with her feet in order to arch her hips up into the slurping mouth. "Nnnnnnnghhhhhhh ……………….mmmmmphhhhhh nnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh!" Lori groaned into the gag as her body when taunt, then began to shake uncontrollably.  For the very first time in her young innocent life, Lori was shuddering in the throes of a mind-shattering climax.


Coming out of her stupor, Lori shook with fear as she observed her black captor with his shirt off begin to unbuckle his belt. Her eyes widened asshe watched him shrug off his trousers along with his jockey shorts. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as she saw the grinning young man approaching her while stoking the huge black shaft in his hand.  Lori's body shivered in fear as her mouth dropped open in total disbelief.

In various intimate moments with Mark, Lori had touched and felt her fiancé's penis above his trousers but it was no way close to the size of what she was now looking at.  'God, he'll kill me with that thing!  There's no way could any woman survive being raped by that monstrosity!' she worried.  Lori shuddered in terror, thinking that her life would soon be over for there was absolutely no way such an enormous thing would ever fit.  Thinking that it would surely tear her apart, Lori renewed her struggle, fearing that she would be raped to death.

Darnell snickered as he gazed down at the gasping young beauty, who’s beautiful baby blue eyes starred back in horror. He loved her horrified look as he taunted her “Oh, you beautiful little bitch! Gonna nail ya good, bitch!  You little goody-goody bitch ……………gotta bring the pizza all the way in and then get put down by that louse yer gonna marry!  Then a lousy four dollar fuck'n tip from ya, bitch!"

Looking at the frightened beauty as he shucked his throbbing cock, Darnell gloated, then further taunted "I got a fuck'n tip fer ya, bitch!  If ya ain't on the pill, yer in fuck'n trouble!  Gonna fill that goody-goody little cunt of yers up with my hot jizz, baby!  Ya betta be on the fuck'n pill, bitch …………….cause I ain't shoot'n no fuck'n blanks!  If ya ain't on the pill, sweetie …………'ll be walking down the aisle with a big bulge in yer belly!"

Tears flowing down her face, Lori shook her head in disbelief. "Mmmmmpfffffffff …………mmmmpfffffff ………….mmmpfffffff ……………nnnnnnnnnnnnn …………….nnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned against the gag.  'Noooooooooo …………..….nooooooooooo, please …………….…..please don't hurt me! Please …………………please leave me alone, please ……………..I………..I'm a virgin!' she wanted to plead. Lori fearfully looks down to see the gigantic black bone that her captor was guiding towards her untouched jewel.

Suddenly Lori’s head jerked back, eyes rolling back, and her lovely mouth opened wide to emit a shrilling scream "Mmmmmpfffffffff …………mmmmpfffffff ………….mmmpfffffff …………………….nnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh!" Lori groaned loudly against the duct tape as her captor pushed his bloated cockhead up against her as it began to force its way into her innocent body.

Hearing the loud groans of fright, along with her desperate attempts to kick at him, Darnell realized that this sexy beauty was far tighter than anything he had ever experienced before.  'God, she's so fucking tight!' he thought as he pushed his cock in a bit.  "Damn, baby ………………..yer so fuck'n tight!" he moaned as her tight slit threatened to rip the skin off his cock.  "Owwww!" he yelped, thinking the skin of his cock was being pulled off.

Withdrawing a bit, Darnell took in a deep breath, looking down between their bodies to see that he had only penetrated the blonde beauty a few inches at most.  Then he looked at the sobbing beauty and asked "Ya ain't a fuck'n virgin, are ya, baby?"  To his delight, he saw her bound head nod a 'yes' as her teary eyes sought mercy from him.  But his beautiful captive would not get any mercy from Darnell, not when he was about to pluck his very first cherry.

"Ohhh, baby!  I don't fuck'n believe it!  Shit, I been nailing bitches since I was fourteen and I ain't never busted a fuck'n cherry before!  Can't believe my fuck'n luck!" Darnell exclaimed.  Excited, he twitched his bloated cockhead in her tightly gripping slit, wanting her to feel the cock that was about to 'ruin' her.  Ben laughed at her desperate plight in struggling once again, trying to squeeze her muscles tighter to expel his invading cock.   “That asshole out there thinks he's real hot shit!  I hate assholes like that!  Wadda ya think if he finds out a guy delivering pizza ‘ruined’ his precious fiancee, huh?" he taunted.

Gloating, Darnell reared back and thrust forward with all his might, groaning from the exquisite pleasure of having copped his very first cherry. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnn …………mmmmpfffffff ………….mmmpfffffff …………………….nnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh!" came the muffled screams for the blunder beauty beneath him.  Pulling out till just his cockhead remained captured in her raped slit, Darnell looked down and exclaimed loudly "Yessssss ……….. busted my first fuck'n cherry!"

With her precious virginity ripped to shreds, Lori sobbed against the taped gag as she felt a warm liquid flowing out of her raped slit, down the vee of her thighs to puddle beneath her.  She knew that it was due to her bleeding from the vicious rape and rupture of her hymen.  'Oh, God ………………I saved myself for all these years ……………….for the man I married!  And now …………………its gone …………..destroyed by this vile rapist!' she shuddered.  "Oh, God ……………….oh, my God ……………what if he gets me pregnant?" she worried.

As the monstrous shaft filled her to the breaking point, Lori tried to keep her body perfectly still, fighting back against the tingling feeling that began to spread from her raped slit and throughout her inexperienced body.  The raping cock filled every crevice of her womanhood and its pulsating throb had Lori 's petite body beginning to shiver with unwanted pleasure.  Against her wishes, Lori's thigh moved up against her rapist's hips, squeezing him with her thighs.  Then she lifted her legs, wrapping them around the thighs of her rapist.

Even with Darnell's experience and machoness  in making women crave his fucking, it took all the willpower he could muster to not cum prematurely.  The thought of 'ruining' this pretty blonde beauty, busting her cherry and feeling her bleeding all around his cock, Darnell was on the verge of flooding her with his hot pent-up jizz.  The added prospect of 'knocking-up' the innocent beauty also had him at the brink.

Reaching down to grasp her trim hips, Darnell got hold of his emotions and began to slice in and out of the raped beauty with well-controlled strokes.  "Ah, baby ……………….ya ain't never gonna forget me ……………..the 'man' who popped yer precious little cherry ………………..the 'man' who's gonna knock ya up good!" he taunted as he stroked in and out in well timed movements.  "Yeah, baby …………..yeah …………….yer getting into it ain't ya ……………………yeah, squeeze it like that ……………..squeeze yer bloody cunt around my cock!  Yeah, baby …………yeah!" Darnell groaned.

Still fighting against her bindings, Lori now fought more against the unwanted pleasures coursing through her innocent petite body that was covered by the muscular black body of her rapist.  As the thick raping cock sliced into her tiny body, Lori shuddered in dismay as she lost her fight with an unwanted orgasm overtaking her completely.  Lori's first ever orgasm sent her into outer space, then slowly it finally began to subside.

Legs still wrapped around the thighs of her rapist as he continued to fuck into her, Lori worried 'Oh, God!  He's not wearing a condom!  He's planning to do it in me!  What ………..what if he gets me pregnant?  How can I ever explain this to Mark?” she wondered.  'Pull it out ………………..oh, God ………….pleaseeeee ……………make him pull it out!' she prayed.

Then her rapist was pulling her hips off the bed as he began to slam into her time and time again, fucking into her at jackhammer speed.  Powerless to resist at this point, Lori wrapped her legs tightly around the bucking ass of her black rapist.  She cringed when he taunted "

"Ah, baby ………….gonna knock ya up ………………..gonna knock you up real good, sweetie!  Go and tell that fuck'n asshole out there that Darnell delivered more than the fuck'n pizzas he ordered!  Ahhhhhhhh …………….. ohhhhhhhh ……….ahhhhhhhhhh!” her rapist groaned as he unleashed his spurting cock deep in her fertile womb.  'Oh, no …………… ………………don't let me feel any pleasure from this vile rape!  Let me die than feel any ………………..pleasureeeeeeeeeeeee!' she shuddered, them moaned against the binding tape as her body betrayed her once again, spasming from another mind-shattering climax.

Tossing her head from side to side, Lori's body quivered on the bed as she wished she was dead.  'Oh, God ……………….how can anyone be such an animal?  Oh, God ………………..oh, God ……………….let me die!  Don't let me feel any pleasure ……………….Goddddddddddddd!' her mind shuddered with horror as she struggled against the binding tape.

Darnell could not believe his good fortune in having claimed his very first cherry.  It was certainly an experience he had thoroughly enjoyed and hoped to experience again in the future.  He couldn't get enough of this innocent blonde beauty, realizing how he had made her cum against her wishes, hoping to hell that he had succeeded in knocking her up.

Now Darnell was enjoying another first, something very few guys got to experience or even thought of doing.  Growing up in a gang, Darnell laughed in recalling how he had earned his badge of honor by going down on a gal when she had her fuck'n period.  He had nearly puked in eating that mess but eating this beauty's busted cherry laced with his own cum was out of this fuck'n world!  Feeling the sexy beauty settle down after convulsing around his face as he ate her bloody cunt out, he lifted his head up and licked his lips to savor the taste of the raped beauty.

'Oh, God ……………….oh, God ………………..oh, God ……………….nooooooo!  No …………………no ……………………..don't let me feel any pleasure …………….no ……………….oh, Goddddddddddddd!' Lori's mind screamed at her as her body shook and trembled once again.  Panting for breath as her mind began to clear, she looked up and shook with horror at her rapist who was leering down upon her, licking at his blood smeared face.

Indeed, Darnell appeared to be an animal in the eyes of the frightened beauty that he had devoured and literally ate up all she had to offer.  Smiling, deliberately running his tongue over his upper lip, he taunted "Delicious!  Absolutely fuck'n delicious!  Best tasting cherry pie I've ever had!"

Then a devious thought began to form in the back of his mind, causing Darnell to taunt the beauty "Oh, baby, how rude of me!  Eating my dessert and not offering you any!"  He enjoyed the fear and terror reflected in her baby blue eyes as she let her gaze drift down from his leering face to the movement his pumping fist was making upon his bloodied cock.

Climbing back up and straddling the beauty just below her breasts, he released his bloody cock to throb between her breasts, leaning forward so his bloated cockhead touched her chin.  Darnell saw her eyes widen in horror upon his telling her "Got a nice big chocolate popsicle for ya!  A special chocolate popsicle dipped in cherry juice!"  Placing a hand at her delicate throat, Darnell threatened her should she scream when he removed the tape covering her mouth.

Feeling the pressure of his hand at her throat, Lori was frightened that he would choke her to death.  But she was even more frightened at what her captor had just hinted at.  She kept telling herself that 'No one could be such a cruel and vile animal!  Surely he doesn't expect me to put his filthy thing in my mouth!'  Deep down, Lori knew for a fact that her demented rapist indeed planned of her doing such a thing, especially after what he had already done.  'Oh, God …………he's sick!' Lori thought as she thought of how he had put his face between her thighs and literally lapped up the outpouring of blood and cum from her raped cunt.

As the tape was ripped from her mouth, Lori had no chance to scream.  Just as she opened her mouth to do so, it was quickly stuffed by the bloated cockhead ramming between her teeth.  Instinctively, she tried to use her tongue to push the intruding but it only served to please her tormentor as he moaned "Yeah, baby!  Yeah ………….use that talented tongue of yers!"  Lori was distraught upon realizing that the use of her tongue, intended on dispelling the filthy thing from her mouth, actually had served to thrill her evil captor.

As her mouth watered instinctively, Lori shuddered at the taste of her own blood diluted with mingling remnants of her rapist's filthy cum.  It was such a degrading act, one that Lori had never dreamt any decent woman would perform on a man, even more degrading in being forced to suck upon it with the blood of her ruptured hymen still coating it.  She quivered in disgust as the saliva in her mouth began to thicken from the thick ooze escaping from the tip of the cockhead as it began sawing in and out of her mouth.

With the raped beauty having been a virgin, Darnell correctly suspected that this was also her very first taste of cock as he fucked his lengthy shaft deep between her pink lips.  Fingers wrapped in her long blonde hair, Darnell heard the naïve beauty choking and gagging each time his cock forced its way deep down her throat.  Seeing her eyes roll back, he quickly pulled back till just his cockhead remained allowing her to breathe.

Stroking his cock, Darnell groaned "Ahhhhhh, baby ……………..time to eat your dessert!  Ahhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"  One hand holding the back of her head steady, the other pumping his spurting cock, Darnell chuckled as he watched her cheeks get bloated as he filled her mouth with his hot jizz.  He knew what the innocent blonde was intent on, knowing that she planned on spitting out his cum the first chance she got.

Lori shuddered in total revulsion, body quivering in disgust as she was forced to keep the mouthful of slimy filth.  Unable to open her lips further, there was no route for the thick fluid to escape with the thick cockhead blocking its way.  Although her vile and demented captor had forced this indignity upon her, Lori refused to suffer the ultimate indignity of swallowing her rapist's hot slimy roe.

Then Lori's hair was yanked back and downwards, forcing her to look into Darnell's snarling face as he spoke "Ya ain't gone and eat yer dessert!  I gone all through the trouble of brewing up yer fuck'n dessert and yer not even polite enough to eat it!  EAT IT, bitch!  Swallow my hot cum, ya damn bitch!"  Seeing the fear in her eyes, yet the continued refusal to swallow, he gave her an alternative as he snickered "Ya got ten seconds to start swallowing, bitch …………….otherwise, ya'll have a lot more to swallow when I start pissing in yer mouth!"

Looking up in despair and for mercy, Lori cringed in defeat, knowing full well that the demented young man would indeed follow through with his vile threat.  'Oh, God ……………..what do I do?' she wondered in despair.  With time of the essence, Lori shuddered in revulsion as she gulped and swallowed the first batch of the slimy goo.

Moments later, having swallowed all the sticky jizz, Lori sobbed as her mouth had been taped once again.  Lori wished that she were dead after being defiled in such an awful manner, humiliated in ways she had not before imagined possible.  'Oh, God …………will Mark even want to touch me again when he learns how I've been violated?' she wondered.

Totally defeated at this point, Lori lay upon the bed, gagged once again and still secured with her hands above her head.  She shivered once again as unwanted pleasure coursed through her body.  "Mmmpfffffff …………mmmpfffff!" she moaned against the tape as the flicking tongue between her thighs once again began to drive her  up the wall.  Her captor was eating her out once again and her body was now seeking the pleasure that his tongue could give her.

In the early morning hours, while it was still dark outside, Darnell began to get dressed as he looked down upon the now passed out beauty lying on the bed.  He wondered if his days as a free man was over, knowing that it would be if he got hauled in for rape.  Then, recalling how innocent and naïve the bitch was, he concluded that she'd be too ashamed to tell anyone of her violation, much less having to tell that asshole she was engaged to that someone had robbed him of the precious cherry that was being preserved for him.

Seeing a pair of scissors on the study desk nearby, he cut the duct tape binding her arms.  He left the tape over her mouth, afraid that he might awaken the fucked out beauty before he made his get away.  Opening her purse, he found her driver's license and wrote down her name and address on a piece of paper.  Turning off the camcorder, he pocketed it and then bent down to retrieve her panties for a souvenir.  Writing a note, he put it under the purse so the raped beauty would read it.

In the early morning, Lori stirred on the bed and then looked up in fright.  Hands still above her head, she jerked them down and was surprised that she was no longer bound to the headboard.  Looking about, she breathed a sigh of relief that her vile rapist was no longer there.  Tearing off the remnants of the tape on her wrists, Lori then pulled the sticky tape down over her mouth.

Mouth finally free, Lori opened her mouth to scream for Mark but realized the awful condition he would find her in.  Sobbing, she buried her face in the pillow and sobbed in shame.  Then sitting up in bed, Lori explored the damage, touching her tender breast to see teeth marks and bruises upon them.  She sniffled as she looked at her blood stained thighs and bloody sheets beneath her.  Seeing the bedroom door closed, she suspected that Mark was unaware of her presence in the house and had merely gone to his bedroom once his friends left.

Getting up from the bed, Lori bent down and began picking up the torn remnants of her summer dress and lacy bra.  Going to the closet, she found one of Mark's wrinkled long sleeve shirt that was to be ironed.  She put it on to cover herself.  Seeing her purse on the desk, she went to retrieve it, then saw the note below it saying "You report this and copies of the video will be sent to the asshole you're marrying and your parents!  Be smart and keep quiet!"

Peeking out of the bedroom door, Lori could hear snoring coming from Mark's bedroom.  Quietly, she made her way to the linen closet and obtained a clean set of sheets.  Making her way back, she changed the soiled ones on the bed in order to hide the obvious evidence of her violation upon them.  Bundling her torn clothing up into the rolled up sheets, Lori carried her white heels and quietly slipped out the front door.

Having taken down the embarrassing pizza delivery sign atop his car and crouched low in the driver's seat, Darnell breathed a sigh of relieve in seeing the blonde beauty coming out of the house.  Seeing her carrying the bundled up bedsheets and only the long shirt she was wearing, he correctly suspected that she was ridding the house of any evidence.  As she got into her car and pulled out of the driveway, Darnell started up his car and followed from a distance.

Several miles later, Darnell pulled to a stop along the curb across the street from where the beauty's car had turned in.  He saw the blonde beauty park her car in a stall under the townhouse where she lived in.  Darnell smiled in seeing the beauty peek out and look about, not wanting anyone to see her dressed in just a long sleeve shirt and nothing else.  His cock twitched as he began making plans on visiting the sweet little beauty later/

End of Story.