Marriage Made in Hell
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  'Twin's Twisted Thoughts' and 'Hell of a Honeymoon'
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It was the longest two-hour drive ever experienced by the young bride and groom as they headed home from the resort.  Not a word was exchanged between them since they left the checkout clerk at the resort's front desk.  Both were very jittery and nervous for their own reasons, anxious to reach their destination.  This certainly was not a promising start for the new Mr. and Mrs. Dave Richmond.

During the next week, things remained quite strained between husband and wife, each afraid to talk to the other.  Lacy had noticed how her husband had changed from just over a week ago, prior to their wedding day.  She had been so proud to be engaged to a handsome, successful and confident fiancé just a short time ago.  Now, the man she had married appeared to be such a wimp and so insecure, jumping at her beck and call.

Lacy felt so unclean and soiled from that horrible week that she did not want her husband to soil himself by touching her.  What was to be the happiest day of her life and followed by a week of enjoyment had turned out to an absolute nightmare.  Instead of surrendering her prized virginity that she had protected so well, she had lost it to her twin sister's black boyfriend.  Taken from her to be exact, for she was raped and 'ruined' by the devious Terrel.

Physically held captive at first, then by the threat of the videotape blackmail, Lacy had not seen her husband for even a moment until checkout time.  Raped repeated, Lacy felt so guilty in the manner in which her body had betrayed her, achieving multiple orgasms each time Terrel took her.  She shuddered at the recollection of when they were downstairs in the public eye, how he had felt up her body in front of others to make her appear to be a cheap little slut.

With two elderly women watching, Lacy shuddered at the recollection of stroking Terrel's hardon through his swimshorts.  Then slipping her hand under his legband to jerk him off in the palm of her hand.  Doing what he next demanded of her, she had obeyed and used the slick fluid to coat her legs with as they sat at poolside.  Cringing, clenching her ass, the pain of being sodomized on the honeymoon still remained.

But the most repulsive event came when Terrel had escorted her to another hotel room.  Following the knock upon the door and it being opened, Lacy then learned that she had been 'sold', pimped out like a cheap whore.  To make matters worst, it was someone she had known while she had attended high school, one she had given some respect to at the time.

It was her former high school principal who had purchased her services for a period of four hours, time for him to satisfy his evil lust for her that he had been harboring for many years.  The same Principal Higgins, as she had earlier referred to him, the same principal who was later disgraced and dismissed from his job for making sexual advances to another student.  She indeed felt like just a ‘cheap’ little whore, especially upon learning that the decrepit old man had purchased her body for a period of four hours at the measly price of $50.00.


It had been awful to have the flabby old man touching her, stripping her naked and fondling her body.  To have the filthy old man touch had made her cringe with revulsion.  Touched and pawed by the man whom many students referred to as the 'fat pig' behind his back.  She had secretly wished that she were dead as the fat sweaty body covered hers, forcing his penis in her and then fucking her, grunting like an actual pig before spewing his vile lust into her body.  Taken twice by Principal Higgins, she had thought she could make her leave but not before being forced to her knees and sucking the horny pig off.

As for Dave, the events of the horrid honeymoon began to fester in his mind as he dwelled back to the night of the wedding.  'Damn, why did I drink so much at the reception?' he kept asking himself over and over again.  He felt so bad, recalling how anxious he had been to get up to the honeymoon suite and consummate their marriage.

After waiting for so long, at Lacy's wishes, Dave had assumed that she was saving her virginity for their wedding day.  Intoxicated and in his haste to claim his prize, Dave had anxiously crawled up into bed to join his lovely young bride.  However, in his condition, he had given no thought to pleasing his sexy partner.  It had been a total disaster as he had cum far too quickly, shooting off into the condom without giving his wife any satisfaction whatsoever.

Falling off to the side, Dave had been in total shock to see his innocent and naïve Lacy whip out a vibrator and begin to masturbate herself.  Never had he even dreamed that his lovely bride would shamelessly do such a thing right in front of him.  Looking down at this wilting dick in the condom, he then realized that his lovely bride had not in fact been a virgin as he had always assumed.  'My, God!  She's had sex with other men before!' he realized and shuddered at the thought.

Throughout the entire honeymoon, Dave had tried to make it up to his lovely bride.  He catered to her every need, putting himself at her beck and call.  Before the wedding day, he had planned on spending every second of the honeymoon with his lovely bride, dreaming of making love to her throughout the day and night.  But after that first night of failure, Dave found himself wishing to get away by himself for awhile, wanting to get himself a drink to calm his nerves.

He shuddered at the recollection of how he had cum prematurely, even before he had gotten in, spurting up into the air and against his wife's belly.  It all came back vividly to Dave's mind, recalling how his wife had groaned loudly "Nooooo ………Daveeeeeee …………no …………….not yet ………………..not yet ………………damn it!" With his cock wilting and oozing out the last of his cum on the back of his wife's hand, he could or would never forget her exclamation of disgust "SHIT!"  Things only seemed to get worse from then on and at times he couldn't even get it up, no matter what she did to stimulate him.  Dave had to admit that he indeed was a total failure as a man!

Another week went by and the tension eased a bit as both Dave and Lacy began talking more and more, keeping each conversation polite and caring for one another.  But when it came to bedtime, both were nervous, each hoping that the other did not want or desire any sex.  Thus, the marriage was yet to be consummated by husband and wife.  Each stalled and when one was in the bathroom preparing for bed, the other would slip under the covers and pretend to be asleep when the other got into bed.

Jumping at any overtime at the hospital, Dave grabbed it, often working double shifts back to back.  It was not for the money that he grabbed the extra work but it certainly served as a good excuse as to why he couldn't be home on time.  Though money was not a problem and Dave had always tried to avoid working overtime before their marriage, he used it in telling Lacy that in doing so, they could afford the house purchase that much sooner.

Lacy would act dismayed when Dave announced that he had to work overtime.  But deep down, she breathed a sigh of relief and that of joy upon learning Dave would not be home.  Now weeks since the end of the honeymoon, still no sex with her husband, Lacy began to think back to all the orgasms that Terrel had her skyrocketing to.

When alone in the privacy of her bedroom, Lacy would slip her hands under her blouse to cup her bared breasts, making believe that it was Terrel about to make love to her.  Clenching her legs tightly together, she tried desperately to keep her love juices from flowing out of her tingling slit.  She had begun to get quite desperate, even grabbing her hairbrush to insert the round handle into her slit and fuck herself with it.

Going to work at the research lab, Lacy would always think back to the video whenever she looked down to see her nametag of 'Mrs. Lacy Richmond'.  She shivered in recalling how the video displayed her in her black dress and heels with her labcoat draped over her dress.  How the video depicted her being blackmailed and what she had done to buy off her blackmailer.  Yes, indeed, buying the man off by dropping down to her knees to blow the man off.  True, it was her evil twin sister that had performed the illicit act but who would ever believe that.

In a bit of a daze as she sat at her desk, the ring of her phone startled her back to reality.  "Hi, baby!  Ready to get more of Terrel's big black cock after work today?" she was questioned.  "Ye………….yes ………….but ……………but Dave's picking me up from work today!" Lacy stammered nervously in reply to her twin sister's boyfriend.  "So how does Davey boy' pecker measure up in comparison?" she was asked.  Trembling, Lacy stammered into the phone "I ………….I …………I don't ……………we …………we haven't ………….!"

Terrel couldn't believe what he was actually hearing.  "Ya mean you and Davey boy ain't fucked at all?" he asked.  "N ………!" came the stuttering reply.  "So …………the Richmond's marital bed ain't been baptized by the bride and groom, huh?" he asked tauntingly.  "No ………!" came a soft spoken response.  "Well, we're going to have to rectify that problem!  It just ain't right!  Ya jest let Terrel solve the little lady's problem tonight!" he chuckled.

After work got out, Lacy went down to the lobby and a shiver of nervousness coursed through her body upon seeing her twin sister and her boyfriend waiting for her.  Approaching them, Lacy glared at her evil twin, fuming but too afraid to say anything for fear of firing up her wrath.  Lacy handed her labcoat over to her twin sister, who then donned the white coat and walked out the front door, leaving Lacy standing there with her black boyfriend.  Watching from the plate glass windows, she watched as Stacy got into the front passenger door of Dave's car.  Then the car pulled out of the parking space and sped off.

As she walked out of the lab's front lobby, Lacy felt quite self-conscious by the glances several of her colleagues gave upon seeing her leaving with a black man's arm around her waist.  Then she breathed a sigh of relief as her colleagues knew she had a twin sister and she would merely say it was her sister and boyfriend whom they had seen together. Lacy hoped that those who had seen her with Terrel and who had also attended the wedding would not remember Stacy having a darker blonde shade than she did.

At the nice elegant restaurant, Dave hoped that taking Lacy out to a nice dinner would further help to patch things up between them.  He got brave and leaned over to give her a light kiss on the lips and was overjoyed to have her lean up to return the kiss.  Dave now began to look forward to that evening after they got home, hoping to try and prove himself a man to his lovely wife.  He was determined that tonight was going to be the night.  Yes, his lovely young wife would finally get the fucking that she needed so badly and baptize their marital bed.

As they sat next to each other, Dave shivered as his wife's hand slipped below the table to touch his upper thigh.  Then nervousness set in as his wife's hand moved down to his crotch and squeezed him hard.  It did not help his ego when she squeezed him and commented "He's not going to pop too soon tonight, is he, honey?  Should we first stop off at a store on the way home, just in case, since the battery in the vibrator needs to be replaced!"

Entering the nice luxury apartment that he was already familiar with, hand around the beautiful young wife, Terrel could feel her tremble in nervousness.  It was obvious that the beauty was desperately in need of physical satisfaction as she led him straight to the master bedroom without any hesitation or instruction.  As she stopped in the middle of the bedroom, facing the bed that she shared with her husband, Terrel stepped up immediately behind her.

Hands upon her trim hips, Terrel began caressing her through her dress, letting hands move forward to touch her belly.  He could now hear the young bride panting for breath as he caressed her body, then he heard her emit a soft moan as his thumbs edged up to where he felt the bottom edge of bra through her dress.  "Ohhhhhhhh!" came a louder moan as his hands moved up to cup her breasts.  Immediately, Terrel felt the rising buds press up into the palm of his hands, begging to be caressed.

"Ohhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhh ………..touch me ………….touch me!  Ohhhhh, yes ……………….yesssssssss!" Lacy moaned as Terrel began to thumb her sensitive nipples through her dress and frilly bra.  "Oh, God ………….yes!  Ohhhhhhh, please ………………please ……………..I …………….I need it so bad!" she panted out desperately.  "Please …………oh, God …………..please!" she begged.

As this was certainly a memorable occasion, Terrel wanted the lovely beauty to always remember the first time she got fucked on her marital bed, taunting her "Its been over two weeks since you and your husband returned from your honeymoon!  And you've never consummated your marriage with your husband?"  The sexy beauty was now putty in his hands, feeling her slump back against his chest as her knees weakened.

Moments later, allowing her sister's boyfriend to strip her naked, Lacy lay in the middle of her marital bed watching Terrel strip off his clothing.  Lacy shivered with excitement as she viewed the baring of his thick lengthy cock, knowing that it would soon be giving her the pleasure that she craved for.  Reaching down between her legs with her right hand, she let her middle finger slip into her slick groove to rub herself for the time being.

Spreading her legs wide, feet high in the air, Lacy reached forward to grasp the hard slab of dark meat as Terrel shuffled up onto the bed.  As Terrel got into position, Lacy rubbed his bloated cockhead up against her horny wet slit, trying to get her legs around his body.  With Terrel teasing by hovering above her, Lacy tried to get him into action by spurring his butt with her feet, kicking at him with the heels of her feet.  Just as one would in trying to get a stallion to move along, Lacy desperately tried to spur her black stallion into action.


"Yes ……………….yes …………….oh, God, yesssssssssssssss!" Lacy moaned as her cuntlips were parted and the thick bloated cockhead became a part of her.  Releasing her guiding hand from Terrel's throbbing cock, Lacy's hands now clutched the muscular shoulders of her black stallion while she sought to tie her legs around him.  "Ohhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………..yesssssssssssssss!" she cooed as the thick shaft began to sink deeper and deeper into her.

“Ohhhh, pleaseeeeeee ..............………fuck me ………ohhh, fuck meeeeeeeee ...............hard .................. hardddddddd …..........….ohhhhhhh ………..yes ............fuck me!" Lacy panted as she was getting the shagging of a lifetime.  The lengthy black cock that she had been dreaming of was far better than in her dreams as she shuddered with pleasure, greasing the pistoning shaft as it sped up to jackhammer speed.  "Oh, yesssssssss ………………..yessssss .............………..shoot it ......................... shoot it in meeeeeeeee ……..............ohhhhh, Terrel ………………………fuck your baby in me …………………..give me a little bastard!!”

"Oh, baby ………………..ohhhhhh, so tight …………… fuck'n good …………oh, baby ………….gonna cum ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh!" Terrel groaned loudly, grasping the sexy beauty by her hips and slamming his erupting cock deep in her fertile womb.  "Cumming ……………cummingggggggg ……………ahhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!" he panted as spurt after spurt of his hot jizz filled the quivering beauty.

Sitting at the nice elegant restaurant that Dave had brought her to, Stacy had to admire his taste and determination to please her no matter how expensive it was.  She envied her twin sister for finding someone who would cater to her in such a manner.  Playing these charades were a real turn-on for Stacy and she suspected the same went for Terrel.  At Terrel's request, she had even switched to using Lacy's perfume, as he indicated it was nice and sweet smelling along with it giving him a hardon.

Several times following the honeymoon week, again at Terrel's request, she had dressed up and pretended to be Lacy for him.  Stacy had to admit she enjoyed their little game every bit as much as Terrel seemed to.  However, Stacy was too self-absorbed to realize that Terrel was actually carrying a torch for her refined and elegant sister.

Naively, Stacy thought their subsequent dress-up sex games reminded him of how much he loved Stacy, believing Terrel had recorded the blackmail video to help her obtain her revenge.  That Terrel had committed the crime that he could go to jail for by raping Lacy and holding her captive the entire honeymoon period entirely for her sake. That Terrel wanted to prove how devoted he was to her by raping and defiling Lacy.  She was totally unaware that Terrel secretly preferred Lacy's warmth and innocence versus the slut that she was.

Stacy had thoroughly enjoyed the game of deceiving Dave Richmond by pretending to be Lacy, then degrading him and playing him for an utter fool during the honeymoon.  She had successfully reduced him to a frustrated and confused eunuch at this point.

With the plan being for Terrel to screw the real 'Lacy' on her marital bed the entire night, Stacy had it planned out to convince Dave to take her to a sleasy motel for the night.  She would tell him that they might find it exciting to be making out in such an outlandish place.  She would use it as an excuse, telling Dave it might just be the environment he really needed versus returning back to their apartment since they haven't succeeded there as yet.

Though she thoroughly enjoyed demeaning her twin sister's handsome husband, Stacy didn't want to be climbing the walls either.  Tonight she would tell Dave how much she had enjoyed it when he had eaten her out during the honeymoon, actually when she had forced him to eat her out.  That would be the preliminary event to get her stimulated, figuring that she'd then at least be able to get off even if the inexperienced husband came quickly once again.

A week later, reviewing the videos that he had shot, Terrel was quite proud of himself in the quality and clarity in which they had been done.  He first took note on how he could improve on the portions done by the use of the camcorders that were stationary on tripods, possible height alterations and positioning.  Terrel then concentrated on the scenes done when he was directly behind the cameras, making note on whether his focusing and lighting should be corrected.

Having learned as much as he could by being on the front end of the cameras, Terrel wanted to get further ahead by being a producer versus just being considered as ‘talent’ in the industry.  He had made pretty good money in the industry, always showing good ‘wood’ (the industry term for ‘cock’), enjoyed getting paid to fuck a broad but he wanted even more.  Making three to four hundred bucks a day was good, but male porn talent was lucky to even get two to three days work each week.  It would be ideal to continue getting paid to fuck a beautiful broad and on the off days produce his own flicks.

Terrel was now on the verge of producing his first full fledge porn flick and now felt that he was ready to take the big step.  One thing for certain, after watching many x-rated flicks out there and comparing them to what he had experimented with thus far, live unrehearsed scenes far surpassed those done by bimbos trying to put on a performance.  Hiring a porn actress to put on an act of being innocent and naïve just was too much to ask for.  There was only one beauty that fit the bill to a tee, one who's services he would not even have to pay for, the beautiful and naïve Mrs. Lacy Richmond.

Not wanting to overplay his hand and get Stacy pissed at him, Terrel used the approach of wanting to be of help in aiding Stacy in getting back at her twin.  To do so, he merely commented as if in an afterthought while showing her a playback of the actual rape scene of her sister "Damn, think I've got the lighting and filming down pat now!  I'm all set to produce my first porno flick!  Just gotta get the bread together to cover all expenses!  Too bad we didn't get old man Higgins and your sister on film, that'd be a big seller in your hometown!"

As Terrel had hoped, his bimbo girlfriend fell right for it as she replied "Terrel, I've got a terrific idea!  Let me help you do your first film!  We can get old man Higgins for next to nothing if it means getting another whack at that sweet little sister of mine!  It'll also give me a shot in acting!  Imagine me playing the part of that sweet goody-goody sister of mine!  We'll shoot all the dialogue scenes first and then we'll get down to the nitty gritty with Lacy performing all the raunchy sex acts with her former high school principal!  And you get to save the bucks you'd need for your leading sex star!"

Stacy was getting all excited at this point and then impressed Terrel with her next idea "One of the guys I hung around with in high school now manages the porn shop a mile from the old high school!  I'll bet he'll be able to get the word out that he's got an x-rated flick starring Lacy and Principal Higgins!  God, I gotta see you shoot this one ………it'll be so awesome seeing that goody-goody sister of mine squirming under that fat old pig!"

When old man Higgins got the call, he jumped at the chance to star in an x-rated flick with the former cheerleader and Homecoming Queen. Having suffered the humiliation of the scandal that cost him his job as principal, this was his chance to show up all those students who laughed at him and called him names behind his back when he was principal.  This would prove to them that he was in fact quite a stud by fucking the one-time homecoming queen and all-everything campus cutie Lacy Hamilton right up there on the silver screen.

With his reputation already ruined beyond repair, Higgins had no second thoughts of doing such a film, plus he'd get a much needed $200 bucks plus gas money for the two hour trip to where the shoot would be done.  He would show all those who doubted he was a stud, to see him nailing the sweet blonde beauty.  'Damn, she must have loved the way I porked her to call me to be with her in her first porn film!' he thought.

Hanging up the phone, Stacy gave the 'thumbs up' sign to Terrel that old man Higgins was onboard.  Stacy laughed, telling Terrel "Hell, I think old man Higgins would have done it for free just to nail my sister again!  Let me help you write the script, it'll be so juicy that it'll sell like hotcakes when people at home learn that innocent little Lacy is starring in a porn flick with Principal Higgins!"

Getting her purse, Stacy retrieved a key and held it up to Terrel "Made an extra key to my sister's apartment before I returned it to her!  Now to get all the right props!"  Running over to get her high school yearbook, she looked in the back index to see the pages that Lacy appeared on.

Stacy knew that the cheerleader uniform was one prop available but knew it'd be helpful for more props.  She smiled upon seeing Lacy sitting atop the backseat of a convertible wearing a tiara and 'Homecoming Queen' ribbon across her body.  Then going toward the back of the yearbook, Stacy smiled as she came to the picture of the Senior Court.  There was Lacy standing in the center in her pink gown and the tiara adorning her head as the Prom Queen.

The big shooting day had come and Terrel had rented a studio, wanting things to be just right.  Old man Higgins arrived, bringing along his old dress shirts and suits to play the part, anxious to co-star with the lovely little Lacy.  His cock hardened immediately as 'Lacy' waved and ran up to him.  She looked so sexy in her orange and white cheerleader's outfit, complete with white socks and tennis shoes, exactly like that of her high school days.

Seeing how she leaned up to give him a passionate kiss, old man Higgins merely assumed that her nervousness and apprehension at the resort was due to it being their first time and that Lacy had still thought of him as her high school principal.  She nibbled at his ear, reached down to cup his crotch and whispered "I'm so excited!  I just read the script and you're going to lay me out on your desk and make me give you a footjob!  How would you like to cum all over my feet, wouldn't you, you naughty old man?"

Sitting down across from the pimp turned producer and next to the sexy beauty snuggling up to him, they went over the script together.  With him being allowed to ad-lib the lines, Higgins smiled as he realized that he just had to play himself as the lecherous high school principal he had really been before being reported and fired.  Then 'Lacy' squeezed his cock as she pointed to the next scene where he'd go down and eat her on the desk.

Going over the entire script, old man Higgins felt quite at ease with the script, especially since he had been in charge of the high school drama club before getting his promotion to the principal position.  Of course, films were done differently from a continuous play where they'd get rid of the dialogue scenes beforehand and then take a break before commencing with the nitty gritty action.

The studio had been all set up for the first scene with it being very similar to way Stacy had recalled what the principal's office looked like when she had frequently reported there for detention or reprimands.  A few papers on the desk, a telephone and of course a name tag reading 'Principal Higgins' was the perfect setting with stuffed bookcases in the background.

The first scene began with Principal Higgins sitting behind his desk, reading a paper in his hand when there was a knock on the door.  "Come in!" he called out loudly.  The camera focused on the door opening as a cheerleader entered in her orange and white uniform.  "Come in, Ms. Hamilton!  Please take a seat!" Principal Higgins advised in a stern voice, pointing to the chair in front of his desk.

Sheepishly, 'Lacy' moved forward to sit in the chair, knowing that all was not well.  "I think you know why I called you in here, don't you, Ms. Hamilton?" came the principal's stern voice.  'Lacy' sniffled as she played the part and managed to have tears trickle down her cheeks.  "Please …………….please, Mr. Higgins ……………..I …………….I don't know what to say!  I …………I've been so busy lately ……………..all the practice and school work ……………..I was just so desperate!" she sobbed.


"Cheating on a test, Ms. Hamilton!  You know, that really leaves me with no alternative!  I'll have to suspend you immediately from the cheerleading squad!" the principal advised.   Standing up as per the script, moving along the side of the desk sobbing, 'Lacy' pleaded "Please ………………please, Mr. Higgins …………….please, is there anything I can do that would change your mind!"

As scripted, Principal Higgins got up from his chair and comforted the sobbing beauty in his arms at the side of his desk.  Caressing the beauty's back through her uniform, he turned his face into her soft blonde hair and inhaled her sweet perfume as his cock hardened in his pants.  "There, there, Lacy!  Everything will be all right!  I'll help smooth things out and tell your math teacher he was wrong about you cheating on the test!" he advised as he let his hand move down to cup her tight little asscheeks.

"You …………… will!" 'Lacy' exclaimed as she looked up in surprise.  "Thank you …………..oh, thank you so much, Mr. Higgins!" she said excitedly as her arms encircled his neck as she kissed his cheek in appreciation for his kindness and understanding.  Seconds later, the hands encircling her principal's neck were now pushing up against his chest in an attempt to free herself from the passionate kiss upon her lips.  She froze with fright when the kiss finally ended and Mr. Higgins panted "You be nice to me and I'll take care of you, Lacy!"

A frightened 'Lacy' found herself being lifted up by the hands cupping her asscheeks, sitting her upon the large desk.  Finding herself sliding back upon the smooth desk, 'Lacy' panted in fear as her principal began caressing her legs from her ankles up to her thighs.  "Mr. Higgins …………….please ………………stop ……………….what are you doing?" 'Lacy' stammered in fright as the scene ended.

Stacy smiled as old man Higgins staggered to a chair and plopped himself down into it to recuperate from all the excitement.  Getting herself up from the desk, she plopped herself down onto his lap and wound her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss, sticking her tongue into his mouth.  "That was a terrific performance, Mr. Higgins!  I can't wait till you force me to bring me off with my feet and then eat me on the desk!  Then I finally get to have your big fat cock in me!  Ohhhh, I want you to slam it into me ……..fuck me hard …………….nail me into the desk!" she cooed.

The next scene called for 'Lacy' to be wearing 1" heels and a nice but simple dress appropriate for high school.  For this scene, Principal Higgins was in a different color shirt and suit behind the desk.  This time, a smiling and confident Lacy entered after knocking and locked the door behind her.

"Mr. Higgins, I heard you're the one in charge of counting all the ballots submitted for the Homecoming Queen vote!  You do know that I'm running for Homecoming Queen, don't you!" she asked as she got to the side of the desk.  Reaching up under her skirt and pulling down her baby blue panties, 'Lacy' kicked them aside, then slid up upon the desk and drew her hem of her dress up.  Heels planted up on the desk, arching her hips up as she fingered her slit, 'Lacy' asked "Is there any chance to stuff this ballot box?"

Licking his lips, hard cock in his pants, old Higgins wanted to continue on with the good part of the scene.  Unfortunately, she only had time to nurse his raging hardon quickly and then change to another dress and put on her tiara and 'Homecoming Queen' sash and came back to sit on the principal's lap.  Arms encircling his neck, she gave him a passionate kiss, then commented loudly for the cameras "What's that moving beneath me?  Can I see what that big thing is?" she asked teasingly as she slipped off his lap.  On her knees, 'Lacy' reached up to unzip the front of his pants and the scene came to an end.

For the last of the preliminary dialogue scenes, with both changing outfits, the camera showed 'Lacy' turning the combination to her locker as Principal Higgins came walking by.  "Hello, Lacy!  Good luck tonight ……………I hope you win the crown as Senior Prom Queen!" he advised.  A brief pause, followed by a smile, the principal added "I've reserved a room in the hotel where the prom's being held tonight!  Guess I had better head on out there to count the ballots in the hotel room!  Would you like to help me count the ballots there?"

"But ………..but I have my date picking me up at home to take me to the prom!" 'Lacy' stammered.  "I ………….I guess I can tell him there's photos of ………of the court being taken in the ballroom and that he should meet me at the prom!" she advised, as per the script.  Then it picked up with the principal back in his hotel room with 'Lacy' knocking on the hotel room door, her entering dressed in her pink prom gown and matching heels as Higgins opened the door for her.  'Lacy' then walked near to the bed as she reached back to unhook the back of her gown.

As the dialogue scene ended at that point and the cameras were turned off, Stacy wound her arms around Higgins' neck and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.  Terrel had relayed how Lacy had wept and cried after he had met her at the door of Higgins' unit when the time was up, telling him that the Higgins actually snorted and grunted like a fat old pig.  Knowing how Lacy loathed this man and how disgusted she was, Stacy licked his inner ear and whispered "I love the way you take me like a wild animal …………..the way you snort and grunt when you cum in me!"

While all the preliminary scenes were being shot in the studio that morning, in the Richmond apartment, Dave really was determined to prove himself a 'man' to his lovely wife.  Looking down at his beautiful wife lying on the bed with her back to him, he smiled as he felt his cock hardening with excitement.  Reaching down, grasping his cock, Dave felt quite confident that success was literally right at hand.

Tossing and turning throughout the night, Lacy hadn't gotten much sleep and was quite tense and jittery.  She was nervous ever since Terrel had called her the other day, telling her to look pretty and to bring her make-up kit. When she asked the reason why and learned that she was to 'star' in Terrel's first production, she absolutely refused to do so.  When Terrel reminded her of the other videos, that of her actual rape in her wedding gown along with Stacy portraying her, Lacy had no choice but to change her mind.  After hanging up, though nervous of having more incriminating film taken of her, she longed to once again obtain the feel the pleasure that only Terrel could give her.
Fear and apprehension set in as Lacy felt her husband snuggling up to her.  She trembled when he touched her arm and caressed her.  Not knowing what to do, Lacy pretended to still be asleep, mumbled incoherently and moved a bit away from her husband.  'Oh, God!  I can't let Dave touch me ……………not now …………….not when another man violated me on our wedding night!  Even worst ………..I later committed adultery with that same man, my sister's boyfriend!  And I'm going to let him make love to me again today …………..with all of it recorded on film!' she thought.

Desperate for relief, pumping on his rock hard cock, Dave wanted to show his beautiful Lacy that he now had the stamina and could last long enough to make her cum.  But in his inexperienced and clumsy way, he was far from being gentle and passionate.  Instead, he tore off his tee shirt and boxer shorts, then proceeded to roughly turn his wife over and push up her negligee.

Feeling so guilty of having cheated on her husband, plus currently thinking about being fucked by Terrel that afternoon, Lacy gave a sudden push and slipped out from under her horny husband.  Panting in nervousness, feeling so ashamed at her illicit thoughts, she ran off into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.  She had left her husband on the bed with a raging hardon with only his fist to solve his problem.

Dave's jaw dropped wide open in shock as his beautiful wife locked herself in the bathroom.  His fragile ego was crushed once again and his cock began to wilt in his fist.  A moment later, his once rigid and throbbing cock lay flaccid and floppy in his hand, totally useless at this point.  By the time Lacy returned to bed, Dave was too humiliated to even think of sexual arousal, consummating the marriage or even to inquire why she rejected him.  No conversation was exchanged by either of them about the incident, the rift between them obviously continuing to grow.

Lacy retrieved a piece of paper from her purse, double-checking it for the studio address that Terrel had given her.  Terrel had instructed her to go into the dressing room where her wardrobe would be waiting.  Each outfit would be sequentially numbered so she'd know which outfit to get into first.  She wondered just what kind of outfits she would have to pose in as Terrel had not given her any clue as to what she was supposed to be wearing nor had she asked in her distraught state of mind.

Finding the studio location, Lacy nervously entered and the security guard pointed her towards the dressing room, advising her that the producer would be out to get her at 1 p.m. sharp.  As the guard left, she looked at the door straight ahead where the sign read "Quiet!  Shooting in Session!"  She wanted to peek in but found the doors locked.  Turning, Lacy then made her way to the dressing room, wondering what kind of wardrobe had been set out for her.

Entering the dressing room, Lacy gasped and froze to the spot as she saw the outfits hanging on a rack.  She was staring at her own belongings, items that she had worn during her high school years.  Standing out at front was the bright orange and white cheerleader uniform with her name embroidered on it, along with a tag clipped with a #1 on it.

Then Lacy observed the dress worn when she was crowned the 'Homecoming Queen' with the sash she had been given dangling from the hanger.  There also was her gown that she had worn as Prom Queen along with several other more casual outfits.  On the dresser, Lacy found the tiara and crown that she had worn upon the two winning achievements during high school.

Looking at herself in the mirror, dressed up in her cheerleading outfit for the first time since graduating from high school, Lacy was surprised that it still fit perfectly.  She wondered just what Terrel had in mind, then smiled at the thought that he would be playing the part of a football jock getting to fuck the pretty blonde cheerleader.  Though worried about it getting out into the public, she realized it'd be no worst that what she had already seen on film.  She knew that Stacy must have been gone into her spare closet to supply the outfits to Terrel as her uniform was complete from the orange panties to white socks and tennis shoes.

At exactly 1 p.m., Lacy heard the studio open and close with footsteps approaching the dressing room.  Nervous, heart thumping in her chest, her cunt muscles began creaming as a smiling Terrel appeared in the doorway.  She bit her bottom lip and returned a nervous smile as Terrel approached, his hands going around her waist as he bent down to kiss her.  Leaning up, she opened her lips to admit his tongue, then teased his with her darting tongue.  She nodded a 'yes' when he asked "Ready for some hot fucking and sucking, sweetie!"

Holding his hand like a teenybopper in her cheerleading outfit, she listened as Terrel advised her to just let herself go, that there was no set dialogue as he wanted it all to seem as real as possible for the audience.  Inside the studio, she found Terrel leading her to an area set up like an office.  Then fear set in and she panted for breath as the nameplate on the desk read 'Principal Higgins'!

Lacy looked up at Terrel in puzzlement, then turned towards the sound of someone approaching.  Her heart sank as she saw the man she totally loathed smiling at her as he approached.  She now knew that this afternoon would not bring her the pleasure she had hoped for achieving with Terrel.  Instead, she was being teamed up with the disgraced former high school principal for this x-rated flick.  Lacy cringed with total disgust at the sight of the paunchy old man.

"I'm all set baby!  You got me all hot and bothered during the morning shoot!  I'm glad we can now get on with the real nitty-gritty stuff!" her former principal greeted her with.  Frozen to the spot, she turned her head as the gross old man bent to kiss her on the cheek.  She blinked back the tears as Mr. Higgins caressed her arms, then put her hand around her waist, realizing that her evil twin must had played her in the morning session.

Higgins observed the difference in Lacy's demeanor from the morning session but figured that she was merely getting into the part.  As he was briefed, in the continuation of the scene, Lacy was to act the innocent and naïve young teen cheerleader being forced to submit to his advances.  He was amazed at how well she was adapting to the part.
Lacy was in a total daze as Terrel led her by the arm to the large desk.  Then he lifted her up, sitting her onto the desktop and instructing her slide back a bit and lay out onto the middle of the desk.  "Okay, Higgins let's pick up where we stopped this morning!" she heard Terrel advised as he moved to switch on the camera sitting on a tripod and picking up another that he would shoot himself.  "Ready?  Action!" Terrel yelled out to them.

At the word of 'action' announced, Lacy cringed as the fat, pudgy and clamy hands of her former high school principal clamped down upon her soft upper thighs, then began to caress her legs up and down, from her bare upper thighs down to the tops of her white socks.  Then, as his clammy hands moved up under her uniform grasping her panties and began peeling them from her thighs and down her trim legs.  Panties caught upon her tennis shoes, she then felt Principal Higgins tug it off and toss it aside.

Then Lacy felt the principal's hands at the heels of her tennis shoes, pulling them off her feet.  Shuddering in revulsion, Lacy next felt the pudgy man's hands pulling her white socks off to bare her feet.  Then she gasped as her dirty old principal buried his face into her soles, nuzzling his grubby face into her feet.  Grasping the sides of the desk, she shivered as she felt a tickling sensation as Principal Higgins began slobbering and licking at the soles and toes.

Moments later, Lacy felt her feet being drawn down over the man's fat paunchy body, over his bulging belly and then being cupped around his pulsating member.  It was then that Lacy realized that her former principal obviously had a fetish for her feet, the way he had worshipped them and now fucking between them.

Sniffling and clenching her teeth, clutching tightly at the sides of the desk, Lacy could not believe how deviant her former high school principal could be.  Then she heard him wheezing and grunting like a pig, exactly how he had done back on that awful day at the resort.  Lacy shuddered, knowing that the wheezing and grunting sound meant that the pig of a man was about to spew his filthy cum.  How right she was as Lacy then felt the hot sticky mess coating her feet and webbing her toes together.

Shaking with disgust, Lacy felt her legs being raised up to be placed upon Principal Higgin's shoulders.  Then her legs were sliding over his shoulders and she realized what he was intending on doing to her. Clutching the edge of desk tightly with both hands, Lacy trembled in horror as the fat sweaty face was now between her inner thighs.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lacy moaned out loud as the hot mouth clamped over the golden curls.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed out as the hot wet tongue inserted itself between her slick slit.  "Oh, Goddddd …………ohhhhhhhh, my Goddddddd!" Lacy panted as she pressed the back of her heels onto the flabby back, arching up into hungry mouth of her old principal.

"Ohhhh ………………..ohhhhh, Mr. Higgins ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, God ………………ahhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, God ………………….oh, Godddddd ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Lacy moaned as she withered  about the desk.  Hands releasing their grip from the sides of the desk, she reached forward to grasp the back of her former principal's head as she arched up into the slurping mouth.  "Oh, God ……………oh, God ………………yes ………………..yes ………………I ……………I'm cumminggggggggggg!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Once quivering and taunt thighs finally relaxed around the sides of his face, Higgins lifted his head up, licking at his slick lips to savor the succulent taste of the beauty's sweet honey.   Moving up between the trim sexy legs, he pushed up the top of her uniform and bent over to flick his wet tongue out at a tender pink nipple, then did the same to its twin.  Then he clamped his mouth over her breasts, sucking the tender orb into his mouth as he teased the stiffening nipple with his flicking tongue.  A moment later, he paid homage to its perfect twin.

Terrel couldn't be happier at the fantastic performance taking place upon the wooden desk.  Old man Higgins was certainly enjoying himself while the sexy blonde beauty could not hide her disgust for the loathsome man.  As Higgins was crawling up upon her, Lacy could not help but to cringe and shudder in absolute disgust.  Once again, Lacy's hands clutched desperately at the sides of the desk as she did not want to embrace the fat sweaty body of her former principal.

With the true emotions of his co-stars being evoked, Terrel knew he'd have a big hit with such true emotions reflected on the big screen.  He knew that the viewers would just love it.  It was quite obvious that Lacy was not enjoying herself one bit as Higgins' fat sweaty body labored above her, fucking in and out of her petite body.  Terrel grinned at the big climatic finish as old man Higgins began grunting and wheezing like a real pig as he began to spew his lust into the sobbing beauty.

From another room within the studio itself, through a monitor setup connected to the camera, Stacy had watched the entire episode with delight.  Knowing how much Lacy despised the loathsome old man made it that much more enjoyable, especially seeing her twin sister begin sobbing uncontrollably as Higgins began snorting and grunting out vile cum.

Stacy laughed as she watched a sniffling Lacy slip off the desk to grab her discarded orange panties, holding it up between her legs to keep the watery jizz from running down her legs as she rushed to the dressing room.  Stacy knew that Higgins would not suspect anything as the script called for this being a horrible experience for the young cheerleader and that she should act appropriately to be blackmailed for sex.

In the dressing room, Lacy pulled off the orange and white uniform that she had kept as a cherished memory as it had been one of the most memorable times in her young life.  Tossing the soiled garments aside, she turned on a hot shower and stepped in under the soothing spray to cleanse herself from the stench of the pig of a man who had just fucked her.

Done with her shower, Lacy still felt soiled and violated but she knew that she had to get dressed for the next dreadful episode.  Desperately wanting this horrible day to be over, she went to the clothing rack in the dressing room.  She found the pink gown marked with a #2 note pinned to it.  Taking it from the rack, Lacy sucked in her breath as she recognized it was a gown she had stored in a garment bag, the gown she had worn to the Senior Prom.

Going back out into the studio, Lacy wondered what was in store for her next.  Although forty-five minutes had lapsed since the end of the last scene, Lacy felt a bit relieved, feeling certain that there was no way old man Higgins would be able to get it up again.  Nearing the set-up of a scene similar small unit where Higgins had at the employees' complex at the resort, she shuddered upon seeing her former principal.  He was once again dressed for the scene, smiling widely upon seeing her as he stroked his stiff hardon that jutted out from the opening in his pants.

Having thought that it was an excellent performance that Lacy had put on in the last scene, not knowing that Stacy had done the morning scenes, Higgins excitedly told Lacy "That was a great acting performance, sweetie!  Man, that was a good fuck!  Thanks to the viagra that Terrel gave me, look what it's done, Lacy!" he advised, grasping Lacy's hand and wrapping it around his throbbing cock.

A shudder of revulsion coursed through Lacy's body as she felt the cock throbbing between her fingers.  'Oh, God ……………this filthy animal!  I ought to rip this cock off the fat old pig!' she wished.  She was tempted to give it a try when her former principal stroked her hand atop his cock and said "Let's get this next scene rolling! I'm fucking horny and wanna get this baby stuffed up your twat again, sweetie!"


The scene called for Lacy to knock at the hotel room door with Higgins opening it to allow her in.  Then Lacy was to slowly take off her pink prom gown and matching heels, followed by her undergarments.  As she lay naked upon the bed, old man Higgins quickly began to tear off his clothing to join her upon the bed.  Pumping into the petite beauty, Higgins played the part perfectly, moaning loudly "Oh, Lacy …………oh, baby!  You're so sexy ………….so beautiful ………….so tight!  Ohhhhhh ………….in a few hours, I'll be putting the crown atop your pretty head!  Announcing to everyone …………….'Miss Lacy Hamilton, Senior Prom Queen!'"

It would again prove to be a fantastic scene with Higgins once again snorting and grunting like a big fat pig, wheezing as his flabby body convulsed while seeding the blonde beauty.  Also, the film would clearly show the disgust and disdain that the beautiful star had for her former high school principal as his fat sweaty body labored away upon her sexy body.

An hour later, another shower to cleanse herself, Lacy walked back into the dressing room as she got ready for the next scene.  She prayed it would be over quickly, shuddering at the thought of the fat pig touching her once again.  Going through the clothing rack, she found her next outfit, a simple white blouse and navy blue skirt, just like what she wore in high school.  On the note, it also mentioned "White bra, 1" heels, no panties!"
The next scene was again in the principal's office set-up.  Out on the set, Lacy then learned that her evil twin sister had earlier played her, setting her up for the degrading sex scenes.  Seeing a pair of baby blue panties on the floor, she realized that it was a prop to continue shooting of a scene as Higgins asked "Remember the position you were in when we ended this morning?  Get up on the desk so we can get it rolling!  I'm fucking horny again!"

Once she was up on the desk, Lacy was to put her heels upon the desktop and spread her legs wide.  With her skirt bunched up at her waist, she was to begin fingering herself as the cameras began to roll.  Then old man Higgins began to undo his belt and pants, letting them drop to the floor.  For this scene, Lacy was pulled so her ass was at the edge of the desk as Higgins stepped forward to stick his hard old cock into her.

An hour later, with all the scenes done, Lacy looked dejectedly at herself in the mirror.  Lacy's co-star in the porn flick, her exhausted former high school principal, had already dressed and departed.  Lacy shuddered as she looked at her reflection as she was still dressed in the gown she had worn when crowned as the Homecoming Queen.  With her crown on, along with the 'Homecoming Queen' sash over her gown, she had to get down on her knees next to the desk.  Unzipping Mr. Higgings, she then had to blow the fat pig till he snorted and grunted out the last of his cum into her sucking mouth.

Taking her final shower, Lacy came out to find Terrel sitting on the dressing room's sofa.  Before she could get dressed, Terrel was pulling her by the hand back into the studio, taking her to the hotel room set-up.  "Terrel ……………my husband …………….he's expecting me to get home about this time!" she stammered, though she wanted to have him fuck her.  Her only orgasm throughout the day came when Higgins had eaten her out on the desk.  Otherwise, she derived no pleasure at all with the gross old man upon her.

Lacy was in shock as Terrel responded "Don't worry, honey!  Stacy took your car home for you and will keep your hubby company tonight!"  Hearing that, Lacy licked her lips as she got up onto the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide.  Reaching forward, she grasped the throbbing black prong that she had earlier hoped to have fucking between her legs.

End of Story.