Naïve Navy Wife
(m/f, i/r, cons, cuckold)
Black Demon
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BD 101 Naive Navy Wife

High school sweethearts having tied the knot a couple years after they graduated from high school, Steve and Jill Benson had been married now for just over one year.  Recently assigned to a naval base in Virginia, the young couple looked forward to the opportunity to travel and see the area when they could take in all the historical sites as time permitted.

As both had grown up in a small conservative town in the midwest, both Steve and Jill had not been around many blacks before as the town had no where the number of blacks serving in the military.  Jill had often mentioned to her husband just how big and muscular the black men seemed to be built, along with how strong they seemed to be, making her feel so petite and vulnerable around them.

A beautiful blonde standing at 5’2”, Jill had one particular attribute that had men’s heads turning whenever she passed by.  The 36C’s made her a bit self-conscious when men stared at her but what could she do about it.  Steve did not get jealous that men turned to ogle at his lovely wife even when he was with her, in fact, he found it rather exciting to have a man lusting over his sexy wife.

Working alongside many black sailors, Steve often found himself wondering what would happen if a black man made a play for his lovely wife.  The thought of one of the black sailors all alone with Jill gave him a massive hardon as he pictured his lovely wife’s petite white body withering under that of a muscular black stud.  When alone and privacy permitted, he would off jack himself off as he pictured Jill being taken by such a stud.

Steve could not get the image of his lovely wife alone with a muscular black stud, wondering if she would be tempted to sample his big black cock.  He knew that Jill was truly in love with him, knowing she wasn’t about to cheat on him, but Steve wanted to tempt faith and even encourage it to happen.

When a new washer and dryer had been delivered to the house but they had to wait for base housing to install them, Steve’s mind went into overdrive.  He could possibly have hooked them up himself but thought that this was the opportunity to have Jill all alone with a big muscular black stud.  His cock throbbed at the thought of having his shipmate Mike Jones, who fit the bill to a tee, come to the house while he was supposedly at work to hook up the appliances.  Mike had seen Jill once when she had come to pick him up at the ship and Mike had give a whistle of approval hand had given Steve an ‘at-a-boy’ nudge.

Several days later, Jill was standing before the mirror, dressed in a robe and thin negligee.  Steve put on a tee-shirt, telling Jill "Hey, honey, don’t forget!  Mike Jones is coming over to hook up the washer and dryer.   Luckily, he heard me calling the maintenance department and volunteered to help come over and do it!   Cause, when I called the maintenance department, they said they were booked up for a week to week and a half!  At least he’s gonna come and get it done for us!"

Dressed in a silky light blue robe with a matching negligee under it, Jill replied “Okay! Once he’s done, I’ll be going to have brunch with the girls!"  "Oh, yeah, that's fine!" her husband advised.  Standing before the dresser, knowing her husband was taking in the show, Jill began to strip out of her negligee and put on a nice blue dress and heels.

Steve gazed at Jill’s body as she had her back to him, thinking ‘Jill’s so innocent in having grown up in the Midwest and in a very conservative home!  When we got assigned to this base, Jill was really shocked in seeing the number of blacks in the service!'  Pondering as he gazed upon his wife's sexy body, he thought 'Last week, while making out in bed, Jill sure surprised me in asking “Is that myth really true about black men?”  Damm, all I’ve been thinking about since then is seeing Jill getting fucked out of her mind by a big black stud!’

‘If she only knew that I never called the maintenance shop but deliberately set things up with Mike to see how far he could get with Jill when alone with her in the house!  Only Jill won’t know that I’ll be watching from a convenient hiding place!’ mused Steve as he looked the screened area that would provide the ideal hiding place.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, Steve continued to look upon Jill’s soft sexy body.  He felt his cock twitch as he pictured Mike’s muscular black body covering Jill’s petite white one on the very bed that he sat upon.

Steve smiled to as his mind drifted back to the other day when he had approached his stunned shipmate with his devious plan.  He chuckled, remembering when he and Mike were taking out some trash in the shipyard.  He had called out “Hey, Mike, hang on a second!  Got a question for you!”  Putting the trash down, Steve continued "You know, we've known each other around the base for quite a while now!  You've seen my wife haven't you?"

Mike Jones stood at 6'3" with his well developed and muscular body weighing in at a solid 240 lbs., responded "Oh, yeah!  She's pretty hot!"  Then he listened as his shipmate revealed his fantasy of having his beautiful young wife getting banged by a big black stud.  It was then that Mike realized that Steve was asking him to help him out with making his outrageous fantasy come true, causing Mike to drop the bags of trash onto the pavement.  Unbelieving what he was hearing, Mike asked "Wait a second, you're asking me to fuck your wife!"  Upon hearing Steve confirm that, he shook his head, telling his buddy "Okay, but you're a crazy SOB, man!"

As Steve had hoped, Mike was not foolish enough to turn down an opportunity to make it with a beautiful blonde like Jill, especially not with her husband’s approval.  He had Mike agree not to force himself upon Jill but to merely give her the opportunity of finding out what was have a black man possess her body.  He smiled at his lovely wife as she got dressed, commenting to her "Looking real good!"  His mind was racing as he pictured his Jill alone with his shipmate, wondering if he would have his fantasy come true.  Standing up, Steve went over to give his wife a kiss goodbye and advised “Bye honey, got to go!"

Going to the front door, Steve merely opened and closed the front door but had not left the house.  Instead, he had quietly made his way to where the spare room was, deciding to hide in the closet till Mike’s arrival.  Waiting in anticipation, Steve felt a rush of excitement flow through his body and felt his cock throb at the thought of seeing Jill alone with his muscular black shipmate.  He hoped the temptation of finding out just how true the myth was would help his own fantasy come true.

Dressed in a nice blue dress and black heels to meet some other navy wives for brunch, Jill sat in the living room as she awaited the arrival of her husband’s shipmate.  She was so glad to have the new washer and dryer hooked up and was grateful that her husband’s shipmate had volunteered his services.  As she waited, she picked up a magazine and was browsing through it when there was a knock on the front door.  Jill had heard her husband mention Mike Jones' name at times but she had never met his shipmate.

Getting up to answer the door, Jill nearly gasped upon seeing the muscular Mike Jones standing before her.  For some reason, it had not dawned upon her that Steve’s shipmate who would be coming over was black.  Seeing the big muscular body filling the doorway, Jill swallowed in nervousness, heart pounding madly in her chest as she gazed up upon the widely smiling face.

“Jill Benson, right?  I’m Mike Jones, Steve’s shipmate!  I’m here to hook up your washer and dryer!” Mike advised.   Jill stammered in nervousness as she allowed her husband’s shipmate in, replying “Y---yes, Steve mentioned that you were coming!  Thanks for your help!”  Nervously, Jill then led the way to the washer and dryer with Mike following with his toolbox in hand.

Moving the appliances out so he could get to the back of them, Mike got onto his back on the floor to check out the connections to be made.  He couldn’t believe his luck in having this beautiful gal’s husband approach him with a scheme of allowing him to get into lovely Jill Benson’s panties.  He figured that her husband had to fuck’n nuts but he wasn’t about to pass up a treat like this!  From his position behind the washer, he had gazed up to find the lovely blonde beauty's eyes focused upon his bulging crotch.

Mike could sense Jill’s nervousness from when she had opened the door and wondered if things would work out and whether he’d be able to score with his gorgeous babe.  After Steve had approached him with the scheme and he had agreed to it, Steve had gone on to tell him that Jill had asked him if the myth about black men was really true.  With that thought in mind, his cock twitched in anticipation.

With Jill standing nearby, Mike glanced up at her sexy white legs and wondered what it’d feel like to have them wrapped tightly around his pumping black ass.  He knew that her husband was hiding somewhere in the house and wondered what hiding spot he had found to peek from.  Pretending to work on the hook-up, Mike could see Jill fidgeting and biting down on her lip in nervousness, seeing that her eyes were still glued to his bulging crotch.

At that point, seeing her panting for breath, Mike decided to make his move and get the lovely young wife down near his throbbing bulge.  Although there was more than adequate lighting for him to see, he asked “Mrs. Benson, can you pass me the flashlight?”  He just wanted her to crouch down next to him as the flashlight was near his leg.  His ploy to get the beauty down next to his crotch worked beautifully.

Jill shivered as she was unable to resist the temptation of touching this big muscular black stud.  She reached forward, as if drawn by a magnet to touch the jeans at the hip area.   It was as if a magnet was drawing her hand down towards the jeans but she was afraid to make contact with that throbbing bulge.  Instead, she forward her hand beyond that tempting bulge and moved beyond it to place her hand on his hip.  Biting her bottom lip, her fingers nervously moved towards that thick bulge and her fingers traced a path along the length of it.  Then her fingers closed around the bulge and squeezed at the rock hard mound.

Mike tensed as pleasure coursed through his body, then teasingly advised “That’s not the flashlight, Mrs. Benson!  But take it out anyway and see if you can turn it on!”  Lying there on the ground, he watched as the young wife's fumbling fingers began undoing his jeans, then pulled his zipper down.  Mike stifled a groan of pleasure as the trembling fingers began to pull down his jockeys and then felt the warm soft fingers fish out his throbbing cock.  He moaned softly in pleasure as the soft beautiful hands began to move up and down his thick cock.

Unable to fully encircle the thick throbbing stem with her fingers, Jill fought to catch her breath, wondering just how much of or if she in fact could take such a monstrosity up her juicing but still tight twat.  Nervously, parting her lips slowly, Jill leaned over towards the thick cockhead and licked her lips in anticipation.  Panting for breath, she stuck her wet pointed tongue out to touch the shiny black bulb.

Having quietly crept out of his hiding place in the spare bedroom, Steve had been peeking out from around the corner and had been witness to this truly amazing sight.  His dreams and fantasies of seeing his lovely wife handle a black cock in her tiny white hands were actually taking place before him.  His cock twitched with excitement as he watched Jill actually putting her sweet pink lips up against his shipmate’s monstrous manhood.  Seeing her lips part, Steve realized 'God, she's actually going to suck his cock!'

The sweet sucking lips were driving Mike out of his gourd, causing him to moan "Ahhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhhh ……………..oh, yeahhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhh ……..ahhhhhhh ……….oh, fuckkkkkkkk!"  Never before had such an innocent looking think go down on him like this before.

Steve’s mouth fell wide open in total shock, not believing that his innocent young wife would let herself go so far as to what she was now doing.  ‘She says it’s so filthy yet she’s eager lapping up that big black cock!  Shit, I don’t believe it!  Jill won’t even do that for me!" he muttered to himself.  Yet, to his amazement, he was witnessing his lovely wife now lick and tongue that monstrous cock that Mike Jones possessed.

Mike Jones could not believe his good fortune.  Upon meeting his shipmate’s young and beautiful wife, he never thought that he’d get very far with this sweet innocent beauty.  He figured that Steve’s fantasy of seeing his beautiful young wife getting it on would have to remain just a fantasy as he just did not believe the devious plan would work.  But now, as he gazed down upon the sexy blonde beauty gobbling up his throbbing cock, he had to use all of his willpower to keep from cumming prematurely.

Stroking her soft blonde hair, Mike arched up a bit to feed her even more of his manhood.  Out of the corner of his eye, Mike saw a movement, then saw his shipmate peering around the corner to watch his lovely wife lapping up at the thick black cock in her mouth.  Mike was beside himself as he never before had such a beautiful young blonde go down on him and she was eating him without reservation.  It seemed that the young Mrs. Benson was now hooked on his big black cock.

As his buddy had set this up for him and wanted his fantasy to come true, Mike smiled as he figured that he’d make his buddy’s dream even more exciting.  Caressing the soft blonde hair, then glancing up to his peering friend, Mike smiled and fed another inch into the tight sucking mouth.  Gritting his teeth tightly, wanting the sensations of the beautiful mouth to continue sucking him, he fought to keep his load.  Wanting a better view of the lovely beauty sucking on his cock, Mike got up into a sitting position and leaned back against the wall.

Watching the action unfold before him, Steve could not believe his fantasy was actually coming true.  Still he was a bit tortured by the way that his wife was enjoying going down on his shipmate's cock.  'God, she going wild sucking him!  She's a true slut!' his mind raced.

 Mike could not hold back any long, holding her tightly by her hair to prevent her from taking her mouth off his cock, he moaned “Ohhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhh …………….oh, yeahhhh ……………ohhh …….ohhhhh ………….ohhh, yeahhhh!  Ohhhh ………ahhhh ………aw shit ……….gonna cum baby!  Ohhhh ……..gonna cum ………..ahhhhhhhh ……….ohhhhhhhh ………….ahhhhhhhh ……fuckkkkk!"

Mesmerized by the big cock in her mouth as her tiny hand fisted the stem, Jill continued to bob her head up and down the thick cockhead, feeling the saliva in her mouth become slick and thicken from his oozing juices.  Then she felt the trembling of the manhood in her fist, feeling the cockhead expand even further in her mouth, realizing that the inevitable was about to happen as her husband's shipmate grunted out that he was going to cum.

Now Jill realized that a cock was about to spill its hot slimy seed into her mouth for the very first time if she did not move away immediately.  Horrified at the thought, Jill tried to pull away and remove her mouth from the throbbing manhood.  But now she couldn’t get away, not with the hand tightly grasping her by the hair and holding her tightly to him.

Mike had anticipated her reaction and held her head firmly as he arched up to feed her even more of his hot meat.  “Ohhhhhh, yessssss …………………ohhhhhh, Mrs. Benson!” he groaned loudly.  Then he lost all control as his throbbing cock expanded, he moaned as his cock exploded into the hot sucking mouth.

Jill shivered with disgust, feeling queasy as she felt the hot slimy fluid suddenly burst in her mouth and make its way down her throat.  She shuddered as the thick goo slowly slid its way down into her belly.  The first blast of hot cum had taken her by surprise, causing her to swallow or choke on it.  She cringed with disgust, managing to get her lips up to the top of the cockhead where she able to let the thick fluid escape from her flooded mouth.

Her body quivered at the thought of her mouth being filled to the brim with a man’s hot cum.  Finally the hold on her head eased and she was able to pull her lips off the giant stem.  Holding her stomach in revulsion, Jill brought her palm up as she coughed up the slimy goo spitting it into her cupped hand.  Mesmerized by sucking the big black cock, Jill had not been prepared to have it erupt in her mouth.  As she continued to spew up the thick goo, her husband's laughing shipmate passed her the nearby trashcan.  She then took the opportunity to spit out the slimy goo from her mouth and shook the puddle of cum from her palm into it.   “Why’d you have to go and do that for?” she asked.

Laughing a her plight, Mike advised “You give a hell of a BJ, Mrs. Benson!"  The disgusted young wife looked up at him, chiding him "You didn't have to cum in my mouth!"  Mike laughed and advised "I’m sorry, Mrs. Benson!  I'll make it up to you!” Mike advised as he stood up.  He saw her puzzled reaction and easily picked her up and placed her atop the nearby washer.  Expertly, he unbuttoned her blue dress and stripped it from her.  Then he removed her lacy black bra bent down to tease her succulent pink nipples, amazed at the size of the big beautiful titties she was endowed with.  Then he pulled the black panties down over her hips and down her trim legs to be left dangling on her left heel.

“Ohhhhhh, it feels so good!  Ohhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhhhh ………ohhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhh!” came the squeals as Steve watched his friend’s head disappear between Jill’s ivory white legs.  It was quite a thrilling experience for Steve to witness his innocent young wife spreading her beautiful legs to be eaten out for the very first time.  What a sight it made with Jill atop of the washer, trim legs spread wide with her tender thighs arching up as his muscular shipmate began to eat the tasty cuisine being served up to him.  'God, she never reacts that way to me!  Man, he's driving her wild!' Steve muttered to himself.

“Ahhhhhhh ………………oh, God …………….ohhhhhhhhhhh …………ahhhhhh …………………ohhhhh, it feels so gooddddddddd!” Jill moaned deliriously as the slurping between her thighs continued.  She shivered as the delving tongue sought out her sensitive slit, flicking and teasing at her tiny bud.  Shivering with pleasure, Jill arched her hips up into the hungry mouth.  Then the tonguing stopped and she was taken down from the washer turned around so that she faced the washer.  Turning back to see her husband's shipmate getting out of his clothing, she eyed his throbbing black cock and advised "You're the biggest and strongest man I've ever met!"

Steve was in awe upon gazing at the manhood that his shipmate possessed, smiling as he knew he had chosen the right stud to bed his lovely wife.  Seeing Jill bent over the washer as she was, Steve realized that Jill had not said anything to Mike of using the protective condom that she always had him put on before any lovemaking.  'God, she's going to let him fuck her without a condom!  Damn, I wonder if she'd let me make love to her without a rubber for a change?' he wondered.

Seeing the grimace on Jill's face, he knew that Sledge was stretching her as never before.  To his relief, he heard Jill tell his shipmate "No, wait ………you need a condom ………I can't get pregnant by you!"  His shipmate was to have brought along a condom in his toolbox but now he realized it would not be used as he heard Mike say "That's not going to work Mrs. Benson!  It's going to bareback or not at all!"  Steve then saw his lovely wife resign to her fate of being fucked without a condom as Mike pushed up into her as Jill moaned "Oh ……….yes ……….it feels so good!"

Jill gritted her teeth as her husband's shipmate physically proved to her that the myth she had wondered about was indeed very true.  She realized that Mike must be at least twice as long and twice as thick as her husband's but it felt so good deep up in her belly.  Gripping the sides of the washer, she shuddered with both pain and pleasure as this big black stud gave her the fucking of her life.  "Ohhhhh …………..ohhhhhh ………ohhhhh ………..ohhhhhh!" she moaned softly as her body tingled with pleasure.

Then to her dismay, Mike stopped and backed away, pulling her back and guided her to the wall.  Her left leg was lifted and placed over Mike's thigh as he once again fitted himself up into the entrance of her now widened entrance.  "Ohhhhh ………….ohhhh ……….ohhhhh …………God, you're so bigggggg!" she groaned as she was now being literally nailed up against the wall.  Her body shook and shuddered as she came time and again around the pumping black stalk.

Steve watched as Mike took his wife in a position they had never tried together.  He saw that she was not objecting in any way but really loving it.  Then he saw his shipmate pick Jill up off the ground and both of her legs were widespread up in the air as Mike pounded away at her, holding Jill like a rag doll and shagging her standing up.  His wife's cooing and the bodies slapping together, he peered out as get a better view.

Mike just could not believe his buddy had set things up so that he could watch his beautiful young wife get banged by him.  She was so beautiful, so petite and tight that he knew he had definitely caused her pain when he had stretched her as never before.   It as so tight, like fucking a virgin that he was about to lose his load.  Walking with her legs wrapped around him, he placed her back onto the washer.

But as he placed her down, the movement had him slipping out.   Quickly, not wanting to cum on her but in her, he guided his near spurting cock back into her and groaned "Oh, God, Mrs. Benson …………I'm cuminggggg …………….arughhhhhhhhh!"  As he slipped his cock out of her, he watched as some of his thick spunk oozed out of her pink gash, wondering if his buddy was upset at him for cumming in his wife's unprotected pussy.

Steve returned to hiding as Mike carried Jill off the washer and was headed past his hiding spot on the way to the master bedroom.  A thrill raced through his body, knowing that he would get to see another man fuck his lovely wife right on the bed that they shared together.  He wondered how Jill would react to him when they were in bed together that night.  More so, would she still make him put on a damned rubber again?  He certainly hoped not, especially with her letting Mike fuck her bareback!

With the two lovers having fallen asleep on the bed due to the exhausting fuck session, Steve tiptoed in and made his way towards the closet area.  Being that this was military housing for the enlisted personnel, the quarters were rather cramped on space but they made the best of things.  To keep things attractive and homey, Jill had placed an oriental screen before the closet door to spruce things up.  The other night, having observed that the screen was quite porous, Steve figured that it’d be the ideal hiding place.

Steve had found that with the light on in the bedroom, from behind the screen he cold readily observe what was taking place on the bed and not be detected from her viewpoint.  Thus, he hid out in the closet and planned to sneak out for a close-up view when the action heated up and Jill would be oblivious to the surroundings around her.  Having told Mike that he fantasized seeing his wife getting nailed right on their marital bed, he had told his buddy how to position his wife so he would be able to see her reactions as she was being fucked.

Finally, Steve heard the lovers awaken.  Peering out of his hiding place he saw his wife and buddy cuddling and kissing passionately.  Peering over the edge of the bamboo screen, he now got a close up view of his wife spreading her legs wide to invite Mike down for a tasty snack between her legs.  What a sight it made to see his lovely wife's trim sexy leg upon Mike's broad back.  The black and white contrast gave Steve a fantastic hardon.

After Mike got his tasty snack, Steve knew that he more action was about to take place and hoped that his buddy remembered to have Jill up on her knees facing the screen as he fucked her doggie style.  He heard Jill tell Mike that he was so big and needed some lubricant to get it back in, telling him that she kept a bottle behind her teddy bear.  Sure enough, once lubed up, Mike indeed remembered and got Jill into the right position.

Placed on all fours upon the bed, Jill realized that she was going to be taken like a bitch in heat.  “Oh, God!  Oh, God ……………..its so bigggggg!  Ohhhhhh ………………….oh, God ……………you’re so bigggggg!” she moaned as the thick cock was pushed up into her.  “Oh, God …………………..yes …………………ssssssss ………………..fuck me ………………….fuck meeeeeeeee!  Oh, God …………..fuck meeeeeee!” she chanted.  Jill quivered, the bed rocking as never before and threatened to collapse up all the activity upon it.

It was a sight that Steve had fantasized for some time and it even far surpassed his wildest imagining.  Then he watched as Mike took her to the far corner of the bed and placed her on her back, a position from which Jill would not catch him watching her infidelity to him.  As Mike knew where he'd be hiding, Steve had seen Mike glance up at him from time to time when he was fucking Jill doggie style.  Then he heard Mike tell Jill that more lubricant was needed as she was tightening up on him.  As Mike approached, he saw Mike smiling at him and knew the lubricant was just an excuse, especially the way he had been pounding her doggie style, as Mike raised his hand up to exchange a silent male greeting and thank you.

Steve's cock was throbbing as he watched his lovely wife embrace Mike’s muscular black body with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him.  The ebony and ivory contrast upon his marital bed was so fantastic that Steve nearly lost his load right in his pants.  Never had Jill been so enthusiastic with him when they made love together.  He knew now that his once faithful wife would always crave for some dark meat.  But that was fine with him as he had never been so turned on as this.

Steve swallowed as he heard Jill screech out as never before “Oh, God ………….yes ………….yes ………………I’m cumminggggggggggg!  Oh, God ………….yessss!”  Then the fulfillment of his fantasy was achieved upon hearing Mike groan loudly “Oh, Mrs. Benson!  I’m gonna cream …………….gonna cream in ya!   Gonna give ya my hot seed!  Oh, yeah ……………..oh, yeah …………………..arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  It was quite obvious to Steve that his innocent young wife was now being filled by the hot raw spunk of his black shipmate.  What amazed him most was the manner in which she was clutching at the muscular black body, obviously craving to have her womb filled by the hot soothing balm.

Staring through the screen, Steve watched as his shipmate emptied his pent-up load into Jill’s fertile womb.  He realized that his lovely wife was had been fucked totally out of her mind and the last thing on she was concerned about was the potential consequences she faced with that hot sticky seed filling her belly.  With Jill always having him spurt his jizz into the safety of a condom, Steve now felt that she could not deprive him of that pleasure any further, telling himself ‘God, she’s had two big loads of Mike’s cum, yet she’s not rushing to douche out his spunk!  Damn, I wonder if she’ll let me make love to her without a rubber for a change!’

End of Story.