Naïve Newlywed – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 Mr. Marcus Mosley, enjoyed his management job at the large insurance company.  Being head of the MIS department was a delight, for many beautiful young women worked in his department.  Or he saw to it that only young beautiful women were hired to fill any openings, young beautiful white women to be exact.

 One beauty really caught his attention.  Beautiful ivory white skin, about 27 years of age with light brown hair, 5’5”, blue eyes and light brown hair.  He loved the way she dressed for work, miniskirt suits with 3” heels.  How he desired to get into the sweet panties of Ms. Kathleen O’Doherty.  But the fear of sexual harassment was always a deterrent factor.  He looked at the invitation he recently received from this lovely employee, inviting him to her wedding in two months, wishing he could be the lucky groom to bed her.

Each day at work was sheer pleasure in getting to eye up the trim sexy legs of the lovely beauty, but it was also sheer agony for Marcus as he had to nurse the raging hardon she gave him.  'Damn, I's jist gotta get between those sweet sexy legs of hers!' he groaned while rubbing at the bulge in his pants.  'Gotta fuck her!  I gotta fuck her!  I'm gonna fuck her!' he kept telling himself.

 A month later, a discovery had been made that funds had been diverted from the company into a foreign account.  A thorough investigation was done and it had stemmed from the password of the lovely Kathleen O’Doherty.  But Marcus knew the innocent and naïve young beauty would never be involved in this type of embezzlement.  A confession was finally obtained from a mid-level supervisor who had knowledge of all the employees’ passwords.  Unfortunately for Kathleen, her password had been the one used to divert the funds.

 When Kathleen was called into see Mr. Mosley, she became so frightened when the scheme was revealed to her.  She was so thankful that Mr. Mosley believed in her and reassured her that the culprit had been uncovered and her password was used, without her knowledge, to divert the funds.  When she saw the evidence that had been produced, she knew she could have been dragged through the entire mess had Mr. Mosley allowed it to happen.  Still, the criminal investigation continued but Kathleen was reassured she would not be brought into the mess nor would any other employees know it was her password used.

 But Kathleen was too naïve and trusting of her devious boss.  Since she had started in this department, she felt Mr. Mosley’s eyes on her as if he was stripping her clothing off her body.  But he had never touched her in any inappropriate way and was always courteous to her.  She shivered at the thought of Mr. Mosley ever touching her, touching her with his pudgy black hands.  She could never stand to have any black man touch her milk-white body.  Nearing 60, Mr. Mosley was far from handsome, graying hair, about her height and over 250 lbs.

 When the wedding date came, Marcus Mosley’s long thick cock grew as never before when he saw the bride in her long white wedding gown and bridal veil.  ‘My God, I’ve just got to get into that sweet little bitch!’ he commented to himself.  He had to move closer to the pew, to keep his throbbing cock from tenting his trousers.  His mind raced, determined to somehow get into that sweet beauty.  He stared at the lovely bride as the priest concluded the wedding vows.  ‘I’m going to get into your sweet panties soon, Mrs. Kathleen Booker, very soon!’ he whispered to himself.

 At the reception, following the lovely dinner, the young bride accepted the request for a dance from her boss.  After all he had done for her in protecting her in the scandal, she couldn’t refuse his request for a dance.  However, following the dance with her boss, the lovely bride choked back tears.  She left the dance floor and went immediately to the restroom.

 As soon as Kathleen returned to the reception room, her boss stepped up to again dance with the beautiful young bride.  "Does the pretty bride have something for me?" he asked.  Kathleen flushed with embarrassment and fearfully nodded, tears in her eyes, as her boss held her tightly closed fist. She had just returned from the restroom, where she had slipped off her lacy white panties, now crumpled up in her fist, just as her boss had ordered.

During the first dance, Kathleen was shocked into realization of the devious intentions of her boss.  Either do as he asked or the evidence would be make public and she would be dragged through the mud.  Even though he knew she was innocent he would not tell the police that.  With the evidence of her password being involved, Mr. Mosley threatened her with using it to shame and humiliate her in public.  Unless she did exactly as he demanded, she would be implicated, the shame and humiliation would devastate her parents and husband.

 As they danced in the darkest corner of the room, Mr. Mosley instructed her to use one hand to unzip his pants and to play with his stiff cock.  Kathleen forced herself to obey.  Mr. Mosley's cock sprung out of his pants.  As soon as he felt her soft hand on his hot cock, he knew he wouldn't be able to back much longer.   "Wrap your panties around my cock, or I'll starch wedding dress for you".  Kathleen quickly obeyed, not wanting Mr. Mosley to cum all over her.  A dozen strokes and Mr. Mosley came in the virgin bride's panties, saturating it, with the some of the wet slime soiling Kathleen's gloved hand.

Kathleen cringed with disgust.  She used the dry portion of the panties to wipe off the gooey spunk and held it in her gloved fingers.  Mr. Mosley took the saturated panties and dabbed her sweet lips with the slimy contents.  Now lick your slimy panties, as he held it balled up to her lips like a hanky.  Kathleen cringed but obeyed, tasting Mr. Mosley's salty spend.  Tears began to flow from the despicable deed of sucking her boss’s cum from her own panties - on her wedding night!

 Just before the dance ended, Mr. Mosley has his head next to Kathleen and gives her instructions.  "Everyone on the bridal table is mingling with the guests. Go and sit down at the end of the bridal table and look up as you talk to me there.  With the table cloth shielding you, I want you to slip these cummy panties” he instructed.   As the dance was about to end, Mr. Mosley advised "I want you to dance with your husband right after you slip it on!"  "No, please, I can't …………..please don’t make me do this!" she pleaded feeling too soiled to dance with her husband.

 Fearfully Kathleen obeyed.  Despite her plight, Kathleen still looked ravishing.  Her husband was only too happy to get to dance with his wife.  He found the same corner as Mr. Mosley had danced with her.  Kathleen's husband nuzzled at her ear, kissed her creamy lips and then playfully ground his groin into her crotch area.  Kathleen shivered.  She was dancing closely with her husband with her panties soaked full of her boss's gooey cum.  To make it worst, her husband’s close dancing served to spread the goo even more.  Kathleen tearfully looked across the room, seeing her boss grinning at her with his hand at his prick.  Kathleen felt totally humiliated.

 Mr. Mosley learned where the honeymoon would be.  He managed to dance with the bride once more.  Kathleen trembled in fear as she danced with this horrid beast who had a hold on her.  Yet she forced herself to smile and appear as if she was enjoying herself.  Mr. Mosley whispered her of his plan to visit the bride on her honeymoon.  Tears welled in her eyes realizing she could not disobey in any way or object to her boss’s commands.  "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you on your honeymoon bed and fuck a black baby into your belly. When I visit you, I want you to put this wedding gown on!" he crowed.

 Naturally Kathleen's honeymoon night did not excite her as expected, not after having touched that filthy monster cock of her devious boss.  She had been looking forward to becoming a woman for a long time.  Looking forward to her husband to deflower her precious cherry.  Now all she could think about was the huge monster black cock that would soon be seeking her husband's private jewel.  Her deflowering by her husband only brought thoughts as to how it would have been if the black had deflowered her, especially seeing that her husband's tool was a mere toy next to what she had in her hand earlier.

Kathleen prayed that her black boss was not serious at showing up at her honeymoon.  She did not want to be unfaithful to her husband, much less with a pudgy black man like her boss.  Tears welled in her eyes thinking back to the despicable act on the dance floor where she could not help herself in jacking off the huge black cock and sucking the nigger cum off her soiled panties.  Her husband use a safety condom for each lovemaking, for the young couple had earlier decided to use precautions, not wanting to start a family too soon after the wedding.

 At brunch on the second day of her honeymoon, Kathleen fearfully looked around.  Her fears were well founded for in the far corner smiled her devious boss, in a far corner table.  Her husband was to play a round of golf with his buddies, who were to drive down for the round of golf.  After the meal, the unsuspecting young husband left his bride to fend for her self.  While the bridegroom was out on the golf course, Mr. Mosley would be in the bridal suite trying his best to stroke a hole in one in the bridegroom's private course.  The bride’s boss would only be using the one shaft that he possessed, a  long bare black shaft!

 Kathleen slowly made her way back to the bridal suite, knowing Mr. Mosley was a short distance behind.  As she put the key in the door, she shivered in fear as Mr. Mosley’s pudgy black body hovered over her.  As they entered, Mr. Mosley quickly stripped flexing his old pudgy body and especially he 12" muscle between his legs.  Kathleen was in tears and pleading "No, please leave me alone.  I don't want to be unfaithful to my husband.” Mr. Mosley merely grinned.  Mr. Mosley reached out and easily ripped away Kathleen's blouse and shorts.  She was stripped to her bra and panties before her old black boss.

 Then her blackmailing boss sat on the sofa “You know how I want to see the bride dressed, don’t you?”  Tears flowed down Kathleen’s eyes as she opened the garment bag that contained her wedding gown.  Her boss sat with a wide grin on his face as the bride slowly got into her wedding gown, white heels, and her bridal veil.

 "You didn't have dessert with your meal" snickered her boss.  "Get down on your knees for some rich almond pudding bitch" he commanded.  Kathleen couldn't help but to obey with tears streaming down her lily-white face.  "Please! I've never done this before, not even for my husband!" she begged.   She closed her eyes as the black snake approached.  "Open your eyes bitch.  I want to see your eyes when you choke on this monster".  Kathleen was forced to obey.  Her pink lips are glossed by the leaking jism.  Kathleen tries to stop the rape of her mouth by pushing her hands against the black thighs but tearfully opened her mouth to admit the seething black snake, as it slithered beneath the bridal veil.

 Kathleen choked on the black whopper and her eyes rolled back as she squirmed trying to dislodge the huge cock.  She was dizzy from the lack of air, unable to breathe with the air passages blocked by the 12" cock stuffed all the way down her virgin throat.  Soon she was fed a rare dosage of nigger cum, a river of cum overflowing her pink lips and flowing over her white hand.  A river of the slimy goo flowed over her fingers, totally covering her once sparkling diamond and shiny wedding ring.  The symbol of her recent marriage vows now drenched in a thick coat of slime.  “Now lick your diamond and wedding ring, suck my cum off!” came the order.  Kathleen shivered at the degrading act Mr. Marcus was demanding of her.

  Mr. Mosley roared laughing as the young bride on the floor, in her wedding gown, gagging from the load he shot down her gullet and mouth.  Cum oozed from her nostrils as the cum was forced up with no where to go when she was choking on the black cock, matting the white bridal veil to the bride’s face.

 Mr. Mosley picked up the curled-up bride, fully dressed in her wedding gown, and merely dumped her on the middle of her honeymoon bed.  He reached under the long white wedding gown and slowly drew down the tiny wisp of lacy protection.  Grasping Kathleen by the ankles and pointing trim white heels to the ceiling, Mr. Mosley kneeled between the sobbing bride’s trim white legs and shuffled up to her precious treasure.  He had his long black snake nuzzling in her soft red bush.  “Oh, please ………..please, Mr. Mosley …………….please put on one of my husband’s condoms ………………please …………I’m not on the pill ……………please, you’ll get me pregnant ………please!” she pleaded.

Then the devious boss mercilessly speared half of his monster snake into the unprepared bride.  "Aieeeeeeeeeee ……………........" screamed the tender young bride.  Her tender, recently deflowered pussy was never stretched this wide.  Her husband's 6" cock had only gotten this far fully extended but this black rapist's cock was twice as long and twice as round.  Mr. Mosley reared back and hammer away.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee …….......noooo ...…………..stop, please, you're …….hurtttttttingggggg ……….. me!" pleaded the young bride.  Fully in, Mr. Mosley lifted Kathleen's head so she could see the full length of the 12" cock slowly withdrawing and plundering her tight pussy.  Her husband would never satisfy her as this thick black cock.  While her newlywed husband was out on the golf course, the bride’s black boss stroked a hole in one with his long black driver.

 Twice Kathleen reached an unwanted orgasm as her boss slowly humped away.  Kathleen's ankles had been released and now encircled Mr. Mosley's pumping black ass, trying to draw in his pumping black cock to its fullest.  Suddenly the boss began to jackhammer the young bride, his cockhead expanding even more.  Kathleen's mind reeled, realizing she was about to receive the baby-making sperm of her old black boss.  "No, pull it out …………...please ………….no ……………….you'll get me pregnant!" she pleaded, trying desperately to push her boss off.  But the devious old boss merely snickered, staying fully buried in the snug warm pussy of the white bride.  "I'm going to fill you with black baby juice.  What's hubby going to say when you give him a black baby bitch?" Mr. Mosley bellowed as his cock exploded.  Kathleen struggled desperately as she was filled to the brim with the thick hot goo.  It felt so hot and potent to Kathleen, the first load of raw slimy cum to soil her delicate body.  Black baby-making cum!

 Mr. Mosley let his massive cock deflate in the defeated young white bride.  He finally withdrew his still massive cock.  Looking down at the humiliated young wife, Mr. Mosley's cock twitched to new life.  He grabbed Kathleen's ankles and removed her trim white heels, then the sexy white feet were wrapped around his slimy black snake.  Such a beautiful sight and exquisite feeling of fucking the bride's tender white soles.  Placing one foot over the other, his 12" cock acted as a ruler to match it length.  Through tearful eyes, Kathleen realized that having just taken the black cock, her foot was only half its length.  Mr. Mosley quick came at this delightful act, coating Kathleen's feet with a thick layer of goo.

 The rape did not end until the lusting boss deflowered the young bride's virgin white ass.  Mr. Mosley did not last too long, getting too excited hearing Kathleen's plea for mercy and screams of pain as he plundered her tight asshole.  The ultimate feeling of power was derived from hearing the pleas of young white wives and their screams, as he thrust his 12" black cock into their bodies.

 Kathleen was left to tidy up the room before her hubby returned.  She was in a panic to see her boss go into the bathroom before leaving, taking with him her small bag that had her spermicide and douche.  Even though her husband had always used a condom, Kathleen douched as an added precaution.  Now she had no way to rid her body of all the baby-making jism in her cum choked pussy.  She would have to go through the agony of worrying over the next few weeks as to whether the black seed would take root.  If she did get pregnant, it would no doubt be the result of the black shaft that had plundered her tender pussy.  Condoms were her only means for protection for she was allergic to the pill.

 The remainder of the honeymoon left Kathleen in disappointment.  Her husband could not come near to bringing his bride to an orgasm.  It was no wonder, as he could not compare to the length of black cock that his bride recently sampled.  Plus the worry in Kathleen's mind as to whether her black boss had knocked her up with his potent and plentiful seed.  She feared what lay ahead for Mr. Mosley told her he would soon be visiting her in the couple's new home.  He told her of his desire to breed her on her marriage bed that she shared only with her husband.  She knew she was powerless to resist the sexual demands and desires of her devious black boss.  She dreaded the humiliation and embarrassment should anyone find out of her being soiled by a nigger, knowing also that her loving husband would divorce her.  More so if she gave birth to a black baby.

End of Story.