Naïve Newlywed – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Mrs. Wanda Tillman
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Blonde and beautiful Wanda Tillman had recently married her husband Ray and they were just starting out together.  Determined to buy a home as soon as possible, Ray was working two jobs and along with taking a night class.  Wanda only had two classes to complete to finish her degree, with both classes in the morning.  She wanted to do her part too with the finances and decided she should get a job as well, though Ray told her it was not necessary.  But with her husband always working or at class, she was bored and thought a job would help fill the void along with helping out.

The next day, after her she was done with classes, Wanda paid a visit to the local shopping mall and bought a couple of nice dresses to wear for job interviews.  As the clothing she had were mainly for college, she felt that a more business type attire would be appropriate.  She found a nice beige outfit and the other in a peach color.   To match the outfits, she felt that she needed to purchase a pair heels and made her way to the nearby shoe store.  Thus she thought she’d wear the beige outfit and find the shoes to match.

Davis Wells, the manager of the posh shoe store always kept an eye for beautiful women sexy legs and feet.  At forty-two years of age, managing this upscale shoe store that was owned by his uncle, Davis enjoyed the job as his uncle didn’t put any pressure on him.  Had it not been for his uncle, he knew that with his looks, he’d have a tough time getting a janitor’s position.

Far from having a handsome face, Davis Wells had also let his weight get away from him.  At his near 400 lbs and his round figure, his uncle called him the ‘Blimp’.  He had always had a weight problem, and in high school his friends teasingly called him the ‘black doughboy’.  He now spent all the time at the store, not for the purpose of making a sale but because he always had a thing for the sexy White women who patronized his store.  But none of these uppity White bitches ever showed any interest in him.  Perhaps it was because he was just too fat, ugly, and Black.

Whenever one looked to be entering the store, he’d tell the clerk on due to straighten out the back and he’d handle the customer.  When Davis saw Wanda walking towards the store, he eyed the young beauty, noting that her were as trim and sexy as any he'd ever seen.  He accurately guessed the blonde beauty to be about 23 years of age, about 5’3” and about 115 lbs.  As she was about to enter, he sent the clerk to stock the shelves, then greeted Wanda with his most disarming smile.

As Davis extended his hand out to greet her, shaking her lovely manicured hand, he detected a twinge of revulsion as he shook her hand.  He smiled at her, cock twitching in his pants as her revulsion of him just made him all the more anxious to possess her.  Her hand felt so warm and soft, causing his cock to give a mighty twitch as he wished her hand closed upon his manhood, wondering if her manicured fingers would be able to encircle him.

Inquiring who he could assist her, Wanda naively confessed that she'd just bought the dress she was wearing and was looking for a pair of heels to match.  She also opened the bag containing the peach outfit which she indicated the beige heels would be appropriate with.

Davis smiled and assured her he had just the thing and went into the storage room.  He returned with several pairs of the sexiest 3-inch heels he had in stock.  He then took his time measuring each lovely foot, enjoying the thrill that stirred in his cock as he of help her into each pair of shoes.  His cock twitched as he watched her walk around in them, then he had her sit so he could check the fit.

He was really turned on by this young wife, spotting the diamond ring and wedding band on her finger, as she seemed so incredibly innocent and naïve.   Davis purposely lifted each foot a bit higher than necessary and spread her legs just a bit further apart than necessary to afford himself a tantalizing view up her beige skirt to the crotch of her lace panties.  He kept her engaged in conversation the whole time so she not suspect his true intentions and that he was taking advantage of her.

Naively, Wanda mentioned her situation with Ray and her plans to look for a job to fill the void and to help out financially.  When the manager asked if they had any children, she unthinkingly confessed that she and her husband wanted to start a family.  She told him they were trying but even if and when they were blessed with finally conceiving their first baby she would still work for at least six months or so before the baby was born.

“Well, if you’re interested, there’s an opening at this store.  I was just in the process of getting the ad out in the classifieds!” Davis lied.  When the beauty thanked him but admitted she had no experience at all as a shoe salesperson, he reassured her she already had lots of experience as a customer which was the main aspect needed for the job.  He advised her that it would be no problem at all to teach her the ropes and to train her as a salesperson.  Knowing her situation, he told he be flexible and schedule her from noon to 5 p.m.

Wanda was thrilled to discover she had found a job even before she had officially started looking.  If she knew what her new boss had in mind for her, however, she would've have been thrilled at all.  She was surprised that it was really a serious offer as the manager went to the register area to bring out an application for her to complete.  Although this fat black man repulsed her, the offer of a job had her excited at the prospects of earning some money.

Davis made sure the beautiful young wife filled out the job application right then and there, not wanting to give her a chance to change her mind.   The young wife giggled and told him that she wouldn't even tell her husband about her new job for awhile, then surprise him with it after she'd deposited a few paychecks into their meager savings account.  This revelation made the prospect of defiling the naive young wife even more attractive to him, thinking that perhaps he could use the fact she was keeping her new job a secret from her husband to his advantage.

“I can’t believe everything is working out so perfectly!  With the flexible hours you mentioned, everything should fit right in!” Wanda exclaimed.  Looking at her name on the application form, Davis looked back up and smiled “I’m going to enjoy having you here!  I’m very flexible!  I’m sure everything will fit right in perfectly!”  Behind that big grin of his, his mind was racing ‘Oh, yeah, you sweet little bitch!  Everything will fit right in perfectly, especially my big black cock that’s throbbing in my pants right now!  But that’s one thing that’s not gonna be very flexible when I shove up your tight little snatch!’

Needless to say, Davis was thrilled to have Wanda working for him, but it’d be more thrilling to have her literally working and squirming under him.  He had convinced her it would help market their glamour line of high heels if she wore them each time she worked and thus told her there was no charge for the pair of shoes she was going to buy.   He told her she’d get several other pairs once she started as it’d be part of her incentive on the job.  Regardless of whether it’d promote any sales, Davis knew he’d never get tired of ogling her sexy white legs.

As he trained Wanda during her first week on the job, Davis inquired if she was hoping for a baby boy or girl when she did get pregnant.  “It’d be nice to have a baby boy first but so long as the baby was normal and healthy, I’d be happy with a girl also!  I’m been so anxious to start a family!”    Davis then told her that he had four boys and had hoped for more but his wife talked him into getting a vasectomy done.

Indeed, Davis did have four boys but all were produced out of wedlock when he was a teenager.  He then had managed to bed the teenage girls that he hung around with.  At that time he weighed only 250 lbs and wasn’t as repulsive as he was now.  Of course the gals that he managed to have sex with were no great shakes, with all of them being 200 lb bruisers themselves.  He lied about being married, as no woman wanted him for her mate.  As for having a vasectomy, it was far from the truth as he would never let anyone near his manhood with a knife.  He sure as hell was as potent as could be.

For Wanda’s second week at the store, Davis had advised her that she could try on various styles that would be in an advertisement to run on the local televisions and in newsprint.  He told her to wait till the photographer came as it’d be a complete film of her trying it on to walking about in them.  As Jim, a fag photographer friend of his, had always bugged him on doing a photo shoot at the shoe store, it would be perfect with Wanda modeling several pair of heels.  Jim needed to build his business and getting the shoe store as an account would definitely lead to getting other merchants in the mall to view his work.

  Before the photo shoot was to begin, Davis had a talk with his friend, telling what photos he wanted and if it worked out he’d go to all the other merchants in the mall and give a plug for his photography business.  Knowing what was at stake, Jim put every effort into the shoot.  He was able to work the shoot in such a way as to get Wanda to unwittingly reveal a bit more leg than she realized for several of the photos.  As he arranged her skirt and legs for a shot, he managed to sneak a few upskirt shots of her pantied crotch.  At the end, Wanda was convinced to do a pose to advertise some heels with her wering lingerie.  Wanda agreed but only if it was not too revealing or embarassing for her.  It was enough to tantilize the men but nothing in the way that put her in an embarrasing situation.
Davis had hoped to use the snapshots to blackmail the young wife.  As Jim handed him the photos after the shoot, he wondered if the photos taken would be adequate for him to pull off his scam.  Although they were tantalizing photos, he wasn't sure they were quite incriminating enough to blackmail her with.  Then he listened intently as Jim came up with an idea.  Jim told him that he had a tranquilizer drug that would put her out quickly and keep her out for hours.  Thus they agreed to set up a second photo shoot to put the plan into action.

Two days later, Wanda happened to mention that her husband was going out of town for the weekend.   With that knowledge in hand, Davis mentioned that the photographer had just called and needed to redo a certain shot which would take about an hour.  He then asked Wanda if she would be willing to work till closing that night and then after closing the needed photos could be taken, of course he added the fact that she’d be paid at the overtime rate, which easily cinched her consent.

With business slow for a period, they chatted a bit about married life.  “I guess I’m just a bit nervous with Ray going away on business for the first time since we got married.  But I really think he’s anxious to get out and relax a bit, I think I wore him out a bit in trying to start our family!” she giggled.  Davis laughed along and thought ‘Oh, baby, what you need is some good ole black baby juice if hubby can’t do the trick.  Yeah, baby, my black balls are churning up the thick jism for you right now!’

Jim showed up just before the store’s closing on that Friday evening and handed the excited Davis the potent tranquilizers.  Once closing time came, Davis went to the front of the store to pull down the iron gate that would prevent anyone from seeing into the store.  Meanwhile, Jim began setting up the additional lighting for the photo shoot.  Then Davis went into the storage from to get some cokes from the small refrigerator.

Wanda was glad the shift was over, happy to be getting paid overtime but she was tired from the longer than usual hours.  Finally she got to rest a bit and sat in the soft comfortable chair meant for customers as she sipped upon the can of coke.  Little did she suspect the additional contents contained in the can she was drinking from.  Her thoughts went to her husband, wishing he did not have to go on the trip and leave her all alone.

As the shoot began, Wanda went through the normal poses as the photographer began taking the shots.  About fifteen minutes into the shoot, Wanda started feeling woozy and perspiring a bit.  The photographer suggested she sit down and rest for a moment, telling her that it was probably the heat of the additional lighting that was causing her to feel dizzy.   He told to just relax and once she was feeling better then the photo shoot could resume.

Having difficulty focusing, Wanda put her head back and closed her eyes.  She was thankful her boss was so understanding when she told him she didn’t think she could continue with the photo shoot, as her body felt so funny.  She felt her boss’s pudgy hands grasp her hand and pat her, reassuring her that it was okay, that he would drive her home.  Her boss told her he’d drive her home in her car and that Jim could follow to give him a ride back.

Davis glanced at his gay friend who gave him the signal that the innocent young wife was all his.  Touching her soft manicured hand, his cock gave a twitch as he caressed her.  Seeing her eyes glassy, his top hand lifted her up from his other hand.  A moment later, he laid her hand back down again and patted the top of her hand.  “Can you hear me, Wanda?  Squeeze my arm with your hand if you can hear me?” he quietly asked.  He knew she was not totally out yet, feeling her hand squeeze him in response to his question.  He smiled knowing it wouldn’t be much longer, gritting his teeth tightly, stifling a groan as her manicured fingers gripped him tightly.  He wondered if she would grip him so tightly if she realized it was not his arm that she was gripping but instead his thick black cock.

When the grip on his cock loosened, Davis gave the drugged wife the same instructions but there was no reaction.  He knew that Wanda was now under the influence of the potent tranquilizer.  He pushed forward, enjoying the feel of her warm soft hand on his pulsing black cock.  He had to stop, taking several deep breaths, in fearing of not being able to withstand the pleasure and unleash his load prematurely.  He looked up to see his friend focusing his camera and gave a wide grin as the flash went off.

Drawing up a low stool that the sales clerk used to assist customers, it was the right height for Davis to sit upon as he got into position.  His cock twitched in excitement as he ran his hands up the soft thighs of the unconscious beauty.  Flashes continued in this special x-rated photo shoot, capturing the large black hands disappearing under the peach skirt that Wanda had worn on this day.  A flash of the camera caught the pair of  lacy peach panties being drawn down over the widespread thighs.

The photo shoot was to capture Wanda’s sexy legs adorned by the new line of heels and this was definitely being accomplished.  With her beige heels on, the shot was perfect and the color scheme ideal.  The lacy peach panties stretched across the top of her beige heels blended well together.  Many more shots would be taken to show the large black hands slowly pulling the peach panties of the beige heels.

  Now instead of the photo shoot showing how sexy the new heels appeared on Wanda, it changed to the heels being removed from the sexy legs and feet of the beauty.  Then the repulsive black face of the lusting manager began to pay homage to the sexy feet, first burying his face into the soft soles and then licking every inch of Wanda’s sexy feet.

Next Davis pushed the peach skirt up to bunch above the unconscious beauty’s hips, putting her trim white legs over his shoulders, then bent forward to suck at the sweet honeypot.  Then Davis heard his friend tell him to stay in that position as he arranged the next shot, a position that Davis thoroughly enjoyed as he dipped his tongue into the now slick slit.

Jim, a perfectionist in his work in photography, moved about to arrange and capture the perfect shot that the manager wanted.  With the young wife limp from the drug, he lifted her arms and placed them atop of the manager’s head.  Then he curled her trim fingers together to make it appear that she had a firm grip in the manager’s kinky black hair.  He then tilted her head back and opened her mouth to give the appearance that she was arching up in the throes of ecstasy.  With the manager posing with his long tongue extended, tip delving into the pink slit, the perfect shots were taken.

Sitting up again, Davis brought his stool closer so it was flush against the chair in which the young wife was slumped in.   With her legs against him and sexy feet next to his face, she shuffled forward till his cock was sliding up and down along her slick womanhood.  He wanted to rape the beauty hard, shoving his cock into violently but that would be too risky for now.  He did not want her to know that she had been taken advantage of in her drugged state, not right now anyway.  Slowly he worked his cock up and down, pushing forward till finally his cock gained entrance into the slick channel.

Turning his head from side to side to feast on the beauty’s sexy feet, Davis humped the unconscious  young wife with deliberate short strokes.  When he got six inches in, he desperately held himself back from slamming the remaining four inches into her.  But at that point, he was hitting virgin territory and couldn’t make further headway without shoving it in with some force.  Grasping the trim hips, he began to speed up the fuck, but not letting his cock any deeper.  Then his body shuddered, his cock buried the six inches as he let his potent cum flow into the raped beauty.

Slowly the dwindling cock flopped out of the raped young wife with a ‘plop’, followed by a flow of white cream.  Davis eased the sexy legs down from his shoulders and eased them to the floor, leaving them widespread so photos could be taken with cum drooling from her raped slit.  Davis looked up at Jay and invited him “C’mon, Jim, have a piece of this little bitch!  Once you get your cock into a tender piece like this, no guy will turn you on again!”  He laughed as his gay friend gave a look of disgust at the thought of making it with a woman, no matter how beautiful she was.

With the employee’s parking located immediately behind each store, it would be easy to get the unconscious beauty into her car.  Checking outside the backdoor to the store before making a move, Jim had Wanda’s car door opened as Davis carried her out.  Then Davis started up her car and had Jim follow them to her rental home.  During the week he had chatted with Wanda and inquired exactly where she lived with her husband.  Planning ahead, he had checked the exact address on the job application and had gone out the day before to find it.

Once they arrived at Wanda’s home, they set her on her bed, they undressed her and put her sexiest negligee onto her.  Jim was careful to pose the young wife in each photo to clearly show that Wanda was in her privacy of her own bedroom.  The photos would clearly depict Wanda in her own bed, wearing her sexy lace negligee and having sex with her Black boss.

Davis anxiously took his position on the bed with her, with Jim adjusting her hands and head positions before the fucked commenced.  Once he unloaded his potent cum, they had Wanda widespread on her bed to film her cunt oozing out its goodies.  Then they added a few poses with his cock in her mouth for good measure.  Before leaving, they cleaned her up, re-dressed her in the clothes she'd worn to work that day and left her to sleep it off.

The next morning Davis phoned Wanda, rousing her from her drug-induced haze and inquired as to whether she was okay.  Wanda couldn't remember a thing.  She asked how she'd gotten home and he reassured her she had complained she was too woozy to drive herself home and had asked him to drive her.  He explained that he'd driven her home, helped her into the house, that she'd thanked and assured him she would be okay.  But he was still worried and decided to call just to make sure she felt okay.

Even though Wanda was shocked that she couldn't remember any of this, what her boss said had made sense to her.  She remembered feeling woozy and must've made it to bed and then passed out, still fully dressed.  She felt she must be coming down with the flu as her head ached somewhat along with her body muscles.  She breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she had the weekend to recuperate.

Davis had been thorough and careful, making sure not to penetrate the young innocent wife so her pussy didn't feel stretched and sore from the rape.  Then he'd been careful to clean most of his spunk out of her before leaving the Tillman home, leaving Wanda none the wiser.  He snickered at his accomplishment, wondering if he had just helped the newlyweds in starting their family.

On her next day at work, the lovely young wife thanked him for looking after her the previous night, apologizing for having passed out like she did.  Davis simply reassured her that he was just glad he could have been there for her and glad she was feeling better.  He was careful not to tip his hand to the unsuspecting wife but he couldn't stop thinking about what he'd done to her.  He thought of those incriminating photos and how it’d come in handy soon, provided Jim’s work was done right.  His cock twitched as he wondered whether or not he'd been successful in knocking her up.

When Jim wandered into the shoe store with the photos, Davis excused himself and went back into is office to examine Jim's handiwork.  The photos were perfect!  No one would ever believe that the innocent young wife hadn't been a willing participant in that little fuckfest.

In that next week, Davis saw a beautiful chick talking and laughing with Wanda.  He eyed the sexy gal with long red hair flowing down to her shoulders and milky white skin.  This would be the exact type of beauty that he himself would handle but of course in this situation all he could do was look and drool.  As Wanda assisted the beauty with a pair of the new line of heels, he purposely dropped his pen and bent over in hopes of getting a glimpse up her short skirt.

When the sale was about to be rung up, Wanda stepped over to where her boss was and asked if the employee discount could be used for her sister-in-law.  Davis smiled at his good fortune, saying of course she could do so and stepped over to greet husband’s beautiful sister.  Out of courtesy, Wanda introduced Davis to her sister-in-law, Debbie Tillman.  Davis put on all the charm possible, telling her that if Wanda was not working should she stop in that he’d see that she got the discount applied to any purchase.

In chatting with Wanda as he trained her, Davis learned her husband loved to golf and did so every Sunday.  He also learned that Wanda would go to the 9 a.m. church service at the nearby church, then spend the day at home cleaning the house and doing the laundry.  This was all the information he needed as he anxiously planned on his next visit to the Tillman’s home.  ‘Oh, baby, just wait till Sunday morning comes around!  You’ll definitely will be saying your prayers when I shove my cock all the way in this time!’ he mused.

Early Sunday morning Wanda had just completed dressing and about to leave for church when the doorbell rang.  Opening the door, she was shocked to see her boss standing there with an ear-to-ear grin.  “H …Hi!  Wh ……what brings you here on a Sunday?” she asked with an obvious puzzled look.  “I …..I’m just on my way out to church!” she added.

“Oh, that can wait!  What I have to show is quite important!” he advised as he brazenly walked into the house like he owned the place.  He handed her an envelope and instructed her to open it up as he sat down on her living room couch.  “It’s excellent results from our little photo shoot.  I’m sure you’d love showing them to your husband!” he added, smiling as he watched the beautiful young wife open up the envelope.

“Ohhh ….n…noooo ……….noooo ………oh, my God ……………nooooooo!” came the anguished gasp of horror as Wanda gazed upon the obscene photographs.  “You ……you ………you drugged me ……you ………you raped me!” she sobbed.  “How ……… could you do something so filthy to me!” she cried, her knees shaking and wobbling from the trauma as she sank to her knees onto the carpeted floor.

“I ……I don’t have much money ……… …… much ……?” she sobbed hysterically in panic.  She tried unsuccessfully blink back the tears, sob again as she looked down to see the photograph that depicted her throwing back her head in esctasy as she grasp her evil’s boss’s head into her womanhood.  The earlier mention of her husband seeing the photos sent a shiver throughout her body, the photos would actually deceive anyone looking at them “Oh, please ………please … …… can’t show these to my husband!  Please ……….please ………you’ll destroy our marriage!”

Getting up from the couch, Davis towered over the cowering young wife.  She looked so lovely in the navy blue outfit that she had just purchased at the mall along with the white heels that she had ‘earned’ from the photo shoot.  Now in exchange for not giving a set of prints to her loving husband, Davis was going to make the little bitch ‘earn’ it.  He reached down to grab the prints from the sobbing beauty, arranged the photos and laid them onto the coffee table.

“Don’t you worry about money, Mrs. Tillman!  I don’t want your money!  You can bet your sweet little ass on that, Mrs. Tillman!” he laughed.  “You dumb fucking bitch!  There was no fucking job opening when you came in!  The only opening I was thinking about was the one between your sweet little legs, bitch!  See that top picture, bitch?  Your beautiful legs will be up in the air like that soon and I'll be right between them!  If you want this to be our little secret, you’re gonna have to do what the pictures shows!”

Wanda had been staring up at her evil boss, hoping for some mercy, trying desperately to find a way out.  She gazed down to the picture that was on top of the stack and a shudder when through her body.  ‘Oh, God!  I can’t do anything so filthy!  Not when I even refused to do such a thing for Ray!  Oh, God, how can I put his filthy penis into my mouth!’ she shuddered at the horrid thought and at the sound of a zipper opening.

Looking up to the direction of the sound of the zipper, Wanda gasped as she observed the throbbing black shaft before her being handled by her evil boss.  Her blimp of a boss had dropped his pants and jockeys down to his ankles creating the most grotesque sight she had ever seen.  She felt sick to her stomach, her body shuddering in total disgust as the fat blob shuffled his way while shucking himself.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the largest penis she had ever seen, so much longer and thicker than Ray’s.  The black cockhead was now shiny as the shucking hand spread its leaking foam about. She looked up pleading for mercy.

“Well, what’s it gonna be, bitch?  Want hubby to see you sucking a nigger’s cock?  Now its time for a little blowjob, Mrs. Tillman!” Davis ordered, stepping forward to paint her soft lips with a glossy sheen.  “Open those sweet little lips of yours, sweetie!  Time your ya to get a taste of some good ole black meat!” he laughed, watching look of horror on the young wife’s face.

Nauseated, Wanda fought the urge to throw up as she shivered in disgust.  She closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to see the filthy object that was not prodding at her lips.  At the thought of her husband seeing those horrible pictures, she forced her lips to part.  Once the slick cockhead was forced between her tight lips, Wanda gave a thought of clamping her teeth down hard and biting his member off.  But she was so afraid and forced her lips to part further and admit the foul tasting penis.

Davis knew he would not last long for just the look of fear and humiliation on the young wife’s face had his nuts churn.  Wrapping his thick fingers into her silky blonde hair, he thrust forward with his weight, the thick length of his cock was pushed deep into her tight gullet.  He smiled as the young wife’s eyes widened in fear, eyes rolling and her face reddening from the lack of oxygen.  Then he started to give her a face fuck she’d never forget.

With the struggling young wife pushing at his hips, trying to dislodge his invading cock from mouth, Davis couldn’t believe the thrill it was to force this bitch to suck him off.     Suddenly, he knew it wasn’t going to last much long and pulled the beautiful blonde face into his crotch.  He groaned “Ahhhhh, baby …………ahhhhhh, God ……………I’m cuminggggggggggg!  Ah, yeah ……… it all baby ………gobble up my nigger cum!”

Wanda shuddered, her stomach churning as the thick black cock exploded deep in throat.  There was no place for the spurting filth to go with it buried so deep down her throat, as she felt the hot slime slithering its way down into her stomach.  She was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen when finally her tormentor withdrew till only the cockhead remained in her mouth, allowing her to breathe again.  As she gasped for air, spurts of thick cum began to fill her mouth to the brim.  She tried to pull her mouth off the spurting cock, wanting desperately to spit out the slime in her mouth but it was swallow or drown in the filth.

Instead of the innocent young wife attending the church service where she would be kneeling for communion, she was instead getting quite a different kind of communion. Finally, Davis pulled his dwindling cock from the sobbing beauty, exiting with a loud ‘pop’.  He laughed as he watched the lovely wife quickly get up on wobbly legs, a hand over her mouth and the other clutching her stomach as she staggered to the nearby bathroom.  “What’s the matter?  The protein’s good for you, Mrs. Tillman?” he laughed, watching her enter the bathroom and slamming the door shut.

Stripping off his pants, Davis wandered down the hall and into the master bedroom.  He saw her lace negligee lying on the bed, the same one that she had on in the photo shoot.  Taking it with him, he went back to the bathroom.  Turning the doorknob, he wasn’t surprised to find it locked, knowing the bitch was praying he would leave.  Davis laughed as he heard the gagging and coughing coming from behind the bathroom door, picturing the distressed beauty leaning over the toilet trying desperately to upchuck his thick cum.

Panting as she leaned over the toilet, her stomach churned from the slimy goo and began to make its way back up her throat.  Then her body shook as she began choking and gagging up the filth, spitting the slime into the toilet.  Finally it was over, her forehead now dripping with perspiration from the ordeal, she prayed her evil boss had already left her home.  ‘Oh, God, how could I do such a filthy thing?  But I just couldn’t let Ray see those awful photos!” she pondered.

Then she was startled by the knock on the door and then she heard her evil boss tell her “Are you feeling okay, Mrs. Tillman?  Guess my protein was too rich for you, huh?  Well, I’ll just be waiting for you in the bed you share with Mr. Tillman!  Oh, this is how I’d like to see you next, Mrs. Tillman!  If you don’t come out in five minutes, I’ll just have to mail the rest of the photographs to Mr. Tillman!  I’ll just leave your negligee hanging on the doorknob here!”  She looked down to the floor and closed her eyes as to what she saw.  It was a photograph of her dressed in her white negligee, laying upon the fat naked body of her boss, with the knob of the thick cockhead enveloped by her tight slit.

Hearing the heavy footsteps lumber down the hallway, Wanda sobbed as she leaned over the basin to wash her mouth of the awful taste.  She pondered as to what to do but realized she had not option at all.  She just couldn’t let Ray see those awful photos of her, knowing it would end their marriage.  She wondered if her evil boss actually intended on making her take his filthy cock into her, thinking perhaps that he was already spent after shooting off already.  She told herself that in all probability he would not be able to get it up again, just like Ray once he had expended himself.  Nervously she unlocked the door and reached out to retrieve her sexy negligee, then shut the door and locked it again.

Just as it neared the end of five minutes, Davis heard the opening of the bathroom door, as he continued stroking his long hard cock.  He chuckled to himself as he heard the sniffling and sobbing of the young wife as she made her way to the master bedroom.  ‘Ah, baby, you’re fucking gonna scream when give it to you this time!  If I didn’t knock ya up already, this is it!’ he chuckled to himself, smiling as the young beauty peered into her bedroom.  “C’mon on in to your bedroom, sweetie!  Make believe you’re gonna climb onto the bed with your hubby!” he laughed, bringing an anguished sob from the defiled young wife.

Wanda sobbed as she gazed upon the repulsive black bulk laying upon the bed that she and Ray shared together.  ‘Oh, God, the fat pig is playing with himself!  How can I let him put that filthy thing into me?’ she sobbed to herself.  Then the thought of a condom flashed through her mind and she quickly opened a dresser drawer to obtain one.  She remembered him telling her he had a vasectomy and relieved that she could not be impregnated by him, yet she could not have him soiling her with his filthy penis nor have his nigger cum shooting into her.

Davis knew what she was up to when he saw her obtain the foil packet and tore it open, but he was going to give her grief about it.  “What the fuck is that, bitch?  Told ya I got snipped and can’t produce no kids!  Just don’t want no nigger cum in ya, is that it, bitch? ” he challenged.

“Oh, please ……….please ………its not that ………….please …….only …….only my husband ……!” Wanda sobbed and wept.  She couldn’t have him inside her without the protection of the condom, did not want him soiling her with his filthy nigger cum, but now she was so afraid to offend him further.  “Please ……….please ………..I beg you ………..please!” she sobbed.

“Okay ……….okay, bitch!  Quit your whining and put the fucking thing on!” Davis growled purposely to have her think she won out and was in some control.  “Okay, bitch ………….just like in the picture!” he ordered.

Having felt that she was in some control of the situation, Wanda eagerly tore open the packet and retrieved the protective condom.  To put it on, she was forced to handle the waving and throbbing black shaft.  As she was rolling and pulling the protective covering onto the thick shaft, she couldn’t help but to compare it with Ray’s, noting how much longer and thicker it was.

Once the long black cock was sheathed in its protective gear, Wanda couldn’t help but to admire it, yet wondering how such a manly cock could be put onto such a big repulsive pig like Davis.  She willed her mind to sacrifice herself for the sake of her marriage.  With her eyes closed, hand on the sheathed cock, she shuffled up to place her slick slit above the coated weapon.  She pictured that it was in fact Ray that she was going to make love to, a position they had never engaged in as Ray always took her in the missionary position.

With the large hands on her hips pulling her downward, Wanda panted, trying to picture her husband in her mind.  ‘Yes, Ray, yes …………put it in me, Ray ……………ohhhhhhh, yes, Ray!’ she moaned to herself as she was being impaled by the thick shaft.  As her slick juices began to flow, the thick rubber coated shaft began to sink deeper and deeper into her, about to enter depths never before reached.  “Oh, Ray ……..oh, honey ……………..oh, it hurts …………….too deep …………..its too deep!” she groaned in pain.

Davis was amazed at what was taking place, watching the little beauty space herself out in thinking it was actually her husband that she was fucking.  He laughed to himself and chuckled ‘What a dumb fucking bitch!”  He wondered just how far he could let it play along, having her think it was her husband actually fucking her.  ‘What the hell!’ he thought, then yelled out “Oh, honey, spread for your hubby!  Spread it wide open!  Hubby’s gonna shove it deeper!  Hubby’s gonna nail ya good!”

Juices flowing, Wanda began to drop herself down harder and harder onto the pleasure giving shaft.  She had successfully blocked out the horror taking placing and instead had pictured her loving husband making love to her.  “Ohhhh, Ray ……….yes ………..yes, Ray …………..shove it deeper …………fuck me deeper ………….oh, Ray, yesssss!” she chanted as the thick cock began to penetrate her deeper than ever before.  She wanted Ray as deep into her as possible, lifting herself till only an inch remained, the plunged herself down onto the stiff shaft “Oh, Godddddddddd …………Rayyyyyyyyyyy!” she screamed as she felt the tearing of her tender tissues, unbelieving how the thick cock was fully buried deep into her belly.

Eyes tightly closed, head swaying from side to side, the once innocent young wife was thrusting herself up and down onto the thick cock.  All the while she kept chanting “Oh, Ray ….....…….yes ……...........….yes ….............….oh, yes, Ray!”  As she raised herself up, with only an inch of the pleasure shaft within her, strong hands were on her hips prevent her from sliding down.  “Oh, Ray …................…Ray …............….let go …............…..I need it …..........….I need it so bad!” she panted out.

Davis was not believing what was happening, couldn’t believe the little bitch was oblivious to what was actually happening.  But he certainly wasn’t going to stop the beautiful bitch at this point.  “Take it off for me, honey!  Let your hubby spurt it deep into you!  Let it cream in you!” he advised, trying to disguise his gruff voice.  To his amazement, gritting his teeth, he kept totally still as the manicured fingers reached between them and began to unroll the protective sheath.

“Ohhhhhhhh ……..........……….!” Wanda shuddered as she lifted herself off the thick cock and quickly slid off the protective condom.  “Ahhhhhhhhh ……….........…..yesssssssss!” she groaned as she quickly recaptured the now bare cock and slid herself down onto it.  “Oh, yes ……………..oh, Ray ……….yes ……...................fuck me …………….fuck me ………...........….nail me ……………….shoot it in me ……………oh, Ray ……........…….give me your baby ………….knock me up!” she chanted as she began to ride up and down the long shaft.

Thick fingers rubbing at her clit as she rode up and down the slippery shaft, Wanda gasped “Ohhhh, honey, yes ……………ohhh, yes ………………I feel it throbbing …………..oh, yesssssssssssssss ……….shoot it in me!”  Her mind was totally blank, body shivering in a mind-shattering orgasm as she felt the hot warmth spread throughout her womb, sending a soothing calm throughout her body.

Minutes later, panting in sheer exhaustion, Wanda exclaimed “Oh, Ray ……….oh, honey ………..that was so fantastic ……………..the best ever!  Oh, Ray …………so big …………you’re so big ……..oh, honey ………..I love you so much!”  Then she lifted her head up from his belly and opened her eyes “Oh, God!  Nooooooooo …………..oh, God ……………..nooooooooooooooo ……….!” she sobbed as she realized who she was actually with.  The thick shaft within her that had given her so much pleasure gave a sudden twitch that sent into sobs and she began to weep in shame.

It was mid-afternoon before Wanda’s ordeal ended.  She lay upon the bed that she shared with her loving husband, curled up in the fetal position with another man’s spunk dribbling out of her, potent nigger’s spunk.  ‘Thank God the filthy bastard had a vasectomy!  As least I can’t get knocked up by that bastard!’ she thought.

Wanda thought back to the horrible events of the day, remembering how she had unconsciously reacted when she had spaced herself out, picturing that it was Ray fucking her.  But why did she have to respond the way she did in her last ordeal just before the bastard departed.  She looked down at the photo that depicted the manner in which she was defiled, only this time the fat bastard had put all the weight upon her and his full length into her.  That particular photo depicted her with her bent in two, feet up on those broad black shoulder as the bastard sucked her toes and his cock slicing between her tight slit.  Bent in two, with nearly 400 lbs upon her, she was unable to breathe and thought she was dying when the cock exploded deep within her.  ‘Oh, why did I have to respond in the way I did?  Why did I yell out from him to ‘fuck’ me, to shoot his nigger cum in me?’ she sobbed.

Dreading going in to work each day, Wanda forced her self to do so in fear that the incriminating photos would be sent to Ray.  She dreaded the last hour of work, knowing her true duties then had to be performed.  When she left work each day to go home to her husband, it was always with a mouthful or cunt full of nigger cum.

Two months later, after a week of getting up nauseous, a home testing kit revealed that she was finally in the family way.  She was so happy and couldn’t wait to give Ray the good news.  She smiled to herself that with her belly soon to swell up, it may provide her escape from the clutches of her deviant boss.  ‘Surely he won’t want to fuck me in that condition!’ she thought to herself.

One day in her fifth month of pregnancy, Wanda was getting a bit flustered with an elderly woman who could not find a pair of shoes to fit her.  Having already tried on four different styles, she now wanted to try on a couple more.  To make matters worst, her sister-in-law had dropped by to shop at the store.  She had seen Debbie wave to her and then shivered when she heard her boss say “Oh, don’t worry Wanda, I’ll wait on Debbie personally!”  She could only watch as Debbie looked at a line of heels and sit down with Davis anxiously bending down to take her size, watching intently as she could see that her devious boss was trying to get a glimpse up her skirt.

Ms. Debbie Tillman

“I’m only too happy to assist you, Debbie.  Don’t worry, I’ll see that Wanda gets the credit for the sale and also you’ll be getting her employee discount!” Davis advised.  He had walked with her and showed her the new line of heels and asked if there was any special occasion that she needed it for.

“Oh, yes, I’m so excited!  I’m getting married in June and just came from the bridal shop at the end of the mall.  So I’m looking for a pair of heels for my wedding!” Debbie replied.  She was too excited in her state of mind to notice the lingering touch of the black manager nor the peeks he was sneaking up her dress.

With Wanda tied up at the other end of the store, Davis got to chat and learn a lot of this young beauty, inquiring what occupation she was in and a bit about the upcoming wedding.  What he learned had put his devious mind into motion.

Innocently, Debbie relayed that she was about to graduate from the state university in a few weeks.  “I’ve lined up a job when the new school year starts in September.  I just hope I can find a summer job till then!” she advised.

“Well, Debbie, would you be interested in a summer job here?  Wanda recently told me she’d have to take off as she was having trouble being on he feet all day in her condition.  Appears the doctor wants her to get more rest with the baby coming.” Davis asked the now excited young bride-to-be.

Once the elderly woman was gone without making a purchase, Wanda rushed over to the checkout counter where her boss and Debbie were standing.  Just as she got there, Davis smiled and told her “Guess what, Wanda?  Since you’ll be taking off for your maternity, I’ve just found your replacement that I’m sure will able to take over all your functions!”  Wanda was speechless, wanting to warn her sister-in-law but what could she say without revealing her own shameful secret.  She knew her evil boss was not referring to the sales job functions, not with his fat paw grabbing her ass at the very moment.

“Here’s your white heels for your wedding Debbie!  It’s on the store, as I mentioned, since you’ve agreed to do the photo shoot on your first week.  Having a beautiful girl like you in her bridal gown will be an excellent ad to run for the store’s promotion.  You’ll be paid extra $200 for the photo shoot since we won’t need to hire a model nor rent a wedding gown.  Wanda did a couple photo shoots that turned out perfectly.  I’m sure yours will turn out perfectly too!” Davis told the excited beauty.

Wanda bit her lip in horror, learning now just how devious the son-of-a-bitch really was.  The bastard was intending to rape her innocent young sister-in-law when she modeled her bridal gown.  Debbie would certainly not be the innocent young bride when she walked down the aisle, not after the black bastard had his way with her.  She shuddered as she pictured the grotesque black pig lifting Debbie’s wedding gown up and could just hear his grunts when his fat body shook as it spewed its filth into her innocent body.

End of Story.