Naval Captain's Wife
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
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BD 107 Naval Captain's Wife

Mrs. Linda Green, now married for 3 months to the handsome Capt. Mark Green, a pilot with the U.S. Navy.  A chance meeting when Mark's aircraft carrier was in dock at the naval shipyard in Virginia when Linda was on a photo shoot to promote recruiting.  It was love at first sight upon their chance meeting.  At the age of 25, standing at 5'5" with long chestnut hair, her 35-23-34 figure had men's head's turning wherever she went.  She had lived in a small town in the midwest, leading a rather sheltered life as everyone knew each other in town.  Though she had been approached by an agency to do modeling jobs and every told her she was beautiful, she felt rather self-conscious when men would stop dead in their tracks to stare at her as she pass by.

A whirlwind romance and marriage to the man she fell in love with three months ago and now Linda had relocated from her apartment in Wichita and moved to be with Mark.  She had been so glad that she had resisted the many temptations, saving her virginity for the man she married.  It had made their wedding night that much more memorable.  Being with a national modeling agency, Linda took a leave to make the move, advising that she would report in to the nearest agency from where she would be living.  The agency was quite understanding and advised her to just call when she was ready for assignments.

The phone rang and Linda picked it up "Hi, Mom!  It's so nice to hear your voice again!  Yes!  Yes, I'm just fine!  How are you and Dad doing?  Oh, that's terrific!"  Listening to her Mom update her on things back home, she then added "Oh, everything is so different here in the east coast!  So different from our small town in Kansas!  Everyone here seems to be in a rush to get somewhere!  Gosh, its nerve wracking at times!"

Again listening on the phone, then Linda advised "Mom, can you believe how much my life has changed since I met Mark six months ago?  Thank goodness I didn't realize that I had dropped my sweater or I never would have met him!  Isn't life full of coincidences?  Now I'm the wife of Capt. Mark Green, a naval aviator!"  Pausing to listen to her mother, she again spoke "Well, the officer's quarters are very nice and there's a yard also.  I do hate it when he's away and I'm at home alone like today though!  The carrier is out a bit and the pilots are practicing both landings on the ground and the carrier right now.  I can't wait for him to get back tomorrow evening!"

"Hmmm, yes ……..yes!  I know Mom, I'll report into the agency soon and get some modeling assignment to keep busy!  First, I need to get the final boxes unpacked and everything put away!" she added.  Listening a bit, Linda added "Yes, I'm all dressed to go to my first officers' wife's club here on base, so hopefully I'll make some friends there.  One thing that's so different here on the base is the number of black men in the service!  Imagine, growing up in our small town, I hadn't seen a black person till I went to start modeling at 18!  Now they're everywhere here!  Last week I had quite a shock when I turned a corner in the commissary and nearly bumped into a tall black man!  I swear I was frozen to the spot as I looked up into his coal black face and couldn't move a muscle nor utter a sound!  Guess it'll just take time to get accustom to these changes!"

Hearing the front doorbell, Linda spoke "Mom, the doorbell just rung!  I've got to run now as it must be the plumber that the maintenance department was sending over to fix a leaking pipe!  Once that's done, then I'll be off to the luncheon!  Bye, Mom!  Love you!"

Wanting to make a good impression on her first luncheon with the officer's wives, Linda was dressed in a nice colorful blue dress and heels, eliminating  the need for nylons on this occasion.  Hurrying to the door as the doorbell rang again, she yelled out "Coming!  I'm coming!"  Opening the lock and turning the handle, she spoke to apologize for keeping him waiting "I'm so sor ……………………..!"

Standing at 6'5" and weighing 240 lbs, seaman apprentice Mike Jones smiled as he recognized the lovely beauty as the one who nearly had bumped into him at the commissary the other week.  He had been captivated by her beauty and would always remember how she had just froze to the spot as she looked up into his face, just as she was again doing at this instant.  Mike was familiar with this gaze from a woman, especially a white woman as she encountered a big black male who could easily dominate her.  His grin widened, looked down at the work order and spoke "Mrs. Linda Green?  Capt. Green's wife?  Seaman apprentice Mike Jones, ma'am!  I've been sent here to take care of your plumbing problems!  Why you're the pretty little lady that I nearly bumped into las week!  I'm so sorry to have frightened you!"

Linda also recognized the man and again she froze to the spot with her hand on the doorknob and her left hand grasped the edge of the door.  This grinning man was obviously very confident of himself, making her feel even that much weaker in the knees.  She opened her mouth to speak but not a sound was emitted as she began to pant for breath.  Her body began to tremble as she gripped the edge of the door even tighter to steady herself.

"Are you feeling okay, Mrs. Green?  Did I frighten you?  Don't worry, I won't hurt you!  I would never hurt a beautiful woman like you!" Mike advised.  Seeing her still speechless and frozen to the spot, he raised his hand up to hers on the door, softly caressing her hand, rubbing her diamond ring, then commenting "My, you have a beautiful diamond ring!  Such a sparkle to it!  See, I won't hurt ya!  Not a pretty little thing like you!  Oh, your hand is so soft and pretty!"

Finally, Linda snapped out of her dazed stupor as she immediately pulled hand away from his caressing touch.  Frightened, panting desperately for breath, Linda staggered a couple steps into the foyer.  A cold chill went throughout her body as the tall man took a step into her home.  She stepped back again, bumping up again the foyer table. Her hands went back to clutch at the tabletop, the man now looming even closer.  Suddenly she saw the door being swung shut behind the man, with him now only two feet away from her.  She could not move back any further, pinned and leaning up against the table, nearly atop of the table top till her back met the wall.

As a large hand came up to caress her upper left arm, Linda could only continue to pant in fear and looked towards the blank hand that was gently caressing her soft white skin.  The contrast of the black hand on her white flesh gave her such a wicked yet wonderful feeling, causing her to tremble.  Still, she had been unable to utter even a sound since opening the door and seeing this large dominating man standing at her front door.

"You've never had a black man touch your body before, have you, Mrs. Green?" he asked.  Seeing her bite down on her bottom lip, blinking back tears, then saw her shake her head 'no'.  "But you've dreamt about having a black man touching you, isn't that right, Mrs. Green?" Mike asked as his caresses lengthened along her arm.  Seeing her close her eyes and nod a 'yes', he then asked "You've always wondered what it would be to have a black cock up your twat, haven't you, Mrs. Green?"  With her eyes still closed, a sob racking her body, Mike observed another 'yes' nod of her lovely head.

With his left hand, Mike reached out to grasp her right hand and slowly drew it toward the big bulge in his pants.  He shivered with excitement upon the contact, taunting the beauty further "You've always wondered if the saying about black men being well endowed, haven't ya, Mrs. Green?"  As her left hand moved voluntarily to join the right, he then asked "Well, is that myth true really true, Mrs. Green?"  He smiled broadly as her head nodded a 'yes'!  As her hands were busy squeezing and tracing the length of his caged cock, Mike slid his hands under the hem of her dress to caress her soft creamy thighs.

Linda shivered with unwanted pleasure as the hands caressed the outside of her thighs under her dress.  She shuddered as she felt his thick fingers grasped the waistband of lacy panties.  Then her panties were being pulled down over her trim hips, pulled from under her butt, sliding between her thighs and the top of the foyer tabletop upon which she was now sitting.  Seconds later, once the silky panties cleared the tabletop they fluttered down her trim legs, briefly getting caught on her heels before falling to the floor.

"Ohhh, baby, it's ready to bust outta there!  You wanna handle the real thing, don't ya, sweetie?" he taunted, enjoying her look of apprehension on anticipation as she bit her bottom lip.  "Here, let me help ya, honey!" he said as he unbuckled his belt, then pushed his pants and jockeys over his hips to let them fall to the floor.  Smiling at the trembling young beauty, he unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off to display his muscular black body.

Staring down, Linda's eyes widened and her mouth dropped in awe of the throbbing black monstrosity before her.  Unconsciously, reaching out with her left hand, she gingerly made contact with the pulsating shaft.  It made for a totally awesome sight as her manicured fingers of her lily-white hand gripped the ebony shaft.  It was such a wicked sight in the way her diamond sparkled as she fisted another man's cock, a big black cock at that.

Never had Linda felt so powerful, so hot as it pulsating in her closed fist as she tried to encircle her finger around its thickness.  Then her right hand got in the act as she gripped him like a baseball bat, holding and jerking on it as if her life depended upon it.  Faster and faster she pumped, the pre-cum ooze from the tip of the cockhead now assisting her hands as they shucked at the thick stalk.

Sliding a hand over her soft creamy thigh, hand under the front of her dress, Mike's fingers came into contact with her soft curly bush.  Fingers exploring, he found what he was after, then rubbed his middle finger along her slick groove.  He smiled as he heard the sexy Capt.'s wife moan "Ohhhhhhhh!"  His middle finger dipped into her tight slit that brought out a loud "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Fucking her with his finger, he commented "Oh, Mrs. Green, I've found a leaky faucet that need plumbing!"  Withdrawing his finger from her twat and withdrawing his hand from under her dress, he pushed her dress up and over her hips, lifting her a bit so she now sat upon the edge of the tabletop.  "You've got the tool to fix your leaky faucet right in your hands, Mrs. Green!  Guide that tool to your leaky faucet, sweetie!" he advised.

Nervously looking down to guide the pulsing monstrosity toward her mushy slit, Linda shuddered as it brushed up against the entrance to her womanhood.  Feeling how big the thick cockhead was, fear set in as she realized just how much bigger this man was as compared to her loving husband.  "Please ………….I …………..I'm married!  I  ……I can't do this!  I can't cheat on my husband!"

"Oh, Goddddd ……………nooooooo ……………stop …………it won't fit!  Oh, God …………..its too biggggggggg!  No ………..noooo ………stop ………….it hurtssssss!" Linda begged.  "Nooooo!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out as the thick cock was brutally thrust into her resisting slit, stretching her open as never before.  "Stop …………..stop ………………you're tearing me open!  Oh, God ……………..its too biggggggggg!  Stoppppp!" she cried, trying to pushing him away with her hands on the front of his thrusting hips.

"Oh, baby!  Oh, so fuck'n tight!  Yeahhhhhhhhh!" Mike groaned at the fantastic feel of her tight little twat gripping him like a vice.  Gripping her hips tightly, he thrust into her, bring about a loud screech "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Then he began to fuck in and out of sexy beauty, thrusting in and out as her ass slid back and forth across the tabletop, burying his cock deep into the naval captain's beautiful bride.

The cock sliding in and out of her, rubbing up against her agitated clit, was enjoying the feel of such a proud animal in her.  Her hands had ceased trying to push this man from her but now instead began to clutch at his hips to pull him deeper into her.  "Oh, yes …………….yes ……………..fuck me ………….fuck me ………….fuck me hard!  So big ……… deep ……………….so goodddddd!  Yes …………..yes …………..shag me …………..shag me!"

Linda was delirious, the cock rubbing up against her sensitive clit was driving her crazy.  Fucking back at him, wrapping her legs around his pumping hips, she locked her heels around his back to draw him even deeper into her.  "Oh ………….so deeeeppp …………..oh …………..ohhhhh ………..I …………….I'm cumingggggggggggg!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as arched up, body shuddering in a mind-shattering orgasm.

With the beauty falling back limply against the foyer wall, Mike was desperately in need of releasing his pent-up cum.  "Oh, baby …………..oh, baby ……………get ready, baby!  Gonna cum …………….gonna cum ……………..gonna fill ya up with my hot nigga jizz!"

Hearing that snapped Linda out of her fucked out stupor, realizing that this man was going to soon spew his cum in her, something that Mark had never done.  Her husband had always taken the precaution of using protection as they wanted to enjoy married life together for awhile before starting a family.  Desperate to stop this, she again tried to push at his hips, begging "No …………no ……………please ……………you can't!  I'm not on the pill!  Please ……………..pull it out …………..pull it out …………..please!  No, please ……………you ………'ll get me pregnant!"

Mike just laughed at the little bitch's struggle and attempt to get him to pull out at this point.  There was just no way in hell that would happen as he shagged the now struggling bitch.  "Oh, baby ……………..ya got a 'real' man in ya now!  Ohhhhh, baby ……..gonna give you and the captain a little bundle of joy!  Ahhh, baby ……………gonna cum …………….gonna knock ya up good!  Ah …….ah …………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

What had just sent her skyrocketing to the moon and back now made her sob in shame.  Married for a mere three months and now she had broken the solemn vow that she had given her loving husband.  Now she was an adulteress, cheating on her husband right in their home, just moments after meeting the man at the front door.  "Oh, Goddddd!" she sobbed, turning towards the corner in shame as the dwindling cock slipped out of her well-fucked slit with a 'plop', oozing cum immediately followed to puddle on the tabletop.

Unable able to move her legs from being brutally split by the thick shaft, Linda could only lean against foyer table and wall, sobbing in shame for what she had just allow to take place in her home.  She shivered upon feeling the large hands at the back of her neck, pulling the zipper of her dress down her back.  A shudder coursed through her body as she felt the tension of her lacy black bra slacken around her breasts, knowing that the clip of her bra had been released.  She could put up no resistance as her dress and shoulder straps of her bra were slipped over her shoulders to fall onto the front of her upper arms.

Adjusting the limp beauty a bit, Mike slid the dress and bra over her arms, letting them fall to her waist.  Bracing her up with one hand, he used his other hand to brush her clothing down over her hips to puddle at her feet upon the foyer floor.  Then he held her soft asscheeks in the palm of his hands and carried the lovely beauty, clad only in her heels, through the living room toward towards the hallway.  "Okay, baby!  Let's go and get comfortable in hubby's bed!" he taunted as he carried her down the hallway.

"No ………, please …………….not there …………….anyplace but there!  Please …………….let's use the spare room here!" Linda pleaded.  She shuddered in shame as she had already broken the sacred vows just 3 months into the marriage.  But it felt even a worst sin to betray her loving husband on the very bed that the shared each night together.  Blinking back tears as the neared the master bedroom, she again pleaded "Please ……………please …………..let's use this other room!"

Carried into the bedroom that she shared with her loving husband, Linda sobbed at the bed that had earlier been made, the bed that she would now soil with a strange man.  Now she was placed on her feet but a foot from the side of the bed.  She looked down at her marital bed, the bed on which this strange man intended to bed her on.  Without any command or instruction, Linda stepped out of her black heels and rolled down her nylons.  Removing her garter belt, she then crawled up onto the center of the king-sized bed.

Unable to argue further, unable to refuse this domineering man, Linda resigned herself to the fact that she would entertain this stranger on her marital bed in a way that only a husband and wife should entertain each other.  About to turn over onto her back, Linda felt the strong hands suddenly upon her hips, holding her firmly in place.  Feeling the bed sag behind her, she shuddered in realizing that this man was intending to mate her like animals did.  She had heard of the term 'doggie' style from her friends and now she would experience being fucked in such a manner.

As the thick cockhead probed between her slick lips, Linda felt a shudder course through her body when it brush up against her swollen clit.   She took a deep breath, forgetting that she was on the bed that she shared with Mark, she begged "Ohhhhhhh …………..yes ……..yes …………oh, yes …………fuck me!  Oh, God ……………..fuck me ………fuck your big black cock in me!"

It was a wild coupling that Mike literally took the young beauty like a bitch in heat.  Holding on to her hips, he sliced his cock into her over and over again, enjoying the way she moaned and squealed as he fucked her.  Reaching around her thigh, his finger wandering finger sought out and found her sensitive jewel, hearing her coo as he fingered her clit.  The Green's marital bed shook and rattled as never before, thumping loudly against the bedroom wall as the lovely young wife got the shagging of her life.

Collapsed onto the middle of the bed, Linda was totally drained of emotion after the fucking of her young life.  From far away, she could sense her body being drawn up onto all fours, then felt him shuffling up behind her again.  "Ohhhhhhh, yessss!" she whimpered at the thought of having him possess her again in the doggie style and send her into outer space.  Feeling the thick cockhead again probed at her now well-fucked slit, she shuddered "Ohhhh, yesssssss ……….yessssssssssssss!"

Mike smiled in anticipation, being certain that the innocent young wife had never had a man in such a manner would scream like crazy when he buggered her.  He was going to enjoy making her scream her head off when he stuck it to her tight little ass.  Raising his cockhead up into position, rubbing at the entrance to her tight ass, he then decided to taunt her and see if she indeed had a cherry ass by asking "Ready to get your sweet little ass buggered, honey?"

"Huh ……………..ahhhhh ……….what ……………..noooooooooo!" came Linda's shuddering reaction upon feeling the prodding cockhead at the entrance to her virgin ass.  Her eyes bulged in fear as she pleaded "No ………….no …………..not there!  Please ……………..I …………I've never done that!"  With the strong hands holding her hips, Linda shivered in fear, pleading "Stop …………..stop ………….no ……………no ……………….not there!  Please ………….it's too big …………'ll kill me!  Please …………….please …………I've …………never ………..neverrrrrr!"


Linda's head snapped back as the thick cock was suddenly and brutally thrust himself into her.  Eyes bulging in disbelief, Linda screamed “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee …………..noooooooo …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………oh, Godddddddddd!”  The pain and horror of her degrading plight had sobbing "Please …………….please ………….stop ……….oh, God ……………it hurtttssssss!  Oh, God …………….stoppppppp!  It hurtsssssssssss!"

As sunlight broke there the windows the next morning, Linda found herself widespread upon the king-sized bed.  She looked to the side of the empty bed and then about the room to find that she was now alone.  Her visitor had departed sometime in the wee hours of the morning.  'How many times did he fuck me senseless last night?  Oh, God ……….I hope its not too late to douche!' she wondered.

After that eventful day, Linda found that things were not the same any more.  Making love with Mark was just not stimulating any more, especially viewing the fact that his penis was so much smaller than the one that had given her countless orgasms over a day's time.  Often Linda found herself sneaking out of bed following lovemaking with her husband, finding it necessary to go into the privacy of the master bath to bring herself off.  As she touched herself, she realized 'Damm, I need a 'real' man to fuck me!'

End of Story.