Needing a Nurse - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Needing a Nurse - 1’
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Over a year at Mercy Hospital, Ike Thompson’s notorious escapades against women were numerous, but only one of his vile rapes were ever reported.  As many studies have shown, rape victims are often too ashamed to have anyone know about their defilement, especially having to tell her husband that she and been violated and soiled a black rapist.  For the husband who was told of the rape, often he didn't want his wife to report it to the police as he was too embarrassed at the possibility of others knowing of his precious wife being raped and ‘ruined’ by a black bastard.  For Ike, he loved to think of the young white wife and maybe her husband worrying whether she had gotten knocked from the vicious rape.

Over the past year, he got to love his job as a groundskeeper and maintenance worker at Mercy Hospital.  Just making 39 years of age, Ike’s work was very good and he never missed a day of work, which earned him a promotion to that of maintaining the plants on each floor of the hospital as well as maintenance on the various floors.  The main reason for not missing a day’s work - Ike had a fetish for beautiful women in a nurse's uniform.  They looked so pure and innocent in their uniforms, giving him an immediate hardon when such a beauty came into his view.  Ike was not just content on looking at the lovely women that passed him by daily, but instead wanted action.  Thus, he anxiously arrived to work early, parking in the employee lot to observe the lovely angels as they arrived for their shift.

Ike had only one goal in life, that of possessing beautiful young women, and in particular beautiful young nurses ……………..married ones!  Popping of cherries were okay, but for Ike what he loved most was to defile their proud innocent and immaculate bodies, knowing he was taking another man's prized possession!  And Ike packed the perfect defiler on him each day, right between his legs - 12 long inches and 4 inches round of solid black muscle.  He loved to see the fear on the face of a beautiful young married nurse, especially when she viewed the monstrosity that would be used to ‘ruin’ her.

Always, with one or several potential targets on his list at any particular time, Ike would make note of their work schedules and many a time lay in wait for them to pass by on their normal route to their cars.  He studied their habits and routines, looking for a moment that would leave them vulnerable to him.  Having made his first successful conquest while still in his first month on the job, Ike began to stalk other unsuspecting nurses as the first rape had gone so well and unreported.  Having read up on rape statistics, Ike felt reassured in that the numbers were on his side upon seeing how small a percentage of the violent crime was ever reported.

Once Ike set his lusting eyes upon a lovely beauty, he would follow the beautiful nurse and begin making note of her routine and details of the car she drove.  His eyes would always select a young sexy beauty, imagining those white nylon covered legs wrapped around him.  He would fantasize of planting his wicked seed into the reluctant beauty, making her squirm in fear of the potential consequences from the potent seeding that would have her fertile womb awash in.  And now, with his recent promotion taking his job throughout and within the hospital itself, he no longer had to hope that the lovely beauty would pass him by chance, for now he could go on the prowl in the hospital.

Once he had added a potential prey to his list, Ike would spend weeks in observing the particular beauty, making note of her habits and routines.  Though the women were always careful to lock their car doors, if needed, Ike had one of the special levers used by towing companies and the police in opening car doors when locked.  Thus, whenever he desired, Ike could use this lever to gain entry into the unsuspecting beauty's car, which he often did even if the attack was not to be pulled off at that instant.  Just gaining entrance to the car of the unsuspecting beauty, it made him feel so powerful in knowing that he had gained entrance to her privacy.

To hear them scream was pure music to Ike’s ears, especially when the screams were brought about when he thrust his thick meat into their tight little pussies.  It gave him added pleasure in knowing that he just might leave the lovely beauty and her whiteboy with something to remember him by - a little black bastard!  Once his prize was captured, Ike had them handle his length piece of black meat in their soft pretty hands, making them quiver in fear.  He loved to hear them sob with fear, weeping and pleading with him to spare them of the indignity.

Often, Ike would have them jerk him off first, soiling their delicate hands and manicured fingers with a creamy load of his hot jizz.  And when he left the ‘raped and ruined’ bitch, Ike took pleasure in looking back to see the weeping beauty just lying there with her legs parted, and his thick cum oozing out of her widely stretched pussy.  Seeing his seed overflowing out of her raped cunny, Ike would be ecstatic at the thought that he might just have ‘knocked’ up some whiteboy’s beautiful trophy wife.

With this being his first month on his new job inside the hospital itself, Ike was ecstatic at the fabulous prospects that he had come across, having filled two full pages of his little black book.  And with two weeks having already gone by in the first month of April, Ike was biting at the bit and raring to go once again.  And with Easter coming up, a devious thought had filled his mind with a challenge doing something that he had never done before, causing Ike to chuckle to himself ‘Gotta make up for the past few weeks of going without!  I’m gonna make like the Easter bunny and bang a couple of beautiful bitches back-to-back this weekend!’

That first to be added to his list was a blonde beauty that he had once seen from afar in his prior job outside the hospital, one whom he had attempted to follow but had been too far at the time and she had disappeared when he had gotten to the lobby area at the entrance to where she had entered.  Now he had found her while checking the plants near the elevator on the 3rd floor of the East Wing.  The beautiful blonde nurse was assisting an elderly woman at the nurses’ station and Ike recognized her immediately.

Hanging around the 3rd floor, waiting for the elderly woman to leave, Ike boldly went up to the nurses’ station to introduce himself to the lovely beauty, advising that he was now handling the interior plants in the hospital and asked if there were any others for him to look after on the floor besides those by the elevators.  Getting an up close view of the lovely blonde beauty was one of his intentions but the main purpose was for Ike to get to read her name tag, one that read ‘Bonnie Stiles, R.N.’!  Now that he knew where exactly she worked, the shift she was currently on, Ike would get the other details needed to get the lovely beauty into his evil clutches.

Bonnie Stiles, a registered nurse at Mercy Hospital for the past five years, just loved her job of helping others in need of care.  At the age of 29, she was happily married to husband Herb of her own age, and enjoyed their two little girls of ages 4 and 3.  A trusting person, often too trusting as her husband told her, Bonnie smiled replied when the tall black fellow introduced himself to inquire if any other plants were needed caring for on her wing on the 3rd floor.

Thus, Bonnie mistook the leer of lust for one of friendliness, not realizing that Ike Thompson’s inquiry was just so that he could get an up close view of her as well as to get her name.  Little would Bonnie realize that she would be followed that afternoon and then on several other occasions, especially when she rotated to the afternoon shift that ended at 11 p.m. just the week before Easter, nor that she had been placed up right up on the #1 slot for a visit by the Easter Bunny.  Yes, indeed, for the Easter Bunny was quite a horny one and had every intention of fucking her like a jackrabbit ……………………..with Ike Thompson playing the Easter Bunny!

Getting off work at 11 p.m. that Saturday night, Bonnie walked with one of her coworkers to the parking lot as they would always do for safety precautions, chatting with her friend excitedly at the Easter egg hunt she was having at her home for her two children as well as a few neighborhood youngsters.  With her coworker having started her car and watching for her to enter her car safely, Bonnie opened the driver’s door and waved to her friend that all was fine, the signal for her coworker to go on.

But Bonnie would soon discover that all was not yet safe, even in the supposedly safety of her locked car.  Slipping into the driver’s seat, closing and locking her door, Bonnie was about to draw the seatbelt across her body when suddenly a large hand was being clamped her mouth and the strong intruder was pulling her out of the seat and over the console into the backseat of her car.  Her frantically kicking legs managed to push against the steering wheel a loud “Beeeeeeeeppppppppppppp!” sounded on the car horn.  Unfortunately, no one else was there or close enough to hear the beep of her car horn, and now Bonnie was terrified and trembling with absolute fear in the backseat of her car with the intruder.

With her mind on her children and the Easter egg hunt that next morning, Bonnie had neglected to carefully screen the backseat and floor area before entering her car.  Had she done so, even with her assailant clothed all in black, there would have been a chance for her to observe his large form crouching between the seats.  “I’s been waiting to wish ya a Happy Easter, Mrs. Stiles!  Ya gonna have an Easter egg hunt fer yer young ones, hmmm?  C’mon, I’s here to help ya learn how to search fer those hard to find eggs!” he advised while guiding her trim wrist and hand down to the top of his pants.

Hand being pushed down into the top of her assailant’s pants, Bonnie cringed upon making contact with his short kinky curls that were getting thicker the farther her fingers slid on down.  Bonnie shuddered at the horror at what she was being forced to do, realizing from the short kinky curls that her assailant was indeed a black male, knowing this from having washed male patients of various races when they were incapable of handling the task themselves.

Shivering as her fingertips bumped against the solid thick base of the stem, Bonnie trembled with disgust as her hand was pushed further down, forcing her fingers to move beneath the thick base in search for his male ‘eggs’.  Then her manicured fingertips made contact with the sticky ball sac and felt the movement of a testicle beneath the crinkled flesh, drawing out a moan “Oh, baby ………………..ah, yeahhhhhhh …………..that’s it ……………………….that’s it, ya gotta’em …………………….roll’em ………….roll those Easter eggs I's brung ya!”

Shuddering in disgust, afraid of the vile man hurting her as his hand squeezed upon her throat, Bonnie forced herself to handle the man’s large testicles as she rolled his ‘eggs’ in the palm of her hand.  Then her head was being turned toward the man as she was told to “Kiss me, bitch!  Gimme a kiss, ya beautiful little bitch!”  Trembling, forcing herself to obey, Bonnie quivered as the black bastard mashed his lips down upon hers and began to insert his thick tongue into her mouth.

Since dating her now husband, Bonnie had not kissed another man so intimately and never before had she touched a man other than her husband in such an intimate manner.  Then the hand at her throat began caressing her, turning downward with the thick fingers slipping into the opening of her white uniform.  Right nipple being thumbed and pinched, Bonnie had no choice but to follow the order that soon came to “Unzip me bitch!  Grab hold of a man’s cock and pull me out!”

Moments later, with her uniform and bra down at her waist baring her breasts, Bonnie found herself kneeling upon the floor of the backseat while being forced to do the unthinkable …………………….taking her assailant’s filthy black penis into her now no-longer virgin mouth!  She wanted to be sick, gurgling as the lengthy and thick penis pushed into her throat, threatening to cut off her ability to breathe as she clasped tightly at the base of the fleshy stem to keep from having more of the vile instrument forced down her throat.  Already she wanted to throw up as the fluid in her mouth became rather sticky from the leaking juices, causing Bonnie to wonder if the vile bastard intended on doing the unthinkable, that of finishing himself off in her mouth.

Minutes later, clutching at her stomach and wanting to be sick as her stomach churned from the vile slimy matter that had been ejaculated in her mouth that she had been forced to swallow, Bonnie’s mind was then a black as she was being positioned on the backseat of her car.  First in a seated position, her white pantyhose and lacy white panties were pulled down her trim hips and thighs to gather at her knees.  Pulled forward where her back rested on the backseat, her legs being obscenely spread as her legs were draped over the front driver and passenger seats at the far ends of each headrest.

Then her assailant’s head came up from beneath her widespread thighs in the gap between her panthose and bare crotch.  Her long blonde hair whipped from side-to-side as she gripped the front edge of the seat in desperation, pleading “Nooooooooooooo ……………….NO ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  Not only was this horrid assailant rubbing his filthy face into her sex, he was actually trying to insert his thick tongue into her vagina.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as the tongue inserted itself, then when it flicked against her clitoris, Bonnie  screamed “Oh, myyyyyyyyyyyy ……………………..Godddddddddddddddddddd!”

Ashamed and defeated in having involuntarily orgasmed in her attacker’s mouth, Bonnie had lost all fight and resistance at this point.  Nursing shoes pulled off and tossed to the front, her trim white legs were then bared completely as her pantyhose and panties were strip from her.  Now lying on the backseat, with her left leg positioned up upon the top of the front passenger seat and the right over the top of the backseat, her muscular attacker had her pinned down and was about to rape her.

“Please ………………..please …………………please don’t rape me!  Please …………I have a husband ……………………children!  Please ………………..I beg you!” Bonnie sobbed out in despair, shuddering as the thick head of the man’s penis was felt being rubbed up and down the opening of her vagina.  But to her utter dismay, the reply that came had her sobbing as she was told “I’s gonna breed ya bitch!  Gonna knock ya up real good!  Tell yer fuck’n whiteboy hubby what’s in the Easter basket tomorrow, heh, heh, heh!”

“Noooooooooooo …………………….stop …………………stop ………………it hurts ………………it hurts …………………’re too big ……………………you’re too big!” came the moan from the beautiful blonde wife as he stabbed forward, driving a good four solid inches into her ever-so-tight cunt.  Giving her a moment to compose herself some, Ike lunged again to drive another three full inches deeper, all while the beauty sobbed and cried.  Again and again he reared back to driver deeper and deeper, enjoying the cries of pain and humiliation from the raped beauty.

Unable to fight back against her much stronger assailant as he proceeded on raping her, the thought of the horrid consequences loomed large in Bonnie’s mind, causing her to plead “Please ……………….please pull it out!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee………………I don’t want to have your baby!”  But her pleas only seemed to have her attacker pounded his heavy body even harder and faster that ever, with his panting out “Gonna ‘knock ya up’ good, bitch!  Gonna fuck a little black bastard in that little tummy of yers!”

Nearly an hour later, sobbing as she lay curled up in the fetal position on the backseat of her car, Bonnie reached over to retrieve her torn uniform to cover her raped body.  Then grabbing her white pantyhose off the floor of the car, she used the garment to wipe the fuck juices glazing her thighs and to wipe up the gooey mess still oozing out from between her aching legs.  But even after wiping herself, it was quite obvious that she had been stretched for her widened cunny just would not close completely to keep the slime from continuously oozing out of her.

Bra and panties taken by her rapist, Bonnie clutched the torn uniform about her while carrying her nursing shoes up the steps leading from the garage to the kitchen.  She was thankful that her husband was already in bed and probably still up but watching television, as he normally would till she arrived home safely.  With her husband normally engrossed in the movie he’d be watching, Bonnie planned on slipping right into the master bath that was just off the entrance to the bedroom entrance.

Having accomplished this task, Bonnie called out “Sorry I’m late, honey!  There was a code just at the end of the shift and the emergency had everyone a bit late!”  “Okay, honey!  Movie’s boring so I’m going to go to sleep now!” came her husband’s reply.  Tears flowing from her eyes, Bonnie looked into the mirror to view all the purple splotches on her breasts, hickeys caused by the avid sucking and biting upon them by her vile rapist.  Preparing a potent douche to cleanse herself with, Bonnie could only pray that it was not already too late.

For Ike Thompson, back at home and in bed, he leafed through his black book as to who would the Easter Bunny pay a visit to that next day.  Having meticulously kept track off schedule changes of the rotating shifts, he planned on targeting another sexy babe that was on the afternoon shift which was scheduled to get off at 11 p.m., thus allowing him to pull it off in the darkness of night as a cover plus not having nearly as many people around as in the daytime hours.

The unfortunate beauty chosen by the Easter Bunny on that Easter Sunday was a mother of two little boys at the ages of 3 and 5.  For thirty year old Meredith Morris R.N., a loving and faithful wife to husband Hank during their seven years of marriage, she had experienced no other man intimately in her life and had never had any inclination at all to ever cheat on her loving husband.  For Meredith, life couldn’t get any better with a loving husband and family, along with a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood.

It was so much fun for Meredith and her family that Easter Sunday morning, with the children wanting her to hide the Easter eggs over and over again, with ‘daddy’ helping them find the eggs that ‘mommy’ had hid.  Easter baskets with candy and toys filled the day with fun and happiness for the Morris family.  But after a nice family lunch outdoors, it was time for mommy to put on her nurse’s uniform and go to work at Mercy Hospital.  With this being Easter, and working in the cheerful maternity ward, Meredith chose a colorful orange uniform top to go with her white slacks and shoes.

In the employees’ parking lot at Mercy Hospital, after having check the notes in his black book to see where the lovely Mrs. Meredith Morris normally would park her car, Ike Thompson watched and waited in anticipation.  Knowing from his notes as to the SUV she drove, there came the beauty’s car as it proceeded to turn into one of the empty spaces.  ‘Ah, yeah, fuck’n beautiful!’ he muttered to himself in seeing the lovely beauty with light brown hair exit her car while wearing white pants, her white nursing shoes, along with cheerful orange top that she had chosen for this day.

As she disappeared across the skyway to the hospital, Ike smiled as he started up his car to head on home and rest up for the big event he had in store for that night.  Headed on back to his place, there were a lot of questions filling Ike’s mind, mainly that of how he’d go about getting the unsuspecting beauty into his evil clutches and do his devilish deeds.  Never before going at it on a back-to-back basis, Ike certainly did not want it to be an exact replay of the night before, figuring that it would just not be exciting to follow a planned formula each time.

That night, hidden on the floor between the seat of the SUV that she drove, Ike had figured that this would again be the best venue of attack since the seats were gray and the floor black.  Having dressed all in black, hooded mask included, he had hoped it’d go smoothly like the night before so that he could fill this sweet little honey’s Easter basket with some chocolate ‘goodies’.  ‘Aw, baby ………………I’s sure as hell hope that ya’s like all them sweet chocolate goodies ………….cause I’s got a ‘big’ surprise wait fer ya ………………right here between my fuck’n legs!’ he mused.

Having followed the beauty home on several occasions, even driving by her home at times, Ike knew that she had two little boys after having observed her playing with them in the front yard.  Seeing her trim and flawless white legs as she was wearing a pair of shorts out in the yard that day, Ike could only imagine the pleasure to be obtained by burying his face between them and to feel her wrapping them around his humping black ass.  At night, he’d often dream of this succulent beauty with long light brown hair, skin so pure and ivory white …………………..wanting and needing to soil this lovely trophy wife that belonged to some whiteass punk!

Ike’s hope of nailing this beautiful bitch in the darkened parking lot, then making it out of there in his own car parked at the end, quickly fell apart.  He did get away in not being observed as she got into the SUV, but the lights shining from another vehicle indicated that her friend was making sure that she got out of the parking lot safely.  ‘Shit!’ he cussed to himself as the beauty started up the car and proceeded out of the stall while the lights from the other car continued to follow them out of the parking lot.  This sure put a kink into his plans for now he was without his escape vehicle, making him wonder how he should proceed from this point.

From his hiding place on the floor of the backseat, Ike looked up at the ceiling and kept seeing flickers of light from the car close behind.  Over five minutes went by with some stops taking place for traffic lights, Ike figured that they’d gone three miles or so, making it about half way to her home.  Another mile or so, then her friend in the car behind turned off on another street to proceed to her own destination.  Quietly raising himself up behind the driver’s seat, but careful not to make his presence known, it took him a moment or so to get his bearings.

Having followed her home a few times, Ike knew the route and realized that the ideal spot would be about a mile from her home where there was construction going on for the new subdivision being built, meaning no homes and hopefully no one around.  The ideal spot would be at the stop light where she’d turn towards her home, thus he hoped she’d hit the red light rather than him accosting her while driving and trying to get her pull over, making a car wreck all the more of a possibility.

As fortune would have it, for Ike Thompson anyway, Meredith slowed down and got into the left hand lane to turn left towards her home.  Though very little traffic at this location at present, the traffic light had been installed due to the number of homes being built that would make the traffic flow quite heavy in the near future.  With the light having changed just as she got to the intersection, it’d be over a minute for the light to change back, thus Meredith smiled as she reflected on the fun time she’d had with her children and husband earlier that morning.

Then for Meredith, it was a moment of paralyzing fear as a large hand had come around the car seat from her left to grasp her throat while a razor sharp switchblade was glistening at her right side.  Looking in the rear mirror, Meredith observed a black hooded face, then heard a male’s voice gruffly say “Turn left on the green light and pull on over off to the side of the road!”  “Please ………………..please ………………I have some money in my purse!  Please ………………..please take it and go!” she panted out in fear.

Forcing herself to obey when the light turned green and the gruff voice ordered “Turn, bitch!” Meredith prayed that she would not be hurt or killed.  Pulling over to the curb, then turning off the engine as her assailant told her, Meredith pleaded “Please ………………please don’t hurt me ………………….I have children ………………a husband!”  But to her dismay, Meredith got the gruff reply of “Slide yer driver’s seat back all the way, then git yer sweet white ass back here with me!”

“Please …………………..oh, please ………………….please don’t hurt meeeeeee!” she sobbed out as her attacker was using her stethoscope to bind her wrists together then up high to the plastic bar above the rear door for hanging clothes.  “Please …………take my money in the purse ………………..please, please don’t hurt me!” Meredith sobbed out in fear.  To her dismay, rough calloused hands slid up under her orange uniform top, sliding up over the bare skin of her belly and making their way up to her breasts.

“Please ………….please ………..please …………please ………….nooooooooooooo!” she cried out, her long brown hair frantically whipping from side to side as the calloused finger had reached the bottom edge of her bra and were trying to work their way under it.  Meredith then gritted her teeth as the man’s thick fingers were under her bra and searching for her sensitive nipples.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she moaned through her gritted teeth at the bastard toyed with her nipples, causing them to involuntarily respond to the touching.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………stopppppp ………………….pleaseeeeeeeeee!  Please let me go …………………..please let me go home!” the beautiful bitch sobbed as he deliberately caused her some pain by crudely twisting and pulling at her sensitive nipples.  “Please let me go home!” came her plea once again through her sobs, causing Ike’s devious mind to churn.  Withdrawing his hands from under her bra and blouse, Ike searched the pockets of her uniform top, finding a partial roll of hospital tape as he had expected.

With her mouth taped shut with the tape taken from her uniform, her assailant wound it around her head to keep it secure, then the attacker was getting into the driver’s seat.  Meredith saw him look back at her, snickering “Okay, Mrs. Morris ………………ya wanna go home …………..I’ll take ya on home!”  ‘He knows my name!  And from what he just said, he knows where I live!’ Meredith trembled.  And with this man having broken into her car at the hospital’s parking lot, she realized that had must have been stalking and planning her abduction for some time.

SUV parked in the driveway of her home, Meredith looked over her head through the side window of the backseat to see the light on in the master bedroom where her husband sat watching the late news till she got home safely.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh ………………mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came her muffled cries as she tried to yell out for help.  Her husband, the safety of her home, both so nearby but yet she could not reach them as her attacker was now again in the backseat with her.

“Mmmmmmmmfffffffff ………………..mmmmmmmfffff ……………….nnnnnnnnnn ……………..nnnnnnnnnn!” Meredith sobbed through the tape as her assailant had pushed her orange uniform top and bra up over her breasts and slobbering all over them.  Trying to keep herself firmly down upon the seat, she fought to keep from having her white uniform slacks from being pulled down over her hips as the bastard had unzipped them and also had his thumbs inserted in the waistband of her panties.

White uniform slacks and lacy white panties now bunched around her ankles, Meredith felt her nursing shoes being pulled off and tossed to the front of the SUV.  Then the garments were being stripped off her bare feet.  Legs forced to spread wide apart, the hooded assailant now had his head between her thighs and was in the process of pulling off his black hood.  Hood off, but with her attacker’s head facing downward, Meredith could not recognize him nor be able to identify him to the police later.

In the darkness of the backseat, all Meredith could make out was the dark blob of the back of his head between her white thighs.  Feeling the kinky hair rubbing up against her inner thighs, Meredith shuddered upon realizing that her attack was black.  “Nnnnnnnnn …………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came her muffled cries as the sick bastard was nuzzling face up into her sex and the it got even worst upon feeling his tongue actually trying to insert itself into her vagina.

Head tossed back in anguish, Meredith frantically kicked her barefeet up against the other door, hearing the vile slurping sounds from between her thighs but the worst was feeling that awful tongue wiggling about inside of her.  Shivering, looking back out of the side window, Meredith could only think of her loving husband so nearby as this man proceeded to eat her out.  “Ahhhhhhhh …………ahhhhhhh ………………nnnnnnnnn!” she cried out, quivering uncontrollably as her body betrayed her, orgasming right in the sick bastard’s slurping mouth.

Sobbing against the tape with her arms firmly secured above to the car, Meredith could not believe that she would be raped right in the driveway of her own home.  But with her attacker donning back his hood so she did not see him, Meredith could only watch in horror as she made out the man stripping off his dark clothing.  Then he was insinuating his dark muscular body between her white legs, creating quite a contrast for this the upcoming and unwanted mating with his man.

Shutting her eyes tightly, trying to prepare for the worst, Meredith could not stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks upon feeling the thick blunt instrument rubbing up against her slit as it pushed forward to gain entrance to where no man other than her loving husband had been nor where any other man was allowed.  Making it even worst than imaginable was the taunting that came “Gonna fill yer Easter basket up with some sweet chocolate, sweetie!  Hey, maybe later ya can go on upstairs and share what I’s gonna give ya with hubby, huh!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………….nooooooooooo …………………….Gdddddddddddddddddddd” came Meredith’s muffled shriek of pain as her rapist brutally shoved himself up into her.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she grimaced as the black bastard withdrew some, only ram himself hard and deep into her agonized body.  Again, and yet again, the vile rape continued as Meredith found herself being penetrated far deeper than ever before.  Not only deeper but this rapist was built so much more powerfully than her husband, nearly double the thickness of manhood meat was stretching her at the moment.

Humping in and out of the beautiful bitch, this was one sweet fuck for Ike in seeing the lovely wife looking up at the lighted window in hopes that her husband would come to her aid.  Going at it like a jackrabbit at this point, Ike licked at her ear, taunting her with “Gonna breed ya now, Mrs. Morris!  Gonna give ya another little kiddie!”  Laughing as he fucked the whimpering bitch, he added “Nine months from now, ya’s can work all the way up to yer due date!  When the time comes, ya can stop being a nurse up in the maternity ward and jist hop in one of the beds there!”

Sniffling as she finally managed to stretch the rubber tubes of her stethoscope that bound her wrists, Meredith pulled down her bra and uniform top that had been bunched up around her neck.  Grabbing her uniform slacks from the floor, she lifted one aching leg after the other to slip into them, minus her panties that the rapist had made off with as a souvenir of his vile caper.  Getting into the driver’s seat, she then opened the garage door and drove the SUV up into her spot.  Recalling the last comments made before her rapist departed, after he made her lick his spent penis clean and having her use her feet to bring him off one last time, Meredith shivered at the words “Hey, sweetie, if’n yer planning to douche and don’t have one, jist git hubby to lick my cum outta yer snatch!”

Having worked in various departments in the hospital before deciding the maternity ward was more of what she wanted, Meredith had seen the procedures that rape victims go through at the hospital.  There would be the police report, the needed examination in the ER where she’d have to put her feet in the stirrups so they could examine her raped vagina, even searching for any pubic hair left behind by the rapist.  And with her rapist being black, they’d be looking for his kinky black curls.  With her being an employee of the hospital, word would spread like wildfire through the entire hospital, with all her coworkers knowing about it in a day’s time.

Picking up her nursing shoes from the front passenger’s floor, Meredith carried them and placed them in the shoe rack that was adjacent to the entrance to the kitchen from the garage.  Slowly she went up the stairs, wondering if her husband would see her disheveled state and whether she should tell him of the vile rape or not that had just occurred in their driveway.  Meredith breathed a sigh of relief in seeing that her husband had dozed off while watching the news.  Slipping into the master bath, she needed to douche quickly in hopes of preventing a pregnancy and then to take a long hot shower, knowing that she’d be washing away all the evidence needed to report the rape.

End of Story.