Newscaster’s Nightmare – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Ms. Lori Waters
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This is a fictional story intended for the use of Adults only!

Every evening, Bruno Williams couldn’t wait to watch the 10 o’clock news on Channel 7, not that he was interested in the news.  It was just that he couldn’t keep his eyes off the beautiful news anchor, couldn’t keep his cock from twitching in his pants, with the newscast serving as free entertainment for his sexual fantasies.  This was his ritual every evening since he first observed the beauty on television, with tonight being no exception as he sat to watch the lovely Ms. Lori Waters.  As the news began, Bruno licked his lips in seeing the beautiful newscaster appear, looking so beautiful and elegant as always.  Bruno had to ease the pressure building in his pants and pulled down his zipper, unleashing his 13” black cock into the open air.  This evening would be no exception to his jerking off while wishing he could somehow get into the panties of the lovely Lori Waters.  He guessed she was about 28 years of age with beautiful dark brown hair and flawless white complexion. 

As she always appeared behind the counter, Bruno could only guess that the beauty was about 5’4” in height, weighing about a 115 lbs., wishing that he could get a glimpse of her long sexy white legs.  Just before the sports came on, Bruno got next to the TV and let loose a stream of cum that hit the screen.  He watched his thick cum ooze down the screen, as if it was really plastered in Lori’s dark brown hair and dripping down her beautiful white face.  This always eased the built up lust in his loins and allowed him to sleep at night.  The sports ended, bringing the wrap-up of the news.  One of the other newscasters mentioned that Lori was sporting a new piece of jewelry tonight, as the TV’s focus moved in for a close-up of Lori’s petite left hand for a view of her engagement ring.  Bruno’s mouth dropped open in shock as the screen now showed Lori blushing a bit with the announcement of her engagement over the news. 

When asked about the wedding, Lori indicated it would take place in about six months and that she was so happy to be spending the rest of her life with the man she loved.  Bruno was pissed and slammed the off switch to shut off the tube, for he had always made believe the beautiful newscaster was his private possession.  And now it felt as if she insulted him personally by announcing her engagement to everyone over the news, making Bruno determined that no white punk would take her from him, but should that white punk succeed .......................he'd only be getting some soiled goods!  Bruno made a promise to himself that he was going to get into that beauty’s panties within six months .........................somewhere/somehow ............................before the big wedding day!  'You can bet on that!' Bruno mentally told the world, and he was willing bet his last buck that the prim and proper Ms. Lori Waters was indeed still a virgin.  With the image of the beautiful Lori Waters in mind, Bruno's cock pushed up against the front of his jeans as he told himself 'I'm gonna to pluck that sweet little cherry she's got between those sexy legs of hers!'

Bruno Williams

Over the next month, Bruno drove every evening to where the news station was located and parked in the lot adjacent to the news building, bringing with him a small portable television so he wouldn’t miss seeing the woman of his dreams.  The news crew always left about a half hour after the news ended, and a few minutes later he'd watch the lovely newscaster get into her new BMW.  With the routine in hand, one that did not waiver, Bruno easily followed her home to a rather luxurious apartment complex.  During the day, several times the next couple of weeks, he scouted out the building and easily got to learn as to which unit the beauty lived in.  Having burglarized a number of places, Bruno knew it would be easy for him to gain access to the unit, and found that his prey normally went directly home during the weekdays.  On Friday evenings, the beautiful brunette would meet her fiance for cocktails after work, and thus Bruno concluded that he would have to strike during a weekday when she went straight home.

On the eventful Tuesday that Bruno intended to strike, he parked his car across the apartment complex, waiting patiently till he observed the beauty walking to her car and leave for work.  With Bruno wearing his phony electrical repairman’s uniform and easily got to Lori’s unit, and with no one around it was a snap to gain entry to the one bedroom unit.  Just as he expected of the lovely beauty, the unit was neatly kept with everything in its place, then he proceeded to where the beauty slept at night.   Making his way to the beauty’s bedroom, Bruno licked his lips in anticipation, with his cock beginning to pulse and grow to where the front of his jeans was about to bust at the seams.  Throughout the evening, Bruno went about the entire apartment, spending most of his time feeling the silky panties and bras.  As 10 o’clock came, Bruno turned on the TV in the bedroom to watch his prey.  He undressed and sat on the bed, sniffing at the lime green panties he had retrieved from the bathroom hamper.  It served to ease his tension as he had inhaled her fragrance and then wrapped it around his leaking rod, and just as the sexy newscaster said good night to the audience Bruno unloaded a huge gooey load into the tiny crotch area.

Just after midnight, the key was inserted in the front door as Lori arrived home, feeling secure as she was now in the privacy of her own home.  Entering her bedroom and removed her blue blazer, she kicked off her navy blue heels, then her eyes focused upon the rumpled green panties at the edge of the bed.  She thought it odd as she could have sworn that she had put it in the hamper earlier that day after showering and dressing to leave for work.  She over to grasp with her right hand and immediately cringed while dropping the silky garment, shivering with disgust as she looked at gooey fluid soiling her trim fingers.  Lori was horrified, realizing someone had broken in and actually masturbated in her panties, then it struck her that the intruder could still be in her house!  Lori turned back towards the bedroom door to make a run for it but a muscular black man had exited the closet and now blocked her way.  She couldn't believe the sight of the intruder, 6’5"+ and 300+ pounds with big coal black arms and a very thick chest.  Her eyes dropped and she saw his bared manhood, his long filthy black cock, which was jutting straight out at her and looked to be over 12" long.   Lori opened her mouth to scream but the big intruder was right upon her, his big hand clamped tightly over her mouth and muffling her screams.

Bruno laughed aloud as the young bride-to-be struggled uselessly in his enveloping black arms, enjoying the feel of her squirming and struggled as she tried desperately to get out of his grasp.  Then Bruno snuggled up close and rubbed his naked body against the beauty's petite body, managing to control her with one arm wrapped around her, then he used his free hand to shred her blouse and skirt from her.  With the sobbing beauty now clad only in her matching blue bra and panties, along with her navy blue pantyhose, Bruno lifted the petite beauty up till her crotch was just above the level of his throbbing black boner.  He rolled onto his back with the frightened young virgin lying on him so that she could observe the 5" sticking out beyond the width of her body.  He saw her glance downward, felt her body tremble with fear upon seeing the pulsating bulb of his cockhead oozing goo out off its pisshole.  Bruno then rolled back over and began to strip the lovely beauty of the rest of her clothing, easily snapping her lacy bra and then shredding her pantyhose. 

Chuckling with delight, Bruno then snickered "I'm going to take on the task of helping your fiance break in his little precious bride-to-be!" as he proceeded to strip off the remnants of her pantyhose.  Now the beautiful bride-to-be was totally exposed to his eyes, only his eyes to feast upon the lovely beauty as not even her fiance had been allowed this pleasure as of yet.  Like a spider seeing that a fly had been caught in its web, his muscular black body moved quickly to claim its succulent victim, intending to devour the tasty prey.  What a contrasting sight of black and white it made, with Bruno ebony black body totally enveloping the petite white body of the lovely newscaster, her trim white arms and legs flailing about as she desperately tried to free herself from her attacker.  But her escape was not to be as the young beauty was completely outmatched against her bigger and much stronger assailant, and now hands were roaming about her body ..................touching and groping at her. 

Bruno cupped her tits and leaned over her to suck them, pushing her onto the bed as he fell upon her petite body, totally knocking the wind from her.  As he did, his cock slid upon her smooth skin and came to rest upon her left thigh, growing and expanding more due to its excitement.  Bruno began kissing her face, licking and biting every inch of skin, nibbling at her ears before licking his way down her neck.  Licking his way back over her small but firm titties, he teased each nipple till it stiffened to erectness, then made his way down her belly as she feebly kept striking at him with her arms and legs.  Bruno enjoyed it even more when a beauty like this fought him, for such made it even more pleasurable when his pulsating cock made her scream bloody murder.  Bruno's hands then worked their way down her shapely legs, and as he beauty was both exhausted and paralyzed with fear, he proceeded to lick his way down her soft petite body.  Harboring a foot fetish, Bruno couldn’t resist the beauty's soft pretty feet, enjoying the pleasure of getting to lick and suck each of her toes into his mouth.  After getting to rub his face against her soft pink soles, Bruno proceeded to lick his way back up her calves to her thighs, painting them with his saliva.  Shuffling into position, he then grasped both feet, wrapping her soft soles around his throbbing cock, that now was oozing slick precum juices from its tip.  Spreading her legs wide, exposing her womanhood to his view, Bruno dove in head first while sticking out his tongue.

Lori's entire body jerked as her vile assailant's thick tongue snaked up into her, licking and lapping at her sex, causing her to juice and leak from her invaded slit.  It was like having a pig at the trough in the way this black bastard was greedily going at her pussy, licking at her sex, then running his tongue through her pubic hair.  Lori was horrified at the feel of his hot mouth on her, quivering in horror as the feel of his snakelike tongue working its way up into her slit, gasping as she tried desperately to keep from juicing into the bastard's mouth.  No one had ever touched her own there before, much less putting his vile face to her private parts, much less having his tongue wiggling up in her slit.  All Lori could do was sob and moan "No ……...………stop ...........................…. please stop!  Please …................………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee, no …..............………I ………..............… I’m a virgin!  I ………..................…I just got engaged ……..........…….I …..................…..I'm going to get married!  Please stop ………............….pleaseeeeeee ...........................pleaseeeeee don’t rape me!"  Suddenly, Lori’s petite body arched up into into her assailant’s slobbering mouth.  “Ohhhhhhh ....…………......…oh, God .......................oh, my Goddddddddd ………...................nooooooooooooo ...........................................…..noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Lori moaned, not knowing as to why as she had never experienced an orgasm ever before.  Bruno slid on up the sobbing beauty's body and mounted her, rubbing his thick cockhead into her moistening slit, telling her “Baby, this is why I’m here!  You’re my girl and I’m not letting some white punk be the one to pluck your cherry!  It’s mine ...............MINE!”

He positioned his cock at the opening of her cunt and yanked back on her dark brown hair to force her face up to his and kissed her deeply on the mouth.  Bruno saw the sudden horror in her beautiful eyes, such being due to that slimy feel and foreign taste that he was transferring into her mouth, for she had come to realize that she was tasting her own pussy juice her body's shuddering indicated that she wanted to vomit.  Bruno thrust his hips forward some, just enough to penetrate her tight pussy a couple of inches, the wetness from the tongue bath did help to allow him to get that far.  As the pain was unbearable for the beauty, his mouth over hers muffled her loud gasp and subsequent scream of pain and fear.  Bruno then let out a grunt, grasping her trim hips firmly with both hands, he reared back and sliced on forward to now penetrate some three inches into the virginal slit. “Mmmmmmmmmfffffff ...........................................mmmmmmmmmffffffffffffffffff ......................................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” came the muffled screams as Bruno's bloated cockhead bumped up against the tight resistance of the beauty’s prized cherry.  Bruno then lifted his hand that had been tightly clamped over her mouth, as now he wanted to hear the beauty screaming when he went and busted her precious little cherry, then he put all his weight behind him as he slammed forward with all his might ........................his thick cock broke through all the resistance, slicing right on through, destroying her virginity that she had intending to save till her wedding night! 

“Arrgghhhhh ......……................……..aeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii ..............................nooooooooooooooooo .................................nooooooooooooooooooo .....................................oh, nooooooooooooooooo!” came the shrill cries from the distraught beauty.  Glancing down between their joined bodies as he slowly drew back his bloodied boner, Bruno smiled in seeing the damage he had done, chuckling out loudly "Busted it, sweetie .............................ohh, bleed, baby .......................bleed!"  Rearing on back, Bruno then slammed forward once and then again ...........................brutally destroying any remnants of of the beauty's prized maidenhead, gloating with pride as he taunted her with "Think that punk yer gitting married to is still gonna wanna put his little prick in ya if'n he find's out that a black bastard beat him to it, huh?  Ya go and report this to the cops and that punk will surely learn how his purty bride-to-be got herself 'ruined'!  That whiteboy ain't gonna be looking at ya as a trophy wife no more .......................not when he finds out a black dick got it all tarnished!"   The screams and sobs had now turned to outright bawling as Bruno continued raping her on her own bed, his big cock hurting her badly as sliced deeply into her bleeding slit, rocking her back and forth with the force of his lengthy strokes that resulted in a large round red stain beneath her buttocks.

Bruno licked up the side of the beauty's face as he continued to relentlessly fuck her with long deep strokes, laughingly tormenting her with “Ohhhh, baby, the little white bride-to-be just got ‘ruined’ by a nigger cock!”  She was helpless, mewling in pain and humiliation, twisting about as she desperately tried to get away from the impaling black prong.  Even when she turned her face away from him, he simply rammed his tongue into her ear.  He was consuming her completely, violating her on her own bed.  The bed that she and her husband had planned take with them to the new home, to share following their wedding and honeymoon. Bruno slowly withdrew his pulsing black cock till only the plum like head remained captured.  He held the beauty’s arms over her head as he lifted up some to gaze at his cock.  He smiled with triumph as he saw his long black cock coated with virgin blood. With one hand behind the sobbing beauty’s head, he lifted her head up so see could also see his proud manhood that was coated in her bright red virginal blood.

     After about ten minutes of being repeatedly being brutally fucked, Lori felt Bruno's body tense and she knew he was going to cum.  Bruno shoved into Lori one last time, fitting every inch into her.  He suddenly jerked wildly on top of her.  Fear showed in Lori’s eyes “No, no …………please …...............…….please don’t …….............……I …….............… I’ll get pregnant!  No …………............……no …………...........…..please ……….............…….pull it out ..............................pull it out of meeeeeeee!” she pleaded.  With a loud moan, he came.  Lori felt his cock explode inside her, pouring sperm into her like a firehose.  He came wave after wave, his cum mixed with her cherry juice spilling out of her cunt and down her ass, finally pooling onto the bed between her legs.

     Lori sobbed heavily as the heavy black body lay upon her.  She felt so ashamed, first for losing her virginity to a black but more so the way in which her body had responded on its own.  As she was being blasted by his hot baby making goo, "Ahhhhhhhh ……..................Goddddddd ................……….oh, Godddddddddd!" Lori screamed loudly.  But the reason she had screamed was instead due to the unexpected and unwanted orgasm that hit her again.  She had responded by wrapping her trim white arms around his black shoulders and her long white legs around the pumping black ass.  She had also arched up to meet her rapist’s thrusts, as he spurted his hot baby-making goo deep into her fertile womb.  She was ashamed of herself for having responded in such a manner.

     Three hours later, Bruno was finally done.  Having seeded the prim and proper newscaster four times, he had spent all his pent-up lust for the beauty.  Bruno lay on Lori for a few minutes, feeling her breathe and listening to her cry in shame.  When he pulled his drooling baby maker out, he smiled as the young white beauty curled up into the fetal position.  He has stolen her prized treasure that was meant for her fiancé.  He dressed slowly, still looking her over, pleased with the sight of her lily white body soiled with his cum as she lay on her blood stained sheets.  Lori was the most beautiful woman he had ever had.  He took Lori's silk panties and stuffed them in his pocket as a souvenir. He leaned over the trembling beauty to taunt her “Hope you can explain to hubby what happened to your precious cherry!  What would he say if he knew you were ‘ruined’ by a black nigger like me!  And to top it off, you were hot as a roman candle when you came on my black cock!  See if he can bring you off like that!”  He then left the sobbing beauty to herself, locking the door behind him as he left.

The news broadcast the next night was without the star anchor, with the temporary replacement announcing that Lori was out ill and anticipated back soon.  Thursday evening brought the same announcement.  On Friday, the replacement announced that Lori was starting to feel better and would return at the start of next week.  The next Monday, Bruno anxiously awaited the return of the lovely newscaster.  Lori was obviously not her true buoyant self, looking pale and at times stumbling over her lines.  But, as the days went on, the lovely newscaster resumed her composure and her excellent ratings.

Five months later, the weekend anchor announced the wedding of the lovely Ms. Lori Waters to a Mr. Tom Stevens.  The TV camera went to a live shot of the wedding, held at a posh country club, where the majority of the channel’s staff were celebrating with the bride and groom.  The TV moved in for a close up of the radiant bride in her beautiful white wedding gown as the female news reporter covering the wedding advised "The bride looks so radiant on her treasured day!  Doesn't Lori look so sweet and wholesome, so beautiful in her wedding gown!"  Bruno laughed at what the news reporter's comments.  Then a shot of the bride and groom together but the groom appeared to be feeling the effects of alcohol.  Bruno smiled, figuring that the bride probably encouraged her new husband to drink on this very special occasion.  A means of the new bride to deceive her husband from learning the truth, that his prim and proper bride was not in fact a virgin.  Bruno yelled at the TV set "You asshole!  Guess who copped your beautiful bride's precious cherry?  You're gonna be putting your little white dick in 'ruined' goods, punk!"

Photo of the new Mrs. Lori Stevens

As the weekend news anchor wished the newlyweds congratulations, she added that the couple would be going on a cruise for 10 days, then return to their new home in the Linnwood suburb.  Bruno quickly made a note of the location in hopes of finding it, hoping that he could somehow give the bride a welcome home surprise.  The next day, Bruno drove out to the suburb mentioned and found there were only two new developments in the general area and both developments were small but set beautifully in a heavily wooded area.  He called the operator and asked if there was a new listing for a Tom Stevens in the Linnwood area, keeping his fingers crossed that it hadn't been put on the 'unlisted' category for privacy.  Bruno lucked out as the number had not been put 'unlisted' and thus he managed to obtain both the address and phone number.  He then drove out to see the new home, a beautiful two story home with lots of spacing between other houses in the neighborhood, making notes of potential points of entry.

The next week, Bruno drove by twice hoping to seen the return of the newlyweds but to no avail, indicating that the bride and groom were still on their honeymoon trip.  On Wednesday evening, he saw a light on in the house, indicating that the honeymoon couple had finally returned from their cruise.  To avoid suspicion, Bruno drove his pickup that had a phony sign on, giving the appearance that he was mere a yardman servicing some nearby properties.  To even create an alibi should the police stop him to check him out, Bruno had physically walked about one street and going door to door asking if they needed any yard work done, though he really was not interested in doing any.  That way no one would think it odd that a burly black would be in this upper class subdivision, and to make it look good, he had the handle of a lawn mower showing along with various brooms and rakes.

Bruno drove out to the subdivision again early the next morning, just hoping to get a glance at the lovely new bride, but luck was shining upon him on this day.  The timing was just perfect as he observed the front door opening as he just had passed by the residence, looked in his side mirror to see the punk hubby lean back to kiss his wife goodbye, got to see the lovely beauty standing in the doorway.  Winding down the window, he overheard the husband yell out “Be back from work about 6:30, honey!”, indicating that the punk was going back to work already and leaving his precious little bride all alone in their new home.  As soon as the punk's car was out of the driveway and out of sight, Bruno grabbed a rake and weed wacker, then proceeded to cross the street and stroll up the driveway of the newlywed's home.  Once at the front door, the yard equipment were tossed behind the shrubs, Bruno rang the doorbell and stood away from the peephole.

Lori was dressed in a robe, having gotten up to make breakfast for her loving husband, planning on going back to bed for an hour when she heard the doorbell ring.  It was too early for neighbors and she hadn’t met any of them yet, thus she merely assumed that her husband had forgotten something important.  Not thinking, Lori carelessly opened the door without looking who was there through the peephole nor call out from behind the door.  She gave a startled cry and tried to slam the door shut when she saw who it was a the front door when he suddenly appeared from the side when she looked for who was there.  But her attacker moved very quickly, grabbing her by the arm and clamping a huge black hand over her mouth, causing Lori's heart to pound in her chest with fear.  The rapist who had attacker her earlier, robbed her of her virginity, had now come calling once again ...................this time to her new home ...............the home that she shared with her husband. 

Bruno kicked the door shut, wrapping his left arm around the beauty’s trim waist, clamping his right hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming for help.  Bruno smiled as the newlywed fought with all her might, loved the fight she put up, her arms and legs flailing about, trying desperately to get away to get away from him.  Bruno easily carried the sobbing and trembling wife up the stairs, headed to the double doors that indicated the location of the master bedroom, then he taunted her “Since I's didn't go and knock ya up the last time, I’s gonna do it today .....................this time I's gonna breed you right on hubby’s bed today!”  The unmade bed was now occupied again, but the young white wife was not with her loving husband, about to be raped once again by the same bastard who had attacked her six months prior.  The black intruder kept his hand on her mouth and easily stripped off her robe and with one yank tore off her flimsy peach panties.  “This is a nice big bed ya's got here, Mrs. Stevens! Nice and firm  .....................good fer us to fuck on, sweetie!” Bruno commented while testing the bed's firmness.

It was indeed a new bed, as Lori immediately threw out the bed from her other unit, not wanting any memories as to what had taken place on it.  Lori cried as the thick calloused fingers began to caress her pink nipples, feeling them harden from the unwanted stimulation, not wanting to feel any unwanted pleasure being derived from this horrid bastard.  “I’ve been waiting for you to get back from your cruise Mrs. Stevens!” the bastard whispered while nuzzling at her ear.  Then the bastard tauntingly asked “Did hubby discover that his lovely bride was not the sweet innocent virgin that he had expected?  That he didn't git himself no trophy wife to put up on the mantle, huh?  Does he know that a big black dick beat him to it and permanently went and soiled his trophy?” “Answer me!” the bastard demanded of her, causing Lori to sob in shame as she slowly shook her head 'No' in response.  “Did hubby make you cum like I did?” she was quizzed, to which Lori refused to answer but her sobs gave away the truth that her husband had not done so. 

For Lori, the honeymoon cruise had indeed been quite romantic, but her inexperienced husband was just way too anxious each time.  Whenever they had gone to bed to make love, her husband was very quick on the draw, always spurting his load quickly without bringing her anywhere close to having an orgasms.  The entire honeymoon was such a disappointment as Lori had expected the man she loved would take her far past the orgasms she had reached with her rapist, leaving her quite frustrated and in need of some sexual relief.  After the first three days on the cruise, with her husband’s feeble attempts at lovemaking, Lori had closed her eyes and pretended that she was savagely being raped as that seemed to give her added stimulation and excitement.  So desperate was Lori that she discovered the advantage of having a hairbrush with a round rubber handle, for a little oil rubbed on it gave it a second purpose ............acting as a dildo to get herself off on it. 

Throughout the day, the newlyweds brand new king-sized bed passed the test as it did stand up to its first true test, surviving the constant pounding and bouncing of bodies upon it.  The headboard continuously pounded itself against he bedroom wall, threatening to break through it at times, with a couple small indentations being made into the drywall.  Five tremendous loads of hot baby goo got deposited deep up in the bride’s fertile womb, with each time the bride biting into her attacker’s shoulder as her trim white legs tied itself around his twitching black ass, humping back at her attacker to drain him completely into her.  Later, it was her husband’s pillow serving to muffle her screams when her virgin ass was penetrated, sodomized to the point where she could barely move her legs.  The day ended with the young newlywed gagging and coughing after being forced to suck at her rapist's oozing black cock, doing so until it eventually erupted into her mouth, at which she placed a hand over her belly to keep from throwing up.

In the late afternoon, Bruno looked down at the beautiful newlywed as she lay lewdly spread on her marriage bed, sobbing slightly with an arm pulled over her eyes. Her slim white thighs splotched with dried white stains and her pubic hair matted in a mushy goo.   Bruno slowly got dressed, totally exhausted from the days events.  Then he sat on the edge of the bed, leaned over to softly kiss the sobbing beauty.  Then he whispered in her ear “Think your hubby will ever bring you off like I did, Mrs. Stevens?” Slowly, Lori’s arm lowered from her eyes.  Biting down on her bottom lip, she slowly shook her head 'No' in response to his question, for Lori knew that her husband just did not have the stamina and gusto to match the fucking that the fucking she just had.  Just as Bruno kissed her gently one last time, he was about to stand up and leave.  But suddenly he felt Lori’s soft hand move on his leg make contact with his pants crotch.  Up until now, he always had to force the young beauty to handle him unless it was her body responding uncontrollably during each orgasm.  Now the petite hand was on his pants, moving softly without him forcing her, stroking his thick but now limp cock.  Tears still welled in Lori’s eyes as she continued to bite down on her bottom lip, then she softly stammered “My … …….................…...... my husband will be leaving to play golf Sunday morning at 7:15!”  Bruno was now in total shock  from that info being supplied to him, smiled widely as he told the bride “While hubby is out there playing 18 holes of golf, Bruno will certainly be here with his long black shaft to score a hole in one!”

Bruno bent over to give the young bride to give her another kiss.  His tongue darting forward to touch the bride’s delicate lips, which now opened willingly for the first time to allow his probing tongue to enter.  The bride’s left hand moved to caress the back of his, while her right hand pulled his zipper down and began to pump the long black shaft in her tiny white fist. Archie was thrilled to now find her respond in such a manner.  When the kiss ended, Archie watched in amazement as the prim and proper bride leaned over and began to tongue his pulsing cockhead.  “Oh God, Mrs. Stevens!  You’re going to make me cum!” Bruno groaned. Bruno gasped as he watched the bride suddenly take her mouth off his throbbing cockhead.  He couldn’t believe the sight before him as the beautiful bride stroked his cock stem with both hands.  “Ahhh ……...................….....ahhhhhhhhh ..............................I’m cominggggggggggggggg!” he groaned as his cock exploded.  The innocent bride was a sight as the cum exploded all over her beautiful face.  As the eruption simmered, Lori rubbed the oozing cockhead like a paint brush to cover her entire face with a coat of gooey cum. Just as Bruno was leaving the bedroom, he looked back to see Lori smile at him, licking the cum from her lips.

Early Sunday morning, Tom Stevens greeted his lovely bride, surprised that she had gotten up early to make him breakfast.  He kissed her and told her how beautiful and sexy she looked.  Lori had gotten up early, combed her hair and put on a lacy yellow bra and matching panties, concealed by her robe.  But it was not for Tom Stevens benefit.  At 7:15 a.m., Tom Stevens kissed his wife goodbye and started his car up, heading off to the golf course with dreams of one day scoring a hole in one.  Married now for just over two weeks, Tom believed that he had the be the luckiest man in the world to have been the one that Lori agreed to spend the rest of her life with.  He just wished that he could be more of a 'man' when it came to making love to his beautiful wife, make her scream and give her an orgasm, something of which he knew for certain that he had failed to achieve due to his inability to last very long.  Unbeknownst to the young groom, his marital bed was being occupied within five minutes of his departure, only this time it was by his lovely bride and her invited guest.

The evening news for Monday greeted back the newlywed newscaster.  The television crew greeted the new Mrs. Lori Stevens.  The crew commented how lovely and radiant she looked in her emerald green dress and white orchid corsage.  “Did your husband give you that beautiful corsage?” asked the weather girl. “No, it was sent from someone very special to me!” Lori responded.  “And how was the honeymoon?” asked her co-anchor.  “Well, the cruise was okay.  But I really enjoyed being back here and in my new home.  From Thursday, it has been exceptional!” Lori responded as she lightly touched at the white orchid, which had been delivered just prior to the broadcast.  With the orchid was a small envelope containing the sender’s name.  As she opened it, she smiled knowing that Bruno had thought of her as she took the orchid and pinned it next to her heart.  As the newscast ended, the weather girl gave Lori a hug of congratulations and asked “And how was the honeymoon?  Plan on getting a ‘little one’ soon?”  Lori blushed and giggled at the question, responding “After yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised if a ‘little one’ is already on its way!”

End of Story.