Newscaster’s Nightmare - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Mrs. Jane Claymore
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Turning on the morning news show, Arvon Moore licked his lips as he gazed upon the beauty of the new broadcaster joining the show.  He’d have to make this channel the one to watch each morning, his cock twitching madly as he watched the beautiful brunette do her job flawlessly.  He whipped out his growing black cock and began to stroke it to its full 12” length, picturing the beautiful pink lips of the lovely newscaster encircling his leaking rod.  At the end of the newscast, the lovely new co-anchor signed off the air with “And I’m Jane Claymore, signing off for today!  See you tomorrow morning!”  Arvon looked at the beauty on the screen, wishing the sight was in real life, with his cum flowing down her face rather than the protective barrier of the TV screen that he had just shot off and made a fucking upon.

At 33 years of age, Jane Claymore couldn’t believe her good fortune in getting the job as co-anchor of this popular national newscast.  She had done very well as the newscaster for a local TV station and was so surprised when she was invited to audition for the national co-anchor spot.  She even felt that she was too new in the business for the spot, feeling that she really hadn’t paid her dues as yet.  When the offer came, Jane was a bit reluctant in asking her husband Jeff to make the sacrifice of relocating.  But things worked out well as Jeff was quite supportive and there was a branch office of his company in the city.  Thus, they packed up their belongings and were soon off to the big city.  Jeff Claymore was only too happy to make the sacrifice for his beautiful young wife, having met Jane while in their junior year of college, followed by a two-year courtship that ended with a beautiful wedding with many of their friends and family present. 

All of Jeff's buddies, along with the other guys on in the college, were envious of his landing the most beautiful girl on campus.  With Jane’s career on the rise, they decided to put off starting a family, but Jane was allergic to the pill and thus they had to settle for the use of condoms.  The only wish that Jeff had of his lovely wife was for Jane to get over being so shy in sexual area, being quite surprised and delighted that on their wedding night he found why Jane would never let him get too intimate.  The lovely Jane had saved herself for the wedding night, where in the darkness of the honeymoon suite Jeff had taken her precious cherry, quite thrilled to know that no other horny male and ever been able to claim her beautiful body and he had been the winner of the precious prize.  However, Jeff was surprised at how reluctant and shy his lovely wife was in taking off her clothes in his presence, surprised at how Jane never really let herself go in their lovemaking, as if she was afraid of losing control of her body and merely was allowing him to satisfy his male urges.  She always turned the lights off and their lovemaking was strictly in the missionary position, with any other position or sexual act that Jeff initiated was strongly rebuffed by his lovely young wife.  With both of them busy in their respective jobs, their sexual encounters became ever more infrequent as time passed, causing Jeff to sigh and often having to resort to the wanking on off to get some relief.

Just having moved to their new location, Jane happily went about the needs of purchasing the needed furnishings for the new home, having gotten quite upset with husband over the weekend when he tried to make her take his penis into her mouth.  It ended in a bitter fight with Jane calling him a ‘sick animal’, before tossing a blanket and his pillow outside the doorway, then locked him out of their bedroom that night.  She had gone to bed weeping, wondering why her husband would want her to perform such a vile and sick act, her stomach churning at the thought of doing such a filthy thing.  That following morning, Jeff was quite sheepish and apologetic, getting up to make breakfast for her as a peace offering, but Jane continued to give him the silent treatment that entire day. 

Excited but quite nervous as the day came for her debut on national television, Jane was so relieved that she had settled into the job quickly and everything went perfect for her that day, with the producer giving her a thumbs up when the newscast came to a conclusion.  But Jane would not have been so excited if she knew the likes of an Arvon Lewis would set his devious sights upon her, the lusting thoughts that he had gotten just from the newscast, unaware that sickos in the big city often took their vile lust to the next level.  Having grown up in a much smaller town on the west coast and had never been in a big city like these, where all the ‘nuts’ seemed to gather, Jane thought that she could continue living her life as she had done in the past.  Jane had gotten some warnings from friends about 'living in the big city', that her elegance and national exposure would certainly attract the sexual perverts, but she had merely shrugged it off thinking that she could take care of herself.

Arvon Moore

Each and every weekday, Arvon watched the newscast with great interest, with of course the lovely Jane Claymore as the object of his attention, cause he could give a shit about the news in general.  At the start of each broadcast, an outside camera zoomed in to show the building and location from where the telecast was being broadcast.  Arvon recognized the building and knew where it was located, right in the middle of the business district, with central park located directly across the back of the building.  In one of her newscast, the beauty advised that she  was amazed at the bustling lifestyle in the big city, unaccustomed to the numerous tall buildings and multitude of people, that she missed the greenery and open space of the smaller town she had grown up in.  The beauty also advised that she loved the view from her office that overlooked the trees of the large park across the street. 

That first week, Jane loved to take in the many stores and shops that lined the street where her office was located and every chance she'd explore a different store and learn the way of life in this city.  She would do this during her lunch hour and also a bit after work before the regular rush hour began, but she yearned to walk under the trees and the soft grass in the park, but she remembered the numerous warning her cohorts gave about walking in the park. With her starting the newscast early morning, she was done by mid-afternoon, leaving her with some time during the quiet business hours to explore the city.  Then, she’d take a cab to the train station and board the train to her home in a plush suburban community, just ahead of the normal after-work crowd.  Oblivious to everything but the exciting allure of the numerous shops, Jane carried on as she did in the town where she had worked last and where she had graduated from college.  But that was quite a religious college along with the town itself, with the crime rate on the opposite end of the scale versus this big city, so Jane had to forego some of the things she enjoyed most.  So preoccupied with her job and the multitude of shops, Jane was unaware that she always had a constant companion following behind about thirty to fifty feet behind her. 

Dressed in a skirt and blouse or nice dress, her long white legs accented with her 3” heels, Jane's unseen admirer was getting braver and braver as the distance between them began to close.  Arvon’s lust for the lovely co-anchor was building every moment he laid eyes on her lovely body, thinking ‘God, I’ve got to get those long white legs wrapped around me soon!  I’m gonna love sucking the sweet honey out of her hive!  Then I’m gonna have her suck on my ole black snake!’ On one occasion, in a crowded department store, Arvon managed to brush up against her and inhale her intoxicating perfume as she was stopped in the flood of people.  It took all the will power to keep from getting a quick feel of her tight ass, along with the fear of getting caught, but that sure had given him one hell of a hardon.  At the end of the second week, Jane was getting a bit more accustomed to the big city, but she yearned to get a bit more fresh air and be among the trees and grass.  Looking out over the large grassy part of the park, she watched the many people going in and out, kids playing in the field area, wishing that her husband was with her so they could stroll through the park together. 

On that Friday, Jane was excited as her husband would be coming out to the city and they’d have dinner at an elegant restaurant.  She thought perhaps that they’d be able to first take a stroll in the park, then take a cab to the restaurant.  Then the disappointing phone call came, that there was an apparent emergency at a branch office in a different city and Jeff was called to fly out immediately and handle the situation.  Jane would have to head on home as she did each day, thus she went out the back of the building to avoid the mass of people, standing in the line of people hailing a cab.  As she was getting off a bit early on this Friday afternoon, the lure of the park across the street captivated her eyes, seeing some young children playing in the grassy area and people strolling along inside the park.  Hearing the laughter of the children, the trees swaying in the cool breeze, Jane forgot the warnings of her co-workers and her legs began to take her across the street in the direction of the park’s entrance.

Unbeknownst to the very naive newscaster, her unseen admirer had just turned around and given up for the day after seeing her getting in line to wait for a cab.  When Arvon glanced back for a last glimpse of the beautiful brunette, he was shocked to see her gone so quickly, then glanced about as those ahead of her in line were still there.  He looked about for the beauty who was dressed in a navy blue top, dark gray skirt, and 3" heels.   His mouth dropped and his cock hardened as he looked about and observed her crossing the street towards the park entrance.  She was walking right into his home away from home, for Arvon knew every inch of the park, being one of the dreaded hoodlums people feared at night as he made a lot of dough by preying on the unsuspecting.

Jane was impressed with the overall layout of the park, enjoyed so much to see the children playing on the grass, and continued her stroll toward the large pond where the ducks and swans could be seen.  She took a deep breath of the fresh air and wished her husband could have been there to enjoy this stroll.  It reminded her of her hometown in California and the town from where they just relocated from.  She gazed about and saw some young lovers sitting on the grass and kissing, again wishing she could be arm and arm with Jeff.  As Jane came to a stop at the railing next to the pond, the stalking Arvon slipped off to the side into the cover of the heavy brush.  When Jane finally straightened up to continue her stroll, she looked to the right path where she could see traffic and then to the left at the path leading deeper into the park.  Looking at her watch, she did have another few minutes or so before having to leave, unaware of the unseen stalker smiling widely as she began to walk on the left path near the edge of the pond.  Jane was unaware that she was now walking down the path of destruction, so happy at the current moment as she took a deep breath of fresh air.

Upon looking at the beauty when she had been leaning on the railing watching the ducks and geese swim by, Arvon had stroked his throbbing boner to the point that his hardon began leaking in his jockeys.  ‘God, I gotta have those long beautiful legs wrapped around me ..................might not get another chance like this ...........................gotta make my move now .................................gotta get that beautiful bitch today!’ his mind raced.  Running ahead, hidden by the many trees and shrubs, Arvon awaited for the lovely newscaster as she slowly approached about thirty yards away, figuring that the concrete path she was on would bring her right next to the spot where he lay in wait.  Looking about, making sure that no one else was in sight and knew that many visitors would be staying only on the outskirts of park where the safety of being with others played a major factor in this city, especially in this particular park.

Jane casually strolled along the pathway, enjoying the fresh air and watching the ducks swim by, totally oblivious to anything else around her.  But she did notice that it was now starting to get a bit late and darkness would soon be coming, making her decide that she should turn back now and take a cab to the train station.  Suddenly a large hand was clamped over her mouth, preventing her from screaming out for help, then she was being dragged off the path and into the heavy brush.  As she was whisked off, being dragged off into the brush, Jane lost her heels and her now attempts to kick back at her assailant were useless without her spiked heels as a weapon.  A moment later, Jane found herself some thirty yards off the walkway in the strong grip of a muscular black man, causing her petite body to shake in complete fear.  Jane gasped for breath as the hand was suddenly removed from being clamped over her mouth. 

“Oh, please …………..please let me go …………..please don’t hurt me ….............….please, I beg you ............................pleaseeeeeeee!” she sobbed, looking at the grinning black face of her captor.  “Help!  Help me, please!  Someone, help meeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.  Her assailant made no attempts to stop her from screaming, laughing and telling her “Scream all you want, you beautiful bitch!  People ‘round here know better than to come when they hear a scream.  That is, unless they want to get cut up real good!  The most your screams will do will be to bring other bums and winos here to get in on the action .......................yeah, ya'll jist having a whole line waiting fer a chance at fuck'n a bitch like ya!”

In a sitting position, Jane scooted back till she backed up into a large boulder, sobbing in fear as her long white legs were being intimately fondled by a pair of grubby black hands.  Her grinning assailant’s hands continued to roam “Oh, baby!  Never felt such soft white legs like yours.  Are ya gonna spread your long sexy white legs for me, Jane honey?  Then in nine months you’ll be spreading those legs again to give birth our little black baby!”  “Oh, please …............…..please ……................…please don’t rape me …….......................…..pleaseeeeeeeeeee!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ............................. I’ve never been with anyone but my husband …….............……please let me go!” Jane continued to plead.  “Please don’t rape me …...............…..please, I’ll get pregnant ………..............….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ll get me pregnant!  No!  No!  Pleaseeeeeeeeee ..................nooooooooo ……..................…nooooooooooooooo!” she sobbed.  Then Jane gasped, her eyes bulging wide as she starred at the where the sound of a zipper being opened came from.  “Oh, my God!” Jane gasped at the sight of what looked like a long black snake slithering out of the opening, fearing ‘Oh, God!  He plans to rape me with that filthy thing!  It’s so long and thick like a baseball bat, it’s twice as big and twice as long as Jeff’s!  Oh, God, I can’t let him rape me!  He’ll get me pregnant!  How can I explain away a black baby?'

“Tell ya what Janey, baby!  Rub your soft beautiful feet ‘round my big black pecker, then maybe I’ll just let you go!  Bring me off with your beautiful soft white feet or would you like me to fuck ya now!” Arvon ordered.  “Well, bitch, make up your mind!  What’ll it be!  Choice is all your, baby!”  Shivering in fear, Jane swallowed hard, wishing this was a nightmare and that she would soon wake up from it, but this was not a nightmare nor was not ending.  With the choices laid out before her, Jane shook with fear as she slowly moved her feet up to the throbbing black snake.  She closed her eyes and cringed as her feet captured the slithering hard muscle, praying that this sadistic animal’s lust would be sated in this manner and that she could then make her escape.  Shaking and quivering in disgust, Jane felt the thick fleshy tube mass fucking between her now soiled soles, feeling the slimy wetness seeping between her toes. 

Opening her eyes again, Jane observed the long black snake slither up and down between her cupped soles, the oozing mucous bubbling up from the mouth of the snake’s head to soiling her feet and make for a slippery fucking.  Starring at what looked like a large black snake that was about to strike, Jane’s breathing was labored in fear and anticipation, then the flanged head appeared to be swelling up more and more.  Jane gave a loud startled gasp as the snake suddenly struck, spitting out it vicious venom in long spurts, causing her to shiver in disgust as a powerful spurt shot a large glob of the filthy goo onto her navy blue skirt.  Then spurt after spurt sent the hot ooze spattering onto her thighs, calves, and then the gushing splattered onto her soft soles.  Jane groaned as she looked down at her soiled clothing and body, shivering at the sight of the filthy mess this foul animal had made.

Arvon had fallen back to rest against the heavy bush, totally exhausted from the exhilarating jack-off.  The lovely co-anchor’s soft white soles on his throbbing black cock was such a contrast and the look of fright on her face made his explosive cumming  all that much more enjoyable.  Her lovely pink soles on his cock felt far better than any of the whores he fucked in his lifetime, a good way for Arvon to get some initial relief, with the beauty thinking that she had managed to sate his lust.  Nothing better than soiling a beautiful naïve young bitch, in particular a lovely white bitch who was the precious gem of some white punk, especially with her sporting a sparkling diamond ring along with a wedding band.  'Ah, yeah ...........................ain't nothing better than that ............................well, other than knocking the bitch up with a little black bastard!' Arvon chuckled to himself.   

Gathering her wits, seeing her attacker exhausted from his orgasm, Jane turned and began to crawl out of the brush.  Having crawled only eight feet, Jane groaned as she felt large hands grasping her hips, then the hands darted up to tear off her navy blue skirt with a hard yank.  Her matching blazer was pulled off her, then her white blouse was torn to shreds, leaving her clad only in her lacy bra an panties.  Again, crawling forward a few feet, she then she heard the leaves moving as her assailant shuffled up behind her, pushing her knees further apart to accommodate him.  Jane gasped as she felt a thick fleshy probe nudging at her most prized possession, her jewel that had only been claimed by her loving husband.  “Oh, please, let me go …..please …………..please don’t rape me!  Please, please …..............…’re too big!” she pleaded.  “Please ……..................…noooooooo ………..............nooooooooo ...............….you’ll get me pregnant!” she sobbed in despair.  “Ohhhhhhhh …................…………….Gooodddddddddddd …….....................………noooooooooooo!” Jane shrieked as the large fleshy bulb forced itself into her snug womanhood.  Never had she ever been stretched so brutally, she felt as if she was literally being split in two, then “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……....………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned as the thick fleshy bulb popped into her now slick folds.  It felt as if the thick end of a baseball bat had been shoved into her, the slick juices now coating the invading cudgel as her cunt muscles automatically responded by squeezing upon it, trying desperately to expel the unwanted invader.

Arvon beamed with delight, hearing the beautiful newscaster scream as he plunged his mighty cock up into her tight little groove.  The way she bawled like a little baby, the tight cunt gripping his pulsing cock, he knew she never had anything so thick in her before.  He couldn’t believe how soft and milky white her skin was, as compared to his ebony body, a goddess compared to all the other women he’d had.  ‘God, I’d love to have this lovely beauty be the mother of my baby!  Gonna luv filling her little white tummy up with my potent seed!  Wonder if she’ll ever feel her little white boy husband again, after I stretch her out real good?’ he pondered.  Peering through the brush, Arvon saw that darkness was setting in, figuring that any screams now would surely not bring any help and that anyone in the park at night was on their own.  Rearing back, Arvon gave a mighty heave into the lovely white beauty.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee ………...........…..……..nnnnnnnnnnoooooooo ……..........………arughhhhhhhhh!” came the shrieking response.  Arvon groaned, his cock hurt from the tight fit, feeling as if her resisting cunt had shredded his cock.  His mighty lunge had sent 6 inches of his thick black cock into the newly stretched hole, then rearing back twice more and two slamming thrusts, accompanied by high pitched shrieks had Arvon buried to the hilt of the innocent young beauty.

Jane thought she was dying from the pain between her legs, never having had such a monstrosity such as this plowing through her, feeling as if she was literally being split in two.  She was thankful that the thrusting had stopped, cock no longer rubbing up against her sensitive slit, but the thick flesh log was still buried deep within her.  Jane groaned as a thick finger began to rub at her sensitive clit, a thrill she had never experienced before, the sensation caused her to squeeze the cunt muscles repeatedly in response upon the thick love muscle buried in her womb.  “Oh …...........…..oh ……..............….ohhhhhhh ….........………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jane moaned as the thick finger was driving her crazy.  “Ohhhhhhhh ……...............…………oh, Goddddddd …............…….ohhhhh ……..............................….nooooooooooo ...........................oh Godddd, no .................nooooooooooooooooooooo!” she gasped, squeezing her thighs onto the muscle buried in her as her petite body shook and convulsed in an unwanted climax.  With this mind-shattering orgasm, Jane collapsed down onto her elbows, her head now resting on her hands.  Squeezing her thighs together, Jane groaned as her cunt muscles tightened around the huge invading log of flesh, instinctively squeezing and milking it dry.

“Oh …..................….oh ….............…..oh, noooooooooo ….................……noooooooooooooooooo!” Jane groaned as the invading black log began to saw in and out of her over-stretched pussy.  Then the thick cock began to pulse and twitch in her slick sleeve, bringing her thoughts back to the cock really being like a live black snake squirming within her.  With large hands on her hips, the fucking sped up and it was as if a jackhammer was trying to destroy her.  Then a thick finger found its way again to Jane’s sensitive clit, causing her to moan as her magic button was touched.  Her body unconsciously reacted and Jane was going crazy, fucking back onto the long black cock.  “Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Oh ...........….oh …................oh .........................noooooooooooooooo!” she groaned.  Then she felt the thick cock begin to pulse and expand madly, bringing some rational thoughts coming back to her.  “Oh, God …..............…….no!  No ….................….God, no!  Don’t!  Don’t cum in me …….............…….please..................................please, nooooooooooooooo ………................…you’ll get me pregnant!” she pleaded.

Fingering the stiff clit and feeling the soft thighs closing on his exploring hand, Arvon had the bitch right where he wanted her.   He felt her body quiver once again, shiver and and shake, then convulse as a result from the mind-shattering orgasm that rocked her petite body.  Hearing her loud groans, Arvon knew she was cumming again.  Grasping her trim hips, he buried his long black snake as deep as it would go, then groaned out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you beautiful little bitch .....................................cummmmmmingggggggggggggg ................................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  His entire body shuddered, muscles stiffen as he went taunt while proceeding to unleash his hot baby batter deep and directly into her fertile womb.  Moments later, Arvon slowly pulled his long black snake from the quim of the sobbing newscaster, watching his thick cum drooling down the beauty's milky white thighs.  Arvon smiled as he watched the young beauty collapsed onto the ground, with his thick cum bubbling out of her raped slit to dribble down onto the leaves on the ground.

Throughout the night, Jane could only sob and cry in total humiliation, quivering as she was unable to get the image of the big black cock that had ravished her that day out of her mind.  Over and over, she was brutally ravished by Arvon in true caveman fashion.  So different compared to the gentle loving making with Jeff, which occurred only in the missionary position.  Her rapist was brutal, forcing her to take his cock in any position he desired, then with her back against the large boulder she had been taken standing up.  Later, she was forced to straddle her him, riding up and down onto his cock, till it gushed its hot lava like an erupting volcano.  But Jane could not get over the tremendous orgasms that overtook her body each time, even as she tried to will her body not to respond in any way, feeling that she could never let her husband touch her soiled body again.  Jane knew she could not report this vicious rape to the police, knowing that with her new found celebrity status, the news of her defilement would quickly leak out to the media.  Her being raped and ‘ruined’ by a black rapist would be the news of the nation if it ever got out, along with the fear as how her loving husband would react if he learned of her being soiled and ‘ruined’ by rapist with a big black cock .  Biting down on her lip, Jane knew she could not even let Jeff know of her defilement, could not tell him that his precious wife had been violated by a black rapist.

As daylight was coming, Jane wept in her shame and disgrace as she now found herself alone, her demented rapist having recently departed for fear of being caught with daylight coming.  She sobbed as she felt so ashamed and soiled from the brutal rape, ashamed of the rape by a black man, but more so in how she reacted to the rape.  More tears came to her eyes as she thought back to just before her rapist departed, recalled how he had taken her in the missionary position but she had responded by wrapping her arms and legs around him, arching up to meet each lunging thrust.  With Jeff, she only hugged him with her arms and had never wrapped her legs around him nor humped back at him in such a wanton manner.   Though at times she had desperately wanted to respond to Jeff in the manner she had just done with her rapist, Jane admittedly had held herself back and been too reserved to show her true feelings rather than have her husband think of her as a wanton slut.

Jane leaned over, trying to breathe deeply but her body shuddered continuously from the queasy feeling deep in her belly, clutching her stomach as her body shook in revulsion as the slimy contents in her belly rebelled and began to make its way back up her throat.  Her mind in shambles, Jane wondered as to how in the world she had allowed herself to stoop so low as to admit the filthy black cock into her mouth, something that she had even rebuffed Jeff’s many attempts for her to perform such a deviant act.  Though forced upon her, Jane had allowed her black rapist to stuff his foot long cock into her mouth and worst yet empty its filthy slime into her belly.  ‘Oh, God, please let me die!’ she prayed, the horrid taste overwhelming her senses as she spat out mouthful after mouthful of the sticky slime, emptying all the contents in her belly in the process.

Finding herself alone in the early morning’s daylight, Jane put on her torn skirt and blouse, with her blazer would have to be buttoned to the top to hide her torn blouse.  She found her heels but was unable to find her bra or panties, obviously prizes of her black rapist.  Making it out of the park, Jane hailed a cab, which she would take all the way home regardless of the exorbitant cost.  Getting home, Jane wanted so badly to rush to the bathroom to douche the potent jism from her fertile womb.  The ride home in the cab was agonizing, the bottom of her skirt absorbing the thick jism that overflowed her brutalized slit, leaving a dark wet spot as evidence.  Just as she was about to go upstairs to her bedroom, the phone rang but was hesitant to answer, eventually picking it up in case it was Jeff calling.  It was in fact Jeff and Jane was thankful that Jeff began by apologizing that he had been unable to call the night before, for whatever reason.  Hearing Jeff’s voice, tears flowed down her cheeks as she desperately wanted to blurt out her plight but refrained from doing so, sighing in relief knowing he had not called during the night.

The next evening, Jane hugged her husband upon his return, tears in her eyes as she desperately wanted Jeff to make her feel clean again.  She kissed him on the cheek but Jeff wanted a more passionate one, causing  Jane cringe when Jeff’s tongue darted between her lips to tease her, feeling badly at the fact that Jeff was licking her soiled lips and mouth.  But Jane was determined to please her loving husband, please him in all the ways that he had begged her in the past, sex acts that she had adamantly refused in the past.  She felt so guilty that she had performed all those acts that Jeff had begged for but of course it was performed on her assailant, even though forced upon her against her will.

In bed that night, Jeff was taken by complete surprise as he lay back in bed, for his lovely wife had for the first time ever took the initiative and had reached over to stroke his quickly hardening cock.  Always he had been the one to initiate their lovemaking and Jane had always been so prim and proper, never showing any eagerness in their intimacy, thus he gasped when Jane pulled his stiff 6 inch cock from his drawers.  Looking down he couldn’t believe his lovely wife was leaning her head forward as if she intended to kiss his cock, something he had tried desperately to have her do but with no success.  Then his mouth dropped wide open as he watched Jane lean forward and lick his pulsing cockhead.  “Oh, God, Janeeeeee ...............................oh, Godddddddddddddddddd!” Jeff groaned, arching up at the exquisite touch of his wife’s warm tongue.

Her hand had easily enclosed around Jeff’s penis, so different from the black monstrosity that her hands could not fully encircle.  Jane was stunned at the effect one swipe of her tongue had done to Jeff, wanting to please him by sucking his penis for the very first time, feeling that she owed it to him after being forced to learn how to perform the depraved act.  Having experienced her first episode of cock sucking, Jane was prepared to suck on his penis for however long it took so she could taste her husband for the first time ever though mainly to please him.  But she was totally unprepared for what she was now observing with the cock in her hand having lurched as her tongue caressed it, suddenly it began spurting a thin stream of semen up into the air.  Jane groaned in disbelief of what she was observing but she continuing to stroke the rapidly dwindling penis, not believing as to how it had now shrunk to just a couple inches with her hands now a sticky mess.  This was so different from what she had expected and prepared herself for, as it had taken over ten minutes for the monstrous black cock stuffed deep down her throat before her rapist had erupted his vicious load.  Her loving husband had just ejaculated with one lick of her wet tongue,  and she had not even put her mouth on his cock.  Now Jeff lay snoring in a deep exhausted sleep, leaving Jane totally stunned and disappointed.

The next night, Jeff lay back and watched as his lovely wife tore open the foil packet and began to roll the condom down his stiffening penis, rather stunned as previously he had always been the one to sheath his penis.  He wondered if another surprise awaited him from his beautiful wife, then gasped aloud “Oh, God, honeyyyyyy!  Oh, Goddddddddddddddddd!” Jeff groaned as his lovely wife straddled him for the very first time.  He had merely expected her to lie back on her side of the bed and let him get into the missionary position, that his wife had caught him totally by surprise that he was stunned with this new sexual position, causing Jeff to arch and buck up into his wife’s straddling twat.  Unfortunately for Jeff, his excitement was so overwhelming that it was less than thirty seconds and six quick thrusts that his cum spurted out into the protective condom.

Jane was flabbergasted as she hunched up and down onto the quickly shrinking penis, raised up to plunge down onto her husband penis, the shrinking rubber sheathed organ slipped from her well stretched slit.  She swallowed hard in utter disappointment as she was now gazing down at her snoring husband, his condom covered cock now lying flat and limp on his thigh.  Totally frustrated, needing to bring some relief to her aroused body, Jane reached down to touch herself for the first time.  Touching her clit as her rapist had done that night in the park, Jane's mind pictured large black hands upon her body once again, that it was a thick black finger actually rubbing her sensitive clit.  With eyes closed tightly, Jane madly rubbed herself, arching up and groaning in a mild orgasm.

On the third night, Jane thought it best that they resume making love in the missionary position, for it was obvious that Jeff was getting too excited at the new variations that she had been forced to learn.  She watched as Jeff rolled the condom onto his stiff penis, mentally comparing the size of Jeff’s six inch penis to that monstrosity of a cock that her black rapist had stuffed into her.  Then she realized that since that nightmarish evening, her mind had been referring to Jeff’s organ as a ‘penis’ versus her rapist’s ‘cock’, wondering perhaps that  it was due to the size of the organs she had been comparing.  Jane lay back and awaited her loving husband to make love to her, secretly wanting him to be rough and take her like a caveman.  As her husband penetrated and lay upon her, Jane’s eyes opened at the stunned realization that she could barely feel her husband within her, for apparently her cunny was still well-stretched from the vicious rape.  Jane desperately wrapped her trim legs around her pumping husband and hunched back at him, but this only served to bring her husband off, apparently getting him so excited at the feel of her long legs squeezing around him for the very first time.

Weeks later, Jane pondered the change that had come over her since that dreadful rape, for she could no longer achieve any level of excitement in lovemaking with her husband.  With Jeff continuously shooting off prematurely, Jane desperately sought to achieve some satisfaction by masturbating her sensitive clit while picturing the black brute who had viciously raped her, but each episode of pleasing herself in such a manner had her feeling so guilty.  On the set of the newscast, Jane was surprised on national television by the news crew when a birthday cake and flowers were presented to her with everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday’.  When asked how she’d be spending her birthday, Jane replied that her husband would be taking her out on the weekend when he returned from a business trip.

Upon her arrival home, Jane saw a full arrangement of beautiful red roses on the dining room table.  She smiled thinking how thoughtful Jeff was in remembering her birthday, especially in the rush he had been this morning while getting ready for his noon flight to Phoenix, then proceeded to open the envelope standing against the flowers.  Smiling at the lovely birthday card, she opened the card to read it.  She swallowed hard as she read the writing on the card “Hi Sweet Jane!  Wanna fuck ya again with my big black cock and hear ya scream!  Come on up to your bedroom that ya share with your white boy hubby .......................for some black luving!  Arvon.”  Looking up to the direction of her bedroom, Jane panted in fear and then made a dash for the front door and opened it, then looked about as to which neighbor’s home she should run to.  Once in the safety of a neighbor’s home, she would call the police and capture the man who had viciously raped her and now had the nerve to invade the privacy of her bedroom.  Biting down on her bottom lip, her heart pounding in her chest, Jane turned to look back up the stairway towards her bedroom. 

Closing her eyes in shame, she stepped back into the foyer and closed the door behind her, locking it from the inside.  Slowly Jane began to walk up the stairs to her bedroom, turning into the doorway of the master bedroom, then gasped at the sight of the brutal man who had viciously raped her weeks ago.  She swallowed hard as she observed him facing her while sitting on the loveseat, stroking his foot long black snake that had it's head flaring widely.  Biting down on her bottom lip, Jane slowly approached him, then managed to pant out “Thank …................thank you for the beautiful roses!”  Sinking down to her knees before the sofa, Jane was mesmerized by the slithering black snake of a cock, which twitched and swayed when released by the pumping black hand.  “I love roses!   But I really love this present you brought me!” she crooned looking up into the dark eyes.

Arvon gasped as two petite white hands grasped his pulsing organ, those soft hands slowly resumed the pumping motion that he had been doing.  “Ohhhhh, babyyyyyyyy!” he moaned as he watched and felt a warm pink tongue flick out onto his leaking cockhead.  “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh ……………Jane ………..babyyyyyyyyy!” he groaned loudly, as the beauty’s tight hot mouth enveloped the flange, tongue delving into the slit of his cockhead.  Jane was amazed at the staying power of her black visitor, so much more staying power than her husband.  One lick just wouldn’t do as it would have for Jeff. It was a full ten minutes before she felt her mouth become slick with his leaking juices.  Another five minutes before the slithering snake began belching out its thick venom, deep into her contracting throat, all the while she starred up into the dark eyes as she swallowed all the nourishment that he spewed.

Having stripped off her clothing, Jane pulled off the bedspread and crawled up onto the center of the bed that she shared with Jeff.  On all fours, she looked back to the approaching black giant.  “I ….................I want to give you a present too, Arvon!” Jane spoke as she reached back to grasp the long black cock.  “I …............I …....................I’ve never had it here before, Arvon!  It’s ..............….it’s for you ……..............….it’ll only be for you ….................…..forever!” she panted, holding the twitching cock next to her virgin ass.  Arvon couldn’t believe the change in this lovely beauty.  But he was now deeply in love with her and didn’t want to hurt her like before, panting out “Ohhhh, sweetie, it’s gonna hurt ya bad if'n I's go and put it in ya!  Don’t wanna hurt ya anymore!”  Though he always wanted to pluck a cherry white ass, he felt reluctant, knowing the pain he’d cause her with his big cock, letting his large black hands roam over the soft creamy white flesh of this lovely young wife. 

Arvon was shocked at the response he got “Oh, fuck me, Arvon!  Take me in my ass ............................fuck me up my ass!  It’s my present to you!  Take me hard!  Hurt me! Rip it apart!”  “Arvon hurts ..................................oh, God hurts so baddddddddddddd!  Arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the muffled shriek as Jane got what she pleaded for.  Her painful shrieks were muffled as she buried her face in Jeff’s pillow, biting down into it to keep back further screams.  Now she felt that she was a real woman, having sucked and fucked in every way moaning as she felt a warm flushing of her backside.  Later, as Jane lay in the arms of her black lover, nipping his ear she whispered “You just tore my ass apart!  It’s all yours and no one else’s, not even for my husband!”

Throughout the day and night, the Claymore’s bed shook and rocked as never before, never before had such avid hump session taken place there.  The lovely young wife shuddered and convulsed in orgasm after orgasm, reaching heights never before reached, heights not reached with her loving husband but by the black man who had viciously raped her but this time no force at all was being used whatsoever.  Taking a break for dinner, Jane made a lovely dinner for her guest, doing so while walking about naked from the waist up in the kitchen after having poured some wine for her guest.  After dinner, the dishes where cleared and her guest was currently sitting in her husband's chair.  Jane walked next to her guest, stripped off the pair of shorts and panties that she and slipped on, then hopped onto the table.  She spread her legs wide, resting them on Arvon’s muscular shoulders, telling him that “I’ve got a special hot honey pie for your dessert!”  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddd!” she squealed as Arvon began to feast upon his sweet juicy dessert.

After dinner, before going back up to the bedroom, they watched the a taped rerun of Jane’s morning show.  As Arvon sat in her husband’s recliner, Jane went over to straddle him, letting his foot long sausage slide all the way up her belly.  She couldn’t believe her last attempt in this position with Jeff, remembering how disappointed she was when he came in only six strokes.  Now she could ride this long stick for as long as she wanted, letting it spurt deep in her belly.  When Jane finally eased herself up the now drooping black sausage exited her wet pit and plopped onto her husband’s favorite chair, leaving a thick layer of greasy film upon it.  Back in the comfort of her king-sized bed, Jane spread her long white legs eagerly awaiting to again be speared deeply by the long black shaft. “Ohhhhhhhhh ……….yesssssss ……………..oh, Arvon ………………..fuck meeeeeeeee!” she moaned, her arms and legs wrapping around the large black body.  “Ohhh, Arvon ………….I want to be the mother of your baby!  Ohhhhhhh …….fill me up with your seed ………………fuck your baby into me!  Knock me up with your baby!” she moaned.

The next morning Jane awoke quite disappointed that Arvon had departed while she was in a deep sleep, totally exhausted from the non-stop fucking she had received throughout the night.  She looked at the strewn bed and the obvious stains on the sheets, knowing that she'd have to make the bed over before Jeff got home late that evening.  But seeing that all the stains were dried, she deviously thought what a turn on it’d be to make love with Jeff that night, right on the sheets stained with Arvon’s dried cum and her love juices.  Arriving at the office building, Jane stepped into the elevator and was greeted by a familiar smiling face.  As the elevator began filling, Jane stepped backwards still she was near the rear, her heart thumping madly in her chest.  Jane reached behind her to grasp the large familiar squirming mass contained in a pair of trousers, savoring the feel of the large hands fondling her ass right in the crowded elevator.  When the top floor was reached, she had to remove her hand but then felt a small box being placed in it, then waited till all the news crew exited the elevator before stepping on out.  Holding the door open, she looked back at the large dark figure and smiled, then whispered “I think I’ll take a walk in the park after work and watch the ducks again!”

Opening the nicely wrapped jewelry box, Jane smiled at the beautiful gold chain that had a golden heart with diamonds on it, then put it on went to prepare for her newscast.  On national television, her co-anchor commented on her beautiful jewelry, causing her to blush a bit and advising that “It’s a very sentimental item!”  Following her exciting walk in the park, Jane managed to get home in time to make the bed, leaving the soiled sheets on.  She quickly slipped into a pair of shorts and a blouse just as she heard Jeff’s car drive up into the garage.  She ran down to greet him, delving her creamy tongue between his lips for a passionate kiss.  Fortunately she had picked up some take out food before getting home so the time to cook was eliminated.

After a quick dinner, Jeff munched on a power bar and made a protein shake saying he had just started a weight lifting program and needed to get more protein into his body, then they made their way up to the bedroom.  Jeff was excited at the aggressiveness of his lovely wife over the past few weeks, hoping that perhaps now she would not be so squeamish in his desire for sexual adventures.  Kissing Jane and licking her body down to her navel, Jeff wondered if he could progress further without her getting upset as before.   Jane squirmed on the bed, knowing just what her husband was planning to do to her, something he had tried many a time and of which they had fought about the last time with her slapping him and calling him a pervert.  Only this time, Jane had no plans on discouraging him, but in fact pushed down lightly on his head while squirming upwards towards his face.  “Ohhhhhhh, honey ........................................yesssss .....................................yesssssssss!” Jane moaned as her thighs closed around Jeff’s bobbing head.  “Ohhhhhhhhh ……........................……yessssssssss, honeyyyyyyyy ………… me ………………eat meeeeee … meeeeeeeee!” 

"Oh, honey ........................that feels so good're making me all wet!" Jane panted out in a fib, figuring that a little white lie wouldn't hurt, especially as her husband was getting to eat up a lot of slick white goodies that she had stored up for him.   Thinking of today’s eventful walk in the park, Jane ran her trim manicured fingers through her husband's soft wavy hair, her hand pressing down at the back of his head while arching her hips up to rub her juicing slit about his lips and nose.  Squeezing her cunny, feeling the thick creamy wetness oozing on out of her slit, Jane panted out "Oh, honey, yes ….........................…oh, yessssss ............................oh, Jeff …...................................……eat meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  For Jane, this was all so naughty and sexually arousing, and while rubbing her crotch about Jeff's face while hearing the loud slurping sounds that her husband was making between her widespread legs.  Jane wanted to tell him 'Eat all the rich protein that Arvon fucked up into me this afternoon!  From the sounds of it, you must like the taste of another man's cum!  Maybe, just maybe, I can arrange for it to be  really hot and fresh for you!'   

End of Story