Nurse in Need
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Ravished Nurse - II
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David Johnson was quite happy with his job at the architectural firm as he was progressing rapidly up the ranks.  Married to his beautiful petite wife Judy, 5'4" 118 lbs with long silky red hair, Dave was really enjoying their seemingly revived fun in the bedroom.  He was proud of himself as their lovemaking took on a totally new level over the past two weeks.

Closing his eyes, Dave recalled just how wild he had gotten his lovely wife ever since he had gone down on her.  It seemed that Judy was a different woman, craving for him to get in bed and make love to her each night.  Now she would moan loudly, begging him to fuck her, wrapping her legs tightly around him as they humped one another.  He did realize though that he had been cumming rather quickly, far too quickly to satisfy his lovely and insatiable wife.

On this particular morning, having sipped on a cup of coffee and having a piece of toast that his wife had prepared for him, Dave gave his lovely wife a kiss goodbye.  As his wife was on the afternoon shift, he knew that Judy would be going back to bed to sleep for another hour or two in order to get enough rest.  He had often told her to continuing sleeping right through but she insisted on getting up to make him coffee and to see him off to work.

Ten minutes from home, Dave realized that he had forgotten the blueprints that he had been going over in his study the night before.  He decided that he had better turn back to retrieve the blueprints as they would be needed for a meeting late in the afternoon.  Using his cellphone, he called in to his office and left a voice message for his secretary that he'd be in a bit late.  As he was about to call Judy, he decided that there was no point in getting her back up unnecessarily as there was nothing she could do to solve his problem.

Parking at the curb, Dave made the short walk up to the front door to let himself in.  He did not want to alarm his wife by scaring her nor did he want to get her up from her much needed sleep.  As he would be in and out in just a moment's time, Dave decided not to disturb his wife and quietly let himself into their home.  Moving quietly towards the study, he stopped in his tracks, thinking he had heard a loud moan.

Thinking it was just his imagination, Dave continued on a few more steps when he heard another moan.  Only this time that moan was quite distinct and it was obviously from his wife.  Then a cold shiver went down his spine as he heard his wife's voice croon "Ohhhhhhhh ……………………..God, yesssssssssssss!"  Dave told himself that it just couldn't be true, his beautiful young wife wouldn't cheat on him.

Slipping off his shoes so as not to make any noise, Dave then made his way quietly up the carpeted stairway.  With each step up the stairway, Dave wondered who his wife was having an affair with.  'Was it the handsome bachelor that lived across the street from them?  Or was it some doctor that she met at the hospital?' he wondered.  There was no doubt in his mind that his so-called faithful wife had someone else in bed with her upon hearing her moan "Ohhhhhhh ……………lover ………...............….yessssss …….............……..fuck me ………….............…..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ohhhhhhh …….............……so biggggggggggggggggg goodddddddddddddddd!"

Hearing the familiar sounds of bedsprings, only much louder and more frequent than when he and Judy made love, Dave realized that his lovely wife must obviously be getting shagged by an energetic stud.  He knew that he should be outraged at discovering his wife's infidelity but there was no denying the exciting thrill that he was feeling as his cock throbbed to hardness.  Dave realized that he just had to see it with his own eyes, in fact wanting to see his beautiful wife with another man.

So as not to be seen, Dave got down onto his hands and knees as he neared the master bedroom, wanting to get a view of the bed that he and his supposedly 'faithful' wife shared together.  He swallowed deeply, preparing himself as he heard the constant squeaking of bedsprings and now the thumping of the headboard against the bedroom wall.  'God, he's really fucking it to her!' he told himself.

On her marital bed, Judy was fully engulfed by the large black body of the hospital maintenance man, the man who had taken her by force that very first time.  Now it seemed that she craved for his big black cock and just couldn't get enough of it.  'Oh, God ………............……his cock is so biggggggggg ….........………… longgggggg!  So gooddddddddd!' she shuddered as that very cock sliced deeply into her.

Getting up that morning, a wave of guilt had flooded Judy as she made coffee for her loving husband.  After she had kissed Dave goodbye, she had gone back into their bedroom where she changed out of the unattractive cotton nightie she wore and into a see through white nightie.  Not more than five minutes after Dave had left, she was opening the backdoor for her lover.

Peering into the bedroom, Dave nearly gasped aloud at the sight upon the king-sized bed.  He just had not expected his lovely wife to take on such a man as her lover, a huge muscular black man that covered her totally with his body.  His cock twitched as he viewed the trim white arms and sexy legs appear to embrace her lover.  It was quite a sight to see his wife locking her trim ankles together, locking herself tightly as she humped back to the lengthy thrusts into her.  Never had he ever heard his wife moan in such a wanton manner, hearing her scream "Oh, Godddddd!  Fuck me ………..........…fuck me!  Yes ……….................……yes …...............…………..deeper ……..........………..deeperrrrrrrr!  Fuck me deeper!"

Lifting his head up a bit for a better view, Dave's eyes were right in line with the height of the bed and could now see more ………much more!  He could now see how long and thick that big cock actually was as it sliced in and out of his wife's tight slit.  'My, God!  How can she take all of that?  It's gotta be at least a foot long!' Dave thought.  Seeing the slick white foam at the base of the long black cock, he realized that his wife had not made him put on a protective condom.  'Damn, according to her, this week was to be her fertile time of the month!  She even had made me put one on last night!' he muttered.

Dave finally heard the deep gruff voice of his wife's lover as he slammed into her time and time again, banging the headboard louder and louder against the wall.  "Oh, baby ….................………ohhhhhhh, you're so fuck'n tight!  Damn, yer tighter than ever!  Yer've sure tighten up since the last time, sweetie!  Tight as a fuck'n virgin!  Don't that husband of yers ever fuck ya?  Ohhhh, yeahhhhh …….................………..ohhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkk!" Dave heard him tell Judy.

"Ohhhh, Ike ………….................….fuck me ……………..........…fuck me!  Fuck your whore!  Stretch me ……….........…ohhhhh, yessssss ...............yes ……………...............….plug me with your big black cock!  Ohhhhhh …..............…………lover ………........…..yes, yessssssss ……………..screw my fucking brains out!  Oh, Goddddd ………….........………I'm cummingggggggggggggggg ……..............……ahhhhhhhhhh!" Judy screamed.  She tightly embraced the muscular body, arching up high to get the lengthy cock fully embedded into her womb, body shuddering in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Then Dave saw the muscular black body convulse and shudder, heard his wife's lover groan out loud "Oh, baby ……………….gonna cum ……………..gonna fill ya up with my hot seed!  Gonna knock ya up, Mrs. Johnson!  Gonna puff up your tummy with a little black baby!  Tell me what ya want, bitch!  Ya want me to knock ya up?  Want my hot seed in yer belly, bitch?"

To his dismay and also wicked enjoyment, Dave heard his wife respond "Yessssss ……............….ohhh, yesssssssss ……….....…..fuck me ………….cum ………................…….cummmm in meeeeeeeee!  Shoot it ………..........……shoot it ………….......…..shoot it in meeeeeee!  Godddd ………....……knock me up ………...........……..knock me up with your black babyyyyyyy!"  Hearing his wife scream out as she did was watching her tightly embracing her lover, Dave lost it all and had his biggest cum ever, filling the crotch of his jockeys with his seed.

Panting to catch his breath, Dave continued to peer into the bedroom, watching as the glistening black cock slowly began to ease itself out of Judy's widely stretched cunt.  Then he sucked in his breath as a river of thick cum flow out of his wife and pour onto the bed.  Then he saw her lover reach down to the floor and retrieve the silky white panties, bringing it up to wrap around his spunk-covered cock to clean it, then threw it back onto the bedroom floor.

Seeing the two lovers cuddling up and resting after that exhaustive fuck, Dave quietly made his way downstairs.  Making his way to the laundry room, he breathed a sigh of relief in seeing a batch of clean underwear that needed to be folded.  Quickly, Dave got out of his pants and soiled jockeys, then put on a clean pair.  Going to the study for his blueprints, taking his soiled jockeys to put in a drawer, he then planned to quietly make his exit out of the house.

Just as he put his hand on the doorknob, he heard his wife's lover moan loudly, causing Dave to reconsider leaving at that moment.  He just had to see this, especially after hearing the man's groan of "Oh, yeah ……...............……..Mrs. Johnson!  Ahhhhhh, suck it ……..........…………suck my cock!"  Dave had to see this, realizing that his so-called innocent young wife was actually sucking this man's cock, something she had always refused to do for him.

Quietly making his way back upstairs, as he neared the master bedroom, Dave could now hear some slurping sounds and felt his cock throb at the sight that awaited him.  Peering in, Dave's cock immediately tented his pants as he observed his beautiful wife crouching down on the bed.  Dave watched his wife's head bobbing up and down upon the top half of long black shaft, saw her right hand pumping madly at the base of the cock.  He saw the large black hand come up to stroke Judy's silky red hair, making it obvious that Judy was sucking him off without being forced to perform such an act.

"Oh, baby ……..........………….ahhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhh …….......……… fuck'n gooddddddd!  Ohhhhhhhh ………….......…..yer're getting to be a fuck'n pro at this, baby!  Yeah ……...............…..suck it ………........……….eat it all!" Ike moaned.  Indeed, this beautiful young wife was devouring his meaty cock as if dying of hunger, sucking him like a vacuum intent on drawing out all the cum from his balls.  "Ahhhhh …........…………….yeah, baby …..........……….eat it!  Ahhhhhh, God ……………............…..your tongue is driving me crazy!" he groaned.

From the doorway, Dave was amazed at the sight of his wife rising up a bit as she took her mouth off the cock to flick her teasing tongue on the sensitive cockhead.  He just wished that she would perform such a tantalizing act on him for a change.  Then came her lover's groan "Ahhhhhh ……............………..gonna cum …………..........................…..gonna cummmmm!"

Dave's jaw dropped wide open as he witnessed his lovely wife take in all she could of the lengthy cock as the man beneath her began to buck and shake uncontrollably.  He could not believe how much of the long black cock had disappeared, realizing that it must now be down his wife's throat.  It was obvious now that his wife as eating all the cum this man had to offer, especially with the man bellowing "Cumminggggg ………….........……yeahhhhh …........…………eat it, baby ……..........………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Finally, when it was all over, Dave saw his wife's head begin to lift up of the shiny black pole.  He shivered as he saw his wife run her tongue over her pink lips, savoring the taste of her black lover.  Dave could just imagine the how much of her lover's spunk now lay in her belly, filling her with a nourishing protein breakfast.

Making his way down the carpeted stairs, Dave then quietly exited the house and headed to his parked car.  Getting on his cellphone, he then checked in with his secretary and advised her he'd be in within the next 45 minutes.  On the drive to work, he wondered how long Judy's lover would be staying and just how many more times his wife would be taking that big black cock up her horny twat.

Throughout the day, Dave wondered what was taking place at the home he shared with his loving 'faithful' wife.  What he had thought was their sacred marital bed was no such thing, not with his wife bringing her black lover into their home to share the bed that were only meant for husband and wife.  Still, rather than being upset about his discovery, Dave was in fact anxious to see even more of his beautiful wife being fucked by another man.  More so, another black man!

Getting home late that afternoon, Dave looked about the master bedroom and saw that it had been made up perfectly with everything in place and the bed neatly made.  Going into the bathroom, he opened up the hamper to see that the soiled bedsheet had been replaced with a new one.  Lifting up the bedsheet, he observed a small balled up garment and smiled as he knew it was his wife's soiled panties.

Reaching in to retrieve the balled up garment, Dave then replaced the soiled bedsheet into the hamper.  Heart pounding as he held his wife's panties in his hands, it was thrilling for him to peel apart the garment that was heavily starched together by her lover's cum.  Unzipping his pants, Dave wrapped the crusty pair of panties around his pulsating cock and began pumping at himself.  "Ahhhhhhh ……….............………..ahhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as he added his pent-up load into his wife's panties.  Balling up the garment again, he then replaced it at the bottom of the hamper.

Watching television in the master bedroom as he waited for Judy to return home, Dave pondered the thought of seeing his beautiful wife with her lover again and even with other men.  It had thrilled him to see her with her black stud and wondered if he was the only one or was she just an easy lay.  Now knowing that she indeed had a lover, he began to wonder if all those extra hours were really to work at the hospital or to sate her lust.  He still couldn't believe what he had seen taking place in the bed that they shared together since marriage.  Dave knew that he should have been pissed and furious, that he had hardly behaved like the grieved husband upon catching his wife with another man, but instead had gotten so turned by the whole thing.  'God, that was a turn on!' he realized, wondering if he could get to see even more erotic sights, like having his beautiful wife paired up with a filthy old geezer .......................even better, an old black geezer who lived on the streets and stunk!

Hearing the garage door open, Dave smiled as he looked to see his beautiful wife enter the kitchen from the door connecting it from the garage.  'God, she'd look so damned sexy getting fucked in her nursing uniform!' he said to himself.  After Judy took off her nursing shoes and put them in the cabinet, she came over to give him a peck on the cheed as she normally did.  But with the normal exchange of greeting, he held her hand and pulled her to him for a passionate kiss, knowing full well that those soft pink lips had been wrapped around a big black cock that earlier that morning and had been coated by another man's slick cum.

After his wife got a snack while Dave had a drink, they then went up to the bedroom.  As they got into bed, Dave made the comment on noticing the clean sheets and chuckled to himself as his wife stammered out an excuse as to why the sheets had to be changed. Embracing and kissing, Dave stripped off his wife's cotton pullover and then her panties.  Getting out of his jockeys and preparing to mount her, Dave was then reminded that he needed to put on a protective condom this week.

It was a thrilling fuck for Dave, even with the condom on, knowing that he had uncovered his wife's infidelity and what he had witnessed that morning.  He knew that he did not have the kind of tool to compare with her black lover and made no attempt to keep his lust in check.  All that Dave could think about was to cum and satisfy himself, figuring that his wife already had enjoyed herself enough earlier during the day.

The next week, upon getting a call from his wife advising she'd be home a bit late as she needed to help out at the hospital for a few extra hours, Dave now doubted the truth about it.  Knowing what time she normally got off work and where she normally parked, Dave decided to take a drive out and see if Judy indeed was working late.

At 11 p.m., when the afternoon shift was over, Dave watched as a line of cars were backed up at the exit to the parking lot.  Then he observed his wife's car and started his engine, easing out of his parking space and turning on his headlights once she had passed on by.  Following from a safe distance, Dave observed his wife's car turn into the parking lot of an apartment complex a few miles from the hospital.

Turning off his headlights and parking outside along the curb, Dave shut off his engine and scrambled to get his camera up and focused.  Having loaded up his camera with a high speed film for such a dark setting, he zoomed in on the telephoto lens and began snapping shots as Judy made her way up the stairs to the door of one unit.  As the door opened, Dave began snapping faster, capturing his wife putting her arms around the neck of same man who had bedded her at their home.

Two hours later, Dave focused in on the doorway again as it opened.  He had captured his wife again on film as she gave her lover a passionate goodbye kiss.  As his wife made her way back to her car, Dave started up and headed on out, needing to get back home before his wife.  He would need to feign being sound asleep when his wife got home so as not to arouse her suspicion.

Pretending to be asleep when his wife tiptoed into the room, Dave watched as she began to unzip the back of her uniform as she walked into the bathroom.  Hearing the sound of the shower, he knew that she was washing away the stench of having had sex with her lover.  He wondered if she would bother washing away the more dangerous evidence that her lover had given to her, wondering if she would bother to douche out his potent spunk.

A bit later, after his wife had slipped into bed and had fallen sound asleep, Dave got up and made his way to the bathroom.  Lifting up the uniform in the hamper, he viewed his wife's panties that she had worn that day.  Dave touched the front of the crotch area, feeling it cool and damp to the touch.  Pressing the silky garment down between his thumb and fingers, he felt the squishy feel of the layer of cum coating the inside the crotch of her panties.  Bringing the panties up to his face, the distinct smell of male cum hit his nostrils as he view the thick layer of slime coating the inside of the crotch off.

Moving to stand over the toilet, Dave wrapped the panties around his cock and began jerking himself off. Moments later, he shuddered as his cock jerked and began spewing out his load as he jerked himself faster and faster.  Panting in exhaustion, Dave cringed as he looked down.  In his excitement of jerking himself off, his grip on the panties had slipped and now his fingers and cock was covered with cold drying spunk of his wife's lover.

A week later, just after Judy started on her afternoon shift, a messenger appeared on her floor with a personal delivery address to her.  Using the letter opener to cut the edge of the envelope, Judy then reached in to withdraw what appeared to be photographs.  Then a cold shiver coursed throughout her body as she got a look on the picture at the top of the pile.  It was a photo of her embracing Ike, engaging in a passionate kiss as they stood at the entrance to his apartment.

Reading the typed note in the envelope, Judy was full of dread as she realized that she was being blackmailed.  She stared at the part stating "If you don't want your husband getting a set of these photos, go to the Riverside Bar tonight as soon as you get off work!  Otherwise, hubby will be getting a copy of these photos!  From these photos, its obvious you like guys with big black cocks!  Wear your white nurse's uniform tonight and not your scrubs!  My man Julius will recognize you with your nurse's uniform and will take care of that itch between your horny legs tonight!  You're to entertain Julius all night, sweetie, if you know what's good for you!"

Judy realized that she had no choice in the matter, knowing she would have to show up at the Riverside Bar that evening.  She knew that she could not allow those incriminating photos of her be seen by her loving husband.  'What would Dave think if he saw me kissing a man like that?  A black man on top of it!' she pondered.  She was being blackmailed, not for money according to the note, but instead she was obviously going to be pimped out to someone whom this blackmailer owed something to.  Judy was so thankful that Dave was out of town and to return the next afternoon, eliminating the problem of calling him to lie about working a double shift.

Arriving at the Riverside Bar, Judy cringed at the sight of the rather run down place, not the type of establishment that she would frequent.  In her pristine white uniform, Judy felt as if she was a beacon shining about and attracting all the eyes as she entered this rather seedy bar.  She looked about the room and all eyes appeared to be focused upon her.  With Julius not coming up to her, Judy slipped into the nearest unoccupied booth, ordering a vodka martini when the waitress arrived.

Gulping down her first drink, wanting her nervousness to be dulled by the martini, Judy ordered another.  A couple of minutes later, her second martini arrived.  As she tipped the glass up to her lips, a movement appeared at the opening of the booth and an elderly black man slid into the booth next to her.  Judy reacted by immediately moving as far as she could to her left until the wall prevented her from moving any further.  Panting in fear, she looked at the grinning gapped toothed man who smiled widely before advising "Hi, Mrs. Johnson!  I'm Julius!"

Judy didn't know what to do at this point, knowing only that she was at the mercy of this rather decrepit old black man.  Taking another gulp of the strong vodka martini, Judy panted in desperation as this old man now had placed his hand upon her knee, caressing her through her white nylons.  Knowing that all eyes were upon the booth she was in, Judy was helpless as the man began to paw her, sliding his hand under the hem of her uniform.

Old man Julius could not believe the luck that he had stumbled upon from yesterday.  He had tried to bum a buck from this well-dressed white guy who had just parked his car in the parking lot that bordered the Riverside Bar and the Riverside Motel.  Normally, such a begging for money would be met by a gruff rebuff or dirty look, instead he had met a real friendly white guy in his mid-twenty's.  The white guy had taken him into the bar and bought him a much needed drink plus a lunch to boot.

When he was shown a photo of the young red-haired beauty in her nurse's uniform, old Julius was totally shocked when asked if you like the opportunity to spend the night with such a lovely creature.  After acknowledging that he'd indeed like to fuck such a beautiful white bitch, he was the given twenty bucks and told to be there the next night after 11 p.m. to meet her at the Riverside Bar.  Julius listened further from the young white guy and couldn't pass up the opportunity of nailing such a beautiful bitch plus earning another hundred buck if he did exactly as the guy wanted.

Julius was old but definitely had been around to correctly guess that the beauty in the photo was the white boy's wife.  He hadn't had anything so pretty to bed in all his life and would have done it for free.  But if this punk wanted to pay him on top of it, he certainly wasn't about to argue about it.  Over the lunch sprung for by the white boy, Julius listened as to just what the guy wanted him to do to the pretty little bitch.  He wondered just what made this guy come up with such a deviant scheme but really didn't care so long as he got that prime little pussy.

In the booth with the beautiful but very scared beauty, Julius knew that she had come to this seedy bar under duress.  He loved seeing her cringe as he caressed her thigh through her white nylons, knowing that she was really turned off by his dirty unkempt looks.  She was certainly more beautiful than her picture had depicted her.  He watched her biting her bottom lip, trying to still herself, as he let his hand move up further under her skirt to touch the crotch of her pantyhose.

Pulling the reluctant beauty across the parking lot to the motel across the way, Julius used the key that the white boy had given to him.  Seeing the diamond ring and wedding band on her finger, he wondered as to why the man had set her up with him.  In the motel room, right near the louvered closet door, he advised the shuddering beauty "Yer such a pretty little nurse!  Bet yer real good at caring for your patients!  Ohhh, I need a nurse right now to take care of a really tight muscle!  Show me how ya take care of such a problem!"

From the darkened closet, Dave had the camcorder rolling from when the old bum and his beautiful wife entered the motel room.  He smiled as old man Julius was doing exactly as he told him, pushing Judy down to her knees before him.  Dave watched as his beautiful wife blinked back the tears as her fingers fumbled with the zipper of the dirty pair of pants.

Judy could not believe she was doing this disgusting thing with this horrid old man, shuddering in total disgust as she reached in to touch this man's cock.  She felt it throb at her touch as she pulled the rather wrinkled cock that was growing in length before her eyes.  Then she shivered and cringed as the sharp stench of his unkempt private parts made her nauseated.

In the closet, Dave's mind was racing as he watched and thought 'You bitch!  You want black cock, well, eat up this old man's filthy cock!'  With the old man's black hands gripping his wife's silky red hair behind her nurse's cap, Dave watched as the man pulled her reluctance head forward.  He chuckled inwardly as Judy cringed, closing her eyes and mouth tightly, shuddering as the still growing cock was rubbed up against her face.

Judy couldn't go through with this agonizing act of sucking his man off that he was obviously demanding of her, not with his crotch and penis smelling so bad.  Then the sharp and painful jerk to her hair caused her to open her mouth as she was about to scream in pain.  But her scream was stifled as the raunchy old cock was shoved between her lips.  Judy had not tasted anything so awful, trying to shake her head to dislodge the disgusting cock but the hands in her hair held her firm.

"Ohhhhhh, baby ……………….yeahhhhhhhh!  Suck me …………….yeah, give my dirty old cock a tongue bath!  Yeahhhhh …………….clean me good!  Get a good taste of my old wang!" Julius chanted as he pumped in and out of the pretty face.  It was the best blowjob he'd ever had, especially seeing how disgusted the young wife was, seeing the thick drool of her saliva and his leaking cum running down her chin down onto the front of her uniform.  Then he thrust deeply into her mouth and held her face into his crotch as his body convulsed and shuddered.  "Eat it ………………eat it all, bitch!  Ahhhhhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as he fed her his hot load.

As the cock began to shrink in her mouth, Judy clutched at her stomach, wanting to throw up the spunk from this disgusting old man.  Never had she tasted anything so awful, shuddering at the smell of the man's stench that now covered her face.  She wondered who her blackmailer was, knowing that this man could not be the culprit as he neither had the brains nor the type of camera equipment to take such photos.  She wondered if it was one of Ike's enemies that wanted to get even with her lover one way or another by degrading her like this.

Then Judy felt the man's hand at her elbow, lifting her up to a standing position and leading her to the bed.  Pushed onto the bed, she felt one of her nursing shoes being removed and heard the thud of it hitting the floor.  Then the other shoe followed with another thud on the floor.  She was helpless, unable to resist with the photos hanging over her head, forced to lie back and let his decrepit old man have his way with her.

Staring at the ceiling, Judy felt her uniform being pushed up to her hips.  She felt the wiry old hands at the crotch of her pantyhose, caressing her mound, then heard the fabric tear at the seam.  "Ahhhhhhhh …….............……..ahhhhhhhhhhh …..........…………..oh, Godddddddd!" she gasped loudly as the old man had clamped his mouth over her sensitive slit.  Judy squirmed and wiggled wildly upon the bed as the flicking tongue made contact with her clit.

Peering out of his hiding spot, Dave watched as his delirious wife crossed her nylon sheathed legs over the old man's back to trap his head between her thighs.  He watched as his wife tossed herself about, fingers in the man's kinky hair as he ate her out.  Then he observed her arch her back up, screaming "Ahhhhh, God ……………..............ahhhhhhh ………................…I'm cumminggggggggg!"

Later, when the old man had sufficiently recovered, Dave watched as he turned Judy onto her back again.  Then the old man shuffled up between her legs and this time stuck his wrinkled but growing cock between the torn seam of her pantyhose and shoved it into her wet slit.  It was a thrill for Dave to see his beautiful wife getting fucked in her white nurse's uniform by this old black bastard.  This old man was quite a lusty fucker as evidenced by his wife's trim arms and legs embracing him as she fucked back to him.

Daylight was now coming through the curtains as the two upon the bed began to stir from a much need rest after the wild coupling they had endured.  Now onlyl clad in her torn pantyhose as ther remnants of her panties were ripped away, Judy felt the old man pushing her over onto her stomach.  Then he was lifting her at her hips and pulling her up till she was crouched over on all fours.  Her torn pantyhose was then ripped even further, baring her entire rearend to him.

Then fear set in as Judy realized just what was in store for her as she felt the man's cock prodding at the entrance to her rectum.  "No ……………no, please …………..not there!  Fuck me the regular way, pleaseeeeee!" she sobbed in despair.   "No …….............….nooooooo ………...............…..oh, God ……............……….nooooooooooo …….............………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as the deviant man stabbed his cock into her ass.

Two hours later, Judy shuddered as she endured the old man slobbering on her breasts, nipping at her nipples and leaving numerous hickeys in his wake.  And then he was thrusting his old cock up her once again as another mating session commenced.  Later, Judy donned her uniform after pulling up her torn pantyhose, then put on her nursing shoes, Judy was glad that the awful ordeal was finally coming to an end.  Or so she thought!  Again pushed onto her knees, the man demanded one final blowjob before she left.  She was repulsed, knowing that he just had earlier fucked her ass with his cock and now she had to put it in her mouth.

Defeated, Judy forced herself to perform this debasing act, thinking that she could go home once she had accomplished her task.  Thus, wanting to get it over with, she did as requested and brought him to his peak.  But she was not prepared for him pulling her off by her hair then spurting his load over her face and front of her uniform.  Without a chance of washing off the sticky load from her face nor the front of her uniform, she found herself being ushered out of the motel room and into the busy parking lot.

Old Julius watched from the window and laughed at the beauty's plight as she hurried to her car.  It certainly had been the best night of his dismal life.  Hearing the closet door open, he would now get paid a hundred bucks to boot.  Julius wondered about this guy and conclued that must be a jilted old boyfriend who had something incriiminating on her that she did not want her husband to find out about.  Having seen the diamond ring and wedding band, he could only conclude that the bastard wanted to degrade the beautiful bitch as much as possible to get even with her for dumping him and marrying some other guy.  Julius knew first hand that no woman like that would give him a second look, unless it was one of disgust, and that she would never submit to the likes of a guy like him unless her life or marriage depended upon it.  Julius would have been quite surprised at how accurate his analysis was, other than the fact that the guy who watched him bang her was in fact her husband!

End of Story.